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CARPINTERIA Vol. 28, No. 15

Vol. 27, No. 51


9 - 15, 2021 Dec. 30, 2021September Jan. 5, 2022

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Vol. 28, No. 4

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Vol. 28, No. 9

November 18 - 24, 2021

Avocado report: Slimmer pickings in 2021


The Palms is listed for sale


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Holiday Stroll brings shoppers to downtown

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Vol. 27, No. 37

June 3 - 9, 2021

View News Nancy Baron’s visitors in the night

Honoring history

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9/11 remembrance ceremonies slated


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Vol. 28, No. 3

Oct. 7 - 13, 2021

Stunning sho


Seven longtime CUSD employees retire


risin righ Rom Wor n left firs adv won swi and

Lic. #00623395

Eli Sheaffer, pictured top left with FFA advisor Noe Gomez, won first place for showmanship in the division for lambs. For Rotary Clubnovice gears up for virtual show11


4-H Club cares for farm animals


Bringing home numerous medals, Carpinteria’s Future Farmers of Horse riders call America (FFA) team stood out at the Heritage Valley Livestock Show for safer passage in Santa Paula. The team, seen bottomonright, competed in the fair, Hwy 192 5 Vol. 27, No. 30 which was held at the end of last month and was hosted by Fillmore, April 15 - 21, 2021 Santa Paula and Carpinteria high schools. They were some of the 80 students that competed for the prizes.


oastal C Coastal View News FFA named Chapter of the Year

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Oct. 14 - 20, 2021




2021 YEAR oastal oastal IN C C oastalView News View NewsCoastal CREVIEW View News View News At a ceremony held at Carpinteria City Hall on Saturday, ary Saito, enter, si ns a era star meri an a , along with seven other Japanese Americans who were interned in incarceration camps during the war. Saito and her daughters, Barbara Fantone, left, and Kim (Saito) Hayashi, right, were honored at the event. Carpinteria ayor a e omura, ho or ani e the a si nin , said the event was intended to remember history and honor those ho suffere See more on C ’s ba o er

Time ess Carpinteria S SAT

Court of Champions honors locals

RockingCarmen intoRobitaille Rocktober turns 90


New library design unveiled

Carpinteria i h S hoo th ra er, t e ara o, is the inner of the Carpinteria ibrary’s ne ar esi n ontest er esi n, Butter y featurin pin o ers an a monar h butter y on the popu ar ote of her peers ara o’s esi n i be printe on the ibrary’s ne ar s be innin u y

ontecito state DA S DA


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Time ess Carpinteria

ontecito state


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CIF: Warriors win it all

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Alan Koch

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Full in-person learning coming

Flying proud



a erio St


Inspiring NancyHussey.comgirls




ro !


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5 82 Concor


Sell Your Home Here! May 13 - 19, 2021


e y minte re Made htersin a ett, eft, an ustin artin, ri ht, are ith Carpinteria Summer an ire Distri t Chief re ish at Station fo o in their s earin in eremony on on ay, ay ett an artin, a on si e Carpinteria: four reNight hters from Farm onte ito, ra uate from the oint ire a emy he a a emy as ee s on an Heron traine re hters on basi te hni ues su h as a er e o utions, te hni a res ues an hose ays he Carpinteria ROSANA SWING Summer an an onte ito re hters i be or in si e by si e in the e in the future ea more on pa e

25 23 10



l e om

16 ’ll



a eri



he Hi hest

est rice or Your Home Battle of

26 8 ranciscan Ct. $5

Books ,000 • (representing US SObuyer) ! be BRE#01383773

Seaglass Festival returns to Carpinteria


nc. of arpinteria, lo al arent for c ema esearch, H of arpinteria and the Howard chool all received awards. “ o ether we can ma e the impossi le, possi le,” an hairman and anet arufis said. ele ratin selfie style at the luncheon are, from left, arpinteria ouncilmem er oy ee representin H of arpinteria, eo ortunado and lyde reeman of ontecito an rust, and ristina al ins of lo al arents for c ema esearch.

10/30/18 3:11 PM


It’s All Surfing with Christian Beamish

Ever forward

Throwback: Did Gidget surf Rincon?

Water polo wraps up season



Diving in


Like New Construction! 1058 Cramer Road • $670,000


New princi joins CU



tentia | $1, 7 ,000

Made Carpinte The Api


The Bob Guthrie Memorial Pipe & Drum Corps, led by pipe major Tom Strelich, marched through Island Brewing Company to the applause of the patrons on The Carpinteria swim team visited the Santa Paula Cardinals Friday, May 7, a reminder of the slow return to normalcy for their rst in person meet of the season ast ee , ith in Carpinteria. The band was initially formed in 2007 many Warriors achieving times that earned them qualifying as the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Pipe & Drum Corps, by spots for CIF competition. Coach Sergio Castaneda said he Pipe Major Bob Guthrie, but was renamed after Guthrie was “thrilled at the speed and potential” of the young team. passed away in 2018. Members hail from up and down Pi ture here, So a era prepares to i e off the startin the coast, from Goleta to Ventura. The band is currently b o or more sports o era e, see pa e Carpinteria boys instructed by Alan Wood and rehearses every Tuesday win 101st at the Carpinteria Community Church at 7:30 p.m. Russell Cup

Thank You Everyone! The Carp Arts Center Donation match was a Success!

a eri St. | De e p ent

Second doses needed

94 .


Throwback: 101 years and still running


Season of giving


April 29 - May 5, 2021

MID-1970s: DAVID BAILARD, a 6-foot jumper, clears the high jump bar using the old straddle technique that preceded the Fosbury Flop.

Several Carpinteria staples received awards at the 19th Annual Montecito Bank & Trust Community Dividends Awards Luncheon, which honored local nonprofits with rants totalin over million. he awards cele rate non profits that focus on the arts, so cial services, medical and health services and youth and education. DAVID POWDRELL arpinteria non profits includin the arpinteria hildren s Project, the Carpinteria Education Foundation, the Lynda Fairly arpinteria rts enter, riends of the arpinteria i rary, irls

uthentic Craftsman in the Heart of Historic o nto n Santa ar ara

Vol. 27, No. 32

This year, Citizens for the Carpinteria Bluffs will hold its annual Sunrise Ceremony virtually on Sunday, March 21, at 7 a.m. with a live stream on the Citizens for the Carpinteria Bluffs Facebook page. This year, the ceremony will not be open to the general public, but the Citizens for the Carpinteria Bluffs welcome people to join online as they stream Chumash descendant Julie Tumamait-Stenslie, pictured here at a past year’s ceremony, from the ishopshno eadow of the Carpinteria Bluffs Nature Preserve as she offers blessings in the Sunrise Ceremony.


Wang brothers clean up coast

Let’s play

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Virtual blessings 25 Warriors continue to break personal records

CarpMag_Winter 2019.indd 94

Campers at Carpinteria rts Center’s rts by the Sea summer ay amp spent the afternoon p ayin rums, han per ussion instruments an marimbas in an en of ee performan e e by oni a ie on ri ay, u y rom eft, ay ob anos , i y unro, ee esheim an i a urray p ay the marimbas See more photos on pa e


11 Trade Secrets: Daniel Case and BRE#01383773 23 years of SOAP

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Oreña to portray Saint Barbara

Joining the ranks

lace $ 85,000 • Charmin Seacoast Villa e BRE#01383773

CARPINTERIA 16 THIS SPEEDY RUNNER Gregg Carty hits the tape first in the 880 and helps the Warriors to win the A Division title. Photo: Santa Barbara News-Press, April 9, 1972.

GEORGE BLISS, CARPINTERIA UNION HIGH SCHOOL class of 1936, was a talented runner in his prep school days. He set the Russell Cup Meet record with a 1:26 finish in the 660 yard dash, and the record stood for 11 years. He volunteered as a meet official for many years before he was chosen as honorary meet director.

“Parket” program temporarily extended

Put Carpin


Trade Secrets: Zelda Prune

Nov. 25 - Dec. 1, 2021

at $ ,84 ,000 • 4 40 4th St. Carpinteria



t-footed Sar ale compet Carpinteri itors, a an opportu ah Jane “Sari” Sm As reporte all of nity to sho d by her wca brother War se her speed. May/June 2014 edit d Small ion of the in the Historical Carpinteri Socback listings on the page iety New a Valley Regional Lic. #00623395 IX Western sletter, “Partic ipating in Division Cha Angeles, the Sari broke mpionship the 9.2 in the in 75-yard das California girls’ rec Los 9 seconds ord of h by sma shing the flat. She also tape in record in took first the and broke spring, she 100-yard dash.” Aft the er gradua went on to ting compete in Track Fin als, one step the Nationa that below Oly mpic trials. l AAU

Vol. 28, No. 10

rice o at $ ,84 ,000 • 4 40 4th St. Carpinteria Su e ro er S ! e u ull emo ele ! FFA readies for virtual auction and fundraiser



Russell Cup 805-886-0228 opened to giving flee fem

Lic. #00623395

Sola Ceramics


Blue Star Memorial Highway re-dedicated

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Vol. 27, No. 34

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After a year of inactivity, Warrior track and field athletes took to the track for the first time in a dual meet against Avofest to go live and “Back to the Santa Barbara High School. Vincent Roots” in October Rinaldi won the 100-meter dash coming in at 11.05 – the second fastest time ever in Carpinteria High School history, and a testament to the Warrior athletes’ determination despite a shortened season and a challenging year. Following See a slow countywide rollout on andpage appointment more sports coverage 26. delays due to severe weather across the country, local residents were eager to receive their first and second doses of the Covid-19 vaccine at Savon Pharmacy in Carpinteria. Helen Wiley, 84, received her second dose Made in of the Moderna vaccine at Savon this Tuesday after a Carpinteria: successful first shot with no reaction. KARLSSON



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Coastal View NewsCoastal



A day to remember



u Sol !

This week’s


Sprinting to the finish

Alarcon named Jr. Carpinterian of the Year


Football wraps up spring season


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March 18 - 24, 2021


5446 8th St. 33, Carpinteria • $625,000

ro !


July 8 - 14, 2021

Vol. 27, No. 26



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Howard School welcomes students back


Inspiration event

Woven Voices project comes to Arts Center



Eureka! program teens and Carpinteria High School seniors Laura Flores, far left, and Isa ar on, se on from ri ht, ere the rst e er unior honorees to be in u e in the omen of Inspiration program. Flores and Alarcon also received top honors in the Girls Inc. National Scholars program, receiving college scholarships of $5,000 and $20,000, respectively. Also Jenny Schatzle pi ture are this year’s em ees, arisa ata, se on from eft, an uri ernan e , far ri ht will keynote Read more on page 8. Women of


Vol. 27, No. 42


Put Carpinteria’s Most Trusted Realtor To Work For You!

n une , the pride a was added to arpinteria s a pole, oinin the nited tates and alifornia a s which wave prominently over the city s central corridor near the intersection of inden and arpinteria avenues. ity ouncil voted last wee to desi nate une as ride onth in arpinteria, honorin the community a proposal rou ht to the council y arpinterian tefanie Herrin ton. “ he rain ow a represents love, and seein it yin in arpinteria ma es me proud to live in a community that em races people for who they are,” Herrin ton said. ictured, from left, ina ee, ohn ull randt, ouncilmem er oy ee, ofswim Carpinteria tefanie Herrin ton, red haw, hristine rown, ouncilmem er atalia larcon, ayor ade omura, e ie omura, ety Girls Inc. Boys brings celebrated the achievements of women and girls at its annual arcia and ounty upervisor as illiams athered for the raisin of the rain ow pride a , alon with do s oulder and illow. Women ofhome Inspiration CIF titleLuncheon on Monday, April 12, held virtually this year. Girls Inc.


This week’s listings on th


May 27 - June 2, 2021


Business Profile: Carpinteria Athletics

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After nearly 700 days without football, the Carpinteria Warriors returned to Carpinteria Valley Memorial Stadium for their rst home ame of the season, a ainst St oni a P ayers, heer ea ers, ban members an fans sho e up Cemetery hosts Memorial in fu for e, rea y toDay ta e on a ne s hoo year an a ne footba season th eti ire tor Pat Cooney a e it the Service ar est ro in re ent history in a sho of s hoo pri e ea more on the ri ay ni ht ame on pa e


Lic. #00623395


Vol. 27, No. 36

Feb. 25 - March 3, 2021



arriors return to home field

March 25 - 31, 2021

Vol. 27, No. 23


805-886-0228 Carol and



Vol. 27, No. 27


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teacher: Kevin Reed




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Standout 805-886-0228

Carpinteria rocked into the weekend of Oktoberfest with live music at local hot spots. At Island Brewing Company, which celebrated Rocktoberfest with performances by South on Linden, Mestizo and more, Dolores DeAngelo of Mestizo, pictured, sang her heart out to a delighted crowd. See more on page 16.

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1058 Cramer Road • Offered at $670,000

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Warm Winter Wishes Count on us to find you home for the holidays + every day.


City to hold workshop on Dune & Shoreline Management Plan

The city of Carpinteria will host a dune and shoreline management plan workshop on Jan. 13 at 5:30 p.m. on Zoom, to discuss how the city can address sea level rise. A draft plan will be available ahead of the meeting, in early January. This is the latest of several workshops the city has held on the matter. Attend at or email with questions.

Work on San Ysidro Road rescheduled

As part of the Highway 101 construction program, work on San Ysidro Road and South Jameson Lane, between Olive Mill Road and San Ysidro Road, is rescheduled to an. throu h an. . onstruction wor ers will redirect tra c as needed, etween 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Learn more about the program at

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County reminds residents of stormwater runoff health risks

Last week, the county issued a rain advisory for county beaches, reminding residents of the health ris s that storm water runo can rin . torm water is classified as untreated rainwater that ows throu h the drain system, and can cause rashes, fever, chills, ear infections, vomiting or diarrhea if residents swim or surf in it. Residents should avoid the ocean and creeks for at least three days followin rain, and sport harvesters should wait at least days to harvest shellfish. “ hen raw or undercoo ed contaminated shellfish is eaten, serious illnesses such as gastroenteritis, septicemia, salmonellosis, and hepatitis may result. Adequate coo in of shellfish will destroy harmful acteria, ut may not e e ective in illin viruses. In addition, cooking does not eliminate chemical and metal pollutants in the shellfish,” the county said in a press release. See more at

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MONTECITO LAW G ROU P I saw Stefanie Herrington in the Coastal View News last year and was touched by the sincere references that her clients gave her. I needed her services this year and have been so happy with her office and staff. 64.5% of the county is now fully vaccinated.

County covid cases jump to 29.5 per 100k

Emily, her assistant, is YSIDRO also easy to work kind, and 559 SAN ROAD, SUITEwith, J good at explaining complicated legal matters. Stefanie MONTECITO, CA 93108 and Emily are jewels in our community. Do yourself a big (805) 293-6363 favor and stop by Montecito Law Group for all your estate


CDC shortens recommended quarantine period Santa Barbara County reported a drastic jump in Covid-19 cases, up to 29.5 cases per 100,000 residents as of Dec. 23, compared to 13.5 cases per 100,000 residents on Dec. 17. The test positivity rate also rose, at 7.8%, compared to a 3.7% test positivity rate from the week prior. On Monday, the county reported 79 new cases county-wide, with three new cases in the Montecito, Summerland and Carpinteria communities – bringing the total number of cases in the county up to 48,247 with 999 infectious cases. The majority of cases on Monday were seen in the 30-49 age group, at 29 cases, followed by 24 cases in the 18-29 age group. The county reported 39 hospitalizations on Monday, with 11 in the ICU. 64.5% of the county is now fully vaccinated, with 696,991 doses administered so far. The Center for Disease Control announced Monday that it is shortening the recommended isolation and quarantine time to five days, down from the previous recommended 10. “The change is motivated by science demonstrating that the majority of SARSCoV-2 transmission occurs early in the course of illness, generally in the 1-2 days prior to onset of symptoms and the 2-3 days after. Therefore, people who test positive should isolate for 5 days and, if asymptomatic at that time, they may leave isolation if they can continue to mask for 5 days to minimize the risk of infecting others,” the center said in a press release. The CDC stressed that those exposed to Covid-19 must wear a mask, even if asymptomatic. Both the California-wide indoor mask mandate and the local Santa Barbara County indoor mask mandate are still in e ect. “The Omicron variant is spreading quickly and has the potential to impact all facets of our society. CDC’s updated recommendations for isolation and quarantine balance what we know about the spread of the virus and the protection provided by vaccination and booster doses. These updates ensure people can

safely continue their daily lives. Prevention is our best option: get vaccinated, get boosted, wear a mask in public indoor settings in areas of substantial and high community transmission, and take a test before you gather,” CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said. Per CDC guidelines, if you test positive for Covid-19, you must stay home for five days, re gardless of vaccination statues. If you have no symptoms after five days, you can leave your house, but must continue to wear a mask around others for five more days. hose with a fever must stay home until the fever is resolved. For those who have been boosted, had oth fi er or oderna shots with in the last six months, or the singular J&J vaccine within the last two months: if you have been exposed to someone with Covid-19, you should wear a mask around others for 10 days, and take a test on day 5, if possible. If you develop symptoms, take a test and stay home. f you received oth fi er or oderna shots over six months ago, or had the J&J shot over two months ago, are not boosted, or are unvaccinated, if you are exposed to someone with Covid-19 you must stay home for five days and continue to wear a mask around others for five additional days. If you develop symptoms, get a test and stay home. For the flu: everyone six months old and older should get a flu vaccine every year. They are available throughout the county and at local pharmacies, such as CVS and Rite Aid. Santa Barbara County is closing two Covid-19 testing sites. The Goleta Valley Community Center will close its testing site on Thursday, Dec. 30, while the American Medical Response Central Training Center in Buellton closed on Dec. 9. To learn where to get vaccinated for Covid-19, visit vaccine. To get tested for Covid-19, visit For more information from the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department, call 211 and press #4 or email the county at PHDDOC.

Both the California-wide indoor mask mandate and the local Santa Barbara County indoor mask mandate are still in effect.




Food Waste Recycling Starts in the New Year!


tarting Jan. 3, food waste recycling services begin for all residents of cities served by Harrison Industries. The program is simple: Just place all of your food waste in plastic bags (anything from bread bags to trash bags will do); tie the bags and place them in your yard waste carts, for collection along with your (loose) yard waste on your regular service day. We will take it from there, to make sure it’s all turned into organic compost or other products. Taking effect on Jan. 1, California Senate Bill 1383 requires communities statewide to prohibit organic waste from going to landfills. Food and other organic waste emits destructive methane gas as it decays, damaging the Earth’s atmosphere and causing global warming. * ALL FOOD WASTE is accepted for recycling – including bones, peels, shells and coffee grounds. DO NOT place trash; non-organic recyclables (plastic, metal, glass); pet waste; or Styrofoam in yard waste carts.

1-800-41-TRASH Connect with us! @ejharrisoninc E. J. Harrison & Sons • Newbury Disposal • Santa Clara Valley Disposal

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Martin Luther King Jr. Committee of Santa Barbara announces MLK event

The Martin Luther King Jr. Committee of Santa Barbara announced an upcoming event honoring Martin Luther King Jr. on his holiday, Jan. 17, 2022. This is the 15th year the committee has hosted these programs to honor Martin Luther King Jr. Between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. at De Le Guerra Plaza, keynote speaker Guy R. Walker, president of the Endowment of Youth Community, will speak. The committee also highlighted the winners of the 2021 annual poetry and essay awards, which tackled a wide series of topics. See the winners at Learn more at or at (805) 259-5782.

Sherriff’s f e issues arnin after in rease in catalytic converter thefts

May this season bring joy, love and blessings to you and your family. Happy Holidays from your friends at MB&T.

Behind every great community is a great bank.®

The county has seen an increase in catalytic converter thefts, with 276 catalytic converter thefts reported in , accordin to a press release from the heri s ce. The most targeted vehicles are Honda Accords, the Toyota Prius, and Ford F250 – F350 trucks. “The suspects quickly get underneath a vehicle and cut the exhaust metal pipes to and from the catalytic converter with an electric saw. Surveillance videos show the theft being completed in less than two minutes while an accomplice waits in a nearby getaway car. The catalytic converters are then sold and stripped for their valuable metals,” Adjutant Robert Minter wrote in a press release. he heri s ce recommends eepin vehicles in a loc ed ara e or a well lit area, set up cameras to record the parking area and install anti-theft devices to make catalytic converters harder to remove.

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ee teen pro ram

H , a anta ar ara nonprofit, has opened enrollment for its wee teen pro ram. his year, the pro ram will e o ered in person and is open to seventh through 12th graders. Teens will meet once a week, from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. or 6 p.m., between January and April, at the AHA! Center in Santa Barbara, 1207 De La Vina St. For more information, contact enrollment coordinator Perla Sandoval at perla. or at (805) 380-8115. Learn more at

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New Year’s Eve


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The Power of Education


THE LAY OF THE LAND MIKE WONDOLOWSKI e all now that di erent o s pay di erent wa es my previous column included data on the wide ran e in salaries amon the various local o sectors. e also now that di erent o s have di erent ualifications for ettin those o s. perience, attitude, ood wor ha its and other attri utes always matter, ut the sin le most important ualification for most o s is education. he “ arnin s and unemployment rates y educational attainment” chart shows this very clearly. he chart also shows that not only do earnin s increase with hi her levels of education, ut that the unemployment rate falls si nificantly with each additional level. n recent columns have een tac lin the concern “ y ids won t e a le to afford to live here.” s have discussed, the amount and types of housin availa le locally are o viously important factors, as are the types of local o s availa le and how well they pay. or the purpose of today s column, let s ima ine that throu h outstandin community vision and plannin , those issues are dealt with. u cient housin is availa le here, alon with well payin local o s. s the housin pro lem solved ay e. omeone will e hired for those o s, and someone will live in the availa le housin . ill it e your ids f they do not have the appropriate educational preparation for those o s, it pro a ly will not e. he fear will e reali ed “ y ids won t e a le to a ord to live here.” ut with some advanced plannin and a lot of e ort, they will have a ood chance of livin in this area if they want to. or many people, the mention of a colle e de ree rin s to mind horror stories a out e or itant costs and e cessive student loan de t. t does not have to e li e that. orda le options e ist a col-

THARIO’s Kitchen

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows that not only do earnings increase with higher levels of education, but the unemp oyment rate a so fa s si ni ant y

Our local Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) is an excellent community college that is very aff rda le ... t e ri atel nded Promise” program provides all local high school graduates with the opportunity to attend SBCC full-time, free of charge, for up to two years. le e education does not necessarily have to e from an e pensive private school in another time one. ur local anta ar ara ity olle e is an e cellent community colle e that is very afforda le. ut to reduce even the small financial arrier, the privately funded “ romise” pro ram provides all local hi h school raduates

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3807 Santa Claus Lane • Carpinteria

with the opportunity to attend full time, free of char e, for up to two years. t is comprehensive, coverin tuition and all re uired fees, oo s and supplies s cc promise . hether or not is part of the plan, alifornia offers a wide variety of a orda le colle e options, includin oth the alifornia tate niversity and niversity of alifornia systems. ith motivation, focus, hard wor , and attention to financial aid options, these or other four year colle e options can e achieved with little or no student de t at the end. raduate studies or a professional de ree can also e a orda le options if the under raduate wor is pursued with intent and focus to finish on time and minimi e any de t urden. feasi le and a orda le path to a colle e de ree is possi le, ut it does re uire motivation and hard wor . hat ets a student e cited enou h to put in the necessary wor in school hat s a i uestion, ut here are a couple e amples that mi ht e part of the answer for students in arpinteria. he irls, nc. of arpinteria ure a ro ram is an intensive, five year colle e ound ased pro ram that uilds irls confidence and s ills throu h hands on opportunities in science, technolo y, en ineerin and math carp eure a . arpinteria Hi h chool has a science internship pro ram that allows students

to learn the s ills re uired to e successful in a la settin for future o opportunities and colle e classes H . here can e many challen es and arriers to ta in full advanta e of hi her education opportunities. orse yet, these o stacles are not the same for everyone in the community. ee the e cellent report titled “ owards a ust and uita le entral oast” from the und for anta ar ara fund report. hile we as a community try to address community wide issues, each family must also wor for the est future for their students. hat means instillin in our students the sense that their future is in their hands. hey need to understand that with hard wor , they have a ood chance of reachin almost any oal they set for themselves. etfli movie is presently ein made a out ose Hernande , a anta ar ara raduate who went from ein a mem er of alifornia s mi rant farmwor er community to or itin the arth as a astronaut on a space shuttle mission to the nternational pace tation ucs nasa . His story is e ceptional, ut it is an e ample of what can e accomplished with a dream, perseverance and a lot of hard wor . ill your ids e a le to a ord to live here here are no uarantees, ut without an education, the odds are a ainst it. Mike Wondolowski is president of the Carpinteria Valley Association (, a local organization dedicated to maintaining the small beach town nature of our community. In his 30 years of involvement in planning issues, he has witnessed visionary successes, as well as decisions that were later widely regretted. When not stuck indoors, he can often be found enjoying Carpinteria’s treasures including kayaking and snorkeling along the coast, r nnin r i in n t e l ffs r t e ran lin Trail, or “vacationing” as a tent camper at the State Beach.

Thursday, December 30, 2021  7

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Christmas rainbows seen in Carpinteria skies Several locals captured rainbows passing over Carpinteria on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, a festive addition to this year’s rainy holiday season.

David Powdrell captured a picturesque view of the rainbow through his window.

The Nuño and Gonzales families enjoy a full arc over the Sandpiper Mobile Home Park.

On Christmas Eve, Leslie Murphy was met with a surprise seen from her driveway.

From 6th Street, Debbie Bacchilega captured a rainbow on Christmas Eve.

Cindy Ramirez captured a double rainbow through her car window.

Katie Lew saw a rainbow stretching into the clouds, coming from behind the mountains.

In Lagunitas, MaryAnn Sweeney also caught a glimpse of twin rainbows.

Passing over several trees near the Carpinteria Valley Lumber Company, the double rainbow caught Jason Ward’s eye.

On Christmas Eve, Theresa Smith caught a rainbow spreading across a pink sky in Summerland.

8  Thursday, December 30, 2021

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LETTERS he pub i ’s oi e is heard

Congratulations to the registered voters in Carpinteria who signed the petition by the Initiative to Save Parking Lot 3. he initiative is now le ally certified and will be placed on the ballot. The people of Carpinteria will decide its future, not city sta who, in my opinion, suspect, cut a private deal behind closed doors to lease our public parking lot to a private developer, and not the mayor and two

city council mem ers who thou ht this was a good idea. Their refusal to act appropriately in the face of massive pu lic opposition led to this initiative. A public records request seeking all legal fees incurred associated with the development of the ur iner nn pro ect has een re ected y the city, statin this information is e empt from disclosure under the Public Records Act. In other words, it’s none of our business! t s my opinion that the city will attempt to pic apart this initiative. History

shows it is to e e pected. he nitiative to Save Parking Lot 3 selectively downzones this parcel from its e istin commercial zoning to Open Space/Recreation, thus preservin our e istin par in lot and pu lic restrooms, as well as our e pansive mountain views. t also saves the eastern end of our ommunity arden ar used for compostin and ee eepin from ein paved for additional par in to accommodate any would e hotel development. ontrary to pu lic comments that the initiative opens up issues for other Open Space parcels, the council would have to actually apply the R (residential) zoning overlay for housin to e permitted on any other open space property. Let there be no doubt that Carpinterians are passionate about protecting our small town charm.

Richard Batchelder Carpinteria CoastalView .com


JANUARY 12, 2022

IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING PUBLIC PARTICIPATION CoastalView The California State Legislature recently passed, and the Governor signed, Assembly .com Bill (AB) 361, which amends the Government Code to allow Brown Act bodies to

Maps and/or staff analysis of the proposals may be reviewed at https://www.countyofsb. org/plndev/hearings/cpc.sbc a week before the hearing or by appointment by calling (805) 568-2000.

The following alternative methods of participation are available to the public. If you wish to make a general public comment or to comment on a specific agenda item, the following methods are available:

If you challenge the project(s) 19DVP-00000-00017 or 19CDP-00000-00018 in court, you may be limited to raising only those issues you or someone else raised at the public hearing described in this notice, or in written correspondence to the Planning Commission prior to the public hearing. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you need a disabilityrelated modification or accommodation or are exempt from applicable Health Officer Orders, including auxiliary aids or services such as sound enhancement equipment or an American Sign Language interpreter, to participate in this hearing, please contact Hearing Support Staff at 805-568-2000. Notification at least 48 hours prior to the hearing will enable the Hearing Support Staff to make reasonable arrangements. If you have any questions or if you are participating in the hearing telephonically or electronically and need a disability-related modification or accommodation or have any issues attempting to access the hearing telephonically or electronically, please contact Hearing Support Staff at 805-568-2000.

continue to meet remotely after September 30, 2021, if there is a proclaimed state of emergency and the State or local officials recommend measures to promote social distancing. Based on the proclaimed state of emergency and the Santa Barbara County Public Health Officer’s recommended social distancing, the Planning Commission meeting will not provide in person participation at this hearing.


You may observe the live stream of the County Planning Commission meetings on (1) Local Cable Channel 20, (2) online at: http://www.; or (3) YouTube at: https://www.


If you wish to provide public comment, the following methods are available: · Distribution to the County Planning Commission - Submit your comment via email prior to 12:00 p.m. on the Monday prior to the Commission hearing. Please submit your comment to the Recording Secretary at Your comment will be placed into the record and distributed appropriately. · Attend the Meeting by Zoom Webinar - Individuals wishing to provide public comment during the County Planning Commission meeting can do so via Zoom webinar by clicking the below link to register in advance. Register in advance for this meeting: After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing important information about joining the webinar.

When: January 12, 2022 09:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada) Topic: County Planning Commission 01/12/2022 Register in advance for this webinar: After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. OR PARTICIPATE VIA TELEPHONE: Dial (for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location): US: +1 213 338 8477 or +1 669 900 6833 or +1 720 928 9299 or +1 971 247 1195 or +1 253 215 8782 or +1 346 248 7799 or +1 602 753 0140 or +1 312 626 6799 or +1 470 250 9358 or +1 646 518 9805 or +1 651 372 8299 or +1 786 635 1003 or +1 929 205 6099 or +1 267 831 0333 or +1 301 715 8592 or 877 853 5257 (Toll Free) or 888 475 4499 (Toll Free) or 833 548 0276 (Toll Free) or 833 548 0282 (Toll Free) Webinar ID: 974 3195 7304 The Commission’s rules on hearings and public comment, unless otherwise directed by the Chair, remain applicable to each of the participation methods listed above. The Planning Commission hearing begins at 9:00 a.m. The order of items listed on the agenda is subject to change by the Planning Commission. Anyone interested in this matter is invited to appear and speak in support or in opposition to the projects. Written comments are also welcome. All letters should be addressed to the Santa Barbara County Planning Commission, 123 East Anapamu Street, Santa Barbara, California, 93101. Letters should be filed with the secretary of the Planning Commission no later than 12:00 P.M. on the Monday before the Planning Commission hearing. The decision to accept late materials will be at the discretion of the Planning Commission.

* This is a partial listing of the items to be heard at the Planning Commission Hearing of January 12, 2022. 19DVP-00000-00017 19CDP 00000 00018 17EIR 00000 00003

4555 Foothill Road Cannabis Cultivation Project


Joe Dargel, Supervising Planner (805) 568-3573 Gwen Beyeler, Planner (805) 934-6269

19CDP-00000-00018 FoothillVan Road CannabisApplicant Cultivation Hearing on the request4555 of Winfred Wingerden, andProject Owner,Carpinteria to consider 17EIR-00000-00003 Joe Dargel, Supervising Planner (805) 568-3573 the following: Gwen Beyeler, Planner (805) 934-6269 a) Development Plan (DVP) (Case No. 19DVP-00000-00017) to permit over 20,000 square feet (sq. ft.) of structural development and grading, including an existing permitted greenhouse and existing permitted packhouse, legalization of an as-built boiler room, fertilization room, water tanks, and packhouse additions, two new water tanks, and 820 cubic yards (CY) of cut and fill in compliance with Sections 35-102F (CA – Carpinteria Agricultural Overlay District), 35-174 (Development Plans), and 35-169 (Coastal Development Permits) of the Coastal Zoning Ordinance (Article II). b)

Coastal Development Permit (Case No. 19CDP-00000-00018) to permit 4.38 acres of mixed-light cannabis cultivation and processing within an existing permitted greenhouse and existing permitted packhouse, an as-built boiler room, fertilization room, water tanks, and packhouse additions, and two new water tanks, in compliance with Sections 35-169 (Coastal Development Permits) and 35-144U (Cannabis Regulations) of Article II.


State CEQA Guidelines Section 15168(c)(4) Checklist for Commercial Cannabis Land Use Entitlement and Licensing Applications, which determines that all of the environmental impacts of the Proposed Project are within the scope of the project covered by the PEIR for the Cannabis Land Use Ordinance and Licensing Program. No additional cumulative impacts have been identified, and no new environmental document is required under Section 15162.

The applications involve Assessor Parcel No. 004-003-005, zoned Agricultural I (AGI) and located at 4555 Foothill Road in the Carpinteria Area, within the Carpinteria Agricultural Overlay District, First Supervisorial District. SANTA BARBARA COUNTY PLANNING COMMISSION RECORDING SECRETARY (568-2000) PUBLISH: DEC. 30, 2021

Thursday, December 30, 2021  9

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2021: A Year In Review he se on year of the pan emi in Carpinteria sa Co i a ines o from s ar e to i e y a ai ab e, stu ents returnin to in person earnin , o a s er e y ebatin ne e e opment proposa s, an many in i i ua s, businesses an teams a omp ishin bi oa s, re ei in honors an innin har on hampionships C e itors oo ba at some of the bi est moments in Carpinteria po iti s, sports an stories that shape one of the most unusua years of re ent history

JANUARY ire hter of the ear a ar e to Brian ombar i

–Noe Padilla reporting on CarpinteriaSummerland Fire Protection District.

Co i sur e ep etes C a ai abi ity

–CVN reporting on the Covid-19 pandemic.

San piper obi e ome i a e an o nership han es han s in mi ion sa e –Leslie A. Westbrook reporting on the San Francisco-based company Pacific Coastal Partners purchasing a Carpinteria mobile home park to add to its portfolio of over 20 California parks.

u ation in ir s s ien e, te hno o y, en ineerin an math is paramount at an ear y a e –Jamie Collins, executive director of Girls Inc. of Carpinteria, discussing the club’s new Avantor STEM Lab.

a inations be in for peop e o er –CVN reporting on the Covid-19 pandemic response.

S hoo s remain open for hybri earnin , tea hers a ait a ines –Evelyn Spence reporting on Carpinteria Unified School District.

ire hters sa e three peop e from ro nin –Debra Herrick reporting on two teenagers and their father saved from dangerous riptide currents off Carpinteria State Beach.

Searchable archives at

FEBRUARY his e ision, hi h ou affe t at east e enerations of Carpinterians o er the ne t entury, it is a e ision that shou be ma e by the ote of the peop e, not by ity staff an oun i man –Marla Daly making a public comment before Carpinteria City Council, who voted 3–2 to move forward with the Surfliner Inn project plans at the same meeting.

Santa Barbara County returns to purp e tier as state ifts re iona stay at home or er –Odessa Stork reporting on the Covid-19 pandemic response.

e’ e as e the prin ipa s to i e eeper into the ata to ana y e it hat is interestin is that the stu ents are parti ipatin in the oom, but they’re not oin the or –Carpinteria Unified School District Superintendent Diana Rigby discussing a study that showed an increase in attendance, but more failing grades, during the pandemic.


hat rap

–Jane Benefield responding to letter writers published in CVN who criticized City Council members for their votes regarding land use decisions.

Coastal View News

10  Thursday, December 30, 2021

Lombardi awarded firefighter of the year

Coastal View News • Carpinteria, California


FEBRUARY continued

Paintin Carp o

“It marks the beginning of something that means so much to me, my family and all those that have worked so hard at Channel Islands Surfboards for the last 51 years to make it what itGood is.”business

“Vaccine distribution begins at Sav-on Pharmacy.”


–C reporting on the first vaccines available to the public in Carpinteria.

roots: Island View Channel Islands Surfboards –Britt Merrick, Nursery

co-owner, discussing the company’s buyback from Burton Snowboards.

s an a ti e C SD parent, would like to strenuously object to this course of action, and re uest that parents an tea hers be i en time to e press their oi es on this important matter

Pro ore of e ompoun sells for $44 million.”

–CVN reporting on the sale of the property on Carpinteria Avenue to a Los Angeles investor.

County opens Laurel Thomas: Branding to 65+.” Boho-chic



–Monica J. Solorzano speaking to the school board after they unanimously voted to remove Dr. Michelle Fox from her position as principal of Aliso and Summerland elementary schools.

ine e i ibi ity

–CVN reporting on the Covid-19 pandemic response.

City isputes osts of County Sheriff’s ser i es


–Debra Herrick reporting on Carpinteria SHIRLEY KIMBERLIN

Jumping into 2021

City Council’s decision to contest Everything I list turns to SOLD! Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s ffice’s 805-886-0228 unexpected increase in fees by $1.28 million bringing the city’s annual budget for law enforcement to roughly $5 million).

Friends Brad Bennett, left, and Caleb Holmes, right, leap over sand piles at First Beach on Jan. 1. The beach was busy over the ew ear’s holiday as locals and visitors celebrated sunny weather and the turn of the year. For more beach photos, see page 14.


ip of the Hat to o ens ho Matche $ 000 to eep rt ro in in Our o n!


Epic surf


“Public Health vaccination sites open to a es an o er

This week’s listings on the back page

Pan emi puts Pea e Corner protests on pause –Debra Herrick reporting on the grassroots group’s decision to halt their wee ly Vol. 27,after No.1820 gathering years and 900 Fridays due to the pandemic.

February 4 - 10, 2021

View News MARCH

“Elementary schools get reen i ht to reopen –CVN reporting on Carpinteria schools.


–Leslie Hallimore responding to Man on the Street arry immer’s survey uestion, “What new pandemic hobby do you have?”

–CVN reporting on the Covid-19 pandemic response. Lic. #00623395

ir s n of Carpinteria hosts vaccination clinic for cannabis workers.” –CVN reporting on the Covid-19 pandemic response.

hen the a ises’ bi est tenant, Porch, gave notice on their ease, the a ises e i e to app y for the annabis retai permit

–Debra Herrick reporting on The Roots OPEN FOR Carpinteria securing the top spot in county BUSINESS


rankings for their application to open a retail cannabis shop on Santa Claus Lane.

“Sharing stories through the arts, su h as poetry, i es us the abi ity to onne t ith peop e –Sierra Mayoral, Carpinteria High School student, on winning the Santa Barbara County Poetry ut oud contest.

“Glass House Farms to o pub i in o er billion deal.”


Catching–CVN up with reporting on the Carpinteria cannabis Conner company’s Coffin initial public opening which hit the Canadian

Backyard winter birds



change in ay 2021.

Coastal View News July 29 - Aug. 4, 2021

Coastal iew

Thursday, December 30, 2021  11

ews • Tel: (805) 684-4428

Gonzalez new re math int

APRIL continued “Bailard Avenue is presently home to hundreds of condominiums and is considered to be the densest portion of our city. To add 173 apartments to the mix will be an urban/rural disaster … “

SHIRLEY KIM Everything I list

805-886-0228 sk



Coastal View News Expires 1/31/21

This week’s Fiestalis co



–Christie Boyd in a letter to the editor, voicing concern over the county’s proposed Bailard venue housing pro ect.

Vol. 27, No. 17

January 14 - 20, 20


Donna win W Garde

ost raf ti artists an e en taggers (yes, I believe there is a difference) honor the work of artists and will not paint over a mural unless it has content that is objectionable. I wonder what the ta er’s rea reason as for committing what might be a felony.” – rtist John ullbrandt spea ing to C after his downtown mural, he Carpinteria alley rowing eritage, was vandali ed.

“Looking ahead, it could be the rst step o n the s ippery slope of incremental expansion of the city boundary and resume the sprawl the city experienced up through the 1980s.” – i e ondolow i writing in his column, Does the Bailard ousing Proposal align with the goal of the community

C h i r e n ’s P r o e t o f f e r s Covid-19 mobile vaccine program.” Covid-

–C reporting on the pandemic response.

“The sample will be collected by students by inserting a soft swab half an inch inside the nose and slowly rotating the swab for 15 seconds before repeating on the second nostril.” –CUSD Superintendent Diana igby describing the districts new rapid Covidtest procedures available for staff and students.

’ e ta en it as my responsibi ity to not only make my parents proud, but also myself.” – aura Flores on being nominated for Jr. Carpinterian of the ear along with Isa larcon and u e illiams.

Science of summer

t’s been a S e summer for ir s, from eft, ene ie e errera, a ay a San he an a e ine De era, ho ent to amp at ir s n of Carpinteria Pro ram ea ers ma e earnin fun ith sometimes si y, often messy s ien e a ti ities ir s n of Carpinteria e ebrates years of ommunity ser i e this year he pub i is in ite to tour the ampus an min e ith ir s n a umnae on hurs ay, u y earn more on pa e

Skate Fou bene cookie fu 0 4




a eri St. | De e p ent

tentia | $1, 7 ,000

th St. | $ 4 ,000 n r ! • 70 a t ni e S i r

e. | $ 70,000 n r !




“Now that our students are back in person, I am doing everything in my ability to make coming to school in person worthwhile.” –Sal ope , FF teacher, on returning to in-person learning at Carpinteria igh School.

JUNE ’ e a ays seen myse f as a role model, not just in the community but with family. It starts in family, I have a lot of younger cousins who look up to me who are still in elementary school.” –Isa larcon on being awarded Jr. Carpinterian of the ear.

Next generation of surfers

Izzy Scott, left, and Charlotte Cooney, right, are part of the new generation of young local surfers shaping the lin at Rincon oint. ast weekend’s big swell beckoned Carpinterian surfers, young and old, to visit the ueen of th Coast. See more surf photos on page 11. Stroll o Hu re

he each

o H


! u

ith a Surf oar Un er Your ue e l or S ll

“To see this in Carpinteria was really meaningful, so this vote today… is going to be momentous for youth, to see that we as a city are creating that space…” –Christine Brown spea ing to City Council members after they voted to designate June as Pride onth.


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or Y

12  Thursday, December 30, 2021

Coastal View News • Carpinteria, California

The best of 2021

pitchForks pitchfork to the golfer

A reader sends a that hits balls into the Salt Marsh Nature Preserve.

pitchfork to the nude guy

A reader sends a a in a on in on Bea h here’s a si n that indicates nudity is prohibited!”

pitchfork to all the people who park on Cravens Lane o er a ee ithout

A reader sends a mo in ehi es un ars

t’s not a stora e ot for your

pitchfork to whoever took the electric shopping cart at Albertsons. A reader sends a

“Please return it. It is a great for seniors who need the cart to be independent and do their own shopping.”

pitchfork to his neighbor

A reader sends a that still has Christmas lights. “Autumn just started! Try some fall decor.”

pitchfork to the neighbor with redwood pines. “The needles blow into A reader sends a

my yar an the pine ones fa , ama in par e cars!” A reader sends a

pitchfork to the person

hovering a drone over two young girls laying

at the beach. “They were clearly uncomfortable. t na y eft hen nearby a u ts starte to s in an umbrella at it.”

pitchfork to gas stations that

A reader sends a se un foo here’s a reason it’s a e


pitchfork to the people who feed ground squirrels at Jelly Bowl. “Bluff

A reader sends a

erosion at the benches is accelerating due to growing squirrel population and creating a safety concern for beach goers at the bottom of the bluff.”

pitchfork to the neighbors who use power tools early in the morning

A reader sends a

aroun a m t’s ri i u ous to use them Se sh

ou ha e a


pitchfork to the person who stole the potted ponytail palm from the A reader sends a

rea er’s por h years.”

’ e ha

that p ant for o er

pitchfork to the managers of a local apartment complex for not in A reader sends a

a sprin er that has been ea in for at east t o months, and for watering during the rain. “Either turn the sprin ers off or in est in a rain sensor

June continued “In Santa Barbara County we are categorized as being in severe drought, but we could easily shift into an extreme status as early as next month.”

–Robert McDonald, general manager of Carpinteria Valley Water District, discussing the state’s drought crisis.

on’t no if they i ma e it, but if e ta e turns at hin an ta in to isitors to ma e them aware, we can improve the p o ers’ han e of sur i a –John Callendar on taking care to help a pair of snowy plovers nesting on Carpinteria State Beach.

arriors brin home rst C title in boys swimming.”

– yan P. Cru reporting on the team’s first CIF championship in boys swimming.

“Independence Day Parade cancelled.” Covid-

–CVN reporting on the pandemic response.

JULY “Nobody had been through a pandemic before, so we were just learning as we went.” –Mimi Audelo, community emergency response team manager, talking about the city’s response to the pandemic.

t’s insane y beautifu ou see people from all generations accepting all of us for who e are hat’s the ma i of community.” –Carp Skate Foundation board member Julia Mayer talking at the groundbreaking for the new Carpinteria S ate Par .

“City Council approves lease and development a reement for Sur iner Inn.”

–Evelyn Spence reporting on City Council’s - vote to approve the lease disposition and development agreement for inden ve.


oney an’t buy our sma to n

–Vice Mayor Al Clark speaking at the city council meeting before casting his dissenting vote on a lease disposition and development agreement for the proposed Surfliner Inn.

AUGUST “We have a different way of farmin in enera , e’re ery or ani , an e a that ta – eslie Person

yan on saving the Sweet heel Farm in Summerland.

’m more on erne that other i s i et si an there ou be an outbrea , an that could impact a the i s but hopefu y most i s are vaccinated and protected against most major health issues.”

–Melissa Angeles on sending her son to Carpinteria igh School after its reopening.

CView News

Thursday, December 30, 2021  13

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S a Carpi


Everything I list turns tonow? SOC‘ with

805-886-0228 skimberlin@aol.c


This week’s listings on the ba


Vol. 27, No. 22

February 18 - 24, 2021

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When rule


Beating the heat

With temperatures into the 80s on Friday, Jan. 15, Girls Inc. of Carpinteria members found ways to have fun while cooling off during outdoor recreation. From left, Kamea, Isabella, Savka and Kimberley dance and cheer as a GI facilitator sprays them with water.

Missi Mary Rot HERRICK 4 40 4th St. Carpinteria • $ , 4 ,000








Maggie, the white lab, checks out the line of ladybugs at the Carp Rocks Valentine’s ay gathering at Carpinteria State Beach. The open-air celebration brought families out to share their handpainted rock creations and admire the brightly colored loveliness. See more photos on page 10. KARLSSON rice


5 82 Concor



at $ ,84 ,000 • 4 40 4th St. Carpinteria

lace $ 85,000 • Charmin Seacoast Villa e


CView News

14  Thursday, December 30, 2021

The best of 2021

Coastal View News • Carpinteria, California Trade Secrets with SuperSprings International



halo to Mary Ann

Free concerts continue at Arts Center


Rotarians clean up beaches


A reader sends a for helping the reader out with a spare facemask. “You are an angel.”

halo to whoever put out the crates of free avocados around town. A reader sends a halo to the great blue heron

A reader sends a

that has been huntin ophers in the rea er’s o er e eep up the oo or

halo to Skip at Bikeworks

for A reader sends a ta in su h oo are of the rea er’s sons’ bi es, both the road one and the stationary one. “Mahalo!”

halo to Bill and Kaitlyn at Rockwell Printing for their clever design work

A reader sends a

an support of the rea er’s o a


halo to Roger, Penny & Cindy

Back to school

for A reader sends a onatin not on y their time, but a so their Snoba s, to the ir S outs i e ream so ia our smi es anOchoa, right, was one of the many CUSD employees who helped students get a jump start Bus Driver Jose on the school year, including second-grader Jacob Barajas, left. This week, CUSD brought back more than help made the event a success.”


Everything I lis


2,000 students, faculty and staff for in-person learning for the 2021-2022 school year, a change from the hectic online learning of the 2020-2021 school year. Masked and prepped with hand sanitizer, students excitedly greeted new classmates and teachers, ready for a new school year amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. See more pi tures of the rst ay of s hoo on pa es an

halo to Rincon Beach Park hosts Randy & Annie, who recently left the scene.

A reader sends a

“A great void in all our hearts. God bless you guys and wish you the very best.”

Coastal ea



halo to the Walk and RollPut Carpinteria’s Most Trusted Realtor To Work For You! dog trainer Cris Valley. “Best dog whisperer Representing Buyer


e er he a me our o ’s bar in han s to him, our nei hbors on’t hate us anymore an there is peace in the Valley!”

halo to Shawn in the liquor department at Albertsons. e’s a ays A reader sends a

so friendly and knowledgeable. He answers all my questions and is just an all-around nice man.”

halo to Dorene

A reader sends a for stepping in to help when the reader was in a bind.

halo to their neighbor Barbara.

A reader sends a han you for the e i ery of A reader sends a


on erfu foo

halo to Emily Lainer at

ho foun the rea er’s re it ar returned it. “Honesty and integrity are precious character traits.” A reader sends a

halo to Carpinteria

FFA students for making tomols and helping out at the 10-year anniversary of the omo nterpreti e Play Area. A reader sends a

halo to Jim and Greg

for helping an 85-year-old neighbor. “Maybe others will do the same. t’s reat y appre iate


Romais qualifies for Ironman



A reader says a



This week’s l


Vol. 28, No. 6

Oct. 28 - Nov. 3, Searchable archives at

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Thursday, December 30, 2021  15

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The best of 2021


pitchfork to the dog owners

A reader sends a who clean up after their dogs and ditch the poop bags on our beautiful trails and beaches. “There are a handful of people who do this regularly. Come on, be better than this.”


during the pandemic. “No wonder the schools have been closed for a year!” A reader sends a assi n so mu h grading.



“Toro Canyon oil clean-up Jason Dane is completed.”


city’s new –CVN reporting engineering tech on local agencies and the

state’s coordinated effort to clean up an oil

leak that occurred in July.

“Currently, 74% of Carpinterians are fully vaccinated, and 83% of Carpinterians have had their rst shot –Mayor Wade Nomura in a letter discussing

Covid-19 vaccinations.

t’s a itt e s ary that the county knows they Museum seeks have the information on upper hand, mystery quilt an they’re sho in us that they do.”


–Councilman Gregg A. Carty commenting on the county’s progress on the Bailard venue housing pro ect without significant

input from Carpinteria’s city council.

Carp-a-CaBOOna event raises funds for schools


eep up on

pitchfork to the couple

Lic. #00623395

–Evelyn Spence reporting on CUSD School Board members voting to accept an offer from Sweet Wheel Farms to purchase the district’s Summerland property.


A reader sends a with the “giant diesel truck” they kept running on Sunday afternoon in the loading zone at Holly an ourth Bea h ou’re o a s ea y peop e Hard to believe… some of us just wanted to enjoy the end of the day sunset.”

–CVN reporting on the landmark agreement between Carpinteria cannabis farmers and the countywide watchdog group.

“CUSD accepts bid of $2.25 million for Whitney property.”


Reserve. “We seldom see lizards or snakes anymore an n feathers




pitchfork to the people who let their cats roam free near the Salt Marsh

August continued

listings on the back page

pitchfork to teachers who

A reader sends a

“Coalition for Responsible Cannabis and CARP Growers sign plan to work together in support of responsible cannabis st turns to SOLD! farming.”

, 2021

pitchfork to people having

A reader sends a

OCTOBER “I believe anybody who wants the vaccine should be able to choose to get it. I also believe anybody who oesn’t ant it shou be able to make that choice.”

–Kacey Gritt, CUSD parent, commenting on the possibility of a Covid-19 vaccine mandate for schools.

“We have a significant discrepancy between white and Hispanic students that increases as the grade levels move higher. Most of our students are Hispanic.” –CUSD Superintendent Diana Rigby commenting on student academic achievement data.

“The 50-year-old Warrior Head is in deteriorating condition, and we believe that new school signage needs to be addressed.” –CUSD Superintendent Diana Rigby asking the school board to consider redesigning the controversial statue at Carpinteria High School. The school board voted unanimously not to redesign the Warrior Head.

A reader sends a

who trespassed

pitchfork to the person

onto the rea er’s mom’s por h and store her red “rollator” walker. “The walker contained a blanket and other things she uses for dialysis. Shame on you!!”

pitchfork to neighbors that don’t pull their weeds. “They go to seed and

A reader sends a

blow into all the neighboring properties.”

pitchfork to the blonde curly haired person in the passenger seat of

A reader sends a

a car near the beach for throwing their ketchup and barbecue sauce containers out the window and littering.

pitchfork to the woman

A reader sends a who e i e to snea onto the rea er’s property at 6:30 a.m. and strip the vine of its remaining passion fruit. A reader sends

pitchfork to the lobster fishing industry a

along the Carpentaria Coast that allows lobster traps to wash up on the beaches. They can entangle and poison seals and dolphins. “Clean up your mess, please!”

16  Thursday, December 30, 2021

Coastal View News • Carpinteria, California

happy new year Carpinteria

NOVEMBER t’s ra y hen you thin about years of annabis y au hter is She is a annabis nati e –Graham Farrar, founder of Glass House Farms, reflecting on the anniversary of 2 years of legali ed medicinal cannabis in California, and five years of legali ed recreational cannabis.

he arrior ea reprehensib e

an a ism is

–CUSD Superintendent Diana igby commenting on vandalism of the controversial statue at Carpinteria igh School which was doused in red paint.

arriors in it a C ater Po o Champions

– yan P. Cru reporting on Carpinteria igh School’s historic win.

DECEMBER shou et boosters, CDC a ises ne Co i ariant i enti e –C

reporting on the Covid-

pandemic response.

hat is re e ant is hether the ma ority of Carpinteria resi ents are in fa or of or a ainst the hote bein bui t by the rai roa tra s his uestion ou be ans ere in o ember , if the ba ot measure is ote on – nnie Sly writing in a letter regarding the city’s agreements for the proposed Surfliner Inn.

Thursday, December 30, 2021  17

Coastal View News • Tel: (805) 684-4428

How to curb binge eating


WELLNESS WARRIOR LEAH HARDING Bingeing is something that affects more people than you think, regardless of gender. Because people who experience bingeing often feel a huge amount of shame, it is rarely discussed openly, but the chances are high that you know someone who struggles with it. It is said that 8% of adults will have a binge eating disorder sometime in their life. A binge eating disorder (BED) is typically defined y in ein one to two times a week for at least three months. The binge is typically done in a short window, in two hours or less, and is accompanied by an out of control feeling. The calories consumed in the eating window are usually quite a bit higher than a normal amount that would be consumed; for some clients, I’ve seen an excess of 3,000+ calories during their window. Most people binge due to sadness or grief, low self-esteem and depression, genetics and dieting. For those who binge, it can feel as though the pattern will last forever, and it often does come and go. However, there are some known situations that trigger bingeing. If you can counter those triggers, it will be far easier to heal from a binge episode. Here are some ideas to help get you started: Make sure you aren’t hungry. Don’t cut calories too low. Being overly hungry or dieting can often lead to bingeing. When

dieting, if you cut your calories too low, your body may be screaming at you to eat a lot so you can get the nutrients you need. To avoid this, try to eat just below fullness for a while, don’t cut calories drastically. Another way to prevent long periods of hunger is to make sure you’re always ready with some snacks or have at least some food prepped in the kitchen. This could be as simple as pre-cooking some chicken for the week or keeping an apple or protein bar with you while running errands. Remove temptations. There are probably specific foods that you ravitate towards during a binge. If you make it harder to get those items – for example, by having to physically drive to the store – it may be a long enough interlude that once you get to the store, you’ll no longer want to binge as strongly. (Email me for a free kitchen makeover guide). Remove yourself from the situation. If you feel a binge coming on, go for a walk, call a friend or run some errands. Removing yourself from the house can be enough to help break the mental urgency to run to the kitchen and eat all the food. Get enough sleep. There is a strong link between hunger and sleep. When you don’t get enough sleep (one to two hours less than normal), hunger and cravings nearly always rise. The biggest favor you can do for yourself is to get enough sleep. More sleep also makes you better equipped to handle stress. Reduce stress. Stress is probably the number one reason people binge. By doing all of the above, you are setting

If you feel your struggles are bigger than something you can tackle yourself, en oura e you to n a ounse or ho spe ia i es in eatin isor ers or hire a professiona nutrition oa h to he p you or throu h it yourself up to be in a better position not to binge, but unless you keep stress low, it may be for naught. Stress can be managed best by good nutrition, meditation, exercise, connecting with others and selfcare – doing things you enjoy purely for yourself, and no one else. If all of this fails, allow yourself the opportunity to binge. Seriously. Give yourself grace and forgiveness before it happens and then move on. Dwelling on things will only continue the cycle of low self-esteem and stress that contributes to the bingeing behavior. Sometimes when you just allow yourself that space to do the thing that feels forbidden, you’ll find the feelin passes or that it is not quite as enjoyable as you’ve convinced yourself it is.

After it’s done, start anew. Because when forming a new habit, once is not enough. Keep practicing the above tips and you’ll change your mindset and your life. If you feel your struggles are bigger than something you can tackle yourself, encoura e you to find a counselor who specializes in eating disorders or hire a professional nutrition coach to help you work through it. Leah Harding is a nutrition coach and personal trainer. She specializes in helping people see food as an ally to reach their goals, both in and out of the gym. She previously owned CrossFit Carpinteria/Foxwing Fitness and now works out of her home gym and online. Contact her at lea in tness.c m it esti ns or with ideas for future wellness articles.

Picture Perfect

FURNISHED SHORT TERM LEASE Furnished view home with Pool and guest quarters. Available by month. $6000/month(Jan -June) One month minimum.

OCEANFRONT WEEKLY RENTALS Some weeks still available in December, January and February. Call for your Staycation.

WINTER VACATION RENTALS 2 bedroom • 1 bath at CARPINTERIA SHORES on the beach. Sleeps 6. Choices of 1st, 2nd & 3rd floor units. 3 bedroom • 2 bath, townhome on Dorrance with hot tub • 2 blocks from the beach.

1 and 2 bedroom apartments at the BEACHCOMBER across the street from the beach. Debbie Murphy, Broker • Kim Fly, Realtor Rebecca Griffin, Realtor • Leah Wagner, Realtor Vacation Hosts, Jim & Heidi Michener

805-684-4101 Real Estate Sales•Rental Housing•Property Management Vacation Rentals•Notary Services

moment of pea e in the storm


arpinterian eo in er snapped a photo of the statue at Heath anch ar on Christmas Eve, during a quiet pause in the storm that has rocked Santa Barbara County over the last week and during the holidays.

The 2022 Carpinteria Morning Rotaty Calendar can be purchased for $16 each or 3 for $45 in our office.

xx 18  Thursday, November December 25, 30, 2020 2021




The Winter Issue Has Arrived! Sneak Peek inside…



CoastalView ViewNews News •• Carpinteria, Carpinteria, California California Coastal

THESE ARE THE HOUSES THE ARESCOS BUILT Four decades ago, Debra and Paul Aresco were renting a Carpinteria apartment, raising two young kids and dreaming of owning land and a home. Now they have that land and home, and their two grown kids have their own beautiful homes and young kids. It’s the American dream Carpinteria style.


Whether it’s atop a home stove or growing in the soil outside the front door, Carpinterians have created atypical income streams from their culinary cleverness. Read about cottage industries that feed entrepreneurial spirit along with loyal customers.


Paintbrushes in hand, Ginny and Garrett Speirs layer color on canvas within their overlapping lives. Each half of the couple is a successful artist, but their greatest masterpiece of all is their family.


In an era when Major League Baseball rejected talent that came in skin shades darker than white, great ball players found other fields to showcase their skills. Carpinterian Alonzo Orozco’s family members were among a number of trailblazing Latin-Americans whose story is finally claiming its rightful place in history.


Pure stoke courses through the veins of several young local surfers. These are the groms—too young to drive a car but old enough to charge the biggest set waves. Meet a handful of the kids who make up the next generation of Carpinteria shredders.


Thursday, December 30, 2021  19

Coastal View News • Tel: (805) 684-4428

Happy CES 2022 CVN

LET’S TALK TEK M I C H A E L AV E R Y Happy Holidays! I was planning on writing this month’s column on fiber optics networ s and fi er to the home. decided to save that for a future column and write about the Greatest Show on Earth – and I’m not talking about the arnum and ailey ircus. or the past years following the holidays, many have attended the biggest electronics show in the world, the Consumer Electrons Show, , in as e as. Each year, CES brings together the most innovative technology companies to share their latest developments. ven with the Covid-19 pandemic, this year will e no di erent, with oth virtual and in person components. he in person as pect has been impacted due to the recent uptick due to Omicron cases, but it will still be an amazing show and will feature the display of new, soon-to-be-released and product prototypes that may or may not see the li ht of day as final release products. CES 2022 will highlight advances in AI, XR, gaming, computing, digital health, automotive/transportation, home entertainment, smart home, smart cities and more; new this year will be space technolo y, food technolo y and s. he etaverse will also e a hot topic. Considered the Super Bowl for global consumer electronics and consumer technology, CES is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technolo ies. he upcomin covers . million square feet of space, and there is projected to e , e hi itors in attendance at the last CES in 2020, attendance was at 70,000, and attendance is projected to be down y . t the upcomin , e pect to see lo al rands li e ma on, , oston onsultin , Hyundai, , ntel, lectronics, a na, eta, icrosoft, Oracle, Panasonic, Procter & Gamble, Qualcomm, Razer, Samsung Electronics, cosche, ony and more. ompanies including Caterpillar, Indy Autonomous Challenge and Sierra Space will also make a de ut. Given the growing acceptance and appetite for controlling technology with voice commands, there will be a large segment of products utilizing this technolo y. ma on has emer ed as the leader in this movement after it released its voice controlled home assistant, cho. he tech iant made a smart, strate ic move when it made the brains behind cho the natural lan ua e, le a. Amazon made this code available to

Carpinteria Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Group

Considered the Super Bowl for global consumer electronics and consumer technology, CES is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. companies so they could build it into their products. t this year s , these devices and ad ets are everywhere. short list of some of the categories and products includes: Smart Home – Lenovo Smart Assistant, LG Appliances, Belkin and Incipio Light witches, attel s ristotle a y oni tor, oway irme a mart ir urifier, Linksys Velop Router, Nightingale Smart Sleep Aid System Smart Car ol swa en Open Car Platform Smart Phone Huawei smart earbuds


et, nri

ate , ensory

Do You Have a Family Member with Memory Problems? You Are Not Alone - We Can Help. “Come and Learn Caregiver Tips & Tools”

MEETINGS 1st & 3rd Wednesdays, 2-4pm

Faith Lutheran Church ~ Vallecito Place at Ogan Road Questions? 805-881-3255 •

Health Insurance Enrollment DEADLINE EXTENDED

P Individual/Family Plans P Medicare Supplements P Covered California

Call Today: 805-683-3636

CAN YOU HELP? Donate 2, 4 or 8 hours of your time


We are in urgent need of drivers and dispatchers to HELP provide this important transportation service for the non-driving members of our community. Ad courtesy of


Service ®

Smart TV

ish Hooper, oshi a ire


E bi-lingual FREVIP Concierge

Customer Service 3412 State St. Santa Barbara, CA 93105


JOIN IN & HELP TODAY! Call 8O5.684.OO65

Smart Entertainment – Jam Audio Jam ession pea ers, lay i hiel urora LifeStream Wireless Speakers, iHome edside pea er, onster s oundsta e Home Speaker Smart Assistants/Robots ech yn , LG Hub Root, Samsung Powerbot hese are ust a few e amples of a lead ing wave of smart products that may be on ne t year s hristmas list. tay tuned as I take a deeper dive with these products and many more yet to come. If you have a question about technology, please reach out to me at michael@ michaeltal ste .com or ust ive me a call at . love tal in te .

of the

Carpinteria valley historiCal soCiety & museum of history Our community historical museum relies on the support of its members and fundraising efforts, not tax dollars. Museum exhibit galleries have reopened and the monthly marketplace has resumed while we reach out to our community for greater support by becoming a member, learning about Carpinteria’s fascinating past, and supporting historical preservation for the future. The new membership year runs October 1 through September 30, 2022.

Michael Avery brings decades of experience to his projects and his clients. He has served as an owner, partner, principal and employee of some of the most progressive companies in the electronic systems market sector. Additionally, he has provided professional consulting services to a multitude of leading companies in the industry, including Panasonic Technologies, CEDIA, AMX, Microsoft, GE Industrial, CompUSA and Paradise Theater.


ANNIVERSARY? Mail to: Carpinteria Historical Society, 956 Maple Ave., Carpinteria CA, 93013


Consider giving a gift membership in the Carpinteria valley historiCal soCiety & museum this holiday season


20  Thursday, December 30, 2021

Coastal View News • Carpinteria, California

Honor Roll


The Abe Family John & Nell Able Rick & Kathy Abney Steve & Gale Abram li ayle dams Glenn & Valerie Alger David & Susan Allen Hank & Pat Arellanes Andy & Carol Bailard Jim & Jean Bailard Kevin & Donna Baird Alterio A-G Banks Virginia Barrison Marianne Bartholomew Patricia Beals Melinda Bendel ane enefield Don & Vera Bensen David & Barbara Bloedel hristie e oyd Sue Boynton John & Arida Brand Steve Bratcher Family Kathy & Robert Brooks Betty Brown Carol Bury Kelli Butler Sally Ann Camp Geri and Gary Campopiano Jim & Valerie Campos Lois Capps The Caratan Family Carpinteria Beautiful Carpinteria Cotton Co. Carpinteria Seal Watch Carpinteria Valley Association Anna & Gary Carrillo Pamela Christian Larry & Debi Clark e ayle lay Tim & Janey Cohen Jim & Jolene Colomy Jim & Mary Ann Colson James Conger Mary Conrad Bruce & Judi Conroy Berlyn Cota Norman & Mary Cota Grant Cox Enterprises, Inc. Greenleaf Landscapes Tarpitz Gardening Jane Craven Frank & Sandy Crowe Fran & Roger Davis Ron & Yvonne Davisson Cullen & Dottie Deck Ellen & Rob Denholtz Betsy Denison The DiRado Family Melissa Doyle Glenn & Kathy Dubock Peter Dugré & Lea Boyd Paul Dunham Sally & Terry Eagle Gaby and Selden Edwards Marsha Ehlers Rae & Dan Emmett The Enlow Family Lynda Fairly The Faoro Family Sherrie Fisher Art & Louise Fisher Mr. & Mrs. John Thomas Fly Paul & Mary Foley BER LIN SHIR LEYingKIM I list turns to SOLD! Everyth


on the back page This week’s listings

CoastaNlews Expires 6 /30 /20


Vol. 26, No. 36

May 28 - June

3, 2020








Parents share pandemic stories

YES! I want to support my free community newspaper. Check


Carpinteria re-opens (partially)

24, word afternoon, May ria On Sunday through Carpinte spread quickly Mexican Restaura nt ’s that Delgado table service. its doors for d had opened a Smith celebrate Waitress Samanth letter to the a thank you the news with locals and and before long n to chile community, were tucking-i visitors alike like the good just s verde and margarita distancing eit with social to old days—alb s of safety factors and an awarenes foreseeable future. for the keep in mind 3. More on page

Bob & Elene Franco Joe & Kimberlee Franken Anne Fraser & Robert Lehmann Clyde & Diana Freeman John & Christine Frontado Stan & Ellen Froyd Gene & Dee Funkhouser Ann Garcia Kaydance & Kenzington Gardner Gaynor Ranch Roberta Germanetti Jeremy & Calla Gold avid nnie oodfield Lorraine McIntire Nancy & Wayne Schoenfeld Bill & Sharon Green Jim & Jennifer McIntosh Stan & Terry Scrivner Lisa Guravitz & Fred Shaw Amanda McIntyre Bob & Shanon Sedivy Karen & Donald Guthrie Carlena McKnerney Arlene & Jack Sega Kellie & Bonnie Hammett Laurie & Steve McMahon Marty Selfridge Louise Hansen & Jim Reginato Chuck & Dolores McQuary Megan Shannon K & M Hanson Greta Meaney The Skenderians Nancy Haviland Sharon & Craig Meister Annie Sly Dottie Hawkins Tom & Laurie Merryman Barbara & Sanderson Smith Bill Hazen David Meyer & Shen Rajan Bob & Marcy Smith Chris Hecox Norma Migliazza Brad & Barbara Smith In Memory of Bob Henry Bradley & Emily Miles Christine Sobell Kathy Henry Carrie Miles John & Marge Soper Reggie Hepp Dave & Louise Moore Ben & Julie Soto Lynda Hershey Terry & Dianne Moore The Sprigg Family Donette Hicks Pat Moorhouse Kim Stackpole & Ken Gluck Hilltop Flowers, Inc. Andrea & Bruce Morden Terry Stain Suzi Hopkins Judy Mulford Steve Starkey & Olivia Erschen Virgil & Lee Huelskamp Peter & Ann Mullins Gordon & Barb Statler Diane M. Huerta Steve & Jane Murray Brad & Carla Stein John & Linda Hurley Richard Nelson Mike & Susan Stephens Nancy Hussey Andy & Yvonne Neumann Greg & Kate Stewart Robbie & Ed Hutto Langdon & Linda Nevens Cherry Stockton Kim Ishida Anh & Ha Ngo Bob & Kathi Stokes Zoe Iverson & Gib Johnson Peter & Carol Nichols Fred & Shirley Strickler Patricia Jersin F. Virginia Nickelsen Tom & Brenda Sullivan Donna & Bob Jordan Nola Treloar Nicklin Eric & Jane Swain Gary & Marge Kelly Weldon & Ann Nomura Jim & Donna Swinford Carroll Ketchpel Michael & Lori Noricks Hisaye Takahashi Michelle Kisor Becki & Doug Norton Diane Thackeray Richard & Chicki Kitagawa Lisa O’Reilly Thario’s Kitchen Alan & Carol Koch Julia Occhipinti Ted & Mary Anne Theilmann Jim & Roz Kohute Peggy Oki - Origami Whales Project Dorothy Thielges Craig & Denise Kono Rick & Trudy Olmstead Bob & Chris Thompson Carol Kutzner Jose & Irene Ornelas Diana & Don Thorn Carla Kroman & Mr. Peach Alonzo & Amy Marie Orozco Kevin & Teresa Till Ron Lafrican & Luzzie Hernandez Barbara J. Orth John Tilton Las Palmalitas Ranch May R. Osher Ruthis Tremmel Laughing Buddha Mary Ota & Family Danel Trevor Roberta & George Lehtinen Lou & Susie Panizzon Elise Unruh Fred & Donna Lemere Marty & Nan Panizzon The VanAntwerps Jon & Sue Lewis Gail & John Persoon Robert & Elizabeth Van Eyck Patricia Lieberknecht The Piltz Family Harry & Michele Van Wingerden John Litsinger Elizabeth Pomeroy Winfred Van Wingerden & Sheila Batson The Lou Grant Parent-Child Workshop B. P. Joe & Alice Vazquez Paula J. Lund Stan & Mary Pottkotter Gayle Ward The Luthard Family Valerie & David Powdrell Nancy E. Warner Sara Lyons Anita & Alex Pulido Paul & Nancy Warner Wendy & Tim MacMurray Roberto Pulido Jerry & Brenda Watkins Charlene Maltzman Ted Rhodes & Joan Pascal Tom & Mary Watts Mrs. Sharon Manges Elizabeth Risdon Dick Weinberg & Family Peter & Elizabeth Mann Marilou Rivera Alan Weiss & Cheryl Smith Harry & Patricia Manuras Greg & Laura Roinson Leslie A. Westbrook Rosa Markolf Tim & Beata Rose Janet Westlund Jacquie Martin Elizabeth Ross Tyson & Betty Willson Bill & Ann Matson Steve & Susan Ruthven Mike & Diane Wondolowski Mariko Matsuyama Saito Family Josh Zannon Marianne & Kevin McCarthy Theodore Sampson & Berdee Sampson - RIP Donna Zehrung Ron & Barbara McClain Dr. Suzanne Savoy Mary & Paul Zeoli Barbara McCurry Wally & Janice Schilling Dr. & Mrs. D. Ziehl

Attached is ___$25

Lic. #00623395

Cemetery holds Memorial Dayy ceremon


Lemonade ts stand benefiity commun




Visa/MC #________________________________ exp____ sec____

NAME_______________________________________________ PHONE _______________


Community rallies for seniors

Each month, CVN publishes the Honor Roll to thank readers and advertisers for their generous support. For the past 12 years, this support has played a critical role in keeping CVN in the stands each week and full of local news that cannot be found in any other media. The outpouring of support inspired by the Honor Roll has established a deeper connection between the newspaper and its readers. Additionally, the hundreds of names that appear in the Honor Roll send a message to advertisers—Carpinterians are dedicated to their local newspaper. In turn, the staff of CVN is dedicated to its readers. As the publishers of your community newspaper, we appreciate the relationship we have with you, our readers, and we pledge to keep bringing you all the news of the Carpinteria Valley.


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in .


in i t rian



Da i artine



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hat’s your New ear’s resolution


MAN ON THE STREET LARRY NIMMER Lar r y’s comme nt : D on’ t ov er t h i nk m y t h ou g h t s .

T o g et m y dr i v er ’ s p er m i t . - Du k e Sh a r p

R enew m y v ows wi t h m y wi f e, J ade, and s h ow h er h ow m u ch I lov e h er . - H a p Pu t n a m

T o b e m or e i nt ent i onal. - Ni n a Mo o r e

W alk m y dog ev er y day. - Et h a n Al m g r e n

B e f or g i v i ng b ecau s e ev er y s t or y h as t wo s i des . - Po l l o

22  Thursday, December 30, 2021

Public Notices Carpinteria Valley Water District NOTICE OF INTENT TO ADOPT THE MITIGATED NEGATIVE DECLARATION FOR THE EL CARRO PARK MONITORING WELLS PROJECT PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The Carpinteria Valley Water District (CVWD) proposes to construct and operate three new groundwater monitoring wells to provide groundwater elevation and water quality data from three different waterbearing zones of the western portion of the Carpinteria Groundwater Basin. PROJECT LOCATION: The proposed monitoring wells would be located in El Carro Park within the City of Carpinteria, approximately 0.4 miles northeast of the U.S. Highway 101/Linden Avenue interchange. PUBLIC COMMENT: The CVWD is soliciting comments on the adequacy and completeness of the Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND). You may comment by submitting written or oral comments to the CVWD prior to the close of the public comment period. Comments should be provided to the General Manager, Bob McDonald at 1301 Santa Ynez Avenue, Carpinteria, (805) 684-2816, bob@cvwd. net prior to the close of the public comment period on January 26th, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. PROJECT DETAILS: The three wells would be located about 30 feet apart near the western boundary of El Carro Park. The wells would be completed with a 3-inch diameter well casing, bentonite or cement annular seal, gravel pack within the annulus (area between the borehole and casing) and 3-inch diameter well screen. The tops of the wells would be covered by watertight, locking manholes, approximately 12-inches in diameter, constructed flush with the ground surface. No above-ground structures are proposed. Once constructed, the monitoring wells would be used to monitor the water levels and water quality in the Carpinteria Groundwater Basin. ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW FINDINGS: The CVWD has prepared a Draft MND pursuant to Section 15073 of the State Guidelines for the Implementation of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). DOCUMENT AVAILABILITY: The Draft MND may be reviewed by visiting the CVWD’s website or a hard copy can be reviewed at the District Offices at 1301 Santa Ynez Ave or Carpinteria Branch Library at 5141 Carpinteria Ave, Carpinteria, CA. Publish: December 16, 23, 30, 2021 ________________________________ ADVERTISEMENT OF LIEN SALE Notice is given that pursuant to Sections 21701-21715 of the business and professions code, section 2328 of the commercial code, and section 535 of the penal code, McCann Mini Storage, 1222 Cravens Lane, Carpinteria, CA 93013, will sell by competitive bidding December 28, 2021 to January 6, 2022 online at the following: Misc household goods, personal property and furniture. Name: Stan Menane

Unit B223

Size 5x7

Publish December 23, 30, 2021 _________________________________ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT. The following Entity(ies) is/are doing business as (1) INSPIRING VISIONARY (2) REBEKAH WELCH MOOREHEAD at 1317 NORTH V ST SPC 160, LOMPOC, CA 93436. Full name of registrant(s): INSPIRING VISIONARY LLC at SAME ADDRESS AS ABOVE. This business is conducted by a Limited Liability Company. This statement was filed with the County 11/17/2021. The registrant began transacting business on Nov 10, 2021. Signed: REBEKAH MK WELCH, MANAGER. In accordance with subdivision (a) of section 17920, a fictitious name statement generally expires at the end of five years from the date on which it was filed in the office of the County Clerk, except, as provided in subdivision (b) of section 17920, where it expires 40 days after any change in the facts set forth in the statement pursuant to section 17913 other than a change in the residence address of a registered owner. A new fictitious business name must be filed before the expiration. The filing of this statement does not of itself authorize the use in this state of a fictitious business name in violation of the rights of another under Federal, State, or common law (see section 1441 Et Seq., Business and Professions code). I hereby certify this copy is a correct copy of the original statement on file in my office. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk-Recorder (SEAL) FBN2021-0003187. Publish: December 9, 16, 23, 30, 2021 _________________________________ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT. The following Entity(ies) is/are doing business as THE BETS LIFE at 2176 EAST VALLEY ROAD, SANTA BARBARA, CA 93108. Mailing address: PO BOX 1394, SUMMERLAND, CA 93067. Full name of registrant(s): ELIZA-

BETH O’BRIEN at SAME ADDRESS AS ABOVE This business is conducted by an Individual. This statement was filed with the County 11/16/2021. The registrant began transacting business on Nov 1, 2021. Signed: ELIZABETH O’BRIEN. In accordance with subdivision (a) of section 17920, a fictitious name statement generally expires at the end of five years from the date on which it was filed in the office of the County Clerk, except, as provided in subdivision (b) of section 17920, where it expires 40 days after any change in the facts set forth in the statement pursuant to section 17913 other than a change in the residence address of a registered owner. A new fictitious business name must be filed before the expiration. The filing of this statement does not of itself authorize the use in this state of a fictitious business name in violation of the rights of another under Federal, State, or common law (see section 1441 Et Seq., Business and Professions code). I hereby certify this copy is a correct copy of the original statement on file in my office. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk-Recorder (SEAL) FBN2021-0003306. Publish: Dec. 23, 30, 2021, Jan. 6, 12, 2022 _________________________________ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT. The following Entity(ies) is/are doing business as EVOLVE EQUITY at 4941 NIPOMO DR, CARPINTERIA, CA 93013. Full name of registrant(s): JONNIE WILLIAMS at SAME ADDRESS AS ABOVE. This business is conducted by an Individual. This statement was filed with the County 12/22/2021. The registrant began transacting business on N/A. Signed: JONNIE WILLIAMS, INDIVIDUAL. In accordance with subdivision (a) of section 17920, a fictitious name statement generally expires at the end of five years from the date on which it was filed in the office of the County Clerk, except, as provided in subdivision (b) of section 17920, where it expires 40 days after any change in the facts set forth in the statement pursuant to section 17913 other than a change in the residence address of a registered owner. A new fictitious business name must be filed before the expiration. The filing of this statement does not of itself authorize the use in this state of a fictitious business name in violation of the rights of another under Federal, State, or common law (see section 1441 Et Seq., Business and Professions code). I hereby certify this copy is a correct copy of the original statement on file in my office. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk-Recorder (SEAL) FBN2021-0003428. Publish: Dec. 30, 2021, Jan. 6, 12, 18, 2022 _________________________________ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT. The following Entity(ies) is/ are doing business as ALAMO PINTADO EQUINE HEALTH FOUNDATION at 2501 SANTA BARBARA AVE, LOS OLIVOS, CA 93441. Mailing address: PO BOX 387, LOS OLIVOS, CA 93441. Full name of registrant(s): ALAMO PINTADO EQUINE HEALTH FOUNDATION, INC. at 2501 SANTA BARBARA AVE, LOS OLIVOS, CA 93441. This business is conducted by a Corporation. This statement was filed with the County 12/16/2021. The registrant began transacting business on N/A. Signed: MARK HERTHEL, PRESIDENT. In accordance with subdivision (a) of section 17920, a fictitious name statement generally expires at the end of five years from the date on which it was filed in the office of the County Clerk, except, as provided in subdivision (b) of section 17920, where it expires 40 days after any change in the facts set forth in the statement pursuant to section 17913 other than a change in the residence address of a registered owner. A new fictitious business name must be filed before the expiration. The filing of this statement does not of itself authorize the use in this state of a fictitious business name in violation of the rights of another under Federal, State, or common law (see section 1441 Et Seq., Business and Professions code). I hereby certify this copy is a correct copy of the original statement on file in my office. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk-Recorder (SEAL) FBN2021-0003376. Publish: Dec. 30, 2021, Jan. 6, 12, 18, 2022 _________________________________ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT. The following Entity(ies) is/are doing business as CARP PHYSIO at 5432-5434 CARPINTERIA AVE, CARPINTERIA, CA 93013. Full name of registrant(s): VIA REAL PHYSICAL THERAPY INC at 4180 VIA REAL STE C, CAPRINTERIA, CA 93013. This business is conducted by a Corporation. This statement was filed with the County 12/27/2021. The registrant began transacting business on N/A. Signed: OMAR FLORES, VICE PRESIDENT. In accordance with subdivision (a) of section 17920, a fictitious name statement generally expires at the end of five years from the date on which it was filed in the office of the County Clerk, except, as provided in subdivision (b) of section 17920, where it expires 40 days after any change in the facts set forth in the statement pursuant to section 17913 other than a change in the residence address of a registered owner. A new fictitious business name must be filed before the expiration. The filing of this statement does not of itself authorize the use in this state of a fictitious business name in violation of the rights of another under Federal, State, or common law (see section 1441 Et Seq., Business and Professions code). I hereby certify this copy is a correct copy of the original statement on file in my office. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk-Recorder (SEAL) FBN2021-0003453. Publish: Dec. 30, 2021, Jan. 6, 12, 18, 2022

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Thursday, December 30, 2021  23

Sunday, December 19

the residence by unknown means and consumed food. Once discovered, the suspect refused to leave and the victim called . He was arrested and oo ed into jail without incident.



inth Street

A victim reported that her purse was stolen from the roof of her vehicle. There is no suspect info.

hrs inor in Possession ifth Street an o y enue

Reports from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s f e

A boy was stopped while leaving a mar et with his headli hts o . He was cited for being a minor in possession of alcohol.

Monday, December 20 hrs Sto en ehi e ia ea


A reporting party called to report his vehicle stolen. The video footage shows a male and female took the vehicle.

hrs n i ent Carpinteria enue


A woman reported that earlier in the day two people, both wearing jeans, hoodies and black neck gaiters, came into her store and acted suspicious. The subjects asked to view jewelry and clothing but did not purchase anything. The woman believes they were casing her business due to a previous robbery.

hrs n i ent o y enue


hir Street

The reporting party reported an unknown male approached her and asked for sexual favors in exchange for $20. The reporting party described the male as a Hispanic male adult, appro imately to 26 years old, who was wearing a black colored hat, shirt, pants and associated with a grey BMX style bicycle. The reporting party was unfamiliar with the subject, who stated his name was “John” and that he was from Los Angeles. Deputies were unable to locate the suspect.

hrs n i ent Carpinteria enue


The reporting party reported that a female was sending her threatening Facebook messages to harm her and her 6-year-old daughter. The suspect was contacted and the 6-year-old’s welfare





was checked. It appeared the reporting party made a fake account to send herself messages, to make it appear the messages were from someone else.

hrs Dru s Carpinteria Bluffs

tra c enforcement stop of a vehicle was conducted for a parking violation. During the investigation, the passenger was found in possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.


hrs ea an


driver didn’t slow or pull over to speak with the victim. The victim followed the man home and called law enforcement. The driver exited his residence to speak with deputies and was very intoxicated. Preliminary results showed .179% blood alcohol content. ue to a sta n issue, the suspect was cited and released to his mom at the scene.

Thursday, December 23 Real

hrs Citation



hrs tere City Si n Carpinteria enue an Casitas Pass oa

A digital sign at the above location was altered. The city was contacted; the si n was turned o and the stic er was removed.

Deputies contacted two people at 7-Eleven who were in violation of Carpinteria’s smoking ordinance. A record check revealed one of them had two misdemeanor warrants for his arrest. Given his ongoing health issues, he was issued a citation for his warrants.

Wednesday, December 22

Friday, December 24

hrs heft Carpinteria enue


hrs heft Carpinteria enue


Sometime between 1800 hours and 0700 hours, unknown suspects stole a catalytic converter from the victim s Honda.

raf Co ision i h ay


Deputies responded to a report of a sin le vehicle tra c collision in the area. Upon arrival, Carpinteria Fire and AMR were on scene. The vehicle had rolled down a 30 feet embankment to a muddy farm at the bottom, which made it challenging to get to the single occupant. The driver may have had a medical issue prior to the tra c collision. he driver was transported to the hospital in critical condition.

hrs D Carpinteria



A traffic stop was conducted on a vehicle straddling the #2 lane and right shoulder. pon contact, so riety field tests were conducted, and the driver was booked at Santa Barbara County Jail for drivin under the in uence.

hrs estrainin r er io ation De ta enue

Deputies responded to a report of a restraining order violation. Upon arrival, the suspect was walking away from the residence. He was detained and the protected parties were contacted. It was learned the man had gotten into

Previously published Recaps may be read online at

Sometime between 1800 hours and 0700 hours, unknown suspects stole a catalytic converter from a victim’s Isuzu.

hrs enue

it an


in en

A driver sideswiped a vehicle turning left onto Nipomo while traveling northbound on Linden Avenue. The



THURS. H IG H : 6 3 L O W : 4 6









H IG H : 6 9 L O W : 4 8

H IG H : 6 7 L O W : 4 9

H IG H : 6 6 L O W : 4 6

H IG H : 6 9 L O W : 5 0

H IG H : 5 8 H IG H : 5 8 H IG H : 6 0 H IG H : 5 7 L O W : 4 2 L O & W : 4 TIDES 5 L O W : 4 4 L O W : 4 5 SURF

H IG H : 5 7 L O W : 4 6

T H U R S F R I S U R F 1ft 1- 2 f t W W D I R EC T I O N W I N D T H U 9 R m S ph /W S W F R 5 I m ph /S




spen s Christmas at the horse ran h

The Spence family celebrated Christmas in Orange County with all of their animals, along with the Dec. 23, 2021 holiday issue of CVN. From left is Anna Spence, Cutie Pie, Tom Spence, Roscoe, Gina Dellanina-Spence, Beau and CVN Assistant Editor Evelyn Spence.

oin on the roa

Snap a photo with your Coastal View News in hand and email it to Tell us about your trip!


1ft W 15 m ph /E

2ft W S W 3m ph /W S W

1- 2 f t W 6 m S phA T /S W

1ft W 7 m ph /ES E



TUES. H IG H : 6 4 L O W : 4 8

WED. H IG H : 6 3 L O W : 4 9

H IG H : 5 7 H IG H : 6 1 SUNDAY : 4 8 5:54pm L O W : 5 0 Sunrise: 6:29amL O • W Sunset:




1ft 1 f t SUNDAY 1ft • Sunset: 4:59pm W Sunrise: 7:04am W W S W 6 m S ph U /EN 6 m ph M /EO N 14 m ph /S T EU ES

1ft W S W 4 m ph /S E

1ft W S W 1m ph /W

1ft W S W 7 m ph /ES E

24 20 Thursday, Thursday,December February 30, 27, 2021 2014

Coastal ViewView News • Carpinteria, Coastal News • Carpinteria,California California


The Weekly Crossword

by Margie E. Burke






ACROSS 1 Witty ones 14 6 Teen malady 10 Allergy symptom 17 14 Puccini work 20 15 Pressing need? Long before the Festival of Trees 25 16 Skedaddle! and Lions Park facility rentals, the 17 Place for fishing 29 Carpinteria Lions Club raised the 30 18 Pork fat majority of its community project 33 34 19 Go soft, in a funding through its annual Labor Day way weekend carnival. Pictured here 37 in 20 Like doors or the early 1960s, the carnival was typ40 41 42 gates ically held near Linden Beach —orig22 Full of oneself 47 inally on the corner of Sandyland and 24 Serling or Linden avenues, then52near the train 53 Stewart tracks, where Tomol Interpretive Play 25 Quite a few Area stands today. In56 a 2012 inter- 57 26 Nun's beads view with CVN, longtime Lion Fred 60 61 28 Freudian topic Lemere reported that the early days 29 Before, to Byron 65 of the carnival included food and 30 Small drink game booths, and that68later the club 31 Arctic rodent hired a carnival company to bring in 33 Cockpit datum rides. Eventually, Lemere recalled, 36 7th of March, Saint Joseph’s Festival grew to occue.g. 2 Derived by logic py the lar e field eside the church 37 Big Easy festival 3 Come back in and overshadowed the Lions annual 40 Fraternal fellow 4 Bottom of the event, ending the beachside carnival’s 43 Equestrian barrel chapter in Carpinteria history. event 5 Sushi go-with 47 Plaintive, as in 6 Suffer illness To learn more about Carpinteria history, poetry 7 Bad-mannered visit the Carpinteria Valley Museum 50 Make a scene? 8 Conventional of History’s website carpinteriahistori51 Hair product 9 Stick it out to access more articles on 52 Fizzled 10 Doctrinal suffix local history. To support the preservation firecracker 11 Legalese of local history, consider becoming a mem53 Puzzling adverb ber of the Carpinteria Historical Society. problem 12 Chanel offering 55 Go for the gold 13 Ballpark snacks 56 Outback bird 21 Less damp 57 Kind of wolf 23 Acrobatic 58 For now, for athlete short 27 Kind of column 60 Smoking, e.g. 30 Droopy-eared 62 Roman date dog 64 Hopping mad 32 Sphagnum, for 65 From the top one 66 Arboreal abode 34 Urban woe 67 Gown material 35 Pulled off 68 Part of TLC 38 Metric weight 69 Deuce taker 39 Summarize 70 Put in office 40 Chopper to the ER DOWN 41 Oxide used in 1 Inner ear part sandpaper

Beachside fun




















28 31


35 39







55 58









Copyright 2014 by The Puzzle Syndicate

42 Casanova, for one 44 Stir up 45 Hereditary 46 Sulfur or silicon 48 Sanctify with oil 49 Fiery fleck

54 Hunted birds 55 Aesop's ending 59 Animated film, "____ of the Guardians" 61 Barnyard female 63 Slob's apartment


Answer to Last Week's Crossword S E L F
















Do RIyou have a photo fromO Carpinteria’s past? O N Contact L L Y C E E D O L E E to share it with W S R N other readers! L E

CoastalView .com

Puzzle by

CoastalView 9 1 4 1 6 7 3 .com

1 8 9

5 9 8

4 6 2





9 5 7 8 7 2 5 4 9 5 4 1 6 2 7 5 8 3 3 9 7 4

Level: Hard



9 8

Each Sudoku has a unique solution that can be reached logically without guessing. Enter digits from 1 to 9 into the blank spaces. Every row must contain one of each digit. So must every column, as must every 3x3 square.

8 1 7




7 6 8

2 6 4

History doesn’t have to be boring. Readers sent in their funniest captions for the photo above, and we selected our favorites (in-no particular order). Enjoy.

“Yeah, that’s right, we just escaped from the pen. The playpen, that is.” - Anonymous

Level: Easy

He said, she said

“Rooby! Mom said, ‘Say Cheese.’ Not, ‘Cut the cheese!’” - Angela Mignone

Read more Throwbacks at


THURSDAY hindsight

36 38



Puzzle by

4 3

Last week’s answers:

7 9

Puzzle by

6 8 5 7 9 2 3 1 4

2 1 4 8 3 5 6 9 7

3 9 7 1 4 6 5 2 8

1 3 6 9 8 4 7 5 2

5 2 9 6 1 7 4 8 3

7 4 8 2 5 3 1 6 9

8 6 1 3 7 9 2 4 5

9 5 3 4 2 1 8 7 6

4 7 2 5 6 8 9 3 1

4 3 7 8 6 2 1 5 9

8 1 9 7 4 5 2 6 3

5 2 6 9 1 3 7 4 8

7 9 2 5 3 6 8 1 4

1 5 8 4 2 9 6 3 7

3 6 4 1 7 8 9 2 5

9 7 3 6 5 1 4 8 2

2 8 1 3 9 4 5 7 6

6 4 5 2 8 7 3 9 1

Puzzle by

Puzzle by

“Two is company, but she’s a crowd” - Van Waldens “Bye, Grandma, but you forgot to kiss little Marlon Brando.” - P. Porter by Margie E. Burke

The Weekly Crossword

“Believe it or not, I1 am230 years 8. Baby to 3 4 old, and 5 my6 girls 7 are 8 6 and 9 10 fat 11 seems 12 13 ACROSS run in the family.” Jan Beck 1 Slimy garden 14 15 16 pest me for four shots my friends are19having.” 18 17 of formula and whatever 5“Give Midway, one Anonymous 10 Future branch 22 20 21 14 Pool path “I’m really looking forward to lunch. That three pounds of Pablum this morning 23 24 15 Part of U.S.N.A. just didn’t do it for me.” Marty Panizzon 16 Make, as a 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 salary “Taxi! We’ve been partying, and we need a lift.” Chas. Jerep 17 White House 35 36 33 34 worker 37 38 39 40 18“Ya Cityknow, on thegirls, we picked the wrong spot to see the parade.” - Wendy Rockwell Potomac 43 44 41 42 mommy, can we please go now? These two other here are gossiping 20“Mommy, The Undertaker, and flirting with all45the boys—so childish!” 46- J.B. 47 48 for one 22 Unassuming 49 50 51 52 wonder 23“Gee, HaveIthe thronehow long it will be before we get our food stamps and the welfare Urbanovich 55 56 57 58 24checks Tastingstart like rolling53in?”54 - Steve venison 61 60 thetool odds?59Three babies and none of us cute?” - Anonymous 25“What’re Woodshop 63 64 62 27 Word with “Hey, look, it’s baby Justin over there. Wave hi! Boy, he sure is cute, but I hear he "heavy" or 67 65 gets into so much trouble. Forget it gals, I66would rather check out George Clooney. "precious" Dreamy.” - The Brunners 29 Obey, with "by" Copyright 2021 by The Puzzle Syndicate 33 Remnants “Hey, look over here! Can’t you see how cute we are?” - Pauline Reyes 35 Whodunit 67 Tobacco pipe 28 Store up 50 Draw forth revelation part 30 Not germane 52 Gyro shells “Man, my Huggies are bunching up.” - Anonymous 37 Tim of "Rob Roy" 31 Waste away 53 Wile E. Coyote's 38 Hopping mad DOWN 32 Cut into mail-order house To learn more about Carpinteria’s unique and interesting past, visit the Carpinteria Valley 40 Gasoline brand 1 Picnic dish 34 Killer car of film 54 Leave, slangily Museum of History, open Tuesday through Saturday from 1 to 4 p.m. at 956 Maple Ave. 41 _____ Cup, in 2 Animal shelter 36 Bring back to life 55 Clumsy fellows yachting 3 Submerged 39 Sneak attack 56 Showed up 43 Lavish buffet 4 Migratory birds 42 Speck in the sea 57 Teen affliction 45 Louvre locale 5 Painkiller 44 Working stiff 58 Rich soil 46 Matter of debate 6 Scout's quest 47 TV interference 60 Texter's chuckle 48 Caustic cleaner 7 Burt Reynolds 49 Musher's comedy, Answers to Previous Crossword: transport "Starting ____" A L S O P S A L M M A G A 51 Literary device March 8 Cal.4airport Tuesday, A L L E Y I R A S F I E F 53 Died down SB C o u n t y Bo 9a r Alpaca d o f Su kin p e r v i s o r s meeting, 9 a.m., Board of Supervisors R E E F P A P E R C L I P S 56 Place with ridesRm.,10105 Toy 1902 St., Santa Barbara, 568-2000 Conference E.since Anapamu M A D D E N O U T C L A S S 59 Surrender on 11 "Silver" or "soft" H O O C H M I T E terms ending Wednesday,12March 5 P A R L A Y S I D E W A L K 61 Cantina fare Novelist C o u n t y Pl a n n Johansen i n g C o m m i s s i o n A meeting, O E. N Anapamu O R VSt., A N L O O 9Fa.m.,D123 62 One'sSB bearing Rm. 17,guy Santa Barbara, 568-2000 T A L O N T A R E S O U R 63 Stand-up 13 Buzzing pest

CIVIC Calendar

T U G A R M O R L U N G 64 King of Siam's 19 Itinerant sort A D H E S I O N C A R T E Ongoing 21 It waits for no visitor S P A N T H I N G 65 Metallica hit, one G L U T E N P H A N 9Ta.m.-5 A S "Nothing ___ Supervisor 24 Eat Salud too much County Carbajal drop in office hours, Friday, A R C L O S A N G E L E S th Matters" 25Children’s Subway Project at Main, 5201 8 St. Rm. 101, 568-2186 p.m., Carpinteria L O O S E I D O A B E T 66 Campaign button handhold M E R E E N T E R L E W word 26 Coffee quality



Thursday, December 30, 2021  25

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Persimmon Pudding 1 ½ cup persimmon pulp ¾ cup white sugar ¾ cup brown sugar ½ stick or 2 ounces butter cup canola oil 2 eggs ¾ cup buttermilk, room temperature cup our 1t salt 1t baking soda 1t cinnamon ¼ t nutmeg ¼ t ginger t cloves Zest of one lemon ½ cup chopped pecans ¼ cup chopped dried cranberries Juice of one lemon ½ cup powdered sugar


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Spray a 10” springform pan with cooking spray or rub with butter, and cover the bottom and sides with foil to ensure water doesn’t leak in. Set aside.

In a medium bowl, whisk sugars, eggs, zest, oil and butter together until smooth. Whisk in buttermilk till smooth. Whisk in our mi ture until smooth, and lastly whisk in persimmon pulp, pecans and


a Spaghetti l Days



5 5




$PATIO 5.95

OPEN! 684-8288


Carpinteria OPEN 11AMMon.-Fri. DAILY 6:30am-2pm •Sat.-Sun. 6:30am-3pm for Restaurant CORNER OF CARPINTERIA & menu LINDEN

5050 Carpinteria Avenue 805.566.1558 ext. 1 NOT VALID WITH• DELIVERY

Sandwich $6.95/sm $7.95/lg

Pastrami • meat Ball • torPedo ChiCken Parma • eggPlant Parma

Cheese sliCe & salad $6.25


ORDER TO-GO 1-805-684-2212


Menudo Saturdays • 7 Flavorful Soups Daily

Tamales for Christmas!

Breakfast All Day • Chile Rellenos • Hamburgers • Burritos • Carnitas Champurrado Daily • Homemade Corn Tortillas • 13 Meat Choices • Fish Tacos











JOIN US NEW YEARS EVE! Dec 31st - New Year’s Eve Ball Drop 9pm Disfruta Food Truck 12-9 pm

509 Linden Ave. • 805-684-2391

Dine-In • Take Out Open Tues. - Sun. until 10 p.m.

Uncle Chen

c a r p i n t e r i a, c a l i f o r n i a 我 愛 吃 飯

Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner

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Chef Heather grew up in upstate New York. She followed her dream of living in Southern California and received her certificate in Culinary Arts at SBCC. She has worked at

many places coast to coast, including Eleven Madison Park in New York City, and earned the Executive Pastry Chef title at San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito. She currently is head of the pastry program at The Food Liaison in Carpinteria and has gained a loyal following from near and far. She is passionate about bringing people joy with her delicious desserts.


n a small owl com ine our, salt, a in soda and spices. Set aside.

dried cranberries until fully incorporated. our the mi ture into the prepared pan, cover the top with foil and bake in a water bath (a water bath is a method for gently baking something in its pan inside another pan filled with oilin water in the oven) for 45 mins. Remove top foil and bake for an additional 30 mins, or until pudding reaches 185 degrees. Remove from the oven and water bath then set on a cooling rack for 20 minutes. In a small bowl, whisk lemon juice and powdered sugar until smooth and pour glaze over the top. Serve with or without whipped cream and berries.


When I’m having trouble deciding what recipe to share with you all, I often reach out to friends and family for suggestions. My neighbor, Kristy, thought I should share my version of her Nana’s Persimmon Pudding. She had Hachiya persimmons from her tree ready to go in the freezer, so we bumped up the Christmas music and got to work baking this delicious classic. Persimmons originated from Japan and were brought to California in the early 1800s. They are in season from October through February, so the timing for this recipe is perfect. There are two popular types, both critical to eat when ripe: fuyus, similar to an apple, are best peeled and diced, while hachiyas are great for baking and best for this dish. When holding a ripe persimmon, it should feel like a water balloon. Preserve your persimmons, either whole or just the pulp, which can be frozen and used at a later date. Kristy often serves her pudding with a lemon glaze, pouring it on warm to let it soak in. She also serves it with soft whipped cream and fresh berries, vanilla ice cream or crème anglaise. Enjoy this recipe, and Happy New Year!




10” springform pan



Equipment needed




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SPORTS December 30, 2021

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We Are Proud Supporters of Warrior Athletics Locally Owned. Lic. # 375514

Former Carpinteria Warrior Brandon Jordan had a long journey to make it to his record-breaking 17 touchdowns this season.

Carpinteria graduate ourishes in record breaking championship season BY RYAN P. CRUZ

Former Carpinteria Warriors standout Brandon Jordan had a winding journey to college football success, but all the hard work has paid off for the Junior wide receiver, whose record-breaking 17th touchdown of the year helped his University of Mary Hardin-Baylor Crusaders clinch the 2021 Division 3 NCAA National Championship. “I feel like it was so well-deserved for us all, we worked all year,” Jordan said. The unconventional Covid-19 year meant a long off-season of training for Mary Hardin-Baylor, but that extra time in practice paid off for the team, and Jordan credits this for bringing the team together. “No doubt, I think that’s what got us here. It shows we were working,” he said. Though Jordan excelled in both football and basketball for Carpinteria, a tough 4-7 senior season meant there was little opportunity for him to have much college interest. The Warriors’ veer offense wasn’t the best t or his ra e b t ordan s size, speed, and play on defense gave him the con dence to lay at the ne t le el s a younger kid it helped me mature and understand – just stay committed,” he said. ordan grad ated in and decided to continue his career at Ventura College, where right away he made an impact as a freshman. As a sophomore, he led the team in receptions, yards and touchdowns on the road to ent ra ollege s rst e er State Championship in 2018. n a thrilling loss the o nd recei er ca ght three to chdowns. With the breakout season, Jordan received Division 1 attention and offers, but struggles with grades kept the scholarships just out of his reach. He wasn’t looking forward to playing in Division 3, but after getting an opportunity to join the perennial powerhouse in Texas, Mary Hardin-Baylor, he decided to take the chance. When he arrived at his new college campus in Belton, Texas, he immediately saw the serious football culture in the state. “I thought it was completely different,” he said. “As far as maturity, they are so

passionate about every little detail. They want it and they’re not playing around.” Right away he jumped with both feet into his new environment, leading his new team in receptions, yards and to chdowns in his rst season bac on the eld a ter the shortened ande ic year. He models his game after Calvin Johnson – the similarly sized big-frame Detroit Lions star – and the speedy Tayvon Austin, who Jordan actually had the opportunity to work out with during the offseason. “His mentality and heart, it drove me just to be different being able to meet him. When you’re out there you gotta know what you’re doing.” Mary Hardin-Baylor’s championshi r n began with an win o er Simpson College, and since then it has been a er ect r n to the i ision title n the ational e i nal a e against Wisconsin Whitewater, Jordan had 11 receptions, two touchdowns and o er yards On December 17, Jordan caught a 19yard to chdown ass in the rst arter to give Mary Hardin-Baylor a 9-7 lead; they never trailed again as they defeated North Central to clinch the National Championship. The touchdown was his 17th of the year – a new single-season school-record at Mary Hardin-Baylor. “I’m so thankful,” Jordan said, adding that his success would not have been possible without his coaches, arterbac and o ensi e line an Heading into his senior season, many of the key pieces will be returning, and Jordan hopes they can make another run for the title, and he hopes to continue with his academic journey to earn his degree in sports management. “I think this is my real passion,” he said. For now, he is soaking in the win, and enjoying some time off before he gets back to work. “I’m going to enjoy these holidays, embrace this moment,” he said.

Brandon was a standout in both basketball and football for the Warriors in 2015-2016.

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Thursday, December 30, 2021  27

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Hike on the 1st at Carpinteria State Beach


a e a hi e on the rst o the year at ar interia tate each where beach organi ers will o er a g ided to r o the ar the ar interia l s rail and the eal oo ery on an a resh start to the new year he hi e will begin at a at the ar interia tate each s isitor enter with two ro tes o ered a one ile ro te thro gh the ar and a longer ile ro te thro gh the bl s trail he ar interia hi e is art o an e ent held across se eral ali ornia tate ar s on the st ll ages are welco e ee ore at aceboo co cityo car interia


Warriors win Jim Bashore Holiday Cage Classic

Carpinteria came out on top of the three-day Jim Bashore Holiday Cage Classic, de eating illcrest hristian in the nals he arriors att arcia scored oints in the nals and was na ed the to r na ent s di ision ainoa lasgow dro ed oints and was na ed on the ll o rna ent tea he two ha e led the tea in scoring thro gho t the season

Title IX 50th Anniversary Night at Carpinteria

ar interia is set to recei e a s ecial flag ro e resentati e al d arba al to celebrate the year anni ersary o the assing o itle a historic iece o legislation assed in which rohibits se based discri ination in schools and o ened any doors or wo en in s orts he flag which once flew o er the ational a itol in ashington will be gi ted to the school to be laced in its newly re rbished gy nasi where it will stay or years to co e n an ary the school will hold a lag edication and itle th anni ersary celebration where all girls and wo en will be in ited to attend the arriors girls bas etball ga e ree o charge rrent arriors girls s orts athletes and all o a ers” will also ta e art in the rega e cere ony which will begin at be ore ti o against anta a la

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2021: Sports Highlights of the Year

ollowing a year lled with n certainty, shortened seasons and ncon entional co etition bro ght a se blance o nor alcy bac to the elds co rts and ools or ar interia s st dent athletes long the way se eral tea s ade dee layo r ns and so e clinched ha ionshi s to be re e bered ore er n o r last iss e re e bers so e o this year s biggest stories in ar interia s orts

Warriors boys and girls volleyball in CIF playoffs

wra ed a s ectac lar season in the ool by clinching the school s rst e er ha ionshi in the s ort he tea was led by senior ca tain Mateo Handal and sophomore standout sher ith with h ge tea e orts co ing all aro nd he tea nderstood everyone had a role, everyone had to play selflessly or we wo ld not s cceed ” said coach on ts i

Carpinteria track and field teams snag Citrus Coast League title

oth the boys and girls trac and eld Coastal • Tel: s(805) 684-4428 othView o News ar interia olleyball teams secured league championships for seasons ended in layo berths Carpinteria in the Citrus Coast League oth the boys and girls o ght nals staying nde eated or the year in thro gh ad ersity to a e it to the d al eets and earning the school s rst ost season b t n ort nately the leag e title in years two tea s ell in the rst ro nds he arriors were led by e cellent The girls hosted a five-set nail er or ances ro incent inaldi and biter against anta lara at the newly inslee le ander enaldi contin ed re rbished gy inslee le ander a solid senior season, remaining undeand le a ata hel ed lead the tea eated in both the and eters thro gho t the year brea ing his own school record with a

Warriors bring home first-ever CIF title in boys swimming

gie hea er hel ed ar interia clinch its rst e er boys swi ing title a ter a nec and nec nals eet n the nals and thro gho t the season hea er shattered both ersonal and school records he rest o the boys tea contrib ted with solid er or ances incl ding several top-ten finishes and more he ate record a s are o cially ersonal brea ing ti the esbiggest he thing in little football. boys tr ly ga e their hearts and t After best a one-loss season their e orts into –e the eryonly swiloss co ing in a thriller against ri al his s ad o boys t in the wor Thacher – the Rams won the school’s grinded throughout the season, and rst e er o thern ection i ision were rewarded with ar interia s ha ionshi in eight an ootball rst e er title ” said coach ergio with a win o er race rethren on riday astaneda Cate hosted the game at Carpinteria co ld not be ore ro d o this alley e orial tadi in ront o a tea ” home crowd, reaching farther than any other Rams team before. The school’s wintwo 2021 reWarriors io s best was se i CIF nal a earances. Water Polo Championship enior arterbac ill oolo ateahad ar interia s boys water a storybook ending to an outstanding career tossing e to chdown asses and r nning or another two o r o his touchdown passes came to his receiver,

Thursday, November 25, 2021  23 The Cate Rams won the s hoo ’s rst ever CIF title in 8-man football at home in Carpinteria. BELOW, Coach Ben Soto Celebrates with the CIF Division 1 Championship plaque.

ti e o le ander bro e three ersonal re cords and won the tri le nished second in the long and second in the ole a lt on her way to being na ed tstanding e ale eld athlete o the eet

Cate wins first-ever CIF Champs: Cate clinches Championship in 8-man first everfootball CIF title

Cate had a strong run on the gridiron, clinching thissenior year s than o igon thern ection lead and sealed the ha with ionshi eight an ootball deal a nal in score with eight in tes e teral le to layers t the and a scoaches ahead were na ed on the ll tea oto was G race Brethren was able en to score two named Coach of the Y ear; senior u q more times, but the lead proved too artermuch bac ill o nished a was na aed layer and ate with nal oscore the sec earring and senior wide recei er the title ason etgen was na ed ensi e “The seniors on this team, Mason layer o the etgen ill ear o a than igon ohn eniors than es ndres atty oligon esand en atty eyer olidan and so ho ore ristian c rtis ade the Carlander, knowing that this would be rst tea ll while nior an their last game, led the way on line this hisac helan andcoach harlie atel ade toric night ” said en oto so second proud tea of this senior class for the hours of hard work they put in from the start o the o id eason that wasn t to this year. It paid off for them and for the rest of the team.” oto also credited the tea s nder-

Martinez and freshmen Cody Mast and ac ie an all were i otal arts to

“It is very important to me to recognize and give thanks to every student who has

28  Thursday, December 30, 2021 28  Thursday, December 30, 2021

Coastal View News • Carpinteria, California Coastal View News • Carpinteria, California

Coastal View News 20  Thursday, August 31, 2017

Halos Pitchforks






es her en by P olo uties.


about Sandd and ehicle . The

A reader sends a halo to the phar ac staff at a n, especiall A reader who sends“went a halo out to Buofr l his e n e way for making the prescription Carpinteria LumberChristian, to fill my on very A reader sends t h e “Her genr o u s p er s personality o n for paying for the yard Nursery areaayou!” ahalo joy totovisit. outgoing ( Southern short notice. Thank reader’s gas when she forgot ATM card at the gas station. “I’m style) , friendly conversation andher plant knowledge make it a pleasure sorry Iand chose the most expensive oil, I’d love to reimburse you, and to visit shop.” A reader sends a halo to Matt and the city of Carpinteria for providing thank you. I’m deeply moved by your generosity.” a venue for an annual Christmas luncheon for the “less fortunate in A reader“Huge sends success!” a halo to Se a n a n d Da y n a for being wonderful neighbors and helping town.” reader sends a halo tosituation. t h e 9301 Fu n d , Un c l e C h en Res t au r an t the reader throughAanother frazzled mom and Mar ybeth C ar ty for the surprise delivery of a delicious dinner complete with a A reader sends a halo to the Carpinteria Lions Club members who passed out a fortune cookie, candy bar kindness qu ite a thrill! A reader sendsand a halo to and thefunds a painted n o n for y m the orock. u s Foodbank p “Wonderful e r s o n who left aBarbara $ 100and donation the” basket of cheer collected of Santa “(This o ar interia o ce ail slot this ast wee han yo or yo r indness ” helps) the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County continue its great work countywide, A reader sends a halo to t h e s t a f f o f J a c k ’s Bi s t r o for staying open during Coincluding our great town of Carpinteria!” vid-19. a smile matter busy. A greatthere waytotohelp startwith the anything day.” A reader“Always sends a halo to t h no e Da y k a s how for always being and never complaining. “Many thanks to the best neighbors ever. We love you all dearly.” A reader sends a halo to the paramedics in Carpinteria who helped a man having A reader sends a halo to Mayor Wad e No m u r a or the city s bea ti l flower wreath a heart attack at the beach on Christmas Day. “It was a scary situation as there was at reader the Carpinteria Cemetery Day program. A sends a halo to Ta m for i a n the d J o Memorial h n at Robitaille’s for their constant smiles and no one in sight at the Linden area beach, but the paramedics came quickly and knew o er the to c sto er ser ice he wedding a ors were lo ed by all and bro ght just what to do.” reader sends a halo to Seattle t h o s e w wedding! h o ac know ” l edg people with disabilities. “When aAbit of Carpinteria to the you encounter a person in a wheelchair or walking with a walker, please smile and A reader sends a halo to the er nice an who helped them outside the pharmacy say hello sends to thataperson.” A reader halo to La n c e La w h o n at the Carpinteria Sanitation District for while it was pouring rain. “(He referred) me to the library to make photocopies and helping K im’s Market. even called to find out when they were open. He saved me.” A reader sends a halo to t h e C ar pi nt er i a Beau t i f u l l ad y picking up trash in a neighborhood near the beach. can get A reader sends a halo to K“Thank a s s a n d you! r a Q We u i n tneed e r o atall the he help ot we hen the keeping roo to trash flag picked up inand the lodged neighborhoods ongutter, the beach-side the tracks.” was twisted in the rain Q uinteroof jumped into action and climbed up to the roof and untangled it so that it could wave freely. Way to show patriotism! ” A reader sends a halo to C ar p i nt er i ans who put out boxes in front of their homes full of surplus avocados, their “Thankwedding, you for sharing your A reader sends oranges, a halo to Em m a a n d etc. J u s from t i n . “It wastrees. a wonderful great food, abundance.”location and great people! It was moving and wonderful.” spectacular

Coastal View News A reader sends a pitchfork to the people who planned for the new inA reader sends a halo to Ry a n Mo o r e for bringing dirt back to Carpinteria. tersection lights at Santa Monica Road and Via Real. “If someone needs 16 lights at an intersection, they probably shouldn’t be driving. How A reader sends a halo to e v e r y o n e who supported the P laya Del Sur 4-H this year. much can our city grow? (It is) overkill with the lights in town and new he e bers are loo ing orward to another s ccess l year ” huge signs on the 101.” A reader sends a halo to V a l e r i e the new ol nteer at the riends o the ibrary Bookstore, for cleaning and reorganizing the self-help section.

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A reader sends aAll halo to De s i r e e the new asse se atto he y e t oor he submissions are subject editing. could have coasted through it, but she worked really hard to relieve my back pain. I never experienced such a great massage.” A reader sends a halo to w h o e v e r left a sign telling people to pick up their dog-waste bags and stop leaving them on Casitas P ass Road.


Paula Evans Bookkeeping & Payroll

A readerPayroll sends a pitchfork o e v e per r h a s month b e e n le a v in g b a g s o f d o g As lowtoasw h $39 w a s t e on the ground along Casitas P ass Road. “Y es, it’s frustrating that Direct the trashFree cans are gone,Deposit but is that really your best way of handling the situation? ”

All Federal & State Tax Forms and Payments

A reader sends a pitchfork to t h e p e r s o n who hit the reader’s pickup ushouse your and hours and we’ll do the rest! in front of theGive reader’s didn’t stop. “Shame on you, and I hope you have karma insurance.”

Bookkeeping as low as $55 per month

A reader sends a pitchfork to the b i c y c l e e v e n t s on oothill oad r osely host ing h ge rides that ta e the whole road is irres onsible here are co ntless bi e lanes that were put in with our tax dollars to avoid this problem.”


Affordable, Professional Personal Service

A reader sends a pitchfork to t h e l i f e g u a r d s braiding hair while swimmers are in the pool. “Not professional! ” A reader sends a pitchfork to t h e e m p l o y e e s of the newer businesses on the Carpinteria l s earn to share the bi e wal ing ath with locals here will be o r to e o yo wal ing together and not a single one will scoot o er st a tad to let a local pass through? ”

Buying or selling a home with us is like a walk on the beach!

t not was n posearch ated, meth. ons.

Seascape Realty

A reader reader sends sends aa halo halo to to Ni allk t h k e i at beac h c om m linary uni t y r es went i d en to t s . “Thank you for A y rst class thisparking wee in front your home with end withofmy sister, who hasyour been permit.” to four so far. I had the best time! Someone get this girl a show she sho ld be on the ood etwor already ” A reader sends a halo to Di an , a caregiver at Carpinteria Senior Lodge for nearly three years. A reader sends a halo to the C a l i f o r n i a De p a r t m e n t o f F i s h a n d Wi l d l i f e and the l o c a l v e t for working diligently to save the Rincon Beach bear. “It’s a terrible shame readeragni sendscent a halo Tom howe Sw eny er wo for going out on to lose one o Athese creatto res ldn t want it toE lm s Avenue er to a by the beach to clean up plastic bottles, bags, dirty gloves and masks. miserable death.”

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A reader sends a pitchfork to a r e s t a u r a n t o w n e r for parking his vehicle in the spots right out front of his establishment. “Shouldn’t he leave those parking spots available for his paying customers? ” A reader sends a pitchfork to the C i t y o f C a r p i n t e r i a for letting the bluffs turn into an e er increasing dirt ar ing lot hat is not what the bl s were rchased or P ost No P arking signs immediately! ”

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A reader k i n g zo n their es . “All the “no parkA reader sends a halo sends to Bi l l aa pitchfork n d Ro s a n to a Swt h e i n ew g forpar spending Saturday taking hotos or nior arriors e a people reciatepark all yo doneighborhood. or o r a iliesSeventh lay ing/ two hour” ootball signs just made in my ers and program. Y ouneighboring rock! ” and the streets are a packed parking lot.”

ed as f by a robaowed ainer felon pper n the anted rship

A reader sends a pitchfork to the Li n d e n p l a n t e r s . “All the mushrooms growing there indicate too much water. Nice weed farm.”

A reader sends a pitchfork to the s S h yl e via' r i f sf vast ’s d exe p perience u t y using his radar gun the other

Seascape Realty morning in front of city hall. “Why don’t you go by one of the schools and catch all the speeders there in morning, and keep our children safe while walking to school.” Is Proud To Welcome l i ed on their FAFSA and took scholarships

Areader readersends sendsaahalo pitchfork w hocoming out early Saturday morning to support A to DJ H toe c t k h t o i sc e for away from kids who need it. the Junior Warriors. “It made the kids so happy to hear you say their names— you’re a local celebrity to them! ”

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and innovative marketing strategies hel p S el l ers get the highest possibl e price in the shortest possibl e time.

Submit Halos and Pitchforks online A nd, her compl ete at representation for All submissions are subject to editing. B uyers can hel p you real ize the perfect home

A reader sends a halo to Di a n a Ri g b y ,are Superintendent schools, and De b r a H e r to meet your needs. All submissions subject toofediting. Betsy Ortiz Betty Lloyd George Manuras Sylvia Miller Shirley Kimberlin Terry Stain Nancy Branigan Leah Dabney Diana Porter r i c k director o oys irls l b or re o ing the to ic horbia re stic s ro S yl via' s reputation for outstanding customer the pots and landscape. Sylvia Miller suspended. The man was cited, and his he found a small baggie containing a service makes her (805) 448-8882 vehicle was released to a licensed driver. white powdery substance underneath THE RIGHT REALTOR® FOR YOU TM the driver’s seat of his recently purchased BRE Lic. #01484280 B R E L ic# : 0 0 5 5 8 5 4 8 RECORDS • POSTERS • VINYL WALL vehicle. ART • THEMED APPAREL & MORE!the The man stated he purchased a u lic ntoxication ehicle three wee s ago b t didn t nd ailard enue Two men were contacted in a parked the small baggie until he’d removed the the reclining echa truck and both were extremely intoxi- dri er s seat to cated with open containers of alcohol nism. The incident was documented, and observed in the vehicle. One man was the baggie was booked into Santa Barbara heriAvenue s ro erty or destr ction not being the most cooperative, but Carpinteria once •ce805-318-55O6 5285 he was convinced to exit the vehicle, Mon-Sat:a 10am-8pm • Sun: 10am-4pm pat down search of his person was con- Saturday, May 23 ducted. Deputies located a collapsible E a Do estic iolence AL ING baton in the man’s front waistband. He S loc ia Real D NEW was cited and both were released to aLISTING! EN Deputies responded to a motel on Via P sober friend. Real for a report of a domestic violence FAVORITE FLOORPLAN AT BEACHWALK! Light BEACH incident. UponENJOY arrival, THE a deputy con- LIFESTYLE...Delightful CHARMING 3 BEDROOM, 1 BATH IN SANTA BARBARA…many original classic features. Refinished Friday, May 22 & bright 2 bedroom/2 bath (bedroom/bath on and condominium located just steps across the street from tacted a man woman in the parking hardwood floors, new interior paint, living room with each floor), vaulted ceilings, & large loft overlooking the “WORLD’S SAFEST BEACH” and NATURE PARK lot. After contacting both subjects, there a he t loc alle fireplace, dining room, kitchen with breakfast nook, expansive living room. Private, enclosed patio off PRESERVE. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, private & laundry/mud room. Also included is a detached were visible injuries on both parties. Due rena both kitchen & primary bedroom, fireplace, large deck with estuary and mountain views. Amenities accessory/workshop structure & a two-car tandem conflicting ents regarding their Deputies responded afteraway. a woman re- tolocation 2-car garage just steps Convenient in state include two swimming pools, spa, laundry room and garage. Private lot, fully fenced. Many use options and rear of complex includes beautiful mountain view gated parking. A perfect unit to enjoy full-time, or as ported her residence was burglarized the mutual altercation and obvious injuries, upside potential with M1 zoning. Offers due by noon, from kitchen loft. Close to afreeway access to were a vacation retreat that can be rented both parties arrested for corporal prior night. The & woman stated cartoon& easy 12/1/21. downtown and the beach! weekly or monthly. Great on-site management. of almond milk and tools were taken from injury on a spouse. OFFERED AT $995,000 OFFERED AT $839,000 OFFERED AT $1,195,000 Please call Terry Stain, Seascape Realty, her Please SheTerry told the reporting deputy Stain at 805-705-1310 Please call Shirley Kimberlin at 805-886-0228 805-705-1310 or Julie Ouellette, Century 21 Butler a it and Run a eo that the tools belonged to her daughter’s Realty, 805-895-1421 boyfriend. The deputy attempted to con- and asitas ass roads tact the man via telephone multiple times Deputies responded to a report a of a with no response. The woman stated her black sedan crashing into a parked water Need help with QuickBooks? garage door was unlocked during the truck. While en route, it was also reported night and is in the process of getting a the ale s b ect dri ing the sedan fled Computer set ups, training and troubleshooting. new lock. She did not have any suspect the scene on foot. Upon arrival, deputies As low as $50. per hour information at the time. The incident was observed the sedan abandoned in the 4850 A CARPINTERIA AVE. documented, and patrol will follow-up middle Cameo Road with major damSenior Discounts Friendly local service Behind Rockwell Cleaners for further details of the stolen items. age to the front right passenger wheel

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A man was contacted after reporting


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