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“The College of Mount Saint Vincent educates the whole person— the heart, as well as the mind.” Dr. Charles L. Flynn, President College of Mount Saint Vincent

Where passion meets perspective The College of Mount Saint Vincent is an academically excellent, authentically inclusive, Catholic and ecumenical liberal arts college with nationally recognized undergraduate and graduate programs. We’re located on a scenic campus along the Hudson, in the Riverdale neighborhood of New York City. The undergraduate college combines a strong core curriculum and a full array of majors with small class sizes and personalized attention to provide talented students with an exceptional academic experience. Education here goes beyond knowledge, skills, and preparation for work. A Mount experience cultivates independent thinkers ready to apply critical inquiry toward lives of leadership, service, and innovation. 2

04| At the Mount Undergraduate Studies

10| Outside the classroom Campus Culture and Co-Curricular Activities

18| Beyond

Professional Development Opportunities


AT the


Undergraduate Studies 4


“Aside from all the opportunities this school offers, the faculty and staff take a personal interest in each student and that gives us the confidence that we can do anything.” Anthony Langone ’13

An open mind starts right here, inside the classroom. You’ll explore unfamiliar ideas. You’ll be challenged to do even better than your best—and you’ll be a part of an academic community supportive enough to make success a reality. Here you’ll find education at its best and most enriching—all that it should be.

Education for life and a career— not just a job. Simply put, the Mount will discipline and shape how you think without telling you what to believe. A liberal arts education is the most lasting and valuable way to invest in your future. Instead of pursuing hyper-specialized knowledge, you’ll become fluent in the kind of multidisciplinary thinking that shapes a life of leadership, accomplishment, and service. Founded by the Sisters of Charity of New York in 1847, the College of Mount Saint Vincent challenges students to master their full potential, as creative, disciplined thinkers and problem solvers. A Mount education develops the whole person. Every field of study emphasizes analytical skills; critical thinking; clear, persuasive communication; and moral and religious thought—the essentials for success in every profession. You may recognize the Catholic tradition in our students’ commitment to service. Mount students are as devoted to questioning and

giving back as they are to academic excellence. In fact, service and academics overlap and inform one another at the Mount. Professors and staff challenge you—inside the classroom, and outside of it too. Our dedicated faculty members have excellent academic credentials, and all share a passion for teaching and engaging their students. The student to faculty ratio—13 to 1—means you’ll always get the attention you need to do your best. It also means that professors are more than just experts in their field. They’re mentors. They’re an active part of your community. And they’re as invested in your success as you are. You might not remember every piece of the problems you solve in class—you’ll be too busy finding innovative solutions for new problems you encounter in your post-college pursuits. But what you learn at the Mount stays with you long after you graduate. After all, a Mount education is just another way of saying “preparation for a life well-lived.” 5

Cultural Literacy: The Core Curriculum At the Mount, Chemistry majors balance more than chemical equations, and English students think critically about words and statistics alike. The Core Curriculum builds every student’s skills. Through a range of classes, you’ll leave college with a survival package for life— a repertoire of analytical skills, critical

thinking, clear expression, and moral and religious thought. You’ll even discover that you’re really good at calculus, ceramics, philosophy or psychology. And sometimes, the new thing you come to love will become your deepest passion.

Multiple choices: academic degree programs and course offerings Even if you don’t yet know what you’re searching for, one thing’s for sure: you’ll find it here. We offer an extensive range of undergraduate majors and minors, as well as pre-professional programs. Business and Economics • Accounting • Business Administration • Economics • Finance • Human Resource Management • International Business • Marketing • Organizational Management • Sports Management

Communication • Digital Arts and Media Studies • Strategic and Human Communication • Theater


English • Literature • Writing • Theater

Filipino Studies Fine Arts • Dance • Music • Studio Art • Theater

History • History • Political Science

International Studies Latin American Studies Mathematics

Modern Languages and Literatures* • French Studies • Spanish • Italian • Tagalog • Arabic • Japanese • Hebrew • Chinese • Irish *Some offered in conjunction with Lehman College

Natural Sciences • Biochemistry • Biology • Chemistry


Philosophy and Religious Studies • Philosophy • Religious Studies

Psychology Russian Studies Sociology • Criminology and Justice • Social Work

Teacher Education • Elementary • Middle • Secondary • Special Education • TESOL

Women’s Studies

“Out of the Core Curriculum, I realized I was also really interested in sociology and art, even as I continued to pursue a degree in science. I have a lot of friends who aren’t as into science [as I am], and it’s great to talk about those things with them and have a deeper cultural appreciation.” Alex Bobe ’11

Get there faster: accelerated joint degree programs Mount students have big dreams. Our accelerated joint-degree programs are the fast track to reaching them. And, the good news is that we’re expanding these offerings every year, so there are always new opportunities for you to explore.

• BA/MS St. John’s University – Criminology & Justice • BA/MS St. John’s University – Sociology • BS/MBA College of Mount Saint Vincent – Accounting/MBA • BA/MS College of Mount Saint Vincent – Education • BS/MS College of Mount Saint Vincent – Nursing • BS/MS Columbia University – Occupational Therapy • BS/OD SUNY College of Optometry – Optometry • BS/DPM New York College of Podiatric Medicine – Podiatric Medicine • BS/DPT New York Medical College – Physical Therapy • BS/Pharm.D. – University of Saint Joseph

More on the way... 7

Partners in learning We’re in this together. You’ll develop one-onone relationships with professors who learn what you need to thrive, and make sure you get it, whether that means an added challenge, a push in a new direction, a little help getting acclimated to college life, or some extra support with coursework.

First Year Experience The First Year Experience (FYE) helps make the transition to college a little bit smoother. You’ll take an FYE course during your first semester and participate in informal social gatherings throughout the year to develop positive work habits, study skills, and strong relationships.

Academic Advisement At the Mount, Academic Advisement is an interactive collaboration between you and your advisor—one of your department’s professors—who will be a source of guidance as you consider how to apply your interests, values, and abilities towards your educational and professional goals.

The Academic Resource Center (ARC)

BRIDGE Program Applicants to the Mount show what they’re made of in a number of ways. High test scores and GPAs are just a couple of them. BRIDGE provides additional support to students with standardized testing scores or grade point averages below our normal admissions standards, but who demonstrate great potential and motivation to succeed. We select BRIDGE students based on what unique contributions they can bring to our community.

Think of it as the on-campus headquarters for academic support. The Academic Resource Center (ARC) is your go-to place for tutoring, study groups, stress relief, and more.

Graduates of the program have gone on to pursue graduate-level studies at distinguished colleges and universities, and have achieved professional success in fields such as accounting, education, law, and medicine.

ARC is also home to the College’s Writing Center, which covers just about anything related to writing, from workshops on grammar and sentence structure, to assistance with essay writing and thesis development.

Mount Mentors Program

The Honors Program The Honors Program gives some of our most successful and motivated students additional opportunities for intellectual development, interdisciplinary study, and original research. The rigorous curriculum, which integrates the College’s mission and values, challenges students throughout their undergraduate experience.

TRIO Maybe you’re the first member of your family to attend college. Or maybe you just need additional guidance adjusting to college life. We welcome students of different socioeconomic backgrounds, and, as a community, we’re stronger for it. 8

The TRIO Student Support Services program assists low-income and first-generation college students with academic and professional growth through academic support, leadership development, and mentoring.

Mount Mentors pairs Mount students with successful alumni and friends of the College. Through strong relationships with their mentors, undergraduates broaden their cultural horizons and gain valuable professional development experience that is relevant to any field.

Scholars on Track We’re nationally recognized for our strength in the sciences—in fact, a 2010 National Science Foundation study ranked the Mount number one in the U.S. for Latino success in science fields. We were recently awarded another highly competitive grant of nearly $600,000 from the NSF to expand the Mount’s science scholarship programs. The funding will also support Scholars on Track, a program that furthers student success in the sciences through scholarships, academic enrichment and research opportunities, mentoring, and peer tutoring.

“As professors, we get to know our students really well, and that’s [also] how we do advisement. Some of it’s formalized, but we do a lot more informal life coaching—finding out who the student really is. And we work from there.” Dr. Kristin Lawler, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Director of the Mount Mentors Mentorship Program

Minds at work: undergraduate research opportunities The Center for Undergraduate Research started as a way for students to take research projects to the next level. Through the program, they produce a wide range of nationally recognized original research—frequently inspired and informed by projects that began in the classroom—and present it at colloquia and research conferences across the country. Their experiences are an invaluable foundation for graduate studies, and make them more attractive to potential employers.

“There is a strong satisfaction that one can get from answering a question, but [research with] Dr. Fabrizio has taught me that there is an even greater satisfaction to be felt from answering a question with another question.” Mary Jongoy ’12

A few research highlights •A  na Uruena ’11 presented research at the American Society of Cell Biology Conference, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Genetics and Developmental Biology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School • Elizabeth Athenas ’09, Maricon Fernandez ’09, and Cindy Gonzalez ’10 presented research at the United Nations Path to Peace Conference

• Meghan Conroy ’10 conducted cancer research at Columbia University and currently attends New York Medical College • Vandana Chand ’09 participated in the Summer Medical and Dental Education Program (SMDEP) at Yale University




Campus Culture and Co-Curricular Activities 10


“That’s the thing about the Mount—whether you want to join a varsity team or a club, everyone here has an opportunity to be part of something.” Sarah Colletti ’13

Mount students enjoy juggling about a dozen things at once. Maybe it’s because of how much you can learn from the things you do when you’re not in class. And you’ll learn from the people you meet and the places you frequent, too. Our diverse community and proximity to Manhattan are all part of a Mount education, an experience that changes the way you think and helps you realize what matters most to you.

We’re not in Nebraska. You’re in New York. The City is your playground. You’ll cheer on the Yankees... or their Beantown rivals. You’ll see Wicked or Jersey Boys (and at a much lower price than usual: Student Affairs’ programming makes tickets to events like Broadway shows, games, and concerts available at seriously discounted rates). We’re just minutes away from the best of the City. That means museums, theater, restaurants, shopping, Central Park, Madison Square Garden, Wall Street, the United Nations, and much more. The City is also your classroom away from campus. Enthusiastic about art history? Explore the Met. or study sociology through the lens of your own personal metropolis. And as life’s big questions (What am I going to do after graduation?) arise, answer them by taking advantage of the internship and research opportunities unique to our location. The City is a valuable resource, home to prestigious institutions and world-class businesses. City culture is deeply integrated into life on campus. Manhattan attracts writers, business leaders, politicians, artists, and musicians from all over the world, and many of them make a stop here. In recent years, Benigno Aquino, the President of the Philippines, and Ambassador Zada, the Consul General of Egypt, have spoken on campus. We often host lectures, conferences, and other cultural events—Gym Class Heroes recently played a concert at the Mount. Our dance and theater companies in residence, BalaSole and Red Monkey Theater Group, will perform for students and faculty. The Mount is a special place, but it’s not insular. It’s part of this lively world. 11

Not for tourists: study abroad opportunities

Semester-long programs in: London, Florence, St. Petersburg, Zuhai

Mount students are explorers of the world—on and off campus.

Short courses in: China, Mexico, Russia, Quebec, Japan, Guatemala, Italy, Brazil

Taking advantage of the Mount’s study abroad opportunities gives you a valuable, culturally immersive international experience, and we offer a variety of programs—semester-long, short courses, and alternative spring breaks—to give you added flexibility as you explore your interests.

Alternative spring break destinations: Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Kentucky, and, of course, even exotic Hoboken, NJ.

Cheerio! A semester in London. Last fall, Jamelia Bastien ’12 headed across the pond to participate in our exchange program with St. Mary’s University College, Twickenham, in London. At St. Mary’s, she lived on campus and took Sociology courses for her major, as well as electives. As busy as she was with academics, Jamelia was able to maximize the cultural immersion. Every day, she woke up to excitingly unfamiliar surroundings and got to know her new city, with its alluring accents, doubledecker buses, crumpets, custard, and tea.


She even got the chance to share the experience with her brother, who visited. “My semester in London was nothing short of amazing,” Jamelia said. “It truly allowed me to come into my own. Waking up each day and being in a different country made me really aware of my many blessings.” It was so amazing, in fact, that her post-college plans have taken a turn towards the UK. This year, Jamelia will pursue a master’s degree at Kings College London.

Give back: volunteering and service opportunities

Doing some good in the neighborhood Every semester, student clubs collaborate with community organizations on service projects to make a greater impact together. • Mount M.D.’s participated in an Alternative Spring Break Trip to the Dominican Republic, where they served orphans through a community health project. • Through Student Government’s partnership with Concern Worldwide U.S., Mount students raised more than $5,500 for victims of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. • Students volunteer with Part of the Solution (POTS), a Bronx-based soup kitchen, and participate in the Annual Candy for Kids Collection and the Year-End Food Drive. • Through Midnight Runs for the Homeless, Mount students serve the homeless with food and clothing donations in Manhattan and host an annual fundraiser.

At the Mount, we share the best parts of ourselves with others and constantly seek new ways to give back to our surrounding community. Students and faculty further the Sisters of Charity’s mission of active responsibility towards others, on-campus and beyond. Campus Ministry As the on-campus center for spiritual enrichment and community development, the Office of Campus Ministry fosters a spirit of service and a sense of responsibility for each other and our world. Staff members welcome all faiths and respond to the spiritual needs of our diverse community.

Seton Service and Leadership Scholarship Program Not that Mount students need any extra incentive to give back, but we offer the Seton Service and Leadership Scholarship Program—a full room and board scholarship—awarded to students who demonstrate a deep commitment to service and outstanding academic achievement. Seton Scholars meet weekly to share their experiences and attend a leadership retreat every semester.

Alternative Spring Breaks For a week every spring, our students bring their commitment to service to different destinations around the country and overseas. On recent trips, students have worked at orphanages in the Dominican Republic, built homes in Appalachia, and volunteered at health clinics in Guatemala and Costa Rica. 13

0% Homogenous, 100% Inclusive: Diversity at the Mount

Not everyone grew up in a diverse city or neighborhood. Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t, but you will live in one—soon. At the Mount, you’re part of a vibrant, authentically inclusive community that allows you to experience different viewpoints every day. Everybody has a home here. Diversity is an important piece of your educational experience. You’ll share your unique perspective with those around you and gain new insights from your peers.

We have a rich tradition of diversity on campus. The Mount’s multicultural makeup has long reflected the face of New York City—and America as a whole. The College of Mount Saint Vincent has the highest graduation rate in the country for Latino students in science, technology, engineering, and math fields. Through a need-blind admissions policy, we continue to serve students who are the first members of their families to attend college.

“Wherever you work, you’re going to be surrounded by all different kinds of people. The Mount has prepared me to work with people no matter what our differences are.” Kristin Yaniello ’13

“Coming to the Mount was an eye-opening experience that allowed me to understand diversity and how valuable it is. I want to teach in inner-city schools, and the Mount specifically prepares students for that experience.” Todd Gable ’15 14

Get involved, any way you like Co-curricular opportunities We seek the development of the whole person, and that means giving you plenty of opportunities to explore your passions outside the classroom, as well as in it. In other words, a vibrant campus life is part of our mission.

Clubs and organizations We have more than 25 different clubs and organizations on campus. There’s something for everyone, from cultural awareness and community service to journalism, athletics, and theater. And if you don’t find the club that’s right for you, feel free to start your own.

Leadership development opportunities

Student clubs and organizations include: Best Buddies, Business Club, Casa Latina, CMSV Players, Environmental Club, FLAVA Dance Club, History Society, International Students Association, Mount M.D.’s, the MountTimes, SAMAHAN, Student Government, Universal Tongues… and many more.

Mount graduates go on to become leaders in education, business, health, and government. The strong sense of direction and purpose that carries them starts right here, on campus. There are many ways to hone your leadership skills by taking on active roles in our community. Be an orientation leader or a resident assistant, join student government, or play a bigger part in your club or as the captain of your athletic team.

Student Government Student Government advocates for the Mount’s student body. It represents students and coordinates events, providing new ways for students to get involved, and contributing to the Mount’s community.


Work hard, play hard: athletics at the Mount A Mount education develops the whole person—body, mind, and spirit. Whether you’re hoping to join the varsity basketball team or are looking for a fun intramural experience or both, we have a full range of opportunities to explore. The Mount is committed to Division III athletics. Fifteen varsity teams compete in the Skyline Conference of the Eastern College Athletics Conference (ECAC). Student-athletes demonstrate strong character, both on and off the field. All athletes engage in community service projects. Students Providing Understanding and Resources (SPUR) is a mentorship program that strengthens the relationship between academics and athletics. Men’s Varsity Teams • Baseball • Basketball • Cross Country • Lacrosse

• Soccer • Swimming • Volleyball • Wrestling

Women’s Varsity Teams • Basketball • Cross Country • Lacrosse • Soccer

• Softball • Swimming • Volleyball

Every year, 200+ students play on intramural teams, ranging from basketball to soccer, fun runs, and competitive cheerleading and dance teams. In recent years, we’ve invested millions in our athletics and recreation facilities, including the Peter Jay Sharp Athletic and Recreation Center. Plans are underway to build an on-campus field for outdoor sports including soccer and lacrosse. Plus, all students always have access to all on-campus athletic facilities. For example, one or the other of our two gyms is open for recreation at all times.


70 acres of rolling hills overlooking the Hudson. It’s your home for the next four years. We’re minutes away from the pace of city life. The first thing people notice when they visit the Mount is our striking natural beauty. On your way to class every day, you’ll walk past a visual medley of grassy hills, historic sites, classic architecture, and modern buildings. And we’ve invested in maintaining the campus atmosphere and preserving the Mount’s beauty and history. We recently unveiled our brand new dining hall, Hudson Heights, which features numerous healthy and tasty dining options, and a large outdoor patio, where you can relax with friends. Another new café and student spaces are underway, along with a new black box theater in Cahill Lounge. Our recently renovated residence halls offer in-room wireless access, lounges, kitchens, and study areas. You can live in a single, with a roommate in a double, or with a group of fellow Mount students in a suite. The College has state-of-the-art labs, a new black box theater, professional quality dance studios, an excellent TV and radio station, art studios, a new sports medicine suite, and more on the way.


BEYOND Professional Development Opportunities 18


“The professors and staff will get you ready for the next step in your life. Anyone can come here with any dream or ambition, and this school will help make it happen.” Rema Sayed ’14 It’s a big world, and Mount students are ready for it. At the Mount, life after college begins while you’re still in college. You’ll do an internship (or two) to find out what you want to do (or what you don’t—which can be just as valuable). Grad school on your radar? No problem: there are plenty of people on campus to support you with the application process. Whatever your goals, there are a wide range of on-campus resources to help you reach them and launch your future.

From passion to profession Our location is as convenient for your future as it is for your social life. We’re a mere 20 minutes away from midtown Manhattan, so you’ll have easy access to internships at more than 500 top businesses, entertainment companies, health care facilities, and government agencies. Through a Mount internship, you’ll gain invaluable professional experience, build your resume (and your confidence, too), and connect with the people who will become mentors, job references, and perhaps even future employers.

Recent internship placements include: Atlantic Records, CBS, Deutsche Bank, Food Network, Marie Claire Magazine, New Line Cinema, New York Legal Aid Society, the New York Mets, and the New York Stock Exchange.


Alexandria Bobe ’11

Biology Major / Currently a PhD candidate at the University of Chicago Some students, like Alexandria Bobe ’11, arrive at the Mount already knowing their biggest strengths. In Alex’s case, that strength was biology. A deep interest in health sciences and a love of biology has carried Alex to a few different settings: research labs on and off campus, abroad for a couple of alternative spring breaks, and to the University of Chicago, where she recently completed a post-baccalaureate program and is currently a PhD candidate in Nutritional and Molecular Metabolism. As soon as she came to the Mount, Alex connected with the faculty. “The professors were great,” she said. “They became a second set of parents who encouraged me to keep going when things were hard.” They also encouraged her to take advantage of research opportunities, and, more specifically, to apply to the Minority Summer Student Research Opportunity Program at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Through the program, Alex conducted original research on type II diabetes and apoptosis during the summer before her junior year. “That summer really opened my eyes to research,” she said. She enjoyed the experience so much that she returned to Einstein the following year to volunteer at the lab. During her senior year, she worked closely with Dr. Janet Rollins, an Assistant Professor of Chemistry, studying 20

proteins in fruit fly embryos. The Mount’s alternative spring break program gave Alex a great way to combine her interests in biology and health sciences with meaningful international volunteer experiences. In Guatemala, she and her peers worked in the maternity ward of a public health clinic, which helped the students gain a deeper understanding of international health care systems. “It was interesting to see what a different country’s hospitals look like and how they work,” she said. She got to know one of the doctors in the clinic, who was “very touched by our being there. We traded life stories and shared our experiences.” During her second alternative spring break experience, Alex traveled to Costa Rica, where she volunteered at a special education school to present information on nutrition. The combination of these experiences helped Alex ultimately realize the burgeoning field of translational research would be a meaningful way to bridge her passion for health and nutrition with her love of the lab. Today, she’s still pursuing these interests at the graduate level. Her strong connection with the Mount’s faculty prepared her well. “Everyone in the science department was very close, and they were willing to be there for you, and they really supported my success,” she said.

Throughout his time at the Mount, Mark DeLeon ’03 was challenged by his peers in the Honors program—and pushed to do his best work. But academics were only part of the education Mark got from the Mount, and just one of many ways that his experience prepared him for the future.

Mark DeLeon ’03

Economics Major / Currently works at Citi Prime Finance

“Looking back, the Mount’s core values were all part of the College’s ‘secret ingredients’ that really molded me as a good human being,” he said.

He still recalls the speech from his commencement, in which a classmate highlighted the Mount’s emphasis on social obligations to each other— and to the world. “The Mount produces doctors, nurses, teachers, scientists, and business leaders who will bring a set of strong ethics to their respective fields,” Mark, who currently works at Citi Prime Finance, said. “Those values taught me to always question if any decision I make is good [for me as well as for those whom it affects].”

A positive run-in with the law Kristin Yaniello ’13

For Kristin Yaniello ’13, an afternoon at St. John’s University exposed her to new areas of law— and affirmed her decision to apply to law school.

different from criminal law was great,” she said. “I didn’t think I would like it, but I found it so interesting. It’s opened my eyes to different kinds of law.”

Professor Alfred D’Anca— Kristin’s advisor and the head of the Sociology Department— arranged for her and a peer to observe an intellectual property class at St. John’s taught by one of his colleagues.

At the end of the class, the professor set aside time for a candid chat about law school with his two undergraduate observers—the best part of the experience by far.

Kristin’s focus area within the Sociology major is Criminology, and sitting in on the course opened her mind to possibilities she hadn’t considered. “Being able to experience a class that centered on something completely

“He was honest about how rigorous law school would be, and it pushed me forward,” said Kristin, who is currently applying to law school. “It gave me the motivation to move ahead and opened my eyes to all the opportunities I have.” 21

Let’s get clinical

ROTC at the Mount

Nursing students complete clinical placements, externships, and preceptorships— one-on-one training with experienced nurses—at some of New York’s preeminent hospitals, including Memorial Sloan Kettering, Mt. Sinai, NYU Langone Medical Center, Columbia Presbyterian, Montefiore Medical Center, Westchester Medical Center, Misericordia Hospital Medical Center, and more.

The Mount’s ROTC program carried recent graduate and U.S. Air Force First Lieutenant Tara Considine ’08 B.S. RN, to Bagra, Afghanistan, where she treated amputees in a hospital. Students like Tara have access to the U.S. Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program, based out of Manhattan College, as well as Fordham University’s Army ROTC program. The program recruits officer candidates and supports their education through training and financial assistance. In turn, students commit to a military service term after graduation. In others words, when you sign on for the ROTC program, you’ll have a guaranteed career in addition to a college degree. ROTC scholarships help with tuition, cover the cost of books and other education-related expenses, and give you extra spending money. Interested students can try the General Military Course, the first two years of the four-year program, to get a sense of the program before committing.

You don’t have to leave The School of Professional and Continuing Studies extends our undergraduate mission and offers comprehensive graduate studies in business, education, and nursing. Our graduate students’ presence means you’ll get access to advanced coursework and a whole different set of mentors at the Mount.

MBA in Business MS in Nursing

MS in Education MS in TESOL

From here to there Mount students are prepared for academic success at the graduate level. Here are just a few of the institutions in the country and around the world that Mount graduates have gone on to attend.


• Albert Einstein College of Medicine • Brown University • Columbia University • The City University of New York • Fordham University • Georgetown University • Harvard University • Kings College of London • McGill University

• New York College of Osteopathic Medicine • New York Medical College • New York University • Penn State University • Rutgers University • St. John’s University • Stony Brook University, State University of New York

• Teachers College Columbia University • University at Albany, State University of New York • University of Chicago • University of Nebraska • University of Texas Southwestern

Navigating the World Mount Mentors The Mentorship Program pairs students with accomplished alumni, trustees, and friends of the College to help undergraduates channel their passion and talents toward successful, fulfilling professional lives. It’s not a job-placement service. (In fact, students are frequently paired with professionals who work outside their field of interest.) It’s something even more valuable: cultural enrichment and professional development that broadens your horizons. Take Rachelle Henriquez ’11, for example. She didn’t quite know what she wanted to do after graduation, but with the help of her mentor, Maria L. Ellis, a senior associate salesperson with Citi-Habitats

and a trustee of the College, Rachelle made valuable professional connections. When it came time to make decisions about her career path, she had additional support already in place.

The Office of Career Development and Internships When it comes to starting a career, connections and experience matter. So does knowing how to navigate the professional world, and that’s why the Mount has an Office of Career Development. The Office of Career Development and Internships makes it easier for students to explore their greatest passions. There are a range of events throughout the year, including workshops, job banks, and career fairs.

We’ll help you define career interests through advising and testing. We also provide personalized advice on resume and cover letter preparation, interviewing coaching, and support with grad school applications. And with our alumni connections, you’ll be the first to hear about great job opportunities.

Alumni Networking Events You’re always a part of our community— even after your time as an undergraduate ends. The College hosts a number of alumni networking events where you can reminisce about the college days, find out what your accomplished peers are up to, and deepen your personal and professional connections. 23

An Education for Life: Make it Yours Ready to experience a Mount education for yourself? Here’s the information you need to start the application process. Admissions

Financial aid

Admission to the College of Mount Saint Vincent is based on your academic and extracurricular performance in high school. We have a rolling admission application policy.

We aim to make our institution affordable to as many qualified students as possible. To this end, we provide financial assistance to students based on ability and need.

The Early Action deadline for admission is November 15. You will receive notification of the College’s decision by December 15.

Our Financial Aid Office works with you to make the application process as simple as possible and to ensure that you receive all the assistance you qualify for, including scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study.

When you apply between December 1 and April 1, you’ll hear back from the College within four weeks.

Your Mount experience awaits you You can apply online at: using the Common Application or our application. Tuition and fees Tuition and Fees: $27,860 Room and Board: $11,650 Learn more at:


We draw on our resources, as well as a range of federal, state, and private programs to create individual financial aid packages.

Scholarships When you apply for admission to the College, you are considered for merit scholarships based on high school achievement—measured by your high school grade point average and your SAT or ACT performance. If you qualify, you will receive notification of your merit award in your acceptance package.


Founded by the Sisters of Charity of New York, the College of Mount Saint Vincent is an academically excellent, authentically inclusive, Catholic and ecumenical liberal arts college. The College combines a strong core curriculum with a full array of majors in the liberal arts and, within the tradition of liberal education, selected professional fields of study. At Mount Saint Vincent, a student’s education extends beyond knowledge, skills, and preparation for work. We seek the development of the whole person. In the spirit of Vincent de Paul and Elizabeth Ann Seton, we foster an understanding of our common humanity, a commitment to human dignity, and a full appreciation of our obligations to each other. Through its School of Professional and Continuing Studies, the College extends its primary undergraduate mission by offering high quality graduate studies in business, education, and nursing and an array of undergraduate and certificate programs serving non-traditional students.


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College of Mount Saint Vincent Viewbook  

Get to know more about the College of Mount Saint Vincent, an academically excellent, authentically inclusive, Catholic and ecumenical liber...

College of Mount Saint Vincent Viewbook  

Get to know more about the College of Mount Saint Vincent, an academically excellent, authentically inclusive, Catholic and ecumenical liber...