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The Gifted Dance Program rotates through seven themes. The theme provides a framework for the students/dancers to pose questions surrounding dance, which allows the teachers to delve into the other subjects the students are learning; english, history, science, and math. This year’s theme is Commonality and Diversity. This theme invites the question, “why do people dance?” and provides inclination for the students to delve into cultures and practices around the world, particularly, but not limited to, the scope of dance. This rotation of themes ensures that the students participating every year of their eligibility never repeat a theme.

It is then the role of Clark Nexsen to decide if and how the theme will manifest in the year’s elements. The summer architecture interns decided to look into the history of dance and precedent collaborations between dance companies and architects for inspiration, but ultimately the theme allowed the architecture interns to pose questions that led to a set of characteristics the elements should emulate. Those characteristics were used to guide the design, development, and fabrication of the elements.

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architecture // dance  

architecture // dance