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“Giving philosophies are as individual and unique as the people they represent; the best ones develop over many years, as we develop a financial structure that feeds our quality of life through our core beliefs.�

: Structure your Giving

“let your generosity flourish.” Every leaf ’s vein structure is determined by the branching structure of its tree. For instance, maple trees, our most common tree in CNY, have an outward and upright branching structure that radiates from a common point on the base of the trunk. Therefore, their leaves have outwardly branching veins that also radiate from a common point. It is the identification of this structure, called “venation”, on the individual leaves that allows botanists to predict the future growth of an individual tree.

Giving is personal. We start with you. Whatever your means, whatever your goals, whatever your passion, the Central New York Community Foundation can help you realize your charitable aspirations. Many people, like you, are interested in giving back to this community in ways that have both impact and longevity. We pride ourselves on being able to offer you flexible and customized ways to give, listening to your goals and helping you create a plan that fits your needs.

We manage hundreds of funds established by individuals, families and businesses that address the region’s challenges and opportunities. These funds are pooled and invested to grow over time, and earnings are used to fund innovative programs in Central New York. It takes a special type of person to provide for the future of a community. Over the years, thousands of individuals have done just that, making a significant difference by donating to the Community Foundation. We invite you to join this tradition of generosity by allowing us to customize a giving plan that is right for you.

Your charitable giving priorities are unique. They represent your individual concerns, interests and goals. The assets you hold may also be unique. The Community Foundation can accept a variety of assets to fund your giving plan. We make giving rewarding and convenient by offering you choices and flexibility, and we start by listening to you. Through the generosity of individuals like you, who have entrusted us with their dreams for a better future, the quality of life in Central New York will forever be enriched.

Your Giving Lasts The Community Foundation has been here since 1927, and we plan to be here for hundreds of years more. We have built our reputation as a place where your charitable intent will be honored for generations to come.

: Types of Funds we have established a robust and diverse giving ecosystem, using our skills to nurture our donors’ local interests. The Community Foundation offers you a variety of fund types to

tailor your giving for maximum impact. You can focus on specific organizations, issues or regions. • community funds – think broadly.

Community Funds are just that – entrusted to the community through the Community Foundation to meet the ever-changing needs in our community. These funds can be named as you wish, giving you the opportunity to choose the most flexible option while still securing your charitable legacy. The funds are distributed to local nonprofits through our Community Grantmaking process after our staff and board determine which organizations are most deserving.

• scholarship funds – empower a dream.

A Scholarship Fund helps students pursue their educational dreams. Scholarships receive professional oversight from our staff to ensure that the process for selection and award is timely and appropriate. • donor-advised funds – stay involved.

A Field-of-Interest Fund allows you to focus your contribution towards an area of interest that is meaningful to you, whether that is the elderly, children, education, health or any other need. We will make grants to the most effective organizations within the chosen field.

The number one option for donors who value flexibility and choice, Donor-Advised Funds offer a hands-on approach to philanthropy. This fund is ideal for those wanting to give to multiple organizations and programs throughout the year. We can work with you to identify charitable organizations that address issues of importance to you and you can recommend grants to the charities that you wish to support. Imagine the convenience of having all of your giving managed through one account.

• designated funds – ongoing support.

• giving to the community fund.

Perhaps you have developed a passion for specific programs or organizations. Designated Funds ensure ongoing, reliable support for the organizations you care about, in perpetuity.

You can also make an outright gift to the Community Fund without creating a named legacy fund. By making a contribution to the Community Fund, you can rest assured that your dollars will support a diverse group of local nonprofits that are working to positively impact our region.

• field-of-interest funds – address issues.

• agency

funds – ensure permanent income. Agency Funds allow charities to ensure a consistent income, taking the pressure off annual fundraising and hedging against unforeseen hurdles. Charities can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with participating in a diverse, professionally managed investment pool, and the access to our staff support.

: Types of Assets our community’s ability to realize growth from our funds is only limited by the money that is available and our donors’ imaginations. Keeping in mind your unique

interests and means, our staff is here to help you plan the giving options that are best for you. We will support you to ensure that your gift meets your objectives and makes a real difference.

Give Today

Give Tomorrow

• cash. A cash gift is the most popular type of charitable gift because of its simplicity.

• charitable bequests. Consider naming the Community Foundation through your will. In doing so, you may reduce taxes paid while supporting your community. You may give a specific dollar amount, property, percentage or remainder of your estate.

Gifts of appreciated stocks, bonds and mutual funds result in a charitable deduction for the full market value of your donated property – even if you bought it for far less. You will also avoid capital gains tax – money you would have to pay if you liquidated your holdings. We can even accommodate closely held stock redemptions. • stocks, bonds & mutual funds.

You may transfer ownership of your policy to the Community Foundation and receive a tax deduction. If you are still making premium payments to keep the policy current, they may also qualify for a deduction.

• life insurance.

Whether it is a home, commercial building or land, we can help you turn this asset into a charitable gift. • real estate.

Charitable gift annuities offer simplicity and income. You or someone you designate can receive life income in exchange for your gift. You will reduce and defer your capital gains tax and may reduce probate costs and estate taxes. • charitable gift annuity (CGA).

• charitable trusts. A charitable lead trust

or several types of charitable remainder trusts create valuable options in estate planning by providing maximum flexibility for giving a gift while returning assets or income to beneficiaries. Listing the Community Foundation as a beneficiary of your insurance proceeds enables you to make a contribution that may not have been possible otherwise.

• life insurance.

estate remainder interest. A gift of a remainder interest in a personal residence allows you to continue to occupy the residence without disruption, and get an income tax charitable deduction. • real

How it all takes flight. To truly empower your giving, you need an unbiased environment in which to translate your passions into reality.

• retirement fund. Taxation

on retirement plan withdrawals could decrease the value of the asset for your heirs. By naming the Community Foundation as the beneficiary of your retirement funds, you can avoid taxes – and preserve your hard-earned assets for the good of your community – forever.

: Our Giving Strategy

“ G R O W W H AT Y O U K N O W. ” Central New York is home to close to 2,000 different plant species. Each exhibits its own unique colors, texture, shape and function. But one common characteristic they each share is their ability to thrive, grow and produce in our unique Central New York habitat.

It’s time to get friendly with Central New York. The Community Foundation seeks to advance three goals through its grantmaking programs — community impact, community building and diversity. The generosity of our donors, partnered with our prudent investment philosophy, allows us to fund innovative programs that enrich our community beyond measure. Our ties to the community run long and deep. With more than 85 years of experience serving Central New York, we understand local programs and issues. By inspiring informed and generous giving, we are making our community a vital and healthy place to live and work.

grantmaking. We have supported hundreds of nonprofits serving Central New York through our Community Grantmaking program. We accept proposals for grants during set times each year. Grants are awarded to innovative, sustainable and measurable programs in the areas of human services, arts and culture, education, health, environment and civic affairs. • community

We strive to make a significant impact on the quality of life in Central New York through various proactive initiatives. They focus on particular areas of interest, chosen based on our diligent research and knowledge of changing community needs. • special initiatives.

Realizing that grant dollars alone cannot address our community’s complex challenges, we see civic engagement as a priority to address the complex social issues facing our region. This commitment expands our role to that of convener, facilitator and problem-solver. Our staff works diligently to collect and analyze data about Central New York’s biggest challenges, working to find solutions and encourage collaborative partnerships. • civic leadership.

Availability of Advice and Assistance Our staff interacts with local not-for-profit organizations every day, learning about their proven programs and innovative new strategies. Access to our expertise is available on demand, to help you make informed charitable decisions.

our investment philosophy. Fiscal responsibility and transparency are crucial considerations when choosing a philanthropic partner. We recognize that our most important responsibility is the stewardship of assets entrusted to us. We invest our resources prudently so that the

income produced can further your charitable wishes, today and in the future. The Community Foundation is committed to the preservation and long-term growth


of its assets, which are invested under the direction of one of the nation’s most outstanding financial consulting firms. Our investment portfolio is overseen by our board of directors, which sets policy, establishes performance benchmarks and continually monitors the effectiveness of the portfolio. Our investment strategy ensures that your contributions make the strongest impact

possible by: 1) preserving capital, 2) striving for consistent annual returns, 3) achieving long-term total returns that meet or exceed inflation, the cost of operations and grants and 4) earning the highest possible return given our established risk tolerance.

for the most recent investment summary

When you create an endowed fund, it is invested for long-term growth and governed by the board-established spending policy. Granting 5% of the fund’s average balance over a 20-quarter timeframe smoothes out the effects of up and down markets and promotes future growth.


Your Giving is Protected.

YEARS Total Grants

Fund Balance

what you can expect. The Community Foundation has a distinguished history of helping donors strengthen and improve their community through charitable giving. From assisting donors with their current giving to serving as stewards of the legacies left to us, we are dedicated to honoring the charitable intent of our donors.

• experience with noncash gifts and complex transactions. We have experience with gifts of real estate, closely held businesses and other complex assets. We offer trusteeship for charitable trusts where we are a beneficiary and we handle trust and private foundation terminations.

• personalized service.

• accountability.

We work closely with you to develop a giving approach that matches your personal interests, tax-planning and family engagement needs.

As stewards of your charitable assets, we take seriously our responsibility to preserve and execute donor intent in perpetuity. We honor your trust by conducting a review of all nonprofits prior to grant distributions. We maintain communication with these agencies to ensure that your wishes are fulfilled.

• community knowledge.

Our professional staff monitors all areas of community need. We can help you learn more about local agencies and programs that make a difference in the areas you care about most. • investment expertise.

Our funds are designed to provide for our community in perpetuity. We engage professional investment consultants who adhere to a prudent investment policy that preserves principal while yielding a steady income from which to make grants. • permanence.

We are here for the long haul. As caretakers of funds that will long outlast their donors, we understand the nature of a permanent legacy. Our donors create funds intended to last well into the future. If someday the need for a particular fund no longer exists, as can happen when issues are solved or organizations cease to exist, we can redirect the funds in keeping with the donor’s intent.

We have expertise in Central New York’s community needs – expertise that we share with our donors to inform their giving.

• flexibility.

We know that “charitable purposes” might mean different things to different people. That’s why we make it easy for donors to connect their gifts to causes they care about. • convenience.

It can take less than an hour to create a fund at the Community Foundation and working with us after the fund is created couldn’t be easier. We monitor the investments, pay grants from the fund and handle all the paperwork. • anonymity.

At your request, we can establish a fund, accept a gift or make a grant anonymously.

: Our Favorite Benefit

“ R A D I AT E E N E R G Y. ” Solar energy travels to earth at a speed of 186,000 miles per second, the speed of light. That energy is absorbed by our plants through photosynthesis reaction, allowing them to make the food they need to grow and bear fruit.

It’s a lovely feeling, starting your own private solar system. By trusting us with your

unique and distinctive dreams for a better future, the quality of life in Central New York will forever be enriched. Our effective stewardship and ability to address the widest range of community needs means that your charitable gift will become an enduring and important legacy to our region. We invite you to join the Community Foundation’s tradition of generosity by entrusting us to fulfill charitable goals. Together we can better our region for generations to come.

your giving creates an energy stream, which is channeled out to the areas you feel need it most, at your request.

How can you best accomplish your charitable goals? The simplest way to get started is to contact us. No need to delay implementing your vision by getting caught up in the details of the many options available to you. We will meet with you, listen to your ideas, answer your questions, and prepare a charitable plan that accomplishes your objectives. We take great pride in the level of customized, personal service that we provide to our donors. Let our resources work for you so

that yours can work to better our community. If you haven’t already, talk to your professional advisors – your accountant, financial advisor or attorney – about your interest in the Community Foundation. Their knowledge of your financial and estate planning issues can help inform your decision. If it makes sense, we can arrange to meet jointly with your advisor. We are here to help you demonstrate your generosity in the most tax-advantaged and effective way possible. Find out first hand how our flexibility and knowledge can amplify your charitable impact during your lifetime, and secure your legacy in perpetuity.

Contact us today. Our Development staff is available to assist you. Phone: (315) 422-9538 Email:

Fax: (315) 471-6031 Website:

CENTRAL NEW YORK COMMUNITY FOUNDATION central new york philanthropy center 431 east fayette street, suite 100 syracuse, ny 13202 T:




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E S T. 1927

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Share Your Wisdom: Become a Donor  

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