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Distinctively European An Entrepreneurial Approach

You don’t go global simply by setting up an office abroad. You have to think and act globally as well. An international approach requires a network that is dense, but not dependent on overly centralised control mechanisms. A global self-view underpinned by local roots. Because only those at home with a wide range of different cultures, societies and jurisdictions can be successful internationally. This is the concept on which we base our work. Our specialists have detailed knowledge of their local markets and the legal characteristics of their respective jurisdictions. With a presence in 27 countries at 53 offices, the CMS organisation offers an even broader outlook. Each of its member firms is amongst the market leaders in its own country, and enjoys comprehensive expertise in the regional market, detailed knowledge of its industry, and outstanding contacts with the relevant authorities and courts. CMS enables us to cooperate across borders and legal specialisations, thus offering our clients the best-possible benefit. For us, acting internationally is about feeling at home in Europe and being aware of our local roots and connections. This is why we are everywhere our clients need us to be.

CMS DeBacker For more than 30 years, CMS DeBacker has provided complete legal and tax services/solutions to both its local and international clients. With more than 80 lawyers, of which 23 partners and 5 counsels based in Brussels and Antwerp. Our clients include a large number of high profile listed and non-listed national and foreign clients, who instruct us in connection with top quality work in the upper mid-tier and lower top-tier segments of the market.

Find out what makes us stand out from the rest ∙ Our lawyers take their work seriously, not themselves. ∙ Our structure allows both the client and associates easy access to partners, helping to nurture talent and solve issues swiftly and efficiently. We focus on practising law with the sophistication of larger organisations while maintaining a smaller firm’s involvement. Like our clients, we are entrepreneurs and we understand what makes the difference. ∙ We invest in long-term partnerships with our clients, amassing a genuine knowledge of their business and generating win-win formulas. This is why we introduced a range of alternative pricing models (including time based, budget based, tranche based and result based models). ∙ Furthermore, we believe in reasonable, realistic pricing and value for money, a formula that has allowed our business to continue to grow year after year, including 2009. ∙ We operate in an efficient and transparent way, fees and arrangements are clear and clients can check the progress of their transactions through a dedicated secure extranet.

Contact Stanislas van Wassenhove Managing Partner E T +32 2 743 69 91 Brussels, Belgium

∙ We work hard to be a truly client-focused law firm. This means understanding the unique needs and challenges of each market sector and providing a service that’s tailored to the particular concerns and requirements of each client.

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Our Values Team work approach Our operational structure is based on a coordination of Practice Area Groups (PAGs) and Sector Groups (SGs): as an integrated whole, the firm is managed centrally and each of our lawyers from our various practice areas work together as a multidisciplinary team to provide the full-service capabilities you need. This innovative HR strategy contributed to CMS DeBacker being awarded the 2010 Belgian Legal Award “Best Law Firm to Work For” for the second consecutive year.

Entrepreneurial commitment CMS DeBacker strives to achieve excellent results. To that end, we employ innovative, pragmatic strategies and hard work to ensure that your legal needs are met. As entrepreneurs, we understand how important it is to set objectives, develop budgets and establish a close coordination with you.

At home in Europe CMS DeBacker is the Belgian member of CMS, an organisation of nine high quality and major independent European law firms. Together, we provide a seamless, consistent cross-boarder legal service to our clients based on a thorough understanding of your business and industry sector.

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The secret of our success is that we function as one team. We continually prove that our clients’ trust in us is justified. In order to provide our clients with tailored advice, we have consciously chosen to offer a broad range of services, nationally, internationally and across all legal disciplines. Offering the full range is only possible if our company has a thorough command of each individual field. And that’s why we cultivate our specific areas of expertise.

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Corporate and M&A Mergers, acquisitions and restructuring form an essential part of a company’s national and international growth strategy. However, these transactions require expertise in a number of business, tax and employment law disciplines, which are becoming increasingly complex as well as having major business and financial implications. In this environment, we aim to: — Evaluate the real business implications of the transactions we advise on. — Provide our clients with effective and constructive assistance throughout the structuring and negotiation of transactions. — Ensure that deals are implemented tightly enough to avoid any re-opening of negotiations at the contract drafting stage.

Our Practice Areas: ∙ Documentation and contract drafting ∙ Support in negotiations

Our Clients: ∙ Local and international listed and unlisted companies in all business sectors.

∙ Acquisitions, divestments, joint ventures ∙ Shareholders’ agreements ∙ Restructuring (mergers, asset transfers, etc.) on a national and international level ∙ Arranging and structuring finance (equity, MBOs, MBIs) ∙ Investment Capital ∙ Legal audits ∙ Data room and due diligence ∙ IPOs ∙ Stock exchange law

Contact Vincent Dirckx Partner E T +32 2 743 69 85 Brussels, Belgium

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“CMS DeBacker has seen a steady growth in M&A activities, acting on 38 transactions in a year. One rival said: ‘I like their work and they have been busier this year.” Legal 500 EMEA, 2009

Banking & Finance MIFID, compliance, dematerialisation, Basel II, deregulation, disintermediation, removal of barriers. The financial sector is changing rapidly and radically, and the banking and insurance businesses are changing as well in response to their new economic and regulatory environment. Banks and other financial institutions, thrown into the spotlight on the world economic stage and exposed to increasingly fierce competition, must be able to adjust and anticipate. Support from experts in the legal and tax aspects of their business are crucial to their ongoing development.

Our Practice Areas:

Our Clients:

∙ Banking and investment services

∙ Retail Banks

∙ Intermediary financing relating to banking

∙ Investment Banks

and finance

∙ Investment Service Companies

∙ Banking finance, treasury services

∙ Insurance Companies

∙ Guarantees

∙ Finance Companies

∙ Securities

∙ Private Banks

∙ Financial products ∙ Collective investment schemes (standard, alternative and private equity) ∙ Debt restructuring and rescheduling


“CMS DeBacker and Catherine Houssa demonstrate ‘good industry knowledge’ on transactions such as advising an international bank on two asset finance deals with a Belgian steel manufacturer, with values totalling 27.8m...” Legal 500 EMEA, 2009

Catherine Houssa Partner E T +32 2 743 69 02 Brussels, Belgium

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Insurance & Funds Across Belgium and Europe, we act for many of the major players in the general insurance, life assurance and fund management sectors, offering local advice in individual jurisdictions as well as working together to advise clients on multi-jurisdictional projects. Market knowledge is what makes us stand out. Our lawyers not only have an excellent understanding of your industry and the pressures you are facing on a day-to-day basis, but can provide you with practical, innovative and cost-effective solutions based on this knowledge.

Our Practice Areas:

Our Clients:

∙ Claims and coverage

∙ Commercial and investment Banks

∙ Regulatory compliance and enforcement

∙ Investment managers

∙ Policy drafting

∙ Investors

∙ Corporate, including refinancing and

∙ Governments and Public Authorities

restructuring ∙ M&A activity and joint ventures

∙ Bank consortia ∙ Real Estate organisations ∙ Private Equity investors

Contact Carl Leermakers Partner E T +32 2 743 69 12 Brussels, Belgium

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Real Estate & Construction The growing complexity of regulations and case law at all stages of property investment, occupancy and site operation calls for a thorough understanding of the related issues and challenges. Because the frequency of legal disputes is on the rise, careful preparation is required at the planning stage by all operators involved with regard to the procedure envisaged, the content of the documentation (especially contracts), the type and details of any necessary legal action.

Our Practice Areas: ∙ Property sales and purchases

Our Clients: ∙ Banks, investment institutions and real

∙ Construction

estate trusts, occupants (large companies,

∙ Leases

small and medium-sized enterprises),

∙ Town planning

developers, real estate brokers and other

∙ Environment

key operators in the real estate sector.

∙ Real estate project financing ∙ Real estate taxation ∙ VAT on property

“Both transactional and advisory work feature in this team’s workload, as the lawyers offer experience in and skilled assistance with investment sales and purchases, secured lending, leasing, structured finance, PPPs, real estate development, planning, environment, tax and litigation. ” Chambers Europe, 2009

Contact Bruno Duquesne Partner E T +32 2 743 69 40 Brussels, Belgium

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Insolvency & Restructuring In these financially turbulent times, businesses, governments and individuals face considerable issues, many of which have no historical precedent. Companies, both large and small, must take action today to ensure their economic viability tomorrow. This trickle-down effect has lead to downsizing, restructuring and in some cases, insolvency. Encouraged by new law reforms for businesses facing financial difficulties, safeguard proceedings have come to represent the symbol of dealing with the problems at an early stage.

Our Practice Areas: ∙ Drafting of legal documents

Our Clients: ∙ National and international companies from

∙ Negotiation

all industrial sectors or third-parties, public

∙ Restructuring on the Belgian and

& private, as well as public authorities.

international front ∙ Partnership agreements ∙ Legal reorganisation and drafting of pertinent documents ∙ Voluntary liquidation ∙ Divestment by a group of its equity investment in a company in difficulty, friendly liquidation of the aforesaid the corporation ∙ Assistance in taking over a company in difficulty or the assets after bankruptcy ∙ Negotiation with creditors and setting up refinancing agreements

“CMS DeBacker is highly recommended for Restructuring & Insolvency in Belgium. Jean-François Goffin: Recommended Specialises in restructuring, insolvency and related directors’ liability matters.”

Contact Jean-François Goffin Partner E T +32 2 743 69 21 Brussels, Belgium

10 | Distinctively European

Practical Law Company, 2009

Retail & Consumer Products Consumer law accompanies the economic development of the market and its influence continues to grow, increasing consumer protection. All business sectors are affected, whether with regard to product or services marketing, the agribusiness, car manufacturing, financial, distance sales sectors, etc. Companies must acquire a perfect understanding of Consumer Law rules before marketing their products or services to the consumer. A lack of understanding of these rules may have legal repercussions based on the specific regulations in question or, in general, regulations on unfair competition without prejudice to causing damage to corporate brand images.

Our Practice Areas: ∙ Sales promotions

Our Clients: ∙ Large international groups, SMEs,

∙ Advertising regulations

professional organisations and associations

∙ Fraud regulations

from varied sectors including consumer

∙ Consumer information regulations

goods, agribusiness, telecommunications

∙ Regulations relating to unfair clauses

and pharmaceutical among others.

∙ Regulations on distance sales ∙ Various regulations: abuse of weakness, conditional sales, forced sales or shipments, discount sales, close-out sale, etc.

Contact André Lombart Partner E T +32 2 743 69 15 Brussels, Belgium

12 | Distinctively European

“A valued strength of André Lombart at CMS DeBacker is his ‘business minded implementation of the law’. Clients state that they instructed the practice because of Lombart’s ‘exceptional insight for which he is recognised worldwide’.” Legal 500, 2010

Intellectual Property & Technology Intellectual property forms one of the primary areas for economic development with regard to both technology and communication. Companies need to develop, preserve and defend their intellectual property. The strategic aspect of information systems and good visibility of company activities on the Internet no longer needs to be demonstrated. Over time, information technology challenges have increased, and require ongoing monitoring. The complexity of information technology law mainly derives from the fact that this area is situated at the crossroads of several technical and legal areas. Effective understanding of the various aspects of this area of law requires expertise in intellectual property law, a perfect command of contract law and a good understanding of the current technological environment and practices.

Our Practice Areas: — Litigation

Our Clients: ∙ All national and international companies

∙ Copyright and neighbouring rights

whose operations are dependent on

∙ Database law

preserving and developing intellectual

∙ Advertising law

property in diverse sectors, including audio-

∙ Law relating to trademarks, drawings and

visual, agribusiness, textile and cosmetics

designs, domain names, patents


∙ Unfair and copycat competition law — Advise ∙ Filing and monitoring trademarks, drawings and designs ∙ Drafting and negotiating licence assignment ∙ Audits of corporate intellectual property ∙ Providing assistance and representation in intellectual property related disputes ∙ Providing assistance and representation in disputes regarding unfair and copycat competition, advertising and generally criminal or contractual liability

Contact Tom Heremans Partner E T +32 2 743 69 73 Brussels, Belgium

“Tom Heremans of CMS DeBacker is described by peers as a rising star, and commended by clients as someone who really knows the business of domain names.”

Chambers Europe, 2009

CMS DeBacker | 13

Competition & EU European law has now become an integral part of business life. It takes precedence over national law and can be enforced in European Union jurisdictions in exactly the same way as national law. Europe can therefore provide a powerful leverage for businesses, as national laws can be rendered unenforceable if they conflict with the relevant European law. Competition law, both local and European, directly concerns all companies, regardless of their type, size, business sector or geographical reach.

Our Practice Areas: ∙ Competition

Our Clients: ∙ Major international groups as well as

∙ Free circulation of goods

SMEs and professional associations in a

∙ Free movement of people

broad range of sectors including telecoms,

∙ Cross-border provision of services

energy, transport, financial services and

∙ State Aid


∙ Pre-litigation and litigation assistance in national jurisdictions and the European institutions

“The CMS DeBacker team has an impressive public sector following, with clients including the Walloon and Brussels regional governments, particularly on state aid work, but has also worked on EU litigation for staff complainants.” Legal 500, 2009

Contact Annabelle Lepièce Counsel E T +32 2 743 69 34 Brussels, Belgium

CMS DeBacker | 15

Renewable Energy The energy sector faces considerable challenges including an increase in consumption, the strategic goal of energy independence and climate issues. In Europe, the evolving regulatory framework with the construction of the internal market, heightened pressure from national and European competition authorities; the massive investment requirements associated with production means (traditional and renewable) and infrastructure (supply networks, storage facilities, liquefaction trains, methane terminals etc.) To assist you in meeting these challenges, CMS DeBacker adopts an approach based on a detailed knowledge of your sector, on synergy between our offices and the other CMS firms, and on the legal and practical knowledge of our lawyers.

Our Practice Areas: ∙ Federal & regional authorisation to start-up electrical plants

Our Clients: ∙ Our loyal clients are both from the public and private sectors, including states,

∙ Solar and Windmill installations

national and local authorities in Belgium

∙ Transmission & Pipeline systems

and overseas, public and private companies,

∙ Energy Building Performance

utilities, niche operators, multinationals,

∙ Regulatory and Environmental

investment funds, SMEs and start-ups.

∙ Energy markets ∙ Public Sector and PPP ∙ EU issues (State Aid & Competition)

“Within the firm’s environmental team, several energy specialists offer in-depth knowledge of existing regulations, while also assisting in the drafting of new laws and directives on behalf of the public authorities. The group is adept in chemicals law (primarily REACH) and climate change regulations, especially in relation to the permissible quotas of carbon trading for polluting industries. In this latter field, the team works closely with the Walloon government, adding to an already impressive national network of contacts and resources. The practice is headed by environmental specialist Luc Depré.” Chambers Europe, 2009

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Environment Environmental matters are important challenges for industrial, service and public service organisations: all are more concerned with social responsibility of understanding and reducing environmental impact. They need to address changing factors such as health security, climate change, fast-changing renewable opportunities, risk management, land contamination to mention a few.

Our Practice Areas: ∙ Environmental permits

Our Clients: ∙ Our loyal clients are both from the public

∙ Land development and town planning

and private sectors, including states,

∙ Environmental liabilities

national and local authorities in Belgium

∙ Waste management, landfills and soil

and overseas, public and private companies,

remediation ∙ Public health

utilities, niche operators, multinationals, investment funds, SMEs and start-ups.

∙ Transport ∙ Carbon markets ∙ Environmental tax ∙ Energy building efficiency ∙ Working conditions ∙ Environmental protection State Aid ∙ EU ETS and IPPC compliance ∙ Atmospheric and noise pollution

Contact Luc Depré Partner E T +32 2 743 69 87 Brussels, Belgium

CMS DeBacker developed, a web site dedicated to the latest developments in this dynamic domain.

CMS DeBacker | 17

Public Economy The quality of public services is increasingly determined by world-class skills in public procurement. Businesses are increasingly aware of the need to follow strict compliance regulations and submit accurate tender documentation. Even minor errors and inconsistencies can lead to long-lasting and costly disputes. Utilities’ day-to-day business could not function without complying with national and EU procurement rules, while any restructuring programme, reorganisation or sale programme cannot function without a proper understanding of regulated procurement.

Our Practice Areas: ∙ Public-Private Partnerships ∙ Public sector

Our Clients: ∙ Our loyal customers include, on the one hand, public authorities and organisations, while on the other hand, include private businesses confronted with public financing and partnerships.

“A new entry to the table this year, CMS has successfully established its place on the public law scene in Belgium. Noting a high degree of competence in the health, energy, environment and competition arenas. The firm’s Public and Administrative law team is lead by Eric Gillet.”

Contact Eric Gillet Partner E T +32 2 743 69 88 Brussels, Belgium

18 | Distinctively European

Chambers Europe, 2009

Public Procurement & PPP “Public-private partnerships”(PPPs) is a recent expression covering highly varied systems that relate to building, operating and managing infrastructure, facilities or public services. Implementing PPPs requires a solid understanding of the diverse legal and tax implications. In particular, it calls for expertise based on in-depth knowledge of classic administrative law in addition to law and taxation applying to innovative financing techniques.

Our Practice Areas: ∙ Public contracts: assisting awarding

Our Clients: ∙ Our loyal customers include, on the one

authorities and contractors, public contracts

hand, public authorities and organisations,

(public procurement contracts, delegation

while on the other hand, include private

of public services, PPPs, agreements relating

businesses confronted with public financing

to occupancy of public property, complex

and partnerships.

contractual arrangements, etc.) and litigation relating to public procurement contract awards and performance.

“CMS DeBacker is seen to possess excellent technical skills and the ability to persistently arrive at creative, yet practical solutions. Observers are quick to compliment the team’s work in public procurements and PPP.”

Chambers Europe, 2009

CMS DeBacker developed, a web site dedicated to the latest developments of this sector.

Contact Patrick Thiel Partner E T +32 2 743 69 10 Brussels, Belgium

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Health The essence of CMS DeBacker’s Health-Care Sector Group is teamwork. Our team has in-depth expertise in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotech, food, nutritional and veterinary products, diagnostic and related areas. We offer both domestic and pan-European advice, combining good legal framework know-how with a constant search for pragmatic, creative and flexible solutions that best serve our clients.

Our Practice Areas:

Our Clients:

∙ Regulatory

∙ Belgium State

∙ Social Security and Repayments


∙ Contracts and Licensing Agreements

∙ Social Security organisms

∙ Competition and European Law

∙ Clinics and Hospitals

∙ Cross-border Health-care

∙ Pharmaceutical and biotech corporations

∙ Import and Export

∙ Medical device manufacturers

∙ Product Liability and Litigation

∙ Related Services Providers

∙ Trademarks, Advertising, Labelling, Health

∙ Food companies

and Nutritional allegations ∙ R&D ∙ Data Management

“A remarkable degree of competency in Health law.”

Chambers Europe, 2009

Contact Pierre Slegers Counsel E T +32 2 743 69 63 Brussels, Belgium

CMS DeBacker | 21

Employment & Pensions Managing and developing people within a company can best be achieved with advisers who will work effectively with your human resources and in-house legal teams. We can work alongside you as an employer regarding all aspects of nurturing staff. This might include expatriate packages for companies moving staff around the world or health and safety compliance. As employment law differs across jurisdictions, you will expect your law firm to have a thorough grasp of international regulations. Restructuring and Gobal Mobility: have become a strategic issue for the development of companies locally and abroad while relating issues are more relevant today than ever before. The ability to handle international matters through dedicated multilingual lawyers with expert knowledge of international employment law practice. Flexibility and working hours: we advise businesses on the essential rules relating to length and adjustment of working hours, their obligations, the negotiation process, and pay. Implementation of advance protective provision schemes (health expenses, incapacity disability and death benefit). Individual relationships: we advise and support employers in the day-to-day management of their employees, from the point of recruitment, during the employment contract, to implementing the various procedures for terminating such contracts, taking into account the developments in legislation and case law, as well as the provisions of the collective agreement or agreements applicable within the business. Implementation of supplementary pension schemes (final salary schemes, fixed employer contribution schemes, retirement savings plans).

Our Practice Areas:

Our Clients:

∙ Restructuring

∙ International and Belgian Companies

∙ Employee Incentives

∙ CEOs

∙ Due diligence on business acquisition ∙ Safety at Work ∙ Global Mobility ∙ Pensions & Supplementary Schemes ∙ Managers

Contact Stanislas van Wassenhove Managing Partner E T +32 2 743 69 91 Brussels, Belgium

22 | Distinctively European

“Clients state that they continue to use CMS DeBacker not only for its very good work but because they are always sure to receive a complete and accurate answer quickly. Stanislas van Wassenhove, the team’s leader is recommended.”

Legal 500, 2009

Tax & Estate Planning As business becomes more global, taxation is becoming an increasingly complex issue in all countries. Taxation is now a core consideration in the decision-making process, and companies must have a real national and international taxation strategy covering both direct and indirect taxes. These same trends are affecting people as well as companies.

Our Practice Areas: ∙ General taxation of private and state-owned enterprises including handling tax disputes

Our Clients: ∙ We advise medium-sized companies and major groups in all business sectors, as well

∙ Patrimonial taxation

as public organisations, local authorities and

∙ Taxation of national and international


mergers & acquisitions and restructuring ∙ Taxation in the financial sector ∙ Property taxation ∙ Transfer pricing ∙ VAT ∙ Local taxes ∙ Non-salary benefits (stock options, incentive schemes, etc.)

Contact Didier Grégoire Partner E T +32 2 743 69 60 Brussels, Belgium

“CMS DeBacker together with CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre has developed considerable expertise in assisting French nationals in complex estate planning matters and has gained significant market recognition for this specialism. The practice additionally advises on the tax aspects of corporate restructuring and PPP. Didier Grégoire is recommended.” Legal 500, 2009

CMS DeBacker | 23

We are Pround to Sponsor...

The International Polar Foundation (IPF) was created with the aim of providing a novel interface between science and society. The IPF seeks to bring about a keener appreciation of the role of science, and in particular scientific research in the Polar Regions, through the re-examination of the World and the impact of human actions on the environment and evolution of millennial climate cycles. The IPF disseminates information and educates on Polar research as a way of understanding key environmental and climate mechanisms. The IPF also promotes innovative and multifaceted responses to the complex challenges raised by the need for action on sustainable development. The IPF believes that the Polar Regions and sciences are the best tools to convince our society to act now in order to mitigate the effects of climate change for future generations. — The Polar Regions play a key role in the global climate system of our planet. — The Polar Regions are our early warning systems, showing the pace and magnitude of climate change. — The Polar Regions are our archives. Earth’s climate memory is recorded in the ice.

The IPF communicates with the general public on research in the Polar Regions through: Information: developing, supporting and encouraging projects that inform the public about polar science and how it improves understanding of the causes and consequences of climate change. Education: developing, supporting and encouraging innovative educational projects and materials stimulating a positive public attitude towards polar science and action on climate change. Recognising the particular importance of outreach for the next generation who will experience the impacts of climate change on a greater scale. Demonstration: developing, supporting and encouraging projects offering constructive responses to sustainable development issues. The IPF also seeks to lead by example - in the IPF’s own activities the best available methods and techniques for clean development are used wherever possible.

CHARLEMAGNE ORCHESTRA The Charlemagne Orchestra presented its first subscription season in 2000 at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels to an audience of 40. Since then the Orchestra has developed a large and devoted following, to the point that their audience has outgrown the beautiful Conservatory Hall. Under the baton of Founding Music Director, Bartholomeus-Henri Van de Velde, who started the concept 14 years ago with just BEF 25,000 – roughly € 620 - the Brussels based orchestra of musicians from 27 countries offers audiences provocative and less-known works from the Classical, Romantic and Contemporary orchestral repertoire.

for Europe

Today the Charlemagne is the only orchestra that relies solely on its patrons’ subsidies. They have played regularly in the renowned Concertgebouw in Amsterdam and throughout Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

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CMS aims to be recognised as the best European provider of legal and tax services. Clients say that what makes CMS special is a combination of three things: strong, trusted client relationships; high quality advice; and industry specialisation. We combine deep local expertise and the most extensive presence in Europe with cross-border consistency and coordination. CMS has a common culture and a shared heritage which make us distinctively European. CMS operates in 27 jurisdictions, with 53 offices in Western and Central Europe and beyond. CMS was established in 1999 and today comprises nine CMS firms, employing over 2,400 lawyers. CMS is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany. CMS member firms are: CMS Adonnino Ascoli & Cavasola Scamoni (Italy); CMS Albiñana & Suárez de Lezo, S.L.P. (Spain); CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre (France); CMS Cameron McKenna LLP (UK); CMS DeBacker (Belgium); CMS Derks Star Busmann (Netherlands); CMS von Erlach Henrici Ltd. (Switzerland); CMS Hasche Sigle (Germany) and CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz Rechtsanwälte GmbH (Austria). CMS offices and associated offices: Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, London, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Vienna, Zurich, Aberdeen, Algiers, Antwerp, Arnhem, Beijing, Belgrade, Bratislava, Bristol, Bucharest, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Casablanca, Cologne, Dresden, Duesseldorf, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Kyiv, Leipzig, Ljubljana, Lyon, Marbella, Milan, Montevideo, Moscow, Munich, Prague, São Paulo, Sarajevo, Seville, Shanghai, Sofia, Strasbourg, Stuttgart, Utrecht, Warsaw and Zagreb. The members of CMS are in association with the Levant Lawyers (TLL) with offices in Beirut, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Kuwait City.

Aberdeen Edinburgh




Amsterdam London Utrecht Antwerp


Brussels Paris

Berlin Warsaw Leipzig Dresden Prague

Duesseldorf Cologne Frankfurt

Strasbourg Zurich

Stuttgart Vienna Munich Ljubljana



Bratislava Budapest Zagreb Belgrade Bucharest Sarajevo


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CMS DeBacker, Chaussée de La Hulpe / Terhulpsesteenweg, 178, 1170 Brussels, Belgium T +32 2 743 69 00 – F +32 2 743 69 01 CMS DeBacker, Amerikalei 92, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium T +32 3 206 01 40 – F +32 3 206 01 50 CMS DeBacker is a member of CMS, the organisation of independent European law and tax firms of choice for organisations based in, or looking to move into, Europe. CMS provides a deep local understanding of legal, tax and business issues and delivers client-focused services through a joint strategy executed locally across 27 jurisdictions with 53 offices in Western and Central Europe and beyond. CMS was established in 1999 and today comprises nine CMS firms, employing over 2,400 lawyers and is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany.

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CMS member firms are: CMS Adonnino Ascoli & Cavasola Scamoni (Italy); CMS Albiñana & Suárez de Lezo, S.L.P. (Spain); CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre (France); CMS Cameron McKenna LLP (UK); CMS DeBacker (Belgium); CMS Derks Star Busmann (The Netherlands); CMS von Erlach Henrici Ltd. (Switzerland); CMS Hasche Sigle (Germany) and CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz Rechtsanwälte GmbH (Austria). CMS offices and associated offices: Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, London, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Vienna, Zurich, Aberdeen, Algiers, Antwerp, Arnhem, Beijing, Belgrade, Bratislava, Bristol, Bucharest, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Casablanca, Cologne, Dresden, Duesseldorf, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Kyiv, Leipzig, Ljubljana, Lyon, Marbella, Milan, Montevideo, Moscow, Munich, Prague, São Paulo, Sarajevo, Seville, Shanghai, Sofia, Strasbourg, Stuttgart, Utrecht, Warsaw and Zagreb. The members of CMS are in association with The Levant Lawyers (TLL) with offices in Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Dubai and Kuwait City. |

2010 CMS DeBacker Distinctively European-EN  
2010 CMS DeBacker Distinctively European-EN  

Distinctively European An Entrepreneurial Approach You don’t go global simply by setting up an offi ce abroad. You have to think and act glob...