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Gosse makes impact as she adjusts to college lifestyle, 7

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Central Michigan University

Vice president forums

By Annie Harrison

| Friday, Oct. 7, 2011

Phi Mu sorority asking for donations to sign giant beach


begin, two finalists seeking

will visit campus Senior Reporter after an exCherise Peters, former tended nationwide search that ciate asso- will undergo began last spring. Central Michigan a series of interThe forums ment vice president for enroll- views Univer- will be Western Washington and open forums. sity is holding open services and registrar University, forums next dates’ held during both candi- Georgia at Daniel Shelley, Three previous week for two finalists visits State University, assistant vice finalists viswill ited campus seeking the Bovee from 4 to 5 p.m. in visit campus the position of the and held open fo- president for enrollment manThursday. University first agement and director rums in April and Search committee ident of Enrollment vice pres- Lake Michigan Room. Center’s May. of unand Student dergraduate Melik Peter Khoury, man Chris Ingersoll, co-chairSteven Johnson, associate Services. dean of the vice senior Rochester admissions at the vice College of president president for Strategic Institute of TechnolCMU announced Poin a press agement for enrollment man- and Kevin Health Professions, sitioning release that two VPESS at Upper Iowa Univer- ogy were all finalists as of April. Love, a professor finalists will visit at Howard University, management, of sity, Eileen Coughlin, Ingersoll campus Monday. announced in vice presi- be reached and Love could not dent for the release that the for comment. candidates Academic Student Affairs and Support Services at

78 fewer students on campus this year

Off-campus FTIAC freshman enrollment, however, A LOSS | 2


w Overall Enrollment: 28,311 w Undergraduate Enrollment: 21,698 w Graduate enrollment: 6,613 w Minority Enrollment: 4,718 w New Freshman (FTIAC) Enrollment: 3,899 w Other Freshman Enrollment: 1,191 w Total Freshman Enrollment: 5,090 w Undergraduate Student Credit: 284,200 w Graduate Student Credit Hours: 43,106 *Data from the Office Institutional Research of

If you go...

Steven Johnson w When: 4 p.m. Monday w Where: Bovee University Center’s Lake Michigan Room. Cherise Peters w When: 4 p.m. Thursday w Where: Bovee University Center’s Lake Michigan Room.


By Alayna Smith Staff Reporter

About fifteen students stand in a circle and release yellow balloons evening outside Charles to symbolize their experiences V. Park Library.


related to suicide as


part of Suicide Prevention

never forgotten

Week on Wednesday

Corrine Kay was sitting by the pond west of the Charles V. Park Library Wednesday evening when she noticed balloons being inflated nearby. “The one night I decide to take a walk, and I find this happening,” Kay said. The Ann Arbor freshman found about 30 students with yellow helium-filled balloons writing thoughts, poems and prayers on purple paper butterflies they then tied to a balloon’s string.


Greeks react to suspensi


Ann Arbor freshman Corrine Kay before the Suicide Prevention holds on to her balloon and attached note to her father Week symbolic balloon Charles V. Park Library. release Wednesday evening outside

“I don’t know where that balloon’s going to land, but I know he sees it.” Corrine Kay, Ann Arbor freshman

Griffin Endowed Chair Maxine Berman said she is excited to have such a diverse group on the panel to discuss the issue at hand. “The panel will bring many different perspectives, can each talk separatelyas they about the issue as it ties to the budget, the history of institutions philosophical aspects,” and the she said. The forum will be structured with the first half dedicated to panel discussion overseen by the moderator, and the second half will be an open question and answer session for the audience. Sarah Buckley, CHSBS coordinator of marketing and events, said past audiences forums have always of Griffin been glad to have the opportunity to speak their minds in this format. “The forum is a good opportunity for students, faculty and the community to learn more about the issue by asking questions in addition to listening to the panel A FORUM | 5


with non-fraternity Senior Repor ter broth- suspensions. ers, while Alpha However, Chi After the suspensions was suspended until Rho Jackson emphasized the the importance fall of 2014 for of Lambda Chi of the policies hazing al- held Alpha and legations. Alpha Chi Rho, by Greek Life. the Cen“It’s obviously Lambda Chi Alpha’s tral Michigan a sad day University was fate any time Greek community determined by our communithe all- ty gets is now Greek left with nine smaller,” Jackson social fra- Alpha judicial board and said. ternities. “It’s unfortunate Chi Rho’s hazing for al- an organization legations were Both suspensions investigat- alumni and the were ed and issued during the to acted upon by their tory over lose all that hisSeptember, but month of national chapter. the actions of the groups a few members, Mount Pleasant faced their suspensions senior for fraternity but in order for Taylor different reasons. Jackson, life to grow, Lambda dent presi- everyone Chi Alpha was needs to be held suspended nity of the Interfrater- accountable for four years Council, said to the same for cident involving an in- sad to see the Greekhe was policies and standards.” alcohol munity comshrink after the Alpha Chi Rho, 614

State and local and university leaderspoliticians will meet Monday to discuss the future of higher education in Michigan. The semiannual Griffin Policy Forum will cover “The Future of Higher Education in Michigan” and will begin at 7 p.m. in the George Ross Powers Hall Ballroom. The forum is sponsored by the Robert and Marjorie Griffin Endowed Chair in American Government, the College ities and Social and of HumanBehavioral Sciences, and the department of political science at Central Michigan University.


w Isabella County Jail to replace leaking roof, 3

.c om w Students mourn loss of Steve Jobs, 5 w Scenic train downtown departing Saturday, 6 w HATS temporarily lowers prices to encourage


S. Main St., PHOTOGRAPHER A GREEK LIFE | 5 of 2014 for hazing potential received a sanction of suspension from CMU until the fall members. 93 Years of Serving as Central Michigan University’s Independent Voice

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The event will be by Peter Luke of Boothmoderated vices. Panelists includeNews SerMichael Boulus, executive director of the presidents’ council and versities of Michigan, state uniDon past chairman of MichiganGilmer, house appropriation and higher education appropriation committees, Lou Glazer, Michigan Future Inc. President, and University President George Ross.

Students release balloons, reflect on personal experiences with suicide By Jamie Favazza | Staff Reporter

They were forming a circle and preparing to launch the butterflies and balloons into the sky in a symbolic launch as part of Suicide Prevention Week. “I found out that the event was personal, because my dad died from suicide two years ago,” Kay said. Her butterfly read, “I miss you Dad, you’re the best.” “I don’t know where that balloon’s going to land, but I know he sees it,” she said.

By David Oltean

ball, 3


Forum to focus on future of higher ed

Freshman class down by 316 By Mike Nichols Senior Reporter

Central Michigan University had a loss of 78 students this fall with of 28,311 registered. a total This is a 0.3 percent decrease, according to the Office of the Registrar’s annual report. Mary Meier, assistant rector of institutional disearch, was responsible refor producing the statistics. She said the numbers taken from enrollment are annually after the eighth day of classes, 10 percent of the way into the They use a data semester. freeze file that produces a snapshot of who is enrolled at the time. “We know we’re comparing equivalent in time,” she said. points “I think it’s a good way of doing it. That’s the way most other universities do it.” The most significant change was the drop of oncampus first-time-in-anycollege (FTIAC) by 316 students, freshmen a 7.5 percent loss from fall 2010. It was the largest percent loss of the one-year enrollment comparisons.

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goals are going to stay the same, but, with Killian as my vice president, we will be able to change more. This is not the way I would (have) liked this to happen, and it wasn’t expected, but I am happy with the change.” Gawronski said Dvorak resigned because of personal reasons, which he would not

tion’s goals but will allow him to accomplish more. “I’ve been involved with SGA for a long time, and now that I have the chance to serve in a position like this, I’m going to pour everything I have into it,” Richeson said. “I’m going to be dedicated to the internal aspects of the SGA in working to possibly clarify


of the Office of Student Life. Grettenberger has previously stated he will step down from the committee because of personal bias. The review committee will review the

Section 1, which in part states, “A Senate seat that becomes vacant shall be filled by the General Board.” The complaints also address recent appointments made by the Gawronski administration to previously appoint Richeson as elections director and Grosse Pointe junior Anthony J. Smith as

Michigan University College of Medicine” is inaccurate. The motion states “Dr. Ross and Dr. Shapiro have ignored the results of a vote taken by the Academic Senate on Nov. 1, 2011 to support a motion entitled “Resolution for the Proposed Central Michigan University College of Medicine.” “The motion in question was introduced as an incidental resolution. That means that no discussion can take place,” Cavataio said. “No one had a choice in the matter even if they wanted to.” During the presentation and discussion of the motion, Ross remained silent and Shapiro appeared to shake his head, chuckle and talk to surrounding senators. Ross and Shapiro left immediately following the vote.

deem if any changes should be made, and the ad hoc committee, which will focus on student concerns outside of the constitution.

appointed by the Speaker of the House, Westland junior Patrick O’Connor.

GOODWIL L College Ba sh

sister will say that is not how you run a IV for chemotherapy. I still enjoy them as much as anybody else, but I’m very critical of all the nit-picking little details.” Shelby Township sophomore Emily Harting, a communication disorders major, understands the overall aspect of the

the symptoms are realistic.” In order for viewers to get a glimpse of what the medical world is really like, Midland sophomore Katy Isles suggests producers of the shows portray it in a more realistic setting so people don’t go into the career thinking that’s going to happen. Harting said the drama is

they use in the diagnosis and all that, that’s all real, but everything else is over-emphasized.” For people who are interested in working the medical field, Isles said it would be wise if people job shadow first. However, Matyas insists finding your passion. “Something very simple can

working on open-heart surgery and you thought, ‘it looks really cool, I want to get involved in that,’ then fantastic. “Whatever it is that leads you to your passion. But being passionate about your work is an absolute must.”

91.5 WMHW-FM changes name to ‘Moore Rock’ radio By Sean Bradley Senior Reporter

Friday, Aug. 24 9:00pm - 11:00pm Mount Pleasant Goodwill Store

re-configuring some of the station’s content. “Pushing specialty shows to the weekends,” he said. “During the week will be for DJs on-air and giving people experience.” Specialty shows include hip-hop showcase Urban Exchange, as well as shows which cover sports, Hodgens said. The station will broaden the range of rock music it plays, going back to the mid-1990s and early 2000s to include different music other than current songs in rotation on major radio stations, said Dillon Stanco, WMHW station manager.

“We want more consistency out of the station,” Stanco said. “If someone wants to listen to music at 6 p.m., we’ll play the same thing at 6 p.m. Monday through Friday,” he said. Stanco said the shows won’t change format and the only thing that should change is the time when the shows air on the station. He said the idea of refocusing the station’s content came after a meeting in fall of 2011. “We met with a group on the east coast and they suggested broadening the rock music spectrum,” he said. He said about eight hours a

week are devoted to non-format specialty shows, including sports and genre-specific music shows. The name Moore Rock is a play on the hall’s name where the station is located in Moore Hall, but it’s also indicative of the changes in the station’s schedule and philosophy, Hodgens said. “We’re (also) broadcasting more rock music,” he said. He said the changes will make the station grow, in total listeners and the type of music it plays.

airport security in which the speaker removes her own flesh, and we begin to question what is identity,” Fanning said. “She could be writing a poem about canoeing on a river, which becomes a meditation on what poetry is.” Brown will be accompanied by music professor Joanna White and CMU alum Joe Hertler will keep his tradition of opening the series. “It has a statewide reputation,” Fanning said. “I am starting to get requests from poets around the state who want come and read here.” The monthly series happens on Monday evenings and features prominent writers and poets from across the state. Each reading features a visiting writer, along with a reading by a student from the CMU creative writing department and a performance by a local singer/songwriter or performer from the CMU school of music. “It makes for a great cultural experience,” Fanning said. “Her poems are direct and plain-spoken, but deeply moving. I found her work this summer online, and was

“Each poet is unique, and most readings are gripping and personal,” Hill said. All readings are free and open to the public and refreshments are provided by Max and Emily’s, 125 E. Broadway St. “My hopes for this year are that the series continues to draw strong audiences and to inspire creativity,” Hill said. Brown was the poet laureate of Delaware from 2007 to 2009 and taught for 27 years and directed the poets in the schools program at the University of Delaware. She is the recipient of the Felix Pollak Prize, a Pushcart Prize, the Phillip Levine Prize, the Great Lakes Colleges New Writer’s Award and her work has been a finalist twice in the National Poetry Series. “I expect another great year,” Fanning said. “This is the first time I don’t know any of the poets and hopefully it will draw more faculty and students who have never been here before.”

SOCIAL MEDIA/APP STRATEGY Student senators Christopher Benison and Michelle Campbell presented the motion in the last 10 minutes of the meeting. Benison read the motion and A-Senate Chairman Jim McDonald opened the floor to discussion. Campbell said in an email the next step after the vote is for the Central Michigan University Board of Trustees to “examine the leadership of President Ross and Provost Shapiro.” “I and Senator Benison felt it was appropriate to present this at the meeting today because the evidence was overwhelming that the president and provost have

ignored shared governance and the voices of the CMU community to the detriment of CMU’s students, faculty and staff,” she said. “I hope that the board of trustees takes the vote of no confidence seriously and reacts in an appropriate manner that will satisfy the concerns and grievances of students, faculty and staff on this important issue.” The motion was approved against Ross and Shapiro in less than a minute. Former Student Government Association President Vincent Cavataio said the wording in the motion regarding the “Resolution for the Proposed Central

If your radio station is tuned to 91.5 WHMW-FM you may have noticed a change last week. The Central Michigan University radio station changed its name to Moore Rock 91.5 from Modern Rock 91.5 on Oct. 1, said WMHW-FM Program Director and California senior Evan Hodgens said. Hodgens said the change, which was decided at the beginning of the calendar year by the whole staff, is not just in name but also includes

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Mustang Daily - California Polytechnic State University Mustang Daily uses Facebook and Twitter to reach out to its readers and advertisers. The two mediums are used in conjunction to promote events put on by the newspaper and to raise awareness of local businesses. Currently, our Facebook page has 826 “Likes” and our Twitter account has 3,044 followers. We have five incentive programs to increase our Facebook impressions and increase our advertiser’s return on their investment with the Mustang Daily. The first of our incentive programs is a caption contest solely run on Facebook. Each week, a photo is chosen from a sporting or on-campus event and shared on the Facebook page. Users are invited to comment with a caption or “like” one of the comments with a caption idea. The caption that receives the most “likes” is selected and run in the paper the following week. The person with the winning caption also gets a Mustang Daily prize pack. Through the caption contest, Mustang Daily can increase its Facebook impressions because when users comment on the photo, it is shared on their friends’ news feeds. The goal of this program is to increase Mustang Daily’s virality, which will in turn make us look more attractive to advertisers. Another incentive program used is “Get Caught.” Mustang Daily marketing staff is in charge of finding students on campus reading the paper, taking their picture, and asking them why they read the Mustang or their favorite part of the paper. Their photo and information is then featured in the paper and on the Facebook page. Those that “Get Caught” are awarded with a free Mustang Daily t-shirt and as an incentive for others to “Get Caught,” the ad tells readers that they can also get a free t-shirt if they get caught. We also try to find the person we caught on Facebook and tag them in the photo. This way the photo reaches more people and increases our impressions. Similar to the caption contest, the more people we reach on the Facebook, the more attractive we look to local businesses that advertise with us, and are also active in social media outlets. Mustang Daily staff has made an effort to find every local business in San Luis Obispo on Facebook and connect with them through tags, check-ins, and photos. We also post articles written about them on their walls so that they know we are making an effort to drive student traffic to their businesses. Shouting out to advertisers is an incentive for local businesses to advertise more with the paper since we are going beyond solely printing their ads in the paper. For every event the Mustang Daily puts on, a Facebook event and Twitter campaign are created. The event pages always include local business that are participating, and mentions to businesses we interact with on Facebook and Twitter. From the creation of the event page, we connect each participant through a tagged post, mentioning them in the event details, and posting any ads we currently run for them. We also run a Twitter campaign for each event by tweeting at participants and creating trending hashtags that relate to our events. For example, for the business fair Mustang Daily put on n October, #BizFair2012 was created and mentioned every time Mustang Daily tweeted about the event. The goal of these programs is to increase our revenue through an increase in willingness to advertise with Mustang Daily. | 805.756.1143 |

Social Media Strategy


Since rebranding the paper over the Summer and at the start of the school year, Mustang Daily had to recreate its Facebook page. Over the course of the past six months, we have acquired 876 “likes.” This is a result of aggressive social media campaigns through both Facebook and Twitter. Twitter played a large roll in directing followers to also like the Facebook page since it made users want to get more information on the limited character tweets. More page “likes” means higher reach, which leads to higher virality of posts. This drives business for our advertising representatives because businesses want more reach of their ads. The more exposure their social media ads and links get from internet users, the more reach that company gets and more business they want to do with Mustang Daily.

“Get Caught” House Ad on Facebook

Photo description, tags, comments, and likes | 805.756.1143 |

Social Media Strategy

Increasing Student Involvement

Selected phtoto by Mustang Daily photographer

Caption Contest description and instructions

Caption suggestions and winner announced by Mustang Daily on photo comments November 2012 | 805.756.1143 |

Social Media Strategy

Linking to Advertisers and Promoting Events

Wall post on local restaurant’s Facebook page with link to newspaper article January 2013

Business Fair Facebook Event Page October 2012 | 805.756.1143 |

Social Media Strategy

Linking to Advertisers and Promoting Events

Shout-outs to local businesses attending the Business Fair, posted on the event page wall September 2012

Twitter Campaign for Business Fair Fall 2012

Tweet mentions to business attending the Business Fair for the Twitter Campaign | 805.756.1143 |

Best Mobile  Phone  App  Strategy:  Tap  that  App   The  University  of  South  Carolina    

We officially  launched  our  mobile  application  on  September  21st,  the  Friday  before   Parents  Weekend.  We  partnered  with  iCampusTimes  and  were  one  of  the  first   schools  to  launch.  Due  to  the  unresolved  bugs  in  certain  functions  on  the  app  we   were  very  open  with  our  potential  advertisers  that  we  did  not  know  how  this   product  would  evolve  but  we  felt  confident  that  it  would  become  a  very  important   part  of  our  media  presence.  We  treated  this  initial  launch  as  a  “soft  launch”.     We  offered  “early  adopter”  rates  before  we  launched  which  allowed  clients  to  get  in   with  us  pre-­‐launch.  We  sold  two  tiles  with  these  rates,  which  generated  $2500.  Over   the  course  of  the  semester  we  sold  $4000  for  our  tile  placement  and  $650  in  real   time  deal  subscriptions.  Our  goals  for  our  first  semester  were  focused  more  on   downloads  than  revenue;  we  set  a  goal  for  the  semester  of  5,000  downloads.       At  the  end  of  our  semester  we  ended  up  with  3850  downloads  and  $4650  in   revenue.       Advertising  Campaign     Our  advertising  campaign  was  created  around  our  slogan,  “Tap  that  App”.  We  rolled   out  the  campaign  using  students  from  our  staff  as  models.  We  shot  3  versions  and   used  that  creative  for  print  promotions  as  well  as  for  posters,  LCD  Display  boards   and  Post-­‐it  notes.    We  also  used  those  photos  for  our  sales  materials.     Our  second  roll  out  of  the  campaign  featured  four  different  student  organizations  on   campus.  This  approach  not  only  helped  with  promoting  our  app  but  also  got  buy  in   from  groups  on  campus  who  then  benefited  from  the  exposure.  We  partnered  with   SAGE  (Students  Advocating  a  Greener  Environment),  the  Sailing  Club,  Phi  Sigma  Pi   (honors  fraternity)  and  the  Flying  Gamecocks  (skydiving  club).  See  samples.       Once  we  built  up  sufficient  inventory  in  our  real  time  deals,  we  created  a  campaign   where  we  featured  the  current  offers  in  rotation  and  how  to  get  them.  This,  in  turn,   gave  us  another  benefit  to  our  clients,  who  purchased  the  real  time  deal   subscription,     Download  Strategy     For  our  soft  launch  during  Parents  Weekend  we  relied  on  our  print  publication  to   promote  our  app  along  with  our  social  media  accounts  (Twitter  and  Facebook).  We   had  a  Post-­‐it  note  on  the  front  page  and  a  full  page  within  our  broadsheet.       We  had  approximately  483  downloads  prior  to  this  event  and  brought  our  total  up   to  672  by  the  end  of  the  weekend.      

Our Marketing  Team  planned  a  series  of  events  throughout  the  semester  to  promote   our  app  that  included  partnerships  with  Marco’s  Pizza  and  Krispy  Kreme  doughnuts.   We  found  that  each  event  generated  anywhere  from  150  to  300  downloads.     We  used  print  ads  along  with  our  Twitter  and  Facebook  accounts  to  promote  these   events.    We  tied  the  event  in  to  our  offers  for  that  day  so  to  get  a  doughnut  or  slice  of   pizza  the  student  not  only  had  to  download  the  app  but  also  go  to  the  offers  tab  and   redeem  the  deal.       Conclusion     Overall,  we  were  very  happy  with  our  strategy  and  outcome.  Our  thinking  was,  you   can’t  really  make  the  revenue  if  you  don’t  have  the  downloads,  so  our  main  focus   was  to  build  our  mobile  audience.    One  thing  we  realized  early  on  was  that  our   content  had  to  be  dynamic  enough  to  keep  our  users  coming  back  and  engaged  once   they  visited  our  app.    Towards  the  end  of  the  semester  we  actually  backed  off  of  our   download  goal  to  focus  on  the  richness  of  our  content  offered.     While  we  did  not  reach  our  goal  of  5,000  downloads,  I  do  believe  we  were  very   successful  in  creating  a  strong  identity  for  our  mobile  app  and  have  a  very  strong   foundation  to  build  on.      

Photo By: Jared Orrell

Photo By Jarod Orrell




TAP The Flying Gamecocks are a high adrenaline, knowledge, and safety based club ready to introduce you to skydiving, and build some awesome friendships in the process! Want to know more? Come to the meetings Tuesdays at 8 PM in BA 002 for more information about how to get involved! Also visit our website at:



USC’s latest news, sports, entertainment and deals. Download the Daily Gamecock’s app today!

Mobile is quickly becoming a key ingredient, if not the centerpiece, of many people's online experience. Until this past school year, The Daily Pennsylvanian did not feel the need to have a dedicated mobile app, because we've felt a good mobile website is simpler and more universal than getting people to download and use an app. But the balance shifts if our newspaper can provide a mobile app which offers (a) something extra to mobile readers, and (b) something to offer customers wanting to spend money online, but not on website banner ads. This past August, The Daily Pennsylvanian agreed on a plan to get into the mobile space and began promoting and selling with the start of the school year. We all felt we needed to have some offering for our customers on a mobile platform, and we all felt that we desperately needed to generate new revenue -- as well as defend from competition revenue from our existing customers. The Daily Pennsylvanian selected a company called iCampusTimes as offering the product/service we thought best matched our needs and abilities. The DP App would appear under our own brand (e.g. a Daily Pennsylvanian app, not an iCampusTimes app). The app presents content from our website (via RSS feeds) in a series of buttons which can remain pretty static or can be easily changed as we see fit to highlight special content (like football preview or Best of Penn) or events (Fling!). Any of the tiles on the main page can also be sold to advertisers if we see fit (see the Jimmy John's tile in the lower right on that slide) -- which is the first of three revenue opportunities for us in the app. For both these types of ads, we keep 100% of any revenue we generate. The third revenue opportunity, and the core mobile-specific offering for advertisers and readers, is offers or what we call DP Deals We sell advertisers a subscription (for a month, a semester, or a year, or whatever), to a self-service web-based system which allows them to post special deals or offers at any time. (Hopefully many will be convinced to do this on their own, or we can do it for any customers that don't want to.) Offers are time based, and location based; users can hit a button to toggle on current offers closest to their location, or offers expiring soonest. These are not Groupon-type deals; they're just routine coupon-type deals: get a free soda with a hoagie today from 11 am to 2 pm; unlimited free pizza toppings before 6 pm; $10 off dinner for two MondayThursday; etc. -- anything an advertiser wants to promote. The Daily Pennsylvanian heavily promoted the new app once it was launched. An ad campaign was launched on all media including print, online and posting flyers. In addition to the traditional house marketing methods, The Daily Pennsylvanian also launched a group incentive program. The Daily Pennsylvanian offered to every official student group on campus a promotion to gain as many downloads as possible. The student groups had to have a minimum of twenty members that download and register their app with their group name. In exchange the paper would give them a free ad in the paper that could be redeemed throughout the semester. The ad could be used for anything they would like such as a promotion for a show or any events they were hosting. If the groups did not have enough members then we required a hundred percent registration rate from their group. The Daily Pennsylvanian promoted this deal by emailing out leaders of the organizations. The leaders were targeted because they were the members with enough influence and foresight in their groups to push their own members to register the app. We created clear call to actions in our emails to get the leaders not only excited about the prize but a clear push so that they would want to forward the promotion onto their group. We also made sure that the registration process was very quick and easy for the users to do. The target goal once the promotion went out was a thousand downloads by the end of a week’s time. We accomplished this goal with over one thousand two hundred in that time period. Making money on the DP App has been a more difficult task. As with any such new platform, there's a chicken-versus-egg problem of how to get advertisers onboard if there aren't users and how to get users if there aren't relevant ads. Our approach has been to build the database of customers first by offering it to customers for free for the first 3 months. Then come back to the customers at the beginning of the spring semester with a frequency deal. More than 2,500 students at The University of Pennsylvania are currently using the DP APP. Customers are signing up to place their deals on the DP Offers page. Reps are selling DP Deals as part of their media mix and the future looks bright for mobile app advertising at the University of Pennsylvania.

AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Download the DP mobile app to get real-time news and real-time deals

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DON’T MISS THESE DEALS Download the DP App—the news ain’t the only thing that’s hot off the press

Offer shown above is an actual recent offer from the DP App. This offer may not be available currently, and this ad may not be redeemed for the deal shown, because the time-based offers on the DP App change frequently.

The DP App: “DP Deals” The Daily Pennsylvanian Mobile App offers Penn students, faculty and staff a unique mix of news content and interactive coupon offers from local businesses.

Introducing DP Deals, an exciting new way to engage your regular and potential customers.

Key Features • Real-Time Deals: Post an offer and have it delivered instantly to app users. • Time-based: Offer a special only between noon and 3 p.m., only on Tuesday, etc. • Location-based: Users can see current DP Deals sorted by distance from their current location.

Users see your DP Deal here

• No Groupon, just coupon: No complicated rules, no cost per deal. Just digital coupons, delivered to your customers and prospects.

One click shows your offer details Users can get a QR code for redemption

• Unlimited changes: Replace or update offers weekly, daily, even multiple times a day.

Users can share your deal via social media, find you on a map, visit your website, or call your business

Only $100/month for the Spring Semester (Februrary, March, April)

• Go viral: the better the offers, the more users will share them with friends via built-in Facebook, Twitter, email and text messaging. • You’re in control: Log in via a fast and easy website to create, schedule, update and monitor your own DP Deals. • Get statistics: See how many times your DP Deals have been viewed, to help you refine future offers. • Track Redemptions: use optional QR codes on each DP Deal to track redemptions at the register and/or limit redemptions per customer.

More than 90% of Penn students use a smart phone. Will your business be in their hands this fall?

Phone: 215-898-6581 • Email:

The DP App: Banner Ads The Daily Pennsylvanian Mobile App offers Penn students, faculty and staff a unique mix of news content, links to local businesses and coupon offers.

SPORTS Green Bay Packers sign Greg Van Roten

Placing Banner Ads on content pages puts your business name in key places where customers are reading.

Tony/The question of ethics for PSU, NCAA The Chief of Boathouse Row

iPhone (left) iPad (below)

Perseverance and pride on the ice Barreiro signs with PR Islanders

Key Features • Prime location: Banner ads appear at the bottom of both headline and article pages. • 2 Banner Sizes: The DP App works for the Android, iPhone and iPad. Banner ads come in 2 sizes: 320 x 50 pixels for the iPhone and Android and 300 x 250 pixels for the iPad. • Limited banners: Banner ads rotate randomly throughout the pages of The DP App. With only a few banner positions available, your ad will receive a high amount of exposure.

Your Banner Ad Here


$150/month Charter Advertisers get September & October


• Get statistics: See how many times your banner ad has been viewed. • Great branding: This is a perfect option for business looking to promote their brand and identity.

More than 90% of Penn students use a smart phone. Will your business be in their hands this fall?

Phone: 215-898-6581 • Email:

The DP App: “Home Screen Tiles” The Daily Pennsylvanian Mobile App offers Penn students, faculty and staff a unique mix of news content, links to local businesses and coupon offers.

Introducing Home Screen Tiles, a powerful branding opportunity for your business to occupy one of only three exclusive locations on the main screen every DP App user sees each time they open the app.

iPhone (left) iPad (below)




Key Features • Customizable Tile Board: The home screen features 12 The DP App: “Home Screen Tiles” Tiles representing the news, entertainment, and events for The Daily Pennsylvanian Mobile App offers Penn students, Penn students, and staff. faculty and staff a unique mix offaculty, news content, links to local Three of those Tiles are available businesses and coupon offers. to a select few businesses to make Introducing Home Screen a powerful their logo visible to Tiles every,user of branding opportunity for your business to occupy one of only three the DP App. exclusive locations on the main screen every DP App user sees • Our Home to Yours: The home each time they open the app.

iPhone (left) iPad (below)

Your Tile Ad appears here Offers





screen Tile links to your website. One click brings to your Key users Features home page or any section your • Customizableof Tile Board: site. The home screen features 12 the news, • Get statistics:Tiles Yourrepresenting DP entertainment, and events for representativePenn can students, provide stats faculty, and staff. at any time about how many Three of those Tiles are available people have used the app to a select fewand businesses to make seen your tile,their andlogo howvisible manyto every user of App. have clicked itthe to DP visit your website. • Our Home to Yours: The home screen Tile links to your website.

• Great branding: a perfect OneThis clickisbrings users to your option for business looking to section of your home page or any promote theirsite. brand and identity.

• Get statistics: Your DP Extremely limited Tile Ad can a provide stats More than 90% of Pennrepresentative students use Availablity on a first-come basis. at any time about how many smart Your Tile Ad appears here phone. Will your business be people have used the app and Contact us for current availability.

in their hands this fall?tile, and how many seen your


Phone: 215-898-6581 • Email:

have clicked it to visit your website. • Great branding: This is a perfect option for business looking to

Mobile Phone App Sales Strategy The customer isn’t always right ‐ when it comes to their marketing strategy. Clients  don’t always have the knowledge or big‐picture strategy to understand that you  can’t just pick and choose particular pieces of media offerings and cobble together  the kind of reach and frequency a multi‐media campaign can provide. Rather than  allow a customer to “cherry‐pick” certain pieces of our media offerings, we group  some of them together. This forces a client into a more well‐rounded media  package that will typically deliver better results than they could ever hope to  achieve with the “cherry‐pick” concept.  For the Daily Reveille sales staff – this  means packaging online and mobile together.   We re‐vamped and re‐launched both our website (and online offerings) and our   mobile app (including look and functionality), giving our entire digital media  offerings a complete overhaul.  Our website was re‐launched to a more  aesthetically pleasing layout, better versatility to change the “look” on a frequent  bases, more vivid colors, and ad inventory that was previously unavailable – the  top banner and top rectangle. Additionally, we overhauled content on the site too.  We created an online resource to students we call “LSU Purple Pages”. Where we  once had an online housing guide, and online restaurant guide and answers to the  daily puzzles as their own tabs on the site navigation– we converged under the LSU  Purple Pages tab. That section now includes:  LOCAL GUIDE – (new) a local area guide that includes dining, retail and services BAR SPECIALS – (new) listing all daily area bar specials and offers COUPONS – (new) to share opportunities to save with our customers LSU EVENT CALENDAR – (new) to include all area events, including campus events GAMES – (new) which for now includes our own trivia game called LSU So You  Think You Know Words (SYTYKW), which is a lot like scrabble & a crossword  combined into one game HOUSING GUIDE – search for a place to live based on size, rent, amenities, etc. LOCAL JOB BOARD – (new, in addition to our classifieds tab) search for national,  regional and local openings The mobile app was also completely overhauled into a very striking, flexible and  interactive app. When it came time for App development and strategy – our focus  was on the things that would gain us the most revenue, get us the most downloads  and to develop products that would help us do that. Our 12‐tile display board  home page is how we entice them to explore content. Our strategy was to first  understand how/why/what apps people download & interact with… how can we  deliver what the audience wants and already uses?  Research showed that most people download an app and only ever open it 3 times  before it becomes dormant. We wanted to do everything in our power to avoid  being one of those apps. To do that, we must first understand why people use  apps, and research shows that the #1 reason people download an app is to play a  game. We need to be in that “space”. We don’t care why they come to the app, we  just need eyeballs and downloads to sell it… so figuring out how to incorporate  gaming became a top priority. We reached out to a local game developer who’s  game became a top 50. We wanted to see how we could partner and developed  out own trivia game – LSU SYTYKW.

Mobile Phone App Sales Strategy      p2 Our sales strategy was to package these things in neat little packages, that included  everything a particular type of business would need. We took the guesswork out  for our clients by wrapping it up in a tidy little package for them. While the  packages highlight what they will get online, through our mobile app, we also  promote some of that specific content by making it a tile on the home page of our  app. We have reserved tiles to highlight the LSU Event Calendar, LSU SYTYKW  game, Coupons, the Retail Directory, etc. To date, we’ve sold two front page tiles, the LSU SYTYKW mobile, online and print  sponsorship, and are just now really starting the push for the monthly packages.  The first semester a new product is introduced, it’s always educational for clients  and users. Second semester is adoption and use (Spring 2013) and the third is  typically where you know if a product is viable long‐term and profitable or not (Fall  2013). So full results won’t be known until then.

Mobile Phone App Sales Materials

Mobile Phone App Sales TRAINING Materials Parts of a Slide Show that walked through all the features of the site This was done as a sample before our site was live, that’s why it looks a bit  “choppy” and not cohesive

Mobile Game screens

Mobile Phone App Strategy – LSU SYTYKW Game Online, Mobile game, Mobile App Tile, Print

Desktop online screenshot

Printed Game

App Tile

California State Fullerton Best Social Media Mobile Phone App Strategy 2012

The Daily Titan Newspaper Best Social Media Mobile Phone App Strategy In the Fall of 2012, the Daily Titan launched its mobile app “Daily Titan.� We needed to build an audience and create downloads for the app and so we devised an ingenious strategy that would do so. We were able to receive 500 t-shirts as promotional items through a full trade out deal. We exchanged advertising space for customized t-shirts through a local printing company called T-shirtman. We wanted to distribute these t-shirts to our students on campus. One way we approached this objective was by promoting the download of our app. Students would then come into our office, prove that they had downloaded it, scan a QR code and redeem the Daily Titan t-shirt offer. We promoted this offer through our Facebook and Twitter accounts on a weekly basis. Every day we had several students come in and

redeem this offer. The success we saw through this was that the amount of students who came in increased every single week. We also wanted to give back to the students and show that we care about them. We wanted to give them a chance to win an iPad Mini. In order to win the iPad Mini, students had to download our mobile app. The idea behind the iPad Mini was the bigger the incentive, the bigger results we would have. The iPad Mini Giveaway consisted of two primary steps with three different ways to enter; however the final step was most essential because that’s where we incorporated our mobile app. Once the students entered the first step of the contest, they were required to download our mobile app and click on a tile to submit their CSUF e-mail address. The Daily Titan was a newly launched app. Not only did we need to build an audience and create downloads, we

needed clients to purchase ad space. In order to accomplish this, we offered tile sponsorship, banner ads, and the deal sections to our current, existing clients. We needed to build a trust in our newly launched service so we offered our most

loyal customers free advertising on our mobile app in the form of banner ads. Once the Fall 2012 semester came to a close, we began charging our clients ad space on our mobile app. We succeeded in creating over 350 downloads by the end of the Fall 2012 semester. This was a great success for the Daily Titan and we look forward to the leaps asnd bounds with this app in Spring 2013.

4a. Best Sales Pitch/Proposal iQuestion & Investigative Reporting Project Description Increasing web traffic was one of the main goals of the campaign. It was achieved with astounding success. On Day 1 of the contest, web traffic on our main website,, increased 315 percent; on Day 2, traffic increased 89 percent. On average, we had 27 visits to the site that month. During our two-day contest, visits spiked to 112. Eighteen students submitted “iQuestions” during the contest; this does not include Student Media student employees who submitted questions to kick-start the campaign. The most common question centered on the cost of parking on campus, a topic that Student Media reporters would be apt to investigate in the future. Our student advertising manager, Eric Niehoff, compiled and shared the iQuestions via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. He also branded each video using the Student Media logo to increase brand awareness. Videos about the contest garnered 310 views on YouTube. Our most popular video, a short segment that chronicled the selection of our contest winner, received 52 views. On Facebook, posts about the “iQuestion, Met Answers” campaign received between one to six likes. Over the 48-hour contest period, 340 students played the game, attempting to solve a fictional mystery. Just 177 correctly solved the mystery. Credit: Advertising and Outreach Team and Social Media Committee (Eric Niehoff, Jonathan “JR” Ramsey, Shannon Gilmore, Brittany Leddy, Andrew Cepeda, Nathaniel Hemmert, Justin Taylor, Angela Kerr)





Office of Student Media • Campus Box 57 • PO Box 173362 • Denver, CO 80217-3362 • Tivoli Student Union, Suite 313 • Phone: 303-556-2507 • Fax: 303-556-3421

4a. Best Sales Pitch/Proposal iQuestion & Investigative Reporting

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Category 4a.)  –  The  University  Daily  Kansan     In  2011  The  University  Daily  Kansan  introduced  a  mobile  application  to  better  connect  with  our   target  audience  of  students,  the  great  majority  of  which  own  a  smart  phone  of  some  kind.    At  the  end   of  2011  we  were  able  to  get  just  over  2,000  downloads  on  this  app  but  as  we  moved  into  2012  we  set   a  goal  of  tripling  our  total  number  of  downloads  but  also  set  a  goal  of  creating  a  better  app  that   would  be  attractive  to  our  audience  but  also  serve  as  a  revenue  generator  for  us  in  the  long  term.     We  started  first  by  looking  at  the  content  of  our  app.  With  hundreds  upon  thousands  of  mobile  apps   available  for  download  we  needed  to  make  ours  more  distinct  to  students.  The  app  already  featured   links  to  content  posted  on  our  home-­‐site;  but  we  wanted  to  find  a  way  to  have  it  serve  as   a  gateway  to  better  connect  users  with  our  print  product.  One  of  the  most  popular  features  of  our   daily  paper  is  the  “Free  for  All”  where  students  can  submit  a  comment  on  anything  going  on  around   campus  and  hopefully  see  it  posted  the  next  day  in  the  “Free  for  all”  column,  so  into  our  app  we  built   in  the  ability  to  submit  contents  to  “Free  for  All”  instantly.  Another  one  of  the  popular  features  of  our   paper  is  the  daily  Soduku  puzzles  so  we  also  built  into  the  app  the  answers  to  each  day’s  puzzles.   When  students  finished  filling  out  the  puzzle  in  the  print  product  they  could  check  their  answers  on   the  app.  All  of  these  features  created  great  added  value  to  the  mobile  app,  encouraged  interactivity   with  our  daily  print  product  and  helped  make  The  Kansan  app  attractive  for  downloads.  As  the   download  numbers  increased  we  knew  it  would  be  easier  for  us  to  sell  ad  space  in  the  form  of  banner   ads  on  the  app.  But  in  looking  at  the  long  game  of  our  organization  we  decided  that  we  needed  a   revenue  generator  for  the  app  beyond  banner  ads.     In  February  of  2012  The  Kansan  launched  a  new  site  called  LarryvilleKU  which  was  designed  as  a   geo-­‐targeted  device  that  would  direct  users  to  the  closest  bargains/deals  as  well  as  news  items  in  the   area  around  them.  If  a  student  were  standing  in  downtown  Lawrence  they  would  be  able  to  open  the   site  on  their  smart  phone  and  instantly  see  on  a  map  what  food  and  drink  specials  were  available   nearby  as  well  as  crime  reports  and  news  for  that  area  as  well.  We  designed  a  mobile  app  for  the  site   independent  of  The  Kansan’s  standard  one  but  quickly  found  that  while  advertisers  were  impressed   with  the  features  of  the  site,  they  needed  to  see  a  high  number  of  users  on  it  before  they  would  invest   to  have  their  businesses’  specials  listed  on  their.  We  quickly  decided  to  combine  LarryvilleKU  into  the   Kansan  app  to  expedite  the  growth  of  both.  Our  thinking  was  that  in  doing  so  it  would  allow  us  to   exert  more  effort  into  marketing  one  app  and  be  able  to  grow  our  download  base  quicker  that  way.  It   would  also  make  selling  LarryvilleKU  easier  for  our  account  executives  as  they  would  be  able  to  sell  it   as  being  part  of  an  app  with  2,000  downloads  already  behind  it.     Once  LarryvilleKU  was  incorporated  into  the  app  we  needed  to  make  the  experience  of  using  it  as   strong  as  possible  to  ensure  that  first  time  visitors  would  return  multiple  times.  One  of  the  chief   features  of  the  site  is  the  ability  to  locate  bargains  nearby  and  as  mentioned  before  our  attempts  to   sell  advertisers  into  these  specials  was  slow  at  first.  We  needed  to  have  businesses  featuring  bargains   to  strengthen  the  product  and  make  individual  monthly  sales  possible.  So  starting  in  the  summer  we   switched  tactics  and  bundled  use  of  LarryvilleKU  into  sales  of  some  of  our  other  products.  We  started   with  the  menu  guide  in  our  Back  to  School  edition  offering  advertisers  in  the  product  three  free   months  of  specials  on  LarryvilleKU  in  return.  This  instantly  gave  us  10  advertisers  with  specials  for   September-­‐November.  We  also  used  the  LarryvilleKU  portion  of  The  Kansan  app  as  a  way  to  revamp   our  Kansan  coupons  product.  For  years  we  had  sold  the  coupons  as  a  bundle  that  included  a  coupon   on  a  group  glossy  8.5x11  insert  in  the  paper  and  on  a  group  ad  in  the  paper.  As  students  started   demanding  more  and  more  mobile  options  for  coupons  we  decided  to  lower  the  price  on  the  coupon   by  nearly  33%,  eliminate  the  insert  option  mostly  due  to  the  cost  associated  with  it  and  replaced  it   with  a  presence  on  LarryvilleKU  in  the  form  of  a  mobile  friendly  coupon.  To  also  strengthen  content   we  added  in  the  routes  for  all  Safebuses  in  the  Lawrence  area  so  that  students  who  needed  a  ride   home  late  at  night  could  instantly  find  the  closest  bus  stop  to  wherever  they  were  at  that  time.       To  market  the  app  we  used  multiple  tactics.  A  heavy  rotation  of  banner  and  big  box  ads  on  our   website  helped  us  reach  both  students  and  alums.  House  ads  in  the  daily  paper  and  

promotion through  all  of  our  social  media  accounts  also  helped  grow  awareness.  With  all  of  these  ads   we  included  directions  on  where  the  app  could  be  found  on  both  the  Android  and  iTunes  stores  while   highlighting  different  aspects  of  the  app  in  different  ads.  For  ads  on  the  KU  bus  system  we  highlighted   the  mobile  news  on  the  go  portion.  For  house  ads  beneath  the  Sodoku  puzzles  in  our  paper  we   informed  our  readers  that  they  could  get  the  answers  daily  on  the  app.    Two  of  the  most  highly   trafficked  locations  on  campus  are  the  dining  centers  at  both  of  the  locations  of  the  Kansas  Union  so   we  purchased  table  tents  for  all  138  tables  at  both  of  these  locations  to  inform  diners  daily  that  we   had  an  app  they  could  download  and  use  while  they  ate.  We  also  set  up  a  table  all  summer  long  for  all   24  different  new  student  orientation  sessions  interacted  with  nearly  4,000  incoming  freshmen  and   transfer  students.  At  these  sessions  we  featured  a  sweepstakes  where  if  new  students  would   download  The  Kansan  app  at  our  table  they  would  then  be  entered  into  a  drawing  to  win  a  new   Kindle  Fire.  This  sweepstakes  as  well  as  with  the  aid  of  a  full  page  ad  for  the  app  in  the  “Insiders   Guide”  orientation  issue  allowed  us  to  get  hundreds  upon  hundreds  of  students  to  download  our  app   before  they  even  began  classes  at  the  University.       We  also  looked  to  create  top  of  the  mind  awareness  with  our  target  audience  in  the  areas  where  they   would  use  the  LarryvilleKU  portion  of  the  app.    We  first  partnered  with  the  Granada  Nightclub  which   nightly  features  concerts  attended  by  nearly  500  people.  In  return  for  a  trade  out  on  advertising  they   promoted  LarryvilleKU  in  all  of  their  advertising  not  only  with  us  but  with  other  media  groups  in  The   Kansas  City  area  that  they  use  for  promotion.  We  next  purchased  over  7,000  wristbands  for  local   bars/nightclubs  promoting  LarryvilleKU  with  a  call  to  action  to  download  the  app.    We  also   purchased  5,000  drink  coasters  for  local  restaurants  and  bars  which  also  promoted  the  LarryvilleKU   portion  of  the  app  and  a  call  to  action  to  download  The  Kansan  app.  To  grow  awareness  of  the   LarryvilleKU  portion  of  the  app  through  social  media  we  promoted  a  contest  where  if  students  would   mention  activities  around  town  and  use  the  hashtag;  #larryvilleku  they  would  be  put  into  a  drawing   for  a  $50  gift  card  to  a  popular  local  restaurant  with  a  grand  prize  of  an  iPad.  And  throughout   downtown  and  on  campus  we  placed  posters  promoting  LarryvilleKU  that  also  featured  QR  codes  to   take  interested  parties  to  where  they  could  download  the  app.     At  the  end  of  the  day  all  of  these  tactics  contributed  to  our  success.  Our  total  downloads  grew  from   over  2,000  at  the  beginning  of  the  year  to  a  total  of  8,000  at  the  end  of  the  year  far  surpassing  our   goal  of  tripling  them  to  6,000.  These  download  numbers  were  impressive  enough  that  we  were  able   to  secure  advertising  of  $3600  from  one  advertiser  alone  for  the  banner  portion  of  the  mobile  app   starting  in  January.  The  LarryvilleKU  portion  of  the  app  grew  to  feature  24  active  advertisers  all   promoting  daily  specials.  In  2013  we  plan  on  selling  a  presence  on  LarryvilleKU  for  $25-­‐$50  per   month  meaning  that  if  our  active  numbers  hold  steady  we  will  be  looking  at  a  minimum  of    $600-­‐ $1200  per  month  to  start  with.  Healthy  revenue  for  The  Kansan  and  a  much  needed  step  forward   into  the  digital  future  for  both  ourselves  and  our  clients.     In  recent  years  we’ve  been  approached  by  several  national  companies  who  have  offered  to   develop/host  a  mobile  app  for  our  media  group.  At  the  end  of  the  day  we  opted  not  to  as  our  app   would  then  be  almost  the  same  as  any  other  college  partnering  with  these  companies  with  only  the   name  of  the  media  group  changing.  In  addition  most  of  these  companies  asked  for  a  60/40  revenue   split.  As  our  clients  and  readers/users  demand  more  and  more  digital  options  it  will  become  more   and  more  imperative  to  give  them  a  unique  app  and  in  the  process  it  will  also  become  more   imperative  to  keep  as  much  of  the  revenue  generated  from  that  app  for  ourselves  rather  than  share  it   with  a  third  party.  Our  hard  work  this  year  made  both  of  these  happen  this  year  but  also  set  the  stage   for  even  greater  things  in  2013  and  beyond.  


The University  Daily  Kansan  mobile  app   Creating  better  app  content  

links    Mobile  news  

Free for  All  

Partnership with  KJHK  Radio  

While the  2011  version  of  our  mobile   app  also  featured  mobile  links  to  stories   on,  for  the  2012  version  of   the  app  w e  made  sure  that  all  stories   were  easier  to  read  on  a  mobile  device.  

One  of  the  most  popular  features  of  the   print  version  of  The  University  Daily   Kansan  is  the  Free  for  All  section  where   students  via  phone  submit  off-­‐the  wall   comments  and  hope  to  see  them   published  the  next  day.  For  our  new   version  of  the  app  we  created  a  feature   where  students  could  sumbit  their   contents  for  the  column  through  the  app   and  vote  their  approval/disapproval  on   other  student’s  comments.  

In an  effort  to  better  incorporate  all   campus  media  we  added  a  function  onto   our  app  w here  students  could  instantly   listen  to  the  campus  radio  station  from   their  mobile  phone  through  our  app.    

LarryvilleKU Adding  better  content  and  another  revenue  generator  to  the  app  

                                Adding  on  LarryvilleKU  

Revenue Generator  

Safebus Routes  

To help  create  both  better  content  for  

To generate  revenue  on  the  site  

The University  of  Kansas  for  the  last  5  

the app  as  well  as  create  better  revenue  

advertisers can  have  their  drink/  food  

years has  o ffered  “Safebus”  a  service  

we added  on  LarryvilleKU,    an  in-­‐house  

specials listed  on  the  map  for  as  low  as  

that picks  up  students  on  pre-­‐assigned  

developed web  tool  that  took  full  

$25 per  month.  By  the  end  of  year  one  

bus routes  around  town  to  ensure  that  

advantage of  smart  phone  technology  

we had  o ver  20  active  advertisers  per  

they don’t  drive  drunk/  make  it  home  

allowing users  to  find  bargains  and  

month using  this  feature  with  that  

safe. To  create  better  content  for  our  

drink specials  in  their  immediate  area.  

number expected  to  double  per  month  

app we  partnered  with  the  University  

by the  end  o f  Spring  2013.  

and listed  all  of  these  routes  through   LarryvilleKU  on  the  app.  Wherever  a   student  was  in  town  they  could  find  the   closest  bus  route  to  them  on  their  smart   phone.  

The University  Daily  Kansan  mobile  app     Marketing  our  app  

  House  ads  

Table tents  

To better  promote  the  u nique  features  of  our  newly  revised  app  we  ran  house  ads  

Two of  the  most  heavily  trafficked  

almost daily  in  our  paper.  W e  placed  ads  promoting  the  Sudoku  answers  beneath  our   locations  on  campus  are  the  dining   Sudoku  page  and  ads  promoting  the  Free  for  all  function  of  the  app  beneath  the  Free   areas  at  both  Kansas  Union  locations.  To   for  all  column.  And  with  upwards  of  100,000  unique  visitors  per  month  on  our  w eb-­‐

draw the  attention  of  all  diners  at  the  

site we  set  up  a  heavy  rotation  of  banner  and  big  box  ads  so  that  all  visitors  both  

Union daily  we  purchased  nearly  140  

students and  alums  were  made  aware  of  our  newly  revised  app.  

table tents  to  create  top  of  the  mind   awareness  with  diners  who  perhaps   needed  a  new  app  to  keep  them   company  as  they  dined.  

LarryvilleKU promotion   In-­‐field  marketing              

        Drink  coasters  and  wristbands   Given  that  the  LarryvilleKU  portion  of  the  app  is  designed  to  alert  students  of  food  and  drink  specials   close  to  them  we  partnered  with  numerous  bars/  nightclubs  and  restaurants  in  Lawrence.  For  the   bars/nightclubs  we  provided  them  with  7,000  wristbands  to  provide  to  students  as  they  were  admitted   to  their  establishments.  For  both  bars  and  restaurants  we  provided  5,000  drink  coasters.  Both  of  these   items  not  only  created  awareness  of  LarryvilleKU  but  also  contained  a  call  to  action  to  download  our   mobile  app.  We  also  partnered  with  23rd  Street  Brewery  one  of  the  most  popular  restaurants  in  

Lawrence. They  created  a  special  microbrew  for  LarryvilleKU  called  LarryvilleLyte  which  they  featured  in   their  restaurant  for  all  of  2012  and  also  promoted  on  several  of  their  own  advertising  campaigns.    

LarryvilleKU In-­‐field  Marketing   Posters  and  stickers                                


Through the UDK mobile app available on


Twitter campaign  

In-­‐store stickers  

To create  top  of  the  mind  awareness  

One of  the  many  features  of  

To create  further  awareness  in  the  

for the  LarryvilleKU  portion  of  the  app  

LarryvilleKU is  the  ability  to  have  

field we  provided  decals  for  all  

we printed  hundreds  of  posters  and  

tweets instantly  appear  on  the  

participating LarryvilleKU  

hung them  up  in  high  traffic  areas.  All  

site/app’s map  as  long  as  they  feature   advertisers  to  place  in  the  

of the  posters  featured  QR  codes  so  

the hashtag;  LarryvilleKU.  To  help  

that passer-­‐bys  could  be  instantly  

draw awareness  to  this  feature  w e  

taken to  w here  they  could  d ownload  

ran a  contest  where  users  could  

The Kansan  app.  This  campaign  was  

register to  win  one  of  eight  seperate  

also printed  2-­‐3  times  per  week  in  our  

$50 gift  cards  to  a  popular  local  

daily paper.  

restaurant by  using  the  LarryvilleKU   hashtag.  All  of  those  w ho  w on  a  gift   card  w ere  then  put  into  a  drawing  for   the  grand  prize;  a  new  iPad.  We   promoted  the  contest  through  print  

window of  their  establishments.    


2013 CNBAM Awards

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