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When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal. I see a friend. I feel a soul. ~ Anthony Douglas Williams


t’s springtime, a time for new beginnings. We are all hopeful that we are at the beginning of the end of the pandemic. But until then, we will just have to remain patient and give our dogs and other animals the quality time they deserve.

Our first article is about Sky, an Australian Shepherd with a healing and calming presence. With his help, a rescued calf at the Gentle Barn is nursed back to health. He also spreads joy and healing to the at-risk youth and adults who visit the nonprofit farm sanctuary called the Gentle Barn. Steve Greig has an unusual family. A pig, a chicken, a turkey, and many, many rescued senior dogs. And they all live in the house together. Dina Ruiz interviewed Steve to find out how this family came to be. Tasha Hall is a very talented photographer from British Columbia who makes her living creating wonderful family portraits that include not only lots of dogs but all of the other furred and feathered family members as well. Italian artist, Roberto Rizzo, will paint a lifelike portrait of your beloved dog on a river stone or traditional canvas. Read more about Roberto and have a look at some of his portraits—you may just want to order your own precious keepsake. You’ve probably heard of pigs hunting for truffles, but dogs can also be trained to become expert truffle sleuths. Learn more about an adorable long-haired Chihuahua named Gustave who has become a champion of this pastime. And finally, enjoy our article about dog-friendly farm and ranch stays by Belinda Jones. Wishing all our readers and their pups peace and good health!

Woofs! Scott and Carie Broecker

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Joyful Sky and his Big Buddy A dog with a special healing gift, an orphaned calf, and a farm sanctuary make for an inspirational story about the healing power of unconditional love and friendship. The Wolf Gang Dina Ruiz writes about Steve Grieg, also known as Wolfgang2242 on Instagram. Steve lives with many senior dogs, Bikini the pig, Betty the chicken, and Tofu the turkey. Farmily Portraits Begin with a Pixel Tasha Hall had an idea that has become a passion. With skill and patience, she creates “farmily” portraits with all members of the family, including the two-legged, the four-legged, and the feathered.

Stars The Art of Roberto Rizzo Italian artist Roberto 44 Rock Rizzo paints on river and beach stones and turns them into canine portrait masterpieces that will become precious longlasting keepsakes.




Gustave and the Hunt for Truffles Gustave is a lucky Chihuahua mix who was adopted from a rescue group in Washington. His guardian, Marci Tippmann, trained him to find truffles. Now he gets to spend his spare time with his mom exploring the Pacific Northwest playing the truffle game.

Dog-Friendly Farm Stays Looking for a place to stay with your pooch? Interested in the peace of wide-open spaces and the farm life? Belinda Jones writes about several dog-friendly farm and ranch stays in the western United States.

On the Cover: In the cab is eight-year-old River, a smooth Border Collie. He is both very intelligent and sweet natured. Sitting on the truck bed is River's three-month-old Border Collie brother, Keeper. According to his mom, Suzi Bluford, he is an almost perfect puppy—and for this photo session, he certainly was. Suzi teaches advanced agility and nosework classes. www. The truck is a classic 1949 Chevy 3100 pickup.

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PACIFIC GROVE ANIMAL HOSPITAL Dr. Brynie Kaplan Dau has been a veterinarian on the Monterey Peninsula for over ten years. But becoming a veterinarian was not something she ever imagined for herself. She didn’t think she had what it took to succeed in veterinary college. Fortunately, she received some mentoring along the way, which helped her build confidence in herself. Dr. Kaplan Dau grew up in Pacific Grove, and graduated from Pacific Grove Community High. She spent a lot of time on Asilomar Beach with her dog, but her love of animals extended beyond dogs to encompass a very broad range, including our great diversity of ocean life. After graduating in 2000 with a Master of Marine Science degree from CSUMB, Dr. Kaplan Dau worked as a marine biologist

at Moss Landing, then in Seattle. But something was missing, and that’s what led her to veterinary college. She wanted to be more hands on in healing and “fixing problems” with animals. So, she went on to get her doctorate from the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 2010.

Pacific Grove Animal Hospital 1023 Austin Avenue, Pacific Grove 831-318-0306

She met her husband, Daniel, when they were both working as biologists at Hopkins Marine Station. They married in 2003 and have twins, Myles and Poppy, who are now nine years old. Dr. Kaplan Dau feels fortunate that the timing was right for her to purchase the building and property where the Peninsula Animal Hospital had been in her hometown for years, and she is opening the Pacific Grove Animal Hospital there this spring. An important part of her brand is in communication and truly working together with clients in their pets’ care and treatment. And aside from the full life she has with her work and family, she’s found time to do outreach with young girls to encourage them as her mentors had done with her. Spring 2021 | | 9

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FAV RITE TOYS 12 | | Spring 2021

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G E NT L E B A R N . O R G

Spring 2021 | | 13

Joyful Sky

& his Big Buddy By Carie Broecker

Sky is a one-year-old Australian Shepherd with one blue eye and one brown eye, but he is so much more than a dog. He is a natural healer

Dog of the Day | joyful sky

(yes, healer, not heeler!) He has a gift that changes lives, saves lives, and inspires other animals and people to reach their full potential.


Sky was just 12 weeks old when he was given to Ellie Laks, the founder of a nonprofit farm sanctuary called The Gentle Barn. His original guardian knew he was in over his head after having shoulder surgery and realizing caring for an exuberant puppy was more than he could handle. He trusted Ellie to find Sky a loving home. Being a rescuer all her life, Ellie had placed thousands of animals in new

homes all over the country. One itty bitty cute puppy would be a piece of cake. Sky is sweet, gorgeous, and loving. Ellie took him everywhere with her at The Gentle Barn, and everyone who met him lit up. The Gentle Barn rescues farm animals, as well as cats and dogs, and also hosts special-needs children and at-risk youth, seniors, veterans, and people dealing with addiction. The idea is to help those who are shut down and need healing by giving them a chance to connect with the animals. By experiencing this unconditional love, it will in turn help them relate better with all beings. Ellie saw right away that Sky has a special ability to connect with the children and adults who visited the Gentle Barn. Some might start out closed

Spring 2021 | | 15

down and defensive, but as soon as they meet Sky they are smiling, petting him, laughing, and getting licked. One young man, in particular, was enchanted with Sky early on. He was 17 years old, gang affiliated, and on probation. He came to the sanctuary as part of a violence prevention program. He had a cold, defensive vibe and was not warming up to Ellie or the animals. And then Sky went up to him. And immediately his whole demeanor changed. This tough teen started giggling like a child. He started smiling and asking questions. That is when Ellie knew Sky was meant to be with her at The Gentle Barn forever.

Everywhere Sky goes people gravitate to him and find comfort. He oozes joy and it is contagious. Sky seems to live life with a smile and a wag for everyone. It seems there is no one he can’t get through to. Now back up to last summer after the start of the pandemic. Covid spread rapidly amongst the employees at slaughterhouses who worked in tight quarters. It was only a matter of time before the slaughterhouses would have to shut, so they were rushing to get as many animals to slaughter as possible. Yes, a grim scenario indeed. The Gentle Barn has always had an agreement with the slaughterhouses that if a cow was giving birth on the way to slaughter, Gentle Barn would take the cow and calf into their sanctuary. Ellie and her staff started getting numerous calls about moms and calves needing rescue. And then came the call about a one-week-old orphaned calf. The mama cow was sick and ended up going to slaughter. Could Ellie take the orphan without his mom? He was only a week old. Ellie rushed over to pick him up. He was sick and scared. He had pneumonia and a fever. Ellie

16 | | Spring 2021

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Spring 2021 | | 17

Dog of the Day | joyful sky

named him John Lewis after the civil rights leader who passed away in July 2020 because she could sense he was a fighter. Sky took to John Lewis the moment they met. When Sky saw him, he gave him kisses and did a play bow, and then John Lewis, as skinny as he was, leaped about, and the two started running around and playing together. Ellie set up an area in the living room to care for John Lewis, and she moved downstairs so she could be with him 24/7. Since Sky was always at Ellie’s side, that meant Sky and John Lewis also spent all their time together and became the best of friends. They would curl up together and lick each other. If John Lewis woke up and needed a bottle, Ellie usually woke up. But if she slept through his feeding time, Sky would gently nudge her to make sure John Lewis got fed. It took four months of tender loving care to nurse John Lewis to health. When he was up to it, John Lewis and Sky would enjoy racing around the backyard—one playing like a calf and one like a puppy, but somehow they adapted to each other’s style and made it work. When John Lewis was six months old, Ellie knew it was time for him to start to acclimate, little by little, to cows. So she and Sky started taking him several times a day to hang out with the cows in the pasture. Then at eight months, they took him to “cow kindergarten,” which meant leaving him with the cows for the whole day, with volunteers nearby to watch over him. When he got home after Sky and Ellie picked him up from the cow pasture at the end of the day, he would tear around and play with Sky as soon as they were in the backyard. 18 | | Spring 2021

At eight months, John Lewis was too big to sleep in the living room and the house was too warm for him, so Ellie made a makeshift barn in the backyard for him. She and Sky tucked him in with his blanket and gave him a bottle every night before bed. Eventually, when the weather warms up and John Lewis gets bigger, he’ll sleep in the pasture with the rest of the sanctuary cows. One cow, in particular, has already taken John Lewis under her wing. Her name is Holy Cow, and she came to the sanctuary as an orphan at eight weeks old. She appointed herself as auntie to all the orphaned calves who come to the sanctuary. She licks them and grooms them and gets them used to being a cow. As of this writing, John Lewis is about 600 pounds, but he and Sky still run around and play with each other. They are brothers from another mother. Sky has a special gift. The gift of joy. He seems to feel and exhibit joy every day and it is contagious. Sky reminds us all that no matter what we are going through, there are always reasons to feel joy. For more information, go to

At eight months, John Lewis was too big to sleep in the living room and the house was too warm for him, so Ellie made a makeshift barn in the backyard for him. She and Sky tucked him in with his blanket and gave him a bottle every night before bed.

YOUR PET'S EYE CARE SPECIALISTS! Our veterinarian eye care specialists Ann Gratzek and Elizabeth Curto along with our amazing staff make your pet's eye health our top priority.

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Monterey Office 2 Harris Ct, Ste A-1, Monterey 831.655.4939 VISIT US ONLINE AT OFORA.COM Spring 2021 | | 19

Welcome Dr. Debra Rackear to Pet Specialists of Monterey! professional interests include ultrasonography, endoscopy, endocrine disorders including Cushing's disease and diabetes mellitus, hepatic and renal disorders, and cancer diagnostics and chemotherapy.

Dr. Debra Rackear received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Florida. After graduation, she completed a one year small animal internship at Animal Medical Center in New York City. Following her internship, she completed her residency in Internal Medicine at the University of California at Davis. Dr. Rackear has been board certified in internal medicine since 1989. Her

When not at work, Dr. Rackear enjoys hiking, tending to her orchids, singing and playing guitar, and cuddling with her German Shepherd, Blitz. We are excited to welcome Dr. Debra Rackear to Pet Specialists of Monterey starting this October. She is available on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday for appointments and same day referrals. This will compliment Dr. Jonathan Fradkin’s Monday, Tuesday and Thursday schedule providing a robust 6 day a week Internal Medicine service.

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Serving the community since 2011

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We Make Feeding Raw Easy No Preservatives or Additives One and Done or Customize *Also available at Westside Farm and Feed in Santa Cruz

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Animal Communicator Alternative/ Complementary Healer

A colorful and unique portrait of your Furry Friend

• Translating Pet to Human & Human to Pet • Improving Health • Balancing Energy • Improving Behaviors • Listening to Their Stories

Making Positive Changes Working with Dogs, Cats, Horses, Rabbits, and most other pets

More info: Please call for an appointment 831.624.8000

Witness a deeper look into the soul of your pet!

Sofanya meditates and lovingly creates a special and unique portrait. You may be included in the portrait…. See the cosmic connection! | 831-238-0543

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By Dina Ruiz

Kitty the super-senior with pigtails in her wild white hair is fresh out of surgery to revise a botched spay procedure. Her ten canine brothers and sisters are waiting—some patiently—at home. A turkey is also at the house and needs to be fed, as do the chickens. The pig needs her bed refreshed—she’s a bit lazy—and their dad, Steve Greig, needs a sanity check during his busiest season of the year as a full-time accountant. On

months in, and I was like, ‘I’ll die if anything

top of everything else, he’ll deal with Kitty’s extra

ever happens to her.’ It was the same with my

needs. But jovial Greig takes it all in stride. “I have

Wolfgang. I was so connected to him. I could look

fallen head over heels for Kitty. She loves me so

at him and know what he was thinking.”

much. With some dogs, you just know. It was two

Ah, Wolfgang . . . Steve Greig’s beloved dog who died tragically after being hit by a car, spurning the name Wolfgang2242 on Instagram, where Greig and the gang have a whopping one million followers. His message: Senior dogs are the greatest partners a human could wish for. He’s been adopting them, and a few other species, since 2013 in Wolfgang’s honor. Just reading their names might make you chuckle. The eleven dogs are called Kitty, Hertha, Lauretta, Edsel, Fernando, Willamena, Melvin, Edith, Juanita, Shadrach (based on the biblical character who escaped from a fiery furnace unscathed, Steve says), and Raylene (a 120-pound Irish Wolfhound, who’s the only large dog in the pack). There’s Tofu the turkey who warbles a gobbley tune whenever music is played. Betty clucks because she is a chicken. Stitches and

Spring 2021 | | 23

Blizzard, the rabbits, like to observe. And, Bikini the pig tends to sleep through a lot of it. The list of the departed is also long, but they’ll never be forgotten by Steve or his many fans: Beloved Eeyore, who was the first to be adopted in 2013; and Enoch, Englebert, Josh, Edna, John Henry, and Waylon have recently crossed the “rainbow bridge.” Greig, who lives in Denver, shot to celebrity status authentically. Unconcerned with social media metrics, he doesn’t post with any particular rhythm, and nothing is glamorous or overly staged. It’s just a guy and his menagerie making people smile by featuring the stars of the show—senior dogs—center stage. Sure, you may see the pig in a wig, or the turkey dancing to vintage Madonna songs while Greig suffers through a kitchen remodel. But, you’ll rarely see the man behind the magic, which is fine with Greig. Despite lying low, he says that offers for romantic matchups are plenty, but never accepted. “I get a lot of messages, a lot of people flirting with me. They say they’re just like me. Well, that makes it worse! There can’t be two crazy people in a relationship,” the 55-yearold says with a laugh. “I found out I’m better not in a relationship; it’s been that way since my early 40s,” he adds. Greig is also constantly offered compensation for product endorsement, but rarely takes the bait. He will post about products he

24 | | Spring 2021

Almost all of the Wolfgang pack has special needs, which is not by accident. Steve Greig adopts the dogs who need the most help. That was the plan when he started bringing home seniors in 2013. believes in, and does concede that the money helps with his massive veterinary bills. Kitty’s surgery alone was $1700. Almost all of the Wolfgang pack has special needs, which is not by accident. Steve Greig adopts the dogs who need the most help. That was the plan when he

THE WORLD-RENOWNED PET-FRIENDLY CYPRESS INN Invites you and your four-leggers to visit Carmel. Pets are welcome throughout the hotel, in the cozy living room or in the charming courtyard for lunch or evening appetizers.

LINCOLN ST. CARMEL-BY-THE-SEA (800) 443-7443 WWW.CYPRESS-INN.COM Co-Owned by Doris Day and Dennis LeVett

Spring 2021 | | 25

started bringing home seniors in 2013. His first,

his super-senior companions never leaving his

Eeyore, had bad knees and a heart murmur.


Blindness and deafness are common among the current eleven, as is differing stages of

Greig feels the most successful result of his

heart and other organ failure. Managing it is all

Instagram popularity is, no doubt, the message

part of the daily controlled chaos. “Somebody

he’s been able to convey about adopting older

has peed somewhere—always—or thrown up

dogs. “It’s unbelievable. Every message I get—

their medicine, so I have to regive it and guess

thousands of them—I have never had one say

how much stayed down. Bikini [the pig] was

I should not have done that! I always say, as a

constipated, so I had to chase her around the

human, as you get older, you become the best

house trying to catch her to give her an enema.

version of yourself. It’s the same with dogs.

I’m trying to work an eight-hour day and keep

They know what they want and so do I. Adopt

up with Instagram. We do have a three-day-

one senior and you will understand. The love

a-week housekeeper. Other than that, it’s all

they have to give is so much more. There is

me.” Despite the workload, it’s a life filled with

something so grateful about them.” He’s also

love and chuckles for Steve and his posse, with

written a children’s book about his experiences

26 | | Spring 2021

with his pups titled The One & Only Wolfgang, in which he extols the virtues of life with more-seasoned dogs. He reminisces about one stop on his book tour at the Denver Art Museum. It was a sold-out event, and he brought nine of the dogs with him. “I had a friend come to watch the dogs. Everyone loved it, but then I see the Irish Wolfhound was walking around in the audience,” he recalls, knowing that with this many paws on the ground, things rarely go as planned.

Natural Veterinary Therapy GENERAL VETERINARY CARE USING NATURAL REMEDIES. Dr. Annette Richmond Certified in Acupuncture and Physical Rehabilitation

Exams Bloodwork Acupuncture Chiropractic Swim Therapy Physical Rehab Non-Anesthetic Teeth Cleaning and More! 26135 Carmel Rancho Blvd., Ste E-103 located in the Carmel Rancho shopping Center


Spring 2021 | | 27


category | topic

Just days after Steve Greig spoke with Coastal Canine, the unthinkable happened. Little Shadrach passed away in his sleep, snuggled right up against Steve. He’d tucked into the human bed in the middle of the night, nuzzled up to his dad, and died peacefully. In grief, the grandmaster of the cutest circus ever posted this message for his one million followers: “Go pick up your dogs and love on them. I think that’s the best way to honor Shadrach. He would love that.” Will do, Steve. Will do. From Instagram sensation Steve Greig and New York Times bestselling author Mary Rand Hess comes The One and Only Wolfgang. This is the story of real life members of a very unique family. At one time deemed “unadoptable”, one at a time they were brought to Steve’s home to become part of the pack. This inspiring story teaches us all about unconditional love and the power of rescue. This book is filled with colorful illustrated photographs and although its considered a children’s book, it is fun for any age group.

28 | | Spring 2021

Dina Ruiz is a longtime Peninsula resident who has worked in the media for more than 20 years. She has been an anchor at KSBW-TV and featured on the TV shows “Candid Camera” and “Mrs. Eastwood and Company.” She is currently getting a master’s degree in creative writing at San Jose State University. Her Instagram handle is @dinaruiz.




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Spring 2021 | | 29



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Improve your pets quality of life IT’S OUR FOCUS! Dr. Theresa Arteaga, DVM, DACVIM (oncology) graduated from Cornell University, college of veterinary medicine. She then completed her oncology residency at Animal Medical Center, NYC. Dr. Arteaga has been a boarded oncologist for 10 years, and is currently conducting clinical trials.

We offer • Chemotherapy • Targeted Therapy • Immunotherapy • Palliative Care • Electrochemotherapy

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begin with a Pixel


By Pam Bonspe r

ave you ever tried to take a photo of your dog? If so, how many tries did it take to get more than just the back of their head, their tail, or just a fuzzy image of Fido as he jumps for that toy you’re holding above you? You may have decided . . . It’s ok, let’s just forget it!

Now, picture yourself taking a photo of your dog, your cat, and your kids all at once with all eyes forward. I know . . . Not even gonna try it! I know this is going to be a stretch, but let’s say you have a small (or large) farm and you’d like a portrait of your human family, your dogs and cats, and your horses, cows, chickens, ducks, llamas, and turkeys—as well as the newly adopted pup? Impossible, right? Well, not if the photographer is Tasha Hall of BC Farm & Family Photography with her photographic assistant, a darling little Aussie and Border Collie mix by the name of Pixel.

32 | | Spring 2021


Spring 2021 | | 33

Tasha’s passion started back in the fall of 2014, she explains. “I wanted to create a Christmas card for my own family, but I wanted to include more of our furred and feathered family members, so I created our very first “Farmily” portrait. We pulled out the old couch and arranged just a few of our ducks and chickens around it, as well as our three dogs.” The following year, Tasha decided to do it again, adding more of their animals, even their horses. A dream was born. Once she realized there was a demand for pet and farm photography, she dove in headfirst and never looked back. “You always see family portraits on the walls of people’s homes, but for me, the family doesn’t stop with the people. What about all of our furred and feathered “Farmily” members? They are just as much a part of the family as any human component . . . so, I decided to change the way people look at family portraits! We include everybody from the largest horse to the smallest guinea pig, mouse, or snake.”

34 | | Spring 2021

In November, 2019, Pixel came to help. Even her name reflects the intimate connection to photography and the artistic techniques Tasha utilizes in her Farmily portraits. Pixel travels across the country with Tasha as she’s photographing farms and pets along the way. Pixel, the energetic assistant she is (oh, those herding dogs just HAVE to work), helps round up sheep and goats, eventually finding the missing camera–shy ones. It’s hard physical work, and is dirty and muddy and messy and fun. Just what Pixel loves!

“You always see family portraits on the walls of people’s homes, but for me, the family doesn’t stop with the people.”

While Pixel is chasing the chickens and ducks, Tasha finds the perfect settings for each unique farm: expansive property backgrounds, beautiful green woods, old

Spring 2021 | | 35

category | topic

“I love dog portrait sessions! They are easier by far, although most of my farm family photos have at least two or 3 family dogs in them and sometimes as many as a dozen.”

furniture to perch on, a rustic pickup truck, or just a row of hay bales. And when it’s time to pull out the camera? Tasha laughs, “Every session is an adventure! Trying to herd llamas without getting spat on, wrangling pigs and chickens. Once a cow got away and ran off into a field. Usually I come out dirty and laughing. Any day with animals is a great day!”

36 | | Spring 2021

Tasha’s husband, Nathan, is her biggest supporter and is always there to help with the photo shoots. When asked about her process of getting everybody in their place, spaced just right and usually all looking at the camera, Tasha explains, “The photos are done in layers. First we create a set and then we start bringing the animals out a few at a time, or even one at a time if needed. The goal is to spend enough

Spring 2021 | | 37

time with each animal so we can get it interacting with the camera. We want to get every animal looking its best, so the time is spent with each one to make sure it is comfortable and at ease. We don’t just line the animals up; we get to know their personalities. The photos of each animal or group of animals are taken, and then the final image is created with Photoshop.” Needless to say, the demand for Tasha and Pixel’s delightful Farmily portraits is growing. “So far most of our farm families have been in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada, but we also travelled to Tanzania in Africa and did one beautiful farm image there as well. The goal is to travel the world photographing farms as we go.” Her trip to Scotland last year had to be postponed, and Tasha says that she can’t wait to do a U.S. tour when she’s free to travel again. When asked about her “All about Dogs” category, she says, “I love dog

38 | | Spring 2021

Pixel is somewhere hidden in every Farmily photo I have created since we adopted her at the end of 2019. I call them her “Pixel Peeps!”

Spring 2021 | | 39

& acrylic artist all my proceeds donated to

catherinesullivan watercolor

order greeting cards, 100’s of products thru:

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A Legend was born.

40 | | Spring 2021

(831) 768-7148

portrait sessions! They are easier by far, although

portrait—or even your individual pup’s portrait. After

most of my farm family photos have at least two or

all, it’s all about having fun . . . and it doesn’t have to

three family dogs in them and sometimes as many as a

include mud!

dozen. I also do a lot of puppy-litter sessions and they can be pretty crazy! Who doesn’t love a whole pack of puppies climbing all over them, though! SO cute!”

To book for Tasha and Pixel’s upcoming U.S. tour, contact Tasha (or Pixel) at

My final question for Tasha: How do you reimburse Pixel? (Knowing dogs, I know some kind of a treat must be forthcoming.) She laughs and agrees. “Pixel is somewhere hidden in every Farmily photo I have created since we adopted her at the end of 2019. I call them her “Pixel Peeps”! So when you look at these beautiful photos, look for Pixel . . . and don’t forget to check out Tasha’s website. You just may want to book Tasha for your Farmily

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These fabricated-steel dogs were originally created by artist Dale Rogers for a temporary large-scale art installation called “The Big Dog Show.” This newly installed one, shown here at the Peace of Mind Dog Rescue office in Pacific Grove, California is a bit smaller at 4’ high and was commissioned and donated by two very generous and dedicated volunteers.



I asked art teacher Jean Jones of St. George, Utah about her fabulous giant chalk drawing, and she shared these thoughts about her “sidewalk dog." When our school closed down because of COVID, I had to teach online. After spending the day in front of the computer, I needed cheering up. Drawing a huge dog on my driveway did it. I loved how people started walking past to see it. It had a wonderful effect on our neighborhood. When my daughter put it on the internet it went viral. I got so much feedback saying how happy it made people. You could say I learned “the power of the puppy.” Since our return to school last fall, I have been able to use it to inspire students. Spring 2021 | | 43


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By Scott Broecker The Rolling Stones may be the epitome of rock stars; however, this spotlight is cast on the dogs who are lovingly painted by Italian artist Roberto Rizzo. Roberto paints incredible portraits of dogs, as well as all kinds of other animals, both domestic and wild. His paintings are skillfully rendered on his favorite medium, known in Italian as sassi dipinti or in English, “painted stones.” Roberto has been fascinated by animals ever since he was a child growing up in Italy, living in a house full of pets that included dogs, cats, birds, fish, and lizards. He continues this childhood passion with undiminished enthusiasm by painting animals every day.

44 | | Spring 2021

cc | artist

After completing studies at the European Institute of Design in Milan, Roberto worked as an illustrator before dedicating his artistic talents to the art of rock painting in 1996. He now resides and works in Malaga, Spain.

water-sculpted stones along rivers, beaches, and streams during his gathering trips and hikes. Roberto believes that each stone has a type of soul, and it brings him great joy to bring out the innate life within each one.

Among the many pet portraits Roberto’s done over the years (including beautiful cats, bunnies, guinea pigs, and parrots) are a large number of commissioned dog portraits. Some are close-up headshots, while others are full body with his subject curled into a relaxed pose, often with their tail tip protruding from under them.

Using an array of brushes and brush techniques, Roberto turns a cold stone into a warm familiar animal with hyperrealistic details such as fur that actually looks pettable. A dog's fur will flow naturally with almost undetectable brush marks and shading.

Roberto collaborates with Mother Nature when searching for the perfect rocks for his work. He finds

Beautiful graduated tones are interlaced with fine detail. From feathers to fur to scales, Roberto's attention to detail is remarkable. Taking advantage

Spring 2021 | | 45

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of the unique shapes created by nature, Roberto might choose a particular rock to become an owl in a tree, or an arched dolphin leaping out from the water. His dog portraits are generally painted on stones shaped like large beans, which accommodate them well. Roberto treats each pet portrait as an individual and strives to capture the subtleties and oneof-a-kind expressions of his pet subjects. His animals always look calm and content, but still alert and alive. He skillfully uses thousands of brushstrokes of various widths to recreate a dog's lustrous coat. Each portrait is soft edged, with a natural sense of depth and a unique perspective. Working from one or more photos, he paints the portraits on stones that range from four to ten inches in size. Roberto begins by choosing and applying a flat base color before completing an 46 | | Spring 2021

cc | artist

accurate drawing of his subject. This is a critical step to achieving his desired result. Using a custom mixed palette of acrylic paint, he starts out using mediumsized brushes, slowly going into more and more detail, while staying true to his original sketch. In between coats, he uses transparent shades to obtain the dynamic illusion of volume. Roberto is very generous with his knowledge and shares many videos and tutorials online. His

published book on the subject was very successful in his native Italy. Roberto’s creative talent is combined with great professionalism, making him a highly respected artist in the contemporary art scene. His paintings are recognized worldwide and are always in high demand. He receives accolades from all over the world and his website has over ten thousand visits each month.

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Roberto believes that each stone has a type of soul, and it brings him great joy to bring out the innate life within each one. 48 | | Spring 2021

Each of his painted stones is a unique piece of artwork, signed and protected with a finishing varnish on both sides. Roberto guarantees the maximum quality of his handmade artwork with a certificate of authenticity. On request, the pieces can be customized with a date and a dedication. His commissioned portraits are full of life and are much more than just a copy of a photo. They can also be rendered on traditional canvas or in pencil and charcoal on paper. His prices vary depending on size and the number of subjects.

You may want to commission your own precious keepsake as a memorial or gift for yourself, friends, or family. For further information and to see more of Roberto’s work, have a look at these sites:|

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By Jennie Blevins


n a lush forest south of Eugene, Oregon, a fiveyear-old Chihuahua mix named Gustave hunts for buried treasure. Dressed in a little orange jacket, he trots along the forest floor, until he comes to a spot rife with intoxicating smells. Here he starts digging into the earth, and in less than a minute produces one of the most

50 | | Spring 2021

expensive and sought-after delicacies in the world: a forest truffle, black, white, or brown depending upon the season. Marcy Tippmann, Gustave’s mom, has been bringing her beloved dog into the woods to hunt for truffles for several years. Although common throughout the Pacific Northwest, truffles grow underground making them difficult to locate. They are generally found one inch to six inches deep and are a form of mushroom that develops in a symbiotic association with the roots of trees. Truffles are said to be the “fruit” of these fungi. Tippmann adopted Gustave from a rescue site in Washington when he was just nine months old. That


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summer, she started training him right at home by wrapping truffles in paper towels and hiding them in the house. “He’s smart and easy to train,” she says. "We made a fun game out of it.” By January he was out tracking and finding truffles in the woods. “Gustave has some Terrier in him, so he likes to be in the ground, digging.” She adds that any dog can be trained to hunt for the delicacy. Gustave uses his extraordinary sense of smell to assist him in locating the truffles. Scientists believe that a dog’s sense of smell is up to 100,000 times more acute than a human's. Marcy tells me that sometimes Gustave will pick up the scent of a truffle and track it 20 to 30 feet back to its source. A typical hunt with Gustave lasts about 45 minutes. Bigger dogs, such as German Shepherds, can hunt for a couple of hours, according to Tippmann. She and her friend Kristi Anderson go out for truffle

Spring 2021 | | 51

cc | truffles

excursions together with Gustave and Anderson’s Labradoodle, Mia. They also do group hunts with other people. “We do guided forays. We take people to a private location and do an hour-long quest. When I hunt with Gustave we have the dogs mark the ground and everyone gets a shovel and digs them up. “Usually Gustave and I will find 10 to 30 truffles in the same location, but when Kristi and I hunt together, we find around 50-100 and the foray guests get to keep them. We have wine and truffles after,” she said. Like most dogs, Gustave loves to hike in the woods and Marcy says that he gets even more excited because he knows that he will be getting extra treats for truffles. His usual finder’s reward is a couple of yummy dog treats and cheese. Truffles have a long history and were held in high regard as far back as ancient times. Although truffles grow all over the world, the majority of culinary truffles are produced in Italy, France, and the Pacific Northwest. Oregon truffles were once compared to Italian and French truffles and looked down upon. However, they are gaining momentum. The main truffle-hunting season is from late December through early April. “We’re pretty casual and mostly hunt for fun,” Tippman says. “I know people that hunt more

52 | | Spring 2021

seriously; they are semiprofessional and distribute them to local restaurants.” Tippman first transitioned into truffle hunting after years of being an avid mushroom hunter. “I am originally from Ohio and started learning about harvesting wild mushrooms soon after I moved here 15 years ago,” she says. Gustave has a bit of a competitive spirit in him. In 2018, he won the Joriad™ North American Truffle Dog Championship, which takes place every January during the Oregon Truffle Festival in Eugene. The competition takes place in a dirt-covered arena. There are multiple rounds where the dogs search for hidden scented targets, generally truffle-oiled cotton balls. Five dogs compete in the final round, which takes place outdoors among the trees. This year’s event was canceled due to Covid but may take place next January. Tippmann sometimes keeps the truffles for herself and will sometimes give them to friends as gifts. She has also sold them to restaurants. Truffles are sold in farmer's markets and are available online. Tippmann also offered some tips for trying them yourself. Truffles can also be appealing to canines and are thought to be generally safe for them to eat. Gustave likes to munch on truffles. “He’ll take a nibble off of one side,” Tippman says. Tippman will infuse the white truffles with butter for a week. She says they are really potent and very solid. According

Gustave uses his extraordinary sense of smell to assist him in locating the truffles. Scientists believe that a dog’s sense of smell is up to 100,000 times more acute than a human's. to her, they work well on hot dishes; they’re very pungent and thin truffle shavings can be placed on top. The black truffles are milder, almost fruity, and can be served on top of ice cream or crème brûlée. She cleans them by washing them and taking off the dirt with a brush. The white ones are good for a week; the black have a shorter shelf life.

Aside from truffle hunting, Gustave likes learning different tricks and going to the dog park. Marcy says, “He is not super high-energy so he spends a lot of his day napping—especially if there is a lap available or a nice spot in the sun.”


WE HAVE A NEW STATE-OF-THE-ART THERAPEUTIC CLASS IV LASER for treatment of inflammatory issues and various sources of pain


Providing the highest quality medical and surgical service for dogs and cats WELLNESS CARE TRAUMA/EMERGENCY ULTRASOUND ROUTINE DENTAL SURGERY DIGITAL X-RAY IN HOUSE LABORATORY


Karl Anderson, DVM

U.C. Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

Lori Anderson, RVT Hospital Manager & Veterinary Technician

Jennifer Wernsing, DVM

Available for house calls for euthanasia and other situations as appropriate

312 Mid Valley Center 831-624-8509

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Dog Friendly

Farm & Ranch Stays By Belinda Jones


re you ready to roam? As eager as we may be to reignite the sense of wonder that travel can bring, we also want to stay safe. Spending quality time in a peaceful, rustic setting could be the ideal “next-step” vacation for you and your furry family member— idyllic scenery, lungfuls of fresh air, platefuls of fresh fare. Come the end of your stay, you’ll feel as wholesome and rested as The Waltons! These seven dog-friendly options run the gamut from Orcas Island to New Mexico, and they come populated with an

54 | | Spring 2021

array of new animal friends, from llovable llamas to happy hairy hogs, so prepare to expand your heart as well as your horizons! TAOS CREEK CABINS IN TAOS, NEW MEXICO The Land of Enchantment is calling to you—and whistling to your dog with a melodic flute! Set amid the scenic solitude of the Carson National Forest, each cozy cabin offers a wood-burning fireplace and radiant-heated floors in every room—so you know your pup will relish splaying out at your feet after a day’s hiking! Start the morning with coffee on your hardwood deck overlooking the Rio Fernando River, or finish the night there wishing upon a star. Once you visit this mesmerizingly serene area, you’ll understand why dogloving Julia Roberts chose to buy a 50-acre ranch retreat nearby and says, “You can’t be in a bad mood here!” Website: Rates: From $125 a night for a onebedroom cabin with kitchen and dining area.

Spring 2021 | | 55

MAR VISTA COTTAGES IN MENDOCINO, CALIFORNIA Anchor Bay is the charming coastal setting for twelve lovingly-restored 1930s cottages, decorated in fresh spring hues and featuring a mix of wooden rockers, window seats, and old stone barbecues. Guests enjoy bounty from an organic orchard and edible garden, as well as “a rainbow of multi-colored eggs” direct from hen to your skillet! Your pup is free to explore the nine-acre property off leash, provided she/he doesn’t get too excited at the prospect of meeting the resident rabbits and the Pygmy and Nubian goats! One major pet perk: after a romp on the beach or a swim in the pond, there is a warm-water dog wash, as requested by the owner’s pup, Rascal! Website: Rates: From $215 a night. Pet fee $85 per stay for one dog, $115 for two to cover extra cleaning. Rugs and slipcovers are all washable so the place is kept to the highest standards of cleanliness. DOG & PONY RANCH IN JACKSON, CALIFORNIA You can be confident a place is canine-friendly when it includes the word “dog” in its name, but you may be pleasantly surprised to learn there’s not even an additional pet fee when you stay at this stunning private guest house set on a 60-acre ranch in California’s Gold Country. The property sleeps up to six, with an impressive range of amenities including firepit, hot tub, and swimming pond. Resident rescue Lab Cody is on hand to help introduce your dogs to the barn animals, including donkeys and llamas (which you can take for evening walks!), but provision is also made for less sociable pups with lots of fenced space for them to call their own. Check out Cody’s dedicated web page to learn his inspiring story and why he might be the dream vacation pal for your pup: Website: Rates: From $249 a night. $150 cleaning fee with 24 hours between bookings as an extra covid precaution. BEST FRIENDS ROADHOUSE & MERCANTILE IN KANAB, UTAH There’s pet friendly, and there’s pet centric . . . Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is the home-between-home for a staggering 1,600 pets on any given day. With local attractions including Bryce Canyon and Lake Powell, it has also become a destination attraction, and you can now stay just a short drive away in one of 40 rooms and suites at the Best Friends Roadhouse. The design has an almost Scandinavian flair—a mix of crisp whites and natural woods, accented with animal-themed artwork. A continental vegan breakfast is included, along with a pet grooming facility, a dog park with a seasonal splash pool, slide-out pet beds, and plenty of treats. There is also the option for a pet-walking service for an additional fee, handy if you plan to take one of the 14 free tours at the sanctuary, including the unmissable tour of Dogtown with over 400 resident rescue dogs. Definitely one for the bucket list. Website: Rates: Rooms from $149, suites $239. Discounts for Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Members

56 | | Spring 2021

PEBBLE COVE FARM ON ORCAS ISLAND, WASHINGTON Or to give it its full, ever-more appealing name: Pebble Cove Farm Inn and Animal Sanctuary. You’ll be sharing four acres with a variety of adopted farm animals, including a Royal Palm turkey (aka Dread Captain Redbeard) and a pair of sheep named Tempeh and Tofu—a clue that everything served here is vegan! One guest perfectly sums up the experience: “Seriously?! That’s what I was thinking upon first seeing the gorgeous property . . . then the pony strolling onto the lawn as if on cue . . . followed by the chickens, then discovering the rowboat, the garden with carrots we could pull from the ground and heirloom tomatoes fresh off the vine, the twilight-hour s’more feast. I swear it felt as if we were on The Truman Show, waiting for the man behind the cameras to reveal himself. A great memory for all.” Website: Rates: Starting at $160 for the Garden Cabin, to $265 for the Cottage. BARKING MAD FARM IN ENTERPRISE, OREGON “Disappear for a while . . .” That’s the alluring motto for this farmhouse turned bed and breakfast set beside the dreamy Wallowa Mountains—one of Travel Oregon’s Seven Natural Wonders. This three-suite property has bathrooms worthy of a five-star hotel, access to your own private dog park, and organic gourmet breakfasts—we love the sound of the raspberry crepes with crème fraîche and huckleberry drizzle! From here you can visit the artist community of Joseph, hike deep canyon trails with your furry pal, or simply relax on the wraparound porch watching the deer, buffalo, and soaring eagles. Oh, and don’t miss the complimentary tour of the working farm—it includes “piglet snuggles”! Website: Rates: start at $105 per night for a cozy two-room suite, with a $12 per night pet fee. LOVING FARM ANIMAL SANCTUARY IN PASO ROBLES, CALIFORNIA Enjoy a “farmcation” in California wine country surrounded by vineyards, olive groves, and 50 happy rescued animals that, you can rest assured, are now safe for life. All food is plant based, and the owners welcome your nonvegan family and friends because, “Who knows? Maybe they will make positive lifestyle changes after meeting our furry and feathered family!” These family members include a magnificent horned Alpine goat named Lucas, 10 pigs (including henna-red Bella) and six dogs from Chihuahua to Cattle Dog mixes. You can read the truly moving stories of each animal at And then book a trip to meet them! Website: Rates: Check website for rates.

Spring 2021 | | 57

WANT TO GO THE WHOLE HOG WHILE YOU ARE DOWN ON THE FARM? HERE ARE A FEW ESSENTIAL WEARABLES FOR YOU AND YOUR PUP. What to wear on the farm: You can never have too much denim on a farm. This long-wearing, hardworking fabric is a staple, and you’ll never get a better opportunity to break out those overalls! And if you want to go twinsies with your pup, Canada Pooch® offers a high-quality denim worker jacket lined in faux fur in both large and small dog sizes. Plaid is another farm icon whether you are sporting a daytime shirt or flannel pajamas. For your pup, check out’s soft flannel plaid reversible vest. Also opt for sturdy closed-toe footwear when out exploring. If your pup needs foot protection or you just want to keep those footies clean, Ruffwear Grip Trex™ dog boots have set the standard for high-performance paw wear and are designed with a Vibram outsole that provides exceptional traction on varied terrain. Happy trails and waggy tails!

Belinda Jones is a dog-besotted British magazine journalist and bestselling author of eleven romantic comedy novels and a feeelgood road trip memoir titled Bodie on the Road - Travels With My Rescue Pup in the Dogged Pursuit of Happiness (Skyhorse Publishing). Her Instagram handle is @bodieeontheroad

58 | | Spring 2021


Ellie Laks had a challenging childhood dealing with abuse and bullying. She always found comfort from animals, especially her best friend, Simon, a tri-color Australian Shepherd. She felt safest when she was out in nature with her animal friends. For as long as she can remember, she dreamed of having a place filled with animals, where lonely, struggling people could go to connect with animals, learn about animals, and find healing for themselves and the animals. Then, 21 years ago she found out about an abusive

IC) ues CH q Y i B e B t An itur D SHA y n N r A el Fur USE, Jewcor HO s RM t De f A i F , G me CH Ho D FREN (UP



een w t d be ew” n e l bl d the n u f e ast old an t “A the

petting zoo. One by one, she started to bring the animals home to help them heal and thrive. As time went by, she realized her dream had started—she had created her animal sanctuary! She called that dream “The Gentle Barn.” And her dream has grown! At The Gentle Barn, they rescue and rehome or provide lifetime sanctuary for horses, donkeys, cows, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys, llamas, emus, dogs, and cats. The sanctuary also provides the medical and emotional rehabilitation they need through love, veterinary care, massage, acupuncture, nutrition, and supplementation. The Gentle Barn now has sanctuaries in Los Angeles, California; St. Louis, Missouri; and Christiana, Tennessee. The sanctuaries offer virtual and in-person private tours, as well as cow-hug therapy sessions. (They were the first sanctuary to offer this therapy, when they first opened in 2000.)

Affordable pricing to help rebuild Santa Cruz County. Dog friendly, stop in for a dog treat and a people sweet. 1855 41ST AVE. # H02 CAPITOLA MALL, CAPITOLA 95010 (831) 515-7456 Spring 2021 | | 59

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Low cost spay and neuter clinic for cats, dogs, and rabbits.


The non-profit group Friends of the Watsonville Animal Shelter donates all the supplies and equipment needed for the surgeries!

Peace of Mind Dog Rescue is a resource and advocate for senior dogs and senior people on California’s Central Coast.

(831) 718-9122

PO Box 51554, Pacific Grove, CA





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Doggie B&B Survived the Fires - We are open!

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Animal Behavior and Counseling Quality training for you and your pet. • Puppy classes 10-20 weeks • Adult class 5 months and older • Basic and beyond – drop-in • Problem solving • Fun-gility • Tracking • Pet first aid classes • CGC workshops and tests

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Monterey Fisherman’s Wharf Casual Dining Fabulous Oceanfront Views Spacious Pet-friendly Patio Scrumptious Doggie Menu A service of From the Heart Dog Training

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• Indoor facility • Fully supervised play times • Matted flooring • Pet first aid trained staff • Weekly rates • Multiple day rates When you can’t care for your friend during the day, let us. Visit or call 783-0818

Monday–Friday 8:00am–5:30pm Saturday 8:30am–1pm

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Pam Jackson Dog Training 30+ years Experience Training over 9,000 Dogs Loving and respectful training WITHOUT treats. Guaranteed Results

Year Round Classes


DMKC Dog Training

in Capitola and Watsonville

Puppy Classes | Obedience | Conformation

$120 Per Eight Week Session

Demonstrating Responsible Dog Ownership since 1966 Email us at:

All-Breed Conformation Shows with Obedience & Rally Trials (831) 272-2847

Pumik, Ramses & Astrid

GOT MANNERS? A positive, holistic approach to your dog’s training and well being.

Private in-home sessions


DOG TRAINING Andee Burleigh, CPDT 831-625-7592 831-214-4163 Carmel 62 | | Spring 2021




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• Competitive Rates • Monthly payment plan • A plan for businesses of all sizes

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