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Fun Agility Sarolta Bรกn






D O G - F R I E N D LY



Visit the wine country

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Serving Carmel, Big Sur, Pebble Beach, Pacific Grove and the rest of Monterey County


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“My wife and I had a wonderful experience working with Rachelle Razzeca! She treated us like family. Want to bring your dog along in my car, no problem! Dogs are allowed in their pet-friendly office as well. Rachelle stayed on top of things, and she patiently helped us sort out our wants and needs. With Rachelle and the Monterey Peninsula Home Team, we received expert guidance on negotiation strategies and contract conditions. The level of service Rachelle provided has been exceptional!” ~Michael Gordon

“Because of the Dog’s joyfulness, our own is increased. It is no small gift.” ~Mary Oliver Publisher Editor/Photographer Graphic/Ad Design

e are fortunate to live and play on the Central Coast. If you live in our area, you probably know that Carmel-By-The-Sea is about as dogfriendly as they come. Several years ago, we wrote about some of our favorite dog-friendly spots in Carmel. It’s always worth reminding our readers about this spectacular area for dogs. In this issue, Dina Eastwood writes about what makes Carmel so special for our four-legged friends.


A sport that has become very popular over the last several years is Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUPping). SUPping with your pup makes this sport even more special. If you add in manatees, alligators, dolphins and monkeys, then you really have a magical experience. Read about Maria Christina Schultz’s adventures with her dogs and her advice for making the most of your relationship with your dog.








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Speaking of adventure, Belinda Jones is a travel writer from England who has traveled around the United States, visiting 30 states with her dog, Bodie. In this issue she shares some of their favorite dog-friendly spots to visit in the Western states.

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Want something to do with your dog while sticking closer to home? Try agility for fun or competition. Local trainer, Mardi Richmond, gives us the run down on agility ability.

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Here at Coastal Canine, we love to promote rescue and adoption. Find out about April, one lucky Labrador Retriever, who recently found a great home in Pacific Grove, thanks to the good work of Monterey Bay Lab Rescue.

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Hungarian artist, Sarolta Ban, uses her artistic talents to help dogs from around the world find homes. See page 32 to find out more about her inspiring work. Meet two dogs who are helping keep the San Francisco Bay Area and its waterways safe. They work with the US Coast Guard with their handlers and are trained to patrol ferries and large special events as well as to search for explosives on container ships, tankers, and cruise ships. Find out more about their important work. We salute you, K9 Feco and K9 Ricky!.

Woofs and Wags ,

Scott and Carie Broecker

Coastal Canine is dedicated to the memory of Sunshine Broecker. Disclaimer: Coastal Canine is intended for entertainment purposes only. Please seek professional assistance from your veterinarian or qualified dog trainer before implementing any information acquired within these pages. Any resources mentioned are provided as a convenience to our readers, not as an endorsement.

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Rescue Me: APRIL AND MARVEL Made for Each Other


Dogs of the Day: USCG K9 Officers


Dog- Friendly Carmel Revisited


April, a fabulous yellow Labrador finds herself in need of a new home when her guardian falls on hard times.

Two highly trained dogs, K9 Feco and K9 Ricky, along with their handlers are on the job everyday. Learn more about the work of these Coast Guard K9 teams, and how they help keep the San Francisco Bay waterfront safe and secure.


Dina Eastwood writes about some of the reasons why Carmel is the Number One Dog Friendly city around.

Conceptual Artist Spotlights Rescue Dogs in Need of Homes Using photos of shelter dogs sent to her from around the globe, Sarolta Ban creates new worlds around each dog with the hope of capturing the attention of their future adopter and forever home.




SUPPING with Pups Outdoor enthusiast and dog trainer, Maria Christina Schultz, takes joy in adventuring with her Australian Shepherds as well as teaching other dog guardians how to do the same.

48 Agility Ability

Local Trainer, Mardi Richmond, gives us the 411 on the addictive sport of agility just for fun or for competition.

52 Dog Days of Summer


From prehistoric gardens to miles of open white sand UK author and travel journalist Belinda Jones picks out some of her and her rescue dog, Bodie’s, favorite Dog-Friendly places to visit in the west. On The Cover: Eli has been a beach dog since he was a puppy. As soon as he had all of his shots, he began running in the water and swimming to retrieve balls or sticks. He also loved jumping and climbing, so when he was old enough he started taking agility classes with Suzi Bluford in Carmel Valley. He still practices every week. Although he still looks like a puppy to most, Eli is 9 years old and is in great athletic shape.

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C OA S TA L CA N I N E M AGA Z I N E A D D I R E C T O R Y AGILITY California Canine........................... 16 From the Heart .............................. 60 Living With Dogs ........................... 60

GROOMING Carmel Groomers .......................... 62 Suds ‘N Scissors ............................. 43 Top Dog of Los Gatos ..................... 38

ART Sara Allshouse Fine Art .................. 45 Lisa Bryan ...................................... 46 Catherine Sullivan Art ................... 46

HEALTH & WELLNESS A. Herman, Dog Therapist .............. 43 All Animal Mobile Clinic ................ 47 Animal Cancer Center .................... 27 Animal Hospital at Mid Valley ....... 23 Animal Hospital of Salinas............ 60 Cottage Veterinary Care.................... 4 Dentistry For Animals .................... 54 Monterey Peninsula Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Clinic ... 47 Natural Veterinary Therapy ............ 29 Nichols Veterinary Care ................. 56 Ophthalmology for Animals .......... 21 Pet Specialists, Inc. ........................ 57 Steinbeck Country Small Animal ... 46

BOOKS Dogs are People Too ...................... 30 DAY CARE Dawg Gone It ................................ 15 Klaws, Paws, & Hooves .................. 17 Paws at Play.................................. 60 EVENTS BirchBark Foundation .................... 20 GRIEF SUPPORT Papillon Center for Loss ................. 59

INNS Cypress Inn ................................... 31

NON PROFITS Birchbark Foundation .................... 20 Peace of Mind Dog Rescue ............ 60 PET SITTING & BOARDING Bow Wow Coastal .......................... 61 Carmel Valley Doggy Bed and Breakfast .................................. 62 Central Coast Petsitter ................... 61 Dawg Gone It ................................ 15 Diane Grindol ................................ 61 Katy’s Walk, Stay, Play ................... 62 Klaws, Paws, & Hooves .................. 17 Little Pup Lodge............................ 59 Redwood Romps ........................... 62 REALTORS Rachelle Razzeca, Keller Williams .... 6 RESTAURANTS Abalonetti ..................................... 60 Seabright Brewery ......................... 31 Trailside Café ................................. 61

STORES Diggidy Dog .................................. 64 Earthwise Pet ................................ 51 Forgiving Paws .............................. 59 Pet Pals ............................................ 3 The Raw Connection ........................ 5 TRAINING California Canine ........................... 16 Del Monte Kennel Club ................. 61 Divine K9 ...................................... 59 From The Heart Animal Behavior Counseling and Training .......... 60 K9 Ambassador ............................. 38 Living With Dogs ........................... 60 Monterey Bay Dog Training Club ... 62 Pam Jackson ................................. 61 WINE TOURS Good Dog ........................................ 2


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BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT Pam Jackson has been training dogs all her life. It started when she was a little kid and trained the family’s Miniature Poodle to roll over and speak. That natural tendency and her love of dogs defined a big part of the direction her life would take—as a certified trainer who’s trained over 9,000 dogs in the last 31 years. Pam and her husband moved to Monterey County 45 years ago, where they settled in the Salinas Valley to raise a family. She started training their Old English Sheepdogs, who went on to be among the top ten highestscoring Sheepdogs in obedience in the United States. It was then that Pam decided to make dog training a profession. She studied a variety of training methods and over the years has combined them with her innate intuitive ability and developed her own unique approach to working with

dogs. Pam loves dogs and she loves people. A good combination, she says, for training people how to train their own dogs.


She was a founding member of the Dog Training Club of Salinas Valley, and in 1998, she trained her Standard Poodle Charley to star in The Western Stage’s production of Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley when he was just 15 months old. Pam is also the ghostwriter for one of her current dogs, Veni, who has written two books - Veni, Vidi, Vici and Born to Lead - and Veni has also been elected the mayor of Chualar. Clearly, Pam’s dog-training skills have paid off in ways she probably wasn’t expecting!

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Does your dog ever tilt his/her head giving you an inquisitive look? Maybe responding or contemplating a question you just asked. Email us your dog's best head tilt photos (at least 800x800 pixels) to editor@coastalcaninemag. com. Submission deadline is October 7.



abrador Retrievers are one of the most popular dogs in the United States, Canada, and England. Because of their even temperament, intelligence, and athletic nature, they are a favorite to be used as service dogs, therapy dogs, and search and rescue dogs; the same reasons they are a favorite as family dogs.


Unfortunately, the popularity of Labradors has led to overbreeding, which in turn has resulted in Labradors being one of the ten most common breeds to end up in animal shelters. Labradors have a lot of energy and need exercise, companionship, and mental stimulation, or they can become destructive or end up with behavior issues. Luckily, there are Labrador Retriever rescues across the United States dedicated to helping Labs who end up in shelters get into foster homes and get adopted. Right here on the Central Coast we have Judy Kreger looking out for the Labs who need help in California. Judy has been rescuing Labs for the last 33 years. She was inspired by her sister-in-law, who was involved in Lab rescue before Judy was. Judy got involved with

14 | | Summer 2018

Going to Monterey? Bring the Dog!

A luxury dog hotel designed for furry fun. Daycare | Day Lodging | Overnight Lodging

because a family vacation needs all members of the family.

539 Ramona Avenue, Monterey

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Golden Gate Lab Rescue, and then in 2012 she started her own Monterey Bay Lab Rescue. She has personally been involved in placing thousands of Labs over the last three decades. Judy stays in touch with shelter workers from all over California who alert her if they have a Lab needing rescue, but she also takes it upon herself to scour Craig’s List every day to find Labradors looking for homes. The dogs may end up in shelters or they may be “purchased” by someone who was not properly screened and may not be able to provide the best home for them. Earlier this year, Judy saw a post on Craig’s List about a fouryear-old Lab named April, who needed a home. Judy called and spoke with a man who had been recently divorced, had become homeless, and was living in a shelter. He left his beloved dog, April, with his mother because April was not allowed in the homeless shelter with him. He adored April and was heartbroken that he had to give her up. His mother was not a dog lover and said she would dump April at a shelter or on the side of the road if he didn’t find a home for her quickly. She was keeping April in a crate 24/7. When Judy heard the story, she knew she had to help find April the home she deserved. April was located 200 miles away in Lompoc, California, but that didn’t deter Judy. She contacted one of her past adopters who lived in Lompoc and asked her if she could go get April and bring her to the Monterey Peninsula. The avid Labrador fan was happy to help. When she picked up April, she was thin and crawling with fleas. She was a sweet, wellbehaved dog, but visibly fearful of the situation she was in.

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Judy got involved with Golden Gate Lab Rescue, and then in 2012 she started her own Monterey Bay Lab Rescue. She has personally been involved in placing thousands of Labs over the last three decades. Once in a loving environment, April blossomed. When Judy met her, she knew immediately who should foster her—a woman named Marvel. April was small for a Lab, and Marvel was a retired woman looking for a smallish Lab. She had fostered many dogs for Judy over the years and they both knew that small Labs don’t come around very often. When April and Marvel first met, April won Marvel over pretty quickly. While sitting in the living room talking with Judy, April put one paw on Marvel’s lap, then the next paw—ever so slowly— then soon a back leg was up in Marvel’s lap. Marvel and Judy were smiling and laughing at this endearing move. And finally, the fourth leg came up and this 45-pound “lap dog” was snuggled into Marvel’s lap like she’d known her forever. She nestled her head onto her shoulder and chest, and Marvel thought, “Who wouldn’t want this dog?!” Marvel was pretty sure April was in her forever home already, but she needed to see how the first week would go and most importantly, would she get along with her son’s cat who comes to stay with Marvel when he is out of town. The kitty meeting went great. April was very respectful of the kitty and they got along fine. That sealed the deal. Marvel adopted April. Marvel said that she feels a special connection to April that draws them together. She is everything she would ever want in a dog – knows basic commands, is athletic, loves to ride in the car, loves to play ball and Frisbee, and is great with cats. If you would like to bring a Labrador into your life, please adopt—don’t buy. And do your research. Make sure you have the time and energy to give a Labrador everything they need to be happy. Check out or to find your new best friend.

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Making tails wag from Montara to Half Moon Bay Kamp K9: • Doggie Day Care • Puppy Programs • Long and Short Term Boarding • Vacation and Holiday Drop-In Visits • Pick ups and Delivery (Local)

Daycare Hours Monday through Friday 9-5

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USCG K9 Officers “Semper Paratus, Always Ready� By Caryn St. Germain

Ears perk up and eager eyes lift as a squeaky ball is produced. Instantly, tails and legs flying, K9 Feco and buddy K9 Ricky go bounding across the tarmac and into the field after it. The sleek Hungarian Vizsla and the regal Belgian Malinois, like many other dogs, love to play fetch! Unlike many other dogs, though, not long before that Feco and Ricky were dangling 30 feet above the ground from a helicopter! The dogs and their handlers are now enjoying some rest and relaxation time after completing another VDEL (Vertical Delivery) training within the ranks of the United States Coast Guard. K9 Feco and K9 Ricky, along with handlers Officer Cory A. Sumner and Officer Jordan Brosowsky, are members of the USCG Maritime Safety & Security Team (MSST)-911O5 (SF Area), whose primary mission includes providing security operations for ports, waterways, and the coast, as well as defense readiness. The mission is achieved with the help of Waterside Security, Maritime Law Enforcement/Force Protection, ROVs, and Canine Explosives Detection Teams, to which the foursome is assigned. Homeland Security Presidential Directive 19 directs the federal government

cc | dogs of the day

to prevent and protect against the use of explosives

the honorary title of Chief Petty Officer as indicated on

in the U.S. by using the most effective technologies,

his collar. He goes on to say that, as such, “K9s usually

capabilities, and search procedures to detect explosive

outrank their handlers by one pay grade.”

devices. It turns out that man’s best friend ranks high among the most agile and effective of those protections in many maritime situations.

The Canine Explosives Detection Teams work a typical five-day week with daily assignments varying from riding patrol on commuter ferries and trains to

An explosive detection team’s inception is in San Antonio,

patrolling ferry terminals, World Series baseball games,

Texas, at the Transportation Security Administration’s

and other C1-classified special events. These two

(TSA) canine training center at Joint Base San Antonio-

particular K9 teams are also ready to be called into

Lackland. The TSA acquires the dogs (Feco and Ricky are

more specialized action.

from Europe), and they undergo three to four months of training before they are matched with a handler. The handler and his or her dog then complete an additional ten weeks of training together to become certified explosive detection teams.

In the event that concern is raised around explosives and large maritime vessels such as container ships, tankers, or cruise ships, before they are allowed to enter port, K9 officers Feco or Ricky and his handler would be deployed. Among the 100 or so Canine Explosive Detection Teams in the greater San Francisco

the earliest days of military working dogs gives K9 Feco

Bay Area, including Sacramento, these two teams only


Officer Sumner confirms that a tradition dating back to

Summer 2018 | | 19

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are specially trained for rapid, efficient deployment via VDEL. While the teams have not yet had to actualize, they remain prepared to do so by completing mandated training every fifteen months. “We do it every quarter, though,� reports Sumner, “with any agency that has a helicopter,� such as the California Highway Patrol. When the teams get the call, the dogs must suit up in their armamentarium. “These dogs have been doing this a lot,� says Officer Brosowsky in a Facebook demo video, “so they are relatively cooperative . . .� And, indeed, Malinois Ricky

Fall in Love with BirchBark Friday, Nov. 2nd, 2018 Ferrantes Bay View Room Monterey Marriott

sits patiently still while he is strapped first into his black, individually made,

Financial hardship should never cause the loss of any family pet. 20 | | Summer 2018

When the teams get the call, the dogs must suit up in their armamentarium. “These dogs have been doing this a lot,� says Officer Brosowsky

Summer 2018 | | 21

cc | dogs of the day

hoisting vest. The hoist attachment with two carabineer clips is then affixed to the back of the vest. It will clip the canine onto his handler and then onto the aircraft. Next, earmuff-like hearing protection is provided for the pups. “These aircraft can get very noisy, and we can be on them for extended periods of time, so we don’t want to stress the dogs out too much,” explains Officer Brosowsky. The final piece of gear applied to the dogs is their super-cool goggles called

The final piece of gear applied to the dogs is their super-cool goggles called Rex Specs, which keep debris, dirt, dust, and the wind itself blown up by the aircraft out of their eyes. Comfort is a primary concern, and even the smallest ocular irritant can affect a dog’s ability to carry out his duty.

Rex Specs, which keep debris, dirt, dust, and the wind itself blown up by the aircraft out of their eyes. Comfort is a primary concern, and even the smallest ocular irritant can affect a dog’s ability to carry out his duty. The vest’s leg straps are then fastened around the dog’s tail and under his legs to ensure that he won’t slip out of the vest, and the handler checks him from head to toe to make sure that everything is tight, buckled, and secure. “Once that’s done, the K9 is good to go,” Brosowsky says, and models by hoisting the dog into the air with his arms before setting him onto the ground with a reassuring, “Good boy!” The teams

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then make their way to the aircraft, clip in, and away they go! With the team secured inside the aircraft, it is flown out to the detained vessel for VDEL. The teams clip into the hoist line, and from an altitude of 30 feet, they are “delivered” vertically straight down from the helicopter onto the vessel. Once on board, Sumner tells Feco, “Find it!” and the team

Karl Anderson, DVM

then goes to work. The dogs are trained to sniff out explosives in all forms

U.C. Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

including grenades, homemade explosives, and handguns. If a positive scent is detected, the dog will sit. It is further investigated by the appropriate

Lori Anderson

Hospital Manager & Veterinary Technician

authority, and the dog is rewarded accordingly with praise and ball-on-arope. Who doesn’t love ball-on-a-rope?!


When the inspection has been completed, the K9 teams gear up again, clip

HEARTWORM TEST for new patients

in, and hoist back up to the hovering helicopter. Back on land, the aircraft sets down, and the teams alight. The dogs shed their gear, and once again feet fly as the squeaky ball is produced, a reward for a good day’s work. Soon, the four USCG officers head home. “No toys, there,” says Sumner, “or Feco might lose his motivation to work!” Rather, they enjoy just spending time with the family, including another dog—a retired officer himself. To learn more or see the K9s in action, visit their Facebook page at U.S. Coast Guard Maritime Safety & Security Team - 91105.

Available for house calls for euthanasia and other situations as appropriate

312 Mid Valley Center 831-624-8509 Near Jeffrey’s Grill & Catering

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Dog- Friendly

CARMEL revisited By Dina Eastwood


The Central Coast is known for a world-class tourist town with a twist: The city of Carmel is a mecca for dogs. A visit here will show merchants, vendors and locals care almost as much about canine visitors as they do about the human variety. Take a quick stroll down Ocean Avenue or any side street and you may see more dogs than people. Water bowls border the entryways of elegant boutiques. Well known restaurants post menus for doggy-dining that are a heck of a lot more tantalizing than just a dry biscuit from a box. Shops, from the iconic Diggidy Dog to chic elizabethW, roll out the red carpet for four-legged visitors. The employees seem to enjoy it as much as the visitors. “It was so much fun to work in Carmel, especially right next door to a popular dog store so we would have dogs in and out all day. It seemed like there were more puppies than human shoppers sometimes,” says longtime elizabethW employee Angelica Vasilovich. “We also had a ‘store dog,’ a pug named Penelope who would sit in our doorway and attract tons of people, and keep us entertained all day.” Her sister Francesca agrees. “Carmel has dogs all year-round which makes working in town so fun, but it gets even crazier during the weekend we have our Poodle Parade each year! The streets are filled with, literally, hundreds of poodles and we bring in merchandise for that every year. Carmel is also extra special because you can bring your dogs along with you on your trip and you don’t have to leave a part of your family at home because they are welcome everywhere here.” Everywhere is right. Dogs aren’t second class citizens at hotels, restaurants,

24 | | Summer 2018



➊ Restaurant

owner Enzo Pagano, Freya the Doberman, and realtor Kimberly Flores enjoy a few colorful sangria spritzers in front of the very dog-friendly Enzo Ristorante Italiano.

➋ Couple

and their two white fluffies enjoy the beautiful patio garden setting at the Cypress Inn.

➌ Carmel

Beach aka. dog paradise.

shops, beaches and parks. “The dogs are more privileged than you and me!” jokes one hotel employee. It’s antithetical to ordinances and laws in most cities: It’s easier to list the places dogs are not welcome in Carmel than where they are. In fact, Devendorf Park is the only major landmark where

Carmelites and visitors alike are used to the sight of breeds from Bulldogs to Bishon Frises lounging under a table while mom and dad sipped a cocktail and enjoyed some of Carmel’s notable cuisines.

Summer 2018 | | 25

pups aren’t allowed, and the city’s website calls Carmel “Dog Heaven on Earth.” It hasn’t always been this way. Much, if not all, credit goes to local legend Doris Day, who was one of the first to cater to dogs when she opened her hotel, Cypress Inn. She recently explained her pride in helping to create a haven for fur babies. “When I first started coming to Carmel regularly in the late 70’s, I had a hard time trying to find a place to stay with my dogs, because the hotels didn’t allow them. After I moved here and went into partnership with Denny LeVett and the Cypress Inn, I insisted that dogs be allowed. And look at Carmel now—it’s wonderful!” Even the popular website TripAdvisor credits Ms. Day with opening the doors to this city being considered the most dog-friendly in the country—if not the world. If you’re planning a stay, there are more than a dozen dog-friendly inns in Carmel, and many more in the surrounding towns. Family owned, Hofsas House, is just one hotel that makes sure dogs are greeted with a well-stocked welcome bag. “We give them some treats, a Frisbee, a blanket and a water bowl. It’s downhill to the beach, but that walk back up the hill can make the dogs thirsty,” says clerk Yazzie

26 | | Summer 2018

it more difficult for dogs to accompany guardians in restaurants. Due to health codes, dogs are only allowed on restaurant patios if there is a separate entrance where they can enter the outdoor area without entering

Improve your pets quality of life

the restaurant building. They can’t sit on chairs or benches, or enter the kitchens, but they sure can enjoy


a nice meal. At Forge in the Forest, you can order kibble,

Dr. Theresa Arteaga, DVM, DACVIM (oncology) graduated from Cornell University, college of veterinary medicine. She then completed her oncology residency at Animal Medical Center, NYC. Dr. Arteaga is the only board certified veterinary oncologist on the Monterey Peninsula.

We offer • • • •

chemotherapy targeted therapy immunotherapy palliative care

Sackenheim. “We get a lot of dogs, and they’re all really cute!” (Some inns and hotels do require a pet deposit, so you are advised to call ahead and have the property you choose spell out their policy.) Carmelites and visitors alike are used to the sight of breeds from Bulldogs to Bishon Frises lounging under a table while mom and dad sipped a cocktail and enjoyed some of Carmel’s notable cuisines. But, a law signed by California Governor Jerry Brown in 2014 made

2 Harris Court, Monterey 831-242-0978

Take a quick stroll down Ocean Avenue or any side street and you may see more dogs than people. Water bowls border the entryways of elegant boutiques. Well known restaurants post menus for doggy-dinning that are a heck of a lot more tantalizing than just a dry biscuit from a box.

28 | | Summer 2018

chicken or steak from the “Bark Menu.” Enzo Pagano of the

Carmel’s vast, sparkling Ocean Beach, and remove their

eponymous Enzo Ristorante Italiano proudly says he loves

leash. It’s one of few beaches left in the state that permit

his four-legged guests as much as the humans. “People

this. Just to the north, within eye-sight at Pebble Beach,

have more fun with their dogs. They bring joy, fun. They are

puppies also frolic freely at Stillwater Cove. Dog owners

relaxing, soothing. I wish they were allowed to sit inside.”

are reminded, though, to monitor their dogs at all times,

Pagano says he’s always welcomed dogs on his patio over

and pooches must be under voice control. The same rules

the last twenty years, but sees a major uptick in canine

apply at Mission Trails Park. Dogs are allowed at Carmel

visitors. “I would say sixty-percent of people on the patio

River Beach, but they must wear a leash. Clean-up bags

have dogs. More people than not. It’s a beautiful thing. I

are provided at most places in Carmel, but it never hurts

always go and sit down with them. I don’t care what they

to carry extras.

spend here, even one penny, I just want them and their So, the next time you are planning a family trip, and you

dogs to be happy.”

don’t want to exclude the furrier members, consider An after meal stroll will allow you to bring your dog down to

Carmel. It has all the bark-boxes ticked!

Dina Eastwood is a longtime Peninsula resident who has worked in the media for more than 20 years. She has been an anchor at KSBW-TV and featured on the TV shows “Candid Camera” and “Mrs. Eastwood and Company.” She is currently getting a master’s degree in creative writing at San Jose State University. Her Instagram handle is @ dinaeastwood.

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THE WORLD-RENOWNED PET-FRIENDLY CYPRESS INN Invites you and your four-leggers to visit Carmel. Pets are welcome AN TA C Rliving UZ, CA throughout the hotel,Sin the cozy • E S TA B L I S H E D 1 9 8 8 • room or in the charming courtyard for lunch or evening appetizers.

S A N TA C R U Z , C A • E S TA B L I S H E D 1 9 8 8 •

S A N TA C R U Z , C A • E S TA B L I S H E D 1 9 8 8 •

LINCOLN ST, CARMEL-BY-THE-SEA (800) 443-7443 WWW.CYPRESS-INN.COM Co-Owned by Doris Day and Dennis LeVett

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Rescue Dogs in Need of Homes

By Scott Broecker

Each and every shelter dog has their own unique personality and story. Generic photos of adoptable dogs quite often have similar backgrounds and don’t always capture an individual dog’s uniqueness. Helping to break away from that, Hungarian artist Sarolta Ban turns ordinary photos of available dogs into thoughtprovoking compositions that help to show the featured dog’s personality and charm. Her photo project "Help Dogs with Images” is her effort to get the featured shelter dogs adopted into their desperately needed forever homes.

The meaning in her photos is open to interpretation, but as you gaze over the surreal worlds you are bound to ponder the fate of these precious pups.

32 | | Summer 2018


Sarolta spends from several hours up to several days on an image. She removes the old background and recreates a new dreamlike world that shines a new light on these homeless dogs.

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How old are you now and how long have you been doing this kind of art? I'm 36 now and I started making photomontages about 11 years ago. Originally, I was a jewelry designer.

When did you first start your shelter-dog project? In 2014, after I finally bought my dog. When I decided that I was ready to have a dog, I wanted to adopt one from a shelter. So I started to check the sites of all the dog shelters in my area. I looked at a lot of pictures for weeks, but somehow I couldn't find the one for me. In the meantime, “by accident� (I had been searching for Retriever rescue), the photo of my first dog just appeared on my screen. She was a Golden Retriever, I had grown up with her, and her best friend was her sister. They adored each other.

34 | | Summer 2018

The sister's owner became a breeder and had a

be there in person; all I need is a good-size sharp base

website with a homepage showing a gallery of her

photo and some info about the dog.

first dog—and my first dog was in lots of the photos. When I called the owner crying, she told me that they had a litter and there was one little girl they hadn’t found a home for yet . . . it was fate. I felt bad because I was buying instead of adopting. Also, I experienced how hard it is for the shelters to make good pictures of the dogs, so I thought why not try to use what I know to help them.

Can you tell us a bit about the project? I asked people to send me basic photos of shelter dogs from around the world, and I created surreal photomontages using the images. This way, the dogs got more attention, and if someone adopted them, the new owners also received a print. It's good that with my type of work I don't need to

At first, I really expected to receive only about 10 photos . . . but the number became much bigger. So many people wanted to help, it was incredible. How many different shelters do you work with? Around ten, I think. There are a few American shelters, and others from Brazil, Spain, Thailand, Hungary, and Uzbekistan.

How successful in terms of adoptions has the project been? As far as I know, very successful. There were dogs who had spent years in the shelter, and were adopted a few days after I posted their picture. That made me happy to hear. Also, I have donated to the individual shelters through the sale of my prints.

Summer 2018 | | 35

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Do you take any of the original photos yourself? For my original works, yes, but not for this project.

Do you envision the concept of your image before beginning it, or does it evolve as you work on it? It can be both. Sometimes I have the full concept

Do you have your own dogs?

before, but most of the time it just creates itself while

I have a wonderful four-year-old Golden Retriever,

try any crazy idea I have in mind and then stay with it

Mese (her name means “children's tale” in Hungarian).

once I see that it’s started working.

36 | | Summer 2018

I'm experimenting with the basic photos. Usually I

“I like to know the story and the personality of the dog,

it helps to make something really special for them.” “ Tucker is a big boy and weighs about 100 lbs.” He was recently adopted out through The Northwoods Humane Society in Wyoming, Minnesota.

Summer 2018 | | 37

“There is nothing we can’t handle.” World Class K9 Training Specializing in In-Kennel Training


I asked people to send me basic photos of shelter dogs from around the world, and I created surreal photomontages using the images. This way, the dogs got more attention, and if someone adopted them, the new owners also received a print. Do you take in account the information you have received about the dog when designing your composition?

Personal Protection Dog Training

Yes, I like to know the story and the personality of the

Positive Reinforcement Training

dog. It helps to make something really special for them.

Individualized Training Plans for Your Dog’s Needs

Roughly how many “Help Dogs with Images” photos have you done, and are the prints available to buy?

Will Work With Fear and Dominance Issues

Around 20, and all of them are available in prints. We

7 Acre Training Center in Hollister


Public obedience classes available year round for beginning thru advanced levels. Will work with any behavior issue.

will donate $50 from each print order to the original

How do you feel when you find out that one of your models has been adopted? It's amazing. You know, these dogs are so beautiful, so perfect. It’s just that many times people searching

1301 Nash rd. Hollister, CA 95023 (831)636-3319

on the net don’t realize it. I think my work can help to


I was really happy when some people wrote that they

see the dogs from a different angle, as if an important character in a story.

were inspired by my project and started to take photos of shelter dogs.

38 | | Summer 2018


OF LOS GATOS National Certified Master Groomer

Do you have titles for your images or are they all open to interpretation? Usually I don't give titles. I prefer if they are open and each viewer can transform the images into a personal aspect. It's very interesting that different people see different things in my work.

Have you done a gallery exhibit with just your dog-related images?

40 years of practical experience

No, but it's a good idea!

I see you do photo manipulation workshops over Skype. Can you tell us what you offer in these lessons? I've held a few workshops abroad, and I found out that I love to teach. I imagined these Skype lessons to be like a personal workshop. (Skype has an

Small intimate environment

option for screen sharing, so we can see each other's monitor while talking.) I show my working method, my tricks, before-and-after images, and PSD files with all the layers. I can also answer any question and give help in creating a new piece step-by-step. We can make a montage together.

Long haired dogs a specialty State certified in pet first aid Top Dog of Los Gatos 350 Village Lane, Los Gatos, (408) 354-1524 Summer 2018 | | 39


Maria Christina Schultz paddling on the Homosassa River with her dogs, Kona and Riley.

40 | | Summer 2018

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©Maria Christina Schultz


 By Mary Jane Tomlin

hen Maria Christina Schultz was a very young girl, she was adamant that she wanted to spend her life devoted to dogs. Now, years later, Maria and her husband, John, share an adventure-filled lifestyle with their two Australian Shepherds, eleven-year-old Riley and sixyear-old Kona. Maria and John embraced both Riley and Kona into their lives when they were both little puppies, eager for love, attention, and proper training.

 42 | | Summer 2018

Maria has transcended her own dreams by becoming a certified dog trainer, a facilitator of renowned clinics, and an author. “In 2013, I wrote How to SUP With Your PUP and Paddle Tails to help more people find ways to include their dogs in their adventures.

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Animal Communicator Alternative/ Complementary Healer

My passion is teaching about and sharing the friendship and healing we can find with our dogs, together in nature.” #nodogleftathome

 Maria feels that SUPping with your canine buddies is an ultimate way to share quality time with them. “There is something really magical about it.” Having paddled all five great lakes with her dogs among their many other adventures, one of Maria’s favorite SUPping trips with them was to visit the manatees along the Homosassa

• Translating Pet to Human

Adrienne H

& Human to Pet • Improving Health

River in Florida.

• Balancing Energy

The physical challenge of paddling up river with her two

• Listening to Their Stories

• Improving Behaviors

medium-sized dogs was well worth the thrill for Maria. Before starting the trip, she knew she would abort the adventure if her dogs were stressed or if they stressed out the manatees. Much to her delight, no one was stressed. Her dogs and the manatees were interested in

Making Positive Changes Working with Dogs, Cats, Horses, Rabbits, and most other pets


each other, but in a polite and curious way.

 Riley and Kona watched as the manatees played around the board, and the manatees would come closer from

More info: Please call for an appointment 831.624.8000

time to time to gaze tentatively at the dogs.

 Summer 2018 | | 43

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All Maria’s training and socializing of her dogs had paid off! She was proud of them and delighted that she could share such inspirational moments with her dogs.


 Besides the manatees, Maria and her dogs also saw dolphins, pelicans, a variety of fish, osprey, monkeys, and one alligator on their river trip. 

 Her number one concern is always the safety of her dogs, as well as respect for wildlife. She attributes her consistent training as the key to being able to have these special adventures with Riley and Kona. During her river trip Maria purposely never allowed either dog to enter or swim in the water. Maria particularly likes SUPing because it is a relatively safe sport for both human and dog. She places a high priority on keeping pups safe and equipped with proper gear and always takes safety measures during their outdoor adventures.

 Maria’s focus as a certified trainer is to encourage and support those who have chosen to devote their lives to loving canine companions. She encourages dog guardians to find the perfect activity that fits both them and their dogs as a team. 

 Taking your relationship with your dog to the next level, with the inspirations and insights that Maria offers, is both exciting and comforting. Providing for the specific needs for our dog family enhances their lives immensely. Our canine companions provide us with the purpose and inspiration to be our most playful and best selves, and the exchange that occurs is priceless!

44 | | Summer 2018


Maria Christina Schultz is an outdoor enthusiast, American Canoe Association-certified stand up paddleboard instructor, and author of two books. Her dogs, Riley and Kona are her constant companions while paddling, camping, mountain biking, and running. Follow along with all of their adventures on Instagram at sup_with_pup. For more information about Maria, visit

Exquisite painting of your beloved animal. A gift your family will enjoy forever. “I never knew how much this personal portrait of our dog would mean to my whole family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Gene Stymiest

• The perfect gift for any holiday, birthday or memorial. • Framed custom portraits • Home/location appointments are available. Dogs, Horses, and all other Animals.

831.464.6711 Summer 2018 | | 45

‘ FA M I LY ’ PORT R A I TS by Lisa Bryan 831-626-5435 •

Lisa’s studio/Gallery in Court of the Fountains

Providing compassionate, quality care for your pets. We treat your pets like family. Call today!

Debi Watanabe, DVM • Ashley Amaral, DVM 15881 Toro Hills Ave., Salinas | (831) 455-9712

oil or watercolor

catherinesullivan watercolor & acrylic artist

all artist’s proceeds go to 46 | | Summer 2018 650-930-0582

greeting cards, prints, 72 designs available





Nights, weekends and holidays, 365 DAYS A YEAR—we are always there for your pet


Our 24/7 facility allows you to have all of your pet’s veterinary needs conveniently combined under one roof. We are here for you at any time your veterinarian is not available.



We offer:

Dental Housecalls on the coast Laser treatments We are welcoming a new addition to our practice: Dr. Richard Meisels

• 24/7/365 Emergency & Critical Care • Specialty Surgery for Orthopedics, Soft Tissue Surgery, Arthroscopy & Laparoscopy • General Daytime Veterinary Services • General Medicine • General Surgery • Dentistry • Specialty Foods & Individual Nutritional Consults • Puppy & Kitten Packages • Spay & Neuter Packages • Adult & Senior Care • Preventative Medicine • Avian & Exotic Medicine • State of the Art Facility with Full In House Diagnostic Abilities • Medical Boarding in a Clinical Setting

Located in h Ryan Ranc

We will now be open Monday through Friday. Dr. Susan MacInnes and Dr. Rich Meisels 1600 S. Cabrillo Hwy Half Moon Bay Office 650-726-3445 Cell 650-678-0651



NEW Daytime General Practice Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

For an appointment call (831) 373-7374 Emergency walk-ins are always welcome.

Monterey Peninsula Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center 20 Lower Ragsdale Drive, Suite 150 Monterey, CA 93940 | Summer 2018 | | 47

AGILITY ABILITY By Mardi Richmond Agility is the ability to change the body’s position efficiently, and requires the integration of isolated movement skills using a combination of balance, coordination, speed, reflexes, strength, and endurance.

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he first time I watched dogs running agility,

It is a fun way to work on off-leash reliability. It can help

my heart skipped a beat. Wow. Anyone

dogs become more confident in the world, and it can

who has ever seen dog agility understands

help people learn to better train and communicate with

why this sport is a favorite of so many dog

their dogs. (If you can teach a dog to run through a set

enthusiasts. It is fast and fun, the dogs love it, and

of weave poles—which is anything but a natural behavior

handlers are constantly challenged. But perhaps the

for a dog—you can probably teach him just about

best part of agility is the way the dog and the handler


work together as a team. It is the ultimate team sport—and the connection between the handlers and their dogs is awe-inspiring. The goal in agility is for the handler and dog to run an obstacle course consisting of some combination of jumps, tunnels, A-frame, teeter-totter, dog walk, weave poles, and a table. The handler navigates and directs while the dog takes the obstacles. In a competition, the course must be run within a certain amount of time and the team can be judged faults for mistakes such as taking the wrong obstacle or knocking down a jump bar. The courses are always different, making communication between the handler and dog as critical as the dog's ability to navigate the obstacles.

BIG-TIME COMPETITION OR FUN IN THE PARK? As with all sports, agility encompasses elements of competition. The competition can be as intense as professional basketball or as casual as a pickup game of softball on a sunny afternoon. In other words, agility can be played at the Olympic level, the city-league level, or strictly for fun in the backyard or park. Some people do agility with the goal of winning at the highest level. Some people run their dogs with the goal of a clean run and earning a title, but aren't really concerned about winning. Others play agility strictly for fun, without ever needing or wanting to compete. Even without the goal of competition, agility practice is a wonderful way to build everyday skills. Agility strengthens basic training such as the stay and recall.

Summer 2018 | | 49

cc | training corner

AGILITY NOT JUST FOR SUPER DOGS Big dogs, little dogs, fast dogs, slow dogs, mixed breeds, and pure breeds—all types of dogs can do agility. Agility is an obvious choice for high-energy and athletic dogs. It gives dogs that are often seen as “hyper” a place to put their drive and energy. It is also a good way to help timid or shy dogs build confidence. And it’s a great way for both people and dogs to get some exercise. In general, dogs who play agility should be physically able to do the sport safely—they should have sound hips and elbows, good vision, and be in good physical shape. But even dogs and handlers with some physical limitations can enjoy the just-for-fun experience of agility. For example, jump heights can be lowered for a dog who is not physically able to jump full height. A dog shouldn’t do agility if it will make a condition worse, cause pain, or be unsafe in any way. It’s a good idea to have your veterinarian conduct a basic health examination before beginning agility. 50 | | Summer 2018

cc | training corner

Before getting started in agility, you and your dog will

the process. If you or your dog has any special needs or

also need some basic skills. Your dog should have basic

limitations, ask the instructor if she is willing to work with

training, be able to focus around other dogs, and be

you around those areas.

able to come when called. You will also need some training skills such as an understanding of reward marker (clicker) training. Good timing and shaping skills will benefit you both.

READY TO GIVE AGILITY A TRY? If you'd like to try agility, your best bet is to find a trainer to help you get started. When you are looking for a trainer, look for someone who: • Focuses on safety and the well-being of the dogs above all else. • Uses motivational methods—forcing a dog onto equipment can ruin the fun for both of you. • Can help you understand both how to teach your dog

Because agility training is a long-term training process, it becomes especially important to find an instructor who you enjoy working with.

WATCH OUT--IT'S ADDICTIVE But do use caution if you decide to try agility. Like so many people, you could end up with jumps in your backyard, weave poles in your living room, and your evenings spent studying videos and techniques. You may end up practicing front crosses and reverse flow pivots as you vacuum. You may start muttering terms like clean runs, contacts, and yards per second in your sleep. Like any person exhibiting symptoms of addiction, your friends and family may wonder if you've lost your mind—or just given it to the dog.

to use the equipment and help you learn to direct your dog through the course. Agility is a 50/50 team sport. You both need to learn your part.

Mardi Richmond is a dog trainer and the owner of Good Dog Santa Cruz. She has just recently begun

If you are not planning on competing, your instructor

training her young cattle dog mix in agility and can

does not need a competition background. But if you do

attest that it is perhaps the most addictive activity

want to compete, you may want to look for a teacher

she’s ever participated in.

who has competition experience to mentor you through

Summer 2018 | | 51


Since penning Bodie on the Road: Travels with a Rescue Pup in the Dogged Pursuit of Happiness, British author Belinda Jones and her Californian mystery-mix Bodie have visited 30 U.S. states, on a mission to discover the ultimate in Fido-friendly fun.


Here Belinda flags up her favorite pit stops for your GPS. Some you can cruise to today, others are best saved for cooler temperatures—and all will put a spring in your pup’s step!

RAISE A GLASS Of the many dog-friendly wine-tasting options available in the Napa vicinity (including Domaine Chandon for fizz fans), the Mutt Lynch Winery takes it to the next level with every label featuring a canine—from crisp white Fou Fou Le Blanc to the Nectar of the Dogs zinfandel. Their motto is “Bark Less, Wag More” and while you sip your samples, your dog will have four treats set out on a mat! To continue the vino motif at home, check out the doghouses made from wine barrels at Healdsburg’s stylish pet boutique Fideaux.

VOL-CANINE I am very pleased to say that, following the recent fires, the Petrified Forest at Calistoga is open again. The half-mile meadow walk offers a vantage point of the volcano that erupted 3.4million years ago, while the tranquil main trail is where you’ll find all the petrified exhibits—including the Robert Louis Stevenson tree. Bodie’s nose went into sniffing overdrive, seemingly tracing scents back through the millennia . . .


Bodie visits the dog-friendly Napa Valley

Bodie glides easily across the wide open terrain of White Sands National Monument, the largest gypsum dune field on earth. Below:

Judy Force, DVM FAVD, DAVDC Diplomate, American Veterinary Dental College

T-REX TREKS While Jurassic World is making a billion at the box office, you and your dog can wind through fern-ruffled rainforest at the Prehistoric Gardens in Port Orford, Oregon, gawping at life-size replica dinosaurs ranging from a 46-foot-high Brachiosaurus to the “dogjawed” Cynognathus. ($12

Practice devoted to dentistry & oral surgery


SANDY PAWS Two hours farther up the coast you will discover the magnificent Oregon Dunes—40 miles of wind-sculpted sands, bordered by woodland and waves. Bodie and I felt like extras from Lawrence of Arabia as we traversed the golden scene. But for a truly otherworldly experience, visit New Mexico’s White Sands National Monument— the world’s largest gypsum dunefield offers 275 square miles of crystalline white wonder. ($5 entry) Here Bodie embraced the idea of “boldly going where no dog has gone

8035 Soquel Drive, #45, Aptos

(831) 768-7148 54 | | Summer 2018

before,” then dug himself a snooze pit at the highest peak.

DO YOU KNOW THE WAY TO SANTA FE? The arty, adobe sanctuary of Santa Fe is 230 miles north of White Sands but worth the drive if you’ve ever dreamed of owning a pair of cowboy boots featuring your dog’s face! The custom options at Back At The Ranch are incredible. Here we relished the historic charm of La Fonda on the Plaza (where 20 percent of the pet fee is donated to Española Valley Shelter) and discovered our all-time favorite Do Not Disturb sign!

cowboy boots featuring your dog’s face!

Summer 2018 | | 55

HOT DOGS When it comes to beating the heat in Arizona, Sedona’s El Portal is a haven. Five of the twelve rooms have their own pet patio, and your dog can even join you in the breakfast room where menu highlights include double-cream Brie omelet with raspberry chipotle sauce! You are also just a few minutes stroll from Tlaquepaque Village with its trickling fountains, sycamore-shaded alcoves, and wondrous array of artisan shops and yummy restaurants. Rene’s is perfect for fine dining, but I’m still craving the hummus pizza with black mission figs at The Secret Garden Café!

GARDEN OF THE DOGS Colorado is definitely one of Bodie’s favorite states, and one natural wonder with extra (bow) wow factor is the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. So many National Parks restrict dog walking to the paved roads, but this geological marvel is classed as a city park so you can roam freely amid the raggedy red rock formations. Open 5am-10pm and free yearround. Splurge any saved pennies at the glorious Broadmoor Hotel, where canine guests enjoy a dog menu, super chic pet boutique, their very own Broadmoor ID tag, and idyllic lakeside strolls . . .

M-F 7:30-6:00 Sat by appt.

At Nichols Veterinary Care you will enjoy: • A Personal Relationship with Your Pet’s Doctor • Advanced Imaging & Diagnostics • Customized Wellness Plans • Alternative Therapies • Dentistry & Surgery • Senior Health Care • Ear & Skin Care

571 E. Franklin Street, Suite C, Monterey Accepting New Patients!

Yippee! Doggy Daycare located inside Nichols Veterinary Care

831-275-7995 56 | | Summer 2018

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SEA DOG Back in California . . . On a warm day, it’s lovely to catch an ocean breeze, and one of our most heart-soaring moments was aboard a dog-friendly electric boat in Morro Bay. ($85 an hour for up to 8 passengers with Bay Cruisers) We went out with local travel journalist Thomas Wilmer and his darling dog Tuggy and saw basking seals and bobbing sea otters. Afterwards, you can follow the boardwalk to Dockside 2 for live music on the deck, dog biscuits on the counter, and the best fish and chips in town—well, you can take the girl out of England . . . If you have any suggestions for surprisingly wonderful dogfriendly places, do drop us a line at In the meantime, we wish you a summer of tail-wagging travels! For more pics and tips, follow Bodie on Instagram at @ bodieontheroad and visit You can hear Belinda chatting with Thomas Wilmer about dog travels on the Central Coast on KCBX radio at

Summer 2018 | | 57



Go Fetch Adventure. This is no shelter. This is no roadside diversion. This is Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, a lifesaving haven for hundreds of adoptable animals, nestled in between the sprawling red rocks of Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks. Lengthen your leash and experience for yourself the nature and nurture of the largest sanctuary of its kind in America. Book your visit now at

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GOT MANNERS? A positive, holistic approach to your dog’s training and well being.

• Private in-home sessions • Puppy and good manners classes at the Raw Connection* • Small classes for more individual attention



Andee Burleigh, CPDT 626-1774

Cage-Free Boarding • 24-hour human companionship • safe and serene environment • limited group size

*26549 Carmel Rancho Blvd • Carmel

Forgiving Paws Thrift Shop supports the life-saving work of animal shelters and rescue

Are you grieving the loss of your beloved animal companion? We’re here to help.

small dogs only

195 Meridian St B-18 Hollister 831-638-2119 Wed, Thurs, Fri 10AM - 6PM, Sat 10AM - 4 PM Forgiving Paws is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit FORGIVING PAWS SUPPORTS: Tiny Paws Rescue Hollister Animal Shelter Operation Freedom Paws Peace of Mind Dog Rescue Pet Friends

For additional information: Phone: 831-320-1188 email: website: Papillon Center for Loss & Transition is a 501(c)3 organization that is dedicated to providing compassionate, professionally led services to families, individuals and children who are experiencing loss and transition.

Little Pup Lodge Soquel 831.476.1948

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Positive Training Fetches Positive Results! Dog Training Classes: Puppy, Family Dog, Reactive Rover Dog Sports: Agility, Nose Work, Treibball, Lure Coursing • 831-601-2458

Animal Behavior and Counseling Quality training for you and your pet. • Puppy classes 10-20 weeks • Adult class 5 months and older • Basic and beyond – drop-in • Problem solving • Fun-gility • Tracking • Pet first aid classes • CGC workshops and tests

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Monterey Fisherman’s Wharf Casual Dining Fabulous Oceanfront Views Spacious Pet-friendly Patio Scrumptious Doggie Menu

Helping Senior Dogs and Senior People

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Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner 11:30 am to 9pm (831) 373-1851

• Indoor facility • Fully supervised play times • Matted flooring • Pet first aid trained staff • Weekly rates • Multiple day rates When you can’t care for your friend during the day, let us. Visit or call 783-0818

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3 Del Fino Place, Carmel Valley, CA 93924 ph: (831) 298-7453

Pam Jackson Dog Training 30+ years Experience Training over 9,000 Dogs Loving and respectful training WITHOUT treats. Guaranteed Results


Serving Espresso, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and lots of Beer (we have wine too!) Homecooked meals await you at our new location in Carmel Valley Village. SUNNY PATIO COZY INDOOR DINING BEERGARDEN PRIVATE DINING ROOM sporting events in the bar on our 3 HDTV's. movies in the Beergarden (call for dates and times)

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All-Breed Conformation Shows with Obedience & Rally Trials Agility Trials • Breeder Referral

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FREE NAIL TRIM, BUFF & COAT CONDITIONER WITH ANY GROOMING PACKAGE Dolores Street between Ocean and 7th (behind the Tuck Box) Carmel



Scotts Valley

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