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On The Cover


Chulita with Gabriella Graham

Chulita is a 12-year-old Chihuahua. She was abandoned in a cardboard box in San Jose with two crippled knees in 2008. She was rescued by Animal Friends Rescue Project and underwent two surgeries to correct her malformed knees. She was then adopted by Gabriella Graham and was the apple of her eye until Graham’s death from cancer in June 2014. Gabriella had a Facebook page set up for Chulita and posted photos of her dressed up for every possible occasion— Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter, Fourth of July, change of seasons, elections, 49ers games—you name it! Gabriella had prearranged for Chulita to come to us (Scott and Carie Broecker) upon her death. We were to foster her for Peace of Mind Dog Rescue, but after two months of fostering, we decided we couldn’t part with this sweet little soul. Her name is now Chulita Graham Broecker, and we are proud to have her on the cover of our fall issue!

4 | | Fall 2014

Letter from Coastal Canine

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“We need, in a special way, to work twice as hard to help people understand that the animals are fellow creatures, that we must protect them and love them as we love ourselves.” ~ César Chávez


his issue is dedicated to the Art of Rescue. Artists like Sophie Gamand and organizations like HeARTs Speak use the power of the visual image to help homeless animals find homes and to further the missions of animal welfare agencies. Rescuing animals can be an art in and of itself. When someone like Kyle Cochran or Linda Hickey looks into the eyes of an emaciated, abused animal and imagines with their mind’s eye the true beauty of that animal, the creative spark of love does the rest. With unconditional love and care, the animal blossoms into a work of art, a being infused with gentle kindness, who then gives back tenfold. Read about American Ninja Warrior Kyle Cochran’s relationship with his diabetic detection dog, Leeloo. Also read about another warrior, Xena, the Pit Bull who was nursed back from the brink of death by those who saw beyond her emaciated body and breathed life into her, transforming her into the beautiful puppy she was meant to be. What happens next is the story of a miraculous transformation when Xena and Jonny, an eight-year-old boy with autism connect at a deep soul level. Speaking of art—meet Hallie, the Dachshund, who paints in spite of going blind at the age of ten. Hallie’s paintings are sold to customers all over the world, and all proceeds go to animal rescue. Other stories include the Cynosport® World Games, which took place in Morgan Hill this year, Dr. Katja Herrmann’s selfless work for the dogs, and a review of Monterey restaurant and produce stand, The Wharf Marketplace. Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to you and your four-legged family members.

Woofs and Wags, Scott and Carie Broecker

Editor/Publisher Carie Broecker Photographer/Writer Scott Broecker Graphic Design Olivia Trinidad Ad Design Brandl Tucker Website Design Monica Rua


Pam Bonsper Cindie Farley Ernie Mills Whitney Wilde

Copy Editor

Cindie Farley

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Coastal Canine is printed on 10% recycled paper. All inks used contain a percentage of soy base. Our printer meets or exceeds all Federal Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA) Standards. Our printer is a certified member of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) The FSC sets high standards that ensure forestry is practiced in an environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable way. Fall 2014 | | 5

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Rescue Me – Xena and Jonny: Who Rescued Who? 10 It is a miracle when Xena, a Pit Bull puppy, is rescued from the brink of death. Xena returns the miracle when she becomes the constant companion of an eight-year old boy named Jonny.

Dog of the Day – Training Partners 28 American Ninja Warrior contestant, Kyle Cochran, trained his rescue dog, Leeloo, to be his diabetic detection dog. Now she helps him train for an extreme obstacle course.

For The Dogs – Dr. Katja Herrmann 34 Dr. Herrmann’s emergency clinic is fondly known to insiders as “Rescue


Anonymous.” Many sick and injured strays come through their doors—and are never turned away. They receive treatment and new homes!

39 Rover Reviews The Wharf Market Place, Monterey

Features HeARTs Speak 14 Find out how over 500 artists are combining their talents to help save lives and bring more awareness to animal welfare.


Photography that Goes Beyond the Image 18 Sophie Gamand, a French photographer, volunteers much of her time

photographing rescue dogs in an effort to enhance their appeal, find them homes, and save lives. Read about Sophie and have a gaze at her artistic dog portraits.

Picasso and Lump 22 Learn a bit more about this world-famous artist and animal-lover. Hallie’s Art 24 Losing her vision doesn't deter this senior Dachshund from continuing her


passion to paint.

CYNOSPORT® World Games 23 The United States Dog Agility Association held their world games

competition in October 2014. Over 900 dogs from 11 countries descended upon Morgan Hill, California for this world-class competition.

GeoDog 30 Turn your next dog walk or hike into a treasure-hunting adventure.

Everything Else 07 Business Spotlight – Carmel Valley Doggie Bed and Breakfast 31 Surf Dog Ricochet 32 Bits & Chews 6 | | Fall 2014


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Carmel Valley Doggie Bed and Breakfast

that this woman took care of dogs in her home for people who were vacationing. Gwenn realized that her ten acres of property was a doggy haven, and she could do the same thing!

Gwenn Urgo 831-659-1807 Gwenn Urgo is a dog lover. She lives and breathes dogs. They are her joy and her passion. Gwenn and Jim purchased ten acres in Carmel Valley in 1978 and promptly brought home a Golden Retriever to share their life with. Gwenn waited tables and cleaned houses while her daughter was in school. She would hike with her dogs before work, take a walk between jobs, and then hike again after work. In 2004, on one of her walks, Gwenn met a woman who was walking a pack of seven dogs. She found out

Gwenn’s home became Carmel Valley Doggie Bed and Breakfast, and in the past ten years she has taken care of over 500 dogs. Besides her clients, Gwenn now has three dogs of her own and they are all rescues: Brian, her sixteen-year-old Golden Retriever, and two Cocker Spaniels named Bailey and Harley. Gwenn says her doggy bed and breakfast is like doggy camp. No kennels or cages are on the property. The dogs are with Gwenn all the time, hiking, swimming, and romping in the garden.

Fall 2014 | | 7

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8 | | Fall 2014

Costumed Canines

Next Issue:

Dogs in support of a Cure Send in a photo of your dog wearing a pink bandana. If you need a pink bandana, email us. We have lots to share. Email photos (at least 800x800 pixels) to

cc | rescue me

Each Other’s

Miracles By Carie Broecker

This is a story about two miracles. A four-month-old puppy was found in horrific condition. She collapsed on a lawn in Atlanta, Georgia. When animal control picked her up, she was close to death. She arrived at the shelter cold, emaciated, and dehydrated, with no strength to hold up her head. This pup needed help immediately. The odds were against her, but the rescue coordinator at the county shelter, Chrissy Kaczynski, knew she had to give her a

came in on a Saturday, late in the day. It was after 5:00 p.m. and all the vet clinics were closed. Luckily, Chrissy had her veterinarian’s cell number, and the vet was willing to meet her at her clinic after hours. At the clinic, the pup received intravenous fluids to rehydrate her, and they worked to get her body temperature up by wrapping her in warm blankets. An hour later, the puppy already started to look more alert, but she was far from out of the woods. She weighed only six pounds, which was about a third of what she should have weighed. The puppy went home with Chrissy, and once she made it through the night, Chrissy became more optimistic about her prognosis. This puppy was a fighter. This puppy wanted to live. Chrissy named her “Xena, the warrior puppy,” to honor her strong spirit and will. She fed Xena a spoonful of food every two hours so her system wouldn’t go into shock. The vet monitored Xena to be sure she had not suffered any organ damage. Chrissy started a Facebook page for Xena to help raise funds for her care, bring awareness to her story, and to ask for leads to help the authorities track down who


was responsible for the abuse Xena had endured. She

Chrissy worked for the shelter, but was also founder of a

and updates.

rescue group called Friends of DeKalb Animals. The pup

10 | | Fall 2014

documented her story on Facebook with daily photos

cc | rescue me Photos Courtesy of Linda Hickey

When the local news station did a story about Xena and aired a photo of her from the day she was found, Linda Hickey happened to see the photo flash across her television screen. She still gets emotional talking about that haunting image. It took her breath away. She became a Facebook fan of Xena’s and checked her page daily to make sure she had made it through the night. When Xena was found, it was hard to tell what breed she was. Chrissy thought she might be a Labrador mix, but as Xena began to gain weight and mature, it became obvious that she was a Pit Bull. Two months into her recovery, Xena was well enough for a meet and greet with her fans. By then she had well over 10,000 Facebook fans cheering her on. By this time, Linda was in love with Xena and was taken with her spirit and her story, but she had never met a Pit Bull. All she knew about Pit Bulls was the negative image portrayed by media stories. She felt compelled to go to Xena’s meet and greet. She wanted to meet Xena not only because she had followed her story so closely, but also because she was curious to see what a Pit Bull was like. Linda took her eight-year-old son with her that day. They were there less than five minutes amongst the crowd and TV crews, and Linda was taken with Xena. She was still bald from mange and was wearing a sweater. She was a regular fun-loving puppy. There was nothing scary about her. Linda decided to apply to adopt Xena. It wasn’t until two months later that she got a call from Chrissy saying Xena was ready to be adopted, and asking if she still want to adopt her. Linda’s answer was “yes!” Linda didn’t tell her children that Xena was coming home for a trial adoption. She picked up Xena and then picked up Jonny from school. When he got in the car, his eyes lit up, and his life was changed forever. He was so excited to see her, and she was excited to see him. She jumped in his lap, started giving him kisses, and he started talking to her nonstop. He began describing her. He said, “You have four legs. You have two ears. You have a boo-boo on your nose.” What is amazing about this is that Jonny had been diagnosed with autism. He typically had space issues

Fall 2014 | | 11

cc | rescue me

and rarely chose to speak. The fact that he was delighted to have Xena on his lap—and that he was talking—blew Linda’s mind. Jonny was a child who spent most of his time alone for the first eight years of his life. He used little language, but once Xena came into his life, he began talking, playing with balls, laughing, giggling, and singing to her. Linda says it was magical. After years and years and thousands of dollars spent on therapy, it was Xena who got through to Jonny. At that point, Xena had 14,000 Facebook followers. Linda began posting photos and updates on the Facebook page every day, and the people who fell in love with Xena, now began to fall in love with Jonny and were touched by Jonny and Xena’s relationship. For six weeks, Linda posted updates, but she never mentioned Jonny’s autism. For years she had felt judged by others and was very protective of Jonny and their privacy. But on March 25, the day they were finalizing Xena’s adoption, Linda decided it was time to tell the world about Jonny’s challenges and about how much Xena was helping him. And guess what? The Facebook friends loved him anyway. Just like Linda had loved Xena even though she was a Pit Bull. The Facebook friends embraced Jonny even though he was autistic. They accepted him for who he was Xena now has over 66,000 Facebook friends. She

Veterinary Internal Medicine, Oncology and Behavior Appointments Available Offices located in Capitola and Monterey Our monterey location offers the same quality service you have come to rely on in Capitola for over 14 years.

MONTEREY 2 Harris Court Suite A-1 Located in Ryan Ranch (831) 717-4834

Tuesday-Thursday 8am-5pm FOR APPT IN MONTEREY CALL

(831) 476-2584 12 | | Fall 2014

Voted Best Veterinarian in Santa Cruz 2012 is a symbol for Pit Bull awareness. She is a symbol for acceptance and nonjudgement. She is a symbol for unconditional love. In 2013, Xena received the ASPCA Dog of the Year award and in September 2014, she received the American Humane Association Emerging Hero Dog Award. Her award was sponsored by Trupanion Pet Insurance. On awards night, Jonny, Xena, and Alex (Victoria Stilwell’s daughter), walked the red carpet together leading into the Beverly Hilton. Linda posted a photo of Jonny and Alex on the red carpet, holding hands and standing with Xena. Her comment was “An unbelievable night! “

I’m sure Jonny and Xena will be inspiring people for many, many years to come. Magic happens when they share their story. Do yourself a favor and go to and look back at their timeline and “like” their page, and prepare to be moved by their love.

Fall 2014 | | 13

cc | feature

14 | | Fall 2014

By Pam Bonsper

Art speaks and opens hearts Question Number One: Have you ever searched a website to adopt a dog and found one who jumped out at you and screamed, Adopt me! Adopt me! I'm the one? Question Number Two: Have you ever taken a selfie and cringed at the image, wondering who that could possibly be? Put these two ideas together, and you have the essence of HeARTs Speak, an organization whose mission is to get animals out of shelters and into your arms. They do this by collaborating with artists of every medium, whose common characteristic is a deep passion for animal advocacy. Let's go back to the selfie. Normally, when dogs enter shelters they are photographed during their intake procedure. This is the picture that goes online and shows them off to the world. Picture yourself wanting to go online and put your best mug forward. What if your picture was that questionable selfie you took? Yuck! You wouldn't get one click. Now let's go back to the dogs. What if you were scared to death when that photo was taken? What if you had a mischievousness that was lost? A sweetness that was obscured? An intelligence that was hidden? In comes HeARTs Speak. They know the importance of image. It can make or break an adoption, especially when so many adoptions are initiated online. They know that image-perfect exposure is key to how someone will react to an adoptee. Alicia Bailey, a HeARTs Speak photographer, explains, "It's all about collaboration. Shelters don't typically have the resources for a photo studio and equipment, but they want to do everything they can to get their animals seen and adopted. We created the Perfect Exposure Project to show them how. We launched our program at two shelters last year in New York and Philadelphia. In addition to the initial workshop where staff and volunteers learn the basics, we also provide follow up and support to ensure success." Fall 2014 | | 15

cc | feature

When artists and communities come together to help animals, everybody wins! She goes on to say, “Our Perfect Exposure Project continues to be successful at both shelters, and we are expanding our reach to collaborate with more qualified shelters.” These techniques help with online adoption agencies as well. As a shelter or an agency, you want your dog to pop out on websites like Dog Finder and Adopt-a-Pet. How do you do this if you don't have a fresh, high-quality photo that is going to help? Photos that bring out dogs' best qualities also bring people into the shelters and adoption agencies, where they say, "I want this dog!" Alicia stresses the importance of social media. Image is everything. It is responsible for increasing adoption numbers and also in recruiting more volunteers. I asked Alicia how painters, sculptors, writers,

illustrators, designers, and other artists work with HeARTs Speak. She explained that artists and communities come together in all kinds of ways. The artists have their own relationships with shelters and are active in many ways. Some donate their works to art shows. Some donate to publications. Some help with fund-raising benefits. These are hands-on artists who do what they can to help their community shelters and rescue programs. The importance of getting the animals out of the shelters is the goal. HeARTs Speak opens the door between art and animal welfare."When art can help," says Alicia, "we jump at the chance." HeARTs Speak also has many service professional members. Some are fine-arts photographers who have received top awards. "When a prestigious artist gets

WHEN YOUR PET NEEDS US, YOU'LL BE GLAD WE'RE HERE. • Supporting your veterinarian with board certified surgery, internal medicine and dermatology. • Conveniently located 24-hour emergency service. • Leading edge medical technology. • Valuing the community, our relationships and the environment.

451 Canyon Del Rey Blvd • Del Rey Oaks (in the Stone Creek Center by Tarpy’s)831-899-PETS (7387) •

16 | | Fall 2014

HeARTs Speak's mission is to get animals out of shelters and into your arms. 172 16th Street Pacific Grove, CA 93950


Come in and meet the new owner

Kimberly Wilkins, DVM Hours

Mon-Fri: 7:30am-6:00pm Sat: 8:00am-5:00pm Sun: closed

Providing a full spectrum of state of the art medical and surgical services in our quaint cottage setting

press, it shines light on shelter animals," says Alicia. "We collaborate with all kinds of people. We even have a junior membership level. It is all about collaboration." To see the many organizations that HeARTs Speak partners with, just go to their website: You will find BarkBox, Adopt-a-Pet, Petco Foundation and Animal Farm Foundation to name a few. The Unexpected Pit Bull creates calendars that celebrate Pit Bulls. HeARTs Speak photographs give Pit Bulls positive and sometimes hilarious visual voices and help to quiet prejudice.

Offering House Calls Senior/Military Discount

HeARTs Speak's Facebook page is adoption geared. I just checked it out myself. But just a word of caution. You will definitely see an animal that screams or just meows from the page, Take me! Take me! I'm the one! HeARTs Speak unites and supports artists who provide their talents to animal welfare organizations and the communities they serve. A memberbased 501(c)(3) nonprofit consortium of photographers, authors, designers, painters, illustrators, sculptors and animal advocates, they offer pro bono creative services to animal shelters and rescues. For more information, go to

Caring For: Dogs Cats Birds Rabbits Ferrets Reptiles Pocket Pets

Fall 2014 | | 17

cc | feature

Photography that Goes Beyond the Image By Pam Bonsper

I believe it is important that we should

remember we created and manipulated dogs to make them what they are today," says Gamand. "We subdued an entire species to fulfill our needs. That should give us a responsibility towards them.

from Europe in 2010, award-winning fineart photographer Sophie Gamand became fascinated with dogs and the subculture that revolved around them. “When I came to New York, I had to reinvent myself. My challenge was to take my work in a new direction. I started with street photography, but I found myself taking more photos of dogs than people.”

18 | | Fall 2014

photos by Sophie Gamand

Shortly after moving to New York City

Fall 2014 | | 19

cc | feature personal photography With both a documentarian and a fineart approach, Sophie photographs dogs at her Brooklyn studio or on location, bringing her portable set-up to clients’ homes and to animal shelters. Sophie got her start in dog photography by entering the Cobble Hill Animal Clinic and volunteering her photographic skills. Peeking at her from behind a wall was a white dog with blue eyes, standing there looking slightly bewildered. The dog, whose name is Sebastian, inspired Sophie to think about the many questions about how people and dogs cope, living in a big-city environment. Are animals meant to live a city lifestyle? What are the consequences for them? To what extent do humans go to fit their pets into their urban lifestyle? Sophie knew that she had found her quest and niche as an artist. The white dog with the blue eyes can be found on Sophie’s website in her series, “At The Vet.”

charity work Sophie volunteers half her photography time to animal charities and shelters. Through her “Striking Paws” program she is dedicated to giving back to homeless pets by providing high-quality portraits of adoptable animals to rescues and shelters to help promote them in the highly competitive adoption circuit. Sophie has documented the work of rescue groups to help bring awareness to key issues, such as the work of The Sato Project (,

20 | | Fall 2014

an organization orchestrating better lives for the stray dogs of Puerto Rico. Sophie often finds herself educating rescuers about the importance of a good photo and how it can get a dog noticed and adopted. An image is worth a thousand words, as we all know. To that end she has developed and taught photo workshops for animal rescuers to help them better their photography. Good images can help save more lives! And finally, Sophie has helped raise money for various charities by setting up an on-site photo booth during events and collecting donations in exchange for a photo shoot, or by selling prints or calendars.

projects Some of Sophie’s many unique ongoing dog-photo series include:

on social media, Sophie hopes to bring awareness to the hundreds of thousands of Pit Bulls euthanized each year. Prints of these images are available, as well as a 2015 calendar titled Flower Power, Pit Bulls of the Revolution. Proceeds will benefit the rescue groups involved.

Dog Pageant documents the unique over-the-top world of canine fashion competitions in New York City. In her studio, Sophie recreates a similar competition atmosphere with very stylish canines as her models. Wet Dog and Metamorphosis reveal the process and resulting magical transformation of dogs being reborn at the groomers. Sophie’s photos from the Wet Dog series won her first place at the prestigious 2014 Sony World Photography Awards, in the portraiture category. She is currently working on a Wet Dog book (scheduled for Fall 2015). Photo Courtesy of Sophie Gamand

At The Vet shows scared, relaxed, bewildered animals. Sophie captures the mixed emotions experienced by cats and dogs while visiting their veterinarians. Opera Dogs captures dog models in the midst of song-like vocalizations and facial expressions as if they were belting out an aria. Dog Vogue shows dogs adorned in unique costumes designed by Anthony Rubio in front of subtle backgrounds and posed with artistic style. Dead Dog Beach underscores the harsh reality endured by the quarter of a million stray dogs roaming the United States Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Enjoy Sophie’s photography and follow her career as she continues to create and capture amazing images of dogs and continues to help put the spotlight on dogs in need. Visit Sophie’s website at www. to see more images, and for more information regarding her rescue work visit Follow her on Instagram @SophieGamand.

Let the Light Shine On Your Pet With Class IV Laser Therapy Non-invasive approaches to assist with tissue injuries, reducing inflammation, and pain management for your pet.

Watchdog captures the artful toughness of her smaller canine models. These costumes were designed and created by Sophie, using feathers and jewelry. Flower Power softens the images of the lovable, adoptable, often misunderstood Pit Bull mixes. The beautiful studio shots of rescued, adoptable Pit Bulls shed new light on these dogs. With her #PitBullFlowerPower campaign

Becky Lewis •


27 San Juan Grade Rd. • Salinas, CA 93906 p.831.417.7859 • All therapy services are performed with the supervision of a California licensed veterinarian.

Fall 2014 | | 21

Photo by David Douglas Duncan


otably one of the most influential

artists of the 20th century, Picasso was greatly influenced in his later years by Lump, one of his four-legged companions. Picasso acquired Lump, the Dachshund, in 1957 from his friend, photographer David Douglas Duncan. It was love at first sight, and Pablo and Lump spent many happy years by each other’s side at the Spanish artist’s Cannes home. Lump was allowed free rein of the house and property and was one of the only creatures ever allowed in Picasso's private studio. A constant muse and inspiration, Lump appeared in 54 of Picasso’s works, including a plate inscribed to the beloved Dachshund. They were together most of the time. Lump died ten days before Picasso in April 1973.

22 | | Fall 2014

CYNO ® SPORT World Games By Ernie Mills

Cynosport………….? What is Cynosport…? Cynology is the study of dogs. Therefore—you guessed it—Cynosport is sports involving dogs. The CYNOSPORT World Games (pronounced seeno-sport) are produced by the United States Dog Agility Association (USDAA), which was formed in 1986. The USDAA is the largest, oldest, and most prestigious independent authority for agility in the U.S. and the world. There are over 40,000 registered competitors and more than 200 different breeds, including mixed breeds, competing worldwide. This year’s World Championships in Morgan Hill in October, will crown the top dogs from each of four different jump heights of 12”, 16”, 22”, and 26” in the following events: Grand Prix of Dog Agility® World Championship The Grand Prix is the most prestigious tournament in dog agility and tests the competitors’ full range of training and skills in successfully navigating and completing a standard course including the entire list of agility obstacles. This event truly crowns the Dog Agility “World Champion.” Competitors with the fastest times and fewest faults win. $10,000 Dog Agility Steeplechase® The Steeplechase combines speed and accuracy and demonstrates the competitors’ ability to perform a course made up only of jumps, the A-frame, and weaves. You will see some amazingly fast and agile dogs and handlers in this event. Similar to the Grand Prix, dogs with the fastest times and fewest faults win. This is the only agility event that provides cash prizes to the winners.

Photo Courtesy of Cynosport ®

A Healthy Dog is a Happy Dog! emade Healthy m o H ™

Dog Agility Masters® International Three-Dog Championship As the tournament name implies, the best competitors and their dogs from around the world team up in groups of three and are tested in their versatility and endurance. Based on a point system, this event consists of five different rounds of competition involving speed, accuracy, and strategy, which are tested over several days. Dogs of different sizes can team together, and scoring is balanced to adjust times and points based on the dogs’ sizes. Only the top teams compete in the final round, a relay that puts all three dogs and handlers in the ring at the same time. Team members run their section of the course while carrying a baton. Once their portion is complete, the baton is passed on to the next team member. The CYNOSPORT World Games this year will be attended by nearly 900 dogs from 11 countries: Argentina, Canada, China, England, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, and the United States. The sport is one of the fastest-growing dog sports in the world right now and does require significant time and dedication. The popularity is due to the great competition you can find, the great physical activity for you and your dog, and the fact that sport creates a special bond between you and your dog that is unmatched in any other dog sport. To be successful, you and your dog need to totally understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. If you, like most of us, are not as fast as your dog, your dog needs to understand that and be comfortable with it while running at his top speed throughout the course. Similarly, you need to know if your dog prefers turning to her right or left as you figure out how you plan on handling a specific course. This deep understanding of each other creates something special and truly amazing to watch. The CYNOSPORT World Games bring the highest caliber of dog/handler teams together in one place each year from all over the World. Being able to watch these multiple events is an experience you won’t forget.

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cc | feature

Photos by Dee Dee Murray

By Carie Broecker

Hallie's J

strokes of genius By Carie Broecker

ust like Beethoven, who could compose music without the ability to hear it, Hallie creates art that she can’t see. Hallie is a 14-year-old long-haired Dachshund. She and her two littermates were left in the night drop box at Thurston County Animal Services in Olympia, Washington. Dee Dee Murry was still mouring the loss of her long- haired Dachshund, Jessie, who had passed away four years earlier. She was not ready to get another dog, although dogs either kept finding her, or she would find them and help them find new homes. Her friend, Diane Jessup, worked at animal services and asked Dee Dee if she could foster the threesome so they wouldn’t have to stay at the shelter. Dee Dee agreed to foster the pups. Hallie’s two siblings found wonderful homes, but Hallie ended up stealing Dee Dee’s heart. She thought she was the perfect dog - smart, sweet, and adventurous. The next ten years flew by. The two were inseparable, and Dee Dee discovered that Hallie loved to learn and to show off. She started training with her, and Hallie earned several titles including Companion Dog, Rally Novice, Schutzhund, and Canine Good Citizen.

Fall 2014 | | 25

cc | feature


WE HAVE A NEW STATE-OF-THE-ART THERAPEUTIC CLASS IV LASER for treatment of inammatory issues and various sources of pain



Karl Anderson, DVM

U.C. Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

Lori Anderson

Hospital Manager & Veterinary Technician


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“fire dance”

command, Dee Dee taught her to tap the paper with the brush. Within a few days, Hallie was picking the brush up out of the paint cup and going over to the paper and making strokes and dabs. She never seemed to tire of painting. She could do it for hours.

Dee Dee is an artist, and Hallie drapes herself across Dee Dee’s shoulders when she paints and works on the computer. One day when Hallie was ten years old, Dee Dee wondered if she’d like to paint. Hallie was already so welltrained and used to holding items in her mouth because Dee Dee was always dressing her up in the studio and having her hold things for photo shoots. She pretty quickly learned to hold the paintbrush in her mouth, and with the “target” or “touch”

26 | | Fall 2014

A few months later their world was turned upside down when Hallie went blind, suddenly, from SARDS (Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome), a canine autoimmune disease that attacks the retinas. Dee Dee was devastated and Hallie moped around for a couple of weeks, but then just as quickly as their life turned upside down, Hallie turned it around again. She adjusted to her challenges, quickly learned how to get around the house, and was ready to go everywhere with Dee Dee and have more adventures.

Dogs need vacations too.

“dancing maids”

DawgGoneIt Doggie LoDging anD Daycare

She started a K9 Nose Work class, which she loved and excelled at! She also started doing her tricks again, and to Dee Dee’s surprise she started painting again, too. She picked up the paintbrush just like she used to. You would never know she was blind. Dee Dee says when she could see, Hallie seemed to contemplate her paintings more with Photo by Teri Towne

slower strokes and pauses, but since being blind Hallie is a much faster painter and doesn’t stop until her painting is done. Hallie has become an Internet sensation and has appeared on several local and national news shows. Anderson Cooper invited her to be on his show in New York, but Dee Dee thought that was too far for her and Hallie to fly and declined the invitation. Hallie’s paintings are for sale on her website, Her paintings have been purchased by people from all over the United States and as far away as Israel, Japan, and Europe. The sales of her artwork have raised over $30,000 for Purple Heart Rescue ( There are also t-shirts, ornaments, and photos of Hallie for sale on her website. Next year, her first children’s book will be out. It will include the true story of Hallie, as well as several fictional stories about her adventures.

A safe, fun and modern luxury dog hotel where you can leave your pet for a few hours or extended overnight stays...

539 ramona avenue Monterey, california


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cc | dog of the day

Training Partners By Carie Broecker

Kyle Cochran, a 26-year-old insulin pump salesman from San Diego, is best known by a national audience as a competitor on American Ninja Warrior, the heart racing obstacle course competition that airs on NBC. The warriors are extreme athletes who compete at the highest level to complete a series of obstacles and then move on to the next stage if they succeed. Photos Courtesy of Kyle Cochrane

28 | | Fall 2014

Kyle competed valiantly in seasons four, five, and six. But this year, when training for season six, something had changed in his life that made it possible for him to train harder than ever. Kyle is an insulin-dependent type 1 diabetic. Despite his diabetes, he has always enjoyed sports and strenuous outdoor activities, but because of the diabetes, he has to be careful about keeping a close eye on his blood sugar, making sure it does not spike or drop to dangerous levels. This used to mean pricking his finger and testing his blood sugar almost every hour when he was exerting himself. Kyle’s dad heard about using a diabetes alert dog to help alert to high or low blood- sugar levels. He found a book on the Internet called How to

Train your Diabetic Alert Dog and sent it to Kyle. Kyle started searching the Internet looking for a rescued dog to adopt. He knew the temperament and qualities the dog would need to succeed, such as having a gentle personality and being a quick learner, but more importantly he knew that he and the dog must have a strong connection. He saw Leeloo’s photo on and was drawn to her. Leeloo is a Labrador/ Whippet mix. In January 2014, she was about eleven months old. She had been fending for herself for quite some time when Cindy Wilde found her hiding in her backyard. She tried to earn her trust, but Leeloo kept running off into the woods by her house. Cindy soon realized that Leeloo was being hunted by a pack of coyotes and would take refuge in her yard when needed. Cindy finally

coaxed Leeloo into the house and began fostering her with the intention of finding her a loving home.

as Leeloo is an extraordinary dog. Just as she chose to trust him, he chose to trust her, with his life.

Kyle had looked at hundreds of photos and met dozens of dogs in his search for a service dog, but when he met Leeloo, he had an immediate connection with her and knew she was the one. Even though she was skin and bones, scared, and shaking, he looked into her eyes and despite how she was presenting herself in the moment, he could see her potential. He could see who she wanted to be. He could see that she was truly sweet and loving and wanted to please someone. Once Kyle got her home, he saw signs that she had been abused at one time but chose to trust him. I believe that just as Kyle had seen something special in her eyes, she had seen something special in his as well, for Kyle Cochran is an extraordinary human being just

Fast-forward eight months and Leeloo has now completed her detection-dog training. Kyle trained her himself, by following the instructions in the book his dad gave him. Kyle started by taking swabs of his saliva when his blood sugar was in a high range and separate swabs for a low range and froze the swabs. He had Leeloo smell a swab, and then he would give her a treat. This was repeated over and over. Then he taught her to smell the swab, then give an alert, and then she would get a treat. If she lies down, she is smelling low blood sugar. If she puts her paw on his knee, she is smelling high blood sugar. The training is time-consuming, but Leeloo was a fast learner. What Kyle didn’t know she would do is alert him to



Natural Veterinary Therapy

510 Lighthouse Avenue #5, Pacific Grove, CA 93950


Fall 2014 | | 29

cc | dog of the day

through to reach a rope and then swing onto a narrow landing pad. Although he didn’t win the competition, Kyle will always be a warrior in my book. In addition to being an ultimate athlete, Kyle is also a motivational speaker who inspires diabetics and other people facing life challenges to never let their obstacles stop them from doing what they love and living life to the fullest. Kyle will be marrying Jessica, the love of his life, in December this year. We wish Kyle, Jessica, and Leeloo a long and happy life together.

changes in blood sugar while he was asleep. The first time she did that, he thought she needed to go out or just wanted affection. But she was persistent, and finally he realized she was alerting him. This year, when Kyle trained for the 2014 season of American Ninja Warrior, Leeloo was at his side every step of the way. He now can get away with checking his blood sugar just a few times a day. He leaves the rest to Leeloo, and she lets him know when his blood sugar is high or low. Does Leeloo know what she is doing? Does she know how important her role is in his life? Some might say she just learned how to get a treat, but Kyle believes there is more to it than that. Their connection is deep. If Kyle’s blood sugar is out of range, and he is not paying attention to her signal for some reason, she gets very persistent and antsy and let’s even say, worried.

30 | | Fall 2014

Ph oto by Jessica

In September 2014 Kyle made it to Las Vegas with the top 100 American Ninja competitors. He was disqualified on the half-pipe attack where competitors must run across a vertical half-pipe, then make a leap from the half-pipe about halfway


With a dog as bright and intuitive as Leeloo, it’s hard to imagine that she isn’t aware, to some extent, that what she does for Kyle is more than a game.


Waves of the

Photo by

Surf Dog Ricochet

Surf Dog Ricochet is a world famous, award-winning surf dog who surfs for fun, wins dog surfing contests & most importantly... SURFS WITH PURPOSE! She brings individuals together through the creation of unique surfing experiences to empower kids with special needs, people with disabilities, wounded warriors and veterans with PTSD. On October 10th, Ricochet surfed with two critically ill teenage boys who had also just met for the first time, but have uncanny similarities. Both boys are named Jacob. They are both 19 years old, born 25 days apart. They both have hypoplastic left heart syndrome. They are both critically ill and need lifesaving heart transplants. Jacob Kilby lives in San Diego, and Jacob Jumper lives in Houston. The two families contacted Ricochet for assistance within 24 hours of each other. The similarities don't stop there. Ricochet has been involved with many fateguided encounters, but this is the most serendipitous of them all. To read more about the parallels of these cosmic cousins, go to: http://www.surfdogricochet. com/waves-of-the-heart.html. Arrangements were made to bring the two Jacobs together for the same surf session. The magical day started with the Jacobs greeting each other with a big hug and handshake. Ricochet quickly nuzzled her way in, and the three bonded instantly. After about 10 minutes in the lineup, they were pushed into a wave and both boys popped up, using Ricochet's lifejacket to hold onto. Huge smiles came across their faces, as cheers from family members and friends echoed on the beach. Once out of the water, Ricochet gave high fives to the boys who were beaming with delight. The problem for both boys is a shortage of donors. Each day, 18 people in the United States die while waiting for organ transplants. Every 13 minutes, another person's name is added to the list of thousands who have been waiting for lifesaving organ transplants. Right now, more than 120,000 patients are waiting for a transplant in the United States. Surf Dog Ricochet urges everyone to get on board and join her “waves of the heart� campaign to help lower the desperate statistics. Please give the gift of life by signing up to be an organ donor. Additional info and how to register can be found at

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cc | bits & chews

Products That Impressed Us Up & Under™ Doggy Steps

FLOWER POWER CALENDAR 2015 Flower Power, Pit Bulls of the Revolution is a photography series created by award-winning photographer Sophie Gamand. Her goal was to present Pit Bulls in a different light, in order to fight the prejudices against these dogs. The proceeds of the calendar will benefit the three New York City rescue groups whose dogs are featured in the series: Sean Casey Animal Rescue, Second Chance Rescue and Animal Haven., $30 32 | | Fall 2014

Up & Under are compact, lightweight, collapsible, portable doggy steps that pop up when and where you need them, then fold and store under anything when you don't. Simply extend and lock the legs into place and put Up & Under in just the right place— next to your dog’s favorite chair, in front of the couch, or at the end of the bed; or carry them in your vehicle to help your dog get in and out of the car. These steps can hold dogs up to 70 pounds. Some dogs may need you to add a nonstick traction tape to make the stairs less slippery., $29.99

cc | bits & chews

Books Worth Barking About Rescuing Riley, Saving Myself: A Man and His Dog's Struggle to Find Salvation By Zachary Anderegg and Pete Nelsen (contributor) 2013, Skyhorse Publishing, $24.95 While hiking on a solo vacation in a remote, uninhabitable region of Arizona, Zachary Anderegg happened upon Riley, an emaciated puppy clinging to life, at the bottom of a 350-foot canyon. In a daring act of humanity, Zak singlehandedly orchestrated a delicate rescue. As a former U.S. Marine sergeant, Zak was one of only a few people with the mettle and physical wherewithal to get Riley out. And in rescuing him, Zak was also attempting to save himself, conquering the currents of cruelty that swelled beneath his early life and always threatened to drown him.

Picasso & Lump: A Dachshund’s Odyssey

Really Important Stuff My Dog Has Taught Me

By David Douglas Duncan

By Cynthia L. Copeland

2006, Bulfinch, $29.99

2014, Workman Publishing Company, $12.95 Cynthia L. Copeland has a gift for discovering simple, timeless lessons. She did it when her children were younger with Really Important Stuff My Kids Have Taught Me. Now she distills all-new wisdom from her lifelong love of dogs. Really Important Stuff My Dog Has Taught Me is tender, funny, warm, and utterly inspiring. Pairing an irresistible photograph with just the right sentiment, every page delivers a life lesson that appeals as much to our hearts as our minds. It reminds us again and again of what’s important, like love: “Be there when others need you.” Compassion: “Even the smallest act of kindness matters.” Perseverance: “Keep going until you find your way home.” A healthy sense of self: “Make it squeak until someone pays attention.” Living in the present moment: “Scratch where it itches, when it itches.” And that happiness is a choice: “Leap higher than you have to.”

Picasso's lovable Dachshund, Lump, was such an important part of his life that his former guardian, David Douglas Duncan, created a book documenting their relationship. Picasso & Lump: A Dachshund's Odyssey is the littleknown story of how Lump found a home alongside a Boxer called Yan and a goat named Esmeralda. Lump is immortalized in many of Picasso's acclaimed works of art.

The 2014 American Humane Society

Hero Dog Awards Eight dogs walked the red carpet at the Beverly Hilton Hotel to receive their American Humane Association Hero Dog Award. The dogs were honored in eight different categories: Law Enforcement Dog; Arson Dog; Service Dog; Therapy Dog; Military Dog; Guide & Hearing Dog; Search and Rescue Dog; and Emerging Hero Dogs (for ordinary dogs who do extraordinary things.) Xena, our Dog of the Day from this issue, won the Emerging Hero Dog award for her profound effect on eight-year-old Jonny’s life.

Jonny, Xena, and Alex (Victoria Stillwell’s daughter), hand in hand, walking the red carpet on awards night.

fall 2014 | | 33

cc | for the dogs

Dr. Katja Herrmann Monterey Peninsula Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Clinic 20 Lower Ragsdale, Monterey (831) 373-7374 By Cindie Farley


en years ago, a small, fluffy, white Poodle mix with a black patch on half his face was brought into an emergency clinic. He had a broken pelvis and was so badly injured that the general consensus in the clinic was that he should be put down. The veterinarian, however, couldn’t bring herself to do that, so after surgery to put a plate in the little dog’s pelvis, she took him home. The veterinarian was Dr. Katja Herrmann, and the dog, now known as “Winston,” is 15 years old and still with her. He still accompanies her to work as well and is stationed at her feet when she’s in the central office area of her clinic. Dr. Herrmann founded the clinic, Monterey Peninsula Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center (MPVESC), and it has been serving the area since 34 | | Fall 2014

2004. Because of its 24/7 emergency care, the clinic receives many injured animals. Often, the animals have been abandoned and are found and brought in by Good Samaritans who cannot afford to pay for the emergency treatment. When MPVESC receives an injured dog or cat, a lot goes into just determining if the animal can handle surgery. And no matter what, the clinic will always try its best to save an animal and ONLY euthanizes it if the prognosis is grave. Dr. Herrmann estimates the clinic has received hundreds of such rescues over the years. And all of those have been further rescued by the clinic itself in its efforts to find good homes for each and every animal. She simply sees it as an integral part of the overall rescue process. The clinic gladly provides its emergency services for abandoned animals without the support of any outside funding. The difficult part, Dr. Herrmann says, has always been finding homes for the rescues. However, things have improved in that area, thanks to MPVESC’s collaborative efforts with rescue groups such as Animal Friends Rescue Project (AFRP) and Peace of Mind Dog Rescue (POMDR). Dr. Herrmann cannot overemphasize the gratitude she feels for

the teamwork provided by these organizations. It’s made a huge difference in her ability to see a “light at the end of shelter” for the animals she and her staff have cared for. “And I couldn’t do what I do without my staff,” Dr. Herrmann acknowledges, again with a sense of gratitude. She then adds, “And we all probably end up with one dog too many at some point over the years.” Chris O’Rear, a Registered Veterinary Technician at MPVESC, has a Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix that Animal Control brought in with a fractured pelvis. With two Basenjis at home, Chris originally took “the disposable little dog that no one wanted” home only as a foster. Well, the Basenjis fell in love with “Skittles” as she is now known, and would help her get around while she was recovering, even lifting her up by her harness! Chris, of course, ended up keeping Skittles, and now, two years later, the little dog that no one wanted is happy and healthy and can keep up with the other four-legged members in her forever family.

Dr. Herrmann says that every animal that comes into the clinic as a rescue is memorable. She, herself, currently has three other dogs besides Winston, all rescues. Little Lemon, a black Chihuahua, was running in the street and scooped up by Erica, another staff member at MPVESC. At first, Lemon was so fearful and agressive no one could touch her, but now she, herself, is on the staff there, assisting Winston at his station. Then there’s Pelucci, a hairy “who knows?” as Dr. Herrmann says. Most likely a Chihuahua mix, she thinks. Pelucci was brought in with a diaphragmatic hernia and needed emergency surgery. After a home couldn’t be found, she took him. “Skippy” is another older dog she ended up with when AFRP brought him to her for emergency surgery to remove a liver tumor. She affectionately describes him as her “big, fat brown dog,” who is most likely a Corgi mix. Skippy had been orphaned when his owner passed away. Monterey County Animal Services frequently needs to bring injured animals it picks up into the

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clinic. Debbie Palmer, who is an animal control officer for MCAS, says, “It is a huge comfort to pick up the phone in the middle of the night to call the clinic and know that the staff will be outside waiting for me at 2:00 a.m.” Debbie, as it turns out, had been friends of Skippy’s old family, and she finds comfort in knowing he has a good home with Dr. Herrmann. Debbie considers Dr. Herrmann one of her “heroes” and part of her “extended family.”

In reflecting on the work that she does, Dr. Herrmann says that it’s a “very serious occupation,” one that can cause burnout. But she knows that she and her staff are doing the right thing for the patients and the public, including the good people who bring animals in and have formed attachments to them. And it’s the right thing for the staff at MPVESC, too, knowing that as “Rescue Anonymous” (as they think of themselves), they have found homes for their rescues. “They just need a little attention,” Dr. Herrmann says of the rescues. And she and her staff give them all that and more.

• Agility • Obedience • Puppy Classes • Tricks • Nosework • Urban Herding • Private Training • Gym Rentals • Birthday Parties • Treats • Training Gear

120 Central Avenue • Pacific Grove

(831) 717-4580 • Fall 2014 | | 35

cc | feature

GeoDog By Whitney Wilde

Arrrrrr! Ay be Captain Woof—the pirate pooch searching for hidden treasure with me mateys! Come along on this adventure called geocaching: the modern “Find It!” game using a handheld GPS device to get location coordinates off a satellite. It is part treasure hunt, part outdoor adventure, part techno-geek, and all fun for pups and people. We discovered geocaching by accident. Hiking through the lush green forest, mom stopped to tie her shoe and noticed something odd, out of place: a metal box hidden in a hollow fallen tree. Hidden treasure! I expected scurvy dogs to come claim their pirate booty of gold doubloons and jewels. Mom bravely opened the box and found some stickers, AA batteries, and a plastic army man. Huh? Geocaching started in May 2000, when Dave Ulmer hid a plastic bucket of goodies (software, videos, books, food, money, and a slingshot) in Beavercreek, Oregon. He posted the coordinates in an online newsgroup and dared people to find the “stash.” Today, there are over two million caches worldwide.

Geo-lessons For our first treasure hunt, we accompanied veteran geocacher Rhonda Rocker and geo-dogs Cissy (Australian Cattle Dog) and Leila (Border Collie/ Chow). Rhonda explained to us “muggles" that our first step is to go to a website such as www., to view a list of caches (nearest one first). They are rated for the difficulty to locate and difficulty of terrain (one star = easy; five stars = difficult). Geocaches come in a variety of flavors. A geocache contains at the minimum a logbook to sign. An event cache is a meeting of local geocachers, with the location discovered using GPS. Letterbox caches contain a rubber stamp that you stamp in your personal journal, and then use your own rubber stamp in the cache 36 | | Fall 2014

cc | feature logbook. Multi-cache or series caches involve two or more locations. For a mystery or puzzle cache, solve a puzzle(s) to figure out the coordinates. Virtual caches, also called “waymarks,” are located at a landmark (like a waterfall or Pinnacles). With our experts in the lead, we quickly found the Carmel Valley cache inside a Tupperware® bowl. Caches can also be inside ammo boxes, plastic paint buckets, or magnetic key holders. Most caches contain SWAG (Stuff We All Get), and the rule is TSLS (Take Something, Leave Something). You’ll want to stock up on inexpensive trinkets such as key chains, carabiners, AA batteries, tweezers, pliers, or beads. A “hitchhiker” is an item that travels from one cache to another cache. Travel Bugs are geo-coins or tags that are trackable hitchhikers, embedded with a GPS chip that can be followed online. Rhonda discovered a geo-coin in Salinas that had originated in Hawaii, which she then left in a cache near Yosemite. Leila barked until the cache was returned to its hiding place, then ran back to the car. What a scallywag, but it was nice to know I wasn’t the only one nervous about bilge-sucking pirates.

TOTT (Tools Of The Trade) Rhonda had all the TOTT of an experienced geocacher. Here are a few things you might need:

• GPSr (global positioning system receiver) to coordinate the longitude and latitude, trail descriptions, clues. Handheld GPS units run from $100–$300. Ideally, you want a one-click, paperless device to load info (such as instructions and hints). Size matters when it comes to the GPS screen; a larger screen is easier to read. Touch screen or buttons? You can use your smart phone, but there are many places you won’t get coverage.

• Journal to log your finds • Compass • Flashlight • Extra AA batteries for your GPS (batteries only last a day) • Magnet-on-a-stick and mirror-on-a-stick (to see or reach difficult places)

First Solo Outing Geocaching has its own language, and it took my people some time to learn the lingo and the icons, but the hardest part was choosing which of the many caches. We started in a rural park a few miles outside Santa Cruz. Using our smart phone as a GPS, Mom went online and found there was treasure only 406 feet from where we were sitting and over a dozen more within a mile! She checked out the online log entries and the “selfies” posted by previous geocachers. Relying on a compass and not my nose, we quickly found the cache. Mom was hooked and we raced to treasure hunt the next-closest cache. I was busy enjoying all the new smells of deer, skunk, and geese—this was a real sniff-a-thon. The real pirate pooch plunder is that we go hiking more often, and that geocaching has introduced us to new dog-friendly places to hike! Arrrrrrrf!

Getting Started with Geocaching 1. Start by downloading one of the many free GPS apps available for your smart phone. 2. Sign up for a free account at (an app is also available here for downloading). 3. Type in your location (the name of your city and state will do). 4. Browse the map for caches near you, and click on one by name. Take note of the difficulty rating. 5. Type the coordinates (waypoints) into your app. Be sure to scroll down and click on “decrypt” for an additional hint. (Getting the hint could make the difference between finding and not finding the cache you are seeking.) 6. Look on the provided map for your approximate location and gather up your gear, including a pen to sign the guest log. 7. Ask your pups and kids if they are ready for a rollicking, treasurehunting adventure. 8. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find your first one. (It took three tries for me!) 9. You can preprogram multiple locations on your app and then search at your convenience. (Maybe on your next dog walk?) 10. Have fun!

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Luke and Indy

Cancer Awareness Journey

Luke Robinson and his dog Indy, a 3-year-old Great Pyrenees, arrived on the central coast on October 16 as their border-to-border journey continues. Beginning in May 2014, Luke and his two dogs started their two thousand mile canine cancer awareness trek from Peace Arch Park on the Canadian border. After 800 miles, Luke's dog, Hudson, had to be sent back home to Tennessee from Crescent City, CA due to health problems. Although difficult, Luke and Indy have continued onward. Following Highway One they are now past the half-way point. Having already walked 1,100 miles, they hope to reach the Mexican border by Christmas. Luke has raised over a quarter of a million dollars to fund comparative and traditional cancer studies that can benefit both pets and people. Follow Luke on his journey through his webpage blog and his daily posts (depending on cell coverage) on facebook, twitter, and instagram.

38 | | Fall 2014

Rover Review The Wharf Marketplace 290 Figueroa St, Monterey (831) 649-1116 As told to Pam Bonsper You may not believe it, but I'm writing this on a computer in my owner's office. She took me to the Wharf Marketplace for lunch today. I munched a healthy dog biscuit provided by the establishment, while I heard her talking to the manager. I always like it when the conversation goes to the dogs, because that's why I write these reviews. After all, it's my job to get you to take your dog where you can eat your heart out instead of leaving him stuck at home eating your shoes. Now, I could go on and on about the great food: the grilled panini sandwiches, (roasted portobella mushroom, baker's bacon, caprese, to name a few), the farm-to-table salads (thanks to Tanimura and Antle, who own the place), and tantalizing desserts. Not to mention the wines, cheeses, fresh seafood, bakery delights, and shelves of FRESH fruits and vegetables (this is where chef's shop!) Maybe you've already figured it out. This historic place, which used to be the old Southern Pacific Railroad Station is called “Marketplace” for a reason: it's a superior-quality breakfast and lunch eatery that is also a one-stop shop. And let's get back to the main point—it wants our business! The conversation I overheard was on how to encourage dog owners to come and enjoy. And bring their dogs with them. When I hear a manager thinking of ways to get our business, I perk up my ears (even though they go sideways) and listen. She talked about plans for a yappy hour. Now that got my ears up. Since dogs don't have on-line dating sites (yet!), the massive patio and ambiance of the wharf is the perfect meeting place. Our owners can eat and shop while we sniff and plop. Lots of folks who are walking their dogs stop by for the bowl of water the Marketplace provides. I'll bet they'll stay if they see me out there with my tail wagging. I'm also going to insist on going on Saturdays and Sundays so I can enjoy the sensational outdoor barbecue. Just don't expect me to greet you on Tuesdays. Wharf Marketplace is closed to allow the Farmer's Market to share its abundance. Okay, I've got to go. I'm really at the computer to create that much needed site: Stay tuned! Arf! Arf! Rover Fall 2014 | | 39

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We help pets and their owners live happy, harmonious lives together. With nearly 40 years of expertise, we understand your situation, your pets, and we have the safe solutions to solve even the most unique challenges.


Strengthening Strengthening Strengthening thethe theHumanHuman-Canine Human-Canine Bond CanineBBond ond

$150 Off or 0% Financing! Promo Code: I LUV MY PETS. Offer valid on professionally installed, premium outdoor containment packages. Financing is subject to credit approval. Must present coupon at time of purchase. Not combinable with other discounts or valid on previous purchases. Participating dealers only. Expires 12/31/14

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Fun, positive training focused on strengthening the bond between people and pets at an affordable price. Classes Include:  Puppy Socializing & Training  Family Dog Training  Agility for Fun

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Pam Jackson Dog Training 30+ years Experience Training over 9,000 Dogs Loving and respectful training WITHOUT treats. Guaranteed Results


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Lucinda’s Happy Pets

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Lucinda Ad 3.indd 1

8/22/11 3:37:39 PM





Indoor/Outdoor Flea•Tick•Pest Products K. Shagalow, RN J. Kay, RN, BSN, HNB-BC 650-580-4896

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Pet Portraits by Local Artist, Rhaea Maurel Clay Sculptural Portraits Charcoal Drawings A distinctive portrait capturing the unique personality of your pet.

Animal Behavior and Counseling Quality training for you and your pet. • Puppy classes 10-20 weeks • Adult class 5 months and older • Basic and beyond – drop-in • Problem solving • Fun-gility • Tracking • Pet first aid classes • CGC workshops and tests

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Animal Communicator Alter�ative / Complementar� Healer






Helping dogs become more balanced, emotionally, energetically, and physically; Listening to their stories, getting answers to your questions, and translating for humans.

New, more accessible pricing for 2014 $35 per 30 minutes

YEAR ROUND CLASSES in Capitola, Soquel and Watsonville

More info:Healer Dog Listener www| Intuitive/Alternative for more information:

Obedience, Rally, Conformation By appointment by appointment only: 831.624.8000 571 E. Franklin Street, Suite C, Monterey


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Sip a cafe au lait with an order of fresh beignets and watch the passers-by on the Recreation Trail. Enjoy a glass of wine or a quality craft beer on the garden patio or in our rustic dining rooms. Breakfast is served all day. Free parking available off Wave Street. Wireless DSL enabled. 550 Wave St • Lower Level Monterey • 831.649.8600

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519 Seabright Avenue, Santa Cruz Happy Hour Mon - Fri: 3pm – 6pm $3.50 Pints $7.00 Pitchers $3.50 Basic Well 1/2 Off Appetizers

Santa Cruz’s Favorite Brew Pub is Dog-Friendly!!! The Original Neighborhood Night: Tuesday: 3pm to close $3.50 Pints / $7.00 Pitchers $3.50 Basic Well Fish Tacos $2.95 each Wednesday Fish Tacos $2.95 each The Best in Town!

Brewers Day Thursday: 3pm to close $2.50 Featured Pint $8.95 Pizza or Pasta $3.50 BLT Tacos Live Music Friday: 6:30pm – 10pm No Cover • Great Bands!