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B2  Thursday, March 3, 2022

Coastal View News • Carpinteria, California

Harmony & Joshua Choi

NOTES ON THE DAY… What kind of wedding did you plan? We had a medium sized, black-tie wedding at the Cottages at Polo Run, on the polo fields in arpinteria. ur style was modern with a touch of ohemian, and we used warm colors such as rusts, pinks and oranges. The ottages are the most eautiful venue, and the entire ridal party was a le to stay in the historic, cottages all weekend. uring our ceremony, there were horses running ehind our altar, and it couldn t have een more magical.

What kinds of modifications did you have to make for it to b e C ovid safe? or our appeti er, we had individual charcuterie oards for our guests, which allowed minimal contact during the

serving process. The est part was our guests were a le to keep the oard, which was made from hand carved wood from a dear friend and urned with our logo y oastlands in arpinteria, which gives ack to high school youth. We also served individual cakes on each ta le, where it was mostly the same family or household. This added a eautiful centerpiece and turned out ama ing. The guests were so happy, and the cakes were delicious.

What did your guests say was their favorite aspect of the event? I think guests particularly liked how involved they were a le to e throughout the event. Josh and I are lessed to have a circle of friends and family that are a special part of our lives, and we wanted to e press our gratitude to them y letting them e involved. n our way ack down the altar, the guests lew

May 15, 2021

y hus and Josh is orean, and so one of the most special aspects of our wedding weekend was our rehearsal dinner. is family rought orean food, and we shared meaningful speeches from our closest group of family and friends. Josh s mother had orean an oks traditional wedding attire custom made in orea for us to wear. It was so special to cele rate our union of cultures in this way, and we loved having our family cele rate that with us as well.

ding ecause we wanted to give our guests the opportunity to dress up and cele rate the iggest day of our lives. We mixed the two themes, black-tie and ohemian, which was a it of a challenge ut turned out perfectly. We wanted the rela ed, family style that ohemian provided, with the glamour and elegance of lack tie. or my dress, I chose a timeless look and wore a matte dress with a very long train, with rouching over the odice. y veil e tended past my train and was covered in pearls of all si es. We added pearls to the ta les, cakes and owers to carry that theme. I also wore my mother s wedding day pearls for my necklace. I felt eautiful, and everyone made Josh and I feel so loved that day.

T ell us ab out your dress, attire, color concept/ theme.

What was most stressful aspect leading up to the wedding?

u les, and during dinner there were games on the ta les.

Did your wedding include special details that reflected your individual personalities?

We chose lack tie attire for our wed-

Josh and I were oth full time college

Thursday, March 3, 2022  B3

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students during our engagement, and were working multiple j obs. We were only engaged six months, and so we had so much to do! I think the most stressful part was all the little decisions that needed to be made during the process. I also am creative, and wanted to do a lot of the decor myself. That was fun, but took a lot more time than I had expected!

Why did you choose your ceremony and reception venues? The Cottages at Polo Run were incredible, and once we toured, we knew that was the perfect place to get married. We had the venue for the weekend, which allowed us to spend special time there before the big day with our bridal party and our families. H aving grown up in Carpinteria my whole life, it was my biggest req uest in the wedding process to get married in my town. And at this venue, you can see the

mountains and the ocean, and I felt so at home which was so special.

What part of the meal did people enjoy most?

Guicho’s Carpinteria did an incredible j ob with the catering for our wedding. The food was so delicious, I still have guests come to me talking about it! We had fettuccini Alfredo with chicken, tortellini, lasagna, salad and garlic bread and the guests were so happy. I t was elegant and yet still yummy for the kids, and I wouldn’t change anything if I could. Guicho’s staff worked so hard all night and had the best service. We also had Reynaldo’s cater the cakes. They made 16 double layer buttercream cakes with fresh straw erry filings and pearl candies for decor, and they did such a great j ob. To tie in our K orean background, we also provided boba and macaroons from H ello Mai D arling and everyone loved having a taste of our favorite snack.

THE DETAILS Wedding planner: PacWest Blooms • B ob a: H ello Mai D arling • Videographer: Matt Organista •

Cake: Reynaldo’s Bakery

Photographer: K atie Swenson Charcuterie B oards: Coastlands

Invitations, S ignage etc.: H armony Reed, F ineprint Paperie Ceremony & reception venue: Cottages at Polo Run Caterer: Guicho’s •

Hair & Makeup: U nveiled Makeup &

Dress shop: Bride To Be Couture • Flowers: J Lynne F lorals • Officiant: Ryan Reed •

H air

Tux: Men’s Warehouse

Music: Lorenzo Anzoleaga, D J Lega Z Déc or rental: Ooh La La Rentals

Decorative Furniture: Coast Supply Co. A ltar: H andmade by dad and brothers Honeymoon: Tamarindo, Costa Rica Rehearsal dinner: K orean food from J osh’s family

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B6  Thursday, March 3, 2022

Coastal View News • Carpinteria, California

Julianne & Van Latham

NOTES ON THE DAY… H ow did you decide what kind of wedding to have? Fr om the very beginning of planning, V an and I talked about skipping the organized wedding idea and eloping in Montana. Ne ither of us like to be the center of attention but after this pandemic dragged on longer than expected, we realized we needed to plan a day, casual and comfortable, where our family and friends could sit outside and enj oy some much-needed time together. So that is exactly what we ended up with: 80 people, friends and family, gathering outside while socially distanced for a wonderful afternoon/ evening. Because our wedding was the first gathering for many since Covid/ lockdowns began, I believe the isolation of the pandemic made the appreciation of the day even sweeter.

T ell us ab out some of the special people and moments from your wedding. Everyone deserves to have a bride tribe like mine, and it was an incredible privilege to have these four women together for the day. I met two of the four women of my bride tribe on the playground at Canalino Elementary. One I met in seventh grade at Carpinteria J unior H igh ( in the days before it was a middle school) , and the fourth is my daughter. I enj oyed all the moments of my wedding day and much of that is because of all my bride tribe did to ensure my happiness. F rom making sure no one contacted me with snafus, to manicures, to helping me into that very tight dress, to holding up my dress as we walked up Ogan Road. They were everything.

What do you think was most special to your guests ab out the event?

July 24, 2021

I n J uly, there was this magic window when pandemic mandates were relaxed. I t was a magic window that allowed for our 80-person outdoor gathering to move forward. Our family guests traveled from all across the country, I taly, Scotland and the N etherlands our wedding/ family reunion. After a very long and isolating pandemic, I believe our guests enj oyed sitting together outside, eating tacos and drinking Mai Tais and wine. U nder the shade of oak and J acaranda trees, we soaked in perfect Carpinteria weather with family and friends again.

Did your wedding include special details that reflected your individual personalities? The special details we included in our wedding were the Mr/ Mrs avocado bride/ groom cake toppers ( since V an grows avocados) , colorful pashminas for those cool Carpinteria evenings,

and avocado truf es from CaliBressan.

hocolats du

What was your dress like? My dress was very simple as were my ideas. I did ask my bride tribe if they would wear pink and despite their disdain for pink, they agreed. That was about all I asked. I was not the girl who grew up dreaming of weddings so when I say our wedding was beautiful it is not oastful, it s a solutely a re ection of and an enormous compliment to PacWest Blooms ( Suzie Schneider) who planned/ coordinated our day, designed the owers/ decor, and who made everything look more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. Everything was perfect because Suzie and her family are incredibly talented.

H ow did you choose your venues? I t often feels like we did not choose

Thursday, March 3, 2022  B7

Coastal View News • Tel: (805) 684-4428

our venue but rather a very kind and generous J oyce Powell shared with us the sort of incredible venue you only dream about. We had been committed to another local venue but late in the process that venue was struggling with Covid protocols. Because of family ties between the Latham/ Bensen a nd Powell families, Jo yce learned about our venue trouble and very graciously offered her gardens and her great big, beautiful oak tree for our wedding. I t was more than we could have dreamed of, and it made our wedding perfect.

Weddings can end up feeling like they’r e for the guests instead of the b ride and groom. What did you do to ensure that the day was wonderful for you? Our wedding was never intended to be about us. We always knew that

we wanted it to be about our guests. Although the first minutes were for us, we had planned our wedding all along as a Bensen/ Latham family reunion, a th irthday cele ration for era, and a reunion of Carpinteria H igh School friends/ colleagues/ teachers. Ten minutes in the spotlight was enough to last the two of us a lifetime!

What advice would you give to a couple setting out to plan their wedding? Our best advice would be to make the marriage your focus as you plan, and to make sure you know how your partner feels about the wedding details. Every step of the way, make sure you gage the comfort level of the other person. There is nothing more difficult than eing put in an uncomfortable position in front of an audience. Also, j ust as important, trust your wedding planner!

THE DETAILS Wedding planner: Suzie Schneider, PacWest Blooms Cake: Reynaldo’s Bakery • Invitations: hutter y •

Photographer: Makenzie Photography Ceremony/ Reception: The Powell H ome

Tacos: Gabriel Mej ia, Gaby’s Tacos Charcuterie: Torie Lancaster, Snacks on my Snacks Hair & Make- up: Rose K aiser •

Dress: Enchanted Bridal

Tux: Tommy Bahamas Wedding Shirt Flowers: PacWest Blooms • Officiant: H eidi Robins •

Music: Susan Z .

Decor Rental: Amigos Party Rental

Desserts: Chocolats du CaliBressan •

B eer: I sland Brewing Company

Wine: Brett Escaler, Consilience Wine Honeymoon: Glacier N ational Park, Montana

B8  Thursday, March 3, 2022

Denise & Sam Barber

Coastal View News • Carpinteria, California

July 27, 2021 • Vow Renewal

NOTES ON THE DAY… T ell us ab out your vow renewal. What kind of celeb ration did you have? We had an outdoor, intimate celebration. We held our vow renewal in my sister’s backyard and kept our guest list to 50 people, mostly all family. Covid-1 9 allowed us to jus t focus on a smaller guest list. We wanted to have a very low-key celebration. I t turned out j ust as I imagined itwould. Our goal was to make our guests feel comfortable and make the night about celebrating our 30 ye ars of marriage!

I s there a moment from your wedding that stands out from all the others? H aving our three daughters and both sides of our family there to celebrate with us was very special. One thing that I did prior to the vow renewal was invite my daughters, sisters, mother and one of my best friends, Christina Welch, who was a bridesmaid in my wedding 30 years ago, to help make the centerpieces, my bouqu et and my daughters ower crowns. We had snacks, wine and shared a lot of laughs.

Pac West Blooms


What did your guests say was their favorite aspect of the event? We had a mid-week evening celebration. K nowing that many of our guests would e coming from work, we decided to have cocktail hour first. veryone was a le to grab a bite to eat, have a drink and mingle. No one felt rushed and then it was an easy transition into the vow renewal.

T ell us ab out your dress, attire, color concept/ theme. H ow did you decide on that look and feel for the day? We wanted to e comforta le first and foremost. I chose to wear a champagne colored A-line wrap dress and Sam chose to wear tan pants and a green collared shirt. I asked my three daughters to stand with us as we said our vows. I let them pick out dresses that they liked. My color palette was neutral. The backyard setting was gorgeous, and I wanted everything to j ust enhance the evening but not take away from the natural setting.

What was the most stressful aspect leading up to the wedding? The most stressful part of planning was twofold actually. I work with my sister, Suzie, at PacWest Blooms. We do weddings and events for a living and with the California Covid-19 restrictions being lifted for events in J une 2021, our business went from 0 to 300 really qui ck! Our retail business was already bustling but the opening of the 202 1 Wedding Season was unprecedented, and I had a hard time thinking about my event. Secondly, since we are in the industry and see many types of events I didn’t want to overdo, or create something that didn t re ect our personalities.

id you ha e to put out fires during the e ent? Z ero problems! I had the best team on my side with PacWest Blooms and my family coordinating everything!

Why did you choose your ceremony and reception venues? I chose my sister’s house for a couple of reasons. Covid-19 was still affecting how we held celebrations at restaurants, and since we were having our celebration on a Tuesday evening, we wanted to keep everything in one location.

What part of the meal did people enjoy most? It was all fantastic! We had charcuterie cups and wood fired pi


Weddings can end up feeling like they’r e for the guests instead of the b ride and groom. What did you do to ensure that the day was wonderful for you? I kept everything simple! All decisions were made ahead of time and my planners (Su zie and Brian) could make the best decisions on my behalf because we had already discussed what I wanted.

What is your top piece of advice for couples planning a wedding? H ire a wedding coordinator! All weddings, no matter the size, have a lot of moving parts. No t having to worry about vendor management was a huge relief for me. H aving a professional that can execute your vision from beginning to end is gold.

THE DETAILS Wedding planner: PacWest Blooms Cake: Rachel Mansi Cakes Photographer: Barb Tulit Photo Invitations: tsy Videographer: Matt Organista, D ream Cast Media Group Ceremony & reception venue: Private residence Caterer: Boards by J oanna and Lucca Truck Wine: Corktree Cellars B eer: I sland Brewing Company Dress shop: Show me your mumu Flowers: PacWest Blooms and Christina Welch F loral Officiant: Gerald Torres Li ghting: AMS


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B12  Thursday, March 3, 2022

Amanda & John Bustillos

Coastal View News • Carpinteria, California

September 9, 2021

Thursday, March 3, 2022  B13

Coastal View News • Tel: (805) 684-4428

NOTES ON THE DAY… Congr atulations! T ell us ab out your wedding. We are not much for planning or for detail. We had a fairly big wedding here in Carpinteria with around 1 4 0 people. I t was a simple, beautiful celebration of our love and marriage – a j oyful party surrounded by family and friends.

id you make any pandemic inspired modifications? I nitially, we were going to have our reception indoors to cut costs on rentals, but in the end, we decided to have our entire wedding outdoors to enj oy the fresh air and allow for greater distancing. D ancing the night away under the string lighting and stars was the perfect ending to the evening.

s there a moment from your wedding that stands out from all the others? The moment right after we were pronounced husband and wife. We walked down the aisle hand in hand to the chorus of “T rue” by George Strait and embraced while our bridal party funneled into the room, cheering all around us. Our wedding coordinator, Suzie, took an amazing video of this moment, and we are so thankful she captured it for us.

What did your guests say was their fa orite aspect of the e ent? Gathering to celebrate our love!

id your wedding include special details that re ected your indi idual personalities? We wanted to personalize our ceremony through writing our own vows to one another, and we incorporated our love for fishing through our cake topper and cookie theme that served as our thank you gifts.

T ell us ab out your dress and color palette. Amanda fell in love with her dress the moment she saw it on the manneq uin and had to wait almost two years to wear it on the special day. The color scheme was qu artz and navy, and we aimed to tie this into our simple, rustic dé cor.

What was most stressful aspect leading up to the wedding? How did you cope? The most stressful aspect leading up to the wedding was hoping that local guidelines would allow us to have our ceremony. I nitially, we were supposed to be married in September 2020 but had to postpone. Acceptance of things beyond our control was helpful, and our decision to have the entire wedding outdoors helped to better solidify the moving pieces that remained.

Why did you choose your ceremony and reception enues? We chose Lions Park for our venue due to its beautiful, local outdoor location where we could comfortably have our ceremony and reception. I t’s an affordable location, and we highly recommend considering them for your wedding or event. K at was organized and so helpful with personalizing the space. Our coordinator, Suzie, helped bring the vision to life with her rentals ( the arch was a showstopper) and color scheme.

What part of the meal did people en oy most? The part of the meal that people enj oyed the most was the scalloped potato dish. We loved our menu and had a private tasting with the caterer beforehand to note our favorites and handcraft our selections.

What did you do to ensure that the day was wonderful for you? We had our ceremony and reception at one location to reduce stress and increase the amount of time we could spend visiting and having fun. Additionally, we crafted our playlist and music in a way that kept the dance oor full all night long!

What is your top piece of ad ice for couples planning a wedding?

Ask for help, stay organized and plan something that feels true to you! Also, Z ola was a super convenient platform for creating our wedding website, managing guest lists, hosting registry/ cash funds and tracking RSV Ps all in one place.

THE DETAILS Wedding planner: Suzie Schneider, PacWest Blooms Cake: Cakes by D enise •

Cookies: Stephanie, Sweet Creations

Photographer: Lin F ilms •

Invitations: hutter y

Wedding Web site: Z ola Ceremony & reception venue: Carpinteria Lions Park Caterer: Roger Mann, Big Mann BBQ Makeup: Andrea May Beauty •

Hair: Christie’s on Elm

Dress shop: K ay’s Bridal

Tux: H ollywood Suit Outlet Flowers: Suzie Schneider, PacWest Blooms Centerpieces, c orsages, b outonnieres: Ni na Polly & Tia Moni centerpieces, Music: D J Gilbert Mendez •

Officiant: Bill K enj i K awaguchi

L ighting & déc or rental: V ony’s Party Rental, Lions Park, PacWest Blooms Honeymoon: Cedros I sland Outdoor Adventure Decor rental: PacWest Blooms

B14  Thursday, March 3, 2022

Coastal View News • Carpinteria, California

Madison & Jonathan Woodcock

NOTES ON THE DAY… T ell us ab out the wedding you dreamed of and then the wedding that you had. Jo n and I had our wedding date set to be April 8, 2021. We were going to have over 2 00 of our closest family and friends. J on played baseball at V irginia Tech so we had plans for all his uddies to y out to California and jo in us for the celebration. Our wedding was going to be held at Rincon Beach Club in Carpinteria. I t is a beautiful rustic outdoor venue. J on and I held out as long as possible, but due to Covid, my husband and I chose to elope with our parents and siblings by our side. We postponed our reception with all our extended friends and family to this coming April 8, 202, which will be our one-year anniversary! Even though we postponed our celebration with our favorite friends and family, we were adamant about still marrying one another. That is why we decided to elope. We had eight of the

most wonderful people in our lives there to witness our marriage: our parents, our siblings and my grandpa. We held the elopement with the help and coordination of PacWest Blooms at Ellwood Bluffs in Goleta. I t was a perfect California day that was filled with so much love. ven though we were not able to have our extended friends and family, J on and I were blessed with sharing our intimate vows with our immediate family at our side. I truly could not have pictured a more perfect day and evening with my new husband and our beautiful families. I reminisce everyday about our wedding.

A re there any ways that you think your wedding was even b etter for these modifications? Truthfully, the day of the elopement was pure bliss. I woke up that morning feeling overwhelmed with so much gratitude. H aving only brothers, I got to get ready the morning of with j ust my mom. I t was so special. We shared so many tears and hugs. That afternoon, I married the most kind and caring man. I t was

April 8, 2021

simple, beautiful and perfect. We shared our vows with j ust our intimidate family, popped champagne and then spent an evening indulging in delicious food and drinks at the Angel Oak restaurant at Ritz-Carlton Bacara. The intimacy of this elopement was more than I could have ever fathomed.

train. I thought when trying on dresses I would purchase a dress filled with lace and detail, but when I tried on my dress I didn’t want to take it off! I fell in love.

Tell us ab out your dress, attire,

The most stressful aspect leading up to the wedding was the constant back and forth on whether or not we should go ahead with the wedding or put it off another year. I t is so heartbreaking and difficult to make that decision when you have already booked vendors and envisioned your wedding day. I remember before ultimately deciding to push back the wedding, I would say to my husband, “ let’s j ust wait one more day, j ust one more day before deciding.” J on and I both have the most amazing set of friends and family who constantly encouraged and supported us with whatever decision we made. After now pushing back the wedding and having the elopement, I would have not done it any other way. N ow I get to wear my wedding dress

color concept/theme. How did you decide on that look and feel for the day? With the incredible help of my beautiful mother and PacWest Blooms, we brainstormed ideas to create a beautiful elopement setting on the Ellwood Bluffs. We kept the colors neutral and brought out a urlap rug, chairs and orals to decorate an open, outdoor area we scoped out days prior. We had a small table on the left that chilled champagne, beers and held our wedding cake. I t was simply perfect! My dress was from Moondance Bridal and was a simple, low back crepe dress. I t has buttons that led to the bottom of the

What was most stressful aspect leading up to the wedding? How did you cope with that stress?

Coastal View News • Tel: (805) 684-4428

twice, walk down the aisle with my dad twice, and marry my best friend all over again with all our friends and family.

Why did you choose your ceremony and reception venues? Did they work well with your vision? Our elopement was held on the Ellwood Bluffs in Goleta. You can’t compete with the beauty of this area. We had perfect blue skies and views of both the mountains and the ocean. We were surrounded by our family and a big open field. It was truly picture perfect. When scoping out the area we originally chose a section on the bluffs overlooking the ocean, however the wind had different plans. At the last minute, PacWest Blooms set up closer to the open field facing the mountains. The views that were captured were stunning. The area is a dream, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to elope.

What part of the meal did people enjoy most?

After our beautiful sunset elopement on the bluffs, we cruised over to the RitzCarlton Bacara with our families. We indulged in wonderful appetizers and main courses at Angel Oak. We loved every bite of food we ate. The scallops were amazing and my brother-in-law got the A5 Japanese Wagyu. Wow! It melted in your mouth like butter. So, so delicious! I would not change a thing!

What is your top piece of advice for couples planning a wedding? The wedding day that you have been diligently planning and preparing for goes by so fast. My best piece of advice is to truly take in every single moment of the day and be present. Really look around at everyone who is there and think about how much they mean to you. Take in how much you love your significant other and how amazing you feel at that very moment. Your wedding day is the beginning of a beautiful adventure with the person you love.

Thursday, March 3, 2022  B15

THE DETAILS Wedding planner: PacWest Blooms Cake maker: Emily Macadam Photographer: Aysia Lanae Videographer: Sohi Production Invitations: Minted Ceremony & reception venue: Ellwood Bluffs Wedding dinner: Angel Oak, Ritz-Carlton Bacara Hair: Breanna Wilcox, hairby_breewilcox Makeup: Lacey Maxwell, 805makeup Dress shop: Moondance Bridal Tux: The Black Tux Flowers: PacWest Blooms Officiant: Pastor G Honeymoon: LeBlanc Los Cabos Rehearsal dinner: The Stonehouse, San Ysidro Ranch

B16  Thursday, March 3, 2022

Coastal View News • Carpinteria, California

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