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Rotherhithe Primary School Passionate about learning

Our school Vision 1

Passion for learning and high motivation are key components of our school’s success. We want our children to achieve highly, both academically and socially, by being confident, independent and collaborative learners.


We are an inclusive school and we want our children to have a strong sense of their own identity, and to have high aspirations for their future success and happiness.


 e seek to open a world of possibilities for our W children, so that they understand their potential and responsibilities as global citizens.


 e value and seek to empower our families by working W in partnership with them and with others within the local community.

A curriculum for every child At Rotherhithe we believe in children’s entitlement to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum. It is designed to ensure creative, skills based learning experiences. In order to deliver the curriculum in a stimulating and challenging way, learning is taught through a context or topic, that facilitates links between curriculum areas, and encourages creative thinking and active learning. We promote enjoyment and achievement in learning and encourage children to be independent, reflective learners. We value the cultural, social and religious experiences that children bring to their learning, and we enhance these experiences through educational visits, workshops, visitors and theatre groups. Getting a clear picture of how each individual learns best is important and so we have effective strategies in place to identify and meet children’s individual needs. Each child’s progress is carefully monitored so that appropriate action can be taken to help any child who might be struggling with a particular area of learning. We also carefully plan appropriately challenging learning for more able children. We aim to help every child to fulfil his or her potential.

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Foundation stage (Nursery & Reception)

Young children at Rotherhithe receive a well planned and well resourced Foundation Stage Curriculum using both indoor and outdoor provision. They learn through well planned play activities with clearly defined learning objectives, that ensure stimulating, enjoyable and challenging experiences. Using the Foundation Stage Early Learning Goals, activities are planned around six learning areas:

• Communication, Language and Literacy • Mathematical Development • Personal, Social and Emotional Development • Physical Development • Creative Development • Knowledge and Understanding of the world

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Beyond the classroom Rotherhithe has a strong commitment to enhancing children’s opportunities and experiences. We endeavour to help children to adopt healthy lifestyles and we have achieved the Healthy Schools Award. We offer an active and fun range of long and short term additional clubs and activities that help children to pursue interests and learn new skills. Over the year, clubs will usually include sports coaching, creative activities, and French to name but a few. Our commitment to the creative arts has allowed us to achieve the Artsmark gold Award. The Southwark Youth Service provides organised, fun, after school activities for our children. ‘Playcentre’ is organised and run independently of the school, and starts at 3.15pm – 5.45pm.

The curriculum is enhanced by a variety of well attended clubs. These provide both fun and important extensions to the curriculum. OFSTED 2007 Page 3

Families Parents are the first educators of their children and so we are committed to working in partnership with parents. We are a Children’s Centre, with an excellent Extended Schools provision, which includes an Early Years Centre for children 6 months to 4 years old. We welcome and care about our families, and so we offer a range of activities. Parents are able to get involved with our Parents Group, which meets on Thursday mornings for tea/coffee and chats. We also host a number of parent/family activities in our Family Centre and Early Years Centre, such as learning English, family learning, cooking, baby massage, and breast feeding clinics and parenting groups. Workshops and events vary through the year. We also provide a Breakfast Club to support busy parents in that morning rush. We also employ a School Home Support Worker, who works with families in supporting them with attendance concerns, as well as helping them with personal/social problems such as housing, mental health issues or family problems. Our School Home Support Worker will be able to put you in contact with various support agencies and to support you in the process.

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Pupils are happy and enjoy school and parents are pleased with the school. ‘Both my children enjoy and always look forward to attending school’ was a typical comment. OFSTED 2007 Page 5

Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is good. Relationships in the school are good and pupils behave well. OFSTED 2007

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Complaints & compliments We believe that most issues can be resolved by talking them through, and we work hard to develop and maintain an open and welcoming ethos.

• If you have a complaint, first, please talk to your child’s teacher about it.

• If you are not satisfied, talk to the Headteacher who will try to sort out the problem.

• If you continue to be dissatisfied, make a formal complaint

to the Headteacher. This will be recorded in the complaints log book. Your complaint will be investigated and you will receive a letter acknowledging your complaint and telling you what action has been taken within 10 days, if possible.

• If you are still not satisfied, you can make a complaint

to the Chair of Governors, whose address is in the loose leaf section at the back of this brochure. The Governors’ Complaints Committee will meet to consider your complaint. Their decision will be final, unless your complaint is about the School Curriculum or Special Needs Provision. Complaints about these issues can be taken to the Secretary of State for Education.

Do come and tell us when you are pleased about something too! There’s nothing like a pleased parent for inspiring continued energy in our hardworking staff.

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Resources & facilities We are committed to keeping up to date with new technologies. We have excellent ICT resources, including interactive whiteboards in every class, wireless laptops, digital cameras and video recorders, visualisers etc. from Nursery to Year 6.

Teachers and support staff know pupils and their needs well. The attention paid to individual needs results in good inclusion of pupils. OFSTED 2007

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& Finally‌ Our aim is that the experience gained at Rotherhithe Primary School is the beginning of the formal part of a learning journey for your child, which leads to an enjoyment of learning for life. We look forward to working in partnership with you, to achieve the best for your child.

Rotherhithe Primary School Passionate about learning

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Passionate about learning

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