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Green Industry News July-August 2012 Vol. 21 Issue 4

What’s inside: • The Value of Good Training • HortProtect: improvements coming to property and casualty insurance • Changes to AgriStability • The Innovation Report • What’s the deal with Red Seal: Part III

2012 Garden Centres collect an estimated 91,229 pounds of plastic! Customers that visited their local independent garden centre from June 22 to July 1, would have seen piles of old garden pots stacked high. This year, an estimated 91,229 lbs of plastic was collected during the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association’s (CNLA) National Plastics Recycling Event. 56 garden centres, spanning eight provinces, participated by acting as drop-off points for their community’s used garden pots and trays. With a 40% increase in participation and plastics collected, this year’s event was a huge success! The CNLA would like to extend a huge thank you to all participating member garden centres that put in the extra effort to make this year’s event so successful - a lot of work goes into saving over 90,000 lbs of plastic from the landfill. The word


was spread throughout the media, with mentions by CBC News NB, various municipal newspapers, regional websites, association websites and more. A media listing can be found online at plasticsrecyclingevent. This was the third year for the program, which was launched in 2010, when just six garden centres collected more than 53,000 pounds of plastic, and last year over 40 garden centres participated collecting 63,150 pounds. The National Plastics Recycling Event is scheduled to return again in 2013 - Recyclers who can offer free pick-ups of unsorted garden and agricultural plastics, and garden retailers who wish to participate, are asked to contact the CNLA.

CNLA Newsbrief

July - August 2012


President Past President First Vice President Second Vice President Treasurer


Bill Stensson - ON Cary van Zanten - BC Christine LeVatte, CLP - NS Rene Thiebaud, CLP - ON Bruce Hunter, CLT, CLD, CLP - BC

DIRECTORS: LNS Representative Robin Godfrey - NS LOHTA Representative Gerald Boot, CLP - ON Member Services Chair BCLNA Representative Michael Kato - BC HR Chair Harold Deenen, CLP - ON Environment Chair Bill Hardy, CLP - BC Research Chair Michel Touchette - MB Government Relations Michael Murray - NL AQPP Representative Pierre Lavallée - QC Planning & Government Bruce McTavish - BC NAPPO Chair LNB Representative Darrell Nameth, CLP - NB Garden Centre Canada Chair Anthony O’Neill - NL Certification Chair Cable Baker, CLT, CLP - BC Landscape Canada Chair Phil Paxton, CLT, CLP - AB LA Representative LM Representative David Hinton, CLP - MB Growers Canada Chair Owen Vanstone - MB LNL Representative Doreen Layman, CLT - NL SNLA Representative Aaron Krahn - SK

STAFF: Executive Director Victor Santacruz, CAE, CLP Member Services Manager Joseph Salemi, CAE Professional and Business Joel Beatson, CAE, CLP Development Manager Manager of Provincial Relations Rebecca Doutre, CAE Garden Centres Priorities Manager Growers Manager Rita Weerdenburg Landscape Priorities Manager Liz Klose, B.Sc., (Agr), CLP Landscape Priorities Co-ordinator Chris Andrews Certification Services Julia Ricottone, EP Certification Services Assistant Crislane Ackermann Minor Use/IPM Co-ordinator Peter Isaacson, B.Sc., MPM Provincial Relations Co-ordinator Christine Finn Communications Co-ordinator Anne Bowering Executive Assistant Cheryl Gall Administrative Assistant Barbara Blackadar Printed on recycled paper using vegetable based inks by: Harmony Printing, 50 Woodbine Downs Boulevard, Toronto, ON M9W 5R2


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GCC Launches new awards program Garden Centres Canada (GCC) is excited to launch the new Chrysler Garden Centre of the Year Award to help us recognize the professional work of our retail members. While this is the first year for this award, GCC has handed out five awards over the past four years to garden centre members based on our inspection program. Awards will no longer be tied into inspections; however, inspections will continue to be offered in 2013. This new award has been designed to encourage participation from companies of all sizes. One overall winner will be selected each year, along with category winners. Detailed information on the entry criteria can be found on the CNLA website, All submissions must be received by midnight, Friday November 30th, 2012.

We’ve gone mobile

Advertise with us! Did you know that CNLA’s website receives around 200,000 hits per year? This is a high number for an industry association website! There is a great opportunity to advertise on the new online directory page of CNLA’s website. There are presently 15 scrolling ad spots available and an annual sponsorship. Please visit the online searchable directory and let us know what you think. For more information about advertising or sponsorship opportunities, please contact Joe Salemi, CNLA Member Services Manager.

Savings on Sage Simply Accounting Another benefit through CNLA’s partnership with the Retail Council of Canada Cash flow management can be a challenge for small businesses in Canada. RCC’s trusted partner, Sage Simply Accounting, has many great resources to help you face those challenges head-on. Take advantage of your RCC membership and get the BEST prices in Canada on Sage Simply Accounting.

Scan for more information or resources related to any of the articles in this issue. September 19 - 20, 2012


Vancouver Convention Centre, West British Columbia 350+ Booths 2,000+ Delegates Pre-Show Clinics - September 18




Industry Focused Seminars


New & Sustainable Products Showcase Container Competition Tours - September 21 Register by September 7 for Best Rates

Canadian Nursery Landscape Association / Association Canadienne des Pépiniéristes et des Paysagistes 7856 Fifth Line South, Milton, ON L9T 2X8 | Toll Free: 1-888-446-3499 | Toll Free Fax: 1-866-833-8603 | Email: |

CNLA Newsbrief

July - August 2012

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ASSOCIATION NEWS Register Today! Teach our youth how trees makes this a great, green country!

Celebrate National Tree Day National Tree Day

As National Tree Day approaches CNLA will match registered members with schools in their area. This list of participating schools is available on the CNLA website. For resources visit one of the listed websites or contact Joe Salemi at 1-888-446-3499 ext.8620 or for more information.

This will be the second year that a day has been set-aside for all Canadians to appreciate the benefits that trees provide. The motion for National Tree Day was presented by the Hon. Royal Galipeau, M.P., with the support of Tree Canada, and became a reality March of last year. In its first year, over 90 CNLA members embraced National Tree Day and supervised the planting of over 150 trees. This year’s Tree Day is already shaping up to be a big event with 200 schools across the country already signed up and we need you! By leading a planting at a local school, your company will not only teach students how to properly plant a tree, but also about the positive environmental benefits that this tree will provide.

Why you should participate • • • •

Demonstrates your care for the environment Promotes your leadership in the industry to your community Brings the power and publicity of a national event to your area Educates youth about the professional careers available in the green industry • Reminds the public that fall is a great time to plant

What you need to do • By registering, you agree to supply a tree and lead a planting demonstration at a local school ( • Connect with your school to arrange the logistics • Ensure media coverage – you’re doing a good thing so spread the word! CNLA will be promoting the event to the major media channels, but it’s up to you to involve your local media • Document the event: designate one of your staff to take pictures and video and if your local media doesn’t make it out, send them the story afterwards • Designate a spokesperson • Access the Shovel Ready Toolkit for detailed information on leading a planting event

Long-term benefits • A tree will be planted, providing clean air, nature habitats, and beauty to your neighbourhood for years to come • Interest of our industry will be peaked in students • You will be recognized in your community

Canadian Nursery Landscape Association / Association Canadienne des Pépiniéristes et des Paysagistes 7856 Fifth Line South, Milton, ON L9T 2X8 | Toll Free: 1-888-446-3499 | Toll Free Fax: 1-866-833-8603 | Email: |


CNLA Newsbrief

July - August 2012

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The Value of Good Training

improvements will lead to quicker training, more effective and productive trainees, improved safety and quality standards and an overall return on investment for your human resource dollars.

HortProtect Driver Improvement System launches for CNLA members

The OJT workshop is a two-day program. Participants will learn through both in-class and practical role-playing, acting as both the trainer and trainee.   All participants receive a copy of the CAHRC training standards for Landscape Horticulturist, method outline, quick review wallet cards, training moment templates and DVD summary.

Did you know that most collisions occur during good weather conditions and near to home? Marsh Risk Consulting notes that vehicle related claims represent one of the most significant losses to CNLA members. The good news is that the vast majority of these are preventable! Driver Training is proven to reduce the frequency of collisions by up to 20%. Making sure that your staff are trained will protect them, reduce costs and improve your business. How much driving do you and your employees do every day, one hour, two hours, three or more? Some people spend so much time driving, that the time spent in their vehicles could rival that of professional drivers. CNLA and Marsh have partnered to bring an online education system that teaches safe and practical driving methods to members. Courses are presented visually in a “show me, tell me, let me try it, and test me” approach and can be completed on any computer. The system allows for management tracking of employee progress and could lead to a reduction in premiums for companies that implement broad driver training. The summer package includes, ‘Safe Driving Practices’ with an extra safety training module, ‘Lifting and Ladder Safety’. ‘Winter Driving’ and ‘Snow and Ice Control’ modules are already under development and will be released later in the year.

On the Job Training Most of the learning in our industry happens on-the-job, working side-by-side with a more experienced or knowledgeable person. There is no doubt in the trainer’s skills, but how many have ever had training on how to train? CNLA and the provincial associations through support of CAHRC and HRSDC, is pleased to offer a customized system for our industry that applies proven practice to practical skills training and best methods for improving the skills of trainers.  These

Videos can be ordered through the CAHRC store ( The mobile apps are now available for sale at iTunes (CAHRC) and the Android Marketplace (OJT for Landscapers).

50% off for introductory participants

For more landscape training programs... More information on these training programs can be found in the Landscape Canada section of our website along with other training resources. Take your staff to the next level and get them Landscape Industry Certified. More information at

CERTIFICATION TEST DATES Plan ahead for upcoming certification test dates. The following locations will be holding exams for industry’s future Landscape Industry Certified Technicians, Designers and Managers. Visit for more information and links to exam applications.


Sign up today! HortProtect Insurance users receive a $20 discount! Visit

September 22

MUN Botanical Garden, St. John’s, NL

September 26-27

Kemptville College, Kemptville, ON

to sign up. For more information on the true costs of accidents, please see the Risk Management brochure (available online).

October 19

Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Langley, BC

October 26

Landscape Ontario Office, Milton, ON

November 2-3

NSAC, Truro, NS

November 10

Fanshawe College, London, ON

WRITTEN ONLY: October 18


EXPO, Toronto Congress Centre, Toronto, ON

Canadian Nursery Landscape Association / Association Canadienne des Pépiniéristes et des Paysagistes 7856 Fifth Line South, Milton, ON L9T 2X8 | Toll Free: 1-888-446-3499 | Toll Free Fax: 1-866-833-8603 | Email: |

CNLA Newsbrief

July - August 2012

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Landscape OnSites Being a good instructor isn’t restricted to the classroom; in fact, your crew will learn the most from you on the job. Taking time each week to re-instill good safety and work habits will prepare your business for a better future. CNLA’s Landscape OnSites provides the framework for short, basic training sessions with your staff.

overview of a skill, technique or safety practice that will be useful for both the new and seasoned crew member.

Landscape Download your free copy today at OnSites ing sessions or complete the online order form.

Landscape | O n S i t e s


Objective: to explain basics of pruning, how, when and why. Training Materials: Secateurs, loppers, pruning saw, sample plant material, PPE. Lesson: Trimming or thinning branches from trees and shrubs is called pruning. It is carried out to improve the health or control the growth of a plant. Pruning is also done to prevent safety hazards, such as removing tree limbs that overhang a house, or removing a weak, narrow crotch.

Three pruning techniques are called Heading Back and Thinning Out and Cleaning.

Do Not • Paint pruning wounds. Wounds heal better without pruning paint. • Cut into the collar. The collar is the slightly raised area at branch connection point and cutting into it slows the sealing of the pruning wound. • Leave a branch stub, this can begin to rot and become a portal for disease • Prune trees that bleed sap (birch, walnut, maple) in Spring. Prune in midsummer to reduce bleeding. • Remove more than onethird of old wood in one year. Removing too much growth at one time promotes excessive stem regrowth.

Heading Back cuts back a portion of a branch to the bud. This stimulates a bushy and compact re-growth. Thinning Out removes the branch resulting in a longer growth for the remaining branches. Cleaning removes branches that are dead, diseased, dying or crossing in the crown of a tree. DO • Prune early flowering shrubs in late spring after flowering. • Prune summer flowering shrubs early in spring before growth starts.

on the job train

Are you certified?


page 78

• •

Prune evergreens in midsummer. Apply disinfectant to pruning equipment to prevent the spread of disease from plant to plant. Cut just to the outside edge of the collar. Cut lateral branches back to the branch collar.

• Trimming or thinning branches from trees and shrubs is called pruning. It is carried out to improve the health or control the growth of a plant.

• Remember pruning tools are designed to cut wood, and can just as easily cut flesh and bone.

Canadian Nursery Landscape Association

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page 79

proud sponsor

B:8.375” T:8.125”

Since OnSites was created by industry for industry, it has been designed to fit into your busy schedule. There’s nothing wrong with giving a quick 15-minute lesson from the tailgate on site, in fact, that’s what we encourage! Each lesson is less than a page, with a clearly defined objective and a list of any training materials you may need (most should be rolling around in your truck). There are also blank pages for notes that you can print off for your staff, allowing them to create their own go-to binder. Make it routine! Set aside a specific time each week (for example: every Tuesday morning at 7:00 a.m.) to conduct a 15-20 minute meeting based on the outlines in the OnSites manual.


There are a total of 58 topics covered in the book, which include:

We believe this booklet is such an important tool, that we have provided it for free on our website! Or, if you would prefer, you can also order a hard copy of the manual: 1 copy for $50 + tax or 5 copies for $100 + tax. The topics are designed to give a quick


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1.800.463.3600 ¹On select Ram models when properly equipped. Optional Max. Tow package required. See your dealer for full details. ²Based on longevity of entire Ram pickup lineup compared to competitive pickups. Based on R. L. Polk Canada, Inc. Canadian Vehicles In Operation data as of July 1, 2010, for model years 1987-2011 (Ram LD) and model years 1993-2011 (Ram HD). ³Based on 2011 calendar year-to-date registrations.

CFT_M_12_1043_RAM_HD_A.indd 1

5/25/12 4:51 PM

Canadian Nursery Landscape Association / Association Canadienne des Pépiniéristes et des Paysagistes 7856 Fifth Line South, Milton, ON L9T 2X8 | Toll Free: 1-888-446-3499 | Toll Free Fax: 1-866-833-8603 | Email: |




Automatic Irrigation Systems Circle Checks Dethatching Edging Grading and Drainage Mowing Plan Reading Snow Removal Trailers WHMIS Xeriscaping And 47 more! Check out the complete list online.


• • • • • • • • • • • •

CNLA Newsbrief

July - August 2012

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Improvements coming to the Property & Casualty program In the fall of 2010 the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association (CNLA) in conjunction with your Provincial associations appointed Marsh Canada as the exclusive broker for the Property & Casualty insurance program. The intent of the program is to provide members with a group buying solution for their business needs that offers competitive rates and comprehensive coverage.

Uniquely developed to protect the green industry Since the launch of the program we have been listening to feedback from members as to what you need and we are pleased to advise you that we have been working with our insurance broker and the insurance industry to enhance the value proposition.

HortProtect is a great mix of quality, service, and value that is customized for the horticulture industry. Get a quote from a service team that works for you and your company. Gerald Boot, CLP - Boots Landscaping & Maintenance

Looking for solutions to retain or reward good employees in the horticulture industry? I can assist your growing company make the right decisions in putting a program in place for your specific needs and provide you with great customer service and employee satisfaction. Sara Mushaw, Group Benefits Specialist, The Investment Guild

Customizable programs and exclusive coverage: Commercial and general liability, including snow removal operations; Automobile fleet coverage; Group of “ONE” flexibility; Employee Assistance Program; Group RRSP & Critical Illness; Group Life, Health & Disability Insurance programs brokered by:

For All Your Insurance Needs

The Investment Guild is a People Corporation company

1-800-459-8990 Group Life, Health & Disability Representative

Marsh Canada Limited 1-888-949-4360 Property & Casualty/Business Representative

What does this mean to For more information on HortProtect, please visit: you? • A program that broadens the • A reduction in fees for most eligibility based on your operations, coverages while maintaining or specifically an increase in the improving benefits. amount of snow removal revenue allowed and case by case review of those that exceed it. • Flexibility in the scope of operations, such as: spraying of pesticide/ herbicide, snow removal, greenhouse structures, etc. • Quicker turn around time in obtaining quotations and a simpler application process while still maintaining a higher than industry standard of risk awareness.


The insurance program’s primary objective is focused on sound risk management, which includes enhancement of best practices, such as contracts and education. A stable program is what industry needs and leads to lower prices, especially as the group buying power increases. We encourage you to obtain a quotation by contacting Marsh Canada at 1-800-9494360.

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% for 60 months


*Offer good from June 1 to September 30, 2012 on select new models and work tool attachments at participating Cat Dealers. Offer is available to customers in the USA and Canada only and cannot be combined with any other offers. Financing is subject to credit approval through Cat Financial. Additional terms and conditions may apply. Subject to change without prior notice.

CATBC36097_SSLPrintad_CNLA.indd 1

These websites have been designed specifically for LNB and LPEI members, providing the information you need to stay up-to-date with your association. There are useful links to the latest association news, resources, events and member listings, benefits and much more. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find some interesting news items. Whether you are a member of one of these provincial associations or not, we suggest taking a visit.

CAT, CATERPILLAR, their respective logos, Intelligent Leveling, “Caterpillar Yellow,” the “Power Edge” trade dress, as well as corporate and product identity used herein, are trademarks of Caterpillar and may not be used without permission. © 2012 Caterpillar. All Rights Reserved.


LNB and LPEI Launch New Websites

5/17/12 1:47 PM

Canadian Nursery Landscape Association / Association Canadienne des Pépiniéristes et des Paysagistes

7856 Fifth Line South, Milton, ON L9T 2X8 | Toll Free: 1-888-446-3499 | Toll Free Fax: 1-866-833-8603 | Email: |

CNLA Newsbrief

July - August 2012

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EVENT NEWS 2012 Atlantic Green Forum Join Landscape Newfoundland and Labrador at their premier annual event, the 2012 Atlantic Green Forum on October 29th-30th at the Holiday Inn, St. John’s. In addition to the Forum, a Design Charrette has been planned for Sunday October 28th, which will propose how the new City of St. John’s Municipal Plan can incorporate an integrated system of Open Spaces as a component of plan development. The Charrette is being planned in partnership with the City of St. John’s, Tract Consulting, and Northeast Avalon ACAP to ensure a diverse level of participation and project outcomes.

For More Information Contact Rebecca Doutre, Event Coordinator: P: 1-866-383-4711 / F: 1-866-833-8603 or 1-905-875-1840 E:

HortEast HortEast, Atlantic Canada’s premier horticulture trade show and conference, will be held at the Cunard Centre in Halifax, NS November 19-21, 2012. Booth space is booking up quickly, and our speaker line-up is looking strong – delegate registration is available online at!

Here is a sneak peak at this year’s speaker line up: • Dr. Katerina Jordan • Owen Dell • Beth Edney • Judy Sharpton • Phil Harwood • Rod Fry • Bob Osborne • Dr. Robert Daniels • Michelle Muis continued on page 8

In it’s fourth year, the 2012 Forum theme is “Open Spaces in Your Community” including the value of open spaces (social, economical and environmental) and how to best incorporate them into communities across Newfoundland and Labrador. With a combination of local, provincial and national speakers, this event is your chance to learn from and network with experts, government officials and municipal staff, landscape architects, builders, and other green industry professionals. The event will conclude with a lunch with Environment Minister Terry French and a Design Charrette results presentation, which will be open to all members of the public. Tour opportunities have also been added on the afternoon of October 30th to visit community green spaces including MUN Botanical Garden and the Design Charrette sites, among others. A reception and a National Environment Committee meeting, hosted by the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association, will also be held on Monday evening to discuss best practices for the environmental horticulture industry across Canada. Thank you to confirmed Gold Sponsors – Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), Sheridan Nurseries, and Concrete Products. Registration is now open – download the registration package online at

Canadian Nursery Landscape Association / Association Canadienne des Pépiniéristes et des Paysagistes 7856 Fifth Line South, Milton, ON L9T 2X8 | Toll Free: 1-888-446-3499 | Toll Free Fax: 1-866-833-8603 | Email: |


CNLA Newsbrief

July - August 2012

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ASSOCIATION NEWS HortEast continued

LNS Softball Tournament

Free Demo Area is also included with your trade show registration – make sure to bring your staff to check out the following demonstrations on Tuesday and Wednesday: • On the Job Training • Plant Layout Competitions • Tree Grafting and Pruning • Landscape Industry Certified Designer Portfolio Workshops • Incorporating Green Spaces in Municipalities • How to become a Landscape Horticulturist Apprentice

In July 2012 LNS hosted it’s 3rd annual Softball Tournament in Enfield. It was a great day for members and their families to get out and have some fun. Landscape NS would like to congratulate Turf Masters on being the 2012 winners.

We are still booking booths at the show and looking for sponsors – contact Rebecca Doutre – or 1-866383-4711 for availability.

Turf Masters

BCLNA Golf Tournament The Annual BCLNA Golf Tournament was held this year on June 19th at Redwoods Golf Course in Langley. Congratulations to the team from Bedrock Granite Sales Ltd., David Raymond, Jared Raymond, Nathan Raymond and Chris Novey, on receiving the Best Team of the Tournament award. A big thank you to Schmunk Gatt Smith & Associates for sponsoring all the awards and prizes for the best team. To hold a golf tournament like this we rely on the member companies of the BCLNA to provide sponsorship for the event. Thank you to all those companies who generously sponsored this year’s tournament.

Thank Yo Abbotsfo

u Sponso


rd Concre Aquascap te Products e In Avenue M achinery c. Corporat Brandt Tr ion actor Ltd. Candy Ca ne Nurse ry Creative Embroide ry Denbow Douglas Lake Eq Finning (C uipment an Gemston e Landsc ada) ape Supp ly Ltd. Hub Inte Hino Central rnationa l Insuranc Mertin Ch e Broker evrolet Ca dillac Ltd. s Ricoh Ca nada Schmunk Gatt Smith Inc. & Associa Sunnys tes Triple Five ide Greenhouse s Ltd. Qualit Contest T y Wood Products Inc. roph

ies & SponsorePrizes d By: Dinner S & Associates ponsors: Brandt Tr ac



Gatt Smith

tor Ltd. e Greenh ouses Ltd.


Are you bringing your camera to work?

CNLA Relay for Life In June, some CNLA staff, along with friends and family, participated in the Milton, Ontario Relay for Life event. They raised $4,025, placing them sixth out of 66 teams in fundraising. The event is a 12 hour walka-thon in honour of those who have lost their battle with cancer and those who are still fighting.

Landscaping season is in full swing and members are now working on projects that should be captured in photographs. Keep in mind that before you know it the Awards of Excellence Program will be upon us! Best Overall Team: L to R David Raymond, Jared Raymond, Chris Novey, Nathan Raymond

Team-coordinator Christine Finn said, “It feels great to be a part of an event that helps so many people in the fight against cancer. The 12 hour walk made for a long night, but it was worth every step!” CNLA is already looking forward to next year. Many thanks to all who supported the team; together we are making a difference in the fight against cancer.


Canadian Nursery Landscape Association / Association Canadienne des Pépiniéristes et des Paysagistes 7856 Fifth Line South, Milton, ON L9T 2X8 | Toll Free: 1-888-446-3499 | Toll Free Fax: 1-866-833-8603 | Email: |

CNLA Newsbrief

July - August 2012

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The Innovation Report

CNLA with industry partners, Fédération Interdisciplinaire de l’Horticulture Ornementale du Québec, and Flowers Canada Growers is two years into a targeted research program that’s being delivered by Vineland Research and Innovation Centre in Niagara Region, Ontario. The ‘cluster program’ as it has been coined, receives funding in part from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and involves researchers at public and private institutions across six provinces. This program is unique in design. It is driven by industry and has a laser focus on results that are timely and of immediate value.

Green roof research at Vineland

In total, 16 projects were approved by an industry panel within the general priority areas of water use reduction technologies, plant micro-climate in the greenhouse, pest and weed control agents, shipping and point of sale product quality improvements, ornamental plant innovation, and reduction of nutrient run-off. Results are now coming due. Green Roof Technologies, a project led by Rumen Conev (conev@vinelandresearch. com) at Vineland, with a second study location at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College, is taking a hard look at green roof planting options with 37 native species under evaluation. The 37 species selected have generally not been well-utilized in green roof settings. A collateral study is also investigating potential invasiveness traits of the same species, in addition to winter survivability. With major cities like Toronto mandating green roofs on new commercial, institutional, residential and industrial developments, with a minimum gross floor area of 2,000 square meters, the green roof market is heating up. This project will deliver on a new pallet of proven winners for green roof designers and a verified list of native plants for grower, nursery and landscape operators.

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For more details on the cluster program and project results go to

Financial planning services and investment advice are provided by Royal Mutual Funds Inc., a member company under RBC Wealth Management. Royal Mutual Funds Inc., RBC Global Asset Management Inc., Royal Bank of Canada, and RBC Dexia Investor Services Trust are separate corporate entities, which are affiliated. Royal Mutual Funds Inc. is licensed as a financial services firm in the province of Quebec. ®

Registered trademarks of Royal Bank of Canada. * MetLife 8th annual Study of Employee Benefits Trends.

Canadian Nursery Landscape Association / Association Canadienne des Pépiniéristes et des Paysagistes 7856 Fifth Line South, Milton, ON L9T 2X8 | Toll Free: 1-888-446-3499 | Toll Free Fax: 1-866-833-8603 | Email: |


CNLA Newsbrief

July - August 2012

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Growers Corner


Plant Health Update Japanese apple rust / Pear trellis rust Earlier this spring, CNLA was invited by CFIA to comment on their proposal to deregulate Gymnosporangium fuscum and G. yamadae, the causal agents of pear trellis rust and Japanese apple rust, respectively. A notice was sent to CNLA growers and the risk management proposal was posted on the CNLA website. As the result of a consultation call with growers, it was agreed that CNLA would support the deregulation of G. fuscum (pear trellis rust) as it now has wide distribution across Canada. However, as G. yamadae (Japanese apple rust) is not known to occur in BC, and as the impacts to other sectors and especially the fruit growing sector are not known, CNLA has asked CFIA to provide further information before they are able to make a decision in this matter. Apple Ermine Moth Apple ermine moth (Yponomeuta malinellus Zeller) is a regulated pest in Canada with significant impact to BC growers as the regulation stipulates an onerous spray schedule prior to domestic movement of apple trees out of regulated areas. The request of BCLNA growers to CNLA to support their lobby efforts for deregulation of this pest by CFIA has been presented to the Landscape Ontario growers’ group. While the LO group agrees that the control measures specified by CFIA are outdated, onerous and environmentally unfriendly, they have also expressed concern about the possible spread of this pest to other areas of Canada. This matter will be presented to Landscape Ontario’s Plant Health Advisory Committee to provide further comment and recommendations, including the suggested control of AEM through a sound IPM program. A number of Ontario growers have reported that CFIA is now conducting surveys for AEM in that province. This is a clear

indication that CFIA are considering the deregulation of AEM, but they have declined to make any further comment, pending the outcome of these survey results. Further information on both of these issues will be made available to industry as it becomes available.

Apple Ermine Moth

Proposed changes to AgriStability in Growing Forward II It is the intention of the federal government to cut $430 million per year from BRM programming beginning in April 2013. It was originally suggested by AAFC that all of the savings would be realized through cuts in the AgriStability program. To achieve this drastic cut, the federal government has proposed two options: 1. A reduction in the trigger to AgriStability of 50 percent from the current 85 percent. 2. Reduce the trigger to 70 percent, but also cap reference margins. As a result of a July 6th Ag Ministers’ meeting, option no. 1 noted above is no longer being considered. At that meeting, other provinces were presented with a BC-proposed solution that recommended reductions among various BRM programs: i) reduce AgiStability to 70 percent and limit reference margins ii) reduce government contribution to AgriInvest by 30 percent iii) rebalance government/industry sharing of AgriInsurance premiums At the July 6th meeting, there was no consensus reached on how to achieve the proposed reduction in BRM spending. The federal government is adamant however

that, unlike the transition between APF and Growing Foward, there will be no deadline extensions or transitioning periods. There is therefore a great deal of pressure on all provincial agricultural councils to arrive at solutions that will meet the federal government’s targets and be acceptable to all provinces. The next FPT meeting is scheduled for Sept 12-14, 2012 in Whitehorse, Yukon. It is important to remember that AgriStablity funding is cost-shared at a 6040 ratio between the federal and provincial governments. A reduction of $430 million therefore, translates to $260 million savings for the federal government and $170 million among the provinces. Growers across Canada that participate in the AgriStability program need to be aware that fairly deep cuts to the federal government’s business risk management programming are inevitable and that the impact will be felt by producers in all agricultural sectors across the country. Exactly how the government plans to implement these cuts is very uncertain at this time as it seems that new proposals are being proffered and studied almost daily. Further information will be provided to growers as it becomes known.

Showcase your products to the world Thinking about selling product to the international marketplace? If so, you should also be considering participation at the CNLA’s Canadian Grown booth at the IPM Essen trade show. Held each winter in Essen, Germany, this International Plant Fair is the largest trade show in the world to showcase ornamental horticulture. Annual attendance exceeds 50,000 per year with exhibitors and delegates coming from around the globe. With funding assistance from AAFC’s AgriMarketing program, CNLA will participate for a third consecutive year at the January, 2013 trade show. Funding assistance to help delegates defray some of their travel costs is also available. continued page 12

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CNLA Newsbrief

July - August 2012

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Coin de producteurs

Mise à jour sur la santé phytosanitaire Rouille japonaise du pommier / Rouille grillagée du poirier Plus tôt au printemps, l’ACIA a invité l’ACPP à commenter sur leur proposition qui vise la dérèglementation de Gymnosporangium fuscum et G .yamadae, les agents responsables de la rouille grillagée de la poire et de la rouille japonaise du pommier, respectivement. Un avis a été envoyé aux producteurs de l’ACPP et la proposition de gestion du risque a été affichée sur le site Web de l’ACPP. A la conclusion d’une consultation téléphonique avec les producteurs, il a été décidé que l’ACPP donnera son appui à la déréglementation de G. fuscum (rouille grillagée de la poire) comme elle se retrouve un peu partout au Canada. Cependant, étant donné que G. yamadae (rouille japonaise du pommier) ne se retrouve jusqu’à présent qu’en C. B. et ses répercussions dans d’autres secteurs, en particulier dans le secteur fruitier est inconnu. L’ACPP a demandé à l’ACIA de lui fournir des renseignements supplémentaires avant de se prononcer sur cette question. Hypomeute du pommier L’hypomeute du pommier (Yponomeuta malinellus Zeller) est un ravageur réglementé au Canada qui a des répercussions importantes pour les producteurs de C.B., car le règlement prévoit un horaire dispendieux de pulvérisation avant que les pommiers puissent être expédiés hors des zones réglementées. La demande des producteurs de BCLNA faite à l’ACPP pour qu’elle appuie leurs efforts de lobby de la déréglementation de ce ravageur par l’ACIA a été présentée au groupe de producteurs de Landscape Ontario. Bien que le groupe de LO soit d’accord que les mesures de contrôle spécifiées par l’ACIA sont dépassées, dispendieuses et hostiles à l’environnement, ils sont également inquiets de la

propagation possible de ce ravageur dans d’autres régions du Canada. Cette question sera soumise au Comité consultatif de santé phytosanitaire de Landscape Ontario pour ses commentaires et recommandations, y compris le contrôle proposé des AEM via un bon programme LAI. Un nombre de producteurs de l’Ontario a rapporté que l’ACIA mène présentement des enquêtes pour les AEM dans cette province. Ceci est une indication claire que l’ACIA envisage de déréglementer les AEM, mais ils ont refusé d’offrir d’autres commentaires sans avoir les résultats des études. Nous vous tiendrons au courant des développements sur ces deux questions au fur et à mesure qu’ils seront disponibles.

Hypomeute du pommier

Les producteurs en pépinière seront affectés par les changements proposés à Agri-stabilité Le gouvernement fédéral a l’intention de couper 430 millions $ par année du programme GRE à partir d’avril 2013. Au départ, AAC avait suggéré que toutes les économies pourraient être réalisées par des coupures budgétaires au programme Agri-stabilité. Pour obtenir cette réduction drastique, le gouvernement fédéral a proposé deux options : 1. Une réduction de 50% de la marge Agri-stabilité actuelle de 85 %. 2. Une réduction de la marge à 70% accompagnée d’un plafonnement des marges de référence. À la suite de la réunion des ministres de l’agriculture, la première option cidessus a été éliminée. Dans le cadre de cette réunion, on a présenté à d’autres


provinces la solution proposée par la C.B., qui recommande des coupures à plusieurs programmes GRE : i) une réduction de la marge à 70% accompagnée d’un plafonnement des marges de référence ii) une réduction de la contribution gouvernementale à Agriinvestissement de 30 % iii) une révision du partage des primes Agri-protection entre le gouvernement et l’industrie Lors de la réunion du 6 juillet aucun consensus n’a été atteint sur la façon d’obtenir la réduction proposée aux dépenses GRE. Cependant, le gouvernement fédéral soutient catégoriquement que contrairement à la transition entre CSA et Cultivons l’avenir, il n’y aura aucune échéance reportée ou de périodes de transition. Il y a donc beaucoup de pression sur tous les conseils agricoles provinciaux pour arriver à des solutions qui rencontreront les objectifs du gouvernement fédéral et seront acceptables pour toutes les provinces. La prochaine rencontre FPT aura lieu du 12 au 14 septembre 2012 à Whitehorse au Yukon. Il est important de se rappeler que le financement d’Agri-stabilité est divisé 60-40 entre les gouvernements fédéral et provinciaux. Une réduction de 430 millions $ veut donc dire des économies de260 millions $ pour le gouvernement fédéral et de 170 millions $ entre les provinces. Les producteurs canadiens qui participent au programme Agri-stabilité doivent être conscients que des coupures importantes au budget du programme de gestion des risques du gouvernement fédéral sont inévitables et que les répercussions se feront sentir dans tous les secteurs de production agricole à travers le pays. Nous ne savons pas comment le gouvernement fédéral entend mettre ses coupures en place pour le moment et il semble que de nouvelles propositions soient avancées et étudiées presque chaque jour. Des plus amples détails vous seront communiqués aussitôt qu’ils seront disponibles.

Rouille grillagée du poirier

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CNLA Newsbrief

July - August 2012

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Growers Corner


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According to CNLA’s Export Development Committee chair Vic Krahn, “Canadians don’t really have a good handle on how well the Canada brand is accepted within the international marketplace until they experience this acceptance first-hand. We’re known for quality, hardiness, innovation and respect for the environment, all attributes that we can build on to develop markets in other countries. IPM truly is a show that one has to see and to experience to really appreciate the vastness and the opportunities that are just waiting for us to explore.” For more information, contact CNLA, (888-446-3499, ext. 8686).

Get the recognition you deserve!

We all know it to be true – Canada has some of the finest growers of nursery stock in the world. The good news is that there’s no longer any need to hide these talents under a bushel. In fact, thanks to the CNLA’s Grower of the Year Award, Canada’s nursery growers have the opportunity to promote their products and especially their expertise, to their peers not just within Canada but also around the world! Bylands Nurseries of Kelowna, BC, winners of the first-ever RBC Grower of the Year Award, went on to claim international fame as the first place entrants of the International Horticultural Producers

Association grower of the year program. Sheridan Nurseries, of Georgetown, ON, are now entered in this prestigious international competition, as winners of CNLA’s second annual Grower of the Year Award. The deadline for the 2012 program is Friday, November 30th, but the time to get out your camera and start taking pictures is NOW, while your plants and your nursery are at their best! Entry criteria can be found on the CNLA website ( under the Growers Canada tab.

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Présentez vos produits sur la scène mondiale Vous pensez à vendre vos produits sur le marché international ? Si c’est le cas, vous vous devez de considérer à participer au kiosque Produit au Canada de l’ACPP au salon commercial LAI d’Essen. Ce salon international horticole se tient chaque hiver à Essen, en Allemagne. Il s’agit du plus grand salon au monde à mettre en vedette l’horticulture ornementale. La fréquentation annuelle dépasse 50 000 personnes et les exposants et les délégués viennent de partout à travers le monde. L’ACPP, avec le soutien financier du programme Agri-marketing d’AAC, sera présent pour la troisième année consécutive au salon de janvier 2013. Des fonds sont aussi disponibles pour défrayer quelques frais de déplacement des délégués. Selon le président du Comité de développement de l’exportation de l’ACPP Vic Krahn, “les Canadiens n’ont pas d’idée précise à quel point la marque est bien acceptée sur le marché international jusqu’à ce qu’ils vivent cette expérience eux-mêmes. Nous sommes réputés pour la qualité, la rusticité, l’innovation et le respect que nous



portons à l’environnement, tous des traits caractéristiques sur lesquels s’appuyer pour l’ouverture de marches internationaux. Il faut faire l’expérience du salon LAI pour pouvoir vraiment apprécier l’étendue et les possibilités qui nous attendent et qui ne demandent qu’à être découvertes”.

la première place du programme de prix de l’Association international des producteurs horticoles. Sheridan Nurseries, de Georgetown en ON, est maintenant inscrit à cette prestigieuse compétition internationale, comme lauréat du second prix annuel du producteur de l’année.

Pour de plus amples informations, contactez, à l’ACPP (888-446-3499, local 8686).

La date d’échéance pour s’inscrire au concours de 2012 est vendredi le 30 novembre, mais le bon moment pour attraper votre camera et pour commencer à prendre des photos est MAINTENANT, lorsque vos plantes et votre pépinière sont à leur meilleur ! On retrouve les détails de l’inscription sur le site Web de l’ACPP ( sous la rubrique Growers Canada.

Obtenez la reconnaissance que vous méritez ! Nous savons tous que cela est véridique –Le Canada compte en son sein certains de meilleurs producteurs en pépinière au monde. La bonne nouvelle est qu’il n’est plus nécessaire de cacher ces talents. Au contraire, grâce au prix du producteur de l’année de l’ACPP, les producteurs canadiens en pépinière ont la chance de promouvoir leurs produits et en particulier leur expertise auprès de leurs pairs, non seulement au Canada mais aussi à travers le monde ! Bylands Nurseries de Kelowna en C.B., gagnant du premier prix du producteur de l’année de RBC, a poursuivi son ascension sur le plan international et a remporté

Canadian Nursery Landscape Association / Association Canadienne des Pépiniéristes et des Paysagistes 7856 Fifth Line South, Milton, ON L9T 2X8 | Toll Free: 1-888-446-3499 | Toll Free Fax: 1-866-833-8603 | Email: |

CNLA Newsbrief

July - August 2012

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Garden Centres Corner Garden Centre Inspections and Consultancy A Case Study - Canadale Nurseries EVE TIGWELL Before

Garden Centres Canada has been offering, through Eve Tigwell, retail inspections and consultancy to its members since 2009. A wide range of centres of all sizes in most provinces have taken up this offer, some of which have developed an on-going relationship with Eve to benefit their business. Canadale Nurseries is one such company, and this article looks at the changes Pauline Intven-Casier and Tom Intven have made to the retail part of their business over the last three years. Inspections, including the on-site discussion and report, aim to provide garden centre and retail nursery owners and managers with practical information on how to improve and grow their businesses. Depending on the contents of the report there are usually a wide range of improvements that can be made, from small details to major projects. In 2010, Canadale scored 62.76% in their first inspection: by no means a poor score, but the resultant report highlighted details (such as spelling mistakes on signs) right through to potentially major issues with layout, quality and presentation. After a review of the preliminary report’s findings, Pauline and Tom chose to make changes on all fronts in order to take the business forward into the next decade. According to Pauline, “It was quite a shock for us to receive such a low score in our first inspection. It was a great learning experience for us to see where we came up short when Eve brought a more international view of our garden centre. Several of her suggestions were quick fixes that we were able to implement immediately, while others helped us to set up some longer term goals.”

The overall layout of the centre was not using space very effectively. Many paths were too narrow for easy shopping and far too many customers were visiting far too little of the site. Potential new layout ideas were discussed, and final plans for all sections of the centre drawn up. You might question the logistics of this in terms of the distance from UK to Canada: however, drawings work well as email attachments and phone calls are relatively inexpensive. The practical work was carried out over the winter of 2010/11 and included moving the checkouts and most of the fixtures and fittings. The effects of the revised layout were seen clearly in the 2011 season with customers moving around the site much more freely. Merchandising and presentation techniques are vital and the changes made at Canadale are the result of discussions and the use of photographs to show the good, the bad and (sadly) the ugly. Plants and merchandise are now presented in such a way that customers can see what is on offer and make their purchases with ease. There is an enhanced focus on cross merchandising, which has increased the average sale figures and thus profitability. The inspection process looks at company branding with a focus on signage. Even though it is only a small part of the inspection form, it is a vitally important aspect of a successful retail business. The Canadale brand was evident, but it was agreed by all that it could do with an overhaul to make it more obvious. The logo, colours, sign layouts, overall designs, and all marketing materials were studied in detail and a new and improved look was eventually agreed upon. Now customers cannot fail to recognise which centre they are shopping at and whose marketing and advertising materials they are reading.

needed addressing. In 2012 they achieved 80.73% - an excellent score. This was the result of hard work by all involved: there were great improvements in quality, merchandising and customer care. “The Garden Centre Inspection program is a great exercise for any garden centre to go through. In our case, it was a motivator to get all the staff - including the front-end workers, team leaders, office staff and managers – focused on one goal. The timing is perfect, right after the busy spring gardening season. It helped us to look hard at ourselves from different perspectives to maximize sales and profit for the softer summer season. It was encouraging to improve our outcome every year. Now we have a clearer vision of where we want to be and future improvements. The staff has a more unified vision with several detailed ideas on how to keep our garden centre vibrant and profitable. With each inspection, we ‘set the bar’ a little higher and try to maintain that level throughout the year.” - Pauline IntvenCassier What are next steps for garden centres that have already made improvements? Clearly, the inspection program is a great motivator for garden centres to maintain and improve their retailing standards. They should also consider starting the more detailed work of managing their centres such that profitability can be maximised, ideally with minimum capital investment. This is not part of the inspection program as it involves detailed one-on-one work between Eve and the independent garden centre in the area of sales, inventory, merchandising and more. This service can be made available through Garden Centres Canada and more information is available by contacting the CNLA office. After

This combination of inspections and consultancy has helped Canadale Nurseries’ score to rise to 73.9% in 2011. The discussions and follow-up report made several further recommendations on improvements, mainly details that still

Canadian Nursery Landscape Association / Association Canadienne des Pépiniéristes et des Paysagistes 7856 Fifth Line South, Milton, ON L9T 2X8 | Toll Free: 1-888-446-3499 | Toll Free Fax: 1-866-833-8603 | Email: |


CNLA Newsbrief

July - August 2012

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Landscapers Corner What’s the Deal with Red Seal? (Part 3) This is the third in a feature series of “FAQ’s” to raise the awareness and understanding of the Red Seal Landscape Horticulturist Apprenticeship Program.

What are the benefits of becoming a certified Journeyperson?

Certified Journeyperson’s: • Qualify for Federal Apprenticeship Incentive Grants and Apprenticeship Completion grants and provincespecific tool allowances or other funding (check with your local apprenticeship office) • Are highly trained and qualified with developed skills and competencies that meet industry standards. • Are safer, which results in reduced compensation costs and leads to reduced insurance costs for the company. • Are more knowledgeable and productive, maintaining high standards and quality on the job, which increases productivity and service standards thereby increasing customer satisfaction and business reputation. • Can use their credentials as a marketing tool to customers to show them it is better to conduct business with a company that employs quality certified journeypersons. • Develop a critical mass of qualified journeypersons in order to mentor more apprentices.

As an employer, what are the benefits of hiring an apprentice?

Return on Training Investment: There is no cost to the employer to register an apprentice. For every dollar employers invest in training an apprentice, employers, on average, receive a return of a $1.47. This return on investment is not specific to the Landscape Horticulturist trade. The return varies from trade to trade and is an average of 16 trades across the country, however, even the lowest returns were still positive returns on investment. This is not a payment to the employer, but rather a value-added equivalent of employing an


apprentice. The apprentice’s productive value exceeds the training costs by the end of the second year or earlier. Hiring apprentices ensures that an employer has skilled labour and a lower turnover rate. Tax credits: The federal government offers an Apprenticeship Job Creation Tax Credit. This credit is worth a maximum of $2,000 per qualified apprentice. Some provinces and territories may also have additional financial incentives for employers. Check with your local apprenticeship office as some incentives may either apply to Red Seal or non Red Seal skilled trades. Effective recruitment strategy: Leads to higher retention rates and lower turn over. As well as to a two way skills development: Mentoring apprentices renews and revitalizes journeypersons’ skills leading to greater productivity as the apprentice hones practical skills in the trade. By providing appropriate supervision, practical on-the job training and honest feedback, the apprentice learns the skills required to become a professional in the trade. Higher quality workmanship helps to maintain high standards and quality on the job and develops skills and competencies that meet industry standards. Increased productivity: Trains apprentices in the company’s systems and work processes. A trained apprentice is a safer, more productive worker. Improved safety: Makes journeypersons more aware of safe work practices as they teach apprentices. This makes employees more familiar with the organization’s safety practices. This leads to fewer accidents which results in reduced compensation costs and leads to reduced insurance costs for some employers because insurance companies recognize the lower risk of a skilled workforce. Improved company reputation: Delivers high quality products and services through highly trained and skilled workers. This commitment to training can be used as a marketing tool to customers to show them it is better to conduct business with a company, which employs quality journeypersons and apprentices, rather than from non-participating companies whose staff may not be qualified.


What are the Federal Incentive and Completion Grants for Apprentices:

Apprenticeship Incentive Grant: Registered apprentices who have successfully finished their first or second year/level (or equivalent) in one of the Red Seal trades can apply for the Apprenticeship Incentive Grant (AIG), which is a taxable cash grant of $1,000 per year/level up to a maximum of $2,000. Apprenticeship Completion Grant: Registered apprentices who have completed their training and become a certified journeyperson in a designated Red Seal trade and who obtain either the Red Seal endorsement or a provincial or territorial Certificate of Qualification can apply for the Apprenticeship Completion Grant (ACG), which is a taxable cash grant of $2,000. For more detailed information on these incentives and how to apply, visit: eng/goc/apprenticeship/index. shtml

Landscape Horticulture Diploma Program Accreditation Invites Industry Input

A standardized curriculum benchmark was developed for landscape horticulture 2-year diploma programs. This draft benchmark provides a minimum standard of excellence on mandatory learning outcomes upon which programs are accredited. The objective of accreditation through Canadian Technology Accreditation Board (CTAB) is to provide consistency among programs, raise the standards of education among colleges (internally for budgeting and externally for recruitment) and to have industry input into the development of the final benchmark standard. You are invited to provide comments and feedback on the draft benchmark on or before October 15, 2012. The success of the benchmark relies on the accuracy of the content, and thus, the importance on the validation from professionals in the industry. Visit our website for instructions on how to provide input.

Canadian Nursery Landscape Association / Association Canadienne des Pépiniéristes et des Paysagistes 7856 Fifth Line South, Milton, ON L9T 2X8 | Toll Free: 1-888-446-3499 | Toll Free Fax: 1-866-833-8603 | Email: |

CNLA Newsbrief

July - August 2012

(CTAB) is a standing committee of The Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists (CCTT) charged with developing, coordinating and managing the national accreditation program for applied science and engineering technology programs.

4-H Green for Life Landscape Horticulture Program gets the green light!

We received the approval from the Canadian 4-H Council to go ahead with the development of the phase II proposal. Liz is currently working with curriculum writers for the four new modules to add to the previous four developed in 2010. Interested in getting involved to help roll out the program in your province? Contact your provincial 4-H office to inquire on the status of the 4-H Green for Life Landscape Horticulture Program. It is in varying stages of uptake and delivery across the country.

sponsored by: individuals and dozens of organizations led by the American Society of Landscape Architects, the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, and the U.S. Botanic Garden. The 2013 Reference Guide will be the definitive resource for landscape project teams to thoroughly understand and navigate the SITES 2013 Rating System. The 2013 Rating System will replace the rating system within the Guidelines and Performance Benchmarks 2009. Embedded in the Reference Guide, the Rating System will include site performancebased benchmarks that have been revised from earlier versions using experience from the SITES two-year pilot program, additional research, knowledge gained since the origin of the program and specific input from technical advisors and the SITES staff.

Klosing Comments

It was unfortunate that we did not engage enough registrations to run LIEP, despite our best efforts and especially by Chris Andrews at the final hour. Maybe another time… While I am more behind the scenes with LCC during my term at MUN Botanical Garden, CNLA and LCC initiatives are still priorities to move forward whenever I can! Projects that ‘overlap’ and align with our national objectives that I am working on are: networking with municipalities which will hopefully yield some positive results; preliminary plans for broadening to a national level a plant introduction program from MUN Botanical Garden; aiming to host OJT and a CLT test onsite, and working closely with LNL has been a pleasure.

Sustainable Sites Initiative – Summer Update

SITESTM Pilot Program Comes to a Close Looking Ahead Throughout the past two years, the SITES Pilot Program has been testing the feasibility and rigor of the SITES rating system, with over 150 projects across 34 U.S. states as well as several in Canada, Iceland and Spain. SITES Pilot Projects represent a diverse cross-section of project types, sizes and geographic locations in various stages of development from design to construction and maintenance. The goal of the twoyear Pilot Program, which ended June 30, was to test and revise the Guidelines and Performance Benchmarks 2009, (http:// prior to release of the next version in mid-2013. The remaining pilot projects have until 2014 to pursue certification using the 2009 Rating System.

 SITES staff and technical advisor committees have been developing the next version of the rating system based on pilot project feedback, as well as ongoing research and development. SITES will launch a public comment period on the proposed 2013 credits in early fall 2012. Once public comments have been reviewed and incorporated, SITES plans to release a complete reference guide and rating system for public enrollment in mid-2013. 
 In the Works: SITES 2013 Reference Guide The SITES 2013 Reference Guide, which is currently under development, will represent the culmination of the process initiated in 2006, and the work of more than 70

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The Mulch On Demand™deck. Only from John Deere. It’s time to put clippings in their proper place. That’s why we invented the MOD deck for our ZTrak™ PRO 900 Series Mowers. It allows you to side-discharge clippings or, with an instant push of a lever, mulch them. Clippings go where you want them, not where you don’t. It’s just one of the many reasons why the ZTrak PRO is the ultimate mower. Demo one at your local John Deere dealer today.

Accept Nothing Less *Offer valid from Mar 01, 2012 until Jul 31, 2012. For personal or commercial use. No down payment required. For example, on a new John Deere Model 970A PRO, basedon a selling price of $17,153 (selling price in example is based on MSRP as of 30 November 2011 and may change at any time without notice. Dealer may sell for less) plus a $50 documentation fee, less a down payment of $0 results in a balance of $17,153 to be financed for a maximum of 3 years with 36 monthly payments of $476.85 totalling $17,166.72 based on 0.00% AIR with a cost of borrowing of $13.72. A $50 documentation fee may apply. Subject to John Deere Financial approval and dealer participation. In the event you default on this or any John Deere Financial Multi-Use Account transaction, interest on all outstanding balances on your Multi-use accounts (including on this and all special Term transactions on your Multi-use Account) will begin to accrue immediately at 19.75% AIR from the date of default until paid in full, and you will be required to make monthly payments on your Multi-use Account equal to 2.5% (personal use); 3.0% (commercial use) of the original amounts financed plus interest. Taxes, set-up, delivery, freight, and preparation charges not included and may increase price or monthly payment(s). Minimum purchase and finance amount may be required. See your dealer for details.Program subject to change, without notice, at any time. 51672

51672-1CNLA.indd 1

Canadian Nursery Landscape Association / Association Canadienne des Pépiniéristes et des Paysagistes 7856 Fifth Line South, Milton, ON L9T 2X8 | Toll Free: 1-888-446-3499 | Toll Free Fax: 1-866-833-8603 | Email: |

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CNLA Newsbrief

July - August 2012

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Industry events


August 21-23: The Independent Garden Centre Show: Navy Pier, Chicago, IL August 23-25: Farwest Show: Oregon Convention Center, Portland, OR

KM 55 KombiSystem

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September 19-20: CanWest Trade Show: Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, BC September 19: BCLNA Annual General Meeting and Banquet: Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, BC September 26: National Tree Day October 3-4: Canadian Greenhouse Conference: Scotiabank Convention Centre, Niagara Falls, ON www.canadian October 10-12: FarmSafe CASA Conference: St. John’s, NL October 17-18: Landscape Ontario Expo: Toronto Congress Centre, Toronto, ON October 28: Design Charette: Holiday Inn, St. John’s, NL October 29-30: Atlantic Green Forum: Holiday Inn St. John’s, St. John’s, NL


August 26-31: IGCA Congress 2012: Germany

September 17-19: Glee Show (Garden Retail Show): NEC, Birmingham, UK



Canadian Nursery Landscape Association / Association Canadienne des Pépiniéristes et des Paysagistes 7856 Fifth Line South, Milton, ON L9T 2X8 | Toll Free: 1-888-446-3499 | Toll Free Fax: 1-866-833-8603 | Email: |

April 5-October 7: Floriade 2012, World Horticultural Expo: Venlo, The Netherlands

CNLA Newsbrief August 2012  

The latest news for the horticulture industry in Canada. (July/August edition)

CNLA Newsbrief August 2012  

The latest news for the horticulture industry in Canada. (July/August edition)