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AWARDS WINNER 2015 Custom Built Home

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AWARDS WINNER 2015 Custom Built Home

from the publisher Sunshine . . . Summer? Come out, come out, wherever you are?! It’s a time of year to celebrate all that is beautiful about living by the coast. Feel the sun on your skin, salt in your hair and sand between your toes. The water is fine, lets dive on in . . . This edition is simply bursting with summer stories for you to enjoy. Grab a beach towel and stretch out on the sand – it’s time to be inspired! We talk to local surfer Kirra Marlborough about her two loves; wave riding and yoga. A picture of health, she’s proof that living your dream life pays off. From her intrepid travels to secret surf spots in West Timor - to completing her yoga teacher training with flying colours at just 20, the surf coach and yoga instructor shows us how to live life to its fullest. Jumping right in, we follow abalone diver Ric de Vries to the depths and discover the adventures of an underwater snail collector (sic) abalone diver. He’s hand fed blue sharks, had playful seals pull on his fingers, flippers and air hoses, and wrestled Sevengill sharks for his catch. His advice for a good life, “Pick a career you like, because even if it doesn’t work out or you don’t earn much money, at least you’re happy.” Back on dry land, we talk to local hero Mat Bowtell about how a senior engineer for Toyota became a philanthropic prosthetic maker for people without limbs. The first to receive one of his 3D printed hands was a boy from Newcastle. “His mother told me that her son and his father came to visit her at work, hand in hand and she was just in tears.” Smiling, he says, “If you emit love and positivity and compassion, it just comes back and finds you. The satisfaction comes back a million-fold. I’ve never been happier.” It’s summer, and there are just so many reasons to get out and enjoy the season. Check out our summer holiday attractions for all the greatest ideas on how best to enjoy your time by the coast. And don’t miss our bigger and better building feature to help you create your dream escape by the coast. Catch you on the beach, Maria x




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Rebuilding a life

Indigenous players soar FANTASTIC FLINDERS

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life of Leigh Rowles The DIGGING Constructing the GP Circuit


A political life



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A family in transition







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FOUND migration thingsAND All LOST A family in transition MOTHER NATURE orangutan journey Jess McKelson’s THE FLYING CHIPPIE Warrior Our Ninja SHAVE A CLOSE


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TASTE OF SUMMER 96 Our guide to delicious plates around town.

MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE 40 The amazing art of South Gippsland artist Ken Griffiths

THE HILLS 62 They came, they saw, they conquered… and they haven’t left. Aidan and Rhett McLaren discuss returning to Oz, creating The Hills Are Alive and what the future holds for this music festival duo.

OUR SUMMER HOLIDAYS 46 Where to stay and where to play

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15 Minutes of Fame Herbie Mancini 2 Coast People Simon York & Zetta Kanta

18 From The Heart 28 The Underwater Snail Collector 76

Artist Profile Debbie Mackenzie

90 You’re The Voice 128 A Helping Hand 154 The Secret Life of Us 225 Young & Inspired Lucy Dicker




Kirra Marlborough is living the dream – getting paid to play.

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5 Things we love about... Cape Woolamai Lifestyle Review

Beach House Constructions

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MAKING TRACKS 34 The King of Ibiza’s incredible life on and off the tracks.


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15 minutes of fame as told to chloe kent photo adam kemp

Few people know where Eritrea is, let alone Asmara, but as Herbie Mancini’s voice sings, “it’s east of Sudan and above Ethiopia”; a charm on the African continent and his birthplace in 1942. My parents met in town. Mum left home at 19 in search of adventure, to my grandparents’ dismay, and boarded the steamship SS Toscana from Italy to Africa. My father was an Italian musician. Within two weeks they were engaged and two weeks later married. I remember running through the marketplace, spending hours talking with the elderly Arabic men – someone always dropped me home at the end of the day. My family moved to Trieste, Italy in 1949 – coincidentally aboard SS Toscana, where we stayed for three years. Post-war Italy was difficult. My father was a polyglot and was offered translation work in Australia. We boarded the SS Toscana (again!). Dad’s job didn’t eventuate, and we ended up in Bonegilla Migrant Camp near Albury. There was no government job guidance, so he left. He just walked out of camp and found a job in the railways.

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At 17-years-old I picked up my first bass – I could always sing but never played. I was to pretend until I learnt. I graduated from bass to drums at the Seabreeze Hotel. The work was seasonal, we’d travel up and down every year. We landed a gig at the Red Tulip on Bridge Road, Richmond. Skinny corridor, darkish rooms, booze in teacups – started at 8pm and went until 3am. The meeting place of prostitutes and criminals; I remember the butt of Norman Bradshaw’s gun in his back pocket. One night I was on break drinking coffee and he came over. He asked if I could see the lights across the room. I said, “I (saw) them every night”. After a pause – “I could shoot them down if you want?” Back in Africa we were shot at – mum raced to the bus, threw me on the floor and covered me. I still recall the sound of flies. She later admitted the flies were bullets flying past.

Life started in Moonee Ponds. I went to a public school and didn’t know a word of English. My first introduction was greeting a woman; I was brought up to greet your elders as you walk by. She went red (and angry). I told dad – he explained the boys at school had taught me swear words.

Life has taken some interesting turns. I was voted Partygoer of the Year in Brighton and had the pleasure of taking care of a unit at Surfer’s – I guess the woman conned me, but I was young and didn’t pay for anything – the only condition was to take her friends out and show them a good time.

My parents struggled with the Melbourne winters, so we headed north – landing in Surfer’s Paradise. It was beautiful with neon signs everywhere. Dad came home one night, he’d landed a job as a pianist, but needed a bass player. I asked how he would find one and he said, he wouldn’t, I would.

I never thought I was good enough and didn’t follow music into the big leagues – the product of a negative philosopher (my father), I guess. I still play on Sundays in Balnarring and sometimes locally with Jonathan Wade.

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coast life

BLOKES IN THE KITCHEN Looking to impress your mates or that special someone? Sick of boiled eggs and toast? Held on the third Thursday each month (excl. January), Lang Lang Community Centre proudly host free cooking sessions for men over 50. With practical, nutritious, fresh food, expand your kitchen skills under the watchful eye of an experienced chef. From three course meals to simple muffins, learn something new each month. Bookings essential: 5997 5704

BETWEEN THE FLAGS Each year tens of thousands of kids take to Australian surf beaches as part of the national Nipper Education Programs. A great way to learn water safety, build confidence around the waves and make new friends. Give your little ones a head start. Check out Life Saving Victoria’s website for your closest club.

TWILIGHT SPIRITS A gathering of community and tourists alike. The setting sun, food, local wines and beers, designers, art, crafts and makers. An ethos – smart, arty, clean and friendly. Held weekly from November to February, do not miss Meeniyan Square’s Friday Twilight Market.

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SMALL CHANGE BIG CHANGE Born in the minds of Kilcunda residents, Small Change BIG Change celebrates community and creativity to help raise awareness and funds for those in need. Check out their Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest events around town from Raw Treats with @alazygirlsholisticlife to Basketmaking for Crafternoon. Current funds are supporting local refugee families. @smallchangebigchangeinc

FIND YOUR PURPOSE Step inside the world of infertility, self-discovery and transformation. Written by Kilcunda’s own counsellor, IVF nurse and midwife, Danielle Aitken, Sarah’s Story is a powerful novel that reminds us all what true love, life and resilience really mean. Keep the tissues close by as you experience the lows and highs of Sarah’s journey. An inspirational book we highly recommend for Summer. Available at Turn the Page and online…

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When Simon York and Zetta Kanta first married they literally had no country to call home. They travelled the globe, playing music and living in luxury hotels with little more than their bags in tow. Their time on the road enriched the bond between them and enabled creativity to flourish. Simon: I grew up near Byron Bay and went into the music

industry at 16. I threw my school books in the bin, jumped the back fence and ran away from school. I had good grades, but all I wanted to do was play music. I was on big stages in my teens, on radio and television, but at the age of 19 I got ripped off by the industry and was so disillusioned, I barely played a note of music until my thirties. Now I play piano and classic guitar, modern guitar, flamenco guitar, I used to play sax and flute… I love that diversity, but it can be a problem because people can’t put me in a box. So, I have three stage names now, and three websites, and I’ve got multiple projects going. Occasionally Zetta DJs with me too, we call ourselves DJ Zee and Me, and people love her when she DJs, she’s very intuitive. When I met Zetta, I’d just been through a period of intense emotional pain. It had been a series of tragedies and losses. I’d been on blind dates and they’d just been disastrous, but when I met Zetta it was this feeling of trust, I could be myself and she would not reject me. I know I’m a little unusual, being a musician and an artistic person in a world where men are

coast 12

expected to carry chainsaws… I felt I could be myself and Zetta would understand my idiosyncrasies. We didn’t really have a first date, the people that Zetta was working for knew I was in town and gave me the keys to their apartment. The day we met, we were at the airport and we sat down, we literally sat down, and the snow started falling. It was like a scene from a movie. I asked Zetta to marry me on day three. We just clicked, we talk to each other in a way that I’ve never communicated with another human being, we have a very deep connection. When we met, we were actually advised not to bother applying for a visa to Australia until we’d been married for two years. So, I went to the hoteliers’ trade fair in London and collected business cards, then we literally went wherever the work took us. We travelled all over the Canary Islands, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Germany, all sorts of places, just playing music. It was an amazing lifestyle, one minute we’re busted broke in London and we haven’t got a prayer, and the next we’re swimming in a heated pool and we’re looking up through a glass ceiling at the moonlight on the Swiss Alps.

as told to kelly mccarthy photo warren reed

Zetta: I was born in Latvia and moved to Denmark when I was 18, I lived there for two or three years, studying architecture and learning Danish from zero to fluent. I lived with a family as their personal assistant, they were quite high up in the royal family. It was like a fairy-tale living there, I loved it, and then I met Simon – within half a year we were married. I’m a very emotional person, I tend to trust my gut. Before I met Simon, I was living on my own and I had to make a lot of grown-up decisions, my parents weren’t there, and I had to fend for myself – I started developing the gut feeling. And when we met I had the gut feeling that this is the man I will grow old with. This is it. That’s him, I just met him. We just celebrated 13 years together – we look at each other and we’re like, ‘can you believe it’s been that long?’ We’re still so in love. You know, we still have that freshness in our relationship. We support each other, we care for each other, he’s always silly and I’m always serious and we balance each other out. I had a fashion design diploma from Latvia – I’m a trained seamstress and fashion designer. And then I came across an artist in Holland, her name was Claudy Jongstra and she made murals out of wool. As soon as I saw that, something

clicked in my brain and I thought, ‘that’s my destiny.’ I started experimenting and failed so many times, then suddenly lucky accidents become deliberate accidents, and you learn what you need to do to get that accident. I’m a fibre artist, I make large scale tapestries and wall hangings, from natural materials like wool. There’s a tactile side to it, it softens the modern environment, there’s a lot of hard surfaces in our modern homes. I do a lot of commissions and exhibits, especially lately. We were in Décor and Design at the Exhibition Centre, which is for interior designers to come and look for new trends and what’s new in the world. I was actually chosen as part of a tour by Scarlet Opus, they’re trend forecasters from the UK. Out of 350 participants they chose 10 stalls and one of them was mine. If it hadn’t been for Simon I wouldn’t have developed into the artist I am. My upbringing was completely different, I have no artists in my family; my parents do not understand art, full stop. I was destined to be a nurse, or… maybe clothing designer, that was the highest I could reach for in art. And even then, my Dad said, ‘Well, now you can go and work in the factory.’ Simon sort of opened my eyes, he allowed my wings to spread, he gave me the space.

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With lower than average winter rainfall, a dryer than average spring and above average temperatures forecast for this summer, it’s important that we commit a little extra effort to reducing our water usage. The reality is that in the future there will be less rainfall, less run-off into our rivers and water storages and an increased chance of more severe and prolonged drought as a result of climate change. To ensure the efficient and sensible use of water these holidays, it is essential all water users follow five simple rules to conserve water now for the future.

Permanent Water Saving Rules • hand held hoses must be fitted with a trigger nozzle • water your garden anytime with a hand-held hose, or watering system between 6pm and 10am • public gardens and playing surfaces may be watered using a watering system between 6pm and 10am • fountains and water features must recirculate the water; and • hard surfaces may only be washed once per season or when cleaning is required as a result of a hazard Additionally, before filling a pool or spa with a capacity greater than 2,000lt, a Water Conservation Plan Application must be completed.

For many of us, leaving the water on when washing the dishes, peeling veggies, or brushing our teeth has become an unconscious habit that wastes many litres of water every day. Be water-efficient this summer and explore ways of reducing your water wastage. Here are some small things you can do to help you save water, money and help preserve our water supplies: • shorten showers to 4 minutes • don’t leave the tap running • always use a full load in your dishwasher and washing machine • install water-efficient appliances with four or more star efficiency rating (WELS label) • fix dripping taps and toilets, especially if you are away from your property for extended periods.

* Community Rebate Program funding support is available for eligible customers. To find out if you’re eligible, or to learn more about Permanent Water Saving Rules, visit Westernport Water’s website:

The days of ‘watering’ your driveway are thankfully long gone. However, many people have swimming pools, spas, lush gardens and we still need to clean our cars, bikes and boats. These are activities that can use large quantities of water. Here are some small things you can do: • use a low flow/high pressure washing device • wash your vehicle on the lawn, using biodegradable cleaning chemicals, which gives your grass a good watering in addition to cleaning your car • use a bucket or hose fitted with a trigger nozzle • mulch your garden to increase water retention and keep the soil moist • plant water wise native gardens • install a pool or spa cover • ensure your toilet is water efficient. Did you know a quarter of all the water we use in the bathroom is flushed down the toilet? A leaking toilet cistern wastes many litres of water each day. Check for toilet leaks by putting a few drops of food dye in the cistern. If you have a leak, coloured water will appear in the bowl before the toilet has been flushed. If you are building a new home or doing a bathroom renovation, consider installing plumbing to flush your toilets using rainwater or greywater. When building in a new estate in the Cowes area, you can simply connect to the recycled water network and enjoy unrestricted water use in accordance with Class A recycled water guidelines. Whether leaving for holidays or returning home after your coastal getaway, remember to turn your water off at the stop-tap. This will prevent potential leaks from damaging your property, and could save you a lot of time and money. The impact that household water consumption and lifestyles can have on water storages, communities and ecosystems is significant. Don’t be a drip these summer holidays and be mindful to use water responsibly.

For more smart water advice, fact sheets and helpful tips browse the Smart Water Mark website:

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words katie cincotta photos adam kemp & supplied

from the


Lawrence Johnston never thought he’d grow up to be a filmmaker. One of six children born to an Aboriginal father and an Irish-Australian mother, he was a boy who liked to read, who lost himself in the romance of old films, who when faced with a difficult family situation, dreamt of running away and becoming somebody elses lifeline to build new lives? “My parents had a very tempestuous marriage. My father, Colin, had been boxing out west in Cunnamulla and came to Brisbane wanting to better his life.”

The pair defied the naysayers and stuck together, despite the pressure of Colin’s drinking and aggression, which affected the family in different ways.

The couple met in the 40s, on the back of a truck. Colin offered Gloria his coat when it started to rain. She saw him again at the movies, kicking the back of his seat to get his attention.

Johnston channelled the artistic power of the experience. He admits for the fourth son (of six) to emerge as a creative was a strange diversion from the norm. “The expectation from my family was that I was meant to be married with six kids. As long as you didn’t hit your wife, you saved money and had a nice >

But the romance was marred by racism when they decided to marry. Gloria’s parents were fiercely against the inter-racial match and didn’t come to the wedding, which Johnston spotlighted in his SBS documentary ‘The Dream of Love’.

coast 18

coast 19

house, you were a success.” But the young storyteller seemed destined for life beyond his working-class roots in Wynnum, the sleepy suburb in Brisbane lined by the mangroves and mudflats of Moreton Bay. Like many of the great artists, a backdrop of violence, bigotry and homophobia stained Johnston’s childhood with a complex canvas of emotion that he would go on to explore on screen as a writer, director and producer. “I was made to leave school at 15 because I was a boy. After three weeks of job hunting, my Mum said, ‘Maybe you’re not good enough.’ And they’re the things that make you stronger and make you go on.” That elusive first job proved to be the start of a 30-year career distinguished by 12 films, including the 1990 Cannes Film Festival Official Selection ‘Night Out’ (1990), Winner of the Toronto Film Festival FIPRESCI International Critic’s Prize ‘Life’ (1996) and the 2015 Melbourne International Film Festival Premiere Fund documentary ‘NEON’ (2016). The journey started in Brisbane’s West End, with the teenager working for 20th Century Fox. “I was a film repairer, so I was standing at a bench all day rewinding films which would be hired out to schools, RSL clubs and film societies.”

coast 20

The boss told him if he bought his own projector, he could take home any of the films, including the new prints of classics like ‘Gone with the Wind’. “I would take these films home on the weekends and it became Cinema Paradiso on the verandah of our old Queenslander. My mother loved it.” When Johnston followed his first love to Melbourne, he found the freedom to live as a gay man, something he didn’t feel was possible in 1980s Brisbane. “I didn’t tell my parents for about 10 years. We never talked about my private life. Even my brothers never asked if I had a partner, or if I was seeing anyone.” His first film, ‘Night Out’, is a tense account of street violence and homophobia. Inspired by the moody film noir genre of the 40s, it’s filmed in black and white. “The script is very intense, and intimate, I felt that black and white could draw the viewer in. I think it also plays into the content – who’s lying and who isn’t.” With a swag of award-winning documentaries to his name, Johnston has poured that emotional depth into his work, earning a reputation as a raw and insightful filmmaker. His 1994 film ‘Eternity’, about graffiti artist Arthur Stace’s 35-yearlong ritual of chalking the word eternity in Copperplate handwriting across Sydney, was shortlisted for an Academy Award and shot by Dion Beebe (‘Memoirs of a Geisha’). >

Photographed with Cape Winds San Remo - Art, cushion and throw




Australian designed and made – Limited quantities for the individual look – Quality accessories Mornington 71 Main Street T 5976 3311 Sorrento 42 Ocean Beach Rd T 5984 0927

and stores throughout Melbourne

In 2019, its 25th anniversary year, the National Film and Sound Archive are restoring his portrayal of the alcoholic who became a devout Christian – preaching his message on the streets an estimated 500 thousand times. Johnston’s father too found some redemption, confronting reality when he watched his son’s retelling of their family life in ‘The Dream of Love’. “One of the hardest things I ever had to do was show Dad the film. He’s the one that comes off the worst in it. When it was over, I expected to have to run out the door. And he said, ‘No, you told it the way it was.’” An acknowledgement of truth. A depiction of love and loyalty without the filters. That notion of enduring love is something that persists through Johnston’s films, including his documentary ‘Fallout’ about Nevil Shute’s ‘On the Beach’. A quintessential film about love and life. For the 60th anniversary of the film in 2019, ACMI will screen both Stanley Kramer’s 1959 post-apocalyptic classic and Johnston’s documentary, which was filmed in Melbourne, Mt Eliza and Phillip Island. “Not many Hollywood films had been made in Melbourne so there was a huge circus when Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner arrived, especially after Ava was quoted as saying Melbourne ‘was the perfect place to make a film about the end of the world’. She lived her life like a man, did whatever she wanted to do, loved a drink. In 1959 Melbourne was pretty much dead at night, so she resented having to go to bed early.” Johnston acquired 16 costume stills from ‘On the Beach’ of Ava Gardner’s glamorous wardrobe designed by Italy’s famous Fontana sisters. He was also privileged to interview Gregory Peck when he was in his 80s, speaking with the Hollywood legend at The Windsor Hotel. “He was just like he is in To Kill a Mockingbird – really lovely, a gentleman.” Johnston himself hasn’t given up on finding love but remains fulfilled by his creative pursuits and a circle of like-minded

coast 22

friends. “Love comes in all kinds of ways – through friendship, work, pets, nieces and nephews. I think sometimes there’s a social obsession with coupling.” As a filmmaker who has had the chance to explore the gamut of emotion on screen, Johnston feels creatively enriched. “I feel very lucky about my life. I do feel rich. Of all the films I’ve made, both documentary and drama, they all have an emotional edge.” After hiring a house at Venus Bay for many summers, he eventually sold his house in Elwood to move to the sleepy inlet. “The most amazing thing about Venus Bay is that no houses look over the beach. There’s no pub. It’s not a drive through destination. It’s beautiful and romantic – the river, the stars, you can hear the surf from the house.” A place to think on things and future projects for a filmmaker who has remained faithful to depicting love – in all its beauty and cruelty, in what emerges as an enduring exposition on the human condition.

Catholic education on Phillip Island.

Taking student enrolments now. Please call our Principal Cathy Blackford on 5951 1700 to make an appointment for an enrolment interview or a tour of Our Lady Star of the Sea. All welcome. Coeducational, Foundation (prep) to Level Six, contemporary learning based around innovative, indoor and outdoor learning spaces.


6 Cowes – Rhyll Rd, Cowes | 5951 1700 |


events guide DECEMBER The Art of Annemieke Mein 2 June – 20 January Gippsland Art Gallery, Wellington Centre, 70 Foster St, Sale Contact: 5142 3500 The Peacock Garden – Ann Greenwood 24 November – 27 January Gippsland Art Gallery, Wellington Centre, 70 Foster St, Sale Contact: 5142 3500 Solar Loggerheads – Cameron Robbins 24 November – 27 January Gippsland Art Gallery, Wellington Centre, 70 Foster St, Sale Contact: 5142 3500 High Season Open Exhibition 27 November – 7 January ArtSpace Gallery, 1 Bent St, Wonthaggi Contact: 5672 5767 Questacon at the Antarctic Journey, The Nobbies 1 December – 28 January Nobbies Centre, 1320 Ventnor Rd, Summerland Contact: 59512800 Behind the Wire Exhibition December – May National Vietnam Veterans Museum, 25 Veterans Drv, Newhaven Contact: 5956 6400 The Steele Syndicate @ Phillip Island Winery 2 December, 3-6pm 414 Berry Beach Rd, Ventnor Contact: 8595 2155 ArtSpace Artists @ Archies Creek Hall Gorgeous Glass Jewellery – Deb Watson (Beginners) 5 & 12 December, 1-4pm 2 & 30 January, 1-4pm 13 February, 1-4pm 97 Archies Creek Rd, Archies Creek Contact: 5672 5767

coast 24

Craig Penny Exhibition Opening 8 December Manyung Gallery Sorrento, 113 Ocean Beach Rd, Sorrento Contact: Belinda Scott – 0419 651 925 The Alchemist – Kevin Mortensen 8 December – 17 February Gippsland Art Gallery, Wellington Centre, 70 Foster St, Sale Contact: 5142 3500 A Fine Romance – Realism in Australian Art 8 December – 17 February Gippsland Art Gallery, Wellington Centre, 70 Foster St, Sale Contact: 5142 3500 Things My Garden Taught Me: Author Talk & Native Garden Visit 9 December, 2pm YEPgallery, 41A Main St, Foster Contact: Anne Roussac-Hoyne – 0408 871 379 Swing and Christmas Classics 11 December, 11.30am Wonthaggi Workmen’s Club, 65-75 Graham St, Wonthaggi @wonthaggiworkmensclub (E)scape - Landscape Group Exhibition 13 December – 16 January Opening Event 14 December, 6-8pm Gecko Studio Gallery, 15 Falls Rd, Fish Creek @geckostudiogallery Kilmany Park Boys Home – Jeff Carter 13 December – 11 February Maffra Exhibition Space, 150 Johnson St, Maffra Contact: 5142 3500 Sand Sculpting Australia at Boneo Maze 15 December – 28 January Boneo Maze, 695 Limestone Rd, Fingal Contact: 5988 6385 @sandsculptingeventsaustralia Adele ‘The Tribute’ 15 December, 8pm Wonthaggi Workmen’s Club, 65-75 Graham St, Wonthaggi @wonthaggiworkmensclub Closing of Mount Eliza Gallery for Renovation, Massive Moving Sale 17 December 60 Mount Eliza Way, Mount Eliza Contact: Manyung Gallery Mount Eliza 9787 2953 Festive Foster Street Party 21 December, 6-8pm Main Street, Foster Contact: Kate Pulham – 5682 2244 @FosterChamberofCommerce

Celebrating 5 Years - Art Exhibition 27 December – 28 January Annette Spinks Art Studio and Gallery, 60 Dixon St, Inverloch Contact: Annette – 0418 555222 Carus Thompson @ Phillip Island Winery 28 December, 7-10 pm 414 Berry Beach Rd, Ventnor Contact: 8595 2155 NYE on the Hill Festival 30 December – 1 January “The Hill”, Loch-Wonthaggi Rd, Kernot Cont: Venetian Masquerade Ball 31 December, 7pm-late Phillip Island Winery, 414 Berry Beach Rd, Ventnor *Limited tickets available. Bookings: 8595 2155 New Years Eve with Carmel Chaynes Black Slacks 31 December, 8.30pm Wonthaggi Workmen’s Club, 65-75 Graham St, Wonthaggi @wonthaggiworkmensclub

JANUARY New Year’s Day Meditation & Yoga in the Vines at Phillip Island Winery 1 January, 10am 414 Berry Beach Rd, Ventnor Contact: Holly – 0438 796 832 ArtSpace Artists @ Archies Creek Hall Translucent Images – Ray Dahlstrom (Int/Adv) 4 & 11 January 10-12.30pm 97 Archies Creek Rd, Archies Creek Contact: 5672 5767 Summer Nights Feat. The Teskey Brothers 5 January, gates open from 3pm Mossvale Park, Berrys Creek Contact: Debbie MacKenzie Exhibition Opening 5 January Manyung Gallery Flinders, 37 Cook St, Flinders Contact: David – 0412 770 055 Tour Four of Victoria’s Most Sustainable Homes 5 January, 12-3pm 4 Periwinkle Pl, Cape Paterson Contact: Clint Hare – 0439877756 ArtSpace Artists @ Archies Creek Hall Inspired with Ink – Meg Hayley (Beg/Int) 7 January, 10-2pm, 4 February, 10-2pm 97 Archies Creek Rd, Archies Creek Contact: 5672 5767





events guide JANUARY ArtSpace Artists @ Archies Creek Hall Still Life Whimsey – Meg Hayley (Beg/Int) 8 January, 10am-2pm 5 & 24 February, 10am-2pm 97 Archies Creek Rd, Archies Creek Contact: 5672 5767 ArtSpace Artists @ Archies Creek Hall Whimsical Wreaths – Regina Dudek 9 Jan, 10am-1pm 97 Archies Creek Rd, Archies Creek Contact: 5672 5767 Screw Creek Estuaries Unmasked Creature Feature 11 January, 10-11:30am Screw Creek Boardwalk - Park at the Screw Creek Carpark, Esplanade, Inverloch Contact: Matt Khoury – 1300 094 262 UNIFY Gathering Festival 11 - 13 January Tarwin Lower Contact: ‘Land & Sea’ by Arthur Nilsson 8 January – 18 February Official Opening 12 January, 2-4pm Contact: 5672 5767 ArtSpace Artists @ Archies Creek Hall Memory Makers – Robyn Porter (Beg/Int) 15 & 19 January, 10-1pm 97 Archies Creek Rd, Archies Creek Contact: 5672 5767 ArtSpace Artists @ Archies Creek Hall Balmy Bird Cages – Regina Dudek 16 January, 10am-1pm 97 Archies Creek Rd, Archies Creek Contact: 5672 5767 Washed and Found Exhibition 17 January – 18 February Opening Event 18 January, 6-8pm Gecko Gallery, 15 Falls Rd, Fish Creek @geckostudiogallery

coast 26

Ocean Sounds Festival 19 January Churchill Island ArtSpace Artists @ Archies Creek Hall A Matter of Perspective – Ken Griffiths (Beg/ Int) 21 January, 10am-12noon 97 Archies Creek Rd, Archies Creek Contact: 5672 5767 ArtSpace Artists @ Archies Creek Hall Dare to Plein Air – Susan Hall (Int/Adv) 23 January, 1-4pm 20 & 27 February, 1-4pm 97 Archies Creek Rd, Archies Creek Contact: 5672 5767 ArtSpace Artists @ Archies Creek Hall Rummage Rocks – Karin Murphy Ellis 24 January, 1-4pm 97 Archies Creek Rd, Archies Creek Contact: 5672 5767 Australia Day @ South Tank Adventures 26 January, from Midday 2349 Woorarra Rd, Wonyip Contact: Cameron – 0407 611 203 @tankadventures Mulatu Astatke 26 January, 7pm Meeniyan Town Hall, 97 Whitelaw St, Meeniyan Contact: Kilcunda Lobster Festival 27 January, 9am-3.30pm Kilcunda Foreshore Car Park, Bass Highway Contact: Andrea – 0400 065 253 @KilcundaLobsterFestival

FEBRUARY Mornington Peninsula Film Festival 2 February, from 4pm Village Green, Rosebud Foreshore, 932 Point Nepean Rd, Rosebud Mirboo North Italian Festa 10 February, 10.30am Baromi Park, 49 Ridgeway St Gear Head with Mock Battle 24 February Toora Recreation Reserve Contact: Cameron – 0407 611 203 @tankadventures ‘Coast Line’ by Jackie Moss 19 February – 1 April Official Opening 24 February, 2-4pm ArtSpace Gallery 1 Bent St, Wonthaggi Contact: 5672 5767

Ulysses National Club Rally Public Trade Open Day 28 February, 10am-9pm Mornington Racecourse, 320 Racecourse Rd, Mornington Contact: Alf – 0409 205 396

MARCH Ulysses National Club Rally Grand Parade through Mornington 2 March, 9-10am The Peninsula Community Theatre, 91 Wilsons Rd, Mornington Contact: Alf – 0409 205 396 The Hills Are Alive Festival 29 - 31 March “The Hill”, Loch-Wonthaggi Rd, Kernot Contact: thefarmer@thehillsarealive.

REGULARS Meeniyan Twilight Market Every Friday 30 November – 1 February, 4-8pm Meeniyan Square, Whitelaw St, Meeniyan Contact: 0400 053 266 Music At The Hen Every Friday in January, 6-8pm Purple Hen Wines, 96 McFees Rd, Rhyll Contact: 5956 9244 Inverloch parkrun Every Saturday, 7:45am Rotary Centenary Park, Ramsay Blvd, Inverloch Contact: Tony O’Connell – 0438 744 886 Koonwarra parkrun Every Saturday, 7:45am Swan Rd, Koonwarra Phillip Island parkrun Every Saturday, 7:45am Churchill Island Visitors Centre, Churchill Island Kongwak Market Every Sunday, 10am-3pm Kongwak General Store and Shed Contact: Jane – 0417 142 478 Tunes on the Terrace Every Sunday in January, 1.30-4.30pm Phillip Island RSL, 225 225 Thompson Ave, Cowes










events guide V EN



It doesn’t get more Australian than racing dinghies around the bay. A celebration of the once popular wooden dinghies scattered around Australia’s shores, the regatta aims to restore, preserve and display the historic handcrafted pieces. The 2019 Australia Day weekend will commemorate world renowned designer Jack Holt.

26 – 28 January 2019, Inverloch

OCEAN SOUNDS Grab the picnic rug, family and friends and head along to Ocean Sounds Sunset Concert at Churchill Island. Accompanied by stunning local wines and gourmet foods, the latest treat from The Hills Are Alive Group is not to be missed. A family-friendly, all-day concert, listen to the tunes, relax with loved ones and watch as the sun sets over the spectacular bay. Headliners include Dan Sultan, Pierce Brothers, Jen Cloher and more. Bookings essential.

19 January 2019, Churchill Island

PETER PAN, THE SAND SCULPTURE EXHIBITION Presented by Sand Sculpting Australia, 3,500 tonnes of sand will magically be transformed on the grounds of Boneo Maze into Never-Never Land sand sculptures. Launching 15 December, you cannot miss the twelve feature sculptures as you let your dreams take flight.

15 December – 28 January, Boneo Maze, Fingal

WOMADelaide Returning to the beautiful Adelaide Botanic Gardens, WOMADelaide 2019 showcases the best in the world of music, arts and dance. New Zealand Soul Singer Teeks and Australian legends John Butler Trio have been confirmed for the iconic festival, alongside three-time Grammy winner Angelique Kidjo, Taiwu Ancient Ballads Troupe, Central Australian Aboriginal Women’s Choir and Silkroad Ensemble.

8 – 11 March 2019, Botanic Park, Adelaide

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the underwater


coast 28

Ric de Vries is the perfect paradox – a commercial abalone diver, a recreational spear fisherman and a lover of underwater marine life. As he puts it – you don’t have to hunt every time, and you eat what you catch, it’s that simple. From a young age Ric wanted to be around fish – he loved the ocean. Spending ten years as a Fisheries’ Officer, he was more than familiar with the rules and regulations by the time he shifted to fishing twenty-five years ago. But times have changed. “If we confiscated crayfish during a raid, we’d give it to the old people’s home. Shark species were also heavily regulated – I remember seizing a whaler shark at the markets and took it home for dinner. You can’t do that anymore, it’s just destroyed.” With two licenses as a lessee diver and his own 2.3 tonne unit license permitting a catch of (roughly) 18 tonnes a year, Ric has experienced the peaks and troughs of one of the most tightly regulated industries. Over the years, Victoria has reduced both the catch quota (by half ) and the workable area; declaring an additional 17% of common workable area as protected public marine parks.

Processing abalone is strict – the moment Ric returns to shore he has an hour to weigh the catch, complete the paperwork and phone Fisheries. The bins are secured and tagged, awaiting the Processor’s arrival. At no stage is the abalone allowed to leave his sight. Only once the transaction completes is Ric free from responsibility. 2007 was a tough year. The ganglioneuritis virus wiped out 40% of Victoria’s Central Zone abalone; Ric’s working area. Declared an exotic disease, the epidemic failed even Fisheries’ own guidelines. If a disease breaks out in any farming field, the site is immediately quarantined. In this case, it took six months. A year later the Port Fairy aquaculture plant was back up and operational; without the source discovered. Within six months the virus was back – six months later it was in the ocean. >

coast 29

From the South Australian border to Apollo Bay, wild abalone was wiped out – a 90% mortality rate. Banding together, divers, license holders and processors took the case to court – they lost. The reasoning: With the benefit of hindsight, things should have been done different, but oh well. But with the lows come the highs. Spending six and a half hours a day – rain, hail or shine (just not westerlies and no more than three days in a row in winter) – diving along the coast and through Westernport means Ric has amassed an array of stories – scary, beautiful and funny – from Killer Whales to sharks. “I often hear whales under the water at Wilson’s Prom. It’s strange, you don’t hear them at nine metres, but you’ll hear them at 10 metres…” More often than not, it’s the seals that make or break Ric’s day. The playful creatures pulling on his fingers, flippers, air hose or cuddling up under his arm. Experience has taught him to avoid populations during breeding season – his air bubbles often confused as young males invading territory. “Once, an old timer was arching and bellowing at me; angry. I was sitting there, the ab bag in front of me because I didn’t want him to bite. I don’t know what I’m going to do with the ab iron, it’s blunt! He’s looking at me and I’m thinking he must work out I’m not something by now. I notice he’s shifting his head from side to side. I thought he was looking from me to the bag. But he keeps on, it was weird… So, I turned around. Three bull seals are hiding behind me watching him. He wanted to fight them!” Ric’s endless adventures include a sevengill shark attempting to pinch his bag at Kitty Miller – “I made sure I got it back”. And, the only time he’s ever dropped a catch. “It was the middle of winter, a clear day – we were off The Nobbies’ Blowhole. A big wave hit, and I watched the boat come underwater backwards – both motors and ¾ of the boat. It re-surfaced and everything still worked, but the water in the boat

“I’ve hand-fed and swam with Blue Pointers.”

caused an instability problem. Eventually another wave hit, and it flipped. That’s the only time I’ve ever dropped the catch and my weight belt. By the time I surfaced, the boat had been thrown into the rocks. We managed to get a tow back to Flinders… I still remember a tie coming loose and jumping in to fix it. By this time four or five mutton birds had decided to perch on the hull and attacked me…” But Ric’s biggest fear is not the creatures of the deep or the force of the ocean. “I’m more scared of a deckhand running me over with the boat – I’ve almost been hit by a propeller four times. The most recent involved my air hose being cut by the propeller – I was 14 metres under.” Medical problems from spending a life underwater are varied, from strange exotic fungi to ear troubles. Even 25+ years’ experience and a dive computer didn’t stop a visit to the decompression chamber at The Alfred. “It was my third day on. I was diving at 16 metres and came up for lunch. I wasn’t feeling 100% so stuck to the shallows (above five metres) that afternoon. That evening I had fatigue, trouble standing, but no nausea. The doctors put me in the chamber and gave me antibiotics. I think it must have been brought on by a mild flu or infection – they don’t give you antibiotics for decompression.” >

coast 30

Coastal life, your way. Beautiful designs, customised by you.

With well over 100 beautiful homes, many of them multi-award winners, and a huge variety of floorplans, use our design as your starting off point, then customise to create a home that is perfectly and uniquely yours. We live in one of the most beautiful places in Victoria. Why not make the most of it? | 1300 786 773 Image depicts items not supplied by Metricon such as fencing, landscaping, and planter box. See your Metricon New Home Consultant for details. VIC Builder’s Licence CDB-U 52967.

With premium brands like La-Z-Boy, IMG Norway, Sealy Posturepedic and Sleepmaker, along with the extensive range of furniture and bedding available through Homemakers Furniture buying group, you can be assured all your requirements will be satisfied. 24 Inverloch Road, Wonthaggi, VIC, 3995 5672 5906 Opening Hours Mon - Fri: 9am - 5:30pm Sat: 9am - 2:00pm

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When the weather is right and he’s not searching for abalone, Ric is spear fishing. “Mexico is great fun. I went to Florida for a dive expo a couple of years back and was invited on a charter. The fish were big - 10-20kgs. “Victoria has the worst diving for fish, we’ve got the best crays and abs but fish-wise – even Tasmania has better than us!” Having a more adventurous past-time has also brought unique experiences. “I’ve learnt to declare my gear as diving equipment. For years, I wrote down spearguns and I’d be escorted through the airport by federal police officers – it was the strangest thing.” Part of the Australian Underwater Hockey Squad, Ric also finds joy in swimming with the creatures of the sea. “I’ve hand-fed and swam with blue pointers, they’re friendly and docile. Just don’t try it with a sevengill! I was diving with mates off Pyramid Rock years ago and spotted one, I thought it would be a good idea to grab the dorsal fin, like the blue pointers. It’s the closest I’ve ever come to feeling like it’s over (through my own stupidity). It turned around so quickly I barely had time to grab its snout; his mouth was going crazy. Eventually it relented and swam off, or so I thought, until it turned back with a crazed look and started charging at me. Needless to say, I got out of the water. Dumb, slow sharks – don’t muck around with ‘em. Though I do want to go back to South Africa and swim with the Great Whites.” Teaming up with “Captain” Charlie Micallef, Ric also counts guest television appearances to his credit – presenting segments and sharing his underwater footage on Foxtel’s Savage Sea Adventures, amongst other programmes. With abalone stocks holding steady at the moment, Ric’s greatest concern is abalone biomass. “The biomass is in trouble. We don’t know why. Fishing behaviour has changed with more divers staying in the shallows… But it doesn’t explain, with such heavy restrictions and regulations, why the stock is not recovering, especially in the deeper areas.” Abalone maturity takes five-seven years and the industry is in disrepair with Chile, America and South Africa collapsing and New Zealand in severe trouble. As a “glorified underwater snail collector”, Ric’s advice for his children and today’s youth is simple: “pick a career you like, because even if it doesn’t work out or you don’t earn much money, at least you’re happy.”

“Pick a career you like,because even if it doesn’t work out or you don’t earn much money, at least you’re happy.”

coast 32

Success Starts Early Limited places available in 2019

Contact Belinda Manning, 5956 7505 1770 Phillip Island Rd, Phillip Island, 3923

Ladies waxing | Tinting | Makeup | Manicures & pedicures | Spray tans | Massage | Organic Facials | IPL hair reduction and skin treatments | Lash extensions

PUT YOURSELF AT THE TOP OF YOUR ‘TO-DO’ LIST Experience total beauty care and pampering in a beautiful and serene environment. Client satisfaction is our number 1 priority. Makeup for weddings and special events available on location. Evening and Saturday appointments available. Treat someone you love with a BH Beauty Skin Body gift voucher. 5672 2334 | | | Shop 4, Ritchies IGA Arcade, 158 Graham Street, Wonthaggi

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words chloe kent photos supplied


TRACKS He’s famous the world over, his charming personality and smile making the strongest knees weak. His hugs incomparable and his laughter brightening even the darkest rooms. Born in Manchester, Carl Cox grew up in Carshalton, south London. His dad a bus driver and mum a midwife; his childhood the polar opposite to his jet-setting career. “My dad had all these friends who liked to have parties at home. He had a record player that would play 45’s. One day, I was 7 or 8 years old and I was trying to get some sleep and all I could hear was music downstairs. I’ve got two sisters; we’d lean on the banisters to listen. My dad saw me and said, ‘You can either go to bed or come down and put your records on’. So, I thought I ain’t goin’ bed! I’m gonna come down and put my records on. Everyone was enjoying the music I was selecting, and I thought it was a lot of fun. That’s how I started,” Carl laughs. Playing for friends and family, Carl’s passion grew alongside his love of motorsports. “My sisters had a small pushbike called the Golden Arrow with one gear. I was adventurous. We used to go two blocks down the road… and by a certain time come home. One day I didn’t come home, I just kept riding and riding and riding. I loved the adventure of it. But then I looked ‘round thinking ‘I got here. I don’t know where here is. How do I get home? Oh my god.’ Funny enough, a policeman stopped and said, ‘You lost sonny? Do you know where you live?’ I was five miles away from my house. Boy did I get into trouble when I got home.” An adventurous two-wheels streak ensued – racing, jumps and wheelies came, his shins bearing the scars of childhood memories. Transitioning from pushbikes to motorbikes, from a 50CC Yamaha FS1E – purchased from his paper and milk round savings – to Yamaha RDLC 250/350CC’s. The thirst for two-wheels diminishing after the loss of friends. Turning to four wheels, his passion grew for drag racing. “I kept blowing stuff up (at Santa Pod Raceway’s ‘Run What Ya Brung’ in the UK). I wasn’t earning much money and that would be my daily drive. Whatever >

coast 34

coast 35

money I had earnt I would put into my car and it would run for a week. Then I would go down and blow it up again!” His passion for drag racing has never ceased, taking on Sydney drag in recent weeks. For any rev-heads out there, his V8 Single Turbo Capri sounds amazing going down the straight. Carl transitioned from the building trade to professional DJing at 17. “I was doing more and more school discos, house parties and weddings.” Racing introducing him to the world of modern dance music. “I was at the forefront, every single party around the UK, Scotland & Ireland. Eventually, I ended up going over to Europe – first France, then Germany and Italy. America called in ‘92/’93.” Then he took on the world. “It was kind of mad because I really did come from very humble beginnings.” His South London twang, a signature trademark. Australia called in ’91 with his worldwide hit ‘I Want You (Forever)’ dropping. “It’s bizarre. When I first started playing, I remember being in a high school disco and I really didn’t want them to see me play. I didn’t want the attention. I just wanted them to listen and enjoy. I was quite shy.” At the forefront of Chicago house and techno music, Carl rode the exploding British rave scene. “I was young and there were no textbooks for it. What you experienced, you dealt with. So, I kind of dealt with (the attention) right from the beginning – you’re there to entertain people. I’ve always seen DJing as a form of entertainment, no matter what genre. They want you to take them on a journey of your self-expression.” And, that’s exactly how he sees it. “I’ve found something in a record that I want you to hear and hopefully you understand why I’m playin’ it. I’m kind of breaking it down.” “Most DJ’s couldn’t tell you that. They just want to be famous, get rich quick and shag as many girls as possible. The love and passion that I have for music and searching for the perfect beat. You know, some records almost make me cry when I play them. Whoever made that, he or she, there’s something expressive in it. If I played to 20 people or 200 or 2000… and they all connect with that, then that’s my connection to the audience.”

coast 36

“I can play Top 40 hits, but they’re already hits – me playing doesn’t say anything. I can’t think of anything worse than playing popular music, because what’s the point?”

“It was kind of mad because I really did come from very humble beginnings.” If popular music is your style, just bite your tongue and don’t ask. “Someone (once) said, ‘Can you play Rhianna?’, I said ‘No’, ‘You call yourself a DJ?’” Carl laughs. “It’s already out, why would I want to play it? It’s a good record. It does what it says on the tin. I’d rather play someone you haven’t heard.” To Carl’s credit, that’s exactly why he’s still here almost forty years later. “I’m not looking for any higher heights. If I go in front of 50,000 people, or my biggest crowd of 1.8 million, I don’t see anyone; just a sea of people. I have confidence to know that people are here to hear me play, if I play that record, they’re going to connect. >

designed in inverloch available at mookah studio 11 a’beckett st, inverloch, 3996 15 smith st, warragul, 3820 @mattaclothingau


coast 37

And then, once I’ve connected, I’ll take them on a journey, whether it takes two hours, four hours, six, eight or 12.” And whilst the journey may change over the years, for those who put down their phones and immerse themselves in the moment, you can lose yourself; electronic, techno, house, drum and bass, trap, the list is endless. One of his favourite events in recent years, winery parties – “it’s the music I grew up with. I get the chance to share it with those who used to go clubbing, but don’t anymore because of family. It’s struck a chord with a lot of people here.” For those who are still up for the odd night out, you cannot miss Carl’s Space events (Sydney and Melbourne). Transforming Shed Nine into Space Ibiza (figuratively), expect the sounds from his residency days. “People having a great time, more warming, not techno or underground. Just great accessible house music – hands-in-the-air piano tunes.” Babylon and Pure tie Carl to Australia until mid-April with a lineup of international DJ’s, including his partner-in-crime Eric Powell. But whether he’ll be caught up on a bar is yet to be seen. “I was always a dancer, before I was a DJ. When I hear music, I cannot just stand there. Danny Tenaglia is one of the most revered DJ’s of all time, and he was playing really well at Groove Jet in Miami. I’m going into the club, getting accosted by everybody and I think, ‘You know what, here’s a bar with no-one on it, I’m going to dance on the bar!’ A couple of girls came up. Danny saw me. Completely bonkers. An hour and a half, if not more, no one could get to me. I completely rocked out. It was bloody awesome. I wanted to really experience him from that side of the decks.” The night became legendary… And, it’s not the only night worth remembering in a career filled with incredible highs, from Love Parade and playing to an estimated 1.8 million to opening and closing Radio One’s Millennium Mix in Sydney as Australia welcomed in 2000 and crossing the date line to Hawaii as they rounded in the millennium. Flying on “a Qantas analogue 747. Not a digital one, ‘cause they said if the plane goes down, ‘cause of the computer system, they could still fly it!” Buying a holiday home in 2004/05 in Frankston, Carl’s fire for motorbikes reignited. “I remember seeing people riding their bikes around the Peninsula, their girlfriends on the back, and just the freedom of it all. I thought maybe I’ll get back on ‘em again. How hard can it be? So, I went to Mornington Honda, got my license, got my P’s and rode a CB250 Honda. I loved that bike. Just an entry level shit box, but to me this was one of the biggest things I’d ever ridden.” Harleys’, BMWs’ and Ducatis’ make up the 100+ bike collection Carl has scattered around the world. Not one to rest on his laurels – “I’m still creating, being creative, finding new artists. Hearing their twist on what happens next,” – Carl’s weeks are filled with passions new and old. His motorsports team taking him between the Isle of Man and Australia, drag racing and hot rods sending him around the Australian countryside, and if that’s not enough to keep him busy, his new venture at Inline 4 Café in Cape Woolamai ticks off another box, bringing ‘great food and fast engines together’. And, when Australia says goodbye as winter arrives next year, the continuous summer will see winding journeys on English roads with the roof down in his McLaren – ask him the story behind that purchase – motorcycle rides with the boys to Ibiza and long sets as one of the world’s best DJ’s. In the meantime, it’s windows down in the Mustang, tunes through the radio and ocean breezes on the hilltop.

coast 38

“... once I’ve connected, I’ll take them on a journey ...”

Warren reed PhotograPhy creative PhotograPhy in LandscaPe, Portraiture and documentary PhotograPhy for editoriaL, commerciaL and advertising cLients Phone: 0414 753 739

coast 40

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artist profile

More than


“When I was a kid, I thought I sounded like Donald Duck on Valium.” From my opening exchange with multi-award-winning artist Ken Griffiths, I knew this would not be an ordinary interview. We begin with a tour of his extensive home collection. His partner Karin Ellis, a compelling artist in her own right, reclines in bed in one painting, laughs gleefully in another, her face always lively and framed by her signature curls. His brightly-lit studio is a vibrant workspace with multiple works in progress; easels, canvases, brushes and tins of house-paint abound.

impasto, pencils, ink, oils, pastels, acrylics, house-paint and Estapol are all fair game. Wire, cutouts, and layering of different mediums add interest and complexity to some pieces; other works are less detailed, effusing energy in negative spaces, in erased and smudged lines. There’s more to the message than the medium; if you take a closer look, Ken’s seemingly disparate works simultaneously demand individual attention and collectively weave a story.

Ken’s work has been described as somewhat eclectic – his mediums of choice are varied and at times unconventional;

Born in Ballarat in 1959, he discovered his prodigious drawing talent in high school. “I took art in year 11 because it was a >

coast 41

bludge. I was a bad student, lazy. I’m autistic. It gets better as you get older, but as soon as a teacher started talking, I’d stop listening.” Ken reckons he was hard to teach as a young artist. “Picasso said, ‘I begin with an idea and it becomes something else.’ I would’ve absolutely scorned that as an 18-year-old. You want to paint something? You think of it, do a sketch and you paint it. You don’t let it become something else – that’s shite!” Evolving as an artist has flipped Ken’s views. “It’s how paintings get that fun edge to them. Lots of unexpected stuff happens if you allow it to.”

Wire, cutouts, and layering of different mediums add interest and complexity… Taking the roundabout journey to life as an artist, Ken worked in diverse jobs including chimney sweeping and gardening until his father suggested he go back to university. Qualifying as an art teacher at 24 years of age, Ken’s teaching career eventually led him to Gippsland – to Leongatha Secondary College. Ken’s figurative artwork is a life-story of sorts, an exploration of relationships – the treasured and conflicted alike. A piece entitled ‘Backyard 66’, painted from a family photo, depicts children on a swing set with serious faces and shadowed eyes, in muted grey and sepia tones. “They really look like characters from The Village Of The Damned,” he laughs. “This was about the only time I got positive feedback from my dad… but then I got interested in Dali, and the positive feedback from Dad dried up.” Then he discovered Brett Whiteley, an Australian artist known for blending distortion and accurate representation, abstract and figurative work, the capacity to surprise. Like Ken. Consider his 2018 YAC award-winning painting, ‘Mardi Gras 1’, held in the Bass Coast Shire’s permanent collection. A predominantly

coast 42

Gotham City-like palette of grey with a wedge of greenishyellow and splashes of red, it portrays an ink-sketched crowd of people, buildings and animals that yield more to the viewer the longer you look. See if you can spot the haemorrhoids. Ken excels at portraiture, of himself and others around him. His self-portraits range from serious to flamboyant and everything in between, and reflect aspects of the work of another artistic influence, Francis Bacon. ‘Selfie with a Sty and Wire Eyebrows’ (pen and ink and black wire) captures Ken’s energy and humour; ‘Self-portrait as a Room’ (charcoal, acrylic paint and collage) is intense and chaotic, with glowing eyes that leave me undecided as to whether they are watching me or looking in. A painting entitled ‘Self-portrait with a Migraine’ resonates instantly for anyone who has ever had one. Ken’s self-portraiture is in part a way of processing changes in his life, transitioning from renovating the State Mine Hotel to further study, and ageing. He says trying to sell the hotel aged him ten years in two. “When I started my Masters, I was using my selfportrait to reappraise the way I looked. I knew I didn’t look the same, I’d lost my hair, I’d gone grey, got wrinkly and fat.” Ken used the drawing medium to achieve a more ‘spontaneous, energetic look’ to his work, and I’d say he succeeded. His selfportraits seem barely able to be contained. Ken has a canny knack of conveying a sense of story in his work. ‘Birthday Party’ depicts two women sitting at a table, one resting her head on one hand, the other with arms crossed and a gargoyle-like image behind her. It feels like the viewer has just walked in after a fight. Other paintings capture the fleeting boredom of waiting for lights to change and frustration with public transport. Like another of his influences, American artist Larry Rivers, Ken frequently paints people close to him – his ex-wife, his father and grandfather. Capturing tension, disappointment and the tumult of divorce, these works contrast strongly with the joyous paintings of Karin, his partner of nearly 30 years. He tells me about when they met at Leongatha Secondary College. “I went into to the staff room, and found Karin there by herself. I was shy and scared, but I

“I was shy and scared, but I went to her and said, ‘Would you like to go to Sydney and see the Surrealist exhibition with me?’” went to her and said, ‘Would you like to go to Sydney and see the Surrealist exhibition with me?’ She said, ‘Let me think about it … yes.’ It was beautiful,” he laughs. Together they juggled jobs and art, moving around the country, pushing through lean times when they could afford little more than cigarettes and milk, and eventually found their way back to Wonthaggi. Ken’s ‘Naughty Claire’ paintings also contain stories within stories. Inspired by an overbearing older sister and a daughter who was going through a rough patch, the paintings depict a mostly gleeful child up to mischief in one way or another. His favourite painting is one of this series, ‘A Musical Evening with Naughty Claire.’ Claire, all elbows and angles, straddles a stool and strums a guitar, with a whimsical smile on her face. Amused by this admission, Ken says the Naughty Claires are close to his heart. Artists are often tight with techniques, but Ken happily tells his students how he achieves his effects. “I’ve taught adults for years. My best teaching is done when they initiate their own direction – then I can help them,” he says. He teaches them that perception is key, referring to Whiteley’s habit of turning binoculars around to alter perspective. “He had to see holistically – negative shapes, positive shapes, balance, inferred lines between areas of colour… elements of design. That’s thinking with your eyes,” Ken explains. He’s not teaching at the moment and he misses it. “Students give me society, they bring me new ideas. A lot of my work has started as examples for students.” Ultimately, Ken paints if he is interested, if the painting speaks to him in some way. He points to a painting of the Kilcunda bridge, one that he describes as ‘mute’. “It’s been dead for a year and half or so.” When his art ‘stops talking’, he can’t see what to do next. This is why Ken’s studio features many

paintings in varying stages of completion, why he has many projects on the go at once. It’s possible that Ken’s longterm relationships with his art – he might not come back to a painting for 20 years or more – reflect an aspect of his personality. “There’s a long gap between when something happens and when I experience the feeling for it… It can be quite helpful an artist. You can carry the experience back into the studio, experience the feeling. But it’s led me to be an awkward cuss as a person.” Ken is busy working on a piece entitled ‘Picasso with Gary Cooper’s Gun’, in which the protagonist stares out at the viewer, gun poised, cigarette in hand. Like many of Ken’s pieces, it’s hard to tell (yet) what’s in his mind. Ready to shoot or spinning a yarn? Ken’s palette sits nearby, rags on the floor. It looks as though he stepped away moments ago. Ken’s list of awards is long – he has taken out first prize at many local shows and competitions. His ClimArt contribution – ‘Armageddon for All’ won People’s Choice and Best in Show (Wonthaggi ArtSpace) this year. His work is held in private collections, in a permanent gallery in Queensland, and has been acquired by the Bass Coast Council. You can also see his work at Wonthaggi ArtSpace. Ken is proud to be a part of the thriving local art community. “I think there’s a lot of talent in the region, and it’s increasing. Individual artists have got better, they’ve developed. I’ve developed. Wonthaggi has developed,” he says. What’s next? “Rose Lodge,” he jokes, tired of the effort of maintaining his large Wonthaggi property. In the meantime, I hope ‘Picasso with Gary Cooper’s Gun’ keeps talking to him.

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O P E N 7 D AY S , 10 . 0 0 A M TO 4 . 0 0 P M

W W W. A R T S PA C E W O N T H A G G I . C O M . A U | P H O N E : 0 3 5 6 7 2 5 7 6 7 | A R T S PA C E N Q U I R I E S @ G M A I L . C O M COMMUNITY GALLERY

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At the end of the day your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling‌ The sun is out and the sea warm, grab your camera and check out the many attractions on offer across Gippsland and the Peninsula. Looking for somewhere to stay or unwind, no trouble we have that covered too! Enjoy our favourite places of Summer‌

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Tickets include free camping, BYO alcohol, licensed bars, over 30 bands and comedians, field games, street cart food, chill out areas, late night DJ's, art installations, morning yoga, great vibes and much more!

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photo credit: tony middleton

Enchanting. Unforgettable. Timeless. With breathtaking views to shimmering water, lose yourself in the idyllic Krowera Hills Olive Grove. Offering the bounty of Gippsland’s seasons in a menu that nurtures and nourishes your soul, allow us to host your next family get together, a special meal with friends, a celebration, a wedding, or well any excuse really, to simply enjoy this stunning new venue. Opening early 2019 for Summer dining. Bookings essential.

0457 111 026 | | The Grove Gippsland, Krowera Olive Grove, 27 Uren Rd. Kernot 3979 (located on the corner of Loch-Wonthaggi Rd and Uren Rd, about one km south of Krowera) The Grove Gippsland




In celebration of five years in her creative studio – a magnificent space where her mind can run wild – Annette is hosting a special summer exhibition. A leading Australian contemporary artist, Annette has been featured as one of the ‘Artist to Watch’ in ‘Art Edit’ magazine with works featured in private and corporate collections throughout Australia and internationally. With several series and numerous major commissions under her belt, Annette’s down to earth personality means she is often spotted in Inverloch speckled in paint splatter, wandering along the beach – the source of her inspiration. Tinkering throughout her life with art, the last ten years have seen Annette flourish as an artist and transition to the professional league. Each piece an abstract with meaning and emotion – love and energy. The joy in her work is infectious, radiating colour, the romance of moonlight dancing across the water, textured layers on swirling blues and green that guise the glassy depths of the ocean. Her passion radiates from within, “I love, love what I’m doing, and I can’t wait for any spare time to go into the studio and create.” Specialising in large scale paintings, it is no surprise Annette finds joy in her studio, immersed in colour and away from interruption. With work commencing on her first major solo exhibition next year in Melbourne at Westend Art Space, her summer exhibition will provide the perfect backdrop to purchase

coast 50

one-of-a-kind artworks including a selection of her earliest paintings – never before offered – and her latest wave and abstract series pieces. If you cannot make it to the studio, the bestseller’s artwork is available online at Bluethumb.

Summer Exhibition from December 27th – January 27th. Opening times vary, please check before visiting.

Melbourne Exhibition - May 4th 2019 - Westend Art Space

60 Dixon Street Inverloch. Enquiries and Commissions 0418 555 222 | Online Gallery |

surfer profile

words sally o’neill photos adam kemp & supplied

Paid TO PLAY Surf coach, yoga teacher and self-described ocean enthusiast Kirra Marlborough has a goal – to have herself a lifelong gap year. Just back from Indonesia, Kirra is a picture of health, and proof that living your dream life pays off. Along with catching great waves and undertaking some intrepid travels to remote spots in West Timor, during her latest trip she also completed more yoga training and caught up with friends from home. “We enjoyed a great dinner in Indo – there was a massive long table of Phillip Island crew,” she laughs. Bali and Indo are regular surf spots for Kirra. She also completed her first yoga teacher training in Bali, passing with flying colours, aged just 20. “It’s amazing to be fully immersed in yoga with great surf all around.” Now 23, Kirra has hit upon the perfect balance between her life’s passions of surfing and yoga. She shares her daily

coast 52

activities on Instagram as @kirraactive, looking radiant and flexible saluting the sun in some far-flung location or gracefully riding a home wave. She has become an inspiration for many. Kirra has no career plan as such: her direction comes more from the anchors in her life – surfing and yoga – and the strict criteria of knowing that a life away from the ocean was unthinkable. So when it came time to choose a uni course, she found herself floundering. She’d studied surfing at high school in Wonthaggi, completing her surf coaching qualification, but there were no tertiary courses in surfing on offer. “My plan when I left school was to have a gap life,” she laughs. >

coast 53

“Dad took us out and I loved it straight away. I surfed on Mum’s board…” In the first year post-school, she undertook a degree in personal training. While she enjoyed it, she wasn’t so keen on the punishing exercise regimes – she was more about having fun, feeling good and keeping fit. She found the perfect balance of running surf lessons and coaching with Island Surfboards. Growing up in Cape Woolamai, she always ran straight to the water’s edge – and ate lots of sand, she recalls! – when her mum and dad took her down to the beach. Her dad and brother Angus are both great surfers, and Kirra was destined to join them. She was two when she first surfed the Colonnades. “Dad took us out and I loved it straight away. I surfed on Mum’s board and then I got my own red G-board.” Surfing became as much a part of life as breathing, and she still surfs most days as well as coaching, sharing her passion with others ranging in age from three to ninety. “There’s hope for everyone to learn surfing,” she

coast 54

says. “Some kids cry and don’t want to participate, but by the end they’re catching waves – that’s pretty cool to see.” After surfing around the world, Cape Woolamai remains her favourite wave. “I’m a bit biased,” she says. “We’re so lucky here. Bali is warm, but the sand is dark, the water’s murky. Here the sky and water are blue like nowhere else.” Surfing and coaching satisfy her love of fitness and the ocean, but Kirra also felt drawn to yoga. “I loved it more than personal training, but I didn’t think being a yoga teacher was an option.” When she found the power vinyasa style, she knew it was for her – she went on to complete the intensive teacher training as the youngest in the class. The training included a retreat in Bali with a lot of self-reflection. “They challenge you and see what comes up. I was lucky: being very young, I hadn’t had too many traumatic events in my life. The retreat was really an opportunity for complete self-discovery and growth.” >









coast 55

… one of her dreams was being ‘paid to play’… She opened a yoga studio in Cape Woolamai and braved teaching her first yoga class. “It was nerve-racking, but I got through it. You just have to trust and know it will be okay – just like surfing.” After a year and a half of teaching a full yoga timetable plus surf coaching, she decided it was time to move on from the studio. “That was so hard to do, but it gave me freedom and the opportunity to spend time with friends. It was a great lesson in knowing that I had control over everything.” She now teaches yoga in Cowes along with surf coaching most days (sometimes working nine hours in a wetsuit) and believes the activities complement each other perfectly. “Yoga helps with flexibility, strengthening your physical body and bringing awareness to the present moment; and from a mindfulness

coast 56

aspect, surfing is similar to yoga. When you’re on the wave there is nothing else; it’s all you’re thinking about. For me it’s like meditation.” Kirra hopes she can be an example for others to create the life they want to live. A couple of years ago she made a vision board, and one of her dreams was being ‘paid to play’. “I’ve achieved that,” she grins. “Even if you’re not in your dream job, just have fun and know you’re in control. People say they are stuck. Are they actually stuck – or are they afraid? Just try things! If they work – awesome. And if they don’t – awesome! It’s like surfing: take the wave, and if it’s too big, just take it to the head and paddle to the side! And keep breathing.”

YEPgallery Local artists using local earth pigments and charcoal Also artisan ceramics, wood, textiles and jewellery

0408 871 379 Open 7 days over Summer 41A Main St, Foster, 3960

H A N D C R A F T E D J EW E L L E RY @GCseaglassjewellery | 0407 544 577

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Let your dreams take flight as everybody’s childhood favourite Peter Pan, swaps pixie dust for sand and soars to new heights through this magical summer tourist attraction at Boneo Maze from 15th December 2018. As the new home of Sand Sculpting Australia on the Mornington Peninsula, Boneo Maze is the perfect backdrop for visitors to follow the second star to the right, with secret hideouts, swashbuckling adventures and feisty fairies bringing Peter Pan’s classic story to life in the meandering 27 acres of gardens and wetlands. Created by international artists, the four-metre-high sculptures of Peter Pan will be flanked by storybook companions Captain Hook and Mr Smee, the Lost Boys of Never-Never Land, Tinkerbell, Indians, Mermaids and the tick-tock crocodile. Boneo Maze Event Director Evie Wittingslow said: “There’s something truly magical about seeing these characters we have grown up with come to life as giant sand sculptures. Everyone loves the story of the boy who could fly and doesn’t grow up, and it’s fitting that we’re welcoming Peter Pan and his friends into our enchanting gardens here at Boneo Maze.” Ms Wittinglsow added that since 2004, Sand Sculpting Australia has presented 19 major sand sculpting events across Australia, which have been enjoyed by over 2.2 million people.

coast 58

Fifteen award-winning international and Australian sand sculptors will carve over 3, 500 tonnes of sand into intricate sand artworks along the wetlands and garden pathways of Boneo Maze. Sand sculptor Joris Kivits from the Netherlands estimates it will take 5,000-man hours to create the artworks. The team will then use bonding and loam to strengthen the sculptures and specialist carving tools to detail the works. Visitors will also enjoy exploring the hedge mazes, giant chess and outdoor games, wetland and boardwalk trails, jumping castle, Kids Zone with sand play activities and Adventure Zone with bungy trampoline, rock climbing wall, kids train and vintage carousel. Sand Sculpting Australia at Boneo Maze will open from December 15th and run though until 28th January 2019 (excluding Christmas Day) from 10am to 6pm. Friday night Big Kids Can Play wine and dine packages also available. Visit


There couldn’t be a more picturesque way to spend your Australia Day weekend than picnicking on the golden sands of Inverloch’s beaches. Hosted by the South Gippsland Yacht Club and driven by a passionate committee and community sponsors, in five short years the Inverloch Classic Wooden Dinghy Regatta has become recognised as the most comprehensive on water display of classic wooden dinghies in Australia. Covered on an international scale through magazines, blogs and webpages.

Throughout the weekend there will be beach displays and a variety of water events with excellent viewing for spectators. Something to suit all tastes. Stop by at 2pm on Saturday 26th for the Jack Holt Memorial Race or 2pm on Sunday 27th for the all important Inverloch Classic Wooden Dinghy Regatta and Monday the 28th for beach displays.

While highlighting Inverloch’s maritime and beach resort heritage, the regatta’s main purpose is to restore, preserve and display the history and craftsmanship of these classic craft as many have been abandoned, left to rot, or burnt.

Full itinerary at, under the Inverloch Classic Wooden Dinghy Regatta tab.

The loss of craft coincides with the introduction of modern materials and mass production, but also signals a time when we stopped creating with our hands, sharing the experience with our children and fostering an inherent love for sailing through the experience of wholeness. This year will see us celebrating world renowned dinghy designer Jack Holt, who created some of the most family friendly sailing boats, including the Mirror and the Heron. Both boats were built in thousands of backyards, sheds and spare rooms with simple plans and packages available for purchase. The pop of red sails iconic to anyone who has ever stepped into a Mirror – the nostalgia of adventure and fun that are reflected on affectionately for a lifetime. Additional to the Jack Holt designs we will also have our usual participants – Sailfish, Gwen 12s, Vee Jays, Heavyweight Sharpies, Couta Boats and Clinkers, Moths, Rainbows, 125s and a myriad of other unique and historic designs.

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Photography: Tim Wilson and Marion Chapman..

Proudly sponsored by

Inverloch & District Community BankÂŽBranch

Inverloch Historical Society

words chloe kent photos adam kemp, warren reed & supplied

the HILLS “Sitting on the hill as a kid watching the sunset – the rolling hills, the green expanse, French Island and the ocean in the distance, it’s quite surreal. Twenty years later, that same moment is experienced with over 2,500 people.” They may not be household names like their younger brother, Angus, but Aidan & Rhett McLaren have certainly made their mark on the creative industry. In the wake of the latest festival announcement and their partnership for The Hills Are Alive 2019 with Triple J, not to mention their youth activism work, the pair take a moment from their hectic schedules to take us back to the beginning. Born locally, the duo grew up in a small cottage in Krowera before moving across the road to their family home. Built in the late 80’s, it “was the longest build ever”, according to Aidan. Fans of the Hills may be familiar with the small cottage in the car park… With community-minded parents, the boys had an amazing childhood; far from rural isolation. Exploring local art events, playing sports, participating in local theatre productions – their weeks were filled. Adventure was not lacking at home either with their father converting the old dairy shed into a music room. Watching from afar, the boys soon followed in their father’s musical footsteps. At 13 they picked up their first instruments (Rhett: Bass Guitar, Aidan: Drums) and learnt to play. Friends would join and before they knew it the studio was a rehearsal space for their respective bands and occasional jams with Angus. “Mum had an idea for a three-piece boy band...” Rhett laughs. Throughout year 11 and 12, Aidan & Rhett participated in FReeZA, a Victorian Government initiative empowering youth to organise events. Here they learnt to produce a “bunch of shows in Leongatha and surrounds”. After completing high school, they moved to Melbourne, to live and play. As the band, Long Walk Home, started gaining radio play and gigs booked out, they decided to pack their bags and move abroad. >

coast 62

coast 63

With a singer from Melbourne and two other local boys – Michael Robb and Jake Boville – they flew to Germany to pursue a career in music. Life in Berlin was tough, albeit an “amazing experience”, according to Aidan. “I remember riding my bike and slipping on the ice in the middle of winter - you don’t experience that here. Living throughout Europe gave me perspective on the world and how special it is back here. But, after our third winter we’d had enough… “Our welcome home party was the first ‘Hills Are Alive’. Over 300 friends and family joined, and we asked friends’ bands to play.” Aidan and Rhett went back to their respective careers; a teacher and engineer. Five years later they took a sabbatical. “The Hills was our passion, but we were working full time. We saved some money and gave ourselves a year to see if we could make it possible.” During that year Rhett and Aidan created ‘NYE on the Hill’ and joined forces with UNIFIED Music Group (UMG) Artist Management. At the end of the twelve months they’d made just enough money to justify a second year.

idea of hosting, but “no-one gave it a chance due to the genre. Jonathan ‘Eddie’ McMicking became a driving force and with the footy club’s support they welcomed the festival”. Unlike their other events, and with a new site for 2019 (the 7,500+ attendees have outgrown the rec reserve), UNIFY Gathering attracts big international names, with seven exclusive acts and an extra day of festivities on the cards for 2019. Aidan and Rhett’s latest endeavour is ‘Ocean Sounds’. Years in the making, the sunset concert will feature local favourites including Dan Sultan and The Pierce Brothers as well as resident acts, and delicious wines and cheeses. “We started The Hills Are Alive 10 years ago, most our friends have families and can’t hack three-day festivals anymore.” For the 8,500+ Hills membership base, it’s their ‘grown-up’ solution. With a focus on growing the five festivals, the two are adamant – ‘create moments that matter’, get better before bigger. As Aidan explains: “Acts want to come and play; some continue appearing years after as punters.”

What Aidan and Rhett create is truly magical. A space connecting music lovers and bands of all genres with a programme for the soul. After a late night of disco and dance the mind desires soothing vibes, and that is exactly what their programmes provide.

No country festival would be complete without an environmental aspect. Partnering with Landcare, their latest initiative will see 9,000 trees planted in nearby gullies by Hills volunteers. Bringing the team together during the off-season, it will undoubtedly include a party afterwards!

Teaming with UMG, they’ve also created UNIFY Gathering, the first and largest heavy music space in Australia. Hosted at Tarwin Lower, they initially struggled to find a venue. “It’s a bigger event and dad didn’t want another one!” Farmers loved the

With a new addition to the McLaren family, Aidan is quick to note little Rumi’s festival attendance. “By the time he was three months old, he’d been to five festivals… I brought him an xylophone for his 1st birthday and he loves it. He always grabs >

coast 64

Located just a few minutes walk from Leongatha town centre and the start of the Great Southern Rail Trail, our large, light filled home is the perfect place to rest while visiting our beautiful countryside in South Gippsland. Perfectly situated to visit Wilsons Promontory and the sandy beaches of Inverloch and Venus bay, The Hicks is able to accommodate up to 10 guests with 5 twin bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Boasting a fully equipped kitchen & laundry, open lounge room and secure backyard with deck. The Hicks Accommodation 128 McCartin Street, Leongatha | 0409 800 868 Find us on Facebook. Bookings through major booking sites

Celebrate In Style

Specialising in clear span marquees and complete event hire, we can design a package that is perfectly suited to your style and budget. We aim to take the hassle out of your special occasion by providing the highest standard of equipment, unique products and styling and flawless service and delivery. 5952 1791 | | 15 The Concourse, Cowes. @overthetopevents1 @overthetopeventhire

coast 65

Cool Out Sun or my wife Tania’s Bruce Springsteen records off the shelf and turns up the sound, he can’t even walk.” As for behind the scenes – “It’s a special couple of weeks. Take NYE, the build starts before Christmas; we have two days off for Christmas and Boxing Day,” Rhett begins. “It starts with five people and each day an extra five appear. Mum usually caters until it gets to about 30 in the kitchen, everyone gathered around the table, then an outside caterer takes over,” Aidan adds, as his arms take in the space. “The essence is fun and having the family involved is extra special. There’s a lot of return workers – it’s a collaboration. The night before and the morning of is pretty crazy and requires a lot of coordination, but as soon as the festival starts there’s a sigh of relief,” Rhett explains. “We relax during the event and just manage things as they arise.” With afternoon vibes filling the air, silence soon descends as the sun sets and the crowd gather on the hill to watch before the darkness takes over and the real party starts. A fun-loving, music-discerning crowd, the event has avoided trouble. If a musician falls ill, there is always someone on hand to step in. “Mike Waters recently filled in… Most musicians party hard afterwards, there have been a lot who have missed their flights home!” And, if you think the party stops when the last attendee departs, you’d be sorely wrong. “There’s an amazing moment on Sunday night – the leftover food and drinks, all the crew gets together,” Rhett recalls. “Karaoke, trivia – it’s a real bonding experience.” Whilst their dad and uncle are not playing this year (they’ve played seven out of ten years), the event is very much a family

coast 66

affair – “Mum has a can-do attitude and is very motivated; she used to manage dad’s bands”, Aidan explains. “They love it!” But when asked what is most special to the brothers, it’s the history. “Watching bands I idolised playing in the fields I used to round cattle up in, it’s pretty special.” The farm has been in their family for six generations, with Rhett and Aidan recently teaming up with Angus to buy the original homestead and fields (the hills over the hills). I am assured this does not mean endless festival hills, yet…

Home of Pannys Amazing World of Chocolate, a unique, interactive and educational celebration of all things chocolate. ° Daily hot curry lunch from 12 – 3pm ° Hot Chocolate made with real chocolate ° Choc dipped frozen bananas

Phillip Island Chocolate Factory, 930 Phillip Island Rd, Newhaven phone 5956 6600 | 5956 8729 web

coast 67


Phillip Island has been a favourite holiday destination for generations of Australian families and it is little wonder why. There’s spectacular coastal scenery, an abundance of wildlife, lovely beaches and loads of affordable family fun – plenty of reasons to make sure it’s on the list for your next holiday. Phillip Island Nature Parks’ 4 Parks Pass promises plenty of family fun and great value, with entry to the world-famous Penguin Parade, the Antarctic Journey at the Nobbies, the Koala Conservation Centre and Churchill Island Farm, all at a discounted price. You can witness the natural spectacle of the world’s smallest penguins arriving home at sunset each evening at the worldfamous Penguin Parade. Experience the nightly procession from the beachfront viewing stands as the penguins emerge from the waves and waddle across the sand. Be sure to spend time on the boardwalks, watching the penguins up close, as they make their way along their penguin pathways to their burrows. Immerse yourself in the hands-on fun and interactive experiences in the Antarctic Journey at the Nobbies. Feel the freeze in the Antarctic Chill Zone; compare your thermal image to an Emperor penguin; or check out the sustainable menu in the virtual café – our state-of-the-art multimedia experience puts you right in the heart of the action. Thanks to cutting edge ‘augmented reality’ technology, our interactive wildlife experience will be a highlight, as you see yourself on a huge screen, standing on an ice floe, patting a penguin or stroking a seal. words & photos supplied

coast 68

Come face-to-face with wild koalas along the treetop boardwalks and trails at the Koala Reserve. Learn about these amazing animals and the role the centre has played in protecting Phillip Island’s koalas and their habitat. Stroll along the woodland walking trails and you may come across some of the many visiting native animals including wallabies, echidnas, and over 35 different species of birds. Journey back in time, exploring the heritage and tranquil scenery at Churchill Island Farm; a historic working farm with Clydesdale horses, Highland cattle and an animal nursery. Hands on farming activities run daily, including sheep shearing, cow milking, whip cracking and working dog demonstrations. The farm also features a restored homestead, historic cottages and delightful heritage gardens and orchards. For those of us lucky enough to live in the Bass Coast Shire, a Local Pass means you can visit these four great attractions as often as you’d like within a 12-month period for the one low price of just $58.80 for an adult and $29.30 for a child of 4 – 15 years (children 3 and under are free of charge).

Local Passes are available to purchase at any of the four attractions with proof of residency within the Bass Coast Shire, such as a rates notice or driver’s licence. Photo ID needs to be presented with the pass to gain entry at all locations. Phillip Island also offers plenty of beautiful, natural environments to enjoy that don’t cost a single cent, and you can explore Phillip Island’s hidden secrets on one of the many easy walking trails. A little hidden treasure, Swan Lake is easy to miss. Tucked away on the approach to the Penguin Parade, it’s definitely worth the ten-minute stroll to the island’s only permanent freshwater lake. Take a picnic to enjoy at the tables in the grassed area by the entrance, then make your way to the lake, complete with hides to spy on the abundant birdlife. The mangroves and mudflats of Rhyll Inlet wetlands on the island’s north shore are a significant site for wading birds. Flying thousands of kilometres to feed during the summer months, they are recognised under the Ramsar international wetlands agreement. Boardwalks and trails of varying lengths loop through the mangroves, saltmarsh and mudflats, with views of spoonbills, oyster catchers, herons, egrets and cormorants, not to mention the occasional wallaby and echidna. For those wanting to spend a little longer and expend some energy in this pristine natural environment, a full circuit of

Cape Woolamai rewards walkers with some unforgettable views overlooking the whole island from the Beacon, or the stunning rock formation of the Pinnacles. It pays to be prepared for this 8km walk – make sure you take some water, a snack and dress according to the conditions on the day. The list goes on and on with plenty of other unspoiled locations waiting to be explored such as Forrest Caves or the very aptly named Pyramid Rock. Maybe, a short loop around Churchill Island is more your speed with views across Westernport to Rhyll, French Island and beyond, finished off with a coffee on the terrace of the Churchill Island café. There is no shortage of stunning coastal environments waiting to be explored. Phillip Island Nature Parks is a self-funded, not-for-profit organisation, meaning that every visitor directly contributes to ongoing conservation, research and education programs. Through the likes of ticket sales and souvenir purchases, you’re ensuring the continued protection of Phillip Island’s special wildlife and habitats.

Visit for more information about Phillip Island and the Nature Parks, or to purchase a 4 Parks Pass at the heavily discounted rates of $58.80 per adult, $29.30 per child (4-15 years), $41.10 Pension Concession and $146.90 for a family of two adults and two children.

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No visit to Phillip Island is complete without a trip to A Maze’N Things. An exciting world of magic, optical illusions, mazes and puzzles that will entertain, intrigue and amuse for hours. Puzzle Island will make you smile with wonder! Be surprised and astonished by the amazing illusions, puzzles, and the famous Look Out! Slide. Get shrunk, defy gravity and lose your head! Get lost in the mirror maze and fly around on the boogie boards. Transport back to the golden era of magic with engaging extraordinary magical experiences in Magic Manor. A unique series of interactive magic displays and rides, including a time machine, flying chandelier, scare area and film studio. Expect to shriek in fear and cry with laughter in the scare area and walk from the time machine wide-eyed. Magically perplexed, experience a baffling and disorienting journey on “The Conjurer’s Express” as you’re transported back to A Maze’N Things; be amused, confused and bemused! Continue the adventure in Australia’s largest 3-dimensional timber maze. Get lost, get found and get lost again – seriously! With two kilometres of maze, many have tried, and few succeed. More elaborate than most, the maze is altered seasonally, remaining a challenge for future visits. Head outside into the beautiful sunshine with the maxi mini golf course – 19 holes to entertain and challenge beginners and experienced golfers alike. Not afraid of heights? Jump on the SkyTrail, a daring and challenging experience, with unique harness and travelling system. As Victoria’s first SkyTrail, traverse the tree tops in

coast 70

complete safety, exploring different elements of swinging bridges, clambering ropes, dangling obstacles and narrow bridges. And if you still have energy to muster, sit back and enjoy a coffee whilst figuring out the mind-boggling puzzles on offer in the café. Visit over January for interactive live magic shows from inhouse magician, The Yagman, and international magician, Magic Tony. Grab a sneak peak of all the attractions on offer by visiting

Take a photo of the ad in ‘Coast’ to receive a 10% discount on any admission ticket.

coast 71


Book your Wilsons Prom holiday at



56 Koala Drive—Koonwarra Abington Briars Cottage—Foster 0419 393 734 Benaway Cottages—Korumburra 5657 2268 Fish Creek Farmview Cottages 0402 112 420 Foxhill Farm—Foster 0419 573 377 Oaklane Retreat—Foster 5682 2797 Prom Coast Holiday Lodge—Waratah Bay 5684 1110 Tidal Dreaming Seaview Cottages—Yanakie 0477 017 663 Top of the Prom—Yanakie 0407 804 055

22 Acacia Street—Sandy Point 1800 889 966 Blakey’s Losman—Sandy Point 0429 822 602 Elouera Cottage—Yanakie 5687 1239 Lanes Beach House—Walkerville 5663 2291 Promegranite Beach House—Yanakie The Beachfront—Sandy Point 9890 2104 The Bothy—Sandy Point The Quirky—Sandy Point Walkerville Aloft



Arnold House—Fish Creek

Broadbeach Resort—Inverloch

0408 530 866

5674 6290

Like us on Facebook Wilsons Prom Holiday Accommodation e you to view our travel video invit e s. W



Grand Ridge Road 1 hour

ip p


s la n

d Hw


Mirboo North 1hour

Korumburra 1hour

ck Strzele

i Hw y

Leongatha 45mins Ba

Koonwarra 40mins


y Hw


Tarra Bulga 11/2 hours

Inverloch 45mins

Stony Creek 35mins

Bunurong Coastal Reserve & Marine Park


Foster 25mins

Port Welshpool 45mins

Fish Creek 25mins

Venus Bay

Nooramunga Marine & Coastal Park

Waratah Bay 20mins Walkerville Cape Liptrap 30mins Lighthouse

Sandy Point 20mins

Corner Inlet

Yanakie 5mins Waratah Bay


Tidal River Travel time by car to Wilsons Promontory is indicated next to the town.

coast 72

Nature-based getaway

Cape Liptrap Lighthouse Book online or phone the property. View rates and availability. Secure online bookings available. Properties are located in and around South Gippsland and on the way to the Prom...

22 Acacia Street | Sandy Point 1800 889 966

Blakey’s Losman | Sandy Point 0429 822 602

The Beachfront | Sandy Point 9890 2104

The Bothy | Sandy Point

The Quirky | Sandy Point

Lanes Beach House | Walkerville 5663 2291

Walkerville Aloft

Prom Coast Holiday Lodge | Waratah Bay

Elouera Cottage | Yanakie 5687 1239

Promegranite Beach House | Yanakie

Tidal Dreaming Seaview Cottages | Yanakie

Top of the Prom | Yanakie 0407 804 055

0477 017 663

5684 1110


AMAZE’N THINGS Fun for the whole family! Transport yourself to another world – from Puzzle Island to Magic Manor, The Maze to Mini Golf. Be shrunk to half your size or drop down the vertical drop slide! Entice the magician at heart with interactive magic displays and special summer shows. And don’t go past the SkyTrail high ropes course! Call 5952 2283

AMAROO PARK Your home on Phillip Island. Located 200 metres from Cowes main strip, we feature rooms, villas, studios and camping facilities that accommodate everyone from the lone traveller to large groups. With Cowes’ latest restaurant addition Korea Garden on-site, the beach a 5-minute walk away, and dog-friendly camping sites available, you cannot go past Amaroo Park for your next getaway. Call 5952 2548

coast 74


ANCHOR BELLE Enjoy a wonderful family holiday at Anchor Belle Holiday Park. Announcing our beautiful new, fully accessible cabin; all rooms designed for wheelchair access. Accommodation includes luxury two-storey townhouses, 2-& 3-bedroom cabins, ensuite and powered sites. Only 100m to the beach, great family-friendly facilities: heated pool, jumping cushion, games room, ball court, recreation room and spacious camp kitchens. Call 5952 2258

ANNETTE SPINKS Annette opened her Art Studio and Gallery in Inverloch five years ago, giving her the opportunity to work on large scale pieces. Her paintings explore the moods and energy of the ocean. Each piece is created with true feeling and meaning, drawing on her life experiences and emotions. Her expanding body of work includes several series and numerous major commissions. Call 0418 555 222

Handmade, wood fired stoneware and porcelain.

Visitors are welcome to inspect the kiln and studio and to purchase pieces from the recent firing. Open 10:30am–5pm weekends, public holidays & most weekdays (phone first weekdays). Cottage rental available. Phone for weekend opening times during February. 60 Kardella –Fairbank Rd, Kardella (via Korumburra) Ph. 0403 023 761. E. Robert Barron

coast 75

words sally o’neill photos adam kemp & supplied



Lying on our backs as children, watching the clouds float by, is a memory we all cherish. Mornington Peninsula artist Debbie Mackenzie’s evocative landscapes take us to that happy place … Debbie Mackenzie takes solace in landscapes: they rekindle a childlike wonder and evoke emotions that are palpable in her works. She fills the canvas with intensity and a deep affection for nature – whether it be a serene landscape or a wild, raging sea. Her work ‘Dark and Stormy’, a recent John Lesley Prize finalist, encapsulates this emotion. “It’s a very dramatic but calm place,” explains Debbie. “People say they can feel the intensity, but that they also feel something very calm at the core of my works. It’s not intentional, but it is how I feel when I’m painting.”

coast 76

The sense of calm may also come from the reverence she pays to the sky in her works. “It feels settling to my soul that I have borne witness to these big skies in very happy places,” says Debbie. The skies of her art stretch across her life and back to a childhood spent between the Mornington Peninsula and her great-grandfather’s remote, hundred-year-old shack at Peterborough. “The shack is at the very end of The Great Ocean Road, where there are lots of dairy farms and beautiful sweeping plains, old cypress trees and very big skies. It has a profound influence on how I paint.” >

artist profile

coast 77

“I suddenly had time to do what I really wanted to do my whole life. This was my opportunity to be truly happy.”

Growing up in Mt Eliza, Debbie went to Toorak College and spent many weekends at friends’ properties in Balnarring and Point Leo. Art was her constant companion. “I can’t remember not drawing,” she recalls. Visiting her uncle Tony Hanning’s home studio in Yinnar was wondrous. “There were dragonflies on the window sills, illustrations scattered around and artists blowing glass. It helped me to understand that you can enjoy art and it can also be a serious vocation.”

When she had her children some years ago, Debbie – who’d been drawing more and more – decided to try painting. Her previous attempt with oils, she confesses, had been a disaster, so she thought she’d try acrylics. Inspired by looking at things through a child’s eyes, her first painting featured a big sky, and her style progressed from there. “I suddenly had time to do what I really wanted to do my whole life. This was my opportunity to be truly happy.”

Although she was accepted into a drawing course at Swinburne, she chose to study graphic design because she thought it would be more lucrative – she couldn’t bear to be “a poor artist”. She didn’t finish the degree as she was offered a job as a production assistant with film director Fred Schepisi before being poached by an advertising agency where her talent for marketing and strategy led her to a position as an account executive. She was a founding member of M&C Saatchi advertising agency. “It was an extraordinary few years. I loved advertising: it was brilliant.”

The first few pieces she entered into an art show sold, and then her own exhibition was a sellout. “I thought ‘wow – people must actually like my work’,” she laughs. Applying her marketing and advertising skills, she embarked on a steep trajectory to career artist, setting goals, achieving gallery representation and entering awards. Her uncle remains her greatest mentor.

coast 78

Debbie is a rare combination of artist and agent, although she admits her own time-management is appalling. But her dedication means that five to seven days a week, she travels to her studio to discover where the creative process >

Art, Transforming Spaces

Art Consultancy The Directors of Manyung Gallery have developed a positive reputation for providing practical and creative consultancy for clients wishing to receive objective input to their creative needs. Typically, we visit a house, digitally record the areas requiring attention, measure critical spaces, review artificial and natural lighting affecting hanging or display areas, and assess the current layout as well as tonality of the target environment. We then make a series of recommendations as to style, size and artist, bearing in mind the budgetary constraints of individual circumstances.The next step is to bring a range of artworks into the house, usually leaving them for a day or two and assisting the client in trying them in various locations. At this stage we determine whether specific commissions are required to satisfy particular locational needs. Please call our friendly team , or visit one of our beautiful galleries. We also offer Mobile Art Advice.

Enquiries to or 03 9787 2953 • Malvern

• Mt Eliza

• Mornington

• Sorrento • Flinders

• Asia

• Mobile




coast 79

In an increasingly frenetic world, her works are taking on an important role in conveying a message of the benefits of a slower, more tranquil life. will take her. “I often stand looking at a blank canvas, or I get completely sidetracked, and a few hours will pass by and I haven’t painted anything!” But eventually the creative juices will flow, and the music will be cranking as she pours emotion out onto the canvas, singing to her favourite tunes. She often inscribes the name of the music she was listening to onto the back of her canvas. Sources of inspiration are endless: the way the light falls, a shadow, a tree she loves, distant ships on the bay. “It’s a constant feed of imagery.” If preparing for an exhibition, she’ll do a few ‘reccies’ and take hundreds of photos and frame them up to help with composition. Back in the studio, the landscapes merge in her mind. “People ask ‘where’s that?’, but in fact any landscape may be a combination of locations, creating my own little utopia.” Reaching her fiftieth year, Debbie has found her happy place in the big skies of her mind. “As you get older you feel an awareness of the environment. You begin to understand

coast 80

how grand it is and how small and insignificant we are.” In an increasingly frenetic world, her works are taking on an important role in conveying a message of the benefits of a slower, more tranquil life. “There is classical music that brings me to tears and poetry that makes my heart ache. Art is like that too.” Debbie is thrilled that the emotions she feels when painting a piece are transferred to others through her work. “There’s kind of a sense of responsibility in that. I’m putting the viewer in a place where I feel we belong – in the comfortable position of a child who’s free of the worry of the day-to-day stuff.” Debbie has an exhibition in Flinders in January 2019. The name is yet to be determined. It’s still up in the clouds somewhere…

S TAY, PLAY, RELA X Family friendly 2 km from main township • 100 metres from beach • Powered & ensuite powered sites • •

Range of accommodation including wheelchair accessible cabin • Indoor heated pool • Games room and ball court •

Recreation & meeting room Toddler playground • WIFI • Jumping cushion • •

272 Church St, Cowes , 3922 | Phone : +61 3 5952 2258 | Email: | @anchorbelle



Welcome to the State Coal Mine Visitor Centre with cafe, theatrette and shop, the museum, heritage trail, historic buildings and sheltered BBQ area. Opening hours 10am – 4.30pm daily. Underground tours run daily at 11.30am and 2.00pm, additional tours during holiday periods. Café on site. Garden Street, Wonthaggi | Phone 8427 2118 |

coast 81


ARTSPACE WONTHAGGI Located in the Centennial Centre, ArtSpace is a profit-for-purpose community gallery run entirely by volunteers offering quality artworks by Gippsland artists. Regular exhibitions and a gift shop stocked with original textiles, ceramics, jewellery, glassware and woodwork. The Centennial Centre also includes Visitor Information Services and boardroom/meeting room for hire. Call 5672 5767

BONEO MAZE & MINI GOLF Located on 27-acres of wetlands, Boneo Maze is a must for any visitor looking to indulge in an afternoon of flora, fauna and fun. With large hedge mazes for the secret agent and smaller hedges for the little ones, immerse yourself in problem solving, mega games and a professionally designed mini golf course. With a calendar of events throughout the year. Call 5988 6385

BURRA BREWING A microbrewery located in the beautiful rolling hills of Korumburra, stop by and sample an array of freshly brewed craft beers, whilst satisfying the tastebuds with delicious wood-fired pizzas all day. Open Thursday to Sunday from 11am. Relax on sunny Sunday afternoons with live local music. Walk in venue, no bookings required. Call 5658 1446

GEORGIE CUNNINGHAM SEA GLASS A trained silversmith, Georgie transforms her beloved gem-like jewels of the sea into gold and silver masterpieces. Individual commissions and upcycling of old fine bone china and pearls sees Georgie’s work take on sentimental, unique characteristics. Wearers feel a connection to the beauty and spirit of each piece. Call 0407 544 577

GOOSENECK POTTERY Robert Barron produces a unique range of hand-thrown, wood-fired stoneware. The Gooseneck Kiln is one of the largest wood-fired kilns in Australia and visitors are welcome to inspect the workshop and kiln. Range includes jugs, teapots, mugs, baking dishes and platters as well as water features, planters and sculptural pieces. An onsite cottage (sleeps four people) is available to rent. Call 0403 023 761

coast 82

Clean, fresh, light accommodation – family villas and studios with ensuite #1 on Tripadvisor 97 Church St, Cowes VIC 3922 Phone: (03) 5952 2548 Email:

Four exciting rooms to choose from. 2/2a Carbine Way MORNINGTON, 3931 0413 010 431

Bad weather ruining your holiday? Exciting indoor fun the whole family will enjoy.

coast 83


THE HICKS ACCOMMODATION Situated a few minutes’ walk from Leongatha town centre and the start of the Great Southern Rail Trail, this fully renovated, air-conditioned holiday home in South Gippsland includes all the amenities you need. Only a 20 minutes’ drive from the clean sandy beaches of Inverloch, Venus Bay and less than one-hour drive to Wilson’s Prom and Phillip island. Call 0409 800 868 @The-Hicks

INVERLOCH CLASSIC DINGHY REGATTA There couldn’t be a more picturesque way to spend your Australia Day weekend than picnicking on the golden sands of Inverloch’s beaches watching the Inverloch Classic Wooden Dinghy Regatta. There will be great spectator viewing with racing, beach displays and leisure sailing throughout the three days. For further information or to participate with your own dinghy, visit our website.

LOCH BREWERY & DISTILLERY Journey through the rolling hills of South Gippsland to the historic 100-year-old, red brick bank of Loch. Here a story of single malt whisky and hand brewed ales unfolds, alongside delightful gins made with Gippsland grown native botanicals. For a perfect summer’s day, stop by for an unforgettable tasting experience and meet the makers. Cellar door Friday to Sunday 11am-4pm. Call 0414 590 474

LOCKED IN ESCAPE ROOMS Come and try one of our four interactive escape rooms. You’ll need your wits and some quick thinking, as you are drawn into the mystery, if you want to escape in 60 minutes. Hunt for hidden objects, solve interactive puzzles, and open locked spaces. A great rainy day activity. Bookings Essential. Call 0413 010 431

MANYUNG GALLERY GROUP Established 1968, Manyung Gallery Group has become a cornerstone for exhibiting contemporary art on the Mornington Peninsula. Directors David & Sharyn WemyssSmith have been enthusiastic art collectors for over 30 years & have a passion to see art transforming spaces. In Manyung’s 50th year, the galleries are excited to celebrate all that has been & all that is yet to come. Call 9787 2953

coast 84

Are you looking for a yoga studio that is dynamic and transformational? A place to unwind on a hot summer’s day? Sweat, laugh, flow and transform with Power, Hot, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga in our luxury Cowes yoga studio. With sessions to suit all levels, find power and freedom in your body and clarity and focus of your mind. Open 7 days a week, class bookings essential.

The Gippsland Art Gallery has a range of exhibitions and programs to suit everyone. The Gallery has a long tradition of bringing the best art from around Australia (and the world!) to the region, as well as showcasing the extraordinary wealth of artistic talent in Gippsland itself. Whether you are a local resident or just passing through for the day, we hope you will enjoy what the Gallery has to offer.

a: 2 Hollydene Court, Cowes p: 0439 392 737 e: w: @barefootpotential @BarefootPotential

Open Mon to Fri 9.00am – 5.30pm Sat, Sun and public holidays 10.00am – 4.00pm a: 70 Foster Street, Sale p: 03 5142 3500 e: w: @gippslandartgallery

Girls on board surf school provides personalised surf lessons at the sheltered YCW beach on Phillip Island. Highly experienced, Surfing Australia qualified coach Jess Laing specialises in small public group lessons, private lessons and surfing programs for guys and girls of all ages and levels of experience! Our aim is to have fun whilst learning in a friendly and safe environment. Get on board, it’s a lifestyle!

p: 0403 126 800 e: w: @girlsonboardsurfschool @girlsonboardsurfschool

Healthy, challenging fun for the whole family. Looking for a fun way to stay fit or keep the family entertained for a couple hours? The exciting indoor climbing concept has arrived on Phillip Island. With 30 challenges to suit all abilities plus an Augmented Climbing Wall and Virtual Reality Experiences, escape to the vertical maze today. Party rooms also available as well as a cafe overlooking the climbing arena. Bookings essential. a: 6-8 Industrial Way, Cowes, Vic, 3922 p: 03 5952 6780 e: w: @clipnclimbphillipisland @clipnclimbphillipisland

coast 85


NATIONAL VIETNAM VETERANS MUSEUM The NVVM seeks to remember, interpret and relate the experience of the veterans of the Vietnam War and its enduring impact on society. Home to a huge collection of artefacts, interpreted with information, imagery and audio-visual devices, it will keep you, your family and friends engaged for the length of your visit. Nui Dat Café open daily. Wheelchair friendly. Call 5956 6400

OCEAN SOUNDS Picnic rugs, stunning local wines, gourmet food, the summer-sun softly setting over the ocean, and some of Australia’s most amazing live music… Welcome to Ocean Sounds Sunset Concert at Churchill Island, The Hills Are Alive Group’s latest festival offering. A family-friendly, music-lovers’ all-day concert that will take place on Saturday 19th January, featuring Dan Sultan, Pierce Brothers, Jen Cloher and more.

OVER THE TOP EVENTS Specialising in clear-span marquees, complete event hire and personalised styling services. Over the Top Events will work with you on every aspect of your event and design a package to suit your style and budget. Individual items also available for hire. Call 5952 1791

PHILLIP ISLAND CHOCOLATE FACTORY Visiting Panny’s Amazing World of Chocolate is a chance to see the world’s largest chocolate waterfall, watch delicious chocolates being made, and explore the history of chocolate. Produce your own chocolate bar, purchase your favourites from the chocolate shop or sit and enjoy a coffee, hot chocolate (of course), cool drink or meal at the café. Perfect family fun. Call 5956 6600

PHILLIP ISLAND NATURE PARKS Enjoy spectacular coastal scenery, plentiful wildlife, lovely beaches and loads of affordable family fun with Phillip Island Nature Parks’ 4 Parks Pass, including entry to the Penguin Parade, the Antarctic Journey at the Nobbies, the Koala Reserve and Churchill Island Farm, all at a discounted price. For a special treat, why not take a fast and fun EcoBoat Adventure? Call 5951 2800

coast 86



Leongatha Art and Craft Gallery Quality local Art & Craft


Want your own piece of unique art in your home or garden? Or want to create your own mosaic in a workshop? Girls weekends a specialty and gift vouchers available. Call about a commission.

p: 0417 562 625 e: w: @mosaicsbythebay @mosaicsbythebay

Regularly changing display of traditional and contemporary local artworks and crafts. The huge selection of handcrafted gifts includes ceramics, mosaics, handcrafted wood, glass art, pottery, clothing, cards, knitwear, jewellery and paintings. Free admission. Volunteers very welcome.

Open Mon-Fri 10am-4pm, Sat 10am-2pm, Closed Tues and Sun a: Cnr McCartin St & Michael Pl, Leongatha (opposite Post Office) p: 03 5662 5370 e: w: Leongatha Art and Craft Gallery





FIGHTING VEHICLES Recycled metal sculptures, garden sculptures, junk sculptures, unique furniture, fun metal animals, and lots of other stuff. New exhibitions monthly.

Open 9am - 5pm every day a: 420 Main Jindivick Rd, Jindivick p: 03 5628 5224 e: w: | @lauriecollins1 @lauriecollinssculpturegarden | @redtreegallery

Come and enjoy the beautiful Strzelecki ranges with views of Wilsons Prom from our 400 acre property at South Gippsland Tank Adventures, and do it while you’re cruising around in an army tank! With our ever growing fleet of 11 different vehicles from WWII to modern era, we offer a complete unique tank experience. Perfect for a family day out, bucks party, work or corporate day or if you just want to spoil that special someone. It will be a day you will never forget! Custom adventures available.

a: 2349 Woorarra Rd, Wonyip VIC p: Cameron Stone, 0407 611 203 e: w:

coast 87


THE GROVE GIPPSLAND Imagine a destination high in the hills offering outstanding views through to shimmering water… Our philosophy is simple – fresh, local, ethically sourced produce, presented in a simple and authentic fashion. Discover how we can facilitate your future event, be it a special family gathering, gorgeous relaxed wedding, convivial lunch or dinner with friends… any excuse to enjoy this stunning new venue. Call 0457 111 026

THE HILLS ARE ALIVE & NYE ON THE HILL 3-day, 2-night boutique music and camping festivals for good-vibing, music-loving folk. Both events take place in the beautifully picturesque rolling hills of South Gippsland near Loch Village, 35mins from Phillip Island. Good times with great people in a stunning location. This year the Smith Street Band are headlining NYE and Vera Blue The Hills Are Alive in March.

THE STATE COAL MINE Only 25 minutes from Phillip Island, the State Coal Mine is the only historic coal mine experience in the Southern Hemisphere. An affordable and enjoyable day for the whole family. Book an underground tour and discover what a coal mine in the 1900s was really like. Enjoy lunch or refreshments at the café or the sheltered picnic areas and BBQs. Call 5672 3053

WILSONS PROM HOLIDAY ACCOMMODATION Beachside or coastal accommodation at Inverloch, Sandy Point, Walkerville, Waratah Bay and Yanakie. Countryside or township accommodation at Fish Creek, Foster, Korumburra, Leongatha and Tarra Bulga. Some properties with views to Wilsons Promontory, all properties located close to attractions such as Agnes Falls, Cape Liptrap, Coal Creek, Eagles Nest and Great Southern Rail Trail.

YEP GALLERY YEP gallery in Foster showcases original paintings created from local earth pigment and charcoal by local artists. Our unique but affordable works are complemented by a range of sympathetic art objects including handmade ceramics, jewellery and turned wood. We also stock selected books by local authors, host small music events and offer workshops in earth-pigment painting. Call 0408 871 379

coast 88

Every Sunday merchants gather to sell their wares and wears, meet friends and make new ones. It’s that kinda place, a happy place. You’ll find vintage, collectables, second-hand, plants, books, food, coffee, produce, live music from 11am and much more. Plenty of parking at the Kongwak Hall and tennis courts. Dogs on leads welcome. See you Sunday! Jx

Our Libraries have a huge range of programs and events to suit all ages and interests running throughout Summer, including school holidays. Though free, most of our programs and events require you to book so please browse and book online at Drouin | Foster | Inverloch | Korumburra | Leongatha Mirboo North | Neerim South | Phillip Island | Poowong Warragul | Wonthaggi | Northern Mobile | South Coast Mobile

Opens at 10am every Sunday in Summer, Autumn, Winter & Spring Closed December 23rd a: Mainstreet, Kongwak, Victoria p: 0417 142 478 @kongwakmarket @kongwakmarket

p: 03 5622 2849 w: @wgrlc @wgrlc

One of the most unique boat tours operating in Australia. Our 30 minute ’The Ride’ Tour is the perfect mix of adrenaline-filled fun and epic scenery inclusive of sea caves and granite cliffs only accessible by boat. Take a tour on our customised Surf Racing Thundercat and awaken your senses. Coming this Summer! Seascooter Guided Tours, PADI Discover Scuba Diving & Drift Jet Phillip – See website for details.

Switch off, refresh, take time to reflect and sense the outdoors. Tucked away in rural Inverloch is a handcrafted hideaway set amongst farmland, with stunning ocean views. Cosy cabins and luxury bell tents with private bespoke bathrooms, mean you can pack lightly and unwind fast. The central cooking hub is where you can become social, warm up by the wood fires, delight in outdoor cooking, listen to the ocean and appreciate the starry sky.

Departs daily from San Remo Jetty by appointment a: San Remo Jetty, Marine Parade, San Remo p: 0433 137 320 e: w: @phillipislandthundercattours @Phillipislandthundercattours

Opening late Dec 2018/Jan 2019 a: 80 Drowleys Rd, Inverloch, 3996 p: 0400 168 240 e: w: @theinverlochglampingco @GlampingInverloch

coast 89

words sally o’neill photos warren reed

you’re the


coast 90

Artist and community advocate Patrice Muthaymiles Mahoney believes the only way you can create change is to stand in your truth - and keep on turning up.

coast 91

As a Kamilaroi, Anewan and Dunghatti Aboriginal woman growing up in Armidale, New South Wales, and becoming a teenage mum at 16 in the early nineties automatically put her in a box. “It felt so restrictive, and you try to get out of it as it is smothering,” recalls Patrice. All her friends dropped away - they were carefree teenagers and she had a baby to care for. Isolated and keen for any social contact, her response to this confusing predicament was to advocate – for herself and others. She started giving talks to other teenage mums who were also struggling with the fast transition from child to parent. “I told them that it’s okay for your house to be a mess – you’ve just had a baby. Those kinds of frank conversations just didn’t happen then.” Having a second child at 19 with a different partner boxed her in even tighter, so she fought harder. “That’s where my determination started, I went back to school and remember teachers being pregnant and saying how tired they were. I was 17 and studying and they were 30 and had a husband and car and a security that seemed unreachable to me.”

A series of pivotal moments involving racist comments, hurtful disregard and disrespect led her to think: ‘If I can’t even stand up for myself, then I am all talk and no action, and how could I stand up for other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women?’ Making her way to Wonthaggi via Lakes Entrance, Patrice found herself with three children and married for the second time by the time she was 23. With so many demands upon her, she decided she would just paint and fly under the radar. That didn’t last long. She saw the gaps in her community and personally experienced discrimination, so felt she had no choice but to start being a voice for Aboriginal women. “I always had the double whammy of broken marriages and kids and felt I was at the bottom of the pile – you see no way out. Even doing courses, you have to get the kids minded and you have to find time to switch your mind from academic to mum – it’s mentally exhausting.”

“If I can’t even stand up for myself, then I am all talk and no action . . . ”

coast 92

Nothing stopped her – she kept turning up to be at the table at meetings to have her voice heard - often with a child in tow. “If people queried me, I would say if you want me to have a say here, then you will have to accept my kids in the corner drawing.” She is a firm believer in having those who will be affected by the decision-making being present at meetings and that those people need to be supported to attend. “There is often no voice for the decision makers that these plans are going to affect. They need the right consultation and community engagement.” >

A huge variety of stalls in a vibrant, friendly atmosphere selling antiques, vintage, locally crafted goods, exotica from far off lands, jewellery, clothing, plants & more. Massage & Meditation available Thursdays & by appointment. and Wolf on Murray fine food cafe

1 Murray Street Wonthaggi (opposite Aldi, enter through Wolf on Murray café) 0419 362 978. Open 9am – 5pm (closed Tuesdays) Sundays 9am – 4pm

Weird, Wacky and Wonderful Antiques, Vintage and More. coast 93

Now living on Phillip Island, Patrice is balancing her life as an artist with developing a new business which she describes as her ideal lifestyle choice. The concept is to combine art with her culture and to share this in a respectful way. “It’s about people who want to have appreciation of Aboriginal culture and want to do things right.” She is looking forward to upcoming workshops at the local Neighbourhood Centre and growing it from there. “The smallest things make the biggest difference, it’s about taking out the exclusivity and making it inclusive. I would love people to understand the language of Aboriginal art.” Her colourful works pop from the canvas, cleverly weaving her own life, community and culture and reflecting her Island home. “I am profoundly influenced by sense of space, places, the environment and traditional art and cultures. I take great inspiration from the natural environment,” she says. Along with her ongoing community work, recent tragic events on Phillip Island led her to becoming involved in the campaign to stop domestic violence. “The landscape of Bass Coast has changed,” she says. “There is now more talk about domestic violence and a shared reference point for the community. We all want to make a difference, and no one is going to back down,” she says of the working group that has recently formed. “The people at the table will not accept delays,” says Patrice. “If there is no change, we’ll keep getting louder. Everyone wants to do something that is sustainable and sensitive and not put anyone at further risk.”

“I would love people to understand the language of Aboriginal art.”

coast 94

Patrice’s dream is for Bass Coast to be able to set an example and say no to domestic violence in an educated and united way. “We are not going to be bystanders, brush it off, or make excuses for bad behaviour. We will support this with resources, services and information and bring it into the light – it’s everyone’s responsibility. I am proud that this community has stepped up to say ‘no more’.” Her philosophy is to be what and who you say you are, be true to yourself and stand on your own foundations. “It’s all balance and you can do your little part. Find where can you make your little change. You don’t have to be on a committee or march or picket line. But what do you do in your own life and home? The first place you have to make change is yourself.” You may wonder what gives Patrice her passion and urgency. She puts it down a freak accident that led doctors to discover that she needed life-saving open heart surgery when she was just a child. “I don’t know if I’ll be here next week or next year,” she says. “We only ever have ‘now’ – the present moment.” Looking forward, Patrice is committed to standing in her truth and making a difference where she can for her own culture and community. She is also determined to play a positive part in the healing process around domestic violence on Phillip Island. No doubt she will also continue to fill the world with colour through her art – it will surely be a better place because she chose to care.

If this feature has raised any issues for you, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14.


Finding the right partner isn’t just the realm of dating shows. Creating something truly unique from 100 acres of public land between Koonwarra and Meeniyan required a partnership with passion, commitment and a shared vision. Every time West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority’s Matt Bowler drove past the Black Spur Wetland, he saw a link to the past in the little pocket of swamp scrub and blue gums. “The area wasn’t heavily cleared for farming, so it’s a snapshot of what South Gippsland looked like before European settlement. But it was run down and in need of restoration.” Local landholders and members of the Nerrena/Tarwin Valley Landcare Group agreed. They were keen to save the Strzelecki gums and the Swamp Paperbark and provide a habitat for native species including koalas, platypus and the Sword Grass Butterfly. The small group of volunteers were faced with a herculean task. They applied for funding to develop a plan for the future of the Wetland, incorporating the rail trail restoration and the proposed realignment of the South Gippsland Highway. The Plan took a twenty-year view to redeveloping the area. Improving water quality, weed control and restoring native vegetation and biodiversity were vital. Nerrena/Tarwin Valley Landcare group member, Kate Walsh, is excited to see the plan being embraced and endorsed by others. “The group developed the plan and vision, which we’ve been able to share.” The Black Spur bridges on the rail trail were opened in March 2016. The CMA has allocated funds to start work on weed control, and Vic Roads, through the Major Roads Project Authority will revegetate much of the area as part of the $50 million highway alignment project. Meanwhile landowners

near the area continue to remove weeds, plant native vegetation and fence-off the waterways. Already the community is seeing the benefit of the united approach to this unique area. “At the moment, there are swans nesting in the wetlands and we have platypus swimming down the river,” said Kate. “When you walk along the rail trail you really appreciate the remnant vegetation.” If all goes according to the plan, revegetation will provide a home for many rare or threatened species and a spectacular view from the rail trail bridges. This unique partnership involves the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, South Gippsland Shire Council, West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority, Museum Victoria, Australian Plant Society (South Gippsland), Nerrena/Tarwin Valley Landcare Group and the Great Southern Rail Trail Committee of Management. And it’s a partnership the WGCMA is particularly proud of. “It’s partnerships like this that will help protect our environment for future generations,” said Matt.

Work completed by WGCMA was funded by the Victorian State Government’s Regional Riparian Action Plan.

taste of

SUMMER Whether you’ve got a smoothie in one hand or a cookie in both – we have your ultimate summer food guide. Scrumptious treats, delicate mains, a bite on the way to surf, there is something to tantalise all tastebuds…!

coast 96


Imagine a dining destination set high in the Krowera Hills offering outstanding views through to shimmering water…welcome to The Grove Gippsland. Positioned 250 metres above sea level, The Grove offers a restaurant and event space set amongst an idyllic and breathtaking 60-acre olive grove; an hour and a half’s drive from Melbourne. Their philosophy is simple - fresh, local, ethically sourced produce, presented in a simple and authentic fashion. Antony Ellis, chef and zealous environmentalist, has returned to South Gippsland bringing a pure and unbridled passion for all things Gippsland, and developed a menu that nurtures and nourishes your soul. “Food often travels thousands of miles before it reaches your table, losing freshness and leaving a considerable carbon footprint. Our suppliers replace travel time with care, love and integrity. We celebrate and showcase these producers, including Gippsland Natural Beef, Amber Creek Pork, Grow Lightly, Bassine Specialty Cheese, Prom Country Cheese, Mount of Olives, Oak and Swan Sourdough, Mirboo Farm and Gusto Gelateria and Pastry, to name a few”. Offering seasonal lunch and dinner menus designed to be experienced as shared tables and grazing plates, it’s your opportunity to experience the property and grounds, without needing to be part of a larger group or event. With menus that reflects the weekly seasonal progress of surrounding produce, the food will be served straight from Antony’s kitchen to

the communal refectory style tables in bountiful quantities for guests to serve themselves and share with whoever is next to them. Opening early 2019, Thursdays through to Sunday for lunch and dinners by prior booking. Alternatively, make an appointment and discover how The Grove Gippsland can facilitate your future event, be it a special family get together, a gorgeous relaxed wedding or well, anything at all really.

0457 111 026 or email The Grove Gippsland Krowera Olive Grove, 27 Uren Rd. Kernot 3979 located on the corner of Loch-Wonthaggi Rd and Uren Rd, about one km south of Krowera. HM45+G8 Kernot, Victoria The Grove Gippsland


coast 97





1/24 Boys Home Rd, Newhaven Call 5956 7980

260 Tynong North Rd, Tynong North Call 5942 8380

175 Graham St, Wonthaggi

You won’t find fresher fish unless you catch it yourself! Suppliers of the freshest locally caught seafood, direct from the pristine waters of Bass Strait and beyond. Their huge range includes Bass Strait Gummy, Flathead, School Whiting, Blue Grenadier, Rockling, Snapper, Spanish Mackerel, Squid, Oysters, Scallops and Prawns (raw and cooked). Whether you’re planning your Christmas feast, NYE celebration, Easter traditions or a summer barbeque, put Bass Strait Direct on the menu.

Awarded ‘Cellar Door With Best Food In Gippsland’ by Gourmet Traveller Wine enjoy French-inspired food and wine made by hand from the ground up. Sip on premium single vineyard wines by Pat & Kirsten, as Michelin trained Chef Philippe presents delectable plates showcasing Gippsland produce. Serving lunch seven days over summer (closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays from February 2019) with dinner available on the last Friday of the month. Corporate and private celebrations available.

Eat in our lovely new space! Stop by and put your feet up with an organic Proud Mary Coffee or organic turmeric spicedblend latte. With hearty, nutritious meals and salads for the soul in time for summer, our menu covers all dietary requirements. Try our delicious breakfast pies for a quick bite on your way to work – baked fresh with organic eggs. Stay tuned for our Pantry featuring local produce and freshly baked bread.



coast 98

1 A’Beckett St, Inverloch | 03 5674 1432 |





3 Blake St, Mornington Call 5977 1177

17 The Esplanade, Cowes Call 5952 6226

46 Bair St, Leongatha Call 5662 5856

This Mornington coffee institution serves Melbourne quality food and fabulous 5 Sense coffee. They do a roaring take-away trade, but step inside and enjoy the cosy, friendly atmosphere as you indulge in a delicious sweet or savoury treat. Open 6am to 6pm daily, so you can get your coffee fix whenever you need it.

It’s worth a visit for the view alone. Harry’s has been newly renovated but the menu remains focused on local, natural and authentic produce. Seafood fresh off the boat and Island-grazed beef and lamb are specialties. Artisan breads, cakes and ice-creams are all made at the in-house bakery. Open Tuesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner.

Set inside South Gippsland’s largest retail homewares store, Henrietta’s serves up some of the best coffee and food in the region. Sit back and relax after browsing through the shop or delight in a coffee whilst the other half browses the store. With cakes, milkshakes and tasty meals to appease even the fussiest connoisseurs, drop by today.

photo: onetoo

photo: @henrymckay_

03 5926 6802 Located on the Jetty at: Beach Crescent, Newhaven 3925

OPENING HOURS check social media for seasonal hours saltwater phillip island saltwaterphillipisland

coast 99





135 Marine Pde, San Remo Call 5678 5337

3535 Bass Hwy, Kilcunda Call 5678 7390

97 Church St, Cowes Call 5900 0717

There is always an impressive array of specials at this popular local supermarket. But where the store really shines is in their incredible range of gourmet sauces, expansive cheese selection and hydroponic lettuces. They also stock a great range of local wines and products, from fresh vegetables to honey to snap-frozen fresh seafood.

This friendly café is famous for beautiful breakfasts, great coffee, delicious lunches and fabulous cakes. They only use free-range eggs and chickens, and all ingredients are locally-sourced where possible. Their pastries, sauces and chutneys are all made from scratch. The gift shop showcases sustainable, locallyproduced items and their own range of chutney, chilli jam and beetroot relish. Open 7 days from 7am.

Authentic, traditional Korean street food done right. Step inside the 1920’s homestead for high quality, delicious, freshly cooked treats. Vegetarian Korean Dumplings, Kimchi Bokkum Bab, Korean Fried Chicken, sizzling plates and clay pot stews are a few of the available dishes, not to mention the famous Korean BBQ and, for the sweet tooth, Korean pancakes. You can’t go past the wide array of dishes with options to suit vegetarians, vegans and other dietary requirements.

OPEN 6AM - 6PM PHONE 5977 1177


Open Mon–Sat 6am–6pm, Sun 7am–5pm @coffeetradersmornington

coast 100


LOCAVORES LOVE LUCINDA ESTATE If you are unfamiliar with the term ‘locavore’ - it is a person whose diet primarily consists of locally grown or produced food. Lucinda Estates’ chief vigneron Andrew Gromotka is a champion locavore; a man with a passion for fine local food and wine. Andrew celebrates his region, and enthuses, “This is not just a job, it’s a way of life!” He sources local produce from people that are equally passionate in growing and making products that he presents at Lucinda Estate Winery Restaurant. He collaborates with a wide range of local producers including Bron and Bourke from Prom Country Cheese, IIIa and Maria from Fish Creek Mount of Olives, Anne-Marie and Chris from Gippsland Mushrooms, Nadine from Wattle Bank Park Farm and Barry and Cheryl from Berrys Creek Cheeses. His farmers platters are legendary – with a delicious selection of local meats, cheeses, mushrooms, olives, dip and seasonal vegetables. For those looking for more hearty fare, the Estate produces a mouth-watering selection of gourmet, wood-fired

pizzas. Think Berrys Creek Blue cheese, pumpkin, basil and pistachio pizza; or something more meaty perhaps? The Wattle Park Farm free range pork sausage with tomato, oregano, chilli and mozzarella . . . simply delicious. My personal favourite would have to be the Gippsland Mushrooms Swiss Brown with Prom Country ‘Prom Picnic’ sheep milks cheese, tomato, truffle salt and oregano. Or looking for something with a little more spice? Try the Fish Creek Mount of Olives, salami, roasted red capsicum, tomato, oregano and mozzarella cheese. The Mirboo North pasture fed chicken, basil, asparagus, mozzarella, almonds and tomato is always a firm favourite. Matched with a selection of premium Lucinda Estate wines – a match made in heaven.


January open 7 days Open Friday, Saturday & Sunday 11.30am-5pm 108 Parr Street Leongatha

0417 337 270 coast 101

words chloe kent photos warren reed

dine out

a hidden


Phillip Island’s latest foodie delight, Korea Garden, is like nothing before – and rightly so, it’s the first Korean restaurant to grace the island. Stepping into the 1920’s homestead on Church Street, one feels instantly at home – proper dining tables line the space with plenty of room to feast without feeling crowded. Seated outside, we are enticed by the various options. From dumplings and kimchi pancakes to Tteok Bokki; a good selection of vegetarian and vegan options also available. As one of our hosts, and chef, Danny, explains: “it’s authentic Korean street food, the same my Omma (mother) and grandmother made.” We settle on a broad selection of dishes – as the saying goes, why not try them all!

coast 102

The first dish to hit the table is the Hae Mul Pa Jeon (seafood pancake). Prawns, calamari and mussels accompanied by subtle vegetables. Danny’s understanding of flavours allows the fresh seafood to speak for itself. Next out, the Beef Bulgogi and Soy Pork Belly sizzling plates. The mouth-watering aroma draws us in before the plates have even hit the table – an added drawcard to dishes few words can describe. Succulent, juicy beef strips marinated in a gentle soy and sesame blend, stir-fried with mushrooms, spring onion, cabbage and onion. The pork does not disappoint

“The mouth-watering aroma draws us in before the plates have even hit the table.”

either with tender thin strips scored and subtly infused with garlic and paprika. My dining companion’s first response – “it’s beautiful” – hits the mark. A street food must, the Korean Fried Chicken (KFC) is delicious. Tender, juicy, chicken thighs are perfect for those who wish to indulge without dripping in oil. Chilli and soy sauces complement the dish. Subtly sweetened with honey, the soy is pleasing and although not a fan of chilli, I admit I’m converted. A fruity texture and secret recipe giving way to a refreshing dipping sauce. “All sauces are made here. There were many test experiments. It had to be perfect,” says Danny. Every dish, sauce and side re-created until they found the perfect blend. “Our menu is just the tip of the iceberg.”

The same goes for the produce. Sourced from markets daily by Victor (Danny’s business partner and head waiter), there is not a frozen product or store-bought accompaniment in sight – and if the quality is not up to scratch, the dish is off the menu that day. My partner picks this moment to try the kimchi. A staple Korean trimming, Kimchi helps aid digestion and is said to be one’s best friend. She is in love – a good kick of spice in the fermented cabbage and radish side. >

coast 103

As the Korean BBQ aromas fill the air, we dive into the Bulgogi Salad, a delectable masterpiece. Wafer thin strips of beef rest upon a lettuce and radish salad dressed with lemon, honey and mustard. Thoroughly full but overwhelmed with flavours and choice, we indulge in the Bibimbab (Bibim = Mixing, Bab = Rice). A choice of two sauces, soy and chilli paste, the bowl is a vegetarian’s delight. Gone are the days of hard rubber-like tofu, the marinated tofu is delicious, and that’s coming from someone who is not usually a fan of the bean curd variety. Carrot, zucchini, mushrooms, onion, capsicum and egg adorn the bowl around a centre of rice. And, it wouldn’t be a Korean feast without the BBQ. A soybased sauce marinates tender, juicy pieces of beef; a secret recipe from Danny’s mum. An absolute must, there is not much one can say about the beef other than ‘YUM!’ – the pièce de résistance.

Divided on the dessert, myself a sweet tooth and my colleague less so, we both agree the Ho Tteok is perfection. Another staple street food, the multi-layer pancake is dense, but somehow light. Drizzled with chocolate sauce, cinnamon, ice-cream and peanuts, it’s the perfect way to finish off the meal. For those who like to indulge in a tipple, you cannot go past the Kirin beer, the perfect accompaniment to KFC, and Chum Churum Soju alongside the BBQ – mix the two if you really want to get the party started! Danny, Victor and Chris (business partner and fellow chef ) have created an escape from the mundane. With monthly specials, functions available from the New Year and a Korean grocery shop coming soon, stop by for your next lunch or dinner (or both!). “We want our customers to feel like this is their home” – and on this note we couldn’t agree more. Call 5900 0717 97 Church St, Cowes

... it wouldn’t be a Korean feast without the BBQ.

coast 104





82 Whitelaw St Call 5602 2124

930 Phillip Island Rd, Newhaven Call 5956 6600

Farmers Platter at Lucinda Estate - Meats by Wattlebank Parkfarm & Quattro Stelli, cheese by Berry’s Creek & Prom Country, marinated mushrooms by Gippsland Mushrooms, olives by Mount of Olives-Fish Creek, housemade baba ganoush and local seasonal vegetables. Enjoy with our Collaborators Pinot Noir or Apple & Pear Cider. Open Friday to Sunday for Lunch and Wine tasting. Monday to Thursday Wine Tasting. Bookings 0417 337 270.

Light lunches on the deck now available. A collection of exquisite treats from across the globe. Whether cheeses from France or cured meats from Italy, create your own antipasto platters or restaurant-quality mains to take home – Meeniyan Pantry & Cellar has produce and meals to entice even the fussiest connoisseurs. With a delectable choice of desserts and wine ranging from the foothills of the Andes to the Veneto expanse, make your next family feast unforgettable.

This bright and airy café opens out onto an expansive deck and unsurprisingly offers a great range of chocolate treats. Drawing on owner Panny’s Indian/Malaysian heritage, the café also serves a variety of superb curries, and the satay wraps are legendary. Open 7 days from 9.30am to 6.00pm.

108 Parr St, Leongatha Call 0417 337 270




PHILLIP ISLAND RSL THE TERRACE 225-243 Thompson Ave, Cowes Call 5952 1004 Tunes on the Terrace. Each Sunday after lunch, plan to stay on for Tunes on the Terrace showcasing local talented musicians playing a variety of music genres – sing, dance or simply relax with the tunes. Check to see who’s playing when. Light snacks are available from our Snack Attack menu – free entry. The Terrace is adjacent to family friendly Lone Pine Bistro, open 7 days for lunch and dinner. Bookings essential.



117 Marine Pde, San Remo Call 5678 5524

70 Cape Paterson-Inverloch Rd Call 5674 0420

A great selection of house-made foods, excellent coffee, teas, smoothies and tasty sweets, has the locals and visitors returning time and again. From the ‘Epic Beef & Bacon’ Burger to the Korean Chicken Salad and everything in between, including GF options. We boast comfortable and relaxed indoor and outdoor al fresco dining and service that is second to none. Monday – Friday from 6:30am. Weekends from 7am.

A stunning location with spectacular views across Anderson Inlet, it is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal with family or friends. Radius Restaurant is the ideal setting for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and features a selection of local wines. They can also cater for special occasions and large group bookings. In Zenith Lounge, enjoy all-day dining and daily happy hour, with live music on Fridays. There really is something for everyone at RACV.

From antipasto to dessert we have tonight’s meal and next week’s dinner party covered. 82 Whitelaw Street, Meeniyan, 3956 (03) 5602 2124 Check facebook for seasonal openings @meeniyanpantryandcellar @meeniyan_pantry_and_cellar

coast 106





1/9 Beach Rd, Rhyll Call 5900 0666

10 Beach Crescent, Newhaven Call 5926 6802

127-129 Jupiter Blvd, Venus Bay Call 0417 565 580

Shorebirds Licensed Café was planned by its owner, Yao Latham, around high-quality produce and superb views over Western Port. The abundant bird life and occasional dolphins and whales offshore are an added bonus in the historic fishing village of Rhyll on Phillip Island. So, if you want great food and superb coffee, with an inspiring location, then Shorebirds is a must for your breakfast, lunch or just your favourite drink.

Combining a love of the ocean with quality local produce, Saltwater caters to a broad range of tastes, balancing craft and comfort. Offering a relaxed atmosphere with food and drinks to match, paired with 270-degree waterfront views of Phillip Island Bridge, the eastern entrance and Westernport Bay. Indulge in seasonal favourites including sharing boards, tapas plates, wood-fired pizza and an array of delectable mains – with desserts to satisfy sweet cravings. Breakfast also available.

A visit to South Gippsland’s food and wine store is a must for any foodie. Delicious treats surrounded by in-house preserves is only the beginning. Tasting boards filled with mouth-watering local cheeses and charcuteries, picnic hampers and house-baked goods pair beautifully with a wide selection of wines, cocktails, coffee and beverages. Spoil your senses in the tranquil courtyard. Open Saturday/Sunday for dinner and 6 days a week (closed Wednesdays) for breakfast and lunch. Functions/catering available.

The freshest local seafood on the island. Seafood straight off the boat. Fresh local produce. Island grazed beef and lamb. Artisan breads, cakes and ice-creams all made in-house.


coast 107

words maria reed photos warren reed

dine out

sunny on


The sun is shining and the snapper are running – yes, it’s Summer on the Island. Make a small detour from Phillip Island Road at Newhaven towards the oceanfront, and you can experience the simple abundance of the season on a plate at The Cape Kitchen. If you’re yet to experience The Cape Kitchen, you’re missing one of the premier dining destinations in South Gippsland. If the panoramic views across Bass Strait fail to take your breath away, then the quality and presentation of the dishes certainly will. Head chef Nalinda Angage adds his own flair and worldly culinary experience to every plate. A Sri Lankan native, he’s worked in London, Dubai, Qatar, Sri Lanka and Australia. He and the Cape Kitchen team work tirelessly to present

coast 108

fresh, local, seasonal dishes with the added interest of local indigenous edible plants and herbs. Perched on a cliff above the ocean, the restaurant is surrounded by coastal saltbush, sea celery, sea spinach and edible pigface. It’s the perfect place to while away the hours, enjoying the wild surrounds and watching Cape Barren geese attend their hatchlings against a backdrop of pounding surf. >

“The Cape Kitchen is a perfect place to enjoy a relaxing breakfast or lunch”

coast 109

“…the Eton Mess is a triumph, with layers of meringue, cream, lemon curd . . .” We peruse the generous menu and find it difficult to make a choice from the mouthwatering dishes on offer. We arrive late-morning, so we decide to mix it up, and sample both the breakfast and lunch menus. I choose the house-cured ocean trout with marinated heirloom beetroot with a mustard and dill dressing. An abundance of colour and flavours, the salty sweet blend of the ocean trout and baby beets is simply delicious. Accompanied by a fresh, lightly-dressed salad and edible flowers, it’s a treat for both the eyes and the tastebuds. My partner chooses the salmon-barramundi fish cakes, with two perfectly-poached free-range eggs, on a beetroot hummus with anchovy aioli. The Cape Kitchen offers an extensive drinks menu. With a strong focus on sustainability, the restaurant looks to support producers who share their values in the domain of quality local produce. Offerings by the glass or bottle include our personal favourites – a locally-distilled Loch gin, a Phillip Island Purple Hen Riesling, and Dirty Three Pinot Noir. As we continue grazing, the seared Atlantic salmon with roasted artichoke and leek purée, and a confit of tomato and saffron broth, arrives at our table. The fish tastes every bit as delicious as it looks, the skin delightfully crispy and the flesh unbelievably succulent. The acidity of the confit cuts through the creaminess of the purée and richness of the salmon, while the saffron adds a subtle yet delicate edge to the dish. My partner enjoys the shoulder of lamb on a smoked aubergine purée with ratatouille, dukkha and jus – a modern take on the lamb roast. The smoky flavours of the aubergine and spicy dukkha show off the tender, juicy lamb to its best advantage. Sides of rocket and parmesan salad and roasted carrots served with micro herbs and crumble look delicious and partner beautifully with our mains. As we take in the view, I think of friends who’d enjoy this dining experience, and I’m pleased to discover that The Cape offers gift vouchers that will solve some of my Christmas gift dilemmas. Tick. Meanwhile, our waitress has returned to tempt us with delicious desserts, and though fully sated, we promise to sample a few of the delights on offer. The Eton Mess is a triumph, with layers of meringue, cream, lemon curd and raspberry coulis. My partner can’t resist his favourite – crème brûlée – here infused with orange and cardamom. The satisfying crack of caramelised sugar reveals the creamiest custard, with delicious orange and cardamom notes. Accompanied by a pistachio crumble, a quenelle of orange blossom ice-cream, blueberries and orange slices, it’s simply delicious. We’re almost in disbelief when a final glorious dessert – a magnificent white chocolate and passionfruit mousse with white chocolate soil – is placed before us. With its light-filled, beach-style interior and backdrop of stunning views, The Cape Kitchen is a perfect place to enjoy a relaxing breakfast or lunch. It’s also a great venue for weddings and special events – the space can be hired exclusively for birthdays, corporate events and celebrations – and you can join the mailing list for pop-up dinners, high tea and special events. Please call or email for all reservations 03 5956 7200 1215 Phillip Island Road, Newhaven, Phillip Island

Waterfront Restaurant Phillip Island 1215 Phillip Island Road, Newhaven, Victoria 3925 T 03 5956 7200 facebook/thecapekitchen @thecapekitchen thecapekitchen





1215 Phillip Island Rd, Newhaven Call 5956 7200

Krowera Olive Grove, 27 Uren Rd, Kernot Call 0457 111 026

4 Bluebird Crt, Newhaven Call 5932 0622

The stunning view and an inventive menu make this a unique dining experience, focusing on local ingredients and fresh produce. Specialising in beautiful breakfasts and open for lunch and outside dining there’s a menu to suit every taste and budget, plus an All-Victorian wine list and beer selection. The Cape Kitchen also hosts special events - ring or email them for details or to join their mailing list.

A new dining destination set high in the hills offering outstanding views through to shimmering water…welcome to The Grove Gippsland. Their philosophy is simple – fresh, local, ethically sourced produce, presented in a relaxed and authentic fashion. Be it a special family gathering, a convivial lunch or dinner with friends… an intimate wedding or anniversary celebration… all great reasons to experience this stunning new venue. Opening early 2019 for Summer Dining. Lunch & Dinner. Bookings essential.

Conveniently located just over the bridge at Newhaven, our iconic café serves all-day breakfast, including our famous ‘Smashed Avo & Feta’, and lunch; with options to suit all tastes and budgets. Fully licenced with a range of delicious house-made treats and to quote the locals … the best coffee on the island! We boast a range of homewares and gifts, including indoor and outdoor plants in our nursery section. Extensive group/tour catering packages available.

coast 112




1 A’Beckett St, Inverloch Call 5674 1432

Cnr Chapel & Steele St, Cowes Call 5952 5858

Dine in at the family-friendly bistro or enjoy a fine-dining experience in the Captain’s Lounge. The Bistro is renowned for its fantastic ‘Espy Grill’ and also serves an excellent selection of classic pub food. Upstairs, The Captain’s Lounge showcases seasonal, fresh local produce in innovative, contemporary combinations for the best of a la carte dining. Also available for private functions.

Located in central Cowes amongst the tropical setting of the Kaloha resort, The Palms has established itself as a main stay of the Phillip Island restaurant scene. Offering locally sourced produce, fresh seafood and top quality beef. Whether you’re after Tapas and a cocktail or a three course meal, our extensive menu and wine list has you covered.


65 -75 Graham St Call 5672 1083 Experience the Wonthaggi Workmen’s Club Crib Bistro, where Victoria’s Community Club Chef of the Year has been busy creating a new and exciting menu. The Crib Bistro has a plentiful menu to please even the fussiest of appetites, with daily specials and Senior Meals available Monday to Thursday. The Bistro offers two children’s playrooms and a special kid-friendly menu, so everyone is happy. Open 7 days a week. Lunch from 12.00pm-2.00pm. Dinner from 6.00pm-8.00pm.

LOCAL PRODUCE AT ITS BEST. We offer an extensive range of fresh fruit and vegetables, local products, local and international cheese selection, on-site butchers, a fully stocked deli and bottle shop. 135 Marine Pde, San Remo, VIC 3925. Phone: 5678 5337. Fax: 5678 5756.

coast 113

Nellie’s Summer Smoothies Place all the ingredients, for each smoothie, in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour in a tall glass and serve. Raspberry and strawberry smoothie Divine in summer when berries are at their very best – use frozen berries when not in season. SERV ES 2 I NGRED I ENTS 8 strawberries, hulled (can use frozen) 60G (½ C UP) raspberries (can use frozen) 50G plain yoghurt 300ML milk 6–8 ice cubes

Green tea smoothie Thanks Tony Chiodo, your food always makes me feel good from the inside out. SERV ES 2 I NGRED I ENTS 1 frozen banana 1 C UP green grapes, remove from stem ½ large green honeydew melon, cut into chunks ¾ cup strong brewed green tea (use two tea bags and steep for ten minutes) 1 TEASPOON agave nectar ¼ C UP almond milk or coconut yogurt

Banana choc nutty smoothie This smoothie is my girls’ all-time fave. Ava adds frozen raspberries to hers because that’s how she rolls. I love it this way also — almost like a healthy cherry ripe in a glass. SERV ES 2 I NGRED I ENTS 1 ripe banana, frozen ¼ C UP of raw cashews or almonds 1 TEASPOON cacao powder 1 TEASPOON honey 1 C UP almond milk, or milk of choice 2 TABLESPOON S natural yoghurt


coast 114



ferment Chilled glass, the sun on your face, a view over the fields - a summer of liquid delight.

coast 115

A TASTE OF HEAVEN @ LUCINDA ESTATE The rich, fertile, volcanic soils on the outskirts of Leongatha play host to the carefully tended vines of Lucinda Estate Winery. Overlooking an old volcano - Knox Hill, the soil plays an important role in the quality and characteristics of the fruit. The cooler climate of South Gippsland allows for a long ripening period, ideal for the development of complex and flavorsome Pinot Noirs. Andrew says, “You can’t make a good wine from bad grapes. So it’s very important that the viticulture is spot on and reflects the Vineyards unique terroir - the soil, climate and aspect of the vineyard.” The variations of the seasons bring each vintage alive with immense flavors and aromas. No two years are ever the same, and they look forward to the new flavours each vintage brings. You will be welcomed like an old friend when you visit Lucinda Estate. Andrew will take you on sensory journey, tasting an exquisite selection of wines. This summer they will feature the 2014 vintage Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. With 5 Pinots on tasting from the 2014 vintage, it is the

first year they have been able offer so many great styles of Pinot. “These wines have been selected from the different clones of Pinot that we grow, with single barrel bottlings and natural wild yeast fermentation. All our Pinots exhibit the vineyard’s unique fruity, savoury and intense flavors. Some of these wines are only available exclusively from our cellar door.” And have no fear, white wine lovers are not forgotten. They will be featuring their Chardonnay fermented in stainless steel and oak, these incredibly rich, fruity styles that will appeal to all palates. For something a little heavier on the palate, their 2013 Syrah is a mouth full of flavour! This cool climate Shiraz has a rich sweet spiciness on the palate, white pepper and a long lingering finish.


January open 7 days Open Friday, Saturday & Sunday 11.30am-5pm 108 Parr Street Leongatha

0417 337 270

Journey through the rolling hills of South Gippsland Visit our historic cellar door Enjoy a relaxed and individual tasting experience Traditional Ales | Single Malt Whisky | Gin | Fine Spirits Open Friday, Saturday & Sunday 11-4pm 0414 590 474 | 44 Victoria Road, Loch, 3945 | @lochbrewery

Loch Brewery and Distillery

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2017 Pinot Noir $25

Golden Ale Craft Beer (64 fl. oz) $22.50

DIRTY THREE WINES 2017 ‘All The Dirts’ Pinot Noir $35

95 Forresters Lane, Berrys Creek 0412 541 098 – Cellar door by appointment

12 Commercial Street, Korumburra 5658 1446

64 Cashin Street, Inverloch 5606 8128

Fruit for this wine is sourced from our dry grown high-density vineyard in South Gippsland. Traditional and modern wine-making techniques are maintained, giving this wine a distinct sense of place.

Designed for the average Aussie beer drinker and brewed as a mid-strenght beer, a light malt flavour, well-rounded beer that includes classic Australian hops and raw materials.

This delicious Pinot speaks of everything Gippsland: fragrant, vibrant and complex. Winner of Best Red Wine at the Gippsland Wine Awards get in quick there’s limited stock.

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DIRTY THREE WINES 2018 ‘All The Dirts’ Rosé $29


LUCINDA ESTATE 2015 Circa 1990 Pinot Noir $40

64 Cashin Street, Inverloch 5606 8128

44 Victoria Road, Loch 0414 590 474

108 Parr Street, Leongatha 0417 337 270

All things Rosé should be: juicy, fresh, dry and completely gluggable. Our Rosé is from three patches of dirt, all proudly Gippsland. Here’s to ripping drinking this summer.

A London Dry Gin with a classic juniper lead, balanced wellwith a selection of beautiful stoneground botanicals. Soft, fragrant and expressive. Distilled by hand in Alembic Pot Stills.

Macerated red fruit on the nose, a full-bodied Pinot palate of raspberry fruit, black olive, thyme, forest floor and oak, finishing with firm savoury tannins. Complex and flavoursome.

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MORDIALLOC CELLAR DOORS 2018 Foxeys Hangout Rosé $29

PHILLIP ISLAND WINERY 2017 ‘The Grey Man’ Pino Grigio $42

PURPLE HEN VINEYARD & WINERY 2011 ‘Late Disgorge’ Blanc de Blanc $40

622 Main Street, Mordialloc 9580 6521

414 Berrys Beach Road, Ventnor (03) 8595 2155

96 McFees Road, Rhyll 5956 9244

Great summer drinking, made from coolclimate, hand-tended shiraz and pinot noir vines in Red Hill, this dry rosé’s extended pre-fermentation skin contact leads to a vibrant colour and robust flavour.

Grigio translates to grey, but there’s nothing grey about this wine; as vibrant and fun as a sunny day. Fresh pear, apple and lemon-scented fruits accompanied by sweet-smelling spring flowers.

2018 Gippsland Wine Awards Best Sparkling in Class Winner. On lees for seven years before disgorging, this 100% chardonnay features zesty citrus flavours, tangy acidity and a crisp dry finish.

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By the ocean or amongst the hills, our easy brew has been designed with the craft beer drinker in mind. Sit back and journey from light straw-coloured summer ales to dark porters. No additives. No preservatives. No added sugar.

12 Commercial Street, Korumburra, 3950, VIC 03 5658 1446 | Open Thursday & Sunday 11am - 8pm Friday & Saturday 11am - 10pm

A SUMMER CONFIDANTE Halliday Wine Companion 2019 by James Halliday James Halliday is an unmatched authority on every aspect of the Australian wine industry and can be compared to the likes of Hugh Johnson, Robert Parker and Jancis Robinson. His winemaking has led him to sojourns in Bordeaux and Burgundy, and he has had a long career as an international wine judge. In 1995 he received the Australian wine industry’s ultimate accolade, the Maurice O’Shea Award, and in 2010 he was made a Member of the Order of Australia. The Halliday Wine Companion is recognised as the industry benchmark for Australian wine. The 2019 edition has been completely revised to bring you up-to-the-minute information. In his inimitable style, Halliday shares his extensive knowledge of wine through detailed tasting notes with points, price, value symbol and advice on best-by drinking, as well as each wine’s closure and alcohol content.

Available from Turn the Page…

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5 THINGS ve about

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THE BEACON Home to our own guiding light, the beacon sits on the highest point exposing views as far as the eye can behold – Phillip Island, San Remo, Kilcunda, French Island and beyond…

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WOOLAMAI A PIECE IN TIME… Every piece unique, a formation over time – one’s own personality, own make-up. Distinctive, Cape Woolamai’s reddish-pink granite was first mined in 1891 by Chambers and Clutten of Melbourne and only mined for two years, small-scale, slow and with hand-tools. It’s no surprise the fine-quality granite was favoured for its ability to stand up against destructive weather – true to form for anyone lucky enough to experience a true Cape Woolamai thunderstorm…

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A RUGGED COASTLINE Volcanic activity, erosion, a grand seascape – the Pinnacles, the Colonnades – rock formations touched by millions of heartbeats passing by. Majestic cliffs and sand swept pathways, Wooli, as it’s known to the locals, is home to individuals, families, flora and fauna alike.

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PASSING TIME Humble beginnings, a home to one and all. The changing seasons, the passing years. The editor’s baton passed but never leaving. Thoughts and footprints in the sand.




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SURF BEACH Beautiful, exposed and sprawling, the place of many love stories – from thundering surf to holding hands, toes tracing the water’s edge. West-facing with high winds, Cape Woolamai is notorious for danger – strong rips advise against swimming, whilst big waves call to the surfer at heart. The washing machine effect as the wave sweeps you off your feet.

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a helping


If you were a senior engineer at Toyota and handed a redundancy package, what would you do with the money? Pay off your mortgage? Go on a holiday? Carefully researched stock investment? Or would you use that financial lifeline to build new lives? “I was laid off alongside 2,600 other people, but they gave us three and a half years’ notice. They said they would support us to transition out of the automotive industry, so any course you wanted to do, they’d pay for it.”

very negative period in my life. And I thought I want to do something positive. What is it that I enjoy, what am I good at? I decided to get back into something that inspired me in my university days which was bionics and prosthetics.”

Mat Bowtell took the time to reflect on his future direction. “When we were told we were going to close down, it was a

As an undergraduate at Monash University, Bowtell won a scholarship to study mechatronics in Japan, and it was there

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words katie cincotta photos adam kemp and supplied

that he tried on a $1million bionic arm. “It was like something out of Star Wars, like when Luke Skywalker had his arm chopped off, with these amazing sensors that could move the arm. But at the same time, I couldn’t help thinking who is going to be able to afford that?” After Toyota’s closure of the Altona plant in 2017, Bowtell built himself a hi-tech man cave at his rental property in Silverleaves. There are no average boys’ toys here. Yes, there’s a beer fridge. But there’s also twelve 3D desktop printers, a work bench sprawled with tools and giant filament spools.

just a few dollars. One hand takes about 15 hours to 3D print from a CAD file. Each is made from biodegradable plastic. While brands like Apple have kept their customer base captive with a closed platform that requires you to buy and repair exclusively with the company, Bowtell has the exact opposite philosophy to technology. “I’m thinking, how can people make the parts themselves? You have to think anti-capitalist to do that.” Bowtell’s designs have a Creative Commons licence attached, which means anyone can download it and modify the design to fit, but they can’t legally sell or profit from making it for someone.>

Using his design skills and creative thinking, the altruistic brainiac began tinkering away on prosthetic limbs that can be made for

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The first child who received one of his 3D printed hands was a boy named Eli from Newcastle. “His mother told me that her son and his father came to visit her at work, hand in hand and she was just in tears.” One of Bowtell’s breakout designs was a kinetic finger which he created for a friend who severed his finger in a meat factory accident. “They gave him this $3000 silicon finger, but he never used it. He had to glue it onto his stub and it wouldn’t move. So, he would be holding a drink and it would be sticking out. And then he was at a party with all these people and the thing fell off onto the floor. Can you imagine the embarrassment? It’d be like grandma blowing out the candles and her false teeth falling onto the cake.” Bowtell’s invention took a year to refine and could have earned him millions if he had licensed it, but instead he made it freely available online so that people could make it themselves for just 90 cents. “When my friend tried the kinetic finger on, he

was able to play the piano again after 10 years. And his wife was just standing there in tears. That was the moment where I knew that this is what I really want to do.” Without his wife’s support, Bowtell admits he wouldn’t have been able to dedicate the last year to making and giving away prosthetics. She even let him put his first 3D printer on their kitchen table. “She said if this is your passion and purpose, then just follow it.” Samuel Johnson, actor and breast cancer fundraiser, has helped mentor the volunteer in how to sustain his charitable work. “He set up a crowdfunding campaign so that people can choose how they’d like me to utilise their funds, to buy materials like postage or Velcro, to buy groceries or put petrol in the car, so people are now supporting me in any way they like.” Several locals are helping to pay his family’s rent for the next year.

“...her son and his father came to visit her at work, hand in hand and she was just in tears.”

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“… you should see the smile on his face. He feels like he’s part of it…” Youki, the son of the restauranteurs who run the island’s popular Japanese restaurant, is part of the support group, breaking down the stereotype of what it means to have cerebral palsy. His mother Sayuri sews the Velcro straps for Bowtell’s skipping rope adaptors, and Youki, who recently got his licence, drives to deliver them in his modified car. “When he sees photos of the children with the skipping rope, you should see the smile on his face. He feels like he’s part of it, that he’s contributing. He’s always asking when’s the next model coming out.” Given his desire to continue working as a prosthetic maker for the people, the average person might wonder how Bowtell plans to survive financially, with a wife and two young children. “For 10 years I was saving to buy a house, and the housing prices kept going up and up. And even if we had purchased a $400,000 house we would probably have been paying $20,000 a year just in interest. I thought, bugger it. I’ve got this little buffer of money. I’m going to take a leap of faith and I’ve blown the whole redundancy payout but I don’t care, and my wife doesn’t either. I think money is just a by-product of adding value and people are starting to support me now.” Having recently been awarded one of Victoria’s Australian of the Year awards, his next project is a bionic arm, using low cost micro controllers and motors. “I’m trying to work out the most robust but affordable option for people in developing countries.” He’s also donating a 3D printer to Newhaven Primary, and has offered to support their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) program to show kids how to use technology for good. “If you emit love and positivity and compassion, it just comes back and finds you. The satisfaction comes back a million-fold. Since being made redundant, I’ve never been happier.”

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RENO restyle A house is made of bricks and beams… A home is made of hopes and dreams…

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Contact Garry & Gill, owners G.J. Gardner Homes Bass Coast 03 5952 2150 1/219 Settlement Road, Cowes 03 5644 3269 114-116 Graham Street, Wonthaggi

Contact Scott & Judy, owners G.J. Gardner Homes Mornington 03 5975 1122 5/234 Main Street, Mornington

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Urban Rescue Pty Ltd, CDB-U 48925. Business name G.J. Gardner Homes Bass Coast. Mornington Peninsula Homes Pty Ltd, CDB-U 58234 Business name G.J. Gardner Homes Mornington Peninsula.






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Better than you ever imagined. Whatever your imagination, Hotondo Homes can bring your vision to life. Your new home, exactly as you always wanted. We will take the time to understand what’s most important to you, so you can have a home to truly be proud of. From the moment you choose to start your new home journey with us, to the moment we give you your new home keys, we work with you to make the home you always imagined‌ even better.

1800 677 156 | coast 137

lifestyle review

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words chloe kent photos warren reed


VISTA Modern, mid-century, beach house – an eclectic array of architectural influences blend to create a masterpiece overlooking Port Phillip. Giant white powder-coated pots hosting equally impressive cacti grace the landscape as you sweep along the timber boardwalk to the front door. A grand glass door adorns the entrance as owners, Cassie and Rob invite us inside. The entrance hall is impressive – a beautiful timber sideboard enhancing the wall. A large white laundry with generous cupboard space and square-tiled powder room featuring a circular timber mirror and grey stone-effect floor tiles are positioned off to the right. To the left, a corridor leads down steps into the spacious master bedroom, with walk-in robes and ensuite bathroom. One can only imagine waking in the large king size bed, as the curtains automatically open to views across Port Phillip Bay. Continuing from the entry hall and down a couple of steps, one is entranced by the open plan living, kitchen and al fresco areas. A large stainless-steel kitchen bench affords easy cooking, whilst Tasmanian oak timber accents soften white cupboards; a walk-in pantry hidden to the side. >

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The black rectangular fireplace atop a beautiful wooden box offers comfort in the large space on cold winter days, while in warmer weather, large double-glazed sliding doors open to the refreshing sea breeze. With an outdoor cooking area, built-in heaters, sound system and pull-down blinds, the adaptable al fresco deck guarantees year-round enjoyment. White powder-coated side gates and additional pots compliment the black accents and timber finishes in the entertainment area.

“there is always something you want but cannot have renovating.” From Rowville & Wantirna, the couple were drawn to Mt Eliza six years ago. With the beach just a six-minute stroll away and

coast 140

several primary schools within walking distance, it held the promise of a great area to raise children. Originally part of the Earimil Gardens, the block was empty when Cassie and Rob purchased it just over two years ago. Drawn to Beach House Constructions via the Lydgate property in Blairegowrie, Cassie and Rob knew they’d found the right people to build their dream home. As renovators the pair have remodelled eight properties – but as they note, “there is always something you want but cannot have renovating.” Starting from the ground up has allowed the duo and their two children to build for their lifestyle and needs. “I like u-shape homes and we wanted four bedrooms with a flat roof,” Cassie explains. “I wanted a property that included a lot of timber used in different ways…” Rob adds. Timber has certainly been added throughout without being overbearing – from flooring, joinery accents and external walls to internal cladding and timber reveals. >

The aesthetically unique, cost effective sustainable design and construct alternative. Display home open by appointment

0418 595 410 | @modhouseaustralia

“They were efficient and knew what we wanted.” Cassie and Rob’s love of the outdoors meant it was important for Beach House Constructions’ design to include an entertainment area – incorporating a self-cleaning pool and spa, as well as a separate space for the children and dogs to run around. Chad, 7, and Blake, 2, have certainly not been forgotten – a large backyard includes tree swings, a basketball hoop and cubby house. Internally, a long in-built desk and bookshelves run along the corridor providing space to study and read, offset at the end by a large rumpus room where the duo can play without disrupting the rest of the household. “There are copious amounts of storage,” Cassie states, a necessity with two young children. “Also, sensor stair lights lead from the kid’s rooms to ours, so they can find their way without falling or being blinded by the main lights.” The view is not the only environmental asset with 30,000 litre water tanks, solar panels, high WELS rated tapware, LED track lighting and Tesla batteries all integrated. Not to mention insulation in every wall, floor and roof cavity (even the garage and outside al fresco spaces). Additionally, all timber is sustainably harvested and milled. “It was seamless working with Beach House. They were efficient and knew what we wanted. We have similar tastes and we were drawn to everything they did,” Cassie explains. “It was good working with them. Often plans look great, but builders cannot achieve it. I did a carpentry apprenticeship when I was 16 and it was good to work with Mark and his team, they understood what we wanted to achieve,” Rob notes. Proud of the process, Amy from Beach House adds, “There was a lot of craftsmanship required… Communication was always honest and forthright.” With Rob nearby and Mark of Beach House Construction onsite, quality control was maintained and questions were answered quickly. “We cannot fault the finishes. There is not a brush stroke on the woodwork,” Rob adds. A second polished concrete, ply-lined garage is currently under debate; a studio space for fitness instructor Cassie vs. Rob’s man cave for the motorbikes and boat. Alternatively, the space has the capacity to transition into a granny flat one day should either of their parents decide to move in…

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Sanctuary Pools is a family owned business, specialising in the installation of concrete and fibreglass pools. “For anyone with dreams of splashing out on a pool for the coming summer, now is the best time to be making plans.”

ASHLEY 0417 377 582 | ANDREW 0418 540 668

MOBILE SHOWROOM COMING SOON We’re passionate about timber. If you’re looking for rare and unique timber or building to a budget, we can find what you need. Flooring installation, sanding and polishing using environmentally friendly, hard wearing, non yellowing water based products and deck sanding. Delivery all areas. | 5952 3232

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Relax, browse, coffee, lunch, brunch and decadent cakes.

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Trading hours: 7.30 – 5.30 Monday – Friday | 8.30 – 2.00 Saturday 46 Bair St Leongatha 3953 | 03 5662 5856 | |

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Ecoliv Buildings are celebrating 10 years of creating sustainable prefab homes with new cutting-edge designs, branding and an exciting studio display home in Wonthaggi. Having evolved significantly over the years, prefabricated buildings have certainly come a long way, both in contemporary architecture and environmentally sustainable construction. The concept of Ecoliv Buildings materialised in 2008 when Ashley Beaumont saw a need in the market for a truly sustainable building option. With a background in building design, he’d seen too many poorly planned mega-mansions – built with huge running costs, extended timeframes and little consideration for site advantages and environmental impact. It was time for change. Ecoliv Buildings’ multi-award-winning prefab modular homes make the most of sustainable materials, energy efficiency and passive solar design while embodying a unique and tailored finish. Offering long-term operational savings, Ecoliv Buildings are adaptive and responsive – perfect as the family home, a downsize, extension or commercial premises. No matter where you are in Australia, they can transport to your site – over land or water. To kick off the celebrations Ecoliv Buildings were proud winners of the 2018 HIA Eastern Victoria Regional Housing Awards – Project Home of the Year for the Cape Woolamai Project at the RACV Resort Inverloch in September. A fresh new logo echoes a philosophy of smart, simple and sustainable design which focusses on using locally sourced sustainable timber as a core building material. Eight new

coast 146

standard home designs have been added to the range, each architecturally designed to suit a range of sites and budgets whilst still achieving a minimum 7-star energy rating. The newest addition to the Ecoliv Display Centre – The Eco Studio – is perfect for Airbnb accommodation, dependant persons unit, office space or a tranquil retreat. Beautifully appointed, with fittings from a range of local suppliers, the home exudes a scandi luxe feel – one of six new interior inspiration palettes for Ecoliv. The Ecoliv Display Centre includes two display homes open for viewing Monday – Friday 9am-5pm. Or call 03 5672 5196 to discuss the possibilities of prefab for your next project.

Ecoliv Sustainable Buildings are architecturally designed prefab modular homes with inspiring, functional living spaces and a minimum 7 star energy rating. Each home saves on build time, energy consumption and environmental impact. From studio retreats, to family homes in rural or suburban settings we can help you achieve your dream sustainable home. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Visit our display home at 332 White Road, Wonthaggi 5672 5196 coast 147


Servicing Bass Coast and surrounds for over 20 years, Rick North knows a thing or two about his trade. Whether you own commercial fridges and air-conditioning units or domestic units, there’s a high chance Rick has been on hand over the years. An authorised dealer of Daikin Air-Conditioners for close to 20 years, Rick supplies, installs and services, ensuring your product is there when you need it most. And, with a hot summer predicted, there has never been a better time to update your unit – with a five-year warranty and guarantee against the sea-side elements, Daikin’s latest products are sure to entice even the most discerning client. Rick also specialises in installation. From wall mounted split systems and multi-split systems to ceiling cassettes and ducted systems, there is something to suit all homes and commercial spaces. Priding themselves on complete support from beginning to end, Rick and his wife, Deb, offer honesty and quality. Their top priority – you. Their customer. Ensuring you find the right product for your project and budget.

If commercial spaces are more up your avenue, Rick’s extensive experience covers coolrooms, freezer rooms, display cabinets, under bench refrigeration, icemakers, milk vats and basically anything refrigerated for that matter – specialising in sales, installation and servicing, with maintenance plans also available. With projects ranging from new build homes and apartments to renovations, their commercial clients cover an extensive collection of fields – RSL Clubs, restaurants, accommodation, etc., with after hour service calls an added bonus for your business. Domestic. Commercial. Sales. Install. Aftercare. Call today for a no obligation quote!



5678 5190













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RTL. AU22840

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RTL. AU22840




ANYWHERE 1/60 Genista Street, San Remo 5678 5190 After hoursCOASTAL commercial breakdown



5678 5190 RTL. AU22840









DESIGNERS & CREATORS OF ARCHITECTUR AL CONCRETE Hatch Design & Construction is a multi-disciplinary practice based in Inverloch started by husband and wife duo; Darren and Jayne Stewardson. With combined expertise in the fields of construction and design, the pair have recently merged their two compatible skill-sets together to offer a brand-new service based around the design and manufacture of architectural concrete products. Working on a renovation project in 2017 whilst researching non-conventional benchtop materials, they quickly discovered the beauty, strength and versatility of concrete. Darren and Jayne were thrilled to work with a robust, tactile material that could easily span the distance of a 5.4-metre-long kitchen bench, without any un-sightly joins. The feedback they received during open houses was overwhelmingly positive and since then they have started crafting kitchen bench tops, bathroom vanities, custom furniture, fireplace lintels and BBQ surrounds for a range of clientele. They have also been busily working on a showroom and an exciting new product range due to be released soon, consisting of contemporary wash stands, bowls and wall-hung vanities (complete with cabinetry) in a range of standard and customizable sizes. The range will be available to view by appointment in their showroom and order online early 2019.

“At the very heart of the work Hatch does is an appreciation of simplicity and timelessness. Inspiration is taken from classic shapes, natural textures, tones and forms that are understated and last far beyond seasonal trends. Each concrete piece is meticulously made and finished by hand, designed to work in seamlessly with the given environment.” Rebeka Morgan - BuildHer Collective Utilising a tried and tested palette of monochromatic colours – from white and shades of grey through to black (samples and quotes available upon enquiry) – Hatch works closely alongside architects, draftsmen, builders, trades and cabinet makers ensuring the process flows as seamlessly (like their bench tops) as possible! If you’re planning to retro-fit a tired kitchen or complete a new build - contact Hatch to see how they can help inject concrete into your design. Follow Hatch on Instagram for first look sneak-peeks of their exciting new 2019 range and upcoming showroom based in Inverloch...! @hatch.designconstruct @concretebyhatch

0413 492 736

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A family business building quality homes in coastal areas for more than 40 years.

03 9579 2277

Display Homes at Surf Beach and Cowes.

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Maria glides into the frame as sleek as a cat. Her shining eyes, lustrous hair and exuberant smile stop the room as she positions herself in readiness for a Coast fashion shoot. Exuding a natural warmth and beauty, she looks every bit as glamorous as a model should be. You might imagine she spends hours at the gym working out, or at salons being primped and pampered, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. As a hardworking local landscape gardener, Maria Liatos is one girl who’s not afraid of breaking a nail!

coast 154

After 17 years on Phillip Island, Maria feels like a local. “My partner Tony came to the Island because of his love of surfing, and I just followed him down. I wasn’t going to drive for an hour and a half to see my boyfriend!” she laughs . . . and she hasn’t looked back. The pair now have three beautiful children and live by the ocean at Surf Beach. “I used to be a nurse, but when the hospital closed down here it became a bit hard to juggle life with work and the kids. Tony was a graphic artist who designed for a flight

Photographed at Silverwater Resort. Paintings by Michael Whitehead

THE secret life OF US SKETA



Australian designed and made – Limited quantities for the individual look – Quality accessories Mornington 71 Main Street T 5976 3311 Sorrento 42 Ocean Beach Rd T 5984 0927

and stores throughout Melbourne and Noosa

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It’s often said that cats have nine lives - but what of people? We may only have one life - but there are so many lifetimes to be lived in-between. We talk to three Coasters about their past, present and secret lives. simulation company. He is such a gun with computers.” When a lawn-mowing round came up 13 years ago they decided to buy it to make some extra cash while they were running their other careers. “When Tony stopped designing, he moved more into the gardening and landscaping side. Six years on, it just made sense to work together. We didn’t have extended family down here and working together allowed us to be more flexible with the kids’ pick-ups, so it became a great lifestyle choice.”

“We love being outdoors, and we try to work outside most of the day even if it’s raining. We run our own show. The family all surf (bar me), but our gardening definitely keeps me fit. I don’t do anything else for exercise except run around with the kids. I love my job, mostly because I get to be with Tony every day. We get on so well. We’re a really great team – and we get to have our coffee breaks when we like! It’s a really positive work environment, and you can’t ask for much more than that.” >

coast 155


knew what I wanted to do.” She worked hard and earned an undergraduate degree in applied science. Mel was employed briefly at the War Memorial in Canberra, but her dream was to work at the National Gallery of Victoria. “I volunteered in the conservation lab, which was fascinating, and whilst there I landed my first job paid job in relocation. We had to move the whole art collection back to the NGV building after renovations.” Soon after she held a position in the paintings conservation lab, and worked on a variety of projects. For a time she worked as a conservator of exhibitions at the NGV; her highlight - managing the conservation aspects of an exhibition from the Musee Picasso in Paris. She was awarded the Hugh D T Williamson Foundation Fellowship in paintings, which

“. . . Art Conservator.” She laughs. “I’d never heard of such a thing!” Mel Carlisle is a woman who doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty. When she’s not caring for her two young girls on her farm in Outtrim, you might spot her behind the controls of a heavy wheel loader at the local garden supplies at Wonthaggi. “My husband Chris and I own the business. We work pretty well together and share work and parenting. The business side was a big learning curve for me initially. Getting the hang of all the heavy machinery was a challenge, but now I’ve got my truck licence and it’s second nature.” In another life, her then white-gloved hands cared for priceless paintings around the world. “When I was in year 10, a careers class identified the perfect profession to combine my love of art, chemistry and science . . . Art Conservator.” She laughs. “I’d never heard of such a thing!” On further investigation she realised it was the role for her. “My school was really supportive when it came to choosing my VCE subjects. I needed art and science to pursue my dream, but although these subjects were scheduled at the same time, they made it work for me.” After school she applied to the University of Canberra, the only one offering courses in conservation. “Only 30 people are accepted into the course, and I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of three school-leavers. Everyone else already had a degree or two, so it was quite amazing! I was focused, and I

coast 156

she recalls as “an amazing experience!” The project involved the extensive treatment and restoration of a Frederick McCubbin portrait titled Study in Blue and Gold.” After the fellowship she moved to Wellington NZ to work at the National Museum Te Papa Tongarewa, where she worked on paintings by Colin McCahon and John Webber. “My career took me to Europe numerous times; for conferences and accompanying paintings travelling for exhibitions or acquisitions. My favourite trip was travelling to Tokyo with my colleague from the NGV, to stretch the painting Big Yam Dreaming by Emily Kame Kngwarreye.” “Looking back it’s a bit daunting to think I was handling priceless artworks, but at the time it was just my job – just what I did. I think I made a good conservator as I’m very particular and have personality traits of being really detailed and focused. I’m extremely patient and I have a good eye for colour, which is important for restoration.” The thing she misses the most about her first career . . . “the paintings. A conservator gets so close to the paintings they work with and see things that no one else can.” Did she ever make a mistake? “You don’t make mistakes – you’re just not allowed to!” she laughs. >

Building Design & Architectural Drafting


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John Ellis WINEMAKER/VITICULTURIST/PILOT On any other day you might find John Ellis among the vines planted in the ancient red volcanic soils of the Tarwin River Valley. As head winemaker and viticulturalist at Bellvale Wines, he’s taken his early wine appreciation to a whole new level. “I bought a patch of dirt in South Gippsland many, many years ago. We established the vineyard in 1998, with plantings of Pinor Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Nebbiolo varieties.” Now John produces some of the region’s finest, and he prides himself on employing the traditional methods of the fine winemakers of the Burgundy region of France. “I’m a firm believer that the vineyard creates the wine. There are no fancy tricks in our winery . . . just the right conditions”. It sounds like an idyllic, tranquil lifestyle, right? Well, it’s a far cry from when John started out as a fighter pilot with the American Navy. Ironically, this is where he discovered his appreciation of wine. “I was based on a ship in the Mediterranean and spent a good deal of time in Europe where I developed my passion for wine. At that time in the U.S there was only really beer and spirits.” He counts himself fortunate to have missed out on the Vietnam War, and when he returned to his home in New York, he bought a little plot of land at Long Island, where he began experimenting with vines when he was off-duty. Soon he began to tire of being stuck on a ship at sea. “Pan Am (airlines) were hiring and I was lucky enough to walk straight into a job!” he marvels. He spent several years living in Europe, three of them in West Berlin. “The Wall was still up, and the Soviets would not allow German aircraft in the Eastern airspace. America, Britain and France serviced the Western airspace – it was a very interesting time in history.” One of his most memorable encounters as a pilot was flying into Tehran after the Shah was overthrown. “On landing, we were surrounded by revolutionaries with guns. They boarded the plane and the passengers and crew

“On landing, we were surrounded by revolutionaries with guns.” had to remain in their seats. At the time Westerners were seen as the enemy, and anything could have happened. We were lucky to have made it out alive!” Back on terra firma, a job with Qantas brought him to Australia. His exposure to Australian wines encouraged him to emigrate down under, and what followed was a lengthy period of research that led him to the cool-climate growing regions of South Gippsland. “The combination of warm days and cool evenings is so beneficial to the ripening process,” he reflects, and the critics can’t help but agree. Bellvale is now flying high, with a clutch of award-winning wines recognised not only in South Gippsland, but around the world.

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Experience the Aspire difference ...

COVERING BASS COAST, SOUTH AND EAST GIPPSLAND. CUSTOM BUILDING IN SOUTH EAST MELBOURNE. Visit our Display Home at 179 Thompson Ave, Cowes Opening hours: Sat/Sun 11am – 4pm Mon/Tues/Fri 10am – 3pm Or by appointment Karen Sherwood, Sales Consultant M 0411 774 699 | | Head Office Ph: 9785 5100 coast 159


Step inside one of the region’s most award-winning sustainable homes, CORE 9 at The Cape. Warm, inviting, chic. A collaboration of dedicated minds spearheaded by a local designer – carbon positive, zero waste, recyclability and economics. Three years in the making, CORE 9’s research and development cleverly incorporate passive design principals and standard construction practices. Gone are the days of building without considering orientation, elements and layout. Harnessing solar protection and gain, cross flow ventilation, thermal mass and insulation have all been expertly interwoven to produce an energy efficient design balanced by optimal thermal performance and operational efficiency. Suitable for the modern family, the low-maintenance home includes three bedrooms, two bathrooms and open plan living area. Without compromising on underlying CORE values, the design has the ability to modify its star rating from 6-stars to 10-stars to suit individual price ranges. Building an energy-efficient home is only half the challenge; the team at Beaumont Designs has gone one step further working towards zero waste by adapting designs to use standard material lengths to minimise off-cuts. Selection of materials which are recycled or have the ability to be upcycled also avoids contribution to the annual 19.6 megatons of construction landfill. Complementing an architectural masterpiece, the interior styling pays homage to handmade, local, ethically-sourced, upcycled and recycled artisan works. Charmingly reinforcing CORE 9’s values without compromising on beauty. On top of an array of awards, Beaumont Concepts’ CORE 9 home is in the running for the nationally coveted title of HIA National GreenSmart Sustainable Home, having taken out the Victorian and Eastern Region divisions in recent weeks.

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BDAV 2018 Best Energy Efficient Design – Residential, BDAV 2018 Best Environmentally Sustainable Design – Residential BDAV 2018 Residential Design – New Homes $300-$600k Construction Cost HIA 2018 Eastern Region GreenSmart Sustainable Home & Project Home of the Year HIA 2018 Victorian Awards GreenSmart Sustainable Home BDAA 2018 New Residential Buildings up to 250sqm and over $2000/sqm BDAA 2018 Chris Reardon Memorial Award for Residential Sustainable Buildings Adaptable to any location, check out Beaumont Concepts CORE 9 today at The Cape.

Multi Award Winning Building Designer of Contemporary Sustainable Homes. 332 White Rd. Wonthaggi Tel. (03) 5672 5196 coast 161


Gone are the carbon neutral days equating to mud bricks, no electricity and cold showers on a hippy trail. Today’s affordable sustainable homes are available without compromising on style, function or hot water. Australia’s most sustainable residential development, The Cape, brings together green space, modern architecture, clean energy and community spirit. Located in Cape Paterson along one of Victoria’s most spectacular coastlines, The Cape is the perfect place to build your dream house. Only 1 hour and 45 minutes from south east Melbourne, The Cape is a stone’s throw from Cape Paterson’s pristine surf and family friendly beaches. With Stage 2 complete and nearly sold out, Stage 3 will be released this summer. Three dozen affordable lots of various sizes means there’s something for every lifestyle – from young couples to big families and retired folks. Featuring passive design and contemporary materials, owners stand to save 80% or more on their heating and cooling bills. Land purchasers can choose from cutting-edge house designs by award-winning designers and builders – including Adam Dettrick Architects, The Sociable Weaver, Martin Builders, TS Constructions, Adapt Design Group and Beaumont Concepts. If none suit your taste, customise one with the designers or start from scratch with a designer of your choice.

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The Cape embraces renewable resources. Each 7.5+ star efficient house features, at minimum, 10,000-litres of rainwater storage and 2.5-kilowatts worth of solar panels. Impressively, excess stormwater is directed to a huge tank that feeds the community garden. If it overflows, the stormwater is then fed through vegetation into natural wetlands. Stage 3 is pure bliss for the nature lover at heart; extending around new wetlands and featuring impressive views towards Wilsons Promontory and Cape Woolamai. Indulge in kilometres of walking and cycling trails, including trails that lead straight onto the beach, but watch out for the echidnas crossing the paths! If you prefer the more social aspects of a coastal community, The Cape caters for all age groups. A basketball court, dog park, children’s playground, additional community gardens, lawn bowls club, café, community centre and bocce rink are also in the works for the near future.

Visit to find out more.


Stage 3 selling out this summer Land from $180k Register your interest at:

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Visit our display suite: 33-35 Garden St, Kilsyth Victoria

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Architect designed Built in weeks Installed in days Live life now.

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Uninterrupted living art. Unity of flora and artistic expression. Inspired by the traditional Japanese arts of saikei, bonseki, bonki and the Chinese art of penjing, Heath’s indoor creations are breath-taking. Embracing individuality and creativity, the pieces utilise bonsai, tillandsia, cacti & succulents in traditional terrariums, vases and bonsai pots. Looking for less traditional, more modern placements, you cannot go past the timber works; the pièce de résistance. Wood, stone, rock, crystals and glass also make appearances, with options to suit all indoor styles and budgets. The perfect housewarming gift. Located in Cape Woolamai, their showroom highlights a varied skillset. The bonsai and cacti carefully positioned with images of Heath’s landscape projects filling the walls. Providing exceptional design solutions for all situations, Heath is passionate about picturesque landscapes that are functional, sustainable and last for generations. Incorporating Australian natives is a favourite – colourful, successful and an attractant for local wildlife. Emphasising the Australian outdoor lifestyle, the designs integrate a social, ecological and practical framework. Waterfalls, billabongs, wetlands, vegetable gardens, outdoor kitchens, pergolas and lawns.

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For the more formal at heart, Heath incorporates the latest design concepts and construction methods. Sculptures, murals and outdoor furniture crafted by his own hands. Every detail considered. Heath creates a sanctuary. His designs growing into the environment – maturing as the years pass, coming into their own. Utilising the whole space – re-invigorating fences and structures along the way. Heath’s ability to maximise and address the entire space is his greatest asset and one of the reasons he is able to bring the indoors out and outdoors in, magically tying space, art and breath together. Looking for a temporary space to immerse yourself in living art? You cannot go past the recent café addition. With sandwiches, cakes, biscuits and coffee all on offer – not to mention delicious turmeric lattes. It’s the perfect location to bring a book on a sunny afternoon and re-charge your mind.

Visit Grace Landscapes today.


Design Solutions, Beautiful Landscapes LIVING ART



Heath Grace 0404 596 504 | Nela Grace 0434 423 339 8 Vista Place CAPE WOOLAMAI | Open 6 days | 9am – 5pm Wed - Sat | 10am – 3pm Sun & Tues (closed Mondays) |


Unique stonemasonry using locally quarried stone.

0431 707 471 | samtwitestoneworks |


FRAMED Hidden behind the trees along a dirt road, Lachlan and Leah’s secret charm is awe-inspiring; five acres with views across Inverloch, the ocean and the hills. Look up on the approach and you’ll see the fireplace framed in the window. The architect’s trademark sculpture doorhandles surprise, as one enters a vast open entranceway. Tunisian imported marble adorns the base of a Tasmanian oak timber staircase to the left and curved walls to the right; an architectural statement Steve Vuillermin, of S.J. Vuillermin Master Builders, took in his stride.

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Each window is delicately placed to frame the ocean views and a spectacular outdoor tree. Early on, Lachlan and Leah recall watching their architect, Michael Ellis, move strangely around the marked-out field. “We wondered what he was doing,” Lachlan explains. “Looking back, he was working out the window placements.” An expert, Michael has managed to hide the two percent of neighbouring homes. >

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lifestyle review

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Journey upstairs to the open plan kitchen and living space and one is immediately taken by the circular JC Bordelet fire place; uncrowded and unobtrusive. Living in Singapore with no plans to pop back, the pair mixed holiday with recon. “We were visiting friends in Switzerland and discovered they had a showroom nearby – they didn’t speak English, but we were able to look in person and decide. It was pure coincidence.” Step into the kitchen and an array of cupboards delight. Ample storage allows for outdoor cushions, a built-in fridge and separate freezer drawers to be hidden away. The joinery is immaculate. Track lighting provides seamless possibilities for the future. Two decks adorn the space – one looking across Inverloch to the ocean and the other an entertainment area to make outdoor chefs envious. Running the width of the deck, the bench hosts two BBQ’s – in case unexpected guests arrive – sink, drinks fridge and hot plate; not to mention more cupboard space. The red decking, an ode to their time in Asia, also reminds one of the Australian outback. For fifteen years, the duo travelled the world, following Lachlan’s work schedule. From Fiji to India then Singapore, back to India and onwards to Vietnam, their last home, Singapore. “Sierra had just been born when Lachlan signed his contract for India,” Leah explains – three weeks later they were on a plane. Black marble with white and dust orange streaks gilds the house. A token of their time away. “We wanted to incorporate aspects of our life abroad and marbling is very familiar to us. Therefore, we weren’t afraid of incorporating it.” Lachlan explains – videos sent from China show the marble being cut and polished. The final effect – flawless joins and a nod to cultures the children are more familiar with. In Vietnam, pop-up shops were a punter’s delight – products not sold for export were given a second life, but you had to be quick. Leah fondly remembers being invited to smash pots one day. “If it hadn’t sold at the end of the season, it would be smashed. Designers didn’t want their competition >

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“We wanted to incorporate aspects of our life abroad and marbling is very familiar to us. ”










Bespoke homes. Quality craftsmanship. Passionate builders. We build beautiful homes. We build great relationships. And, we take all the hard work out of your hands so that you can enjoy the process. Talk to us about how our experienced team can create your beautiful new home, extension or renovation. One-of-a-kind. Your home. Our service. 0419 878 402 | |

michael ellis designs buildings ELWOOD, VICTORIA

0409 796 716

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copying.” Mementos from their travels adorn the house – a table from Fiji, sitting buddhas from Cambodia and a silk rug from Kashmir. The hidden treasure of the house is the laundry. Larger than some kitchens, the rectangular space is built around their wine fridge – a must from their Venus Bay holiday house that works perfectly in the space. “We’d originally planned on rebuilding the beach house, but a real estate friend convinced us to look at other properties in the area and that’s when we came across this block.” The architect discovered in an airport magazine, it wasn’t long before Gippsland’s award-winning builder, S.J. Vuillermin, were on board. “The architect put the build to tender and levelled it down to two; he recommended Steve, based on his previous work and hands-on approach.” Wanting their own input, Leah flew back and met with both. “Steve took me around Walkerville, showing me properties they’d built there. He pointed out various costs for different things and sounded very involved in the whole process.” Needless to say, they followed their instinct. “You brace yourself when building – the tension and horror stories. Our experience was the complete opposite.” “There

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were regular updates, they asked lots of questions along the way, updated us on necessary changes. We visited as frequently as possible, but we didn’t have to worry, it was all very straightforward.” Leah adds. But, as with any relationship crossing the city/country threshold, it took the finished job to convince Michael. “He was quite dubious of using labourers from the country. But he has since eaten his words.” Lachlan notes with a smile. Michael delightfully surprised by the quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail. The stone wall, both interior and exterior, is astounding. Sam Twite and Paul Bracken have balanced out large and small stones throughout and to Lachlan’s delight, even left room for the hardwood floors to slide seamlessly underneath. In the end, both builder and architect learnt from each other. “We’re really impressed with Steve and his knowledge of the area. He suggested changes that only come from experience – from window frame trusses to the exterior colour.” “Steve takes pride in what he does. We thought he might move on to his next build towards the end, like most do, but he almost became more involved.” The architectural statement is a credit to Steve and his team, they’ve accomplished a masterpiece…


polished concrete | flooring overlay systems | polished concrete walls epoxy flooring | concrete grind & seal concrete floor preparation | hydronic polished concrete CALL POLICON INDUSTRIES TODAY TO PUT THE FINISHING TOUCHES ON YOUR PROJECT.




Hear me people … cane has made a comeback!

Cane furniture, ever-popular for its durability and lightness, made its first showing in Europe in the 1600s. It’s enjoying a renaissance, and is back in style creating laid-back, light coastal interiors. You can create a breezy coastal style in your home by adding a few signature pieces. Cane is minimalist in its decorating style, and matches beautifully with greenery, native flowers, cushions and pale shades. You can add a touch of cane in any room in the house to add that coastal feel. For bedrooms, think gorgeous, peacock-style cane bedheads matched with delicate pastel-shade covers and pillows. Add that resort feel in the bathroom with some strategically placed cane baskets, adding

coast 176

both style and storage. Get creative and paint half the basket for a quirky two-tone look. There’s an endless array of cane seating options to add character to your living area, and don’t forget the great outdoors – this is where cane lounges or dining suites shine. Looking for cane style locally? Pop into the team at Southern Bazaar and Harmony Home in Inverloch to view the latest style in cane style. Whether you dream of living by the coast or are lucky enough to call the coast home, cane can help you create a breezy, beachstyled paradise – it’s a versatile, durable and affordable decorating choice.


photo: madras link

17b A’Beckett St, Inverloch | 0491 056 238 | @southern.bazaar



check out our range at 13 A’BECKETT STREET, INVERLOCH email Wendy & Josh deKunder 0407 414 895

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aspirations in design

Designing and building your vision is a very personal and rewarding experience. Helping create the Peninsula Dream for over 30 years, we encourage you to be as much a part of the journey as you wish. Your involvement increases your enjoyment from the original design lines through to the construction and beyond – we are with you all the way.

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HIA member No. 520358

Graeme Alexander Homes P/L Graeme Alexander Homes P/L I P: 1300 301 055 I Factory 12/81, Watt Road, Mornington, 3931

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Demand rides a wave at Parklands Demand for land at Parklands Coastal Estate has been ‘phenomenal’ thanks to buyers seeking a sea change on the beautiful Bass Coast. As the first master planned community in Bass Coast Shire, Parklands Coastal Estate has set a new benchmark for quality, environmentally responsible development in the once sleepy rural town of Wonthaggi. When completed, Parklands will comprise 650 lots ranging in size from 500 to 1200 square metres. Stages one and two of the 15 stage development have already sold out. Parklea Sales and Marketing Manager Jarod Mills said Parklands had proved ‘phenomenally’ popular with young families, couples and retirees drawn to the area by the promise of relaxed country living, proximity to the coast and good transport links to the Casey Cardinia Region and wider metropolitan Melbourne. “For many people Parklands Coastal Estate offers a dream lifestyle,” Mr Mills said.

“Living by the coast with all the recreation and lifestyle benefits that it has to offer is very appealing to buyers. People are fed up with sitting in peak hour traffic on the Monash. They want to be able to surf or fish after work and take their kids for a bike ride through the countryside on weekends.” When completed, Parklands will include extensive walking trails as well as exercise stations through nearly eight hectares of parkland and open space.

assured Parklands Coastal Estate will be of a similar high standard. We take the job of building communities very seriously.” Mr Mills said.

Bass Coast has been benefiting from an injection of funds from government authorities with funds recently announced for the town’s hospital ($115M) and a new senior campus for the Wonthaggi Secondary College ($25M). In recent years, access to the area has also improved with the significant upgrades to the Bass Highway. “People can see what Parklea has done at Timbertop in Officer and can be



REGISTER TODAY | 1300 WONTHAGGI (966 842) | coast 180



12pm – 5pm daily, Timbertop Estate, Officer (Newark Place) Solar Panels

Inverter Battery

Heating and Cooling Proudly





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The kitchen is the heart of a home – a place where everything happens and memories are made.

No longer hidden behind closed doors, the kitchen is as much a hosting space as the rest of the house; materials and design progressively intertwining spaces. With Cape Cod, Coastal and Scandi styles gracing new builds, South Coast Kitchens are finding recycled timbers, granite benchtops and natural stone increasingly popular options with clients. Whether you are re-designing or building, consider space, purpose and practicality. Unless you pride yourself on hosting cooking classes every night, an overly large kitchen and dining area will look out of place against a small living space, yet an island bench with chairs will provide contemporary seating for smaller apartments without impeding the living area.

coast 182

If you don’t enjoy cooking and hosting guests means purchasing food off-site, then large cooktops and rangehoods are purposeless – vast preparation areas are key. But if you’re more Nigella than Homer Simpson over a gas cooker, it’s important to have enough elements to cook concurrently. Pots and pans stored at the other end of the kitchen is unpractical. Cook with everything at your fingertips. Choose finishes that suit your lifestyle and personality – and then have fun decorating. Greenery will help add life and colour to the space and remember herbs on windowsills means never running to the shops again. Consider what you use and where; design the kitchen around you and if you are still unsure, seek out the experts.

tel: 03 5956 7415

28 boys home road, newhaven, phillip island. Domestic • Commercial • Wardrobes • Creative Storage • Wardrobe Sliding Doors • Toilet Partitions • Shop Fit Outs • Solid Timber Joinery

Hybrid | Aqua-Tuf Longboards | Native Blackbutt

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24/10/18 1:31 pm


The dining table has been used over the years for a variety of purposes – from nightly meals to birthday parties, an office desk and makeshift ironing table. But as times change so do family needs and the multi-function ability of furniture. Inspired by the sleek, clean lines, simple aesthetic and function of Scandinavian furniture, our tables harmoniously fuse two of Australia’s favourite past-times; family meals and pool. Classical avant-garde. Designed to complement your home, our bespoke tables convert easily from a dining table to pool table and back again. Handcrafted and custom designed in Australia, by three generations of billiard craftsmen, we source premium materials from across Australia and the world, including English directional cloth. With over 30 years’ experience in billiards, we have styles to suit all spaces. Choose from six-, seven- or eight-foot options with

coast 184

an array of luxury cloth and table colours to mix and match. We also curate deep framed ball return tables with bench seats for your outdoor room. In today’s modern age of renovating and building consider a dual-purpose table and let us be a part of your journey. Exceptional tables. Buy once, buy quality.

Call Mark (0419 808 120) and Yvonna (0432 061 251) today for a free measure and quote, and personalised consultation.





Stepping inside Kate Oldfield’s latest adventure is like stepping into the history books. Mementos and relics of Gippsland’s past adorn the shop. Timber from the original Killy Pub has found a second life as a shelf holding refreshing hand creams and soothing candles, old fish and chip signs adorn the walls above a raft of beautiful utensils and top-quality saucepans. Rustic, local, sustainable are all words that come to mind. The fitout provided by Tim Robbins of Building Bitz. A mix of old farmhouse and modern contemporary pieces that blend to a chef’s delight. Glass juicers reminiscent of watching my grandmother cook Sunday family feasts. Honey pots and dippers an ode to a past time. But don’t be mistaken, whilst the shelves, old wire fences and glass doors may have once had another life, all the products on Kate’s floor are brand new and on trend. With a selection of high-quality treats, Kate has accommodated for those after a lifelong friend and those on a more affordable budget. Chasseur cast iron cookware, Mason Cash bakeware and mixing pots, and Scanpan saucepans and pots line the shelves. Interwoven with European and Australian brands – Davis & Wadden, Accura, Avanti, Amalfi

coast 186

and Tara Dennis plates, cutlery, glassware, stainless steel utensils and silicon tools to name but a few. Hints to the more unique also present with splades and Gärtopf crock pots, not to mention the upcoming yearly musts – ham and pudding bags. For those who clean up the mess their household chef makes you cannot go past the kitchen sink products – beautifully crafted wooden scourers and brushes. Whether in time for the festive season or as birthdays approach, Kate has a stunning selection of gifts available for all price ranges – from singular items to striking pairs and hampers. From cocktail sets just in time for those indolent summer afternoons to wooden Lazy Susan’s for Boxing Day when reaching over the table is too much. And if cooking is less your style, but artwork a must then you cannot go past Kate’s drawings on tea towels, cards and lino prints. It truly is the kitchen shop with a difference.

5952 6972 151b Thompson Ave, Cowes coast 187

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twice the


Few people get to build their dream home twice, but after an electrical fire destroyed their Cape Paterson home last year, Stuart and Deanna Gilmour did just that. When Darren Brown of db design drafted their plans seven years ago, Stuart and Deanna expected it to be their last build. “We had to make it work for us, for years. It did, and it still does,” Stuart says. Deanna and Stuart trusted Darren to design a home to suit their lifestyle. “There wasn’t a lot of discussion: he instinctively knew what we wanted,” says Stuart. The couple love the house, and attribute its success to the synergy between designer and builder. Walking through the front door, it’s easy to see why. A red brick wall separates the entry from a cosy lounge room featuring a locally-crafted fireplace, from where you move into the kitchen, the heart of the home and the room they use most. “It’s nice and bright – everyone congregates here,” Deanna says. Chosen for durability and ease of cleaning, gleaming stainlesssteel benches are complemented by white cabinetry and timber accents. A striking wall of matt-black Laminex cupboards provides contrast and visually seamless storage. An island bench near the oven offers space for the couple’s three daughters, aged 20, 18 and 16, to indulge their love of

coast 188

baking. It’s also perfect for Deanna, a book-keeper and avid cook, who says, “I can still cook on the stove and we’re not in each other’s way.” “We’re big on not having to be precious with the surfaces,” Stuart adds. This emphasis on combining practicality and beauty is also reflected in the high-lustre concrete floor that unites the different zones. Constructed from Cloudburst Caesarstone and timber, a second, larger island bench provides a gathering place to eat and talk; overlooking a sunlit al fresco area with floor-to-ceiling glass panels dividing the inside and outside spaces. A red brick feature wall gives warmth; louvred windows and large sliding doors invite the outside in; a swimming pool shimmers invitingly in the spring sunshine beyond the deck. Stuart credits Marcus Everitt of EVERStyle Builders for the brick wall. “We didn’t know we were getting that,” he laughs, “but that’s how we did the build. Marcus is very creative.” >

coast 189

The land belonged to Stuart’s grandmother – one of the first people to settle in Cape Paterson – and he encouraged Darren to incorporate elements of her former house. “That’s why there’s a skillion roof, the flat pitch, and linear weatherboards. It’s a historic thing for us.” The old blends with the new; recycled timber from the original house framing the entry area and Stuart, a skilled joiner, has also used it to build furniture. Beyond the kitchen is a second living-space, with steps down to a carpeted tv-viewing zone and a study concealed by a halfwall, separating work and play areas. The rear of the house is comprised of four generously-sized bedrooms and a shared bathroom that impresses with large grey tiles and twin basins with timber cabinetry designed to take the pressure out of hectic mornings.

The master bedroom boasts a cavernous ensuite and walk-in wardrobe. The mirrored wall and timber vanity conceal a sizeable shower with rain-shower head. The bedroom, ensuite and walk-in wardrobe share just one door, but the zones feel separate and spacious. Beyond an internally-accessed garage and an empty block of land, the beach of Stuart’s childhood beckons. Hidden costs are frequently part of the building process, but Stuart has a different story. “We said, ‘here’s our budget. Build our home.’ Marcus was up-front about costs and came back under what we’d budgeted.” “And he’s meticulous,” says Deanna. “You can tell by the finishes, how professionally it’s been done.” The energy-efficient house demonstrates Darren’s extensive local knowledge. The north-facing home makes the most of>

“It’s nice and bright everyone congregates here”

coast 190


W W W. D B D E S I G N . C O M . A U

0 3

5 6 7 2

1 1 4 4


Ph: 0407 331 932




C A P E PAT E R S O N , V I C w w w. eve r s t y l e b u i l d e r s . c o m


the sun with high windows that flood the living spaces with natural light. With improved insulation and windows, Stuart and Deanna expect the rebuild to perform even better than their last house. “It’s got a lot to do with Darren’s design,” Stuart explains. “Internal walls, the eaves, retaining and releasing heat – all this passive stuff – but I don’t really know what I’m talking about,” he laughs. “In seven years, we’ve turned the air conditioning on four times.”

. . . with high windows that flood the living spaces with naural light . . . The house suits the family’s active beach-loving lifestyle perfectly, with outdoor shower, sand-tolerant floors and seamless flow between inside and outside spaces. It’s been a long journey from the fire to rebuilding their home, and there’s still work to do – finishing off the pool fencing, landscaping, building a vegetable garden and a fire-pit. Deanna and Stuart feel like they never left, and they couldn’t be happier about it.

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‘Natives, because they’re beautiful’ Melaleuca Nursery has been supplying quality indigenous & native plants to West & South Gippsland for over 30 years. Whether it’s a few plants for the backyard or thousands for a revegetation project; we provide excellent advice on what’s best for your area. ADDRESS:




50 Pearsalls Road, Inverloch Vic 3996

Monday to Saturday: 9am – 5pm

Phone: 03 5674 1014 Trade enquiries welcome

Our Services to You are Free, we come to you for your convenience and privacy, both day and evening appointments are available.

Experienced Finance Specialist House and Land Package Finance, Renovations and Consolidations are areas of great demand, we also locate suitable Builders and Land locations.

We assist our clients in achieving their goals of home ownership and improved lifestyle, we care by providing Choices, Advise, Research and Educate = C.A.R.E. We look forward to speaking with you soon, have a


F i n ance Specialist

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

M 0417 758 887 | F (03) 9769 4433 CRN 447671 | E | W

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Designing an outdoor oasis is easy, you just stick everything you like in the space, right? Wrong...

Ever had that moment of walking into a garden and feeling at peace – it may have been at the Melbourne Zoo, Kyoto Garden in Holland Park or a mate’s backyard. Creating a relaxing outdoor space is arduous – it takes time, planning and research. How much space do you have? Can you work with the current garden and add to it? What styles make you feel at home – tropical, native, Japanese, cottage, modern? What climate zone is the space? What soil is present? There is no point creating a beautiful prairie garden if Bali huts and palm trees put you at ease. Perhaps you are you looking to embrace the coastal vibe – natural and organic in design – a space to kick off your shoes and connect with nature? The first step is embracing gentle curves. Straight lines

coast 194

evoke 18th century Georgian gardens, coastal is strolling and winding along – the meandering of sand dunes. Combine natives and succulents to pay homage to locality whilst tying in subtle blues and pinks. Keeping materials organic will further link the space – concrete and steel cry industrial revolution, recycled timbers and ‘rusted’ coppers speak of time – generations passing by the beach, weathered from the natural environment. For further guidance and ideas visit Grace Landscapes. With local soil and climate knowledge, landscaper Heath Grace can help bring your oasis to life.

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Sleep safely. All chemical free and made in Australia

A selection of sheets, to suit your style from 100% organic cotton

Organature was founded in 2004 We hope our products will improve the quality of your life Certified Organic cotton fabrics and fillings. Caring for Health, Allergies, Asthma, Eczema & Chemical Sensitivities.

S H O P 1 / 1 0 7 M A R I N E PA R A D E , S A N R E M O V I C 3 9 2 5 . 0 3 5 6 7 8 5 4 4 4 .

coast 196

Fragrance free bathroom kitchen and laundry products

Cute organic Koala print sheets


S H O P I N S T O R E O R O N L I N E , W W W. O R G A N AT U R E . C O M . A U coast 197

The FINAL Rise Release

On Sale Now


There’s no place like the Island Shoalhaven Estate in Phillip Island, invites you to discover the next highly desirable stage release, The Rise Precinct.

With close proximity to the park and Red Rock Beach only a short walk away, the time to establish yourself in Phillip Island is now. Lot sizes in this premium release are up to an impressive 731m2. Contact us for more information on how you can secure your own perfect island home site.

coast 198

The Rise at Shoalhaven Lots range from 336m2 to 731m2 with prices starting from $199,000 Existing Residential


Cadwell Close












448m2 448m2


Abington Link 7.90


za 171


362m2 448m2 13.50






Future Residential

The Rise at Shoalhaven

10.50 4.2 4


373m2 13.50

Thornaby Place

N Settlement Road

Future Residential

Future Residential

Parks / Reserves

Existing Residential

Future Residential

od Go

Future Residential

rive ood D Goodw Castlecombe Circuit Future Residential

Future Residential

Longridge Drive

Thruxton Street

13/78 Nepean Street, Watsonia

Elvington Avenue

1300 S HAVEN



coast 199

Castlecombe Circuit

Existing Residential

Call 1300 (742 836) Goodwood Drive





32 32







209 2




14 10.50 10.50





17.3 1








72 3.





2 3





24 4.













Existing Residential


Pembrey Circuit


689m2 43.05

Land Sales Office


10.26 4 .91




w oo dD riv e





Pembrey Circuit








Black tapware is staying, gold and brass are making a comeback and copper is rustic. Industrial Coastal is out and Cape Cod (the coloured version of the Hampton’s white-on-white) is in… Navy, golds, aqua…

coast 200

Choosing a bathroom style is hard enough without considering the environment – the water is harder than Melbourne, the salt air rusts metals quicker and the sand (or mud) makes certain floor choices more favourable than others. The key to renovating is to ask yourself: -

Why are you renovating? To sell, repair or for your enjoyment…


What is your budget?

With apartment living now reflected in smaller homes, consider space-saving ideas – can the shaving cabinet be inbuilt, can the vanity be reduced by utilising other hidden spaces, can you incorporate LED lighting to add ambiance or additional illumination, are bigger tiles suitable to give the appearance of more space?

If you are looking to rent out your property then hardier, good quality, simple products are best – especially porcelain tiles.

And avoid short cuts – work with local businesses like Beach Style Renovations. Not only do they work in conjunction with other local trades and suppliers, they can advise on the best products to suit your needs and the environment.

If not, do it for yourself – what do you want to look at every day? Do you have children (are they going to pretend the towel rail is a lightsabre)? How much time can you dedicate to maintenance and cleaning (plain black tiles show everything!)?

So, start your mood board and Pinterest accounts – the more ideas you have, the more options you can discuss. And remember, to keep your budget down, avoid plumbing moves – it’s easier to move an indoor doorway than a toilet!

A renovation team, specialising in reinventing your bathroom, kitchen and laundry.

Beach Style Renovations 219b Settlement Rd, Cowes, VIC, 3922

03-5952 5158

Remarkable homes inside and out. Build your home with someone who shares your vision and passion. Get individual attention, exceptional craftsmanship and quality service. We have built over 180 houses and no two are the same. We like the challenge of working on new projects and fresh ideas. Build a house with heart, it’s what is inside that really counts.


0412 608 152

coast 201







Call 9785 5100

Call on 0418 595 410

Call 5952 5158

Call 5672 5196

Our highly professional team offers quality service, expert skills and attention to detail, combining local knowledge with over 50 years’ experience in the trade. Innovative designs inspired by local and European trends and floor-plans from 12 - 50 squares bring international style to your home – choose a home that perfectly fits your lifestyle.

Your award-winning design and construct specialist. Accredited GreenSmart builders, our homes are designed to improve energy, resource and waste efficiency and create healthier homes. We provide a wide range of designs, quality materials and our exceptional team deliver outstanding service from start to finish. New display home in Blairgowrie on the Mornington Peninsula.

Kitchen. Bathroom. Laundry. Our team works with you designing your own unique space with certified and experienced professionals. Managing the whole project from conception to cated to your renovation. Each project is supplied and installed with quality assured. Our showroom features an extensive range of wall & floor tiles, tapware and bathware.

Beaumont Concepts Building Designs are unique. Each individual design is carefully matched to your environment, desires and lifestyle. Your dream home will be healthy, comfortable, environmentally friendly, cost-effective, liveable, functional and stylish. Our designs capitalise on natural elements to reduce energy output, ensuring an environmentally-friendly home with the highest possible energy rating.




Call 5672 1999 (Wonthaggi) 5956 7992 (Phillip Island)

Call 5672 1144 / 0418 379 301

For over 50 years Coldon Homes has been building quality coastal and country residences throughout Bass Coast and southern Gippsland. Our homes suit their landscape and your lifestyle. From two to five bedrooms, double and single storey, brick or modern claddings, there is a design perfect for every block or we can tailor the home to suit your exact requirements.

Darren Brown has over 20-years’ experience and is one of the region’s leading building design professionals. db design removes confusion from the building, design and documentation process. With our extensive network of building professionals, consultants and builders, we provide clients with choice and flexibility throughout every stage of their building project and offer a unique level of assistance.

coast 202

DENNIS PIASENTE BUILDER Call 0412 608 152 Remarkable homes inside and out. If you want a house that doesn’t look like the one next door, you cannot go past Dennis Piasente Builders. With over 150 homes built, and no two the same, they pride themselves on building homes with passion, exceptional craftsmanship and quality service. From existing plans or ideas, build from the heart.

ECOLIV BUILDINGS Call 5672 5196 Ecoliv Sustainable Buildings are architecturally designed modular homes with inspiring, functional living spaces and a minimum 7-star energy rating. Our prefabricated modular homes provide a compact yet functional solution, flexible enough to suit your lifestyle and location.

RESORT LIVING EVERY DAY. RETIRE IN SOUTH GIPPSLAND. Experience the boutique retirement dream at Mountain View Leongatha

Be on a permanent holiday by joining our exclusive community. Choice of 2 & 3 bedroom master built luxury homes with single or double garages. A 24 hour emergency call service and secure caravan and boat storage for peace of mind.


Contact us for further information.

Master built luxury homes. Double Garages now available Community Centre completed and operational.


OPEN FOR INSPECTION from 10am to 4pm Monday to Saturday. Ph: 1300 306 255 1 Dale Drive Leongatha VIC 3953

coast 203





Call 0407 331 932

Call 5952 2150 (7 days a week)

Boutique company, building bespoke homes – small footprint, big personality! Based in Cape Paterson, EVERStyle Builders offer a high quality, creative, open-minded approach to all projects & believes a good client/builder relationship is the key to a great project! From collaborations with designers for sustainable energy efficient homes to traditional builds and renovations, EVERStyle works with you to create your home.

Here’s just one of thousands of satisfied customers … “Thank you guys for the wonderful work you did putting our house together. We have had nothing but the utmost professional and courteous service. Your ability to cater to the alterations we wanted to the design of the house and the flexibility of the planning stage was brilliant.” - Glen Hatton

GRAEME ALEXANDER HOMES Call 5975 4561 The development of exciting designs and quality home construction is at the heart of the Graeme Alexander philosophy. Our homes are well constructed, look good and function properly. It’s been that way on the Peninsula for 30 years. Quality and experience don’t just happen: Graeme Alexander Homes’ outstanding team of tradespeople construct homes in a reasonable time to exacting standards.

HARRIS BUILD Call 0400 521 079 We build your vision. Any building project can be an enormous undertaking. Our job is to support you, and our commitment is to create the best building experience possible. We want you to truly enjoy working with us. We listen closely to truly understand your goals and expectations. Delivering spectacular results every time.




Call 1800 677 156

Call 5674 2506

Hotondo Homes is Australia’s leading building franchise network with over 75 builders across the country. As locals, each builder has a strong understanding of their area and is dedicated to creating a stress-free, easy building journey for their clients. With over 90 beautiful and flexible designs to choose from we’re here to turn your new house into your dream home.

We bring your ideas to life, with strong, structurally-sound monuments of architecture, design and living space. Working with you to design your dream home, we pride ourselves on ensuring your home optimises your life. We utilise passive design elements with sustainable materials, to ensure a higher energy rating and efficiency of your dwelling.

coast 204


Call 9579 2277

Working together to build your dream… Custom home builder to South Gippsland & Bass Coast, Kyle Custom Builders are organised, flexible, patient and professional. Speak with any of their clients and all have walked away ecstatic. With high standards, one-on-one site meetings and a hassle-free experience, their office-free environment means you are dealing directly with the build team.

Langford Jones Homes has been building quality affordable homes in Bass Coast, South Gippsland and the Mornington Peninsula for over 40 years. The company has display homes in Surf Beach and Wonthaggi and specialises in coastal homes with a collection of over 100 designs. Langford Jones Homes can custom design and build your perfect home using the latest 3D technology.


Winner - Best Energy Efficient Design Residential – BDAV 2018 - Building Design Awards Winner - Best Environmentally Sustainable Design Residential – BDAV 2018 - Building Design Awards Winner - Best Sustainable Home – MBAV 2018 - Master Builders Awards

Builders of distinctive, designer homes. TS Constructions create living spaces that are stunning, innovative and finished to perfection. Our aim is to work with owners and designers to develop and build exactly to your requirements. 03 5672 2466 | | |



Stylish, relaxed, quality apparel inc. Australian Made and Fair Trade Products 1& 2/17 The Esplanade, Cowes 3922 / 5951 9945 /

follow us on


coast 205



METRICON Call 1300 Metricon Australia’s leading home builder – showcasing affordable, luxurious, stylish and spacious modern family living. Committed to designing and building quality homes, the local Gippsland team offers the ultimate customer experience. As regional Victoria’s most awarded builder in 2017 & 2018, they have an extensive range of single and double storey homes. Creating homes where you can truly love where you live.

MICHAEL ELLIS ARCHITECTS Call 9044 2992 We believe great architecture is borne of respectful practice. Our designs balance the physical, emotional and financial wellbeing of our clients, giving honest and informed advice on the journey to really striking results. We have established a reputation for compelling yet pragmatic architecture; fascinated with artisanship, we appreciate the beauty that can be achieved when natural materials meet skilled hands.



Call 0418 595 410

Call 9489 8863

Creating spaces that are aesthetically desirable, functional, affordable and sustainable by using local trades, craftsmen and suppliers to reduce carbon miles. We carefully consider the end user and make sure every step of the process is affordable, with intention and has the least environmental impact. With 7.1+ star energy ratings, build your own shipping container conversion today.

Designer of environmentally sustainable new houses and extensions. Houses full of natural light in rural and urban landscapes. Principal architect Terence Nott has over 30 years’ experience in a wide range of projects statewide. Consultations held locally in Bass Coast, South Gippsland or in central Melbourne.




Call 0402 620 094

Call 1300 734 544


Call 0428 598 237

Crafting superior-quality homes. Guiding you from the initial design concept through to acquiring building permits, the team at Onsite Design are with you every step of the way - whether large or small-scale. With flexibility to select a builder of choice, get in touch today to discuss your next project.

coast 206

Passionate about providing homes designed for customers unique needs – Prebuilt offers a choice of architecturally pre-designed or custom designed homes. Their concept design includes floor plans and 3D computer modelling, allowing a fixed price to be established before construction commences. More than 15 years’ experience in design-led prefab construction and Prebuilt’s unique building process enables efficient and innovative construction.

Named 2015 Residential Building of the Year at the Master Builders Regional Building Awards, our clients enjoy the benefits of an experienced building contractor, expert local knowledge and outstanding customer service. From renovations to new designs, we look after all requirements, priding ourselves on supporting local suppliers. With 30 years of experience and competitive prices, we are Gippsland’s premier builders. Trease Builders have a reputation for fine work and attention to detail. Architectural housing is a speciality and Trease Builders achieve exceptional results, working with highly skilled trades. Their Awards include Custom Build Homes, Most Innovative Use of Steel, Energy Efficient Housing and the ultimate accolade – Australian Home of the Year, and more recently the ‘Houses’ 2017 – Best Home Over 200sqm.

Working together to build your dream...

0400 445 350

Offshore Design is for the modern coastal lifestyle – simple, elegant and beautiful sofas | beds | rugs | lighting | dining | homewares 03 5644 3179 | 49 Thompson Ave, Cowes | coast 207

Island Electric Authorised Service Centre Motors

Nail Gun Repairs & Servicing We also repair: - Power Tools - Compressors - Floor Sanders - Swimming Pool Pumps

Please call Steve 0400 677 234 for friendly advice and expert service 37 Lock Road, Rhyll, 3923

coast 208

Before DeckSeal

After DeckSeal In operation for over 10 years, DeckSeal has invigorated the decks of many relieved homeowners Nick & Andrea 0411 988 401 | coast 209







Call 0411 988 401

Call 0404 596 504

Rick North and staff offer quality and reliability when it comes to air-conditioning and refrigeration sales, service and repairs – with fully qualified and accredited trade technicians. We are a Mitsubishi heavy industries dealer/service agent. We not only offer new installation and service, we can also offer an honest opinion on whether repairing your product is a viable option.

Breathe life into your deck. We do it all, from timber deck cleaning, to oiling, painting, staining and ongoing maintenance. Our craftsmanship, along with exceptional client service and high standards, is the reason we’ve set the benchmark in deck treatment. Achieving striking results, our extensive research, superior equipment and proven methods, have the ability to restore the most spoiled decks.

Bringing the outside in and inside out…





Call 0413 492 736

Call 0400 677 234

Call 5674 1014

Call 0434 596 343

A multi-disciplinary practice based in Inverloch, Darren and Jayne Stewardson combine their expertise in construction and design to bring beautiful homes to life. Their latest venture, designing and manufacturing architectural concrete products, is sure to put the wow into your home. Robust and tactile, their range includes kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanities, custom furniture, fireplace lintels and BBQ surrounds.

Electric motor & power tool repairs & rewinds. Authorised Paslode service centre stocking a comprehensive range of Paslode parts, as well as capacitors, carbon brushes, bearings, pump seals and replacement leads. Servicing most types of electric motors including compressors, pool and spa pumps, floor sanding and polishing equipment, ducted and commercial vacuum motors, 1 & 3 phase and DC.

Based in Inverloch, Melaleuca has one of the widest ranges of indigenous and native plants suitable for the West and South Gippsland regions. Let us help you choose the best plants for your property – be it a small garden or a large-scale revegetation project. Wholesale enquiries welcome.

Aesthetically beautiful, concrete serves a dual purpose of decoration and structural importance. Specialists in architectural concrete finishes PoliCon Industries can work with you to find your perfect design solution. Whether polished concrete flooring or walls, grind and seal, epoxy flooring, overlay systems or floor preparation, our extensive knowledge and experience puts us at the forefront of architectural concrete finishes.

Call 5672 2466 TS Constructions has shaped the built environment throughout southern Gippsland. From muchloved family homes through to workplaces, schools, hospitals and offices, people are constantly encountering the results of our labours. ISO-certified to three international standards (Quality, Safety and Environment) and with extensive experience in environmental products and methods, TS Constructions guarantees you a high-quality, innovative and professional build.


Grace Landscapes philosophy is simple – create beautiful, functional and sustainable landscapes utilising the entire space. From their interior living art pieces to full exterior landscaping, the duo are specialists in natural design. With native flora, bonsai, terrariums and cacti as well as lawns and outdoor living spaces, the options are endless.


coast 210

Mon – Fri 9.30 – 4.00 or by appointment 10 Watson Rd, Leongatha 3953 03 5662 4557 or 0439 921 962

IDEA DESIGN BUILD A three step conception to your dream living space. We help bring your ideas to life, with strong, structurally sound monuments of design and living space.


Curtains & Blinds

JDESIGN Group Design & Construction

Jaylee Fitzpatrick | 5674 2506 | |

coast 211





Call 0417 377 582 0418 540 668

Call 0431 707 471

Servicing South Gippsland, Bass Coast, Baw Baw and surrounds, we specialise in the installation of concrete and fibreglass pools. Recognising and respecting the considerable investment, as well as the valuable asset that a pool is to your home, we work closely to deliver the perfect solution for you. Our range of designs seamlessly complement your home’s architectural elements.

Unique stonemasonry from locally quarried stone. From feature walls, houses and retaining walls to chimneys and fire surrounds – add beauty, sophistication and value to your home. Elegant and long-lasting, Sam creates stunning traditional and modern works that have to be seen to be believed. Working with architects and builders, his attention to detail ensures seamless finishes, from floor to sky.



THE COUNTRY GARDENER Call 5672 4866 Outstanding plant nursery with over 20 years’ experience. We pride ourselves on excellent service and quality plants with an extensive range of natives, ornamental, exotic plants and fruit trees as well as stunning giftware and pots. Our staff are knowledgeable and friendly and offer great advice. Monday – Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 10-4.

TJ’S TIMBER Call 5952 3232 TJ’s Timber sell new and recycled timbers. Their quality (new) timbers are sourced from responsiblymanaged forests in Australia and overseas. Recycling timber is the environmentally friendliest form of timber production. TJ’s Timber can supply a great range of new and recycled feature posts and beams, solid timber flooring, decking, unique slabs, cladding, internal linings and screening. Mobile service coming soon.




Call 0434 596 354

Call 0434 596 243

Call 0419 808 120/ 0432 061 251 Call 0491 056 238

With over 15 years’ experience, Trowelworks are experts in concrete construction. Covering all aspects of concreting – excavation, decorative, pattern and exposed aggregate, shed and factories, small and large residential and commercial projects including slabs, car parks, driveways & footpaths + more. Contact us to discuss your next project and see how we can help you.

A family run business, Xternal Works focuses on architectural outdoor construction. The team can guide you through the design and construction process. From retaining walls, decks and verandahs to pergolas, paving, timber/stone/steel works, lighting and water features, their excavation, concreting, irrigation and design skills are sure to create your perfect space.

Created by our family for yours, we offer locally built, handcrafted, custom-designed dual-purpose tables. Constructed from premium materials, including English directional cloth, our master craftsmen have over 30 years’ experience. Designed to complement your home, our bespoke dual-purpose pool table– dining table are a must for anyone looking to incorporate sleek, clean lines, function and aesthetic. Buy once. Buy quality.

coast 212


Harmony Home Inverloch is the new sister store of Southern Bazaar, which has been established in Inverloch for over 13 years. Stocking a vast and beautiful range of homewares and gifts from canvas prints and organic skincare to cushions. Located three doors up from Southern Bazaar in A’Beckett Street, we are stockists of some of Australia’s most loved brands.


0400 521 079 | Troy Harris | CDB-U 59744

MANGO CREEK extension dining table | MANGO CREEK shelf unit CRISTO chairs | SOHO arm chair.


coast 213





Call 5662 4557

Call 5952 6972

Heppell Curtains and Blinds operate from their delightful showroom in Leongatha where you are welcome to call in and see the latest in blinds and fabrics sourced from a wide range of wholesalers nationally and internationally. You can view the latest in window furnishing hardware including motorisation, Google Home and Alexa technology.

A wide selection of beautiful, high-quality treats, mixing traditional farmhouse and modern contemporary dining and kitchen homewares. With options to suit all budgets, brands include Chasseur cast iron cookware, Mason Cash bakeware, Scanpan saucepans and pots, Davis & Wadden, Accura, Avanti, Amalfi and Tara Dennis plates, cutlery, glassware, stainless steel utensils and silicon tools. Don’t forget the Christmas musts…

LEONGATHA & PHILLIP ISLAND CARPET COURT Call 5662 4164 (Leongatha) 5952 6377 (Phillip Island)

Whatever your budget, we’ve got something for your renovating or building project. Our extensive range includes carpets, rugs, timber, laminate, vinyl, hybrid and blinds. With all the best brands you know and trust, Carpet Court has everything you need to complete your flooring and window furnishing projects. Our experienced staff can help you choose the perfect solution for your home.

MOOKAH STUDIOS Call 5608 0479 A small independent handmade label offering a range of stylish, contemporary and eco-friendly homewares, textiles and accessories. We focus on fabrics predominantly inspired by nature and love working with natural fibres such as hemp, linen and organic cotton. We work with our own hand screen-printed fabrics or use Australian designers who share our love of natural fibres and the environment.


MURRAY STREET BAZAAR Call 0419 362 978 Upon entering through Wolf on Murray you are hit with an eclectic mix of weird, wacky and wonderful retro, vintage and artistic collections. Over 30 stalls are ready to help you find your special by-gone item in our treasure-filled oasis. Shop local. It’s lovely.

coast 214




Call 5644 3179

Call 5678 5444

Call 8560 1160

Offshore Design is for the modern coastal lifestyle, simple, elegant, beautiful furniture and homewares on your doorstep. Joining modern coastal living with textures, colour and elegance to create a beautiful look and style suited to everyday family living at affordable prices. We stock a range of art, rugs, beds, sofas, dining furniture, lightning, soft furnishing, clocks, mirrors, gifts & homewares.

A family owned business manufacturing and selling manchester, mattresses, futons and bedlinen, made from certified organic cotton. Certified organic clothing for babies, children and adults, and toxic-free hardwood timber furniture. Environmentally friendly and perfect for anyone suffering from allergies or chemical sensitivity. All fabrics are made from GOTS certified organic cotton, grown by non-toxic methods, using only rain water.

Lounge about in comfort and style this season with OZ Design Furniture Narre Warren. With collections inspired by worldly trends, you’ll find what your interior desires this new season! Look no further than the NEW Sparrow sofa – a crowd pleaser and a divine living addition this Summer! For your nearest store or to shop online visit.


retaining walls - decks/verandahs - pergolas - open & close roof systems (Vergola) - paving - timberwork rockwork - steelwork - lighting - water features - irrigation - concreting - excavations - BBQ areas CONTACT OUR FAMILY TEAM TO START DESIGNING YOUR PERFECT AREA

0434 596 243


W W W. X T E R N A LWO R K S .C O M . A U


I N F O @ X T E R N A LWO R K S .C O M . A U

With over 15 years of industry experience, Trowelworks are experts in all aspects of concreting, including: - decorative, pattern & exposed aggregate - shed & factories - small & large residential & commercial projects - excavation projects Contact Trowelworks today to organise a free consultation. 0434 596 354

coast 215



RIGBY HOMEMAKERS FURNITURE Call 5672 5906 A family run business, we pride ourselves on customer service and quality furniture & bedding. Trading since 2005, we service all of Bass Coast, South Gippsland and Phillip Island. With premium brands including La-Z-Boy, IMG Norway, Sealy Posturepedic and Sleepmaker along with an extensive range available through Homemakers Furniture, you can be assured all your requirements will be satisfied.



Call 5956 7415

Call 0407 414 895

Call 0400 569 663

Your local cabinet maker located in Newhaven for over 30 years! Providing quality joinery for all budgets. We offer one-on-one kitchen design services, ensuring your kitchen is 100% perfect. Using the latest products and the best hardware, your joinery is guaranteed to last. Visit our showroom to discuss your new storage needs.

Southern Bazaar Home has a unique range of new and recycled furniture and homewares. They stock quality Australian brands like Tessa and Molmic, not to mention a great range of Australian timber furniture, prints and homewares. Located in the main street of Inverloch and online. You are sure to find that special piece for your home.

This beautiful store on The Esplanade at Cowes stocks an impressive range of homewares, including rugs, throws, ceramics, indoor plants, candles and baskets. Australian designers, local, handmade and fair-trade products.






Call 0438 574 472

Call 5952 2633

Call 5951 2500

Call 0438 987 811

FOR SALE BY EXPRESSION OF INTEREST. THE GURDIES – 32 & 100 BLACKNEY ROAD. Absolute Coastal Reserve frontage - this superb offering is set on two titles, 112-acres & 4.5-acres with combined 856m seafront and 7 e-Star Bauhaus architect-designed home. Seafront Farms has impeccable infrastructure, sublime views and a very private setting. Closing 31st January at 4.00pm unless sold prior.

FOR SALE BY EXPRESSION OF INTEREST. 6/2 THE ESPLANADE, VENTNOR. Set in a private court with absolute foreshore reserve frontage, this home is built and finished to a very high standard. Including four bedrooms all with ensuites, two powder rooms, large open plan living, dining and kitchen space, theatre room and extensive outdoor deck area. Closing 4pm 14th December 2018.

Exceptional care built on solid foundations. Focusing on the well-being and comfort of the ageing, we strongly believe everyone deserves support at every stage of life. Located on the former Banfields Motel and Cinema complex, our modern, architecturally designed, stateof-the-art, residential aged care facility features six separate wings incorporating large sun-filled lounges, dining rooms and entertainment areas.

Due to high demand, Victoria’s most sustainable community, The Cape, is releasing Stage 3 this summer. With energy ratings greater than 8 stars, The Cape’s homes are incredibly comfortable and feature designs by some of Australia’s leading architects. Surrounded by open space, direct beach access, walking and cycling tracks, wetlands, parklands, a stunning community garden and an impressive sports precinct.

coast 216

The Country Gardener


A stunning range of plants and giftware QUALITY EXPERIENCE FRIENDLY ADVICE 19 Inverloch Road, Wonthaggi 5672 4866 Mon-Sat 9-5, Sun 10-4









Set amongst beautifully landscaped gardens, formerly occupied

Set amongst beautiful landscaped gardens formerly occupied by by the Banfields Motel and Cinema complex, we are an thearchitecturally-designed, Banfields Motel and Cinema complex in Thompson Avenue state-of-the-art, residential aged care Cowes, Banfields Aged Care is a new, architecturally-designed, facility with luxurious amenities. state-of-the-art Extra residential aged care afacility. From the moment youServices arrive, you know you are entering From the moment you arrive at Banfields Aged Care,team you know you space that cherishes the quality of life; with a dedicated areand entering an aged care facility that cherishes the quality programs in place to care for all stages of ageing, including of life. specific wings. To experience thelifestyle Banfieldsfirsthand, Aged Care To dementia experience the Banfields Aged Care lifestyle firsthand, call or visit our website. please call or visit please our website.


Banfields Aged CareCare Banfields Aged 192 Thompson Avenue CowesCowes VIC 3922 192 Thompson Avenue VIC 3922 03 5951 (03) 2500 5951 2500



coast 217







Call 1300 306 255

Call 1300 966 842

Call 1300 742 836 Call 0417 758 887

Wonthagggi’s first master planned community. Parklands Coastal Estate offers a new style of living on the Bass Coast – a high quality residential estate, designed for the needs of today but with an eye on the past. There are a variety of block sizes located on the nearly eight hectares of parks and open space. Stage 3 now selling.

Shoalhaven Estate in Phillip Island invites you to discover the next highly desirable stage release at The Rise at Shoalhaven precinct. Situated on a gentle slope capturing rare natural vistas over wetlands and parks with the renowned Red Cove beach only 600m away. Establish yourself on Phillip Island! Lot sizes in this premium release are up to an impressive 857m2!

Mountain View Leongatha offers boutique retirement living. Choice of 2 or 3 bedroom, master-built, luxury homes with low maintenance. Only 45 villas on completion. The Community Centre, including bowling green and indoor pool was completed and operational from the start.




Looking to build/buy? Need a home loan? Looking to refinance for the renovations? John Flanigan is an experienced financial specialist who cares and listens to his clients. Providing advice, choices and solutions to achieve your goal be it home ownership, construction or restructuring. We know life can get a little hectic, which is why he comes to you.


"Seafront Farms" With absolute Coastal Reserve frontage - this unique and superb offering is next level "wow". Set on 112 acres & 4.5 acres with combined 856m seafront and 7 e-Star Bauhaus architect designed home. It's near impossible to describe the lengths the current owners have gone to in presenting a superb "off grid" lifestyle experience without peer in this desirable Westernport coastal region. Let's start with absolute Coastal Reserve frontage of 856m, a brilliantly conceived energy efficient main residence of approx. 300sq.m, featuring 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, pantry with full walk in cool room and 2 x 100 sq.m garages that house two hovercraft. Solar array, windmill, bio-solution, water catchment, reticulation, security cameras and back-up generator are either fully automatic or electronically controlled and wirelessly connected to the NBN. Thriving fish stocks in the dams and Westernport Bay provide everyday enticement for keen anglers. And we need to mention the property manager's/guest quarters - a delightfully secluded and recently renovated cedar cottage. The rich peat soils, improved pastures, stockyards and deer-proof 1.9m high perimeter fencing add further practical appeal. Seafront Farms is an authentically unique seaside experience supported by impeccable infrastructure, sublime views and a very private, verdant setting on 116.5 acres. The only way to fully appreciate this property is to arrange an appointment and see it for yourself.


Closing 31st January 2019 at 4.00pm unless sold prior. Properties may be sold separately. Available on a walk in, walk out basis. Contact Tom Gibson 0438 574 472 Berwick 9707 2000

coast 218



With over 40 years experience, no job is too big or small.

CHOICE OF 1,2 & 3 BEDROOM HOMES FOR SALE The village is situated on the Westernport Bay Foreshore, with close proximity to Phillip Island, the Mornington Peninsula, and is less than 1.5 hours from Melbourne and only 20 minutes from Wonthaggi.

03 5678 8232

McKenzie St, Wonthaggi, Vic | 0418 138 727

20 Pier Road, Grantville, 3984

StabilEarth Constructions rammed earth

We can help you create the outdoor living area of your dreams.

11 Inverloch Road, Wonthaggi 5672 3757

South Gippsland’s ‘Passivhaus’ and rammed earth specialists. Full residential builds in the local area and contracting for rammed earth works throughout Victoria and interstate.

Sandy Point, South Gippsland, Vic. mob: 0429 841 057 w: e:

Open 7 Days M-F: 7am–4.30pm SAT: 8am–2pm SUN: 9am–12noon

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EST. 1965

Cnr. Bass Highway & Glen Forbes Rd, Grantville 03 5678 8552 421 Princess Hwy, Officer vic 3809 03 5943 2371

Easy car and truck access. Wide range of unit sizes to suit all your needs. We stock all your packaging requirements. Access is 24/7. On-site manager during business hours. All Units have an individual alarm and the facility has security cameras inside and out. Storing with us will be a breeze.

0400 214 446

4 Industrial Way, Cowes VIC 3922 e:

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The newly opened gallery of Gippsland artists Meg Hayley and Nick Perrin. Nick’s award-winning work depicts textured landscapes, flowers, trees and foliage inspired by travels to Greece and the UK. Meg works on paper and canvas with a unique whimsy, collecting vintage pieces of decorative china to paint. Jewellery, wire works, bespoke furniture and art materials for sale (specialising in Swiss brand Caran d’ache). Painting and drawing classes available for adults and children.

Contact Joel at Paragreen R.E. 0438 822 614

76 TOORAK RD, INVERLOCH | Meg: 0408 520 576

monthly exhibitions | art materials | picture framing | jewellery | ceramics

Summer hours: Six days, closed Tuesday. Appointment anytime.

15 Falls Road, Fish Creek e: Ph 03 5683 2481 w: opening times thurs-mon 9am-4pm |


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Uplift. Nourish. Create. Uplift your mind/body/spirit... with a Treatment in ‘Our Healing Room’ by one of our Qualified Practitioners, or speak to one of our knowledgeable staff for support. We stock a comprehensive range of superfoods, vitamins, supplements, ayurvedic and traditional herbs, essential oils and remedies. Nourish your soul... from our Café and Juice Bar. We have a delicious menu full of vegan and gluten free options. We also serve organic Wild Timor Coffee and a large range of herbal teas, super smoothies and fresh juices. Create... a more UpBeet state of being by choosing sustainable products, groceries, organic bulk foods, skin & hair care with no nasties. We do care

Your total approach to wellness.

"Browsers Always Welcome" 31 MAIN STREET, FOSTER PH: 5682 1381 WEEKDAYS 10AM–5PM SAT 9.30AM–4PM SUN 10AM–4PM OPEN 7 DAYS NOVEMBER – APRIL ONLY CLOSED CHRISTMAS DAY | 03 5672 5825 | 125 Graham St, Wonthaggi Open Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm Sat 9am - 3pm Xmas School Holidays Mon - Fri 8:30am-5:30pm | Sat 8:30am - 4pm

Stefani Hilltop Gallery 39 KEANES ROAD


KERNOT STORE Situated in beautiful South Gippsland and set in a unique, romantic position, amid a small orchard and vines. The art gallery is a historic home built in the early 1900s. It houses a large range of original acrylics, oils, watercolours and pastels.

Where there are no strangers... only friends you’ve yet to meet

• WINE & BEER • MUSIC • DELICIOUS FOOD • LOCAL PRODUCE • WOODFIRED PIZZA • TAKE AWAY Open Thursday–Sunday: 9am–8pm Friday dinner till late 1075 Loch-Kernot Rd, Kernot Phone: 5678 8555

Open most days 10:30am - 5:00pm or by appointment a: 39 Keanes Rd, Fish Creek, VIC p: 03 5683 2377 e:

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us food, ngers here, ty and our free options. ee is s.


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a good read NON-FICTION “OTTOLENGHI SIMPLE” by Yotam Ottolenghi Everything you love about Ottolenghi – made simple. 130 brand-new dishes that contain all the inventive elements and flavour combinations that Ottolenghi is loved for, but with minimal hassle for maximum joy. These brilliant, flavour-forward dishes are all SIMPLE in at least one way: S – short on time – less than 30 minutes; I – 10 ingredients or less; M – make ahead; P – pantry; L – lazy; E – easier than you think.

“JOHN RUSSELL: AUSTRALIA’S FRENCH IMPRESSIONIST” by Wayne Tunnicliffe (Editor) Australian artist John Russell was an active and influential member of the 19th century French avant-garde. A close friend of Tom Roberts, Vincent van Gogh and Auguste Rodin, he taught Impressionist colour theory to Henri Matisse and dined with Claude Monet. Including significant new research, this book brings Russell to life as a person and an artist, collating essays on his life, work and influences, letters between Russell and other artists such as Van Gogh, Rodin, Matisse and Tom Roberts, works and supplementary photographs. “LIVING IN THE LANDSCAPE” by Anna Johnson and Richard Black Explore the new and exciting relationships between landscape and design while

examining how architects increasingly use various nuanced landscape conditions as inspiration and sites for creativity. The complexities of the Australian landscape with its beautiful but often harsh geographical and topological physicality, questions of sustainability and climate change, and an understanding of the Indigenous relationship to landscape are all thoughtfully considered. In an age where we are increasingly aware of our relationship with the environment, these breathtaking homes exemplify the possibilities of living with the land. “HOME: DRAWINGS BY SYRIAN CHILDREN” by Ben Quilty (Editor) A heartbreaking and awe-inspiring collection of drawings by Syrian children, Quilty’s anthology forms an extraordinary testament to the resilience of a generation of survivors whose childhood has been shaped by the worst war of our century. Their art speaks directly to us all, and we have an obligation to listen closely. Proceeds from the sale of this book will directly support World Vision’s Child Friendly Spaces.

such messages, the death threats pour in. How did a shy adopted kid from the country become the steadfast conscience of our nation, preaching both peace and disruption? Part life story, part love story, part manifesto, this utterly frank work, both philosophical and funny, illuminates the life and work of the man behind that sign.

ADULT CRIME FICTION “LETHAL WHITE” by Robert Galbraith ‘I seen a kid killed . . . He strangled it, up by the horse.’ Billy, a troubled young man, comes to Cormoran’s office to ask for help investigating a crime he thinks he witnessed as a child. While distressed, and not remembering many details, he seems sincere and his story believable. Trying to get to the bottom of Billy’s story, Cormoran and Robin Ellacott set off on a twisting trail that leads them through the backstreets of London into a secretive inner sanctum in Parliament, and a beautiful but sinister manor house.

CHILDREN’S BOOK “THE WOLF WHO FELL OUT OF A BOOK” by Thierry Roerecht and Gregoire Mabire

AUTOBIOGRAPHY “OUTSPOKEN” by Father Rod Bower ‘Dear Christians. Some PPL are gay. Get over it. Love God.’ On 24 July 2013, Anglican priest Rod Bower put these words on the sign outside his Gosford parish church. Next he posted them on Facebook, sparking a social media revolution. The post was shared thousands of times – suddenly the one-time butcher was on the public stage. Today he has close to 65,000 followers, raises questions about Australia’s corporate soul and asserts that we are all brothers and sisters . . . And for

What is a bookshelf other than a treasure chest for a curious mind...

Finding where you belong isn’t easy . . . especially when you’re a storybook wolf. From a shelf in disorder, a book falls and a wolf tumbles out. The wolf needs to get back to his story, but a hungry cat has other ideas. Jumping from book to book, this wolf is on a journey to find a new home (and avoid becoming dinner). His sharp, pointy teeth don’t help him fit in with the dinosaurs, and his shiny black fur doesn’t get him into the ball. But a little girl in a red hood is waiting for someone just like him to arrive. For children and adults who enjoy playful twists on a classic story.

40a Thompson Ave, Cowes P: 03 5952 1444 E: W:

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Whether you start at 6-months-old or in your prime years, swimming is a great way to get fit and stay fit. Swimming is a constant for some, others start out with hydrotherapy. Mike Welgemoed was part of the latter. Born in South Africa where swimming wasn’t a given, the 76-year-old found his way into the water a couple of years ago following a horrific accident; an anaphylactic reaction rendered him unconscious and his foot caught between the carpet and a floor fan. A number of operations later, learning to walk again and using crutches for two-and-ahalf years, Mike’s weight increased and his movement decreased. His physiotherapist advised he take up water walking and gentle water-based exercises. Mike was not keen. “I could not swim, and I dreaded putting my head underwater.” With the lifeguards’ assistance, Mike found his confidence and surpassed the basics. He’s now a fish – swimming laps (freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke) and visiting the pool daily (before most of us are out of bed!). Swimming has also given him freedom

outside the pool, improving his overall health and ability to care for his wife. “The help they’ve given me is phenomenal. I wish I had found swimming years ago!” Joey Boothby’s swimming journey has been quite the opposite. Learning to swim as a kid, she swam for school and in local Melbourne squads. With a self-taught father and some good old-fashioned family rivalry, Joey swims twice a week (if not more) with her colleagues, and, when distance allows, with her father. Having participated in the MS 24-Hour Mega Swim and San Remo Channel Challenge, she is always looking for ways to test herself – the latest, to improve her breathing technique and butterfly stroke. Working in the Open Space and Recreation Industry for over 20 years, Joey is passionate about inspiring others to be physically active, passing on her knowledge and experience along the way. “The most important times to swim are when you don’t think you have time. Work deadlines or other stresses are

always put into perspective when you jump into the water. Swimming brings me clarity and I’ve had my best ideas when following the black line. It has also helped me feel more confident in my quest to achieve my sea change dream of learning to surf.” Young or old, swimming is low impact and perfect for those looking to maintain or improve their fitness – both physical and mental. Relax your body, soothe your mind and reduce anxiety and stress as you work out, and boost your brain health at the same time. And if you’re more a social butterfly than hermit, swimming can be as social as you desire – meet new people, join friends and family for some laps, or grab a group of colleagues for a lunchtime swim – the options are endless. With the same endorphin rush as high impact activities and losing weight an added bonus, jump into the pool at Wonthaggi YMCA today. Feel free. Feel strong. Feel alive.

Find your fit. With the Y, everyone can be healthier, happier and connected to their community, and help those who are not. WONTHAGGI 41 Wentworth Rd 5672 4194

COWES 10 –14 Church St 5952 2811 coast 224

young & inspired as told to chloe kent photo supplied

Bodybuilding gets a bad rap – for years it has been showcased in a negative light. Assumptions individuals are starving or taking performanceenhancing steroids, but for the majority that couldn’t be further from the truth. For 20-year-old Lucy Dicker it’s about cutting out processed foods. Even dropping as little as five almonds means seeing differences. I started lifting at 17. I’ve always enjoyed sports, especially gym classes and mixed training sessions. Last December I wanted to get serious, I needed to train for a purpose and that’s when I decided to enter a bodybuilding competition. I called on the advice of Luke Hynes, who first competed 10 years ago, at 19. He is amazing and very well educated on bodybuilding. I entered two divisions in my first competition at the ‘All Female Classic’ in June – fitness and sports. It took 15 weeks of preparation. Training five days a week, sometimes more; 15 minutes of cardio in the morning and weights at night. My favourite muscles to train are delts and legs. It’s important to have the right mix of nutrition and training. I’m also eating healthy, it’s the purest I’ve ever been. Seven meals a day, prepped on Sundays. The same produce for 15 weeks – no sugar, no salt. All protein, carbs and fats. There was lots of waking at 5.30am. I’d get home, eat and be asleep by 9.30pm. I thrive on routine and discipline; it’s a great process and mentally it’s the little wins that count – when you do a good lift, increasing the weight… I’m currently off-season, but still train five or six times a week and I’m nutritionally disciplined, although I can sneak the extra steak or indulge in a piece of cake. It’s a time when you put on weight to build up muscle before shredding it. Preparation commences soon for two competitions in the new year.

with your body and you’ve got to be in it for the right reasons. Using it for weight loss isn’t one. It’s a sport and you’ve got to become the athlete. My first priority, when I started, was ensuring I did it healthy and right. I participate through I Compete Natural Australia and hope to go professional in the next five years. Everyone is lovely – the judges are friendly, it’s a community. Everyone respects what people go through to be there. Learning to pose was so much fun, however I was out of my comfort zone on stage. But you learn to become a different person – you want people to notice you; I became sassy. Once friends understand what’s involved they’re very supportive, however, social media doesn’t help – there’s no truth in anything you see. Even world champion bodybuilders photoshop themselves. The fitness industry (as a whole) needs more people who can physically help individuals work through body image concerns – there is more harm than good at the moment. My advice for others is: -

Get a coach who knows what they are talking about and have competed


If you don’t feel okay, don’t do it


Listen to your body


Nutrition is key, even more so than other sports

I’m not sure why I chose bodybuilding, but I absolutely love it.

It’s mentally challenging putting on weight and for some it can be too much. You’ve got to be confident in your skin and

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where (in the world) am I?

Ancient formations, vast and searing. Time immortalised in stone. Sometimes we have to take a step away to appreciate the simple things in life.

Coast photographer Warren Reed captured this stunning landscape on one of his drives. Do you think you know where it might be? Why not drop us a line on Twitter or Facebook and tag your suggestions #coastwhereami @ourcoastmag CoastMagazineAustralia Don’t forget, limited edition images such as this can be viewed and purchased at The Spring 2018 edition – Where Am I was taken Foots Beach, San Remo.

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Alex Scott and Staff have embraced our regional communities for more than 130 years and we’ve enjoyed seeing our great region grow and prosper. We’re part of supporting and sharing individual, family and community success. We all enjoy sharing stories around summer barbecues, sports and recreational events and, of course the fabulous beaches we enjoy. Summer is simply superb for sharing fun, better weather and a little more relaxing. So, when you’re in a relaxed frame of mind and turn your mind to buying or selling property, you’ll find us ready to provide the assistance you need. Call our expert, friendly team and see why Summer is the perfect time to make your next lifestyle move. Alex Scott and Staff - proudly building enduring relationships and contributing to the success of our region.

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