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* Based on averaging the third-party testing results for fuel economy comparing the International LT with A26 engine against the (a) 2018 Freightliner Cascadia CA126SLP with DD13, (b) 2018 Kenworth T680 with Paccar MX-13 and (c) 2018 Volvo VNL670 with Volvo D13. Actual customer results for fuel economy may vary. The “category” tested consisted of Class 8 trucks with North American 12-13L engines.





Saw-tooth lugs with 800+ serrated edges for maximum grip on ice and packed snow Optimized snow chain housing for maximum uptime Continuous stone ejectors for excellent casing protection

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No Longer Just a Driver tr`ikMg ieMfstrI ‘c kMm krn dy mOky hux smW Aw igAw hY ik srdIAW Anuswr qbdIlI krIey! Disability and Paying Your Bills ifseyibltI Aqy quhwfy dyx vwLy ib`l Canadian Government Wants More Women in Trucking Are Drivers Keeping Ride Control Top of Mind? What does Alice in Chains have to do with Golf?

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Jag Dhatt

nd just like that, in a blink, the summer is almost over. It seems as though it was just yesterday that my kids had began summer vacation and yet now, in one week, it’s back to school and learning. Like most other parents, I talk to my kids about the importance of learning, which includes things both inside and outside the classroom. Really, if you think about it, learning never ends. From the day we are born until the day we finally close our eyes, there is always something to be learned. What’s really opened my eyes is how much I learn from my kids. My generation was one when technology really began to evolve and my children’s generation will never know a time without it. They pick up on things at a much faster pace than I can, and that’s where I have the opportunity to learn from them. Speaking of evolution, in this issue, Ray Gompf talks about how a professional driver today is much different than one of yester-year. The implementation of technology and electronics have really changed the transport industry and the driver who embraces these innovations is just that much better for it. However, as one article points out, the driver still needs to rely on his senses and experience to keep safety at the forefront. As our streets begin to again be filled with students returning to school, take the opportunity and embrace learning. We’ll be that much better for it.

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No Longer Just a Driver Changing Careers in the Transport Industry


he trucking industry has been, in the past, a great place for a career. Then it became a not so great place for a career and now, it’s coming back to being a great place for a career. For years, trucking was a career that paid well for many people, not blessed with having the advantage of a higher education. Basic grade six mathematics was, and still is, required. The job wasn’t 8

much different than today with the exception of technology. Power steering made the job much easier, and drivers no longer needed twenty-four inch biceps to steer. Those fathers, with the twenty-four inch biceps thought their sons needed to be much better educated so they didn’t have to rely on the big guns.


G. Ray Gompf

Trucking went from drivers who were following in their father’s footsteps to drivers who were a little light on education and felt they couldn’t do much better. About forty years ago, the trucking carriers did these drivers a favour and invented a new type of employee – the small business owner operator trucker. A decade or so later with the small business owner operator successful for the carriers, they invented the “Driver Inc.” model to keep employees at arm’s length. Over the past forty years, small business owner operator truckers have discovered that owning a truck or two is a lot different than simply showing up a yard, and getting into a company provided truck. As the revelation of this situation hit, and hit hard, the small business owner operator truckers discovered they were in over their heads and they needed a tad more book learning in order to stay afloat. Small business owner operator truckers started to actually run their businesses as businesses and started to understand they had been used

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and abused. But in so doing, they also figured out they were in control of their own destiny if they actually took their own destiny into their hands. These small business owner operator truckers discovered they had to charge more than their costs in order to stay on top. Staying on top of your balance sheet isn’t easy, but far from impossible. And that brings us to where trucking is a great career again. New technology is being created almost daily. Not that it doesn’t take years to bring that technology to fruition but the changes in software that makes life easier, software that puts the small business owner operator trucker in charge of his — and now her — life, ever so possible. Over the past several decades, the load board, originally brought to the industry by truckstop.com in 1996, has been the go-to for searching for loads. While it had the ability to allow a search of the loads posted, it didn’t have the ability to find the loads for you. You had to scroll and scroll, then phone the contact and too often, the load had been picked up days before. Since there was no automatic update, these loads still showed as being available. For this reason, the load boards charged bags of money for their services. Almost immediately, other load boards opened up but all basically with the same business model. Load boards did put you in the right direction to finding a load, but it was up to you to make the many phone calls and follow up to get that available load on your truck. Fast forward to this year. A whole new thinking and new business model arrives on the scene. One such sample is XYpper.com, which finds you loads but the only thing you have to do is enter a criteria into XYpper’s system, once. No more time-consuming scrolling through load boards to find something suitable for you. XYpper choses loads for you based on your location, the equipment you have available and the routes you want to work. Yes, at this point you will have to call the shipper and negotiate your final price but once that negotiation is completed, XYpper kicks in and provides all the necessary paperwork and delivers it to your device. Now it’s after you deliver that load XYpper continues to shine for you. XYpper has a signature capture feature and upon capturing that “delivered” 10

signature, without further prompting, sends out an electronic invoice so you can get paid for your service. XYpper isn’t a load board, although it has some load board capabilities, because it’s a virtual dispatch system that is your personal back office allowing you to do what you do best — drive and think safety. All this for $25 a month. There are hundreds of apps and software available to help you with the minute by minute running of your trucking business, regardless of size, but so far, only ones like XYpper can change the bottom line on your general ledger spreadsheet for the better. With truck drivers now being forced into minimum entry level training, that also means there must be training beyond the entry level. There has always been peer training because it was how we learned the trade in the past. But now, we’re not learning from our fathers as in the past because our fathers today aren’t or weren’t in the business. The need for good skilled drivers has never been higher. Starting wages are pretty good. The hours to be worked are on the tad excessive side. Being a truck driver is a good job and getting better. Even with technology taking a lot of truck driving tasks in hand, there will always be a need for that human driver to, if nothing else, monitor the vehicle systems. Training will have to adjust to meet the future needs, as will proper pay levels. Truck driving may never be the best paying job based on hours of work and training required, but it is a phenomenal job when


you realize the contribution to society. Without trucking, the entire economy would crash. The whole mentality on the value of the truck driver is changing. Years ago, the truck driver was a knight of the road. Whenever there was someone with a break down, a flat tire, it was the truck driver who was the first, maybe the only one, to offer help. As the pressures of just in time freight kicked in, the truck driver didn’t have neither the time nor the ability to stop and assist. Further pressures with hours of service and electronic monitoring have created even more tightening of the pressures; but saner heads are trying to bring the pendulum back to centre. Governments are starting to wake up and listen to truck drivers because it’s government policy, enacted in the name of safety, that’s exacerbated to incident rate on the highways. Governments are starting to look at their own culpability in making highways less safe than in the past. With the guidance and balance offered by the driver’s voice, governments are going to ease up on those policies that are creating problems. Trucking, for the driver, is coming back to balance. Training is going to have a whole different look than in the past. There will be a career path where new entrants aren’t at the top of their game in the pay structure. The small business owner operator trucker will become much more prominent in the supply chain simply because technology is making it easier to do the task.

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vDIAw qy sur`iKAq bxw skdy ho[ AwE SurU krIeyy! ibnw iksy Krc ‘qy A`j hI Swml hovo: GreatDaneTrailers.com/AdvantEDGE




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ਉੱਤਰੀ ਅਮਰੀਕਾ ਦੇ ਵਪਾਰ ਨੂ ੰ ਚਲਦਾ ਰੱਖਣ ਲਈ ਤੁ ਹਾਡਾ ਧੰਨਵਾਦ।

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PRytlweInr tr¤ks Aqy ausdw fIlr nytvrk swaUQ eySIAn kYnyifAn smudwie dw tr¤ikµg audXog pRqI aunHW dy smrQn leI Dµnvwd krdw hY[ AsIN quhwnUM 300 qoN v`D pUrn syvwvW vwlIAW fILriSpW ‘coN iksy ie`k iv`c Awaux leI s`dw idMdy hW Aqy byimswl eINDn kuSlqw, izAwdw kwrj kuSlqw, sMXojkqw, sur`iKAw, kuAwiltI, vDyry kMm krn dw smW, Aqy frwievr qzrby vwly tr`kW dI swfI ivAwpk cox nUM vyKo[ AwE vyKo ik AsIN iks qrHwN qUhwnUM AwpxI n&w kmwaux dI smr`Qw nUM AiDkqm bxwaux iv`c m`dd kr skdy hW[

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NSC Compliance & Accounting Services kMplwieMs Aqy AkwaUNitMg syvwvW ie`ko QW qy 

New company, complete permit setups

Accounting services specializing in transportation industry

Log book, Dangerous Goods training

Company Taxes

US DOT/NSC Audit representation


All Fuel Tax: IFTA, Oregon, NY, NM, KY

GST/HST Filing

E-manifest set up and load entries to Canada & US

Audits – CRA/WCB/GST

C-TPAT/PIP and TWIC Registrations

Personal Taxes

Services for American Companies W e help you in:

• Paperwork for getting loads to Canada and back to USA • FMCSA/US DOT Audits • CSA Monitoring • All Permits and authorities

National Safety Code Compliance Service Call: 1-800-965-9839 ext. 2

Surrey, BC: #4 - 8333 130th Street Ph: 604-507-7736  Fax: 604-507-7742 Abbotsford, BC: 2633 Montrose Ave.  Ph: 604-755-4230  Fax:604-755-7816 Bellingham, WA: 1313 E Maple St., Suite #236  Ph: 360-543-5608


E: info@nationalsafetycode.com



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‘qy lweItW jgdIAW buJdIAW Bwv PlYS kr rhIAW hox jW jdoN iliKAw Aw irhw hovy ik ie`Qy cyn A`p krnw zrUrI hY jW ieh dovyN hox[ ieMnI aufIk nw kro ik bwAd ‘c pCqwauxw pvy[ ieh quhwfy hI Pwiedy dI g`l hY ik jdoN loV hovy jW ikhw igAw hovy audoN hI cyn A`p kr lE[ ies qrHW krn nwL sur`iKAw hI nhIN sgoN quhwfI vhIkl dI DrqI nwL pkV vDIAw rihx kwrn quhwfI vhIkl TIk FMg nwL c`ldI vI rhygI[ cyn A`p dI kdoN Aqy ik`Qy loV hY ies sbMDI qusIN bI sI dI srkwr dI ilKI hyT Poon lweIn jW vỲbsweIt ‘qy jw ky pqw kr skdy ho: • th.gov.bc.ca/roadreports/Chains/ chains.asp rof irports sbMDI tol PRI nMbr: 1-800-550-4997 • DriveBC.ca jy hwlqW sbMDI pqw nw lgdw hovy qW BlweI iesy ‘c hY ik qusIN ruk jwE Aqy hwlwq TIk hox q`k aufIk kro[ ik`Qy sur`iKAq FMg nwL cyn A`p krnw hY sVk dy iknwry ‘qy cyn A`p krn qoN bco[ jy qusIN sur`iKAq smJdy ho qW cyn A`p krn leI iksy inrDwrq QW ‘qy ruko[ jy quhwnUM aùQy rukx ‘c koeI Kqrw mihsUs huMdw hY qW iksy sur`iKAq rYst stwp vwLy QW jwE jW ie`k pwsy rok lE: qusIN ieh vI kr skdy ho: • Agly tr`k Aqy Awpxy tr`k ivckwr shI Pwslw r`Ko[ • Awpxy tr`k nUM sur`iKAq FMg nwl KVHw kro-pwrikMg brykW lwE Aqy ieMjx bMd kr idE[ • hYzwrf lweItW cwlU kr idE- ieh zkInI bxwE ik auh TIk Twk c`l rhIAW hn Aqy aunHW duAwly gwrw jW snoA nhIN[ • ienHW srdIAW ‘c tr`k trylr nUM sur`iKAq r`Kx leI FùkvyN nwn –sil`p vIHl coks dI vrqoN kro qusIN ienHW srdIAW ‘c fRweIivMg krdy smyN sur`iKAq rihx leI hor kI kI kr skdy ho, ies sbMDI hor jwxkwrI leI https://shiftintowinter.ca/worker-tools/ commercial-trucking-resources/ ‘qy jwE[

Diesel To Hold Dominance as Truck Motive Fuel


iesel will remain as the dominant fuel for commercial vehicles, even as alternative fuels and powertrain options become more viable. That was the message from Allen Schaeffer, executive director of the Diesel Technology Forum, when speaking at the ACT Research North American Commercial Vehicle and Transportation Industries seminar. He said diesel will retain its dominant role due to continuous improvements in emissions reductions and efficiencies. “Diesel is the gold standard, the technology of choice for more than 97% of all heavy-duty commercial trucks today, thanks to several unique features: power, performance, durability, efficiency – the combination of which has proven unbeatable,” said Schaeffer. “Over the last 15 years, truck and engine makers have worked to virtually eliminate emissions from diesel engines. The transition to

ultra-low sulphur diesel fuel coupled with advancements in engine combustion, turbocharging and high-pressure fuel injection, and the addition of advanced emissions controls like selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and particulate filters, has enabled today’s heavy-duty diesel truck engines to achieve near-zero levels of emissions.” He noted more than one third of all the largest heavy-duty trucks in operation are using the newest generation of near-zero emissions clean diesel technology. “This translates into substantial societal benefits: tonnes of nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide removed from the air; 98% fewer emissions of particulate matter; and thousands of dollars in fuel-cost savings for truckers, adding up to millions of barrels of crude oil saved,” Schaeffer said. As new alternative fuels and powertrain options emerge, Schaeffer said diesel will still have a role to play. “Some of the greatest promise will be

in finding the best of both worlds of both established and new powertrain and fuel options to optimize freight efficiency for the trucking customer, whether that be over the road trucking to last-mile pick-up and delivery,” he said. “Joint industry and U.S. Department of Energy SuperTruck programs have contributed substantially to commercializing technologies today that continue to push engine and truck efficiency to the point of now doubling the mpg of previous generations of commercial trucks. This all adds up to lower fuel costs for truckers, and lower carbon dioxide and other emissions into the environment.”

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Disability and Paying Your Bills I

know multiple drivers who have been hurt on and off the job. Some have fallen in the snow while tarping a load and injured their back.

Some have slipped while exiting the cab and broken a leg. Some have fallen from the top of a trailer and broken an arm, and many have been injured in motor vehicle accidents. One fell while installing a light bulb at home and broke his arm. I know of a few truckers suffering from severe depression as well and 18

cannot work. The final result for all was the same. They were all disabled and unable to work. Without work, there is no pay, but the bills keep coming.

Pash Brar


Bills don’t stop because you’re injured or have mental or emotional issues and most trucking firms who offer group benefits rarely offer disability benefits because of their high costs. The onus is on the driver to obtain his or her individual disability insurance. While it is mandatory to have workman’s

compensation insurance for trucker’s, it often does not fill the need to get all the bills paid. There are mortgages or rent to be paid, truck and trailer loans, car loans, house insurance, car insurance, truck and trailer insurance, fuel bills, cell phone bills, clothing, electricity, cable, and of course, food. With some jobs you can work with a broken leg if you’re in an office for example. But a trucker is just not one of those jobs. If you’re disabled and cannot work, you don’t get paid. There are safety guides in place to help prevent falls, which are a leading cause of injuries for truck drivers. Prevention is the first line of attack. A good recommendation is 3 points of contact while exiting the cab. That can be 2 legs and one arm or 2 arms and one leg. This keeps the most stability. Exit the cab facing it and climb down slowly. Jumping from the cab of a tractor can create an impact force of 5-7 times your body weight, which will injure your joints, while using the 3 point contact and carefully stepping from the lowest step creates impact force of only 1-1.5


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times your weight. (Washington State Department of Labor and Industries). Next is being prepared in advance. I see so many come to me after their injury complaining they cannot pay their bills because they are injured and workman’s compensation is not paying enough or not at all. If you gotten disability insurance first that would not be an issue. Be proactive and get the insurance in advance of any disability and not reactive, which is after the disability has already occurred and it is too late. Part of being prepared in advance is good record keeping. When making a disability claim, you need to provide proof of your income and your loan payments. If your taxes have not been filed, you can be in trouble. You need proof of income and your taxes are usually what are requested. Smaller amounts of insurance, like under $2,000 might not need paperwork, but because the amount is small, it will also not cover all your bills. So do not opt for a small amount of disability insurance just so you can avoid paperwork later. Get proper coverage to provide for yourself and your family and

make sure all your paperwork is in order, so if a claim is filed, it will be quick and simple. Disability insurance does not pay your full salary. Keep that in mind. It covers usually about 70% of your salary and works in conjunction with workman’s compensation. There are some plans which specifically cover loans payments for you and even your rent. Do your research and have a plan in place. Getting enough money to keep food on the table and keep your credit intact by paying your bills on time is the goal until you are better and can go back to work full time. The two month rule applies to disability and all aspects of your life. Always have at least 2 months of your salary on hand in savings at all times for emergencies such as disability. If you can save 6 month’s salary it’s even better. Disability can take time before you receive a payment. It depends on what time frame you selected when you got the insurance, such as 0 days, 30 days, 90 days etc. You will have a period of time where you have to cover the bills on your own until your disability claim is approved and paid. So always

Mack Recognizes the Contribution of Women in RoadLife Series




keep savings on hand for an emergency. I used to do collections, repossession and foreclosures. There were so many cases where the main bread winner in the family could not pay the bills due to injury or mental breakdown resulting in the inability to work and me having to foreclose on the home. There were a lot of internal problems caused within the family due to lack of money. Almost half of people state that having debt negatively impacts their mental health and that half are also stressed out about their debt levels. Stress is the number one cause for disability currently. And about 30% admit debt causes issues in their relationship with their partner at home. (Manulife Bank) Do not become a statistic or a “GoFundMe”. Become prepared and organized. Follow safety rules for prevention and if something does happen like an unexpected injury or stress, know that you have savings in place, have disability insurance in place and your taxes and records are all kept up to date so you can focus on hopefully a quick recovery and be back on the road again.

ack Trucks released the fourth episode of its RoadLife series entitled ‘Breaking the Mold’ shares the stories of two women blazing trails in the trucking industry, in which women make up just 12 percent of the workforce. “I never thought my life would be with trucks,” said Raquel Renda, vicepresident of Fort Worth, Texas-based Renda Environmental, a wastewater residuals management company. “But I fell into it here in Texas, and I’ve been in love ever since.” Starting her day around 4 a.m. each morning, Renda’s responsibilities include keeping the 24/7 operation running smoothly and addressing whatever urgent issues might pop up. Instead of trying to fit the mold created by men in leadership positions, she has spent her career successfully applying her own style of running the business. “Gender shouldn’t matter,” Renda said. “It’s all about the integrity of the work being done and the integrity of the person doing it.” Professional truck driver “Killer” Bramer has taken a different path to success in the industry by following her dreams from an early age. After graduating as the top student – and only female – in her driving school class, she bought a truck and spent the next three years learning the ins and outs of the road. She also spent several years driving on tour with folk singer-songwriter Arlo Guthrie, who gave her the nickname “Killer.” “Being a truck driver is not a 9 to 5 job, and it’s not for everybody,” Bramer said. “I didn’t do it because I knew I was breaking the mold, I did it because it’s my job and I do it really well.” ‘Breaking the Mold’ is available now on roadlife.tv and Amazon Prime Video. In addition, viewers can access RoadLife bonus content on Mack Trucks’ social channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Freightliner e-Mobility

Volvo’s New River Valley Plant Reunited with First Truck Built There


t Freightliner, cutting edge design, engineering and manufacturing is nothing new. Throughout their history, they’ve been dedicated to innovation that improves uptime, comfort, safety and efficiency for our customers. Today, they’re ready for the next big step: introducing the all-new, all-electric eCascadia and eM2 106. These two models represent the next level of advanced electric power, backed by the unmatched experience and expertise of Freightliner and Daimler. They are developing world-class electric, commercial vehicles that will reduce emissions and improve our customers’ real cost of ownership (RCO). Production of Freightliner’s proprietary, integrated electrification solution is expected to begin in 2021.


olvo Trucks’ New River Valley truck plant was recently reunited with the first truck ever built there. The truck was donated by the Wilson family, founders of the former Wilson Trucking Corporation. It’s a 1982 Volvo F7 model. Its new home is the Volvo Trucks Customer Center, which is adjacent to the plant. Wilson also bought the first Volvo F86 model sold in the U.S. in the 1970s, and in 2011 it took delivery of the 500,000th U.S.-built Volvo truck.

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Ambrose to Speak at CTEA


ona Ambrose, a one-time Conservative Party leader and an advisor on NAFTA negotiations, will be among speakers at this year’s annual meeting of the Canadian Transportation Equipment Association. The 55th annual conference will be hosted at Toronto’s Westin Prince hotel from Oct. 22 to 24. Other prominent speakers during the event will be MP Andrew Leslie, parliamentary secretary to the minister of foreign affairs with special responsibilities for CanadaU.S. relations, and Candace Sider, Livingston’s vicepresident of government and regulatory affairs in North America. She will be addressing challenges associated with tariffs. Panels and presentation during the three-day event will cover topics including tariffs, trailers, chassis, electronic stability controls, amendments to Canada’s Motor Vehicle Safety Act, and Transport Canada director of road safety Incorporation Registration IFTA Registration Ibrahima Sow. IRP Registration & Revenue C.V.O.R. Registration

U.S. D.O.T. & MC Registration C-TPAT Drug Testing Canada Customs & US Customs Bond


There are better ways.


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Almost 2,500 Charges Laid by OPP During Operation Safe Trucking Blitz


uring Operation Safe Trucking last week, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) stopped 4,254 commercial motor vehicles (CMV), laid 2,479 charges and took 120 unsafe vehicles out of service. During the blitz, the OPP covertly conducted highway patrol resulting in 114 distracted driving charges against CMV drivers. OPP aircraft and the use of OPP non-traditional patrol vehicles were also used for enforcement, providing


an enhanced view of aggressive CMV drivers. Speeding accounted for 576 of the charges, 75 were the result of Follow Too Close and an additional 269 charges were laid for other moving violations. A number of CMVs were found to have defective equipment, making up 214 of the charges. Improper documentation saw the highest number of CMV charges (794). There were no CMV-related fatalities reported during this period. When CMV drivers were not drawing


the OPP’s attention, officers spotted a number of passenger vehicles whose drivers were charged with various violations such as distracted driving and speeding. Passenger vehicles are also reminded that they are accountable to the law, and should provide adequate space to CMVs to ensure the highways are safe for everyone. As expected, our officers noted that the vast majority of CMV drivers were operating their trucks in a safe manner during this initiative. The OPP would like to thank these (and other) drivers who contribute to safe roads and help save lives. Operation Safe Trucking is the latest initiative to support the OPP CMV Collision Mitigation Strategy, the goal of which is to reduce the number of CMV collisions on OPPpatrolled roads. Also, on this just past long weekend, two children were among the six fatalities on OPP-patrolled Ontario roads. Over 500 SlowDownMoveOver charges laid and 7,800 other traffic-related charges laid. Let’s make our roads and our jobs — all of our jobs — safer.

Penske Joins CharIN Vehicle Charging Standard Initiative


enske Truck Leasing has joined the Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN), a worldwide industry alliance focused on promoting Combined Charging System (CCS) as the global standard for charging electric vehicles (EVs) of all types. Penske will focus its attention on helping to promote electric vehicle charging standards for commercial vehicles in North America by participating with the group’s High Power Charging for Commercial Vehicles Task Force (HPCCV Task Force). Penske Truck Leasing is the first in its industry to join the CharIN organization, according to the group. “As a leading services provider to commercial fleets, we feel standardization around electric vehicle charging and charging stations will help accelerate

the use of electric vehicles within the transportation industry,” said Brian Hard, president and CEO of Penske Truck Leasing. “The interoperability of vehicle charging stations over the road is essential for commercial fleet uptime, efficiency, maintenance, and general ease of use for the industry.” Penske Truck Leasing sees increased interest among its commercial customers related to electric vehicles (EVs). Improving standardization with electric vehicle charging may help reduce complexity for fleet operators and truck drivers as well as maintenance providers, and recharging/refuelling providers. “We are thrilled to have Penske Truck Leasing as a CharIN member and active contributor to the work of the HPCCV

Task Force. Our goal is to extend CCS capabilities to meet the requirements for commercial EV charging. The input from end users is the key to our success. Penske is the first fleet operator to join our team and this brings this important work one step closer to successful completion,” said Oleg Logvinov, the spokesman for CharIN in North America and President and CEO of IoTecha.



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Daimler Trucks Recalls More than 45,000 Cascadias over Instrument Panel Issue

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aimler Trucks North America is recalling more than 45,000 Freightliner Cascadia trucks for issues with the instrument panel, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recall documents. More specifically, Cascadia trucks model year 2017-19 are affected by the recall. According to NHTSA, the ignition control unit may not perform the required bulb checks for the antilock brake system or electronic stability control if the ignition is turned from on to off to on too quickly. This goes against Federal Motor Vehicle Safety



Standard No. 121, “Air Brake Systems,” and 136, “Electronic Stability Control Systems on Heavy Vehicles.” Daimler Trucks North America says it plans to notify owners of affected vehicles. Dealers will reprogram the ignition control unit to ensure a bulb check is performed each time the ignition is turned on. The recall is scheduled for Sept. 17. For questions, call Daimler Trucks North America’s customer service at 800-547-0712 with recall number FL-780. NHTSA’s recall number is 18V-491.

Quick Truck Lube to Open in Napanee, ON



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uick Truck Lube announced today that it is opening a new location in Napanee, ON this fall. The new location at exit 579 on Hwy 401 will offer the same fast and efficient service at its Ayr and Fort Erie locations. Quick Truck Lube is a fast drivethrough oil change facility. It is is equipped to service all makes and models.

For more information, you can visit www.quicktrucklube.com

Works over 150 locations across Canada.

Whether you have a small or medium fleet, your company is eligible.


Truckers Together Fuel Services info@truckerstogether.ca



Canadian Government Wants More Women in Trucking


amo-Route is hoping to put women in the driver’s seat, with the support of the Canadian Government. Minister of Transport Marc Garneau announced $294,000 in funding for a new project called “Women Truck Drivers: Target 10%” aimed at removing barriers to women becoming professional drivers in Quebec.

Economic Security fund which has awarded more than $10 million dollars to more than 30 organizations looking to improve women’s representation in the workforce since a call for submissions went out in October 2017. Women make up about three per cent of employees in the trucking industry as a whole, a fact Angela Splinter, CEO of Trucking HR Canada says has to change.

Partnering with industry groups the project aims to change the current recruitment, integration and training practices of businesses and training centres to make them more inclusive to women. The groups will then create action plans for each of six regions in the province and will take concrete steps to improve women’s representation in trucking. Camo-Route says private businesses, training centres, l’Association du camionnage du Québec – the provincial trucking association and Via Prévention will contribute resources to develop and implement new tools, provide support for the sector and share new practices. The money for the project comes as part of the Support for Women’s

“The trucking and logistics industry continues to experience severe labor shortages. But, where women represent 48% of Canada’s labor force, yet only three per cent of our driving workforce – we need to do more,” she says. “It is great to see Camo-route moving forward with this initiative, and always great to see our government investing in our workforce needs.” In Quebec that number increases slightly, with about seven per cent of the transport, heavy equipment operation, and related maintenance industry consisting of women employees as of 2017 according to the Ministry for the Status of Women. Minister Garneau says the barriers to women’s participation in the workforce are well-known, with



factors like unequal pay and lack of childcare access keeping women from full-employment opportunities. “The federal government is committed to increasing women’s participation in the transportation sector and other non-traditional fields. Camo-Route’s excellent initiative will help more women find work in the trucking industry, which is important for our society and our economy. This project will further our goal of advancing gender equality,” he said. Ellen Voie, of the Women in Trucking Association cited a recent study by the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) saying women drivers were safer on the road overall when talking about the announcement. “Women are still underrepresented as professional drivers, but this is changing. Not only do women make excellent drivers, we are learning about the benefits women bring to the industry. Women take fewer risks and have been proven to be less likely to be involved in a crash than men, so we need to attract and retain more women which will create safer highways for all of us,” she said. The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that by taking steps to advance equality for women Canada could add $150 billion to its economy by 2026. That addition is critically important in an industry that is a key economic driver and is facing the pressures of an extreme labour shortage. “We are very pleased that the Government of Canada is supporting our project. Our goal over the next three years is to inspire the changes necessary to correct the historic under-representation of women in the trucking industry, and help more women get involved in this dynamic and growing sector of the Québec economy,” said Bernard Boulé, Director General of Camo-Route.



As Uber Leaves Self-Driving Truck Market, Another Jumps In


or the developers of self-driving vehicles, semi-trucks are appealing. They predominantly run on freeways and other fixed routes that are simpler to automate and fleet managers are easier to convince with rational, financial arguments than individual car buyers. The massive truck driver shortage also makes autonomous trucks seem like a great solution.

A new startup, Kodiak Robotics, has thrown its hat into the ring and it may be one worth watching. Kodiak is cofounded by Don Burnette, who also cofounded Otto, a trucking startup acquired by Uber in 2016. The autonomous world is a small one, so it can be tough to keep up. Burnette


was originally at Google. He left to cofound Otto in 2016. Uber bought Otto but has now announced that it wants to focus solely on autonomous cars, not trucks. That leaves one fewer competitor in the self-driving big-rig market, and room for a new round of startups to flourish. But Kodiak isn’t just a rebooted Otto. “I think there are a lot of aspects of the industry that are different from the days of Otto,” says Burnette. Sensor technology has greatly advanced in the last 2.5 years. Lidar is a laser sensor most experts believe is crucial for self-driving cars to perceive the world. Back then there was only one company dominating lidar. Now, there are tens of companies building lidar, as well as cameras, sonar, and radar sensors, for autonomous vehicles. Burnette also says he and the new team have learned a lot more about the industry they’re targeting. Instead of just throwing autonomous car engineers at the problem, they’ve spoken to truckers


and shippers to understand the logistics business and the challenges. “It’s a much more mature view,” he says. Kodiak isn’t ready to talk in detail about its business plan yet, but Otto’s model was to build affordable aftermarket systems to bolt onto existing trucks. Its promise was a $30,000 price tag. Kodiak’s approach is likely to be similar, and the company is talking to sensor-makers to buy in what it needs. “We take a holistic approach; we want to use all the different sensors that are available,” Burnette says. “We’re not trying to build this super cheap or make it super expensive. We’re more trying to take advantage of all the modalities that are available to us today and combine them in an intelligent way.” The established truck industry isn’t waiting though. Volvo and Daimler are working on prototype autonomous versions of the rigs they already build and running tests in Europe. Self driving car development feels like it’s hit a plateau, as early promises pale against the hard reality of how to engineer a vehicle to deal with all the variables of the open road. But Kodiak says semi-truck development could move faster. For starters, freight won’t complain as much about a slightly jerky ride. And if engineers focus on highway and interstate driving, that constrains the problem by removing cyclists, pedestrians, and traffic lights. “You get on the road, stick in the right lane, and don’t hit the thing in front of you,” says Burnette. That’s not enough to replace the truck driver. The human driver is still necessary but now those drivers can catch up on paperwork.

See more of the action at RoadLife.tv/Watch


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Make Sure Your Brakes are in Perfect Working Order


ith just about a month left until the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s Brake Safety Week, its time to begin thinking about your truck’s brakes. Brake Safety Week will take place Sept. 16-22 with CVSAcertified enforcement personnel conducting roadside inspections on commercial motor vehicles to identify and remove those with critical brake violations from our roadways and to call attention to the dangers of faulty brake systems. Properly functioning brake systems are crucial to safe CMV operation. Brakes must be routinely inspected and carefully and consistently maintained so they operate and perform to the manufacturer’s specifications throughout the life of the vehicle. Expansion Tank Volvo 08-15, OE# 21846997, RTVO103 $299.00 Improperly installed or poorly Expansion Tank Kenworth 08-15, OE# N53446001, RTKE101 $279.00 maintained brake systems can reduce braking efficiency. Last year, 14 percent of CMV’s were placed out of service for brakerelated violations. During Brake Safety Week, inspectors will primarily conduct the North American Standard Level I Inspection, which is a 37-step procedure that includes an examination of driver operating requirements and vehicle mechanical fitness. Inspections conducted will include inspection of brake-system components to identify loose or missing parts; air or hydraulic fluid leaks; defective rotor conditions; measurement of pushrod travel; mismatched air chamber sizes across axles; air reservoir integrity and mounting; worn linings, pads, drums or rotors; required brakesystem warning devices; and other brake-system components. Check your truck’s brakes and make any repairs as soon as www.chtp.ca possible. 34


It’s the Talk of Corporate America: Shipping Costs are Surging, Why Not Drivers Pay?


ver the past year, an index of costs for shipping goods via long-haul truck has jumped 11.6%, according to the Department of Labor. Companies are finding that increased demand for their products has led to the tightest freight services market since 2004. Another Labor Department gauge shows average hourly earnings for longhaul drivers rose just 0.5% in the 12 months through June. Part of the problem may be a shortage of trucks as opposed to drivers, according to Avery Vise, vice president of

trucking research at FTR Transportation Intelligence. Trucking companies weren’t keeping up investment in new rigs after the manufacturing downturn of 2015 and 2016, he said. That led to a record quarter for new truck orders in the first three months of 2018, and those trucks should be hitting the road soon. Right now, FTR data says active truck utilization has climbed back to 100% for the first time since 2004, which helps explain why shipping rates have moved up so quickly. “There’s a lot of equipment that’s going to be coming online, and there’s just going

to be a lot of pressure to bring on drivers for that,” Vise said. “We’ve seen pay increases, but we’re going to see still more increases in the coming quarter because the carriers that have been placing these orders are now going to have trucks that they’re going to have to fill.”



Truck Driver Hero Saves Baby from Wreckage in Flames MANAGE THE WESTERN RUN


ndré Harris doesn’t think of himself as a hero, but most people would agree that saving an infant from a burning car is pretty heroic. The Tuscaloosa tow truck driver was finishing up a job when he saw smoke coming from a car. “I saw a flame coming up from between the engine compartment and the firewall,” he said. “I noticed a lady running up, so I popped on the beacons and asked if anyone was in the car.” The woman had flipped her car and her 7-month-old son was trapped inside. “Next thing I knew, I was down the hill trying to bust the glass with my hand,” he said. “I got it broken and was reaching in the car, literally fumbling around. I couldn’t see because of the smoke. I felt a tiny leg and just started pulling.” The woman had suffered minor injuries. Harris was worried the car could burst into flames, so he held the baby in his left arm and pulled the mother up the hill with his right. 36


“We got to the top of the hill, I looked back and the whole compartment where the baby had been was engulfed in flames. It wasn’t until the adrenaline wore off that I’d realized what happened.” Harris grew up the eighth-born in a close family with nine children and says helping people is how he was raised. “If we’re put in a position to be a blessing to someone, I think we should take the opportunity,” he said. “It happened so fast,” the baby’s mother said. “If he wasn’t there, I don’t know how I would have gotten my baby out of the car. He could have died from smoke inhalation. I was so much in shock, I couldn’t even see the window.” “It was all God’s timing,” Harris said. He was quick to shed the hero label, no matter how many times he’s heard it this week from friends and co-workers. “Heroes are the ones who make it possible for us to do this interview here safely. The soldiers who go off to fight,” he said. “I just did what any other American would have done, especially somebody who has kids themselves.”

Study Finds Self-Driving Cars Often Fail to Stop for Obstacles

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elf-driving cars have been found to not stop for certain obstacles or find themselves in other dangerous situations unless a driver takes immediate manual control, according to a new study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. During on-road and track tests for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla and Volvo, researchers discovered that self-driving cars repeatedly either failed to recognize obstacles or failed to stop when presented with one. “The early results underscore the fact that today’s systems aren’t robust substitutes for human drivers,” the insurance trade group said in its report. In particular, researchers found that the BMW, Volvo and Mercedes self-driving cars did not brake when

a vehicle stopped ahead of them in certain circumstances. The research also found that drivers’ expectations that they are safe increases the tendency for the selfdriving cars to crash. IIHS chief researcher David Zuby said that this presents a real problem for designers. “If they limit functionality to keep drivers engaged, they risk a backlash that the systems are too rudimentary. If the systems seem too capable, then drivers may not give them the attention required to use them safely,” he said. The researchers also warned about the viability of testing self-driving vehicles on real roads, pointing to the incident last March when a selfdriving Uber prototype hit and killed a pedestrian.

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Are Drivers Keeping Ride Control Top of Mind? T

he summer season is the most popular time for Canadians to hit the open road. Whether you’re packing up the car and heading to the cottage, going on an outing to the beach or touring the country on an extended road trip, it’s important to keep your vehicle’s ride control top of mind, as it is paramount for your safety and comfort. If you’re not familiar with the term, Ride Control it is a vehicle’s ability to stop, turn, keep the tires on the road and the driver in control. “Many motorists are unaware about the impact poor ride control can have on performance and driving safety. People tend to think ride comfort is the only reason why shocks, struts and springs may need replacing,” says Daryl Croft, OK Tire automotive expert. “Your vehicle’s suspension is an integral part of your vehicle’s safety systems, especially when it comes to your brakes. Worn suspension components may reduce the stability of the vehicle and impact braking distance. They may also accelerate wear on other suspension components, including the tires.” Today, modern vehicles have a greater demand on struts and shocks than ever before. If your vehicle is equipped with ABS (anti-lock braking system), lane departure system, stability control system 38

or a steering angle sensor, it is very important to monitor the condition of the strut and shock assemblies. Replace your shocks and struts every 80,000 kilometers to ensure your suspension is functioning properly. Steering stability and control will be improved, and excessive tire wear will be reduced by eliminating excessive bounce or vibration. Evaluating your vehicle’s ride control requires road testing and inspection of the


suspension system. OK Tire works with the best suppliers of shocks and struts. Together we offer great tips and auto services to drivers who are concerned about their vehicle’s ride control ability. Give yourself peace of mind before your road trip this summer by ensuring your vehicle is road trip ready with the help of a professional. More information about preventive maintenance and ride control is online at www.oktire.com.

Luber-finer Launches New Luber-finer University Module






uber-finer®, a leading brand in heavy duty filtration since 1936, has added a new module to Luber-finer University, the filter company’s free online education program for distributors, point-ofsale associates and others who work in the heavy duty industry. Module 6 of this comprehensive training tool, which can be accessed from any Internet-connected device, educates users about the art of outside filtration sales and the vital role these sales professionals play in helping fleet maintenance managers keep their vehicles moving. “Previous modules in Luber-finer University offered the in-depth knowledge about heavy duty filtration that every sales professional needs,” said Layne Gobrogge, Director of Heavy Duty Marketing for Champion Laboratories. “This module takes the next step and is designed to help sales professionals at every level learn the skills and techniques that are the keys to a rewarding sales career.” Module 6 provides an engaging, interactive experience that shares valuable information offered by Luber-finer’s own outside sales team. These “tricks of the trade,” acquired over decades of collective sales experience in the heavy duty industry, can be helpful to current outside sales professionals as well as: • Parts counter salespeople interested in making the transition to outside sales • Truck drivers looking for a career change within the industry • Warehouse workers who want more direct interaction with customers With the release of this new module, Luber-finer continues its effort to offer cutting-edge training materials engineered to grow the heavy duty community’s collective knowledge and help industry partners succeed. Registering for Luber-finer University is fast and easy; simply visit luberfiner.com/university to enroll by filling out a simple online form.

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nvW RAM 1500 Sport hr p`KoN vDIAw hI vDIAw


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What does Alice in Chains have to do with Golf? The sun was shining as members of the transportation industry came out to raise money for Kids Help Phone and other Canadian children’s charities.


orget everything you thought you knew about industry events! This was a full day jam-packed with networking, knowledge, great food, golfing and of course, supporting children’s charities across Canada. TransCore Link Logistics hosted its 20th Annual Conference and Charity Golf Tournament on July 16th at Markland Wood Golf Club in Toronto.

Link Conference attendees braved the early morning to enjoy complimentary food and listen to talks on the state of the industry. Along with seeing a demo of the new Loadlink, guests had the opportunity to win several prizes like a golf foursome, a Blue Jays experience package valued at $1,000, a big screen television and much more. The morning finished with a panel discussion on how cryptocurrency is affecting the transportation industry. All panellists agreed that blockchain would provide much needed transparency to the industry. Mike McCarron, who moderated the chat, kept the discussion light and fun as the audience tuned in to hear the latest blockchain buzz. 44


After the conference, Link golfers headed out to the greens for an afternoon of excitement. Not even the threat of rain could stop the fun! Along the course, players had the opportunity to fill up at the poutine station and cool off at the ice cream truck. There were also plenty of chances to win great prizes like a Florida golf vacation and plane tickets at various on-course activities. The most talked about on-course activities were the trivia questions stationed at each hole. One trivia question that had whole teams stumped was a cartoon depicting nine ‘90s bands (hint: one is Alice in Chains). Golfing concluded and players rushed into the clubhouse for a delicious meal and prize giveaways. With all the enthusiasm in the air, a moment was taken to acknowledge the purpose of the event. Norm Smyth, a representative from Kids Help Phone, took the stage to thank everyone and explain why the foundation is such a necessity to Canadian youth. “They (Canadian youth) can talk to somebody who is nonjudgmental… anonymously, on whatever forum they want to talk on. They’re going to get the help and support that they need and be able to move forward and become vibrant people of society,” said Smyth before he was handed the donation cheque. The entire day wrapped up with the thanking of sponsors and last-minute networking inside the clubhouse. This year’s event was TransCore Link Logistics’ most successful to date, with more money than any previous year being donated to children’s charities across the country. Find out when TransCore Link Logistics will be next by visiting transcore.ca/events.



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Desi Trucking - Eastern  

Sept - Oct 2018

Desi Trucking - Eastern  

Sept - Oct 2018