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The table below outlines the fees for each category of applicants.



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*All fees are subject to change without notification

Frequently Asked Questions: Q: How long is my Butcher’s, Barber’s and Hairdresser’s Licence valid for? A: Your Butcher’s, Barber’s and Hairdresser’s License is VALID FOR ONE (1) YEAR. You are encouraged to apply for a renewal ahead of the April due date each year. In this way you get to enjoy the benefits of your licence for the full twelve months.

Q: Do I need to register my business in order to qualify for a Licence to Operate a Beauty Salon or Barber Shop? A: No, instead you will need to apply for and obtain a License permitting you to operate a beauty salon or barber shop in order to successfully register your business and qualify for a Certificate of Incorporation. Q: How long will it take to process my application for a Shop Licence? A: It usually takes no longer than six months to process all categories of Barber and Hairdresser Shop Licenses. The processing time is however dependent on the findings of the Health Department when an inspection of an applicant’s barber shop/beauty salon is done. Licenses are issued on the condition that the applicant satisfies the Health Department that any concern identified has been addressed.

BARBERS, BUTCHERS AND HAIRDRESSERS Regulations governing Licensing


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All butchers, barbers and hairdressers who practice within the parish of Clarendon are to be licensed by the Clarendon Parish Council.

Applications for Butcher’s Licenses are approved on the recommendation of the Health Department, the Police and the Parish Council.


Once an application for a Butcher’s Licence is submitted, the applicant should expect a visit from the Health Department. Applicants MUST display their copy of the application form affixed with their photograph in their place of operation. The completed application form is however NOT a licence.

A valid Butcher’s Licence is required to legally slaughter animals and offer their meat for sale. When visiting the Parish Council to apply for your Butcher’s Licence go prepared with information such as the type and number of animals you plan to slaughter; the exact location of the slaughtering premises; the proposed slaughtering schedule and the place the meat will be sold. You should take along: a) Three (3) passport size photographs b) Two (2) reference letters signed by either a Pastor or a Justice of the Peace (JP) and c) A Letter of Authorisation from the owner of the slaughterhouse permitting you to use the facility if you are not the owner. Four copies of the Butcher’s Licence Application form is completed, one of which is returned to the applicant.

An applicant is prohibited to butcher until he/she is issued the actual Butcher’s Licence. The fee for both new Butcher’s licenses and renewals is $3050*. Applicants are also required to purchase a Butcher’s Book at the Parish Council for $1000*. The book allows for a record of all activities related to the slaughtering of animals to be kept.

BARBERS & HAIRDRESSERS All beauty therapists, cosmetologists, hairdressers, barbers and trainees who practice in Clarendon should apply to the Parish Council for a licence. So too salon, beauty parlour and barber shop owners. Both categories of applicants (Individuals and Shop Owners) must be holders of a valid Health Certificate in order to qualify for a Licence. A receipt from the Health Department indicating that an application has been made is usually accepted. However applicants MUST present their Health Certificate when they return to collect their licenses. First-time applicants must also present their Certificate of Training. New Individual Licence and all Shop Licence applications must be submitted along with two passport-size photographs while Individual Renewal Licence applications require one passport-size photograph.

Clarendon Parish Council Licensing Brochure 2015  

This publication outlines the procedures applicants for butcher's, barber's and hairdresser's licenses should follow in getting the document...

Clarendon Parish Council Licensing Brochure 2015  

This publication outlines the procedures applicants for butcher's, barber's and hairdresser's licenses should follow in getting the document...