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Giving BOOK 2011


Letter from the Dean.........................................................................................................................................2 Letter from the Annual Fund Co-Chairs................................................................................................... 4 Letter from the Law Alumni Association President.............................................................................. 5 Fund for Excellence........................................................................................................................................... 6 Dean’s Council..................................................................................................................................................... 8 People who Gave - Annual Fund................................................................................................................. 9 Graduation Challenge...................................................................................................................................... 12 Law Firm Giving Challenge...........................................................................................................................16 Organizations that Gave................................................................................................................................ 17 C|M|LAW Faculty & Staff who Gave..........................................................................................................18 C|M|LAW Friends who Gave.........................................................................................................................19 Trial Courtroom.................................................................................................................................................20 Established Endowment Funds................................................................................................................... 21 Special Projects................................................................................................................................................ 23 The Stapleton Society....................................................................................................................................24 Alumni who Gave - by Class........................................................................................................................ 25 Law Alumni Association Officers and Trustees..................................................................................... 31 National Advisory Council............................................................................................................................ 32 Visiting Committee..........................................................................................................................................33 Development Council.....................................................................................................................................34 Ways to Support C|M|LAW.......................................................................................................................... 35 C|M|LAW Staff...................................................................................................................................................36


Dear Alumni and It is my pleasure to share with you our Giving Book, the first in a series of new books about the people and accomplishments of C|M|LAW. As its name suggests, the Giving Book honors the donors whose generosity moves the school forward and benefits the students, faculty, and programs that keep C|M|LAW at the forefront of legal education. In cooperation with a University-wide effort, this book distinguishes our annual fund giving from endowment support. Gifts to the Annual Fund are expended in the fiscal year received and are typically unrestricted in nature, while endowed funds are invested, and only a percentage is utilized each year. We are grateful for all of the dollars you choose to invest in our community of learning and we want our reporting to be clear and understandable. When I became Dean this past July, I learned of an initiative begun by former Dean Geoffrey Mearns:

The Fund for Excellence seeks to raise $1 million by the end of 2012 for strategic efforts that advance the national profile of C|M|LAW. Gifts to the Fund for Excellence have supported research and scholarship and permitted faculty members to present their work across the country and abroad; underwritten an expanded program of speakers, symposia and conferences at C|M|LAW; created our distinctive C|M|LAW brand; and established and provided ongoing support for our innovative Center for Health Law and Policy, which aligns with Cleveland State University’s focus on urban primary care and health law. Unless

nd Friends, otherwise designated, Annual Fund gifts this year will be directed to completing the Fund for Excellence campaign. I invite you to learn more at and hope you will give generously in support of this effort.

I’m delighted to announce an important addition to the External Development staff: Jennifer Nye has joined C|M|LAW in the newly created position of Director of Advancement. An experienced development professional, Jennifer has worked in the non-profit sector for over eight years, most recently as Director of Regional Development and Campaign Giving at the Weatherhead School of Management.

In my short time as Dean, I’ve been truly impressed with the passion and pride that alumni and members of the community have for Cleveland-Marshall and Cleveland State University. I am grateful to the donors listed in this book who have chosen to make C|M|LAW a philanthropic priority. On behalf of all of us at Cleveland-Marshall, thank you. Best regards,

Dean Craig M. Boise


A 4

ANNUAL FUND Co-Chairs Dear Fellow Graduates and Friends of C|M|LAW: As co-chairs of the 2012 C|M|LAW Annual Fund Drive, we thank you for your generosity throughout the past fiscal year. Your support is vital to ensuring that our students continue to receive a rigorous and relevant educational experience at our law school.

Beyond financial support, it is also gratifying to know that our graduates and friends give of their time and talent to advise, mentor, teach and employ our students and graduates. Alumni participation in the mock interview program not only assists the Office of Career Planning by providing helpful critiques of our students’ interviewing skills, it also enhances the quality of our graduates and the reputation of our law school. We know that so many of you coach and judge our Moot Court teams to prepare our students for local, regional and national competitions. There are also many of you who are assisting the law school by serving on advisory groups that offer advice and counsel to the administration and faculty. And, especially in this challenging economic environment, we appreciate those of you who have been able to employ our new graduates, who more than most, are ready to “hit the ground running.” While all of this impacts our students and benefits the law school, your financial support is what will make a sustainable difference – today, tomorrow and in the years ahead.

To make a sustainable difference, we need a broad and deep base of financial support. This is why we have joined together this year to co-chair the Annual Fund. Whether we practice in a large or small private firm, or work for the government, a non-profit or a public company, we all share a passion for Cleveland-Marshall Law School. To those who were donors at the Dean’s Council level—gifts of $1,000 and above—we offer our thanks but would also challenge you to step up to another level of giving. Likewise, all gifts are important, no matter the size, and you can be assured that your gift will be put to good use as we prepare the next generation of lawyers and professionals. Your continued annual support is most appreciated as you enable C|M|LAW to educate students to “Learn Law. Live Justice.” Sincerely,

M. Colette Gibbons ’76

P. Kelly Tompkins ’81

Partner-in-Charge Cleveland Office Schottenstein, Zox & Dunn

Executive Vice President-Legal, Government Affairs and Sustainability and Chief Legal Officer, Cliffs Natural Resources Inc.

Dear Alumni and Friends:



As President of the C|M|LAW Alumni Association, I am grateful to all of you who supported the law school during this year’s Annual Fund Drive. Our alumni and

friends appreciate that Cleveland-Marshall is a place where lives are transformed and dreams are made possible; their consistent annual giving will ensure that the law school’s reputation and influence continue to flourish.

“I am proud to report that 100% of the Officers and Trustees supported the Annual Fund Drive!”

My heartfelt thanks to my fellow Officers and Board members for their support of the Annual Fund and the C|M|LAW Alumni Association this past year. I am proud to report that 100 percent of the Officers and the Trustees supported the Annual Fund Drive! The Law Alumni Association works closely with the law school to provide our alumni and the greater Cleveland legal community a valuable array of CLE programs and activities— both social and professional—including a New Lawyer Training program. Attendance at our annual recognition luncheon in May regularly tops 1,000 as it draws members of the bench and bar from across northeast Ohio to celebrate our alumni of the year. Please take advantage of these programs and opportunities for networking and professional growth. For more information, please access our website at You will find the current roster of the Association’s Board listed in this publication. We welcome your suggestions about programs and activities that you would find of use as you practice law. And, we would welcome your joining as a member if you have not already.

Thank you for your investment in C|M|LAW and our mission of educating students to “Learn Law. Live Justice.” I hope to see many of you at our events and at the law school throughout the year Sincerely,

Jill S. Patterson ’98

President, 2011-2012, C|M|LAW Alumni Association Cleveland Clinic

Branding Faculty research Scholarship Seed funding for academic innovation



The Fund for EX Then-Dean Geoffrey Mearns creates the Fund for Excellence to raise the national profile of Cleveland-Marshall College of Law.

Fund for Excellence funds creation of the C|M|LAW brand to provide an exciting, unified message.

2009 Fund for Excellence supplies seed funding for the innovative Center for Health Law and Policy.



EXCELLENCE The world takes notice as we continue to EXCEL

Fund for Excellence underwrites faculty travel to share their scholarship with national audiences at influential conferences.

December 2011

Dean Craig Boise seeks to complete the Fund for Excellence campaign by raising $1 million in support by the end of 2012.

Website redesign commences, along with online strategies and advertising to extend the reach of C|M|LAW’s message.

$ 1 Million Fund for Excellence continues to support ongoing projects and new ideas that enhance C|M|LAW’s reputation for excellence.

December 2012

We’re halfway there. Your gift this year could make all the difference.




Advocate $50,000 to $99,999 Robert W. Haskins * James A. Thomas * Barrister $10,000 to $49,999 Dr. John F. Burke, Jr. * Hon. John E. Corrigan * Hon. John J. Donnelly * Rebecca Dunn Terry H. and Robin Gilbert * James A. Lowe * Steven W. Percy * Solicitor $5,000 to $9,999 Prof. Susan J. Becker * Teresa K. Demchak * David A. Forrest Ian N. Friedman Hon. Nancy A. Fuerst * Frank L. Gallucci III * Timothy W. Hughes * Peter W. Klein Richard C. Klein * Roger D. Klein Jamie R. Lebovitz * Dennis A. Linden Jonathan Mester J. Michael Monteleone * Daniel R. Mordarski * David M. Paris * Michelle L. Paris * F. Scott Wilson * Holly J. Wilson * Counselor $2,500 to $4,999 Donald E. Bolton + * David P. Burke * Gordon S. Friedman Georgia A. Froelich Jane Gallucci * Donald L. Guarnieri * Patrick F. Haggerty * Larry H. James * David M. Lockman William D. Mason Mrs. Catherine McCombs * Howard D. Mishkind * Jane Mishkind * Patrick J. Moran * Frank R. Osborne * Prof. Emerita Jane M. Picker * John E. Plata * Vicki Plata * William T. Plesec *

Thomas J. Scanlon * Richard P. Stovsky * Margaret W. Wong * Associate $1,000 to $2,499 Thomas L. Aries * Dr. Carl F. Asseff * Prof. Emeritus David R. Barnhizer * Sheryl King Benford * Hon. Patricia A. Blackmon Tresalyn R. Blackmon Robert Bostwick William L. Bransford * Hon. Charles Bridges * Peter J. Brodhead Brent M. Buckley Hon. Lillian W. Burke * Carey R. Butsavage Peter A. Carfagna Tim L. Collins * Mr. and Mrs. William E. Conway Prof. Phyllis L. Crocker * Patricia F. Cusick Richard J. Cusick Asst. Dean Louise P. Dempsey * Veronica M. Dever Thomas E. Downey, Jr. * Margriet K. Drane * W. Harding Drane, Jr. * Carol G. Emerling * Charles R. Emrick, Jr. * Hon. Eugene M. Fellmeth * Rose M. Fini Harold W. Fuson, Jr. * Phyllis Asquith Gary * Steven Jay German M. Colette Gibbons * Michael Eugene Gibbons Karen L. Giffen Larry P. Goldberg Lisa L. Gold-Scott Sally A. Goodwin * Thomas O. Gorman * Rev. Edward T. Haggins * Hon. R. Morgan Hamilton * William Hawal Kathryn Burrer Hyer * Richard W. Jablonski * Hon. Frank G. Jackson Hon. Mabel M. Jasper * Linda L. Johnson * Tahani Mohamed Kablan Etole Kahan * Julian Kahan * Kerin Lyn Kaminski Arthur M. Kaufman * Randall F. Kender

* Donors for 10+ years

+ Deceased

Lynda L. Kovach Dennis R. Lansdowne * Prof. Stephen R. Lazarus * Steven B. Lesser Terrence G. Linnert Nanette W. Mantell Eileen McCarthy Sheila M. McCarthy Provost Geoffrey S. Mearns Douglas R. Melin * Laurie Frances Melville Kirt A. Montlack * F. Ronald O’Keefe * Prof. Kevin F. O’Neill * R. Russell O’Rourke Matthew Palenica * Anthony R. Petruzzi Hon. Raymond L. Pianka Richard S. Pietch Prof. John T. Plecnik Ann Pokorny * Donald Pokorny * Patricia A. Poole * William E. Powers, Jr. * Troy S. Prince JoAnn V. Raney * Linn J. Raney * Marie Rehmar * Royce R. Remington * Irene A. Holyk Rennillo Louis Rennillo Alice Rickel Dennis R. Rose * Isam Salah Gregory S. Scott Charna Eve Sherman * Stephen G. Sozio * Frances Stein * Stanley E. Stein * Hon. Melody J. Stewart * Hon. Kathleen Ann Sutula Karen E. Swanson Haan James W. Theobald * Sam Thomas III Karl E. Ware * David C. Weiner * Prof. Alan C. Weinstein * Hon. Lesley Wells * Robert B. Weltman Dean Frederic P. White, Jr. * David W. Whitehead Sonali B. Wilson

Our deepest thanks to our alumni and friends for this leadership level of support.

annual fund Gifts to the Annual Fund are expended in the current fiscal year and offer a flexible pool of resources to keep the law school moving ahead. Dean Boise directs this support to a variety of programs and areas of greatest need within C|M|LAW.

This year’s ANNUAL FUND focuses on



people who


Kenneth P. Abbarno Thomas W. Adams * Christopher David Adams Ilah M. Adkins Sylvia K. Adler * Charles F. Adler * Ann-Marie Riehle Ahern Matthew W. A. Alan Nicholas Z. Alexander Richard C. Alkire * Gregory V. Aloia Brett Collins Altier Charles P. Alusheff Jasper L. Ambers * Hon. Richard J. Ambrose * Brian E. Ambrosia Donna Beth Anderson Victor Vincent Anselmo Thomas L. Aries * Kemper David Arnold * Wendy Weiss Asher * Ali Assar Dr. Carl F. Asseff * Kathleen Ann Atkinson Susan M. Audey James S. Aussem Steven M. Auvil * Cliff G. Babcock Thomas W. Baker * Shimshon Balanson Stephen M. Bales Stanley Ball Irving Barkan * Alvin M. Barkley Prof. Emeritus David R. Barnhizer * Pamela Barron Clarence J. Bartunek * Sheldon E. Baskin Norman T. Baxter, Jr. * Teresa Metcalf Beasley Prof. Susan J. Becker * Thea Gallo Becker William G. Becker Keith E. Belkin Everett Bellamy Sheryl King Benford * Mark S. Bennett Rebecca J. Bennett Wayne F. Benos Megan Hensley Bhatia Jack A. Birkland Leslie Ann Bitman Timothy M. Bittel Eileen M. Bitterman Hon. Patricia A. Blackmon Tresalyn R. Blackmon Jennifer A. Blaga

Names in bold indicate people who gave at the Dean’s Council level ($1,000+)

Julie Anne Blair Prof. Beverly J. Blair * Edward H. Blakemore William J. Blitz Marc J. Bloch * Suzanne Blum Richard J. Bogomolny Lori Beckman Bohm Daniel L. Bonder * Mary Ann Boone Prof. Michael J. Borden Lynn M. Boris Kenneth A. Bossin John M. Bostwick, Jr. * Robert Bostwick James W. Boyd, Sr. * Hon. Christopher A. Boyko * William L. Bransford * Sandra J. Brantley * Stephanie R. Brasfield Ilene Butensky Brehm Robert A. Brehm Barry Lamont Brewington Hon. Charles Bridges * Jason R. Bristol Peter J. Brodhead Prof. Carolyn Broering-Jacobs Clark Broida Jeffrey M. Brooks Alvin Brouman * David S. Brown * Genesis Orion Brown David Scott Brown Anna Viktorovna Brown Eric S. Brown Robert L. Brown * Thomas Bruce Reverend Allen F. Bruening Crystal Lynn Bryant Mark J. Bryn * Brent M. Buckley Prof. Thomas D. Buckley * Edward T. Buelow Thomas C. Buford * Matthew Gary Burg Nancy Lee Burge David P. Burke * Hon. Lillian W. Burke * Dr. John F. Burke, Jr. * Nestor J. Burkhart Kenneth B. Burns * Kevin T. Burns Hon. Janet R. Burnside Donald Butler * Kevin M. Butler * Carey R. Butsavage Amy C. Cacchione Margaret Caine



annual fund

J. Philip Calabrese Hon. Salvatore R. Calandra + * Kenneth Robert Callahan, Jr. James S. Callender, Jr. Barbara C. Campbell Ann M. Caresani * Peter A. Carfagna Newton S. Cargill Mark M. Carissimi William D. Carle III * Paul Carrington * Luis Antonio Carrion John R. Carrothers Laverne B. Carter * Christopher J. Caryl Diana Clift Cebrick * Stephen A. Cerny Sung Un K. Cha Mitchell A. Chait * Henry W. Chamberlain Larry Yee Chan Regina Chandler Dee Chandler Gerald B. Chattman Winnie B. Chattman Prof. April L. Cherry * Maureen Anne Chila Elaine J. Chimo John S. Chindlund * Jerald J. Chlipala Benjamin Grant Chojnacki Edward C. Christie Peter J. Chudyk * Thomas A. Ciccolini Michael E. Cicero John S. Cipolla Diane E. Citrino Phyllis Cleveland Gregory F. Clifford * Karen S. Clifford Michael L. Climaco * Jordan L. Clouse Craig S. Cobb Ronald B. Cohen * Howard M. Cohen * Laurie B. Cohen-Miller Jill R. Cohn Cassandra Collier-Williams Tim L. Collins * C. Ellen Connally Vincent Edward Cononico Christal Contini James J. Conway David R. Cook * Schuyler M. Cook * Patricia K. Cookson Jonathan R. Cooper * Donald N. Corcelli * Adam Deforest Cornett

people who

Hon. John E. Corrigan * Timothy J. Cosgrove Colleen M. Cotter Lorraine Coyne Hon. William J. Coyne * Tracy D. Crandall Julie A. Crocker Prof. Phyllis L. Crocker * Leslie J. Croland * Larry Crystal * John C. Cubar * James P. Cullen * Carol F. Dakin * Robert F. Dakin Chad Leonard Daloia Andrea B. Daloia Eric Stephen Daniel Scott Michael Davidson Adam John Davis Rhonda L. Daviston Anthony De LaVina Ralph T. DeFranco * Joseph Dominick DeGiorgio Max Dehn Colleen R. Del Balso Matthew Paul Delguyd Carolyn W. Delli Bovi Jensen Teresa K. Demchak * Asst. Dean Louise P. Dempsey * Linda H. DeOreo * Sophia M. Deseran * Catana Elizabeth Deskins Julie A. DiBaggio Edward James Dibbin, Jr. Nicholas A. DiCello Hon. Clair E. Dickinson * Marilena DiSilvio Joshua D. DiYanni John T. Doheny Michael Kevin Dolan, Jr. Eric Domanski James Donnell Jane Donnell Catherine R. Donnelly Hon. John J. Donnelly * Sara Mae Donnersbach James M. Doran Andrew J. Dorman Jennifer Marie Dorton Sue Marie Douglas Brian P. Downey * Thomas E. Downey, Jr. * Margriet K. Drane * W. Harding Drane, Jr. * Daniel G. Dropko Gerard I. D’Souza James M. Dubelko Matthew P. Dugan Oliver J. Dunford


Rebecca Dunn Theodore M. Dunn, Jr. Hon. Mary L. Miller Dunning * Victoria Jean Durandt Michelle D. Earley Leesa M. Easley John B. Edwards Ashley M. Edwards Marley F. Eiger Hermine Greene Eisen Donald J. Elardo * Bruce B. Elfvin Arthur A. Elkins Richard D. Ellmers Carol G. Emerling * Charles R. Emrick, Jr. * L. William Erb * Ceil A. Euster * Donna Jean A. Evans Culver F. Eyman III * Prof. Diane L. Fahey Prof. Patricia J. Falk * John L. Faltay James P. Farmer, Jr. William P. Farrall * John A. Favret III Thomas L. Feher Robert A. Fein * José C. Feliciano * Hon. Eugene M. Fellmeth * Kathleen B. Fenner Edward F. Feran, Jr. * Deborah S. Ferenczy-Furry Angela Ferneding Vincent A. Feudo Sandra K. Feuerstein Gary S. Feuerstein * Scott C. Finerman Rose M. Fini Megan T. Fischietto Dianne M. Fitze * Judd B. Fitze * Arthur R. FitzGerald * Jon D. Fitzpatrick * Paul Martin Flannery Mark Alan Fleischer James H. Flora Kevin P. Foley Will R. Folger, Ph.D. David A. Forrest Prof. David F. Forte * Karen Burke Fout Jacqueline R. Fox Mark S. Frank * Lucas Ronald Franklin Ronald Lawrence Frey Sabrina M. Frey Hon. Jacob M. Fridline * Gordon S. Friedman

Names in bold indicate people who gave at the Dean’s Council level ($1,000+)

Avery S. Friedman Ian N. Friedman Zeev Friedman * Steven C. Froberg Constance Froelich Georgia A. Froelich Rita S. Fuchsman * Alfred H. Fuente Hon. Nancy A. Fuerst * Daniel G. Fuller Harold W. Fuson, Jr. * Hon. Bohdan A. Futey * Edward John Galaska Brendan M. Gallagher Frank L. Gallucci III * Brian Thomas Gannon Prof. Peter D. Garlock * John X. Garred * Phyllis Asquith Gary * Patricia Ann Gaul * Ernest J. Gawinski Prof. Deborah A. Geier * Karen Lewis Gellen Steven Jay German Mark S. Gervelis Kathleen M. Gharrity * Christopher L. Gibbon Jason M. Gibbons * Joseph P. Gibbons M. Colette Gibbons * Michael Eugene Gibbons Hon. Joseph Gibson * Karen L. Giffen Terry H. Gilbert * Teresan W. Gilbert Thomas Brendan Gipson Prof. Brian A. Glassman * Stephanie Maria Glavinos Gregory Michael Gleine Estina M. Goertz Alexander E. Goetsch Barbara Stern Gold * Larry P. Goldberg Allan Goldner * Lisa L. Gold-Scott Brian D. Goldwasser John L. Goodman Holli S. Goodman * John David Goodman Thomas O. Gorman * Ann B. Graf Frederick L. Graf * Susan L. Gragel * Deepika T. Grandhi Krishna C.V. Grandhi Holly Jean Grant Maureen Adler Gravens * Terrance P. Gravens * Donet D. Graves

thank you Christopher A. Gray Thomas E. Green Richard S. Greenberg Bradley L. Greene Heather A. Greene Mark R. Greenfield Harry W. Greenfield * Cheryl Greenly Y. Renee Grimes Joseph N. Gross * Caryn Gross Charles Gruenspan * David C. Grunenwald * Donald L. Guarnieri * David H. Gunning II Rubin Guttman Anthony A. Guzik Harry L. Haber * Rev. Edward T. Haggins * Lindsey Hall Maria L. Haller Lindsay Robinson Hallisy Hon. R. Morgan Hamilton * Dr. Anne M. Hamlin Robert J. Hanna Tom Haren Corey N. Harkey Constance D. Harper Hon. Leodis Harris Michael P. Harvey * Joseph D. Hatina Theresa R. Haumann William Hawal Richard S. Hawrylak * David Andrew Head Heather E. Heberlein Donna L. Helfrich * Michael A. Heller Gary A. Hengstler * Linda G. Herman Robert M. Hern Ian M. Herron Arnold A. Herzog * Erin Siebenhar Hess John V. Heutsche James H. Hewitt III Kathryn W. Hexter John W. Hickey George R. Hicks, Jr. Eric M. Highman Deborah Lewis Hiller * Jennifer Marie Himmelein Leslie Hines Kevin M. Hinkel LuAnn M. Hinkel Shannon L. Hoch Thomas Hodgkiss-Lilly Benjamin N. Hoen Richard A. Hoenigman

W. Andrew Hoffman III Prof. S. Candice Hoke Stefanie M. Holland Carole F. Hoover Mary Patricia Horwitz Catherine H. Hotes * William J. Hotes * Antoinette Howard Paul A. Hrisko Neal E. Hubbard Michael E. Hudzinski Timothy W. Hughes * Susan Whittaker Hughes Amgad T. Husein Anthony Huspaska Karin E. Huth Kathryn Burrer Hyer * Don C. Iler James J. Imbrigiotta Karen N. Isobe Richard W. Jablonski * Todd M. Jackett Hon. Frank G. Jackson Larry H. James * Christopher Bryan Janezic * Steven G. Janik Jacqueline Svete Janke * Donald E. Jankura Hon. Mabel M. Jasper * Anita K. Jenkins Hon. Douglas C. Jenkins Joseph J. Jerse Alana Jochum Jacqueline A. Johnson Tiffany L. Johnson Linda L. Johnson * Gregory V. Jolivette, Jr. Ashley L. Jones Theodore W. Jones * Hon. Larry A. Jones Mervin L. Jordan * Steven C. Kaber * Tahani Mohamed Kablan David D. Kahan * Etole Kahan * Julian Kahan * Elliott H. Kajan * Kerin Lyn Kaminski Karen Denise Kaminski Joseph Walter Kampman Lucien B. Karlovec, Jr. * Timothy G. Kasparek * Arthur M. Kaufman * Moira Irene Kearney-Marks Prof. W. Dennis Keating James R. Kellam Brian Kelley Kevin J. Kelley Lawrence P. Kelley * * Donors for 10+ years

+ Deceased

Nicholas M. Kemock Robert E. Kempke * Randall F. Kender Kevin Rodden Keogh Prof. Sandra J. Kerber * Keith D. Kibler * Thomas B. Kilbane Woods King III James Albert King, Jr. * Nancy B. King Robert W. King John J. Kirn Emily Kirsch Hon. Ted R. Klammer Marilyn F. Klar Betty Klaric + * Richard C. Klein * Roger D. Klein Peter W. Klein Hon. Patricia S. Kleri * Denise Jean Knecht David R. Knowles * Sandra M. Koenig * Dr. Charles R. Koepke Margaret M. Koesel * Kimberly E. Kohagen * Linda Frohlich Kold Clement Kollin * Ashley Koogler Anne M. Kordas * Mary Ann Korenewych Russell David Kornblut Robert Isaac Koury Lynda L. Kovach William J. Koval, Jr. Prof. Kenneth J. Kowalski * Patricia M. Kozerefski Robert R. Kracht Michelle L. Krocker Jonathan Henry Krol Milan Kubat Scott M. Kuboff Gerrit C. Kuechle Harvey Kugelman Dale L. Kwarciany Kathryn M. Lad Michelle A. Lafferty * Kristina I. Lah-O’Brien Rafael Landau * Hallee D. Landsman * Dennis R. Lansdowne * Elizabeth M. LaPorte Brent W. Larkin David L. Lash Thomas J. Laubenthal * Steven K. Lauer * Inga Nicole Laurent John H. Lawson Prof. Stephen R. Lazarus *

Jamie R. Lebovitz * Brian Christopher Lee John Lee Lemanowicz * Ann E. Leo Joseph R. Leonti Steven B. Lesser Nicole A. Lester Robert S. Levine Martin Arthur Levitin * Kamla Lewis Patrick H. Lewis Bracy Lewis Robert C. Lexa Kewu Li William L. Libby * Joseph Libretti Gail A. Liffman * Kenneth B. Liffman * Asst. Dean Jean B. Lifter * Hon. Paulette Jo Lilly Prof. Kermit J. Lind * Dennis A. Linden Martin P. Linn * Terrence G. Linnert Robert N. Lipcsik David M. Lockman Sheila R. Lodwick Nora Elizabeth Loftus Charles Vincent Longo Mark LoPatin Helene S. Love * James A. Lowe * Christopher R. Lucak James Bartholomew Lucey Pamela F. Lucey Jaime O’Rourke Lurie Robert N. Lurie Mona Ma Katerina Bravos MacGregor Michael I. Madden Darrell Dewitte Maddock Aarti K. Maharaj Prof. Gwendolyn Roberts Majette Alan Mallach Breana Malloy Matthew J. Maloney Michael P. Maloney Joseph J. Manning Nanette W. Mantell Scott D. Marcin Dale H. Markowitz * Lauren H. Marshall Matthew C. Marshall Gregory Martin Amanda Martinsek Clifford C. Masch William D. Mason Joseph A. Massa, Jr. Mark J. Masterson


2011 co-chairs:


2011 Graduation Challenge

GET WHAT YOU GIVE The Graduation Challenge is a student-organized class giving program that supports the Annual Fund.


to those who gave: Anonymous Bret Altier Ali Assar Stanley Ball Lynn Boris Anna Brown Tom Bruce Crystal Bryant Malcolm Chandler Benjamin G. Chojnacki Scott Davidson Joshua DiYanni Megan Fischietto Estina Goertz Krishna Grandhi Christopher Gray Caryn Gross Tom Haren Linda Herman Robb Hern Thomas Hodgkiss-Lilly Anthony Huspaska Ashley Jones Moira Kearney-Marks Brian Kelly Wes Kerns Ashley Koogler Jonathan Henry Krol Elizabeth LaPorte Nicole Lester ** Joseph Libretti Mona Ma Aarti Maharaj Breana Malloy

Lindsay Marchio Jessica Mathewson Casey McElfresh ** Megan McFadden Neil McGowan Madeline McGrane Justin Monday ** Jill Murphey Dan Myers Sunny Nixon ** Zachary Oakes Udochi Onwubiko ** Joe Palcko Christopher Pantoja Leslie Pina Kevin Preslan Benjamin Ramos Michael Ritz Marilyn Robertson Rina Russo David Schwark Jill Smialek Stephanie Smith Pinskey Michael Tangry Ziad Tayeh Sarah Thomas Julie Vaccaro** Samantha Vajskop Lauren White Peggy Wilkinson Christy Wolanin Anna Woods Peter Zahirsky ** Justin Zucker **

** Graduation Challenge Committee Member

Casey McElfresh Editor-in-Chief of the Cleveland State Law Review Will Norman President of the Student Bar Association

"I gave to Graduation Challenge because my commitment to C|M|LAW didn't end at graduation - it's only just beginning." – Julie Vaccaro ’11


of the class gave back to the programs and initiatives that mattered most to them during law school.



Student Journals


Law Library Fund for Excellence Trial Courtroom

Student Organizations

Moot Court

annual fund

thank you

people who

Matthew H. Matheney M. Bridey Matheney Tyler L. Mathews * Jessica A. Mathewson Ross A. Matlack Donald A. Mausar Harold O. Maxfield, Jr. Shiela Turner McCall Daniel R. McCarthy, Sr. + * Eileen McCarthy Sheila M. McCarthy Thomas W. McColloch Rathuel L. McCollum * Kevin E. McDermott * Nathaniel J. McDonald Casey McElfresh Katheryn McFadden Megan McFadden Mark D. McGinley * Mary Jane McGinty Neil McGowan Madeline McGrane Sharon Ruth McIntyre * Mary Walton McKenna * Stacey L. McKinley * Jean McIntyre McKinnie * Hon. Ann McManamon * Hon. Joseph McManamon * Sharon R. McNamara Provost Geoffrey S. Mearns Eugene Sean Medina Ellen K. Meehan Diane C. Meess * Harlan M. Meinwald Douglas R. Melin * Laurie Frances Melville Russell J. Meraglio, Jr. Scott R. Mergenthaler * Gale S. Messerman * Gerald A. Messerman * Jonathan Mester Patricia Meyer Prof. Karin M. Mika * George C. Miksztal Megan R. Miller Peter D. Miller * Virginia K. Miller Patrick John Milligan Paula Mindes Richard J. Minnich * Stuart A. Mintz * Jane Mishkind * Howard D. Mishkind * Mamie J. Mitchell Timothy Mize * Beverly L. Moffet Edward F. Mondak * Justin L. Monday William T. Monroe *


Carl J. Montante, Jr. J. Michael Monteleone * Hon. K. J. Montgomery Kirt A. Montlack * Lizabeth A. Moody Louise F. Mooney * Robert H. Moore, Jr. Zoe Ann Moore * Stephen P. Moore Rick Morad Patrick J. Moran * Daniel R. Mordarski * Lana Moresky Marc Moresky Stanley Morganstern * John M. Moss Karen G. Moss Ralph J. Moss Jeanne M. Mullin J. Michael Murray * Michael T. Murray + James E. Murray Lynn A. Murray L. Richard Musat * Joyce E. Nader Beth A. Nagel Jamie M. Nagle Barbara H. Nahra * Hon. Joseph J. Nahra * Michael P. Nakon * Jeffrey P. Nash * C. Daniel Nash Gail Gianasi Natale * James A. Neff John A. Neville * Hon. Robert F. Niccum * Thomas G. Nicholson * Edward G. Nicosia Kristina Leigh Niedringhaus Jenifer E. Novak Dale A. Nowak Stephen M. Nowak Zachary B. Oakes Gregory J. O’Brien William J. O’Brien Kathleen Mary O’Connell-Burton James O’Connor Michael Patrick O’Donnell Sheila M. O’Donnell Hon. Terrence O’Donnell * Drew Odum Jon W. Oebker F. Ronald O’Keefe * Cheryl L. Okicki Gary S. Okin * Robert J. Olender * Colleen R. Olson James E. O’Meara III * David M. Ondrey

Prof. Kevin F. O’Neill * Michael W. O’Neil * Udochi Onwubiko Edward J. Opett R. Russell O’Rourke Lillian G. Ortiz Frank R. Osborne * Charles J. O’Toole * William W. Owens * Joseph Palcko Matthew Palenica * Christopher Pantoja Fred S. Papalardo David M. Paris * Michelle L. Paris * Jill S. Patterson Anissa Re’Nata Patton Marietta M. Pavlidis Charles J. Pawlukiewicz Hon. Jeff Payton * Hon. Benita Y. Pearson Dennis F. Penn Bryan Lee Penvose David R. Percio * Steven W. Percy * Hon. Ralph J. Perk, Jr. * Anthony R. Petruzzi Brian W. Phillips * Edith Aliene Phillips Mark A. Phillips Sue Ellen Phillips Hon. Raymond L. Pianka Prof. Emerita Jane M. Picker * Richard S. Pietch Leslie Pina James D. Pipino John E. Plata * Vicki Plata * Prof. John T. Plecnik William T. Plesec * Gloria Plevin Nicolette I. Plottner * Robert L. Poeppelman * Ann Pokorny * Donald Pokorny * John C. Pollock R. Jeffrey Pollock Hon. Dan Aaron Polster * Emily S. Pomeranz * Charles G. Pona Patricia A. Poole * David R. Poplin George W. Pordan * Donald Porterfield William E. Powers, Jr. * Geralyn M. Presti Julie Marie Price Troy S. Prince Elizabeth Ann Pugh *

Names in bold indicate people who gave at the Dean’s Council level ($1,000+) * Donors for 10+ years + Deceased



annual fund

Most Rev. A. James Quinn * Ellen Hersch Rabb * Richard Alan Rabb * Susan M. Radbourne Benjamin Ramos JoAnn V. Raney * Linn J. Raney * Nancy L. Rapp Todd M. Raskin Kimberly L. Rathbone Prof. Brian Edward Ray Marilyn R. Reaves Marcie J. Rechner Mark E. Recznik * Roger A. Reeves Lisa Amato Reid Royce R. Remington * Michael John Rendon Carole Schwartz Rendon Irene A. Holyk Rennillo Louis Rennillo Nancy Rhoades Weldon Hall Rice Linda M. Rich * Alice Rickel Dirk E. Riemenschneider Patrick D. Riley Mate Rimac Charles A. Rini, Jr. * Jay A. Rini Marlene T. Rink Robert P. Rink * Michael Ritz Jacqueline Roberts Prof. Heidi Gorovitz Robertson * Marilyn Robertson John B. Robertson Kevin Joseph Robinson Lois J. Robinson Carol Rolf Alan Jay Rom * Barbara K. Roman * Dennis R. Rose * Beth S. Rosenbaum Jeremy A. Rosenbaum Ralph J. Rosenthal * David Ross * Jason Andrew Rothman Hon. Ronald J. Rothschild * Debjani Roy Karen E. Rubin Paul L. Ruiz-Bueno * Rodion J. Russin * Rina R. Russo Hon. John J. Russo Hon. Michael J. Russo Anne J. Ryan * Kate E. Ryan *

Edward M. Ryder, Jr. Amy K. Ryder-Wentz Oscar Saffold, M.D. Prof. Christopher L. Sagers Bernadette F. Salada * Isam Salah Yolanda B. Salviejo * James P. Sammon * Jennifer V. Sammon * April Dao Samols Alfonso P. Sanchez Beverly Ann Sandacz Christine S. Santoni Thomas A. Sarnecki Nicholas D. Satullo Adam Saurwein Timothy W. Sauvain * Elizabeth A. Scanlon Melissa I. Schartel Ronald S. Schickler Richard A. Schloss Jo Anne Schloz Robert N. Schmidt Michael F. Schmitz James E. Schneider Richard F. Schultz * David Schwark Blaine S. Schwartz * Gregory S. Scott Mark E. Seibert * Patricia L. Seifert Matthew E. Senra Lisa K. Sharon * Michael Patrick Shaughnessy Hon. Brendan J. Sheehan * Michelle J. Sheehan * Peter K. Shelton R. Lee Shepherd * Everett H. Shine * C. Joan Shirokey * Myron S. Shlachter Randall Brad Shorr Jacqueline L. Shuck * Linda Dianne Sidaway Dr. Robert M. Sieg David K. Siegel * Susan S. Silberstein Alan J. Sills Terry L. Silver * Martin Silverman * Eric M. Simon John A. Simon Richard Skillen, Jr. * Carol M. Skutnik Dennis J. Slyman Laurence Sheldon Small Arthur D. Smialek Jill A. Smialek Diane Smilanick Catherine K. Smith

Names in bold indicate people who gave at the Dean’s Council level ($1,000+)

people who


Geri M. Smith * Kenneth John Smith Mark A. Smith Paul Wallace Smith Rebecca Lynn Smith Stephanie Smith-Pinskey Prof. Lloyd B. Snyder * Ralph P. Sobieski Laura West Soder Sharmon Sollitto * Stephen G. Sozio * Jeffrey H. Spiegler Mary Clare Spiegler Timothy A. Spirko James E. Spitz * David Sporar Robert E. St. Leger * Christopher St. Marie Mark A. Stanton Jack A. Staph * Philip D. Star Kevin Lynch Starrett C. Anthony Stavole * Stephanie Stebich Frances Stein * Stanley E. Stein * Stanley R. Stein * Dr. Roberta Steinbacher Judson D. Stelter Michael Stepanik Carl L. Stern * Jeffrey A. Stern * Robert W. Stern E. Roger Stewart * Linda Hunt Stewart Hon. Melody J. Stewart * Jane H. Stiefvater * Mark J. Stockman Richard P. Stovsky * Carter E. Strang * Martin J. Strobel * Jennifer L. Stueber Terri Lee Stupica Paul Andrew Sukys Brian D. Sullivan * Prof. Mark J. Sundahl Stephen C. Sutton * Hon. Kathleen Ann Sutula Matthew James Svec Karen E. Swanson Haan Hon. Gerald F. Sweeney * Suzan M. Sweeney * Allan P. Sweet Brenda A. Sweet Ernest A. Szorady, Jr. Allison E. Taller Michael T. Tangry James E. Tavens * Ziad Kamal Tayeh

* Donors for 10+ years + Deceased

Daniel W. Taylor Laquita M. Taylor Christopher C. Teater * Diane C. Teater * Joseph G. Tegreene * Elaine Annette Terman Thomas E. Tetlak Michael L. Thal James W. Theobald * David M. Thomas James A. Thomas * Jennifer L. Thomas Sam Thomas III Sarah E. Thomas Jessica Greathouse Thomson Alfred S. Tobin Christine M. Tobin Jane C. Troha Stephen T. Tsai Elena V. Tuhy-Walters * Russell B. Turell Prof. Barbara J. Tyler * Ralph S. Tyler Brano Urbancic * Julie A. Vaccaro Patricia Vail David A. Valent Fred F. Valins * Barbara D. Valponi * Mark J. Valponi * Robert J. Van Der Velde Thomas C. Vanik Michael Ronald Vaselaney Missia H. Vaselaney Hon. Christopher W. Vasil * Jeffrey A. Vavruska Karen A. Vereb Eileen B. Vernon * Thomas C. Wagner Julia Gleisser Wainblat John W. Waldeck, Jr. Mary G. Walsh Stephen E. Walters Robert Gregory Walton Karl E. Ware * Jane Frances Warner Lindsay Wasko Steven L. Wasserman Sandra J. Watson * Sanford Watson Ronald F. Wayne * William R. Weagle Caryn W. Wechsler Steven A. Wechsler Tina E. Wecksler * Wendy N. Weigand Jeffry L. Weiler * Alan H. Weinberg Prof. Alan C. Weinstein *

thank you Ann C. Weinzimmer Patricia F. Weisberg Robert D. Weisman * H. Jed Weisman David E. Weiss Eric Jason Weiss Lita L. Weiss Frederick Michael Welfel Mark D. Weller * Hon. Lesley Wells * Robert B. Weltman Joan Werber * Prof. Stephen J. Werber * John D. Wheeler Darlene E. White David A. White Lauren A. White John Randolph White David W. Whitehead Jeffrey M. Whitesell Alicia Raina Whiting-Bozich Jennifer L. Whitney George C. Wick, Jr. * Frederick N. Widen * Michael D. Wieder * Hon. William H. Wiest Peggy S. Wilkinson David J. C. Williams Gary R. Williams * Laura A. Williams * Wendel E. Willmann * Anne C. Wilson F. Scott Wilson * Holly J. Wilson * Robert M. Wilson * Robin M. Wilson * Stewart S. Wilson David C. Wims Paul F. Wingenfeld * Richard G. Witkowski Christy Wolanin Thomas R. Wolf Robert M. Wolff Brenda L. Wolff Margaret W. Wong * Anna M. Woods Thomas B. Woodward Diane E. Wynshaw-Boris Robert Scott Yallech B. Casey Yim R. Christopher Yingling Steven R. Yoo Deborah Weiqing Yue Brian Michael Zaber Peter Zahirsky Richard G. Zeiger Deborah D. Zielinski William Thomas Zigli Anthony Michael Zingales Timothy L. Zix Gary A. Zwick *



annual fund

law firm giving


100% Through the law firm giving challenge, law firms strive to achieve 100 percent participation in alumni annual giving. Alumni coordinators at each firm generously volunteer their time to solicit contributions from their C|M|LAW colleagues.

Congratulations to the 11 law firms achieving 100 percent alumni participation in the 2011 Annual Fund! We extend our sincere thanks to the alumni coordinators who took part in this key effort. Firm

Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs LLP Buckley King Cavitch Familo & Durkin Littler Mendelson, P.C. McCarthy, Lebit, Crystal & Liffman Co., L.P.A. Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy Reminger Co., L.P.A. Spangenberg, Shibley & Liber LLP Taft, Stettinius & Hollister LLP Tucker Ellis & West LLP Weltman Weinberg & Reis Co., L.P.A.

Alumni Coordinators

Ronald F. Wayne ’78 Harry W. Greenfield ’70 James S. Aussem ’75 Robert I. Koury ’06 Kenneth B. Liffman ’79 David M. Paris ’78 David Ross ’76 Dennis R. Lansdowne ’81 Mark Valponi ’77 Thomas W. Baker ’98 Donald Mausar ’95

If you would like to spearhead the effort at your firm for the 2012 Annual Fund, please contact Nicolette Plottner, Development Officer, at 216.687.2286 or


organizations gave


$10,000 to $49,999


$5,000 to $9,999


$2,500 to $4,999


$1,000 to $2,499


Burke, Rosen & Associates Hahn Loeser + Parks LLP * Jones Day Lowe Eklund Wakefield & Mulvihill Co., LPA Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy Co., L.P.A. * The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation * Porter Wright LLP * Squire, Sanders & Dempsey LLP


Dean’s Council

Baker Hostetler * Buckley King Jackson Lewis LLP Jeffries, Kube, Forrest & Monteleone Co., L.P.A. McDonald Hopkins Ohio State Bar Association Esther and Hyman Rapport Philanthropic Trust Reminger Co., L.P.A. * Spangenberg, Shibley & Liber LLP Tucker Ellis & West LLP Ulmer & Berne LLP Walter & Haverfield L.L.P.

The Banks-Baldwin Foundation * Black Women's Political Action Committee OH Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association Fay Sharpe LLP Frantz Ward LLP Ian N. Friedman & Associates LLC Friedman & Gilbert Kelley & Ferraro LLP Werner, Zaroff, Slotnick, Stern & Ashkenazy, LLP Wickens, Herzer, Panza, Cook & Batista, LPA Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co. LPA

The Appelbaum-Kahn Foundation Bostwick Design Partnership, Inc. The Charles M. & Helen M. Brown Memorial Foundation Collins & Scanlon, LLP Downey & Murray LLC Giffen & Kaminski, LLC Goodrich Foundation Jewish Federation of Cleveland Ross, Brittain & Schonberg Co., LPA United States Court Library United Technologies Corporation The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust The Ware Foundation Weisman, Kennedy & Berris Co. L.P.A.

* Donors for 10 + years.


American Electric Power Service Corporation American Society of Association Executives AT&T Foundation * Bank of America Foundation Bay Foundation Catri & Kellam Co., L.P.A. Chamberlain Law Firm Co., LPA The Cliffs Foundation Coca-Cola Company Cohen Rosenthal & Kramer LLP Committee To Elect Judge L. Jones Committee to Elect Lauren Moore Committee To Re-Elect Judge John J. Russo Council Leadership Fund Davis & Young LPA Eileen Burkhart & Co., LLC. Fifth Third Bancorp Forbes, Fields and Associates Friends of Kevin Kelley Friends of Phyllis E. Cleveland Gervelis Law Firm GlaxoSmithKline Foundation Goldstein Gragel, LLC Institute of Internal Auditors Janik L.L.P. KeyBank Foundation * Law Office of Daniel L. Rosenthal Legal News Publishing Company Charles V. Longo Company, LPA Lubrizol Foundation * Maine Community Foundation McCarthy, Lebit, Crystal & Liffman Co., LPA * The Merck Company Foundation Nationwide Foundation * Nestle Nestle Prepared Food Company Nicola, Gudbranson & Cooper, L.L.C. Northern Title Agency, Inc. Northwestern Mutual Foundation * The Owens Law Firm, LLC Pfizer Foundation Plevin & Gallucci Company, L.P.A. Point Harbor Fund of the Maine Community Foundation The Progressive Insurance Foundation The Albert B. & Audrey G. Ratner Family Foundation RPM International Inc. Ryder System, Inc. Sandkelsunn Enterprises Family Limited Partnership Schneider, Smeltz, Ranney & LaFond P.L.L. Schottenstein Zox & Dunn Co., LPA Charna E. Sherman Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland The Sherwin-Williams Foundation Sisters of Charity Foundation Surety Title Agency, Inc. Thacker Martinsek LPA Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., L.P.A.

faculty and staff


"My annual donation to the law school is simply an expression of my fondness and respect for our students."

–Professor Kevin O’Neill


Susan Mary Altmeyer Janice R. Babbit Prof. Emeritus David R. Barnhizer * Prof. Susan J. Becker * Jennifer A. Blaga Prof. Michael J. Borden Prof. Carolyn Broering-Jacobs Prof. Thomas D. Buckley * Peter A. Carfagna Laverne B. Carter * Prof. April L. Cherry * Schuyler M. Cook * Prof. Phyllis L. Crocker * Prof. Pamela A. Daiker-Middaugh * Asst. Dean Louise P. Dempsey * Eric Domanski Daniel G. Dropko Sandra L. English Prof. Patricia J. Falk * Prof. David F. Forte * Prof. Peter D. Garlock * Prof. Deborah A. Geier * David C. Genzen Prof. Brian A. Glassman * Holli S. Goodman * Donna L. Helfrich * Prof. Carole O. Heyward * Prof. S. Candice Hoke Karen N. Isobe Linda L. Johnson * Prof. W. Dennis Keating

gave Prof. Sandra J. Kerber Prof. Kenneth J. Kowalski * Prof. Stephen R. Lazarus * Asst. Dean Jean B. Lifter * Christopher R. Lucak Prof. Gwendolyn Roberts Majette Jessica A. Mathewson Megan McFadden Mary Jane McGinty Mary Walton McKenna * Prof. Karin M. Mika * Sandra M. Natran * Prof. Kristina Leigh Niedringhaus Prof. Kevin F. O’Neill * Rita A. Pawlik * Prof. Emerita Jane M. Picker * Prof. John T. Plecnik Nicolette I. Plottner * Prof. Brian Edward Ray Marcie J. Rechner Prof. Heidi Gorovitz Robertson * Prof. Christopher L. Sagers Yolanda B. Salviejo * C. Joan Shirokey * Prof. Lloyd B. Snyder * Prof. Mark J. Sundahl Elaine Annette Terman Prof. Alan C. Weinstein * Prof. Emeritus Stephen J. Werber * Jeane H. Tsui White David W. Whitehead

Names in bold indicate people who gave at the Dean’s Council level ($1,000+)



“When I was a young lawyer, I did not have the money to buy books, so I would use the C|M|LAW library. The librarians graciously allowed me to use the books even though I was not a grad of the law school. Today, I appreciate the good experiences my firm has with C|M|LAW interns. On both counts, I am forever grateful to C|M|LAW.” –Margaret Wong

who gave

thank you

Ethel S. Adrine * Lynne K. Adrine Anonymous Pamela Barron William G. Becker Jack A. Birkland Tresalyn R. Blackmon Edward H. Blakemore Suzanne Blum Robert Bostwick Robert A. Brehm Clark Broida Anna Viktorovna Brown Dr. John F. Burke, Jr. * Nestor J. Burkhart Hon. Janet R. Burnside Margaret Caine J. Philip Calabrese Paul Carrington * Regina Chandler Gerald B. Chattman Winnie B. Chattman Diane E. Citrino Karen S. Clifford Antoinette Condo Mr. and Mrs. William E. Conway Colleen M. Cotter Charles G. Couch, Jr. Patricia F. Cusick Richard J. Cusick Robert F. Dakin Chad Leonard Daloia James Donnell Jane Donnell Sue Marie Douglas Rebecca Dunn Michelle D. Earley Erich A. Eichhorn Dr. Ronald J. Emrich Sandra K. Feuerstein Barbara Fiechtl Dennis Foster Gordon S. Friedman Constance Froelich Daniel G. Fuller Jane Gallucci Phyllis Asquith Gary * John W. Gendall Estina M. Goertz Leslie Adrine Goggins Sally A. Goodwin * Deepika T. Grandhi Heather A. Greene Y. Renee Grimes Dr. Anne M. Hamlin

* Donors for 10+ years

+ Deceased

Constance D. Harper Linda G. Herman Ian M. Herron Arnold A. Herzog * Kathryn W. Hexter LuAnn M. Hinkel Carole F. Hoover Mary Patricia Horwitz Donald E. Jankura Anita K. Jenkins Hon. Larry A. Jones Theodore W. Jones * Etole Kahan * Roger D. Klein Gregory V. Knopp Patricia M. Kozerefski Michelle L. Krocker Kathryn M. Lad Tracey L. Leikin Bracy Lewis Kamla Lewis Joseph Libretti Gail A. Liffman Dennis A. Linden Mary Loftus Jeannine M. Louie Pamela F. Lucey Jaime O’Rourke Lurie Alan Mallach Gregory Martin Amanda Martinsek Ted Y. Mashima Paul R. Matia Eileen McCarthy Thomas W. McColloch Mrs. Walter L. McCombs * Megan McFadden Mary Walton McKenna * Provost Geoffrey S. Mearns Esther Meckler Gale S. Messerman * Gerald A. Messerman * Jonathan Mester Jane Mishkind * Lizabeth A. Moody Louise F. Mooney * Lana Moresky Hon. Pat Morgenstern-Clarren John M. Moss Karen G. Moss Lynn A. Murray Hon. Joseph J. Nahra Joseph J. Natran Rita D. Nichols Zachary T. Paris

Dennis F. Penn Edith Aliene Phillips John E. Plata * Vicki Plata * Gloria Plevin Ann Pokorny R. Jeffrey Pollock Hon. Dan Aaron Polster * Geralyn M. Presti Susan M. Radbourne JoAnn V. Raney Nancy L. Rapp Albert B. Ratner Audrey Gilbert Ratner Marilyn R. Reaves Marie Rehmar * Carole Schwartz Rendon Louis Rennillo Nancy Rhoades Marlene T. Rink John B. Robertson Dr. Oscar Saffold Caroline Maria Schmidt Thomas M. Sheridan Charna Eve Sherman * Randall Brad Shorr William T. Smith Mary Clare Spiegler Philip D. Star Stephanie Stebich Frances Stein * Dr. Roberta Steinbacher Linda Hunt Stewart Jane H. Stiefvater * George H. Taylor Diane C. Teater Ralph S. Tyler Brano Urbancic * Sanford Watson Caryn W. Wechsler Alan H. Weinberg David C. Weiner * David E. Weiss Robert B. Weltman Joan Werber Dean Frederic P. White, Jr. * Deborah M. Wiant Peggy S. Wilkinson Anne C. Wilson Sonali B. Wilson Henry B. Winter Robert M. Wolff Margaret W. Wong * Peter Zahirsky



TRIAL COURTROOM In April 2011 C|M|LAW proudly unveiled the Trial Courtroom. Designed to look and function exactly like a Federal Courtroom, the space incorporates cutting-edge technology into a simulation-based learning environment for both law students and legal professionals. The project was met with enthusiasm by alumni and friends of the law school, whose generosity brought the courtroom to fruition. More than 270 donors donated or pledged almost $790,000. Because of the generous support of these donors the Courtroom will further enhance the practical skills of our students.

“The trial courtroom will be a place for our students to learn and hone skills that they will be able to use in the courtroom as well as the boardroom …The ability to present information cogently and to argue persuasively are key skills for all law students."

–Former Interim Dean Phyllis L. Crocker

We would like to thank everyone who gave, especially those who sponsored naming opportunities within the courtroom: Burke Rosen & Associates Dr. John F. Burke, Jr. C|M|LAA Henry W. Chamberlain Cassandra Collier-Williams Collins & Scanlon, LLP The Honorable John E. Corrigan The Honorable John J. Donnelly Ian N. Friedman & Associates, L.L.C. Frank L. Gallucci III Giffen & Kaminski

Donald L. Guarnieri Hahn Loeser & Parks LLP Jeffries, Kube, Forrest & Monteleone Co., L.P.A. Kelley & Ferraro LLP James A. Lowe Lowe, Eklund, Wakefield & Mulvihill Co., LPA William D. Mason Howard D. Mishkind Nurenberg Paris Heller & McCarthy Frank R. Osborne Richard D. Panza

William T. Plesec Porter Wright Irene and Louis Rennillo Weldon H. Rice Gregory S. Scott Spangenberg Shibley & Liber LLP Roger Synenberg Walter & Haverfield L.L.P. The Zapis Family

Endowment Funds


support ongoing programs, scholarships, enrichment.

Families, law firms, corporations and individuals can create a legacy with far-reaching impact.

The following is a comprehensive list of the endowed funds that support C|M|LAW. People who gave to these funds in fiscal year 2011 are listed following the fund title.

General Support

Program Support

The Cleveland-Marshall Education Foundation (CMEF)

Frank L. Bartak Endowed Memorial Fund

The Cleveland-Marshall Fund (CMF)

Clinical Endowment Fund

Ben Lewitt Memorial Award Vicki and Jack Plata Law Library Book Fund


establishes a named endowment fund.

Gifts of any amount help build the fund thereafter.

For information about how to create a new fund, please contact Jennifer Nye, Director of Advancement, at 216.687.2491;

Susan Mary Altmeyer Janice R. Babbit Brian S. Cook Professor Stephen R. Lazarus * Jeannine M. Louie John E. and Vicki Plata * Henry B. Winter

Fellowship Funds Terry and Robin Gilbert Social Justice Fellowship Terry H. and Robin Gilbert *

Edith and Sidney Simon Civil Liberties Endowed Fellowship Charna E. Sherman—David C. Weiner Community Service Fellowship Esther Meckler Rita D. Nichols Mr. Albert B. Ratner and Mrs. Audrey Gilbert Ratner Charna Eve Sherman and David C. Weiner *

Nicole A. Lester Sunny K. Nixon

College of Law Endowment Fund The Charles R. Emrick Jr./Calfee, Halter, & Griswold Endowment Fund William E. and Mary F. Conway Richard J. and Patricia F. Cusick Mr. and Mrs. William T. Smith

Employment Law Clinic Endowment Michelle M. DeBaltzo * Professor S. Candice Hoke and Mr. George H. Taylor

Federal Bar Association Endowment Fund Joseph C. Hostetler-Baker & Hostetler Endowed Chair in Law Law Library Endowed Fund Moot Court Endowment Fund Michelle A. Lafferty * Vincent T. Lombardo * Jill Murphey Suzanne M. Nigro * Samantha Vajskop Karl Vogel MacAllister A. West

Leon M. and Gloria Plevin Endowed Professorship Names in bold indicate people who gave at the Dean’s Council level ($1,000+) * Donors for 10+ years.


Endowment Funds

support ongoing programs, scholarships, enrichment.

The Forrest B. Weinberg Memorial Fund Professor Stephen R. Lazarus *

Milton Dunn Memorial Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Funds

Ernst & Young Tax Scholarship Endowment Fund

Russell T. Adrine Memorial Scholarship Fund

Federal Bar Association Endowment Fund

Ethel S. Adrine * Lynne K. Adrine The Honorable Ronald B. Adrine * Leslie Adrine Goggins

Judge Charles W. Fleming Memorial Endowment Scholarship Fund

Judge Ann Aldrich Endowed Scholarship Fund

Dr. Nona M. Burney * Lindsay Clayton Jenkins

Bay Foundation Ronald J. Emrich, Ph.D. Paul R. Matia Professor Emerita Jane M. Picker *

Judge Nancy A. Fuerst and Dr. John F. Burke, Jr. Endowed Scholarship Fund

The Mary Ann Bagus Memorial Fund Frank L. Bartak Endowed Memorial Fund The James J. Bartolozzi Memorial Scholarship Fund Justice Harry Blackmun (ACLU) Endowed Scholarship Fund

Frank L. Gallucci, Jr. Endowed Scholarship Fund Frank L. Gallucci III * Jane Gallucci *

Louis B. Geneva Endowed Scholarship Fund Prof. David R. Barnhizer * Prof. Stephen R. Lazarus * Rita A. Pawlik *

Dinkar Chitaley Endowed Scholarship Fund

The Carl Glickman Endowed Fund for Academic Excellence in the JD/ MBA Program

Herman David Memorial Scholarship in Law

Judge Mary B. Grossman Endowed Scholarship Fund

Delta Theta Phi Founders Room Endowment John A. Doganiero Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund The Honorable Pat Morgenstern-Clarren Nicolette I. Plottner *

Michael and Gloria Gruhin Endowed Scholarship Fund Donald L. Guarnieri Endowed Scholarship Fund

Robert and Louise Haskins Endowed Scholarship Fund Robert W. and Louise Haskins *

The Jack H. Hudson Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund IRS-Federal Wealth Transfer Conference Endowment Lynn A. Kelley and Michael V. Kelley Endowed Scholarship Fund The Tom A. King Jr. Memorial Endowed Fund Albert J. Knopp Memorial Fund Endowment Gregory V. Knopp

H. Howard Laundy Endowed Scholarship Fund Edward A. Lebit Endowed Scholarship Fund Daniel R. McCarthy--McCarthy, Lebit, Crystal & Liffman Co., LPA Endowed Scholarship Fund Walter Lee McCombs Endowed Scholarship Fund Barbara Fiechtl John W. Gendall Mrs. Katherine McCombs

Judge George J. McMonagle Endowed Scholarship Fund Karen B. Newborn Endowed Scholarship Fund

Names in bold indicate people who gave at the Dean’s Council level ($1,000+)

The Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy Endowed Scholarship Fund David A. Herman Brenda M. Johnson Jeffrey A. and Tracey L. Leikin Ellen Marie McCarthy Kathleen J. St. John * Benjamin P. Wiborg

Max Ratner Endowed Scholarship Fund Irene and Louis Rennillo Endowed Scholarship Fund Irene and Louis Rennillo

Judge Manuel M. Rocker Scholarship Endowment Fund The Howard M. Rossen Endowed Scholarship Fund Joseph Saslaw Memorial Scholarship Fund Ethel Scheingold Endowed Scholarship Fund The Vida Shiffrer Endowed Scholarship Fund Joseph D. Smith Endowed Scholarship Fund Steven H. Steinglass Endowed Scholarship Fund Prof. Stephen R. Lazarus * Rita A. Pawlik * Alan Jay Rom *

thank you Louis Stokes Endowed Scholarship Fund

June W. Wiener Endowment Fund

Special Projects

Louis Stokes *

Iris S. and Bert L. Wolstein Endowed Scholarship Fund

The Law Library Book Fund in honor of Edwin Meese

John J. Sutula Endowed Scholarship Fund Ronald F. Wayne * Deborah M. Wiant

William K. Thomas Endowed Scholarship Maurice M. Weltman—Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Endowed Scholarship Fund Frederic P. White, Jr. Endowed Scholarship Fund Sandra L. English Prof. Stephen R. Lazarus * Dean Frederic P. White, Jr. * Sonali B. Wilson

Ross Ahern Brett P. Barragate Laura Ann Bigler Stephen Lee Bittence Paul V. Capka Christy Corrao David C. Genzen Amy E. Gerbick Patrick F. Haggerty * Prof. Carole O. Heyward Susan Whittaker Hughes Diane S. Leung Brendan J. Mackin Michael S. Martis * Sandra M. Natran * Alexis Osburn Michael S. Owendoff Zachary T. Paris Adam Saurwein Keith D. Scheurman, Jr. Stephen G. Sozio * Kevin Lynch Starrett Robert S. Walker Jeane H. Tsui White Kelly A. Zabroski

* Donors for 10+ years

+ Deceased

Collins & Scanlon LLP Enrichment Fund Tim L. Collins * Thomas J. Scanlon

Donald E. Bolton Endowed Scholarship Fund Donald E. Bolton + *

David B. Goshien Endowed Scholarship Fund Antoinette Condo Charles G. Couch, Jr. Lynda Ahn Do Erich A. Eichhorn Dennis Foster Sally A. Goodwin * Prof. Stephen A. Lazarus * Ted Y. Mashima Barbara H. Nahra * Hon. Joseph J. Nahra * Joseph N. Natran * Sandra M. Natran * Prof. Emerita Jane M. Picker * John E. Plata * Vicki Plata * Caroline Maria Schmidt Thomas M. Sheridan


Julian and Etole Kahan Endowed Scholarship Fund Etole Kahan * Julian Kahan *

Eileen K. Kelly Memorial Scholarship Fund Veronica M. Dever

Marie Rehmar Endowed Scholarship Fund for Dual Degree Law and Urban Students Prof. Pamela A. Daiker-Middaugh * Prof. Stephen R. Lazarus * Louise F. Mooney * John E. Plata * Vicki Plata * Marie Rehmar *

Dean Wilson G. Stapleton Endowed Scholarship Fund Benjamin W. Beckman Col. Martin R. Loftus * Mary Loftus Alan J. Rom *


The Stapleton Legacy Society Dean Wilson G. Stapleton, ’34 served his alma mater for 32 years as a faculty member and then as dean. Dean Stapleton is best remembered for his legacy of kindness to the students and for his willingness to help them as alumni. The Stapleton Legacy Society recognizes those, who like Dean Stapleton, cared about law students of the future and generously included C|M|LAW in their estate plans, through wills, living trusts or other types of planned or deferred gifts.

Membership is open to those who have made a planned or deferred commitment to the law school using such vehicles as insurance policies, annuities, IRAs and real estate or other bequests.

Our gratitude to the current members of The Stapleton Legacy Society: Sylvia K. Adler ’43

Fred Lick Jr. ’61

Professor Susan J. Becker ’84

Dr. Bernice G. Miller ’51

Stephen S. Bird ’81

Steven W. ’79 and Polly Percy

James P. ’58 + and Catherine E. + (Katie) Conway

Richard T. Reminger Sr. ’57

Teresa Demchak ’76

Thomas J. Scanlon ’63 *

Charles R. Emrick, Jr. ’58 *

P. Kelly Tompkins ’81

school in your estate plans, we will

Scott C. Finerman ’87

Steven F. Vargo ’90

Georgia A. Froelich ’84

Joel P. Vujevich ’94 *

welcome you into The Stapleton

Phyllis Asquith Gary *

Leonard D. Young ’74

Hon. Douglas C. ’74 & Anita L. Jenkins

* Charter Member

Julian ’59 and Etole Kahan *

+ Deceased

Hon. Deborah E. Kooperstein ’82

Legacy Society. Contact Jennifer Nye, Director of Advancement, at

Edward T. Haggins ’66

Martin J. Keenan ’77

If you have remembered the law


Alumni 1943

Participation: 6% Sylvia K. Adler *

1947 Participation: 3% Alvin M. Barkley


Participation: 2% Hon. Ann McManamon * Hon. Joseph McManamon *


gave class by


Participation: 3% Charles R. Emrick, Jr. * Robert E. St. Leger *


Participation: 2% Julian Kahan * Karl E. Ware *

1964 Participation: 9% Nicholas Z. Alexander Hon. William J. Coyne * David D. Kahan * Charles J. O'Toole * Donald Pokorny * Michael L. Thal


1960 Participation: 8% Donald L. Guarnieri * Don C. Iler Patrick J. Moran * Rodion J. Russin * Hon. Gerald F. Sweeney *

Participation: 8% Vincent A. Feudo Hon. Leodis Harris Elliott H. Kajan * Martin Arthur Levitin * Richard J. Minnich * David K. Siegel *



Participation: 3% William T. Monroe * Ralph J. Moss Mark A. Smith Louis Stokes *

Participation: 13% Richard J. Bogomolny Ronald B. Cohen * Catherine H. Hotes * William J. Hotes * Clement Kollin * Rathuel L. McCollum * George W. Pordan * Martin Silverman * Richard Skillen, Jr. * C. Anthony Stavole *

Participation: 9% Clarence J. Bartunek * Rev. Edward T. Haggins * James E. O'Meara III * Carl L. Stern * Martin J. Strobel * H. Jed Weisman



1951 Participation: 3%

Hon. Lillian W. Burke * Hon. Salvatore R. Calandra + * Hon. Eugene M. Fellmeth *


Participation: 2% Edward F. Mondak * John C. Pollock


Participation: 3% Alvin Brouman * Lawrence P. Kelley * Robert C. Lexa Daniel R. McCarthy, Sr. + *

1955 Participation: 3% William D. Carle III * James J. Conway Carol G. Emerling * Joyce E. Nader


Participation: 1% Hon. Robert F. Niccum *


Participation: 4% Irving Barkan * Jean McIntyre McKinnie *

Participation: 14% Sheldon E. Baskin Kenneth B. Burns * Elaine J. Chimo Arthur R. FitzGerald * John W. Hickey Lucien B. Karlovec, Jr. * William L. Libby * William J. O'Brien Stanley E. Stein *


Participation: 13% David S. Brown * Donald N. Corcelli * Robert W. Haskins * Richard C. Klein * Robert H. Moore, Jr. Michael P. Nakon * C. Daniel Nash Roger A. Reeves Thomas J. Scanlon * Dennis J. Slyman James A. Thomas * William R. Weagle

Names in bold indicate people who gave at the Dean’s Council level ($1,000+)

* Donors for 10+ years.

1967 Participation: 6% Donald E. Bolton + * Larry Crystal * Hon. Jacob M. Fridline * Larry P. Goldberg Stanley Morganstern *

1968 Participation: 10% Jeffrey M. Brooks Hon. John E. Corrigan * Hon. Bohdan A. Futey * James R. Kellam Joseph A. Massa, Jr. John A. Neville * William E. Powers, Jr. * Linn J. Raney * Alfonso P. Sanchez


Participation: 17% Norman T. Baxter, Jr. *

+ Deceased

Marc J. Bloch * Carol F. Dakin * Hon. John J. Donnelly * Donald J. Elardo * Paul A. Hrisko Neal E. Hubbard Gerrit C. Kuechle Col. Martin R. Loftus * William W. Owens * Brian W. Phillips * Myron S. Shlachter James E. Spitz * Robert W. Stern George C. Wick, Jr. * Michael D. Wieder * Wendel E. Willmann *


Participation: 11% Kenneth A. Bossin Edward C. Christie C. Ellen Connally Veronica M. Dever Robert A. Fein * John L. Goodman Harry W. Greenfield * Harry L. Haber * Richard A. Hoenigman Nicholas M. Kemock Robert E. Kempke * John J. Kirn Hon. Ted R. Klammer James E. Murray Michael T. Murray + Jay A. Rini Timothy W. Sauvain * Everett H. Shine * David M. Thomas Russell B. Turell Jeffry L. Weiler *


Participation: 7% Thomas L. Aries * Timothy M. Bittel Richard S. Greenberg Hon. Terrence O'Donnell * William T. Plesec * David R. Poplin Ralph J. Rosenthal * Stanley R. Stein * Hon. William H. Wiest





Participation: 7% William J. Blitz Michael L. Climaco * Ralph T. DeFranco * Bruce B. Elfvin William P. Farrall * Avery S. Friedman Hon. Joseph Gibson * James A. Lowe * Most Rev. A. James Quinn * Alan Jay Rom *


Participation: 7% Hon. Ronald B. Adrine * James W. Boyd, Sr. * Thomas A. Ciccolini Ernest J. Gawinski Terry H. Gilbert * Allan Goldner * Thomas O. Gorman * John V. Heutsche Timothy W. Hughes * Frank R. Osborne * Alice Rickel Jack A. Staph * David W. Whitehead


Participation: 8% Jasper L. Ambers * John S. Chindlund * John T. Doheny Thomas E. Downey, Jr. * Marley F. Eiger Barbara Stern Gold * Hon. Douglas C. Jenkins Timothy G. Kasparek * David R. Knowles * J. Michael Monteleone * David R. Percio * Hon. Ronald J. Rothschild * Thomas A. Sarnecki Jeffrey H. Spiegler Hon. Lesley Wells * Thomas B. Woodward


Participation: 7% Hon. Patricia A. Blackmon William L. Bransford *


JosĂŠ C. Feliciano * Steven C. Froberg Deborah Lewis Hiller * Terrence G. Linnert Dale H. Markowitz * Beverly L. Moffet L. Richard Musat * Edward J. Opett Hon. Jeff Payton * James E. Schneider Thomas C. Vanik Hon. Christopher W. Vasil * Robert D. Weisman * B. Casey Yim


Participation: 10% James S. Aussem Carey R. Butsavage Mark M. Carissimi Jerald J. Chlipala Teresa K. Demchak * Alfred H. Fuente Mark S. Gervelis M. Colette Gibbons * Hon. R. Morgan Hamilton * Hon. Mabel M. Jasper * Hon. Patricia S. Kleri * Dale L. Kwarciany John H. Lawson Helene S. Love * Marc Moresky J. Michael Murray * Barbara H. Nahra * Robert J. Olender * David Ross * Isam Salah Susan S. Silberstein Arthur D. Smialek Mark A. Stanton Hon. Kathleen Ann Sutula Fred F. Valins * Mary G. Walsh Steven A. Wechsler


Participation: 16% Gregory V. Aloia Keith E. Belkin Thomas C. Buford * Howard M. Cohen * David R. Cook *

gave Hon. Clair E. Dickinson * Margriet K. Drane * Gary S. Feuerstein * Dianne M. Fitze * Judd B. Fitze * Jon D. Fitzpatrick * Rita S. Fuchsman * Harold W. Fuson, Jr. * Christopher L. Gibbon Terrance P. Gravens * Donet D. Graves Rubin Guttman Larry H. James * Steven G. Janik Robert W. King Marilyn F. Klar David L. Lash Steven K. Lauer * Robert S. Levine Mark LoPatin Nanette W. Mantell Hon. K. J. Montgomery F. Ronald O'Keefe * Gary S. Okin * Hon. Raymond L. Pianka Linda M. Rich * Carol Rolf Edward M. Ryder, Jr. R. Lee Shepherd * Terry L. Silver * Sharmon Sollitto * Jeffrey A. Stern * Thomas E. Tetlak James W. Theobald * Patricia Vail Mark J. Valponi * John W. Waldeck, Jr. John D. Wheeler Robert M. Wilson *


Participation: 8% Mark J. Bryn * Patricia K. Cookson Leslie J. Croland * John C. Cubar * W. Harding Drane, Jr. * Jacqueline R. Fox Zeev Friedman * Maureen Adler Gravens * Rafael Landau * Joseph J. Manning

Douglas R. Melin * Peter D. Miller * Stuart A. Mintz * Elizabeth Ann Pugh * Jacqueline Roberts Barbara K. Roman * Jacqueline L. Shuck * Daniel W. Taylor Steven L. Wasserman Ronald F. Wayne *


Participation: 7% Sheryl King Benford * Hon. Christopher A. Boyko * Hon. Charles Bridges * Peter J. Brodhead Hon. Eric S. Brown James M. Dubelko James H. Flora David A. Forrest Joseph P. Gibbons Frederick L. Graf * W. Andrew Hoffman III Ann E. Leo Steven B. Lesser Kenneth B. Liffman * George C. Miksztal Gail Gianasi Natale * David M. Paris * Steven W. Percy * Mark E. Recznik * Patrick D. Riley Barbara D. Valponi Lita L. Weiss Stewart S. Wilson


Participation: 11% Richard C. Alkire * Kemper David Arnold * Janice R. Babbit Everett Bellamy Wayne F. Benos Sandra J. Brantley * Rev. Allen F. Bruening David P. Burke * Mitchell A. Chait * Peter J. Chudyk * Richard D. Ellmers Culver F. Eyman III * Thomas Brendan Gipson

Names in bold indicate people who gave at the Dean’s Council level ($1,000+)

by Susan L. Gragel * Mark R. Greenfield William Hawal James H. Hewitt III Kevin M. Hinkel Joseph Walter Kampman Nancy B. King Thomas J. Laubenthal * Patricia Meyer Howard D. Mishkind * Dale A. Nowak Kathleen Mary O'Connell-Burton David M. Ondrey Richard S. Pietch Todd M. Raskin Geri M. Smith * Ralph P. Sobieski Paul Andrew Sukys Jane C. Troha Sandra J. Watson * Gary A. Zwick *


Participation: 9% Dr. Nona M. Burney * Donald Butler * Larry Yee Chan Dee Chandler Gregory F. Clifford * Asst. Dean Louise P. Dempsey * Hermine Greene Eisen James P. Farmer, Jr. Kathleen B. Fenner Mark S. Frank * David C. Grunenwald * Joseph J. Jerse Prof. Sandra J. Kerber * Peter W. Klein Denise Jean Knecht Dennis R. Lansdowne * Sheila R. Lodwick Vincent T. Lombardo * Darrell Dewitte Maddock Scott R. Mergenthaler * Timothy Mize * Matthew Palenica * Diane Smilanick Ernest A. Szorady, Jr. Robert Gregory Walton Frederick N. Widen * F. Scott Wilson * Holly J. Wilson *



Participation: 12% Leslie Ann Bitman Brent M. Buckley Edward T. Buelow Kenneth Robert Callahan, Jr. Craig S. Cobb Theodore M. Dunn, Jr. Edward John Galaska Michael Eugene Gibbons Charles Gruenspan * Kathryn Burrer Hyer * Mervin L. Jordan * Kevin Rodden Keogh Woods King III Jamie R. Lebovitz * Martin P. Linn * Mark D. McGinley * Mary Jane McGinty Sharon Ruth McIntyre * Stephen P. Moore Suzanne M. Nigro * Robert N. Schmidt Blaine S. Schwartz * Alan J. Sills Kathleen J. St. John * Alfred S. Tobin Christine M. Tobin Robert S. Walker Mark D. Weller * Laura A. Williams * Diane E. Wynshaw-Boris Richard G. Zeiger


Participation: 8% Charles F. Adler * Stephen M. Bales Thea Gallo Becker Carolyn W. Delli Bovi Jensen Prof. Diane L. Fahey Kathleen M. Gharrity * Teresan W. Gilbert Gary A. Hengstler * Hon. Frank G. Jackson Jacqueline A. Johnson Arthur M. Kaufman * James Albert King, Jr. * Robert R. Kracht Hon. Paulette Jo Lilly Clifford C. Masch Russell J. Meraglio, Jr. Charles J. Pawlukiewicz Hon. Ralph J. Perk, Jr. * Irene A. Holyk Rennillo Melissa I. Schartel Laurence Sheldon Small Stephen G. Sozio * Richard P. Stovsky * Michael Ronald Vaselaney Stephen E. Walters

* Donors for 10+ years.

+ Deceased.


Participation: 9% Dr. Carl F. Asseff * Prof. Susan J. Becker * Daniel L. Bonder * Mark Alan Fleischer Georgia A. Froelich John X. Garred * Ann B. Graf Steven C. Kaber * Betty Klaric + * Harvey Kugelman Kevin E. McDermott * Harlan M. Meinwald R. Russell O'Rourke Michelle L. Paris Kevin Lynch Starrett Carter E. Strang * Christopher C. Teater * Joseph G. Tegreene * Gary R. Williams *


Participation: 13% Charles P. Alusheff Prof. Beverly J. Blair * Lori Beckman Bohm Tim L. Collins * Brian S. Cook James P. Cullen * Linda H. DeOreo * Dr. Will R. Folger Patrick F. Haggerty * Kerin Lyn Kaminski Randall F. Kender Russell David Kornblut Jeffrey A. Leikin Patrick H. Lewis Prof. Kermit J. Lind * Charles Vincent Longo Michael I. Madden Michael S. Martis * Jeffrey P. Nash * Sue Ellen Phillips James D. Pipino Jeremy A. Rosenbaum Karen E. Rubin Hon. Michael J. Russo Nicholas D. Satullo Jo Anne Schloz Robert J. Van Der Velde Missia H. Vaselaney Thomas C. Wagner Tina E. Wecksler * Patricia F. Weisberg Richard G. Witkowski William Thomas Zigli


1986 Participation: 9% John M. Bostwick, Jr. * Ilene Butensky Brehm Jonathan R. Cooper Hon. Mary L. Miller Dunning * Robert J. Hanna Karin E. Huth William D. Mason Harold O. Maxfield, Jr. Sharon R. McNamara Zoe Ann Moore * James A. Neff Thomas G. Nicholson * Charles G. Pona Robert P. Rink * Lois J. Robinson Bernadette F. Salada * James E. Tavens * Jeffrey A. Vavruska


Participation: 7% Matthew W. A. Alan Hon. Richard J. Ambrose * Mary Ann Boone Nancy Lee Burge Schuyler M. Cook * Timothy J. Cosgrove Rhonda L. Daviston Ceil A. Euster * Thomas L. Feher Edward F. Feran, Jr. * Scott C. Finerman Michael P. Harvey * George R. Hicks, Jr. Sandra M. Koenig * Kimberly E. Kohagen * Brent W. Larkin Michael P. Maloney Dennis R. Rose * Eric M. Simon Terri Lee Stupica







Participation: 7% Victor Vincent Anselmo Prof. Pamela A. Daiker-Middaugh * Hon. Nancy A. Fuerst * Anthony A. Guzik Theresa R. Haumann Richard S. Hawrylak * James J. Imbrigiotta Michelle A. Lafferty * James Bartholomew Lucey Virginia K. Miller Lisa Amato Reid Royce R. Remington * Beth S. Rosenbaum Lisa K. Sharon * Hon. Melody J. Stewart * Steven R. Yoo


Participation: 8% Cliff G. Babcock John S. Cipolla Edward James Dibbin, Jr. Brian P. Downey * Leesa M. Easley Karen L. Giffen Bradley L. Greene Michael E. Hudzinski Margaret M. Koesel * Mary Ann Korenewych David M. Lockman Ellen Marie McCarthy Sheila M. McCarthy Robert L. Poeppelman * Ellen Hersch Rabb * Richard Alan Rabb * Elizabeth A. Scanlon Patricia L. Seifert Prof. Barbara J. Tyler *


Participation: 4% Stephanie R. Brasfield Stephen A. Cerny Henry W. Chamberlain Cassandra Collier-Williams William J. Koval, Jr. Prof. Karin M. Mika * Mark A. Phillips John A. Simon


Participation: 5% Susan Mary Altmeyer Jason M. Gibbons * Joseph N. Gross * Matthew J. Maloney Diane C. Meess * Patricia A. Poole * Dirk E. Riemenschneider Ronald S. Schickler Richard F. Schultz * Stephen C. Sutton * Suzan M. Sweeney * David J. C. Williams Anthony Michael Zingales Timothy L. Zix


Participation: 9% Kenneth P. Abbarno Thomas W. Adams * Robert L. Brown * James S. Callender, Jr. Michael E. Cicero Sophia M. Deseran * Kevin P. Foley Steven Jay German Hallee D. Landsman * John Lee Lemanowicz * Diane S. Leung Scott D. Marcin Ellen K. Meehan Carl J. Montante, Jr. Kirt A. Montlack * Edward G. Nicosia Sheila M. O'Donnell Charles A. Rini, Jr. * Hon. John J. Russo Linda Dianne Sidaway Carol M. Skutnik Eileen B. Vernon * Julia Gleisser Wainblat Frederick Michael Welfel John Randolph White Paul F. Wingenfeld *


Participation: 5% Steven M. Auvil * Teresa Metcalf Beasley Arthur A. Elkins Patricia Ann Gaul * Brian D. Goldwasser Prof. Carole O. Heyward * Christopher Bryan Janezic * Brenda M. Johnson Cheryl L. Okicki Christine S. Santoni Hon. Brendan J. Sheehan * Michelle J. Sheehan * Peter K. Shelton Wendy N. Weigand

Names in bold indicate people who gave at the Dean’s Council level ($1,000+)


Participation: 12% Susan M. Audey Megan Hensley Bhatia Jennifer A. Blaga Ann M. Caresani * Diana Clift Cebrick * Vincent Edward Cononico Andrew J. Dorman Gerard I. D'Souza Rose M. Fini Karen Lewis Gellen Lisa L. Gold-Scott David H. Gunning, II Richard W. Jablonski * Jacqueline Svete Janke * Keith D. Kibler * Kristina I. Lah-O'Brien Robert N. Lurie Tyler L. Mathews * Daniel R. Mordarski * Gregory J. O'Brien James O'Connor Jon W. Oebker Michael W. O'Neil * Paul L. Ruiz-Bueno * James P. Sammon * Jennifer V. Sammon * Beverly Ann Sandacz Brian D. Sullivan * Thomas R. Wolf Brenda L. Wolff Deborah Weiqing Yue


Participation: 5% Marilena DiSilvio Deborah S. Ferenczy-Furry Alexander E. Goetsch Anne M. Kordas * Brendan J. Mackin Donald A. Mausar Rick Morad Colleen R. Olson Hon. Benita Y. Pearson Emily S. Pomeranz * Michael F. Schmitz Catherine K. Smith Elena V. Tuhy-Walters *


Participation: 6% Brett P. Barragate Paul V. Capka Jordan L. Clouse Lorraine Coyne Linda L. Johnson * Thomas B. Kilbane Robert N. Lipcsik Mamie J. Mitchell Michael S. Owendoff

by Gregory S. Scott Mark J. Stockman Jennifer L. Stueber Robin M. Wilson * R. Christopher Yingling


Participation: 9% Wendy Weiss Asher * Eileen M. Bitterman Amy C. Cacchione John R. Carrothers Tracy D. Crandall Michelle M. DeBaltzo * Ian N. Friedman Eric M. Highman Stacey L. McKinley * Paula Mindes Beth A. Nagel Marietta M. Pavlidis Anthony R. Petruzzi Anne J. Ryan * Kate E. Ryan * Mark E. Seibert * Laquita M. Taylor Sam Thomas III Jeffrey M. Whitesell


Participation: 6% Ann-Marie Riehle Ahern Thomas W. Baker * Mark S. Bennett Rebecca J. Bennett Christopher J. Caryl Sung Un K. Cha Sara Mae Donnersbach James M. Doran David C. Genzen Holly Jean Grant Shannon L. Hoch Amgad T. Husein Matthew H. Matheney Jill S. Patterson Timothy A. Spirko E. Roger Stewart *


Participation: 5% John B. Edwards John David Goodman Joseph D. Hatina Tiffany L. Johnson M. Bridey Matheney Jeanne M. Mullin Jenifer E. Novak Lillian G. Ortiz Julie Marie Price Matthew James Svec Karen A. Vereb Jennifer L. Whitney



Participation: 7% Jason R. Bristol Matthew Gary Burg Maureen Anne Chila Laurie B. Cohen-Miller Matthew P. Dugan L. William Erb * Donna Jean A. Evans Frank L. Gallucci III * Gregory Michael Gleine Karen Denise Kaminski Joseph R. Leonti Matthew E. Senra Kenneth John Smith Eric Jason Weiss Darlene E. White Deborah D. Zielinski


Participation: 8% Laura Ann Bigler Genesis Orion Brown Kevin M. Butler * Newton S. Cargill Andrea B. Daloia Anthony De LaVina Jennifer Marie Dorton Oliver J. Dunford Michael A. Heller Erin Siebenhar Hess Linda Frohlich Kold Lynda L. Kovach Katerina Bravos MacGregor Ross A. Matlack Anissa Re'Nata Patton Bryan Lee Penvose Kimberly L. Rathbone


Participation: 8% Kathleen Ann Atkinson Colleen R. Del Balso Nicholas A. DiCello Michael Kevin Dolan, Jr. Amy E. Gerbick Thomas E. Green Lindsey Hall David Andrew Head Lindsay Clayton Jenkins Jamie M. Nagle Troy S. Prince Weldon Hall Rice Richard A. Schloss Michael Patrick Shaughnessy Jane Frances Warner David C. Wims Robert Scott Yallech Brian Michael Zaber

* Donors for 10+ years

+ Deceased


Participation: 4% Ilah M. Adkins Julie Anne Blair Sandra L. English Stephanie Maria Glavinos Todd M. Jackett Shiela Turner McCall Jason Andrew Rothman Ann C. Weinzimmer


Participation: 7% Stephen Lee Bittence Barbara C. Campbell Adam Deforest Cornett Eric Stephen Daniel Julie A. DiBaggio Lynda Anh Do Ashley M. Edwards Karen Burke Fout Ronald Lawrence Frey Brian Thomas Gannon Benjamin N. Hoen Tahani Mohamed Kablan Kevin J. Kelley Laurie Frances Melville Patrick John Milligan Stephen M. Nowak Michael Patrick O'Donnell Michael John Rendon Kevin Joseph Robinson


Participation: 6% Brian E. Ambrosia Joseph Dominick DeGiorgio Max Dehn John A. Favret III Sabrina M. Frey Lindsay Robinson Hallisy Inga Nicole Laurent Nora Elizabeth Loftus Debjani Roy Dr. Robert M. Sieg Alicia Raina Whiting-Bozich


Participation: 8% Kevin T. Burns Julie A. Crocker John L. Faltay Brendan M. Gallagher Cheryl Greenly Maria L. Haller David A. Herman Stefanie M. Holland Robert Isaac Koury Milan Kubat Nathaniel J. McDonald Amy K. Ryder-Wentz

by class Laura West Soder Jennifer L. Thomas Stephen T. Tsai David A. White


Participation: 5% David Scott Brown Paul Martin Flannery Gregory V. Jolivette, Jr. Scott M. Kuboff Brian Christopher Lee Eugene Sean Medina Rebecca Lynn Smith Michael Stepanik Karen E. Swanson Haan


Participation: 12% Ross Ahern Barry Lamont Brewington Luis Antonio Carrion Jill R. Cohn Christal Contini Christy Corrao Adam John Davis Catana Elizabeth Deskins Catherine R. Donnelly Angela Ferneding Heather E. Heberlein Leslie Hines Susan Whittaker Hughes Dr. Charles R. Koepke Katheryn McFadden Alexis Osburn Fred S. Papalardo Keith D. Scheurman, Jr. Judson D. Stelter Jessica Greathouse Thomson David A. Valent Karl Vogel Benjamin P. Wiborg Kelly A. Zabroski


Participation: 8% Christopher David Adams Donna Beth Anderson Shimshon Balanson Matthew Paul Delguyd Lucas Ronald Franklin Corey N. Harkey Jennifer Marie Himmelein Lauren H. Marshall Matthew C. Marshall Megan R. Miller Donald Porterfield Mate Rimac Adam Saurwein Allan P. Sweet Allison E. Taller MacAllister A. West



alumni who gave


Participation: 7% Benjamin W. Beckman Victoria Jean Durandt Antoinette Howard Alana Jochum Emily Kirsch Kewu Li Mark J. Masterson Drew Odum April Dao Samols David Sporar Christopher St. Marie Brenda A. Sweet Lindsay Wasko


Participation: 33% Brett Collins Altier Ali Assar Stanley Ball Lynn M. Boris Thomas Bruce Crystal Lynn Bryant Benjamin Grant Chojnacki Scott Michael Davidson Joshua D. DiYanni Megan T. Fischietto Krishna C.V. Grandhi Christopher A. Gray Caryn Gross Tom Haren Robert M. Hern Thomas Hodgkiss-Lilly Anthony Huspaska Ashley L. Jones Moira Irene Kearney-Marks

Brian Kelley Ashley Koogler Jonathan Henry Krol Elizabeth M. LaPorte Nicole A. Lester Mona Ma Aarti K. Maharaj Breana Malloy Casey McElfresh Neil McGowan Madeline McGrane Justin L. Monday Jill Murphey Sunny K. Nixon Zachary B. Oakes Udochi Onwubiko Joseph Palcko Christopher Pantoja Leslie Pina Benjamin Ramos Michael Ritz Marilyn Robertson Rina R. Russo David Schwark Jill A. Smialek Paul Wallace Smith Stephanie Smith-Pinskey Michael T. Tangry Ziad Kamal Tayeh Sarah E. Thomas Julie A. Vaccaro Samantha Vajskop Lauren A. White Christy Wolanin Anna M. Woods



class “C|M|LAW and a scholarship generously funded by past donors has transformed my life. Not only have I made the transition from construction worker to lawyer, I'm working at a fantastic firm doing exciting work and serving clients in ways I never imagined. But none of it would have been possible without the financial support of those who came before. I give to C|M|LAW in gratitude for all I've received and to honor the commitment of those generous strangers whose contributions made my opportunities possible.”

Benjamin W. Beckman ’10

Cleveland-Marshall Law Alumni Association Officers and Trustees 2011-2012 Alumni Association Officers Jill S. Patterson ’98 President Ian N. Friedman ’97 President-Elect Gregory S. Scott ’96 Vice-President James P. Sammon ’94 Secretary Kevin Butler ’01 Treasurer Bryan Penvose ’01 Immediate Past President

Michelle L. Paris ’84 Anthony R. Petruzzi ’97 Troy Prince ’02 Royce R. Remington ’88 Darnella T. Robertson ’94 Kate E. Ryan ’97 Michelle J. Sheehan ’93 Stanley E. Stein ’62 Carter E. Strang ’84 P. Kelly Tompkins ’81 Robert G. Walton ’80 Steven L. Wasserman ’78 Keith D. Weiner ’82 Darlene E. White ’00 Robin Wilson ’96

Alumni Association Trustees Kemper D. Arnold ’80 Gregory F. Clifford ’80 Tim L. Collins ‘85 Michelle M. DeBaltzo ’97 Dayna M. DePerro ’04 Nicholas A. DiCello ’02 Brendan R. Doyle ’04 Frank L. Gallucci ’00 Lisa Gold-Scott ’94 Andrew S. Goldwasser ’97 David H. Gunning ’94 Patrick F. Haggerty ’84 Kevin J. Kelley ’04 Lynda L. Kovach ’01 Patrick J. Milligan ’04

Alumni Association Honorary Trustees Gary S. Adams ’83 Hon. Ronald B. Adrine ’73 Richard C. Alkire ’80 Hon. Dick Ambrose ’87 Wendy W. Asher ’97 Sheryl King Benford ’79 Janet E. Burney ’79 Hon. Anthony O. Calabrese Jr. ’61 Hon. Deena R. Calabrese ’97 Henry W. Chamberlain ’90 Michael L. Climaco ’72 Thomas L. Colaluca ’78 Hon. C. Ellen Connally ’70

Hon. John E. Corrigan ’68 Hon. Michael J. Corrigan ’74 Hon. John J. Donnelly ’69 Hon. Michael P. Donnelly ’92 Hon. Ann Marie Dyke ’68 Scott C. Finerman ’87 Hon. Nancy A. Fuerst ’88 Hon. John W. Gallagher ’70 Jayne Hurst Geneva ’87 Susan L. Gragel ’80 Hon. Maureen Adler Gravens ’78 Terrance P. Gravens ’77 Donald L. Guarnieri ’60 Hon. Patricia A. Hemann ’80 Deborah Lewis Hiller ’75 Joseph B. Jerome ’75 Richard S. Koblentz ’75 Dennis R. Lansdowne ’81 John H. Lawson ’76 Steven B. Lesser ’79 Vincent T. Lombardo ’81 William D. Mason ’86 Gary J. Maxwell ’88 Daniel R. McCarthy Sr. ’54 + J. Timothy McCormack ’72 Hon. Timothy J. McGinty ’81 Stacey L. McKinley ’97 Hon. Ann McManamon ’50 Provost Geoffrey S. Mearns Howard D. Mishkind ’80 William T. Monroe ’53 Hon. Donald C. Nugent ’74

Thomas R. O’Donnell ’96 Michael W. O’Neil ’94 Prof. Kevin F. O’Neill Hon. Ralph J. Perk Jr. ’83 William T. Plesec ’71 Dale D. Powers ’60 Laurence J. Powers ’87 Maria E. Quinn ’79 Richard T. Reminger ’57 Weldon H. Rice ’02 David Ross ’76 Hon. Anthony J. Russo ’77 Hon. John J. Russo ’92 Hon. Nancy Margaret Russo ’82 Joseph M. Saponaro ’99 Thomas J. Scanlon ’63 Hon. Brendan J. Sheehan ’93 Catherine K. Smith ’95 Scott A. Spero ’89 Hon. Melody J. Stewart ’88 Hon. Louis Stokes ’53 Hon. Joan Synenberg ’87 James R. Tanner Jr. ’91 James E. Tavens ’86 Hon. Hans R. Veit ’60 Gerald R. Walton ’80 Tina Ellen Wecksler ’85 Prof. Emeritus Stephen J. Werber Hon. George W. White ’55 Frederick N. Widen ’81 Gary R. Williams ’84 Laura A. Williams ’82 Leonard D. Young ’74

The C|M|LAW Alumni Association’s Annual Luncheon (2011 event seen here) attracts an average of 1,000 attendees each year and is considered the largest gathering of attorneys in Ohio.

+ Deceased



National Advisory Council

Chair: Steven W. Percy, ’79, Former Chairman & CEO, BP America, Inc., Akron, OH

W. Harding Drane, Jr., ’78, Potter Anderson & Corroon LLP, Wilmington, DE

Vice Chair: Richard P. Stovsky, ’83, US Private Company Services Leader, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Cleveland, OH

Carol G. Emerling, ’55, Retired Corporate Secretary, American Home Products Corporation (Wyeth), Santa Monica, CA

Thomas L. Aries, ’71, The Aries Organization, Inc., Chicago, IL

Charles R. Emrick, Jr., ’58, Senior Partner, Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP (Retired) and Business Advisor, Cleveland, OH

Everett Bellamy, ’80, Adjunct Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center, Washington, DC Sheryl King Benford, ’79, General Counsel and Deputy General Man- ager of Legal Affairs, Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority, Cleveland, OH

Georgia A. Froelich, ’84, Senior Vice President, Hawthorn, a Division of PNC Bank, Cleveland, OH Harold W. Fuson, Jr. ’76, President (Retired), The Copley Press, Inc., Encinitas, CA

William L. Bransford, ’75, Shaw, Bransford, Veilleux & Roth, Washington, DC

Honorable Bohdan A. Futey, ’68, Senior Judge, United States Court of Federal Claims, Washington, DC

Brent M. Buckley ’82, Managing Partner, Buckley King, Cleveland, OH

Steven J. German, ’92, Adelman German, P.L.C., Scottsdale, AZ

David P. Burke, ’81, Carlton Fields, PA, Tampa, FL Peter A. Carfagna, Executive in Residence, C|M|LAW; Visit- ing Lecturer in Sports Law at Harvard Law School, Cleveland, OH John S. Chindlund, ’74, Prince, Yeates & Geldzahler, Salt Lake City, UT

Wendy L. Gomez, ’00, Placement Coordinator, Counsel on Call, Atlanta, GA Thomas O. Gorman, ’73, Dorsey and Whitney LLP, Washington, DC Honorable R. Morgan Hamilton, ’76, Associate Judge, Circuit Court of Cook County, Chicago, IL

Honorable Deborah E. Kooperstein, ’82, Justice Court, Southampton, NY Marjorie Kornhauser, ’79, Professor, Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ Honorable Steven C. LaTourette, ’79, U.S. House of Representatives (14th District), Painesville, OH Terrence G. Linnert, ’75, Executive Vice President, Administration and General Counsel, Goodrich Corpora- tion, Charlotte, NC David M. Lockman, ’89, Maginot, Moore and Beck, Indianapolis, IN Jennifer Braman Lyons, ’00, Honolulu, HI Nanette W. Mantell, ’77, Office Managing Partner, Reed Smith LLP, Princeton, NJ Daniel R. McCarthy, ’54, + McCarthy, Lebit, Crystal & Liffman Co., L.P.A., Cleveland, OH Lizabeth A. Moody, Distinguished University Professor and Dean Emerita, Stetson University College of Law, St. Petersburg, FL Patrick J. Moran, ’60, Retired Vice President, The Merck Company, Red Bank, NJ

Michael L. Climaco, ’72, Tucker Ellis & West LLP, Cleveland, OH

Gary A. Hengstler, ’83, Judicial Advisor, Afghanistan Supreme Court, Afghanistan

Timothy J. Cosgrove, ’87, Squire, Sanders & Dempsey L.L.P., Cleveland, OH

Kathryn Burrer Hyer, ’82, Director, Life Sciences, IllinoisVENTURES, LLC, Chicago, IL

Leslie J. Croland, ’78, Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge, LLP, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Larry H. James, ’77, Crabbe, Brown & James LLP, Columbus, OH

Honorable Maureen O’Connor, ’80, Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Ohio, Columbus, OH

Timothy G. Kasparek, ’74, Private Practice, Goodyear, AZ

Lillian G. Ortiz, ’99, Medina, OH

Randall F. Kender, ’85, Senior Vice President, Fox Group, Beverly Hills, CA

Thomas L. Peterson, ’81, Brundidge & Stanger PC, Alexandria, VA

Teresa Demchak, ’76, Goldstein, Demchak, Baller, Borgen & Dardarian, Oakland, CA Chris A. Dittmar, ’77, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, EnDevCo, Inc., Houston, TX Thomas E. Downey, Jr., ’74, Downey & Murray LLC, Englewood, CO

Peter W. Klein, ’81, Partner & General Counsel, Brockway Moran & Partners, Inc., Boca Raton, FL

Daniel R. Mordarski, ’95, Law Offices of Daniel R. Mordarski, Columbus, OH L. Richard Musat, ’75, Treece, Alfrey, Musat & Bosworth, P.C., Denver, CO

Richard S. Pietch, ’79, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, ElectroLux North America, Cleveland, OH + Deceased


Visiting Committee

Honorable Dan A. Polster, Judge, United States District Court, Northern District of Ohio, Cleveland, OH

Mark D. Weller, ’81, Senior Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel, Linde Gas LLC, Murray Hill, NJ

Steven M. Dettelbach, United States Attorney, Department of Justice, Northern District of Ohio, Cleveland, OH

William E. Powers, Jr., ’68, Tallahassee, FL

Honorable Lesley Wells, ’74, Senior Judge, United States District Court, Northern District of Ohio, Cleveland, OH

Sue Marie Douglas, Office Managing Shareholder, Littler Mendelson, P.C., Cleveland, OH

Honorable George W. White, ’55, + Retired Chief Judge, United States District Court, Northern District of Ohio, Cleveland, OH

Scott C. Finerman, ’87, CFO and Vice President, Second Generation Ltd., Cleveland, OH

F. Scott Wilson ’81, Vice President & General Counsel, Pratt & Whitney, A United Technologies Corporation, Hartford, CT

Michael E. Gibbons, ’81, Senior Managing Director and Principal, Brown Gibbons Lang & Company, Cleveland, OH

Elizabeth A. Pugh, ’78, General Counsel, Library of Congress, Washington, DC Alan Jay Rom, ’72, Rom Law P.C., Somerville, MA Honorable Ronald J. Rothschild, ’74, Circuit Court Judge, 17th Judicial Circuit, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Karen L. Giffen, ’89, Managing Partner, Giffen & Kaminski, Cleveland, OH

Isam Salah, ’76, King & Spalding, LLP, New York, NY

Margaret W. Wong, Margaret Wong & Associates Co., LPA, Cleveland, OH

Alfonso P. Sanchez, ’68, The Sanchez Group, Avon Lake, OH

B. Casey Yim, ’75, Murchison & Cumming, LLP, Los Angeles, CA

Thomas E. Green, ’02, Hiring Partner, Kastner, Westman & Wilkins, Fairlawn, OH

Visiting Committee

Mark D. McGinley, ’82, Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary, STERIS Corporation, Mentor, OH

Jack A. Staph, ’73, Jack A. Staph & Associates, Pepper Pike, OH Carl L. Stern, ’66, Emeritus Professor, George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs, Washington, DC Honorable Louis Stokes, ’53, Squire, Sanders & Dempsey L.L.P., Washington, DC James W. Theobald, ’77, Hirschler Fleischer, Richmond, VA James A. Thomas, ’63, Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer, Thomas Properties Group, LLC, Los Angeles, CA P.

Kelly Tompkins, ’81, Executive Vice President-Legal, Government Affairs and Sustainability and Chief Legal Officer, Cliffs Natural Resources Inc., Cleveland, OH

Christopher W. Vasil, ’75, Chief Deputy Clerk, Supreme Court of the United States, Washington, DC David C. Weiner, Charna E. Sherman Law Offices Co., L.P.A., Cleveland, OH Robert D. Weisman, ’75, Schottenstein, Zox & Dunn Co., LPA, Columbus, OH

Chair: Stephen G. Sozio, ’83, Jones Day, Cleveland, OH

Laura J. Mimura, ’92, Vice President Marketing & Public Affairs, KeyCorp, Cleveland, OH

Ann-Marie Ahern, ’98, McCarthy, Lebit, Crystal & Liffman Co., L.P.A.

Howard D. Mishkind, ’80, Mishkind Law Firm Co., L.P.A., Cleveland, OH

Ronald C. Alexander, ’99, Legislative Affairs Officer, Office of the Director, NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH

David M. Paris, ’78, Managing Partner, Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy Co. LPA, Cleveland, OH

Teresa Metcalf Beasley, ’92, Calfee, Halter & Griswold, LLP, Cleveland, OH

Honorable Benita Y. Pearson, ’95, United States District Court, Northern District of Ohio, Youngstown, OH

Edward Blakemore, Senior Counsel, Eaton Corporation, Cleveland, OH April M. Boise, Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Veyance Technologies, Fairlawn, OH Jason R. Bristol ’00, Cohen Rosenthal & Kramer LLP, Cleveland, OH Colleen M. Cotter, Executive Director, Legal Aid Society of Cleveland, Cleveland, OH Carol F. Dakin, ’69, Squire, Sanders & Dempsey, L.L.P., Cleveland, OH

Susan E. Petersen, ’97, Petersen & Petersen, Chardon, OH Irene Holyk Rennillo, ’83, President, Rennillo Deposition & Discovery of Veritext, Cleveland, OH Joy L. Roller, ’08, Executive Director, Gordon Square Arts District, Cleveland, OH Honorable Melody J. Stewart, ’88, Eighth District Court of Appeals, Cleveland, OH

+ Deceased

Advisory 34

Development Council Karen E. Swanson Haan, ’07, Baker & Hostetler, LLP, Cleveland, OH Honorable Joan L. Synenberg, ’87, Court of Common Pleas of Cuyahoga County, Cleveland, OH

M. Colette Gibbons, ’76, Partner-in-Charge, Schottenstein, Zox & Dunn Co., LPA, Cleveland, OH Susan Whittaker Hughes, ’08, Baker & Hostetler, Cleveland, OH

Robert C. Tucker, Tucker Ellis & West, Cleveland, OH

Robert I. Koury, ’06, Littler Mendelson, P.C., Cleveland, OH

Alan H. Weinberg, Managing Partner, Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., L.P.A., Cleveland, OH

Jill S. Patterson, ’98, Senior Director of Employee Relations, Cleveland Clinic, Beachwood, OH

Deborah W. Yue, ’94, Gallagher Sharp, Cleveland, OH

Steven W. Percy, ’79, Former Chairman and CEO, BP America, Inc., Akron, OH

Development Council Chair: P. Kelly Tompkins, ’81, Executive Vice President-Legal, Government Affairs and Sustainability and Chief Legal Officer, Cliffs Natural Resources Inc., Cleveland, OH Gary S. Adams, ’83, Retired President, Greater Cleveland Automobile Dealers Association, Cleveland, OH Sheryl King Benford, ’79, General Counsel and Deputy General Manager of Legal Affairs, Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority, Cleveland, OH Charles R. Emrick, Jr., ’58, Retired Senior Partner, Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP, Cleveland, OH Georgia A. Froelich, ’84, Senior Vice President, Hawthorn, a Division of PNC Bank, Cleveland, OH Frank L. Gallucci III, ’00, Plevin & Gallucci, Cleveland, OH

Royce R. Remington, ’88, Hahn Loeser & Parks LLP, Cleveland, OH Irene Holyk Rennillo, ’83, President, Rennillo Deposition & Discovery of Veritext, Cleveland, OH Thomas J. Scanlon, ’63, Collins & Scanlon LLP, Cleveland, OH Stephen G. Sozio, ’83, Jones Day, Cleveland, OH Hon. Louis Stokes, ’53, Squire, Sanders & Dempsey L.L.P., Washington, DC Richard P. Stovsky, ’83, US Private Company Services Leader, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Cleveland, OH James A. Thomas, ’63, Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer, Thomas Properties Group, LLC, Los Angeles, CA Amy Ryder Wentz, ’06, Littler Mendelson, P.C., Cleveland, OH

Ways to Support C|M|LAW


There are many ways to make a gift in support of the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. Most gifts provide donors with tax benefits. We are pleased to discuss in more detail the various methods of giving: Outright Gifts Cash Gifts of cash make funds available for immediate use by the college. We accept personal checks and most credit cards. Visit our online giving site at Securities In addition to income tax savings, donors can also save capital gains tax if the securities are owned for more than 12 months. Pledges Pledges allow donors to make a commitment that is paid over a period of time based on an agreed-upon schedule of payments. Pledges for the Annual Fund must be paid before the end of the fiscal year, June 30, for inclusion in that year’s totals. Pledges for other support, such as endowment funds, can be made over a period of years. Matching Gifts More than 1,000 companies sponsor Matching Gift Programs for employees, retirees, spouses of employees, and board members. Since each company manages its own program, please contact your personnel or benefits office for more information. Honor/Memorial Gifts C|M|LAW is pleased to accept donations made in honor or memory of your loved ones. Notification of the gift will be sent to the individual if he or she is living, or to the family of the deceased. Planned Gifts Many options exist to tailor and structure gifts that fulfill your estate planning needs while providing lasting endowment support for C|M|LAW. Common types of planned gifts include bequests, charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder or lead trusts, life insurance policies and real estate. If you have already remembered C|M|LAW in your estate or would like to begin a conversation about such a gift, please contact Jennifer Nye, Director of Advancement, at 216.687.2491 or

Office of Development, Alumni Relations and Communications Please address correspondence to: Cleveland-Marshall College of Law 2121 Euclid Avenue LB 138 Cleveland, OH 44115-2214 (216) 687-2344 FAX (216) 687-6881

Craig M. Boise Dean and Professor of Law (216) 687-2300

Jennifer N. Nye Director of Advancement (216) 687-2491

Louise P. Dempsey C|M|LAW ’81 Assistant Dean for External Affairs (216) 687-2300

Elaine Terman CSU ’94 Communications Coordinator (216) 687-6886

Megan McFadden Development Associate (216) 687-2476

Nicolette I. Plottner CSU ’70 Development Officer (216) 687-2286

Mary Walton McKenna Executive Director, C|M|LAW Alumni Association (216) 687-2368

Rita A. Pawlik Administrative Secretary (216) 687-4617

We strive to ensure accuracy in the list of donors. Please accept our apologies for any errors or omissions. If you have any questions or notice an omission, please notify Development Officer Nicolette Plottner, 216.687.2286; Please note that dues and gifts to the C|M|LAW Alumni Association are not gift income to the College of Law, and therefore are not listed in this publication. To donate to the law school:

Cleveland State University is an Affirmative Action/ Equal Opportunity institution.


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The 2012 C|M|LAW Giving Book The Giving Book honors the donors whose generosity moves the school forward and benefits the students, faculty...