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Happy Spring! With longer days and more favorable weather, we hope that everyone can enjoy more outdoor time with their dogs. The creeks will be flowing nicely and some of the trails should be ablaze with wildflowers. Remember to keep your dogs safe from foxtails and to check them for ticks after hiking.

From the northwestern edge of the Southwest comes a remarkable story about a white dog known as “Ghost" who survived on his own in the desert for nearly six months. Find out how he finally made his way down the long road home. The harsh desert environment is also a place of beauty and has inspired artists for eons. Our featured artist is inspired by both Southwestern art and her great love for dogs and other animals. Enjoy viewing Sandy Magrath’s “Dogs of the Southwest" paintings and read more about her starting on page 32.

Living a full life is made all the more difficult when dealing with medical issues and physical challenges. Morgan Eastwood writes about an inspiring young woman who is living a no-barrier lifestyle thanks to the companionship and help of her dogs Mowgli and Bentley. Read her story and learn more about gold medal-winning athlete Allysa Seely and her pups. Our dogs definitely made it easier for us to endure the on-and-off-again isolation of the pandemic. As a musician, Matt Hobbs used that time to write a whole catalog of songs, all inspired by his two senior dogs. Read Dina’s article about Matt and his creations, collectively called “Puppy Songs.”

A rescued Pitbull named Greyson has not only learned to ride his own personal transportation device, but now he goes out daily riding alongside his dad. And lastly, we combine a bit of history with a bit of mystery. Learn more about celebrity White House dog Laddie Boy and the event that brings his story into the present day.

Woofs! Scott and Carie Broecker


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“The journey of life is more fulfilling when traveled with a dog ”

14 Ghost’s Story Lost in the desert, a young dog joins a pack of coyotes to survive, but after becoming injured he is threatened by the same pack. Learn how this pup was rescued and reunited with his family.


Training Partners With the help of her two dogs, Mowgli and Bentley, gold medal-winning athlete Allysa Seely continues to compete at a high level while facing and conquering her many medical challenges.


Puppy Songs Inspired by his two senior dogs, Leni and Marley, songwriter Matt Hobbs has created dozens of catchy songs including the viral tune Cheese Tax.

32 Sandy Magrath: Dogs of the Southwest

Combining passions to create her colorful dog portraits, artist Sandy Magrath marries her great love for dogs and other animals with her admiration for southwestern art.

44 Greyson the Onewheel Rider

The intelligence of dogs never ceases to amaze us. James Bonde and his dog Greyson regularly wow passersby as they go zooming past. Each on his own personal Onewheel.


Laddie Boy’s Golden Legacy As one of the first White House celebrity pets, Laddie Boy warmed the hearts of a nation still reeling from World War I. Read how his story continues into the 21st century.

On the Cover:

Our cover dog is nine-year-old Maya, a Border Collie/Lab mix adopted from Peace of Mind Dog Rescue. She is posing as a southwestern princess in a photo inspired by the work of our featured artist Sandy Magrath.

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When Sarah Adams decided to sell The Raw Connection in Carmel, she wanted to feel confident the new owner would share the vision and goals she had set when she started the business in 2002. And when Mark Boonnark and Andrew Kim, cofounders of Healthy Spot, learned Sarah was considering them for the sale, they were “honored.” They had long admired her as a pioneer in the raw-food movement and knew that her values and mindset aligned with theirs.

Andrew and Mark met when they were students at UC Berkeley in 1999 and remained friends after college. Mark pursued a career in advertising in Los Angeles, and Andrew pursued one in finance in the Bay Area. Both had grown up in Southern California, children of first-generation immigrant entrepreneurs. And both became “burnt out by the cubicle lifestyle” of their own careers.

The petfood recall of 2007 became the

spark for the two to combine forces and make a change. They decided to do a start-up that would make it easier for people to provide healthy lives for their pets, and Healthy Spot was born in 2008. They opened their first store in Santa Monica that year and have since expanded within California.

A deep love of animals was equally as influential in their start-up decision. Both grew up with pets and had rescue dogs in their lives. Supporting rescues is inherent in Healthy Choice’s core values. In 2017, Andrew even spoke on behalf of AB-245 in Sacramento, banning the sale of animals in pet stores. Building community, giving back, and making a difference “keeping pets healthy from the inside out” define their business model.

The Raw Connection became Healthy Spot in 2022, and Mark and Andrew are delighted to still have Sarah on site parttime. And Sarah’s delighted to remain there working hands-on with pets and their families.

Spring 2023 | | 9
(Formerly The Raw Connection) AGILITY California Canine 57 From the Heart 61 ART Catherine Sullivan 24 Clown Bank Studio 49 BOARDING Dawg Gone It 17 BOOKS Tiny Dog 42 CBD Golden Pet Life 5 CLEANING PRODUCTS Uricide 4 DAY CARE Dawg Gone It 17 Paws at Play 61 GROOMING Suds ‘N Scissors 24 Who’s Your Groomer 23 HEALTH & WELLNESS Animal Cancer Center...................43 Animal Hospital of Salinas 61 Cottage Veterinary Care 25 Dentistry For Animals 29 Monterey Peninsula Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Clinic 39 Ophthalmology for Animals .........31 Toro Park Animal Hospital 6 Veterinary Eye Clinic 13 INNS Cypress Inn 21 INSURANCE AND FINANCIAL Bellem Ins and Fin Svs Inc 23 NONPROFITS Birchbark Foundation 39 FOWAS 60 Max’s Helping Paw 60 Peace of Mind Dog Rescue 59, 62 PAINTING All Star Painting and Maintenance 23 PHOTOGRAPHY Eva Sacher 49 Paw and Prints 13 REAL ESTATE EXP Realty, Loren Morse 30 Keller Williams, Rachelle Razzeca 37 RESTAURANTS Abalonetti 61 STORES Carmel Dog Shop 64 Earthwise Pet 60 Healthy Spot 3 Pet Pals ..........................................2 TRAINING California Canine ..........................57 Del Monte Kennel Club 62 Divine K9 62 From The Heart Animal Behavior Counseling and Training 61 Monterey Bay Dog Training Club 62 Pam Jackson 62 WHALE WATCHING Monterey Bay Whale Watch 24
TO ADVERTISE contact us at michelle@ or call (831) 539-4469 HEALTHY SPOT (Formerly The Raw Connection) 26200 Carmel Rancho Blvd. Carmel Open 9am-6pm daily | (831) 626-7555

Happy Signs

12 | | Spring 2023 POETRY AND ART BY PATRICIA WALTER 2002 © Capture your dog with a freshly coifed look and show them off in our summer issue. Email photo (at least 800 x 800 pixels) to or text 831-601-4253 with the word Community Page. Submission deadline is July 3, 2023. The wiggle of an ear just as you near A tilt of the head from something you said
wagging – making a breeze
sure sign you really please
up turn around
Freshly Groomed!
Spring 2023 | | 13 Town Walks L ocal Hikes Beach Play Portrait Shoots Action Shoots Indoor/Outdoor High Quality Prints Metal/Acr ylic Canvas and Calendars 408-502-6189 | Carmel-by-the-Sea | Pet Photography & Dog-Walking

Last year, in western Nevada near Las Vegas, the sightings began. A white dog who came to be known as “Ghost” was caught on video running with a pack of coyotes. It seems he had been accepted into the pack as one of their own. Foraging and hunting for food for survival and even playing with them.

Ghost became an internet sensation when multiple people posted updates on him. And then one day, things didn’t seem to be going so well for Ghost. Someone posted a video of him limping; he was looking thin, and he was slowing down. His followers were concerned about his health and wellbeing. They knew he needed medical attention, and they were afraid his coyote friends might turn on him due to his weakened state. Several people tried to catch him to no avail.

That’s when Susan McMullen and her volunteers at the Southern Nevada Trapping Team got involved. Susan and her team were experienced at trapping pets who have gone missing and are too

shy, scared, or skittish for the average good Samaritan to help get them home.

They monitored his movements for weeks before laying the trap. Once they set the trap, they had him captured and safe within six hours. They soon discovered this was no feral dog. He was very friendly. He loved pets and rolled over for belly rubs.

His condition was poor. He was emaciated. He had ear infections as well as bite marks all over his face and legs that were infected. He had a dislocated toe that ended up needing to be amputated, rocks in his stomach that he had eaten due to extreme hunger, and an infected scrotum, as well as ticks, fleas, and parasites. Susan and most of the people on social media following his story assumed he had been abandoned as a puppy.

Susan started a GoFundMe campaign and was able to raise $14,000 to cover Ghost's veterinary expenses. As his popularity grew on social media, so did the number of people claiming that he was their dog.

Ghost was transferred to The Animal Foundation of Las Vegas where they continued his medical care and began to sort through the various claims of “ownership.”

14 | | Spring 2023 rescue me | ghost

The Animal Foundation set up a meet and greet with the Carbata family—husband, wife, and two children. Ghost recognized them immediately. He went from person to person giving lots of kisses. The children had tears of joy. The parents had ear-to-ear smiles.

16 | | Spring 2023 rescue me | ghost

The Carbata Family had the most believable story, including photos of a puppy with an uncanny resemblance to Ghost. But their dog’s name was Hades. He had escaped from their East Las Vegas home months ago while under the care of a dog sitter. And they had been looking for him ever since.

The Animal Foundation set up a meet and greet with the Carbata family—husband, wife, and two children. Ghost recognized them immediately. He went from person to person giving lots of kisses. The children had tears of joy. The parents had ear-to-ear smiles.

This Ghost story has a happy ending. Hades is safely back with his family due to the support and efforts of dozens of animal lovers.

Spring 2023 | | 17
Going to Monterey? Bring the Dog! A luxury dog hotel designed for furry fun. Daycare | Day Lodging | Overnight Lodging BECAUSE A FAMILY VACATION NEEDS ALL MEMBERS OF THE FAMILY. 539 Ramona Avenue, Monterey 831-920-1487

T raining P ar T ners

She swims, runs, and cycles with the best in the nation, but Allysa Seely does it with unlikely training partners. Seely is a two-time Paralympic gold medalist and a three-time world champion at the paratriathlon—but above all else, she is a dog mom. The sportswoman balances multiple chronic illnesses and disabilities while living life to the fullest through athletics with beloved service dog Mowgli and retired service dog Bentley by her side. The working-canine companions allow Seely to have the motivation and freedom to reach whatever goals she sets for herself as a top-notch competitor.

cc | dog of the day 18 | | Spring 2023

Even before she was diagnosed with Chiari II malformation, basilar invagination, and EhlersDanlos syndrome—conditions related to her brain, spine, and connective tissues—Seely was a nationally ranked triathlete. In 2013, escalating foot spasticity led to her left leg being amputated below the knee. The amputation, along with chronic illness that affected her everyday routine, inevitably

made life harder. When the question of living alone came up, Seely knew that she needed to find the answer to allow her independence but didn’t know quite how. “When I acquired my disability, I wanted to be able to live alone and be able to do things by myself. I wanted to have that independence that every adolescent young adult craves.” It was a doctor of Seely’s that initially brought up having a

Spring 2023 | | 19

service dog as a companion and an aid. “He gave me an ultimatum. He said, ‘You have to have a dog who is able to help and get help if needed.’ So that’s when I really started looking into it.”

Around the same time, Seely’s family pet, a feisty chocolate Lab puppy named Bentley, started showing a special intuition around her. “We realized that she was able to know when I was going to have a seizure, or when my blood sugar was low. So, we decided to have her trained. She’s very smart and eager to please, so she flew through it.” But Seely quickly realized that a service dog’s work trajectory isn’t always lifelong, and Bentley didn’t fully grasp all the tools needed to do it full time. “She worked for about six months, and then we started noticing some of the confidence issues . . . she just made it very known that the job was over for her. She was happy to work inside the house, but she started to refuse to get out of the car. Food is the most important thing in the world to her, but I couldn’t even bribe her to get out of the car with steak.” Seely knew it was best not to force her.

As Bentley inched towards retirement, Seely knew it

was time to find another companion that would not only know how to help her prevent health-related incidents, but comfortably turn their family of two into a trio. That’s when Mowgli the Golden Retriever took over as Bentley’s successor, becoming Seely’s current service dog. “Personality-wise, they’re just 180 degrees different.” According to Seely, Mowgli is not as eager to please, and not as athletic, but is just as smart and loving. “He’s more like his mother—a little bit stubborn and has probably the biggest personality I’ve ever seen in a dog—ever.” Bentley, who’s now eleven, and eight-year-old Mowgli have been Seely’s best friends and biggest supporters in her Paratriathlon endeavors.

Seeing his mom complete her regular training at the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Training Center in their town of Colorado Springs, Colorado, is no doubt motivation for Mowgli. Seely describes her pooch as a “ball of energy,” and finds that running with him is the best way to get the jitters out. “He’s definitely not as athletic as Bentley, but he wants to be. If he wants to come [on a run] and hasn’t gotten to come in a while, he’s learned to hold things hostage. He’ll get my running leg or my shoe and just lie down on

cc | dog of the day 20 | | Spring 2023

top of them until I agree to let him come.” When he’s not persuading Seely to include him in her activities, Mowgli’s keeping a watchful eye over her. “When I’m training on the bike trainer or on the treadmill, it’s his job to stay right there the whole time. There have been times when I’ll drop my water bottle and he’ll pick it up and hand it back to me, so it’s just nice having that company. I say he’s

my training partner and my coach because when I’m training indoors, he definitely keeps me on top of what I’m supposed to be doing.”

Seely has formed a lasting bond with both her service animals, but adjusting to life with a new service dog didn’t come without its difficulties. “It was a challenge at first. After Mowgli finished

in the cozy living room
the charming
for lunch or evening
by Doris Day and
Invites you and your four-leggers
welcome throughout the hotel,
or in
Spring 2023 | | 21
cc | dog of the day
“He’s definitely not as athletic as Bentley, but he wants to be. If he wants to come [on a run] and hasn’t gotten to come in a while, he’s learned to hold things hostage. He’ll get my running leg or my shoe and just lie down on top of them until I agree to let him come.”

his training and I was taking over as his handler, it became very clear that he had zero respect for me,” Seely says with a laugh. “He was like, ‘You are not my boss, you are not in charge of me!’ So, it definitely took a minute for us to click and work together.”

Currently, Seely and Mowgli have found the right balance between work and play and are inseparable. “The dogs are trained [to be] fully responsive to me, so if we’re in public, strangers will try to tell them what to do, but they know not to listen to them. But Mowgli definitely takes that to his advantage. My sister refuses to watch him because he will not listen to anything she says.” Seely admits that Mowgli’s stubbornness, though hard to break at first, is now beneficial. “There are times that he will alert me to something, and I’ll think he’s wrong and ignore him. But he’s like, ‘I know what I’m talking about, and you are going to listen to me!’”

It's this determination that makes Mowgli such a great sidekick for Seely. In 2020, Seely was diagnosed with endocarditis (inflammation of the inner layer of the heart) and a heart blood clot. What was supposed to be a 72-hour trip to Texas for medical testing with Mowgli in tow, turned into an ordeal. Instead, Seely was admitted to the cardiac ICU. “We ended up being in the hospital for four and

a half months. We were by ourselves during COVID and we knew nobody . . . we couldn’t leave the hospital and couldn’t have visitors. Never once did he stop being by my side, and it was amazing to have him there because I don’t know what I would have done without him.”

Seely competed in both the 2016 and 2020 Summer Paralympic Games, taking home gold medals both years. She’s also participated in more than five World Paratriathlon events, earning a plethora of gold, silver, and bronze medals to her name. And though Seely shows no signs of slowing down in her career, every dog has to at some point. “[Mowgli] is tiring pretty quick, because it’s a stressful and busy life. Mowgli is trained for a wide variety of tasks, so it’s really hard to start thinking about looking for another dog and finding the right fit. But I also know that if I want to continue to live my life as fully as I’ve had the ability to do, it’s necessary.” While Seely finds it hard to imagine Mowgli taking a step aside to join Bentley, she’ll always cherish their time working together, and vice versa. “They just make every part of life better. They give me the independence that I wouldn’t be able to have without having access to a service dog. They make training so much more fun.”

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22 | | Spring 2023
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Kimberly Wilkins, DVM

Puppy Songs

It’s paid regularly by all canine parents—a penalty for cooking in front of your fur babies. You might not have realized how often you pay it before you heard singer Matt Hobbs articulate it. It’s the “cheese tax,” as described in one of the year’s catchiest tunes, his viral hit Cheese Tax.

You've got to pay the cheese tax

Every time you're cooking

When the cheese comes out This puppy comes looking

Hobbs is the writer, singer, and producer of that song and more than 150-others. Cheese Tax was the 155th title released on his platform Puppy Songs. The little ditty hit big across all social media in the beginning of 2023, and has influencers and everyday folks singing along as they hand the fromage over to their dogs. One of the thousands of commenters on Hobbs’ YouTube page summed it up: “Why?! Damn you! This song has been stuck in my head for three days now. My dog even sings the harmony parts now!” The song has been played well over 20-million times.

The rules are the rules

And the facts are the facts

And when the cheese drawer opens

You've got to pay the tax

Hobbs is also the pop of two pups. Fourteen year old siblings Leni and Marley, (known as Mar Pup) both belonged to his wife Courtney before she and Matt became a couple. Hobbs gains his inspiration from Leni

Spring 2023 | | 27

and Mar Pup’s everyday behaviors, making each song that comes from his mouth highly relatable. Well, his mouth is questionable, as almost all of the songs in Hobbs’ huge catalog are sung through the lens of his dogs. “Leni is super sweet, but fierce. She is supremely protective of my wife. I’m, like, number two but there is a big distance between one and two. She sleeps a lot, but is intense on walks. She’s completely deaf now, but she can still pick up on cues. Mar Pup is a little more of a ham. Not as high strung. Feisty, but loving and sweet. And very fluffy.”

Hobbs is a handsome, bespeckled 35-yearold who seems as perpetually buoyant as his songs. Growing up in New Orleans meant he was surrounded by a plethora of vibrancy, rhythm, and

musical genres, and he loved them all. He’s always been musical, in fact he’s played instruments since he was six years old. He moved to Atlanta as an adult.

It wasn’t until just before the pandemic that Hobbs challenged himself to use his musical skills to pay the bills. “I’ve been leaning this way for a while, but I had a double life for a long time. In Atlanta from 2010 to 2019, I worked in advertising and at an e-commerce plumbing site. In summer of 2019, I took the leap to freelance. I doubled down on entrepreneurial musical projects.” It might have been a slow start, but by early 2020, with people stuck in their homes and searching for entertainment when the country shut down, the timing became just right. With newly founded

28 | | Spring 2023

“When the pandemic hit, I was unemployed and started doing two songs a week,” he explains. “I started training myself to use all (music production) systems, the mixing, etcetera. I do all the vocals, all the overdubs. I re-record every part, all leads, harmonies, backgrounds, and ad-libs. It’s the most time consuming, but the most fun for me. It’s something I just like!”

Puppy Songs on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok his odes to dog parenthood caught on with with the masses. “When the pandemic hit, I was unemployed and started doing two songs a week,” he explains. “I started training myself to use all (music production) systems, the mixing, etcetera. I do all the vocals, all the overdubs. I re-record every part, all leads, harmonies, backgrounds, and ad-libs. It’s the most time consuming, but the most fun for me. It’s something I just like!”

Cheddar is acceptable, and Parmesan is fine But a little bit of Gouda would really blow my mind There's no escaping, so don't try to dodge Pay the dairy tarriff! The collection of fromage!

Hobbs’ first jingle to really pick up traction is called Stuck on My Teefs, regarding how silly and cute Leni and Mar Pup's teeth are when caught on their lips. Dozens more followed, many with impressive numbers of spins.Then Cheese Tax stormed into dinnertimes across the country. “All the plays are

Practice devoted to dentistry & oral surgery Judy Force, DVM FAVD, DAVDC Diplomate, American Veterinary Dental College 8035 Soquel Drive, #45, Aptos (831) 768-7148 Spring 2023 | | 29

coming from (Amazon’s) Alexa for Cheese Tax, so I imagine a lot of families are asking Alexa to play the song while they are in the kitchen. I am seeing a huge spike in activity. Cheese Tax has re-written my playbook with more than half-a-million plays on Spotify. My other songs now have more than

they had before. I just released Big Stretch. It already has 15-million plays on Tik Tok.”

Even if you don’t pay the cheese tax in your home, Matt has written a song that will feel like it’s just for you and your furry family. In Amazon Man, he sings from Leni’s perspective. “Amazon man, I’m gonna get you some day. I hope you understand that you are not my friend.” Another, Leni’s Rules, outlines exactly how our dogs run our lives. “In that case, I made one just for me and Leni. I was following that as the true North for Leni. She is very tough and very sweet. And that one did pretty well.” The latest song, as told from Leni and Mar Pup’s perspective, is I’m Following Mom, narrating the common experience of how our pups love to stay underfoot whenever possible. Hobbs’ repertoire also contains custom songs for pet related advertisements. He’s written the tune highlighting PetSafe’s Happy Ride car booster seat. He’s also written for BarkBox.

30 | | Spring 2023
8 3 1 - 3 4 5 - 8 9 1 2 L o r e n s e l l s r e a l e s t a t e @ g m a i l c o m l o r e n m o r s e e x p r e a l t y c o m S e r v i n g S a n t a C r u z , M o n t e r e y , S a n B e n i t o , a n d S a n t a C l a r a C o u n t i e s P R O U D S P O N S O R Y O U R L O C A L R E A L E S T A T E A G E N T * F o r e v e r y h o m e s o l d , L o r e n p a y s f o r a d o g a d o p t i o n f e e w i t h t h e S P C A !

Hobbs is a testament to the benefits of leaving comfort zones behind.“I sold toilets on the internet. We helped build a company that got bought. And I did ok. But then, I changed course. It’s a cool life.” Having transitioned from commodes to commercials, he’s busier than ever, and even writing a musical. Plus, Hobbs has just released his first song geared strictly to humans (out May 2nd) called How Amazing. In true Hobbs style, it’s catchy, upbeat, and meaningful. You won’t be able to get it—or any of the pup related tunes—out of your head.

Dina Ruiz is a longtime Peninsula resident who has worked in the media for more than 30 years. She has been an anchor at KSBW-TV and featured on the TV shows “Candid Camera” and “Mrs. Eastwood and Company.” She has a masters degree from San Jose State in creative writing. Her Instagram handle is @DinaMRuiz.


When Sandy Magrath, a lifelong animal lover, was ready to adopt a new family member, she came across a six-year-old black Labrador mix known at the shelter as Gentleman George. He had been turned in by an elderly woman whose family wouldn’t take him. Knowing that adult black dogs are harder to adopt out, she decided he was perfect! The next step was to arrange a home visit to make sure that he was compatible with Sandy's other dogs. Meeting him at the shelter he appeared to be very sad and reserved. But that all

32 | | Spring 2023


changed quickly when they got back to her house. He became more relaxed and friendly, and shortly after engaged in play with the other two dogs.

After giving George his forever home, Sandy and her husband renamed him Tobey and eventually Tobey Konobie. Together along with their dog Bailey they spent six months traveling the entire east coast from Florida to Canada in their motorhome. Tobey enjoyed traveling so much that passersby would comment on how happy he looked with his chest out, head held high, and a smile on his face. Ironically as a Lab he hated water and was careful to place his paws on stones when crossing a creek. After Tobey passed away in 2015 Sandy decided to embark on a second career and named her business Konobie Arts after their beloved Tobey Konobie.

During winter trips to Santa Fe every year Sandy would admire all the art in the many galleries there and bring back Southwestern-style textiles to create pillows, placemats, and rugs for the couple's Oklahoma home. When it came time to decorate the walls, Sandy wanted to continue her Southwestern theme but also wanted dog art. When she started creating paintings to go with her home she decided to combine the two. Using real-life photos of her subject, Sandy begins each painting with a detailed sketch. As a child, her Mom would encourage her to draw freehand without tracing anything, giving her the skillful hand and eye that she still uses to render in her subjects.

Spring 2023 | | 33
34 | | Spring 2023
“I love all animals but have a crazy love for dogs. I am also attracted to the pottery and rugs found in and around Santa Fe, New Mexico, and therefore try to incorporate those shapes, designs, and colors into my work.”

Like many artists who paint what they love, Sandy is no different. "I love all animals but have a crazy love for dogs. I am also attracted to the pottery and rugs found in and around Santa Fe, New Mexico, and therefore try to incorporate those shapes, designs, and colors into my work.” Using a medium of acrylic paint on canvas, her stylized dog portraits are composed of bright, vivid colors with sharp, precise lines. Her elemental style leaves you with the subtle characteristics and personality of each dog but keeps you focused on their soulful eyes and piercing stare. Sandy prefers to keep her painting's surface very smooth and sleek without texture. “In order to get that finish, I thin down my paint, but then have to add more layers to get vibrant colors. Many of my subjects are current or past personal companions that will live forever in my heart.”

Sandy got her first dog when she was in second grade, a Dachshund puppy named Peppy who became her constant companion and slept nightly under her blanket. When Peppy felt too warm he would chew a hole in the blanket, eventually leaving his mark on most blankets in the house. Now dogs lying on, sitting on, or wrapped in colorful Southwestern blankets have become part of Sandy’s signature style.

Another painting series of Sandy’s is “Dogs in Chairs.” Like all of her paintings, each one is titled. One of them is of her dog Jade sitting on a blue chair with a bright orange background titled “La Silla Azul.” Jade was frantically rescued in the nick of time from death row at a Texas shelter. She is a solid black Border Collie with a grey muzzle and has

Spring 2023 | | 35

been featured in many of Sandy’s paintings. Sandy’s other dog Lacey, who despite being a purebred Border Collie, was rescued from the streets of Okemah, Oklahoma. She was too skittish to come up to someone and needed to be trapped by the city. After months of training at her foster home, she was finally adopted to Sandy and her husband. “Lacey has also been the subject of many of my paintings. She is brown and white. I’ve painted her with brown and white, black and white, blue and white, and, pink and white.”

Other dogs are featured on rugs and pillows including Sandy’s sister’s dog, a rescued Pug named Lola who is perched on a yellow, orange, and red rug. The painting is aptly titled “Pug on a Rug.” Another is of her niece’s dog Cleo looking like a regal princess all wrapped up in a colorful textile and is titled “Pittie in an Indian Blanket.” A painting of a Chihuahua dwarfed by the fancy chair she sits in is named “Chiquita.” These paintings and others have been included in different venues and galleries over the years. Sandy is thrilled to have been a part of the annual OKC Festival of the Arts for the last three years. She has also had two large gallery shows titled “Dogs of the Southwest” that has

showed in Duncan, Oklahoma and Fort Worth, Texas.

Sandy is a vegan and advocate for animals. “I am kind of an animal rights activist. All my dogs have been rescues. I’ve never purchased a dog,” she said. “I don’t

Sandy is a vegan and advocate for animals. “I am kind of an animal rights activist. All my dogs have been rescues. I’ve never purchased a dog,” she said.
36 | | Spring 2023 cc | sandy magrath
“I don’t do puppies because I know they find homes easily so I get a two or three-year-old dog.

do puppies because I know they find homes easily so I get a two or three-year-old dog. I love all animals. I don’t want to harm any animals so I choose not to eat any animals or animal products.”

Other animal portraits that Sandy has done include birds (peacock, road runner, chicken, parrots, scissortail) cats, cows,

She treats every client with TLC and VIP treatment.

She is a 4th generation realtor on the Monterey peninsula.

She is a connections specialist.

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Spring 2023 | | 37

pigs, horses, and wolves. She is currently working on a Buffalo, a symbol that is very popular in her home state of Oklahoma.

Sandy’s dogs are always a huge part of her life. "We never had children, so our dogs are our children. All decisions in life are always made around our dogs. Sandy and her husband love to travel and have always had their dogs with them. Their motorhome has now been downsized to a travel trailer and their new favorite destination is Sedona, Arizona.

Sandy paints on all sizes of canvas, large, square, and small. She also sells prints of her work and welcomes any commissions for new paintings.

See more of Sandy’s work on Instagram @sandy_ magrath_artist.

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“Insightful, funny, beautifully drawn cartoons about man's best friend, our wonderful dogs. Dave's book is a real joy.”

A sequel to the popular Dogs Are People, Too, this collection of cartoons for cat lovers from the creator of Speed Bump is now available wherever books are soldpreferably at your local bookstore!

More info at

40 D A V E C O V E R L Y
~ Patrick McDonnel MUTTS cartoonist


When Community Hospital’s four-legged volunteers are making their rounds now, they might come across a staff member with no legs and one very long arm—and heart-shaped eyes that blink. Meet Moxi the robot who joined the hospital’s team in March.

Community Hospital of Monterey, as part of the Montage Health System, was the first hospital in Northern California to have a robot assistant on staff, thanks to the health system’s philanthropic arm. Montage Health Foundation, partnering with donors, is devoted to improving the health of the community. Moxi’s role in this is to assist nurses and doctors with a variety of tasks that normally cut into the time they have for direct patient care. Moxi can move from floor to floor, picking up medicine from the pharmacy, delivering samples to the lab, and retrieving supplies needed, among other things.

Equally valuable in improving the patient experience is CHOMP’s Therapy Dog Program. The program started in 1999 after Dr. Steven Packer supervised a six-week trial there with dogs as research for patient health outcomes. It was the brainchild of dog trainer Suzi Bluford (and her Golden Retriever Libby), along with CHOMP nurses Janet Huff and Patti Emmett and their dogs. Not surprisingly, the results of the trial showed the benefits of patient interaction with dogs, and the program has been a huge and welcome success for over 20 years.

Under Montage Health, the Therapy Dog Program has expanded to include their skilled nursing facility, Westland House, as well as their Ohana Center for Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health, both located in Monterey. The Ohana Center will be moving to a new campus in the fall, enabling it to expand its services.

Furry friends bring immeasurable joy and comfort to anyone; but as therapy dogs, they shine in how they can lift patients’ spirits and promote a healing environment for them. Anxiety is calmed and blood pressure lowered. And they are much appreciated by healthcare staff as well, reducing stress and lightening workloads. CHOMP’s therapy dogs returned to their important work early last year after a two-year hiatus during the pandemic. They are happily

making their rounds again Monday through Friday from 10 am to 12 pm, brightening the lives of patients, families, and staff.

In the meantime, CHOMP’s two Moxis are getting to know their way around. They politely pause and move around people—or therapy dogs—who may be nearby when they’re on the job. And it’s no more than a new curiosity to the therapy dogs, who are already trained for the hospital setting with its variety of sounds and situations. They’re focused on people, yet are inquisitive and attuned to their surroundings, so they will just listen politely if they hear Moxi “meeping” responses to a team member in passing.

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Available on Amazon or at Peace of Mind Dog Rescue 615 Forest Avenue, Pacific Grove
HEART Portion of Proceeds Benefit This book is intended to inspire compassion and empathy in readers of all ages through the story of the life of a real dog named Bernie. The book also shines a light on the work of a non-profit organization, Peace of Mind Dog Rescue, located on the coast of Central California.

Dr. Theresa Arteaga, DVM, DACVIM (oncology) graduated from Cornell University, college of veterinary medicine. She then completed her oncology residency at Animal Medical Center, NYC. Dr. Arteaga has been a boarded oncologist for 10 years, and is currently conducting clinical trials.

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Greyson The Onewheel Rider


We can’t believe our eyes anymore, that’s for sure. With AI, animation, and technological magic, what we see is often merely a trick, a sleight of hand, a fragment of reality.

If a dog zoomed past us on a one-wheeled electric skateboard, we would probably write it off as a moving holographic distortion of mass, space, and speed.

But wait! He just barked as he made a turn. He’s heading back to us. He has stopped and jumped off the board and is posing for a photo.

The onlookers cheer, “Look! Down on the street. . .It’s a dog. . .It’s a Stafford. It’s our GREYSON!”

They know Greyson well. He is quite the celebrity cruising the streets of Winter Haven, Florida. He made international fame through social media when his videos went viral. We take a moment to pose as Greyson’s owner, James Bonde, a 23-year-old free spirit, skids his board to a halt, happy to tell us about his amazing dog. He’s as proud as he can be.

“Every time I go to the beach, it’s like this. It’s like I’m Tom Brady,” James says with a laugh. “Everybody pulls out their phones. They can’t believe it.”

44 | | Spring 2023 cc | greyson
Spring 2023 | | 45

The relationship between James and Greyson started four years ago when Greyson was a very small puppy. “He was a stray. My friend found him in the streets,” James explains. “I was sort of like his godfather. He followed me all around and loved going everywhere I went. Within a short time, it was obvious: I became his father!”

Greyson is now a 70 lb. four-year-old Staffordshire Terrier with a personality as big as his smile. Dogs have individual personalities, traits, and abilities, just as humans have. However, it’s hard to know much about a dog’s distinctive characteristics when you rescue one, especially at a very young age. When James took on Greyson, he had no idea what he was in for.

“Greyson didn’t do well on the leash,” James admits. “And he was high maintenance. And still is. And he doesn’t get tired.”

James soon discovered what his big boy was capable of and what he liked to do. It was obvious: like father, like son. What James did, Greyson did. And what James did was RIDE! “We went surfing together and rode the waves, we cruised the streets, riding around in golf carts and four-wheelers. I’d be on my one-wheeler, and Greyson would run beside me. Or I’d be on my skateboard, and he’d be right there.”

I was aware that lots of dogs run BESIDE their guardians, but I wondered when Greyson started riding with James ON his board—and when did Greyson learn to skateboard on his own?

“The first time he got on my board was kind of out of necessity,” James quips. “It was a hot day, a big dog was approaching us, and Greyson was hot and a bit scared, so he just hopped on my board. I guess he thought he’d be safe—and why not get a ride?”

“From that first ride with me and learning to ride on his own board was a lot of work,” James explains. “Everybody asks, ‘How does the dog do it?’ But nobody

cc | greyson Spring 2023 | | 47
“The first time he got on my board was kind of out of necessity, It was a hot day, a big dog was approaching us, and Greyson was hot and a bit scared, so he just hopped on my board. I guess he thought he’d be safe—and why not get a ride?”

asks how did the trainer do it? Well, it’s been hard. To my knowledge, Greyson is the largest dog to ride on a one-wheeler on his own.”

“At first,” he continues, “Greyson was a menace. I had to use every ounce of my body to deal with his weight and bulkiness. When he moves his head, it throws off the limits of gravity. He used to roll the wrong way and I would have to shift my weight. He was a novice and had to learn how to adjust his body to the movements of whatever we were riding.”

Greyson improved his riding skills, picking up the nuances of steering, slowing down, and adjusting to different type of surfaces.

“Now, he can break, speed up, and turn really well. Now, anything I ride, he rides,” James says with pride.

“After the first video, then after so many videos, I went and bought him his own one-wheeler. He’s getting so good. He sees a pothole, he kind of leans back and breaks. If a dog comes close, he kind of stiffens up and floats by. At corners at high speeds, he leans then stops, then leans and pumps. I don’t even know how he does it. He is just amazing.”

48 | | Spring 2023
“Everybody asks, ‘How does the dog do it?’ But nobody asks how did the trainer do it? Well, it’s been hard. To my knowledge, Greyson is the largest dog to ride on a one-wheeler on his own.”

I feel something soft, furry, and heavy bump against my leg. The crowds have dispersed, and Greyson has had enough attention. James mounts his board and waves good-bye. Greyson pulls his bulk onto his board, plants his four feet solidly, and leans into the breeze. Within moments he is cruising back and forth down the street, happy as can be.

Like father, like son.

I have the very strange feeling that I had somehow bilocated and was really with this famous duo, having this interesting interview. But instead of being in Winter Haven, Florida, I was here, 2000 miles away in California. And instead of watching Greyson and James flying down the streets avoiding aggressive dogs and Book

cc | greyson
a photo session for your dog!
50 | | Spring 2023 cc | laddie boy

Laddie Boy’s Golden Legacy

On one of these tours in 2012, a small group of visitors were led around the Harding home by a knowledgeable guide. The house is filled with original furnishings and includes over 5,000 artifacts. As the group toured one of the upstairs bedrooms, they were shown various items including those representing or belonging to the president’s Airedale Terrier "Laddie Boy.” Later on that particular evening a crime occurred.

Considered to be the first White House pet celebrity, Laddie Boy was well known throughout the country due to the frequent stories about him in the daily papers. With Harding's term as president coming shortly after World War I, the regular updates on the

President Harding and Laddie Boy pose for a photographer.

Spring 2023 | | 51
Like many historical houses—or in this case, the house of America's 29th president, Warren G. Harding— the house becomes a museum and tours are given regularly.

Laddie boy rides on his own float during the Humane Society’s Be Kind to Animals Parade.

cc | colton and bucket
52 | | Spring 2023 cc | laddie boy

life of the president’s new dog were welcomed good news for the public—and Harding, a former newspaper man, was astute to keep Laddie Boy in the public eye. The president granted the media unprecedented access to his dog, and he rarely went anywhere without him. A constant companion, Laddie Boy would accompany Harding on golf outings, join the First Lady at her fundraising events, and regularly attend cabinet meetings with the president, where he would sit patiently in his own hand-carved chair.

The following morning as the groundskeeper made his way around the circular porch of the "Harding Green” Victorian home, he came across a ladder in the bushes propped up against the porch roof. The police were notified and after a thorough investigation of the premises, although a number of items were damaged, only one item was missing. It was determined that by accessing the upstairs bedroom window, the thief knew exactly what they wanted and had most likely visited the home before. The burglary took place at night and the phone line was cut to deactivate the alarm system from transmitting. The upstairs window was pried open and along with the ladder, a pry bar and glove were found at the scene and taken as evidence. But who would commit such a crime? And what motive might they have had?

Laddie Boy became so well known that Harding had a thousand miniature likenesses made up of him, and he gave these out to supporters as souvenirs. These days, the tiny Laddie Boys are a highly prized collector's item. When the President and First Lady traveled, Laddie would remain at the White House where he was well cared for by the White House kennel master, Wilson Jackson. On one occasion when the Hardings were away on a trip to Georgia, Laddie Boy became the official host of the 1923 Easter Egg Roll to the delight of the hundreds of children in attendance who got to see him do tricks and shake his paw. As an animal ambassador, Laddie Boy made many other public appearances. The President and First Lady loved animals and wanted to promote animal welfare during their time in office. Having no children together, Laddie Boy was their “baby.” In May 1921, he led the “Be Kind to Animals” parade where he rode on his very own float.

cc | laddie boy Spring 2023 | | 53

The citizens of Fairbanks, Alaska presented this collar to President Warren G. Harding and his wife Florence Kling Harding for their dog Laddie Boy on July 16, 1923. It is embellished with gold nuggets from the area.

PHOTOS LIBRARY OF CONGRESS 54 | | Spring 2023 cc | laddie boy
Laddie Boy, at the 1923 White House Easter egg roll.

When the scandal known as the Teapot Dome broke, Harding sought to distance himself by traveling with the First Lady to visit the Western States and the Territory of Alaska. During his visit to Fairbanks, Alaskans presented him with a unique gift, not for him or the First Lady, but for Laddie Boy. A handcrafted leather collar with "Laddie Boy" in the center in gold embossed letters and embellished on either side with hearts, gold nuggets, and fossil ivory. The president acknowledged the gift in his speech: "The popularity of the dog in Alaska is I think one of the reasons I like the Territory.” He went on to say, “Of course, when I speak ‘Laddie Boy’ I merely speak of him as one typical dog. I cannot understand anybody who does not love a dog. The gift you have

Laddie Boy patiently waits at the White House door for President Harding's return.
Spring 2023 | | 55
As first dog Laddie Boy approved of his official portrait with a smile.

presented me is a beautiful souvenir of my visit. Oh, you are too generous in Alaska!” Laddie Boy had not joined his owners on their western excursion, and his handlers at the White House noted sadly that the dog awaited their return.

On that dark cloudy evening, the thief set up his ladder amongst the bushes out of sight on the back side of the porch. Before ascending the ladder, they cut the nearby phone line at 10:23 pm. After prying open the upstairs window and pushing out the screen, the thief entered the president’s stepson's bedroom. There on the table was exactly what they wanted—the gold attached to the item shimmered as the thief’s flashlight beam brushed across it. One of Mrs. Harding’s jewelry boxes was found smashed on the floor in an unsuccessful attempt to break the lock securing its contents. But the thief got away with his prize, and it wasn’t long before the police had singled out a prime suspect.

Laddie Boy would continue to wait, but his master would never return. After arriving in San Francisco feeling ill, President Harding passed away the evening of August 2, 1923, due to a heart attack. He served barely two years in office and although he was not considered a highly successful president, his death still produced an outpouring of national grief. In

56 | | Spring 2023 cc | laddie boy

remembrance of the president, the Newsboys Association presented Mrs. Harding with a statue of Laddie Boy. Because he fetched the Hardings’ newspaper, Laddie Boy himself had been called a “newsboy.” So the real newsboys of America (young boys who sold newspapers on street corners) each chipped in a penny—totaling more than 19,000—that were melted down and cast into a life-sized statue of Laddie Boy, which now resides in the Smithsonian.

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Laddie Boy’s life sized sculpture made of over 19,000 pennies.

Laddie Boy poses with the sculptor Bashka Paeff during one of his 15 sittings for the artist.

In November of 2021, Scott Spears, host of a radio station serving Harding's hometown of Marion, Ohio, announced that a $1,000 reward was offered for the safe return of Laddie Boy’s historic gold-laden collar. The reward to see it returned was upped by another anonymous donor to $5,000 in September 2022, no questions asked. Spears said the station has deposited the money in a local bank and will act as an intermediary on any tips offered to solve the mystery.

Some of the multiple clues that led police to the chief suspect were: the “Harding Green” paint on the ladder used (suspect had

58 | | Spring 2023 cc | laddie boy

previously obtained a sample of the paint from the house restorers and painted buildings on his own property with that color); the suspect is a collector with a drug problem who had been visiting the house since high school up until a few years before the theft, when he was banned from the building for going beyond the roped area as well as picking up and handling the collar.

On the bright side maybe the added attention the theft has brought will help bolster Laddie Boy’s golden legacy almost one hundred years later. A story that Harding, as the former owner and editor of the Marion Star, could appreciate. We hope the collar is returned, but more importantly that Laddie Boy’s story and his kindness to animals campaign lives on.

Laddie Boy’s final years

After the president's death in 1923, Florence Harding gave Laddie Boy to Harry Barker, her favorite Secret Service agent. Due to her poor health, she could not care for him properly. Harry took Laddie home to his family in Boston, where Laddie Boy lived a very normal life and was much loved by the Barker family.


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