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Once upon a time a girl named Clarissa. She lived in South Brazil. And she had a dream.. I want to make an exchange!

She was always doing something, generally with friends.. ... and always looking for an excuse to make the exchange later. (She was afraid!).

But after some trainning programs where she learned to «trust in the process» and to «follow the flow», she felt ready! Yes! I can!


And it was fantastic how her friends and family support her!

Luggage: Checked!

Jesus Crimes! Look all the things she putted in the luggage!!! Is too heavy!

Jesus Crimes! It’s real! It’s tomorrow morning!

Goodbye: Checked! Good luck, Rica! And don’t forget to bring me snow!

Oh! The snow! My first snow! Jesus Crimes! It’s now! It’s happening!

Wow! I found a place hotter than my city!! Sauna!!!

And the dream became true. Helsinki! Jesus Crimes it’s everything so organized and clean! At least this dark sky reminds me Curitiba! I love this girls! We are having a great time inTuusula! Walking around the city, through the woods...

During the weeks of Septemper: trainnings in Tuusula. Here was her home (and for the others 22 trainnes too!) How these guys behind me are so concentrated!

We need a pause during the Bake/Cook Time to drink our secret tea! \o/

During the weekends in Helsinki.. Movie time in Cheap Sleep Hostel! Visits to Botanical Garden!

Global Village!

Then, it was time to spread. Moi Moi Helsinki!

Tervetuloa, Jyv채skyl채! Sunday her group arrived in the city and next morning they needed to go for the fisrt lesson! Short time to preparation! Learn by doing!

«There are a lot of students outside!»

1st October - First Lesson in Mänttä The first week in Jyväskylä was a little bit confused. The place to stay was not really ready. It was her first time teaching in English and living with people so different of her. A lot of challenges!

But she always found time to do something she likes.. Saniya! you are a very good kniting student!

Mum! Be proud! Finally I’m cooking real food! My pancakes are delicious!

Goes to Museums

In the third lesson she was responsible to talk about 3R’s and she gave the students some tasks: Write 5 tips to reduce consumption (regarding the diary they wrote during one week taking notes about their own consumption).

Make an advertising about something they don’t use anymore. Promoting the re-used of this object.

And more time to explore the city! Yay! My fisrt snow! Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow!

Liisa’s Visit!

Domnita’s Visit!

She also had time to live the finnish culture and to make new friends!

She went to watch an Ice Hockey Game with the sons of her friend!

She baked and decorated ginger breads (piparkakku) with Sonja watching the Indpendence Party at the television! She spent great time with Maarit and Samuel. Mother and son that she met in Gloria Multicultural Center!

A little bit of more work! During the other weeks she presented a video about Brazil, she played a refugee that recently arrived in a Refugee Camp.. and in the la st lesson before Final Project she presented some facts about New Democracy.

Clarissa’s favorite principle!

The students had the task to create 5 principles for the Politics of Happiness!

And then..

Closing Event! S-P-E-T-A-C-U-L-A-R! They are sharing with me their dreams! Awesome! And I just needed to cook these ÂŤsonhosÂť (brazilian sweeties)! Yay! And the great group of students and teachers helped her to make her dream come true: dance a Circular Dance with them!

Next week: Final Project Presentations and Bollywood Dance! One of the groups that she was responsible to support did a poster about Immigrants and Refugees! Another group talked about different religions and the importance of being tolerant. As part as Independence Day of Finland, Gloria Multicultural Center had a Celebration where she performed a Bollywood Dance!

Then.. . . she had time to make some Christmas Cards. . . to have fun in Oulu!

Jesus Crimes I don’t care about cold anymore! I love you and I love Finland!

Now, it’s a very hard time! Time to say goodbye, time to say thank you, time to look for another dreams.. If you know a little bit her, you’l know that she will cry a river! But, before come back to Brazil she will have great time in Russia and specially in Moldova with Domnita and romenian girls. =) Jesus Crimes! What to say? What to feel? So happy and so sad at the same time! But I’l come back to see summertime in Finland!

! s o t i i K

=D Terve! Mitä Kuuluu? Mina olen Clarissa. Olen brasilialainen. I came to Finland to make a dream come true and that was exatcly what happened. A lot of knowledge, lot of fun, lot of challenges, lot of snow, lot of friends.. Thanks to everybody that help me to be here! My family, my friends in Brazil, my friends in the world, the coordinators of Thanks for all the trainees, specially my group. Thanks for the students! And special thanks to this Energy around me and inside me that makes everything so spetacular! «Everybody sails alone, oh, but we can travel side by side.» Project - My experience  

This is the small story of me in Finland during my exchange from September to December, 2012. Project - My experience  

This is the small story of me in Finland during my exchange from September to December, 2012.