Claudia Castillo, Communications and PR Director

Alexandria, Virginia, United States

A vast multicultural background! I consider myself extremely passionate about people, and I also have enormous respect for nature and its perfect ways. I am an active member of animal rights and a strong believer in creating everything on sustainable bases. Getting actively involved in my community is paramount to me, and I do it through volunteering.

I have been described as an expert on Spanish and English printed and digital press media (magazines, tourist guides, etc.), with an incredible eye for efficient and effective publishing marketing.

I always have an active role in all the projects I am part of, from the creation of the sales strategies, and visual layouts, to giving the customers the feeling of being awarded for their investments, with full satisfaction for the overall experience.

My approach to marketing is gathering data from all communications channels, which is paramount for a company's success. It allows you to implement and update your business model to become more successful.

Currently, I live in Alexandria, one of the most beautiful and inspiring cities I have ever been part of!