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November / December 2014

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Safety by any other name su`riKAw dw koeI dUjw nWA

Trucking, Transportation or Logistics? The Consequences of Bad Credit mwVy kRYift dy nqIjy

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Freight Management PRyt mYnyjmYNt


L.A. Planning to Build e-Highway for Electric Trucks

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No load is worth your life tRUCK sAFETY a pROACTIVE aPPROACH

Truck Drivers are Safest Drivers on the Road

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November / December 2014

The 2016 VNL:

Every difference makes a difference. November / December 2014


Editor’s Note / sMpwdkI Truckers the Real Heroes Deserve Respect and Better Lifestyle Many times when we watch movies, we see heroes performing dangerous stunts. These stunts create a heroic impression in our minds. Although the stunts in movies are often not real, they do offer a few hours of entertainment, and earn millions of dollars in revenue. In relation to movies, I don’t know if people ever realize the heroic and ‘real’ stunts truckers perform on daily basis, and the hardships and difficulties they endure. Most people also do not have a very good impression of truckers; drivers or pedestrians regularly yell at truck Dilbag (Ron) Dhaliwal drivers. If an accident happens that involves a truck, the first thought in most minds is that it is probably the trucker’s fault. To top it off, the news media is not far behind and generically label truck drivers as drug dealers, even though the reality is much different. Trucking is a profession, and like doctors, teachers, and engineers, commercial drivers are professionals in their work. They are our real heroes; driving a big vehicle with thousands of pounds of loads through tough road and weather conditions is nothing less than a dangerous stunt. But, they manage to complete their deliveries every time, even by putting themselves in extreme danger. Many accidents happen on our roads, and truckers also lose their lives. They drive through -40 degree temperature so that critical equipment reaches on time, others can have a hot meal on their table, and patients in hospitals can get their medicine on time. Is this not a heroic stunt – to save lives in reality as compared to on-screen? Don’t you think they are our real heroes? These truckers are happy, even if they don’t get millions of dollars and have a big following like movie heroes. We should, and must, at least give them their due respect. Again, winter is at the doorstep, bringing snow, icy roads, and reduced, or even zero, visibility. I hope you are well prepared for the upcoming winter season. Please make sure you double check your winter preparation list before embarking on your route. Our cover story and additional articles in this issue are based on the upcoming weather. We want you to be safe as no load is worth your life. God bless you and your family. Desi Trucking Magazine team salutes to you, the real heroes…

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November / December 2014

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November / December 2014


Safety by any other name

Safety by any other name


s we go about our daily routine, driving, we probably cross railway tracks about a dozen times and never ever give those tracks a second thought. It is this thinking or more correctly, not thinking, that is dangerous. Whether the tracks have no warning protection or whether it has lights and bells, all crossings are marked on the road warning of their presence and it is those warning to which we must pay attention. There is always a small warning sign on a post. More often than not there are cross bucks painted on the road approaching the tracks and always there is a cross buck sign posted close by the rail crossing. Not only is it expensive when there is a collision between a vehicle and a train, invariably it is the fault of the vehicle. The train has the right of way, no ifs ands or buts. In Canada there are on average, forty wrecks every year between large commercial trucks and trains. In the past few weeks, there have been several, two of which come to mind. There was one at the Emerson MB International Border Crossing between a truck and train. Again, there was one on the Trans-Canada Highway at Moose Jaw. At both of these rail crossings the view is not obstructed and visibility is measured in kilometres. Yet, in both cases a collision occurred. While the Transportation Safety 8

Board hasn’t ruled on either of these recent cases, you can rest assured that “human error” on the part of the truck driver was a key factor. In the recent past, there have been wrecks of import. The first and most prominent at least for me was a bus train collision in Ottawa that killed six people – the bus driver and five of his passengers. Again the TSB hasn’t ruled a cause to date and probably not for a few more months. These investigations are thorough and leave no stone unturned, so naturally take a great deal of time and effort to arrive at the cause. Lawyers don’t wait for TSB findings but make assumptions and in the case of this bus and it’s dead passengers, the law suits are in the mega millions. It will take years, maybe decades to have these cases work their way through the courts and “blame” assigned but let’s just say, legal careers are being made with this particular wreck. Recently a Nevada jury did have one of these wrecks work it’s way through its court system and predictably found the commercial truck driver and truck owner at fault and responsible for the cost of the wreck. In this particular wreck, six people died including the truck driver. The jury ordered John Davis Trucking of Battle Mountain, Nev., to pay more than

G. Ray Gompf

$4.5 million to Amtrak and the Union Pacific railroad. The 2011 fiery collision happened on U.S. Highway 95 west of Reno when the truck crashed through the crossing gate and hit an Amtrak passenger train. Much of the testimony at the trial centered on a National Transportation Safety Board report. It concluded that John Davis Trucking had disabled the anti-lock brakes on the trailer and that most of the truck’s brake drums were seriously worn. There are undoubtedly many more millions to be paid out as a result of lawsuits on behalf of those killed in this wreck. But, now that a court has ruled a fault judgment, the suits will be brought to a conclusion. These few examples are the critical thoughts in our minds as we cross each and every rail crossing in our daily life. We can not slip for even a second into absent mindedness. We may get away with being absent-minded a thousand times but it’s that one time that makes matters. Because we DO get away with being absent-minded so often, we fall into that state of complacency that allows us to think we’ll never get caught. Never allow yourself to reach that point. Particularly, as a commercial driver, be constantly vigilant about your surroundings and never let that November / December 2014

Safety by any other name

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Safety by any other name train sneak up on you. When I was in High School, a class mate of mine died in a car/train collision along with his father and younger brother. That was more than fifty years ago. His name was Lawrence MacKenzie. Their farm lane, leading to the road, crossed a rail way track, so they certainly knew the train ran by very often both day and night. Yet, the old story of familiarity breeding contempt must have played a role. Visibility was not an issue. Yet I still went to that funeral and saw those three caskets draped in white. Three different sized caskets; an adult size; one slightly smaller (Lawrence) and the baby size (the little brother). I can still smell the flowers in the church. Yes, that wreck has had an affect on my life. It has made me think of safety and in particular rail safety for my entire life. The other day, several of us from my hometown were remembering Lawrence. I think it was me that brought his name up and there was not a person among us that didn’t remember the occasion of Lawrence’s death. It was indelibly etched in each of our memories. When I was in the Army, I was the one always aware where railway tracks would intersect with roads and believe me, we crossed a lot of unmarked crossings on private land where there were no warning signs. When I became a trucker, I was the one slowing down to the prescribed speed limit approaching rail crossings and doing all those things recommended to become aware of if there is a train closeby. Rolling down the window to improve hearing, turning down radios so there was no distractions listening for trains; looking both ways along tracks and then remaining in the same gear until having passed over the tracks. There is a rail crossing not far from my home in which I cross regularly. I slow for this crossing every time, yet I can’t tell you the number of cars that have passed me going in my direction across these tracks because they can’t risk a few seconds of their life to be safe. It’s such a shame that people feel the need to sacrifice safety for time. It costs me zero time to ensure I’m safe yet so many people feel such verification of safety is worth their while. That’s the sadness associated with what we allow ourselves to forget about personal safety for the sake of expediency. Our governments and railway companies spend millions each year to prevent rail crossing incidents, conducting awareness programs, making information easily available for all to use, yet in our industry, every year, there are on average forty incidents involving commercial trucks and trains. This is forty wreck too many and until we can bring that number to zero, and zero is the only goal worthwhile, then we have not achieved a point where we know everyone in our industry is constantly thinking of the outcomes. Be aware. Be smart. Be Safe. 10

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November / December 2014


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Government Agency Works to Help Improve Fleet Operations


he National Research Council (NRC) is going to help fleet owners improve fuel efficiency, reduce repair and maintenance costs, decrease engine idle times, and minimize their environmental footprints. NRC created Fleet Forward 2020 and promises fleet manager in trucking, mining, defence equipment and transit sectors “customized technical services” and offers to “collaborate with you on mutually-defined projects,” assuming the projects fall into one of four specified areas:

• Operational effectiveness—NRC offers services from “engineering design to modeling, simulation, prototyping, testing, evaluation and product integration” with the goal of checking equipment and trucks for “dynamics, mobility, durability, functionality, maintainability, and operability in harsh climate as well as the performance of on-board mechanical, electrical and electronic systems.” • Vehicle diagnostics and prognostics—NRC will take a company’s fleet data and use that as a basis to transition companies away from “time-based maintenance to asset condition-based maintenance.” • Power management—Fleet Forward 2020 promises to develop power management systems that focus on fuel conservation, alternative fuels and intelligent fuel use. • Enhanced aerodynamic performance—NRC will use road testing, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and wind tunnel testing to assist fleets in developing tailored aerodynamic solutions. Fleet Forward 2020 program leader Cristian Tabra said the initiative has concrete goals to meet. “If you look at the trucking industry, you have 120,000 tractors, give or take, and 200,000 trailers. There are a lot of variables, but overall, in terms of cumulative benefits, we’re looking at about $450 million in total savings. That includes fuel consumption savings. That includes savings in repairs and maintenance as a result of applying various technologies—we’re talking about vehicle diagnostics and prognostics that, in our mind, will help reduce maintenance costs. Aerodynamic drag reduction devices will generate savings in fuel consumption, and so on.” Tabra also expects Fleet Forward 2020 to have a positive ben12

efit on employment figures. “In terms of jobs created, we’ve said that if we develop all the technologies we want to, which somebody will then have to produce, we anticipate the creation of about 1,200 jobs.” In order for Fleet Forward 2020 to achieve its goals, it will need co-operation from OEMs that produce fleet equipment as well as the companies that purchase that equipment for their trucks. Tabra expects organizations will be attracted to what NCR has to offer. “There are many large OEMS that regularly come to NRC because of our world class expertise and facilities. Also, the fact that we are very competitive in terms of price when it comes to some other facilities, especially the ones in Europe and the US. That’s a clear advantage for us,” he said. In order to familiarize trucking companies and private carrier fleets with what NRC has to offer, Tabra said there are outreach efforts happening. “I can tell you that we are doing everything we can to engage as many fleets as possible by going to trade shows and organizing workshops and so on.” When asked if he thinks NRC will attract fleet partners, Tabra answered affirmatively. “My personal opinion is the big fleets will engage and work with us. I’m thinking of Groupe Robert, Wal-Mart, Sobey’s, FedEx, Canada Post, those types of fleets. That’s what I believe will happen.” He added that NRC is doing everything it can to make it easy for fleets to get involved in the program. “All we need to do is make contact [with the fleet] either by e-mail or phone and then what happens is we sit down with that company and have a discussion. We ask what they want to accomplish, the requirements, and so on. One of the first things we do, especially if we’re talking about proprietary technology, we sign an NDA so everybody is protected, especially the fleet. What follows next is we put together a proposal for the client in which we outline the scope of the work, the schedule, the cost, the deliverables, everything. That becomes a contract that is eventually accepted by both parties. Then the work gets done. That’s the flow.” While there is no cost for organizations to join Fleet Forward 2020, they will be expected to pay for all or a portion of the financial costs of any project that is undertaken on their behalf. As for why NRC developed this program, Tabra said it makes sense to focus on transportation due to its role in the Canadian economy. “Transportation is a critical industry to Canada. At NRC we said ‘let’s put the best people and research facilities we have to support the transportation industry.’ It took us some time to connect with the industry and understand its needs, but we put together a strong business case and business plan and said, ‘we can make a difference. We can help the transportation industry because we have world class expertise and facilities at NRC.’” November / December 2014

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Wireless Roadside Inspections a Reality?


t seems everything has been turning towards the “smart” and wireless side of technology. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has been testing a new technology to perform wireless roadside inspections on trucks traveling at highway speeds. Testing will enter its final phase by December 2015. The FMCSA has been trying to make wireless roadside inspection (WRI) a reality for several years. The goal will soon come to fruition as there are currently 20 inspection sites in the southeast are ready for the field-testing phase. That number is expected to grow by December 2015. The WRI’s interface will be developed by ISE and will obtain the location of inspection sites to create “geofences”. When a truck crosses a “geofence”, it will be scanned and the software will transmit information like logbooks and credentials to the system. The information gained will be transferred to enforcement HowesDesiTruckingHalfPage_W14.pdf 1 8/14/14 10:29 personnel to alert them if the truck needs to be pulled over and reviewed.


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November / December 2014

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Trucking, Transportation or Logistics?

Trucking, Transportation or Logistics?


he word “Logistics” is very vaguely understood in the transportation industry. It is very often mixed up with transportation. By definition, Logistics means having the right thing, at the right place, at the right time. According to the Council of Logistics Management, Logistics is the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods, services, and related information from point of origin to point of consumption for the purpose of conforming to customer requirements. This definition includes inbound, outbound, internal, and external movements, and return of materials for environmental purposes. With today’s fast-moving global marketplace, companies who provide transportation and logistics services play an integral role in the supply chain. Today, the geographical boundaries are disappearing for global trade. But, this globalization has brought in many challenges, one of which is the free flow of goods and services across boundaries. Managing these, in a cost-effective manner is the key to growth in business. In this context, logistics management and supply chain management (SCM) have come into sharp focus in the industry, as an opportunity to gain an edge in the market. The need to keep the chain lean and responsive is a major priority. The ever-changing landscape of the logistics field makes it one of the most dynamic and complex industry niches present in today’s business environment. Inefficiencies in physical distribution in the supply chain management system can often pose significant threats to overall business performance and undermine organizations against leading contenders. A manager’s ability to integrate coordination between various channels of distribution, including transportation, storage of products, and the seamless implementation of data processing systems is vital to the growth and development of logistics firms. Effective logistics managers must posses excellent analytical skills, coupled with a firm aptitude to solve problems within the finance, marketing, production, transportation, inventory control, and quality control sectors. An in-depth understanding of algebra and financial mathematics are also a key corner stone in the devel14

opment of logistics decision modeling. Logistics managers must ensure they are able to adapt to rapidly changing work environments, especially when focusing on the transport component of an organization. Individuals in this field must have a concrete understanding of the cost structures of various carriers and their respective modes of transportation and how to adequately allocate resources and make beneficial pricing decisions under pressure. Managers are also required to have a firm understanding of the legislation and policies governing the transport sector. Ultimately, the goal for Logistics managers is to lower logistics and transportation costs; increase asset turnover; reduce inventory carrying costs; decrease customs fines and penalties through better trade compliance; and strengthen customer service. Modern Logistics primarily focus to fulfill customers’ needs. It involves management of the various activities required to move benefits from their point of production to the customer. These benefits can either be in the form of tangible products which are manufactured, or intangible such as services provided to the customers. Each organization’s approach to Logistics management is different from one another. Some of these firms are more focused to produce these benefits on their own. Their strategy is more aligned towards capturing raw materials. Alternatively, other companies’ logistics strategy is more inclined towards the distribution of the end products into the hands of the consumer. Regardless of the strategic alignment, logistics system is made up of many functional activities such as: Customer Service: is the ultimate goal of any logistics strategy. It involves complaint handling, special order requests, damage claims, returns, billing problems, etc. A well organized customer service set up ensures continuous business from satisfied customers. Inventory Management: is about carrying enough stock to ensure the best customer service without losing money by storing excessive and dead inventory. This is important at both sides – finished goods as well as raw materials. Transportation: addresses physical movement of goods from November / December 2014

Trucking, Transportation or Logistics? a point of origin to a point of consumption. In dealing with international logistics, a well planned transportation architecture is required which involves having a integrated means of transportation through ships, air, rail and road. Knowledge about import and export rules and regulations also play a great role in this area. Storage and materials handling: address the physical storage requirements of holding inventory. It is the management and acquisition of the proper space required and handling the materials within that space. Different options need to be analyzed in finalizing the storage strategy like Buy vs Lease options, or Public vs Private warehousing. Packaging: is about protecting the product while it is being shipped or stored. It is also about presenting the products to the ultimate consumer. There are various government labeling rules that need to be followed and adhered to. Information Processing: links all areas of the logistics system together. Various software packages are available to manage different activities in logistics management. Demand forecasting: helps in preparing for meeting the customers future demands. Historical sales statistics, seasonal trends and planned future events are considered to accurately forecast future demands. Production planning: is another component of the logistics to ensure that customer’s orders are fulfilled on time. Manufacturing needs components and raw materials in order to make finished goods. Proper planning is required to account for machine, labor and capacity constraints. Purchasing: In order to manufacture and deliver orders to customers, internal purchase and procurement of raw materials are very important. Lead times for each supplier also need to be taken into proper consideration. Facility location: addresses the strategic placement of warehouses, manufacturing plants, and transportation resources. These decisions are not made very often, but once made directly reflect the company’s ultimate success or failure. In addition to the above activities, logistics tasks also include, but are not limited to other activities such as after-sales parts and service support, maintenance contracts, return goods handling and recycling operations. An organization’s strategy guides the way the individual activities are performed. A well coordinated and executed logistics strategy plays an important milestone in any organization success. November / December 2014

FMCSA requests insurance liability increases.


proposal from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to amend the rule to increase the minimum amount of liability insurance carriers must have has been sent to the White House’s Office of Management and Budget — the final stop before the rule is published as a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. A recent Department of Transportation report suggested the rule would clear the OMB Oct. 12 and be published as a NPRM Oct. 22. The rule appeared on the radar in April, when FMCSA released a report saying the current $750,000 minimum is

too low. The agency noted in its report the minimum has been the same since 1985, and if had it kept up with inflation, it would be upwards of $1.6 million, FMCSA says. The agency has apparently breezed through the rulemaking process and is poised to publish the proposed rule just six months after releasing the report The American Trucking Associations and the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, however, both cite research saying just 1 percent of truck crashes cause damages that exceed $1 million. Both groups have said they are against an increase in the minimum.

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The Consequences of Bad Credit

Trucking with


The Consequences of Bad Credit

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n trucking and in all industries, maintaining good credit is essential for growth and expansion. Not knowing your credit or having bad credit can harm your business and your personal life. Whenever I sit down with a client applying for credit, I always ask them, “How is your credit?” Some will tell me they don’t know, some say it’s good and some say it’s bad. For those that don’t know, it’s important knowing where you stand before you apply for credit. If your credit score is a poor one, then you can prepare co-signors in advance, or work on improving your credit well in advance. If your credit is good then that’s great. Keep it that way and you have less to worry about when applying for any type of credit. Often people tell me their credit is good and when I check it, it is not. That just causes a lot of problems for the person borrowing money, and the company you’re trying to borrow from. If your credit is being checked, always tell the truth, as the truth will be uncovered anyways. You make yourself look back and hurt your chances of getting credit if you don’t tell the truth. For those who have bad credit, all hope is not lost, but there will be repercussions for your past bad payment history that you must accept. For trucking companies, fuel cards on credit are essential. If the owners of the company have bad credit, there will be a huge issue. Paying cash for fuel will require a large amount of cash on hand at all times, making it extremely difficult to start the business. For larger companies this total will be several hundreds of thousands of dollars and more. It is much easier to have fuel cards and pay one fuel bill each month instead of paying every day. The cash will be tied up to keep paying fuel and you will have issues paying for maintenance, insurance, office staff, rent and drivers later. It is a big advantage to have good credit before starting a company, and - Pash Brar B.A. Pash is a mobile leasing representative with Auto One Leasing LP in Vancouver. She has a banking, collections and accounting background. She specializes in importing vehicles and trailers from the USA.


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The Consequences of Bad Credit maintaining that good credit. Partnerships in trucking are quite common. But if you partner with an individual who has bad credit that partnership is no longer split equally. If one partner has good credit and the others don’t, there will be a reliance on the partner with the good credit to obtain all the credit for the company. I recently saw a partnership dissolve for this reason. The partner with the good credit said all the money issues were on his head and his bad credit partner didn’t contribute equally. As he stated to me, he had everything to lose, while the other person had such bad credit that he had nothing to lose as no one would give him anything. Individuals and companies with bad credit are not entitled to the very best rates. Some of them talk a good game and try to demand a better rate, but that gets them nowhere. Future credit is all based

on your past. If you don’t have a good past, your interest rate will be higher and sometimes you will be outright declined. Bad credit entitles you to nothing. I had one company enquiring about purchasing several brand new trucks and advised me they had high interest rates on some previous purchases and didn’t know why. I told them why. They had bad credit. High risk = high interest rates. In trucking equipment is not cheap. Trucks and trailers are not easy to pay with cash. If your credit is not good and you need equipment, there will be big issues. Whether it’s a company or an owner operator or even for a rental, your credit will be checked. If your credit is bad, you may be declined. Smaller amounts may be possible, but equipment costs are large and larger amounts are harder to come by if you have not maintained a good past credit history. A prospective owner operator who is declined must earn less money and remain driving a truck they do not own, or get a co-signor and a company who is declined may not be able to expand, and can lose loads with no equipment to dispatch. Driving abstracts and credit as well are often checked when hiring. If you have a poor credit history a company may not want to hire you even with the best driving record. A driver with bad credit cannot be trusted with expensive equipment or with a fuel card. If declined for a job this affects your earnings and affects your entire family. Not enough credit or too much credit can also pose issues. Owning only one credit card does not justify any lender to loan you large 18

krzw lYx leI cMgy kRYift vwLy ‘qy hI inrBr hoxw pvygw[ hwl ‘c mYN ie`k kMpnI vyKI hY ijhVI ies kwrn hI bMd ho geI[cMgy kRYift vwLy BweIvwl ny ikhw ik krzy dw swrw Bwr qW aus ‘qy hY jdoN ik dUsry nUM aus ‘qy brwbr dw boJ hox kwrn koeI iPkr nhIN[aus ny mYnUM d`isAw ik jy ibpqw peI qW aus dw sB ku`J jWdw l`gygw jdoN ik mwVy kRYift vwLy dw r`qI Br nukswn nhIN hoxw[ AglI g`l ieh ik mwVy kRYift vwilAW nUM krzw vI mihMgI dr ‘qy hI imldw hY[bhuq swry jdoN cMgy ryt dI mMg krdy hn qW aunHW dI ieh mMg pUrI nw hox ‘qy auh iksy pwsy dy vI nhIN rihMdy[quhwfw Awaux vwLy smyN dw krzw hmySW quhwfy ipCokV ‘qy hI inrBr krdw hY[ jy quhwfw ipClw irkwrf cMgw nhIN qW quhwnUM mihMgI dr ‘qy hI lon iml skygw[ keI vwr qW quhwnUM korw jvwb hI iml jWdw hY[ mwVw kRYift quhwnUM iksy krzy dy Xog nhIN rihx idMdw[myry kol ie`k kMpnI hY jo keI nvyN tr`k KRIdxw cwhuMdI hY Aqy aunHW ny mYnUM ikhw ik ijhVI KRId aunHW pihlW kIqI sI aus ‘qy ivAwj dI dr bhuq hY[ aunHW dw kihxw sI ik pqw nhIN ies dw kI kwrn hY[ mYN aunHW nUM ies dw kwrn d`isAw[ kwrn ieh hI sI ik pihlW aunHW dw kRYift mwVw sI[ ies leI ijMnw izAwdw ^qrw au`nw hI izAwdw ivAwj[ tr`ikMg dw smwn vI ssqw nhIN[ieh sOKw nhIN ik tr`kW Aqy tRylrW dw mu`l nkd qwirAw jw sky[ies leI jy qusIN tr`k dw smwn qW KRIdxw cwhuMdy ho pr quhwfw kRYift cMgw nhIN ies ‘c vI musIbq KVH jWdI hY[BwvyN tr`ikMg kMpnI hY, jW Enr Awprytr hY, ie`QoN q`k ik qusIN ku`J rYNtl vI lYxw cwhuMdy ho sB ku`J ‘c quhwfw kRYift cY`k kIqw jWdw hY[ jy ieh cMgw nhIN qW quhwnUM jvwb vI iml skdw hY[ QoVHI rkm leI qW AOKw nhI pr jy quhwfw purwxw irkwrf cMgw nhIN qW quhwnUM v`fI rkm dI loV smyN bhuq muSkl pyS AwauNdI hY[iksy sMBwvI Enr Awprytr nUM jy krzy qoN jvwb iml jwvy qW aus nUM G`t kmweI ‘qy hI sbr krnw pvygw Aqy iksy hor dw tr`k hI clwauxw pvygw[ jW Pyr iksy ko-sweInr dI Bwl krnI pvygI[iesy qrHW auh kMpnI ijs nUM krzy qoN jvwb iml jwvy vD Pu`l nhIN skdI[ jy pUrw smwn koL nhIN qW aus nUM bhuqy lof nhIN iml skdy[ ieQoN q`k ik jdoN frweIvrW nUM r`iKAw jWdw hY qW aunHW dy fRweIivMg irkwrf dy nwL nwL aunHW dI kRYift ihstrI vI cY`k kIqI jWdI hY[ jy quhwfI kRYift ihstrI mwVI hY Pyr quhwfw fRweIivMg irkwrf vDIAw hox dy bwvjUd vI kMpnI quhwnUM nhIN r`KygI[ auh frweIvr ijs dw mwVw kRYift irkwrf hY ‘qy iks qrHW zkIn kIqw jw skdw hY jdoN aus koL mihMgw smwn Aqy iPaul kwrf vI hovygw[ jy quhwnUM nOkrI qoN jvwb iml jWdw hY qW ies nwL quhwfI kmweI ‘qy vI Asr pvygw Aqy smu`cI pirvwirk Awmdn ‘qy vI[ ij`Qy loV Anuswr krYift nw hox ‘c muSkl hY au`Qy izAwdw h`d hoxw vI TIk nhIN[ ie`k hI kRYift kwrf ‘qy bhuqw Dn nhIN imldw[ie`k hI kwrf bhuqw nhIN[ quhwfy koL izAwdw Dn lYx leI hor kwrf vI cwhIdy hn[ smyN isr auDwr moV ky quhwnUM Awpxw vDIAw trYk vI is`D krnw pvygw[ bhuqw krzw vI sm`isAwvW pYdw krdw hY[ jy swry kRYift kwrfW ‘qy qusIN G`to G`t inrDwrq rkm hI vwps kr rhy ho Aqy quhwfy kol bcwaux leI ku`J vI nhIN qW November / December 2014

The Consequences of Bad Credit amounts of money. One item is not enough. You must have several items of credit. You must prove yourself with a good track record by paying back all of the items in a timely basis. Having too much credit is also a problem. If all credit cards and lines of credit are all maxed out and you’re only paying minimum payments over a long period of time and have no savings this will cause you problems. You may have spent more than you can afford and it will be difficult to get a deal approved when you can’t afford what you already have. Have credit that you can pay off affordably. Finding the comfortable balance where you can pay off all credit cards and lines of credit in full each month, make all installments such as mortgages and vehicle and equipment on time, and still have savings is the goal. It takes time to get there, especially if you’ve already overspent. But it’s easier if this is done from the start. But again, circumstances can change any time. Bad things can happen to good people which may affect credit. I’ve seen illness, loss of employment and industry declines that affect people who had always paid their bills on time and still have every intention to. Sudden changes in life no can predict, but if in a situation like this, you can work to restore your credit once the situation has been resolved. Your credit stays on your record for seven years. If you’re able to, try to restore it. If your credit was bad from the start, try to correct it and show you are able to pay back borrowed money. Options such as secured credit cards are available to get it started. If you can have good credit going forward and really prove yourself, you will find that doors that were closed by financial institutions in the past might open for you once again.

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2015 Great Dane Everest Super Seals now available

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L.A. Planning to Build e-Highway for Electric Trucks

L.A. Planning to Build e-Highway for Electric Trucks AYl ey v`loN ielYkitRk tr`kW leI eI-hweIvyA bxwaux dI Xojnw


n experimental new road design project in Los Angeles, dubbed the eHighway, is being built for a portion of the busy Alameda Corridor, between the ports of L.A. and Long Beach. Siemens has been selected by the South Coast Air Quality Management District(SCAQMD) to install a one-mile stretch of the eHighway system, which consists of the electrification of select highway lanes via a catenary system. It’ll work by supplying diesel-hybrid and battery-electric trucks with electric power via automated current-transfer devices called pantographs, similar to how modern day trolleys or streetcars are powered on many city streets. The company says the system will reduce fuel consumption, substantially reduce CO2emissions, and lower operating costs. Siemens and the Volvo Group, via its subsidiary Mack Trucks brand, are developing a demonstration vehicle for the project. Construction is already underway, and officials expect the two-way, one-mile system to be operational by July 2015. SCAQMD will then conduct a yearlong test of the system using up to four different trucks, each with a different engine type and fuel source, according to local media reports. “The logic of the eHighway system is very compelling for cities like LA, where many trucks travel a concentrated and relatively short distance. Highly travelled corridors such as this are where we will initially see eHighway being applied,” says Matthias Schlelein, president of Siemens’ mobility and logistics division in the U.S. Siemens has already been testing a prototype of this overhead system at one of its German facilities. Stakeholders are hoping to eventually expand the system along the remaining three miles from the ports to the major railhead, and there are discussions underway about a 20-mile northwest corridor that could connect the ports with inland warehouse complexes. 20

lws eyNjlz ‘c AlmYfw korIfor dy ruJyvyN Bry hweIvy dy AYl ey dI port Aqy lONg bIc dy ku`J ih`sy ‘c eI hweIvyA bxwaux dw qjrbw krn Xojnw hY[ swaUQ kost eyAr kuAwltI mYnyjmYNt ifsitRkt ( AYs sI ey ikaU AYm fI) v`loN ies kMm leI sImnz nUM cuixAw igAw hY[ies Anuswr ie`k mIl eHighway system ‘c ies qrHW kIqw jwvygw[ies ‘c kytnrI isstm nwL hweIvyA dIAW ku`J lynW dw ibjleIkrn kIqw jwvygw[ies ‘qy fIzl hweIibRf Aqy bYtrI ielYkitRk tr`kW nUM ibjlI dIAW qwrW nwL Awtomytf krMt XMqr ijnHW nUM pYNtogrwP AwKdy hn Aqy ijnHW nwL keI SihrW dIAw sVkW ‘qy strItkwrW Aqy trwlIAW cldIAW hn vWg hI pwvr id`qI jwvygI[ kMpnI dw kihxw hY ik ies isstm dy cwlU hox nwL qyl dI b`cq hI nhIN hovygI sgoN vwqwvrx nUM pRdUiSq krn vwLI kwrbnfwieAwksweIf gYs vI G`t inklygI Aqy sB qoN vDIAw g`l ieh ik tr`k clwaux dy Krcy vI Gt jwxgy[sImnz Aqy volvo gru`p AwpxI shwiek kMpnI mYk tr`k nwL rL ky pRdrSn krn leI vhIkl vI bxwieAw jw irhw hY[ ies isstm vwLy hweIvyA dw inrmwx SurU ho cu`kw hY sbMDq AiDkwrIAW dw kihxw hY ik ieh tU vyA ie`k mIl lMbw hweIvyA julweI 2015 q`k cwlU ho jwvygw[ AYs sI ey ikaU AYm fI v`loN ies dy bxn qoN bwAd ie`k swl q`k ies nUM tYst kIqw jwvygw[mIfIAw irportW Anuswr ies nMU v`Kry ieMjxW Aqy SkqI dy swDn Bwv iPaul sors iv`c vrq ky vyiKAw jwvygw[ sImnz dy muKI mQwies SlYiln dw kihxw hY ik eI hweIvyA AYl ey vrgy SihrW leI bhuq zrUrI hY ij`Qy bhuq swry tr`k cldy hn ijnHW ny Pwslw vI QoVHw hI qYA krnw huMdw hY pr tr`k ‘qy tr`k ciVHAw huMdw hY[ aunHW A`gy c`l ky ikhw ik bhuq BIV BV`ky vwLy ies qrHW ielwky ‘c eI hweIvy lwgU kIqw jwvygw[ sImnz kMpnI v`loN ies qrHW dw isstm jrmn ‘c priKAw jw irhw hY[ ies ik`qy nwL sbMDq lokW nUM Aws hY ik port qoN lY ky myjr ryl hY`f q`k dy bwkI dy iqMn mIlW ‘c vI ies dw ivsQwr ho skygw[ies Xojnw ‘qy vI ivcwr kIqI jw rhI hY ik 20 mIl dy au`qr p`CmI korIfor jo port nUM vyArhwaUs kMplYksW nwL joVdw hY, nUM vI ies qrHW dw bxwieAw jw sky[ November / December 2014

pMjwbI Aqy ihMdI iv`c vI g`l kr skdy ho

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Jury Award for Trucker’s Death

pMjwbI tr`kz dw BrosyXog pwrtnr

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jury has returned a $3.5 million verdict on behalf of a California trucker who died in a truck fire caused by an extremely damaged transmission. The Fresno superior court jury found for the family of the late Amarjit Khunkhun of Fresno, following testimony from an expert on the origin and cause of fires and a truck mechanical specialist. They testified leaking transmission fluid had severely harmed the transmission, said Khunkhun’s attorney Bill Robins. Additional testing showed these leaks caused the fire, which began underneath the cab, Robins said Oct. 3. Early on March 23, 2010, witnesses found a 2000 Freightliner Classic fully engulfed in flames beside Interstate 40 West near San Jon, N.M. Khunkhun’s body was found in the sleeper of the truck, owned by GMG Trucking of Fresno. Avtar Gill, co-owner and co-operator of the one-truck company, could not immediately be reached for comment. Gill was hauling produce for Trius Trucking Broker from Fresno to Columbus, Ohio, when he heard transmission noise in one gear. No problems had been indicated during a March 5 transmission inspection. Transmission fluid was added in Oklahoma City but the noise persisted. Sixty miles northeast of Oklahoma City, Gill informed Trius that he would unable to deliver. Trius told him Khunkhun also was taking produce to Columbus, and both loads could be delivered using Khunkhun’s truck. Gill met up with Khunkhun and told him about the transmission, and they delivered the produce together. Khunkhun then was assigned another load, which they transported from Michigan to where Gill left his truck, near Oklahoma City. Gill inspected his truck before announcing he would deadhead to California. But Khunkhun felt unwell, so they decided to follow each other back to California. If he did not improve, they could exchange trucks so Gill could delivery Khunkhun’s load on time. Gill’s truck did not indicate further problems, so they exchanged trucks at a Texas rest area. On March 23, 2010, Gill’s truck was found fully engulfed in flames beside Interstate 40 West near San Jon, N.M. The state fire marshal concluded the fire began in the cab where Khunkhun’s body was found. The field medical examiner found what she thought was the top of a camping stove resting on the decedent’s chest and head. When the two men had driven together, Gill had witnessed Khunkhun heating food on a small camp stove. The local fire chief listed the fire’s probable cause as a propane explosion. Robins pointed out the investigation did not uncover a tank or stove. He introduced evidence that verifying a transmission leak requires lying down and looking up. Gill had not done that, nor had he checked his transmission oil level. The transmission fluid leaked during truck operation, probably at the gasket. It would collect under the truck and vaporize when it struck heated components. The fluid and resulting vapor found the exhaust, which was hot enough to ignite both. The fire began under the driver portion of the truck’s cab and Khunkhun died after inhaling the carbon monoxide that entered the cab. November / December 2014

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FMCSA has a busy year ahead


he Safety Fitness Determination Rule is now sitting on the plate for Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on which to chew. Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to Increase the amount of liability insurance carriers must have is still on course to be published this month. The rule made its was to the Office of the White House, Management and Budget September 29th, and is expected to clear OMB any day now. The DOT report projected its clearance by October 12th, 2014 but the rule hasn’t cleared yet. The DOT lists a projected publication date of October 22. Also on the docket, FMCSA’s Safety Fitness Determination Carrier Scoring plan and expected to be published in the first quarter of 2015 as well as with a rule to Mandate The Use of Speed Limiters on Class 8 trucks. The DOT projects the speed limiter rule to be published in January and the Safety Fitness rule to be published in March. The speed limiter rule should be sent to the OMB this month, the report says. The projected date was Oct. 9. The Safety Fitness Determination rule is projected to hit the OMB in December and to be cleared there in early March, two weeks prior to the March 11 projected publication date. However, FMCSA’s Chief Safety Officer Jack Van Steenburg says the agency is shooting for a publication date of sometime within the 2015 fiscal year (by Oct. 1, 2015). The agency also has on the docket for upcoming months publication of a Final Rule to implement a CDL Drug and Alchohol Clearinghouse, which would be a database of drivers who have failed or refused to take a drug or alcohol test.

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Carriers would be required to both query the database when making hires and upload drug testing information. The Final Rule is expected to be sent to the OMB in June and cleared and published in September, according to the report. Also, Final Rules to mandate electronic logging devices and prohibit coercion of drivers are also expected within the next year, though no projected dates for those are listed in the department’s report. The proposed ELD mandate rule was

published in late March, and the anti-coercion rule was published in May. Other rulemakings in the report include FMCSA’s work on a new entrant training and testing process, which does not have any projected action dates listed; a rule to make it easier for military members to obtain a CDL, projected for publication next May; and a rule to require Transportation Security Administration background checks on hazmat haulers, which has no projected action dates.

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Driver Turnover Continues to be a problem

In Cab Camera. Blessing or Curse?



he second quarter of 2014 brought no relief for truckload fleets struggling with driver turnover. Large fleets doing more than $30 million in business annually suffered an 11 percent increase in turnover between April and June, and turnover for fleets with less than $30 million in revenue increased 16 percent. Large fleet turnover reached an annual rate of 103 percent, according to the American Trucking Associations. That’s 4 percent over the same time in 2013 and the highest rate seen since the third quarter of 2012. Turnover at small fleets also reached its highest level in nearly two years at 94 percent, a full 12 percent higher than Q2 2013. “These turnover rates show that the shortage is acute,” says ATA Chief Economist Bob Costello, “and if the freight economy continues to grow, it will worsen very quickly.” Less-than-truckload fleets continue to achieve much lower turnover rates than their truckload counterparts. The annual rate at the end of Q2 2014 was just 11 percent. New-driver recruitment, however, is a challenge for all sectors. Openings for truck drivers ranked as the third most difficult to fill in the American Staffing Association’s Skills Gap Index. The index provides a measure of the difficulty to recruit for a specific occupation.

f you thought companies requiring in cab cameras was an invasion of your personal privacy how would you feel about someone staring directly into your eyes? That’s right, a detector in your vehicle that monitors your eyelids to make sure you aren’t falling asleep. If a driver does show signs of drowsiness, a sound will be set off to alert the driver. The government recommended adopting the technology after a 2005 incident involving a jackknifed Whole Foods Market truck and a coach carrying a high school marching band. Recently, the Tracy Morgan crash and the truck that hit a college soft ball team in Oklahoma resulting in the death of 4 girls, has put this technology back on the agenda. The device is expected to cost roughly $2,500 to install. Perhaps there is a better solution to the ‘sleepy driver’ pandemic, however. If the government really wants to prevent these accidents from occurring, they should look into making the industry less taxing so drivers don’t have to work an ungodly amount of hours just to make ends meet. If they were just allowed to rest and sleep when they need it, maybe we wouldn’t have so many accidents.

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 - 24

November / December 2014

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Hours of Service Rules Biggest Headache for Executives


merican fleet executives are less worried about the economy and more worried about hours-of-service regulations, according to an annual list of the trucking industry’s top concerns. The list, compiled by the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), was released at the American Trucking Associations Management Conference & Exhibition. • Hours-of-service rules that went into effect in 2013 were the top concern voiced by more than 4,000 trucking industry stakeholders who completed the survey.

• second was the driver shortage, • CSA this year placed third • Driver retention was the fourth biggest concern. • The fifth biggest concern was the FMCSA’s plans to mandate electronic logging devices. • The economy, which was the industry’s top concern from 2009-2011 dropped down to ninth spot. • Driver distraction cracked the list, coming in 10th. “ATRI’s annual survey of top industry issues gives us direct insight in to all of the

complex forces affecting motor carriers and drivers so that we can plan accordingly, and focus on running a safe and profitable industry,” said ATA chairman Phil Byrd, president and CEO, Bulldog Hiway Express. “As we all know, the trucking industry constantly faces changes and challenges to how we operate safely and efficiently,” ATA president and CEO Bill Graves said. “However, our industry has always responded to these issues with determination and ATRI’s work gives us the information to decide where to focus our energies first and foremost.”

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Unified Carrier Registration (UCR)

Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) XUnIPweIf kYrIAr rijstRySn (XU.sI.Awr) NSC Compliance Services

What is UCR? UCR stands for Unified Carrier Registration program. It was created by the federal legislation and has replaced the former system for registering the operators of vehicles engaged in interstate travel, it was commonly known as the Single State Registration System (SSRS). What is the major difference between the UCR and the SSRS? The UCR applies to all operators of Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs) whereas the SSRS only applied to for-hire motor carriers. The UCR also includes carrier’s that are transporting interstate goods even if their vehicles do not leave the state. According to the UCR program, what is considered a CMV? Any self-propelled vehicle used on highways engaged in interstate travel that has a gross weight of 10,001 pounds or more is considered a CMV. Also vehicles that are designed to transport 11 or more passengers including the driver are considered CMVs. Any vehicle that is required to have hazardous waste placards will also fall into this category. Will the registration apply to individual vehicles or will a single registration apply to the fleet? One registration based on fleet size applies to all the vehicles that are registered under the USDOT number. Do only motor carriers have to register for UCR? No, along with motor carrier, all motor private carriers, freight forwarders, brokers and leasing companies have to register for UCR as well. What happens if your company does not register for UCR? Each state has the authority to enforce registration compliance through roadside enforcement checks. If your vehicle is pulled over and your company has not been registered for UCR you could be subject to a fine depending on which state you are pulled over in. A business audit could also reveal that your company is not registered for UCR and this could lead to additional fines. Will you get a certificate to prove your registration with UCR? There is no certificate issued but your registration information is kept in a national database which can be accessed by law enforcement personnel as part of routine roadside checks. 26

kI hY XU sI Awr? XU sI Awr, XUnIPweIf kYrIAr rijstRySn pRogrwm dw Cotw nWA hY[ ieh pRogrwm PYfrl srkwr v`loN bxwieAw igAw hY Aqy ieh pihly isstm dI QW hY ijs nUM Awm krky isMgl styt rijstRySn isstm ( AYs AYs Awr AYs) dy nWA nwL jwixAw jWdw sI[ ies Anuswr aunHW vhIklW dy AwprytrW dI rijstRySn krwauxI lwzmI hY ijhVy v`K stytW ‘c jWdy hn[ XU sI Awr Aqy AYs AYs Awr AYs ‘c mu`K Prk kI hY? XU sI Awr qW swry kmRSl motr vhIklW dy AwprytrW ‘qy lwgU huMdw hY jdoN ik AYs AYs Awr AYs kyvl aunHW ikrwey ‘qy dyx vwLIAW vhIklW ‘qy lwgU huMdw sI[ XU sI Awr ‘c auh kYrIAr vI Swml hn jo ie`k styt qoN dUjI styt nUM vsqW dI FuAweI krdy hn BwvyN ies ‘c vhIkl ie`k styt dy iv`c hI rihMdy hn[ XU sI Awr pRogrwm ‘c sI AYm fbilaU iks nUM smiJAw jWdw hY? koeI vI sYlP pRopYlf vhIkl ijhVI ik ieMtrstyt hweIvyA ‘qy cldI hY Aqy aus dw ku`l Bwr 10,001 pONf jW ies qoN v`D hY, nUM sI AYm fbilaU dI SRyxI ‘c smiJAw jWdw hY[ ies qoN ibnw auh svwrIAW iljwx vwLI vhIkl ijs ‘c fRweIvr smyq 11 jW ies qoN v`D ivAkqI bYT skdy hn, nUM vI sI AYm fbilaU hI smiJAw jWdw hY[ auh vhIkl ijs nUM hYzwrfs vyst plykwrf dI loV hY vI ies SRyxI ‘c hI AwauNdI hY[ kI hr ie`k vhIkl leI v`KrI v`KrI rijstRySn dI loV hY jW swry PlIt leI ie`k hI rijstRySn kwPI hY? PlIt dI igxqI Anuswr XU AYs fI E tI nMbr hyT leI geI ie`k rijstRySn hI swry PlIt leI kwPI hY[ kI kyvl motr kYrIArW nUM hI XU sI Awr Anuswr rijstr hox dI loV hY? nhIN, ies qrHW nhIN motr kYrIArW dy nwL nwL swry motr pRweIvyt kYrIAr, Pryt Pwrvrfrz, bRokr Aqy lIizMg kMpnIAW leI vI ieh zrUrI hY ik auh vI XU sI Awr leI rijstr hox[ Blw jy koeI kMpnI XU sI Awr nwL rijstr nhIN huMdI Pyr kI huMdw hY? hr ie`k styt dI AQwirtI nUM ieh AiDkwr hY ik auh sVkW ‘qy jWdy vhIklW nUM cY`k krky rijstRySn dI ies Srq nMU lwgU krvwey[ jy sVk ‘qy jWdI quhwfI vhIkl cY`k kr leI jWdI hY Aqy qusIN XU sI Awr nwL rijstr nhIN hoey qW ijs styt ‘c quhwnUM cY`k kIqw igAw hY aus dy inXmW Anuswr quhwnUM jurmwnw kIqw jwvygw[ jy ibjns dy Awift smyN vI ieh g`l swhmxy AwauNdI hY ik qusIN XU sI Awr leI rijstr nhIN qW vI vwDU jurmwnw ho skdw hY[ kI quhwnUM XU sI Awr nwL rijstr hox sbMDI sbUq vjoN srtIiPkyt pyS krnw pvygw? November / December 2014

November / December 2014


Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) Do I have to renew this registration? Yes the UCR has to be renewed annually. What are the fees for the UCR? The fees depend on your fleet size, below is the breakdown of the fees: Number of Vehicles Amount Due 0 to 2 $ 76.00 3 to 5 $ 227.00 6 to 20 $ 452.00 21 to 100 $ 1,576.00 101 to 1000 $ 7,511.00 1001 or more $ 73,346.00 How does the government use these funds that are collected under this program? The revenue generated through the UCR program is used for enforcement of motor carrier safety programs. Where can I get more information on how to register or if I need assistance with registering or renewing? You can call us at our toll free number at 1-800-965-9839 if you need assistance in registering your company or business for UCR or renewing your UCR. ies qrHW dw koeI srtIiPkyt nhIN id`qw jWdw pr rijstRySn sbMDI swrI jwxkwrI ie`k fYtwbys ‘c r`KI jWdI hY, ijs q`k kwnUMn nwL sbMDq APsrW dI phuMc huMdI hY Aqy auh cYikMg smyN ies rwhIN sB ku`J pqw lw skdy hn[ kI ieh rijstRySn irnIaU vI krvwauxI pYNdI hY? ieh rijstRySn hr swl irnIaU krvwauxI pYNdI hY[ XU sI Awr dI ikMnI PIs hY? ieh PIs ies g`l ‘qy inrBr krdI hY ik quhwfy PlIt dw Awkwr kI hY[ hyTW ies PIs dw vyrvw id`qw igAw hY: vhIklW dI igxqI ikMnI rkm 0 qoN 2 $ 76.00 3 qoN 5 $ 227.00 6 qoN 20 $ 452.00 21 qoN 100 $ 1,576.00 101 qoN 000 $ 7,511.00 1001 qoN v`D $ 73,346.00 srkwr ies qrHW iek`TI kIqI rkm nUM iks qrHW Krc krdI hY? XU sI Awr pRogrwm rwhIN iek`TI kIqI rkm nUM srkwr motr kYrIAr dI sur`iKAw dy pRogrwmW leI vrqdI hY [ jy ies pRogrwm ‘c rijstr hoxw hovy jW rijstRySn irnIaU krvwauxI hovy jW pRogrwm sbMDI iksy iksm dI shwieqw dI loV hovy qW ies sbMDI shwieqw ik`QoN leI jw skdI hY? jy qusIN Awpxy ibzns jW kMpnI nUM XU sI Awr ‘c rijstr krvwauxw cwhuMdy ho jW rijstRySn nUM irnIaU krvwauxw cwhuMdy ho qW 1-800-965-9839 ‘qy &on kro

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Prescription Drugs and their effects studied


he doctors who advise the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration are recommending closer scrutiny of drivers using Schedule II drugs. The Medical Review Board, at the request of FMCSA, looked at the risks and benefits of these medications, which range from opioids that are used in prescription pain relievers to stimulants used to treat attention deficit disorder. Drivers are permitted to work while taking these drugs, provided the drugs are prescribed by a doctor who is familiar with the driver’s condition. The board found that drivers using opioids have at least a moderately higher level of risk. And the stimulants used to counteract attention deficit reduce the risk associated with that condition but can substantially increase risk if they are not closely monitored. The board also found that other medications not on the Schedule II list may affect driver performance but are not well studied. The board will present these findings to the Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee next week. The committee, made up of representatives from industry and the enforcement and safety advocacy communities, is preparing recommendations to the agency on the issue. The agency asked the board and committee to recommend ways to ensure that medical examiners understand the underlying conditions that lead to the Schedule II prescriptions, and can determine if the driver is qualified. The two panels will meet in Alexandria, Va., on Monday. Their final report is due by the end of the year.

Female UPS Driver Reaches Milestone


n Friday October 24, 2014, when UPS tractor-trailer driver Ginny Odom completed her usual 650-mile route towing twin 28-foot trailers from Orlando to Unadilla, Ga., and back, she became the first female UPS driver in history to drive 40 years and more than 4 million miles without so much as a fender bender. Odom was 23 and working at a boat store in Orlando when she applied for a driver job at UPS in 1973. She was the first female employee at UPS’s Orlando hub, and drove the company’s brown delivery trucks for nine years before moving to tractor trailers. Odom is the top female driver in UPS’s elite Circle of Honor, which recognizes drivers who have avoided accidents for 25 years or more. She’s one of only 42 active UPS drivers to reach 40 years without an accident, out of the company’s 102,000 drivers worldwide. Not bad for a farm kid from Rutledge, Tenn., who mastered the clutch on a John Deere tractor when she was 12. Virginia Hooper of Atmoore, Alabama, is UPS’s next safest female driver, with 36 years of safe driving. Globally, 7,221 active UPS drivers are members of the Circle of Honor. UPS invested $175 million in 2013 on safety training and employs its own comprehensive driving course called “Space and Visibility.” All UPS drivers are taught safe driving methods beginning the first day of classroom training through the company’s defensive driving platform. The training continues throughout their careers. November / December 2014


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Freight Management A Collaborative Approach

PRyt mYnyjmYNt:ie`k sWJw Xqn


echnology plays a vital role in every business. With the inibzns BwvyN koeI vI hovy ies ‘c qknIk dI mu`K BUimkw huMdI hY[ troduction of the Internet, businesses are expanding their ieMtrnY`t dI vrqoN hox nwL vpwr dIAw h`dW vD ky dunIAw dy ie`k isry horizons to the global market. Along with businesses, conqoN dUjy isry q`k jw phuMcIAW hn[ ibjnsW nUM hI ies dw lwB nhIN sumers are also taking full advantage of comparing and choosing the hoieAw sgoN vsqW KRIdx vwLy vI hux ieh mukwblw krdy hn ik ikhVw right supplier. The traditional ways of doing business like walk-ins, splwier aunHW v`loN zrUrq vwLI cIz nUM TIk FMg nwl ikMnI CyqI phuMcw phone calls, or fax requests are not enough to compete and become skdw hY[ ibjns krn dy Awm purwxy cwlU FMg ijvyN jw ky cIz KRIdxI, profitable. New internet and software technologies are enabling Pon krny jW PYks krky pqw lwaux dy FMg hux mukwbly leI nw hI TIk collaboration among various stakeholders. In the trucking industry hn Aqy nw hI lwB vwLy hn[ieMtrnY`t ‘c hux ies qrHW dy swPtvyAr there are a few online collaborative portals available in Aw gey hn jo loVINdI vsqoN dI hr qrHW dI jwxkwrI idMdy Canada and the USA where trucking companies can dihn[ ies qrHW hI tr`ikMg ieMfstrI ‘c ies qrHW dIAW rectly collaborate with freight brokers to get their trucks AmrIkw Aqy knyfw ‘c ku`J AwnlweIn syvwvW hn ijs rwhIN loaded. As of yet, this collaboration is still limited to carritr`ikMg kMpnIAW PRyt brokrW nwL is`Dw sMprk kr skdIAW ers and fright brokers. Shippers are reluctant to participate hn Aqy Awpxy tr`kW leI BwVy dy mwl dw pRbMD kr skdIAW in direct collaboration with the carriers. hn[pr hwl dI GVI ieh sMprk ku`J ku kMpnIAW Aqy PRyt Shippers – Freight Brokers Relationship: Shippers brokrW nwL hI ho skdw hY[ Ajy iS`pr kYrIArW nwL is`Dw award freight contracts to freight brokers though formal sMprk krn qoN sMkoc kr rhy hn[ bid processes. Usually these contracts are for terms of one iS`prz- PRyt bRokrW dw sbMD: Awm qOr ‘qy iS`pr ib`f - Dara Nagra or more years. The primary advantage freight brokers prorwhIN hI bRokrW nUM PRyt kWtrYkt idMdy hn[ieh kWtrYkt swl MBA PMP ® vide to shippers is knowledge of the transportation indusdy vI ho skdy hn Aqy ies qoN v`D dy vI[PRyt brokrW dw v`fw try’s rules and regulations. As transportation is one of the lwB ieh hY ik ieh iS`prW nUM tRWsportySn ieMfstrI dy kwnUMn most regulated industries in Canada and the USA, it is hard for shipkwieidAW dI jwxkwrI idMdy hn[ knyfw Aqy AmrIkw ‘c tRWsportySn pers to directly qualify carriers with all legal authorities and permits. pUrI qrHW inXm b`D hox kwrn iS`prW leI Awp is`Dy qOr ‘qy loVINdIAW Not only must freight brokers find the right carrier for a shipper, they SrqW jo primt Awid leI cwhIdIAW hn, nUM pUrw krnw AOKw hY[PRyt must also ensure that the freight is covered by an adequate amount bRokr iS`pr leI TIk kYrIAr hI l`B ky nhIN idMdy sgoN auh ieh vI of carrier insurance. The other criterions for selection of a freight zkInI bxwauNdy hn ik ieh smwn dw pUrw ieMSUrYNs vI hoieAw hY[ PRyt broker are: Track Record in the industry, integrity, customer service, bRokrW dI cox smyN hor iDAwn dyx vwlIAW g`lW ‘c ieh ieh Swiml and of course, price. hn: ieMfstrI ‘c ies dw trYk irkwrf, BrosyXogqw, kstmr srivs Freight Brokers – Carriers Relationship: This relationship Aqy Kws krky kImq[ is mostly supported through online collaboration. Every morning PRyt brokr - kYrIArz sbMD: ieh sbMD Awm qOr ‘qy AwnlweIn freight brokers receive emails from shippers requiring transportation hI kwiem rihMdy hn[ hr svyr PRyt bRokrW nUM iS`prW v`loN eI- myl imldI for their freight. Based on the shipper’s requirements, they post the hY[ies ‘c aunHW v`loN ieh mMg kIqI huMdI hY ik aunHW dy mwl leI tRWsfreight on different online collaborative load boards. They specify portySn dI loV hY[iS`prW dI loV nUM mu`K r`K ky auh ies nUM AwnlweIn the freight details such as: rwhIN v`K v`K lof borfW ‘qy pw idMdy hn[auh lof sbMDI hyT ilKy vWg • Origin City • Destination City pUrI jwxkwrI vI idMdy hn: • Availability Date * iks Sihr qoN mwl cu`kxw • Trailer Type Requirement * iks Sihr ‘c mwl phuMcwauxw • Freight size (TL/LTL) • General Comments * auplBD hox dI imqI Similarly, every morning a carrier company posts the availability * tRylr tweIp iks qrHW dw of their trucks with similar specifications like: * PRyt sweIz( tI AYl/AweI tI AYl) • Availability City * hor koeI g`l • Destination City iesy qrHW hI hr svyr ie`k kYrIAr kMpnI vI ies qrHW dI jwxkwrI • Availability Date Awn lweIn ‘qy pwauNdI hY ijvyN: • Available Trailer Type * ikhVy Sihr qoN auplBD 30

November / December 2014

Freight Management • Freight size (TL/LTL) • General Comments Based on these common criteria, the technology enables matching between truck and freight availability. The freight brokers and carrier companies also post their contact, insurance, authorities and permits information. When the technology finds a match, both parties can see each other’s information and can contact each other. Both can negotiate the price and other terms as per their own business guidelines. This collaboration is really helping both sides to operate efficiently. The advantages for the freight brokers are: • Visibility of available trucks

• Time Saving • Verifying Carrier’s authorities and permits • Verifying insurance information The advantages for the carriers are: • Visibility of available loads • Better Trip Planning • Less Empty Miles • More loads • Better Capacity Planning (TL/LTL) The load board collaboration provider companies offer some value added options to their members. Among other things, the member’s credit report is one the most im-

portant value added services. This builds trust among all participating members and boosts their confidence to do business with each other. As the time progresses, more and more participants will join these collaboration boards. With the increased numbers of freight loads, the market is facing some capacity crunch. The numbers of available trucks are very steady. Better planning is required to face the capacity crunch problems. The days are not far when shippers will come on-board directly on these collaboration boards. This will create a new world of collaborative freight management.

* iks Sihr ‘c mwl phuMcwA skdy hn * auplBD hox dI imqI * tRylr tweIp iks qrHW dw * PRyt sweIz (tI AYl/AweI tI AYl) * hor koeI g`l ies Awm ksOtI nUM mu`K r`K ky bxweI hoeI tYknwlojI do brwbr dIAW iDrW dw myl krdI hY[iesy qrHW hI PRyt bRokr Aqy kYrIAr kMpnIAW vI Awpxy kWtYkt, ieMSUrYNs, AQwirtIAW Aqy primt sbMDI jwxkwrI AwnlweIn ‘qy pwauNdIAW hn[ jdoN hI qknIk nUM koeI mYc imldw hY qW ies qoN bwAd dovyN pwrtIAW swrI jwxkwrI dyK ky ie`k dUjy nwL sMprk kr skdIAW hn[ auh Awpxy ibzns gweIflweInW Anuswr SrqW Aqy kImq qYA kr skdIAW hn[ies qrHW dy myl joL nwL dovW pwisAW nUM hI Pwiedw huMdw hY[ jo Pwiedw PRyt bRokrW nUM huMdw hY auh ieh hY: * imlx vwLy tr`kW dI jwxkwrI ho jWdI hY * smyN dI b`cq huMdI hY * kYrIAr dI AQwrtI Aqy primt dI qsdIk ho skdI hY * ieMSUrYNs dI qsdIk vI ho skdI hY kYrIArW nUM ieh lwB huMdy hn: * pqw l`g jWdw hY ik lof ikhVw imlxw hY * tir`p dI vDIAw Xojnw bxw skdy hn * bhuq G`t KwlI sPr krnw pvygw * izAwdw BwVw iml skygw * vDIAw smr`Qw vwLI Xojnw bxweI jw skdI hY ((tI AYl/AweI tI AYl) lof dyx vwlIAW kMpnIAW keI vwr Awpxy mYNbrW nUM ie`k dI QW vwDU bdl vI dy idMdIAW hn[horW g`lW qoN ielwvw mYNbr dI kYRyift irport bhuq vDIAw g`l hY[ies nwL sbMDq swry mYNbrW ‘c Awps ‘c kMm krn leI ivSvws vDdw hY [ijvyN ijvyN smW bIqdw hY ienHW kOlYborySn borfW ‘c hor mYNbr juVdy rihMdy hn[ijvyN hI igxqI vDdI jwvygI mwrikt ‘c vDyry smr`Qw bxygI[ imlx vwLy tr`kW dI igxqI hor vDygI[smr`Qw dIAW muSklW nUM h`l krn leI loV hY vDIAw XojnwbMdI dI[ auh idn dUr nhIN jdoN ienHW borfW ‘qy iS`pr vI Aw jwxgy[aus smyN PRyt pRbMD dw ie`k nvW hI sMswr hovygw[ November / December 2014


The WATS team would like to thank all Sponsors & Exhibitors on our First Annual Historical Event Mark your calendar for WATS second Annual Event, September 2015 - Fresno Convention Center

LIBERTY LINES Cargo Group of Companies

Valley National Express





Em a i l : in f o @d m


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November / December 2014

2429 S. Peck Rd, Whittier CA 90601



Desi News

Will Truck Drivers finally be recognized as “Skilled”?


n August 19, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced that it will accept input from stakeholders to determine a possible rulemaking for entry-level truck driver training. After years of failing to implement a final rule establishing such criteria, the FMCSA is considering using a negotiated rulemaking, known as RegNeg. Under RegNeg, outside agency representatives consult among each other in order to develop the proposed rule, taking the responsibility away from the FMCSA. In Canada, a task force is working toward establishing criteria for entry-level drivers, as well as hoping to have the Canadian government classify truck driving as a “skilled” profession. Furthermore, the Canadian Trucking Alliance has admitted that the primary causes for a driver shortage are driver wages, quality of life, qualifications and demographics. Ontario is set to introduce mandatory training for entry-level commercial drivers. Shoddy training schools continue to operate and because they charge less than $1,000, they fly unregulated below the radar and compete with legitimate schools, that must charge five times that amount and follow all the rules and regulations. The Ontario Trucking Association (OTA), which has been lobbying for mandatory training for entry-level drivers for quite some time, lauded the announcement, referring to it as a “watershed moment for the trucking industry.” David Bradley, president of the OTA, said: “The mere fact that someone holds a Class A licence does not ensure that person

has the skills to be a safe and productive transport driver. Even an improved test will never fully determine a new driver’s skill level. Mandatory entry level training will at least assure trucking companies that when they hire a new driver, he or she has some basic level of skill that with additional training and experience can eventually lead to that person becoming a fully qualified professional driver.” Transport Minister Steven Del Duca told the Toronto Star in an interview “We are going to go forward (with mandatory entrylevel training). We’re going to move as quickly as we can but we want to make sure that we get it right.” He added he believes “it should take place as quickly as possible, but in a manner that actually produces the end result that we all want, which is the safest roads in North America, which is part of my responsibility.” Bradley said OTA would like to see drivers complete training to an industry-developed standard before they can take the licensing test. It’s a start but unless and until Truck Driving becomes a “skilled trade” it’s just window dressing.

Desi Trucking Magazine

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isr& qyl dI b`cq hI nhIN ieh aus qoN vI v`Dky hY • G`t fRYg • izAwdw iPaUl mwielyj • izAwdw vhIkl styib`ltI • G`t rIAr spryA

970-663-9075 34

November / December 2014

Desi News

EPA Supporting Next Generation of Environmental Scientists Through 105 Fellowship Grants


he U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that 105 graduate students across the nation will receive $8.6 million in Science to Achieve Results (STAR) fellowship grants to conduct research on topics ranging from climate change and public health to water quality and sustainability that will have cross-cutting impacts in the environmental science field. The 105 STAR fellows will receive a maximum funding of $42,000 for one year for master’s students and up to two years for doctoral students. “These fellowships are helping our next generation of scientists and engineers earning advanced degrees in environmental sciences conduct cutting edge research,” said Lek Kadeli, Acting Assistant Administrator for EPA’s Office of Research and Development. “Through this support, EPA is ensuring that the United States will have the scientific knowledge to meet future environmental challenges, which will strengthen our nation’s economy and security, while better protecting our health and environment in addition to combating climate change.” This year’s fellowships will support scientists and engineers who are working on research related to mitigating the impacts of climate change on plant communities by transforming the way we restore wetlands, and improving our understanding of where and why harmful algal blooms occur by examining the way nutrients move through river systems. In addition, the grants will support research to investigate environmental challenges such as the effects of climate change on waterborne human pathogens and antibiotic resistant bacteria, study the interaction between pollutants and infectious disease, and classify and restore Pacific Northwest streams to improve water quality and fish habitat. Many STAR fellows continue on to find success in the public and private sector focusing their efforts on environmental and public health issues. A 1996 STAR fellow from the University of California, Berkeley, is helping to lead TransForm, an award-winning nonprofit organization working in the San Francisco Bay Area and California; the organization’s campaigns have helped raise over $8 billion for sustainable and socially-just transportation and led to ground-breaking policies linking transportation and land use planning. A 2009 STAR fellow is now studying the chemNovember / December 2014

istry of the lower atmosphere at the Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics Laboratory at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. EPA and other federal agencies place a high priority on supporting Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines through education initiatives unique to their agency’s mission, vision and resources. Next year will mark 20 years of EPA’s commitment to STEM disciplines through funding STAR fellowship students who have made cross-cutting impact in the environmental science field. Since its creation in 1995, the program has awarded fellowships to 1,884 students, totaling approximately $65 million in funding.



Have What It Takes

Tiger Tool is here to make sure technicians around the world have what it takes to get the job done, and done right.

Strut Compressor Safely and efficiently removes and installs the spring-over steering stabilizer found on most self-steering axles. 90102

Pin & Bushing Core Kit

King Pin Press

Removes and installs both rubber-isolated and threaded pins and bushings without removing the spring packs from the axle.

Designed for use on straight and tapered king pins from 7⁄8” to 2 5⁄32”. Generates over 46,000 lbs of force and weighs only 30 lbs.



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Jagdeep Singh Insurance Agency Inc. LIC. #0H15013



Thermo King & Carrier Units Repair l Smoke Opacity Testing l Calibration Of Units & AC Repair l

Truck Insurance


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Get IRP truck plates same time AweI.Awr.pI tr`k plytW ausy smyN lvo * Company Audits (Federal & CHP) * Drug & alcohol testing center * IFTA filling * kMpnI Awift (PYfrl jW CHP ) * fr`g Aqy Alkohl tYsitMg sYNtr * iePtw PwieilMg

3150 Panama Ln Bakersfield, CA



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Large Selection of Used Carb Compliant Trucks and Trailers

Tel: 559.266.4663

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r ilable fo cks” a v a e s o "Diagn F & DEF Tru DP all new

$70.00 $55.00

Tuesdays/Thursday: 2pm-4pm Saturdays: 8am-12pm

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Dr. Gary G. Hamm, DC Dr. Mark Nathan Oehlschlaeger, DC

We clean DPF & DEF Filters

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globl mltI srvisz REGISTRATION SERVICES Same Day Licence Plates All Kind of Truck Permits DOT Compliance and Audit Services



Over 11 Years’ Experience 1950 E Miner Ave. Stockton, CA 95205

Ph: 209-982-9996 Fax: 209-982-9997

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S 600 CARB Complaint for Life of Unit Evergreen No DPF Filter or Engine Required after 7 years

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3247 E. Annadale Ave., Fresno, CA 93725


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Thermo King Turlock

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for Midwest, Southeast and Northeast USA


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quhwfI AglI pwrtI swfy nwl

P Free delivery to Truckstops, Hotels, Motels & Shops etc.


Restaurant • Bar • Banquet 3035 West Ashlan Ave, Fresno, CA 93722 Call us at: (559) 229-1313 November / December 2014

P 41

experience the East Bay tire difference












Additional Parts Extra

21,000 RATING #HLFGD4515QR



2680 S. EAST AVE.

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¥ Inspect Suspension ¥ Align Two Axles ¥ Install New Pivot Pins (2)

Includes oil filter, fuel filter, fuel pump strainer, air cleaner element and oil. Includes quick-check procedure & pre-trip inspection. Additional cost if additional inspections or repairs are needed


















• Replace 8 each shoes with Haldex 23,000# Lining GD4515Q • Install 4 each new Euclid Brake Spring Kits E-4515QHD-N


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Since 1936


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Trailers & Refrigerated Units I Towing & Recovery Complete Truck & trailer Repair Electrical • Mechanical • Brakes • Ect.

Freightliner • Peterbilt • Kenworth • International Cat • Cummins • Series 60 • DD15

24 Hr Road Service & Towing • 6 Days in a week

1505 Navy Drive Stockton, CA 95206

Office: 209-465-3162 Fax: 209-465-3692 I

ivAwhW, pwrtIAW leI fI.jy, swaUNf, lweItW, Fol plyAr, vytrs / bwr tYNfr, lImo dI sjwvt Aqy pRojYktr dw ieMqzwm krdy hW

Services • • • • • • •


Call Today: 559. 392.1185 November / December 2014



Hiring drivers with 2 year class A experience Serving Southwestern states

Quick Pay available Fuel Advance Running latest CARB compliant equipment



Please contact : Gurmit Malhi ( Gary ) Ph : 559-936-8982 I F: 209-315-6015

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Truck Service Centre Lube Services Fuel Desk Parking Facilites With over 10 years of experience in the Fleet Account trucking industry, S&S Trucking provides Truck servicesWash for Produce out of California into the Southeast, CAT Scales Midwest and Northeast

Regions of America. In order to continuously provide the best of quality services for our customers, we hire retain only the most North American truckandStop, Fontana qualified and dedicated individuals who share 14320 Slover Avenue, CA 92337 the Company’s vision.





Phone: +1 909 350 3310

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Drivers & Owner Operators Services we offer O Temperature Controlled, O Dry, Expedited O Multi-Stop/Driver Work

4221 W. Sierra Madre Ste 101-B Fresno CA 93722 November / December 2014

Nick Sahota or Steve Dhillon

Ph: 559-277-8831 Fax: 559-275-1011 45

We Specialize in

Truck Insurance I tr`k ieMSorYNs Dedicated to great customer service! We insure: Local, Long-haul, Dirt/Sand.


proof 3995 Smith St. Suite #11 Union City, CA 94587 CA Lic# 0H07390

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Now Hiring Owner Operators OPPORTUNITY IN ALL DIRECTIONS • USA/ Canada Border Transfer Service • Running all 48 States • Running all Canadian Provinces • Dry and Refrigerated Services • 24/7 Dispatch

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No load is worth your life

No load is worth your life - Ken Davey

Do get your truck ready. Don’t put it off and wait until you’re caught in a dangerous situation.


verywhere there are lots of “tips” on getting your truck ready for winter. The reason is simple. A small mechanical annoyance in nice summer weather becomes a life threatening breakdown in harsh winter conditions. Harder to find are ‘tips’ for getting yourself ready for winter. Getting you truck ready for winter is the minimum any trucker should. Getting you self ready is what the experienced real professional driver does. Do get your truck ready. Don’t put it off and wait until you’re caught in a dangerous situation. In summer, a bald tire is not safe for lots of reasons. In winter, you can add to that list of reasons by considering it can causer you to jackknife. Get everything in tip top shape on your truck in September. Given that your truck is ready for winter, the first thing you need to do is prepare your physical self. Always travel with a small tool kit, Hi-Vis clothes, warm clothes, boots and gloves and an extra 2 days food and water. In extreme weather you need to be able to keep warm without your truck running. Every year in the Rockies we see a highway shutdown that last 2 days and some unfortunate trucker trapped by a slide or accident. And it is not just the Rockies that have 48

extreme weather. Make sure you can survive without freezing to death in the event that your truck cannot run for some reason. Now that your rig is ready, and your life is protected from the weather it is time to look at your attitude. There needs to be a change in your thinking. In winter driving is different. It is different than summer driving for 2 reasons. The first, as you might expect is because of the external conditions of extreme weather, the darkness, the cold, the ice and snow. The second issue is your body clock. These 2 factors combine to make winter truck driving doubly dangerous. The additional hours of darkness acts on your body causing you to want to sleep more. Not just that, it will make you less alert, actually drowsy as your body reminds you to get sleep. It will also make it harder for you to wake up; especially if you are getting up wile it is still dark. Second, the winter conditions cause you to go slower and get fewer miles and less money even though you are working longer hours and driving in more stressful conditions much of the time. This additional stress can make it hard for drowsy drivers to get to sleep and can reduce the quality of your sleep further compounding the problem. November / December 2014

No load is worth your life In summer, your attitude is affected and actually influenced in a positive direction by the control you have on your rig and your running times. You can squeeze out a few extra miles or hours because you feel good, and are in control. In winter you attitude has to be more passive in that that you need to respect that winter is really in control and you need to expect that physically you can do less. These factors all come together when a driver, who may be completely legal to drive on log book time, is actually a little drowsy because of possible accumulated sleep debt and the darkness signaling his body clock to shut down. You’re not too tired to drive but you are driving less actively and not constantly looking at conditions or for hazards. The weather or road is suddenly very bad, either because you weren’t watching conditions or there is a sudden change in conditions. You feel pressure to continue because you have a load that must deliver on time or you need to get home for some reason. You might even be worried about this months pay cheque because you have been sitting a lot. Forget all that when the road conditions are very bad. You have to remember

that stopping is an option and you need to decide if you should continue or stop. Do not just blindly continue. Here is what should go into the decision to stop or go in bad weather. Your primary responsibility is always to control the vehicle. No matter what a customer or dispatcher tells you, you have to decide if the road is safe. Consider your truck, your load and its weight distribution and the conditions. Simply following a friend or the truck in front of you is not a safe practice. That truck has a different load, different tires and a driver with different experience. Be honest with your self about how tired you are and what your driving experience is like. A bad load on a bad road at night when you are tired is the wrong time to gain experience for anything other than learning how expensive an accident is. Remember what you have at stake. If you run off the road it will cost you. On most fleets a Jackknife accident will cost 7 to 10 thousand in the insurance deductible and 20 to 40 thousand in down time. You could be killed or seriously injured. No load is worth you life… or anyone else’s. When the going gets tough the tough get going - but the

smart and profitable consider their options. If you are fresh enough and you believe the conditions are of short duration, chain up. Ensure you have a safe place to put on the chains and while chained do not exceed 50kph. Once past the extreme hazard, find a safe place to remove the chains. If things are so bad you feel unsafe to continue, pull over. Find a pullout, a ramp, a brake check, even a mall parking lot to park at. It needs to be relatively flat and away from traffic lanes. The level place is important because if it snows all night you may be stuck in the morning if you have to move against even a small uphill slope. As soon as you stop, call your dispatcher. Tell them where you are and what your plans are. Even if your company does not have 24 hour dispatch, call and leave a message. The customer needs to know right away why you are late and how late you plan on being. By morning, usually the highway has been plowed and sanded, you are rested and the daylight makes driving easier, even if it is still snowing. Delivering on time is best. However, delivering late beats not delivering at all.

Benefits of CTA Membership: -Representing ‘your’ business at the California State Capitol

Let your voice be heard at the Capitol and join CTA today!

-Expert Help Line for your compliance, safety & regulatory questions -Updates on the latest state and federal regulations -Special savings on trucking safety & training seminars -And much more!

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(916) 373-3500 49

Dometic Sleeper Cab System with A/C, and Inve ITM Sleeper Cab System withHeat, A/C only ITM Sleeper Cab System with A/C

3-4 Hours Recharge Time While Driving 240+ AMP Recommended 3-4Alternator Hours Recharge Time While D 10,000 BTU Cooling Capacity 240+ AMP Alternator Recomm 10-15 HoursBTU Run-Time 10,000 Cooling Ca 375Hours lbs Run 10-15 3


S h o r e P o w e r a n d R e e f e r C o n n e c t i o n Ava i l a b l e f o r U n l i m i t e d R u n -T i m e S h o r e P o w e rDOMETIC a n d SLEEPER R e e f CAB e r SYSTEM C o n n e c t i o n Ava i l a b l e f oBUILT-IN r U nREFRIGERATOR l i m i t e d R u n -T i • Exclusive Protected Evaporator Eliminates the Risk of Ice-Pack Damage



• Recessed Handle for Smooth Surface • 1.1 Cubic Foot Capacity • Features Upper tray, Bottle Holder, • 1,000 Watts Cooking Power Vegetable Bin, and of Adjustable Shelves Levels with Nine Pre-Se • Install• 10 KitsAdjustable Available Power For: Freightliner,

• Exclusive Protected Evaporator • 3-4 Hours Recharge Time While Driving Eliminates the Risk of Ice-Pack Damage • 7,000 BTU Cooling Capacity • Recessed Handle for Smooth Surface • 320 lbs • Features • 1.5 KW Heat Strip Upper tray, Bottle Holder, Vegetable Bin, and Adjustable Shelves • 1800W Inverter

• Digital Timer and Digital Clock Peterbilt, Kenworth, Mack, Volvo, andwith LED read International • Removable Glass Turntable Rotates Food to • Install Kits Available For: Freightliner, • 240+ AMP Alternator Recommended Provide Even Cooking Peterbilt, Kenworth, Mack, Volvo, and DEER GUARD • Trim Kit and Exhaust Kit Included International • Easy Installation - No Drilling or Front-End Modification • Mounting Brackets and Packaged Separately DEERSold GUARD REEFER TRAILERS DRY VAN TRAILERS • Folds Down•for Easy Access to- Hood Easy Installation No Drilling or Front-End Modification • Available for• Freightliner, Volvo, International, PeterbiltSeparately and Mack Mounting Brackets Sold and Packaged • Hyundai Trailers • Hyundai Trailers REEFER TRAILERS DRY VAN TRAILERS • Please call for pricing andfor availability • Folds Down Easy Access to Hood • Utility Trailers• Hyundai Trailers • Utility Trailers• Hyundai Trailers • Available for Freightliner, Volvo, International, Peterbilt and Mack • With Thermo King or Trailers • Utility • Utility Trailers • Please call for pricing and availability Carrier Reefer•Units DOMETIC CLEANING MICROWAVE With Thermo King or Carrier Reefer Units


• All -Purpose Cleaner DRY VAN TRAILERS • All -Purpose Cleaner • Ultra Red Cleaner • Ultra Red Cleaner • Odor Away • Wash 'N Wax Cleaner • Odor Away • Wash 'N Wax Cleaner • Fresh 'N Up Moist Towelettes • Odor Absorb Supreme • Fresh 'N Up Moist Towelettes • Odor Absorb Supreme • Air Fresheners • Air Fresheners

ITM50Equipment 2370 Peck Road, City of Industry, CA 90601

• 1.1 Cubic Foot CapacityCOOLER • Portable Compressor Refr • 1,000 Watts of Cooking Power Freezer • 10 Adjustable Power Levels with Nine Pre-Sets • Can Refrigerate or Freeze • Digital Timer and Digital Clock with LED read-out Degrees F (-17 Degrees C • Removable Glass Turntable Rotates Food Quick to • Features Include Ch Provide Even Cooking Function, Memory, and De • Trim Kit and Exhaust Kit Protector Included

• 33 Quarts, 1.1 Cubic Feet 12/24 Volts DC, 110 Volt

T: 562-699-9777 F: 800-850-9577 November /IDecember 2014

(562) 699-9777


Estimated Savings:

Fuel Cost Per Gallon: $4.00 Engine Size: 6 Cylinder Operating Days Per Year: 240 Savings Per Day: $65.58 Savings Per Year: $15, 738.79 Zero Emission

KEY BENEFITS: Fuel Cost Per Gallon: $4.00 3 to 5 Hrs Fully Recharge 10 to 15 Hrs Run -Time Mobile Service to come to you Financing Available

2 Years Warranty (Extended Warranty Available)

We Also Sell the Following:

Utility/Hyundai Dry Vans


Utility/Hyundai Reefer Units

Dometic Refrigerators

2370 Peck Road, City of Industry, CA 90601

November / December 2014


Desi News

ATA Economist Says Freight Volumes are Growing, but Driver Shortage Looms


merican Trucking Associations Chief Economist Bob Costello told the annual ATA Management Conference & Exhibition that freight volumes in the trucking industry continue to grow, but the looming driver shortage could hold back industry growth. “Freight volumes are growing nicely on a year-over-year basis for most trucking sectors as economic growth remains solid,” Costello said here during a panel discussion titled The Economy and Its Impact on Trucking. Costello was joined on the panel by economists John Felmy of the American Petroleum Institute, Jack Kleinhenz of the National Retail Federation and Chad Moutray of the National Association of Manufacturers. “Industry revenue and average revenue per mile are increasing nicely as capacity remains constrained,” Costello said. “However, the industry is having a difficult time adding trucks due to the driver shortage.” Costello said the shortage was “as bad as ever and is expected to get worse in the near term,” as freight volumes continue to grow. As evidence, Costello reported that turnover – often a proxy for tracking the driver shortage – rose 11 percentage points to an annualized rate of 103% in the second quarter. The increase set the rate at its highest point since the third quarter of 2012. Turnover at small truckload fleets – fleets with less than $30 million revenue – surged 16 points to 94%, the highest level since the third quarter of 2012. “These turnover rates show that the shortage is acute,” Costello said, “and if the freight economy continues to grow, it will worsen very quickly.”

Fuel Prices Dropping? The average price for a gallon of diesel fuel in the USA should continue to fall this year and next, according to the Department of Energy’s latest Short Term Energy Outlook report, published last week. The summer slide projected by the DOE seemed to have come to fruition, with the country’s average diesel price sliding nearly 20 cents since June. And that trend is expected to continue, the DOE says, due to falling crude oil prices. The DOE projects diesel to average $3.68 in the fourth quarter and $3.85 for the year — 7 cents a gallon lower than 2013’s average of $3.92. The country’s average price is expected to decline another nickel in 2015 to a yearly average of $3.80, the DOE says. The price of natural gas is expected to fall some in 2015 too. Consumption and production are both expected to increase.

pMjwbI ivc g`l kro

Roger Sangha:

559-916-7864 52

November / December 2014

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ATA Truck Tonnage Index Unchanged in September


merican Trucking Associations’ advanced seasonally adjusted For-Hire Truck Tonnage Index was unchanged in September, following a gain of 1.6% the previous month. In September the index equaled 132.6 (2000=100), the same as in August and a record high. Compared with September 2013, the SA index increased 3.7%, down from August’s 4.5% year-over-year gain. Yearto-date, compared with the same period last year, tonnage is up 3.2%. The not seasonally adjusted index, which represents the change in tonnage actually hauled by the fleets before any seasonal adjustment, equaled 135.8 in September which was 1.7% above the previous month (133.5). “September data was a mixed bag, with retail sales falling while factory output increased nicely,” said ATA Chief Economist Bob Costello. “As a result, I’m not too surprised that truck tonnage split both of those readings and remained unchanged.” “During the third quarter, truck tonnage jumped 2.4% from the second quarter and surged 4% from the same period last year,” Costello said. He also noted that the third quarter average was the highest on record. Trucking serves as a barometer of the U.S. economy, representing 69.1% of tonnage carried by all modes of domestic freight transportation, including manufactured and retail goods. Trucks hauled 9.7 billion tons of freight in 2013. Motor carriers collected $681.7 billion, or 81.2% of total revenue earned by all transport modes. ATA calculates the tonnage index based on surveys from its membership and has been doing so since the 1970s. This is a preliminary figure and subject to change in the final report issued around the 10th day of the month. The report includes month-to-month and year-over-year results, relevant economic comparisons, and key financial indicators.


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November / December 2014

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Truck Safety

Truck Safety

A Proactive Approach


orth America has experienced tremendous growth over the past decade in the manufacturing sector. This increase in production has directly impacted the transportation industry, in particular the trucking sector. However, growth in the trucking industry has not necessarily increased profits for company owners. Increasing fuel prices and high rates of driver turnover make profitability scarce and in many cases impossible under inadequate management. However, oftentimes companies endure the largest financial losses in equipment repair. Statistics indicate that on average, a single driver will accumulate twelve to thirteen thousand miles per month on a single tractor. When taking team drivers into consideration, this number doubles to approximately twentyfour thousand miles per month. This amount of mileage requires that operators and company owners have extensive knowledge on truck maintenance and repair procedures. This month’s edition will explore this topic in detail, and provide insight into how equipment owners can maximize the operational life span of their vehicle. A company’s record-keeping procedures are an important step in ensuring truck maintenance requirements are fulfilled in a timely, consistent manner. A truck is a complex piece of machinery with hundreds of different components. For this reason, it is often essential to create a list of the various components which are prone


to wear and tear. Once this list is created, the company or vehicle owners should make note of the dates in which each part was last serviced. Most companies follow this protocol when servicing their tractors for oil and filter changes. However, this is simply not sufficient. Operators should carefully review various other parts, such as the turbocharger, alternator, radiator and timing belts. Although prices for parts vary depending on manufacturer, repairs can significantly hamper earnings. For example, the cost of an average turbocharger can easily be $2,400 for a replacement. Furthermore, poorly functioning parts can dramatically decrease vehicle operational efficiency and lead to further problems in the future. The high cost of repairs has for many years plagued the trucking industry. For this reason, companies with fleet sizes of over ten vehicles have strategically allocated financial resources to hire fulltime in-house mechanics. There are several benefits associated with this practice. Firstly, costs are kept significantly lower, because wait times and labor costs are reduced. This eliminates the need for company owners to have to service their vehicles in independent truck repair shops that are often very busy with heavy work loads. This often leads to above-average wait times, and impacts company profits as the vehicle is out of commission for longer periods. In contrast, the in-house mechanic is available to service the truck whenever a repair is required. Furthermore, company drivers also experience a sense of comfort in knowing that routine inspections are being conducted on the vehicle when they arrive from a trip. If vehicles are not inspected properly by certified mechanics, this can often cost drivers hundreds of dollars in fines from inspection stations and highway patrol. Over the years due to safety hazards, highway enforcement has witnessed a significant increase in officers. There is tremendous pressure on company owners and drivers to ensure safety on the road. Given the extraordinary size and weight of a tractor/trailer combination, even one malfunction can cost several lives. Although in-house mechanics are advantageous, they often come with a hefty price tag. With the increase in demand for diesel technicians, wages have experienced a tremendous growth. This is clearly not a viable option for companies with smaller fleet sizes. In the initial stages of any transport business it is highly recommended that company owners take formal training on general maintenance and repair work. With the minimum labor charges now in effect with most truck and auto repair shops, even changing a light bulb can cost upwards of $100. This may seem like an insignificant amount next to the average revenue from a trip, but small repairs add up, and must be multiplied by the fleet size. Small repairs such as this cost companies thousands of dollars a month. Proper maintenance procedures are often overlooked by drivers and company owners alike. The expression, “If it’s not broken, why fix it?” runs parallel with the mindset of many individuals in the transport sector. This type of thinking is simply unacceptable in today’s trucking environment, and proactive measures to ensure road safety and adequate vehicle operation are a fundamental cornerstone in running a successful trucking operation. November / December 2014

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ALWAYS HIRING GOOD DRIVERS & OWNER OPERATORS Ally Carriers Inc. is located in Fresno, CA. We specialize in Refrigerated Transportation. We have regular freight to Florida, Georgia, Texas, Ohio, Indianapolis, Illinois and more… Our fleet of trucks and trailers is expanding all the time. Currently, we have a fleet of 50 company owned trucks and owner operators to serve all your Logistic needs. We are always beside our customer. We pride ourselves on complete customer satisfaction.

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November / December 2014

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We now have 200+

2010 & 2011 Cascadia’s rolling in • • • • • •

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JULY / AUGUST 2014 November / December 2014

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DPF FILTERS INC. Cleaning & Diagnostic Service

Diesel Particulate Replacement Filters • Diesel Particulate Filter Retrofits • Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Diesel Particulate Filter Diagnostics • PSIP Diesel Smoke Testing • DCL Roadwarrior DPF Dealer

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Ph: 559-673-1800 Ph: 877-849-9955 58

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w w w. d p ffi l t e r s . c o m November / December 2014

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Branch Manager: Dildeep Singh Johal Sales Associate: Preet Kaur Sales Associate: Tajinder Singh Sandhu Sales Associate: Avtar Singh Sandhu bRWc mYnyjr: idldIp isMG johl sylz AYsosIeyt: pRIq kOr sylz AYsosIeyt: qijMdr isMG sMDU sylz AYsosIeyt: Avqwr isMG sMDU


10830 S. Harlan Rd, French Camp, CA

November / December 2014


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NTSB urges ban on hands free phones for commercial truck drivers.


he National Transportation Safety Board is urging a ban on hands-free phones for commercial truck drivers. The board made the recommendation, as well as several others, in its official report on a 2013 collision involving a semi truck and a freight train. In its review of the accident, NTSB found that the truck driver failed to stop at the railroad crossing too look for oncoming trains. The driver reported that he was in the practice of listening for the train’s horn as he approached in the crossing, but on the day of the crash, he did not hear anything, partly due to the distraction of an incoming call on his hands-free device. “Current laws may mislead people to believe that hands-free is as safe as not using a phone at all,” says Christopher Hart, acting chairman of NTSB. “Our investigations have found over and over that distraction in any form can be dangerous behind the wheel.” In light of the findings, NTSB wants the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to ban hands-free phones in addition to

its current ban on hand-held phones. The board also recommended that the FMCSA increase newentrant screening and improve its communication with medical examiners. Although it was a new entrant, the company involved in the crash had a history of noncompliance with safety regulations. NTSB believes that the FMCSA should have gone farther in its review and auditing of the company after its admission as a carrier. “We continue to be concerned with FMCSA’s new-entrant program,” says Hart. “Problem operators keep falling through the cracks.” NTSB also found that the driver in the accident had a current diagnosis of severe sleep apnea. He was not being treated, and his alertness may have been compromised by fatigue. While the driver did not report his condition on his medical exam forms, his physician apparently was aware of it and certified him anyway. Finally, NTSB called for better oversight of private rail crossings. “Efforts to improve safety at private grade crossings have been inadequate,” says Hart. “We need states, railroads and landowners to address problems before serious collisions occur.”

Qrmo ikMg nwm nwloN v`Dky

THERMO KING NORTHWEST tRylr rY&rIjIrySn syL Aqy srivs tRylr irpyAr CotI hovy jW v`fI ey.pI.XU. syL Aqy srivs kwrb ieMzn irplysmYNt a division of Thermo King Northwest, Inc

sales@ tknw .com


CALL US: 1(800) 678-2191

www. tknw .com

November / December 2014

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British Columbia distracted driving fines increase


rivers are advised to put their handheld electronic devices away, as the Province’s new distracted driving penalties hit British Columbia roads and highways today. Now, anyone caught talking on a hand-held electronic device while driving is subject to three penalty points in addition to a $167 fine. This is the same penalty that was already in place for drivers caught texting or emailing. The new penalty for using a hand-held electronic device covers infractions such as talking on, holding or dialing a cellular phone, operating a hand-held audio player (such as an iPod or mp3 player), or programming a GPS. Penalty points remain on a person’s driving record for five years and can result in further sanctions, including prohibitions from driving. Of note, B.C.’s distracted driving legislation also prohibits drivers in the Graduated Licensing Program from using any hands-free device. The fall season is also a time to be aware that distraction is a top contributing factor

for drivers in vehicle collisions that involve pedestrians. This is especially important to keep in mind as it becomes more difficult to see pedestrians in dark and poor weather conditions. Distracted driving is the second leading contributing factor of vehicle fatalities in B.C. The Province continues to look at increased fines for distracted driving as part of an overall fine structure review and work is underway to determine what an appropriate amount would be. Key Facts: • Drivers that accrue more than three points must pay an ICBC driver penalty

point premium that starts at $175 and will escalate if they receive more points. • A driver who receives two distracted driving tickets in a year would pay $634, which is the cost of two fines and a $300 penalty for six points. • As points build on a person’s driving record, the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles may also identify a driver as highrisk and monitor or prohibit them under the Driver Improvement Program. • High-risk drivers can receive administrative interventions ranging from warning letters, which say their driving record is being monitored, to prohibitions from driving.

B.C.s Highway 99 gets facelift


ecent work on Highway 99 will mean safer, easier access and reduced congestion for motorists along the Highway 99 corridor with the completion of improvements at the Matthews Interchange and the new 80th Street off-ramp in Delta. This roadwork includes a number of changes including an improved acceleration lane at the Matthews Interchange where Ladner Trunk Road crosses Highway 99, to enhance safety for those merging onto the highway heading northbound. Included in these improvements is the widening of the intersection of Ladner Trunk Road and Hornby Drive (south of Highway 99) to four lanes, helping to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion in the area. In May, a new 80th Street off-ramp from Highway 99 southbound to Ladner Trunk Road was also opened as part of this project. The new ramp is designed to increase access to areas south of Highway 99, especially for motorists travelling to Boundary Bay Airport and the industrial park. The Government of British Columbia and the Corporation of Delta each contributed 50% to this $10-million project, which began construction in early 2013. November / December 2014

Your Logistics Company


TEAM Drivers & Owner Operators Yard to Yard work Available Asset Loads

based Transportation company, Established on January 12, 2002.

to all 48 states, Enough Miles. Fleet


model New Equipment.

consists of over 200 Tractors & 350 Dry Vans.

For Hiring, Call: Malini @ 909-350-1644 ext 321 Email:

Cargo Group of Companies Contact: Baldev Kang | T: 909-350-1644 ext 330

14587 Valley Blvd. Fontana CA 92335 NJ office: 823 St Georges Ave, Woodbridge, NJ 07001 | Phone: 732-485-0225

Michigan office: 1064 Hackerman Dr, Temperance, MI 48182 | Phone: 734-847-0178


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Truck Drivers are Safest Drivers on the Road Survey Respondents Say

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he American Trucking Association released On Monday, October 6th, the results of a survey that says the general public believes that truck drivers are among the safest drivers on the road today. “This poll confirms that the public knows what we in the trucking industry have always known: professional truck drivers are dedicated, professional and safe,” said ATA President and CEO Bill Graves. “It also shows that our efforts to portray a positive image of our industry are having a tremendous impact.” The poll was conducted by from September 20, to 24, 2014 by Public Opinion Strategies. 800 registered voters were part of the survey. According to the poll: • 65% of respondents had a favorable impression of the trucking industry. • 57% of respondents said the trucking industry’s safety record is favorable. • 91% of respondents said they believe that passenger vehicles are more likely to make unsafe maneuvers, such as tailgating, driving aggressively, or improperly changing lanes. • 80% believe truck drivers are safer than passenger vehicle drivers. • 7% of respondents believe truck drivers are more likely than passenger vehicle drivers to drive unsafely. • 90% of respondents believe passenger vehicle drivers are more likely to speed than truck drivers. • 74% of respondents think in accidents involving a car and a truck, the passenger vehicle driver is at fault. “Our industry values safety above all,” said incoming ATA Chairman Duane Long, chairman of Longistics, Raleigh, N.C., “and this poll shows that our commitment to safety is paying dividends in the minds of the public.”

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T680 Kenworth‘s most aerodynamic truck ever


Kenworth T680. Fusing precision-optimized aerodynamics with luxury, intelligent technology and quality. The Kenworth T680 could change the way you do business. The way you reward drivers. The way you save money on fuel you don’t put in the tank. And, moving forward, the way you measure your investment in heavy duty trucks.

• Let your journey begin.

21 locations throughout California, Arizona, New Mexico, British Columbia and the Yukon Carson CA 310-984-3430 • Fontana CA 909-823-9955 • Los Angeles CA 323-278-4100 • San Diego CA 619-328-1600 Phoenix AZ 602-258-7791 • Tucson AZ 520-888-0028 • Albuquerque NM 505-884-0300 • Farmington NM 505-327-0200

Canadian Branches Burnaby • Campbell River • Cranbrook • Fort St. John • Kamloops • Langley • Nanaimo Penticton • Prince George • Quesnel • Vernon • Whitehorse • Williams Lake November / December 2014


Your Northwestern Connection

Every Mile We Move, We Make It Count For IT

California CARB Compliance Carrier

We are hiring Owner Operators and Company Drivers. We offer: · 2015 Freightliner Cascadia · Quality of life · Family Friendly environment · Steady miles

0.36 cent /mile for company drivers.

Tel: (530) 674-3100 1235 Oswald Rd, Yuba City, CA 95991 Fax: (530) 674-3611


November / December 2014

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