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An exceptional education for local children

Your child’s education We believe that children’s learning is more successful when they feel valued, happy and safe in their environment. It is our responsibility to ensure that every pupil will have the opportunity to reach their potential under our care and guidance.

Welcome to Harris Primary Academy Purley Way. Our Academy’s ethos is that ‘All children have the right to be safe, happy and respected so that they enjoy their learning and reach their potential’. It is our job as educators to ensure the right environment, opportunities and resources are available to enable this to happen. Showing Respect, Taking Responsibility and Making the Right Choices are the ‘Golden Rules’ which are instilled into our pupils as they become confident and caring citizens. We are excited about our new Academy building, which will be a modern and welcoming place for our children to learn. We are a three form entry Academy and one of Croydon’s newest schools. We are also a part of the Harris Federation of Academies which has an established track record in Croydon and across London. When children begin their education, we ensure their first school years are enjoyable and we aim to implant a lifelong enthusiasm for learning in every pupil. We lay the foundations for a successful academic journey, which involves the development of the core skills of reading, writing and maths from the outset. We work closely with our parents in order to establish a strong and committed parent body and pride ourselves on the partnership we have. We look forward to welcoming you to our Academy. Jane Robinson Head of Academy


Happy in the classroom Children learn and develop in their own way and our staff are committed to supporting and challenging all of the pupils in our care. Our aim is to ensure that every pupil makes excellent progress and achieves their potential. This section of our prospectus describes how we accomplish this in our Academy. Every lesson is creative

High standards in every classroom

The aim of our teachers is to plan and deliver stimulating lessons that motivate pupils. We believe that all lessons should be interactive and creative to ensure all pupils are involved.

Every child is encouraged to stretch themselves and become the best that they can be. Our teachers have high expectations for all pupils and plan lessons which challenge every child according to their ability.

To grow confident readers, writers and mathematicians, we deliver lessons that engage the natural sense of curiosity that children have. This approach to teaching and learning is communicated in all areas of the National Curriculum. The outcome is eager, confident pupils who understand the joy of learning and are well prepared for academic success.


The Harris Federation training school for teachers provides our staff with outstanding professional development, ensuring that standards are consistently high in every classroom.



Children treated as individuals We welcome children of all abilities into our Academy and want every pupil to enjoy school and thrive. We work closely with parents and specialists to create support plans for pupils who have special learning needs and collectively review each child’s plan every half term. We step in quickly when intervention is needed for any pupil. This might involve one-to-one or group support for pupils who are having difficulties and for others it could mean stretching them to keep them challenged. Parents are encouraged to discuss their child’s learning and progress with us at any time. Parents are provided with termly progress reports, and a full written report is produced at the end of the year.

An academic head start As pupils progress through school, one of our aims is to make sure we give them an outstanding ‘head start’ for the rest of their education. We are lucky to be located near to four Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ Harris Secondary Academies including Harris Academy Purley. Specialist teachers will often come into our Primary Academy and, as they get older, children can be taken regularly to use facilities such as science laboratories. As well as engaging them in the excitement of the subject at hand, these experiences help prepare children for a successful transition to secondary school.



Happy outside the classroom We actively encourage pupils to learn through play, discovery and questioning. This section describes our approach to helping pupils become well-rounded, resilient and confident. Hobbies, skills and experiences Our teachers and support staff seek to discover and nurture the special talents and interests within each child. Our children experience topical learning opportunities through excursions to various settings within and outside London and the local area. In addition, they benefit from visits by external specialists and from taking part in activities at other Harris Academies.

Every pupil has a friend

Healthy and tasty meals

We ensure the Academy is a friendly and welcoming place for all pupils by making sure that every pupil has at least one friend. Our children are taught to respect each other and their teachers.

Our school lunches are healthy and tasty. School lunches are provided free of charge for every child in Key Stage 1, although pupils may choose to bring in packed lunches instead. Special dietary requirements are provided for.

There is a zero tolerance approach to any type of bullying or unacceptable behaviour.

Wrap-around care

Traditional standards of behaviour

We will provide Breakfast and After School Clubs on the Academy’s grounds, which are well organised and fun.

Our pupils know that good behaviour is expected of them at all times. When pupils try their best, are kind, and follow our ‘Golden Rules’, they are frequently praised and rewarded.


A Federation of Free Schools and Academies

Brand new building

Our school is part of the Harris Federation; a not-for-profit charity with twenty five years of experience in London education.

We are very excited about our new building which will be a bright, modern and welcoming place with all the facilities and resources we need to provide an outstanding education for our pupils. This includes the latest facilities and equipment for interactive learning and outdoor play.

The Harris Federation was created by Lord Harris of Peckham. He and his family take an active interest in the progress of our pupils and our achievements. Every Harris Academy is unique and serves its own pupils and community. However, we share an ethos that ensures children are safe, happy, and enjoy learning at school. Being part of the Harris Federation means that our teachers and support staff have access to excellent training and resources from a team of experts in primary education. All Harris Academies are located in and around London and we work closely together. Our Academy works particularly closely with our sister school, the nearby Harris Primary Academy Haling Park. Our teachers share best practice to constantly improve ways of planning and teaching. Pupils from all our Primary Academies come together for the annual Harris Federation Sports Day in summer. You can find out more about the Harris Federation at or by following @HarrisFed on Twitter.


Our Academy is based in high-quality temporary accommodation for our first year. This is situated on our permanent school site and offers an effective, safe and nurturing setting for Early Years children.

It will open in 2017, so children joining us in September 2017 will be amongst the very first to experience all it has to offer. You can view the building plans on our website.

Admissions We have 90 places available starting in Reception each year. If we receive more than 90 applications, children with an Education, Health and Care Plan will be admitted first. Priority will then be given in the following order: • Looked after and previously looked after children • Children with exceptional medical or social needs • Children with a sibling already attending the academy (who will still be attending on the date of admission) • Children who live in areas where it is difficult to get into their first choice school • Children’s who live closest Further information and a copy of our admissions policy can be found on the admissions section of our website.

Open Evening Dates

Wednesday 19th October 2016 6.00 to 7.00pm

Wednesday 16th November 2016

6.00 to 7.00pm

Monday 12th December 2016 6.00 to 7.00pm

Wednesday 11th January 2017

6.00 to 7.00pm



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Harris Primary Academy Purley Way Prospectus  

Our Academy’s ethos is that ‘All children have the right to be safe, happy and respected so that they enjoy their learning and reach their p...

Harris Primary Academy Purley Way Prospectus  

Our Academy’s ethos is that ‘All children have the right to be safe, happy and respected so that they enjoy their learning and reach their p...