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Instituto Cristiano Luis Gandarillas Miss Claudia Maturana

12th Grade A “The wonderful yearbook�

“I do not know from where, to where, and when to come back ... I know only that I'll be waiting� 4th Grade A

Name: Francisca Nicole Aranda MartĂ­nez Date of Birth: 08/06/1993 Nickname: Rata, Aranda E-mail address: Hobbies: To go out

Recurrent phrase: Quiero molestar a alguien - I want make fun of somebody Useful present: Earrings Never seen before: Going to the bathroom Song: Rata de dos patas - Paquita la del barrio Dreams: Enter university In 20 more years: Being president Brief story: She is my classmate since 2009, she lives in maipu and she have a beautiful family, the name of her mom is Claudia, her dad’s name is Juan Carlos and her brother’s name is Sebastian. Francisca is a good person, she always wants to go out and be with her friends Message to classmates: For all my classmates I wish that they could have a good time in the graduation and they could concrete all they dreams of their lives, I want to tell of everyone that in this 4 years in the school together you could remember the good and the happy moments

Name: Gonzalo Elías Armijo Maldonado Date of Birth: 20/03/1995 Nickname: Chalo E-mail Hobbies: The computation Recurrent phrase: “Puede que sí, puede que no” (Maybe yes, maybe no) Useful present: Money

Never seen before:1 year without getting sick Song: Gangsta party - Snoop dogg ft 2pac Dreams: To have a family, have a college degree In 20 more years: I see with a big and beautiful family Brief story: Gonzalo was born in Santiago, Chile in 20 march, 1995. Actually he is 17 years old. He has a big family, but the most important for him, is his father, mother, brother and sister. He hobbie es the computation, fix computer, electricity, in other words all of technology. His dream is to be at university and have a beautiful family Message to classmates: Thank for all friends you are great, thank for the great moment, yours are amazing!

Name: Camila Campos Osorio. Date of Birth:08/30/1994. Nickname:Cami, Mila, Pitufina. E-mail Hobbies:Playing Xbox, chatting on Facebook and dance. Recurrent phrase:ยกTengo hambre!- Im hungry! Useful present:a mirror. Never seen before:without makeup.

Song:un beso - wisin & yandel. Dreams:Get a professional certificate and go all Chile. In 20 more years:In the beach with my family. Brief story:She is Camila, a person small and thin. She is amorous and very sensitive. It has very strong personality and loves to eat. It is a great friend and companion, always there when you need it, gives advice and is very friendly. Is addicted when talking to their friends on Facebook and by phone. Message to classmates:Classmate, was a pleasure to share with you all these years, my heart will always be in the memories of those five years,I was with you. Hope you have a good future, they can make all their projects with great success. I love you and always be in my heart. I hope we meet again.

Name: Álvaro Andrés Del Niño Jesús Carrasco Salas Date of Birth: 10/07/1993 Nickname: Alvi E-mail address: Hobbies: playing the keyboard, dancing and listening to music Recurrent phrase: “ ¡Ves tú! ” (do you see?!), “ estupendo ” (awesome) Useful present: A travel to Paris

Never seen before: Having good grades in maths Song: Fakuta - “segundando� Dreams: Travel to Mendoza, Argentina In 20 more years: alvi sees himself being happy with a couple and helping people Brief story: Alvi got into the school in 1st grade, but in this class he got in 3rd grade. He is a guy with a lot of personality, he is happy, an art lover. He is looking for his own way. When he arrived in the class, his firsts friends were Eliseo & Naty Flores (R.I.P), but with the time and his personality, he won the love of all the class. Message to classmates: Thanks for all the love and patience that you have given to me!. I hope to have given you a lot of joy and smiles. I keep in my heart good and special moments with you that I’ll never forget. I Hope the best wishes for you, keep your dreams. XOXO.

Name: fabian catalan Date of Birth: 10 / 17 / 1944 Nickname: catalan E-mail address: Hobbies: plays football Recurrent phrase: of true , Useful present: a car Never seen before: when i fell of the stairs

Song: no me arrepiento de este amor - ataque 77 Dreams: I would like see a my brother play in the “U� In 20 more years: with a family and proffesional Brief story: All began when in 2001 it come to the school , were years of learning and growing where I knew big friends and lived big moments. I will forget the great trip to brazil that we lived like group and that was incredible. this last years has been very good specially because I have enjoyed every moment together with my friends. Message to classmates: I want to tell my classmates that all the time I did been here with you have been the best on my life. I will never forget you becouse you have been my family since I was a litle boy , the first time that I came here , regards , good bye...

Name: Dámaris Pamela Corona Apablaza Date of Birth: 01/05/1995 Nickname: Damy E-mail address: Hobbies: Dancing, playing the bass and painting Recurrent phrase: “ Basura inmunda “ (Nasty waste!) Useful present: A travel to Brazil with all her BFF! Never seen before: Being Drunk

Song: “Divino - Conmigo Siempre” Dreams: Got a good score in P.S.U and she sees in the university and career that she wants In 20 more years: Damy sees herself with a family, a career and very happy <3 Brief story: Damy arrived in this school in 1st grade, she has always been a tender and a smart girl. In this school, she meet a lot of friends, but her BFF are: Naty Herrera, May Muñoz, Nicole Escobar and Vale Gatica, and this girls are called ‘Hi-5!’. Damy’s favourite food are the lentils and dancing is her passion. Message to classmates: Dear friends and mates!, This years had been very special for me, with a lot of friendship, happiness, games, fun, but with a little troubles. This phase will arrived to the end. And I’ll miss you so much, cause’ this 12 years with you had been great!. I love you and I wish the best for all you and your families.

Name:Constanza Camila Cubillos Cid Date of Birth:09/22/1993 Nickname:Cony E-mail Hobbies: Tejer / Sew Recurrent phrase:Mi ni単a / My girl Useful present:Neuronas / Neurons Never seen before:Llorar / Crying Song: Payaso Barbitas - Papi deja el copete

Dreams: Ser millonaria / Be millionare In 20 more years: Haciendo nada / Doing nothing Brief story:Constanza lived in MaipĂş, she is nineteen years old. She arrived to school when she was in 8th Grade. She is very kind. She likes to go out with her friends all day and go to night party. She likes to go out with her boyfriend. She is carnivorous. She is a good friend, supporting and sweet. Message to classmates: Grade, despite having arrived just two years ago, I've had good and bad experiences highlighting good and then in the future they can remember, I have become very good friends as there are with others with whom I have no relationship, but just be remembered be part of the course, I hope they all do very well in life and fulfill all your future projects goals, and hopefully be successful much :)

Name:nicole escobar Date of Birth:01/11/1995 Nickname:waffles E-mail Hobbies:dancing and eating Recurrent phrase:I am hungry Useful present: operation of implant mammary

Never seen before:to imitating Christina Aguilera in the music movie Song:Tabu de don Omar Dreams: she wants to married and have or sons. She will be an architect build her home, travel around the world In 20 more years: how see yourself in twenty years older and professional. Brief story:she came in the year 2001 to first grade “B” , where we met, and where have very good friends until today, then at the end fourth year we moved in the morning , and met many important people sixth grade “a” , but not resist move to sixth way about us and to this day we parted Message to classmates: classmates in our last year. I believe that we had more moments together and more jake like in the house of camila in which we shared and we could know much more, to each yours although do not believe it , I have then a darling enormous and would be brilliant to see us late, and all I wish you good luck in this new stage.

Name: Mario Espinoza Date of Birth: 29/04/1995 Nickname: Marete E-mail address: Hobbies: playing guitar Recurrent phrase: “pero cuánto sabe!” Useful present: money Never seen before: studying

Song: Lounge Act - Nirvana Dreams: destroying the system In 20 more years: beautiful Brief story: Mario is a very crazy boy. He lives with his parents in Maipu. He practices skateboarding and plays guitar, he likes playing football. He loves talking about politics and likes the history. Message to classmates: I hate you all

Name: Catalina Laís Fernández Urzúa Date of Birth:04/07/1995 Nickname:Catita E-mail address: Hobbies: Dormir / Sleeping Recurrent phrase: Amo su espalda / I love his back Useful present: Neuronas / Neurons Never seen before: Estudiando Matemáticas / Studying math

Song: Buen Soldado - Francisca Valenzuela Dreams: La paz mundial / Peace of the world In 20 more years:Haciendo nada / Doing nothing Brief story: Catalina lived in Maipú, when she arrived to school one years ago, she was very friendly. She is seventeen years old. She loves animals and doesn’t like insects. She likes to go out with her friends all day, she likes to go to the mall, she loves Toñito, she is vegetarian. She is a very good friend. She is very nice with those she likes. Message to classmates: Grade, although not as close to some and to others if I wish everyone well in their lives after leaving school, as I think we all took this process. Hopefully in the future to get the projects they have in mind for their lives, luck.

Name: Javiera Fernanda Gandarillas Reyes Date of Birth: 08/08/1994 Nickname: Kiki Gandhi E-mail address: Hobbies: Reading, writing and watching movies. Recurrent phrase: â&#x20AC;&#x153;I want to go homeâ&#x20AC;? Useful present: Any against-utopia book. Never seen before: Javiera in the class every minute of the day.

Song: Survivor-Destiny’s Child Dreams: Be an archeologist and bring dinosaurs to life again. In 20 more years: In twenty years I see myself living in Houston, Texas with my husband and kids, Abigail, Tristan and Pascale in the house next to my godfather’s. I also see myself working as a psychologist in public kids hospital and writing a book too. Brief story: She is Javiera, a very happy and crazy person. She also is very irresponsible because she never goes to the school. Javiera likes sleeping, Reading and writing. Her favourite music style is rock and dubstep. She does not practice sports and she loves to eat. Javiera is a very good friend and partner. Message to classmates: “Guys, it’s over. But we have to find the way to carry on. Finally we going to be free. You have to be strong with respect to adversities that will come. The most important in your lifes is perseverance and compromise essentially with yourselves, be carefull and may the odds be ever in your favor”.

Name: Valentina Gatica Date of Birth:12/07/1994 Nickname:vale E-mail Hobbies:dancing, dancing and dancing Recurrent phrase: â&#x20AC;?las cuquinasâ&#x20AC;? Useful present: operation of implant the ass Never seen before: to imitating Jennifer Lopez in the music movie

Song: arriba la vida de croni-k Dreams: she wants to married and teaching children In 20 more years: with a beautiful family and have my own school Brief story: she came in the year 2001 to first grade â&#x20AC;&#x153;Bâ&#x20AC;?, where we met, and where have very good friends, until today, then at the end fourth year we moved in the morning and met many beautiful people today in our lives, but when I left vale I gave me a bear and called me everyday until I got to school and to this day we parted. Message to classmates:thank you all those who accompanied me in this important process, for making me laugh, hold my childish and play with me. I wish them well in this new stage and do not miss the contact.

Name: Natalia Constanza Godoy VĂĄsquez Date of Birth: 12/05/1995 Nickname: naty E-mail address: Hobbies: she likes drawing and listening to music Recurrent phrase: donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t worry Useful present: a paintbrush(all numbers) Never seen before: the classroom clean.

Song: ”walk on the water”-britt nicoleDreams: to be a professional,travel to new york to know that city or l.a. In 20 more years: Brief story: she lived in maipu all her teenage with a complicate family story.her parents were divorced,so she was in bad times,later she start in the school,in the “san jose”, later she went to “luis gandarillas” for 4º grade.she changed for problems with to classmates in the last school. Message to classmates: dear classmates this is the last year of school or not to everybody , i whish the best for you. Make all your dreams objectives, this is my first and last year with you,i don’t have time to meet or know everyone,i wish that, meet or know, and i want to be professional and i wish you good luck

Name: Francisca Javiera Gonzรกlez Sanhueza Date of Birth:12/28/1994 Nickname: Nigga E-mail address: Hobbies: Facebook Recurrent phrase: I slept at 3 a.m Useful present: One day of sleep Never seen before: With energy in the morning

Song: Sensual seduction - Snoop Dogg Dreams: Enter university In 20 more years: Working and happy Brief story: She is my classmate since 2009. She is cheerful and nice with everyone in the class, she is responsible with her homework and subjects.She has a wonderful and calm family,her mom’s name is Andrea, her dad’s name is Juan, and her brother’s name is Martin. She is a wonderful friend. Message to classmates: My words for the class are most of them wishes for everyone in their future with all the happiness that they can experience in their life. Also a calm and beatiful life with their families. I hope that your 4 years or more in this college you have been happy with all my heart . L

Name:NicolĂĄs HenrĂ­quez Date of Birth:08/30/1994 Nickname:Nico E-mail Hobbies:Play Video games Recurrent phrase:quiero jugar (I wanna play) Useful present:A Penguien Never seen before:Sentimental

Song:Hero of War-Rise against Dreams:To participate in WCG In 20 more years:Without glasses Brief story:Nico likes computer games, he is very quiet, he don´t like to be with many people, he was a good student until he started to drink, he avoided sport class everytime he could because he hate sports , he always was with a great smile ready to hate everyone or everything Message to classmates: Messege to classmates: I wanna say you all that you are incredible, i wish you the best in your future, so do i wish that you could reach your goals in your life and to be happy :D

Name:Natalia Herrera Date of Birth:12/01/1994 Nickname:Chick E-mail address: Hobbies: Dance , dance , danceeeee Recurrent phrase: cachai Useful present: Travel to brasil with her friends Never seen before: The outings to â&#x20AC;&#x153; fonda â&#x20AC;&#x153;

Song: Diamonds- Rihanna Dreams: Travel and be a professional In 20 more years: Traveling of the world Brief story: she’s a cool girl who arrived in 9(th) grade of highschool, she’s my best friend and not changed her for nothing else at all, she makes me so happy, she arrived to the school met a strange appearance. It was a “POKEMONA” jajaja With the passage of time, we become a great friends, and she changed her appearance. Always make us smile and is in all. Message to classmates: Best wished and can see you again

Name: Fabiana huecha Date of Birth: January/29/1994 Nickname: Nickname: "fabita", "faba", "fabi" E-mail address: Nickname: Hobbies: listening to ballads, singing in the house Recurrent phrase: ".. .and nose thing... and blah blah...""XD", ".. .and I don't know what thing... and bla blah XD..."

Useful present: anatomy books Never seen before: polette in silence in class Song: talking the moon-bruno mars Dreams: In 20 more years: I am working as a doctor with my own House, my own car, and with a stable family, accompanied by all my loved, helping more people needing me

Brief story: born in the comune of "Lebu", capital of the province of Arauco, in the eighth region. There she lived with her grandmother and aunts while her mother worked and studied in Santiago. When she had 13 years old, she started whit her mother lived. Now, she is in 12th grade and more later she will go to study medicine. Message to classmates: In all this time when we been together we had cried, laughed, fihted etc. But, we'll tresure the moments in our lives forever. I hope that all your dreams came true. I loved everyone, and of course I hope more forward what we meet and see our accomplishments... Fabiana

Name: Javier Huichao Date of Birth: 01/08/1994 Nickname: negro, nigga, sussy, huichi E-mail address: Hobbies: tricking Recurrent phrase: SAAAAAAAPBEEEEE!

Useful present: money Never seen before: reading a book Song: Swing life away - Rise Against Dreams: meeting Nick Vail In 20 more years: white Brief story: born in the hospital Paula Jaraquemada, eighteen years old. Very active, restless. Practising taekwondo since he was ten, now he is black-belt. He lives in Maipu. A sportsman. He likes playing the guitar, skating, tricking, playing football. He would like to be white. Message to classmates: suuupi

Name: Fernanda Leal Rocuant Date of Birth: 08/23/1994 Nickname: Fe帽a E-mail address: Hobbies: Listening to music, reading, playing video games, playing drums. Recurrent phrase: Oh maldici贸n/Oh damn Useful present: Mitology and Fantasy books

Never seen before: Fernanda never tied her hair Song: Strange World -Iron Maiden Dreams: To be happy, to become an excellent teacher and to have a beautiful family In 20 more years: Fernanda sees herself with a family and with a profession. Brief story: Fernanda was born in 1994, she is 18 years now. She lives with her parents and with her younger sister. Also she has a relation with Gustavo, a boy who is 19 years old. Besides she has two dogs; Nicolás and Felipe. She wants to be an English teacher in the future.She loves eating french fries and drinking Coca-Cola. Message to classmates: “ I wish all of you could be successful in your lives. I know that sometimes I am a little bit cruel but that doesn’t mean that I hate you, I really appreciate you... And when we finally leave school, I am going to miss you. I hope we will meet again. Goodbye.

Name:Pablo Muñoz Cavada Date of Birth:10/02/1994 Nickname: Pablo E-mail Hobbies:TKD and sleeping Recurrent phrase:tengo sueño (i’m sleepy) Useful present:a video game Never seen before: has never seen drunk

Song: ha pasado su tiempo - warcry Dreams: have his own place to live In 20 more years: eating a big pizza paid with his own money Brief story:: Pablo is lazy but at the same time he is so responsable, he likes to make crazy plans to destroy the world and play basketball, when he has free time he likes to sleep or to play video games. Pablo likes sports and since he is 8 years old he is the best in basketball in the whole school. He as bron in Santiago in 02/10/12 Message to classmates: I wanna say to my classmates that all this years with you have been amazing, so do i wanna say that i will never forget you , you all guys, you all are incredible i wanna wish you the best in whatever you do in the future.

Name: Mailyne Muñoz Date of Birth:04/13/1995 Nickname: May E-mail address: Hobbies: Dive and laugh Recurrent phrase:Gorda, negra Useful present: Travel around the world Never seen before: Outings to “coyote “

Song: Loca-chico trujillo Dreams: Be a professional and have a family after enjoying her youth In 20 more years: Professional and traveling for the wold Brief story: this girl came to school in first grade is a very talkative girl and extroverted and good good partner, with the passage of time was knowing that today are her best friendo, has long be president of class, together to more peers realizad their dream of a study tour to BRAZIL when she met must to her friends and so to the is not to separate them she has lived all stages of life with her friends at the school and hopes to live the follow with them you were at school Message to classmate: MANDADO AL CORREO

Name: Paula Núùez Vargas Date of Birth: 07/21/1993 Nickname: Pauli E-mail address: Hobbies: Listening to music, watching movies and series, playing video games. Recurrent phrase: Buena Suerte/ Good luck

Useful present: Books in general. Never seen before: Paula never fights in school. Song: Garden / Pearl Jam Dreams: To become a doctor and help people with their needs. In 20 more years: Paula sees herself working and maybe with a family. Brief story: Paula was born in 1993. She is the younger sister and she is 19 years now. Paula’s personality is very special, she is a little shy, but she loves laughing a lot with her friends. She’s tall and has long brown hair, beautiful brown eyes and a cutie smile. She lives with her parents, brothers, sister, neece and nephew. She wants to be a doctor. Her favourite food is pizza, her favourite movie is “Pride and Prejudice” and her favourite colour is black. Message to classmates: “Thank you for being nice with me, I will really miss you. The time that I spent with you was beautiful and very funny and I promise that I will never forget all the laughs and the good moments. I wish all of you could be happy and take the right ways in your lifes”.

Name:Sigal Oca単a Clementi Date of Birth:July/29th/1993 Nickname:Ziggy, Ziggytax del efron E-mail address: Hobbies:to dance, to sing Recurrent phrase:"Oh nose!", "Osea Hello!" Useful present:a good pillow for a hap in a class Never seen before:Eliseo Quiet in a exam

Song:Butterfly fly away-Miley Cirus Dreams: In 20 more years: In 20 years I more I am very stable economically, traveling by my country and the world and enjoy it to the fullest and like to have family Brief story:She lived in with her mom, daddy an her dog called Pucca MaipĂş satellite city. She Studied at school Institute Christian Luis Gandarillas for about 13 years. She is a very social girl with en people. Her dreams are to go to the University and be a person very happy in the life. Message to classmates:ladies and gentlemen, this is our last year and what we have lived to concho together, with discussions, support, laughter, jokes, among other things, I hope that we continue to see and each of us to be successful in our out of school and to a new world. I love. SIGAL

Name: Maria Jose Pailamilla Vargas.Date of Birth: 23/11/1994.Nickname: cote.E-mail address: Hobbies: playing with her niece, walking for the street With her dogs, listening to music and dancing Recurrent phrase: just do it.-

Useful present: a good poems book.Never seen before: damaris with bad grades Song: :talking to the moon -bruno marsDreams: to be happy,she wants to have her house, her family, her car, her pets, and to be a good mom and the best teacher.In 20 more years: Brief story: she was born in â&#x20AC;&#x153;las condesâ&#x20AC;?,she lived in in her house all her life.she likes so much staying in the garden with her family and her pets,and in this year she will go to graduate with her classmates and she so exited because she wants to study in the university Message to classmates: you are good persons, the best classmate.if you want make something,just do it because you have do of the head to tell need to study in your life, because if you want to be a great professional, you will be the best student in your profession.-

Name:Eliseo Pizarro Navarro Date of Birth:01/09/1993 Nickname:Cheo E-mail Hobbies:Football, Friends, Facebook Recurrent phrase: Sr.Pizarroooooooooo ! Useful present:Headphones Never seen before:Bothring at the school bathroom

Song:Paramar los prisioneros Dreams:I want to study at college In 20 more years:he will be married with children , working to support his family without losing his friends Brief story: eliseo is a funny person, kind, and very happy, he always cares about other people around him, he is a very good friend. He arrived to school at 2007. He loves sports, mainly football, he loves music too Message to classmates: my word for my partnert college is thank for all of make me happy in special mention my friends. whit then i have shared a lot of things in general have a good relationship with all my grades.

Name:Andres Jesus Ramirez Acu単a Date of Birth:06/23/1995 Nickname:Chicota E-mail Hobbies:Playing guitar Recurrent phrase:HEY-HEY Useful present:Notebook Never seen before:Not attending to class

Song:El brillo de mis ojos-Jesus adrian romero Dreams:Travel around the word In 20 more years:In the house with the family y working in his company happy and a beautiful life Brief story:Andres is a happy young man who lives in Chile in Santiago in the MaipĂş is 17 loves music also play guitar bass and keyboard andres goes to church and directs a choir. andres I get to school in seventh grade at age 12 with his sister and her friend Laura danitza, the course was very friendly and came together there befriended several children. andres years passed and continues on the same course which finished seventh clinging close to his colleagues who are now fourth means a few weeks of its superior enseĂąansa andres is very happy with the life you lead till now. Message to classmates:I andres his classmate in these few weeks we hope to stay in school have been a support to you and not a hindrance wish them well make their lives prosperous and healthy hope these years together is a memory of the silly things we do and how well they had too., and if you are reading this several years of our graduation I hope this letter is of joy and move forward you will never miss the friendship, the joy that always had a big hug and living the fourth grade forever

Name:Danitza Noemi Ramirez Acu単a Date of Birth:05/25/1993 Nickname:Danitcilla E-mail Hobbies:Sing Recurrent phrase:Pucha o-Pucha o Useful present:Notebook Never seen before:To out teacher

Song: Amo-Axel Dreams:Sing in the festival the vi単a In 20 more years:Is married to a nice big house with two children a man and a woman with whom share the rest of your life Brief story:danitza is a 19 year old living in Santiago, Chile maipu she finished seventh grade school Gandarillas luis she likes to be sport and singing she is a very cheerful and hardworking young man likes to have many friends and ride his dream is to sing vestival in Vina del Mar that is danitza Message to classmates:wave in the upper end of our ense単ansa wanted them best wishes to each of you if you could not share much the same mind with you i`ll miss i hope you do well in life and hopefully we meet again cordially greet encontraum all of you.

Name:Paulette Rodríguez Gutiérrez. Date of Birth:06/08/1995 Nickname:Pola, Nigga, Polecilla. E-mail Hobbies:playing song pop, playing soccer. Recurrent phrase:ya para!!! – stop it. Useful present:soccer shoes. Never seen before:Paulette in silence.

Song:With you-Chris Brown. Dreams:To get a professional certificate a have a lat of babies with my lovely husband. In 20 more years:With my kids and my husband happily in south of Chile. Brief story:She is Paulette, a person who gets sick easily and has many accidents. She is very cheerful, likes to dance, sing, play soccer with her friends and is addicted to pop song on Facebook. Best of Paulette it is very good friend and partner; you will always be to help you in whatever you need. Message to classmates:Dears classmate, these four years, I have learned to know and have earned my love, never forget the times we´ve spent togheter. I wish them every success in their projects of life. Hopefully someday we will meet again and share and remember all the moments lived. I love you all and good luck in all that they intend.

Name: rodrigo rojas Date of Birthday:11/09/1994 Nickname:rolo E-mail address: Hobbies: plays football Recurrent phrase: I promise Useful present: a movil phone Never seen before: when breaking the room

Song: anthem of universidad de chile Dreams: i have a family In 20 more years: proffesional and with a big hause Brief story: I remember when I come to the school in first basic , remember that I did not knew anybody and always I was shy . during the time I knew a great group of friends with who I shared my tour of study to brazil , in this moment I enjoyed every moment whit them... Message to classmates: for my classmates only words of thanks , in all my education basic and superior found a big and great group of friends that with during of time was transformed in to great family . i have very much and the best memories and experiencies.

Name: Laura Sepúlveda Alvarado. Date of Birth: 05/05/1995 Nickname: Laury. E-mail address: Hobbies: cooking, watching films, playing computer games, playing the piano, hanging out with friends. Recurrent phrase: ‘’Maybe/ Quizás.’’ Useful present: Different kinds of tea. Never seen before: She never got a bad grade. Song: Under The Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Dreams: - To become a great nurse. - To meet Canada and France. - To taste all the teas in the world. In 20 more years: She sees herself with a big family and working at something she truly enjoys. Brief story: She is the younger in the family, being only 17. She is lovely and a really good friend. She gives great advice and is very patient. She likes to enjoy life and make other people happy. Message to classmates: I hope you learn to listen and understand everyone you meet. I hope your dreams come true and you become successful in life. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m gonna miss you all and remember all the great times we had. Someday our paths will meet again, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;till then, stay the same and be happy.

Name:Juan SotoLorca Date of Birth:11/09/1994 Nickname:juancho E-mail Hobbies:play football , friends , facebook Recurrent phrase: I have the market in the backpack Useful present:A dog Never seen before:disrespect to the people

Song: â&#x20AC;&#x153;vuelta al mundo â&#x20AC;&#x153; calle 13 Dreams: working in the big company In 20 more years: whith a big family Brief story: Juan has been all his school life in the college , in this college it has many people ,to many friends tith which he has many people has spent many histories grades good some others bad. in relation with the notes juan has always had good qualifications. in general for juan it has been a very pretty school history. Message to classmates:I wanna say to my classmates that was a pleasure sharing with you, i wanna say thanks to my teachers because they have tolerated me. I'm going happy this year, im happy about my school and about my classmates, i wish success to them all. Message to classmates:

Name:Macarena Zavala López Date of Birth: 12/25/1994 Nickname: Maca E-mail address: Hobbies: reading, listening to music, watching films and tv series, drinking tea, playing video games. Recurrent phrase: ‘Are you professional or not!? /¡¿Eres profesional o no?’! Useful present: Books and music records. Never seen before: She never took a photo of herself. (and she never will.) Song: Blow Up The Outside World - Soundgarden. Dreams: -To visit 221 Baker Street. - To become an alien - To take over the world in December In 20 more years: She wants to live a long, happy life and become a professional pranker. Also, she wants to read all the books in the world and, hopefully, marry Tom Hiddleston. Brief story: She is an strange person, but very nice. She is also a very cultured person. She laughs all the time, so for that, she is very cute. Message to classmates: I have never been close to you but I honestly want you to get everything you want in life and overcome

anything that gets in your way. I hope you live happily and enjoy every moment of your lives. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s it, remember that even though I always say I hate you all I actually donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t hate you that much, just a little bit.

Francisca Aranda

Gonzalo Armijo

All my friends of school, this year in festival of voice.

All the boys of my grade, with own teacher in own classroom

Me and my friends, in the act of national holidays, the last year in this school.

Camila Campos

we linger long in taking this photo and this was the one we liked, with my best friend Paulette.

With my best friend Laura, leaving the school one day in September.

With my best friends a day of classes. The love you.

Alvaro Carrasco

Ă lvaro is with his friends: Eliseo and Juan, in the classroom, the last year.

Alvi with his BFFs, Pauli & Feña, in the school court in a ‘nigga’ pose!

Photo of Alvi & Valentina in the gym of the school, in P.E class :)

Dรกmaris Corona

Damy with her friend in the break in the 2nd level at the school.

The hi-5! when they were cookin’ pizza in Naty’s House

Damy in the presentation of the year 2010 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Tertulias 1810â&#x20AC;&#x2122; with her friends.

Constanza Cubillos A:

In this picture I am with Fabiana and Pancha on tour in Brazil

B: In this picture I am with Pancha and Camilo, in Argentina

C: In this picture I am with Paulette and Camila in "The Potter's House."

Nicole Escobar

In the festival of the song ,we sang a christian song.

Study trip in Brazil enjoying the landscape and climate.

My group “ hi 5” posing for all in the school

Mario Espinoza A: In this photo I am with celebrating the New Year with Francisca Aranda B: In this picture I am with Pancha GonzĂĄlez and Francisca Aranda in the birthdayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Constanza Cubillos. Catalina Fernandez

In this photo i am with celebrating the New Year with Francisca Aranda

In this photo i am with Pancha González, Francisca Aranda in the birthday’s Cony Cubillos

In this photo I am with my friends and classmates at the home of Francisca Aranda, that day only lacking the Cony Cubillos.

Javiera Gandarillas

Valentina Gatica

Natalia Godoy

this picture , is her , she loves that picture , is her favorite

with all ladies of the class,in our finally year

with all classmates in the last year in studies, we do right

Francisca Gonzรกlez

Nicolรกs Henrriquez

Here im with my brother before the rhapsody of fire's concert, it was awesome.

Here i'm with some friends after the rhapsody of fire's concert

Here i'm with some classmates in a Brasil's mall

Natalia Herrera

this is a picture that we will remember with a lot of emotions

is a picture of our study trip with my best friends it was unforgettable

has been the best outings were we spoken with my best friends

Fabiana Huecha

Fernanda Leal

Fernanda is with all the girls. She was so happy and excited.

Fernanda is with her friends in the school, in the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Choripanadaâ&#x20AC;?.

Fernanda is with her best friend, Paula. The black and white effect was Paulaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s idea.

Pablo Mu単oz

This picture was taken when a dog atacked my face xD

Here i am in panamerican TKDâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S champiomship with friends after the competition

Here i am going back to chile after tour Brasil with my class mates

Mailyne Mu単oz

it has been a great outing with my class in camilaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s house

in that picture we can see ourselves with the new of IV째 anorak

the next picture is so emotional because is the picture of 11(th) grade

Paula Nuñez

Paula is with her best friends in the “Choripanada”, that day was very funny.

Paula is with her best friend ; Fernanda. They are in a normal day in school.

Paula is with all the girls in her class, they are very happy for being together.

Sigal Oca単a

MarĂ­a JosĂŠ Pailamilla

In this picture, Maria jose was with her niece, when she was a new born.-

In this picture, Maria jose was in her first day of the school and she was so happy.-

In this picture, they were dancing the belly dance in the school (with her friend Camila )

Eliseo Pizarro

With my friend before dancing.

With my friends at the birthday may

With my brother at the football game.

AndrĂŠs Ramirez

with my beautiful sister in a photo shoot with the course Hoody

Photo shoot with the guys at school

Photo that will remain forever in the memory of my peers

Danitza Ramirez

At school before the start of the song festival for all

photo shoot at recess

with my friends at the festival of the voice

Paulette Rodriguez

1: Camila with my friends, Karla and Laura. After physical education.Was a very hot day.

2: When we were heading to the theater, on the bus with my classmate.

3: With my best friend, Camila, in math classes very boring, very cold.

Laura SepĂşlveda

Here Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m with my friend Gonzalo. I will miss him so much.

Here I am with my girls <3 I love them.

Playing with our favorite toy: ‘Bebote’ the baby.

Juan Soto

Dancing with my girlfriend.

With my friends dancing alter September 18th.

Photo with me in the room.

GOOD MORNING STUDENTS! My dear students, with the years you will really find the meaning of all these moments spent together. Treasure them in your heart. Words can be forgotten, but the true memories will always remain. Keep the good things in your heart. I will keep every single face, every little thing you did with me, as long as I can remember. Now it’s time for you to fly… I love you dearly, May God always stay with you. MISS CLAUDIA MATURANA.

Anuario Cuarto Medio A - Instituto Luis Gandarillas 2012  

Anuario Cuarto Medio A - Instituto Luis Gandarillas 2012

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