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Table of Contents 6 S  car Survivor 3-Don’t Fear Your Future 9 “ Why should I want to serve God?” 10 S  even Steps to Strengthen Prayer 13 Upcoming Events 14 The A+ CHOICE

16 Why St Mark Matters 19 The Edmonds Center 20 W  hat to due, do, dew with your Money 21 5 Workouts for the Week 22 Return Flight 23 Prioritizing with Purpose 25 W  ho’s Got Next? Meet The Riddicks

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rom the time he took up a job as a company marketer Liam lived in fear of getting laid off. With so much responsibility taking care of his sick mom after the death of their dad the worst that could happen was for him to lose his job. And so, he did all he could, at times compromising on time he should have been away to put in effort in his work. The company sure made use of the extra hours only they did not consider it when it was time for them to lay off a couple of guys after a slump in the economy. Unfortunately the thing he dreaded most happened to him as it were. This leaves not a physical scar but an emotional scar of rejection and insecurity. This scar hurts, but more than that it creates a deeper fear. However, it is not a scar that can not be overcome. We’re talking about surviving scars, and Job3:25 is the scripture focus. It says; “What I feared has come upon me; what I dreaded has happened to me.” This is one of my favorite scriptures. At least it has kind of helped me when I first read it and I really grabbed on to it. The idea is simply don’t fear your future. Whenever you’ve been scared, whenever you’ve had some mishap, whenever something in your past has happened that has hurt you, caused you embarrassment, caused you disappointment, we can consider these scars. It is the evidence of your experience. But remember, a scar is also evidence that you were successful. A scar means you got through it. It may have hurt, may have been embarrassing, may not have been what you have chosen or checked off as a life success but trust me it is a sign of success. So here’s the key to survival now. Now that you have this scar, do not fear. Do not allow your past hurts, your past failures, your past mistreatments, your past disappointments to create the path for your future. Do not fear your future. Do not have so much fear in your present that you make happen in your future what you are afraid of based on your past. If you have a fear now, there’s a chance that what you fear will indeed happen, and it becomes real just because you’re afraid of it. That’s what Job says, “…the thing that I feared the most has happened to me.”

6 | Say So Now • April 2019

It’s almost as if all the stuff we talk about, all the stuff we see as the devil attacking him, was really the enemy going into his mind, and then the thing that he feared the most was made real. I’ve seen it happen. We had given my daughter some amoxicillin. It’s a terrible tasting, terrible texture medicine. After she took it she gagged and she threw up. A few weeks later we started to give her some medicine that looked like amoxicillin. It was not amoxicillin but because it looked like amoxicillin she went into a fit. I mean she was screaming, and she gagged herself until she vomited because the medicine she was getting ready to take looks so much like the medicine she’d already taken. It wasn’t the same medicine but the thing she feared, happened to her. She worked herself up into vomiting when she was not even really in the same past experience. I could have used a better example that was not so crude, but I want you to understand horrible and disgusting it is to allow past pains to control your future. My challenge to you today is to create a better future than your past. Living off of fear causes you to create a future that doesn’t really exist. You may be creating things in your future that were never designed to happen. Don’t fear your future. Instead, why don’t you faith the future? Why don’t you use the same creativity that you’re using to have all this fear, and redirect that creativity to make up something positive that you would rather have happen. Use the same creativity that you’re using to incite these fears and apply them in your faith. Imagine the great thing, imagine a business starting, imagine yourself walking healed, imagine your kids free, imagine being married again, imagine a situation working between siblings, or between parents and children. Imagine what your future could be like, don’t fear your future, faith your future. You know they say that F.E.A.R. is False Evidence Appearing Real. And one of my fears, don’t judge me, is that I don’t really like dogs. I think I may actually be afraid of dogs. Here’s how I’ve learned to handle my fear. I’ve learned acknowledge that I am afraid of them. I don’t like that there are so many scenarios with dogs that I can’t control like they could bite me, tackle me, could knock me down. I don’t care what size the dog is, dogs and I aren’t just

friends. For me, it creates a fear. So here’s what happens. When I see a dog I go through all of the negative scenarios in my head. After I scroll through the negatives, I then flip and I mental run through all the positives. I say to myself, “ You know what, the dog could be nice. The dog is going to come, and he’s going to sniff my leg, he’s going to climb up my leg, he just wants to get my scent. And after that, he’ll walk around, and am going to look very courageous after I walk to where the dog is because I will not show this dog that I am afraid of it. Nor will the people around me know that am afraid.” This is me creating my own future. So the way I tackle my fears is by acknowledging that I have them and then aggressively attackng them. I do not let my fears take me out. I do not let what I am afraid of stop me. I am afraid of heights, but I ride roller coasters. I go up high elevators, I stand on rooftops. As a matter of fact, I love rooftop lounges even though I am afraid of heights. How do I do it? One, I acknowledge my fear. So, before I walk to the edge before I go to the side where you can look over the edge and see all the people walking below, I acknowledge, that I am going to be afraid of this. I know this is going to create some fear, I know I am going to be nervous when I do it, but I acknowledge it and then I attack it. I say, even though I am afraid and nervous I will still do it. So I walk to the edge, I lean over. When I get on the rooftop lounge, I look over the side of the rails. With the fear I get into the car for the roller coaster, and while I am up I intentionally look down. Just to let my fear know that it will not shape my future. And those are silly examples. I know dogs, roller coasters, malls and rooftop lounges seem small, but that’s where conquering your fears start. For you it could be relationships, it could entrepreneurship, relocating –you know you’re not supposed to be where you are, relocate. It could be writing a book or public speaking. It may even be finally acknowledging your call to ministry. It could be writing that letter that re-engages a relationship with a father or with a child that you separated from. I don’t know what you’re afraid of. What I do know is that you should not fear your future. Your future is bright, your future is great. The Bible says before the foundations were laid God knew you, he appointed you, knew what was ahead. Your future should be bright. And today as you read this, all I am saying is do not fear your future, faith your future and watch God work.

8 | Say So Now • April 2019

“Why should I want

to serve God?”

St Mark Prison Ministry

ing me to his service. Even though I was once a blasphemer and a persecutor and a violent man, I was shown mercy because I acted in ignorance and unbelief. The grace of our Lord was poured out on me abundantly, along with the faith and love that are in Christ Jesus.” Once Paul became aware of the love and grace that God had given him, his response was to serve God. The Bible offers several motivations for our service. We want to serve God because “we are receiving a kingdom


nswer: The fact that we should serve God is obvious in Scripture (see Luke 4:8). Why we should want to serve God is a more difficult question. Every Christian asked might have a different reason for serving God; different people are motivated by different things. However, the Bible does make clear that, when a person is in a real relationship with God, he will serve God. We should want to serve God because we know Him; an inherent part of knowing Him is a desire to serve Him. It’s always been God’s intention to make us like His Son, Jesus (Romans 8:29). When we look at Jesus’ life, there’s no denying that He was a servant. Jesus’ entire life was centered on serving God—by teaching, healing, and proclaiming the Kingdom (Matthew 4:23). He came not “to be served but to serve” (Matthew 20:28). Then, on the night of His arrest, Jesus washed the disciples’ feet, leaving them with a final teaching to serve one another: “I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you” (see John 13:12–17). So, if Jesus is all about serving, and God wants to make us like Him, then it’s pretty obvious that we should be all about serving as well.

Genuine service cannot be separated from love. We can go through the motions of serving God, but if our hearts are not in it we’re missing the point. First Corinthians 13 makes it clear that, unless our service is rooted in love, it’s meaningless. Serving God out of a sense of obligation or duty, apart from love for God, is not what He desires. Rather, serving God should be our natural, love-filled response to Him who loved us first (see 1 John 4:9–11). The apostle Paul is a great example of how having a relationship with God through Christ results in a life of service. Prior to his conversion, Paul persecuted and killed believers, thinking he was serving God. But after he encountered Jesus on the road to Damascus, he immediately devoted the rest of his life to truly serving God by spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ (see Acts 9:20). Paul describes this transformation in 1 Timothy 1:12–14: “I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given me strength, that he considered me trustworthy, appoint-

that cannot be shaken” (Hebrews 12:28), because our service supplies “the needs of the Lord’s people” (2 Corinthians 9:12), because our service proves our faith and causes others to praise God (2 Corinthians 9:13), and because God sees and rewards our labor of love (Hebrews 6:10). Each of these is a good reason to serve God. We can give away only what we’ve first received. The reason we can love and serve God is that He first loved and served us through Jesus Christ. The more we are aware of and experience God’s love in our own lives, the more prone we are to respond in love by serving Him. If you want to want to serve God, the key is to get to know Him! Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal more of God to you (John 16:13). When we truly know God, who is love (1 John 4:8), our natural response is a desire to love and serve Him in return. Say So Now • April 2019 | 9


Strengthen Prayer



was neglecting the very thing that would satisfy my weary, thirsty soul. I was ignoring the path that would not only lead me out of the desert, but keep me out of the wilderness in the first place. I often fall short of my good intentions when I fail to view prayer as a discipline that needs to be learned and practiced and developed. We speak frequently of the importance 10 | Say So Now • April 2019

of prayer, but often don’t know (or forget) the “hows” of prayer. Even Jesus’s own disciples had to ask Jesus how to pray (Luke 11:1). They saw something in the way he prayed so fervently and intimately to his Father that made them long to do the same. Lord, teach us to pray! While it won’t be the same for everyone, seven specific actions have really helped me in my battle against a weak prayer life.

PREPARING TO PRAY 1. SET PRAYER APART. The more we pray, the more we want to pray. To do this, you need to build it into the rhythm of your day any way you can: set alarms, leave notes, put it in your day planner. Prayer is a practice that requires discipline and perseverance, and we should own the cost. Prayer is the greatest act of our day, and we must fight for it. And not just in times of need. It matters

how we train and prepare for the battle. 2. LEARN TO WITHDRAW. Pull away from distractions — the phone, the computer, the TV, the constant noise of modern life — and find a way to separate yourself so you can be and feel “shut in with God.” It can be a challenge when you work away from home for long hours or are sharing your house from dawn-to-dusk with a bunch of loud and energetic children, but make it a priority. Your car on lunch break, a quiet corner in the office, a closet in between meals or feedings or naptimes, or simply the quiet of your heart if that’s all you can muster. But find solitude, and pray (Luke 4:42; 5:16; 22:41). 3. HAVE A POSTURE OF PRAYER. Do what you need to help you focus on what it is that you’re doing. Kneel, stand, close your eyes, look to the heavens — when your body is focused, it’s often easier for your soul to follow. If able, pray out loud. I’ve found that just softly whispering during my private prayer time is quiet enough that it doesn’t inhibit the flow of my praying, but loud enough that it keeps my mind from wandering. As C.S. Lewis observes, “The body ought to pray as well as the soul. Body and soul are both better for it.”

PRACTICING PRAYER 4. PRAY SCRIPTURE. This is a great way to start. What joy it brings to a father to know his children hear his words, cherish them, believe them to be true, and then speak them back to him. So much of my prayers are “plagiarized” Scripture. Without even realizing it, they become the vocabulary of my prayers, sometimes because the beautiful promises make my heart sing, and sometimes 12 | Say So Now • April 2019

because all I can do is desperately cling to his words. • Show me your glory (Exodus 33:18). • Turn my eyes from worthless things (Psalm 119:37). • Show me a sign of your goodness (Psalm 86:17). • Let no sin rule over me (Psalm 119:133). • You are my Lord; apart from you I have no good thing (Psalm 16:2). 5. PRAY FERVENTLY. Praying should be active. We cannot truly come into contact with God and not be a different person, at least in some small degree, by the time we say, “Amen.” Struggle in prayer, wrestle with it, and let the Spirit move. Answers to prayer are a blessing, but prayer in and of itself is meant to be a blessing. Sometimes it feels like the moaning of parched lips in the desert, and we should still persevere because prayer is not just the fruit of spiritual life, but the means of attaining it.

6. PRAY SPECIFICALLY. Vagueness can be the death of prayer. Not that we can never be general, just not at the expense of praising God’s specific attributes, confessing specific sins, or thanking him and asking him for specific things. We must learn to pray specifically and boldly due to the status we have through Christ, while simultaneously being completely submissive to God’s will. Bold and expectant faith coupled with humble submission is a powerful thing. 7. PRAY FOR AND WITH OTHERS. Prayer is meant to knit together the children of God, oftentimes, people we have never even met. We share a Father, we are family, and we should bear each other’s burdens in prayer. We become invested in each other’s struggles and triumphs. We start to care more about the people we pray for and less about ourselves. What a beautiful thing to come before our Father of one accord with the same appeals out of love and care for each other. Prayer binds the church together.


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spiritual values and instruction in ethics which fosters a completely faith-based worldview.


hese schools take seriously the responsibility to develop children’s minds, but they don’t distance God from academics. They know that developing skills in young people is essential to helping them reach their God-given potential. Christian educators help cultivate a worldview in which God has His rightful place, and they look to the Bible for guidance in answering life’s big questions. These teachers enhance children’s spiritual development in an intentional, nurturing manner. An education at St. Mark Christian Academy will help your child grow spiritually, academically, and culturally. In fact, recent surveys and education studies show that Christian schools develop the whole child better than any other type of school. Additional REASONS Why You Should Send Your Child To A Christian School The benefits of higher achievements  in private schools are well known to

14 | Say So Now • April 2019

be above public school test results. However, a Christian school can also offer your child the following holistically beneficial features in addition to academic excellence. SAFER ENVIRONMENT – When asked if they felt safe in school, 64% of private school teens said yes, as opposed to only 36% of public school teens. (State of Nation’s Youth, 2000). FAITH-BASED LEARNING – What›s at the core matters. Christian schools promote

SECONDARY EDUCATION – In a certain study, high school students who attend private school are 88% likely to apply for college, as opposed to 57% of public school high schoolers (National Center for Education Statistics). COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT  – Stats show both church-related (42%) and nonchurch related private schools (41%) are more likely to require community service than public schools (17%) (National Center for Education Statistics, 2000). See why a Christian education at St. Mark Christian Academy is worth it! Contact us today to schedule your tour.



n that time lives have been changed, families have been enhanced, and the community has been positively impacted by this church ministry. Here’s why we believe not only does God’s church matter, but St Mark matters. A few weeks after high school graduation and shortly before leaving for college, my dad came home with a 1995 Mitsubishi Galant. This car was a serious upgrade from the 1982 Mercury Grand Marquis I’d been sharing with my brother. She had leather seats, a radio that worked, a sixdisc changer, and a sunroof. While those features were nice, they weren’t necessary. I was most excited about the freedom of having a car that was mine and the opportunity to spend my paycheck on something other than gas. For a long time, I felt the same way about the church as I did about the sunroof in my car. I liked the idea of church. I even enjoyed coming to church. But like many people, I believed the lie that while church was a nice part of Christianity, it wasn’t necessary to follow Jesus. Four Reasons We Need the God’s Church

1. We need other Christians. If you want to know what you believe, listen to what your friends say. The more time we spend around people who ridicule God, the more we allow their attitudes to affect our thoughts and attitudes (Psalm 1:1-2). The more time we spend with God’s people and in His presence, the more like Jesus we become. That’s why the writer of Hebrews encouraged Christians not to give up meeting together. If we want to hold unswervingly to our faith, we need to surround ourselves with people who will encourage us  to follow Jesus even when it’s hard, to have faith when everything seems

16 | Say So Now • April 2019

St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church, 2710 Columbus Avenue

hopeless, and to rely on Jesus even when we think we can do everything on our own (Hebrews 10:23-25).

2. We need opportunities to discover our spiritual gifts. Every one of us has a skill God wants to use to help others know Him and follow Him. The Bible calls these skills spiritual gifts (1 Corinthians 12), and we discover our spiritual gifts the same way we discover any other kind of special talent. Kobe Bryant realized he was great at basketball when he started playing basketball. Katy Perry discovered she could sing when she started singing. We will never uncover what God has equipped and called us to do if we don’t get involved.

3. We need authority. We don’t have to believe anything anyone tells us about God. He appointed men and women in the church to lead us and to teach us (Hebrews 13:17). God gave us the Bible  and the church so we can know what’s from Him. Through the church’s authority structure, we can test

and see what’s of God and what isn’t when we can’t tell on our own. When we’ve prayed, read the Bible, and still aren’t sure what to do, the church is where we go for advice.

4. We never stop needing grace. Church people are not perfect people. We are forgiven, but we are still sinners. No matter how long we’ve been following Jesus, we are going to screw up, fall short, and sin. And when we do, we need a place where we can come to be healed, restored, and renewed. That place is the church. The sunroof in my little red Galant ruined me. I can’t imagine owning a car without a sunroof ever again. The same is true when it comes to church. As I made friends, joined a group, and started serving, God changed me. I woke up one day and realized I couldn’t imagine not being involved in church. Church is no longer just nice; it’s necessary. Here’s what God has done at St Mark.   The history of St. Mark began in 1902 when a group of faithful servants of God united in fellowship to praise, worship

The church found it necessary to become more advanced by adding modern equipment, conveniences, and instruments to enhance the quality of the worship services and to minister to the growing needs of the church and community. Additional property was purchased, new ministries were born, and the church began to prosper in ministry and outreach.

and glorify the Lord and to lay a spiritual foundation in the community. The church was organized under the leadership of Rev. Miller, and the first building was located on Graham Street. In 1938, the members moved to 2710 Columbus Avenue, where they worshipped for sixty-three years. Today, a new church on the corner of Frederick Boulevard and Elliott Avenue stands to attest to God’s awesome power in using ordinary people, and the church still stands as a beacon of hope in the community. Throughout the 1900’s, St. Mark had both “mountain” and “valley” experiences as the congregation grew numerically and spiritually. During the fruitful pastorate of the late Dr. R. M. Watson (1954-1991), St. Mark experienced years of prosperity. The edifice was remodeled, an educational wing was added, debts were dissolved, and many sons were called to preach and to pastor. After Dr. Watson’s retirement, God’s anointed and visionary preacher of the gospel, Dr. Curtis E. Edmonds, Sr. became the pastor in 1992 and the Lord continued to add to our membership in a magnificent way. As the membership rapidly outgrew the physical structure of the church, additions and renovations were made to accommodate the growing congregation.

By 1995, the membership had tripled in number, and St. Mark was in dire need of a new home. God provided everyone that we needed within our own congregation. Trustee Rosa Lee Harrison located several acres of land for the site of our new edifice on the corner of Frederick Boulevard and Elliott Avenue. Wilson M. Goode, a renowned master builder and chairman of our Trustee Ministry, became our building contractor and supervisor of our massive building project. On May 6, 2000, the Groundbreaking Ceremony was held on our new site, and construction of our new edifice began several days later. On August 10, 2001, the Edmonds Center was dedicated, and the congregation began holding worship services there the following month. The first service was held in the sanctuary on December 31, 2001, and the church’s grand dedication ceremony was held on March 9, 2002. There was a grand march from the old edifice on Columbus Avenue to the new church site followed by a week of dedication services. Under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Edmonds, St. Mark has risen to new heights in all areas and has become a closer and stronger church family with a greater testimony of the goodness of God. Under God’s anointing, Pastor Edmonds has given the St. Mark family a mission and vision, and we are blessed to be a part

of God’s kingdom building work here on earth. In March of 2019 Dr Dwight Shawrod Riddick, II became the next Senior Pastor of St Mark and has already begun to bring a sense of excitement to congregation and community. After serving 13 years as the Pastor of First Baptist Church in Franklin, VA Pastor Riddick seeks to continue the great work that St Mark has already been a part in spreading the gospel, serving the community, and helping other experience Jesus in innovative ways. Pastor Riddick is married to Rev Dr. Jennell Riddick who has served in full time ministry along side her husband and prior to their marriage. This duo in ministry promise to bring life transforming ministry and practical teaching that will keep St Mark growing forward. Pastor Riddick places a strong emphasis on Christian Education, leadership development, and student involvement. We are standing in faith believing that eyes have not seen, nor have ears heard what the Lord has in store for us a church body and community as he seeks to follow Christ. We thank God Almighty for extending His grace and mercy towards us, for expanding our territory, and for allowing us to be used as instruments as we minister to lost souls and continue to serve as a spiritual haven in the community. We pray that under Pastor Riddick’s leadership, through his holistic ministry, and with all of our combined efforts, prayer, faith, and dedication, we will become the church God has called us to be. As we continue to do God’s work, we look forward to behold what God has yet in store for us. Consider coming to join us in worship, or connecting with a small group to help us serve. It still takes a village to be successful, and we believe with God and your participation great things are ahead. Let’s keep pressing towards the Mark! Say So Now • April 2019 | 17

THE EDMONDS CENTER We are ready to Host your next event!

The Edmonds Center is a tastefully appointed multipurpose banquet facility, set in elegance and designed to accommodate a variety of events. We offer a friendly and unique setting for many occasions.


deally located and connected to several arterial routes, this facility accommodates up to 604 persons in a decor comparable to any five star establishment. The facility offers upscale accommodations in an open layout adorned with beautiful chandeliers and large, elegant picturesque windows with customized window treatments. The Edmonds Center also provides all of the services and amenities necessary to enhance any celebration or gathering. The service is impressive, with responsible staff who deliver what you want and help you keep to your agenda.

Our Menu Is Great For • Weddings • Conferences • Private Parties • Memorials • Anniversaries Cuisine The Edmonds Center’s chef is free to be uniquely creative to fit your individual tastes and budget. The extensive on-site facilities allow for flexibility and immediate responsiveness to your requests and concerns. Our menu packages are designed to allow you creative choice and creation of a distinctive menu, without being overwhelming. Plan an event at the Edmonds Center. It will prove to be the ultimate experience for hosting a most memorable celebration.

CONTACT THE EDMONDS CENTER Our Banquet Business Director, Mrs. Christine Brown will gladly schedule your event and work through any details that your event might require. Our Banquet Operations Director, Ms. Andrea Brooks, will handle any and all of your event’s logistical requirements.

Send Us An E-Mail Contact Ms. Christine Brown

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Our Services To make your planning easy, we offer custom linen service at highly competitive prices. A broad selection of colors are available in both linens and napkins. The price includes our custom draping service. Ask your Client Services Representative for samples and creative ideas including accent draping. Our Contact Information

Phone Numbers: Business Director: 757 399 2000 x106 Operations Director: 757 399 2000 x107 Address: 2714 Frederick Blvd Portsmouth, VA 23704 Say So Now • April 2019 | 19

What to due, do, dew with your Money Excerpt From Book “Money MANNAHagment” by Dwight Shawrod Riddick, II


erhaps you know the story of the windmill. Back in the days before electric power was widely available people used the windmill to pump water. This being the most common use for which the mill was used, one had to wait for the wind to blow so the mill blades could catch the wind, therefore, turn the wheel. The water got pumped out the faster the wind blew. Numbers 11:9 When the dew settled on the camp at night, the manna also came down. For life to exist water is an important commodity. In the beginning, when God created the earth he provided four rivers to water the Garden of Eden. He also made sure that dew fell on the grass each day to ensure vegetation kept alive. The falling of dew on the grass has a huge implication on the issue of money today. A couple of rules to go by as far as money is concerned. First of all, you need to pay what’s due each time you get money. A good place to start would be for you to pay your dues to God in the way of tithe and also support of the work of God. The fact that it’s due means that someone deserves to get paid the money. Paying dues is not a punishment and there’s a blessing you get to enjoy as a result. Another money rule is for you to go out and do something pleasing to you. We all 20 | Say So Now • April 2019

differ in this area as some prefer to go out with friends while others would rather go out shopping. Or perhaps a day out with the boys for the brothers. You realize that when you put aside some money just for you each month you will better appreciate the use of it.

such. Might be a tire change or that something unexpected that comes up, either way having some cash set aside will cater for it. If you set aside some cash each time you receive some for the small expenses you’ll be well-prepared for whatever comes up.

The third rule is to plan for evening dew. Basically means having something set aside for a rainy day. There will always be something that comes up that requires money. Besides your regular savings also ensure that you put something aside for

Like water that comes out after the wind turns the windmill, you will go a long way to ensure financial freedom by practicing the three steps. Your finances depend on it, therefore, get the wheel moving to ensure your account does not go dry.




hile attending a conference, I was blown away by the appeals of authors who were speaking. I am not foreign to speakers soliciting book sales before or after their presentation. These speakers had a different approach. They were what I call “Round Trip Global Presenters”. They did not invite listeners to purchase their books. They invited each person to purchase cases of books, with a minimum of ten to twenty books per case. I thought it absurd. I felt it was somewhat overly aggressive. Then I realized that if a message is worth sharing one time, it is worth sharing many times. I say the same to you. If the lessons that God taught you were worth learning once; surely they are worth sharing many times over. Circle back around and share the wisdom. This is what I call a RETURN FLIGHT. You going back to people that you may have separated from and encouraging them with your new found wisdom during your journey of life. That is my challenge to you. If you have received any pearls of wisdom that you believe can help you find successful living during life’s layovers, share them and bring balance to the lives of others like an equinox. If like me, you have been exposed to jewel like people who God has used to grow you, please use the knowledge shared to lead them to the light. If you have other moments that you deem valuable in your life, I look forward to reading your book. I eagerly await the opportunity to invest in a case of books

third day morning he rose with a boarding pass of all power in His hands to take flight into heaven. Jesus dealt with delays so that we can deal with ours. Yet, that same Jesus left earth with a round trip ticket. While I do not know exactly when, I do know that He is coming back. When He returns, He will teach us what we never understood. He will reclaim us, call us righteous and crown us as overcomers because we made it beyond the layover. We can all make it with Jesus. I know that is the only way I made it through. He is the only way you will make it to your next place. Jesus ensures that properly dealing with your delays gives you success after life’s layovers.

filled with your stories and lessons. I champion those who will partner with me in spreading this Good News among the masses so that we can all fly fearlessly together. Isn’t the goal for us all to fly away? Isn’t that why Jesus Christ came and made Himself lower than the Angels (Hebrews 2:9)? Isn’t that why He tasted death for us, acquitting us of the mistakes that immobilize us? Jesus dealt with His own delays. Jesus had delays in the garden of Gethsemane and paused on Calvary’s cross for us. He endured a three- day layover in Joseph’s tomb. Then, early on the

I pray that as God has been faithful to teaching me how to deal with my many delays, He will be even more present for you as you deal with your life’s delays. 22 | Say So Now • April 2019

I close in prayer for you. I pray that you do not forget that God is providential. I pray that you resist the urge to stay silent and still when success is right around the corner. I pray that you push beyond the present pause that prevents you from fulfilling your purpose. I pray that you drive beyond the delay that has seemingly derailed your destiny. I pray that you trust God in your process. I pray that God proves Himself to be wise in your ignorance, abundant in your deficiency, passionate in His mercy, and present when you feel alone. I pray that as God has been faithful to teaching me how to deal with my many delays, He will be even more present for you as you deal with your life’s delays. I pray this prayer standing on the words of scripture so often quoted by a tremendous giant in the Kingdom of God, Deacon Henry Nobles of Gethsemane Baptist Church in Newport News, VA. I pray believing in faith that, “Eyes have not seen, nor has ear heard, nor has it entered into hearts of men what God has in store for you” (1 Corinthians 2:9). In Jesus Name. Amen.

Prioritizing with Purpose Excerpt From Book By Dr Jennell Riddick “Getting It Done, Without Becoming Undone”


emphatically encourage you to do what matters. When presented with various tasks there are some questions you should ask yourself: Is it for now? If so, says who? You have probably discovered by now that people want what is urgent to them to be urgent to you. This is a recipe for disaster. While we certainly care about the needs of others, your friend who needs you to work for her because her massage therapist is only available next Tuesday, may not be as urgent a need as some of your other responsibilities. Everyone has an opinion on what is important, but is it really that important? My kids do this often. Just the other day, my son bellowed out, “Daddy, I need you!”

Recognizing the tone of the voice in peril, my husband calmly responded, “Help with what?” My son quickly replied, “My PlayStation isn’t working!” Now, to a nine-year-old this is traumatic. I am not making light of his situation, but I am calling your attention to the variety of calls for help that you get in a day. If you run to put out every fire, you will be consumed. Is it your fire to put out? Can someone else help? This is not a license to be

lazy, but it is helpful for us self-proclaimed “fixers.” We want everything to be right in the world, and we will spend our time, energy, and resources to make it happen. But are you called to make it happen? If the answer is yes, then the next question is “when?” Not everything you handle in a day or a week is urgent. What’s at stake if this does not happen right now? I often offer this question to mentees and others whose schedules are seemingly overwhelmed. Don’t let your schedule run you. Run your schedule.

Say So Now • April 2019 | 23

Who’s Got Next?

Meet The Riddicks



hey come with innovative ministry ideas that will include today’s latest technology, community empowerment, leadership development transfor-

mative worship all while connecting generations from the young to the more season. They faithfully served the First Baptist Church of Franklin, VA for 13 years. Previously, Pastor Riddick served on staff at Gethsemane Baptist Church in Newport News, VA under the leadership of Dr. Dwight Riddick Sr. while Dr. Jennell served on staff at Mt. Gilead Baptist Church in Williamsburg, VA where Bishop William Dawson leads. They are looking forward to serving St. Mark Church and the surrounding community. They are no strangers to the 757 area, but let’s find out a little more about the areas newest ministry Duo. Say So Now • April 2019 | 25

Behind the Scenes with the Riddicks Dr. Dwight Riddick Where are you from and where have you lived? I started in the Fentress area of Chesapeake, lived in Campostella for a while, and grades 3-12 in Hampton. I completed undergraduate school in Harrisonburg at JMU, and Seminary in Richmond. I then got married, moved to Suffolk, and traveled to graduate school in Chicago. What do you like to do in your free time? I enjoy going to the movies, playing basketball, golf, and spending time with my family. What would one of your favorite meals consist of? Salmon, green beans, angel hair pasta, key lime pie, and crème soda. What have been some of your favorite vacation spots? Rome and Hawaii. What are you excited about in your new ministry assignment? Presenting Jesus to those who have not accepted Him and offering Jesus in a new way to those who already know Him.

Dr. Jennell Riddick

What would one of your favorite meals consist of?

Where are you from and where have you lived? I grew up in Williamsburg, VA. I completed undergraduate school at the University of Richmond and Seminary at the Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union. I traveled to Chicago to complete my Doctorate.

Shrimp, steak, sautéed spinach, strawberry shortcake, and coffee.

What do you like to do in your free time? I like to spend time with family and friends, travel, and try new restaurants.

I am looking forward to helping people walk in their God-given potential and power.



onored by the privilege to share with thousands over a decade, it is evident that improving the lives of others is her life’s work. Dr. Jennell Whitfield Riddick is an honors graduate of the University of Richmond where she double majored in Rhetoric and Communication Studies and Theatre. She served in numerous leadership capacities and as a part of several orga-

26 | Say So Now • April 2019

nizations. She is also an honors graduate of the Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University where she earned a Master of Divinity Degree. In May 2018, she earned her Doctoral Degree from Chicago Theological Seminary. Mrs. Riddick is the recipient of the National Black Student Leadership Conference Legacy Award, the Rhetoric and

What have been some of your favorite vacation spots? Hawaii and Cancun What are you excited about in your new assignments?

Communication Studies Leadership Award, the Westhampton College Distinguished Leadership Award, the University Players Best Lead Actress Award, and the Peer Advisory and Mentor Program

Mentor of the Year. She was named the 2016 Community Service Woman of the Year among many other awards. Dr. Riddick is the Founder and Executive Director of Walk In It Inc. This organization is devoted to the holistic health and empowerment of girls and women. Walk In It’s Ladies of Distinction Mentor/Character Development Program currently

serves over 650 girls monthly throughout 22 schools in 5 school districts. Reverend Riddick enjoys serving in ministry alongside her husband Pastor Dwight S. Riddick II. She is also employed as an Adjunct Instructor at Paul D. Camp Community College. She is a facilitator of the Styberg Preaching Institute through Garret Theological Seminary. Jennell Rid-

dick is the author of Walk In It: Advancing Beyond Average, Girl Talk: What Every Lady Should Know, and Getting It Done, Without Becoming Undone . She travels frequently as a sought after motivational speaker, conference facilitator, preacher, and mentor. She heeds the words given to Zerubbabel in Zechariah 4:6, “Not by might not by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord Almighty.”



wight Shawrod Riddick uses his unique gift of bridging gaps between cultures to maximize the potential of those around him. He is the husband of Dr. Jennell Whitfield and they are the proud parents of Dwight III and Jasmine. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Computers Science as a lettered student athlete (Basketball) at James Madison University (JMU), an M.Div from Virginia Union University, a Doctorate in Homiletics from Chicago Theological Seminary and is a certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach. He is humbled to have been chosen as a Styberg Preaching Fellow Peer Group Facilitator at Garret Theological Seminary at Northwestern University.

While attending JMU he became one of the six founders of JMU Impact Movement, a minority ministry affiliated with the International ministry Campus Crusade for Christ. He served as the ministry leader and founder of a spirit led and growing ministry named Crowned Ministries International (CMI). CMI is dedicated to maximizing the potential of youth and young adults on multiple college and high school campuses. CMI has since transformed into an executive Coaching Network known as CMI-Leadership Coaching. He served as youth and young adult Pastor on staff at the Gethsemane Baptist Church of Newport News, VA. God then blessed him to minister 13 years as the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church in Franklin, VA. He is now privileged to experience God do great things as the Senior Pastor of the St Mark Missionary Baptist Church in Portsmouth, VA. Pastor Riddick is an adjunct professor at Paul D Camp Community College as a religion instructor, he is an author and a proud and active member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated. As a published author, Dwight Shawrod, men-

tors and provides both leadership and life coaching as a founding member of Crowned Ministries International Leadership Coaching (CMI-LC Inc) with authorized John Maxwell & customized curriculum. He served as the President of the Franklin and Vicinity Ministers Alliance and is on the General Board of the Baptist General Convention of Virginia. Standing on the word of God as stated in Philippians 2:14 which says, “Do everything without complaining or arguing,” and Philippians 4:11 which states, “...I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation...” He says, that God has been too good to him for him to complain. So he is dedicated to helping others maximize the potential while on their mission to see Jesus. Stay connected at or FB, IG, or Twitter /dsriddick2

Personalize Your Meeting Come experience what God is doing with this new partnership between the St Mark Church and the Riddick’s. Join them for worship any Sunday morning at either the 7:45AM worship or the 10:45AM worship. Or maybe you want to attend their practical and easy learning Life Skills Bible Study on Wednesday at 7PM, or join them for their “Unplugged Sessions” where there are teachings on prayer followed by prayer moments in prayer. Say So Now • April 2019 | 27

Profile for CMI Leadership Coaching

Say So Now  

April 2019 St Mark Missionary Baptist Church Say So Now Magazine.

Say So Now  

April 2019 St Mark Missionary Baptist Church Say So Now Magazine.

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