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OCTOBER CAMPUS GOLF 2013: A brand new event for CM LIFE this year was CAMPUS GOLF 2013. It provided a unique activity on campus that no one else has ever done. We set up 3-4 par, 18 hole course on campus. Golfers could use ONE iron and a TENNIS ball. We had custom red tennis balls created for the event with the CM LIFE logo on them.


Golfers could play individually or on teams of 2-4. The front nine holes were set up on North Campus and the back nine holes were set up on Central Campus. Tee boxes were set up and the “hole” was actually pallets set up at angles. Golfers had to hit the target mounted on the pallet to finish the hole.

October 4



We sold hole sponsors, and the business logos were featured in the center of the targets. Each sponsor was able to set up an information table at their hole and interact with golfers and students who walked by. We made $2,700 on hole sponsors. The sponsors loved the event. The winning team won $100 in Buffalo Wild Wings certificates. The losing team one $50 Cabin certificate. Overall the event created a lotta buzz. JAN. - DEC. DAILY EFFORTS: FACEBOOK & TWITTER

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WIn pRIZes!

• Winning team • Longest drive

• Closest to green • and more

Ready for a new twist on an old game? •

You Bring 1 Club (no experience needed)

CM Life will provide tennis balls

18 holes throughout campus

Holes only up to 75 yards long!

G lf Center

Wher e Practice Makes P erfect...


Mt. Pleasant REPAIR

Cross your own finish line.

RegisteR online AT: ––>

QuestIOns OR spOnsORshIp InFO: (989) 774-3493 • Email:

1. Campus golf registration table; sample of the ball and target. Above graphic was used as an innovative ad in CM LIFE and modified for a postcard and scorecard.