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NOV. 5, 2021


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Donors needed amidst blood shortage


By Samantha Nelson

Herbal treatment for sleep apnea relief


leep apnea is one of the most common sleep disturbance problems in America. It ruins the sleep of an estimated 40 million Americans on a regular basis. Experience has shown that 60% of the people who try overt solutions like CPAP, BiPAP and dental appliances cannot tolerate them long-term. There is a simpler and more appropriate way to deal with this condition. As we fall asleep, we move from stage one (drowsiness) into stage two where muscular activity is inhibited (blocked). It is called “reduction of muscle tonus.” This is a function that occurs primarily to keep the dreamer from physically acting out the movements of their dreams that will occur in REM sleep. Unfortunately, as we age, the inhibition of skeletal muscles causes un-intentional reduction in the signal to the diaphragm muscle. When in stage two sleep, our breathing becomes shallower and shallower due to insufficient signal strength to the diaphragmatic muscles. In sleep apnea sufferers, breathing will stop completely. When the carbon dioxide level gets high enough, the brain intervenes and causes the body to make a large and immediate inhalation. This causes a large pressure differential in the pharynx and literally sucks the sagging-soft palate into the airway. This obstructs the flow and causes a loud “SNORT” disturbing sleep or awakening the subject. Upon awakening or returning to stage 1 sleep, the reduction of muscle tonus for entry into stage two sleep is released and respiration begins again in a somewhat normal manner. Then the cycle repeats again. Sleep apnea is NOT caused by a sagging soft palate, it is exacerbated by that condition.

The problem is caused by the reduction in signal from your brain that reaches your diaphragm. Shortly after your breathing stops, you take a rapid inhalation and this sucks the soft palate into the airway with a snort; disturbing your sleep. The appropriate intervention is to enhance the communication from your brain to your diaphragm so that you breathe deeply and steadily throughout the night. Lobelia acting as a respiratory stimulant, does just that. It has been used for thousands of years to treat respiratory conditions. This herb will actually increase the level of respiration sufficiently so that your breathing does not stop during muscular inhibition. It will maintain deep steady breathing through the stage 2 sleep period. Thyme actually improves the ability of the lungs to exchanges CO2 for oxygen. To round out the combination, Chamomile aids the subject in relaxing and Cramp Bark helps the upper trapezius muscles to relax supporting better nerve transmission through the nerves emanating from between the cervical vertebrae C3, C4 and C5. This bouquet of herbs enhances respiration, relaxes muscles that restrict nervous flow and increases drowsiness. It represents a wholistic natural solution to sleep apnea. It is non-habit forming and no-preconditioning is required. What’s more, it addresses the cause of the problem without drugs, machines or surgery. Of course, if you don’t want to be troubled with filling herbal capsules, this unique and patented combination of herbs is available from Nature’s Rite. The product is called Sleep Apnea Relief and can be purchased on-line at You owe it to yourself to give it a try.

REGION — Every week, Trinity Irvine and her 7-year-old daughter, Mia, make the drive from Oceanside to Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego for the first grader’s weekly blood transfusions. Since February when doctors' discovered that Mia had acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a rare disease overall but also the most common form of childhood cancer, Mia has received 27 blood transfusions. And since leukemia is a type of cancer found in blood and bone marrow, Mia’s chemotherapy eradicates a lot of good white and red blood cells along with cancerous cells. Currently, the young girl requires two bags, or about two pints, of blood each week. So far Mia hasn’t had any interruptions with her frequent blood transfusions, but others like local 5-year-old Karina Willis who is also battling childhood leukemia have had to wait for transfusions in recent weeks due to a regional and nationwide shortage of blood donations. Over the summer, the American Red Cross reported a severe blood shortage in the U.S. Normally the San Diego Blood Bank (SDBB) is prepared for a smaller supply of blood during the summer and winter months when high schools and colleges are on break. A large

MIA IRVINE, 7, of Oceanside is battling childhood leukemia. Mia’s treatment requires her to receive two bags of blood each week, but a regional and national shortage of blood donations could eventually impact her treatments. Photo courtesy of the Irvine family

portion of blood donations come from blood drives held at regional high schools and colleges. What the bank didn’t necessarily expect was to see that shortage continue into fall this year when most students have returned to campus in person. According to Claudine Van Gonka, SDBB director of communications, many of this season’s blood drives have been canceled

at schools due to fear of spreading COVID-19 and the delta variant. “These canceled drives are costing us hundreds of pints,” Van Gonka said. Typically the blood bank likes to keep a 7-day supply of all blood types, but currently, the bank only has a 2-day supply of blood. In the event of a major disaster where multiple blood transfusions could be needed, there wouldn’t be

enough for everyone. “Even if everyone went to donate then and there, the victims of such an event wouldn’t receive that blood because it takes days for blood to go through tests and get ready for the shelves,” Van Gonka said. Not only that but there are already many patients like Mia Irvine and Karina Willis who depend on regTURN TO BLOOD ON A17

New Treatment for Arthritis Pain Comes to Encinitas Carlsbad Company Opens Its First Thermotherapy Wellness Salon

AVACEN Medical, headquartered in Carlsbad, CA recently opened its first Wellness Salon called Soothe by AVACEN on El Camino Real, just North of Encinitas Blvd. AVACEN stands for Advanced Vascular Circulation Enhancement. According to Jennifer Feldman, Soothe Business Development Director, “Our 20-minute Thermotherapy treatment is simple, convenient and inexpensive. You place your hand into the AVACEN device, an FDA-cleared, Class ll Medical device and through the palm of one hand, we treat the entire body systemically from head to toe.” The AVACEN device is a unique heat therapy system indicated for the temporary relief of joint pain associated with arthritis, the temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness; muscle spasms, minor strains and sprains; and muscular relaxation.

Book online at (as low as $1 a minute) Hours of operation: Tues - Sat 11am-7pm

“Those who cannot be cured by medicine can be cured by surgery. Those who cannot be cured by surgery can be cured by heat. Those who cannot be cured by heat are to be considered incurable.” — Hippocrates, Father of Medicine

142 North El Camino Real, Suite 101, Encinitas, CA. 92024 (located in the Phenix Salon Suites)

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T he C oast News

NOV. 5, 2021

H ealth & Wellness

Tri-City Hospital is a beacon for community health


n July 1961, Tri-City Hospital opened its doors for the first time to support a rapidly growing coastal North County region which previously had few advanced medical services close to home. Over the last six decades, Tri-City Medical Center has grown into a beacon of advanced healthcare in the region, adding new services, expanding our team of renowned physicians, and adopting innovative technologies that help patients overcome health challenges and create the life they want to live. Through all of this, we’ve remained laser focused on the needs of the community and serving as a health partner to all within the region. As a true partner, we’ve paved creative ways to engage with community members and meet them where they are, often far outside the walls of our hospital campus and medical offices.


Our efforts to engage community members and empower them to proactively manage their health are collectively known as our Community Outreach and Support Through Active Leadership or COASTAL Commitment. Through dynamic partnerships with nearly 60 community-based organizations, Tri-City Medical Center and our staff provide financial and in-kind support, as well as

active leadership, to address community health issues and improve healthcare equity. These partnerships have resulted in data-driven care programs developed in collaboration with our community partners to meet the specific health needs of the North County community. It’s important to recognize that the health needs of our community are much broader than emergency care and surgeries. In collaboration with our partners, we support programs that enhance the overall wellbeing of community members. One example is our work with the North County LGBTQ+ Resource Center’s Unicorn Homes and Behavioral Health programs. The Unicorn Homes Program is a wrap-around service for homeless youth ages 14-24 that aims to reunite each youth with their family or find a permanent home in cases where the

family is unable to support them. In addition to housing and reunification, Unicorn Homes ensures access to mental health resources, job readiness, life coaching, and independent living skills. While the long-term impact of the collaboration will be reflected in big picture data in the future, we know the health of individuals participating in the program has already been positively influenced. With the support of Tri-City Medical Center and other partners, in 2020 alone, the North County LGBTQ+ Resource Center delivered 2,000 hours of clinical care and served over 150 community members. Convenient and accessible quality healthcare is also paramount for our community. In July, we grew our partnership with Kaiser Permanente San Diego to enable more individuals and families in North Coun-

ty to enjoy a wider range of services close to home. Kaiser Permanente members living in North County now have access to inpatient hospital care, including surgical services and specialty procedures, at Tri-City Medical Center in addition to services through our emergency department, making quality care more convenient while enhancing the patient experience. This partnership expanded access to integrated health care services closer to home for more than 185,000 community members in North County. These are a few examples of the creative programs and partnerships formed to improve the health of community members before they arrive on our campus or in our medical offices. We are now partnering with the Coast News to provide relevant and insightful health information through this very column to our

Family Health Centers of San Diego is the #1 enrollment entity for Covered California in San Diego County. Open Enrollment starts on November 1, 2021 and ends on January 31, 2022.

Health Plan Benefits All Covered California health insurance plans provide comprehensive services, including: • Ambulatory patient services (outpatient care you get without being admitted to a hospital) • Emergency services • Hospitalization (like surgery and overnight stays) • Pregnancy, maternity and newborn care (both before and after birth) • Mental health and substance use disorder services, including behavioral health treatment (this includes counseling and psychotherapy)

community. This column provides a platform for skilled and respected physician and healthcare leadership partners to share insights that can help you make informed healthcare decisions. From “things all community members and patients should know” to tips for specific health issues, this column will serve as a direct line of communication between healthcare experts and you, the community we exist to serve. Whether you’re interested in better understanding what options exist for resolving the pain you experience in your shoulder, how to be a healthcare advocate for your aging loved one, or another healthcare issue, you will receive input on health care topics impacting the North County community directly from your community experts. Six decades after the hospital opened its doors, we remain committed to embracing new opportunities to fulfill the vision first established by the North County leaders who championed Tri-City’s creation. We’re proud of the accolades we’ve earned and the legacy we’ve cultivated within the community, but as you can tell, we’re embracing new and creative methods to advance the health and wellness of our community. If there’s a topic you’re interested in and would like to see explored in a future edition of this column, please send a message to externalaffairs@tricitymed. org and share your idea, or give our team a call if you have any healthcare questions. This year we are celebrating our sixtieth anniversary, and we are looking forward to the next sixty years of partnership with you, the community we serve. Steve Dietlin is president and CEO for Tri-City Medical Center

• Prescription drugs • Rehabilitative and habilitative services and devices (services and devices to help people with injuries, disabilities, or chronic conditions gain or recover mental and physical skills) • Laboratory services • Preventive and wellness services and chronic disease management • Pediatric services, including oral and vision care (but adult dental and vision coverage aren’t essential health benefits)

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NOV. 5, 2021


T he C oast News

H ealth & Wellness

Dyslexia Buster, Doc Bloch, fixes reading disabilities SPONSORED CONTENT


yslexia is the number one learning disability in the United States, affecting about 1 out 5 people. This means everyone knows somebody with this reading disability. But many are not aware of the stress and anxiety it causes students and their families. Parents are devastated when their child is not successful in school and loses the confidence to do better. They are not only frustrated with the lack of effective resources to correct Dyslexia, but also with the misinformation that it is a life-long and incurable problem. Thankfully, new brain science makes it possible for students with Dyslexia to become excellent readers in record time. Dr. David Bloch, an eye doctor and reading disability expert in Carlsbad, California, is the Dyslexia Buster. He has discovered the key element that makes it possible to cure Dyslexia. His Reading Without Limits program allows students with Dyslexia to read at or above grade level in about 3 months. This is incredible, considering the next best and accepted method takes nearly three years to produce a half way decent reader. Needless to say, the

READING WITHOUT LIMITS program allows students with dyslexia to read at or above grade level in about 3 months. Courtesy photos

tools that educators, psychologists, and other reading specialists are using to help dyslexic students are just not cutting it. Using new patent pending technology, Dr. Bloch reprograms visual, auditory, and cognitive processing allowing poor readers to break bad brain habits. There is no emphasis on phonics, sight reading, picture books, or even verbal cues. New super tools allow students to store and retrieve reading related information that already exists in their head but that has been misfiled. This works much the same way that a librarian re-shelves misplaced books. It is much easier to find things when they are properly organized. Kristin McCrary, the mother of one of Dr. Bloch’s patient’s, has seen immediate and remarkable improvement after just one month of his revolutionary

Reading Without Limits program. Her son Liam has struggled with reading for years without significant improvement. As a second grader, he could barely read at kindergarten level. She said, “Over the past few years, we have tried everything from Hooked on Phonics to programs that the school offered, but nothing helped him. Finally, our optometrist suggested we try Dr. Bloch’s program.” Dr. Bloch’s pattern recognition strategies let her son correctly identify words in a completely new way. She went on to say, “Liam also has a reading tracking issue and after he started working with the Dr.’s program, the results were immediate. To be honest, Dr. Bloch’s program is a “game changer.” Kristen added, “Liam’s confidence has improved

dramatically, he feels successful and now he will say, Mom, let me read the next sentence! We are completely thrilled, this program

works!” Dr. Bloch explained that most dyslexic student have all the pre-requisites necessary to read correctly. “If they know the alphabet, can talk, and can understand verbal communication, they can learn to read proficiently in a few short months not years.” Contrary to popular belief, people with Dyslexia have above normal intelligence, grade appropriate speaking vocabulary, and excellent oral comprehension skills. What they don’t have are good eye tracking skills, proper word recognition skills, and complete reading comprehension. Some people with Dyslexia will reverse letters and words, but not all of them. The most common traits are reading errors

such as adding, omitting, and transposing words, with almost all dyslexic readers seeing letters and words that are not there. By practicing the right drills, poor readers are transformed into excellent readers quickly and easily. If you have a child with a reading disability or Dyslexia, that has not made gains with traditional reading programs, you can get real answers and real results from Dr. Bloch. Find out why his Reading Without Limits program is quickly becoming the new gold standard for correcting Dyslexia and other reading disabilities. For more information, please visit or schedule a consultation by calling 760-730-3711. His office is located at 2814 Roosevelt St. Carlsbad, CA 92008.

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NOV. 5, 2021

H ealth & Wellness

Millions of amalgams are still being placed every year holistic dentristry

dr. carey o’rielly


malgams, which are silver-colored metal fillings. are 50% mercury by

volume. Mercury is a neurotoxin that can cross the blood brain barrier and is the second most toxic metal after plutonium. However, most dentists consider amalgam to be durable, safe and effective for filling cavities because they are easy to place, inexpensive and long lasting. Unfortunately, amalgam fillings often outlast the teeth they are placed in. They will contract and expand with temperature over time, weakening,

INTEGRATIVE DENTISTRY has always focused on safe amalgam removal.

staining and sometimes breaking the tooth. They are a source of toxicity in the mouth 24/7 because they emit fumes that in-

Courtesy photo

crease when chewing. Its use has been It has been estimated banned entirely in Norway, that up to 14% of the metal Denmark and Sweden. waste in the oceans is from In September 2020 an dental amalgam. article published in the

LOCAL DIRECTORY Covid-19 testing & vaccines Dial 211 • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800) 273-8255, or Text HOME to 741741 to connect w/a crisis counselor • National Problem Gambling Helpline (800) 522-4700 • Mental Health Hotline Text CONNECT to 741741 for free 24/7 help for depression • NC Lifeline’s free in-home family support services (760) 8426238 or • Food distribution sites & health care info Dial 211 • Aging, dementia, and independence services 800-339-4661 • Low-cost health care/community clinic True Care (760) 276-2842 • Medicare referrals Dial 211

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Journal of Environmental and Public Health stated that mercury pollution has become an issue of global concern, citing the UN sponsored Minamata Convention in 2013.128 countries, including the United States, have said ‘yes’ to the Treaty guidelines for mercury emissions. It has been estimated by some that sewage discharge from homes and businesses may be more than from dental offices! Doctors Data Lab in Chicago and Biospectron in Sweden are medical labs that do thousands of tests every year for metal toxicity. According to these sources, the average person with amalgam fillings excretes over 100 micrograms per day in body waste. Something to think about. At Integrative Dentistry we have always focused on safe amalgam removal. The patient is given a nosepiece to breathe in pure oxygen so that no fumes are inhaled and a rubber dam is used to isolate the tooth so no metal is swallowed. We have numerous fans and filters, along with windows and doors that open to provide outside ventilation. We have had amalgam separators in operation since we first moved into our office in 2004. These are now mandated nationally by the EPA to keep metal waste from draining into the general water supply. It was these safety standards that allowed us to remain open during the pandemic lockdown, along with implementing other measures like the manda-

tory personal protective equipment (PPE) for the doctors and staff. An antiviral iodine rinse is provided for every patient before each procedure. In addition, negative pressure was installed in our operatories. This means all the air is removed and replaced with fresh air between appointments, so there is little chance of exposure to microbes in the air. This is the same strategy that hospitals use to exchange air in their clean rooms. Although amalgam usage is declining due to the current availability of durable, tooth colored com¬posite material, the number of amalgam fillings placed every year is still in the millions. Safe amalgam removal is imperative because, unless precautions are used, mercury released during the treatment can be absorbed into the lungs and bloodstream or swallowed. At Integrative Dentistry, Dr. Bo Ah Kim has been trained, using Dr. O’Rielly’s protocols, to do amalgam removal and replacement using only bio-friendly materials. She is joined on the staff by her husband, Dr. Hyung Jin Bae, a Harvard-trained integrative periodontist. A periodontist specializes in the prevention and treatment of gum disease and Dr. Bae utilizes minimally invasive treatment with lasers in his procedures. To learn more visit us at or contact us at 760-632-1304.

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NOV. 5, 2021


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H ealth & Wellness

Creating mindful discussions with your loved ones intentional living

angie & marc rosenberg


ur company, 4NTENT, is excited to announce our new collaborative partnership with Coast News Group to offer you, the readership, purpose-driven health, and wellness content. Our goal is to provide you and your family with monthly tips on how to live a life full of NTENTION. Get the latest on mindful living, active lifestyle changes, nutrition, fitness, and giving back opportunities in your community. Our content is NTENTIONALLY formatted to be efficient and provide you with specific content to make applied lifestyle changes. We hope you find a connection with us and seek to continue to grow as better humans, stronger families, and responsible caregivers throughout our communities! Each month, you’ll have an NTENTION to focus on which will include tips and ideas on how to engage your greatest self as a unique human, parent, spouse, friend, and partner to others in the most meaningful ways. WHAT IS NTENTION? To live with NTENTION is to follow a carefully built design for your life. You do this by being mindful of the decisions you choose to make. Consider the daily small things you are doing and make sure they align with your values and have meaning behind them. For example, how are you creating space and availability to make important people in your life feel understood? Here's our NTENTION of the month to help guide you through this process. MONTHLY NTENTION: Building Purpose Designate 15-20 minutes each day to encourage

and create space for loved ones to talk about or learn from you about the changes in the world around them. Use the following statements of validation to help guide your process. You matter. Your dreams matter. Your voice matters. You are filled with unlimited potential.

I’m passionate about eating nutritional foods, daily exercise, living life outdoors, and sharing the healing power of music. I strive to empower clients to move beyond life’s challenges to a life full of passion, purpose, and empowerment. I’ve worked in hospital and treatment settings my entire career and saw the demand for preventative and educational services. We’d be honored to support you in living out your goals, providing you with the right tools to be the best version of yourself.

Your differences are what make all of humanity beautiful. Encourage asking of questions. Model compassion and emotional availability. For more on our supports and services, and to join our NTENTION Setter community, visit us Marc Rosenberg at or LMFT, BCBA My passion for optimal follow us on Instagram, health, active fitness, and @4NTENT. whole body wellness has Angie Rosenberg played a prominent role LMFT, MT-BC for my maturation process I believe in delivering as wellness enthusiast. I believe in integracollaborative health care through ntentional life- tive treatment including holistic care to best align style coaching.

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and passionate minds in the sports and wellness communities. I have experienced the missing pieces to per-

sonalized care are affordability, efficiency, and deliverable objectives. I look forward to empowering your journey.

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clients with their growth process. Throughout my journey, I have had the fortune of working with creative

North San Diego County North Coastal Region VISTA • 326 S. Melrose Drive OCEANSIDE • 3142 Vista Way, Suite 100

ESCONDIDO • 225 East 2nd Avenue • 625 East Grand Avenue • 306 W. El Norte Parkway, Suite S 4S RANCH • 16918 Dove Canyon Road, Suite 102

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FALLBROOK • 1035 South Main Avenue

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NOV. 5, 2021


T he C oast News

H ealth & Wellness BLOOD


ular blood transfusions to survive. The San Diego Blood Bank has been working to spread the word about the blood shortage in an effort to attract more donors. To ensure that everyone is protected against COVID-19, the bank requires all staff, donors and visitors to wear face coverings regardless of vaccination status. Those who have been vaccinated for coronavirus can also still donate. Van Gonka said the bank has also been working to clear up some misconceptions about blood donations. “We’ve gotten questions about recipients contracting COVID-19 through donated blood, but there is absolutely no known risk of that,” Van Gonka said. “Respiratory viruses aren’t known to be transferred that way.” After someone donates, their blood is sent to labs for several tests to make sure it can be used on someone else. Currently, the blood bank is in need of more individuals with either blood Type O positive (most common) or O negative (transfusions can be used with any other blood type). Kristi Kellogg of Vista has been routinely donating blood since February after she found out she and

THIS SUMMER, the American Red Cross reported a severe nationwide blood shortage in the U.S., raising concerns over patients in need of weekly blood transfusions. Courtesy photo

her husband both carried COVID antibodies. The two have donated convalescent plasma, double red cells and whole blood transfusions. Kellogg tries to donate directly to children in need of blood transfusions like Mia, to whom she donated blood earlier this month. Kellogg learned about Mia through her sister, who works with Mia’s father. Now, Kellogg has family all the way in Texas who are planning to donate directly to Mia as well. “I have a child too, and if my child were sick, I would want everyone and their brothers to donate,” Kellogg said. “That’s what’s saving their lives.” For now, Mia’s mother, blood donor and the blood

bank where she gets her supply are all hoping to see more donors come forward in the next few weeks to prevent further delays in treatments or surgeries and to keep the supply well stocked. “You don’t know until you’re in these shoes how important it is to donate blood,” Trinity Irvine said. “Blood can’t be created in a lab yet, so without donors taking an hour or so out of their day to donate, these children and other patients wouldn’t be here.” Those who want to donate can check out https:// /donor/ auth/signin for a complete schedule of upcoming regional blood drives or find a donor center near them to schedule an appointment.



election, Humes reported total contributions of $8,250. Conversely, Bronstein reported contributions totaling $64,300 in her final disclosure before the election. Bronstein currently serves as the VP of Development on the board of the Canyon Crest Academy Foundation and as the Executive Director of Development at UC San Diego. Despite multiple attempts by The Coast News leading up to the election, Bronstein’s campaign did not respond to requests for interviews. In a statement announcing her candidacy in August, Bronstein committed to working with all involved in the district. “This is a critical time for our schools, and I will work with all stakeholders to get our schools back on track to support the success of all students,” Bronstein said in the statement. Should Bronstein’s victory be certified, she will enter the board as a likely ally to the San Dieguito Faculty Association (SDFA) leading into labor negotiations. Aside from its endorsement of Bronstein, the teachers’ union also donated a total of $9,000 in two separate donations to Bronstein’s campaign, according to campaign finance disclosures. When Bronstein is sworn into the seat, the San Dieguito school board will be fully seated for the first time since June. And with a new permanent superinten-

dent starting her tenure this month the district is nearing some semblance of normalcy. However, a recall effort of Trustee Michael Allman is still in process and the animosity between the trustee and the teachers’ union has only increased in recent

weeks. Last month, Allman issued a cease and desist letter claiming Duncan Brown, president of SDFA, and third-party signature gatherers have engaged in illegal activity and made false and defamatory statements in an effort to recall him from elected office.

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