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Fall/Winter 2017

Jstyle Weddings Fall/Winter 2017

Plan your dream wedding with advice, ideas and insight from area experts – and take a look at three Jewish ceremonies with Cleveland connections

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CONTENTS Fall/Winter 2017

Too Much Awesomeness


16 Rachel Nachman & Seth Weinstein

Genevieve Nisly Photography


44 Elissa Goffman & Bradley Stern

10 Editor’s note



Michael C. Butz introduces a second edition of Jstyle Weddings for 2017

22 Forest fairy tale

38 Lovely locks

Woodland surroundings can provide a picturesque backdrop

Learn what looks are trending from stylists

12 Planning priorities Local wedding planners share wisdom to help brides-to-be enjoy their big day

26 Mod museum Sleek, modern environs can make your big day a masterpiece

42 Getting dolled up Looking natural is naturally what’s in right now

30 Rustic romance A rural setting can add countryside charm to your wedding


Jstyle Weddings 2017


at t h e

I n t e r C o n t I n e n ta l C l e v e l a n d

At InterContinental Cleveland, we know that when you’re planning and customizing your wedding you want to talk to someone as excited as you are. To ensure that your unforgettable celebration runs smoothly and every detail is important, we provide unparalleled facilities and the highest level of personal service with weddings specialists experienced in hosting a variety of religious and cultural weddings. And we use our local knowledge to access the very best the city has to offer. It’s your wedding. Let’s make it memorable, together.

Experience for Yourself the Glamour of the InterContinental Life

Contact us at 216.707.4168 and ask about our Honeymoon on Us program. Visit us online at Photos courtesy of: (clockwise from bottom left) Genevieve Nisly Photography (3), New Image Photography (2)

CONTENTS Fall/Winter 2017 BCR Studios


62 Robyn Silver & Aaron Feldman


74 Erin Rocchio & Becky Schur



50 Piece of cake

66 Lovely locations

Satisfy guests’ collective sweet tooth with a scrumptious cake

Find the right venue to host your big day

56 Nuptial nosh Comfort food and locally sourced fare are catering trends

58 Fine wines A wider variety of kosher wines is increasingly accessible


New Image Photography

Jstyle Weddings 2017

68 Picture perfect Capture the moments you want to last for a lifetime

70 Love in bloom Flowers that can infuse weddings with romance

Don’t let a migraine ruin your wedding By: Valerie Clark


igraines are much worse than usual headaches. The symptoms can last for several hours, even days. They predominantly affect women and tend to run in families. A variety of causes can trigger a headache or migraine, and stress is one of them. Weddings can be stressful for the bride, the mothers, and the entire family. Preparing for a wedding is stressful. Stress can lead to health problems over time and migraines can pop up without warning as a result. Migraines may cause loss of time from work, but it should not wreck the wedding. The American Migraine Center can help to ensure that the wedding day is migraine free. Ideally, one should seek help for migraines

3 to 6 months before the wedding (or any special event), because it may take time to select the optimal treatment plan for each patient. There are many treatment choices, and the expert team at the American Migraine Center individualizes the treatment to achieve the best outcome while minimizing potential side effects. There is no cure for migraines with medication, but a trained neurologist can design a treatment plan to significantly reduce or eliminate the risk. When prescription drugs do not work or if a patient cannot take migraine medication, other treatment options can be explored. Botox injections provide fast, temporary relief and work well for many patients (with the side

benefit of reducing fine lines and wrinkles). A highly effective but more invasive option with permanent results is nerve decompression, also known as migraine surgery. Migraine surgery has the same goal as a nerve block – to shut down the signaling pathway that leads to pain, in a more lasting way. Migraine surgery was developed by local plastic surgeon and international expert, Dr. Bahman Guyuron. He found that some facial rejuvenation procedures such as a forehead lift or brow lift produced an unexpected benefit for some patients - their migraines stopped. But how? A forehead lift involves removing a muscle used for frowning, which softens deep lines and wrinkles on the surface. Under the surface, removal of the forehead muscle relieves pressure and irritation on the nerves that trigger migraines in some patients. Since that discovery 17 years ago, he has identified all the trigger sites and designed a surgical procedure to de-activate them. Dr. Guyuron has published more than 40 studies to better understand migraine

headaches and how to treat them. His research has even investigated a genetic factor associated with migraines. He found that migraine sufferers have a deficient myelin sheath, resulting from a difference in the DNA. The myelin sheath protects nerves from irritation and damage. Evidence of a gene-based mechanism for migraines explains why they run in families. Additionally, he is focused on simplifying the procedure so that a large number of patients can have surgery under local anesthesia and resume normal activities the same day or the next day. If you or a family member are concerned about having a migraine ruin your wedding day, contact the American Migraine Center. The American Migraine Center uses a teambased approach to care. Dr. Guyuron and Dr. Roda along with nurse practitioner, Karen Steffey, have helped thousands of patients experience lasting relief from migraines. Whether you have months or just days before your wedding, call when you can to connect with an expert at the American Migraine Center.

Bahman Guyuron, MD

29017 Cedar Rd., Cleveland, OH 44124

(440) 461-7999



President & CEO Kevin S. Adelstein

Double the fun


espite the fact couples may spend hours carefully curating their wedding registries, it seems almost unavoidable that they’ll receive two – or more – of something. In some instances, the results can be comical. Perhaps one set of heart-shaped measuring spoons would do, or maybe one boombox-shaped butter keeper would suffice, but who could possibly need two? (By the way, those items exist and are suggested as wedding gifts on various websites. Mazel tov, Internet.) In other instances, practicality could be appreciated – but to what end? Sure, if the happy couple eventually has kids, maybe those extra toasters will come in handy during the sleepovers their sons and daughters will inevitably want, but where will they be stored

until then? (I know, I know – right next to the extra mixers used to make fun cocktails on days when the kids have been, shall we say, difficult.) But there’s at least one thing you can receive two of that’s sure to be welcomed and won’t leave you feeling inconvenienced about having to exchange it: A second issue of Jstyle Weddings, which we’re introducing with this issue. Jstyle Weddings has long been one of our most popular magazines. Until now, it’s been an annual publication, typically delivered in February, and all of the expert insight we pack into just one issue – as well as

the spotlights on local Jewish weddings that showcase a few of the many beautiful ceremonies that take place in Northeast Ohio – have always been well received by readers. So, when we discussed expanding Jstyle Weddings to two issues last year, our staff voiced a collective “I do” to the idea, and now, readers can enjoy more wedding spotlights, more tips, more trends, more fashion and more food features. We hope you enjoy this new second issue of Jstyle Weddings. Consider it an early wedding gift from Jstyle to those brides-to-be who are planning their wedding – a gift that won’t need to be returned.


With two issues of Jstyle Weddings each year, we’re now featuring more local Jewish weddings than ever. If you’d like your wedding to be considered for a spotlight or for the “hora” page that concludes each magazine, or if you’re a friend or family member of someone whose wedding you think would be a good fit for Jstyle, let us know! Visit and provide us with information about the wedding, and we’ll keep your submission on file for future issues of Jstyle Weddings.

Fall/Winter 2017

Jstyle Weddings Fall/Winter 2017

Plan your dream wedding with advice, ideas and insight from area experts – and take a look at three Jewish ceremonies with Cleveland connections


Jstyle Weddings 2017

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The Cleveland Jewish News Fashion. Trends. Love.

Vice President of Sales Adam Mandell

On the cover Elissa Goffman and Bradley Stern near Wade Lagoon and the Cleveland Museum of Art on the day of their wedding. The couple was married Sept. 4, 2016, at the Intercontinental Hotel in Cleveland. Cover photo by Genevieve Nisly Photography

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7/26/2017 3:38:02 PM



Planning priorities Local wedding planners share wisdom to help brides-to-be enjoy their big day By Alyssa Schmitt


etting married is just one part of a lifelong adventure. But with all adventures, it’s easy to wander off from the path, so it’s helpful to bring a guide – or rather a wedding planner – to whom you can turn for assistance.

“I think what’s difficult for any bride planning in this age is that there is so much inspiration at your fingertips,” says Gina Jokilehto-Schigel, owner and creative


Jstyle Weddings 2017

director of Shi Shi Events Boutique Wedding Planning and Design in Cleveland. Jokilehto-Schigel, along with Kim Singerman, owner of Noteworthy Events in Solon, share their ideas on how to stay focused and sort through all the information that comes with wedding planning.

Define budget, guest list The overabundance of décor can lure any couple in, but without a set budget and guest list, the wedding can come crashing down in an instant. “What they have to do is take into consideration each person – each person equates to a meal, a seat, an invitation,” Singerman says. “That guest list controls

everything they do as far as their budget.” Not realizing the limitations of a budget means the couple will have to change their vision and settle on features they might not want. “If you go into looking for venues or looking at photographers or any of that kind of stuff before you know what you’re actually working with, you’re setting yourself up for a lot of disappointment,” Jokilehto-Schigel says.

Visit the venue It’s feasible to plan an entire wedding remotely but Jokilehto-Schigel recommends being there in person as much as possible.






PLANNING It’s so important to stay true to your own style. That is the most important thing because we can all look at these things now and say it’s so beautiful … but we all know that 10 years from now we’re going to be like, ‘Can you believe that in 2017 we thought this was so amazing?’ – Gina Jokilehto-Schigel, owner and creative director, Shi Shi Events Boutique Wedding Planning and Design

Lauren Gabrielle Photography / Shi Shi Events Boutique Wedding Planning and Design

“I think a lot of time, people want to do a lot of things remotely – that’s just sort of the nature of our society now,” she says. “But whenever possible, I think it’s really important to be able to physically visit the venue.” Jokilehto-Schigel adds that couples should pay attention on the drive to the venue to learn what guests would experience. She also recommends noting whether there are nearby hotels for out-oftown guests and places to eat should they choose to stay multiple days.

Make it your own Trends come and go, so both Singerman and Jokilehto-Schigel recommend against couples using something they saw at another wedding in their own wedding.

“I think it’s important not to get stuck in past trends,” Singerman says. “You can make your wedding what you want it to be. You don’t have to make it cookie cutter, you don’t have to do what other people do – you can make it your own.” Staying on trend can also lead to regret later when the couple looks back on their wedding day. “It’s so important to stay true to your own style,” Jokilehto-Schigel says. “That is the most important thing because we can all look at these things now and say it’s so beautiful … but we all know that 10 years from now we’re going to be like, ‘Can you believe that in 2017 we thought this was so amazing?’” But getting off trend doesn’t mean forgetting tradition. “I think it’s always a wonderful thing to bring in traditions, whether they’re religious traditions or family tradition,” Singerman says. “Sometimes I’ll have a bride use a piece of lace and incorporate it into something she’s wearing, or perhaps her bouquet, and it’s to have maybe that person who’s missing with them.”

Don’t sweat small things As the big day closes in, not everything is going to perfectly fall into place. But Singerman says couples shouldn’t worry about anything the day of the wedding other than enjoying the wedding. “If something goes wrong and it’s not earth-shattering, let it go,” she says. “Don’t fixate on one little thing that maybe wasn’t how you wanted it because in the whole realm of life, that one little thing probably isn’t that important.” If the couple didn’t hire a wedding planner from Day One, Singerman recommends hiring one for the day of the wedding so the couple can stay relaxed. “If there’s an issue or something that needs to be dealt with (on the) day of the wedding, I think about that,” she says. “Enjoy the moment and let me handle the day.” jsw Publisher’s note: Kim Singerman is the wife of Paul Singerman, president of the CJN Foundation board of directors.

If something goes wrong and it’s not earth-shattering, let it go,” she says. “Don’t fixate on one little thing that maybe wasn’t how you wanted it because in the whole realm of life, that one little thing probably isn’t that important. – Kim Singerman, owner, Noteworthy Events

New Image Photography / Noteworthy Events


Jstyle Weddings 2017

Randy Fenoli Bridal

Exclusive to Matina’s Bridal In Cleveland

Lara by Randy Fenoli Bridal

Alicia by Randy Fenoli Bridal

If you love Randy on cable TV’s “Say YES to the Dress”, you’re going to LOVE his new line of designer wedding gowns.

Located inside Eton on Chagrin Blvd in Woodmere, Ohio

Trunk Show October 26th – 29th By Appointment Only 216-464-1288 or



Too Much Awesomeness

Rachel Nachman & Seth Weinstein November 21, 2015 Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Center | Cleveland Ages: 27 and 28 Residence: South Euclid Synagogue: The Temple-Tifereth Israel


Jstyle Weddings 2017

There were two best moments: Celebrating with our friends and family, and then everybody knows I’m a huge Geraci’s pizza fan. I had Geraci’s deliver late-night food, which was a hit and everybody loved! – Seth



Planning • Engagement: Dec. 13, 2014 • Wedding colors: White, black, gold • Reception site: Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Center • Photographer: Too Much Awesomeness • Videographer: Z Media • Officiant: Rabbi Rosette Barron Haim, The Temple-Tifereth Israel • Dress: Alyne by Rivini Store from All Brides Beautiful • Makeup & Hair: Lisa Adams Makeup • Wedding rings: Bride: Robert & Gabriel Jewelers (custom); Groom: David Yurman from Nordstrom • Jewelry & veil: Sara Gabriel from All Brides Beautiful • Shoes: Kate Spade • Bridesmaids dresses: Jenny Yoo from Nordstrom • Groom’s formalwear: Hart Schaffner Marx from Nordstrom • Groomsmen: Men’s Wearhouse • Bouquet/Flowers: Blooms by Plantscaping • Cake: Wild Flour Bakery • Catering: Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Center • Invitations: Invitations & Calligraphy by Sally Bram • Music/entertainment: Cleveland Music Group/The Element • Accommodations: Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Center • Registries: Arte Italica, Crate and Barrel, Bed Bath & Beyond • Honeymoon: Mediterranean cruise • Nightcap: We had Geraci’s pizza for late-night food!


Jstyle Weddings 2017

70TH Anniver

sa r y


R MANTIC WEDD NGS HAPPEN HERE. Glidden House AT UNIVERSITY CIRCLE 1901 Ford Drive, Cleveland, OH 44106 216-231-8900 |

Your wedding venue should be as timeless as the institution of marriage itself. Steeped in historic opulence, Stan Hywet provides an unparalleled, picturesque backdrop for your special day.

330.836.5533 714 N. Portage Path Akron, OH 44303

Custom designed in the USA by renowned designer, Vanni Wang. Specializing in custom bridal, mother-of-bride, and cocktail dresses. Make your appointment to schedule a complimentary designer consultation for your dream dress or suit. 27600 Chagrin Blvd, Woodmere, OH 44122 For Appointment 440-815-1860 20

Jstyle Weddings 2017

FASHION 22 Forest fairy tale Woodland surroundings can provide a picturesque backdrop

26 Mod museum Sleek, modern environs can make your big day a masterpiece 30 Rustic romance A rural setting can add countryside charm to your wedding

Jstyle Weddings 2017



Forest Fairy taLe

Forest fairy tale Whether you’re walking down the aisle or simply celebrating under the stars, towering evergreens can serve as a dramatic backdrop on your special day. Choose a gown with lace or satin sleeves for a classic look fitting for the forest or don a fashion-forward faux fur cape for some added warmth. Dress your maids in flowy, floor-length frocks colored in cranberry or mulled wine and accessorize with some subtle shimmer. Set the scene with twinkle lights, candles, and natural elements reflective of the season. With greenery as this year’s biggest trend, you can’t go wrong sending your nuptials back to nature. By Julia Brown

Mystic Image Productions

Fiona Clair Photography

“Palmere” (with detachable train) by Ida Torez from Valentino’s Bridal & Tailoring in Twinsburg

Mystic Image Productions


Jstyle Weddings 2017



Clockwise, from top left: Contemporary diamond engagement ring and garnetwithin-diamonds halo pendant, both from Robert & Gabriel Jewelers in Lyndhurst; Silk flower hair pick by Lori London, Style 2600 by Tara Keely and custom vintage gown, all from All Brides Beautiful in Hudson


Jstyle Weddings 2017




MOD MUSEUM Bon Appetit Management Company / Cleveland Museum of Art

Mod museum

Forge your future together surrounded by masterpieces and marble at a modern museum. Select a gown with a sleek silhouette with subtle to no embellishments for a timeless bridal look. Dress your maids in cranberry or navy for a dramatic contrast and accessorize with silver and occasional pops of color. To set the scene, choose sparkling chandeliers, floral centerpieces, and atmospheric lighting for an overall memorable mood. Don’t forget to request some photos amid the gilded frames to truly make your nuptials a work of art. By Julia Brown

Clockwise, from top right: Brooch by Cheryl King Couture and “Hampton” by Nicole Miller, both from All Brides Beautiful; Cameo pin (estate piece) and diamond halo engagement ring, both from Robert & Gabriel Jewelers; and “Gala” by Modern Trousseau Couture Bridal Collection from All Brides Beautiful


Jstyle Weddings 2017

For those who appreciate the kind of hospitality that embraces even the simplest of details, Driftwood Catering offers our guests a wide variety of event scheduling for weddings or rehearsal dinners. We pride ourselves on developing CUSTOM and UNIQUE events for weddings large or intimate, and are a Preferred Caterer to Cleveland’s most popular venues. For more information, please call (440) 567-2386

27840 Aurora Rd | Solon OH 44139

Image courtesy of



Clockwise, from top left: “Smoke Jax” tuxedos by GiNovia from Rondinelli Tuxedo Company in Youngstown; Gown by Jana Ann Couture from Brides by Maria in Akron; Diamond and sapphire ring and strands of pearls, both from Robert & Gabriel Jewelers; and “Kendra” by Modern Trousseau Couture Bridal Collection from All Brides Beautiful


Jstyle Weddings 2017


• custom rentals • styling/design



for 30 full bottles or 60 half bottles of any of our varieties in inventory

for events + film • home staging • room rental

sometimes you just

want furniture and decor that is

awesome … 216 . 2 3 9 .17 8 9 h e l l o @ b o r r ow r e n t a l s . c o m w w w. b o r r ow r e n t a l s . c o m

Add some CLE to your wedding day with a custom batch of wine! Not only is this a beautiful & affordable favor for your wedding guests, but bottling and labeling the wine yourself is also a fun bridal party activity! 2180B Lee Rd, Cleveland, Ohio (216) 417-8313 •

Jstyle Weddings 2017




Rustic romance

A barn is the perfect setting for an indoor/outdoor wedding. Say “I do” under the wooden rafters in a romantic gown with a sweetheart bodice and chiffon A-line skirt. Dress your maids in hues like burnt orange or sienna and accessorize with floral accents and heirloom crystals. Set the scene with wooden crates, mason jars, burlap and twine, and other charming DIY details like sparklers and paper lanterns for the picture perfect day. By Julia Brown

Clockwise, from top right: “Tigerlilly” by Modern Trousseau, hair clip and hair pick by Haute Bride, and Style 5874 by Liancarlo, all from All Brides Beautiful


Jstyle Weddings 2017

NEW Center Wedding Ad.pdf



1:23 PM

the Ordinary ...AND DESIGN YOUR DREAM WEDDING. With our team of experienced event planners at The NEW Center, your wedding day will be unique, elegant and your guests will be impressed with the attention to detail this venue has t


Perfect Girl, Perfect Ring, Perfect Jeweler!

Located near Akron just outside of Kent, The NEW Center features ballrooms that seat up to 500 guests, beautiful C

cocktail reception spaces, hospitality suites and gorgeous scenic backdrops.




Let us help you create an unforgettable event. Call today to schedule your tour at 330.325.6173!

Ark Jewelers





2002 Warrensville Center Rd, South Euclid Ohio 44121

216.371.6699 4211 SR 44 | Rootstown, OH 44272 330.325.6173 |


Since 1981 Expert Repairs on Premises Custom Designs our Specialty Les Keller, GIA Graduate Jstyle Weddings 2017




Clockwise, from top left: Custom peek lapel suit by Ticknors Bespoke (groom) and suits by Giorgio Fiorelli (groomsmen), all from Ticknors Men’s Clothier in Beachwood; Rose gold bridal trio and three-stone diamond ring, both from Robert & Gabriel Jewelers; and “Lauren” by Crystal Design from Valentino’s Bridal & Tailoring

Mystic Image Productions


Jstyle Weddings 2017

Mystic Image Productions

Your Smile is Your Best Accessory. Let us Help You Get Your Dream Smile With Invisalign. Let Weiss & Tor Orthodontics, an Elite Provider of Invisalign, best accessory... your smile! show you how you can enhance your be Call today to set up a FREE con consultation and digital scan! • Orthodontic Specialist • Treati Treating Both Children & Adults • 34 Years Y Experience • No Goopy Impressions! • Elite Invisalign® Provider • Flexi Flexible Financing Options

Dr.r.r Ira I Weiss

Dr. Shira Tor

Diplomate, American Board of Orthodontics

Orange Village 216.292.6340 Middleburg Hts. 440.885.1980

Weddings • Mitzvahs • Anniversaries • Showers • Graduations • Birthdays • And More!

It’s Not Just a Cake ... It’s a Sensation!

Jstyle Weddings 2017









Weddings by Piccolo

RSVP to JSW The Cleveland Jewish News

Fashion. Trends. Love.

Fashion. Trends. Love.

Spring/Summer 2017 Fall/Winter 2017

Jstyle Weddings Fall/Winter 2017

jstyle Weddings Spring/Summer 

Plan your dream wedding with advice, ideas and insight from area experts – and take a look at three Jewish ceremonies with Cleveland connections

For intimate affairs, Piccolo Italian Restaurant (Mayfield) and Cafe Piccolo (Avon) available for event space rental. Also, Catering at Noah's Event Venue (Mentor) or any venue of your choice. Piccolo Wedding Menu Packages, or personal catering consultation, Call: Kristin Augusta, Catering & Private Events (440) 502-0644

CLE Music Group 216-986-1808


Inspirational ideas, expert advice and the hottest wedding trends in Northeast Ohio – and a look at four recent Jewish ceremonies with Cleveland connections

Are you a Jewish newlywed who’s interested in having your wedding featured in a 2018 issue of Jstyle Weddings?

Then let us know! Jewish couples living in Northeast Ohio who were married in 2017 are invited to submit. To have your wedding considered, visit and provide a few details about your big day.





PHOTOBOOTHS We’ve got the dance floor covered!

Photo by Imagen Photography 36

Jstyle Weddings 2017

38 Lovely locks Learn what looks are trending from stylists 42 Getting dolled up Looking natural is naturally what’s in right now


Jstyle Weddings 2017




Lovely locks

Redken / Lavish Color Salon

By Becky Raspe For a bride, having her hair perfect on the big day is almost as important as having the dress. If one ringlet is out of place, it could be a major problem. Luckily, the stylists at Lavish Color Salon in Warrensville Heights and Lotus Blossom Salon in Lyndhurst have products that will keep styling in place for the whole day.

Tracey Watts-Cirino / Lavish Color Salon

Pureology / Lavish Color Salon

There is a combination of things going on for hairstyles. The glamorous bohemian style is trending. Brides are adding embellishments or adornments in the hair with intricate braids. It’s very romantic and beautiful. – Tracey-Watts Cirino, owner, Lavish Color Salon


Jstyle Weddings 2017

My favorite is Pureology Color Stylist Strengthening Control. I love this spray because it has a non-dulling finish. It keeps the style well without building up. What’s cool about this is that everything in this line has antifade complexes. So, in your photos, it keeps the color and style that the stylist worked on – no matter how you’re going to wear your hair. – Tracey Watts-Cirino, owner, Lavish Color Salon


& elegant The elegance of Severance Hall provides the perfect location for your wedding reception, ceremony, rehearsal dinner, or photographs, with rooms to accommodate all sizes of groups. Located in the heart of University Circle, the ambiance of one of Cleveland’s most outstanding architectural

Premium dates still available! Call the Manager of Facility Sales at 216-231-7421 or email

landmarks will provide you and your guests with an event to be remembered fondly for years to come. Marigold’s professional staff and culinary expertise provide the worldclass cuisine and impeccable service to make your wedding extraordinary.

Your moment... Your story...

Your venue (440) 646-1777

Jstyle Weddings 2017



HAIR Styles are really loose and romantic with lots of braids. Not your old-school French braids though – it’s fish tails and lobster tails that are pulled apart and pinned so they look really soft. – Kim Lane, owner, Lotus Blossom Salon

Kim Lane / Lotus Blossom Salon

Kim Lane / Lotus Blossom Salon Eufora Style / Lotus Blossom Salon

Our go-to brand is Eufora. There is the Full Effect, which is really great for setting the hair. The Full Effect can be used with a flat iron without burning the hair. After you style it, you can use Tame, which is an antifrizz spray to keep everything down. – Kim Lane, owner, Lotus Blossom Salon


Jstyle Weddings 2017

L'chaim! We toast to a sweet and kosher simcha.

YIDDISHE CUP KLEZMER BAND American and Jewish music samples on website

Come to Unger's for your custom designed wedding cakes and desserts. We also carry the largest selection of kosher wines at the lowest prices in town.


216 / 932-3586

1831 SOUTH TAYLOR ROAD OPEN DAILY AND SUNDAYS P: 216-321-7176 F: 216-321-0777


LaCentre, Premier Wedding Venue…is an absolute must see when you are planning your big day!

Beautiful wedding reception and banquet rooms for intimate celebrations and for up to 650 guests. Bridal room, on-site planners, exquisite menu, and ample parking. Weddings | Receptions | Rehearsal Dinners 440.250.2000 | 25777 Detroit Road, Westlake, Ohio 44145 |

Jstyle Weddings 2017




Getting dolled up

Jane Iredale Cosmetics / Dino Palmieri Salon and Spa

By Becky Raspe A natural, dewy and clean makeup look will never go out of style for brides. The goal is to be fresh and youthful with a glow-from-within touch. The artists at European Wax Center and Dino Palmieri Salon and Spa, both in Woodmere, have the products and know-how to help brides achieve just that.

Everything is really ‘glowy’ and dewy right now. Highlighting is really big right now and can help achieve that look. – Gabby Direnzo, stylist, Dino Palmieri Salon and Spa Jane Iredale Cosmetics / Dino Palmieri Salon and Spa

You want to look youthful, natural and flushed on the wedding day. Bright pops of pinks and blush tones are really popular as well in order to achieve a flushed look. – Gabby Direnzo, stylist, Dino Palmieri Salon and Spa European Wax Center

The (Oh My Brow!) highlighter would be indicative with many of the current highlighting trends, which would go right above and below the arch of the brow. – Heather Rapovy, manager, European Wax Center 42

Jstyle Weddings 2017

You can use the brow liner to fill in your brows to look picture perfect. Combing through can help with the stray hairs. – Glenna Fix, owner, European Wax Center

onal us at 8.


Plan your next celebration here! For information, contact the Special Events & Catering Team or 330.908.7618

VEGAS EXPERIENCE. OHIO ADDRESS. 10777 Northfield Road | Northfield, Ohio 44067 | 330.908.7602 | For free, confidential help 24/7, call the Ohio Problem Gambling Helpline at 1.800.589.9966.

Wedding Registry Special Gifts to Celebrate the Traditions in Your Lives

La Bella Vita at Eton Chagrin Blvd. is the specialist in finer judaica for your home, gifts and bridal registry. Inside the mall at Eton. 216 292-3000/

Jstyle Weddings 2017




Genevieve Nisly Photography

Elissa Goffman & Bradley Stern September 4, 2016 Intercontinental Hotel | Cleveland Ages: 30 and 35 Residence: New York City (Manhattan) Synagogue: Park Synagogue (former)


Jstyle Weddings 2017

Besides having all of our friends and family from all over the world coming to celebrate with us, for us, the best part of our wedding was being able to put our own personal touch on every part of the day. It was important to us to incorporate traditional and modern practices from both Cleveland and South African Jewish culture. From the more traditional pre-ceremony rituals such as the tisch and the bedeken to the more modern and lively hora, we wanted the day to truly reflect who we are as a couple. The mixing of traditional and modern was really cool, and we believe it spoke to all of our guests in a different and personal way, which made it extra special for us. The ruach throughout the entire evening was absolutely incredible. – Elissa

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Elissa & BRaDlEY

Planning • Engagement: Sept. 26, 2015 • Wedding colors: White, creams, golds • Reception site: Intercontinental Hotel • Photographer: Genevieve Nisly Photography • Videographer: Saturn Entertainment • Consultant: Always Eventful/Tricia Devers • Officiant: Rabbi Joshua Skoff, Park Synagogue • Dress: Lihi Hod Bridal from Gabriella New York Bridal Salon • Hair: Studio MZ/Missy Giuffrida, Amy James, Andrea Baxter • Makeup: Tim Susi, Shawn Guyuron, Monica A. Cambareri • Wedding rings: Norman Landsberg • Jewelry: Earrings from Alson Jewelers, bracelets were family heirlooms • Veil: Sara Gabriel • Shoes: Badgley Mischka • Bridesmaids dresses: All wore their own black gowns • Groom’s formalwear: Hugo Boss • Groomsmen: All wore their own black tuxedo • Bouquet/Flowers: Pieter Bouterse Studio • Cake: Wild Flour Bakery • Catering: Intercontinental Hotel • Invitations: Hope Fromson Invitations • Music/entertainment: Arlen Music Productions/Indigo; Mary Beth Ions, violinist • Accommodations: Intercontinental Hotel • Registries: Bloomingdale’s, Crate and Barrel, Peter Danford Inc. • Honeymoon: Amalfi Coast, Rome, Tuscany and Florence, all in Italy, and Paris, France

Perfect Cake…Perfect Day

Don’t Don’t wear Don’twear wearanother anotherguy’s guy’s jacket jacket on day. ononyour your yourmost most important important day. Custom cakes made from scratch, with the freshest ingredients. Lucy’s Sweet Surrender Café Bakery

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The Capital Grille Wedding Club! Every couple that hosts an engagement party, rehearsal dinner or wedding reception with us is a member for life. Come spend your anniversary with us, every year, and enjoy dinner, compliments of our Executive Chef Partner.

Please call 216-382-5083 to make your Wedding Club reservation!

FOOD 50 Piece of cake Satisfy guests’ collective sweet tooth with a scrumptious cake 56 Nuptial nosh Comfort food and locally sourced fare are catering trends 58 Fine wines A wider variety of kosher wines is increasingly accessible

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Piece of cake Marc & Tony Photography / Becker’s Donuts and Bakery

Culinary Occasions

Just like bride and grooms, wedding cakes are all uniquely different – and newlyweds are increasingly choosing their cakes in a way that better expresses who they are as partners. From buttercream patterns that match the bride’s gown to glitzy monogram toppers or untraditional cake choices, the options are many – and the experts at Becker’s Donuts and Bakery in Fairview Park, Culinary Occasions in South Euclid and White Flower Cake Shoppe in Beachwood are willing to indulge couples’ creativity. By Sydney Friedman


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Culinary Occasions

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ooking to book that wedding, special event or corporate function? Call Consider It Done Events, we offer a one hour complimentary consultation. We can navigate through your ideas and visions and talk about how Consider It Done Events can make your next event a success.

Consider It Done Events Phone: 216.926.2897 216.926.2897

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Call: 440-799-8345 21720 Lorain Road Fairview Park, Ohio 44126

Acacia Reservation • 26899 Cedar Rd. 216.342.4767• We also cater at Pine Ridge Country Club and Manakiki Golf Club Kosher available through Davis Catering

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Culinary Occasions

Don’t be afraid to be unique and different with your cake. Have fun and experiment with color and flavor and trust the professional. Be open to the cake designer’s suggestions. – Marianne Carroll, co-owner and chef, White Flower Cake Shoppe

White Flower Cake Shoppe

(Shabby-style) cakes are not quite as perfect and sculptural, (and) piping is a little more funky to make a rough ruffled look. If you love it, go with it. – Bob Sferra, owner and chef, Culinary Occasions

Culinary Occasions


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White Flower Cake Shoppe

Dance and dine among the classic cars in the Crawford Rotunda, recite your vows in the picturesque Hanna Garden, host your cocktail hour in the historic Hay-McKinney Mansion or create memories on the beautiful Euclid Beach Park Grand Carousel. Make your wedding timeless at the Cleveland History Center.

Dance and dine among the classic cars in the Crawford Rotunda, Bring in this ad and receive recite your vows in the picturesque Hanna Garden, host your $100or offcreate your rental! cocktail hour in the historic Hay-McKinney Mansion memories Mansion or create memories on the beautiful Euclid Beach Park Grand Carousel. Sales Manager, Jackie Nachman

Make your wedding timeless at the Cleveland History Center. 216-721-5722 x1405 Bring in this ad and receive $100 off your rental!

Sales Manager, Jackie Nachman 216-721-5722 x1405




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CAKE The rustic look is still going very strong. Decorations of burlap and chalkboard around the reception lend themselves to pair with wedding cakes that feature simple “lined” textures or a swirly, stucco texture. Also “naked” cakes are extremely popular. These cakes are torted and filled but then only given a very thin swipe of frosting so that you can see the actual layers of cake, unlike a traditionally frosted cake. Fresh flowers are a beautiful luxury item that enhances these simple rustic-style cakes. – Sue Becker, co-owner and chef, Becker’s Donuts and Bakery Culinary Occasions

Marc & Tony Photography / Becker’s Donuts and Bakery

Marc & Tony Photography / Becker’s Donuts and Bakery


Culinary Occasions

Luna makes your party sparkle. All of our cakes and pastries are baked from scratch using the finest, freshest, all natural ingredients.

............... 2482 Fairmount Blvd. Cleve Hts, OH • 44106 216 . 2 31. 8 5 8 5

@lunacakeshop @lunabakerycafe

Getting married? Try our two private lesson special for $49. Having a personalized dance to your favorite song?


A Dance to Remember

440.543.1559 chagrin falls

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Nuptial nosh After the bride and groom have said “I do” and the bridal party has been introduced, it’s time for one of the most important parts of a wedding reception: the food. In Northeast Ohio, couples have catering options beyond just grilled chicken and steamed veggies. Catering experts from Bonnie Davis Catering in Warrensville Heights, Granite City Food and Brewery in Lyndhurst and Driftwood Catering in Solon share what they’re noticing at weddings around the region.

Jay Kossman Photography / Driftwood Catering Certified angus beef meatball Making the Moment Photography / Driftwood Catering

By Ed Carroll

There’s always that trend for local, that’s always been a really big thing … that everybody is looking to bring everything closer, make everything local. So that’s always exciting, depending on the season, when we can partner with local farms, whatever the case may be. But local has always been a big thing … and that trend is continuing. – Alison Parks, president, Driftwood Catering Sweet corn and poblano empanada

In the last few years, I have done more and more things on sticks and skewers. I do more things on skewers, like little salads on skewers … foods they can eat while standing and socializing. – Bonnie Davis, owner, Bonnie Davis Catering

Granite City Food and Brewery

I have noticed that people are more on a casual-comfort level right now, presentation has fallen to the wayside, people are more casual. … Since I’ve been here, the common preference is for buffet, so we kind of steer (couples) to foods that hold up well on the buffet. – Tanya Sims, event manager, Granite City Food and Brewery

Smoked beef short rib (truffle porcini demi-glazed applewood smoked beef short rib served atop a classic ratatouille of eggplant, squash, zucchini and peppers)


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Michael C. Butz / Unger’s Kosher Market

Fine wines

In recent years, kosher wines have grown in popularity – and availability in Northeast Ohio. With more variety from which to choose, brides and grooms are sure to find something to their liking for their wedding, and guests interested in giving the gift of wine have plenty of options. Purveyors of kosher wine at Unger’s Kosher Market in Cleveland Heights and Giant Eagle Market District Solon – as well as local kosher wine connoisseur Andrew Zashin – share their favorites and recommendations. By Roman Macharoni


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There’s been a change where a lot of premium Israeli wines – such as Barkan or ones from the Golan Heights Winery – are becoming mevushal (pasteurized), which is easier for them to be served at kosher weddings with kosher catering companies. Now there’s a choice for people who want to be kosher and have a quality Israeli wine. – Andrew Zashin, attorney and wine collector Michael C. Butz / Unger’s Kosher Market

Michael C. Butz / Unger’s Kosher Market

When a customer asks me what I recommend for a wine, there are a few wines that satisfy a lot of palates. That’s what my goal is – to have one wine for the table. White Zinfandel is one I recommend. It’s dry yet very mild, very mellow. It satisfies even sweet wine drinkers. I call it the Goldilocks of wine, it’s not too sweet and not too dry. – Pinky Rosenberg, owner, Unger’s Kosher Market

Giant Eagle Market District Solon

It tends to be the sweet stuff – that’s what tends to dominate. ... Back in the day, the only game in town was Mogen David and Manischewitz, but within the last two or three years, there is starting to become a proliferation of well-made kosher wines that are not on the sweet side, and it took a while to make its way out there. – Zach Gladden, wine steward, Giant Eagle Market District Solon

Michael C. Butz / Unger’s Kosher Market


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BCR Studios

Robyn Silver & Aaron Feldman September 4, 2016 Anshe Chesed Fairmount Temple | Beachwood Ages: 26 and 27 Residence: Atlanta Synagogue: Anshe Chesed Fairmount Temple (former) 62

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The best moment of our wedding was our ketubah signing ceremony. I loved this moment because in an instant we went from preparing and planning, and then in the next second it was all happening! The day we had been dreaming of and waiting for was here. This was it! We immediately felt an overwhelming wave of joy and love from our family and friends who participated in the ketubah ceremony. That wonderful feeling continued to grow and grow throughout the entire evening. – Robyn



Planning • Engagement: Nov. 14, 2015 • Wedding colors: Navy, silver • Reception site: Anshe Chesed Fairmount Temple • Photographer: BCR Studios/ Brad Ronevich • Videographer: Peter Barlow • Consultant: GS Special Events/Ginny Sukenik • Officiant: Rabbi Robert A. Nosanchuk • Dress: Victoria Nicole from Brides by the Falls • Hair: Studio MZ/Ashleigh Henning • Makeup: Lauren Morton • Wedding rings: D. Geller & Sons Jewelers • Jewelry: Diamond earrings from bride’s grandmother • Veil: Jennifer Leigh from Brides by the Falls • Shoes: Badgley Mischka • Bridesmaids dresses: David’s Bridal • Groom’s formalwear: Ticknors Men’s Clothier • Groomsmen: Vera Wang from Men’s Wearhouse • Bouquet/Flowers: Plantscaping by Blooms • Cake: Contempo Cuisine • Catering: L’echaim Kosher Caterers, a subdivision of Executive Caterers • Invitations & thank-you notes: Hope Fromson Invitations • Music/entertainment: Shout! Show Band; Marshall Griffith (music during ceremony) • Rentals: Anshe Chesed Fairmount Temple • Accommodations: Hyatt Place Cleveland/Lyndhurst/ Legacy Village, Homewood Suites By Hilton Cleveland – Beachwood • Registries: Bloomingdale’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon • Honeymoon: Positano, Italy


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Lynch Design

DETAILS 66 Lovely locations Find the right venue to host your big day

68 Picture perfect Capture the moments you want to last for a lifetime 70 Love in bloom Flowers that can infuse weddings with romance

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Genevieve Nisly Photography / The Cleveland Museum of Art and Bon Appetit Management Company

Lovely locations By Ed Carroll Finding the perfect person to marry is the hard part of planning a wedding. The easy part of planning a wedding? Finding the perfect venue to host your special day. Event planning experts at The Kimpton Schofield Hotel in Cleveland, LaCentre Conference and Banquet Facility in Westlake, The Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland and the Cleveland Museum of Art share what they’re seeing when couples have their wedding receptions.

(Couples) want a space that they can make their own, and I think our space is almost a blank slate: a lot of neutral colors in it, a lot of natural light, you get an outdoor feel but it’s completely enclosed and you don’t have to be concerned with how the weather is. … It’s all temperature-controlled, it’s all enclosed and you have a large space to work with. – Elizabeth Atchley Coughlin, social catering sales manager, Bon Appetit Management Company, exclusive caterer for The Cleveland Museum of Art


The No. 1 request that we get right now, which seems to be a trend, is people want a white dance floor. It looks different, it’s pretty. I wonder if it’s due to the increase in dance shows or the couples practicing a coordinated dance or the father-daughter coordinated dance. – Sarah Zoker, general manager, LaCentre Conference and Banquet Facility 66

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The Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland

We have more of a niche market for banquets and weddings; upscale, a lot of attentiveness … a smaller attendee count, more of an intimate setting. As opposed to larger venues, (where) a smaller group can sometimes get lost in the shuffle with another event with 500 people next door to them, in our case, (the smaller group) is the main group for the night. – Jeff Andrews, director of sales and marketing, The Kimpton Schofield Hotel The Kimpton Schofield Hotel

(Couples who come to us) definitely want a good party. They want everything the hotel has to offer in terms of exquisite food preparations and presentations, they want to incorporate wonderful sound – I think it’s more about a total experience than a trend. … Trends come and go, but the memory and experience the hotel is going to put forth will always be there. – David Rabinsky, director of social catering, The Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland

The Kimpton Schofield Hotel

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Picture perfect By Alyssa Schmitt After the cake is cut, the flowers are wilted and the reception is over, only the photos of a couple’s wedding day remain. Finding the right photographer to capture those fleeting moments is important, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Local photographers at Bustafeltz Design in Shaker Heights, Kim Ponsky Photography in Woodmere and NeVer-Not-Working in Broadview Heights offer advice on how couples can get photos that will last a lifetime.

Kim Ponsky Photography

Kim Ponsky Photography

Kim Ponsky Photography


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I think the biggest (mistake) I see is people just hiring who someone else hired without doing their own research, their own due diligence. Same reason you wouldn’t necessarily buy the same dress that your friend wore – just simply going on who your friend used doesn’t mean that it’s the right fit for you. – Kim Ponsky, owner, Kim Ponsky Photography

When you’re picking a photographer, one of the first things you should know is that you get what you pay for. A lot of people try to save money on photography – they try to get their friend who has a nice camera or they look for the bargain person online, like in a Craigslist ad – and they end up with pictures they’re not happy with because they paid $50 or $100 for seven hours of coverage. You don’t get someone who really knows what they’re doing. – Audrey Busta-Peck, owner, Bustafeltz Design

Bustafeltz Design

(Allow) your photographer to have some creative freedom because you want to hire someone who has kind of a vision as well – because if they don’t, then you’re going to have to micromanage your entire situation with your photographer. – Howard Washington, owner, NeVer-Not-Working NeVer-Not-Working NeVer-Not-Working


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Love in bloom By Becky Raspe It’s hard to imagine a wedding without flowers. From the bouquet to centerpieces and other luxurious accents, they infuse a room with romance and serve to symbolize the blossoming love between newlyweds. Floral experts at Lynch Design in Beachwood, Pieter Bouterse Studio in Warrensville Heights and Tokar Event Design in Cleveland share what trends they’re seeing. Lynch Design

Lauren Gabrielle Photography / Lynch Design

Lynch Design


Jstyle Weddings 2017

Instead of having couples spend a lot and going crazy on a cocktail table or dinner table, we’re suggesting brides to do something at the entrance like a statement piece. We’re also seeing a lot of candle light that creates a cool ambiance. – William Lynch, Lynch Design

New Image Photography


Custom floral designs for weddings and events | | 216-381-8050 Follow us on Facebook and Pinterest @pfdesignsfloral New Image Photography



Steven Mastrioanni Photography / Pieter Bouterse Studio The Image is Found / Tokar Event Design

For the color palette, brides like to live within the romantic realm in the shades of white that follow the edge of the flame – like ambers, soft pinks and tans. At the same time, some brides want to have minor hues and shades of lavenders and blues. – Pieter Bouterse, owner, Pieter Bouterse Studio Scott Shaw Photography / Pieter Bouterse Studio

We use a lot of romantic flowers, like gardenia. We also like to use stephanotis. Brides are getting more into looser and cascading bouquets. These collections are gardenias, tulips and peonies. – Stephen Tokar, owner, Tokar Event Design New Image Photography / Tokar Event Design


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Steven Mastrioanni Photography / Pieter Bouterse Studio



New Image Photography


The hora was incredible. It went for 45 minutes and we had a unicycle! We had schtick at the end of the hora where our friends brought in props. One friend brought his unicycle, and his friends brought caution tape and safety vests. They made an aisle with the caution tape right in front of us, and he rode his unicycle right up and down the aisle. It was so much fun! – Becky & Erin

Erin Rocchio & Becky Schur

Erin and Becky were married July 2, 2017, at Anshe Chesed Fairmount Temple in Beachwood, where Cantor Sarah Sager, of Fairmount Temple, and Rabbi Shulamit Izen officiated. Their reception was held at Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Center, where they celebrated their big day with friends and family. Today, Erin, 33, and Becky, 29, live in Lyndhurst and are affiliated with both Beth El-The Heights Synagogue in Cleveland Heights and Agudath B’nai Israel in Lorain.


Jstyle Weddings 2017

Jstyle Weddings 2017


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Jstyle Weddings Fall/Winter 2017  

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