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We are always keen to meet talented, ambitious and customer oriented people.

A wealth of knowledge within the firm I started at Galbraith in June 2020 as a Wayleave Officer after deciding to pursue a career in Energy and Renewables.

As a Wayleave Officer, no two days are the same. Our primary job is to identify and liaise with landowners, tenants, and third party interests to gain their consent to allow our client's projects to happen, at the same time we will also discuss appropriate access routes, project timescales, potential disturbance, and reinstatement.

Careers within Galbraith include: • Building Consultancy • Commercial Property Sales & Management • Energy, Renewables & Utilities • Estates, Farming & Land Management • Farm & Estate Acquisitions • Forestry & Woodland • Marketing, IT & Accounts • Property Lettings • Residential Estate Agency

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I regularly have to analyse land referencing information, title deed searches and OS mapping to understand how scheme requirements affect land ownership. Therefore, several days a week will require a plan to be created using QGIS for a number of different purposes; including proposed cable/ line routes, rights of access, subjects of valuation and estate plans. Typical projects Galbraith are involved in require securing wayleave consents for line connections and refurbishments. The route lengths vary and there is use of overhead line and underground cabling which pass through various land types from residential housing to arable fields and affect various businesses. With regular engagement, we seek to agree access routes, and suggest mitigation measures to ensure safe delivery of the project at minimum disruption to landowners and their businesses. Good communication between all parties ensures that we are all kept safe and are able to progress with the work without undue restrictions on either party. Due to the diverse nature of the job, we work closely with our colleagues in different departments who can help provide their knowledge and expertise on more specialist topics as well as keep us up to date with what is going on in their industry. Engaging with landowners, tenants and the local communities, being upfront about our plans, and listening to any concerns that may arise from the necessary work can make a real difference during a project. Collaborating with clients and customers to create new utility networks, large or small, is always very rewarding. The team at Galbraith has been very welcoming and with the wealth of knowledge within the firm, every day becomes a school day! Pippa Ross. Wayleave Officer.

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A fantastic place to call work I’m Matt and I’m the Digital Marketing Coordinator based primarily in the Ayr office. I joined Galbraith in September 2021 having worked in both sport and journalism.

I joined Galbraith in September 2021 having worked in both sport and journalism. I’m originally from Ellon near Aberdeen and first made the move to Ayr for University where I studied Sports Journalism. After graduating I moved back to the North East to work as part of the Media Team at Aberdeen Football Club and prior to the pandemic I worked for That’s TV Scotland as a Freelance Video Journalist. The opportunity to move back to Ayr and join a busy marketing team meant a change in role and a different industry, however it was a challenge I was ready to face. So far I have enjoyed working with the various business streams pushing out engaging content and was initially amazed by the variety of work Galbraith covers. One of my highlights has been launching the Talking Natural Capital Podcast with Eleanor Harris. It’s an area of the business that Eleanor strives to educate people on and I join her to discuss the relevant themes. With no prior knowledge of Natural Capital it’s been fantastic to learn and work with Eleanor from hosting the show

to its edit and release and helping grow our audience. Here’s hoping I become an expert in the coming months! Joining Galbraith has coincided with the return of face to face events and trips to the Stirling Bull Sales in particular have allowed us to interact with everyone away from our screens on Teams’ calls. With our Events Coordinator Lottie joining Callum, Jane and I in Marketing I believe we are in a very good place to work across the firm to deliver a strong output for Galbraith. One of my aims for 2022 is to visit as many of our offices as possible so we can capture our agents doing what they do best! The best advice I can give to someone joining Galbraith is to get to know your colleagues. It’s a big organisation, full of lots of different roles - but we all have the same goals. Gaining an insight into the role of the person that sits at the other side of the office from you will make a huge difference. Matt Findlay. Digital Marketing Coordinator.

It’s a big organisation, full of lots of different roles but we all have the same goals. Matt Findlay

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| Recruitment Matters 2022

A diverse portfolio

I value the team at Galbraith and always feel well supported within my role

I joined the Galbraith Hexham office in October 2020, having studied a Master's in Rural Estate Management at the Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester, and I haven’t looked back since.

As a Rural Graduate Surveyor working predominantly within estate management no two days are the same. Our portfolio is extremely diverse covering estates of all sizes, objectives and structures. At the beginning of the week, I could be assessing the development potential of an underutilised stone barn or reviewing the tenancy agreement of a commercial office unit, and by the end, I could be wandering through the dining room of a castle assessing the need for repairs following a management meeting. When at my desk, I am usually catching up on emails, creating plans, drafting management meeting minutes, and coding invoices ready for payment. Being in the office provides me with the opportunity to chat through current projects with

Heather Warburton

colleagues and helps to affirm my ideas before presenting them to our clients. I value the team at Galbraith and always feel well supported within my role. As a farmer’s daughter, I have always wanted to work in the countryside. Within my role at Galbraith, I am very fortunate to be based within the beautiful Northumbrian landscape and to have the opportunity to meet like-minded people who live and work on the estates we manage. I enjoy this aspect of the job and I look forward to meeting new people as I progress with my career. Heather Warburton. Rural Graduate Surveyor.

What did you study? Why Galbraith? I studied BSc (Hons) Applied Farm Management at the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester. After university I worked for a large 15,000 acre arable farm based in Lincolnshire as their trainee farm manager.

After two years on a Lincolnshire Farm I decided I wanted to move back to the family farm in Stirlingshire. After moving home it became apparent that the family farm was unable to support myself and my father full time and I would therefore need to find something else to do. Still wanting to be involved with the farm at home I decided that continuing my farm management career on a separate farm wouldn’t enable me to do so therefore I decided to go down the land agency path where I could concentrate on agency work during the week and have my weekends and evenings to work on the farm.

Having studied Farm Management at university as opposed to a RICS accredited course I thought I would struggle to find a job, however Galbraith noticed my agriculturally based background and past farming experience and took me on in January 2021. Galbraith are generously supporting me through a RICS accredited Masters in Land Economy based at the University of Aberdeen, which is a part-time course that I attend 1 day a week. Doing the course over two years means I can carry on full-time work with Galbraith and study alongside.

with some AMC finance work. I really enjoy working at Galbraith as every day is different - from being in the office in Stirling one day to then being out on the Western Shores of the Isle of Mull-the next. Every job comes with its challenges which is a great way to learn, especially being surrounded by colleagues who are more than happy to help and share their past experiences, which helps with working towards my APC and with my university course. I would highly recommend Galbraith to anyone looking to start out their career in the rural sector.

I work in the rural department of Galbraith, focussing on farm sales and valuations as well as assisting

Alexander Cuthbert. Graduate Rural Surveyor.

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Getting out and about and seeing Scotland I joined Galbraith in September 2021 after graduating from the University of Aberdeen with a master's in Rural Surveying and Rural Property Management.

As I work towards my APC, my experience to date has been varied with involvement in estate management, agriculture, and valuation. However, an area I am particularly interested in and where I spend most of my time is Energy and Utilities. A great benefit to working within this business stream is getting out and about and seeing rural Scotland. Carrying out a pre-entry record of condition on behalf of utility companies is a great example of this. This means that I travel to a site before a project is due to commence and inspect the area to ensure we have a record of the starting condition for comparison with the postworks position, to allow reasonable compensation to be agreed upon. Once the site visit has been completed, GIS mapping software is utilised to create a professional report for the client. I also work on behalf of private landowners, as well as utility companies. For instance, if a water or sewer pipe going through a field bursts, I would then inspect the field, assist with arranging the repair works and negotiate compensation on behalf of the landowner. I am often asked, on behalf of utility companies, to carry out land referencing work, which involves determining who owns or occupies certain areas of land which

would likely be affected by potential pipeline or cable installations. I use a multitude of different means in order to determine ownership, before using GIS mapping to accurately illustrate my findings to the client. I have assisted with overhead electricity line upgrades and tower removals, ensuring that the works are carried out within the parameters of the agreed terms and the client has been compensated accordingly. The work that Galbraith does in this area extends far beyond my involvement, with the team providing comprehensive advice on a number of projects concerning renewable solutions such as battery storage, hydro, solar and wind power. In addition, Galbraith works in conjunction with landowners and utility companies to agree on access for projects, wayleaves and servitudes as well as provide advice for potential acquisitions. Whilst I am only a few months in, working within the Energy and Utilities sector is both rewarding and interesting and I thoroughly look forward to getting more involved and gaining more experience. Cameron Finnie Graduate Rural Surveyor.

Whilst I am only a few months in, working within the Energy and Utilities sector is both rewarding and interesting. Cameron Finnie

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A more structured career choice After a few years working in hospitality, I decided I wanted a more structured career.

I jumped at the chance and haven’t looked back since. Megan Parker

In 2017 I applied for an administrative assistant role with Land Factor. In 2019, Land Factor merged with Galbraith, growing the team and expanding the business across the border between England and Scotland. With the merging of Galbraith came a new estate agency team within the Hexham office. Sam and Heather joined in November 2019, and the opportunity arose to join the estate agency team. I jumped at the chance and haven’t looked back since. My role within the team has allowed me to broaden my skills in communication by dealing with clients and potential buyers daily.

The whole agency team is very supportive and willing to help with any simple or complex query. This allows me to learn something new every day. Galbraith as a company is exceptionally supportive in helping their employees progress to the next level and this has benefited me as I am currently studying for my level 3 NEAE qualification in residential sales and lettings. Achieving this qualification means I will be able to take on more responsibility in my role and continue to study until fully qualified. Megan Parker. Residential Sales.

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An opportunity that I could not pass up I joined Galbraith in August 2021 after being approached to join the team in the Scottish Borders office by Lettings Manager, Susan Guthrie.

I grew up in Edinburgh and after finishing my education moved to the Scottish Borders where I began my career in the property industry in 2016. I started as a Property Administrator and within my first year I completed and passed my Level 6 Award in Residential Letting and Property Management (Scotland) and joined the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA). I was promoted to Manager of the Residential Lettings Department shortly after qualifying and managed a portfolio of around 70 properties throughout the Scottish Borders. My job involved meeting new clients and pitching for their business, marketing properties, referencing potential tenants, drawing up lease documents, property inspections, carrying out inventory and check-out reports, deposit disputes and general management of the properties which includes overseeing repairs and full compliance checks for each property as the legislation around residential lettings is quite complicated! I also had a large portfolio of non-managed and rural clients. Throughout my time at my previous company, I also worked in residential sales and began training as a Trainee Commercial Surveyor, as I wanted to gain as much experience in the industry as possible. I would assist with residential sales, acquiring business from several good clients and seeing their sales through from take-on to completion. My training as a Trainee Commercial Surveyor was very interesting and also very technical. I began

studying with the University College of Estate Management in Reading towards a BSc in Construction Technology which covers buildings, the environment and technology based on simple construction. I really enjoyed learning the commercial side of the business and assisting with valuations and surveys but came to realise that my true interest was residential lettings. When Susan approached me to work at Galbraith, it was an opportunity that I could not pass up. Throughout Scotland, Galbraith is well known for its large, midhigh-end property portfolio and the opportunities for further training, education and progression through the company are excellent, which was a deciding factor on me joining the team. Susan and I now work together to manage our portfolio of around 160 properties and my daily tasks are much the same as before but I now have extra support, training when required and excellent computer systems. Joining Galbraith has been one of the best decisions that I have made and I very much look forward to progressing further within the company. The team in the Scottish Borders Hub office and throughout the whole of the company have been really welcoming and honestly, couldn’t be more helpful when needed! Ashleigh Conlon Residential Lettings

Joining Galbraith has been one of the best decisions that I have made Ashleigh Conlon

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| Recruitment Matters 2022

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A diverse workload with complete support I started with Galbraith in 2014 following a Masters degree at Harper Adams University.

I work within the rural management team based in Stirling where we work with clients on a varied portfolio of land and property holdings in the central belt. Working on maximising income, building relationships and looking for new opportunities. I have been involved in typical work such agricultural tenancy management and residential letting to music festivals and films. The varied workload and support provided by Galbraith is something I have thoroughly enjoyed in my role. Currently I am based primarily at a large estate on the fringes of Edinburgh working closely with my client on managing their existing business streams and helping develop new ones. James Bowie. Partner. Rural, Valuations

Working on maximising income, building relationships and looking for new opportunities. James Bowie

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| Recruitment Matters 2022

Making positive relationships During my final year at university, I attended the career fair where Galbraith had a stand. The Galbraith team was very welcoming and happy to discuss the offices in Scotland and the work that they were involved in.

I was impressed that a Scottishbased firm was attending a university in the South West of England. Looking further into the company after the event, it was clear that they were involved in a wide variety of projects across the whole of Scotland. The interview process was very accommodating to the fact that I had exams and they helped to arrange a video conference (pre Teams/Zoom)! I was kept well informed all through the process. When I attended the Stirling office for a second interview they were again very friendly and welcoming, which has been consistent throughout my time with Galbraith. Prior to starting in the office, I was invited to attend the Royal Highland Show as well as the GWCT Scottish Game Fair. Working on the stands at the show allowed me to meet people I would be working with as well as

some of the other graduates at various stages of completing their APC professional qualifications. It also helped to show me the positive relationships that they have with existing clients and contacts.

Helped to show me the positive relationships that they have with existing clients and contacts Holly Scott.

I was interested in “traditional” estate management and meeting with and building relationships with clients and tenants. Working on the rural team allowed me to do so, whilst also introducing me to new experiences in compulsory purchase and access and rights. The events that Galbraith hosts such as the young professional's evening, land agent days and the bull sales allow for the relationships with colleagues to grow which is fundamental in the work that we do. They have been very supportive during my APC studies and helped me to achieve the experience I need and I hope to achieve my APC come May. Holly Scott. Graduate Rural Surveyor.

A happy and welcoming atmosphere In October 2021 I joined Galbraith as a Modern Apprentice in the Stirling office.

My current role is a rural trainee accounts assistant. My job involves working on a group of estates/clients and essentially keeping everything as up to date as possible, this includes processing bills onto our systems and paying them, making sure our ledgers reconcile with the bank and communicating with the estate's land agents. So far I have really enjoyed my time here because there is always a happy

and welcoming atmosphere in the office and the workload is very varied, which keeps me interested. I enjoy the coursework involved in my apprenticeship as well because I am able to take theoretical information and put it into practice which helps me understand my coursework fully. I'm grateful to have been allowed one working day a week to study at home which has benefitted me hugely because I am able to go through the

coursework at my own pace and spend more time on certain topics. At the moment I am restricted as to the tasks I can complete in the workplace. However, as I continue my studying and build up my knowledge on the subject, I will be introduced to a wider workload and more complex jobs – which I very much look forward to tackling! Jamie Adams. Trainee Accounts Assistant.

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Planning for a fantastic career I initially went to university to study Physics, but after a few years and a change of heart, I decided to change my career to property.

I started studying Urban Planning and Property Development (dual RTPI and RICS accredited) as an undergraduate in 2017 and was lucky enough to do some planning work experience with Galbraith during my final years. During this time I worked one or two days per week in the Edinburgh office to fit around my university timetable and worked on a variety of projects to support the Planning team. Much of the work I did involved doing background research. For example, if a client was interested in gaining planning permission for a site, I would check if the site was subject to any designations and if so what the implications were. I would then look at the relevant Local Development Plan (LDP) to see which policies would apply and whether they provided support for the proposal. This information would then feed into the work that my colleagues were doing, and this enabled me to learn much more about how planning policy and planning applications work in the real world. As part of this, I was also trained in using GIS to prepare plans and maps for planning work. As well as this supporting role, I also worked on a number of other projects. For example, I compiled a spreadsheet timetable showing the status of every LDP in Scotland

and their expected progress through the then 5-year preparation process. This allowed us to check at a glance where any LDP was in terms of preparation and whether any consultation periods were upcoming or if an LDP was about to be replaced. Doing this work allowed me to learn about the development plan process in Scotland in much more detail than before. After graduating and a break due to COVID, an opportunity came up to join Galbraith full-time and I started as a Graduate Planner in early 2021. I am currently working towards RTPI accreditation, and as well as continuing the sort of work I did before I am now taking on more responsibilities such as preparing and submitting planning applications and liaising directly with clients, consultants and planning authorities. Throughout both my work experience and current role, everyone at Galbraith has been very welcoming and supportive. The business is involved in an incredibly wide range of interesting projects, and I am looking forward to expanding my experience within the firm and possibly looking into RICS accreditation once I’ve achieved RTPI chartership. Etienne Murphy. Graduate Planner.

Throughout both my work experience and current role, everyone at Galbraith has been very welcoming and supportive Etienne Murphy.

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Graduate Apprentice Building Surveyor at Galbraith My journey to joining the Galbraith Building Surveying team is a rather unorthodox one. I began my professional career in healthcare, initially in Radiation Therapy and Nursing, before realising my affection for the physical environment in which healthcare is delivered.

This affection grew to a wider appreciation of the built environment as a whole and I subsequently returned to University to further my understanding. This began my enrolment in the Graduate Apprentice in Construction and the Built Environment course at Napier University to become a qualified Building Surveyor. The four-year course is structured so that I work full time whilst attending three teaching blocks on a study leave agreement. Therefore, this has allowed me to continue gaining work experience whilst developing my knowledge of the building surveying profession. After completing my first year on this course whilst working full time with the Land and Property Management Team at NHS Lothian, I approached Galbraith for an opportunity to join the Building Surveying team to broaden my experience whilst continuing my

studies. To my delight, Galbraith welcomed me and I have now been working in the team for over a year. Nearing the end of my third year of study, I am now also preparing to sit my APC to become a Chartered Building Surveyor. The team has been highly supportive of my studies, allowing me periods of study leave to attend classes at Napier University, in line with the structure of the course. I have also enjoyed the continual training of my mentor, as well as the support from everyone else in the Building Surveying team. Despite joining the team at the height of lockdown, I was able to get to work very quickly and get involved in many projects. My ‘day-in-the-life’ consists of flexible working arrangements and opportunities to travel, undertaking professional surveying services across the UK. My time is split between the management of a key client’s estate property portfolio and with the commercial Building Surveying team. From acting as contract administrator for large, city centre refurbishment projects to undertaking feasibility studies for new construction projects and coordinating property maintenance, I have particularly enjoyed the variety of experiences and learning opportunities. Galbraith is also a very social firm and with lockdown restrictions easing, I look forward to meeting the wider team at our various events. Gavin McBain. Graduate Apprentice Building Surveyor.

My ‘day-in-thelife’ consists of flexible working arrangements and opportunities to travel. Gavin McBain

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A 365-degree view of the forestry sector I joined Galbraith in January 2021 after completing my honours degree in Forestry Management at the Scottish School Of Forestry in Balloch, Inverness.

I achieved an HND in Arboriculture and Urban Forestry and then transitioned over to complete my degree in Forestry Management. The Scottish School of Forestry was a fantastic learning environment. We had a range of lecturers from a variety of different forestry sectors. Their knowledge and experience were greatly beneficial, as we gained a 365-degree view of the forestry sector. During my studies, I worked parttime at my father's arboricultural business, which provided me with a range of experience in urban forestry

and arboriculture across the Highlands. Working part-time allowed me to put into practice what I had learned at the Scottish School of Forestry. Working within the forestry team at Galbraith is very interesting as no working days are alike. We work on behalf of estates and clients to ensure their woodland management concerns and activities are carried out to the highest standards. I deal with a range of different aspects within my role such as woodland creation, harvesting management, woodland carbon schemes, tree

safety management, and a range of other day-to-day forestry activities. Being one of the newer members of the forestry team, sometimes you need the experience and guidance of a more experienced forester. Being part of the Galbraith forestry team, this is never far away. I can ask any of my senior colleagues for their advice. This helps the team work as efficiently as possible, using the knowledge within the team to provide the best solution to the clients. Kyle Sharpe. Forestry Management.

An extremely varied role A wealth of knowledge throughout the office and beyond.

Having grown up in Scotland, I ventured south, first to study Rural Land Management at the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester and then to take on a graduate role in Dorset with a small firm of surveyors.

Kitty Campbell

Working in a small firm meant that I managed to get involved with a huge variety of work and take on responsibility.

property repairs and the next, I could be in a meeting discussing a multi-million pound solar project.

This was a great introduction to the world of surveying as no two projects are the same and you are constantly having to think on your feet and problem-solve to achieve results.

Being involved with the day to day running of the dairy farm means that I am able to understand the practicalities of agriculture and the challenges that rural businesses face which complements my professional work and is always a good talking point with clients.

An opportunity arose to take on a dairy farm in Cumbria, I moved north to pursue this new adventure as well as a new job with Galbraith in Northumberland. My role with Galbraith continues to be extremely varied from traditional estate management clients to local authorities with large rural portfolios. I am often preparing and submitting planning applications as I am hoping to progress this experience further to become a Chartered Town Planner. The diverse nature of the role means that one moment I could be dealing with

Being part of Galbraith means that I am very well supported in my role and that there is a wealth of knowledge throughout the office and beyond should additional expertise on projects be needed. Kitty Campbell. Rural Surveyor.

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Expert local knowledge Post graduating with a masters in Rural Estate Management from the Royal Agricultural University, I started my surveying journey in Yorkshire where I ultimately became a qualified surveyor in October 2016.

Whilst this broadened my horizons in so many respects including the type of work I was fortunate enough to undertake, I had a strong yearning to return to my Ayrshire roots.

I could see the huge future opportunities that the Ayr Office presented me with Alice Wilson

In my opinion, there is just something special about providing advice to farmers, landowners and other contacts in the community where you grew up - you aren’t just any Tom, Dick or Harry and it allows you to forge a connection, which of course, instantly puts farmers at ease! In May 2017, I was fortunate enough to be offered a role as a rural surveyor in the Galbraith Ayr Office. I quickly settled in, with my work load back then, being predominantly focused on valuations and general practice surveying. Even then, I could see the huge future opportunities

that the Ayr Office presented me with and I looked forward to what the future had in store. Fast forward five years, I have recently been promoted to Senior Associate where I manage the day to day runnings of the office as well as heading up the rural team. Work is undertaken throughout the Southwest of Scotland with a strong collaborative approach with our Castle Douglas Office. I carry out valuations for a multitude of purposes, arrange AMC finance and manage multiple estates. I also undertake a wide range of professional rural consultancy including and not limited to, farm sales and utility work. Alice Wilson. Senior Associate Rural, Farm Sales, Valuations, AMC Finance

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Specialising in residential sales & lettings Having grown up on the family beef and sheep farm I have always been interested in farming and rural life from a young age.

I attended SRUC in Edinburgh where I studied rural business management. While I was at SRUC between my 3rd and 4th I was successful in my application to the summer work experience programme at Galbraith. I completed a 3 month placement which was invaluable to my career progression as this helped me discover the sector I wished to progress in. On completion on the summer placement I was offered a position on the graduate programme in the Stirling office providing I completed my honors degree. In July 2017 I graduated from SRUC with an honors in business

management and started at the Stirling office in the Sales and Valuations department as a graduate. I spent the next two years shadowing and assisting my colleagues in order to gain experience to sit the APC exams. I passed my APC and became a Chartered surveyor in November 2019. Since qualifying I have been involved in a number of different areas of the firm however I have chosen to specialise in residential sales and lettings within the firm. The opportunities outside of professional work are huge, there are many shows and events throughout the year. From the young professional event, farming

The opportunities outside of professional work are huge, there are many shows and events throughout the year Isla Shaw

conference, Edinburgh rugby or agricultural shows. All great opportunity’s to meet new likeminded individuals. I have been with the firm nearing 5 years and very much enjoyed all the challenges and successes of the job. Professionally the opportunities to move up the ladder are vast, from starting as a summer placement in 2016 I am now an associate at Galbraith and excited for the progression of the firm. Isla Shaw. Associate Sales, Lettings, Farm Sales

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Offices across Scotland & Northern England With a team of over 200 employees in 13 offices across Scotland and Northern England, we offer an unparalleled breadth of skills across all property sectors. If you think you have something to offer please visit our website or contact one of our offices. Aberdeen 01224 860 710 Ayr 01292 268 181 Blagdon 01670 789621 Castle Douglas 01556 505 346 Cupar 01334 659 980 Edinburgh 0131 240 6960 Elgin 01343 546 362

Hexham 01434 693 693 Inverness 01463 224 343 Penrith 01768 800 830 Perth 01738 451 111 Scottish Borders 01573 224 244 Stirling 01786 434 600

Expertise Bringing our clients a wealth of experience in: • • • • • • • • •

Building Consultancy Commercial Forestry & Woodland Management Commercial Property Sales & Management Estate, Farm & Forestry Sales & Acquisitions Estates, Farming & Land Management Natural Capital & Carbon Property Lettings Renewables & Utilities Residential Estate Agency

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