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edition 11 Winter 2008

A magazine for living, relaxing & enjoying life by the coast

Seagrove is Phillip Island’s premier environmentallysensitive estate – superbly located in Cowes just 700m from a sandy, safe swimming beach and walking distance from shops, restaurants and cafes. Master-planned by award-winning designers, Seagrove features over eight acres of landscaped parks, wetland habitat, underground services, including gas and broadband, rich birdlife and regionally significant eucalypt woodland. Select from a range of premium home sites, including the new Kingfisher release overlooking Willoughby Park, priced from $135,900, and land with bay views with titles available now so you can start building your dream home straight away.

“sets a new benchmark for sustainable

residential development�

2007 Urban Development Institute of Australia Awards for Excellence

Freecall 1800 61 61 06

Join a guided tour - learn more about the Australian Garden Visit the Gardens Shop - Australian inspired gifts and souvenirs Relax in the Boonerwurrung CafĂŠ - enjoy a coffee or lunch overlooking the Garden Explore the extensive bushland - keep an eye out for koalas, birds and bandicoots Enjoy spectacular views - take a walk to the Trig Point Lookout

Experience Central Australia this winter ONLY 50 MINUTES FROM MELBOURNE!

Open every day except Christmas Day, from 9am to 5pm. Phone: 5990 2200

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Why close your business at 5pm when you can leave the front door wide open day and night? A website is a cost eective tool to showcase your business around the clock to everyone from the North, South, East and West Coasts of Australia, and Phillip Island to the Prom! Ensure the next time a potential customer searches for a holiday, restaurant, health & beauty, local trader, tourist attraction and more, they knock on your door ďŹ rst. Visit or call (03) 9495 1265 and make your business visible to the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We’d like to introduce the fab 4 who create Coast Magazine. Coast started as the dream of two locals who wanted to share their love of the area they call home. On a shoestring - and with a lot of blood, sweat and tears, Coast was launched in summer 2006 (at a modest 68 pages). The team of two (locals) has grown to a team of four (locals), with a handful of valued contributors who we will introduce in upcoming editions. Coast has been created without any funding or assistance, and is only possible due to the fabulous advertisers who choose to promote their dynamic businesses through Coast - and our dedicated readers (who we love!). We hope you enjoy this bumper edition of 148 pages! And remember that Coast is all about supporting local business and people.


Sally O’Neill

photo editor Warren Reed

How long have you been a Coaster? 10 years. We started coming on weekends, after a few months we were hooked. We just couldn’t force ourselves back to Melbourne for work on Monday mornings, so we decided to stay! Being married to the publisher, I have been with Coast since the very beginning. A bit about your life… I met Maria twenty years ago. I thought she was cute – and she thought I had bad shoes, but we became great friends. We travelled (& worked) our way around Australia in our twenties. It showed us what a varied existence Australians have, and to accept people for who they are and how they live. Being on the road made us vulnerable at times – but people looked after us and we developed a lot of trust. It also gave us empathy and compassion for people who were vulnerable. We now live at Phillip Island – Maria, me & Nugget. I love it! I have been trying to surf since we moved here – some days I get a wave and feel like a king, other days I paddle around exhausted and look like a court jester. What do you love about the Coast? The people – all walks of life, the air, the water, the absence of traffic lights and traffic jams. What you love about working at Coast? When I took the job I thought Maria said ‘Post Magazine’, and I would be photographing Page 3 girls (only joking), but now that I’ve started on ‘Coast Magazine’ its definitely photographing the great people and places that I love. Something people don’t know about you? I used to be a accountant which made me insane. I’d draw the faces of the staff on Teddy Bear Biscuits from the work kitchen as I was so bored – aaarrggghh!!!

coast 10

How long have you been a Coaster? I joined the Coast team in January 2008 after working for Phillip Island Nature Park for many years – I’m a nature girl at heart. I’m lucky enough to have lived on the coast for seventeen years. A bit about your life… I have always worked in the communications field - with a focus on the environment and culture. I have worked with penguins on Phillip Island and crocodiles in the Northern Territory! I am lucky that my extended family has moved to the Coast, so I am surrounded by people I love. I also have two dogs which are way too spoilt! What do you love about the Coast? Everything! Walks at sunset, thunderstorms over the ocean, and the fact that it feels like I am living the dream every day. What you love about working at Coast? There’s never a dull moment! The amazing stories of the people I meet, and the great team – we can all laugh at each other!! Something people don’t know about you? I was once nominated for ‘Young Australian of the Year’, which is embarrassing enough, and, ever since the TV series ‘We Can Be Heroes’, people can’t stop laughing when they hear about it! Also, I was born with two extra ribs in my neck, so my friends call me ‘Sally O’ Spare Ribs’!

meettheteam. . . sales & marketing Gaby McCrae

How long have you been a Coaster? After many years of working in sales and marketing, I joined the Coast team in July 2007. I’ve lived by this Coast since 2000. A bit about your life… I love my three cats, my three kids, my hubby, Rob, my extended family and my mud-brick house - which is the social hub of Wonthaggi! What do you love about the Coast? The people, the amazing coastline and the breathtaking views around every corner. After jumping out of a plane last year, I am keen for new adventures, and I’m looking forward to learning to surf if someone will teach me – before I get too old and likely to break! What you love about working at Coast? My biggest asset - and my worst habit - is talking too much (this is why my mother chose my name: she knew I’d have the gift of the gab!). I love my job because the Coast team appreciates my asset/bad habit, and I can pat dogs all day long! Something people don’t know about you…? There is nothing people don’t know about me, because I talk so much!

trainee dish-licker Gypsy

My job? Back up Nuggett as the welcoming committee. My favorite thing? Kicking up sand with my nose and jumping in the air to catch it!

publisher Maria Reed

chief dish-licker Nuggett

My job? Meet & greet! Favorite thing? People, food & digging for rocks at the beach.

How long have you been a Coaster? From day one. When I discussed the idea of launching Coast with my very understanding (and long suffering) husband Warren – I remember his words, “Are you sure you wanna do this? It’s gonna be a LOT of work!” Well, he was right. It’s been one of the hardest jobs we’ve done . . . but also the most rewarding. We have lived on the Island for over 10 years (ex Melbourne refugees). A bit about your life… I live by the ocean with Warren and our little staffy Nuggett. With a media background in photo journalism, I wanted Coast to be a celebration of the amazing people and places on this coast. What do you love about the Coast? The laid back lifestyle, gorgeous friends, fresh air and being lucky enough to walk on a beautiful beach with my dog every day. What you love about working at Coast? The characters we get to meet, working with local businesses - and our small (but fabulous) coast team who are an inspired bunch. Something people don’t know about you? My pants fell down in my grade 1 sack race, I had the privilege of photographing Nelson Mandela, have worked in Aboriginal communities and take a lot of editorial photos for Coast. And I think my husband is pretty ace too (but don’t tell him!).

coastlife winter

The fabulous and hard-working volunteers at South Gippsland Animal Aid’s thrift shop, ‘Paws Galore’, need help during the cold winter months. Faye Hardy says that they will gratefully accept donations of old blankets, warm bedding and pet food to help them in their important work of rescue, rehabilitation and care of lost, abandoned or stray dogs and cats until a new home can be found. Please take goods to the Paws Galore shop at 74A Watt Street Wonthaggi, or call 5672 3948.

calling all animal lovers

burmatragedy Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the devastation caused by Cyclone Nargis. It’s difficult to find your way through the red tape to help the people of Burma, but aid is desperately needed. We suggest Doctors Without Borders, Australian Red Cross and the United Nations World Food Programme coast 12

There’s no point in succumbing to the winter blues, so step out of your comfort zone and get moving with some African rhythms. Susie Neal is offering up-tempo, exciting and energetic African dance classes that are sure to invigorate your spirit. “It’s a groovy way to get fit, and a fantastic stress release,” says Susie, who recently travelled to Ghana on an intensive dance study-tour. “You get energy from the dance and your spirit soars after a class.” Susie is offering classes at Island Healing and her home studio, where she also sells a range of authentic African wares. If dancing is not your thing, why not try some drumming? All equipment is provided in classes where you will learn techniques for the dun dun and djembe drums, shekere (shakers) and cowbells. Susie is also planning kids’ classes. Get tribal! Contact Susie on 0402 557 237 or Island Healing 5956 7886.

African Rhythms


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Silverwater Resort open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner Visitors welcome! Silverwater Resort1PUUFST)JMM3PBE4BO3FNP7JDUPSJBtJOGP!TJMWFSXBUFSSFTPSUDPNBVtTel: 03 5671 9300

coast people


Ray: I knew Trevor from the Ulysses days, years ago. I came over one day and he had an old bike he was going to send to someone to get repaired, and I said ‘Why’? I wish I’d shut me mouth! We had a bit of a disagreement that day about what we should do. I couldn’t understand why you would send a bike off to someone and spend thousands when we could have spent some time here doing exactly the same thing. Trevor had no idea whatsoever about mechanics. He took all his time to wind his watch! But over the years he’s started to do things and that’s great. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’ve taught him! He’s learnt to do things. One time, Trevor wouldn’t have even changed a tyre or tightened up a nut – he really wouldn’t. Now? I’ve made a rod for me own back as he gets into things and I’ve got to fix them! We come from different backgrounds altogether. My father was a preacher. All my family were preachers, but I’m a happy heathen! Our parents didn’t want us and couldn’t look after us, so I went to live with another couple. I’ve been on building sites since I was two. My foster father was a builder, and we’d travel through the Mallee to wherever there was work. I was a builder by the time I was seven and a half. In my day, motorcycles took me to work, to the pictures, to pick up girls, and to race on weekends. It was everything to me and that’s how I learnt. In the late forties, and early fifties, you worked on your bike - that’s the only way you kept it going. You learnt a lot. I can’t imagine life without motorbikes: they are my thing. I pulled

coast 16

my first motorcycle, an old 250cc Francis-Barnett, out of a tip. I worked on it – and that’s where my passion for motorcycles started. I am dyslexic, and in the forties, teachers didn’t know what that was. After I left school, I got a book written by Phil Irving, called ‘Tuning for Speed’ and that taught me mathematics and how to read. Because I had the interest in it, I wanted to work it out and learn to understand it. I had to read it five or six times, and that’s how I learnt to read and write. I never learnt at school. You can tell Trevor something technical, and in an hour he won’t remember what you were talking about. He’s the pretty pictures and I’m the details man. I always go mad at him because I’ll be working and he’ll hang up the spanner I’m using and it’ll be wrapped in glad wrap while I’m using it! He can’t help that; that’s his thing. But I accept it. He’ll read aloud while I’m trying to concentrate. We disagree – but we don’t bicker much. I admire his being lucky enough to make a lot of money. He’s travelled the world working for big butcher shops. I like the fact that we are able to communicate even though there are times when we disagree; we’re like the odd couple! Trevor would bend over backwards for me. I like him well enough – though there are times when I don’t. We can argue very easily, but I shut me mouth. It annoys me sometimes when he wants to pay me or give me money. I didn’t come here to do it for payment. He’s very generous and also sharp on a quid.

what’s hot this winter Keep warm (while being cool) this winter with some hot Coast products! All of these great products are available from businesses featured in this edition of Coast Magazine. Look for their details inside. GREEN HEAT


Escape to red desert sands and discover the amazing world of Australian plants, immerse yourself in bush land and relax in the stylish cafe.

Royal Botanic Gardens ,Cranbourne

Heat your home with a clear conscience this winter. Parkwood Pellet Fires have negligible smoke emissions and the fuel is made from naturally occurring waste material which has a carbon-neutral effect on the environment. They look great too!


This heated throw is the ultimate in luxury! You won’t go anywhere without your very own portable electric blanket!

Harvey Norman, Wonthaggi


There’s nothing better than chocolate to warm up those winter days and nights. Chocolatier, Panny, uses the finest Belgian chocolate to make superb treats. The factory has recently doubled in size, more chocolate - yummy!!

Phillip Island Chocolate Factory

WINTER CRUISIN’ Move the family in style this winter with the new Toyota Kluger. Whether you’re taking the kids to footy or towing the caravan around Australia, the Kluger will achieve that and more, come in and see it for yourself.

Wonthaggi Toyota & Holden

COSY UP WITH BEDS R US Winter nights are better with a divinely comfortable bed and Melbourne Furnishings are pleased to announce they are now part of the successful ‘Bed R Us’ chain. And their service and range are still second to none.

Melbourne Furnishings, Wonthaggi coast 18

Create a scented haven in your home this winter with scent chips. These delightful wax droplets burn for hours and fill your house or office with delicious scents.

Cantik Home, Wonthaggi

CHIC CACTI! You won’t believe these pot plants aren’t real! A stylish, desert addition to any home or office and they’re fuss-free! Also, you won’t be able to resist the range of musthave winter scarves and jewellery.

La Bella, Wonthaggi

INGENIOUS IN THE KITCHEN Ooh La La! The much sought after French ‘Ingenio’ cookware has hit town. This highly versatile range is a space and time saver. With removable handles, the set will stack, store and do so much more! From stove to oven to fridge, freezer or dishwasher!

Cleanskin Kitchenware, Cowes and Wonthaggi

OLDE WORLDE CHARM Warm up your home with a luxurious antique piece. The team at Sandsford Antiques have a wide range of quality wares, so spend a cosy afternoon browsing and buying - with a hot coffee from the cafe you may never want to leave!

Sandsford Antiques, Inverloch

INSPIRED BY MEXICO Winter doesn’t mean you have to stay inside. Gather your friends and family around a stylish chiminea and keep toasty warm under the stars.

The Country Gardener, Wonthaggi

MAX IS BACK! Furniture funkster, Max Dunn creates unique furniture to suit your lifestyle. His services include custom-made pieces for home and the office, blinds and restoration.

Max Dunn Design, Venus Bay

SIMPLY HOT HOMEWARES Surround yourself with sumptuous fabrics and create a warm atmosphere with irresistible homewares, accessories and more.

Simply Good, Cowes

FLAMIN’ BEAUTY You can’t go past the warmth and romance of a wood heater. The Metro Woodfire range makes their heaters practical. These sturdy, slow combustion models mean you can cook dinner while you heat your home! Visit the friendly team to view their extensive range of wood heaters to suit every home. The best service and advice at the right price.

Wonthaggi Tiles and Woodheaters

artist profile

“Fish Creek has transformed from a dairy-farming town because of the sea-change people – they have altered the dynamic of the place so much. The long-term locals have taken the change really well and been very accepting of new people coming into the area. I think it’s to do with the landscape, the proximity to the coast and the really nice views – they’re still available here in Fish Creek.” Since her return, Kerry has made an enormous contribution to the arts. She has chaired the Prom Coast Arts Council and been artistic director for the Mossvale Music Festival, both since 1992, as well as working on many other collaborative projects. With her current exhibition about to close, she is already thinking about new projects and getting more of an ‘edge’ to her work to make it ‘say something’ so people really think about it. “I want to look at people, how they interact with their environment, emotions and self, and also their relationship with materialism. People are too attached to things, including me - I’m a shocker for it! I love clothes and I love jewellery! I’m fully aware that I am doing the opposite of what I should be doing!” laughs Kerry. But she agrees that, being an aesthetic person, it seems to go with the territory. In the immediate future is her role as project artist on an exciting venture called ‘Collaborating with Chaos’. Drawing on her passion for patterns, the unique project brings together science and art to explore the geometry of nature. This community undertaking will result in a series of sculptures which will be displayed in outdoor public art spaces throughout Foster. The girl from Fish Creek, who was a fish out of water, is now swimming free in an ocean of creativity. C

Kerry Spokes

coast 22

Curator and partner in Gecko Studio Gallery in Fish Creek.

2008: Second prize in the Great Southern Portrait Prize.

2007: Best Exhibit at Meeniyan Art Show

2002 – Present: Artistic director Mossvale Festival.

2002 - Present: President Prom Coast Arts Council.

2001: Winner of South Gippsland Acquisitive Art Award

346 Bass Hwy Wonthaggi

5672 1722

342 Bass Hwy Wonthaggi

5672 1122

• South Gippsland’s biggest range of quality used cars • Local backup service • Full range of new cars • New, modern workshop for all your after sales service needs • Full range of parts and accessories • Finance available

“Keeping Business Local”

This coast’s most

prestigious gallery

Paintings Sculpture Jewellery Indigenous Art Pottery

Mingara.indd 1

Quality Art & Craftwork by Bev and Dennis Leversha Reflecting the clarity & freshness of South Gippsland Powlett Gallery.indd 1

20/5/08 12:12:04 PM

‘By appointment or by chance’ 5 Dunn St Wonthaggi 5672 2277 16/5/08 5:21:08 PM

coast 28

the White Stripes - anything raw, anything rock or blues. This describes our sound: we try to keep it as raw as we can; we don’t try to bring too much stuff into it; we keep it uncluttered. With a three-piece band we do need to make it sound full, but it’s really easy to get messy and muddled,” explains James. “We’ve gone through a lot of changes since we began, a lot of experimentation. Doing blues has only evolved over the past couple of years. That’s what we really want to stick to now: blues works really well for us,” says Michael. “We tried to write our own stuff from an early stage – we didn’t want to do covers. We can understand putting a few covers in here and there, but we thought the earlier we started doing original stuff, the quicker we’d advance and the more beneficial it would be to us down the track,” Kane adds. Writing songs is a combined effort involving jamming and sharing ideas. A lot of the song lyrics are pre-written, then the music is composed according to how the song feels. There’s no common theme to the songs - the band wants to be known more for their music than for what’s being said. White Summer personally books and promotes all its shows, with their MySpace site being crucial to spreading the message. “It’s been really good, especially when we were in school, because everyone’s on My Space and puts us in their top friends. We’re always getting hits and plays, and you can advertise your gigs up there – it’s been massive,” says James. It seems living on the coast has been good for them. “Growing up here was really beneficial. Up in Melbourne you’d be cooped up in a rehearsal room and you can’t jam because of neighbours. Living on the coast is definitely an influence. It’s always something we’re thinking about. When we jam, our windows look out over the fields and the ocean,” explains James. Citing their two favourite performances to date as local Chill Island Festival and the Melbourne Arts Centre, the band has their sights set on playing Pyramid Rock Festival on New Year’s Eve. “We’ve been to Pyramid Rock, but we really want to play there,” says Michael. Good idea: I reckon that would be a perfect White Summer fit. C

coast 30

days 7 n Ope ek a we from m 10a

Phillip Island’s most fun attraction! Victorian Tourism Award Winner

“old fashion fun with a bit of technology.” Illusions • Puzzles • Mazes Mini Golf • BBQ’s • Cafe 1805 Phillip Island Road, Cowes 3922

p. 5952 2283 f. 5952 2227 email:

Please present this ad to receive a 10% discount on any admission ticket. Valid until September 30, 2008

coast 32

coast heroes

company. George says, “Some of them got there, some of them didn’t. I was nearly arrested at the Hanoi airport for bringing in eight computers. We were taken to an interview room and given the third degree. When we managed to explain the story and showed photos of Bryn and the school we’d built as his legacy, they finally let us through.” Their large extended family (and friends) have travelled back to Vietnam three times. “I remember sitting across from my 81-year-old father and his partner, my older brother who had never travelled, his wife and daughter, and my sister and her husband and their new son, and it was really overwhelming to have the family together like this in Asia,” says Tad. “That’s when it really hit home to me what this was all about. Bryn’s death has really had two effects. It has brought us closer together as a family, and also helped us to help the people that Bryn cared about.” When they saw what could be done, it encouraged the family to do even more. When the Hendrys were invited back to the school for the unveiling of the plaque, Tad suggested to his older brother Keith that a trip to Cambodia and Laos may be in order. “You know, he hadn’t travelled much. He’s a big burly bloke, and he didn’t really know the lay of the land, so he tagged along for the ride.” During the trip they went to Phnom Penh and Siem Riep. “On the way to Angkor Wat we travelled via the delta system through the middle of Cambodia. It was a trip where the boat literally pushed its way through dense reeds. The inside was crowded, so I said to Keith, ‘Let’s jump up on the roof’, as it would have been 45 degrees-plus below,” recalls Tad. Fate played its hand and the Hendry boys started chatting to a fellow traveller on the roof. “We got talking to an English bloke and his Cambodian mate. Turns out that he and his brother inherited a house from their grandmother, and when they sold it and split the profits, he decided to start OrphFund, which helps to build schools and orphanages in third-world countries.” They talked about their projects and made an instant connection. Dad, Hugh, chimes in, “He is our type of guy: a one man band – very grass-roots.” They tagged along with their

coast 34

new friends for the day, handing out school uniforms to the kids at a newly-built school. “It was just incredible,” says Tad. After meeting Steve on the roof of the boat we decided we would like to help him with his projects, and continue what we now call ‘Bryn’s Legacy.’ “We always wanted to do something hands-on – to see results on the ground. Steve has built orphanages and made them completely self-sufficient. He goes back regularly to check whether the chooks are laying and the vegies are growing right. Volunteers go over and work with the villagers, and live as they do, sleeping on a mat on the floor. They pay for their own airfares and food, and contribute $3000 towards building materials, so every dollar raised goes directly to the project.” This year George will be travelling to Africa with Steve to help in Sierra Leone. George says, “Steve has been to a lot of places, but when he talks of this particular village he says he has seen things that would make you cry. Most of the kids live on the rubbish dump – it’s just a dire situation. I said even ‘if no-one else goes, I’ll go with you’. We’re going back in September this year to build an education centre and another orphanage.” “We’ve been very lucky,” says George. “The people in South Gippsland have responded to us and have generously supported our projects.” Dad Hugh pipes in, “Me and the kids have lived here for over 55 years, and people know us. I’ve got a big mouth - and I exploit it, so we get known. When I tell the right story we get a response, and to date we’ve been able to raise over 70,000 dollars to go into Tien Tien, which is just tremendous!” he says. The family will be found selling their wares and mementos bought back from Vietnam at local markets to raise money for OrphFund. Tad says, “We will be holding another fundraiser at Newhaven College in July/August, so please come out and say hello and help support a great cause.” If you would like to volunteer for a project, make a donation or find out more about how you can help some of the world’s poorest children, log onto or contact Steve Argent at - more information will soon be available at C

footy fever This winter, Coast pays tribute to footy and meets four people who live and breathe the winter game… The last remnants of the warm weather have finally disappeared, replaced by a distinct chill in the air. The cricket bats are stored back in their cupboards. Footy season is upon us! Saturday and Sunday mornings during footy season can be bitingly nippy. The gloves and scarves are dug out and the beanies and striped knee-high socks come out from under our beds. We step out into the cold and mud, watching as thirty-six players run onto the field, braving the elements in singlets and shorts. From the players to the die-hard fans, love it or hate it, footy has a place in the hearts of many. Whether it is the smell of hot pies, the aroma of a thermos full of steaming coffee, or the fun of screaming your lungs out in admiration of your favourite team, there is no mistaking the dedication and love for the game with the coloured oval ball. A game played (hopefully) all in good fun, with a few biffs and bumps on the side, a strong passion for footy pulsates in the hearts of many of the people of South Gippsland.

needed, and the boys never seem to tire. “These blokes would run all day!” laughs Mark Lindsay, their team-mate at Inverloch/Kongwak footy club, and programme co-ordinator at GippSport. GippSport promotes health and community development, and once the brothers jumped on board a programme and tried various other sports, they discovered a love for football. After gentle nudging from Mark to have a crack at footy, the boys have settled in well. “I asked the fellas to come and play, and eventually they did, and haven’t looked back.” “Yeah, it took us a while,” they laugh. “We really like it because we have met lots of people.” “The boys are gun players,” says Mark, “and they get along with everyone on the team.” Footy has also been a confidence-booster for the brothers, and they are positively thrilled to be clad in blue and gold and playing for the

Inverloch Sea Eagles. There is no mistaking that the boys support West Coast in the AFL. Eligible to play with the Seniors, the twins will play Reserves for the time being to sharpen their technique. Watching them train, you wouldn’t suspect that they only started playing sport at thirteen. “We never played any real sport back home,” say the boys. “We just kicked a ball around the street.”

The lads have mixed opinions about spreading their wings to the big time should the opportunity arise. Byron is content with local country footy. However, shooting his brother an ‘Are you crazy?’ look, Johnny interjects with…“Well, I would!” >

the die-hard fan Jimmy Hawkins

coast 38

the die-hard fan Jimmy Hawkins Born and bred in Dalyston, and the number-one supporter of the Dalyston Footy Club since the 1960s, Jimmy Hawkins’ fierce and loyal support never wavers, and any excuse will do to tell a tale about his beloved Magpies. The nurses at Rose Lodge in Wonthaggi said I should feel honoured: Mr Hawkins had combed his hair, put in his false teeth and changed into his favourite shirt just for me. Humbled, I am thrilled to meet him, and am warmly greeted with a beaming smile and a ”Hello, deary! Thanks for coming,“ along with a firm handshake. Jim points to his shirt and says, “I wore this just for you.” It took me a moment to notice that the large black and white checks on Jim’s shirt blended in perfectly with the shrine of Dalyston Footy Club paraphernalia. Surrounded by a small sea of black and white, Jimmy’s face lights up as he announces proudly, “I barrack for Dalyston, and I’ve been to every home game for forty years!” Always on the ball, Jimmy’s dedication often takes him out into the dreary weather, but this doesn’t seem to dampen the spirit of this die-hard fan. “Not at alI: I just wear my jumper and scarf.” But even the most dedicated fans have to make small sacrifices. “Well, I don’t wear black and white all the time,” he giggles. “It gets too hot.”

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Not only does Jim support the footballers at Dalyston, but the netballers as well. Keeping a keen eye on both, he sits in the little grandstand near the players’ bench and has lunch. Breaking with tradition, Jimmy declares: “I hate meat pies” - he religiously has a pizza and shandy instead. Well-known in the footy community, Jimmy shares a special bond with the Dalyston players, who allow him into the clubrooms after matches. Jimmy’s own idol is Paul ‘Noddy’ Ware, who he says is “the greatest player in the world!” The Rose Lodge nurses tell me all the players idolise Jimmy and really take him under their wing. For his eightieth birthday, Jim was treated to a special party at Rose Lodge, attended by all the senior members of the Dalyston Footy Club, who came and sang with him. This memory brings tears of joy to Jimmy’s eyes as he pushes a birthday card signed by all the players into my hand. The smile returns to his face when we talk about premierships, and Jimmy bursts into a fit of giggles. “You know we are going to be premiers this year!” Eighty-four years young, maintaining his loyalty over four decades has been an amazing feat, and one that has seen him pictured in the paper seven times. Jimmy grabs my arm and says: “That’s pretty good, now, don’t you reckon?” Yeah, Jimmy. I sure think so.

the timekeeper Robby Mitchell

Robby Mitchell is timekeeper and scorer for Inverloch/Kongwak footy club. Bouncing with energy and contagious enthusiasm, Robby does not hesitate to declare: “Footy (and cricket) are my life!” A life-member of the club at Inverloch/Kongwak, fifty-nine-year-old Robby has watched the timer tick for over forty years and is yet to miss a beat. An impressive achievement, considering Robby has an intellectual disability. This, however, has in no way discouraged the spirited Inverloch local, and he has been awarded medals for his community service by the AFL and former Prime Minister John Howard. A keen eye back in the 70s landed Rob the job he has now been doing for forty-one years -‘clicking over this year.’ An error on the scoreboard caught Robby’s attention and, having alerted the scorer on duty, Robby was soon asked if he wanted to come up and have a go. “Of course I said yes! I was just walking around not doing much, so scoring and timekeeping gave me something to do. It still gives me something to do. If I wasn’t timekeeping I would be sitting at home doing nothing”, he chuckles. “It’s not good for ya, doing nothing! You gotta get fresh air into your heart and lungs.” With a serious face he adds, “Now football, you’re better off being at the football than sittin’ at home and doin’ nothing!” An unmistakable local footy fan, I ask Rob if he is also a mad AFL supporter, but it soon becomes clear where his loyalties lie. “Nah…I’m too busy with Inverloch. You can’t listen to the AFL on the wireless as well, coz it puts you off. You gotta concentrate on the one game. Nope, you can’t listen to both!” Rob’s dedication sees him trail the Inverloch Sea Eagles to wherever they play. “I go all over the place”, he says. “If they play in Korumburra, I’ll go to Korumburra. If they go to Yarram, then I’ll chase ‘em to Yarram.” The notion of ‘retiring’ has not even entered Robby’s mind: he is by no means ready to give up just yet. “While I’m in good health,” he says modestly, “I’ll stay doing it. You never know!” he whispers. “I might do it until I’ve done it for sixty years! His whisper becomes increasingly animated. “No, wait!” he exclaims, “… till the day I die!” And why not? Judging from the accolades and greetings he receives - “Good to see ya, Rob mate; top job on Saturday” - Robby is doing just fine. C

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You live between London and Phillip Island – that must be quite a contrast. How did that come to be? Tell us a bit about your life between two continents. I think I must have been a gypsy in another life. I love travelling so much that I can never imagine finding just one place to settle down forever, when there is still so much out there to explore! I have been living in London for six years now. I arrived there on a whim, with no intention of staying at all. The first time I went I really disliked it, but London has a habit of growing on you, and now when I am away from it I really miss it, especially the English banter and sense of humour. I moved to Phillip Island with Mum and Dad when I was sixteen, and went to school at Newhaven for my final two years. I love the Island. I built a studio down at the bottom of the garden of my parents’ place so I could come and paint there. Now, whenever it gets too cold in London, I leave and fly south like a bird.

Your favorite piece that you’ve created?

Probably a painting I did for my mum after my granddad passed away. It’s really an illustrated poem, but it’s a very personal piece done just for her. I love doing paintings especially for someone; I guess it must be the same feeling a musician gets from writing a song about someone. If I had been born with a talent for music I would have liked to have been a songwriter, but I am the world’s worst singer, so I’ll stick with the painting!

What do you love about your life as an artist? Absolutely everything!

What do you love about coming home to Phillip Island from your busy life in London?

I love the stillness, especially down at the bottom of the garden - it’s like a little oasis. I can see stars from my bedroom window (sadly, you don’t see many stars in London). I can hear the ocean lapping on the shore, possums sliding down the roof at night, and best of all I can hear the sound of magpies when I’m waking up in the morning. My all-time favourite sound.

What’s next on your artistic calendar - how and where can people view your work?

At the moment I’m designing a range of children’s toys, homewares, cards and prints which I hope to get out soon. Painting-wise, I’ll be in the Canterbury Art Show (, and the Frankston Art Show in May, then in several other shows throughout the year. On Phillip Island my work is sold through Mingara Art Gallery (ph: 03 5952 3722) and The Castle (ph: 03 59521228)as well as through my website ( C

coast 44

S imply Good

Quality Gifts & Homewares

Now stocking beautiful

Swarovaski Crystal

Open 7 Days Simply Good.indd 1

Shop 2, 23-27 Thompson Ave, Cowes, 3922 Ph: 5952 1267 16/5/08 4:34:16 PM

Surf-ski riding champion Bernie Huigsloot has a pretty thick skin, and he needs it to be out there competing for waves with ‘standup surfers’. But there’s a lot more skill required for surf-skiing than you may think, says Bernie, who has made it to the top in this demanding sport.

coast 46

coast sportstar

Surf-skiing involves being strapped onto a ski and using a paddle to catch waves, and that’s about where the differences from ‘traditional’ surfing end. For Bernie, just like a ‘stand-up’, it’s all about reading and riding the waves with a passion bordering on obsession. He braves the waves knowing he gets more than a few sideways looks. “It’s a bit like driving a Volvo, I guess. You get the weird stares and the sly comments. Generally, surf-skis have got a bad reputation. It’s because some blokes drop in or go sideways down a wave. I always try to be considerate of others when I’m out in the surf.” Knocked down by tetanus at age five as a result of falling on a rusty nail, Bernie was in and out of hospital as doctors considered amputation of his leg to save his life. Overcoming the disease, he turned to sport, especially swimming, to build up his strength and prevent him from becoming wheelchair-bound. With no cartilage in his knee, stand-up surfing was not an option, and he found his natural ability lay in surf-skiing. In over thirty years of skiing, Bernie has excelled at his sport, rating third in Australia and ninth in the world, and beating world champions in individual competitions throughout his career. He was also awarded ‘best aerial’ on several occasions. “At the time, professional surfing was great. I gave it a really good shot. In good solid waves, I could just about beat anybody,” he recalls. Bernie met wife Tania whilst he was working as a kitchen-hand and she was an apprentice chef. “She told me she didn’t want to hang around with a surfie bum: she wanted someone with a real job. I wanted to be a pro surfer – it was an ultimatum, really. I was ranked third in Australia, and went away to a comp but bombed out big-time in the second ride, though I had the consolation of winning ‘best aerial’! I travelled and camped with the world champ for the next three months. He was the number-one guy, but wasn’t making very much money – he was struggling. The only way I could do any good was to move to Sydney. I loved living on Phillip Island, and comps didn’t really mean much any more.I thought: ‘What do I want - an ego or a life?’ I went back to Tania and took up cooking, and then we needed a change of lifestyle to spend time with the kids, so we bought Southcoast Furnishings.” “I thank my wife Tania. She’s always known that surfing is my number-one love, and there are no hard feelings. Although, when I get a new board, I almost feel like taking it to bed with me!” jokes

coast 48

Bernie. “I’ve just had a new board made. Tommy Tyrrell used to make all my boards, but Glyndyn Ringrose made this one and did a really good job.” Despite the total commitment to his family, Bernie is sometimes given a ‘leave pass’ to travel and surf G-Land on the island of Java. “Obviously G-land is my favourite: I love it for the place as well as for the surf – it’s away from the hustle and bustle. You’re in the middle of a jungle with people cooking your meals for you; it’s quite relaxing, and thrilling at the same time.” Travelling alone, he blends into the crowd until he hops off a bus and grabs his surf-ski – not many brave the big Indo waves on anything but a board, and not many skis could handle those conditions. Bernie’s favourite kind of wave is summed up in one word – big. “I thrive on fear. I’m like a little kid in a lolly shop when I see big waves. I still get scared, and that’s what makes it so much fun – conquering your fears.” His top local break is ‘without a doubt, Right Point on Phillip Island’. Over the past five or so years, Bernie has traded competition for free surfing. “I could have gone to titles and done well, but I’d prefer to just be getting barrelled! Sometimes an ego is just not worth it.” “I’ve always felt very connected to surfing. When I caught my first wave, I thought ‘Why didn’t I do this earlier? I must have done it in a past life or something.’ If I’m having a bad day, a good surf changes everything.” Being out on the waves has given Bernie an appreciation of nature, and he says he is staunchly opposed to the Government’s plan for a desalination plant on the Coast. “We live on a fragile, pristine coastline that is driven by tourism and nature, and it could be totally compromised by a desal plant. I think the Government should go and whack the plant on the doorstep of the people who want it - why not stick it on the end of St Kilda Pier and see what the locals there have to say about it? I don’t think we should accept or be prepared to risk our coastline. We should use our water more wisely.” As he leaves the interview, Bernie is highly excited about the surf predicted for the coming weekend: it is meant to be ‘perfect’. “If I was told I couldn’t surf anymore, I’d be devastated,” he reflects. “I hope it’s something I can do for the rest of my life. I think I’d find a way to put a wheelchair on a surfboard if I had to – they’d really be joking about me then!” C


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. SCOTT BIKE WORKSHOP . Norco . Major overhauls . Orbea . Basic adjustments . Wheel building . GT . Fork servicing . Mongoose . Hydraulic brakes . Eastern . Road, mountain, comfort, hybrid and BMX bikes . Electric bicycles & tricycles . Bike hire/free maps & tours Ride On Bikes, 2/17 The Esplanade, Cowes Phone (03) 5952 2533 Email. Website.

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cartography: Mapgraphx

Roger travelled to Antarctica as a naturalist guide with Australian Tour company, Aurora. Most trips depart from Ushuaia in Argentina, but trips to the Ross Sea leave from New Zealand or Hobart. Roger’s expedition to the Ross Sea took twenty-six days, but there are many other options for visiting this magnificent continent. Trips to the Antarctic Peninsula are usually between ten and twelve days, and around twenty days if you include a visit to the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia. Antarctic Tourism Facts: The modern Antarctic tourism industry began in 1969. Since then, the number of tourists in Antarctica has grown from a few hundred to more than 28,000 each year. In 2006/07, a total of 29, 576 people visited the frozen continent, with 9.3% of visitors being from Australia. Source: International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators. Dr. Roger Kirkwood is a biologist at Phillip Island Nature Park and author of the newly-released children’s book ‘Antarctica’ published by New Holland. C

coast 52


Chase Burns from EFA Productions caught all the surfing action out on the waves this winter.

fifteenminutesoffame words as told to Sally O’Neill photo Maria Reed

Modern-day hunter and gatherer, Rodney McCallum, talks about how he loves the thrill of what each new day will bring through the gates of the tip where he works, how one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and how being happy in your lot is the most important find of all . . . Tell us about your job . . . I work down at the tip at Phillip Island. We sort all the rubbish out. The recycling gets carted away and all the rest is taken to landfill at Grantville. Then we grab stuff on the side and either take it home ourselves or sell it. We have a little stall where we sell things - we sell them pretty cheap. I’ve worked there for about eight years now. It’s interesting working at the tip. The locals are really good, but some of the ‘out of towners’ are a bit abrupt. I check the loads as they come in to make sure they are what they say they are. Sometimes what looks like a load of green waste can be hiding hard rubbish underneath. It’s all done by eye. In holiday season, we need two people working because you can’t do it all yourself. What do you love about your job? I enjoy my job. You never know what you’re going to get next. That’s the fun of it. It’s also good because you mostly get to work by yourself and you don’t see much of the boss. We’re left to our own devices. If you’re not happy where you work, you shouldn’t be there. What do people throw away? The most common thing people bring in is furniture. Now that the wealthy have moved onto the island, we get more stuff. In the old days, you didn’t get much. But people move down and just don’t care what they chuck out. Some of the pieces in there (he points to his lounge room) are from the tip. That cane chair, that leather lounge, this table, that computer desk, this snake, these bookshelves, this Russian hat – I couldn’t believe the guy was throwing it out. (He continues to the kitchen.) I’ve got a couple of deep-freezers, that microwave, a kettle…. Your favourite finds? My favourite things are the surfboards. I’ve never surfed in me life, but I don’t like seeing them thrown away. I grab all of the boards that come in. (Rodney has a collection of over forty surfboards dating back to the early 1970s). Some of them are not worth anything, but I bring them home and chuck them in the roof of the shed and maybe lend them or sell them to people. I got given an old surfboard made by Terry Klemm. He heard about it and came over to see it and was glad it had been saved.

coast 54

The most amazing thing you’ve got? I’ve been given a few boats, some motorbikes and a caravan. I grab a lot of stuff because I don’t like seeing it get thrown away. I’ve come to the point where I’ve got too much stuff and I’ve got to thin it out. The funniest thing people bring in? A lot of sex toys! I had a mannequin dressed in lingerie outside my shed at work. This old bloke came in one day and said ‘That’s nice lingerie. Where did you get that?’ I didn’t think anything of it, but when I came in to work on the Monday, I noticed something missing and the lingerie had been taken from the mannequin! What do you dream about finding? Probably a suitcase of money! I’ve never found cash so far but I do find bits of jewellery like diamond rings. You get marital splits and people just throw their jewellery away. People also throw away paintings and they always sell pretty quickly. I asked one artist who comes in regularly to paint me a picture of the tip, but he painted me a picture of waves crashing at the beach instead. In your time off . . . I look after the kids; we are a dual family. Rachel and I have nine kids between us, and four live with us now. I also clean up the house and fix the boat. I would go fishing if I could get the boat going! We also love getting on the motorbike and going for a ride somewhere. Every November we go on the ‘Kids for Cancer Run’ at Thredbo. What do you like about living here? It’s a good place to live - nice and quiet. Bass is a good little place. People should always remember how lucky they are. An old farmer used to say to me, ‘there’s always someone worse off than you!’ I once spent a week in hospital because I was allergic to bees. They injected bee venom into me: now when I get bitten it doesn’t affect me. I was in a ward where there were people a lot worse off than me, and I looked around and said – ‘gee, I’m not so bad after all’! I wish they could do the same for peanuts. Our daughter is allergic to nuts and it is a terrible thing now there’s no hospital on Phillip Island. Warley Hospital saved her life a few times. It’s wicked there’s no hospital now. It’s going to cost people’s lives. C

WONTHAGGI SPECIALIST IMAGING 182 Graham St, Wonthaggi. PH: 5672 2066 FAX: 5672 2033




• General Podiatry • Biomechanical Assessment • Paediatric Assessment • Prescription Orthotic Therapy • Diabetes Assessment

182 Graham St, Wonthaggi & Phillip Island Medical Centre, 164 Thompson Ave, Cowes.

5672 2309

for an HI-CAPS and EFTPOS call appointment at either clinic facilities available DVA referrals welcome Enhanced Primary Care (EPC - Medicare) referrals bulk billed TAC and Work Cover referrals welcome

Luke Zoanetti

B Hlth Sc (Pod) M.A. Pod A

Jennifer Lewis

B Pod M.A.Pod.A

Tired aching feet? Footwear solutions

for people with orthotics & medical conditions, including diabetes, arthritis & more Ring 03 9326 0266 to make a booking

Happy feet Happy Body!

Assessment & fitting by a Certified Pedorthist Approved for: DVA, A&EP, TAC and insurance work. Health fund cover may apply.

Monthly visits to 182 Graham Street, Wonthaggi.

P: 03 9326 0266 F: 03 9326 0633 APPOINTMENTS REQUIRED W:

182 Graham Street

Currently the services provided are:

akers eyewear Seeing is believing! Akers Eyewear is distinctly different and caters for all your optical needs. The comprehensive range of fashion frames and sunglasses will definitely impress. The range includes Gucci, Dior, Coco Song along with Serengeti, Bolle, Mako and Maui Jim, plus many more. They also carry an extensive range of accessories. Catering for all ages, their optometrist specialises in children’s vision.

services Eye examinations are bulk billed. Contact lenses, veterans affairs, behavioural optometry.

1/41 Murray Street, Wonthaggi, 3995

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With almost 100 years experience, we carry the best range in furniture. With our professional, friendly service you’ll be sure to find what you’re after.

Our huge range of quality furniture now includes Beds ‘R’ Us, so come in and browse around – we know you’ll be impressed 119 Graham Street, Wonthaggi, Vic. 3995 MelbFurnish.indd 1

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Simplistic Desirable Functional

Scandinavian Designs

Giftware / Fountains / Garden Furniture / Antiques

Designer pots, natives, ornamentals & indoor plants

Come and visit the region’s largest nursery with an extensive range of antiques.


19 Inverloch Road, Wonthaggi Vic 3995

T 03 5672 4866

Country Gardener.indd 1

16/5/08 5:38:51 PM

Shop 2, IGA Ritchies Arcade, 158 Graham St, Wonthaggi , Victoria p. 03 5672 5553 Exclusive distributor of

feature area

Events and festivals: January

• A Day at the Cape • Bass Coast Agricultural Show • Cape Aquathon • Dalyston Mud Run • Kilcunda Lobster Festival


• Wonthaggi Film Festival


• Wonthaggi Energy and Innovation and Human Powered Vehicle Festival


• Wonthaggi Carols by Candlelight


• Gung Ho Multicultural Festival

Check Bass Coast Shire Council website for more event dates

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Relax in our café with ‘Robert Timms’ Coffee

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• Jewellery

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Exotic furnishings from around the globe – Thailand, Bali, Vietnam, India, Peru and more. Shop 1, Bass Coast Plaza, Wonthaggi (Next door to BIG W)

(03) 5672 5996

“interior design/decorating service” Cantik v5.indd 1

• Giftware

OPEN Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm, Saturday 9am – 3pm 20/5/08 6:58:16 PM

fiddlestix Licensed products including AFL, Ford, Holden, Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, Bundaburg Rum and many more. • • • • • •


Open Monday – Saturday Plaza Arcade, 140 Graham Street, Wonthaggi 3995 Fiddlestix.indd 1

Ph/Fax: 03 5672 3304 Email: 14/5/08 10:29:00 AM

plans on wonthaggi words Eleanor McKay photos Warren Reed

Bass Coast Shire planner Martin Gill talks to Coast Magazine about what he considers are “exciting times ahead for Wonthaggi,” . . . in planning terms.

promotional feature Martin Gill’s favourite walk takes him from South Wonthaggi down to Cutler’s Beach. “I walk past the wetlands near the old Rifle Range Road where, slowly but steadily, the vegetation is being regenerated, and then into the Wonthaggi heathland. Standing here, looking back at Wonthaggi, it is the vegetation that dominates the view.” A former architect and RMIT lecturer, Martin joined Council’s planning team and moved to Wonthaggi in March 2006. He has grown to love his adopted home-town, and this connection makes him ideally suited to oversee the implementation of the Wonthaggi and Dalyston Structure Plan. “Structure plans are definitely ‘big picture’ plans,” says Martin.” They are a way of planning for the future and making sure that any growth and development is in line with the vision that the community has for its own future.” On the brink of centenary celebrations, Wonthaggi is facing substantial development pressure and experiencing strong population growth. Improvements to the Bass Highway mean Melbourne is now less than two hours away by car. The proposed desalination plant also looms large on the horizon. “The desalination plant is one very concrete example of how development or change can have a massive impact on a town,” agrees Martin. “It certainly shows how important it is to have something like the structure plan in place. Any decisions about the facilities and growth of the town can be viewed within a definite framework.” Implementing the structure plan will make sure there is adequate

land available for residential, industrial and commercial use. Martin says the plan is built around the green heart of Wonthaggi. “We have inherited a rare commodity – open space in the centre of town,” he explains. “That green centre is linked by a linear path that stretches out and connects the community. This is the essence of Wonthaggi, which the structure plan will preserve and build on.” The plan should also allow Wonthaggi to develop its role as service provider for the region. “There will be changes to the physical character of the town,” says Martin. “The existing urban area will expand to allow for more residential development. There may also be more intense development in the commercial area. The structure plan will allow this to happen in a way that complements the existing town, improving the services on offer and the lifestyles of the residents.” Martin believes this is an exciting time for Wonthaggi, one that mirrors the boom times of the early 1900s. “This time, we are going in with a lot better idea of what Wonthaggi needs and wants, and we will work closely with residents to make sure they know what is happening and how any of the proposed changes will affect them.” Martin’s regular walks around Wonthaggi ensure he is deeply aware of the character of the town. “Every time I walk down to Cutler’s Beach, I’m amazed by the landscape and the way the vegetation changes as you get closer to the shore,” he smiles. “Like quite a few people in our Planning Department, I moved down here to enjoy the beautiful lifestyle that is on offer. And that is something we all want to hold onto.” C

For all your computing and electrical needs

. . . offering free hearing check ups Hearing impairment is frequently misunderstood and the signs of hearing loss can occur gradually over a number of years.

About Bass Coast Hearing is the local clinic in the Bass Coast Shire serving the community 5 days a week.

“Independent advice, Government, Workcover & Veterans Affairs accredited”, “Hearing aid prescription, all brands”

Early signs of hearing loss can include: • When you can hear but not understand • If you find it difficult to hear in noisy situations • You cannot understand people unless they are facing you • You think people mumble • You need to turn your television up loud • You don’t always hear the telephone or doorbell

Consulting Visits Cowes & Frankston by appointment

Hearing Awareness Week August 25th to Friday August 29th 2008. “One in six Australians - it’s more common than you think.” About Bass Coast Hearing is offering free hearing checks to celebrate Hearing Awareness Week from Monday August 25th to Friday August 29th 2008.

To arrange a free hearing check at any time please phone 5672 5598.

OPEN 7 DAYS 37 McKenzie Street, Wonthaggi, Vic. 3995

Shop 8, Westend Arcade, 152 Graham Street, Wonthaggi.

P: 03 5672 1490 F: 03 5672 2907

Business Hours: Monday to Friday 9.30am – 4.30pm.

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coast hero

like ryegrass – it fries their roots.” The paddock behind his house is newly worked to a fine tilth – too fine for Ian’s liking. He’s scanning the skies for a bit of moisture to anchor the soil and also help break up the clods ploughed in the adjoining paddock. Next door to his place are 8 hectares of land untouched for about fifty-five years, and choked by bentgrass and couch grass. Ian has been employed to renovate the paddock. He plans to plant it to triticale and then strip it, ideally to sell to a local farmer for feed. Ian says: “There’s always been a heap of hobby-farms here and some are really good, really well-run farms. And their owners have the right to be farmers: I have no problem with them. They’ve worked hard to get what they want.” Among those nearby hobby-farmers is well-known comedian and writer John Clarke, now a neighbour of Seamist whose sense of humour is described by Ian as “as dry as they come”. However, dry is not what Ian wants. Good soaking rain is what he’s watching for. He’s borne the brunt of bad weather in his time and he doesn’t want to be subjected to it again: in the early 1990s, a hard south-west squall battered the seafront property, and next morning, Ian found fifteen lambs dead from exposure. Ian was an inaugural member of the local Landcare group. “The

land was bare when I first started out,” he said. “I knew that the farm needed trees to shelter stock. So I started planting trees, and over four years I must have put in a couple of thousand.” Nowadays, the farm is fringed with newly-planted casuarina and wattle, and a pocket of remnant vegetation. “And I’ve just about beaten the gorse bushes, but it’s taken a lot of money and work.” At least he had the equipment for the task. After leaving the family farm, he followed up his interest in machinery and heavy earthmoving equipment. Ian estimates that he has spent 40 000 to 50 000 hours behind the wheel of a tractor over the past forty-five years. Next to his modest brick house is the equipment shed, home to the nine tractors that Ian has acquired over the years. “Nine that go,” he adds. “I’d work them during the day and have to fix them all night.” 4pm: A Scarlet robin is sitting on a fence, neck outstretched, and singing like it understands joy. Maybe it does. Apart from his involvement in Landcare, Ian has also had a long association with the local Rotary Club. A Paul Harris Fellow – the highest accolade offered by the service club – he has twice been president and served on the district international committee. He first became interested in Rotary when, as a student at Wonthaggi Tech,>

coast hero he met a Japanese exchange student enrolled there. Much later, Ian was invited to join the newly formed Cowes club. He nominates the hay-drives to help flooded and fire-hit farmers of East Gippsland as among his proudest achievements at the club. The Rotary Polio-Plus campaign, dedicated to eradicating the world of the crippling disease, is also close to his heart, possibly because he had two aunts who contracted it. “The great thing about Rotary is the fantastic people you meet – motivated and switched-on people,” he says. Ian’s parents set an example in community participation for their children. Dad Malcolm was involved in the United Dairyfarmers of Victoria and local cricket before he died five years ago. Mum Margaret, who is still alive and living in a Somerville nursing home, was very active in the CWA and various church groups. 6pm: Grave and silent, Royal spoonbills wade around the small dam in the front paddock, and mist softens the evening light. Ian, who turns sixty next July, has two sons. One, a carpenter, is touring Australia; the other is a diesel mechanic working and living locally. Might either of them be the fifth generation McFee farming at Rhyll? “They might not want to take it on,” said Ian. “It’s hard work.” Does he ever anticipate leaving the farm? “Not until they carry me out in a box,” he says. “It’d be too big a job to shift all the rubbish if I left. We would need a two-day clearing sale.” C

coast 68

Dance like the world is your stage, work like you don’t need the money, be the star that you are. That is SO! me!

Bringing you a memorable shopping experience and offering product that will delight.


I luv it!

where you’ll find everything you need to make warming winter meals at your leisure, or in a hurry! The depth and breadth of stock at Cleanskin is astonishing and exciting … from casseroles of all kinds, to stock pots in all sizes, to the world’s best pressure cookers … all the way to an amazing array of soup bowls, ladles, peelers and more! Cleanskin understands the importance of being well equipped on your culinary adventures and aims to provide you with all the prerequisites. For long, slow cooking on the hob or in the oven there’s nothing better than an enamelled cast iron casserole and Cleanskin has one for every cook - from the legendary Le Creuset to incredible value, direct-import Cleanskin cast iron … and if weight’s a worry, let Cleanskin introduce you to Emile Henry’s fabulous Ceramic Flame-Proof Stewpot! For hearty winter soups select from a huge range of stockpots from 8 to 80 litres! When time is of the essence on a cold winter’s night, whip up a fabulous feast in a hurry with a state-of-the-art Tefal Clipso Pressure Cooker … for safe, speedy, stunning results in a fraction of the time! Indulge your passion this winter at Cleanskin and mingle with all the big names you know so well … Jamie Oliver, Ingenio, Bodum, Bugatti, Bertie, Kitchen Aid, CuisineArt, Wusthof, Victorinox, Calphalon, Essteele, Analon, Scanpan, Bamix, Magimix, Sigg, Peugeot, Global, Zero Japan, Zyliss, and a cast of thousands! Cleanskin, committed to Gippsland, is the region’s premier kitchenware retailer for cookware, bakeware, barware, glassware, serveware, gadgets, knives, cookbooks, aprons and more! We think you’ll like the Cleanskin vibe too … it’s relaxed, the natives are friendly and really know their stuff! We’re able to help when you need advice and love to hear about your culinary trials, triumphs and needs! With plenty of space to browse in peace and always something new to discover, many a happy cook has disappeared in Cleanskin never to be seen again! Cleanskin Kitchenware is open every day, offers a professional knife sharpening service, a convenient Australia-wide delivery service, gift vouchers, wedding registry and lay-by. Come to Cleanskin and enjoy good music while you browse … you won’t be disappointed!

Professional Knife Sharpening Service Monday to Saturday 9.00 to 5.00 Sunday 10.00 to 4.00 26 The Concourse, Cowes 11 Murray Street, Wonthaggi p: 5952 3494 p: 5672 5122

57 Bair St, (opposite Henrietta’s) Leongatha Ph 5662 3103 Open weekdays 9 - 5.30 Sat 9-2

SO!ME.indd 1

The Pressure’s On At Cleanskin This Winter

off Settlement Rd, East

13/5/08 1:00:34 PM

opposite Autobarn

Tyabb Antique Centre’s new store –


Owner - Peter McDonnell Manager - Caroline Paturzo

OPEN Thursday – Sunday & Public Holidays 10am – 5pm 7 Mine Road, Korumburra, Vic. 3950

Ph: 5655 2605

5 rooms of antiques & collectables • English bone china • Reproduction mahogany furniture • Lamps, art and giftware

15/5/08 2:56:42 PM

Carringtons of Loch Village

Tyabb Antique Centre.indd 1

40 Victoria Street, Loch Village 3945 Ph: 5659 4215 M: 0412 459 260 Email: Visit our Bentleigh shop – 331 Centre Rd, Bentleigh

OPEN THURSDAY – SUNDAY & PUBLIC HOLIDAYS 10AM – 5PM Carringtons of Loch.indd 1

15/5/08 9:17:47 PM


L&J TUDDIN restorations




Over 20 years experience. Private restoration available. Antiques to contemporary. The Antique gallery is located between the Inverloch Motel and Inverloch Nursery. Open Fri-Sun 10am-5pm. Public & School Holidays or by appointment.


PHONE: 03 5674 3339 MOB. 0429 636 289



37 Powlett Street, Inverloch Tel/Fax (03) 5674 3982

L&j Tuddin 14/5/08 10:27:12 AM vertical.indd 1

21/5/08 12:42:03 PM

getretro Retro and vintage items are very much back in style. “Often the objects you find are ones you remember from your childhood,” says Jane Seaholme, a self-professed retro and vintage lover. “It’s not for everyone: you definitely need to have a passion for it,” she advises. “I love retro and vintage items for many reasons,” says Jane. “Firstly, they are timeless. Many pieces designed in the 1940s and 50s still look great today. There’s also a design element: they are beautifully designed, well made and will last. They also bring back memories of my life and childhood, and that warms my heart. Best of all, they take me out of the production loop. I always go for second-hand before I buy new.” If you ‘go vintage or retro’, you’ll find everything from bric-a-brac to furniture and clothing. Jane has over seventy retro dinner plates and

loves every one of them. When you bring some retro or vintage into your home, you can introduce as little or as much as you like. Not everyone may love that orange lounge suite, but as long as you do, that’s what matters. Each piece creates a real talking piece as you share the thrill of finding it and its unique story with your friends. Another beauty of the treasures of these eras is the fun you can have shopping for them. Don’t under-estimate the thrill of unearthing a gem in a hard-rubbish collection (always ask the owner before taking); an op shop where your purchase helps a good cause; or a garage sale, clearing sale, retail outlet, market or the Internet. Jane founded and runs Kongwak Market, which is held every Sunday.

Retro describes objects from the 1960s and 1970s, while vintage can date back to the 1920s. What’s Hot Vintage clothing Made popular by many high-profile celebrities, vintage and retro clothing is definitely in vogue. Look for classic pieces in high-quality fabrics which can be worn on their own or mixed and matched with modern clothes and accessories. This is an affordable way to wear designer pieces, and you’re also being environmentally sustainable! Note: Make sure you try garments on before purchase: sizes may vary from modern equivalents. Retro Furniture There is a resurgence of interest in furniture from the 1960s and 1970s. Expect smooth lines and funky curves, and quality Scandinavian craftsmanship in items such as lounge suites, chairs and wall units. Where to get retro and vintage on the Coast? Southern Bazaar Kongwak Market Anderson Buck Stop

coast 76

SOUTHERN BAZAAR Second Hand with Style

Quality brands including....... Tessa, Parker, Chiswell, Fler, Moran, Oscar, TH Brown, Featherston and more

Stocking a massive range of Retro, Antiques, Quality Used Furniture, Recycled Clothing, Records, Books and More! Located in a massive warehouse at 42 Cashin St Inverloch (behind Mitre 10) Open Wed to Sun 10am to 5.00pm in Winter

Phone Wendy and John on 0409 234 482 starting early June!


southern bazaar3.indd 1

20/5/08 8:04:38 PM

Old & New

Be surprised! you never know what you’ll find

• Rustic Furniture • Bric a Brac • Unique Carvings

• Crystals & Crystal Jewellery • Quality Incense • Rocks, Pebbles & Garden Stuff

Cnr Bass Hwy & Anderson Rise, Anderson

5678 5779 The Buck Stop v3.indd 1

20/5/08 3:23:57 PM

Treasure Island Antique Centre Where the treasures inside are as unique as those who run it!

Collectable Antiques We buy & sell antique & deco furniture, china, retro, kitchenalia & vintage clothing

• Australiana • Collectables • Deco & Retro • Bizarre stuff • Cast Iron • Wrought Iron • Bits ‘n’ Bobs

Open Friday, Saturday & Sunday 227 Settlement Road, Cowes

Linda Bardwell with Peter & Peta Francis B.H 5952 5559 Mobile: 0407 650 321

Rear 150 Thompson Ave, Cowes

Ph: 0432 291 216

Treasure Island v2.indd 1

21/5/08 12:35:41 PM


Available at San Remo Pharmacy 123 Marine Parade, San Remo Ph: 5678 5202 Fax: 5678 5376

San Remo Pharmacy.indd 1

14/5/08 11:01:33 AM

aroundtown what’s goin’ on around your place

coast 79

Photos by Lou Curtis-Smith, Sarah Hard-Tracanelli, Gaby McCrae, Darren George and Leanne Courtis and Warren Reed.

Michelle Huitema

Professional makeup artist Specialising in bridal, debutante and special occassion make-up

Mobile service – Have your makeup applied in the comfor t of your own home.

0438 723 246 Trained at the Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy

Michelle Huitema.indd 1

16/5/08 5:19:18 PM

We offer everything from top to toe, to make you look fantastic on your special day. • Wedding & Deb styling • Hair extensions • Waxing • Massages • Solarium & spray tans • Professional make-up artist

make up: Ally Dela Rosa

103b Marine Pde, San Remo, Victoria Ph. (03) 5678 5323 Beachside.indd 1

15/5/08 3:02:10 PM

11 McCartin Street, Leongatha

p 03 56 624 788

f 03 56 624 544



19/5/08 11:27:45 AM

Phillip Island Eco Retreat & Day SPA Phillip Island’s first and only purpose built day spa facility. Treatments include LI’TYA and Pevonia botanica. Treatment rooms for singles, couples, hydrotherapy and geisha tub. Fully self contained spa cottages for couples.

Corner of Justice Road and Ventnor Road Cowes


Ph: 59 526466


Ally De La Rosa 0402117280 Lessons available


Leah McKay 0439866991 CAPE WOOLAMAI

commercial • alternative • extreme • weddings • functions • corporate events

CARA ROBERTSON Call Cara, your mobile make up artist, for all your wedding needs • Weddings • Debutantes • Special Occasion

Make up parties coming soon Have fun and learn professional techniques in your own home.

T: 0412 454 244 • Napoleon Perdis products Cara Robertson.indd 1

19/5/08 10:31:38 AM

Denis A. Hawkins

Manufacturer and seller of Traditional and Contemporary Jewellery

3 Lyon Street, Leongatha Tel. (03) 5662 3142 Fax. (03) 5662 5866

Denis A Hawkins.indd 1

20/5/08 4:02:09 PM

Studio 41 specializes in creating unique handcrafted jewellery. Whatever your desire, diamonds or precious stones we can accommodate your requirements. • Obligation free consultations • Insurance quotations • Valuations 41 Main Street, Mornington, Vic 3931 Studio 41.indd 1

Tel: 03 5977 0080 15/5/08 2:36:31 PM

Gerard Bruning 0447 625 216 Gerard Bruning v2.indd 1

19/5/08 8:32:58 PM

Capturing lifes moments

Award Winning Wedding Photographer

LUCAS PIERA Lens to life v3.indd 1

0414 343104 15/5/08 9:27:07 PM




Personalised ceremonies for all those significant moments of life Weddings


Renewal of vows


Mona J. (Jenny) Milkins CIVIL CELEBRANT

Engagement Rings Wedding Bands Fine Jewellery

Philip Lacy

Servicing all areas

18 Hunter Street Wonthaggi Vic 3995 Phone: 03 5672 3123 Mobile: 0439 320 099 Email:

132 Whitelaw St Meeniyan VIC 3956 Phone / Fax 5664 0055 Acknowledgement: Inspired by ʻThe Watershedʼ by Toby Mason

lacy jewellery a.indd 1

16/5/08 10:53:58 Mona AM Milkins.indd 1

17/5/08 12:52:49 PM

Quality accommodation

QUEST Phillip Island

Located in the vibrant, holiday township of Cowes, Quest Phillip Island is a short stroll to local shops, restaurants and beaches and within a short travelling distance to Phillip Island’s many attractions including the Penguin Parade, surf beaches and Grand Prix Circuit.

QUEST Oceanic

Weddings at the Resort The All Seasons Eco Resort Phillip Island welcomes wedding groups and their guests to an unforgettable celebration. When planning for your wedding day the staff at the resort understands it’s not just the perfect venue you are looking for it is a perfect experience. The Resort is nestled on 65 acres of sweeping countryside overlooking market gardens and farmland. Our chefs work closely with local growers to source the best produce of the region, resulting in a delicious, relaxed and unique wedding experience tailored specifically to your needs. Whether you are planning a large formal celebration or an intimate dinner we can bring your dream to reality. Wedding guests need travel no further than the resort, we offer studio spas, 2 & 3 bedroom villa accommodation all self contained and fully equipped. Our fully licensed Cafe is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day and features a large outdoor terrace overlooking a large swimming pool.



Our second property opened in November 2005. Quest Oceanic features one, two and three bedroom, fully self contained apartments. The apartments feature quality furnishings and fittings, dvd players, stereos, full kitchen, laundry facilities with large balconies and onsite under cover secure parking for one car.

Phone: 03 5952 2644

All Seasons Eco Resort Phillip Island 2128 Phillip Island Rd PO Box 858 Cowes Victoria 3922 T 03 5952 8000 F 03 5952 2066 E Reservations 03 5952 8007

Rhyll Fishing Park can help make your special day even more memorable.

You needn’t look any further for the perfect venue for your special day. Hold your event either indoors in the spectacular rainforest pool, or outside in the beautiful park by the lake. The Rhyll Fishing Park has catering available and is fully licenced inside and out. 36 Rhyll-Newhaven Rd, Rhyll, Phillip Island. Ph. 03 5956 9255 Fax. 03 5956 9266 Rhyll Fishing Park v2.indd 1

19/5/08 8:47:01 PM

for your special day

© John Banikos

specialising in quality function experiences… simply perfect for your wedding Wonthaggi Club Wedding ad c.indd1 1

© Nick 0407 317 854

16 Mc Bride ave Wonthaggi tel: 5672 1007 e: 19/5/08 8:44:35 PM

• • • • •

Design and order invitations, place-cards, thank-you cards. Go shopping with your mums for their special outfits. Complete and submit your “Notice of Intention to Marry” (No sooner than 6 months but no less than 1 month and a day before.) Finalise your wedding rings. Book wedding-night accommodation.

3 Months Before • • • • • • • • •

Send out invitations - don’t forget maps and accommodation options for guests who don’t live on the coast. Order your wedding cake. Arrange accommodation for any overseas or interstate guests. Finalise menu and select wines and champagnes. Finalise reception running-sheet, floor plan and seating arrangements. Send out wedding invitations (6-8 weeks before). Finalise order of service, vows and music for ceremony. Buy gifts for your bridal party. Complete all paperwork.

One Month Before • • • • • • • •

Pick up wedding rings and have other jewellery cleaned. Finalise schedule and tasks for wedding party (don’t forget to rope in your nieces and nephews to help park cars!) Finalise guest list, seating plan and special dietary requirements. Live through your hen’s or buck’s night or have one big ‘shebang’ together! Organise hair and makeup trials, make appointments for all beauty treatments. Treat yourself to new lingerie. Schedule final fittings and pick-up details for bridal party outfits, including shoes! Re-confirm everything!

2 Weeks Before • • • •

Write place-cards and check all speeches are ready. Schedule relaxation, final beauty treatments and lots of sleep! Have your wedding ceremony rehearsal. Finalise honeymoon plans, pack your bags!!

The Night Before • •

Lay out your wedding shoes, jewellery, tiara and veil ready for the following day, and keep your wedding dress in a safe place. Have a long bath, massage, relax….. sleep.

On The Day • • •

Eat a good brekkie and don’t drink too much champers! Don’t panic. Enjoy the day!

location - The castle villa photo © Dtales & Design

coast 98


Open Thurs – Sun for lunch & coffees. Dinner Thurs - Sat. Weddings and special occasions. 89 Whitelaw Street, Meeniyan. Phone: 5664 0053

Watsons.indd 1

21/5/08 10:14:56 AM

the castle villa by the sea

phillip island

Beautiful, worry free, intimate boutique weddings

Luxury Boutique Accomodation Indulge your senses. 7-9 steele street, cowes p. 03 5952 1228

The castle.indd 1

19/5/08 8:52:27 PM

Ageless Skincare Timeless Results

at cowes pharmacy All our staff are fully trained to help you with your skincare and make-up needs.

Cowes Pharmacy 24 Thompson Ave Cowes Vic 3922 Tel. 03 5952 2061 Fax. 03 5952 2499

The Ultimate Coast Wedding Directory Accommodation

Bear Gully Coastal Cottages: Cape Liptrap Ph. 5663 2364 Castle Villa: Cowes Ph. 5952 1228 Cowes Eco Retreat and Day Spa: Cowes Ph. 5952 6466 Harrys on the Esplanade: Cowes Ph. 5952 6226 Phillip Island Eco Resort: Cowes Ph. 5952 8000 Quest, Phillip Island: Cowes Ph. 5952 2644 Silverwater Resort: San Remo Ph. 5671 9300 Taylors Waterfront: Phillip Island Ph. 5956 7371 Prom Accomodation service

Celebrants Mona (Jenny) Milkins: Ph. 0439 320 099

Fashion So! Me!: 57 Bair St. Leongatha Ph. 5662 3103

Finance & Legal

Birch, Ross & Barlow: Korumburra 5655 1066, Leongatha 5662 2275, Wonthaggi 5672 1377 & Cowes 5952 1325 Commonwealth Bank: Cowes, Korumburra, Leongatha, Wonthaggi

Health and Relaxation

Island Healing: 6 Forrest Ave, Newhaven Ph. 5956 7886 Phillip Island Eco Retreat and Day Spa: Cowes Ph. 59 526 466


Island Marquees: Phillip Island Ph. 5952 1791


Jetset Leongatha: Compass Arcade, 16 Mc Cartin St, Leongatha Ph. 5662 3601


Dennis A. Hawkins: 3 Lyon St, Leongatha Ph. 5662 3142 Lacy Jewellery & Gallery: 132 Whitelaw St, Meeniyan Ph. 5664 0055 Studio 41: 41 Main Street, Mornington Ph. 5977 0080

Make Up

Amcal Cowes Pharmacy: 24 Thompson Ave, Cowes Ph. 5952 2061 Ally De La Rosa: Ph. 0402 117 280 Cara Robertson: Ph. 0412 454 244 Michelle Condoluci: Ph. 0408 581 981 Michelle Huitema: Ph. 0438 723 243 San Remo Pharmacy: 123 Marine Parade, San Remo Ph. 5678 5202

Photography & Videography

Nikolinas Florist: 11 Mc Cartin St, Leongatha Ph. 5662 4788

Chase Burns Productions: Chase Burns, Phillip Island Ph. 0421 121 096 Gerard Bruning: Leongatha Ph. 0447 625 216 Lens to Life: Lucas Piera, Phillip Island Ph. 0414 343 104




Four Corners Framing: Bair St, Leongatha Ph. 5662 5216 m.0447 625 216 Framed @ Inverloch: 10 A’Beckett St, Inverloch Ph. 5674 1333


Amici: 17b A’Beckett St, Inverloch Ph. 5674 6060 Aqua Trends: 107 Marine Pde, San Remo Ph. 5678 5580 AW Smith & Sons: 15 Mc Cartin St, Leongatha Ph. 5662 4622 Cantik Home: Shop 1, Bass Coast Plaza, Wonthaggi Ph. 5672 5996 Cleanskin Kitchenware: 26 The Concourse, Cowes, Ph 5952 3494 11 Murray St, Wonthaggi Ph. 5672 5122 Deborah Halpern – Artist: Ph. 0417 352 797 Fiddlestix:140 Graham St, Wonthaggi Ph. 5672 3304 Garden of Thoughts: 120 Graham St, Wonthaggi Ph. 5672 1622 Garden Shop: Royal Botanic Gardens: Cranbourne Ph. 5990 2200 Gecko Studio Gallery: Fish Creek Ph. 5683 2481 Harvey Norman: 37 McKenzie Street, Wonthaggi Ph. 5672 1490 La Bella: 120 Graham St, Wonthaggi Ph. 5672 4812 Michael Morgan (Artist) - 5952 6584 Mingara Gallery: Cnr Thompson & Ventnor Rds, Cowes Ph. 5952 3722 Nikolinas Florist:11 Mc Cartin St, Leongatha Ph. 5662 4788 Nordic Designs: Shop 2,158 Graham St, Wonthaggi Ph. 5672 5553 Powlett Gallery: 5 Dunn St, Wonthaggi Ph. 5672 2277 Ride on Bikes: 2/17 The Esplanade, Cowes Ph. 5952 2533 Simply Good: 23-7 Thompson Ave, Cowes Ph. 5952 1267 So! Me!: 57 Bair Street, Leongatha Ph. 5662 3103 South Coast Furnishings: 22-24 The Concourse, Cowes Ph 5952 1488 Studio 41: 41 Main Street, Mornington Ph. 5977 0080 The Country Gardener: 19 Inverloch Road, Wonthaggi Ph. 5672 4866

Hair and Beauty

Beachside Hair & Beauty: 103b Marine Pde, San Remo Ph. 5678 5323 Darren George Hair: 6-14 The Esplanade, Cowes Ph.5952 2647 Leah McKay: Cape Woolamai Ph. 0439 866 991

Bass Coast Limousines: 44-6 The Concourse, Cowes Ph. 5952 2642 And Car/Mini-bus Hire Ph. 5952 2712

Venues and Parties

Castle Villa: Cowes Ph. 5952 1228 Esplanade Hotel: Inverloch Ph. 5674 1432 Foreshore Bar & Restaurant: Rhyll Ph. 5956 9520 Harrys on the Esplanade: 17 The Esplanade Cowes Ph 5952 6226 Marybrooke: Sherbrooke Ph. 9755 2755 Nobbies Centre: Phillip Island Ph. 5951 2868 Nude Food: (Catering) 141 Marine Parade, San Remo Ph 5678 5530 Ocean View Bistro: Bass Hwy, Kilcunda Ph. 5678 7011 Phillip Island Eco Resort: Cowes Ph. 5952 8000 Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit: Phillip Island Ph 5952 2710 Phillip Island RSL: Cowes Ph. 59521004 Rhyll Fishing Park: Rhyll Ph. 5956 9255 Royal Botanic Gardens: Cranbourne Ph. 5990 2200 Taylors Waterfront: Phillip Island Ph. 5956 7371 The Gilded Lily: 35 Victoria Road, Loch Ph. 5659 4488 The Westernport Hotel: San Remo Ph 5678 5205 The Wonthaggi Club: Wonthaggi Ph 5672 1007 Watsons on Whitelaw: Meeniyan Ph 5664 0053


Bass River Winery: Glen Forbes Ph. 5678 8252 Phillip Island Wines: Phillip Island Ph. 5956 8465 Purple Hen Winery: Rhyll, Phillip Island Ph. 5956 9244 Windy Ridge Vineyard and Winery: Foster Ph. 5682 2035

coast 101

coast 102

artist profile

words Sally O’Neill photos Maria Reed

jewel of the town

All that glitters is gold in the tiny township of Meeniyan. Artisan and jeweller Philip Lacy, with wife Danielle and son Jarvis, has created a sparkling jewellery gallery along with a perfect lifestyle, which is attracting admirers from near and far.

Philip Lacy had an idyllic childhood on a farm in Fish Creek. “It was a great place to grow up, riding bikes and going to the beaches,” says Philip. “We moved to Bateman’s Bay when I was fourteen. I was always travelling with my parents and looking for gemstones, so I answered an ad in the paper for an apprentice jeweller.” “The jeweller I did the apprenticeship with was Polish, and he taught me everything I know. He worked in a very classical style, traditional rings etc – he could make everything anyone asked for.” Philip moved to Melbourne to work for a city jeweller and shared a house with some childhood friends from Gippsland – including the girl he would marry, Danielle. “After we married, we travelled and worked overseas for about a year and a half. We spent six months in Italy and twelve months in England. We lived in a little country town in England and loved the lifestyle, the small community and the countryside – it was just like Meeniyan.” When they returned home, they came to Meeniyan to look after Danielle’s parents’ farm for a month. Back on home turf, they found things felt very familiar and just fell into place. They kept coming back to a small antique shop on the main street and dreaming…

“I had always dreamed of having a business in that shop since I was little,” says Danielle. “I never thought it would happen, but eventually it became available. It was just amazing.” Inspired by a visit to a jewellery shop in a remote country town in the north of England which was doing a booming trade, they decided to go for it. Lacy Jewellery Studio and Gallery opened to the public in December 2004. In a town with a population of 600, it was a leap of faith. “We spent every cent we had on fixing up the shop, renovating and getting stock,” said Philip. “We set up a cabinet and put in lots of Christmas decorations to make it look full! Looking back now, it’s incredible how little we had. When we opened, it was great: I couldn’t believe people were coming in and buying!” The business has gone from strength to strength since it began. It is thriving, and attracting customers from near and far. “An artist can work anywhere: if people like what you do, they’ll travel. Our customers come from all over - Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and the local area,” says Phillip. And it’s no wonder people travel: Philip is a true artist. “Sometimes I look at something and I don’t know how I created it. I just get carried away and then it’s there,” he >

artist profile

L - R Phil’s recent creations, Phil at work, and with wife Danielle and son Jarvis.

says. “My first boss always said you have to love being a jeweller. If you don’t love it, you’ll leave it. I love it and I’m still doing it.” “I have a contemporary style. I like clean lines rather than fancy filigree and settings. I’m starting to incorporate a bit more of the classical style into what I do at the moment – it seems people are asking for it these days. I’m guided by trends and what people want.” “I love diamonds; working with quality materials is what inspires me. I source really good quality diamonds, and I love rubies and sapphires too. About 95% of what I do is in 18 carat gold. When I first opened, I didn’t expect that would be the direction I would take.” “I try to create pieces that will last. I’m involved in people’s lives at really good times - for example, when they are getting married. It’s a really special time and I’m part of that. One of my favourites was making a ring for a 60th wedding anniversary. It was a five and a half carat gold sapphire and diamond ring. The guy had read about me and was passing through and just came in and ordered it.” “We’re content at the moment; the business is keeping us really busy and it’s growing all the time. We’re happy where we are.” The couple love working and living in Meeniyan. “We enjoy the gallery and the restaurants, and the arts community is very strong - people are very open. The music nights are incredible. I saw a poster for the Hothouse Flowers and I thought ‘Where do I go - Melbourne? Sydney? - but it was in Meeniyan!” says Philip. “We feel very supported by the locals. People come in and say ‘We’re so lucky to have you here’. I get that all the time.” It seems the leap of faith Philip and Danielle took when they followed their dreams was a reflection of their trust and belief in a higher power. “Jewellery is all about beauty,” says Danielle. “It’s about taking things that are pretty ordinary, like uncut stones, and creating beauty from them. We both believe in God, and I think this is what God does in our lives: he shines a light into our ordinary lives to make them extraordinary.” C

coast 104

Selecting the right wedding ring Philip says, “It’s important for the couple to come in together to discuss their wedding and engagement rings. I’ll ask them what they have in mind, and look at their fingers and decide what will suit them. If you come to me for a wedding ring, you’ll get it tailor-made. It’s very rare that there will be something perfect on the shelf. These days, many people are moving away from the diamond engagement ring and the traditional wedding band. They choose not to have an engagement ring, opting for one big wedding ring - perhaps a diamond-set ring - instead.”

The Killy Pub & Meikles Ocean View Bistro

Stunning ocean views • Family friendly •Beer Garden • Delicious meals • Bookings recommended on w/e • Specialising in fresh local seafood and Gippsland beef • Extensive range of specials

Traditional and modern recipes including paella, grilled goats cheese with honey dressing, kataifi prawn salad with soy dressing & lots, lots more. Ocean View Hotel W08 d.indd 1

Bass Hwy, Kilcunda Bar 56787245 Bistro 56787011 20/5/08 6:34:08 PM

PHILLIP ISLAND CHOCOLATE FACTORY & CURRY KITCHEN Also Known as the Chocolate, Food and Wine Cafe, Panny’s Curry Kitchen, and Phillip Island Chocolate factory is located opposite the tourist information centre on Phillip Island Road in Newhaven.


03 5956 6600 pannys curry.indd 1

21/5/08 12:50:07 PM

Red Elk bar & cafe

RACV Resort

Wonthaggi Club

100 Monkeys

Boonerwurrung Cafe

Silverwater Resort

Harry’s on the Esplanade

Watsons on Whitelaw

Rhyll Fishing Park

Tomo Japanese


Champions Cafe

The Foreshore

The Eco Resort

Cantik Home

The Puzzle Cafe

Ocean View Hotel

Churchill Island Cafe


TheEsplanade Hotel

Panny’s Curry

Foster golf club

Phillip Island RSL

lets eat!

27 A’Beckett Street, Inverloch Phone 03 5674 3264 Hip cafe/bar

293 Rossiter Road Koo Wee Rup Phone 03 5997 1601 Wholefoods, organic store & cafe

17 The Esplanade Cowes, Phillip Island Phone 03 5952 6226

23 A’Beckett St Inverloch Phone 03 5674 344 Traditional Japanese

11 Beach Rd Rhyll, Phillip Island Phone 03 5956 9520 Lunch & dinner by the bay

1805 Phillip Island Rd, Cowes, Phillip Island Phone 03 5952 2283 At Amaze’n’things - food & fun

1215 Phillip Island Tourist Rd, Phillip Island Phone 03 5956 7371 Seafood a speciality

Reserve Road Foster, Victoria Phone 03 5682 2272 Mezzat Restaurant

70 Cape Paterson-Inverloch Road, Inverloch Phone 03 5674 0000 Spectacular views

(Royal Botanic Gardens) Cnr Ballarto Road and Botanic Drive, Cranbourne Phone 03 5990 2247

Sth Gippsland Highway Meeniyan Phone 03 5664 0053 Quality dining experience

Nobbies centre Phillip Island Phone 03 5951 2816 Function centre & cafe

2129 Phillip Island Rd Cowes, Phillip Island Phone 03 5952 8000 Modern Menu

Bass Highway, Kilcunda, Victoria Phone 03 5678 7011 Friendly atmosphere & great food 1 A’Beckett St Inverloch Phone 03 5674 1432 Delicious meals

Cnr Cowes Rhyll Rd & Thompson Ave Cowes, Phillip Island Phone 03 5952 1004 New memberships available

16 McBride Avenue Wonthaggi, Victoria Phone 03 5672 1007 Modern, fresh menu

Corner Phillip Island Tourist Rd & Potters Hill Road, San Remo Phone 03 5671 9300

36 Rhyll-Newhaven Rd, Rhyll ,Phillip Island. Phone 03 5956 9255

Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit Back Beach Road, Phillip Island Phone 03 5952 2710

Shop 1, Bass Coast Plaza Wonthaggi (Next door to BIG W) Phone 03 5672 5996

Access from Phillip Island via bridge. The most spectacular view on the Island. Phone 03 5956 7834

930 Phillip Island Rd Newhaven Phone 03 5956 6600 Wholesome curries

Churchill Island Café Relax by the fire and enjoy spectacular bay views. Open 7 days for breakfast, lunch, morning and afternoon tea. Great coffee, farm fresh produce and wines. Easy access via bridge from Phillip Island, just follow the signs. Free entry to café.

Ph: 5956 7834 Churchill Island Cafe.indd 1


relax, eat & enjoy the most spectacular views

discover Phillip Island’s best kept secret

Churchill Island Cafe

15/5/08 11:25:28 AM


Fantastic Sports Bar and TAB, Thirsty Camel Bottle Shop and Drive through, Tabaret. Entertainment venue: Music Saturday nights in the Sports Bar Friendly staff and great service. Opening soon: Upstairs function room.

Esplanade Hotel

Completely renovated. New Modern Bistro, open 7 days, Alfresco dining, new winter menu with seniors meals available, breakfast every Sunday.

1 A’Beckett St Inverloch Esplanade hotel.indd 1

03 5674 1432 21/5/08 10:21:34 AM

my favoriterecipe Paella from Valencia

for complete Entertainment

Dining at Miekle’s Ocean View Bistro with spectacular ocean views across Bass Strait is a true Coast experience. Brothers Jordan and Sasha Miekle have a passion for food and the bistro’s menu offers delicious tastes from around the world. Here, they share one of their favourites – this classic is sure to impress your friends!


specialising in quality dining, and function experiences

200ml olive oil 2 tomatoes 2 onions 4 cloves garlic 1 red capsicum 1 yellow capsicum 1 green capsicum 2 chorizo sausages 400g Arborio rice 1l water or stock (chicken or vegie) 1 pinch saffron threads (Spanish) 1 tsp smoked paprika 250g chicken meat (diced) 250g peeled, raw prawns 12 live mussels 4 scampi (cut in half lengthways) 100g peas salt


16 Mc Bride ave Wonthaggi tel: 5672 1007 e: coast 110

Wonthaggi Club.indd 1

Peel and dice onions and garlic. Using a traditional paella pan or any wide based pan, stew the onions and garlic with the olive oil. De-seed the capsicums, dice and add to the onions and garlic to continue stewing. Peel and slice the chorizo sausage and add to the vegetables. Chop the tomatoes finely and add to the vegetables to continue to stew. Once the vegetables have broken down to a pulp, add the water or stock, saffron and paprika. Bring to the boil. Season to taste and add rice and chicken. Gently simmer for 8 minutes and add prawns, mussels and scampi. Gently cook until rice is ‘just cooked’ adding the peas at the final minute. Let the paella sit for 3 minutes and serve with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Serves 4 Buen provecho! C 19/5/08 2:57:32 PM


NOW OPEN Red Elk Bar & Cafe

HOURS: Monday Wednesday Thursday 8am – 5pm Friday & Saturday 8am – late Sunday 10am – 5pm 27 A’Beckett Street Inverloch E T 5674 3264

Red Elk v2.indd 1

14/5/08 12:02:44 PM

Phillip Island RSL Open 7 days • For the benefit of members and guests New memberships available from December Corner Cowes Rhyll Road & Thompson Avenue, Cowes, Victoria 3922 Cowes RSL.indd 1

Tel. (03) 5952 1004 14/5/08 12:28:31 PM

aroundtown what’s goin’ on around your place

Photos by Lou Curtis-Smith, Sarah Hard-Tracanelli, Gaby McCrae and Warren Reed.

aroundtown what’s goin’ on around your place

coast 114

When you want the very best roof for your new Cavalier home CZU̙ȺҕFǣ

Coastal living is all about lifestyle, so whether you’re planning a sea change or you’re already a local and you think it’s time to build your new dream home … Call Cavalier Homes Gippsland. Wayne and Ross from Cavalier have over 45 years combined building industry experience in the Gippsland region, so you’ll be dealing with someone that understands the area and the importance of using quality building products in all the homes they build. That’s why Wunderlich terracotta roof tiles are the preferred choice of roofing material for your new Cavalier home. They’re designed to stand the test of time, and will never rust, warp or corrode, and come in a great range of contemporary colours and profiles.

To find out more about the benefits of using Wunderlich terracotta tiles call 1800 666 437 visit For more information about building with Cavalier Homes and to take advantage of the


call 03 51 744 698 visit

Cashback offer available for a limited time

17/4 The Esplanade, COWES

28 Panorama Drive, SAN REMO

Here we are!

Panoramic Views Forever!


If you’re looking for a great home with views this is it! The outlook from the property could only be described as breathtaking. This beautiful home has a feeling of tranquillity and light, magnificent plate glass windows across the front of the home frame the amazing views. The master bedroom is superb with a fantastic spa to take in the ambience. All this on a double block of 1250m2.




The Island Eco Resort, COWES

Absolute Beachfront Luxury


This brand new, architecturally designed apartment boasts one of Phillip Islands best locations. With stunning water views from the balcony, the apartment offers three large bedrooms, (main with ensuite), open plan lounge and dining area, adjoining kitchen with state of the art appliances, separate second bathroom with laundry and 2 car space undercover parking. Secure this one off opportunity now!

182 The Esplanade, SURF BEACH


The Island Eco Resort

From $169,000

Fantastic opportunity to purchase one of the 211 Island Eco-Resort Villas on Phillip Island, located close to the beach and CBD. Every Villa has access to tennis courts, pools, spa, gym, cafĂŠs, restaurants, country club, walking & cycling tracks ~ all environmentally friendly and managed by All Seasons Accor group. The Island EcoResort is set in a relaxed community atmosphere with rural views.

Absolute Foreshore

6 Osbourne Avenue, COWES

Magic Spot!

Reduced to $549,000

This fully renovated home is in one of the best positions you could find on Phillip Island - in the heart of Cowes and only a few doors down from the beach! With brand new fittings and fixtures and a bright fresh feel, set on a block measuring approximately 500m2. With 3 brms with BIR and brand new carpet, 2 living areas, modern bthrm, separate laundry and a lovely timber kitchen with new wooden floor boards.

Judith Wright

real estate 03 5952 5100


This property is in a prime location right on the Surf Beach foreshore. 180 degree views overlooking the Ocean from Cape Woolamai to Pyramid Rock, and Swan Bay from the large ent. decks, and from the master bedroom. It comprises of 3 bedrooms, master with walk through robe to the ensuite, 2nd bthrm with spa bath, 2 separate living areas each with reverse cycle split systems. OPEN FOR INSPECTION SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS 1-1.30PM

47 Mannagum Drive, COWES

Brand new designer home


This stunning modern home is brand new and has never been lived in! Situated in a quiet street only a short walk from Cowes and the beach. Complete with quality fittings and fixtures, comprising of 4 bdrms with WIR and ensuite from master, second bthrm with separate toilet, open plan north facing living/dining/gourmet kitchen with stainless steel appliances, second living area, and a large outdoor entertainment deck. New carpets, polished boards and a DLUG. INSPECTION WILL IMPRESS!

The Phillip Island Specialists

Judith Wright 0407 558 933 Mike Foenander 0408 547 677 Peter Buitenhuis 0407 045 525 Cameron Watters 0407 803 958

Judith Wright

real estate


email: 54 Thompson Avenue, Cowes 3922

beach house constructions pty ltd

DESIGNERS & BUILDERS p.o. box 5106 cowes, victoria 3922 ph: 59 523 900 email:

“Even if it is pouring with rain, and you are just huddled with a hot bowl of soup looking at that beautiful view, you can be so happy.”

words Lisa Valastro photos Maria Reed

happy holidays Having been touched by the beauty of South Gippsland’s shoreline for twenty-five years, Glenda and Frank Salter’s decision to build their dream holiday-house in the area was a five-year process of “trialling paint colours and viewing display homes from Noosa to Lorne.” Nevertheless, their delight today proves every second was worth the wait.

From Mount Waverley in Melbourne, the Salter’s original plan was to renovate the house on the block of land at Smith’s Beach that they had bought eleven years before. For ten years prior to that, they had a ‘holiday shack’ in Ventnor which they shared with Glenda’s brother and father. “My father was born in Wonthaggi and simply adored coming to Phillip Island, which is probably why we love it here so much as well,” Glenda says.

coast 122

After a long lead-time and careful planning, the Salters decided to move the old house off the land and start afresh. “I made a scrapbook prior to building so the designers and builders could have an idea of what I liked,” Glenda says. “It was a long but enjoyable process, and we had such a great rapport with our builders and designer. There was so much flexibility, and a great understanding between us.” Builder Steve Demos from Smith’s Beach Constructions says he really

coast lifestyle

tries to meet each client’s specifications, and his relationship with them is top priority. “My team, including designer Niki Tragear, really bend over backwards for our clients because they know that the whole process can be a bit scary for them. We also try to do individual designs so that no two people have the same house.” From the outside, as Steve describes it, Glenda’s house has an ‘almost 60s retro feel’, with its splayed roof and jutting angles. Inside, the walls are awash with ‘300 shades of white’. The house is a spacious two-storey sanctuary illuminated by the glow of the northern sun, a feature Glenda simply adores. “The northern light is just marvellous. Our other holiday-house was quite dark, and we didn’t want that gloominess here.” The view overlooking Smith’s Beach goes without saying, and is a standout feature of the house. “I must admit,” Glenda says, “I laughed when I realised that not many people can say they walk out of their toilet and see Express Point, which is such a focus of interest down here.” Glancing out of the large living-room window, Glenda says she loves the rural aspect of the area. “We love the natural beauty and the wildlife, the mutton birds at night and the sheep out on the hill.” Frank adds that sometimes he just loves to sit and ‘watch the world go by.’

“There is always activity going on,” he says. With a smile, Glenda tells me of a time she saw a family of Orca whales frolicking in the water. “I was gob-smacked. It was such a beautiful experience.” The overall feeling of the house is light and friendly, and there is plenty of room to spare when the Salters have visitors. “Our kids are older now, but when they come they bring all their friends. We’ll have a big crowd at the dinner table and we really love and enjoy that.” Glenda loves spending time in the kitchen cooking, and when the house is a little less crowded she and hubby Frank enjoy reading or picnicking on the beach with friends they have made in the area. So will the Salters eventually become permanent residents? “Perhaps semi-permanent,” Glenda laughs, “because we like being close to our friends and family, and it is so good to have that family link with the area. My dad’s love of the Island has been passed on to all of us. The kids love coming here when they can: if they didn’t, we probably wouldn’t have pursued this project.” Glenda and Frank agree that having a house at the Island to share and enjoy is really lovely. “Even if it is pouring with rain, and you are just huddled with a hot bowl of soup looking at that beautiful view, you can be so happy. Just being in their presence makes it clear to me that the Salters are simply delighted. C

CONTEMPORARY FORESHORE, STUNNING DESIGN & LOCATION Just completed, this magnificent home combines elegance with funk. Designed for relaxed modern beach style living this fabulous home features 2 spacious living areas, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a great outlook over the Bay and foreshore. Constructed using natural limestone and beautiful timber finishes this home blends in to its foreshore location. Inspection will confirm.

Address: 2 Penguin Avenue, Cowes Offers around $900,000 Contact: Brian Silver 0407 347 509 Greg Price 0419 337 441



Be impressed with this architect designed home. The home features internal access via the large double remote garage, 2 extra large living areas, separate hostess kitchen, huge laundry and downstairs amenities area. Upstairs features 4 large bedrooms, parents retreat with water views, 2 bathrooms and computer/office area. Situated on a landscaped corner position you are within walking distance to the water, general store, shops and restaurants. As you relax in one of the large living areas you look out to the private northerly courtyard giving you a whole new dimension to your home. Call now to arrange a private viewing.

Address: 37 Loch Road, Rhyll Asking $520,000 Contact: Brian Silver 0407 347 509 Greg Price 0419 337 441


Arguably one of the best homes in Silverleaves. Situated in a very private court, this double brick home features 4 large bedrooms, master with ensuite, formal lounge room with open fireplace, 2nd living area with a split system, hostess kitchen with new stainless steel appliances, separate dining room, massive north facing deck/bbq area, double carport, double garage with a separate office area and landscaped gardens set the scene.

If you are looking for a house that you can fit the whole family in, look no more. With the main house having three bedrooms (all with B.I.R), bathroom, open living area with high ceilings, huge kitchen with plenty of storage and double carport. The fully self – contained unit stands alone on the left hand side of the block, boasting another bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, double remote entry garage beneath and separate staircase for privacy. The main house and unit are connected by a deck that links the two allowing easy access. This fantastic property is located on the high side of Bayview Avenue giving you those highly sought after BLUE VIEWS.

Address: 3 Silvergull Court, Silverleaves Asking $598,000 Contact: Brian Silver 0407 347 509 Greg Price 0419 337 441

Address: 1 Bayview Avenue, Surf Beach Asking $395,000 Contact: Brian Silver 0407 347 509 Greg Price 0419 337 441

EXECUTIVE HOME IN CENTRAL COWES Walking distance to beach, shops, markets, library and churches. Primary school, at the end of the street, walk to the bus pick up for senior campuses. The property features cathedral timber ceilings throughout, 4 brms with BIRs, main brm has ceiling fan, complete wall of wardrobe with mirrored sliding doors, ensuite with double shower and heater lights, hostess kitchen with double sink in island bench, dishwasher, delightful garden, with patio and pergola entertainment area

Address: 20 Shamrock Avenue, Cowes $430,000 Contact: Brian Silver 0407 347 509 Greg Price 0419 337 441

154 Thompson Ave, Cowes

5952 2633

STYLE,QUALITY AND PEACE OF MIND! Island Retirement Living is proud to present these magnificent 2 bedroom villas. Set in the secure grounds of Phillip Island‘s Newest Residential Aged Care Facility. These magnificent villas have been built to the highest standard delivering to their owners the very best in mature age living. Features include spacious open plan living, 2 bedrooms, single car garage with walk in access and a 24 hour on site nurse with emergency call button connected. Priced to sell!

Address: Grossard Court, Cowes from $275,000 Contact: Brian Silver 0407 347 509 Greg Price 0419 337 441

Display Home NOW OPEN! (pictured above) located at 184 Thompson Ave Cowes

Quality from start to finish With over 50 years experience, the team at New Dimension Homes bring a vast knowledge of building affordable quality homes that suit all tastes and requirements. We will deliver your new home on time and on budget. With a large range of designs, we can adapt to suit your individual needs. New Dimension Homes can deliver the home of your dreams. Quality design, workmanship and materials go a long way toward achieving a house that you, the home owner and the builder, can both be proud of.

Dont miss our new display home in Inverloch call Colin 0416 152 075 area manager call Karen 0407 852 790




turning concepts into reality 79 Watt Street Wonthaggi Vic 3995 ph. 03 56725196 m. 0409933771


Attention Sea Changers

These gracious, brand new, 3 bdrm, 2 bthrm townhouses, overlooking the Bay are situated within a minutes walk to cafes and shops. These spacious residences are built with comfort & charm. Featuring a neutral colour scheme, tassie oak flooring, north facing windows & large covered decks, perfect for alfresco dining & entertaining. With 1 sold and only 2 remaining don’t miss $415,000 this great opportunity!

1 Harrington Drive, SAN REMO

Magnificent Water Views


2 Boathaven Grove, SAN REMO

50 Ocean Reach, CAPE WOOLAMAI

Beachcomber’s Paradise

Simply Sensational!

An impressive 4 bdrm, 2 bthm spacious home only doors to the beach track gives you comfortable living with beautiful views. Great use of space - with masses of storage and a fully self contained apartment downstairs for guests. Soak up the gorgeous garden outlook while enjoying the large enclosed heated spa, or drink in the beautiful views from the sheltered BBQ deck. $535,000 Short stroll to the beach.

/HWXVKHOS\RX 9/95 Marine Parade, San Remo

A spacious family home that is sure to impress. This property boasts some of the best views that San Remo has to offer. Looking across Westernport Bay to the Island, take in the Bridge, Pyramid Rock and Bass Strait on the horizon. Spread over 3 levels with four bdrms, 2 large living areas, attractive kitchen, ensuite to master and polished blackbutt floors. View this stunning property today!

An eye for detail, spotless presentation and quality choices, make this “as new” property stand out, creating a relaxing atmosphere for holidays or permanent living. Cleverly designed there are sep. living areas and a covered outdoor decking perfect for entertaining. Featuring 3 bdrms, ensuite, timber floating floors, coonara heater and a large garage. Perfect positioning between the $349,000 beach and the shops. Ph: 56785 141

37 Sail St, Cape Paterson

Densley Rd, Kilcunda

I can see for miles and miles


Situated on 3 acres and surrounded by the beautiful rolling hills and uninterrupted views of Bass Strait, this individually designed home has separate living areas with the main open plan living area opening onto a north-east facing deck, and master bedroom also with views to the coast. This is what you have been searching for. Contact Michael Wilkinson 0439-783 294

Sunsets by the seaside

Contact Kim Ross 0418-806 037

16 Henry Street East, Wonthaggi

Luxury Executive Home


This spacious luxury home is built for the family or executive with focus on room to move and entertainment. Featuring 3 living areas, 4 bedrooms, ensuite, large outdoor entertaining area incorporating self-cleaning in-ground pool, 3-vehicle garage/workshop. The list goes on. An inspection will impress.

1/3 Royal Court, Wonthaggi

Quiet sought after area

Contact Patrick Barry 0418-124 100

82 Oxford Way, Wonthaggi

Buy a bargain


26 Boyd Street, Wonthaggi

Hidden Sanctuary


Magnificent 4 bedroom split level home situated on the edge of town on a beautiful, tranquil, well treed, 1.25 acre block. Three living areas, 2 good size ensuites, north facing covered entertainment area and a monster 20m x 10m shed are but a few of the features of this property.

Contact Patrick Barry 0418-124 100



Executive quality built 2-bedroom townhouse located in the prestigious Golf Club Estate and only a 9 iron from the main shopping centre. Features include WIR and ensuite to main bedroom, separate formal lounge, open plan kitchen / dining / living, north facing deck and private backyard.

Contact Rod James 0434-186 130

Three-bedroom townhouse with European-styling throughout featuring semiensuite to main bedroom, separate lounge, modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances and located on an easy to maintain block in new estate. Great buying at this price.


Relax, looking out over rural land to Bass Strait with ocean views from the upstairs lounge & outdoor entertaining area and also the fantastic evening sunsets. This modern permanent or beach home features 3 bedrooms, ensuite, 2 living areas, office, double garage and workshop, all within an easy stroll to beautiful beaches.

Cnr Murray & Billson Sts

5672 1477

Contact Rod James 0434 186 130

A little bird told us that you might be tempted if something special came along. Well . . .

The secret is out now. South Gippsland can really do it in style, meeting standards set by the best of homes. Purpose-built on almost 3 acres to accommodate B&B guests, or alternately as a luxurious private residence, this substantial homestead has been built to the most exacting standards. 23 Nolans Road, Meeniyan is ideally situated to take advantage of stunning coastal tourist destinations including Wilsons Promontory, as well as the wineries, eateries and beautiful rolling hills of South Gippsland. Guests are able to enjoy the Great Southern Rail Trail, browse the local book and antique shops or enjoy Elders Real Estate, 16 McCartin Street, Leongatha lazy lunches in popular Koonwarra, just 10 minutes away. If Ph: (03) 5662 3523 Web: you haven’t already considered South Gippsland, do it now. Allen: 0417 274 624 Kaz: 0417 516 998

home design & construction

master builders & designers

• Architectural/Custom Built Homes • Extensions • Unit Developments

Open 7 days, for expert advice

Inquiry office

75-77 phillip island tourist road, san remo 3925

ph. 03 5678 5777 fax. 03 5678 5515

coast directory

want more?

builders • property • services • homewares • art • food • fashion • attractions • gardening & more Accommodation

Studio 41 Gallery Mornington


Ocean View Hotel Kilcunda


Phillip Island Chocolate Factory


All Seasons Eco Resort


Gardens and Landscaping

Bear Gully Coastal Cottages


Coastal Native Landscapes


Philllip Island RSL


Quest Apartments


Island Landscape & Design


The Red Elk Bar


RACV Inverloch


The Country Gardener Wonthaggi


Sandbanks Restaurant & Bar


Silverwater Resort


Bayscape Mini Digger Excavations


The Foreshore Bar & Restaurant


Taylors Waterfront Restaurant


Hair, Health and Beauty

The Gilded Lily


The Castle Villa by the Sea


182 Graham Street


Tomo Modern Japanese


Prom Country Accommodation


About Bass Coast Hearing


Watsons on Whitelaw



Akers Eyewear


Westernport Hotel


Anderson Buck Stop


Amcal Chemist Cowes


Wonthaggi Club




Beachside Hair & Beauty


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Cowes Hairdressing


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L & J Tuddin Restorations


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South Gippsland Antique Centre


Future Pure Water


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Island Healing


Rhythm Cafe

143 126

Artists and Galleries Deborah Halpen


Jeminy Hair & Health


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Gerard Bruning


John Gemmill




Framed @ Inverloch


Matt Lynch Chiropractor


Southcoast First National


Gecko Studio Gallery


Phillip Island Eco Retreat & Day Spa


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Michael Morgan


San Remo Pharmacy


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Powlett Gallery


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Cleanskin Kitchenware


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Revive a Deck


South Coast Furnishings


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Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit


Denis A Hawkins


Esplanade Hotel


Rhyll Fishing Park


La Bella


Hard Loch Cafe


Wonthaggi Club


Lacy Jewellery Studio & Gallery


Harrys on the Esplanade



So! Me!




Purple Hen Wines

Sportspower Leongatha


Nude Food



coast 129 advertisers index b.indd 1

21/5/08 12:55:07 PM

all dishes cooked fresh from original family recipes handed down from generation to generation...

New! - Dine in our outdoor huts for the ultimate Curry experience. BYO BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL

tomo & joh 23 A’Beckett St Inverloch 3996

Curry Leaf Takeaway Shop 9 Vista Place Cape Woolamai, Phillip Island Phone - 5956 6772 (,#?XQXP0-0AGE

p 5674 3444


 3 MIT H 3 T R EET , OC H


open lunch & dinner • fully licensed • fresh blackboard lunches - changing daily • great coffee, great cake - all day • modern Australian cuisine • chill bar - the perfect place for a relaxed drink 115 Thompson Avenue, Cowes 3922 (03) 59 522 655 Phillip Island, Vic, Australia

InfusedD.indd 1

20/5/08 11:11:28 AM

Spectacular Ocean Views day and night. Open for Dinner 7 days a week. Fully licensed. Lunches Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, Before & after penguins, Childrens menu, Special events

1215 Phillip Island Tourist Rd, Phillip Island

p. 03 5956 7371


Modern Australian Cuisine, Woodfired Pizza, Freshly Shucked Oysters, Pasta’s, Parma’s & Regular Specials. Family Owned & Operated, Family Orientated, BYO & Fully Licensed 8 - 10 Forest Ave, Newhaven, Phillip Island Tel 5956 6766

Promoting health and vitality through a balanced mind, body and spirit.

Local fresh produce with seafood straight from the boat, slow cooked winter foods and in house bakery. Accommodation now available.

Waterfront dining with panoramic bay views 17 The Esplanade Cowes, Vic Phone (03) 5952 6226

• Vitamins & minerals • Wholefood grocery items • Natural skin care products • CDs & books • Jewellery, gifts & so much more • Fresh local organic vegies 293 Rossiter Road Koo Wee Rup, Vic. 3981 (just off Sth Gippsland Highway) Proprietor Sandra PHONE: 5997 1601

Coast Ad


8:49 AM

Page 1


Michael Morgan painter & printmaker +613 5952 6584

96 McFees Road Rhyll Phillip Island Hours: 11am - 5:30pm School Holidays - 7 days a week Other times: Friday - Sunday plus public holidays Phone: 5956 9244

j o n a t h a n

Vineyard & Winery

Welcomes calls to view original art works for sale.


studio gallery

Workshops with

Deborah Halpern

award winning sculptor

Fibreglass Sculpture Please contact Deborah if you are interested in a one day “How to use Fibreglass Workshop” $190 per person. Class size is 6 - at Deborah’s studio or yours!

Mosaic Workshops June 28-29 Mosaic Workshop, $350

15 Falls Road Fish Creek 03 5683 2481 0423 721 593 0421 209 878 “ custom framing, original artworks, select art materials, cards & decorated tiles “

Enquiries and bookings for all classes, please call Deb on

p. (03) 9844 3247

m. 0417 352797

email: opening times Fri-Tues 10am-5pm Kerry Spokes & Michael Lester

foster golf club &

Mezatt restaurant Beautiful course Green fees are only $12 for 9 holes & $20 for 18 holes Group discounts (up to 25%) Group bookings: Award winning Gippsland wines with a friendly bar atmosphere • Modern Australian Menu • Available for functions • • • • •

EVERY SUNDAY from 10 am - Inside & Out

LIVE MUSIC FROM 11AM Reserve Street, Foster

03 5682 2272

Main Street, KONGWAK, Victoria (only 10 minutes from Inverloch)

For more information call Jane on 0417 142 478


Accommodation at Wilsons Promontory

We offer the latest, most modern tenpin bowling experience in Australia, with automatic scoring, bumper bowling for young players and so much more.

We cater for all types of functions!

Pool Tables, Air Hockey tables, Lounge, Cafe & Fully Licensed Bar, Slot Car Racing, X-Box live, Table Tennis, Internet Access, Interactive Games & Austar Entertainment on a large screen.


5952 3977

Fish Creek, Foster, Grand Ridge Road, Inverloch, Koonwarra, Korumburra, Leongatha, Meeniyan, Mirboo North, Port Albert, Port Welshpool, Sandy Point, Tarra Bulga, Tarwin Lower, Toora, Venus Bay, Walkerville, Waratah Bay, Wonthaggi, Yanakie and surrounds.

110 places to stay. Secure online bookings. Availability, contact details, facilities, maps, photos, plans, specials and tariffs! Glen O’Neill PO Box 179 Leongatha Victoria 3953 E M 0408 599 732 P 03 5662 4263 F 03 5662 0973

Bear Gully Coastal Cottages Snugly set into the coastline of South Gippsland, Bear Gully Cottages overlook beautiful Waratah Bay to Wilson’s Promontory. With spectacular ocean views and foreshore frontage, these charming fully self contained two bedroom seaside cottages are definitely for those who enjoy the “difference”.

AAA Tourism Star Rating

1SOUL Streetwear & Body Jewellery

Insight Elwood Stussy Freshjive Mooks Mossimo Cult Industries Paul Frank Sports Power Leongatha

35 - 37 McCartin Street, Leongatha 3953

TEL: 5662 3794

141 graham Street, wonthaggi

(03) 5672 5338

The soul has no color . The soul has no creed . The soul is but One . One Soul.

33 Maitland Court, Cape Liptrap Victoria Tel. 03 5663 2364 E.

Handcrafted Israeli Jewellery

a l l e B a L


p. 03 5672 4812 m. 0402 244 537


Available at:

140 Graham St, Wonthaggi

LA BELLA f1.indd 1


17b a’beckett st inverloch 5674 6060

18/5/08 8:57:15 PM

Jewellery Beautiful baby gifts Homewares Unique Art MOR Body products

a garden of thoughts pure indulgence giftware

Leanne Piasente 120 Graham Street, Wonthaggi Tel. (03) 5672 1622

03 56785580


Birch Ross & Barlow

You only get one chance...

Your local solicitors operating in South Gippsland for over 100 years


Korumburra (03) 5655 1066 Leongatha (03) 5662 2275 Wonthaggi (03) 5672 1377 Cowes (03) 5952 1325


88.1 Central South Gippsland 89.1 Bass Coast & Phillip Island 89.5 Foster, Yarram & Tidal River

03 5674 1900 a first impression!


10/30 The Concourse Cowes VIC 3922 0418 91 90 09 ARCHITECTURAL+ACCESS SIGNAGE

Proud to be part of South Gippsland


The true woodheating specialists Over 30 heaters on the floor Sole agents for Coonara wood & gas heaters

FRAMED Inverloch


See on display today Coonara Grange gas heater, Jetmaster, Metro & Morso. LOCAL COASTAL AND LANDSCAPE IMAGES

New Season’s

FLOOR AND WALL TILES NOW ON SHOW Fire guards, Fire sets, Flues, Cowls and Smartburn available now. Plus, we stock Jindara, Cleanair, Heat Charm, Arrow, Kent, Saxon, Heat n Glow, Regency.

Photo supplied by Regency

Joan and Steven would be pleased to show you around. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

WONTHAGGI TILE & WOOD HEATING 323a Bass Highway, Wonthaggi, Vic 3995

Phone: 5672 2543

Fax: 5672 2326

M UPHOLSTERY & BLINDS Original - Individual custom made sofas A household & commercial furniture X specialising in antique & club lounges DUNN servicing all areas DESIGN

FOR ALL YOUR PICTURE FRAMING NEEDS CALL BEN 03 5674 1333 or 0409 809 855

CHASE AWAY THE COLD • It’s so easy to use • High heat output • Push button start • Programmable timer • Low running costs • Environmentally friendly • Carbon Neutral

Call us NOW on 0403 218 830 for your free in-home demonstration

0434 382 692 - 03 5663 7685

freecall 1800 036 500

SAVE 50% + UP TO



Exclusive group savings




D909 23 May 09


D913 22 June 09




SYDNEY, Noumea, $2,147 Suva, Port Denarau, Dravuni Island, Port Vila, Lifou, SYDNEY $2,147


$3,324 50%


$3,324 50%

Jetset Leongatha Compass Arcade,16 McCartin Street, Leongatha VIC 3953 Ph: 03 5662 3601

*Fares are cruise only, per person, in AUD, in complete twin stateroom, based on JJ-grade interior, GG-grade oceanview and BB-grade balcony categories, inclusive of up to 50% group discount off full brochure fare, all taxes & charges. Airfares, hotels and transfers additional. Valid for new group bookings, not combinable with any other offer. †The on board credit is determined by the bonus group package selected. On board credit is nonrefundable and non-redeemable for cash and applies only to passengers 13 years and over. ^Third person cruises free applies to interior cabins only with two adults paying the standard twin fare. Princess Cruises has set aside selected staterooms which are available at these discounted fares. Once these staterooms are sold, fares may revert to a higher fare or the full fare. Princess Cruises reserves the right to do so at any time. Conditions apply. To be read in conjunction with the Passage and Booking Conditions in the Sun & Dawn Princess 08-09 brochure, which passengers will be bound by. Carnival plc trading as Agent. ABN 23 107 998 443. 2TA 5580.BRCVL1999


sland Marquees

Party hire for any occasion Island Marquees 97 Church Street, Cowes Phone. 5952 1791 Mob. 0419 355 620 e. w.

Cowes Hair & Beauty

Make-up by Michelle

Hair by Ella Anderson

• Waxing, Tuscan Tan & Alysun Solarium • Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions • “Colored Eyes” contact lenses

Do you have... •back, neck or muscle pain? •accident or sporting injuries? •headaches? •stress? •just not feeling 100%?

then you can benefit from... . the bowen technique . massage . pilates . yoga . naturopathy

ARTS OF AFRICA IN CONJUNCTION WITH ISLAND HEALING BRING YOU AFRICAN DANCING CLASSES Wednesday evenings from 7.15-8.30p.m. Enquiries to Susie on 59526767 or 0402557237.

island healing health spa & fitness centre


5952 1258

Shop 1/134 Thompson Ave, Cowes Victoria cowes hairdressinh.indd 1

19/5/08 1:24:18 PM



6 14 The Esplanade Cowes 03 5952 2647

6 Forrest Avenue Newhaven, Phillip Island

p. 5956 7886

m With over 10 years industry experience

Specialising in: • Weddings • Debs • Evening & Special occassion • Catwalk • Photography Certified Nail Technician: • Acrylic & Gel enhancements • Acrylic & Gel overlays • Manicures

michelle condoluci Dr. Matt Lynch CHIROPRACTIC


Give yourself the gift to be free. Bring about big positive changes in any area of your life, such as; abundance, love, health and relationships... true quality of life! Our beliefs bring about our reality. Most beliefs are held on a very deep level in the subconcious. Theta work is capable of transforming those deeply held beliefs. All that was required of me was to be open, very little effort for a big result. Amazing! Scott, disability worker, Phillip Island. After one session with Bazil, I found my life changed. I really recommend this. Sue, marketing consultant, Melbourne.

‘Turn It Around’ Bazil Theta Healer

Liquid Crystals practitioner located at health on course 28 The Concourse Cowes 3922 for appointments call 5952 5686 jonathan

Helping families in South Gippsland by using the best of Eastern and Western natural medicine

Leongatha Natural Medicine Centre Wonthaggi Natural Medicine Centre & Island Healing – Newhaven (John only)

Helping you live a healthy lifestyle by the coast

17c A’Beckett Street, Inverloch 180 Graham Street, Wonthaggi

03 5672 1858

John Gemmill -

Acupuncturist - (Registered CMRB) Naturopath (including herbs and iridology) Bowen Therapist Phone 5672 2692 or 5662 5644

Louise Norton -

Acupuncturist - (Registered CMRB) General health & fertility management, natal care Phone 0409 166 924

Morgan Wayaani - Kinesiologist, Chinese Masseur, Massage Therapy Phone 0403 853 141 Alen Cameron - Spinal Therapist, Naturopath & Homeopath Phone 5672 5299

Filtering your water beautifully MINI DIGGER EXCAVATIONS & LANDSCAPING

. Handmade in Australia . Cost effective. Only 2 cents per litre filtration . High fired stoneware creates the perfect environment to filter and store your water . Removes chlorine, bacteria, amoeba, suspended solids, giardia, cryptosporidium, aluminium, mercury, lead and copper

Fully qualified horticulturist. Water tanks, paving, site clean ups, specialised pruning & maintenance.

. An attractive addition to any home or office

Futurepure Water Purification Systems PO Box 225 Cowes 3922 P. (03) 5952 6735 mobile. 0400 432 149

Coastal Native Landscapes Landscape Design & construction

Australian plant specialists, creating unique coastal gardens * All aspects of landscape design & construction * Fully detailed landscape plans & design consultation * Paving, retaining walls, driveways & paths * Drought tolerant, low maintenance gardens * Revegetation & maintenance services * Garden art & sculpture * Native plants for sale * Truck & tipper hire

Pat Barrett & Jacquie Chambers 0422 685 045 0432 060 528 Fully qualiďŹ ed Horticulturists RMB 5768 Cowes Victoria fax. 5952 1424 email:



Cutting edge design & landscaping for seaside gardens . design consultations . water features . low maintenance/ drought tolerant gardens . paving & retaining walls . mediteranean/pacific style gardens . over 15 years experience . latest styles and products

Matt Crooks . Smiths Beach . Phillip Island. 0419 356 222 t. 5952 3838 e.




FOSTER - WILSONS PROM 17.5 Acre Hilltop property surrounded by 100 acre properties and spectacular views.



s th ol

neg ndors


Reg i s te red B u i ld i ng P rac t i t io ne r

BUILDING DESIGN & DRAFTING BUILDING CONSULTANTS 3/65 Backbeach Rd, San Remo 3925 p. (03) 5678 5226 m. 0418 379 301 e. website.

For private sale $475,000 neg Keen Vendors w. 03 5682 1612 m. 0400 929 908


Only 2 hrs from Melbourne and 2 minutes from a well serviced town, this stunning property boasts breathtaking views of Wilsons Prom and Corner Inlet - that can’t be built out. It has an existing studio workshop with 2 house sites excavated with established wind breaks and a current planning permit. School bus at front gate to primary and secondary schools.


building your dreams



w. 03 5682 1612 m. 0400 929 908

Registered building practitioner Vanderstaay & son Pty Ltd abn 17 064 900 223 dba 6261 mba 46870 po box 312, San Remo Vic 3925 ph 0409 694 270 fax 0359 566 611

web address -


Your seachange opportunity! Cafe, restaurant and function centre operating 9 years. Monthly band nights featuring the finest Australian, overseas Jazz, Blues and Folk artists. 100 seat, 1am liquor licence. In house lighting PA system, full bar facilities. Very low rent, long lease - a fantastic opportunity for the right operators in the fast growing town of Foster. Keen vendors.


colin vanderstaay


Your opera Aust liquo Very opera

w. 0

Eric Van Agtmaal


no job too big or small specialising in pergolas & decking


B.P No DB -U 6131

03 5672 3590 0417 584 273

LUKE HINRICHS 0402 454 742

New Wave Concreting.indd 1

20/5/08 4:57:53 PM

for everything in paint



21 Billson Street

149 Thompson Avenue

Tel (03) 5672 5522 Fax (03) 5672 5533

Paint place.indd 1

Tel (03) 5952 2522 Fax (03) 5952 2593

14/5/08 8:47:04 AM


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