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Euro 2024 Brings Massive Sales Boost to Pubs

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The Euro's Football Tournament – A Boon for the UK's On-Trade

ment has arrived just in time to provide a massive and much-needed boost for the on-trade

Estimates on the number of pints to be sold during the tournament var y, but all predictions point towards an uplift in sales running into the millions One repor t even suggests that Britons will nearly double their consumption compared to four years ago when England reached the finals in the last Euro competition

This surge in sales is reminiscent of how things used to be "back in the day" when pubs were bustling for no other reason than socialising Despite the economic challenges of the past, it wasn't as expensive to visit a pub then Today, our beloved pubs are taxed, taxed, and taxed some more , making it increasingly difficult for people to enjoy this quintessential British pastime

Not only has the Euros brought a massive boost in sales, but it has also significantly lifted the nation's wellbeing The sense of joy, fun, and camaraderie that has returned to the great British pub is unparalleled

This should ser ve as a stark reminder to the incoming government that they have taken the hospitality sector for granted for far too long If they were to take the bold step of reducing taxation even as a trial they would see the public eat and drink out more often, ultimately resulting in more revenue for the treasur y

While it is welcome news that inflation has fallen and is now back in line with government targets, it is disappointing to see the Bank of England freezing interest rates for the seventh time in a row

If ever there was an example of hospitality driving growth, the Euro tournament is it Hospitality drives growth, creates jobs, and regenerates towns and cities, but only when it has the financial headroom to invest High interest rates, especially when operators still

have Covid loans to pay off money borrowed just to keep the doors open during government-imposed lockdowns are stifling this potential It's time to bring the rates down now!

I would finish with I hope that England and Scotland progress the later stages, both are in a good position to do so, and as stated above , the Euros have not only reignited the public's passion for football but have also revitalized the hospitality sector at a most impor tant time for the sector

This tournament is a powerful testament to the impact that a thriving on-trade can have on our economy and societal wellbeing It really is high time the government any government recognizes this and provides the necessar y suppor t to ensure the continued success and growth of this vital sector

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Euro 2024 Brings Massive Sales Boost to Pubs

As Brits Set to

Almost Double the Consumption for Euro 2020



on matchdays, according to CGA by NIQ NATION “GRIPPED”

Kate Nicholls, Chief Executive of UKHospitality, said: “The nation is set to be gripped by the Euros, with fans filling our pubs and bars to cheer on the home nations

“Outside of being at the games in Germany we know the pub is the number one place to watch live spor t and hospitality businesses can’t wait for the tournament to begin

“The group stage alone will provide an additional £340 million in sales, but England lifting the trophy could see almost a billion pound boost for our pubs – adding just one more reason to get behind the Three Lions ” 5M EXTRA PINTS

Ahead of last nights rather “lacklustre” England v Denmark game , the BBPA estimated there would be 4 – 5 million additional pints consumed wor th an extra £19m - £24m in sales

Emma McClarkin, Chief Executive of the British Beer and Pub Association:“The Euros are already providing a huge uplift in extra trade for pubs as football fans know that there is no better place to watch live than down their local For this England v Denmark the latest BBPA figure show that between four to five million extra pints will be enjoyed wor th up to a potential £24million for the sector and despite the Euros bring into focus the big differences in beer duty paid between the different competing nations with English and Scottish fans paying by far the most I urge ever yone to enjoy the match cheer on England and enjoy a refreshing beer ”

Betting website safebettingsites com, compared the expected beer consumption for Brits against other recent major spor ting events These include the 2023 Rugby World Cup and this year ’ s Cheltenham Festival to name but a few

Key Data Takeaways

• A whopping 30million pints drunk for England s win against Serbia on Sunday

• Euro 2020 tournament saw 364mi lion pints downed by thir sty Br its

• £2 4bn set to be spent on beer in the UK alone thanks to favourable kic k off times

• Londoner s are estimated to spend the most when they watc h the Three Lions play!


England Scotland and Wales’ par ticipation in Euro 2020 saw 364 million pints of beer drunk throughout the tournament by Brits The final between the Three Lions and Italy saw 13 million sunk alone

Held a year later owing to the Covid-19 pandemic thirsty Brits took advantage of their new-found freedoms by wasting no time in drinking pints down their locals

Gareth Southgate’s side going all the way to the final helped boost the number of pints sold And of course , it provided a timely boost for the hospitality industr y


With Brits on course to drink approximately 604 5 million pints of beer for Euro 2024 a staggering £2 4Billion will be spent across pubs and social clubs

Considering the number of venues that closed during 2023, and with the cost of living crisis, the projected figure is a herculean effor t from football-fanatic Brits

If broken down by person, it works out to approximately £74 25 spent per-head throughout the tournament If England were to go all the way to the final again, it’s likely the £2 5bn barrier could be broken


In terms of regions in the UK who are estimated to spend the most on pints of beer during Euro 2024, Londoners will be forking out the most

Naturally, the cost of pints in the English capital is one of the highest in Europe However, that isn’t expected to deter beer-going football fans

All in all, it’s predicted that £120 will be spent just on beer throughout the tournament from locals and those planning to visit the big smoke to watch matches The Euro 2024 beer consumption won t come cheap


Admiral Taverns has repor ted a 122% uplift in draught sales thanks the tournament The pubco saw sales across its community focused division Proper Pubs more than double during England s first match of the competition on Sunday 16 June , when they beat Serbia, compared with the previous two Sunday's>

Mark Brooke , Managing Director - Proper Pubs, commented: "It was fantastic to see such positive trading momentum across the estate last night during England's first match of the 2024 Euros Initial figures from Proper Pubs show an impressive 122% uplift in draught sales during the game versus the previous two Sundays which stands testament to the hard work of our operators across the countr y making sure their pub acts as the go-to social hub to celebrate the tournament We have some fantastic promotions and offers running over the Euros period in selected sites "

Trends, Challenges and Sustainability

Tell us a bit about your background and experience in the kitchen? What inspired you to become a Chef?

“I am from Brazil and grew up around friends and family members who really enjoyed cooking but had never cooked in my life until I came to the UK

I moved here 21 years ago, but for the first few years worked in an administration and accounts before I decided to pursue my passion for food and completed a 3-year diploma at the City of Westminster College , London

My passion for food stemmed far beyond just wanting to curate tasty dishes – I wanted to discover where food really came from and how to experiment with different textures and flavours

From here , I have always worked in private catering companies and much prefer the innovation and creativity this environment offers compared to restaurants I love working with different people and ideas to create new and exciting menu options to suit client tastes and occasions – from weddings to large corporate celebrations ”

What types of foods do you enjoy cooking with?

As a pescatarian who is passionate about sustainability, I really enjoy cooking with fish and a wide range of vegetables

Since joining Camm & Hooper, I have worked hard on expanding the variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes on offer, while integrating sustainability into our menu planning and execution

This has ranged from implementing food waste bins and using the surplus from foods to create other dishes - for example , I use the skin of fish to create base for my canapes and integrate the skin from onions into our whipped butter – to using more local, UK based suppliers and opting for food choices that are seasonal However, this in itself is a challenging task as ever y dish we create needs to be easily replicated and scalable to be ser ved at an event

There are so many delicious vegetables on offer that people are completely unaware of and have never tried I genuinely love introducing clients to new vegan and vegetarian dishes and in educating them on where the food has been sourced from and how it has been created all with sustainability in mind ”

What are the main challenges of implementing sustainable choices into your menus?

“The ultimate sustainable journey food is from nature to your plate and then back to compost However, the impact of BREXIT combined with a significant increase in costs has meant it has become difficult to source cer tain foods Implementing variety into menus and adapting to seasonal foods, while also sourcing quality, UK-based suppliers has enabled us to overcome this and ensure sustainability remains a key focus in our planning and execution

However, sustainability moves beyond menu choices In catering and hospitality, we operate in a world where the use of plastics is high through vacuum packs, cling film and gloves - just to name a few examples I am proactively working hard to measure our carbon footprint and ensure our kitchen is completely plastic free within the next 5 years maximum In star ting on this journey, I was really aware that in order to achieve my goals, I needed to educate my team on the impor tance of sustainability and inspire them to suppor t our long-term objective

Today, we are collectively working hard to embrace a dedicated eco-conscious philosophy that will ultimately position Camm & Hooper at the forefront of sustainability in the events management sector A key par t of this is to become a zero waste establishment, however this is a lot more challenging in the events sector compared to standalone restaurants, like Silo in London

The steps we have made so far are extremely positive and a true reflection of a shift in perception amongst our amazing and passionate team

Ultimately, I believe that to really become a sustainable entity, you don’t need to have a cer tificate - you need to have change in mindset and for people to understand why we are working towards this goal ”

How are increased food & drink and supply chain costs impacting the sustainability agenda in Hospitality?

“Pre-COVID, it was really easy to source and supply different foods, including a variety of vegetables But in the current economic climate , it is really expensive to buy quality produce – par ticularly meat and fish Meat is now really costly

Although a big challenge I think this in itself can drive a shift towards sustainability, by inspiring Chefs to opt for the more cost-effective vegan and vegetarian dishes and to use as much of the produce as possible , i e , using the skin of vegetables for sources as opposed to throwing them away

How have food trends changed in recent year s and how do you see these trends evolving during 2024 and beyond?

“Our menus now have a lot of vegan and vegetarian food options, with more and more consumers shifting to a vegan or even flexitarian type diet

Rewind 10 years ago and there were hardly any individuals with dietar y requirements at an event, but now it is in excess of 25% I think this is a combination of people being more aware of food intolerances and an increased focus on gut health and what they actually put into their body

I think food trends will evolve in line with cultural shifts For example , it is actually the younger generation who are driving veganism/vegetarianism as par t of a healthier lifestyle

To truly accommodate and excite this audience , Chefs need to move away from lazy options like mushrooms, and instead look at the wide variety of vegetables that are on offer and to really cook and curate dishes with them ”

How do you educate clients about sustainable food choices? And how are dietar y preferences influencing future of sustainable in event catering?

“More and more clients are choosing entire vegan/vegetarian options for their events, which would have been unheard of 10 years ago

I think this is driven by both cost and sustainability, with corporate clients in par ticular understanding the benefits of choosing vegan and/or vegetarian dishes over meat

I also think education and taste testing plays a big par t – whenever I present new dishes and they have the option to tr y lots of different flavours together, it blows their minds, and they are happy to trust in our creations and tr y more and more ”

Footie And Father’s Day Boost

The UK On Trade

CLH News speaks with Cristina Maia , former Masterchef winner and Group Head Chef, Camm & Hooper (

Inflation Target Being Met Is ‘Strongest Signal

Yet’ To Cut Rates

CGA’s Pubtrack Reveals Consumers’ Top Pub


New UK Government Must Appoint Night Time Economy Minister Urges NTIA

The United Kingdom s night time economy (NTE) is at a pivotal point, struggling to meet global standards due to a lack of dedicated representation and leadership While over 100 NTE advisors worldwide are driving innovation and growth, the UK lags behind, with only Manchester, West Midlands, Bristol, and London currently suppor ting such roles

The night time economy is more than a cultural facet; it significantly bolsters national and local economies by fostering employment tourism and vibrant communities As cities globally thrive by embracing their night time potential, the UK risks falling behind There is a critical oppor tunity to lead by example , championing a sector known for resilience and adaptability but in need of strategic suppor t to fully realise its potential

By appointing a central Government lead for the night time economy and hospitality and developing a central strateg y that mandates local representation and policy guidance the UK can set a new standard for nightlife governance This approach will enhance the vitality of the night time economy and position the UK as a leader in innovative and inclusive economic development

Such a move would restore confidence within the sector and demonstrate a commitment to true representation and leadership It would also create a national network of industr y representatives to guide policymakers through the sector s unique challenges

Globally, notable figures have transformed the night time economy landscape Ariel Palitz, former NTE Mayor of New York City, redefined policing nightlife Camilo Ospina Guzman in Colombia is collaborating with Congress to establish a National Law of the Night Lutz Leichsenring from VibeLab and spokesperson for the Berlin Club Commission has been crucial in creating protections for NTE businesses and expanding Berlin s cultural assets

Mirik Milan, the first Night Mayor from Amsterdam, continues to advocate for nightlife globally, suppor ting cities that embrace the growth and development of a safe and considered night time economy Australia exemplifies this success with Michael Rodriguez appointed as the 24-hour Commissioner for New South Wales in 2021 and John Graham as the Minister for Night Time Economy in 2023, leading a thriving and innovative approach to NTE strateg y

These examples show how dedicated roles, both nationally and regionally, have transformed nightlife and could potentially do the same in the UK

Michael Kill, CEO of NTIA, states, “The night time economy is a powerhouse , contributing significantly to employment, tourism, and community vibrancy Yet, without strategic leadership, it risks stagnation Global cities have embraced the night time economy ' s potential, and it's time for the UK to step up We have an oppor tunity to lead by example , emulating the success seen in New York, Berlin, Amsterdam, and New South Wales, Australia, where dedicated leadership has transformed the night economy

“The appointment of a Night Time Economy Government Lead will be the cornerstone for the recover y stability, and growth of this vital sector It will enable the UK to build a cohesive national strateg y for the night time economy, aligning with successful global models, providing a framework for local authorities to adopt and implement tailored policies that reflect the distinct needs of their communities ”

Appointing a Night Time Economy Minister is the first and most crucial step toward securing the future of this essential sector It’s time to revitalise the UK’s night time economy, creating a

ment for


Labour Plan For High Streets Right To Focus On Saving Great British Pub


“With around 80 pubs closing each month so far this year we are already in a critical situation Any incoming government needs to urgently fix business rates, where

“That’s why UKHospitality has campaigned so hard for the

Three Tricks to Maximise Tips in a Hospitality Job

In the hospitality and ser vice industries exceptional ser vice is the cornerstone of customer satisfaction and loyalty It is more than just a smile or a polite greeting; it is a holistic approach to ensuring that ever y customer interaction is positive and memorable

Exceptional ser vice not only fosters customer loyalty but also directly correlates to increased tips, a crucial component of income for many ser vice professionals One 2022 study found that 60% of customers would be likely to tip if they felt ‘impressed’ by the ser vice , while only 7% would ‘ never tip’ Stock (https://stockmfgco com/) examines the significance of excep-

tional ser vice and details strategies for enhancing customer interaction THE DIRECT CORRELATION BETWEEN EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE AND INCREASED TIPS

Studies consistently show that customers are willing to tip more generously when they receive outstanding ser vice Exceptional ser vice enhances the overall experience , making customers feel valued and appreciated

This appreciation often translates into higher tips as customers express their gratitude monetarily

Key elements of exceptional ser vice include attentiveness, responsiveness, and a genuine desire to meet and exceed customer expectations

The largest share of Americans (49%) say the decision to tip depends on the situation so great ser vice is essential for improving your chances of being tipped TIPS AND STRATEGIES FOR ENHANCING SERVICE AND BOOSTING TIPS

Building Rappor t with Customers

Establishing a connection with customers is essential for providing exceptional ser vice

Simple gestures like remembering a customer’s name , engaging in light conversation, and showing genuine interest in their preferences significantly enhance the customer’s experience

When customers feel a personal connection with their ser ver, they are more likely to reward this interaction with a generous tip

Upselling Menu Items or Ser vices

Upselling is an effective strateg y to enhance ser vice and increase tips

By suggesting higher-value menu items or ser vices that complement the customer s initial choice ser vers can enhance the customer s experience

while boosting sales

For instance , recommending a premium wine to pair with a specific dish or suggesting a popular desser t can add value to the customer’s experience It’s impor tant to upsell naturally and not be pushy as this can create a sense of trust and satisfaction, leading to higher tips

Creating Memorable Experiences

Creating memorable experiences involves going above and beyond basic ser vice expectations

This can include small touches like providing complimentar y samples celebrating special occasions, or accommodating special requests with enthusiasm

Memorable experiences leave a lasting impression on customers, making them more likely to return and recommend the establishment to others

Additionally, customers who have had a memorable experience are more inclined to show their appreciation through higher tips

Enhancing Customer Ser vice Skills

Exper ts at Stock emphasise the impor tance of active listening and empathy in providing exceptional ser vice

“Active listening involves fully engaging with the customer and understanding their preferences and concerns Empathy allows you to connect with customers on a deeper level, making them feel understood and valued,” they explain

Regular training and feedback sessions can also help you refine your skills and stay ahead of customer expectations

Stock exper ts reveal Exceptional ser vice is a powerful tool in the ser vice industr y that directly correlates with increased tips By building rappor t with customers, effectively upselling, and creating memorable experiences, ser vice professionals can enhance customer satisfaction and boost their earnings

Jeremy Brown Appointed as Culinary Director of Noble Restaurants Group

BII Announce Licensee of the Year 2024 Winner

The BII Licensee of the Year winner has been unveiled, Justine Lorriman from The Royal Dyche in Burnley beat off stiff competition from five other finalists to be named as the champion!

The BII licensee of the year award is widely regarded as the most rigorous and hard-fought award for individual licensee operators in the UK Since Januar y 2024, operators from across the UK have been whittled down from a field of over 300 nominations all vying to become the next BII Licensee of the Year winner Excelling across all areas of the competition, Justine faced incredibly tough competition from the five other finalists, from a diverse range of business models and experience , with her performance on the final judging day seeing her take the top spot

Taking on her pub 11 years ago, it was originally called The Princess Royal, but a joke on a chalkboard eventually saw the pub change to The Royal Dyche in 2018, immor talising Burnley FC’s then manager Sean Dyche With Justine at the helm, the business has been transformed into a pivotal local landmark and a hub of inclusivity, where customers from across the community can come together in a safe and welcoming space Despite football being a key feature of The Royal Dyche , the events and other occasions that the pub suppor ts mean that match days are no longer their busiest times with festivals live music and charity fundraising bringing in customers from far and wide

Justine’s dedication to transforming her pub into the centre

Photo by RDNE Stoc

80 Pub Closures Per Month, Research Reveals

New data has revealed that 239 English and Welsh pubs were either demolished or conver ted for other uses in the first quar ter of 2024

It means around 80 pubs shut each month, representing a 56% increase on the closure of 51 pubs a month over the first quar ter of 2023 Sector leaders have said the data reflects the impact of high energ y and food costs, tighter consumer spending and a significant tax burden on hospitality businesses

The data gathered from UK Government figures by real estate specialists Altus Group, shows that approximately 80 pubs closed per month in the period to 31 March 2024

This means that whereas there were 39,401 pubs in England and Wales at the end of 2023, by the end of March 2024, there were 39,162

The region to have suffered the biggest hit was Nor th West England, which lost 35 during Q1 2024

A growing number of pubs have disappeared from communities they once ser ved after being demolished or conver ted for uses such as

homes, offices and nurseries

Over the past year, a total of 472 pubs across England and Wales left communities for good

Last week as political par ties released their manifestos pub and brewer y group bosses called for an immediate cut beer duty and demanded business rates reform ahead of next month’s General Election

Alex Probyn, president of proper ty tax at Altus Group, said: “The fundamental issue for business is not necessarily the system but how much tax it actually generates

“It is a tax that has risen 49% during the last 14 years with business, across all sectors, now paying £9 48 billion a year more than in 2010

Whilst the pledges are welcome to drive down bills permanently for the high street, business had hoped for more detail and a timeframe in achieving this ”

Emma McClarkin, chief executive of the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA), said: “The pub closure figures for the first quar ter of

this year are a reflection of the continuing high costs of doing business, especially with factors like high energ y costs and food and drink inflation remaining higher than the topline inflation rate

“Trading conditions have also not been helped with the varied weather than we have experienced, and in addition, with £1 out of ever y £3 being spent in pubs going directly to the taxman, the tax burden with which the beer and pub sector must grapple is another cost component which squeezes margin

“Last week saw the publication of the various par ty manifestos with the par ties making different pledges to reform business rates, which combine with previous promises to recognise the impor tance of the sector for communities and the wider economy

“It is for this reason why it will be essential that the next Government puts in place a fiscal and regulator y framework that makes sure that the sector does not sur vive , but thrives ”

Market Taverns Appoints Suzanne Baker As Non-Executive Director


Suzanne was appointed to her

Pushing the Envelope - Why It Pays To Have a Holistic View of Card Payments

In a world where businesses are increasingly facing pressure on resources and margins, having the right payment systems par tner becomes crucial.

Payment ser vices are one of the most fundamental par ts of a business’ finances, but they’re also an area that’s rapidly changing Ar tificial Intelligence , digitisation, and predictive analytics are already star ting to make a difference to how businesses operate and how they plan

Business owners in the hospitality sector are calling out the emerging trends From the rise of online and remote payments to increases in travel and tourism, the use of cards as a payment mechanism, the need for payment software that suppor ts exceptional customer ser vice and card payments which integrate with other financial products and ser vices


Many businesses want an omni-channel payments approach and this suppor ts our motivation to be able to offer a holistic view of payments, which can really help ser ve as a commercial advantage

Cardnet can evolve with an individual business; comfor table with operating as effectively for small independents, as it can for large corporates It means that any changes to payment needs can be met seamlessly –whether that’s switching from in-person to online payments, looking at multi-currency payments, or buying into a complete omni-channel solution


One of those needs is understanding how digital transformation can create oppor tunities for your business Being able to use and optimise your data is a great example While data is fast becoming one of the most valuable assets you have , being able to access it easily, and analyse and understand what it means for your business can still be a challenge Cardnet have the tools to deliver a business management solution that is expressly designed to make running your business easier because they have data sitting at the top table

You may know your customer by name or what they look like but our systems can help you better understand their actual behaviour, creating a more robust customer profile , and help you take a deeper dive into what they’re actually spending their money on

The insight from your own customer data is great, but it can be backed up by broader data from our wider group We touch more than 25% of the UK card market, which creates access to some strong trend information about where customers are spending, which in turn might be the extra push you need to get ahead of those trends ever yone is talking about We can share that insight with the businesses we suppor t


It s clear that the card is still king when it comes to payments, but as

new technolog y emerges, and payment habits star t to evolve finding efficiencies when margins are tight and customers are watching ever y penny can really make a difference to growth and how successful your business becomes

With an increasing 360degree view of real-time payment activity across ever y point-of-sale channel, and a full range of payment solutions to choose from, security is also impor tant No business can afford to lose money or reputation which is why secure data processing and fully PCI compliant payment devices is a must, regardless of who you work with The

Hydes Pubs Summer Ready Following £1M Beer Garden Makeovers

Winterhalter Gets

2024 sees Winterhalter celebrate the 10th Kitchen Por ter of the

gained during their time as KPs ser ved as the foundation to their future career

Over seven hundred nominations have been made over the previous nine competitions, representing all sectors of foodser vice , including the UK’s best hotels and restaurants, pubs bars and clubs, and institutional and contract caterers, demonstrating the importance of KPs throughout the industr y

“When we first came up with the idea for KP of the Year we had no idea that it would get the response it did ” says Stephen Kinkead Winterhalter UK’s managing director “It’s all about putting KPs and the work they do in the spotlight It’s humbling to read the nominations – learning about the dedication and effor t so many of them bring to their jobs is always inspiring

The KP of the Year 2024 will be awarded the prestigious KPOTY trophy, as well as

£1000 in vouchers and a celebrator y meal for friends and family in a casual dining restaurant of their choice Fur thermore , the winning KP’s employer will get a piece of Winterhalter equipment wor th up to £10,000

Along with this, three

The Top Checkout Concerns as Told by B2B F&B Buyers, and the Technology Your Business Can Implement To Prevent Them

Earlier this year, Hokodo launched its inaugural repor t on the e-commerce habits and expectations of B2B buyers

The repor t featured data collected from a sur vey of 500 buyers from businesses across the UK and EU, including a number of buyers in the food and beverage (F&B) industr y, who shared their thoughts about how suppliers could improve their customer ser vice , checkout experience and payment processes

The repor t found that 93% of F&B B2B buyers sur veyed make their purchases via online platforms Of this, 69% make over half of all their purchases online and 98% said they will make more or the same number of purchases online in 2024 as they did last year, signifying the growing prevalence of e-commerce in F&B business trade

However, only 2% of sur vey respondents said that they hadn’t experienced any issues at checkout at allsuggesting that the industr y has a long way to go to improve customer experience

With a huge propor tion of F&B B2B buyers making their purchases online , there’s no room for poor checkout experiences It’s time for B2B sellers in the F&B space to listen to their customers, improve their checkout process and ultimately boost loyalty Here are the top 3 issues encountered by B2B F&B buyers, and the technolog y solutions you can introduce to prevent them

Buyers cite lack of real-time information as top concern 50% of B2B F&B sur vey respondents said that a lack of real-time information is their top concern when ordering online In an industr y where buyers are frequently placing daily orders, it’s essential that sellers are keeping on top of their stock availability so that customers aren’t left disappointed at checkout when they dis-

cover that what they were

Highland Hotel Reaches World 'Green' Final

The Award categories were chosen to reflect the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and will be contested by brands such as Accor, Radisson and Mandarin Oriental

"When we evaluated our business with a desire to future-proof with renewable technolog y and practices, we knew we had to take bold steps in order to achieve our net zero goals,” recalls Victoria Erasmus, Sustainability Director

"Our Energ y Centre and sustainable technolog y had never been used before and we had the challenge of building during lockdown in a historic conser vation area and during the Covid pandemic Despite the challenges and the risks, we were driven by the urgency to address a global climate crisis

"As a smaller player among these fellow nominees I am incredibly proud of our team's effor ts and honoured to have been shor tlisted This recognition is a testament to the fact that ever yone in the hospitality industr y, not just the large chains and resor ts, can make a significant impact on sustainability and climate change The journey has been challenging, but this acknowledgement is the ultimate reward for our hard work and dedication "

on 27th September

The Glen Mhor Hotel, which also uses its £8m Energ y Centre to produce malt whisky and craft beer at its on-site Uile-bheist Distiller y and Brewer y scored high with judges on three aspects Its nominations are for World Leading Sustainable Energ y Efficiency Initiative , World leading Sustainable Water and Waste Innovation and the World’s Leading Sustainable Employer

The UK’s biggest RTD brand in the on-trade categor y*, VK, is entering the alcohol-free market for the first time with the launch of ‘VK Blue 0 0%’

The launch comes following shifting market dynamics and consumer behaviours, which have seen low and no-alcohol products become the fastest-growing categor y in the ontrade sector in the last year, according to Neilson (NIQ) data

To suppor t its development, VK commissioned research among students in key university towns across the UK, in a bid to better understand evolving drinking habits within the 1824 age demographic

The findings reveal nearly half (49%) of students now consume less alcohol compared to the previous year, with 32% intending to fur ther reduce their intake in the coming months

The primar y motivation for 79% is a focus on mindful socialising and connecting with only 6% driven by the ‘buzz’ of alcohol

VK Zero maintains the signature fruity flavour profile synonymous with VK Blue but with 0% alcohol content, providing a more inclusive option by appealing to those looking to reduce their alcohol consumption or abstain

As well as transforming operational practices, the 126-room hotel by the River Ness has won praise for its staff initiatives, with 20 trained mental health first aiders, sensor y recruitment practices and measures to promote inclusion in hospitality

“Sustainability is at the hear t for our staff and training,” explained Victoria “In our business, ever y role is a green role , designed with environmental responsibility in mind This approach is essential for transforming both attitudes and operational practices

Unlike many competing brands in the categor y, VK Blue 0 0% offers an added caffeine boost (32mg per 100ml, similar to standard energ y drinks), ensuring consumers stay energised throughout

their night

Craig Chapman, spokesperson at VK, explains: "We

The ‘Karaoke Room Effect’:

Academic Research into UK Hospitality Venues Reveals

Financial Benefits of Giving Customers the Opportunity to Sing

British bars and restaurants installing karaoke systems experience a 12 2% increase in ROA, according to research by Finland’s Aalto University Finland’s Aalto University (www aalto fi/en) has under taken the first ever research project into the financial impact of karaoke rooms within UK bars, restaurants, and other hospitality venues At a time when the UK hospitality industr y is under increasing pressure (over 6,000 hospitality venues closing their doors between December 2022 - December 2023 according to data from CGA by NIQ and AlixPar tners), the findings present a potential silver bullet for the sector : the study of 53 UK venues during 2018-2022 revealing venues with karaoke experienced a 12 2% increase in return on assets (ROA) when compared to a control group without THE KARAOKE ROOM EFFECT - KEY FINDINGS FROM AALTO UNIVERSITY STUDY, AND ADDITIONAL RESEARCH

The research was commissioned by Singa ( the Finnish star tup revolutionising the karaoke industr y by providing innovative , professional karaoke software that gives venues access to a fully licensed song catalogue (frequently updated to add new hits), and customisable display and room management capabilities Singa currently provides professional karaoke tech and business consultancy to well-known UK hospitality venues such as Boom Battle Bar and Roxy Leisure (both of which featured in the analysis)

Singa asked Aalto University researcher Ngoc Anh Pham to explore the impact of karaoke rooms on financial performance in UK hospitality venues Aalto University is the leading university in Finland and, created through the merger of Helsinki University of Technolog y, Helsinki School of Economics, and the University of Ar t and Design Helsinki in 2010, is in the top universities for business and economics worldwide The study reveals a 12 2% increase in ROA for venues with karaoke compared to those with no such facilities (ROA measures how effectively a business uses its assets to create profit) In addition to booking fees additional revenue is shown to be created through attracting a new customer base and a corresponding uptick on beverage snack, and other purchases

The benefit to the business is not only financial but has a positive experiential impact on patrons and customers who are able to enjoy an engaging and fun social activity with friends, increasing likelihood of return

The Aalto University insights suppor t the findings of European research conducted by Singa In spring 2018, Singa analysed 37 European venues, finding that karaoke resulted in a 31% increase in the number of customers, alongside a 35% increase in average customer spend In those venues that hosted occasional karaoke nights a 42% increase in average customer spend during these special events (2-4 times a month) was obser ved

The business benefits of a karaoke room can also be viewed in light of the current trend towards experiences, including ‘competitive socialising’

According to research from Savills published in November 2023, the competitive socialising sector has grown at unparalleled levels over the past five years (with a 38% increase in competitive socialising venues since 2015) This reflects a growing trend amongst Gen Z and Millennials for favouring defined experiences over ‘things’, and with sobriety or drinking less becoming more popular for Gen Z (the ‘sober curious generation’), venues which offer alternative enter tainment options are increasingly appealing to previously underser ved customer groups Competitive socialising is not a new concept - dar ts or pool being a mainstay of UK venues for centuries - but new options are increasingly sophisticated and often tech-enhanced

To fur ther demonstrate the interest in competitive socialising - and karaoke in par ticular - UK

Trends data shows a marked volume increase in searches for ‘karaoke room ’ , with interest (measured by Google searches) more than doubling over the last five years (analysed up to Februar y 2024)

Atte Hujanen, Co-Founder and CEO at Singa, comments: Our research confirms that Britons want escapism through song Anecdotally, I have always known that karaoke brings a huge benefit to hospitality businesses through the joy it brings, but for the first time the positive business impact to British venues can be quantified Hospitality as an industr y has faced serious challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic and more recently the cost of living crisis in the UK and it’s clear that karaoke can help venues adapt and continue to thrive by offering local communities additional fun, social experiences ”

32 Independent Venues Shut Weekly In 2023-2024, As Political Parties Accused

Of Turning Back On Youth And Culture

Political Parties Have “Not Grasped the Business Rates Issue”

“Looking at the newly launched election manifestos from the three main political par ties in this year ’ s general election, it has become apparent that none of them appear to understand or have properly grasped the business rates issue or how best to suppor t the high street ” says John Webber Head of Business Rates at Colliers

The majority consensus among businesses and the professionals is that the current system which provides £30 billion a year for local authority funding, “is not fit for purpose ” and needs to be fundamentally reformed- to create a fair proper ty tax that is affordable , transparent and easy to administer

So what are the main political par ties saying about it?


The Liberal Democrats brought out their manifesto first in which they claimed they will:

“Boost small businesses and empower them to create new local jobs, including by abolishing business rates and replacing them with a Commercial Landowner Levy to help our high streets ”

Although the Lib Dems have given no fur ther detail of how this Commercial Landowner Levy will work it looks likely that they are resurrecting their long-term policy of a commercial land tax on landlords

If this is the case we’d be moving to a system where commercial land is taxed regardless of whether the buildings above it are occupied and the tax would apply to unused and derelict commercial land also The repor t claims the Commercial Landlord Levy would mean lower taxes for businesses in 92% of English local authorities


John Webber says, “We believe the idea of tr ying to replace business rates with a full commercial landowner tax is unrealistic A land value tax would be a complicated system that would struggle to be evidence based ”

Moreover, business rates were set up to pay for the amenities and ser vices businesses use in the community There is surely no dispute that they should pay something for these ser vices To replace the levy with a total land tax on landowners would impact on land values and discourage investment into proper ty generally Among other things, this would not be good news for pension fund holders The additional tax would also result in landlords retrieving their lost income by hiking up the rents they charge to occupiers

Webber comments, “ We would therefore have a system whereby businesses would end up paying more to the landlord but, unlike in the present system, would be unable to appeal against their combined rent and rate bills that the landlord would introduce So how would they benefit?” Other par ts of their plans also show naivety The Lib Dems claim that land will be valued on its “best permitted use ” and that this would encourage landowners to work their land better This implies they are not doing so now and ignores considerations of commercial viability

They seem to think that without a land tax, land will be sitting empty and largely undeveloped, again ignoring the commercial realities of development in today’s marketplace Even more concerning is that they admit the system would not produce enough tax income and the gap would need to be filled – probably by also raising corporation tax

The period of transition between the two systems would also be tricky and unwieldly

Webber concludes,” So, whilst we agree the current business rates system needs reform and drastic reform at that, we still need to remember that business rates raise £30 billion for the economy and local authority financing To abolish them totally would be a drastic step To tr y to put all the costs on the landowner would backfire given the impact on investment, rents and through increased corporation tax THE CONSERVATIVES

The Conser vative manifesto has ver y little to say about business rates reform

The Tories said they would

“Deliver a 10-point plan to suppor t SMEs in the next parliament which would include continuing to ease the burden of business rates for high street, leisure and hospitality businesses by increasing the multiplier on distribution warehouses that suppor t online shopping over time ”

The manifesto also reiterated the Conser vatives’ business rates suppor t package wor th £4 3bn over the next five years to suppor t small businesses and the high street


According to Webber, “This is also disappointing The Conser vatives have failed to honour their original manifesto commitment to cut the business rates burden and we are now sitting on a multiplier of 54 6 %, the highest in the UK’s histor y Nowhere else in Europe do businesses pay half the rental value of premises in proper ty taxes Such a tax rate is too high, stifling growth new investment in business ”

The proposal to shift some of the burden of business rates onto warehouses also “misses the point – that the overall burden of business rates is simply too high for ever yone ” Distribution warehouses have already seen some of the biggest increases in their rates bills following the 2023 revaluation when the average rateable value increased around 35% “The Conser vatives should be cutting the rate for all, not just targeting specific sectors ”

At no point in its manifesto do the Conser vative mention tackling the multiplier or the relief system Webber concludes “Their proposals do nothing to stimulate future growth


The final manifesto, Labour’s, rightly emphasizes the issues with business rates which they recognise “disincentivises investment, creates uncer tainty and places an undue burden on our high streets ” Labour is committed to replacing the system, “ so we can raise the same revenue but in a fairer way ”

But again, the detail is vague Labour says, “This new system will level the playing field between the high street and online giants, better incentivize investment, tackle empty proper ties and suppor t entrepreneurship ”


Webber says, “Pledging to abolish business rates and replace them with a business proper ty tax is the easy bit But we need to be able to advise businesses on what kind of taxes they will be paying under a Labour government and Labour’s vagueness is frustrating- they give no detail as to how they will replace the £30 billion of income that business rates raise ”

Moreover, as Webber points out, “If Labour plans to raise the same amount of money but shield the high street, they will need to collect it from some other sector- such as logistics / industrials or offices Someone will need to take the pain ”

The mention of levelling the playing field between the high street and online giants, may indicate Labour is thinking again about resurrecting the idea of some sor t of Digital Ser vices Tax- which included a £3 billion tax raid on tech companies such as Amazon and Facebook Labour later abandoned these plans after being warned that such a policy could result in a trade war with the US

Webber also wonders if Labour might be tempted to postpone the 2026 revaluation, since in that Revaluation retail RVs will bounce back “If the Revaluation goes ahead as it is scheduled to do so, the retail sector will see an increase in RV and will take on a bigger business rates tax burden Labour may decide to postpone the revaluation to keep retail RVs at their current low state Otherwise it will be hard to see how they will keep their promises of defending the high street ”

The reference to “tackling empty proper ties” could also refer to Labour’s thoughts about a “ new shops bonus” it has already trailed -to incentivise legitimate businesses Under the plans, shop owners are offered a three-month business rates holiday in the first year in new premises This would come in from month seven to nine to ensure the new business is viable and legitimate before it benefits from taxpayers’ cash The business rate discount would be paid for by reallocating funding currently used to provide three months of ‘empty proper ty relief ’ Labour says this relief currently goes to the landlord, rather than helping new tenants

Webber adds “We think this thinking rather misses the point Landlords often have a 12-month gap before finding suitable tenants, so to “clobber” them with empty rates is unfair and will do nothing to speed up re-letting Then to offer new businesses a 3-month rates holiday 7-9 months in, also suggests the people drawing up these schemes have never set up a business – most new businesses fail due to a lack of cash flow in the early months since that s when they need the help

And whilst Webber believes reform of business rates is essential, total abolition would be “naïve ” Business rates as a tax has been around for 400 years- it’s only the last 20 that it has been tinkered with so disastrously It is the one cer tain tax Given the economic situation in which the UK finds itself, no politician wor th their salt would suddenly get rid of this the most cer tain of taxes, without replacing them with something they know will work

So whilst Colliers would suppor t Labour if it introduced significant reform to the current system, “We would not suppor t its total abolition or any form of Land Value tax and we would cer tainly need to see the detail on other reforms suggested and its attitudes to say the Empty Rates Relief regime before we could give our suppor t ”

“We hope that if Labour does go ahead to create a new proper ty tax, that it would retain all the best elements of business rates whilst reforming the existing system, reducing the multiplier and hence the burden of tax, and making things simpler ”

Webber concludes, “ Labour’s lack of clarity on its policy is unsettling and damaging for businesses Many businesses, especially prospective retailers from abroad, will not invest unless they understand the market they are entering If we cannot tell them, they will invest elsewhere in the world This issue will only become more pronounced as time goes on ”


John Webber concludes, “None of the three main par ties’ manifestos provide me with reassurance From the “Alice in Wonderland” policies of the Lib Dems to the dangerous tinkering with the Conser vatives and vagueness of Labour, no one par ty has come forward with concrete proposals for reform ”

What we need to do is reform not abolish business rates As we say in our business rates manifesto we need primarily to:

• Address the multiplier : rebasing it to a sensible level that businesses can afford, suc h as £0 35, near its histor ical level And de-couple business rates from inflation to make the tax more sustainable

• Reform the reliefs system- removing business rates deser ts whic h are inequitable And make sure ever yone that benefits from public utilities and local ser vices pays something towards them-but at a fair rate

• Look at alternative means of funding/ a range of measures

• Extend Empty Proper ty Rates Rel ef to Twelve Months for All Sector s

• Introduce annual revaluations so business rates bills will accurately reflect values

• Review plant and machiner y– exemptions from business rates for All plant that is an integral par t of the trade process should be exempt from business rates, as should investment in new technolog y that makes businesses more green/ sustainable

Improve Transparency from the VOA

• Reform the Appeal System

• Take a proper look at local authority financing

Address Rogue Rating Advisors by Regulating the Ratings Industr y THE TIME IS NOW

“A new government has a real oppor tunity to introduce key reforms to the business rates system – a system which, in its current form, is not working Over the past 30 years, various governments have over-complicated this tax, made it more opaque and increased its level disproportionately, leading to a growing chorus of criticism and contributing to destroying the high street ”

We need a well-managed and transparent business rates system that suppor ts growth, not hinders it; and we need it now That is why we have been campaigning to all par ties- for meaningful reform- not shallow sound bites

Meet Melissa – LittlePod's First Sustainable Development Officer!

Hoteliers say Bristol Needs More Big Gigs

More big gigs and major events in Bristol all year round could provide a welcome boost to business for the city’s hospitality sector

The Bristol Hoteliers Association (BHA) is calling for more to be done to speed up the development of the long-awaited YTL Arena while applauding Ashton Gate – home of Bristol City Football Club and Bristol Bears rugby team – for its effor ts in putting the city on the musical map

Earlier this month, the spor ts stadium hosted two Take That concer ts which, between them, drew some 60,000 fans

BHA Chair Raphael Herzog

The AVL A Licence – A Legal Requirement

When travellers check in at a proper ty, they expect a cer tain level of comfor t and enter tainment Television is indispensable While some may argue that TV is dying in the age of streaming and on-demand content, in reality it remains essential, especially in the UK Television still holds great value for the hospitality industr y

However, with the convenience and benefits of offering television come certain responsibilities par ticularly respecting copyright laws Hoteliers must ensure they have the necessar y licences to broadcast content legally

The AVLA licence enables hotels, apar thotels, B&Bs and similar establishments to legally display in public TV channels containing audiovisual works (films, series, documentaries, car toons and other TV shows) from AVLA’s extensive reper toire It covers TVs in bedrooms and in communal areas of the premises (e g in a hotel’s restaurant, bar, etc ) Operating without a licence constitutes a legal infringement of the rights of AVLA’s creatives

AVLA represents the UK largest and most varied community of audiovisual creators, comprising various categories of rightsholders: producers, authors, performers, directors, and visual ar tists The AVLA licence covers an immense catalogue of works and rights not covered by other licensors For clarity, the AVLA licence does not replace the licences of other entities, and vice-versa

Respecting copyright law is crucial not only to avoid legal or reputational risks, but also to suppor t the UK’s world-class creative industries So, by taking an AVLA licence , hotels are securing legal compliance and demonstrating their commitment to ethical business practices, while also helping to sustain and suppor t the creative individuals and businesses working hard to produce the TV and film content that is so valued by their customers

To learn more about AVLA and get the licence , visit www avla uk AVLA offers a special 10% discount until 30 June

Politicians Urged To Guarantee A Full Measure

On 200th Anniversary Of The Great British Pint

Pubgoers’ group C AMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) is calling on political par ties to give their backing to a change in the law to guarantee drinkers a right to a full pint

Monday 17th June marks 200th anniversar y of the passing of the Weights & Measures Act 1824 which defined a pint in law in British and Irish law for the first time

Consumer group C AMRA, which has around 150,000

Michael Kill Appointed Vice President Of The International Nightlife Association

The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) has announced the appointment of Michael Kill as the new Vice President of the International Nightlife Association (INA) This significant achievement marks a pivotal moment for the NTIA as it continues to solidify its influence and leadership on the world stage

As CEO of the NTIA, Kill has been a staunch advocate for the nightlife sector championing the interests of venues operators and workers across the UK His appointment as Vice President of the INA is a testament to his leadership and the NTIA’s growing impact on global nightlife policy and advocacy

The International Nightlife Association, headquar ters in Barcelona, Spain, is the leading global organisation dedicated to suppor ting and promoting the nightlife industr y The INA works with a network of national and regional associations to address challenges, share best practices, and advance the interests of nightlife venues worldwide With Michael Kill’s appointment, the NTIA is now positioned to play a more influential role in shaping the future of nightlife on an international scale

“This appointment is a tremendous honour and a reflection of the hard work and dedication of the entire NTIA team,” said Michael Kill “I am excited to collaborate with our international counterpar ts to drive positive change and innovation in the nightlife sector Together we will work towards a vibrant

sustainable , and safe nightlife environment for all ”

The NTIA’s recent achievements include successful campaigns to secure government suppor t during the COVID-19 pandemic , initiatives to promote safety and inclusivity in nightlife spaces, and effor ts to highlight the economic and cultural impor tance of the night time economy These accomplishments have garnered recognition and respect from industr y leaders and policymakers paving the way for this significant milestone

Joaquim Boadas de Quintana, General Secretar y of the International Nightlife Association expressed gratitude to Michael Kill for his trust in joining the organization as the first Vice President He also emphasized Michael Kill’s extensive experience advocating for the nightlife sector, his tenure as the head of NTIA, and his proficiency in organizing conferences and summits showcasing the nightlife industr y ’ s value and prestige

The General Secretar y of the INA stated that with the addition of NTIA UK, the INA now operates in 27 countries, which is a significant indication of its global presence This enables our members to exchange experiences and ideas for addressing sector issues, prioritize the professionalisation of tourist leisure , handle business responsibilities in compliance with legal obligations, tariffs, and copyrights for ar tists, promote innovation and sustainability, and keep up with new trends”

Global Brands Ltd Expands Spirits Portfolio with Shanky ’s Whip Partnership

Global Brands Ltd is proud to announce a fur ther expansion of its spirits por tfolio thanks to its recent par tnership with Shanky’s Whip, the original Irish black liqueur and whiskey blend

The par tnership will see Global Brands take full UK distribution for Shanky’s Whip across on and off trade , online and cash and carr y channels The strategic alliance comes on the back of Global Brands recent spirits focus, having recently announced their off trade par tnership with Red Leg Rum and the launch of their own flavoured Tequila, Take

Owned by impor ter and distributor Biggar & Leith, Shanky’s Whip is a unique Irish whiskey liqueur, blended with vanilla and caramel, made to shot, sip, or mix Shanky’s current major listings include Greene King, Amazon, Costco and Whitbread, amongst other regional groups and venues

Global Brands, whose por tfolio includes VK, Hooch, and Franklin & Sons, is set to leverage its robust distribution network, and market insights to enhance the market prominence of Shanky’s Whip propelling its growth by positioning the brand as a challenger against mainstream competitors

Julian Atkins, Managing Director at Global Brands, stated, "Becoming the UK distributor for Shanky’s Whip marks another milestone in our ongoing spirits strateg y as we continue to diversify the business into new categories through a combination of NPD and working with established industr y par tners Elwyn Gladstone and

Mark Teasdale have an amazing track record of creating and building brands and we are delighted to be working with them ”

“Shanky’s authentic provenance unique brand proposition and iconic flavour is fast becoming a consumer favourite , and we ’ re looking forward to leveraging our capabilities to suppor t the brand

Elwyn Gladstone , Founder of Biggar & Leith, added: “This par tnership with Global Brands will help to expand our distribution footprint across the UK We have enjoyed tremendous growth for Shanky's Whip overseas and see real oppor tunity here in the UK ”

“Global Brands will play a key role in our UK growth, and we look forward to seeing the results of the par tnership come to fruition over the coming months, on our journey of achieving key grocer y listings ” Global Brands’ por tfolio boasts a variety of drinks for ever y occasion, including VK, Franklin & Sons, Hooch, All Shook Up, Shake Baby Shake and the newly released be Cocktails, demonstrating its commitment to innovation and quality in the drinks industr y For more information about Global Brands and its diverse range of products, visit here: https://globalbrands co uk/about/

Travellers Booked UK Hotels Furthest In Advance This Summer

Hospitality Insolvencies Highlight

Crippling Challenges Faced By The Sector

Waterside regeneration specialist, Peel Waters, has unveiled two prime development sites along Liverpool’s iconic waterfront at Princes Dock and is actively seeking global hotel operators to bring forward the first of these developments

The two development sites sit within Peel Waters’ emerging Liverpool Waters destination which is already home to thousands of residents hundreds of businesses and attracts international visitors ever y week through its onsite cruise liner terminal

It is cer tainly Liverpool’s time in the spotlight Last month Liverpool was named by Which? as the UK’s

SNP Manifesto Commits To Lower Rate Of Vat For Hospitality

Drinks Sales Feel The Chill In Early June

“June sales were always going to struggle against the heatwave of 12 months ago, but the cool and damp weather is making year-on-year growth doubly difficult for pubs and bars,” says Jonathan Jones, CGA by NIQ s managing director, UK and Ireland “The star t of the Euro 2024 tournament should give sales a boost but a change in the weather is desperately needed to lure people out of home , whether to watch games or enjoy beer gardens and terraces

JD Wetherspoon

Launches Legal Action Over Welsh Pub Name

JD Wetherspoon is taking legal action against a Welsh pub following a rebranding row for using its name on signs

The pub group has filed a legal claim against a company trading as Wetherspoons Ltd, which runs The Bridge Head in Abergele , Denbighshire

The pub, which has no link to JD Wetherspoon, had placed a “Wetherspoons Limited” sign on the building

The Welsh pub faced controversy earlier this year after it changed its name from the traditional Welsh language name of Pen-y-Bont

Companies House documents show ‘Wetherspoons Ltd’ was incorporated on 10 Februar y this year

A spokesman for JD Wetherspoon said: “We were made aware of a pub in Abergele in Conwy using the name ’Wetherspoons Ltd’ on their signage

Despite a number of requests to the pub owners to remove the reference to Wetherspoons, they refused, and we have therefore had to issue cour t

proceedings asking the cour t order that they do so

“We hope that the matter can still be resolved amicably ” Sir Tim’s company has held the trademark for JD Wetherspoon since 1993 and Wetherspoons since 2002

A spokesman for the Bridge Head told Nor th Wales Live in March: “Wetherspoons Ltd is a legitimate name and an available name It has been registered with Companies House

The Benefit Of Taking Wellbeing Seriously

The Factories Act of 1833 kickstar ted a culture of health and safety in the UK, and this year marks the 50th anniversar y of the Health and Safety at Work Act But hospitality employees aren’t just risking their physical health and safety when they go to work Richard Stockley, Managing Director of RRC International (www rrc co uk), makes the case for taking workplace wellbeing and psychological stress seriously

Slips, trips and falls, contact with hot surfaces and harmful substances, injuries from lifting, cuts from knives or dermatitis from cleaning chemicals there are plenty of examples of health and safety risks for those working in the UK’s hotels pubs restaurants

But thankfully the sector has developed an extremely good health and safety culture over time According to HSE data, among accommodation and food ser vices businesses, the rate of fatal and non-fatal injuries per 100,000 is among the lowest of any industr y

We have broadly got our collective heads around protecting our physical health and staying safe from harm, but we are far less familiar with our psychological needs The next frontier for health and safety, therefore , is mental wellbeing, where the data is less promising

In a study for the Royal Society for Public Health over four out of five hospitality workers repor ted increased stress as a direct consequence of their job Almost three quar ters (74%) had experienced verbal abuse from a customer and only around one in ten had received training to suppor t health and wellbeing This was back in early 2019 Since then COVID, worker shor tages due to Brexit and inflation have all piled on the pressure As a result the remaining workers in the sector are among the most stressed in the UK

But is it the business owners ’ responsibility to address this?

Regardless of your views on mental health and your responsibility to your employees, if you care about being profitable , you need a psychological health and safety provision

The fact is 13 7 million working days are lost ever y year due to work-related stress, anxiety and depression, according to NICE This equates to a loss of £28 3 billion ever y year As of 2022, 55% of workers believe work is getting more intense over time , so there is the potential that this cost could grow

Getting psychological health and safety right could therefore mean a more present and productive workforce , and ultimately more profit You will also see other benefits, like higher staff satisfaction and retention, and you’ll find it easier to attract younger people to star t careers in hospitality, which we are all desperate to do

Creating a process to make worker wellbeing more robust and less woolly is the key to realising these benefits Unfor tunately, there is no silver bullet It takes training, a long-term commitment, and continuous improvement to manage it effectively

Star t by acknowledging the seriousness of psychological wellbeing at work, and formally recognise common triggers of stress in the workplace , such as an increasing workload, a lack of clarity on roles, our working relationships, the culture , tough shift patterns, isolation and exclusion, and external pressures like bereavement, a house move or getting divorced

With this acknowledged, we recommend setting a foundation with training Relevant NEBOSH health and safety courses include the HSE Cer tificate in Managing Stress at Work and Working with Wellbeing

It’s then a matter of looking at your policy statement and assessing how much weight is placed on psychological wellbeing Identify the specific risk factors at your organisation prioritise quick wins assign long-term actions, and ideally appoint a steering group to ensure your continuous improvement

Much like physical health and safety managing our wellbeing is about changing the culture of your organisation, which is no easy task But creating an environment that prioritises open conversation, where it’s OK to raise issues, will pay all sor ts of dividends Protecting the psychological wellbeing of your workforce will protect your organisation It’s not simple , but it’s well wor th the effor t

Box Launches Nationwide Search For UK’s Best Footballer Lookalikes As Euros Fever Takes Hold

Calling all spor ts fans! Award-winning spor ts bar BOX has announced a nationwide hunt for the best football lookalikes ahead of an electrifying summer of spor t

As EUROs fever is set to grip the nation, BOX is joining in the celebrations by promising a free pint for all fans who submit photos of themselves, friends, or family members who resemble famous footballers The competition is open to all footballer lookalikes, including past and present players from the men ’ s and women ’ s game

The nation’s best doppelgängers will also be invited to a special photoshoot and one overall winner will be crowned and awarded a £250 bar tab for a table up to six at any BOX site during the muchanticipated UEFA EURO 2024 final on Sunday 14 July

So, if your dad bears a remarkable resemblance to Maradona, your sister is the spitting image of Lauren James, or your colleague looks exactly like Gareth Southgate make sure to submit your pictures

The fun doesn’t stop there though There will also be a weekly EUROs-themed quiz ever y Wednesday at all BOX venues to test fans’ knowledge the famous ‘Bandeoke’ (live band karaoke) ever y Thursday and live bands and DJs on Fridays and Saturdays to guarantee the par ty continues long into the night Football fans can also treat themselves to a number of European-inspired delights with a limited-edition food and drink menu, featuring exclusive dishes such as Curr ywurst Loaded Fries, the Bavarian Burger, and the ‘Olympian’ pizza Plus you can get 2-pint beer steins Brewdog minikegs, and a host of EUROs-themed drinks Laura Lewis Marketing Director at ARC Inspirations commented: “We’re excited for EURO 2024 to kick-off a huge summer of spor t at BOX This competition is the perfect star t, and we can t wait to see all the

New Poll: Three Quarters Of The Public Say Westminster Is Not Working Well


Couple Bid Farewell To The Market Inn

In Faversham After Almost 20 Years

Scotland Visa Urgently Needed, As Hospitality Vacancies Increase

Cleaning and Hygiene


of Sport: A Golden Opportunity for the UK Hospitality


But Don’t Forget the Importance of Cleanliness & Hygiene

The summer of 2024 is set to be

siasts and the UK hospitality and

on-trade sector


lineup that includes the Euros, the Olympics, Wimbledon, and a


of motor spor ts events, pubs, bars, and restaurants are preparing for a surge in footfall This period is not just an oppor tunity for social gatherings and celebrations but also a significant revenue driver For instance the Euros alone are expected to see a staggering extra 20 million pints sold during the tournament, compared to normal sales levels

However, with great oppor tunities come great responsibilities, par ticularly in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene As spor ts fans gather in large numbers, the potential for premises to become untidy and unhygienic increases Establishments must be prepared to manage this influx effectively ensuring that their venues remain appealing and safe for all customers


The financial implications of these events are monumental The Euros, in par ticular, are anticipated to be a major draw for patrons The predicted sale of 300 million pints underscores the vital role that pubs and bars play in bringing people together to enjoy live spor ts The economic boost from these sales estimated to be up to £1 4 billion highlights the importance of the on-trade sector to the UK economy This influx of patrons provides a unique oppor tunity for establishments to not only increase their sales but also to enhance their reputation and customer loyalty


With increased footfall comes the challenge of maintaining high standards of cleanliness and hygiene Spor ts fans are known for their enthusiasm which can sometimes translate into a more 'boisterous' atmosphere This can lead to spills, litter, and general wear and tear on facilities


Implementing a comprehensive cleaning regime involves several key steps:

1. Regular Cleaning Schedules: Establish frequent c leaning inter vals , especially dur ing peak times , to ensure that premises remain c lean and presentable This inc ludes regular w p ng down of surfaces , c leaning of restrooms , and ensur ing that floor s are free of spills and litter

2 Staff Training: Ensure that al staff are trained in proper hygiene practices and under stand the impor tance of maintain ng a c lean environment This inc ludes train ng on how to handle food and beverages safely, as well as how to quic kly and effectively c lean up spills and other messes

3 Adequate Supplies: Keep an ample stoc k of c leaning suppl es on hand, inc luding disinfectants , c leaning c oths , and f oor c leaner s This ensures that staff can quic kly address any issues as they ar ise

4 Waste Management: Implement effective waste management pract ces to handle the increased volume of rubbish This nc udes regular emptying of bins and proper disposal of waste


The cleanliness of a venue is directly linked to its reputation Patrons are unlikely to return to or recommend a place that they perceive as dir ty or poorly maintained In contrast, a clean, well-maintained establishment enhances the overall customer experience , encouraging repeat visits and positive word-of-mouth

As the various spor ts competitions progress throughout the summer, it is crucial for establishments to consistently maintain high standards of cleanliness and hygiene This not only ensures the safety and comfor t of customers but also helps to sustain the initial boost in business brought about by these events

The summer of spor t presents an exciting and profitable oppor tunity for the UK hospitality and licensed on-trade sector However, the key to capitalizing on this oppor tunity lies in maintaining impeccable standards of cleanliness and hygiene By doing so, establishments can ensure that they not only attract customers but also keep them coming back long after the final whistle has blown

In a season where ever y pint poured and ever y meal ser ved counts, the impor tance of a clean and welcoming environment cannot be overstated As the spor ts fans cheer and celebrate , let us ensure that our venues shine just as brightly providing a safe clean and enjoyable experience for all

Cleanliness is Always in Season

Food Safety

Are You Natasha’s Law Compliant? Many Still Aren’t

Double Down on Temperature Management to fight E. Coli

ter k t so it s with n reac h at all times

• New thermometer s supp ied w th FREE calibration cer t ficates and annua reminder s at no extra cost to ensure you are up to date with your food safety protocols MD Tom Sensier : I m really proud of our money-saving food-safety kits for their quality, value and performance

Our C A2005-PK combines a high accuracy thermometer with 6 colour-coded probes you can stick in the dishwasher And for fast-paced kitchens, you can’t beat our MMWALLKIT: a heavy duty thermometer and probe complete with hygienic wall storage – recently filmed in action on one of the UK’s most popular TV food competitions!’

To help businesses even fur ther, TME is offering 25% off online orders Visit www tmethermometers com for more details Offer ends on 30 June 2024

The Kelsius Digital HACCP and Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

The Kelsius digital HACCP and wireless temperature monitoring system provides the hospitality industr y with a one-stop food safety system that protects food, customers and a business s reputation Digital probes allow for food temperature checks right before ser vice recording and date-stamping temperatures and data Automated sensors provide effor tless monitoring of fridges, freezers and other units Data is stored securely and can be accessed through a user-friendly por tal allowing for full regulator y compliance and traceability with access to repor ts and data at the touch of a screen

or freezer failure or doors left open

Designated managers and super visors have visibility of aler ts corrective actions and user data on site or remotely, providing peace of mind that food safety procedures and processes are being followed

The sensor system will aler t staff in real time where a temperature falls outside predefined

To learn more visit www kelsius com

Products and Services

793 Spirits Co. Holy Island Bloomsbury



Jangro, the largest network of independent janitorial distributors in the UK and Ireland is proud to present its new Catering & Hospitality Supplies 2024/25 catalogue Boasting a fresh new look, the latest edition is the ultimate caterer s companion, offering a wide range of quality brands and choice at competitive prices

Enabling establishments to keep up to date with trends, the catalogue offers all the equipment and supplies required to stir up positive customer experiences From front of house to back of house casual to fine dining, the latest crocker y and table presentations to environmentally friendly catering disposables, Jangro’s new Catering & Hospitality 2024/25 catalogue has it all Jangro is committed to becoming a more sustainable business and helping its customers reach their own green goals This new edition, therefore , offers a plethora of eco-conscious products, from food packaging containers which are recyclable compostable and fully bio-degradable , to Jangro’s award-winning and innovative ntrl range of vegan cleaning solutions

The ntrl por tfolio comprises 13 products ideal for cleaning surfaces in a variety of environments, from kitchens through to washrooms Registered with The Vegan Society s Vegan Trademark all formulas are 100% biodegradable , contain zero petrochemicals, and can reduce the product’s

Chef's Buyer's Guide

TUGO - Innovative Food Solutions

We’re TUGO, a passionate team of food ser vice fanatics, committed to creating the freshest, most flavourful globally inspired food concepts

Our adventurous spirit, agility and positively restless dedication to innovation is what sets us apar t developing food concepts to suit operators across food ser vice

From our vibrant global street food to our hand-stretched fresh dough pizza & authentic corn tor tilla burritos, We seek adventure globally and are passionate about our produce as we are reducing our environmental impacts


From menu innovation and concept development, through to product training, marketing and sales suppor t We provide the tastiest, most

LittlePod’s Innovative Vanilla Paste in a Tube Popular All Over the World

LittlePod’s innovative vanilla paste in a tube is proving popular in professional kitchens all over the world

Hailed as ‘ a much-needed evolution for the kitchen’ we ’ re preparing to introduce our most-popular product to chefs in China following a successful trip to the Far East

From Tallin to Tokyo those using our versatile vanilla continue to recommend and endorse LittlePod

“We think our products speak for themselves,” said Janet Sawyer MBE BEM, the East Devon-based company ’ s founder and managing director who has been out and about speaking to chefs both at home and abroad in 2024 “We continue to receive recommendations and endorsements from customers all over the world Their comments are wor th more than anything we could say

During a recent trip to Japan, where LittlePod exhibited at FOODEX 2024, Janet renewed acquaintances with Frederik Walther – the Executive Chef at the British Embassy in Tokyo “Frederik said LittlePod’s vanilla paste is an ‘upscale product with a beautiful design and a fantastic stor y ’ ” said Janet “Frederik is recommending our vanilla paste to chefs in Japan ” Janet also met with LittlePod’s distributor in Hong Kong, Frances Ma, who is planning to expand her operation and take our products to China

Frances said, “LittlePod’s vanilla paste resonates with people in the Far East because it is such high quality It is convenient to use and the tube has a cool clean and elegant design LittlePod’s vanilla paste is natural and real This isn’t just another product from off the shelf ”

Closer to home our vanilla paste in a tube continues to prove popular in Europe with Juta Raudnask, a long-time LittlePod retailer in Estonia, amongst those helping us spread the word

“LittlePod’s natural vanilla paste exceeded all our expectations ” said Juta who sells LittlePod’s products at Umami, a gourmet food store in Tallin and Tar tu “It is loved by all kinds of people in Estonia, from families to professional chefs working at

Janet added, “LittlePod’s natural vanilla paste is versatile – it makes using real vanilla so

When LittlePod launched in 2010 we were the first to bring a vanilla paste in a tube to market It has been our most popular product ever since

Bidfood Reveals Its First Group of Listed Suppliers On The Path to Acceleration Through its SME Scheme, Open Doors

After the successful launch of its SME scheme last October, Bidfood, one of the UK’s leading foodser vice providers, is proud to announce the initial group of suppliers selected through the Open Doors Programme

Aimed at small food and beverage suppliers, the Open Doors Programme identifies the most innovative businesses tr ying to establish themselves within the industr y and raises awareness of their products so they can make their mark in wholesale

Despite the recent deceleration in inflation, the share of small businesses aspiring to grow this year has significantly decreased during the last six months Small businesses within the food sector have shown the biggest drop in confidence that their business will grow at more than 70%

As a result, Bidfood’s Open Doors Programme has continued on its mission to unlock the potential of emerging suppliers, suppor ting their development journey, while also providing its customers with first-hand access to some of the most interesting brands out there

Following a three-step development journey to nurture , champion and finally accelerate , the initiative has resulted in seven brands being officially listed with Bidfood along with a selection of their products:

• Bio&Me – A B-cer tified brand, Bio&Me has a range of handy on-the-go porr idges created to suppor t gut health Bio&Me is also par t of the ‘Buy Women Built’ community whic h shines a light on brands built by women

• Boundless ¬– Using act vated ingred ents , Boundless snac ks suppor t gut hea th and are free from the top 14 allergens They're also member s of the ‘Buy Women Built’ community

• Flawsome! – Another B-cer tified brand Flawsome! produces a var iety of juices , sparkling fruit water s and hea th shots made from wonky and surp us fruits

• Ninju – A true kitc hen table star t-up, Ninju s a range of fruit and vegetable-based c hi dren’s dr inks pac kaged in 100% rec yc lable car tons

• OGGS ¬– Offer ing a vegan alternative to eggs OGGS is the th rd B-cer tif ed brand out of the newly listed supplier s and will soon be a par t of the ‘Buy Women Built’ community

• TeaJoy – Designed to ser ve the growing

Sustainable Resources

Foodles Partners with ReFood to Eliminate Unavoidable Waste



continent Michaël Ormancey, cofounder and co-CEO of Foodles, commented: Since setting up our ser vices in London, we ’ ve seen a variety of companies sign-up to receive daily deliveries We aim to offer complete

Elevate Your Space with Floral Image

Salvaging Solar Investments

Versatile and Innovative Labelling Solutions for Hospitality

With the rise in multi-channel ordering in the hospitality industry in recent years accompanied by increasing demand for customer collection, third party delivery and legislation around accurate ingredients and allergy identification, the requirement for efficient food and beverage labelling has surged Without a doubt, amongst the range of labelling solutions currently available, linerless labels stand out for their eco-friendly properties and operational efficiencies

In contrast to traditional labels with a backing paper direct thermal linerless labels are self-adhesive labels which can be applied directly to products or packaging Such labels are supplied with varying levels of adhesion, from high adhesive permanent labels to low adhesive repositionable labels which can be applied to virtually any surface and be removed easily and reapplied without residue

For all linerless media, a key benefit is the reduction in waste With no backing paper to discard, linerless media offers significant paper saving properties with more labels per roll than standard label rolls Thanks to fewer roll changes as well as the advantage of reduced shipping costs and storage space requirements given linerless labels are more compact than traditional labels, cost savings can be achieved alongside enhanced operational efficiency and sustainability

In terms of label size, linerless media is available in a range of widths, enabling businesses to create labels for any product type including larger labels for food deliveries to smaller, more compact beverage labels Equally, variable length linerless labels enable the printing of shorter orders or labels with less information on minimal paper, further promoting efficiency

As demand grows for labelling products in a variety of sectors, international POS hardware solutions provider Star

Micronics has introduced its mC-Label3 and TSP143IVSK printers, designed to print permanent and repositionable labels, food orders, delivery and takeaway labels

The printers respond to the growing requirement for allergy and food labelling clear delivery and takeaway customer order labels, particularly with linerless media Low adhesive, repositionable labels can track an order through the entire preparation process from initial order to delivery, providing the potential for greater order accuracy and efficiency

Thanks to its ability to print on a wide range of liner-free media including low adhesive re-stick labels as well as high adhesive permanent and semi-permanent labels, the Star mC-Label3 printer offers the ideal solution for printing different sized and types of labels from one easy-to-use device This includes variable length food and allergy labels, nutrition information as well as food delivery labels and bag seals from web-based apps or local services

In addition to a range of label printing options including fully adjustable label widths from 25mm to 80mm wide, the mC-Label3 features black mark and GAP sensors Capable of printing traditional liner pre-sized labels, continuous label rolls and receipt paper, the printer is ideal for businesses that use a variety of media or are planning to move from traditional labelling to linerless media in the future

Incredibly user friendly and with paper position, paper width detection and simple drop-in loading different media can be loaded with ease and given its jam free operation reliable printing is ensured Star’s Cloud-based free labelling app offers a wide range of pre-designed label templates whilst the one touch label function allows for storing and printing of up to three label designs

Alternatively, for businesses seeking a compact linerlessonly label and order printing solution the TSP143IVSK boasts optimal versatility and ergonomic design, printing on low tack linerless re-stick media from 40mm to 80mm Moreover the TSP143IVSK benefits from the power cable interface cables and paper guide included at purchase as well as a 4-year warranty as standard

In line with today s multi-channel ordering and printing expectations in hospitality, the mC-Label3 and TSP143IVSK benefit from multiple interfaces for local PC, network, tablet and Cloud connectivity Furthermore, both printers include Ethernet LAN and USB-C connectivity as well as direct sync and charge with supported tablets, together with hub connectivity to connect a scanner or customer display

mC-Label3 additionally features Bluetooth connectivity, whilst the printers equally benefit from a Wireless LAN option with Star’s MCW10 module Star’s CloudPRNT™ technology is included as standard on both models for printing directly from central ordering platforms and websites

With CloudPRNT widely used by hospitality establishments worldwide as part of an online ordering platform or ecommerce solution, Star also provides StarPrinter Online, a fully managed service for businesses to manage the printer estate with minimal set-up time and cost as well as near zero integration For enhanced online visibility of connectivity and print jobs over an entire printer estate, the service additionally offers device management via an online dashboard to provide an overview of all devices and activity including reliable tracking of print jobs with notification of device status changes barcode scans new device connections to a group, etc Additional printers and peripherals can simply be added without the need for server upgrades, further enhancing the versatility of the service

About Star Micronics

With over 75 years in the POS industry and a global presence, Star s strength and success is built upon product innovation alongside established relationships with leading software partners Its experienced technical team boasts in-depth technical and integration expertise to provide unique tailored solutions for an evolving hospitality industry Offering the versatility required to integrate traditional, tablet and cloud-based POS systems, Star ensures successful installation of its products into major hospitality operators as well as smaller independent venues

As a complete point-of-sale hardware solutions provider Star offers a wealth of options including a wide range of unique desktop POS, mobile and self-service terminal printers for printing receipts, tickets and labels from traditional systems, tablets and mobile devices as well as from web and cloud-based apps In particular Star’s compact and versatile cloud solutions are ideal for a variety of applications including Click & Collect food orders, home delivery and online or at table food ordering Additionally, Star provides tablet stands, display stands, barcode scanners and cash management solutions to complete the hardware offering

Hospitality Technology

Address F&B Profitability Before It Takes You Under, says Guestline

WaiterMate Debuts the World’s Fastest, Most Efficient Mobile EPOS

Technology To Enhance Hotels Sustainability

can really make a difference

Following on to the hotel staff, housekeeping is many times overlooked with teams left to wonder through the hotel looking for rooms to clean

Monitoring “Make Up Room” and “Do Not Disturb” signals (MUR/DND) in a centralised system help increase the overall efficiency as teams can be assigned to those par ts of the hotel that require more immediate attention

Combining this information with room occupancy and access controls enhance guest privacy and provide deeper knowledge of how our hotels work, for example giving information on how much time it takes to clean each room

Another big cost centre control systems help reduce drastically is Maintenance as these solutions allow the use of predictive and preventive

policies Sor ting issues before they become fatal or even before they appear decreases the amount spent in replacing broken units (for example AC units) but also minimizes the risk of refunds to guest because things are not working or because there has been an AC leakage nobody noticed before

A robust long-lasting control system combined with a Building Management System (BMS) that integrates with our hotel’s PMS is vital to get to know how our building operates to optimize all those little things that end up costing several thousand ever y year

These are the type of solutions Zennio develops and delivers in over 100 countries helping hotels all around the world become more efficient and sustainable and suppor ting all projects locally and remotely to make sure ever ything works ever y day

For fur ther information see the adver t on page

Kitchen Equipment and Fit-Out

Focus On Blue Seal's New Induction Technology

Blue Seal Ltd are ver y mindful of the future equipment requirements for efficiency and carbon footprint and sustainability, with this everchanging food industr y and the cost of gas and electric usage

We currently produce a new range of free-standing & bench models of heavy-duty induction hobs with two or four zones Each hob has the versatility of 3 5KW or 5Kw round zone generators for focussed power or 5kw power full area zones to accept multiple pans across the cooking area The induction technolog y is incredibly responsive , with hardened 6mm thick glass cooking surfaces

Blue Seal R&D are conscious of the ever-increasing demand for induction product and we are in the process of launching our new induction- convection ranges, and wok induction hobs

The induction technolog y lends itself to a myriad of concepts, especially QSR restaurants where they need quick heat up on demand, which is also remarkably simple for the operator to use and maintain

The feature benefits of induction far outweigh the initial out lay, which is currently still relatively high for commercial heavy-duty product Induction for prime cooking is still relatively fresh to be accepted into the general commercial kitchen environment, however the big energ y savings and high efficiency

far outweighs the cost of changing the cookware and initial higher cost outlay for the product This cost will no doubt reduce and become more competitive as the trend & demand for induction manufacture inevitably increases Induction equipment also avoids the additional ver y costly legislation requirement involved with gas canopy extraction/make up air and interlock systems

When you compare the efficiency of using induction over gas, the induction is at approx 90% efficient compared to approx 45% efficiency for gas This is achieved by the magnetic fields heating up the entire surface of the cookware with vir tually all of the energ y transferred into the pan Where gas disperses the heat, licking around the sides of the cookware more so, losing energ y into the ambient air around the pan

Using induction massively reduces heat transfer into the air flow, lowers the overall temperature in the kitchen promoting a more comfor table working environment, as well as the practicality of a simple wipe down of the glass cooking area at the end of a shift, which is ver y appealing to an operator The appliances are much safer to use reducing injur y potential as well as being ver y simple to ser vice & maintain

David Chesshire - National Accounts Manager

See the adver t on page 2 for fur ther information

The Importance of Venting Floor Mounted Waste Water Pumping Systems

When designing or installing a commercial kitchen venting the floor mounted waste water pumping system may not be the first thing that is taken into consideration However understanding the impor tance of venting for the effective operation of the pump as well dispersing odours from the tank, is a critical factor for reliability in these situations

As wastewater drains from a sink or appliance the air inside the tank must be released to allow the flow of water into it If the tank is not vented correctly wastewater will be noticeably slower to drain away from sinks and appliances Odours and gurgling noises from equipment and sinks will also occur In these situations, the likelihood is that the pumping system is not properly vented

As the pump operates air needs to be drawn back into the tank so that a par tial vacuum is not created If this is allowed to happen the discharge flow of the pump will be reduced adversely affecting its efficiency

For these reasons all pump tanks need to be fitted with a suitable vent to allow them to breathe in and out Ideally this should be routed to atmosphere external to the building

In cases where the vent outlet can only be sited within the building, a filter must be used to minimise any potential odours escaping from the pump collect-

Two filters are available from Aldermaston based waste water pumping system specialists Pump Technolog y Ltd, the smaller CharcoVent and the larger MicroVent Both contain an activated carbon filter ideal for removing odours

The smaller CharcoVent, which is an easy to replace disposable car tridge should be used on systems that are typically sink only Its vent pipe should be 1 1/4

The larger MicroVent, which features a replaceable cartridge , should be used on systems that have multiple wastewater inlets, or with appliances such as dishwashers Its vent pipe should be 2” to allow the greater airflow Vents should be positioned as far above the collecting tank as practical This improves the life of the filter and its effectiveness and facilitates easy removal of the lid for cleaning and ser vicing It also ensures that, when pumping hot wastewater, any potential condensation will not adversely affect the activated carbon

The specialist team at Pump Technolog y Ltd are always happy to talk with any potential customers who are designing or installing a waste water pumping system and offer help and advice

More information: 0118 9821 555 www pumptechnolog y co uk

Kitchen Equipment and Fit-Out

Stay Cool with Gasket Guy

Temporary Catering Facilities For Events & Kitchen Refurbishments

Kitchen Equipment and Fit-Out

Fridge Seals Direct

Get a Grip on Food Prep with the New Onyx from Williams

Williams has launched the latest versions of its Onyx prep stations, with a sleek new look complementing the innovative features under the hood that deliver energ y efficient performance and ensure food safety

The Onyx prep station combines refrigerated storage beneath a worktop with refrigerated food wells on top –these provide instant access to regularly used fresh ingredients The wells are ergonomically designed to be at the ideal working height and are positioned within easy reach for the chef

The latest model combines practicality and good looks, with newly designed doors made from solid stainless steel featuring full-width integral door handles These provide an easy to use , non-slip grab while being quick to clean, with no dir t traps The generously sized work area makes the Onyx ideal for creating a range of foods including pizza, sandwiches, tapas, salad and desser ts Meanwhile the base of the unit has also been redesigned with a flatter surface making it easier to install transpor t and ser vice

The storage cabinets are designed to hold 1/1GN pans and the Onyx range is available in a choice of sizes from the compact space saving two door model up to the large 1043 litre capacity five door version The ingredient wells are capable of holding a selection of 1/3 and 1/6 GN pans up to four 1/3 pans on the two door model, with the five door model taking twelve , or up to 24 1/6 GN pans

Energ y efficiency is improved by EC (Electrically Commutated) brushless fans, which allow for precise control with reduced power consumption The new Onyx range uses natural hydrocarbon refrigerant which, as well as having low GWP/zero ODP, offers excellent thermodynamic proper ties which fur ther reduce energ y usage

Capable of operating in ambient conditions up to 43°C and constructed from sturdy, food safe stainless

• Be ready for your inspections

• Damaged fridge seals are unhygienic

• Next-day delivery service

• Discounted prices on large orders

Outdoor Spaces

Boost Profits This Summer with a Trailblazer BBQ

Café Culture - Pavement Profit

Outdoor Spaces

The Somerset Grill Company – New Revenue Opportunities For

Summer’s Coming – Time For Espresso On The Go!


Outdoor Spaces

New Stock Chair Ranges from ILF

Gala Tent


Outdoor Spaces

Cinders ‘Classic’ Barbecue Keeping Your Cool

Domestic & Trade Handmade

Garden Furniture From MG Timber

The impor tance of temperature controlled storage is understood by most within the hospitality and catering sectors, yet it is surprisingly often overlooked when making plans for outdoor events IceBox Refrigerated Trailers provides the perfect solution in such cases by means of our fleet of chiller and freezer trailers Operating one of the largest fleets in the countr y, we ’ re in the perfect position to help you keep your cool when all around is hotting up! Our fleet ranges from midi chillers to extra large freezers with storage capacities ranging from approx 6 to approx 12 cubic metres and covering temperature ranges between -20c and + 10c The ideal mobile temperature controlled storage solution!





needn’t worr y - we have it covered!


The trailer will be secured in-situ by means of our security devices The entr y doors are lockable and we leave you the key to ensure

The Perfect Refrigeration Solution for Your Outdoor Catering Needs

The Perfect Refrigeration Solution for Your Outdoor Catering Needs

IceBox UK provides the ideal solution to your refrigerated storage requirements when hosting outdoor catering events

Our extensive fleet of chiller and freezer trailers will keep your food and drink at the desired temperature and avoid food spoilage

Trailers are delivered and collected to / from the event / host location by our experienced staff who will situate the trailers in the required location and set them running at your required temperature.

• Nationwide delivery & collection service

• Chiller and freezer trailers available

• Powered by generator or standard wall socket

• Internal racking supplied per your requirements

• Short and long term rental rates available

• Rapid Response™ programme for emergencies

• Account facilities available subject to status

Design and Refit

The Absolute Solution To Your Interior Design Needs

Design and Refit


Mayfair Furniture

Cater For The Crowds With Brilliant Bar Stools Design and Refit

Restaurant Furniture Store

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