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De Marta Guevara y Javiera Cerda con Cariño…

1Name: Diego Ignacio Albornoz Pรกez Date of Birth: 10/02/1995 Nickname: Rulitos E-mail address: Hobbies: play musical instruments like the piano

Recurrent phrase: Need help? /¿Necesitas ayuda? Useful present: A piano Never seen before: Being a bad person Song: The vals of Amellie - Yann Tiersen Dreams: To be a doctor. Helping the people In 20 more years: With a family and me like a doctor Brief story: Diego is a kind person. He likes so much the music and it´s good for playing instruments like the piano, the guitar, accordion, and others but his best instrument is the piano. He plays the piano and all his music with passion and love for the music. He is a good partner and a very helpful person that can do all the things for his friends Message to classmates: Thanks my partners for all the good times that we live together. Thanks for all the laughters that you make. Thanks for all the conversations that we make. Sometimes we had some distances , but when we needed to be united and work, we made a good work. I hope we will meet in the future... and thanks again my partners.

2Name: Fabiola Carolina Armijo Poblete Date of Birth: 07/21/1994 Nickname: Fabiana E-mail address: Hobbies: playing football

Recurrent phrase: Que mal ! - That’s bad ! Useful present: a pencil of pig Never seen before: angry Song: Danza la maribela - axe bahía Dreams: do my life independent life and studing that i like In 20 more years: with a proffesion and a house with a big family Brief story: Fabiola went in to the school Luis Gandarillas in 9 grade, she is characterized for being friendly and honest . her school’s friends have differents personalities . They are very happy and outgoing .Now she’s 18 years old and she is almost finishing her studies in a good school with excelent people that make the best pupil. Message to classmates: My classmates they are very special and important , they are different to the other grade , they are naughty and children but you can trust and they always will be to help you . Together we have lived trough big moments and y hope that after we have fineshed this one united processes we continue meeting and supporting a relation during four years .

3Name: Jaime Andres Astorga Leon Date of Birth: 07/04/1994 Nickname:Luhrs E-mail Hobbies:drink with my friends

Recurrent phrase: i dont bad Useful present: tattoo Never seen before:dancing, studying Song: bury tomorrow - knight life Dreams: travel to united states california In 20 more years: I wish have house and car Brief story: He come to this school because He was expelled from another school because he enjoy in the protest he a lot of friends this situation make him a little sad but in him new school he started a new life he meet a nice people and this he feel very happy Message to classmates: well i feel very grateful my grade i liked the welcome from my classmates and this was very graceful because the change was very hard for me now wait past the grade for enjoy the graduation and have a good times with my f***ing friends and laughing :’)

4Name:Miguel.Angel.Barrientos.Troncoso Date of Birth:4/7/1995 Nickname:Micka E-mail Hobbies:Basketball and drawing Recurrent phrase:I am telling you - te lo aseguro

Useful present:Pencils to draw Never seen before: having a seven in english Song: I never thneer environment In 20 moreink- Juanes Dreams: I am engi years:I see that i am an environmental engineer Brief story: Miguel is a very restless person that can make many things at the sometimes.He is a person very very happy and have a lot of very energy.If he wants something he will fight for that.He is very good in physical education sometimes he shows o, although he doesn¨t it without intention. Message to classmates:My dears,in my life, i have meet, many person,you are my dears partners,among many people.I want gift

5Name: Benjamin Alejandro Bustamante Soto Date of Birth: 01/23/1995 Nickname: Chile E-mail Hobbies: Playing soccer, listening music, smoking

Recurrent phrase: Anti ! Useful present: razor blade Never seen before:my addiction to lays Song: young wild and free- Wiz khalifa Dreams:to have many cars In 20 more years: i don`t know Brief story: Benjamin come to the school in 2008. He come in eight grade. Now , Benjamin is almost finishing his school’s studies. He’s going to graduate. Now he has eighteen years old. He likes playing soccer in the school. Message to classmates:I’m very happy to have been with you these five years. You have been very good to me since I arrived , and always be grateful. I hope that after leaving school we continue to see. Says goodbye , Benja.

6Name: Javiera Catalina Cerda Figueroa Birthday: 09/14/1994 Nickname: Javi , brave( princess pixar) , avi . Mail: Hobbies: enjoy every minute of my life!!

Typical phares: Que chory!! ; Que heavy !! Useful present:: a watch Never seen before: arriving on time last year of high school Song that represents you: Sarah Mclachan –angel My dreams: Be happy and I want to have a united family. Me in 20 years later: exercising my profession , working and with a beautiful home and family Brief story: Javiera arrived at the first college in basic when he was six years old She has been a merry person,sensitive,sociable, leader, cooperadoray very responsible with its obligations. In regard to activities of the college always participated , super cooperative and gentle.has become a great person both intellectually and person. Message for you classmate: To all my fellow I would like to say that you have transformed All in a beautiful and unforgettable memories of my life I want to tell you what you do with your life what you want but I will ask you to be happy in his life both personal and professional . i wish them the greatest luck in everything and may God bless you always

7Name: Teresita Margit Concha Rodriguez Date of Birth: 10/18/1994 Nickname: Tere E-mail address: Hobbies: Listening to romantic music

Recurrent phrase: “Quiero hacer algo malo” – “I want to do something bad” Useful present: A romantic book. Never seen before: Angry. Song: Somewhere over the rainbow – Norah Jones Dreams: Study in Italy. In 20 more years: With a beautiful family and working. Brief story: She is a honest, kind, responsible and very restless person. She came to school in second grade at the second year B. When she came, she joined to Maira Isla, they went together in the bus that they called " Moradita ". In third grade she had three good friends: Paulina, Francisca and Macarena, at the end of the year in the tour, she knew to the group of girls that were during all fourth grade her best friends. Message to classmates: I always have felt very happy with the course that i have, in general we always had been the best, for that reason i expect when we finish everyone remain being and getting better to achieve our goals and win in all scope. Always fight and i expect that you know despite adversity, always you can continue, the secret is always look forward. Good luck.

8Name: Valentina Elena Contreras Jones Date of Birth: 06/22/1995 Nickname: Vale, Valito, Jones E-mail address: Hobbies: Reading, writing, singing.

Recurrent phrase: “¡¿Por qué?!” - “Why?!” Useful present: Pencil and notebook. Never seen before: longer hair style. Song: “Hossana”... haha, no. “Misguided ghosts”- Paramore. Dreams: To fly and knowing all countries. In 20 more years: A pilot, flying airplanes. Brief story: She is a sleepyhead person, freckled and some lazy. She came in seventh grade, and she was very shy. Very few people understand her humor. Everyone knows her as the girl who sings in school activities. Music class was her favorite and she always hated math! Message to classmates: Clearly, it was the best grade that I could have been, despite all our differences. I wish everyone to prosper and grow, but never lose your personality, that is what characterizes each of you. Thanks for ALL.

9Name: Macarena Ignacia DomĂ­nguez Meneses. Date of Birth: 11/14/1994 Nickname: Maca. E-mail address: Hobbies: Playing Football.

Recurrent phrase: Go up, guys Useful present: Loudspeaker Never seen before: In a party Song: Celebration - The Game. Dreams: My dream is to be a good mother In 20 more years: Have a son and with a proffesion. Brief story: Macarena come to school Luis Gandarillas in the 2009, she came frome another shcool dad was Antupiren, in this school i met my friends ,i have pretty moments, my best friend is Francisca. My course is the best, we are very friends. Message to classmates: Dear classmates these years that i been have with all you was very good, i love IVยบB

10 Name: Karoll Elizabeth Farfรกn Alvarado Date of Birth: 09/28/1994 Nickname: Trapito E-mail address: Hobbies: Playing football

Recurrent phrase: Ahh? Useful present: High heel shoes Never seen before: In a party Song: Calle 13 - Vuelta al mundo Dreams: I wish to be bilingual In 20 more years: I will be a good professional, i want to have a nice family Brief story: Karoll come to Luis Gandarillas school in the 2009 year, she met to her best friends are Catalina, Claudia, Camila, Macarena, Francisca, Fabiola and Yael. In all years was in Luis Gandarillas school she live different things and she learn a lot of things, this is the last year in the school for Karoll, she graduated this year. Message to classmates: Dear classmates this four years i have shared with you have been very special since many of you found great friends. Everyone i have great affection despite not having all the same proximity. I wish that all your wishes and dreams will come true and that you are happy.

11Name: Ariel Esteban Fernandez Balboa Date of Birth: 11/05/1993 Nickname: Ganso E-mail address: Hobbies: playing soccer, eating

Recurrent phrase: speak with my hand Useful present: clothes and shoes Never seen before: Dancing, crying Song: Persiana Americana- Soda Stereo Dreams: Travel to Argentina to see match soccer In 20 more years:I hope to be a professional Brief story: Ariel come this college in 9th grade, he think is very boring and repeat this grade because he not go to the class, is very sad. In the next grade he know is kind, grateful and sociable and have very good classmate and friends. since today he is happy with they and he don`t out Message to classmates: Dear friends: I hope you all do well in their lives, I hope that the future is full of good things for you all and that at times we can share and enjoy again. At his course was a godsend, because it allowed me to meet beautiful people: thank you

12Name: Claudia Michelle Gonzalez Vidal Date of Birth: 06/27/1994 Nickname: Fabulu E-mail address: Hobbies: Playing football

Recurrent phrase: Metete - Get into Useful present: Headset for deaf people Never seen before: In a party Song: Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO Dreams: I wish to be a “fonoaudiologa� In 20 more years: I want to have a big and happy family Brief story: Claudia is a teenager 18 years old. She came to Luis Gandarillas School in the 2006 year. She met many friends. They made her feel right. Then she started to have a lot of friends and they are sensational. They are eight girls and they spend a great time. In her whole high school education she has spent a very good time and she has enjoyed it a lot. Message to classmates: Dear Classmates. I want to tell you that I love you so much in different ways. You have been so important to me, above all to my girl friends. I shared with you all this years. You have been part of my procedure. Part of my life and my high school education. Thank you for being who you are. I hope to see you soon.

13Name: Marta Debbieth Silvana Guevara Gallardo Date of Birth: 12/16/1993 Nickname: Debby E-mail address: Hobbies: Watching doramas online and reading books Recurrent phrase: aish!...

Useful present: A book Never seen before: A seven in a math test Song: You belong with me - Taylor Swift Dreams: My dreams are a travel to Rome, Italy and be a professional. In 20 more years: I hope I could have kids, being married and being happy. Brief story: Debbieth is a girl relaxed and of little friend and doesn't trust in little persons that before a hard time. I come to this grade, but although she was staying about 3 years in Luis Gandarillas School.When she come this grade, the first person that she meet was Valentina, she got alone with her all year and will be a good friend. Recently has new friends, in which people found quite different and yet are wonderful. with which has had a great. Message to classmates: My message to you is that I hope you fence well in whatever they want to do, to achieve success in your career and be happy, enjoy the most of everything they have every moment is precious people take advantage that are around and you have many blessing.

14Name: Maira Elena Isla Poo Date of Birth:01/13/1995 Nickname:Mairi E-mail address: Hobbies: To decorate and to cook Recurrent phrase: ยกque mal! - ยกit`s so bad!:

Useful present:A butterfly mirror Never seen before: Fighting Song: Tranquilizas mi Corazon kari jobe Dreams: To be professional and have a family In 20 more years: In the future I look myself doing what I like the most, social work, I lookmyself helping people, having my family and with a happy life. Brief story: She was about to finish the eight grade and she didn't know where to continueher studies. Her father was so worried for her future and he started to search schools in manyplaces, a good and helpful schools so she could become a better person. At the moment tostart the first school day, in first grade of high school, she was afraid because she didn't know what was going to happen, but when she got to first grade of high school she reckons it was thebest decision. To choose that school, because it was helpful to grow up as a person and to findperson of great warth. Message to classmates: I hope everything goes right in your life, enjoyingevery moment with out throwing it away, I hope you study at the university and you get a degree,studying what you really like and you feel happy with. Always remember there`s a god who will be with you and will help you whenever you need him

15Name: Luis Fernando Lira Ortiz. Date of Birth: 05/22/1995 Nickname: Lucho, Luchin, Luchito. E-mail address: Hobbies: Play soccer, Play computers games.

Recurrent phrase: Noo, la Ignacia - She not Ignacia!. Useful present: A new Notebook. Never seen before: A girlfriend. Song: Playin with fire - Dj Mendez. Dreams: Be a professional, have a happy family. In 20 more years: I see me with a happy family, with a dog and much love. Brief story: Luis born in Maipu. He have a: Dad, mom, two sisters, one niece and one nephew. He was in school Alicante, in Maipu. Later, he changed of school yo Luis Gandarillas in 6th grade, where did much friends. He not like study much, is very shaky. He like the math, english and chemistry. Message to classmates: Dear classmate, would want tell them that this time has been perfect, i never forget of them. we are the best grade, the more discordered, the more fun. No forget the follies, all what we did: wars with other grades, jokes to theachers, to uncle Nelson, and all lives together.

16Name:Matthias Maturana Aguirre Date of Birth: 02/24/1995 Nickname:Puñeta E-mail address: Hobbies:Playing football - reading books - Buy card “mitos y leyendas” – play tennis - Listening to reggaeton Recurrent phrase: “Lets go to the party”- Vamos a la fiesta / “Duck carrasco” - Pato Carrasco / “Loan the money” -

Prestame plata / “Give me a cigarette” - Dame un cigarro. Useful present: a Colo-colo shirt Never seen before: I dancing reggeaton Song: Dog wild - (Daddy Yankee) Dreams: To have a professional degree in infirmary In 20 more years: I playing football in Barcelona (Spanish) , with much money Brief story: Matthias Maturana reached the school “Luis Gandarillas” in 2003 , he is a good student, very slovenly , with +good marks in the exams , playing football for the school , participating in the class and studio , is he the much beautiful and the coolest , have a car and motorbike , is the dearest in the school. Message to classmates: I will miss you , you are the better of the world and I will never forget you , you are the better class in the school and I’ll never forget the wickedness and dirty tricks... I to feel moved but happy also and wish everybody to attain the plans in their lives.

17Name: Felipe Leonardo Miranda Crespo Date of Birth:12/23/1994 Nickname: Bart E-mail address: Hobbies: Kick Boxing - Football- Make Tattoos- Joker

Recurrent phrase:”Pato Carrasco”-”Duck Carrasco”-”Callate”-”Keep quiet” Useful present: Glove of Boxing , Ink of Tattoos Never seen before: Sergio with his Girlfriend Song: Lazy love - Boom draw Dreams: Fly the Airplane , To have much money , Be happy In 20 more years: Flying on the Airplane , with my sons and my woman with much money Brief story: Felipe Miranda reach the school in 2007 he is a lazy and slovenly student , very fond of the ladies. Felipe is a person very fun and good person , But annoying . Felipe play football for the school and participate in class . Felipe is Beautiful and cool , Felipe have much friends and much Girldfriends Message to classmates:I will miss you , you are the betters the world and i wild never forget you , you are the better class in the school and i wish them well in their future and be happy with the family and sons . Follow yours dreams and your goals in the life . Paulina Constanza Morales Vergara birthday: 06/05/1994nickname:pau, poli email: hobbies: watching clothes online, watching fashion shows and listening to music. typical phrases: que rìdiculo! - so ridiculous!! usefull present: anything about London or U.k never seen before: getting along with everybody in theclass. Song: that represents you: live while we’re young – one direction

dreams: my dreams are traveling around the world, having my own brand of clothes and lots of collections of clothes. Having a beautiful and numerous family. me in 20 years later: i see myself working in my own fashion business, it’s a warm store with lots of collections of clothes for every season. brief Story: Paulina is a eightteen years old girl, who live in Maipu. She is in Louis Gandarillas school since kinder. At first it was easy to get friends and have good marks, but in primary school it was a little harder. She has a best friend called Pía, they were too close and the went anywhere together. Then her best friend left the school and she has to make new friends... so she met Tania, they were a little rebel together, they used to listen rock music and talk A LOT in class. Both, they met Carla and Javiera, they were four girl friends very close, they spent a lot of time together. Then Paulina met some other girls, they weren't to good with other people so she left those friendships. Paulina met Valentina and the were inseparable, they used to love Twilight and a band called Paramore. The two girls together passed to secundary, it was scary for the two friends. Paulina and Valentina separated from each other and they met knew people, but Paulina still has contact with Javiera. Now Paulina and her group of friends: Javiera, Valentina, Maira, Debbieth and Teresita, are very happy together... they love and they are very confident with each other, they spent a lot of good moments... they are always be in the heart and memory of Paulina. message for your classmates: I wish you all the best and I really hope thay you reach the happiness that you want for your lifes in this phase that it is about to start!!! c:


19Name: SebastiĂĄn MuĂąoz Villarreal Date of birth: 3 / Mayo/ 1995 E-Mail: Hobbies: Listen Music

Recurrent phrase: “Usted Sabe” Useful present: Play soccer Never seen before: Song: “Not afraid” Dreams: Be professional footballer In 20 more years: I would like have a string of gym Brief story: When I went a Brazil Rio of Janeiro ago four years for win a championship of soccer in Santiago and the award play with other team Brazilian then a day we went a know the city of Brazil , We went in a train to “Cristo Redentor” a of the seven wonders in the world then in the road back in the train entered some brazilean at sing songs of “samba” and I dance Samba in medium of train around of every. Message to classmates: I am very happy of pertain to my classmates , I have much friends and there many people in the school in general very generous . All my classmates thank you very much for teach me lessons of life and surely to the teachers in special at our teacher Carmen Rosales.

20Name: Sebastian Andres Pego Manas Date of Birth: 04/08/1994 Nickname: Pego - Pego E-mail address: Hobbies: Playing Guitar

Recurrent phrase: Terrible Papa - Terrible potato Useful present: Umbrella Never seen before: Being a bad person Song: Instrumedley - Dream theater Dreams: To have a good car In 20 more years: With a big family Brief story: Sebastian Pego is a man selftaught good person and very good friend but this some one of quality because this qualities makes him be a winner with stress and dedication with any people it`s what makes him a very very very very good and good good person and very very smart and intelligent he´s a full rocker Message to classmates: Have been some nice four years at this school with you my cute companions only gave me satisfaction and good times over the years i am very happy to have splent the most beautiful years of my life with you. i love them very much and i´ll never forget you never.

21Name: Camila Francisca Quezada CortĂŠs Date of Birth: 05/23/1995 Nickname: Camila E-mail address: Hobbies: Playing football Recurrent phrase: hello

Useful present: A calculator Never seen before: In a party Song: Get Crazy - LMFAO Dreams: Travel The World In 20 more years: With a family and working. Brief story: Camila is a girl with seventeen years old. She come to the Luis Gandarillas’s School in 2000 when she was four years. She met a lot of people through the years, and she met her group ‘’maish boni’’ in 2009 : Claudia, Karol, Catalina, Macarena , Yael, Francisca and Fabiola. Finally in 2012 she is going to finish her studies in 2012. Message to classmates: Dear classmates you all are very important to me. These years with all of you guys was very good. I been here for thirteen years in this school, more than the half of my life. And Now we all are going to graduated. I hope that all of your dreams come true.

22Name:Jose Andres Ribot Velasquez Date of Birth: 11/16/1994 Nickname: Pepic and Pepito E-mail address: Hobbies:Play bass in the band

Recurrent phrase: I am happy Useful present:Guitar pick , Vinyl Never seen before: Never stoping singing Song: Stone temple pilots - Plush Dreams:I want to be a rockstar In 20 more years: I will be a famous Brief story: He come in kinder in afternoon time than was meeting people throughout the years . Very sociable with the people the school and grade . His firts friends was Victor Silva and Ignacio Toro .I am playing in the band your name is The Press-ley play indie rock Message to classmates:I give thank you for be kind and beutiful with me

23Name:Yael Camila Sepulveda Herrera Date of Birth:11/14/1994 Nickname:Jane E-mail address: Hobbies: Watching football and movies.

Recurrent phrase: Useful present: Make up. Never seen before: Get sick. Song: Best of you- Foo Fighters Dreams: To travel to many places In 20 more years: In a big and nice house with friends and family Brief story: Yael come to the school Luis Gandarillas in 2009, when she was 14 years old. Here she met a lot of nice people, her classmates. Now she’s 18 years old and she’s almost finishing her school’s studies. Message to classmates: Dear classmates, I hope that in the next years we can meet again and we have fun as we always. In this years I had the chance to meet all of you and I thank that. I love you all.

Name: Benjamin Guillermo Sepulveda Vasquez. Birthay: 10/06/1994. Nickname: Walo. e-mail : Hobbies: Playing computer games and Playing ping-pong.

Typical Phrase: "Wena Herano Como estas" - Hello Brother How Are You?. Useful Gift: A Set Of Chef Knifes. Never Seen Before: Get Good Grades. The Song With I Identify Myself: "Todo Mi Mundo" - "All My World". Dreams: Have a Beatiful Family and Enough Money to Keep. In 20 Years: Be a International Chef and Tour The World. Biref History: Well, I came to this school in first grade in 2009, came from the school "Ruben Dario". In my current school in first grade, I got very bad grades, pass barely grade and other grades too lol but now I'm in fourth grade and I go to meet all my goals and dreams. :) Message to Classmates: ufff. how to start, well are some of the best course that may have existed in fact the best I feel great with pcs as partners, with some I get better than gold but I love all lso in this course and found some very good friends, I can even call them best friends thanks for everything. and I hope we continue to see.

25Name: Catalina Monica Silva Baschmann Date of Birth: 04/29/1995 Nickname: Cata

E-mail address: Hobbies: Playing football Recurrent phrase: Que eres pesado - You are annoying Useful present: Head straightener Never seen before: Crying Song: I’m sexy and I know it - LMFAO Dreams: I wish to be a lawyer In 20 more years: I will be a good mother and I want to have a big family Brief story: Catalina came to Luis Gandarillas School in the year 2009. She met her friends “Las Maish Boni” They are 8 girls: Her, Karol, Claudia, Camila, Yael, Macarena, Fabiola & Francisca. She loves them so much. In Luis Gandarillas School she met her first boyfriend. Catalina doesn’t have the best marks of the world but she makes an effort. And this year Catalina is going to graduate. Message to classmates: Dear Classmates, I want to say thank you for everything you have done for me. And I want to say that I love you above all. You have made me spend unforgettable moments. Each of you has taught me different things and I appreciate it. Finally, I hope to see you soon.

26Name: VĂ­ctor Manuel Santiago Silva Godoy Date of Birth: 02/14/1995 Nickname: Vitocko E-mail address: Hobbies: Playing Football, Playing guitar, Playing with the

band, hanging out with friends

Recurrent phrase: “Show yourself” (“Hazte ver”) Useful present: Lighter, Guitar Pick Never seen before: Never saw without bringing cap Song: Touch the Sky - Kanye West Dreams: Playing in many places with the band In 20 more years: Engineer Brief story: He came in kinder with his best friend José, than was meeting people throghout the years. Very kind with the people the school and grade. A little grumpy but very kind, friendly, a nice person. He met friends like Ignacio Toro, Benjamín Sepúlveda, Benjamín Bustamante, Ariel Fernandez, Mauricio Soto, Jaime Astorga and met her girlfriend in 1 ½ grade, Catalina Silva. Message to classmates: This year is very important for us because is the year where we go to the real world, but we have stay calm, is very important because is the moment then we have to make mistakes because anyone born knowing what we want do. So we have to try all things then later we knowing what we want do. I hope so see later of school because we are very united. Very luck to all of yours,

I loved all.

27Name: Mauricio AndrĂŠs Soto Pinto Birthday: 08/29/1994 Nickname: Vampi Mail: Hobbies: play several instruments,sing,travel

Typical phrase: “me da paja”- i don’t fell like doing anything Useful gift: an instrument that can’t play That never seen: Mauricio dancing reggaeton Song that is identified: i know you want me Dreams: have a famous band and travel to all countries In twenty year more: play with a famous band in all countries Brief history: Mauricio arrived at school in 8° grade.He was very shy and spoke litle with yours classmate. Time after, Mauricio made friends and was incorporated into the course. Now it is been five years yo the day of admission to school, has managed to bond with peers, with some more than other, and met new people that was important in your life. Message to their peers: friends, before ending this period, i would say they have been a spectacular course, that i have never felt out of it, that i love them and wich them well in this new way is opened for all of us. Much success in all that they intend.

28Name: Ignacio AndrĂŠs Toro Iturrieta Date of Birth: 03/18/1995 Nickname:Nano E-mail address: Hobbies:Playing football, playing xbox 360

Recurrent phrase: “vamos”- “go Useful present: A lighter Never seen before: Stopping Joking Song: Yo planto , Quique Neira Dreams: Playing in the Real Madrid , Traveling around the world In 20 more years: A Doctor and working in the clinic Brief story:He came in 1 grade in afternoon time, than was meeting people throughout the years very sociable with the people the school and grade. His first friends was Victor Silva and José Ribot, he loves playing football the end of weekend with friends. This year his have a graduation because he go out of the school Message to classmates: I’m very happy to enjoy all this years for yours. I’m not good with the words but I want to wish the best success and I hope so you be a winners in the life. Also I hope so see you after the school because is very funny enjoy with yours. Is a privilege shared with yours in the one of the most important moment of my life and very luck for all, I loved all!

29Name: Benjamin Manuel Vargas B端rger Date of Birth: 09/21/1994 Nickname:Me単in E-mail Hobbies:Reading comics books Recurrentphrase:Fantastico - Fantastic

Useful present:Pencil Never Seen before:sad Song: Toxicity - soad Dreams:To be in Italy In 20 more years: work as a psychologist Brief story: I have been a good partener during the last years since i arrived in second grade to fourth means i have met many people and have had many good experiences with my collagues wich produces me very nostalgic now that i do this beacause many are gone an i miss them a lot . but i still really enjoy my teammates Message to classmates: have been some very good fellow good people over the years have progressed each time more and have become good people to believe it the most reliable and future of our country with their values or skills the world by being just as they are now and i hope you keep it up

30Name: Francisca Jesus Vielma Tarife単o Date of Birth: March 9, 1994 Nickname: Pancha E-mail address: Hobbies: Singing, dancing and listening to music

Recurrent phrase: My recurrent phrase is realy

Useful present: the perfect gift is a patience Never seen before: Francisca eating all the food dish Song: My favorite song is My heart is broken de Evanescence Dreams: My dream is drive my cars with my family to the south In 20 more years: I see myself like a speech therapist in my school helping old the children Brief story: (en 50 palabras): My first day in the school I don’t have friends but in the recess I so a girl whit the sipper dawn and I help her with it. That day I met with her, she was Jael. But that next day I didn’t remember her name or face, and now we are good friends. I never forget her name end face. Message to classmates: (en 50 palabras) Dear classmates, I am so grateful of you, even all the problems, we are very join. And showed it every time that we have to resolve a problem. In my special case, I have to thank you for all support, since always been there to help me, and move on, showing me your affection like a big family.

32Name: John Camilo Yañez Durán. Date of Birth: 02/26/1995 Nickname: Johncito, La manzana.

E-mail address: Hobbies: Play soccer, go to gym. Recurrent phrase: Ta bien shiii. Useful present: A new camera. Never seen before: A seven in math. Song: Bacilos - Caraluna Dreams: Working taking photographs. In 20 more years: Working in photography accomplished in PDI photographic experts. Have family and children. Brief story: John is a 17 years old, loves playing football, go to gym, go out and have fun with their friends. Loves animals, especially exotic birds. Want to study photojournalism and advertising come to be photographer PDI and expert career and aims to train family. John is a good person a little loose but with a good hear. Message to classmates: These 4 years that State with you take a great fondness my greatest memories always will be the best course you thank God for avermes given the opportunity to get to know you love them much.

Diego Albornoz

On this photo i was playing the grand piano in the valparaise casino

With my friends : Maira Isla (left) and Teresita Concha (Right) in Telepiza after a premiation in the school

In the school with my great friend Karla Neira when she dance "cueca" on september

Fabiola Armijo

In this photo i'm with my fiends in the square after of the school

here i'm with my firneds in karol house making a video for the school

in this photo i'm with my classmates after study trip

Jaime Astorga

with my friends after class play soccer in the anfield

with my friend ariel playing play station in the pepic house

with my classmate after of the give anorak

Miguel Barrientos

In this photo I go out eating pizza not remember if coexistence or because there was little to leave school

Well in this photo was preparing my costume huaso to introduce the prom.

In this photo me with my friend Diego was trying to fix the grill

Benjamin Bustamante

Me and my friends of school before playing soccer

Me and my band of the school before playing musicin the classroom

Me and my friends of the school in the study trip.

Javiera Cerda

. This day it was our first day with our beautiful Fourth year of school hoody.

It was the last day of national holidays, dancing with my boyfriend and my girl friends.

This was a crazy day! We were making a music class work.. a music video. It was a super nice experience.

Teresita Concha

in my firts year as student, this picture was taken after a fall

photo taken in “frutillar” south of Chile with my family, year 2011

In this picture I’m with my best friends, when I have for first time our anorak, and I love them so much!

Valentina Contreras

I always loved the music, and in this picture I have my first guitar. It’s a toy, of course!

This picture was taken in holidays, in the beach by my mom. I love listening the sea

Here I am with my best friends, making a school activity. We always have fun when we are together. I love them!

Macarena Dominguez

Here I am with my friends in Karol Farfan birthday

.This is a photo with my friends in the square of maipu after classes

Here are "Las maish boni" in the school, We get our anorak

Karol Farfan

this photo was taken after we delivered the fourth half anorak

this photograph was taken the day we arrived in "Puc贸n"

3 This photo was taken this year after the making a music video

Ariel Fernandez

this was a beautiful picture taken during the tour Pucon

I'm here with my friends before a football game in college

his is the most exciting picture of my life when I met my childhood idol

Claudia Gonzalez

in this photo i am with my friends making a video

it was one of the best moments with my classmates of the high school education

here i am sharing with my girl friends in "Puc贸n"

Marta Guevara

This photograph is out on tour all, this day had a great moment walking in ‘’catamaran’’.

.In this picture I go out with my friends and some of my schoolmate. This day we participed in a ceremony. Backstreet boys danced ‘’everybody’’

in this picture we are with my friends who was shooting a video for a music proyect had a great time recording it.

Maira Isla

This photo was taken in the school last day on 2ยบm, we have fun.

This day was so cool, we laught, had conversations and we talk so much photos in the park.

He with Teresita Concha invited Diego Albornoz to eat pizza after his premiation, we have fun

Luis Lira

In house of Jaime Astorga, preparing a dissetation for Literatura.

.In the aniversary of my school, in impossible mission with the famous Kathy Barriga.

Photo of the aniversary of mi school, for red alliance

Matthias Maturana

I with my mother, when was Little and share a moment in the park

I when was in the beach with my family and enjoy of the sun

I when was a Little more big and was in my house with my family

Felipe Miranda

I with my friend Matthias in the party, with my car and his motobike

I with my best friends Matthias and Vania in the school

i with my friends in my house before go to the party

Paulina Morales

1 Me and Teresita in the Acuatic Park in Quinta Normal. We have a lot of fun that day.

Me and my best friends, Debbieth took this picture. We were in Bicentenary park. We were making a video for Music class.

Me, my best friends and Francisca. That day we were dancing for the family’s day in the school. We spent a beautiful time.

Sebastian Muñoz

.In this photo we were in the hot spring of Pucon 2011

This is the final of the cup “Chilectra” in the theater “Caupolican” – Champions year 2007

That summer was the first in go single with my best friends they are The Nico and Jano. Summer 2012

Sebastian Pego

I am in the orbicular granite which is located in the north of chile. This stone only found in chile

i am here with my good friend returning from the study tour

I am here with my friend in pucon in the catamaral on lake villarica

Camila Quezada

in this photography i iwas with my girlfriends making the music video ''grease'', for a music project.

in this photography i was with my girlfriends again, making the music video ''party rock anthem'' this time

this photography was taking in the maipu square, with a couple of friends.

Jose Ribot

This picture is from 8th grade , is las day in the school

. I’m with my friend “walo” in the voice festival 2010

Good Time’s with all my best’s friends in Claudia house <3

Jael Sepulveda

In this picture iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m with my friends after making a musical video for school.

Here we are in the park having a good time after school.

This photo is from our study trip at Caburga’s lake , Pucón.

Benjamin Sepulveda

Is my first year in this school and i playing with my friends to disguising

is my second year and go to mall to eat in doggis with my best friend â&#x20AC;&#x153;vitocoâ&#x20AC;?

uff is my last year with friends and go to the party for Enjoyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Forever <3

Catalina Silva

This is a photo with my girl friends with our new anorak.

Here I am with all of my friends in the park.

This is me and my boyfriend, I met him in the school.

Victor Silva

With my girlfriend in a party, I knew her in 1 1/2 grade and I love so much.

With my friends Jaime, Ariel, Ignacio, JosĂŠ, Luis and Benjamin with our new jackets

With my friends Sebastian, Ignacio, Benjamin S. and Benjamin B. in a presentation in english class.

Mauricio Soto

in Argentina in an international festival of folklore with a Colombian friendo.

In bustamanteâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s house playing taca-taca with my classmate one day of party.

In the school finishing the school year with my friends.

Ignacio Toro

In this photo we found my classmates in the beautiful city of Puc贸n

In this picture we're all here enjoying the beach and the beautiful scenery

Here we find victor and me at the feet of the shadowy hut of pucon

Benjamin Vargas

I find myself in this dress karateka in a costume party in my old garden

in this picture I am in the study tour with my colleagues in Pucon

in this picture I meet my partner Pego celebrating national holidays

Francisca Vielma

In this picture we disguised to record a Clip. The song was party rock

The day that we took this photo was the first day with the sweatshirt

In this picture we are celebrate we are in the Cata`s birthday party in her uncle house

John Ya単ez

in which i go out witll my friends before a game at school

Pho to in wich i go out with class mates and the teacher grabbing marcelo choripanes

photo in wich i go out dancing in the september 18 at school with my friends


So this is it. Now it’s your time to shine. Keep the happiness in your hearts and continue doing things right. The best wishes for your lives. Let God be your guide, nobody says it’s going to be easy, but you’re strong, you can handle it. Just make them wonder why you’re still smiling! :P Miss Claudia Maturana

Anuario 4 b Instituto Luis Gandarillas 2012  

Anuario 4 b Instituto Luis Gandarillas 2012

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