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FY 2012•13

Cleveland State University Cleveland-Marshall College of Law


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From The Dean:

From their first visits to our campus to the moment they walk across the Wolstein Center stage to receive their diplomas, our students experience first-hand what it means to be a part of the ClevelandMarshall family. We take pride in having a strong network of engaged alumni and friends, and share with students the value of having committed supporters who give to the law school in order to create opportunities for our students’ success. That commitment is evident in the time our alumni and friends spend mentoring and sharing their experience with students, and in the generous financial support that funds student scholarships, among other things. As competition among law schools for prospective students increases, the availability of scholarship awards becomes critical. Scholarships enable ClevelandMarshall to attract and retain the brightest and most dedicated students. At a time when the average student’s law school debt is growing, your support of scholarships allows us to remain a school of opportunity, attracting the type of students who make all of us in the Cleveland-Marshall family proud with their passion and dedication to succeed. One source of scholarship support for our students is the gifts you make to our annual fund. Last year, annual fund giving grew to over $600,000 even though fewer than 10 percent of our alumni contributed. Imagine the scholarship support we could provide if all 10,000 of our alumni made even a modest gift! This is our goal, and I am pleased to announce that we will be assisted in reaching it by Kathryn Bricker, who has joined our development staff as Manager of Annual Giving and Special Projects. Katie, who previously was with The Cleveland Clinic, shares with me, and our entire advancement team, a commitment to keeping Cleveland-Marshall at the forefront of legal education through alumni engagement. The other major source of scholarship support is our named scholarship funds. Over the years, generous donors have created 71 named scholarship funds at Cleveland-Marshall, 55 of which are fully endowed. These donors have established important legacies that communicate the value they place on our legal education by assisting others to follow in their steps. The donors listed in this book have been an integral part of the success of this law school and for that, all of us at the law school extend to them our sincere appreciation. I hope you will again join me in making your annual fund contribution to help ensure the success of the next generation of the Cleveland-Marshall family, and that you will encourage your friends and former classmates to join in supporting our ongoing mission. Dean Craig M. Boise


Cleveland State University

Cleveland-Marshall College of Law


Dear Fellow Graduates and Friends of Cleveland-Marshall: As the co-chairs of the 2013-2014 ClevelandMarshall Annual Fund Campaign, we join Dean Boise in thanking you for your generous support of the College of Law. Your investment played a critical role in the success of the 2012-2013 Annual Fund Campaign. We are proud to report that giving to the Annual Fund increased by 3% over last year. Most notably and following a national trend, 34% of our donors are taking advantage of online giving. Thirteen law firms joined the 100% Club by securing 100% alumni giving in the Law Firm Giving Challenge. From FY12 to FY13, donor retention increased by 8%, from 59% to 67%, signaling increased satisfaction in our fundraising strategies.

M. Colette Gibbons ’76 Partner, Ice Miller LLP

It is due to the support of people like you that students are able to thrive at Cleveland-Marshall, and we look to you to join us as we expand our horizons in 2013-2014. As many of you know, 80% of our students depend on scholarships and loans to study at Cleveland-Marshall, and many of these awards are made possible because of the wonderful support we receive from alumni and friends. All gifts, regardless of size, make an impact and express our commitment to Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. Please consider making a gift and being a key player in the success of our students. Thank you to those who have supported the law school. We hope that you will not only contribute to our annual fund, but also consider increasing the amount of your gift.

Thank you again for your support and for helping Cleveland-Marshall College of Law thrive in educating students to “Learn Law. Live Justice.”

P. Kelly Tompkins ’81 Executive Vice President Chief Administrative Officer & President – Cliffs China Cliffs Natural Resources Inc.

M. Colette Gibbons ’76 P. Kelly Tompkins ’81 4

Cleveland State University

Dear Alumni and Friends: As the President of the Cleveland-Marshall Law Alumni Association for the 2013-2014 academic year, I am grateful for your continued support of the Cleveland-Marshall Annual Fund this past year. The strong support from our alumni and friends fuels the ongoing effort to keep Cleveland-Marshall as a school of high achievement, both regionally and nationally. Our assistance allows the school to offer the best possible educational experience to students. As many of you know, the Law Alumni Association offers our alumni and the Northeast Ohio legal community a wide array of programs and activities. Our association will continue to work with the law school to present timely and relevant CLEs, social events, professional networking opportunities, student mentoring, scholarships, and new lawyer training, to best meet the needs of our members and current students. Attendance at our annual recognition luncheon in May was again strong as more than 1,000 members of the bench, bar, and business community joined to celebrate our distinguished alumni and to help us welcome a new class of graduates into our ranks. A sincere thank you goes out to my fellow officers and board members for their support and hard work. You can find the current roster of the Association’s Board listed on page 32 this publication. These individuals share my pride in being a part of the Cleveland-Marshall family, and have found an active opportunity to continue to be involved with the law school that means so much to them. We are always looking to engage our former classmates, so if you would like to get involved for the first time, or reconnect after some time away, please contact any of our officers or board members. For more information, or to join as a member, please access our website at Thank you for your commitment to Cleveland-Marshall and support of our mission to help students “Learn Law. Live Justice.” It is my honor and privilege to lead this outstanding organization, and I look forward to seeing you throughout the year at one or more of our many events. Sincerely, Gregory S. Scott ’96 President, 2013-2014, Cleveland-Marshall Law Alumni Association Lowe Eklund Wakefield & Mulvihill Co., LPA

Cleveland-Marshall College of Law



Breakdown Cleveland-Marshall awarded $1,255,746 in scholarship funding for the 2012-2013 academic year. Scholarship funds include applicable gifts to the annual fund.

FY11 FY12 FY13

Total Giving




Annual Fund




Scholarship Funds




$900,000 $800,000

$700,000 $900,000 $600,000 $800,000 $500,000 $700,000 $900,000 $400,000 $600,000 $800,000 $300,000 $500,000 $700,000 $200,000 $400,000 $600,000 $100,000 $300,000 $500,000 $0 $200,000 $400,000 $100,000 $300,000 $0 $200,000 $100,000 $0

Scholarship Funds Annual Fund Total Giving Funds Scholarship Annual Fund Scholarship Total Giving Funds Annual Fund Total Giving




Over the last 10 years, total scholarship awards have grown by


Over the last 10 years, we have increased the number of students offered scholarships by

10% 10%

Over the last 10 years, we have increased the number of enrolled students awarded scholarships by Over the last 10 years, the average scholarship dollar award has risen by



Cleveland State University

Cleveland-Marshall has

71 donor-named scholarship funds.

55 of ClevelandMarshall’s scholarship funds are endowed.

Cleveland-Marshall has

16 scholarship funds that are funded through yearly donations.

Cleveland-Marshall has

8 donor-named Public Interest Fellowships.

Cleveland-Marshall College of Law


Cleveland-Marshall Honors

Iris Wolstein

In 2004, Iris S. Wolstein committed $6.25 million to Cleveland State University and ClevelandMarshall College of Law in memory of her husband, Bert L. Wolstein, a 1953 cum laude graduate of Cleveland-Marshall. The Wolsteins’ gift was at the time the largest philanthropic gift in the history of both CSU and the law school, with $1.25 million earmarked as a challenge gift to create the Bert L. and Iris S. Wolstein Endowed Scholarship Fund. Through the “Wolstein Challenge,” more than $2.5 million was raised for the scholarship endowment. Nine years later, Cleveland-Marshall is seeing the true benefit of that generosity as Wolstein scholarships have been awarded 50 times to 39 students based on academic accomplishments and financial need. This June, the school showed its gratitude for the much needed scholarship support as CSU President Ronald M. Berkman and Cleveland-Marshall Dean Craig M. Boise hosted an on-campus luncheon honoring Mrs. Wolstein and her late husband. The event was an opportunity for past and current Wolstein scholars to thank Mrs. Wolstein for her support. It also allowed Mrs. Wolstein to see how her gift has helped some of the best and brightest law students achieve successful careers. Past Wolstein scholarship recipients work at organizations such as BakerHostetler, Jones Day, Nurenberg Paris Heller & McCarthy, Squire Sanders and the United States Court of Appeals. “I am very grateful for the generosity of the Wolsteins, because their support allowed me to focus on my studies and contribute to the Cleveland-Marshall community,” stated Benjamin Beckman ’10, a Wolstein scholar and current associate at Jones Day. “Without financial support from the Wolstein Scholarship, I would not have been able to attend law school.”


Cleveland State University

Front Row: Gregory Jolivette ’07, Allison Terry 2L, Alana Jochum ’10, Lydia Chiro 2L, Iris Wolstein, Mona Ma ’11, Dean Craig M. Boise, Justin Papadakis 3LE. Back Row: Alexandra Vernis 3L, Kelly Morgan 4LE, Catherine Donnelly ’08, President Ronald M. Berkman, Benjamin Beckman ’10, Robert Molnar 3L

“Without financial support from the Wolstein Scholarship, I would not have been able to attend law school.”

Benjamin Beckman ’10

In addition to remarks from President Berkman and Dean Boise, two Wolstein Scholarship recipients, including Squire Sanders associate Alana Jochum ’10, expressed their thanks to Mrs. Wolstein and other supporters of the endowment fund in attendance. “Mrs. Wolstein’s support of Cleveland-Marshall comes from a place of true generosity—she believes passionately in Cleveland and our school, and she believes in our ability as lawyers to better both places through our work,” remarked Jochum to the other Wolstein recipients in attendance. “I believe we owe Mrs. Wolstein two things– a sincere thanks for her empowering generosity, and a commitment to continue to pursue our life dreams and goals.”

Cleveland-Marshall College of Law




$100K +

James A. Thomas *

$20K +

Peter A. Carfagna Rita M. Carfagna Gail C. Hughes Timothy W. Hughes * Steven W. Percy * Cathy Tompkins P. Kelly Tompkins * David A. White, Sr. Hon. George W. White + *

$10K +

Hon. Ronald B. Adrine * Dr. John F. Burke, Jr. * Peter W. Klein * S. Lee Kohrman Dr. Harvey S. Rosen Carl L. Stern * Richard P. Stovsky *

$5K +

Benjamin W. Beckman David P. Burke * Teresa K. Demchak * Carol G. Emerling * Hon. Nancy A. Fuerst * Michael Eugene Gibbons Larry H. James * Richard C. Klein * Roger D. Klein Dennis A. Linden Jonathan Mester J. Michael Monteleone * Joseph F. Nicholas, Jr. David M. Paris * Hon. Joan Synenberg Roger M. Synenberg * Donna Zapis Thomas

$2K +

Thomas L. Aries * Professor Susan J. Becker * William L. Bransford + * Tim L. Collins * James J. Conway + Michael DeNicola Rebecca Dunn Ian N. Friedman * Jane Gallucci * Karen L. Giffen Donald L. Guarnieri * Kerin Lyn Kaminski Dennis R. Lansdowne * Jamie R. Lebovitz * John Lee Lemanowicz *


Martin Lesser, M.D. James A. Lowe * Katherine McCombs Laura J. Mimura Howard D. Mishkind * Jane Mishkind Kenneth R. Montlack * Richard S. Pietch Loree G. Potash * Steven Potash JoAnn V. Raney * Linn J. Raney * Margo Roth Robert J. Roth Isam Salah * Thomas J. Scanlon * Dean Frederic P. White, Jr. * F. Scott Wilson * Holly J. Wilson *

$1K +

Richard M. Arceci * Dr. Carl F. Asseff * James S. Aussem * Steven M. Auvil * Brett P. Barragate * Dana L. Barragate Sheryl King Benford * Peter F. Bertolo Dean Craig M. Boise Marina Rhodes Boise Hon. Charles Bridges * Peter J. Brodhead * Hon. Lillian W. Burke + * Michael L. Climaco * Hon. Cassandra Collier-Williams Donald N. Corcelli * Hon. John E. Corrigan * Professor Phyllis L. Crocker * Veronica M. Dever Charles R. Emrick, Jr. * Professor Diane L. Fahey * Professor Patricia J. Falk * Hon. Eugene M. Fellmeth + * Georgia A. Froelich * Phyllis Asquith Gary * Steven Jay German M. Colette Gibbons * Larry P. Goldberg * Lisa L. Gold-Scott Thomas O. Gorman * Patrick F. Haggerty * Reverend Edward T. Haggins * William Hawal Kevin M. Hinkel LuAnn M. Hinkel Amgad T. Husein Karen Denise Kaminski Hon. Diane J. Karpinski * Arthur M. Kaufman * Randall F. Kender

Judith L. Kranjc * Thomas J. Laubenthal * Professor Stephen R. Lazarus * Robert N. Lipcsik Joseph B. Mantell Nanette W. Mantell Sheila M. McCarthy Laurie Frances Melville Kirt A. Montlack * F. Ronald O’Keefe * Professor Kevin F. O’Neill * R. Russell O’Rourke * Richard L. Osborne Matthew Palenica * Michelle L. Paris Jill S. Patterson * Professor John T. Plecnik William T. Plesec * Richard W. Pogue Donald Pokorny * Donald Porterfield William E. Powers, Jr. * Troy S. Prince * Royce R. Remington * Rosalind R. Roberts Dennis R. Rose * Richard A. Schloss * Gregory S. Scott * Philip W. Skove + * Stephen G. Sozio * Kathleen J. St. John * Margareta Carmen Stanciu Virgil V. Stanciu Stanley E. Stein * Karen E. Swanson Haan James W. Theobald * Robert C. Tucker Professor Emerita Barbara J. Tyler * Dean Michael Valore Professor Alan C. Weinstein * Robert D. Weisman * David A. Wetta James Raymond Wymer Matthew Raymond Wymer

* Donors for 10+ years + Deceased

Cleveland State University

People who gave

annual fund Kenneth P. Abbarno Adam L. Abrahams Diane Adams Thomas W. Adams * Ilah M. Adkins Charles F. Adler * Sylvia K. Adler * Ann-Marie Riehle Ahern Nicholas Z. Alexander Richard C. Alkire * Scott S. Allen Gregory V. Aloia Brett Collins Altier Susan Mary Altmeyer Charles P. Alusheff * Darlene Amato-Brusnahan Jasper L. Ambers * Hon. Richard J. Ambrose * Brian E. Ambrosia Michelle B. Anselmo Victor Vincent Anselmo Richard M. Arceci * Thomas L. Aries * Kemper David Arnold * William L. Arnold * Dr. Carl F. Asseff * Susan M. Audey * Jean-Robert Auguste James S. Aussem * Steven M. Auvil * Janice R. Babbit * John Paul Bacevice Thomas W. Baker * Shimshon Balanson Stanley Ball Irving Barkan * Kevin D. Barnes Douglas N. Barr Brett P. Barragate * Dana L. Barragate Joyce E. Barrett Sheldon E. Baskin Sonya L. Bassaly Hon. William H. Baughman, Jr. * Norman T. Baxter, Jr. * Jason G. Beardsley Professor Susan J. Becker * Thea Gallo Becker Benjamin W. Beckman Sean C. Beckstrom Professor Gordon J. Beggs * Keith E. Belkin Cheryll A. Bellamy Everett Bellamy Sheryl King Benford * Mark S. Bennett * Rebecca J. Bennett

Wayne F. Benos Richard J. Berris * Peter F. Bertolo H. William Beseth III Linda Bickerstaff Terry Michael Billups Mark Biniecki Leslie Ann Bitman * Charles A. Bittenbender * Eileen M. Bitterman Jennifer A. Blaga Christopher S. W. Blake * Edward H. Blakemore Marc J. Bloch * Louis J. Bloomfield * April Miller Boise Dean Craig M. Boise Marina Rhodes Boise Rochelle E. Boland Daniel L. Bonder * Joanne Bonder Martin Charles Boron Timothy A. Boyko William L. Bransford + * Sandra J. Brantley * Ilene Butensky Brehm Robert A. Brehm Terrence L. Brennan R. Chad Brenner * Hon. Charles Bridges * Alan J. Brill Jason R. Bristol Peter J. Brodhead * Professor Carolyn Broering-Jacobs Robert L. Brown* Amy Posner Brooks David Scott Brown Susan R. Brown Vicky-Marie J. Brunette * Kreig J. Brusnahan Mark J. Bryn * Brent M. Buckley Edward T. Buelow Thomas C. Buford * Matthew Gary Burg Kelly S. Burgan Robert Harold Burgan Nancy Lee Burge David P. Burke * Hon. Lillian W. Burke + * Patrick Joseph Burke Catherine C. Burkey * Kenneth B. Burns * Kevin T. Burns Hon. Janet R. Burnside Donald Butler * Kevin M. Butler *

Cleveland-Marshall College of Law

Carey R. Butsavage * Michael Douglas Buzulencia J. Philip Calabrese * Kenneth Robert Callahan, Jr. Ann M. Caresani * Peter A. Carfagna Rita M. Carfagna William D. Carle III + * Fred Neil Carmen James P. Carrabine Paul Carrington * Luis Antonio Carrion K. Scott Carter Christopher J. Caryl Kelley Wenning Caryl Paul D. Castillo Frank A. Cellura * Ernest R. Centa Lillian Pozar Centa Shirley A. Champa * Dee Chandler * Meena Morey Chandra * David J. Chatfield Gerald B. Chattman Winnie B. Chattman Robert I. Chernett Professor April L. Cherry * Elaine J. Chimo * Peter J. Chudyk * John S. Cipolla Eugene Edward Clair, III Gregory F. Clifford * James C. Cochran Howard M. Cohen * Ronald B. Cohen * Elizabeth E. Collins Leo R. Collins Tim L. Collins * Thomas J. Condosta Vincent Edward Cononico James J. Conway + David R. Cook * Hon. Colleen C. Cooney * Jonathan R. Cooper Donald N. Corcelli * Daniel P. Corrigan Hon. John E. Corrigan * Christine C. Covey * Anthony J. Cox Brandon D. Cox Anthony J. Coyne Hon. William J. Coyne * James H. Crawford Dale E. Creech, Jr. Joshua Fadell Crocker Julie A. Crocker Professor Phyllis L. Crocker *

Since 2006, we’ve increased the number of scholarships awarded to women by 11%

* Donors for 10+ years + Deceased Names in bold indicate people who gave at the Dean’s Circle level ($1,000+)


Larry Crystal * John C. Cubar * James P. Cullen * Mary Patricia Culler * Michael W. Czack Alan Benedict Dailide Kevin M. Daly Eric Stephen Daniel Bryan J. Dardis Adam John Davis Anthony De LaVina Henry F. DeBaggis, II Ralph T. DeFranco * Hon. Timothy J. DeGeeter Max Dehn Carolyn W. Delli Bovi Jensen Teresa K. Demchak * Michael DeNicola Linda H. DeOreo * Kenneth A. Dery Sophia M. Deseran * Julie A. DiBaggio Edward James Dibbin, Jr. Nathalie A. Dibo Nicholas DiCioccio Marilena DiSilvio Mark E. Dobbins * John T. Doheny * Hon. John J. Donnelly * Kevin P. Donnelly Sara Mae Donnersbach James M. Doran Andrew J. Dorman Jennifer Marie Dorton Sue Marie Douglas Brian P. Downey * William A. Doyle William T. Doyle * Noreen S. Dreyer Gerard I. D’Souza Jeffrey E. Dubin Matthew P. Dugan Rebecca Dunn Theodore M. Dunn, Jr. Victoria Jean Durandt Sally M. Edwards * Thomas Maxwell Ehrnfelt Walter F. Ehrnfelt III * Marley F. Eiger * Hermine Greene Eisen Donald J. Elardo * Arthur A. Elkins Carol G. Emerling * Charles R. Emrick, Jr. * L. William Erb * Ceil A. Euster * Donna Jean A. Evans Susan M. Evans * William L. Evans * Professor Diane L. Fahey * Professor Patricia J. Falk * Brian G. Fallon Cheryl L. Farine Lori L. Fauvie John A. Favret III Robert A. Fein * Wendy West Feinstein JosÊ C. Feliciano * Mary Dempsey Feliciano


Mark Fellenbaum Hon. Eugene M. Fellmeth + * Edward F. Feran, Jr. * William C. Ferry Gary S. Feuerstein * Sandra K. Feuerstein Henry B. Fischer Ryan Hayes Fisher Dianne M. Fitze * Judd B. Fitze * Arthur R. FitzGerald * Jon D. Fitzpatrick * Thomas James Fitzpatrick IV Paul Martin Flannery Sarah Catherine Flannery Mark Alan Fleischer Adam L. Fletcher Melanie Fletcher Will R. Folger, Ph.D. * George L. Forbes Professor David F. Forte * Arthur Foth, Jr. Kathleen Norton Fox Damon A. Frangos Mark S. Frank * Helen E. Franklin * James H. French * Michael K. French Michelle Marie French Ronald Lawrence Frey II Sabrina M. Frey Hon. Jacob M. Fridline * Zeev Friedman * Georgia A. Froelich * John J. Fry Jude A. Fry James Ryan Fryling Rita S. Fuchsman * Catherine A. Furio Hon. Bohdan A. Futey * Robert W. Gaines Richard Galex * Timothy J. Gallagher * Hon. James S. Gallas * John Andrew Gambill Brian Thomas Gannon Jesse M. Gannon Professor Peter D. Garlock * John X. Garred * Phyllis Asquith Gary * Patricia Ann Gaul * James A. Gay Professor Deborah A. Geier * Laura Jean Gentilcore Patsy Gentilcore, Jr. Amy E. Gerbick Steven Jay German Kathleen M. Gharrity * Jason M. Gibbons * Joseph P. Gibbons M. Colette Gibbons * Michael Eugene Gibbons Joan Alice Gibson Hon. Joseph Gibson * Professor Brian A. Glassman * Alexander E. Goetsch * Gerald Gold Hon. Rosemary Grdina Gold Gerald C. Goldberg

Larry P. Goldberg * Allan Goldner * Lisa L. Gold-Scott Michael Gonzalez Holli S. Goodman * John L. Goodman Robert A. Goodman William J. Gordon, Jr. Thomas O. Gorman * Frederick L. Graf * Susan L. Gragel * Maureen Adler Gravens * Terrance P. Gravens * Donet D. Graves Thomas E. Green * Harry W. Greenfield * Mark R. Greenfield Cheryl Greenly Cathryn Elizabeth Greenwald Robert M. Greenwald Joseph N. Gross * Charles Gruenspan * David C. Grunenwald * Manju Gupta Harry L. Haber * Douglas Anthony Haessig Patrick F. Haggerty * Reverend Edward T. Haggins * Maria L. Haller Karen E. Hamilton Dr. Anne M. Hamlin Robert J. Hanna * Corey N. Harkey Charles Edward Harris II Michael P. Harvey * Jeffrey Phillip Hastings Michael C. Hasychak Karl W. Hauber Bryan J. Havighurst William Hawal Richard S. Hawrylak * Thomas P. Hayes * David Andrew Head Heather E. Heberlein Albert G. Hehr III Richard F. Heil, Jr. Gary A. Hengstler * Michael C. Hennenberg Arnold A. Herzog * Erin Siebenhar Hess Christopher Joseph Hickey George R. Hicks, Jr. Robert B. Hicks Eric M. Highman Deborah Lewis Hiller * Jennifer Marie Himmelein Leslie Hines Kevin M. Hinkel LuAnn M. Hinkel Alan N. Hirth Nicole M. Hitch Matthew J. Hite Shannon L. Hoch Benjamin N. Hoen Amanda M. Hoffman W. Andrew Hoffman, III William C. Hofstetter * Professor S. Candice Hoke * Thomas E. Hora *

Cleveland State University

* Donors for 10+ years

+ Deceased

Sarah L. Lukwinski-Shemo Stephen G. Macek Lisa M. Mahnic A. Deane Malaker Paul Joseph Malie Mary Malone Mary D. Maloney * Matthew J. Maloney Bernard Mandel Theodore M. Mann, Jr. * Joseph B. Mantell Nanette W. Mantell Lianne Renae Mantione Lindsay Marchio Scott D. Marcin Dale H. Markowitz * James A. Marniella Michael S. Martis * Clifford C. Masch William D. Mason Mark J. Masterson Matthew Matheny Tyler L. Mathews * Jessica A. Mathewson Ross A. Matlack Donald A. Mausar Harold O. Maxfield, Jr. Mark J. Mazzolini * Sheila M. McCarthy Nathaniel J. McDonald Megan McFadden Mark D. McGinley * Mary Jane McGinty Austin McGuan Jean McIntyre McKinnie * Louis Liam McMahon Hon. Ann McManamon * Hon. Joseph McManamon * Molly McNally Ellen K. Meehan * Michael J. Meehan Diane C. Meess * Danielle D. Mehallo Harlan M. Meinwald James E. Melle * Kyle B. Melling Laurie Frances Melville M. Terrell Menefee Russell J. Meraglio, Jr. Scott R. Mergenthaler * Gale S. Messerman * Gerald A. Messerman Joseph H. Mieskowski Chelsea R. Mikula Ann E. Miller Peter D. Miller * Dayna DePerro Milligan Patrick John Milligan Laura J. Mimura Richard J. Minnich * Roy David Minoff Stuart A. Mintz * Howard D. Mishkind * Jane Mishkind Timothy Mize *

annual fund

Anne M. Kordas * Professor Marjorie E. Kornhauser * Robert Isaac Koury Julius E. Kovacs * Joan Kowalski Theodore Richard Kowalski Robert R. Kracht Kathryn Malcolm Kramer Judith L. Kranjc * Martha H. Krebs * Joyce Dodrill Krieger Mark C. Krieger Jonathan Henry Krol Donald N. Krosin * Milan Kubat Gerrit C. Kuechle Harvey Kugelman Hon. Frank J. Kundrat Dale L. Kwarciany * Kristina I. Lah-O’Brien Jerry G. Landau Rafael Landau * Stephanie Landgraf Hallee D. Landsman * Mary S. Lang Patrick J. Langhenry Dennis R. Lansdowne * Steven P. Larson Thomas J. Laubenthal * Angela M. Lavin Kelly Summers Lawrence Professor Stephen R. Lazarus * Lynn A. Lazzaro * Patrick J. Leddy Barbara W. Lederman * Dr. Richard L. Lederman, MD Alan Lee Brian Christopher Lee William S. Leizman * John Lee Lemanowicz * Ann E. Leo Victor J. Leo Lawrence Leonard Joseph R. Leonti * Monica S. Lercher * Martin Lesser, M.D. Steven B. Lesser Diane S. Leung Robert S. Levine Martin Arthur Levitin * DeMarcus Elliott Levy Robert C. Lexa * William L. Libby * Joseph Libretti Gary L. Lieberman Kenneth B. Liffman * Dennis A. Linden Robert N. Lipcsik Barbara C. Litten Nora Elizabeth Loftus Joanna Natasha Lopez Helene S. Love * James A. Lowe * Alfred V. Lucas James Bartholomew Lucey

People who gave

Antoinette Howard Brittney Howard Richard Allan Hricik Neal E. Hubbard Mary E. Huber Michael E. Hudzinski Susan Whittaker Hughes Chris Lakin Hurlbut Michael P. Hurley Thomas J. Hurray * Amgad T. Husein Kathryn Burrer Hyer * Janice W. Ilerio James J. Imbrigiotta Kevin E. Irwin Karen N. Isobe Richard W. Jablonski * Larry H. James * Jacqueline Svete Janke * Hon. Douglas C. Jenkins Lindsay Clayton Jenkins Alana Jochum Christopher A. Johnson Gregory V. Jolivette, Jr. Susan L. Joplin Mervin L. Jordan * Therese P. Joyce Virginia M. Judd Woosong Jun David D. Kahan * Daniel S. Kalka * Karen Denise Kaminski Joseph Walter Kampman Bruce K. Karberg Lucien B. Karlovec, Jr. * Hon. Diane J. Karpinski * Timothy G. Kasparek * Eliot J. Katz Arthur M. Kaufman * Hon. Una H. R. Keenon Lawrence P. Kelley * Robert E. Kempke * Randall F. Kender Kevin Rodden Keogh Professor Sandra J. Kerber * Walter L. Kerr Robert S. Kessler Keith D. Kibler * Thomas B. Kilbane * Woods King III Janet Lowder Kinkaid John J. Kirn Emily Kirsch Joshua Adam Klarfeld Peter W. Klein * Richard C. Klein * Roger D. Klein Roger L. Kleinman Denise Jean Knecht * David R. Knowles * Sandra M. Koenig * S. Lee Kohrman Clement Kollin * Brian E. Kondas * Kim Renee Konkol-Myers

Names in bold indicate people who gave at the Dean’s Circle level ($1,000+)

Cleveland-Marshall College of Law


Beverly L. Moffet * M. Elizabeth Monihan William T. Monroe * J. Michael Monteleone * Kenneth R. Montlack * Kirt A. Montlack * Robert H. Moore, Jr. Zoe Ann Moore * Stanley Morganstern * Carol Jeanne Moskowitz Robert F. Motz Dennis P. Mulvihill J. Michael Murray * Genevieve K. Murtaugh Beth A. Nagel Barbara H. Nahra * Hon. Joseph J. Nahra Michael P. Nakon * Jeffrey P. Nash * Susan Nash Carmen P. Naso Gail Gianasi Natale * John A. Neville * Hon. Robert F. Niccum * Joseph F. Nicholas, Jr. Kristina Leigh Niedringhaus David William Norgard Will Norman Jenifer E. Novak Norman E. Novotny * Dale A. Nowak Jennifer N. Nye Gregory J. O’Brien Timothy F. O’Brien William J. O’Brien Martin James O’Connell Kathleen Mary O’Connell-Burton * James O’Connor Hon. Maureen O’Connor * Hon. Terrence O’Donnell * Thomas P. O’Donnell Drew Odum Jon W. Oebker F. Ronald O’Keefe * Gary S. Okin * Robert J. Olender * James E. O’Meara III * Michael W. O’Neil * Tamzin Kelley O’Neil Brian M. O’Neill * Professor Kevin F. O’Neill * Richard T. Orosz R. Russell O’Rourke Lillian Ortiz * Frank R. Osborne * Alexis Osburn Charles J. O’Toole * Joseph Palcko Matthew Palenica * Edward J. Palombizio, Jr. Christopher A. Pantoja Milton J. Pappas Suwan Eunice Park Jill S. Patterson * Marietta M. Pavlidis Eugene C. Pawlowski Charles J. Pawlukiewicz Hon. Jeff Payton *


Hon. Benita Y. Pearson Joan K. Pellegrin Dennis F. Penn David R. Percio * Steven W. Percy * Hon. Ralph J. Perk, Jr. * Gail Cynthia Perry Anthony R. Petruzzi Brian W. Phillips * Mark A. Phillips * Professor Jane M. Picker * Richard S. Pietch Paul E. Plank * Professor John T. Plecnik William T. Plesec * Robert L. Poeppelman * Richard W. Pogue Donald Pokorny * John S. Polito Daniel Thomas Pollina John C. Pollock * Hon. Dan Aaron Polster * Emily S. Pomeranz * Charles G. Pona Patricia A. Poole * George W. Pordan * Donald Porterfield Loree G. Potash * Steven Potash Hon. Noah E. Powers II William E. Powers, Jr. * Julie Marie Price Paul Francis Price Troy S. Prince * Marcus Pringle Elizabeth Ann Pugh * Most Reverend A. James Quinn * Ellen Hersch Rabb Richard Alan Rabb * JoAnn V. Raney * Linn J. Raney * Hyacinthe L. Raven Marcie J. Rechner Mark E. Recznik * Michael Redlick Harold C. Reeder, Jr. Kenneth E. Reinhard Richard T. Reminger, Sr. Royce R. Remington * Andrew J. Renacci Michael John Rendon Charles F. Reusch Theresa Ann Richthammer Dirk E. Riemenschneider Patrick D. Riley * Charles A. Rini, Jr. * Marlene T. Rink Robert P. Rink * Michael Ritz Tommy Roberts, Jr. Professor Heidi Gorovitz Robertson * Nancy H. Rogoff Dudley B. Rolla Joy L. Roller Barbara K. Roman * Oscar E. Romero Alin Rosca Dennis R. Rose *

Daniel L. Rosenthal * Alan J. Ross David Ross * Carole A. Roth Margo Roth Robert J. Roth Debjani Roy Kellie M. Rubesne Karen E. Rubin * Robert L. Ruff Suzanne Ruff J. Charles Ruiz-Bueno * Rodion J. Russin * Hon. Anthony J. Russo Hon. Michael J. Russo Maryann Lutz Ryan Professor Christopher L. Sagers Peter J. Sala Bernadette F. Salada * Isam Salah * James P. Sammon * Jennifer V. Sammon William A. Sampson Christine S. Santoni * Nicholas D. Satullo + Timothy W. Sauvain * Thomas J. Scanlon * Carol L. Schaffer Scott Brian Schaffer Rebecca F. Schlag Richard A. Schloss * Gordon E. Schmid * Raymond J. Schmidlin, Sr. * Robert N. Schmidt Christopher Schroeder Kathryn B. Schultz Richard F. Schultz * Stephen J. Schultz David Schwark Blaine S. Schwartz * Mary Byrne Schwegler Sheldon S. Schweikert Anthony Willard Scott Gregory S. Scott * Matthew Aaron Secrist Mark E. Seibert * Patricia L. Seifert Hon. Nicola A. Selvaggio * Matthew E. Senra Blas E. Serrano Mariela F. Serrano Michelle J. Sheehan * Peter K. Shelton * R. Lee Shepherd * Daniel Ari Sherwin Everett H. Shine * Myron S. Shlachter Nick Dan Shofar Sanford M. Shore * Dr. Robert M. Sieg David K. Siegel * Linda G. Silakoski * Mark C. Silbiger * Alan J. Sills * Terry L. Silver * Martin Silverman * Eric M. Simon John A. Simon

Cleveland State University

* Donors for 10+ years

+ Deceased

Wendy N. Weigand Jeffry L. Weiler * Sue Karen Weiler Alan H. Weinberg Professor Alan C. Weinstein * Ann C. Weinzimmer Geri Lynn Weis Patricia F. Weisberg H. Jed Weisman Robert D. Weisman * Dana Beth Weiss David E. Weiss Eric Jason Weiss Lita L. Weiss Hon. Lesley Wells * Professor Stephen J. Werber * Ronald B. Werner MacAllister A. West David A. Wetta Chandra Ann Whalen David A. White David A. White, Sr. Hon. Gregory A. White * James J. White John Randolph White Jeffrey M. Whitesell * Alicia Raina Whiting-Bozich George C. Wick, Jr. * Frederick N. Widen * Michael D. Wieder * Hon. William H. Wiest Earl Williams, Jr. Wendel E. Willmann * F. Scott Wilson * Holly J. Wilson * Robert M. Wilson * Robin M. Wilson * Stewart S. Wilson Paul F. Wingenfeld * Thomas R. Wolf * Michael A. Wolff Margaret W. Wong * Thomas B. Woodward James Raymond Wymer Matthew Raymond Wymer Diane E. Wynshaw-Boris Steven R. Yoo Leonard D. Young Deborah Weiqing Yue * Kelly A. Zabroski Jeffrey N. Zahn Xenophon Zapis * Richard G. Zeiger Yongbing Zhang Deborah D. Zielinski William Thomas Zigli Richard H. Zilm Timothy L. Zix Hon. Joseph James Zone Hon. Arthur L. Zulick * Gary A. Zwick *

annual fund

Hon. Bruce A. Taylor Daniel W. Taylor Laquita M. Taylor Christopher C. Teater * Joseph G. Tegreene * Elaine Annette Terman Michael L. Thal James W. Theobald * David M. Thomas Donna Zapis Thomas James A. Thomas * Alfred S. Tobin Christine M. Tobin Walker F. Todd Cathy Tompkins Lauren Tompkins P. Kelly Tompkins * Mariya Topolyanskaya David L. Trimble * Jane C. Troha Stephen T. Tsai Robert C. Tucker Elena V. Tuhy-Walters * Russell B. Turell Tracy A. Turoff Andrew L. Turscak, Jr. Professor Emerita Barbara J. Tyler * Brano Urbancic * Julie A. Vaccaro David A. Valent Dean Michael Valore Barbara D. Valponi * Mark J. Valponi * Rinda Elizabeth Vas Michael Ronald Vaselaney Missia H. Vaselaney Christopher W. Vasil * Hon. Hans R. Veit * Karen A. Vereb Bud Vetter * F. Thomas Vickers * Hon. JosĂŠ A. Villanueva Leland Gray Vincent Timothy J. Viskocil James E. von der Heydt Donna M. Vozar Joel P. Vujevich * Michael Wager Thomas C. Wagner Thomas J. Wagner John W. Waldeck, Jr. Freda Irene Wallace Virginia M. Wallace-Curry Mary G. Walsh * Stephen E. Walters * Anne Walton Robert Gregory Walton Jane Frances Warner Mark T. Wassell * Steven L. Wasserman * Susan Saks Wasserman Sandra J. Watson * Steven A. Wechsler * Brandi Weekley

People who gave

Sandra Simon * Jenifere R. Singleton Richard Skillen, Jr. * Ralph T. Skonce, Jr. * Philip W. Skove + * Carol M. Skutnik * Dennis J. Slyman Arthur D. Smialek Diane Smilanick Deborah Smith Mark A. Smith Professor Lloyd B. Snyder * Ralph P. Sobieski Carolyn C. Soeder Sharmon Sollitto * Stephen G. Sozio * John Jude Spellacy Timothy Spencer Meegan Lally Spicer Wilhelm G. Spiegelberg Timothy A. Spirko James E. Spitz * David Sporar Robert E. St. Leger * Margareta Carmen Stanciu Virgil V. Stanciu Mark A. Stanton Jack A. Staph * C. Anthony Stavole * Trent Stechschulte Edward R. Stege Carl L. Stern * Jeffrey A. Stern * Hon. Steven Leonard Sterner Arlene B. Steuer Hon. Melody J. Stewart * Mark J. Stockman James M. Stone Winifred Storkan Stone Richard P. Stovsky * Carter E. Strang * Martin J. Strobel * Thomas E. Stuckart III Jennifer L. Stueber Brian D. Sullivan * Professor Mark J. Sundahl Kristina Walter Supler Stephen C. Sutton * Mark Steven Svat Karen E. Swanson Haan Emily Sweeney Hon. Gerald F. Sweeney * Kelley A. Sweeney Margaret Sweeney Michael A. Sweeney * Hon. Patrick A. Sweeney Suzan M. Sweeney * Allan P. Sweet Brenda A. Sweet Dr. Elizabeth V. Swenson Ernest A. Szorady, Jr. Allison E. Taller James E. Tavens * Richard William Tayek

Names in bold indicate people who gave at the Dean’s Circle level ($1,000+)

Cleveland-Marshall College of Law


Law Firm Giving

Challenge The Law Firm Giving Challenge encourages the Cleveland-Marshall alumni at area firms to make a gift to the law school. Firms where 100% of the Cleveland-Marshall alumni make a gift become part of the 100% Club! We would like to extend our gratitude to the alumni coordinators at each firm who donated not only monetarily, but also with their time by helping with this important initiative.


Alumni Coordinators

Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs, LLP

Ronald F. Wayne ’78 & Allan P. Sweet ’09

Buckley King

Harry W. Greenfield ’70

Cavitch Familo & Durkin

James S. Aussem ’75

Giffen & Kaminski

Lauren Tompkins ’11

Lowe Eklund Wakefield & Mulvihill Co., LPA

James A. Lowe ’72

McCarthy, Lebit, Crystal & Liffman Co., L.P.A.

Kenneth B. Liffman ’79

Meyers, Roman, Friedberg & Lewis

Barbara K. Roman ’77

Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy

David M. Paris ’78


David Ross ’76

Squire Sanders

Patrick J. Burke ’03 & Alana Jochum ’10

Taft, Stettinius & Hollister LLP

Missia H. Vaselaney ’84

Tucker Ellis LLP

Thomas W. Baker ’98

Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., LPA

Donald A. Mausar ’95

Since 2006, we’ve increased the number of scholarships awarded to students of color by 28%

Thank you and congratulations to the 13 firms who reached 100% participation during the 2013 fiscal year. We are proud to add two new firms to the 100% Club in 2013 to the 11 firms that maintained 100% participation from the 2012 fiscal year. We thank you for your continued support, and welcome the new Club members! If you would like to help with the Law Firm Giving Challenge at your firm for the 2014 Annual Fund, please contact Kathryn L. Brickner 216.687.2286 |


Cleveland State University

Organizations that gave

Dean’s Circle $50K +

Thomas Investment Partners

$20K +

The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation *

$10K +

Adrine Re-Election Committee Burke, Rosen & Associates Hubert A. & Gladys C. Estabrook Charitable Trust * Jewish Federation of Cleveland * S. Lee & Margery S. Kohrman Philanthropic Fund McDonald Hopkins Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy Co., L.P.A. * Porter Wright LLP *

$5K +

The Appelbaum-Kahn Foundation Buckley King Jackson Lewis LLP

Kohrman Jackson & Krantz P.L.L. Mazanec, Raskin, Ryder & Keller Co., L.P.A. Esther and Hyman Rapport Philanthropic Trust Tucker Ellis LLP Ulmer & Berne LLP *

$2K +

The Banks-Baldwin Foundation * Collins & Scanlon, LLP Contessa Gallery George and Becky Dunn Charitable Fund Fay Sharpe LLP Friedman & Frey LLC Giffen & Kaminski, LLC Donald L. Guarnieri Foundation Littler Mendelson, P.C. * The McCarthy, Lebit, Crystal & Liffman Foundation Reminger L.P.A. * Grant Roth Memorial Endowment Fund of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving

$1K +

The Lillian Burke Fund at the Cleveland Foundation * The Cleveland Foundation * Fairhill Towers, LLC Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund * Johnson & Johnson KeyBank Foundation * McMaster-Carr Supply Company Ohio State Bar Association Scanlon Family Charitable Trust Stanley E. Stein & Associates Co., LPA United Technologies Corporation * The Ware Foundation Wetta Ventures LLC

A dditional D onors American Bar Endowment Charitable Gift Fund American Society of Association Executives Boeing Company Contributions Program Boyko, Dobeck & Weaver Attorneys at Law Carlton, Bentley & Penn The City Club of Cleveland Cozza and Steuer Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office The Czack Law Firm LLC Friends of Timothy J. DeGeeter Eaton Charitable Fund Fifth Third Bancorp FirstEnergy Foundation GE General Electric Foundation * Gervelis Law Firm Gerald and Nancy Goldberg Family Philanthropic Fund Law Office of Christopher J. Hickey, LLC The Law Offices of Richard A. Hricik, PA Hyster-Yale Materials Handling Insperity Etole and Julian Kahan Philanthropic Fund

Cleveland-Marshall College of Law

Legal News Publishing Company * Marathon Oil Foundation, Inc. Kevin E. McDermott Co., LPA The Merck Company Foundation * Meyers, Roman, Friedberg & Lewis Nestle Prepared Food Company Northwestern Mutual Foundation * The Owens Law Firm, LLC Pfizer Foundation PNC Foundation The Progressive Insurance Foundation * R Engineering Team LLC Michael J. Rendon LLC Law Office of Daniel L. Rosenthal Sandkelsunn Enterprises Family Limited Partnership Charna E. Sherman & David C. Weiner Fund The Sherwin-Williams Foundation Sisters of Charity Foundation Vitec Inc. Wagcap Advisors LLC Walter & Haverfield L.L.P. Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., L.P.A. * Donors for 10+ years


FRIENDS who gave Diane Adams Michelle B. Anselmo Kevin D. Barnes Douglas N. Barr Linda S. Bartolozzi Hon. William H. Baughman, Jr. * Professor Gordon J. Beggs * Edward H. Blakemore April Miller Boise Dean Craig M. Boise Marina Rhodes Boise Joanne Bonder Professor Carolyn Broering-Jacobs Dr. John F. Burke, Jr. * Hon. Janet R. Burnside Margaret Caine J. Philip Calabrese * Peter A. Carfagna Rita M. Carfagna Paul Carrington * Gerald B. Chattman Professor April L. Cherry * Hon. Colleen C. Cooney * Professor Phyllis L. Crocker * Peter W. Danford Michael DeNicola Nicholas DiCioccio Sue Marie Douglas Rebecca Dunn Professor Patricia J. Falk * Barbara Fiechtl Professor David F. Forte * Jane Gallucci * Professor Peter D. Garlock * Phyllis Asquith Gary * Professor Deborah A. Geier * Professor Brian A. Glassman * Gerald Gold Robert A. Goodman Professor S. Candice Hoke * Mary E. Huber Gail C. Hughes Thomas J. Hurray * Diane Immonen Karen N. Isobe Roger D. Klein Gregory V. Knopp * S. Lee Kohrman Joan Kowalski Professor Stephen R. Lazarus * Dr. Richard L. Lederman Martin Lesser, M.D. Joseph Libretti Dennis A. Linden A. Deane Malaker Theodore M. Mann, Jr. *

Joseph B. Mantell Matthew Matheny Jessica A. Mathewson Professor Claire C. Robinson May Katherine McCombs Megan McFadden Susan F. McKean Michael J. Meehan Gale S. Messerman * Gerald A. Messerman Jonathan Mester Jane Mishkind Hon. Joseph J. Nahra Sandra M. Natran * Kristina Leigh Niedringhaus Jennifer N. Nye Professor Kevin F. O’Neill * Richard L. Osborne Zachary T. Paris Dennis F. Penn Professor Jane M. Picker * Anthony M. Picone Professor John T. Plecnik Richard W. Pogue Hon. Dan Aaron Polster * David B. Rehmar Marlene T. Rink Rosalind R. Roberts Professor Heidi Gorovitz Robertson * Dr. Harvey S. Rosen Margo Roth Robert J. Roth Robert L. Ruff Suzanne Ruff Professor Christopher L. Sagers Charna Eve Sherman * Professor Mark J. Sundahl Professor Lloyd B. Snyder * Margareta Carmen Stanciu Edward R. Stege Walker F. Todd Cathy Tompkins Robert C. Tucker Michael Wager Alan H. Weinberg David C. Weiner * Professor Alan C. Weinstein * David E. Weiss Professor Stephen J. Werber * David A. White, Sr. Dean Frederic P. White, Jr * Deborah M. Wiant * Margaret W. Wong * James Raymond Wymer Matthew Raymond Wymer

* Donors for 10+ years | + Deceased | Names in bold indicate people who gave at the Dean’s Circle level ($1,000+)


Cleveland State University

“I choose to give back to Cleveland-Marshall because of how vital a role the law school plays in the Cleveland legal community. Having an office just down the street from the urban campus allows me to give back to the school beyond my financial contributions, by serving as a member of the school’s National Advisory Council since its development in 1999. During that time, I’ve had the opportunity to become friends with many of the school’s Deans and professors, and know firsthand the valuable resource they offer to our community. Several of my associates are graduates of Cleveland-Marshall, and I see daily the impact of the quality education that I’m contributing to.” Margaret W. Wong National Advisory Council member Friend of Cleveland-Marshall

Cleveland-Marshall College of Law


Faculty & Staff who


“I give to Cleveland-Marshall because I believe in our law school, our faculty, and most of all, our students. Every dollar, every donation, makes it possible for future lawyers, legislators, and judges to

Learn Law. Live Justice.” John T. Plecnik Professor Faculty/Staff Annual Campaign Chair

Diane Adams Susan Mary Altmeyer Janice R. Babbit * Adj. Prof. Joyce E. Barrett Hon. William H. Baughman, Jr., Adj. Prof. * Prof. Susan J. Becker * Adj. Prof. Mark S. Bennett * Dean Craig M. Boise Prof. Carolyn Broering-Jacobs Adj. Prof. Peter A. Carfagna Prof. April L. Cherry * Prof. Phyllis L. Crocker * Adj. Prof. Adam John Davis Dr. Rosa M. Delvecchio Prof. Patricia J. Falk * Prof. David F. Forte * Adj. Prof. Ian N. Friedman * Prof. Peter D. Garlock * Prof. Deborah A. Geier * Prof. Brian A. Glassman * Holli S. Goodman *


Adj. Prof. Michael P. Harvey * Prof. Carole O. Heyward * Prof. S. Candice Hoke * Thomas J. Hurray * Karen N. Isobe Prof. Sandra J. Kerber * Adj. Prof. Joshua Adam Klarfeld Prof. Kenneth J. Kowalski * Prof. Stephen R. Lazarus * Adj. Prof. Diane S. Leung Adj. Prof. Theodore M. Mann, Jr. * Jessica A. Mathewson Prof. Claire C. Robinson May Megan McFadden Mary Jane McGinty Adj. Prof. Stacey L. McKinley * Adj. Prof. Stuart A. Mintz * Sandra M. Natran * Jennifer N. Nye Prof. Kevin F. O’Neill * Adj. Prof. R. Russell O’Rourke Adj. Prof. Michelle L. Paris

Prof. John T. Plecnik Hon. Dan Aaron Polster, Adj. Prof. * Marcie J. Rechner Prof. Heidi Gorovitz Robertson * Adj. Prof. Karen E. Rubin * Prof. Christopher L. Sagers Prof. Lloyd B. Snyder * Adj. Prof. Stephen G. Sozio * Prof. Mark J. Sundahl Elaine Annette Terman Adj. Prof. Thomas C. Wagner Adj. Prof. David C. Weiner * Prof. Alan C. Weinstein * Prof. Stephen J. Werber *

* Donors for 10+ years Names in bold indicate people who gave at the Dean’s Circle level ($1,000+)

Cleveland State University



support ongoing programs, scholarships, enrichment General Support The Cleveland-Marshall Education Foundation (CMEF)

Charna E. Sherman-David C. Weiner Community Service Fellowship Charna Eve Sherman * David C. Weiner *

The Cleveland-Marshall Fund (CMF)

Edith and Sidney Simon Civil Liberties Endowed Fellowship Fund

Ben Lewitt Memorial Award

Program Support Frank L. Bartak ’54 Memorial Fund Clinical Endowed Fund Collins & Scanlon LLP Enrichment Fund Tim L. Collins * Stacey L. McKinley * Thomas J. Scanlon *

Scholarship Funds Russell T. Adrine Endowed Scholarship Hon. Ronald B. Adrine * Ann Aldrich Endowed Scholarship # Professor Stephen R. Lazarus * Justice Harry Blackmun/American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio Foundation College of Law Scholarship Endowment Fund Mary Ann Bagus Memorial Fund

Charles R. Emrick, Jr. ’58/Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP Endowment Fund Peter W. Danford Richard L. Osborne

James J. Bartolozzi Endowed Scholarship Linda S. Bartolozzi Susan F. McKean Stacey L. McKinley *

Fair Employment Practice Quasi Endowment Michelle M. DeBaltzo *

Donald E. Bolton Endowed Scholarship

Joseph C. Hostetler - Baker & Hostetler Endowed Chair in Law Law Library Book Fund in Honor of Edwin Meese # Law Library Quasi Endowment Michelle M. DeBaltzo * Moot Court Endowment Michael L. Climaco * Patrick K. Irwin Michelle A. Lafferty * Barbara J. Stanford Lombardo Vincent T. Lombardo * Suzanne M. Nigro * Stanley E. Stein * Sara E. Tackett Vicki and Jack Plata Law Library Book Fund Margaret Caine Professor Stephen R. Lazarus * Henry B. Winter Leon M. & Gloria Plevin Endowed Professorship Forrest Weinberg Memorial Fund Professor Stephen R. Lazarus * Gary R. Williams Bar Assistance Fund # Professor Kenneth J. Kowalski * Gary R. Williams * Laura A. Williams *

Fellowship Funds Terry and Robin Gilbert Social Justice Fellowship Fund Max I. Kohrman Memorial Endowed Public Interest Fellowship Fund S. Lee Kohrman The Steven C. LaTourette Graduate Public Interest Fellowship Hon. Steven C. LaTourette

Dinkar Chitaley Endowed Scholarship Herman H. David Memorial Scholarship Deanna L. DiPetta Thomas L. Feher * Delta Theta Phi Endowment John A. Doganiero Endowed Memorial Fund # Milton Dunn Memorial Fund Ernst & Young Tax Scholarship Endowment Fund Federal Bar Association Endowment Fund The Charles W. Fleming Memorial Endowment Scholarship Fund. Hon. Mabel M. Jasper * Judge Nancy A. Fuerst and Dr. John F. Burke, Jr. Endowed Scholarship Fund Professor Stephen R. Lazarus * Frank L. Gallucci Jr. Endowed Scholarship Michael L. Climaco * Jane Gallucci * Allan Raymond Immonen III Diane Immonen Anthony M. Picone Louis B. Geneva Endowed Scholarship Fund Michael L. Climaco * Professor Stephen R. Lazarus * Jeffrey A. Moats Sandra M. Natran * Carl Glickman Award for Academic Excellence in the JD/MBA Program David B. Goshien Endowed Scholarship # Lynda Anh Do Judge Mary Grossman Endowed Scholarship Michael and Gloria Gruhin Endowed Scholarship Professor Stephen R. Lazarus *

Cleveland-Marshall College of Law




Donald L. Guarnieri Endowed Scholarship Robert and Louise Haskins Endowed Scholarship Jack Hudson Memorial Scholarship Endowment Rosalind R. Roberts The Hughes Family Endowed Scholarship Fund Gail C. Hughes Timothy W. Hughes *

“We support Cleveland-Marshall to honor the memory of our son Grant Roth and brother David Roth. Both earned their law degrees at Cleveland-Marshall and benefitted greatly from their education. Each went on to careers dedicated to helping the underprivileged and serving our community.” – Margo and Bob Roth Grant and David Roth Public Interest Fellowship Fund

Jeffrey A. Leikin * Tracey L. Leikin Ellen Marie McCarthy Jonathan Mester David M. Paris * Kathleen J. St. John * Benjamin P. Wiborg

Max Ratner Endowed Law Student Tuition Assistance Fund Marie Rehmar Endowed Scholarship Fund for Dual Degree Law and Urban Students # David B. Rehmar Marie Rehmar * Irene and Louis Rennillo Endowed Scholarship Fund Manuel M. Rocker Scholarship Endowment Fund Howard M. Rossen Endowed Memorial Scholarship Professor Stephen R. Lazarus * Joseph Saslaw Memorial Scholarship Fund Ethel Scheingold Endowment Vida Shiffrer Endowed Scholarship Joseph D. Smith Endowed Scholarship

Julian and Etole Kahan Endowed Scholarship Fund # Etole Kahan * Julian Kahan *

Dean Wilson G. Stapleton Endowed Scholarship Col. Martin R. Loftus * William W. Owens *

Eileen K. Kelley Memorial Scholarship Fund # Veronica M. Dever

Steven H. Steinglass Endowed Scholarship Fund Michael L. Climaco * Professor Stephen R. Lazarus * Alan Jay Rom *

The Lynn & Michael Kelley Endowed Scholarship Tom A. King, Jr. Endowed Memorial Fund Albert Knopp Memorial Fund Gregory V. Knopp * H. Howard Laundy Endowed Scholarship Edward A. Lebit Endowed Scholarship Fund McCarthy, Lebit, Crystal & Liffman Endowed Scholarship Fund. E. Roger Stewart * Walter Lee McCombs Endowed Scholarship Hon. Mark M. Carissimi * Barbara Fiechtl Katherine McCombs

John J. Sutula Endowed Scholarship Ronald F. Wayne * Deborah M. Wiant * William K. Thomas Endowed Scholarship Maurice M. Weltman-Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Endowed Scholarship Fund Federic P. White, Jr. Endowed Scholarship Fund Dr. Rosa M. Delvecchio Professor Stephen R. Lazarus * Dean Frederic P. White, Jr. *

Judge George J. McMonagle Endowed Scholarship Fund

Judge George W. White, Jr. Scholarship Fund David A. White, Sr.

Lee J. Mull & Donald P. Mull Endowed Scholarship

June W. Wiener Endowment

Karen B. Newborn Endowed Scholarship

Bert L. and Iris S. Wolstein Endowed Scholarship Fund Stephen Lee Bittence Professor Carole O. Heyward * Zachary T. Paris Total $8,691,919.03

The Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy Endowed Scholarship in Law David A. Herman Brenda M. Johnson Jamie R. Lebovitz *


Louis Stokes Scholarship Fund Professor Claire C. Robinson May

Cleveland State University

* Donors for 10+ years / + Deceased Names in bold indicate people who gave at the Dean’s Circle level ($1,000+) # Funds that have not reached full endowment status



Support Type



$6,333,835.85 73%

Program Support $2,276,287.93



Fellowships $81,795.25 1%



Banks-Baldwin Foundation Scholarship Richard P. Stovsky * Judge Lillian Burke Scholarship Hon. Lillian Burke + (via the Cleveland Foundation) Captains Scholarship Presented by the Carfagna Family Peter A. Carfagna Rita M. Carfagna Teresa K. Demchak Scholarships & Awards Fund Teresa K. Demchak * Fay Sharpe Vic Nolan Scholarship Friedman & Gilbert Criminal Justice Forum Andrew Gary Memorial Scholarship Phyllis Asquith Gary * Edward T. Haggins Scholarship Fund Reverend Edward T. Haggins *

Cleveland-Marshall College of Law

Jackson Lewis LLP Labor and Employment Law Prize and Scholarship Funds Seymour Lesser Memorial Scholarship Steven B. Lesser Martin Lessr, M.D. * Sheldon Penn Memorial Scholarship Dennis F. Penn Grant and David Roth Public Interest Fellowship Fund Robert J. Roth Margo Roth James A. Thomas Distinguished Professor of Law James A. Thomas * Trial Courtroom Fund Dr. John F. Burke, Jr. * Hon. Cassandra Collier-Williams Ian N. Friedman * Hon. Nancy A. Fuerst *

Karen L. Giffen Donald L. Guarnieri * Kerin Lyn Kaminski Jamie R. Lebovitz * Mona Ma Stacey L. McKinley * Jonathan Mester David M. Paris * Michelle L. Paris Dr. Harvey S. Rosen Stephanie Smith-Pinskey Hon. Joan Synenberg Roger M. Synenberg *

Robert C. Tucker Scholarship

* Donors for 10+ years + Deceased Names in bold indicate people who gave at the Dean’s Circle level ($1,000+)


leave your


The Legacy Society, formerly known as the Stapleton Legacy Society, consists of individuals who have generously included Cleveland-Marshall in their estate plans. The Stapleton Legacy Society was aptly named for Dean Wilson G. Stapleton ’34, who served for 32 years as a faculty member and then as dean. He is best remembered for his legacy of kindness to the students and his willingness to help them as alumni. Through the Legacy Society, we show our gratitude to individuals who care deeply about law students of the future, as Dean Stapleton did, and have included Cleveland-Marshall in their estate plans through wills, living trusts or other types of planned or deferred gifts. Membership in the Legacy Society is open to those who have made a planned or deferred commitment to the law school using such vehicles as insurance policies, annuities, IRAs and real estate or other bequests. If you have remembered the law school in your estate plans, please let us know and we will welcome you to the Legacy Society. Contact: Jennifer Nye, Director of Advancement 216.687.2491

The Legacy Society Our gratitude to the current members of The Legacy Society:

ClevelandMarshall alumni and friends have donated more than $3 million in scholarship support over the last six fiscal years


Sylvia K. Adler ’43 Professor Susan J. Becker ’84 Stephen S. Bird ’81 Teresa Demchak ’76 Donald Elardo ’69 Charles R. Emrick, Jr. ’58 * Scott C. Finerman ’87 Georgia A. Froelich ’84 Phyllis Asquith Gary * Rev. Edward T. Haggins ’66 Robert W. ’63 + and Louise Haskins Hon. Douglas C. ’74 and Anita L. Jenkins Julian ’59 and Etole Kahan * Martin J. Keenan ’77 Hon. Deborah E. Kooperstein ’82 Fred Lick, Jr. ’61

Dr. Bernice G. Miller ’51 Steven W. ’79 and Polly Percy Richard T. Reminger, Sr. ’57 Rosalind R. Roberts Thomas J. Scanlon ’63 * P. Kelly Tompkins ’81 Steven F. Vargo ’90 Joel P. Vujevich ’94 * Leonard D. Young ’74 *Charter Member + Deceased

Cleveland State University

Vujevich Gives Back with Cleveland-Marshall’s Legacy Society One of six siblings raised on Cleveland’s West Side, Joel Vujevich ’94 and his family have built a legacy at Cleveland State University since the school’s very beginning. He is one of four siblings to attend CSU, his brother John being the first as a graduate in the school’s inaugural four-year class in 1969. Vujevich liked the school so much he continued on to Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, and the decision opened doors to a career beyond his dreams.

“Cleveland-Marshall has the wisdom to realize there are people like myself who are non-traditional students but can compete in law school at a very high level” Less than a year after passing the bar, Vujevich was offered a position at the United Auto Workers headquarters in Detroit. Using his legal skills in the auto parts supplier department, he specialized in contract negotiations. Vujevich enjoyed the high stress and intensity of labor negotiations while fighting for middle-class workers who hoped to provide a better future for their children, as his father did for him. In addition to his family’s support, assistance from the UAW was a major reason why Vujevich furthered his education. Originally a union carpenter, he decided to pursue post-secondary education shortly after being elected a union steward. He studied management and labor relations at CSU, then continued on to Cleveland-Marshall while taking advantage of partial tuition reimbursement from the UAW. Vujevich realizes that not every student has the opportunity he had to have employer assistance help cover the cost of law school tuition. That is one of the many reasons he gives back to the school’s annual fund, and why he became a charter member of the Legacy Society in 2002. “Everything I have is because of my UAW success, and I believe that success is because of Cleveland-Marshall and Cleveland State,” explained Vujevich. “I didn’t hesitate to join the Stapleton (Legacy) Society. It is such an easy way to give back.” Getting through school was no small feat for Vujevich, as it took 12 years to complete his undergraduate and law degrees as a part-time student while working at least 48 hours a week, and as many as 60 once he was elected UAW Local 1050 president during law school. Without the part-time evening program at ClevelandMarshall, he would have been unable to attend law school, and he wants to make sure other talented individuals are afforded similar opportunities. “Cleveland-Marshall has the wisdom to realize there are people like myself who are non-traditional students but can compete in law school at a very high level,” said Vujevich. “It’s important to not let money or other factors stand in the way of talented students who can change the world, and I’m honored to play a part in that.” Cleveland-Marshall College of Law


Alumni who gave by 1943 Participation: 33% Sylvia K. Adler * 1947 Participation: 25% Robert W. Gaines 1950 Participation: 15% Hon. Ann McManamon * Hon. Joseph McManamon * 1951 Participation: 10% Hon. Eugene M. Fellmeth + * William S. Leizman * 1952 Participation: 8% John C. Pollock * Arlene B. Steuer 1953 Participation: 8% Hon. James S. Gallas * William T. Monroe * Mark A. Smith 1954 Participation: 9% Ernest R. Centa Lawrence P. Kelley * Robert C. Lexa * Xenophon Zapis * 1955 Participation: 10% William D. Carle III + * Carol G. Emerling * Philip W. Skove + * James J. White 1956 Participation: 11% Hon. Robert F. Niccum * Milton J. Pappas Richard H. Zilm 1957 Participation: 11% Irving Barkan * Jean McIntyre McKinnie * Richard T. Reminger, Sr. Dudley B. Rolla 1958 Participation: 12% Charles R. Emrick, Jr. * Donald N. Krosin * Robert E. St. Leger * 1959 Participation: 6% Julian Kahan * Sanford M. Shore *



1960 Participation: 14% Donald L. Guarnieri * Robert S. Kessler Rodion J. Russin * Hon. Gerald F. Sweeney * Hon. Hans R. Veit * 1961 Participation: 15% Ronald B. Cohen * Clement Kollin * George W. Pordan * Martin Silverman * Richard Skillen, Jr. * C. Anthony Stavole * Ronald B. Werner 1962 Participation: 26% Sheldon E. Baskin Kenneth B. Burns * Elaine J. Chimo * Leo R. Collins Arthur R. FitzGerald * George L. Forbes Lucien B. Karlovec, Jr. * Walter L. Kerr William L. Libby * William J. O’Brien Stanley E. Stein * 1963 Participation: 14% Donald N. Corcelli * Richard C. Klein * Robert H. Moore, Jr. Michael P. Nakon * Thomas J. Scanlon * Dennis J. Slyman James A. Thomas * 1964 Participation: 20% Nicholas Z. Alexander Hon. William J. Coyne * Henry B. Fischer David D. Kahan * Charles J. O’Toole * Donald Pokorny * Raymond J. Schmidlin, Sr. * Sheldon S. Schweikert Michael L. Thal 1965 Participation: 7% Louis J. Bloomfield * Martin Arthur Levitin * Richard J. Minnich * David K. Siegel *

1966 Participation: 14% Gerald C. Goldberg Reverend Edward T. Haggins * Norman E. Novotny * James E. O’Meara III * Carl L. Stern * Martin J. Strobel * H. Jed Weisman 1967 Participation: 14% Larry Crystal * Hon. Jacob M. Fridline * Larry P. Goldberg * Julius E. Kovacs * Theodore Richard Kowalski Alfred V. Lucas Kenneth R. Montlack * Stanley Morganstern * Charles F. Reusch 1968 Participation: 9% Hon. John E. Corrigan * Hon. Bohdan A. Futey * Bernard Mandel John A. Neville * William E. Powers, Jr. * Linn J. Raney * 1969 Participation: 19% Norman T. Baxter, Jr. * Marc J. Bloch * Kenneth A. Dery Hon. John J. Donnelly * Donald J. Elardo * Neal E. Hubbard Gerrit C. Kuechle Col. Martin R. Loftus * Timothy F. O’Brien William W. Owens * Brian W. Phillips * Myron S. Shlachter James E. Spitz * George C. Wick, Jr. * Michael D. Wieder * Wendel E. Willmann * 1970 Participation: 9% Veronica M. Dever William T. Doyle * Robert A. Fein * Richard Galex * John L. Goodman Harry W. Greenfield * Harry L. Haber * Robert E. Kempke * John J. Kirn Richard T. Orosz Timothy W. Sauvain * Everett H. Shine * David M. Thomas Russell B. Turell Jeffry L. Weiler *

Cleveland State University

* Donors for 10+ years


+ Deceased

1971 Participation: 7% Thomas L. Aries * Joyce E. Barrett Thomas P. Hayes * James E. Melle * Hon. Terrence O’Donnell * William T. Plesec * Hon. William H. Wiest Robert I. Chernett 1972 Participation: 6% Michael L. Climaco * Ralph T. DeFranco * Hon. Joseph Gibson * Bruce K. Karberg James A. Lowe * Most Reverend A. James Quinn * Alan Jay Rom * Thomas J. Wagner 1973 Participation: 6% Hon. Ronald B. Adrine * Kevin M. Daly Allan Goldner * William J. Gordon, Jr. Thomas O. Gorman * Alan N. Hirth Timothy W. Hughes * Frank R. Osborne * Jack A. Staph * 1974 Participation: 11% Jasper L. Ambers * Mark Biniecki John T. Doheny * Marley F. Eiger * William L. Evans * Arthur Foth, Jr. James H. French * Michael C. Hennenberg Michael P. Hurley Hon. Douglas C. Jenkins Timothy G. Kasparek * David R. Knowles * Mary S. Lang J. Michael Monteleone * David R. Percio * Sandra Simon * Susan Saks Wasserman Hon. Lesley Wells * Thomas B. Woodward Leonard D. Young 1975 Participation: 7% William L. Bransford + * Noreen S. Dreyer José C. Feliciano * James A. Gay Deborah Lewis Hiller * William C. Hofstetter * Hon. Una H. R. Keenon


Names in bold indicate people who gave at the Dean’s Circle level ($1,000+)

Jerry G. Landau Lynn A. Lazzaro * Dale H. Markowitz * Beverly L. Moffet * Hon. Jeff Payton * Alan J. Ross Christopher W. Vasil * Robert D. Weisman *

Mark J. Valponi * John W. Waldeck, Jr. Robert M. Wilson *

1976 Participation: 10% James S. Aussem * Carey R. Butsavage * Hon. Mark M. Carissimi * Howard M. Cohen * Teresa K. Demchak * M. Colette Gibbons * Hon. Mabel M. Jasper * Hon. Frank J. Kundrat Dale L. Kwarciany * Helene S. Love * J. Michael Murray * Barbara H. Nahra * Robert J. Olender * Edward J. Palombizio, Jr. David Ross * Isam Salah * Gordon E. Schmid * Blas E. Serrano Arthur D. Smialek Mark A. Stanton Michael A. Sweeney * Hon. Bruce A. Taylor Mary G. Walsh * Steven A. Wechsler * Earl Williams, Jr.

1978 Participation: 13% Cheryll A. Bellamy Terrence L. Brennan Alan J. Brill Mark J. Bryn * James C. Cochran Dale E. Creech, Jr. John C. Cubar * Mark Fellenbaum Zeev Friedman * Maureen Adler Gravens * Robert B. Hicks Christopher A. Johnson Rafael Landau * Monica S. Lercher * Mark J. Mazzolini * Peter D. Miller * Stuart A. Mintz * Carmen P. Naso Paul E. Plank * Steven Potash Elizabeth Ann Pugh * Michael Redlick Barbara K. Roman * Carole A. Roth Hon. Anthony J. Russo Roger M. Synenberg * Daniel W. Taylor Steven L. Wasserman * Ronald F. Wayne * Hon. Gregory A. White *

1977 Participation: 12% Gregory V. Aloia William L. Arnold * Keith E. Belkin Thomas C. Buford * David R. Cook * Gary S. Feuerstein * Dianne M. Fitze * Judd B. Fitze * Jon D. Fitzpatrick * Rita S. Fuchsman * Terrance P. Gravens * Donet D. Graves Thomas E. Hora * Kevin E. Irwin Larry H. James * Alan Lee Robert S. Levine Nanette W. Mantell Genevieve K. Murtaugh F. Ronald O’Keefe * Gary S. Okin * John S. Polito R. Lee Shepherd * Terry L. Silver * Sharmon Sollitto * Jeffrey A. Stern * James W. Theobald *

1979 Participation: 10% Jean-Robert Auguste Sheryl King Benford * R. Chad Brenner * Hon. Charles Bridges * Peter J. Brodhead * Frank A. Cellura * Shirley A. Champa * Christine C. Covey * Sally M. Edwards * Joseph P. Gibbons Frederick L. Graf * W. Andrew Hoffman III Professor Marjorie E. Kornhauser * Martha H. Krebs * Ann E. Leo Victor J. Leo Lawrence Leonard Steven B. Lesser Kenneth B. Liffman * Gail Gianasi Natale * David M. Paris * Steven W. Percy * Mark E. Recznik * Kenneth E. Reinhard Patrick D. Riley * Mariela F. Serrano Ralph T. Skonce, Jr. *

Cleveland-Marshall College of Law

Barbara D. Valponi * Lita L. Weiss Stewart S. Wilson Hon. Arthur L. Zulick * 1980 Participation: 12% Richard C. Alkire * Kemper David Arnold * Janice R. Babbit * Everett Bellamy Wayne F. Benos Richard J. Berris * Charles A. Bittenbender * Sandra J. Brantley * David P. Burke * Peter J. Chudyk * Susan L. Gragel * Mark R. Greenfield William Hawal Kevin M. Hinkel Joseph Walter Kampman Hon. Diane J. Karpinski * Eliot J. Katz Hon. Steven C. LaTourette Thomas J. Laubenthal * Barbara J. Stanford Lombardo Ann E. Miller Howard D. Mishkind * Dale A. Nowak Kathleen Mary O’Connell-Burton * Hon. Maureen O’Connor * Joan K. Pellegrin Richard S. Pietch Loree G. Potash * Hon. Noah E. Powers II Maryann Lutz Ryan Mary Byrne Schwegler Ralph P. Sobieski Jane C. Troha Sandra J. Watson * Gary A. Zwick * 1981 Participation: 10% Richard M. Arceci * Martin Charles Boron Kreig J. Brusnahan Donald Butler * Fred Neil Carmen Dee Chandler * Gregory F. Clifford * Henry F. DeBaggis, II Hermine Greene Eisen Mark S. Frank * David C. Grunenwald * Professor Sandra J. Kerber * Peter W. Klein * Denise Jean Knecht * Dennis R. Lansdowne * Gary L. Lieberman Vincent T. Lombardo * Scott R. Mergenthaler * Timothy Mize * Matthew Palenica * Diane Smilanick


Alumni who gave by Deborah Smith Emily Sweeney Ernest A. Szorady, Jr. P. Kelly Tompkins * Robert Gregory Walton Frederick N. Widen * F. Scott Wilson * Holly J. Wilson * Hon. Joseph James Zone 1982 Participation: 12% Leslie Ann Bitman * Brent M. Buckley Edward T. Buelow Kenneth Robert Callahan, Jr. Mark E. Dobbins * Theodore M. Dunn, Jr. Michael Eugene Gibbons Hon. Rosemary Grdina Gold Charles Gruenspan * Kathryn Burrer Hyer * Patrick K. Irwin Mervin L. Jordan * Kevin Rodden Keogh Woods King III Jamie R. Lebovitz * Stephen G. Macek Mark D. McGinley * Mary Jane McGinty Suzanne M. Nigro * Harold C. Reeder, Jr. Robert N. Schmidt Blaine S. Schwartz * Alan J. Sills * Wilhelm G. Spiegelberg Kathleen J. St. John * Virgil V. Stanciu Richard William Tayek Alfred S. Tobin Christine M. Tobin Laura A. Williams * Diane E. Wynshaw-Boris Richard G. Zeiger 1983 Participation: 7% Charles F. Adler * Thea Gallo Becker Carolyn W. Delli Bovi Jensen Professor Diane L. Fahey * Kathleen M. Gharrity * Gary A. Hengstler * Arthur M. Kaufman * Robert R. Kracht Clifford C. Masch Russell J. Meraglio, Jr. Thomas P. O’Donnell Charles J. Pawlukiewicz Hon. Ralph J. Perk, Jr. * Tommy Roberts, Jr. Scott Brian Schaffer Stephen G. Sozio * Richard P. Stovsky * Michael Ronald Vaselaney F. Thomas Vickers * Stephen E. Walters * David A. Wetta



1984 Participation: 12% Dr. Carl F. Asseff * Professor Susan J. Becker * Daniel L. Bonder * Michael Douglas Buzulencia James P. Carrabine Michael W. Czack Mark Alan Fleischer Helen E. Franklin * Georgia A. Froelich * John X. Garred * Robert M. Greenwald Roger L. Kleinman Joyce Dodrill Krieger Harvey Kugelman Harlan M. Meinwald M. Elizabeth Monihan R. Russell O’Rourke Michelle L. Paris Daniel L. Rosenthal * Carol L. Schaffer Hon. Steven Leonard Sterner Carter E. Strang * Christopher C. Teater * Joseph G. Tegreene * Mark T. Wassell * Gary R. Williams * 1985 Participation: 10% Charles P. Alusheff * James P. Cullen * Mary Patricia Culler * Linda H. DeOreo * Will R. Folger, Ph.D. * Patrick F. Haggerty * Kerin Lyn Kaminski Randall F. Kender Kim Renee Konkol-Myers Jeffrey A. Leikin * Michael S. Martis * Jeffrey P. Nash * Nancy H. Rogoff Karen E. Rubin * Hon. Michael J. Russo Nicholas D. Satullo + Dr. Elizabeth V. Swenson Missia H. Vaselaney Bud Vetter * Thomas C. Wagner Patricia F. Weisberg William Thomas Zigli 1986 Participation: 10% Peter F. Bertolo Ilene Butensky Brehm Tim L. Collins * Thomas J. Condosta Jonathan R. Cooper Deanna L. DiPetta Laura Jean Gentilcore Robert J. Hanna * Richard F. Heil, Jr. Daniel S. Kalka *

William D. Mason Harold O. Maxfield, Jr. Zoe Ann Moore * David William Norgard Gail Cynthia Perry Charles G. Pona Robert P. Rink * Bernadette F. Salada * James M. Stone James E. Tavens * Timothy J. Viskocil 1987 Participation: 9% Hon. Richard J. Ambrose * Susan R. Brown Nancy Lee Burge Daniel P. Corrigan Anthony J. Coyne James H. Crawford Ceil A. Euster * Thomas L. Feher * Edward F. Feran, Jr. * James Ryan Fryling Joan Alice Gibson Michael P. Harvey * George R. Hicks, Jr. Sandra M. Koenig * Mary D. Maloney * Roy David Minoff Joseph F. Nicholas, Jr. Brian M. O’Neill * Dennis R. Rose * Nick Dan Shofar Eric M. Simon Hon. Joan Synenberg Donna Zapis Thomas 1988 Participation: 8% Darlene Amato-Brusnahan Victor Vincent Anselmo Catherine C. Burkey * Walter F. Ehrnfelt III * Cheryl L. Farine Hon. Nancy A. Fuerst * Richard S. Hawrylak * Chris Lakin Hurlbut James J. Imbrigiotta Michelle A. Lafferty * James Bartholomew Lucey Royce R. Remington * Mark C. Silbiger * Hon. Melody J. Stewart * Mark Steven Svat Virginia M. Wallace-Curry Steven R. Yoo 1989 Participation: 7% Timothy A. Boyko John S. Cipolla Edward James Dibbin, Jr. Brian P. Downey * Ryan Hayes Fisher Karen L. Giffen Michael E. Hudzinski

Cleveland State University

* Donors for 10+ years


+ Deceased

Ellen Marie McCarthy Sheila M. McCarthy Robert L. Poeppelman * Ellen Hersch Rabb Richard Alan Rabb * William A. Sampson Patricia L. Seifert Professor Emerita Barbara J. Tyler * 1990 Participation: 4% Linda Bickerstaff Hon. Cassandra Collier-Williams Kevin P. Donnelly Michael C. Hasychak Patrick J. Leddy Barbara W. Lederman * Mark A. Phillips * J. Charles Ruiz-Bueno * John A. Simon David L. Trimble * 1991 Participation: 7% Susan Mary Altmeyer Robert L. Brown * David J. Chatfield John J. Fry Jude A. Fry Catherine A. Furio Jason M. Gibbons * Joseph N. Gross * Jeffrey Phillip Hastings Judith L. Kranjc * Matthew J. Maloney Diane C. Meess * Patricia A. Poole * Dirk E. Riemenschneider Richard F. Schultz * Hon. Nicola A. Selvaggio * Stephen C. Sutton * Suzan M. Sweeney * Timothy L. Zix 1992 Participation: 7% Kenneth P. Abbarno Thomas W. Adams * Rochelle E. Boland Meena Morey Chandra * Sophia M. Deseran * Timothy J. Gallagher * Steven Jay German Janet Lowder Kinkaid Hallee D. Landsman * John Lee Lemanowicz * Diane S. Leung Scott D. Marcin Ellen K. Meehan * Laura J. Mimura Jeffrey A. Moats Kirt A. Montlack * Charles A. Rini, Jr. * Carol M. Skutnik * Donna M. Vozar John Randolph White Paul F. Wingenfeld *


Names in bold indicate people who gave at the Dean’s Circle level ($1,000+)

1993 Participation: 5% Steven M. Auvil * Arthur A. Elkins Susan M. Evans * Patricia Ann Gaul * Professor Carole O. Heyward * Brenda M. Johnson William LaMarca Oscar E. Romero Christine S. Santoni * Rebecca F. Schlag Michelle J. Sheehan * Peter K. Shelton * Meegan Lally Spicer Wendy N. Weigand 1994 Participation: 11% Susan M. Audey * Jennifer A. Blaga Vicky-Marie J. Brunette * Ann M. Caresani * Eugene Edward Clair III Vincent Edward Cononico Andrew J. Dorman Gerard I. D’Souza Lisa L. Gold-Scott Richard W. Jablonski * Jacqueline Svete Janke * Susan L. Joplin Keith D. Kibler * Kristina I. Lah-O’Brien Lisa M. Mahnic Tyler L. Mathews * Dennis P. Mulvihill Gregory J. O’Brien James O’Connor Jon W. Oebker Michael W. O’Neil * Daniel Thomas Pollina Peter J. Sala James P. Sammon * Jennifer V. Sammon Brian D. Sullivan * Joel P. Vujevich * Geri Lynn Weis Thomas R. Wolf * Deborah Weiqing Yue * 1995 Participation: 7% Dana L. Barragate Sean C. Beckstrom Marilena DiSilvio Wendy West Feinstein Kathleen Norton Fox Alexander E. Goetsch * Karen E. Hamilton Bryan J. Havighurst Christopher Joseph Hickey Brian E. Kondas * Anne M. Kordas * Patrick J. Langhenry Donald A. Mausar Hon. Benita Y. Pearson Emily S. Pomeranz *

Cleveland-Marshall College of Law

John Jude Spellacy Elena V. Tuhy-Walters * Freda Irene Wallace Michael A. Wolff 1996 Participation: 4% Adam L. Abrahams Brett P. Barragate * Amy Posner Brooks Brian G. Fallon Thomas B. Kilbane * Robert N. Lipcsik Louis Liam McMahon Gregory S. Scott * Mark J. Stockman Jennifer L. Stueber Robin M. Wilson * 1997 Participation: 10% Scott S. Allen Eileen M. Bitterman Michelle M. DeBaltzo * Hon. Timothy J. DeGeeter Jeffrey E. Dubin Ian N. Friedman * Eric M. Highman Janice W. Ilerio Barbara C. Litten Stacey L. McKinley * Beth A. Nagel Marietta M. Pavlidis Anthony R. Petruzzi Theresa Ann Richthammer Kellie M. Rubesne Mark E. Seibert * Linda G. Silakoski * Kelley A. Sweeney Laquita M. Taylor Jeffrey M. Whitesell * 1998 Participation: 5% Ann-Marie Riehle Ahern Thomas W. Baker * Mark S. Bennett * Rebecca J. Bennett Christopher J. Caryl Sara Mae Donnersbach James M. Doran Shannon L. Hoch Amgad T. Husein Angela M. Lavin Danielle D. Mehallo Jill S. Patterson * Timothy A. Spirko E. Roger Stewart * 1999 Participation: 4% Christopher S. W. Blake * Albert G. Hehr III Therese P. Joyce M. Terrell Menefee Jenifer E. Novak Tamzin Kelley O’Neil

Lillian Ortiz * Julie Marie Price Dean Michael Valore Rinda Elizabeth Vas Karen A. Vereb 2000 Participation: 4% Jason R. Bristol Matthew Gary Burg Matthew P. Dugan L. William Erb * Donna Jean A. Evans Karen Denise Kaminski Joseph R. Leonti * James A. Marniella Matthew E. Senra Eric Jason Weiss Deborah D. Zielinski 2001 Participation: 6% Kelly S. Burgan Kevin M. Butler * Anthony De LaVina Jennifer Marie Dorton Michael K. French Karl W. Hauber Erin Siebenhar Hess Matthew J. Hite Ross A. Matlack Andrew L. Turscak, Jr. Jeffrey N. Zahn Yongbing Zhang 2002 Participation: 5% Sarah Catherine Flannery Amy E. Gerbick Thomas E. Green * David Andrew Head Lindsay Clayton Jenkins Kelly Summers Lawrence Carol Jeanne Moskowitz Troy S. Prince * Richard A. Schloss * Tracy A. Turoff Leland Gray Vincent Jane Frances Warner 2003 Participation: 4% Ilah M. Adkins Patrick Joseph Burke Lori L. Fauvie Manju Gupta Charles Edward Harris II Lianne Renae Mantione Martin James O’Connell Jenifere R. Singleton Ann C. Weinzimmer Dana Beth Weiss 2004 Participation: 6% Stephen Lee Bittence Joshua Fadell Crocker


Alumni who gave by * Donors for 10+ years + Deceased Names in bold indicate people who gave at the Dean’s Circle level ($1,000+)

“Without Cleveland-Marshall’s tuition structure and night program, I would never have been able to become a lawyer. While lawyers produced by other law schools are nice people, Cleveland-Marshall graduates really run Northeast Ohio - from the Prosecutor’s

Eric Stephen Daniel Julie A. DiBaggio Lynda Anh Do Ronald Lawrence Frey II Brian Thomas Gannon Benjamin N. Hoen Sarah L. Lukwinski-Shemo Laurie Frances Melville Dayna DePerro Milligan Patrick John Milligan Paul Francis Price Michael John Rendon 2005 Participation: 7% Brian E. Ambrosia Terry Michael Billups Bryan J. Dardis Max Dehn John A. Favret III Sabrina M. Frey Douglas Anthony Haessig Joshua Adam Klarfeld Nora Elizabeth Loftus Debjani Roy Dr. Robert M. Sieg Thomas E. Stuckart III Alicia Raina Whiting-Bozich

and Defender’s Offices, to the Courthouse, and the Halls of Congress. Giving back whatever I’m able, to a place that gave me my shot, just makes sense.” - Hon. Steven C. LaTourette ’80 The Steven C. LaTourette Graduate Public Interest Fellowship

2006 Participation: 7% Sonya L. Bassaly Kevin T. Burns K. Scott Carter Paul D. Castillo Julie A. Crocker Cheryl Greenly Maria L. Haller David A. Herman



Nicole M. Hitch Virginia M. Judd Robert Isaac Koury Milan Kubat Nathaniel J. McDonald Kristina Walter Supler Stephen T. Tsai David A. White 2007 Participation: 5% H. William Beseth III David Scott Brown Paul Martin Flannery Gregory V. Jolivette, Jr. Brian Christopher Lee Paul Joseph Malie Austin McGuan Joseph H. Mieskowski Daniel Ari Sherwin Karen E. Swanson Haan 2008 Participation: 8% Luis Antonio Carrion Adam John Davis Nathalie A. Dibo William C. Ferry Thomas James Fitzpatrick IV Heather E. Heberlein Leslie Hines Susan Whittaker Hughes Mary Malone Molly McNally Alexis Osburn Joy L. Roller Alin Rosca Matthew Aaron Secrist David A. Valent Benjamin P. Wiborg Kelly A. Zabroski 2009 Participation: 6% Shimshon Balanson Adam L. Fletcher Michael Gonzalez Cathryn Elizabeth Greenwald Corey N. Harkey Jennifer Marie Himmelein Kathryn Malcolm Kramer Donald Porterfield Anthony Willard Scott Allan P. Sweet Allison E. Taller MacAllister A. West 2010 Participation: 9% John Paul Bacevice Benjamin W. Beckman Victoria Jean Durandt Melanie Fletcher Antoinette Howard Alana Jochum

Woosong Jun Emily Kirsch Joanna Natasha Lopez Mark J. Masterson Chelsea R. Mikula Drew Odum Suwan Eunice Park David Sporar Margaret Sweeney Brenda A. Sweet Anne Walton Brandi Weekley 2011 Participation: 10% Brett Collins Altier Stanley Ball Alan Benedict Dailide Thomas Maxwell Ehrnfelt Damon A. Frangos Michelle Marie French Jonathan Henry Krol Mona Ma Lindsay Marchio Will Norman Joseph Palcko Christopher A. Pantoja Michael Ritz David Schwark Stephanie Smith-Pinskey Lauren Tompkins Julie A. Vaccaro Chandra Ann Whalen 2012 Participation: 6% Jason G. Beardsley Brandon D. Cox John Andrew Gambill Amanda M. Hoffman Brittney Howard Steven P. Larson DeMarcus Elliott Levy Andrew J. Renacci Christopher Schroeder Carolyn C. Soeder Timothy Spencer 2013 Participation: 8% Elizabeth E. Collins Anthony J. Cox William A. Doyle Jesse M. Gannon Stephanie Landgraf Kyle B. Melling Marcus Pringle Trent Stechschulte Sara E. Tackett Mariya Topolyanskaya James E. von der Heydt

Cleveland State University

Giving Back with

Career Planning It’s no secret that now is a challenging time to be entering the legal workforce. As a law school, we continue to explore and implement innovative ways to give our students and new graduates a competitive edge for successful employment and fulfilling careers. Partnerships with our alumni are critical to the success of these efforts. To fully maximize how you give back to Cleveland-Marshall, please consider some or all of the following avenues of support:

Voice Your Support • • • •

Take time to mentor a Cleveland-Marshall student working in your organization. Encourage those in charge of hiring to recruit and hire Cleveland-Marshall students and alumni. Speak up for Cleveland-Marshall candidates for employment with your organization. Encourage others to recruit from Cleveland-Marshall for their organizations.

Recruit Our Students • • •

Post available jobs for students and graduates with the Office of Career Planning. Participate in the Fall and Spring on-campus recruitment programs. Consider creating a supervised externship program to support our mission of engaged learning.

Participate in Mock Interviews •

Help current students prepare for on-campus recruiting by conducting mock interviews as part one of the two mock Interview programs that take place during the school year.

Join Cleveland-Marshall Link The importance of networking has never been greater to new graduates, and the advice you can share from your own experiences may be invaluable to others. Register for our new online professional networking registry to let students and alumni know you are interested in building connections and discussing career-related questions. Visit to register. To learn more about any of these avenues of support, to ask questions, or to suggest other ways to help, please contact the Office of Career Planning at 216.687.2540 or

Cleveland-Marshall College of Law


Cleveland-Marshall Law Alumni Association

2013-2014 Officers and Trustees Officers President, Gregory S. Scott ’96 President-Elect, James P. Sammon ’94 Vice President, Kevin M. Butler ’01 Secretary, Gregory F. Clifford ’80 Treasurer, Tim L. Collins ’85 Immediate Past President, Ian N. Friedman ’97 Trustees Kemper D. Arnold ’80 Mary L. Bradley ’98 John C. Calabrese ’12 Pablo Castro ’01 Michelle M. DeBaltzo ’97 Dayna M. DePerro ’04 Nicholas A. DiCello ’02 Brendan R. Doyle ’04 Ronald L. Frey ’04 Frank L. Gallucci III ’00 Lisa Gold-Scott ’94 Kevin J. Kelley ’04 Patrick J. Milligan ’04 Michelle L. Paris ’84 Darnella T. Robertson ’94 Kate E. Ryan ’97 Anthony W. Scott ’09 Michelle J. Sheehan ’93 Stanley E. Stein ’62 Carter E. Strang ’84 Kristina W. Supler ’06 Allison E. Taller ’09 Dean M. Valore ’99 Steven L. Wasserman ’78 Keith D. Weiner ’82 Darlene E. White ’00 Nathan J. Wills ’04 Robin M. Wilson ’96


Honorary Trustees Gary S. Adams ’83 Hon. Ronald B. Adrine ’73 Richard C. Alkire ’80 Hon. Dick Ambrose ’87 Wendy W. Asher ’97 Sheryl King Benford ’79 Janet E. Burney ’79 Hon. Anthony O. Calabrese, Jr. ’61 Hon. Deena R. Calabrese ’97 Henry W. Chamberlain ’90 Michael L. Climaco ’72 Thomas L. Colaluca ’78 Hon. C. Ellen Connally ’70 Hon. Michael J. Corrigan ’74 Hon. John E. Corrigan ’68 Hon. John J. Donnelly ’69 Hon. Michael P. Donnelly ’92 Hon. Ann Marie K. Dyke ’68 Scott C. Finerman ’87 Hon. Nancy A. Fuerst ’88 Hon. John W. Gallagher ’70 Jayne Geneva ’87 Susan L. Gragel ’80 Maureen Adler Gravens ’78 Terrance P. Gravens ’77 Donald L. Guarnieri ’60 Patrick F. Haggerty ’84 Deborah Lewis Hiller ’75 Joseph B. Jerome ’75 Richard S. Koblentz ’75 Dennis R. Lansdowne ’81 John H. Lawson ’76 Steven B. Lesser ’79 Vincent T. Lombardo ’81 William D. Mason ’86 Gary Maxwell ’88 Hon. J. Timothy McCormack ’72 Timothy J. McGinty ’81 Stacey L. McKinley ’97 Hon. Ann McManamon ’50 Geoffrey S. Mearns

Howard D. Mishkind ’80 William T. Monroe ’53 Hon. Donald C. Nugent ’74 Thomas R. O’Donnell ’96 Michael W. O’Neil ’94 Prof. Kevin F. O’Neill Jill S. Patterson ’98 Bryan L. Penvose ’01 Steven W. Percy ’79 Ralph J. Perk ’83 William T. Plesec ’71 Dale D. Powers ’60 Laurence J. Powers ’87 Maria E. Quinn ’79 Richard T. Reminger ’57 Weldon H. Rice ’02 David Ross ’76 Hon. Anthony J. Russo ’77 Hon. John J. Russo ’92 Hon. Nancy Margaret Russo ’82 Joseph M. Saponaro ’99 Thomas J. Scanlon ’63 Hon. Brendan J. Sheehan ’93 Catherine K. Smith ’95 Scott A. Spero ’89 Hon. Melody J. Stewart ’88 Hon. Louis Stokes ’53 Hon. Joan Synenberg ’87 James R. Tanner, Jr. ’91 James E. Tavens ’86 James A. Thomas ’63 P. Kelly Tompkins ’81 Hon. Hans R. Veit ’60 Gerald R. Walton ’80 Tina Ellen Wecksler ’85 Prof. Emeritus Stephen J. Werber Frederick N. Widen ’81 Laura A. Williams ’82 Gary R. Williams ’84 Leonard D. Young ’74

Cleveland State University


Advisory Council

“In combination with my undergraduate degree, Cleveland-Marshall provided the foundation for being hired by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, where I have now spent over 30 years, as well as for my involvement in the business community. In addition, I formed lifelong relationships at ClevelandMarshall on both personal and professional levels. For these and many other reasons, I am devoted to Cleveland-Marshall and contribute time and resources.” - Richard P. Stovsky / National Advisory Council Chair Chair: Richard P. Stovsky ’83 US Private Company Services Leader PricewaterhouseCoopers Cleveland, OH

Matthew V. Crawford ’94 President, CEO & Director Park-Ohio Industries, Inc. Cleveland, OH

Kathryn Burrer Hyer ’82 Director, Life Sciences IllinoisVENTURES, LLC Chicago, IL

Members of the Council 2012 – 2013 Thomas L. Aries ’71 The Aries Organization, Inc. Chicago, IL

Teresa Demchak ’76 Managing Partner (Retired) Goldstein, Demchak, Baller, Borgen & Dardarian Houston, TX

Larry H. James ’77 Crabbe, Brown & James LLP Columbus, OH

James S. Aussem ’75 Cavitch, Familo & Durkin Cleveland, OH

Thomas E. Downey, Jr. ’74 Downey & Murray LLC Englewood, CO

Everett Bellamy ’80 Adjunct Professor of Law Georgetown University Law Center Washington, DC

W. Harding Drane, Jr. ’78 Deputy Attorney General State of Delaware Wilmington, DE

Sheryl King Benford ’79 Gen. Counsel & Deputy Gen. Manager-Legal Affairs Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority Cleveland, OH

Charles R. Emrick, Jr. ’58 Senior Partner (Retired) Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP and Business Advisor Cleveland, OH

William L. Bransford ’75 + Shaw, Bransford & Roth Washington, DC Brent M. Buckley ’82 Managing Partner Buckley King Cleveland, OH David Paul Burke ’81 Carlton Fields, PA Tampa, FL Peter A. Carfagna Executive in Residence at Cleveland-Marshall Visiting Lecturer in Sports Law at Harvard Law School Cleveland, OH Michael L. Climaco ’72 Tucker Ellis LLP Cleveland, OH Timothy J. Cosgrove ’87 Squire Sanders Cleveland, OH

Georgia A. Froelich ’84 Senior Vice President Hawthorn, a Division of PNC Bank Cleveland, OH Hon. Marcia L. Fudge ’83 U.S. House of Representatives Washington, DC Hon. Bohdan A. Futey ’68 Senior Judge, U.S. Court of Federal Claims Washington, DC Steven J. German ’92 Adelman German, P.L.C. Scottsdale, AZ Michael E. Gibbons ’81 Senior Managing Director and Principal Brown Gibbons Lang & Company Cleveland, OH Thomas O. Gorman ’73 Dorsey and Whitney LLP Washington, DC Charles E. Harris II ’03 Partner Mayer Brown LLP Chicago, IL

Cleveland-Marshall College of Law

Timothy G. Kasparek ’74 Private Practice Goodyear, AZ Randall F. Kender ’85 Senior Vice President Fox Group Beverly Hills. CA Peter W. Klein ’81 Partner & General Counsel Brockway Moran & Partners, Inc. Boca Raton, FL Jane Koehl-Colling ’96 Squire Sanders Cleveland, OH Steven B. Lesser ’79 Becker & Poliakoff Fort Lauderdale, FL David M. Levin ’72 President SilsbyVentures Inc. Chicago, IL Kenneth B. Liffman ’79 Managing Principal McCarthy, Lebit, Crystal & Liffman Co., L.P.A. Cleveland, OH Terrence G. Linnert ’75 Executive Vice President, Administration and General Counsel Goodrich Corporation Charlotte, NC Nanette W. Mantell ’77 Office Managing Partner Reed Smith LLP Princeton, NJ

Lizabeth A. Moody Distinguished University Professor and Dean Emeritus Stetson University College of Law St. Petersburg, FL Daniel R. Mordarski ’94 Law Offices of Daniel R. Mordarski Columbus, OH Evelyn L. Moya ’97 Law Office of Evelyn L. Moya Sarasota, FL Hon. Maureen O’Connor ’80 Chief Justice Supreme Court of Ohio Columbus, OH Lillian Ortiz ’99 Law Offices of Lillian Ortiz Medina, OH Steven W. Percy ’79 Former Chairman & CEO BP America, Inc. Akron, OH Richard S. Pietch ’79 Senior Vice President & General Counsel ElectroLux North America Charlotte, NC Hon. Dan A. Polster Judge, United States District Court Northern District of Ohio Cleveland, OH Steven Potash ’78 Chief Executive Officer OverDrive, Inc. Cleveland, OH William E. Powers, Jr. ’68 Tallahassee, FL Geralyn M. Presti Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary Forest City Enterprises Cleveland, OH Elizabeth A. Pugh ’78 General Counsel Library of Congress Washington, DC 33

Kenneth C. Ricci ’86 Chief Executive Officer Nextant Aerospace Richmond Heights, OH Alan Jay Rom ’72 Rom Law P.C. Somerville, MA Isam Salah ’76 King & Spalding LLP New York, NY Alfonso P. Sanchez ’68 The Sanchez Group Avon Lake, OH Richard A. Schloss ’02 Partner Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi LLP Los Angeles, CA Jack A. Staph ’73 Jack A. Staph & Associates Pepper Pike, OH

Carl L. Stern ’66 Emeritus Professor School of Media and Public Affairs George Washington University Washington, DC Honorable Louis Stokes ’53 Former U.S. Congressman Retired of Counsel, Squire Sanders Cleveland, OH James W. Theobald ’77 Hirschler Fleischer Richmond, VA James A. Thomas ’63 Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer Thomas Properties Group, LLC Los Angeles, CA P. Kelly Tompkins ’81 Executive Vice President Legal, Government Affairs and Sustainability and President Cliffs China Cliff Natural Resources Inc. Cleveland, OH

David C. Weiner Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff LLP Cleveland, OH Robert D. Weisman ’75 Ice Miller LLP Columbus, OH Hon. Lesley Wells ’74 Senior Judge United States District Court Northern District of Ohio Cleveland, OH F. Scott Wilson ’81 Vice President & General Counsel Pratt & Whitney, A United Technologies Corporation Hartford, CT Margaret W. Wong Margaret Wong & Associates Co., LPA Cleveland, OH + Deceased

Visiting Committee Chair: Meena Morey Chandra ’92 U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights Vice Chair: April Miller Boise Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary Veyance Technologies Members of the Visiting Committee 2012-2013 Ilah M. Adkins ’03 Director of Legal Services, Vice-President Charter One Bank

Meena Morey Chandra ’92 Supervisory Attorney/Program Manager US Dept. of Education - Office of Civil Rights Colleen M. Cotter Executive Director The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland

David M. Paris ’78 Managing Partner Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy Co., L.P.A. Hon. Benita Y. Pearson ’95 U.S. District Court, Northern District of Ohio –Youngstown Susan E. Petersen ’97 Petersen & Petersen, Inc.

Steven M. Dettelbach U.S. Attorney, Northern District of Ohio

Rob Remington ’88 Hahn Loeser & Parks LLP

Ann-Marie Ahern ’98 McCarthy, Lebit, Crystal & Liffman Co., L.P.A.

Karen L. Giffen ’89 Giffen & Kaminski, LLC

Benjamin W. Beckman ’10 Jones Day

Thomas E. Green ’02 Kastner, Westman & Wilkins LLC

Joy L. Roller ’08 President Global Cleveland

Edward H. Blakemore Senior Counsel Eaton Corporation

Alana C. Jochum ’10 Squire Sanders

Jason R. Bristol ’00 Cohen, Rosenthal & Kramer LLP


Patrick J. Burke ’03 Squire Sanders

Laura J. Mimura ’92 Vice President, Marketing and Communications KeyCorp

Karen E. Swanson Haan ’07 Baker & Hostetler LLP Alan H. Weinberg Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., L.P.A.

Cleveland State University

Cash Gifts of cash make funds available for immediate use by the college. We accept personal checks and most credit cards. Visit our online giving site at Securities

In addition to income tax savings, donors can also save capital gains tax if the securities are owned for more than 12 months.

Pledges Pledges allow donors to make a commitment that is paid over a period of time based on an agreed-upon schedule of payments. Pledges for the Annual Fund must be paid before the end of the fiscal year, June 30, for inclusion in that year’s totals. Pledges for other support, such as endowment funds, can be made over a period of years.

Matching Gifts

More than 1,000 companies sponsor Matching Gift Programs for employees, retirees, spouses of employees, and board members. Since each company manages its own program, please contact your personnel or benefits office for more information.

Honor/Memorial Gifts

Cleveland-Marshall is pleased to accept donations made in honor or memory of your loved ones. Notification of the gift will be sent to the individual if he or she is living, or to the family of the deceased.

Planned Gifts

Many options exist to tailor and structure gifts that fulfill your estate planning needs while providing lasting support for Cleveland-Marshall. Common types of planned gifts include bequests, charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder or lead trusts, life insurance policies and real estate.


Outright Gifts

Ways to support

There are many ways to make a gift in support of Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. Most gifts provide donors with tax benefits. We are pleased to discuss in more detail the various methods of giving:

If you would like to start a conversation about your next gift to Cleveland-Marshall, please contact Jennifer Nye, Director of Advancement, at 216.687.2491 or

Cleveland-Marshall College of Law


Cleveland-Marshall Offices of Development, Alumni Relations and Communications Please address correspondence to: Cleveland-Marshall College of Law 2121 Euclid Avenue LB 138 Cleveland, OH 44115-2214 phone 216.687.2476 | fax 216.687.6881 To donate to the law school: Craig M. Boise Dean and Professor of Law 216.687.2300

Elaine Terman Manager, Marketing and Communications 216.687.6886

Jennifer N. Nye Director of Advancement 216.687.2491

Kyle Akins Communications Specialist 216.687.4658

Megan McFadden Manager, Alumni and Donor Relations 216.687.2476

Rita A. Pawlik Administrative Secretary 216.687.4617

Kathryn L. Brickner Manager, Annual Giving and Special Projects 216.687.2286

* We strive to ensure accuracy in the list of donors. Please accept our apologies for any errors or omissions. If you have any questions or notice an omission, please notify Megan McFadden, 216.687.2476; Please note that dues and gifts to the Cleveland-Marshall Alumni Association are not gift income to the College of Law, and therefore are not listed in this publication. Cleveland-Marshall College of Law Cleveland State University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity institution.


Cleveland State University

Cleveland-Marshall College of Law

Cleveland-Marshall College of Law Cleveland State University 2121 Euclid Avenue LB138 Cleveland, Ohio 44115


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2012-13 Cleveland Marshall College of Law Giving Book  

The 2012-13 Cleveland-Marshall College of Law Giving Book recognizes donors who are an integral part of the success of the law school

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