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Cashiers are stationed at the transportation centres and car park. Their main duties are to collect user fees as well as to ensure that the parks are run efficiently.

Transportation Centre Bromanty

All others









Taxis and buses utilising the transportation centres are required to pay once per day for all-day access.


The Clarendon Parish Council currently manages and maintains six operational burial parks at Denbigh, Suttons, Chapelton, Pennants, Rocky Point and Corn Piece. Persons are required to pay a fee for a spot/plot in public cemeteries. The fee charged is largely dependent on the type of grave desired. Persons are required to notify the Parish Council or Clarendon Health Department of all planned interments. The Parish Council encourages the use of cemeteries in close proximity to the deceased home/community.

Type of Spot/Grave


Pauper Spot


Child Vault Spot


Adult Vault Spot


All-in-One Vault


Double Vault


Reservation of Spot (Church Section)


Tomb Plan


Exhumation Licence Fee


Parish Council Vaults


Inspection of private spot



A fee is generally charged for use of the Parish Council’s services and facilities. Charges are not applied arbitrarily and are economic based on demand and the type of clientele the Parish Council serves. The payment of user fees is important as fees are used to offset the cost of maintaining public facilities in good working order for all users.



 Vendors utilising the Council’s markets are required to pay a daily user fee.

The Clarendon Parish Council’s Commercial Services department is responsible for public markets, abattoirs, animal pounds, sanitary conveniences, cemeteries and transportation centres in the parish.


Market fees are determined by the type and amount of goods being traded or the type of space occupied. Fees are to be paid daily

MARKETS There are currently six operational markets in Clarendon, one each located in the major towns of May Pen, Chapelton, Spalding, Kellits, Rocky Point and Frankfield. Each market is overseen by a market supervisor who manages its day to day operations. The use of Municipal markets are guided by the following rules:


Opening Days

Frankfield & Chapelton


Spalding & May Pen




 The Clarendon Parish Council REQUIRES that all vendors be registered in order to operate in the parish’s Municipal markets.

 VENDORS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO MIX AND OFFER UNLIKE GOODS FOR SALE. Vendors who want to sell two different types of goods are only permitted do so from separate spaces/shops.

to the market clerk.

Existing market vendors/tenants must also notify the Secretary/Manager in writing if they are no longer interested in retaining their space in the market.

Size of Load/ Type of Space

Market Fee

Small Crate/Bag

$50 per bag/crate

Large Crate/Bag

$100 per bag/crate

$300 All Municipal markets have Handcarts in designated area public sanitary conveniences. Shops calculated by size Each is manned by an attendant who collects user Order is maintained in the market district by the Parish fees and ensures that the Council’s Municipal Police. facilities are kept clean and in good order for users.



Persons interested in operating from any of the Parish Council’s Municipal markets are required to express their interest in writing to the Secretary/Manager, Clarendon Parish Council, Sevens Road, May Pen. The applicant’s contact information should include his/her telephone number.

The Clarendon Parish Council operates six transportation centres and one paid car park across the parish. These are Vere (Town Bus Park), Main Park, Bromanty Street and Eagle in May Pen and the Minnie Clarke and Frankfield Transportation centres in Spalding and Frankfield. The Parish Council’s paid car parking facility is located adjacent to the parish’s Resident Magistrate’s Courthouse on Sevens Road, May Pen.

Clarendon Parish Council Commercial Services Brochure 2015  

The publication lists the revenue-generating services and facilities which the Clarendon Parish Council operates and guides users as to the...

Clarendon Parish Council Commercial Services Brochure 2015  

The publication lists the revenue-generating services and facilities which the Clarendon Parish Council operates and guides users as to the...