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Green Industry News July-August 2010 Vol. 19 Issue 5 What’s inside: • Value of Vineland - Part II • 2011 New Chevrolet Silverado Pickup • Clean Energy Tax Savings for Landscapers • National Recycling Week Weighs In! • HortEast 2010 Not to be Missed • O ntario is Greening its Highways • Atlantic Green Forum to focus on Sustainable Landscaping

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– a year in review

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For more info Canadian rmation, contact : Nursery Landscape 7856 Fifth Line sales@can , Milton, ON Can Association ada L9T ada 2X8 Tel: 01-905 -875-1399 Fax: 01-905 -875-1840

With funding support of AAFC’s AgriMarketing Program, CNLA undertook their first export market development program to assist Canada’s wholesale grower industry to develop off-continent markets for Canadian grown nursery stock.


50%K Seller’s100%K Missionand to Germany

This mission was timed to correspond to IPM Essen; the largest, annual trade show in the world dedicated specifically to ornamental production (floriculture and nursery), and certainly one of the best opportunities to gauge potential international demand for Canadian grown product. With an estimated 50,000+ visitors, this four-day show attracts exhibitors and buyers from around the world. It provided Canada’s small group of delegates: Dave Adamson, Adamson’s Heritage Nursery, BC; Dwayne Beck, Parkland Nursery, AB; Ans Merton, Winkelmolen Nurseries, ON; Jeff Olsen, BTN, ON, with a true indication of the scope of the international ornamental sector. We were also able to include a number of other nursery visits, including an in-depth look at Bruns Pflanzen, growers of large specimen trees, and the second largest nursery in Europe. The expertise of tour guides Hans Bruns and Hans Drath added extra perspective to the true scope of the European marketplace. Delegates also met with the Canadian Consulate staff, located in nearby Dusseldorf, discovering that there is a high acceptance of Canadian agri-food products in Germany.

Canada Brand for Canadian-grown nursery stock

By working with several consulting companies with expertise in the marketing of agricultural products, as well as a small committee of interested growers, important first steps were taken in the development of an unique identity for Canadian-grown nursery stock that could be integrated with AAFC’s own Canada Brand

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which is used in the marketing of all agri-products world wide.

Buy-Sell Website

The nursery sector faces a numberCanadianGrown_K.p of unique challenges that will impact its ability to export nuseryUse product for web, W to off-continent markets, such as length of production (this file type cont cycles, the need to fill containers for cost-effective shipping, and phytosanitary requirements that only allow for export of bare-root and root-washed materials. A buy-sell website is being designed to help overcome these challenges and is expected to be ready to allow member growers to post their inventories to the international market by late 2010.

Long Term International Strategy (LTIS)

In order to qualify for ongoing funding from the AgriMarketing program, all participating associations must now have a well-developed LTIS in place. To assist those associations such as CNLA that did not have such a strategy in place, additional funding was provided by AAFC in the 2009-10 fiscal year. CNLA worked with JRG Consulting Group of Guelph in the development of this strategy, which lays out a road map for future marketing initiatives and at the same, time fully addresses the many challenges for the industry to overcome in the development of off-continent export markets. The full document is available in either French or English. See the CNLA website for complete details on the AgriMarketing program

CNLA Newsbrief

July-August 2010

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President Past President First Vice President Second Vice President Treasurer

Cary van Zanten - BC Michael Murray - NL Bill Stensson - ON Christine LeVatte, CLP - NS Rene Thiebaud, CLP - ON

DIRECTORS: LOHTA Representative, Gerald Boot, CLP - ON Insurance Chair LNS Representative Jeff Morton, CLT - NS BCLNA Representative Michael Kato - BC Human Resources Chair Harold Deenen, CLP - ON Environment Chair Bill Hardy, CLP - BC Landscape Canada Chair Bruce Hunter, CLT, CLD, CLP - BC Government Liaison, COHA Chair, Vic Krahn, CLT - SK AQPP Representative Pierre Lavallée - QC Planning & Government, Bruce McTavish - BC NAPPO Chair LNB Representative, Darrell Nameth, CLP - NB Member Services Chair Garden Centre Canada Chair Anthony O’Neill - NL National Certification Chair Terry Nicholson, CLT - ON Landscape Canada Vice Chair, Phil Paxton, CLT, CLP - AB LANTA Representative LM Representative, Owen Vanstone - MB Growers Canada Chair LNL Representative Don Barry - NL SNLA Representative Aaron Krahn - SK

STAFF: Executive Director Member Services Manager Professional and Business Development Manager Manager of Provincial Relations Growers Manager Landscape Priorities Manager Certification Services Minor Use/IPM Co-ordinator Member Services Co-ordinator Communications Co-ordinator Executive Assistant Bookkeeper

Victor Santacruz, CAE, CLP Joseph Salemi, CAE Joel Beatson, CAE, CLP Rebecca Wetselaar, CAE Rita Weerdenburg Liz Klose, B.Sc., (Agr), CLP Julia Ricottone, CEPIT Peter Isaacson, B.Sc., MPM Agnes Zawartka, CAE, CLP Kim Burton Cheryl Gall Sheena Falzon

Printed on recycled paper using vegetable based inks by: Harmony Printing, 50 Woodbine Downs Boulevard, Toronto, ON M9W 5R2


Value of Vineland – Part II Scientific research is at the core of Vineland Research and Innovation Centre’s mandate, but the Centre is also a beautiful destination for business activities, meetings and visitors.


The laboratories at Vineland are guided by market demand, with its research driven by the needs of industry. The science will be cutting-edge, but will also be informed, through an understanding of the priorities and needs of the horticulture industry and its consumers. The result will be an innovation pipeline that is continuous from scientific discovery to market application. Vineland’s research capabilities address three core areas, each headed by a research director, building their teams of scientists, post doctorates, technicians and students: • Consumer Insights and Product Innovation – An understanding of consumer behaviour, horticultural product development and marketing will inform many of Vineland’s research programs aimed at developing new products. Research leadership will be provided by Vineland Research Director, Dr. Isabelle Lesschaeve, who is also developing her own lab in sensory and consumer sciences. Additional research expertise has been hired in the areas of sensory analytics and consumer research. • Applied Genomics – New technologies and vast amounts of plant genomic data are continually emerging; providing important tools for genetic research. Applying these technologies to crop improvement can accelerate breeding programs and introduce desirable traits for developing new plant varieties. Research Director, Dr. Daryl Somers, is leading this team at Vineland, focusing on plant breeding and bioinformatics. • Horticultural Production Systems – Technologies and production methods used for horticulture include everything from cultivation techniques to greenhouse technologies and pest management. Dr. Michael Brownbridge leads this research team and has established his own lab in the field of biocontrols. Dr. Hannah Mathers, Vineland Research Fellow, is already conducting several applied research projects in nursery and landscape production. Additional support will be provided by existing

University of Guelph, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), and Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) staff at Vineland. The area of automation technologies and production processes will be addressed through partnering with industry and other research providers in the areas of mechanical engineering and logistics. In collaboration with industry and academic advisors, Vineland has developed an overarching research strategy that combines research at Vineland with universities, colleges, provincial and federal agencies. Research programs developed in the context of these partnerships will leverage resources and build strong synergies.

Horticulture Technology Scout

Michael Kauzlaric is the Horticulture Technology Scout at the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, seeking new technology in machines, cultivars, and information. To address these priorities, Vineland is seeking technologies in its three core areas. Here is what Michael is investigating: • Consumer insights to expand horticulture markets through product innovation using behavioral economics, sensory and consumer sciences. Examples are technologies used to: analyze the sensory attributes driving consumer likes and dislikes; identify and measure the physical and chemical parameters imparting these sensory properties in a product; determine the non-sensory factors affecting consumer purchase decisionmaking and consumer willingness to pay for the new product. • Tools for genetic research which provide new technologies and data, including: bioinformatics; cold adaptation; breeding; drought and salt tolerance; molecular breeding; enhanced yield; new varieties/cultivars; crops with lower heat; light requirements; new traits (colour, size, smell, taste, pest resistance). • Horticultural production systems that demonstrate: reductions in water, nutrient and pesticide use; more friendly use of bio-controls; automation technologies to decrease manual labour processes; post-harvest handling, packaging and processing; and transport of commodities.

Canadian Nursery Landscape Association / Association Canadienne des Pépiniéristes et des Paysagistes 7856 Fifth Line South, Milton, ON L9T 2X8 | Toll Free: 1-888-446-3499 | Toll Free Fax: 1-866-833-8603 | Email: |

CNLA Newsbrief

July-August 2010

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INDUSTRY NEWS Michael invites members with new ideas, concepts or technologies to contact him at

Growing Business

Business innovation at Vineland is cultivated through a variety of tools and services: • incubation and acceleration facilities for start-up ventures, including provision of key business services; • focused leasing of space to businesses that offer cooperative opportunities • technology licensing to make the results of Vineland research widely available to the horticulture enterprise; and • other specialized services, including shared lab space and access to sources of venture capital. The result is an ever-widening circle of impact, as new technologies and spin-off ventures developed at the Centre transform the business of horticulture. Vineland is a key meeting place for the horticultural industry — an outreach facility to learn about the latest developments in science and technology, and share emerging challenges with researchers. Located on the corridor leading to some of Canada’s most popular tourist destinations, Vineland will also be a popular stop for anyone with an interest in the world of plants. Exhibits, public greenhouses and special events will all be part of an extensive public education program. (Printed with permission from the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre)

Enter to Win!

The Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council (CAHRC) was created to address human resource issues facing agricultural businesses across Canada. CAHRC works to research, develop and communicate solutions to the challenges in agriculture employment and skills development. CAHRC is researching the labour needs of farms with less than $100,000 in gross receipts, with responses being used to determine employment needs for smaller operations. Those who complete the survey will automatically be entered to win $100. Visit www. to complete the survey and enter your chance to win.

Clean Energy Tax Savings

The Canadian Government first introduced to budget Class 43.2 in 2007 and has since expanded the classification. Under Class 43.2, the Capital Cost Allowance (CCA) for energy-efficient equipment and processes provides a 50 percent, per year, tax write-off for companies who purchase clean-energy generation and conservation equipment acquired before 2020, based on a declining balance. Included is specified distribution equipment that is part of an energy system that provides direct heating or cooling through the use of thermal energy. Equipment purchased earlier than 2007 is set at

a 30 percent write-off, as the new classifications require equipment to have higher standards of energy efficiency. Eligible equipment includes: • Electricity: high efficiency cogeneration equipment; wind turbines; small hydroelectric facilities; fuel cells; photovoltaic equipment; wave and tidal power equipment; equipment that generates electricity using geothermal energy; and equipment that generates electricity using an eligible waste fuel. • Thermal Energy: active solar equipment; ground source heat pump equipment; district energy equipment that

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Visit to find a location near you. Discounts available at participating dealers only. Offer subject to availability and may be discontinued or modified at any time. Prices and Product may vary by dealer. Discounts vary by product. Purchaser must be a member of the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association and show proof of membership to obtain discount. Attachments and implements sold separately. See dealer for details. John Deere’s yellow and green colour scheme, the leaping deer symbol and JOHN DEERE are trademarks of Deere and Company.

Canadian Nursery Landscape Association / Association Canadienne des Pépiniéristes et des Paysagistes 7856 Fifth Line South, Milton, ON L9T 2X8 | Toll Free: 1-888-446-3499 | Toll Free Fax: 1-866-833-8603 | Email: |


CNLA Newsbrief

July-August 2010

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INDUSTRY NEWS distributes thermal energy from cogeneration; equipment that generates heat for an industrial process or a greenhouse using an eligible waste fuel; heat recovery equipment used in electricity generation and industrial processes. • Fuels From Waste: equipment that recovers landfill gas or digester gas; equipment used to convert biomass into bio-oil; equipment used to produce biogas through anaerobic digestion. This new classification is a great opportunity for members to purchase new equipment and take advantage of the accelerated write-offs. It is all part of Canada’s ecoTrust for Clean Air and Climate Change initiative to reduce emissions and encourage companies to reduce their carbon footprint.

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Canadian Nursery Landscape Association / Association Canadienne des Pépiniéristes et des Paysagistes 7856 Fifth Line South, Milton, ON L9T 2X8 | Toll Free: 1-888-446-3499 | Toll Free Fax: 1-866-833-8603 | Email: |

CNLA Newsbrief

July-August 2010

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ASSOCIATION NEWS Landscape Newfoundland and Labrador Presents the Atlantic Green Forum

Landscape Newfoundland and Labrador (LNL) is committed to finding long-term environmentally conscious solutions for our urban landscapes and our industry. The Atlantic Green Forum on November 8-9th, 2010 at the Holiday Inn, St. John’s, will address the theme of “Sustainable Landscaping: Towards The New Reality” bringing together noted experts in their field from across Canada and North America, resulting in better landscape design, business practices, policy and regulatory development, product use and stewardship.

learn from a variety of top-notch speakers — the line-up is the best I’ve seen yet, so don’t miss it,” states Scott Mosher, President of Terra Nova Landscaping in NS and Chair of the 2010 HortEast committee. HortEast will address current industry issues, inspire delegates and provide them with information to run profitable and productive businesses. Some of the exciting 2010 seminars and workshops include: It is Up To You - Revisiting The Hiring Process and Engaging your Seasonal Workers for Increased Productivity and Retention with Tim Brennan; Going to Pot and Proven Performance Plant Part-

ners with Liz Klose; Arboriculture Tree Myths and Their Contribution to the Landscape with Jeff McMann, and Living Walls & Green Roofs with Sue Sirrs, to name just a few. In addition, workshops for landscape construction and maintenance companies addressing industry issues will be held, along with a tour to the Nova Scotia Community College green roof and living wall. Monday evening will host a reception at the Westin Nova Scotian Hotel for exhibitors and delegates to meet and mingle before HortEast kicks off on Tuesday. For a complete list of speakers, seminars and workshops, please visit

proDUctIVIty rUnS In the famIly. Seminar attendees will focus on sustainable landscaping for the industry. Keynote speaker Owen Dell, an awardwinning, internationally admired landscape architect, author and educator, who specializes in sustainable landscape topics, will be presenting at this year’s Forum. Awareness and practice of sustainable landscaping is critical if the industry is going to thrive in the new reality. We hope that all members of the environmental horticulture industry, and those interested in the long-term sustainability of our environment, will join us at this year’s Atlantic Green Forum. Visit www. for more information.

HortEast Trade Show Unveils 2010 Program!

The excitement is building for HortEast 2010, taking place the Cunard Centre in Halifax, NS on November 22-24th. Pre-show events on the 22nd including industry tours, workshops, industry exams and a networking reception will be followed by the trade show and conference on the 23rd and 24th. “HortEast is a great opportunity for company owners and their staff to get inspired, to network with other industry members and

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Canadian Nursery Landscape Association / Association Canadienne des Pépiniéristes et des Paysagistes CAT-114.indd 1 7856 Fifth Line South, Milton, ON L9T 2X8 | Toll Free: 1-888-446-3499 | Toll Free Fax: 1-866-833-8603 | Email: |

5 2/11/09 11:05:19 AM

CNLA Newsbrief

July-August 2010

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ASSOCIATION NEWS Reviews on a great spring By Seth Marriot, LNB

Between the brown earth and the blue sky, here in New Brunswick, everything in between is green. And since we represent PEI at this table, please substitute the brown earth for red mud. Never in recent memory (and my memory goes back a half century, although most of the details have either become lost or replaced with ones that my imagination has created), has there been a spring more conducive to gardening, landscaping, and garden centre activity. “Earliest, driest spring ever," says George Scott of Scotts Nursery in Fredericton, NB. John Carson of John’s Garden Centre in Riverview, Moncton told me, “The conditions were ideal on the important weekends like Mothers Day and Victoria Day.” “I had customers wanting their lawn mowed in early April,” claimed John Evans of ProCare Lawn and Property Maintenance. Kevin Nauss of Price Landscaping Services just quipped, “Pass me the lemonade.”

landscape industry


On the Association front, we are this close (I’m holding my two index fingers about three inches apart, with each inch representing approximately one month), to having our application for Landscape Horticulturist blessed as a trade. I guess designated is the proper term, but other tradespeople use the term blessed; it has a warmer feel to it. Landscape New Brunswick is very excited to be hosting the CNLA summer meeting in Charlottetown in August. There is no better place on earth to be in August than PEI, unless of course you’re allergic to potatoes. We are holding our summer tour at that same time, and plan to head out from Moncton to visit the Island, and connect with the CNLA contingent for some socializing. I wasn’t going to mention HortEast because that might bring the cool November air even closer, but I must admit, looking over the program the committee has developed, it is shaping up to be the best yet. We certainly hope everyone can make it out.

Greening of highways

Highway 401, the busiest highway in North America, is receiving a green make-over. At two of the highest traffic volume intersections through Toronto, over 7,000 trees are being planted as part of project to green Ontario highways. It is estimated that 500,000 vehicles pass through the 18-lane highway per day. The project is a partnership that includes Landscape Ontario, Vineland Research and Innovation Centre and the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. The province has funded the pilot project, and oversees the planting, while Vineland and LO provide the coordination and expertise on growing some of the trees. About 2,000 trees were grown at Vineland, as well as Braun, Willowbrook and Sheridan Nurseries. Trees chosen for the project were those resistant to winter highway salt and summer dry spells. At the end of two years, the trees will be evaluated for survivability. It is hoped that those varieties that show durability can be produced by Ontario nurseries for further highway greening and reduction in carbon dioxide from vehicle emissions.

Certification Corner

A rising star lost

By Joel Beatson, CAE, CLP Kristopher (Kris) Milnes, CLT, passed away suddenly in mid-July at the young age of 33. I had the chance to meet and work with Kris on several occasions. Kris was a Certified Landscape Technician, and despite his modest demeanor, he was incredibly proud of this achievement. Kris was also an eager participant in the pilot testing of the On-the-Job Training program in Alberta. His quick wit, along with an amazing knack and passion for training, was a pleasure. Kris picked up the learning method very quickly and saw the potential in improving himself and his company. Kris worked for JVR Landscape in Calgary and over the most recent months, had been in transition to eventually take over the company. In a few short years, Kris had gone from recently certified to potential partner and owner. As John van Roessel, CLP, CLT, stated, “We are all devastated here at JVR, as his loss will be felt both on a work level and a personal level.” Our industry will miss this rising star that had so much to offer; a young man filled with passion for this industry. He was a partner, a friend, a son. Fare thee well Kris.

Recently Certified Christine Beck, CLP Feleena Byno, CLT Jason Clayton, CLT Karen Dickie, CLT



Lou Filice, CLP Trevor Jones, CLT Duggan Kennedy, CLT Aaron Lloyd, CLT


Darren Loner, CLT Stewart Morrison, CLT Danny Perry, CLT David Stenhouse, CLT

Canadian Nursery Landscape Association / Association Canadienne des Pépiniéristes et des Paysagistes 7856 Fifth Line South, Milton, ON L9T 2X8 | Toll Free: 1-888-446-3499 | Toll Free Fax: 1-866-833-8603 | Email: |


*as of July 2010

CNLA Newsbrief

July-August 2010

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Garden Centres Corner 2010 National Inspection Program a Success The 2010 Garden Centre Inspection program was very successful, with 17 participating garden centres in Alberta, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. This was the second year with UK inspector Eve Tigwell, and the first time for inspections in PEI, NB and NL. Feedback has been positive from participating garden centres. Mary Beth Brown, garden centre marketing manager with Sheridan Nurseries, ON said, “Having our garden centres reviewed in the eyes of an international garden consultant was a valuable experience!” Andrew Palmer, general manager with Blomidon Nurseries in Wolfville, NS commented, “When making changes to improve a business, it is always beneficial to have an outside opinion. Eve’s professionalism and eye for detail did a phenomenal job in reinforcing what we knew and bringing new ideas forward for the benefit of our retail operation.” For more information on the garden centre inspection program, contact Rebecca at 1-866-3834711 or Eve Tigwell will be speaking at this year’s Garden Centre Symposium, held during EXPO 2010 in Toronto, ON on Monday October 18th, 2010 – make sure to attend and learn more from Eve Tigwell in her seminar “How to run a profitable garden centre”. For more information, visit

Great Participation in National Plastic Recycling!

Landscape Ontario and British Columbia Landscape Nursery Association participated in the National Plastic Recycling Week, June 28 to July 5. The initiative, led by the CNLA, gave members of the trade, as well as the general public, an opportunity to show environmental stewardship by responsibly disposing of their horticultural waste. During those eight days, pots, trays, tags, plant packs and irrigation

pipes were brought to specified central locations, where they were cleaned and stacked. The total impact of the event was 53,149 lbs of collected horticultural waste. At Landscape Ontario’s location, 67 skids were collected for a total weight of 16,549 lbs. With BC having six locations, a total of 183 skids were collected for a total weight of 36,600 lbs. • Art’s Nursery Ltd. in Surrey, BC took in 18 skids • Cannor Nursery of Abbotsford, BC collected 25 skids • GardenWorks of Burnaby, BC collected 24 skids

• Minter Country Garden Store in Chilliwack, BC and Nico’s Nurseryland of Salmon Arm, BC took in 30 skids • West Coast Plastic Recycling Inc. from Richmond, BC collected 86 skids CNLA hopes other provinces will jump on board with this green initiative for next year’s event. The CNLA would like to thank our endorsed recyclers Plastix Canada (Ontario), and West Coast Plastic Recycling Inc. (BC) for their commitment and dedication to our ‘green success’, and all those who participated. For information for next year please contact Agnes at 888-4463499 ext 8625 or email

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Canadian Nursery Landscape Association / Association Canadienne des Pépiniéristes et des Paysagistes 7856 Fifth Line South, Milton, ON L9T 2X8 | Toll Free: 1-888-446-3499 | Toll Free Fax: 1-866-833-8603 | Email: |


CNLA Newsbrief

July-August 2010

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Growers Corner


By rita weerdenburg



Industry represented at Weeds Across Borders trilateral symposium

Growers’ Canada announces new RBC Grower of the Year Award Owen Vanstone, chair of Growers’ Canada (Commodity Group) is particularly pleased to announce the launch of a whole new initiative on behalf of Canada’s wholesale nursery sector, namely the RBC Grower of the Year Award. “I’ve long been a fan of the CNLA Awards of Excellence Program and see it as a great venue to recognize the outstanding talent that exists in the landscape, maintenance and retail sectors,” notes Owen. “But as a grower, and especially as the chair of the national commodity group, S WARD NAL A I’ve also been very NATIO CAPE S D N LA lence aware that there was Excel nothing similar in place for Canada’s wholesale grower industry.” The solution to this void became immediately apparent to Owen during his recent participation at the AIPH (International Ornamental Horticultural Producers Association) conference held last September in Zaragoza, Spain. This European-based organization, representing floriculture and nursery growers at the country level, and of which CNLA has been a member since 2000, hosted their first ever international Grower of the Year Award in 2008-09. “There were a number of factors that convinced me to bring this back to our Canada Growers’ Group,” explains Owen. “In particular, I was impressed by the Awards’ criteria, as they have been specifically designed to give an equal opportunity for any size of company – small, medium or large – to win this award.” Judging is based on five main criteria: • Sound Economic Performance • Innovation in Production and Technique

There will be a double incentive for growers to participate in this awards program, as the winner of the national program will receive an all expenses paid trip for two to the CNLA Awards of Excellence ceremony and banquet, which will be held in Vancouver, BC in February, 2011. And the winner will automatically be entered into the international AIPH award. The top five winners as selected by AIPH will be flown to the destination of the next award ceremony, scheduled to be held Xi’an, China in September, 2011.


r e e Y Groof tw he ar

by: Sponsored



• Strong Market Orientation and Professional Company Image • High Environmental Standards • Sound Human Resource Policy

d 1

award kit.ind


4:20 PM

“I’m also pleased to be able to announce that our vision and enthusiasm has been shared by the Royal Bank of Canada, who have agreed to be the presenting sponsor of our brand new program,” said Owen, adding that, “It is an acknowledgement of the outstanding work of CNLA and their Awards of Excellence Program to be able to garner the support of an organization such as RBC for this brand new program.” “I encourage all growers to consider participating in this prestigious awards program. I know that Canadian growers have the talent and expertise to compete in this international program and I hope to see one of our members recognized as one of the best in the world in the very near future.”

CNLA wishes to express sincere thanks to John Zaplatynsky of GardenWorks (Burnaby, BC) for representing industry at the Weeds Across Borders symposium, which took place June 1 to 3 in Shepardstown, PA. Weeds Across Borders is a trilateral symposium (Canada, USA, Mexico), held once every two years, that enables both government and non-government agencies to meet and discuss the challenges and progresses being made on managing the spread and entry of Invasive Alien Plants. This year’s event also allowed for various industry sectors to provide input into this complex issue. John’s presentation, entitled “A retail response to invasive plants”, outlined the many initiatives that have been undertaken by GardenWorks to inform the public about the alternatives available to them. “Overall our customers are well-educated, have a high level of concern for the environment and wish to make informed buying decisions,” noted John. “I especially appreciated the opportunity to represent industry,” he added, “because it is important that we take every opportunity to inform everyone, especially the scientists, academics and government agencies that this is not about ‘us vs. them’, but rather an issue that requires we all work together to be a part of the solution.” GardenWorks developed their proactive company position by working with local community, industry and government agencies, and was recently recognized with an award from the Invasive Plant Council of B.C. “The invasive plant issue is a complex one that has an impact on all sectors of the industry, including retailers, landscapers and growers,” notes CNLA president Cary van Zanten. “We are fortunate to have been so very well represented at the Weeds Across Borders symposium, and owe John our sincere thanks.” A copy of the presentation can be viewed at

Canadian Nursery Landscape Association / Association Canadienne des Pépiniéristes et des Paysagistes 7856 Fifth Line South, Milton, ON L9T 2X8 | Toll Free: 1-888-446-3499 | Toll Free Fax: 1-866-833-8603 | Email: |

CNLA Newsbrief

July-August 2010

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Coin de producteurs




L’industrie est représentée au symposium Mauvaises herbes sans frontières

Le secteur des producteurs canadiens annonce le nouveau Prix d’excellence RBC pour le producteur de l’année Owen Vanstone, président du secteur des • Innovation dans la production et la producteurs est particulièrement heureux technique d’annoncer le lancement d’une nouvelle • A l’écoute du marché et Initiative du secteur canadien de producImage professionnelle de la compagnie tion en pépinière, soit le Prix d’excellence • Standards environnementaux élevés RBC pour le producteur de l’année. “Il y • Solide politique en ressources humaines a longtemps que j’admire le Programme Les producteurs auront une double motivades Prix d’excellence de l’ACPP et quelle tion à participer au programme de Prix; en manière fantastique de souligner le talent effet le gagnant recevra un voyage toutes exceptionnel qui existe dans les secteurs de dépenses payées l’aménagement, de l’entretien et de la vente à la cérémonie au détail,” dit Owen. “Cependant, de remise de prix en tant que producteur d’excellence et et spécialement en tant au banquet de que président du groupe l’ACPP, qui aura national, je savais très lieu à Vancoubien qu’il n’existait aucun S D R WA ver, C.B. en NAL A IO programme semblable au T E A P N SCA LAND février 2011. nce e Canada pour l’industrie de l l e c Ex De plus, le gala production en gros.” gnant prendra automatiqueLa solution à cette quesment part au tion devient évidente pour programme Owen lors de sa participainternational tion récente à la conférence de prix de l’AIPH. Les de l’AIPH (Association Intercinq gagnants choisis par l’AIPH s’envonationale des Producteurs leront pour Xi’an en Chine pour la prochaine Horticoles) qui a eu lieu à Zaragoza, Espagne cérémonie de remise de prix qui aura lieu en ce septembre dernier. Cette organisation septembre 2011. basée en Europe, représente les producteurs en floriculture et en pépinière au niveau “Il me fait plaisir d’annoncer que la Banque national. L’ACPP membre depuis 2000, a été Royale du Canada partage notre vision et l’hôte du tout premier Prix d’excellence pour enthousiasme et a accepté d’être le commanle producteur international de l’année en ditaire officiel de notre nouveau programme,” 2008-09. dit Owen et il ajoute, “qu’il faut reconnaître le travail exceptionnel de l’ACPP et de son pro“Il y avait plusieurs facteurs dans la balance gramme de Prix d’excellence qui nous permet qui m’ont convaincu de discuter de ce prode gagner le support d’une organisation telle gramme avec notre groupe de producteurs que la Banque Royale. ” canadiens.” explique Owen. “En particulier, j’ai été Impressionné par les critères de “J’encourage tous les producteurs à penser sélection des candidats pour le Prix, parce à participer à ce programme prestigieux de qu’ils permettent à des compagnies de toute remise de prix. Je sais que les producteurs cataille d’y participer et d’avoir une chance nadiens ont le talent et les compétences pour égale de gagner. ” être des adversaires sérieux sur le plan Inter national et j’espère que l’un de nos producL’évaluation des soumissions se fait selon les teurs sera couronné comme l’un des meilleurs cinq critères principaux suivants: du monde dans un avenir rapproché.” • Performance économique solide OF

r u e t c u d e é o Pr de l’ann

by: Sponsored



award kit




By rita weerdenburg

10:24 AM

L’ACPP veut remercier sincèrement John Zaplatynsky de GardenWorks (Burnaby, C.B.) d’avoir représenté l’industrie lors du symposium Mauvaises herbes sans frontières qui a eu lieu à Shepardstown, PA du 1 au 3 juin. Mauvaises herbes sans frontières est un symposium tri (Canada, É.-U., Mexique), qui se teint chaque deux ans et qui permet aux agences gouvernementales et non- gouvernementales de se rencontrer pour discuter des défis et du progrès effectué dans la gestion des plantes envahissantes exogènes. Cette année, plusieurs secteurs de différentes Industries ont pris part aux discussions sur ces questions complexes. La présentation faite par John s’Intitulait “A retail response to invasive plants”, et détaillait les nombreuses initiatives prises par GardenWorks pour informer le public sur les alternatives disponibles. “En général, nos clients sont instruits, se soucie de l’environnement et désirent prendre des décisions d’achat bien informées,” dit John , “j’ai particulièrement apprécié l’occasion qui m’a été donné de représenter l’industrie,” il ajoute, “parce qu’il est très important que nous profitions de chaque occasion pour informer tout le monde, spécialement les scientifiques, les enseignants et les agences gouvernementales que nous ne sommes pas rivaux’, mais plutôt que nous avons affaire à une question qui exige que nous collaborions ensemble pout la résoudre.” GardenWorks a mis au point cette position corporative en place en travaillant au niveau de la communauté de l’industrie et des agences gouvernementales et a récemment reçu un prix à cet effet de la part de l’Invasive Plant Council de la C.B. “La question des plantes envahissantes est complexe qui a un effet négatif sur tous les secteurs de l’industrie de même que sur les détaillants. les paysagistes et les producteurs,” note le président de l’ACPP Cary van Zanten. “Nous avons eu de la chance d’avoir été très bien représenté lors du symposium Mauvaises herbes sans frontières symposium et pour cela, je veux remercier sincèrement John.” On peut voir une copie de la présentation à

Canadian Nursery Landscape Association / Association Canadienne des Pépiniéristes et des Paysagistes 7856 Fifth Line South, Milton, ON L9T 2X8 | Toll Free: 1-888-446-3499 | Toll Free Fax: 1-866-833-8603 | Email: |


CNLA Newsbrief

July-August 2010

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Landscapers Corner National Master Specification (NMS) Landscape Architectural Package Review

The NMS is the most comprehensive master specification in Canada, serving as an easy-to-use framework for writing construction project specifications. It is a reference document containing approximately 750 master specifications in both English and French, with each section designed to be edited from the original master to produce a project specific document. It is intended for use by the federal government, other public organizations and the private sector in the preparation of construction and renovation contract documents. The updates included edits in new technology, clarification of requirements, additional resource standards and the inclusion of Landscape Industry Certified designations in the applicable specifications. The following landscape related specifications were reviewed by the technical team of industry professionals from CNLA and CSLA: Site Clearing; Site Earthwork; Topsoil; Granular Base; Sodding; Hydraulic Seeding; Mechanical Seeding; Preservation of Water Courses; Trees Shrubs and Ground Cover Plantings; Landscape and Site Accessories; and Site Furnishings. Many thanks to the professional team of dedicated experts for their time and expertise in this process, including: Christene LeVatte, CLP, Highland Landscapes for Lifestyle, NS Phil Paxton, CLT, CLP, Alpha Better Group of Companies, AB Barry Paxton CLT, CLP, Alpha Better Group of Companies, AB Jeff Foley, CLT, CLP, Para Space Landscaping Inc, BC Jamey Smith, CLT, Red Oak Landscaping, PEI Stan Kochanoff, MCIP, LPP, RCA #427, Environova Planning Group Inc., NS

Landscape Canada Survey

Sue Sirrs, LA, CSLA, ASLA, LEED AP, Outside! Planning & Design Studio, NS Clinton Pinks, CSLA, Landscape Architect, CBCL Limited, NS Ken McKillop CSLA, Durante Kreuk Ltd, Vancouver, BC Susan Antler, Compost Council of Canada Bob Paulin, Department of Agriculture & Food, Western Australia A special thanks to: Gordon Smith, CSLA, MCIP, Landscape Architect, Planner, CBCL Limited, Nova Scotia, for coordinating the team from CSLA to join us in the review process; Stantec, Professional Consulting Services and their Sustainable Building Specialists, and Michel Theauvette, A/ Chief, National Master Specification (NMS) Secretariat with the Real Property Program Branch, Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) for inviting CNLA to present at their Bi-Annual meeting of Specification Writers’ Workshop and including CNLA and CSLA in the specification review process. PWGSC owns the NMS and coordinates its review through standards organizations and the construction industry. The content reflects the expertise of many of Canada’s foremost authorities on specifications, contract documents and construction technology. A complete set of specifications can be purchased in print or electronic format from one of the NMS Publishers. Stantec, the consultant, has completed the review of the recommendations. The revisions are now with the National Master Specification Secretariat in Gatineau, QC, for final review and approval. For more information visit biens-property/ddn-nms/.

A summary report of the results of the 2009 Landscape Canada Survey was included in the email Member Update in July. The report is also posted on the Landscape Canada page of the CNLA website accessed directly by this link Thank you to all who responded! The 2010 survey is presently being developed. If there is information you wish have surveyed, please email Liz Klose at by September 1st. The 2010 survey will be sent out early in 2011 and will be in the same, easy-to-respond-to online format.


By Liz Klose BSc. Agr, CLP

LEED Green Associate Credential Launched in Canada

In early February, the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Associate credential, which recognizes professionals in the green building field, officially launched in Canada. This credential is the Green Building Certification Institute’s (GBCI) fastest growing credential. “
 The green building world is expanding; key players include not only those in the building industry, but also sales and marketing professionals, lawyers, real estate brokers, product manufacturers and suppliers, students and more,” said Peter Templeton, President, GBCI. “The LEED Green Associate credential gives these individuals a way to differentiate themselves from their peers in a highly competitive job market.” 
 The LEED Green Associate credential signifies fundamental knowledge of green building concepts and is ideal for both professionals in non-technical fields of practice, as well as professionals and students working towards the LEED Accredited Professional exam. Initially launched in 2009, this credential has been earned by almost 4,500 professionals in over 40 countries. GBCI is working in collaboration with the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) to support and grow the LEED credentials held by more than 10,000 professionals in Canada. GBCI, based in Washington, DC, administers the LEED Professional Credentials that have been recognized in the industry as a mark of significant achievement for almost a decade. GBCI’s professional credentialing program provides third party administration and verification of the LEED Professional Credentials: LEED Green Associate, LEED AP (Accredited Professional with its 5 different categories) and LEED Fellow. LEED Professional Credentials demonstrate current knowledge of green building technologies, best practices, and the rapidly evolving LEED Rating Systems. A LEED Professional Credential provides employers, policymakers, and other stakeholders with assurances of an individual’s level of competence and is the mark of the most qualified, educated, and influential green building professionals in the marketplace.

Canadian Nursery Landscape Association / Association Canadienne des Pépiniéristes et des Paysagistes 7856 Fifth Line South, Milton, ON L9T 2X8 | Toll Free: 1-888-446-3499 | Toll Free Fax: 1-866-833-8603 | Email: |

CNLA Newsbrief

July-August 2010

Earning a LEED Professional Credential demonstrates a candidate’s comprehensive understanding of and commitment to green building design, construction and operations. For information on where to take the LEED Green Associate and exam and where to apply, please visit

NOC Code Update

The National Occupational Classification (NOC) was developed in collaboration with Statistics Canada and is the nationally accepted reference on occupations in Canada, used to collect and organize occupational statistics and provide labour market information. The following National Occupational Classification (NOC) Codes were revised: Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance Labourer (8216); Landscape and Horticulture Technicians and Specialists (2225); and Landscape and Horticulture Supervisors (8256). Revisions were for a more extensive inclusion of the nature of work and duties, more accurate educational requirements and, where applicable, the Landscape Industry Certified designations. The next revision of NOC Codes will be in 2015 in accordance with the five-year census cycle.

Klosing Comments

The Landscape Canada Survey indicated that summer students constitute a large percentage of the labour force in our sector. Mentoring these students and encouraging them to pursue post-secondary education in the green industry will contribute to more skilled labour for our industry. The Canadian Agriculture Human Resource’s “” is a database of training and educational programs across Canada. Before your summer students go back to school, encourage them to investigate this direct link for information on landscaping programs: php?subj=11

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‘the growing archive’ for nurseries, contractors and municipalities

HisTREE joins CNLA as a new sponsor™, the exclusive sponsor of the CNLA website, is a welcome addition to the family of CNLA sponsors. Founded by Art Maat President of Wilco Contractors NW Inc. of Edmonton, AB,™ is a web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) product, designed to meet the industry need for a unified, information tracking system.™ addresses asset and inventory management, maintenance monitoring, scheduling and data research within the landscaping, horticultural, parks and urban forest industry settings. It also provides a unique and powerful collaboration portal, HisTREE-Trade centre, for available, real-time inventory dissemination and requirements between approved trading partners. Visit™ for HisTREE-Trade centre information.

European Landscape Contractors Association News

The European Landscape Contractors Association (ECLA) now has 22 member countries with the recent addition of Portugal to their membership; representing the interests of approximately 80,000 landscape companies. The ELCA-Presidium unanimously elected Emmanuel Mony, of France, as the President of the European Landscape Contractors Association. President Emmanuel Mony’s objectives include: engaging internationally renowned scientists to compile data regarding the positive effects of green; research the effects of vegetation on the filtration of micro particles and the improvement of air quality. Promoting “Green Cities” initiatives will continue to be a priority for the association. Belgium was the destination of the ELCA Study Tour in April. The ELCA-Committe of Firms recently elected Antoine Berger as their Chairman. The ELCA-Committee of Firms was founded at the end of the seventies to establish Europe-wide contacts and the exchange of information in the landscape gardening industry. For more on the ELCA visit

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For business products, visit or call 1-800-461-7572. Have absolute confidence your payroll is ready with payroll solutions at or call 1-866-772-9932. Canadian Nursery Landscape Association / Association Canadienne des Pépiniéristes et des Paysagistes 7856 Fifth Line South, Milton, ON L9T 2X8 | Toll Free: 1-888-446-3499 | Toll Free Fax: 1-866-833-8603 | Email: |


CNLA Newsbrief

July-August 2010

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Certification testing Ontario September 17, 2010 CLT, CLD, CLP Kemptville College, Ottawa September 30-October 1, 2010 CLT, CLD, CLP Landscape Ontario, Milton


Manitoba October 2, 2010 CLT Jasperson’s Greenhouse & Landscapes, Stonewall (Hardscape and Softscape Installation only) Newfoundland October 22, 2010 CLT, Location TBA, St. John’s (Turf Maintenance and Ornamental Maintenance only)

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Nova Scotia November 6, 2010 CLT, NSAC, Truro, NS (Turf Maintenance and Ornamental Maintenance only) British Columbia October 22-23, 2010 CLT, CLD, CLP Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Langley

Sales & Service

Industry events September 22, 2010: Northeast Regional Perennial Plant Association Symposium, Wellesley, MA: Elm Bank Horticulture Center

* Source: 2008 - 2009 Outdoor Power Equipment Institute Canadian Market Share Report for yearly imported gasoline chain saws, gasoline backpack blowers, gasoline cut-off machines and gasoline grass trimmers.

September 22-24, 2010: 20th Annual National Compost Conference, Ottawa, ON: Crowne Plaza Ottawa September 29-30, 2010: CANWEST Hort Show, Vancouver, BC: Vancouver Convention Centre, West Building October 19-20, 2010: EXPO 2010, Toronto, ON: Toronto Congress Centre



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CNLA Newsbrief | August 2010  
CNLA Newsbrief | August 2010  

CNLA Newsbrief | August 2010