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If it were not for the honest faces of dogs, we should forget the very existence of sincerity. ~ Queen Victoria


e have all been through a very rough year. We hope you and your family have stayed safe, healthy, and sane during these trying times.

We bring you several stories that will make you smile and delight in the humancanine bond. During this last few weeks of January, Major Biden, a shelter dog, will move into the White House with his sibling, Champ. Read the story of how this one-time sick and orphaned puppy made his way to his forever family and new digs on Pennsylvania Avenue. Dina Ruiz writes about her newest, most extraordinary rescue. Dina and her husband Scott have rescued many senior dogs over the years, but Chili Verde is an uncannily spry “super” senior, and they are hopelessly in love with her. As a consequence of her pregnancy Shawnna Michalek became disabled, putting her life as an accomplished dancer on hold. But with a new baby and a new hobby, she found new meaning. Her love of life shines through in her awe-inspiring photography featuring her precious son, Adrian, and pup Maddie. Libby Hall has preserved a gift for us all. Over many years she has collected thousands of vintage photos of dogs and the people who love them. Her photos are a historical treasure, and we are so grateful that she is sharing them with the world. What had you accomplished at the age of 11? Most of us were happy playing with friends, but not necessarily focused on making the world a better place. Abramov Pavel, an 11 year old from Russia, set off to raise funds for homeless animals through his art. And that he did! Learn more about this little volunteer and his evergrowing project to help orphaned dogs and kitties. Gail Lebovic writes about her sweet and wild twosome who grace the cover of this winter issue. Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy, and Paw-some 2021!

Woofs! Scott and Carie Broecker

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the Shelter to the White House - A rescued 14 From German Shepherd, fostered and adopted by the Bidens will become the first shelter dog to reside in the White House. Learn more about Major and his path from puppyhood to Pennsylvania Avenue.

Hot Chili, the Wonder Dog - Dina Ruiz writes about her 22 newly adopted super senior named Chili Verde, who’s able to


leap two steps in a single bound,


The Big Adventures of Little Chap and Pup - A devoted mom and photographer captures enchanting photos of her young son and his dog as they explore the magnificent castles and countryside of the United Kingdom.

All in the Family: Preserving Canine History - Libby Hall, a 42 former press photographer, has amassed thousands of vintage


photos of people and their dogs, avidly collecting them for more than 40 years. View a sampling of these photos and learn more about Libby and her largest of its kind collection.

What Can One Little Volunteer Do? - Following his 52 heart, Pavel uses his artistic talents to help feed and care for homeless dogs and cats. Learn more about this amazing 11 year old and how he has become a voice and advocate for homeless animals.


57 Cover Dogs: Charlie and Bia - Gail Lebovic writes about her two beloved, spirited Jack Russell Terriers.

On the Cover: Charlie and Bia Lebovic like to play hard— wrestling, chasing, and digging in the mud are some of their favorite pastimes. These two cuties also clean up real nice! They won the privilege of being our Winter 2021 cover dogs when their guardian, Gail Lebovic, made a generous donation at the Peace of Mind Dog Rescue’s online Lucky Dog auction in 2020.

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STEINBECK COUNTRY SMALL ANIMAL CLINIC Dr. Ila Davis had been a shelter veterinarian for a number of years, working for both the City of Salinas and Monterey County. Dr. Alexandra Eastman has been an equine veterinarian in the Salinas area since 2002. They joined forces in 2014, along with Dr. Debi Watanabe, to establish the Steinbeck Country Small Animal Clinic. Dr. Davis’s passion for shelter medicine played a big role in her involvement. It hadn’t been easy getting support from private practices for shelter animals, so opening her own clinic was a solution. Dr. Eastman, in her role as an equine vet, was frequently asked for recommendations for a small-animal veterinarian. She wanted to create a small animal clinic that she trusted to refer to. And Dr. Watanabe was

handpicked by Dr. Davis to assist with creating the small animal clinic. Funds from Dr. Davis’s in-law’s estate enabled them to open the practice in one of the horse barns at Dr. Eastman’s Steinbeck Country Equine Clinic in 2015. It was also a way for Dr. Davis to honor their legacy. The new clinic was able to recruit the people they knew would fit their vision of the highest level of care, not only for patients, but their families too. And in turn, they wanted to provide all employees with sustainable professional satisfaction and job growth.

15881 Toro Hills Avenue in Salinas Hours of Operation: Monday–Friday, 8 am–5 pm. (831) 455-9712 for appointments

Managing vet, Dr. Ashley Amaral, describes the clinic as a “most magical little place.” One that truly feels like a community clinic run by a dedicated family of people who care—and who feel lucky to work with rescues. Dr. Davis has moved out of the area but is just as involved behind the scene. And a photograph of her in-laws, Wallace and Lucille Davis, hangs in the clinic—a fitting remembrance of the important sense of family there. Winter 2021 | | 9


10 | | Winter 2021

Winter 2021 | | 11


BIG BUDDY, LITTLE BUDDY Does your big dog have a little dog sibling or pal? Or vice versa? Send us your big dog, little dog photos and we will include them in our spring issue. Email photo (at least 800x800 pixels) to editor@ or text to 831-601-4253. Submission deadline is April 10, 2021.

12 | | Winter 2021

Winter 2021 | | 13

rescue me | major biden


T HE W HITE HOUSE By Carie Broecker

No matter what their politics are, I think all dog lovers are thrilled to have a dog back in the White House. And better yet, a rescued dog! Major Biden has come a long way from his time at the Delaware Humane Society (DHS). In 2018, when he was only a few weeks old,

Major was one of six puppies surrendered to

the DHS. The guardians said they just couldn’t afford to care for the puppies. The staff at

DHS quickly discovered that the puppies were very ill. Their veterinarian determined that

the pups had all ingested something toxic.

They were having seizures and foaming at the mouth.

The whole litter needed to be hospitalized with round-the-clock supportive care. The DHS

started posting photos of the pups to raise funds for their lifesaving medical care.

Ashley Biden, Joe and Jill’s daughter, saw

the post about the litter of German Shepherd

puppies, and she shared the information with her parents, who are avid German Shepherd lovers and already had one, a nine-year-

old named Champ. All the Bidens began to follow the story of the litter of puppies as it unfolded on social media. Before long, the

✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯ Winter 2021 | | 15


pups had recovered and were old enough to be fostered.

On Easter Sunday, 2018, a smiling white-

haired gentleman with his two grandchildren

knocked on the door of the DHS. The shelter was closed for the day, but one of the

employees opened the door just enough to let them know it was closed and that they would need to come back Monday.

As they walked back to their vehicle, another employee, who recognized the man to be

none other than Vice-President Joe Biden,

ran after the threesome and inquired about what she could do to help. Joe said that

they had been following the story of the six

German Shepherd puppies and that he and

his granddaughters were interested in meeting the one male in the litter.

It helps to be a past Vice-President, because the employee made an exception and let the 16 | | Winter 2021

The shelter’s motto, after all, is “Make a friend for life.” Making sure each pet is a good match for each family is an utmost priority in their placements.

Going to Monterey? Bring the Dog!

A luxury dog hotel designed for furry fun. Daycare | Day Lodging | Overnight Lodging


539 Ramona Avenue, Monterey


Winter 2021 | | 17

rescue me | major biden

Bidens in to meet the puppies. They played for a while, enjoying the puppy antics and fresh puppy breath. And then they said their goodbyes. A few weeks later, Joe and Jill contacted the DHS and inquired about adopting the male pup, who they were planning to name Major. Their only concern was if Major and their current German Shepherd, Champ, would get along. The shelter staff suggested that they foster Major first to make sure it was a good match for the family, for Champ, and for Major. The shelter’s motto, after all, is “Make a friend for life.” Making sure each pet is a good match for each family is an utmost priority in their placements. Joe picked up the puppy and took him home. After a short adjustment period, Champ and Major became the best of pals. A few months later, Joe went back to the shelter to complete the adoption paperwork. The shelter staff reported that Joe stayed for over an hour reminiscing about all the wonderful dogs he had growing up. Major is now just about three years old and has made the news as the first shelter dog to reside in the White House. What a lucky pup and an inspiration. We hope that Major will inspire many people to adopt from their local rescue or shelter. If adopting is good enough for the President, it

18 | | Winter 2021

should be good enough for all of us. President Harry Truman famously said, “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.” Wise words, indeed! There have been many beloved animals at the White House over the years—dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, a pony, a rabbit, and even a raccoon named Rebecca. They’ve all earned their place in the history books—and now they are joined by shelter dog Major Biden!

Major Biden has the additional distinction of being the first shelter dog in the White House, although President Lyndon Johnson’s dog “Yuki” (a beagle mix) was found as a stray and brought home by his daughter Lucy.

YOUR PET'S EYE CARE SPECIALISTS! Our veterinarian eye care specialists Ann Gratzek and Elizabeth Curto along with our amazing staff make your pet's eye health our top priority.

Aptos Office 8053 Valencia St, Aptos 831.685.3321

Monterey Office 2 Harris Ct, Ste A-1, Monterey 831.655.4939 VISIT US ONLINE AT OFORA.COM Winter 2021 | | 19


The Wonder Dog

By Dina Ruiz


t started with a game of “guess her age” on Peace of Mind Dog Rescue’s Instagram page. Twelve? the first respondent replied. I was charmed by the little face staring back at me from the phone screen.

She wasn’t the usual flat-faced pug we have regularly adopted. Instead, she was all snout and ears; salt dancing in the pepper of her fur; milky, serene eyes like black opals. Sixteen? the next person guessed. I felt a curious connection to the dog. Twenty! the site host for Peace of Mind Dog Rescue finally stated, giving the age of the sweet old gal. Hearing and vision impaired, but otherwise, in good health the post read. I somehow knew she had to be ours. I was besotted.

“Chili Verde. Ten pounds of sweetness eagerly melted into my arms upon our first meeting”

Her name was Chili Verde, Chili for short, and I took it as a sign: Both of my parents called me Chili as a childhood nickname. Plus, the post was put up on December twelfth, my daughter’s birthday. “Just one more dog,” I begged my husband Scott, who does the majority of the work when it comes to our four other dogs. “She’s lost most of her hearing and sight, so she’ll just sleep all day. She needs a soft spot to ride out her final days.” As he had many times before, he reasoned with me why a fifth dog (we also have a cat) would bring us more duty than joy. I persisted. “I’ll be in charge of her, I promise.” On December 15th, Scott turned to me and said, “Merry Christmas. Go get your baby.” Chili Verde. Ten pounds of sweetness eagerly melted into my arms upon our first meeting. We rode home for her first night with us—only the third family she’d ever known. Chili’s original guardian had adopted her in the year 2000 and loved her dearly, but she passed away in 2014. The small dog went to other family members soon after, but they were recently stricken by pandemic related challenges and the little chihuahua mix sadly had to go.

Winter 2021 | | 21

After she was surrendered, the first veterinarian who assessed Chili pronounced that she was likely closer to fourteen but the family would have none of it—she was twenty-years-old. Period. Chili was fourteen when their aunt passed away and they’d had her six years since then. Either way, to us, she was a remarkable super-senior. Chili’s adjustment took mere minutes. Within an hour, the pip was leaping. Two feet, three feet, scaling my tall bed. My mouth fell open. Was I seeing things? She quickly proved that she could conquer any piece of furniture in our home. It became a game. Couch in office? Yes! Tall chair in bedroom? You bet. Staircase? In under five seconds! She saw me in the bathtub and not knowing I was immersed in water, jumped right over the steep exterior and into my soaking-wet arms. Adrenaline from being in a new home, we thought. Is she for real? The dog was soundless. Not a bark, nor a squeal came from her. Until she went to sleep that first night. The deep-sleep whopping and barking sounded like it came from a German Shepherd, as Chili kicked and dreamed. The scene took place between my chin and my ribcage, as I held her close in our bed for that first night. “Guess we’ll make a little doggy bed for her,” I conceded the next morning through bleary eyes. Chili Verde came to us with well-worn eyes, ears, and teeth—she only had eight left. They were all removed days after we adopted her. I picked-up the trembling, sweet lady from a day-long vet appointment and brought her home, ready to pamper her during a day or two of convalescing. I opened my car door slowly, and Chili sprinted out, up four stairs, into the house and straight to a bowl, begging for food. She was back in action and by the next day, stronger than ever. But with no teeth to help her wrangle her candy-ribbon pink tongue,

22 | | Winter 2021

Within an hour, the pip was leaping. Two feet, three feet, scaling my tall bed. My mouth fell open. Was I seeing things? She quickly proved that she could conquer any piece of furniture in our home. It became a game. Couch in office? Yes! Tall chair in bedroom? You bet. Staircase?

& acrylic artist all my proceeds donated to

catherinesullivan watercolor

order greeting cards, 100’s of products thru:

Judy Force, DVM FAVD, DAVDC Diplomate, American Veterinary Dental College

Practice devoted to dentistry & oral surgery

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8035 Soquel Drive, #45, Aptos Soon the thunder of their hooves would be no more...

A Legend was born.

(831) 768-7148 Winter 2021 | | 23

it now hung a couple of inches from the side of her mouth, adding to her quirky cuteness. “Whether she’s fourteen or twenty—it really doesn’t matter,” explains Dr. Michael Kent, the Chairman of the Center for Companion Animal Health at UC Davis. “Her behavior is remarkable at either age.” Dr. Kent says if Chili is, in fact, two decades old, it wouldn’t be as surprising now as it would have been twenty or thirty years ago. “Pets are getting better medical care, better preventive care, and better nutrition. It just makes sense. Like with people, we have better quality medical care, and so do our pets. We also know so much more now—our pets aren’t dying as much of infectious diseases due to vaccinations.” Doctor Kent and I discussed how when we were kids in the 1970s, it was odd to see pets who lived into their teens, but as society has

morphed into considering companion pets to be actual family members, that has changed. “I started at UC Davis in 1999 and I have really seen our service expand,” Dr. Kent, an oncology specialist, explains. “People have had a shift. Pets are more integral as a part of the family. And, (before Covid) a lot of people are stronger economically to provide that care.”

To keep your pet in top condition, Dr. Kent recommends some easy steps. “Start with nutrition. A good quality food. Use food approved by American Feed Control Officials known as AAFCO. Always get your pet their vaccines. Regular preventative check-ups and yearly blood work is a must. And, if your dog allows it, brush their teeth.” The last point Dr. Kent makes it to ensure your dog gets enough exercise, something we didn’t think we’d be doing much of with Chili. Boy, we were wrong. Chili walks the fastest and the farthest of our entire pack. 24 | | Winter 2021

We have a routine. “Chili Verde, ven aca!” we holler loudly in Spanish, the language she was raised with, which means “Chili Verde, come here!” She runs a few steps then leaps—no, flies—right over the doggy staircase and bounds straight to her favorite spot, which is tucked tightly under my right arm. It’s thought she can’t see much, but she settles in, and stares straight into my heart. Dina Ruiz is a longtime Peninsula resident who has worked in the media for more than 20 years. She has been an anchor at KSBW-TV and featured on the TV shows “Candid Camera” and “Mrs. Eastwood and Company.” She is currently getting a master’s degree in creative writing at San Jose State University. Her Instagram handle is @dinaruiz. Winter 2021 | | 25

Welcome Dr. Debra Rackear to Pet Specialists of Monterey! professional interests include ultrasonography, endoscopy, endocrine disorders including Cushing's disease and diabetes mellitus, hepatic and renal disorders, and cancer diagnostics and chemotherapy.

Dr. Debra Rackear received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Florida. After graduation, she completed a one year small animal internship at Animal Medical Center in New York City. Following her internship, she completed her residency in Internal Medicine at the University of California at Davis. Dr. Rackear has been board certiďŹ ed in internal medicine since 1989. Her

When not at work, Dr. Rackear enjoys hiking, tending to her orchids, singing and playing guitar, and cuddling with her German Shepherd, Blitz. We are excited to welcome Dr. Debra Rackear to Pet Specialists of Monterey starting this October. She is available on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday for appointments and same day referrals. This will compliment Dr. Jonathan Fradkin’s Monday, Tuesday and Thursday schedule providing a robust 6 day a week Internal Medicine service.

Pet Specialist of Monterey is your complete 24-HOUR EMERGENCY AND FULL-SERVICE SPECIALTY HOSPITAL Located in The Stone Creek Shopping Center 451 Canyon Del Rey Blvd. in Del Rey Oaks

831-899-7387 (PETS) or 831-899-4838 (4VET)

Serving the community since 2011

Surgery | Internal Medicine | Cardiology | Radiology | Emergency 26 | | Winter 2021


We Make Feeding Raw Easy No Preservatives or Additives One and Done or Customize

Providing compassionate, quality care for your pets. We treat your pets like family. Call today!

*Also available at Westside Farm and Feed in Santa Cruz

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Ashley Amaral, DVM | Debi Watanabe, DVM | Loly Hogans, DVM 15881 Toro Hills Ave., Salinas | (831) 455-9712

Winter 2021 | | 27

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Nights, weekends and holidays, 365 DAYS A YEAR—we are always there for your pet Our 24/7 facility allows you to have all of your pet’s veterinary needs conveniently combined under one roof. We are here for you at any time your veterinarian is not available.

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Located in h Ryan Ranc HW Y

Because of you... Wishing everyone a safe and healthy 2021


NEW Daytime General Practice Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

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Monterey Peninsula Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center 20 Lower Ragsdale Drive, Suite 150 Monterey, CA 93940 | 28 | | Winter 2021

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Improve your pets quality of life IT’S OUR FOCUS! Dr. Theresa Arteaga, DVM, DACVIM (oncology) graduated from Cornell University, college of veterinary medicine. She then completed her oncology residency at Animal Medical Center, NYC. Dr. Arteaga has been a boarded oncologist for 10 years, and is currently conducting clinical trials.

We offer • Chemotherapy • Targeted Therapy • Immunotherapy • Palliative Care • Electrochemotherapy

2 Harris Court, Monterey • 831-242-0978

The Big Adventures of

LITTLE CHAP and PUP By Belinda Jones


When the cares of the world seem a little too worrisome, it’s comforting to know that Little Chap and Pup are just an Instagram click away, ready to remind us of simpler, sweeter times—a cross between Winnie-the-Pooh and Downtown Abbey, if you will. The stars bringing yesteryear charm are toddler Adrian and tufty Yorkshire Terrier Maddie. Together they take us sauntering around stately English homes, gazing out over tranquil lily ponds and reveling in the colors of nature—from bluebell woods to red poppy fields, yellow spring rapeseed to the full range of autumnal foliage. It is therefore a little surprising that the origin of this oh-so genteel account is the spray tan and sequined world of ballroom dancing!

Winter 2021 | | 31

cc | artist

Shawnna Michalek (originally from Michigan)

positions or ask her to lift a paw and she will hold

was samba-ing around the States, excelling in

it until I give the nod—definitely the easier part of

competitive dance but profoundly missing the

the partnership!”

companionship of a dog best friend. “I grew up with ‘dog-dogs.’ My first was an Irish Setter, and my main childhood companion was a Rottweiler—but I needed a more portable pup for my travels and Maddie was a natural. She’s my shadow, constant support, unconditional love, happy to go anywhere. She’s even come to competitions with me!” I like to think this is where Maddie learned how to strike a pose—watching her mama move with such poise and precision.

While tripping the light fantastic, Shawnna met Leo, originally from Argentina. They became dance partners, then life partners, and set up home in the UK. They were so excited to welcome their baby boy, but in a cruel consequence of her pregnancy, Shawnna lost the ability to walk six weeks prior to giving birth. “The doctors assured me that in 97 percent of cases, the condition is cured the second the baby is born—but I was in the three percent. It has been an emotional struggle— three years on I am still

Shawnna smiles in acknowledgement. “She’s

not fully recovered—but through these challenges,

just brilliant—she’s eleven now and been posing

photography has become my new creative outlet

since she was a puppy. I can put her in different

and passion.”

32 | | Winter 2021

cc | artist

She's even come to competitions with me! I like to think this is where Maddie learned how to strike a pose— watching her mama move with such poise and precision.

Winter 2021 | | 33

Shawnna decided to document Adrian’s growth

“Surprisingly, that was one of the easier shoots—we

through pictures taken at classic historical sites. “I

arrived before 6 a.m., there was no one there, Adrian

really wanted to tell a story and capture the feelings

was in a great mood, Maddie was a delight, the sun

of the moment, but it was definitely more of a hobby

came up, they posed—it was perfect!”

initially—I took nine months of photographs before I even opened an Instagram account!” It was also at nine months that Adrian that took his first steps. Shawnna and Leo decided to mark the milestone by staging a photo outside Buckingham Palace.

34 | | Winter 2021

In the picture, Adrian is dressed in a Prince Georgeinspired outfit of red shorts and white smocked top, but of course his signature look is his tweedy flat cap. “Leo wears a flat cap and Adrian took to it instantly from the first picture, and now he loves it so much he

THE WORLD-RENOWNED PET-FRIENDLY CYPRESS INN Invites you and your four-leggers to visit Carmel. Pets are welcome throughout the hotel, in the cozy living room or in the charming courtyard for lunch or evening appetizers.

LINCOLN ST. CARMEL-BY-THE-SEA (800) 443-7443 WWW.CYPRESS-INN.COM Co-Owned by Doris Day and Dennis LeVett

Winter 2021 | | 35

category | topic

won’t leave the house without it—he even goes to

They seem like a great personality match too—I

sleep wearing it!”

wondered if their bond was instant.

Meanwhile, Maddie has a rainbow range of bows,

“I first brought Adrian into the home in the car seat,

from polka dots to paisleys. “I thought it was a

set it down and allowed Maddie to sniff around.

sweet way to match the pair of them.”

Maddie quickly took on the role of protective ‘big’ sister.’ Wherever he was lying, she was right there

36 | | Winter 2021

“Leo wears a flat cap and Adrian took to it instantly from the first picture, and now he loves it so much he won’t leave the house without it—he even goes to sleep wearing it!”

next to him. But Adrian didn’t fully register her until he was three months old—I remember he was sitting on the sofa, she jumped up to see him, and his eyes lit up with this ‘wow!’ expression. And when he smiled, she went up and kissed him—it brought tears to my eyes!” Shawnna has done such an artful job capturing these magical moments, though not without effort. Just as dancers rehearse a routine until it’s flawless, so Shawnna likes to research and scout a location ahead of time, working through the positioning and the lighting, and how to best avoid the crowds. Ironically though, one of Shawnna’s fondest memories took place with the biggest audience.

Winter 2021 | | 37

“Our vintage-suitcase scene at Blenheim Palace

And now we can all have our day brightened

(18th-century home to the Duke of Marlborough)

simply by following @littlechapandpup on

attracted a huge assembly of visitors, including

Instagram for oh-so-charming pictures and

two busloads of Chinese tourists. They all

behind-the-scenes videos. There’s a children’s

cheered us on, taking pictures and telling us how

book in the works with artist husband Leo acting

cute Adrian and Maddie looked! It was wonderful

as illustrator, and when the lockdown is lifted,

to hear how we had brightened their day.”

Little Chap and Pup will be hitting the road.

38 | | Winter 2021

They’ll take us to the Tulip Festival of Belgium, Christmas markets in Germany, and Cinque Terre in Italy, which seems particularly apt with its colorful homes clustered on the cliffside like children’s building blocks. Wherever Little Chap and Pup go, we are happy to tag along and enjoy their big adventures! littlechapandpup littlechapandpup

Natural Veterinary Therapy GENERAL VETERINARY CARE USING NATURAL REMEDIES. Dr. Annette Richmond Certified in Acupuncture and Physical Rehabilitation

Exams Bloodwork Acupuncture Chiropractic Swim Therapy Physical Rehab Non-Anesthetic Teeth Cleaning and More! 26135 Carmel Rancho Blvd., Ste E-103 located in the Carmel Rancho shopping Center


Winter 2021 | | 39

By Scott Broecker Thanks to one woman's passion for dogs and collecting, thousands of vintage photos have been saved from the rubbish bin. It all began when Libby Hall, a former press photographer, started casually collecting photographs that had been removed from old photo albums. This was in the mid-1960s, when old photo albums were sold and their contents

Winter 2021 | | 41


discarded. As the photos were rescued, Libby, a lifelong dog lover, began sorting out the photos with dogs. The collection slowly grew and before long Libby had a network of dealers keeping a lookout for photos, as well as a friend who did house clearances. Libby and her cartoonist husband, Tony, would attend auctions and search for photos at postcard fairs and car-boot sales (the UK version of a flea market). Ranging in date from as early as the 1850s up until 1940, the photos are in various formats, from cartes de visite and cabinet cards to Kodak snapshots. The photos are from several countries and show a wide diversity of people and their dogs. The

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"A picture is worth a thousand words,� and although many of the stories behind these photos have been lost to time, the photos themselves can speak volumes.

dogs in the photos are usually front and center, showing them as the well-loved and cherished family members that they were. They say, "A picture is worth a thousand words,� and although many of the stories behind these photos have been lost to time, the photos themselves can speak volumes. In many of the early photographs humans often remained rigid and stoic. However, in the presence of their canine friends they often loosened up and some of them can be seen actually smiling or looking very content. In one, a young British soldier, possibly just returning from war, poses with the little dog that he

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perhaps grew up with. Another shows a young

15 poses on their home’s pillared entry steps

couple and their new baby as well as their little

with their beloved mixed-breed dog seated

Terrier, who is presented as proudly as their

comfortably on a chair in the center.

new young one. A kilt-wearing Scotsman poses with his four dogs nestled beside his argyle

After 40 years of collecting, Libby Hall

socks, and a multiple-generation family of

published her first book in the year 2000. By

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that time, she had between five and six thousand photographs of dogs—the largest collection of its kind in the world. Since then, she has published three more books, with another more autobiographical book due out this year. The titles of her current books are: Prince and Other Dogs; Postcard Dogs; Postcard Cats; and These Were Our Dogs. All include beautiful photo collections from the turn of the last century that celebrate our love for man's best friend.

Libby says that her greatest delight is to share her collection of pictures. “What matters to me is others seeing them. I never made any money from my books because I spent it all on buying more photographs.” The collection was donated to the Bishopsgate Institute in London by Libby Hall in October 2012. It is now preserved and available to view in the Researchers Area of the Special Collections and Archives at Bishopsgate Institute during opening hours.

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“A tasteful blend between the old and the new”

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A Measure of Dogs will be Hall’s fifth photography book, and will bring together for the first time the animals of her own lifetime: the dogs, cats, and two ducks who saw her across

two continents and through a plethora of jobs and 42 years of marriage, as well as writing four bestselling books. Enjoy the sampling of photographs from the Libby Hall collection. These are photographs we might never have seen. Thanks to Libby, these photos and many,

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many more are now a treasured historical record for the world. The images shown here have been colorized. More of the collection can be viewed at libbyhalldogs

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“Dogs have always been powerfully important to me, I’ve lived with dogs since the beginning of my days. There’s a photo of my father holding me as baby in one arm and a dog in the other – dog’s faces were imprinted upon my consciousness as early as humans, and I’ve always lived with dogs”


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By Pam Bonsper

The answer is a lot! One little volunteer, whose heart is as big as his country, lives in Russia. He is 11 years old and his name is Abramov Pavel. He goes by the name “Pavel.” His website opens with this short description: 52 | | Winter 2021

Once, one little boy decided to go on a difficult road, indicated by a good heart. Pavel decided to help animals without a home. Taking in his hands brushes and paints, he sat down to paint. At that time, he could not imagine that a year later his path would be told in different languages to the whole world. What can a small man do? Just help— Paint the world with bright colors!



RACHELLE RAZZECA From these few words and some incredibly beautiful photos, I had many questions. With the wonders of Google Translate, I was able to interview Pavel’s mom, Ekaterina, to hear his story firsthand. I asked her how Pavel’s “project” began. “Pavel launched his own project called "What Can a Little Volunteer Do?" almost three years ago. He was eight years old. He devoted his research to his deceased friend, Barsik, our pet cat. He decided to paint her portrait as a keepsake. He decided to remind people of what animals mean in people's lives.”

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I asked Ekaterina if Barsik’s portrait was his first painting. I also asked for clarification on the “project.” “Pasha painted from early childhood, from three years old. Nobody really taught him to draw; he always does everything in his own way. Pasha, together with his friends, had previously drawn homeless animals from photos. Their project was to help animals. Helping animals did not start with drawing.” Ekaterina explained that Pavel’s drawing talent is not the emphasis of his work. When he first began, his idea to paint pet portraits was to raise money for the shelter called “Life.” But instead of asking for money, he had a better idea. He decided to trade paintings for pet supplies. For the first year, this was his way of helping the animals: taking whatever feed or pet items the donors could provide in exchange for an original painting of their pet. His project took off like wildfire, and the demand for his artwork increased beyond Pavel’s ability to keep up. But as his mom Ekaterina explained, Pavel is just a normal kid. “He not only draws, he is fond of karate, chess, mental arithmetic, research Winter 2021 | | 53

activities, and he studies English in depth. He is an excellent student and participates in various competitions . . .” So how was the project able to expand to meet the demands? Ekaterina did what any devoted mom and animal lover would do in this situation. She, and the rest of the family, jumped right in! “He connected me to this process. I am not an artist, but together we began to learn to draw, ourselves, without instructions and teachers, as the heart sees. We (meaning the whole family!) draw together with him, since one person is simply not able to master such a volume of work!” Because the paintings are so expressive, I asked how Pavel was able to capture the personality of the animals he paints. She explained, “If you watch this process, you can even cry, how touching it is. Pavel communicates with every animal he draws and is very shy about it, so we never record a video. We don't want to make a show out of this. It's a very personal process.” She goes on to explain that the project is not just about painting. Various educational and charitable events are also held. “These events unite a large number of caring people; campaigns for collecting feed, charity concerts, fairs, festivals, flash mobs, and auctions. All of them are aimed at the goal—to draw attention to the problem of animals and collect help for the shelter.” Now, three years after Pavel began making his dream to help animals come true, his mom describes her little volunteer’s current role. “Pavel acts as a public figure and speaker at various seminars and forums; he is the face and heart of the project. This year, his photo was put on the city hall of honor. He is the holder of the certificate "Scientific and Creative Potential 54 | | Winter 2021

of Russia" and of the award of the public-state initiative "Warm Heart." He has been given many awards of public recognition for volunteer activities.” In Pavel’s own words, “Today, my project has grown and turned into a whole Art space, which unites people who are not indifferent to the fate of all living things." I can picture Pavel as he says this, his small body belying the huge international impact his project has made. And I can picture Ekaterina’s pride as she hears her young son’s words. Pavel and Ekaterina’s special pride is the project they launched together to help homeless cats - the Art Pashtet creative cat studio. This is now the focus of their work. Homeless cats live in the studio until they find a home. Mother and son pick the cats up from the streets, take care of any medical needs and look for new homes for them amongst the guests who visit the studio. What an inspiration you and your family are, Pavel. And what an answer to the question: What can one little volunteer do? We have learned the answer to that is: A whole, whole lot! For more information about Pavel’s project, visit his website: Winter 2021 | | 55

CHARLIE By Gail Lebovic

and BIA

Unconditional love, faithful companionship, and undying loyalty. It’s no wonder dogs are “man’s best friend.” There’s really no other way to describe in words the way a dog can improve the quality of your life—I know, because I’ve experienced it time and time again with dogs of all shapes, sizes, and breeds. One thing that’s always the same—they are amazing animals, and it’s heaven when you’re with them, and it’s really hell when you have to say goodbye. Unfortunately, two years ago we had to say goodbye to three of our beloved friends all in the course of one year. At the time, we had the gift of having our three dogs (two Jack Russell Terriers [JRT] and a Golden Retriever) for more than 15 years each. The time seemed to have gone by so quickly—and sadly, as age has a way of doing, all three of them faced serious medical problems for several years. As the time grew near to say goodbye to our last fur baby, Millie, I knew I was not going to do well with an empty home after years and years of joyous memories and faithful companionship. I realized it would be best to look for a dog to rescue before we had to say goodbye to Millie. With much trepidation, I began scouring the internet and put the word out to my friends in rescue that I was looking for a dog to adopt. Somehow, the internet, in tracking my searches, determined I was looking for a dog and I became inundated with ads for breeders. Ultimately, this brought me to a site for a breeder looking for a home for a tiny nine-week-old JRT. I fell in love with his cute little face, and even though I had wanted to adopt

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from a rescue, I decided to meet him. I met him on Valentine’s Day, 2018, and fell in love instantly—and the rest is history. We named him “Charlie” after my

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dad, who absolutely adored dogs. And I absolutely love the fact that his name is Charlie, because every time I call him, think about him, or talk to him, it reminds of my dear dad. I know they would have loved each other. Three months later, it came time to say goodbye to Millie, and boy that was heartbreaking . Charlie stayed by my side, and knew it was a rough time for us. No question, having his faithful companionship helped soften the harsh reality of losing yet another one of our dearest friends. And then, he came into his own as he began to rule the roost!! I loved the energy he brought to our home—part of that was the sheer energy of a JRT pup, but part of it was simply him. He has an amazing personality, is super smart (both a good and a bad thing . . .), is extremely focused and intense, has a hilarious sense of humor (as we know how dogs can be incredibly funny), and is a great sleeper when it’s time to settle. Having had the experience of living with two JRTs for 15 years, I realized that they really love each other just as much as they love us. So six months later, I decided to look for another JRT to rescue. I learned of a two-year-old JRT in Washington State who needed help. Bia was imported from Italy by a breeder in Washington. When she arrived as a pup, the breeder noticed that one of her front canines came in completely crooked so Bia was put on the sidelines. She had grown up in a kennel run, and because she wasn’t able to join the rest of the crew at shows and wasn’t prime for breeding, the breeder didn’t really know what to do with her. After learning about little Bia, I was able to make arrangements to have her travel to Carmel. When she arrived, she was extremely nervous, timid, and tiny—in fact, she looked like her growth had been stunted. But, her heart was gigantic and I could soon tell that she was incredibly grateful to have landed at home with us. Needless to say . . . just seeing her

had melted my heart in an instant. We then started the process of introducing Bia and Charlie to each other, and initially I was panic stricken. Charlie’s super high, endless energy surely freaked Bia out, and I couldn’t even believe she was a JRT because she was so shy and reserved. But, after three days, she blossomed and we quickly realized that YEP—she’s definitely a Jack!!!She was spunky and ran circles around Charlie because she was quick as lightning and knew exactly how to outsmart him!! Watching the two of them play together is better than any comedy show you could ever dream of. She lets him know when enough is enough, but then she quickly returns for more playtime. And on and on it goes until they both fall sound asleep. The love we give is nothing compared to the the love we get back in return from these wonderful companions. Providing a safe and loving home for a dog (or two or three) is so rewarding. There is definitely a reason these beautiful animals are here on earth to share our lives.

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One more from the Libby Hall Collection 58 | | Winter 2021

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