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Experience, Flexibility, and Responsiveness are attributes that Clark Nexsen’s industrial clients have come to rely on. We are happy to execute projects of any size and scope, from new or expanded facilities, to process improvements and maintenance programs. Our industrial group includes professionals with deep plant floor experience who understand the challenges of an operating plant. We design with an eye toward reliability, maintenance access, and safety. For these reasons, we enjoy relationships with a number of clients who view us as an extension of their own engineering groups. We are very proud that the majority of our industrial business each year is completed for repeat clients. Clark Nexsen offers a single source of all the major engineering disciplines when executing a project. For that reason, we are capable of handling projects from conception through commissioning. We perform Front End Engineering Design (FEED), cost estimating, and basic equipment selection, as needed, to assist clients as they submit projects for funding approval. Once a project is approved, we can accomplish the detailed engineering required for procurement and field construction. With our diverse discipline specialties, we can handle projects of a single discipline, or large, multi-disciplined projects in-house, allowing for smoother coordination. The procurement and construction phases can be handled within our Clark Nexsen Construction Services group or outsourced at the client’s direction. Once construction is complete, we can assist with commissioning and operator training, as requested.



Clark Nexsen Industrial / 01 Services

Mineral Processing Clark Nexsen professionals have performed design, construction, and startup services for the industrial minerals industry for more than 30 years, from mine pre-processing, through plant beneficiation, and including packaging and shipping.

Our in-house minerals team has the experience to recommend process steps to achieve product goals as well as the ability to handle and store these materials, whether in dry or slurry form.

Our experience encompasses virtually every wet and dry process commonly used in these facilities, including:

»» Bauxite

»» Crushing »» Slurry make down »» Degritting/impurity removal »» Grinding »» Particle size classification »» Chemical enhancements »» Air flotation »» Dewatering »» Drying-all types and methods »» High temperature calcining or sintering »» Bulk loadout for shipping »» Bagging/palletizing »» Dust collection


This includes: »» Ceramic proppants »» Kaolin clay »» Absorptive clays »» Ground Calcium Carbonate »» Precipitated Calcium Carbonate »» Cement »» Sand/mineral separation »» Alumina Oxide »» Refractory manufacturing »» Mullite


Clark Nexsen Industrial / 01 Services

Materials Handling Over the course of many projects and years, our industrial team has been called on to handle a wide variety of bulk materials, both wet and dry. Through our extensive plant experience, we have come to understand that bulk materials have many nuances factoring into their behavior. These handling characteristics and the methods employed to deal with them are often defined by such things as viscosity, slurry solids content, particle size, particle shape, ambient dust generation, friability, and combustibility. Our industrial group is familiar with a broad spectrum of pumping, conveying, and storage methods to address the needs of specified materials.


Some of the types of equipment specified for these activities include: »» Pumps -- Centrifugal -- Positive Displacement »» Conveyors -- Belt -- Screw -- Bucket -- Paddle -- Drag -- Pneumatic »» Mass Flow Measurement »» Mixing/Blending »» Storage/Withdrawal »» Loading/Unloading »» Emissions Control


Clark Nexsen Industrial / 01 Services

Terminals As our material handling expertise has grown, we have recognized the need to apply those principles to the transportation piece of the logistics puzzle. Over time, this area has developed into a stand-alone market segment that directly supports business logistics. This type of effort is often accomplished at locations remote to manufacturing facilities, where in-house engineering staff is less familiar with local conditions and prefers external engineering assistance. In conjunction with the Clark Nexsen waterfront group’s efforts, we work with port authorities, shipping and stevedoring companies, rail and truck companies, as well as production companies for the various products we handle. Our internal diversity allows us to deliver projects that include both docks and port structures, as well as the material handling to address the docks.

MATERIALS HANDLED INCLUDE: »» Liquids »» Slurries »» Powders »» Granules »» Pellets »» Chips »» Grains »» Peanut Hulls ACTIVITIES INCLUDE: »» Rail/truck loading/unloading (liquid and dry) »» Ship loading/unloading »» Material separation (pigging and cleanout) »» Dry storage (covered and uncovered) »» Stacker/reclaimer systems »» Wet storage (agitated and non-agitated) »» Pumping »» Dry conveying (belt/pneumatic/screw/bucket) »» Dust collection »» Combustible dust mitigation »» Fire protection systems


Pulp & Paper Clark Nexsen pulp and paper experience includes handling feedstocks from recycle newsprint to virgin wood fiber. Products include newsprint, tissue paper, brown kraft, corrugated board, ceiling tile, automotive filters, and fiber egg cartons. From woodyard to parent roll to converting operations, we have performed process and facilities projects in most of the common pulp and paper operations throughout the southeastern United States. »» Woodyard »» Log handling »» Debarking »» Chipping/chip handling »» Woodyard scales measurement »» Boiler house »» Pulp stock preparation »» Paper/tissue making »» Converting »» Resin coating »» Waste treatment


Clark Nexsen Industrial / 01 Services

Petrochem Chemical processing, storage, and distribution including petroleum products, waxes, resins, solvents, and similar products is a mainstay of Clark Nexsen’s industrial portfolio. Understanding and designing systems appropriate for the inherent special hazards of corrosive, toxic, flammable, and combustible liquids is a key component of our practice. With in-house fire protection engineers and environmental specialists, we respect and respond to safety initiatives in every design and process assignment.


»» Chemical processing »» Reactors »» Distillation »» Vapor removal »» Flammable/combustible liquids »» Storage/distribution »» Fire Protection


Clark Nexsen Industrial / 01 Services

Renewable Energy/Energy Clark Nexsen is a recognized leader in the fields of energy production and conservation. Having several energy contracts in place continuously, we are often in a position to help our clients save energy, thus reducing operating expense and conserving resources. These activities include conservation techniques as well as generation of energy from waste streams. More recently, Clark Nexsen has gained experience in the field of alternate energy sources, including biomass. With the eastern seaboard of the United States having an abundance of fiber resources, we continue to be active in fiber processing for energy production. Since a majority of that fiber is designated for export, we have handled projects whose scope includes production, transport, port storage, and ship loading.


Experience includes: »» Wood chips »» Wood pellets »» Pet coke »» Biomass »» Cogeneration »» Waste steam »» Process waste heat reclaim


Clark Nexsen Industrial / 01 Services

Other Markets Clark Nexsen’s industrial expertise covers a diverse range of science and technology sectors and manufacturing processes. We have maintained ongoing contracts with the USDA Agricultural Research Service and Animal Plant Health Inspection Service for more than 20 years. Our manufacturing experience includes: »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »»


beverage fridge packs tobacco plate glass lawn mowers school buses meat packing aviation parts security camera lenses geotextile grid fabric commercial lighting automotive seating automotive batteries apparel vacuum and blow molding pharmaceutical agricultural and a variety of other consumer products




Clark Nexsen Industrial / 02 Disciplines

Planning, Civil, Structural, Infrastructure The ultimate success and longevity of any manufacturing or processing facility is dependent on selecting the optimal site. This selection may include factors such as road and rail access, utilities, environmental concerns, and soil conditions, among others. Proximity to raw materials and customer base are also considerations. Together, these factors impose major consequences on both capital and operating costs for years to come. Clark Nexsen’s experience in this area includes both greenfield and brownfield retrofits as well as plant expansions. Once site selection is complete, civil planning is critical to ensure optimal use of the landscape, as well as proper drainage and runoff control, as well as wetland protection. Of course, any processing facility is only as viable as the foundations it rests upon and the structure that supports it. Clark Nexsen understands the importance of these disciplines to overall project viability, and the design process always integrates input from our experienced civil/structural staff.

EXPERIENCE INCLUDES: »» Site Selection -- Wetland delineation/permitting -- Site & discharge permitting (air, water, stormwater) »» Grading, Drainage, Paving -- Utilities -- Natural gas -- LP air plants -- Potable water -- Process water -- Sanitary sewer -- Storm drainage -- Effluent/waste treatment »» Structural -- Footings, foundations & structural systems -- Waterfront structures/permitting -- Building & equipment structures -- Storage domes »» Infrastructure -- Steam & HTHW systems -- Chilled & condenser water systems -- Energy management -- Security -- Fire protection -- Power distribution


3D Model of Imerys Oilfield Solutions Proppant Plant


Clark Nexsen Industrial / 02 Disciplines

Process Piping & Mechanical Successful movement of liquids, gases, and vapors is a more complex process than simply selecting piping for movement of material between process points. Chemical characteristics, temperature, viscosity, and velocity are among the factors that must be considered. Suspended particles must be evaluated for their potential for degradation, as well as shear sensitivity. Variability and process excursions must also be managed. For these reasons, Clark Nexsen’s field-seasoned staff of engineers and designers excels in selection and routing of piping and ductwork. Their real-world experience in pumps, piping, and heat transfer allows them the advantage of integrating theoretical design with practical solutions.


EXPERIENCE INCLUDES: »» Coating & painting systems »» Flammable/combustible liquids »» Combustible dust »» Industrial ventilation »» Process & transient dust collection »» HVAC »» Bin/tank/pressure vessel design »» 3D pipe/duct/equipment modeling »» Computation flow dynamics »» Conveyor and machine design »» Mass/energy balance »» Smart P&IDs

Electrical The electrical needs of industrial projects take many forms, from high voltage substations and distribution, to low voltage controls systems, to plant floor and office lighting. Clark Nexsen’s electrical expertise includes all these specialties and more. Our engineers are adept at designing electrical systems that are code compliant, efficient, incorporate personnel and equipment safety, and are functional well into the future. »» Power generation »» Medium voltage distribution »» Coordination studies (SKM) »» Arc Flash Analysis »» Plant power/analysis »» Energy efficiency »» Communications


Clark Nexsen Industrial / 02 Disciplines

Fire Protection Profits in business can be tragically lost instantly. Nothing is more important than the safety and protection of life and property. Whether we are blanketing natural gas vapors with high expansion foam or evaluating life safety code compliances, Clark Nexsen actively protects people and assets every day.

»» Passive Systems

»» Fire Protection Evaluation/Study

»» Active or Proactive

-- Building separation -- Construction materials/methods -- Fire/smoke barriers -- Protection of openings

-- Code compliance evaluation


-- Model building code compliance

-- Building separation

-- NFPA 101 (Life Safety Evaluation)

-- CO2

-- Other NFPA codes

-- Dry chemical

»» Fire Protection Plans

-- Clean agents

-- Contract documents

-- Heat/smoke detection & alarm

-- Computer-generated hydraulic calculations

-- Smoke control/exhaust

-- Life safety plans

-- Sprinklers (wet, dry, deluge, or pre-action)

»» Passive Systems -- Building separation

-- Standpipe systems »» Fire Protection Survey/Reports

-- Construction materials/methods

-- Fire damage investigation

-- Fire/smoke barriers

-- Survey of existing passive/active/proactive systems

-- Protection of openings

-- Water supply flow tests



Clark Nexsen Industrial / 02 Disciplines

Automation, Controls, & Instrumention For industrial facilities to compete in today’s world, they must be efficient. A portion of this efficiency involves collecting and managing information, and automation of process steps. Clark Nexsen is a partner in this effort. A majority of our automation and controls group have factory floor experience, which allows them to understand the control challenges that exist in less than optimal environments. Typical systems often include field instruments, PLC or other controllers, HMI screens, and data acquisition and reporting systems. Clark Nexsen has working and pricing relationships with Rockwell, Siemens, Omron, and Modicon, among others, which allows our customers the option of purchasing their controls hardware through us without pricing penalty, ultimately giving them the option of receiving systems pre-programmed, tested, and ready for installation.

»» Software Systems -- Allen-Bradley -- Modicon -- Omron -- Siemens -- Texas Instruments -- Keyence -- Mitsubishi -- Wonderware »» Human Machine Interface »» System Integration »» Reverse Engineering »» Robotics »» Ultra High Speed -- Handling -- Packaging -- Manufacturing »» Failure Analysis »» Control Panel Design & Fabrication »» Safe Zone Monitoring/E-Stops »» Vision Inspection Systems »» Inventory Management Systems »» Troubleshooting Existing Control Systems »» Smart P&IDs


»» Automated Storage & Retrieval


Clark Nexsen Industrial / 02 Disciplines

Other In-House Disciplines


3D Scanning/Modeling




Bridge Inspection




Clark Nexsen Industrial / 03 Project Delivery

Engineering Product Delivery Clark Nexsen partners with our clients for the accomplishment of projects and can undertake a project at any level or scope desired. We offer our clients scope of services as small as a single discipline or as large as complete turn-key installations. If desired, we can provide 3D models of the planned project to allow for an overview presentation in a “real world” format, which can also prove valuable in the early detection of interferences. Our project management and reporting tools include regular progress reports as well as schedule and budget updates. We provide our clients with closeout documents, as-built drawings, and equipment manuals and operator training where appropriate.


PROJECT DELIVERY FEATURES: »» Project schedule »» Project budget »» 2D CAD drawings »» 3D scans & models »» Discipline coordination »» Code compliance »» OSHA and MSHA compliance »» C4 Access

Process/Capital Planning/Preliminary Engineering With larger projects, it is often advantageous to begin with Front End Engineering Design (FEED), which can serve as a planning tool and as a snapshot used by management in evaluating project feasibility. The FEED portion of a project can, if requested, define the process, produce general arrangements, determine approximate cost and schedule, select major equipment, and determine basic material balances, allowing the client to determine raw material, chemical, water, and power usage, as well as waste for disposal. In this manner, all members of the team can fully understand and approve the basic elements of the project before detailed engineering begins.


Process flow diagrams


Process and instrumentation diagrams


General arrangements


Design basis


Mass/energy balances


Project/execution plans


Project cost breakdown


Project schedule


Automation strategy


Identification of major equipment


3D concept design

F ro n CON

t En d En gine F ID E erin N T IA g De L PR OJE s i gn CT


Clark Nexsen Industrial / 03 Project Delivery

Beyond Design Clark Nexsen understands it is often beneficial for clients to request additional services beyond engineering to facilitate timely movement of projects from idea to operating facility. With our team of professionals, many of whom have significant field experience, we are able to handle projects from concept through start-up. This may include complete engineering/procurement/construction or any appropriate portion or variation of those services. Our construction experience enables us to assist in or manage construction phase services for clients as requested. Our field personnel have been trained and maintain certification in MSHA, OSHA, and First Aid, as well as our own safety procedures. Start-up services, operator training, and system turnover can all be provided as well as operating and maintenance manuals.

SERVICES OFFERED FOR PROJECT EXECUTION: »» Engineering/Procurement/Construction (EPC) »» Engineering/Procurement/Construction Management (EPCM) »» Project scheduling »» Turn-key/fast track »» Construction assistance »» Specification/purchasing »» Commissioning »» Operator training »» Operating and maintenance manuals »» MSHA and OSHA compliance »» Participation: -- ISNetworld -- Browz -- PICS -- Avetta


Contract Services CONTRACT EMPLOYEES Often our clients find themselves with a need for engineering professionals working under their direct supervision at the location of an operating plant or construction site. This can be the result of a peak in project load or staffing shortage. In these situations, Clark Nexsen can provide the professionals necessary to match staffing to project load, whether for a month, a year, or longer. This arrangement provides the client instant overview of the work product, as well as the flexibility to assign personnel to multiple small projects simultaneously. It also allows the freedom to move quickly and easily from an office environment to field supervision, often in the same day. When the project is completed, the contract employee simply returns to Clark Nexsen, allowing our client the ability to “right size” their internal engineering staff quickly and painlessly. CONTRACT TO DIRECT This approach to hiring provides maximum flexibility with minimum risk. When a need arises, Clark Nexsen will perform a search based on our client’s criteria, identify individuals for approval and furnish those selected as contract employees. While working at the client’s facility and under their supervision, they may then be assessed for suitability as permanent employees. Should a contract employee be converted to permanent within the first six months, Clark Nexsen receives a fee for identifying and furnishing the individual. After six months of contract employment, a contract employee may be converted to permanent by our client at no charge. In this manner, a client is able to fill a vacancy on a trial basis, and eventually hire employees who are a proven fit for the position. 37



Clark Nexsen Industrial / 04 Firm Overview

Firm Overview

Clark Nexsen is a full service, multidisciplinary engineering and architectural firm headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia, with branch offices in Macon and Brunswick, Georgia; Austin, Texas; Asheville, Charlotte, and Raleigh, North Carolina; Roanoke, Vienna, and Richmond, Virginia. Founded in 1920, the firm today has over 400 employees and a project list that covers the United States, as well as more than 40 countries worldwide. In addition to industrial projects, Clark Nexsen routinely handles projects for both state and federal government agencies, colleges and universities, and research institutions. Our in-house engineering capabilities include civil, structural, mechanical process and material handling, process control, electrical power distribution, lighting, HVAC, fire protection, and plumbing, among others. We also perform energy audits and GIS identification. This array of services, coupled with our architectural and construction capabilities, provides our clients with a single source for project design and execution, thereby assuring an increased level of quality control.




Ranked one of Building Design + Construction’s Top 20 Industrial Design Firms


Clark Nexsen Industrial / 04 Firm Overview

About Us



Financially strong, Clark Nexsen continues measured growth, expanding our project base with both new clients and new project types. Our industrial client list contains some of the leaders in the world of processing, manufacturing, and transportation, as well as projects for education, research, healthcare, and government. Our staff includes some of the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the field, and we encourage each member to broaden their expertise through continuing education, as well as related seminars and expositions.

At Clark Nexsen, we realize that while most businesses exist to return a profit, the advantages of smart, sustainable design can be good for both the bottom line, as well as community and shareholder relations. In the final analysis, we all share one Earth. For all of these reasons, many of our professionals have attained LEED certification. This training can be invaluable for manufacturing facilities in designing for lower consumption of water, power and fuel, as well as enhanced employee morale and community acceptance.

COMMITMENT TO CONTINUITY At Clark Nexsen, we recognize projects often have extended life spans and require many inputs as they progress. For those reasons, each project is assigned a principal of the firm as its final oversight manager, guiding the project throughout its life cycle. In addition, each member of our staff undergoes training in communication, teambuilding, and conflict resolution skills. More than 100 of our engineers and architects are shareholders and we pride ourselves on our low employee turnover rate. All of these factors assure our clients of unbroken continuity throughout the life of any project.


Clark Nexsen Industrial / 04 Firm Overview

The Benefits

»» Full integration of in-house engineering, architectural, and planning services.

»» Education, career development, and conflict resolution training opportunities are conducted on a regular basis.

»» Applied technology, innovative uses of CADD production techniques and the application of 3D CADD scanning, modeling, and clash detection to document and enhance our performance.

»» Financially strong with steady, well-managed growth and very low staff turnover.

»» Quality control assured through interdisciplinary team coordination and interaction.

»» Dedicated professional resources committed to the achievement of project objectives.

»» Multidisciplinary staff with factory floor background, leading to practical problem resolution.

»» Small firm approach with large firm resources. Each project is assigned an industrial project manager who can draw on the resources of 400 professionals in 10 offices.

»» Project management emphasis on achieving project objectives on time and within budget. Our resources allow us to accelerate and fast track projects when requested.

Since 1920, Clark Nexsen has evolved and matured as a true leader in the engineering field as exemplified by the above strategic benefits, ensuring client goals and objectives can be achieved. 44


Together we discover, inspire, and shape ideas that transform our world.

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