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AUGUST 25, 2017





AUGUST 25, 2017


Marsh to be next AO Dental Fraternity international president BECKY RASPE | SPECIAL SECTIONS STAFF REPORTER @BeckyRaspeCJN braspe@cjn.org |


r. Steve Marsh will become the international president of Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity in 2018, marking the first person from the Cleveland chapter to lead the organization in 13 years. The fraternity has 105 chapters in the United States. Marsh, who is a member of Anshe Marsh Chesed Fairmount Temple in Beachwood, is a legacy member of the fraternity, as his father was also an Alpha Omega member and a dentist for 50 years. The Cleveland Jewish News talked with him about the organization he’ll soon lead. CJN: What does Alpha Omega do? Marsh: Our mission is hard to sum up – we call ourselves a fraternity, but there are also many women within our ranks. (Alpha Omega) was founded in

the early 1900s because, at that time, Jewish students weren’t allowed in dental schools because of quotas. It was created to fight discrimination – and this is our 110th anniversary. It’s a professional organization that does good things, as well as continuing education for our members. I call it sort of a Jewish dental community, and it’s all about engagement. One of the key things that we have is our symbol, which is a triangle with our values on the sides and Judaic values at the bottom. One side is professionalism and the other is fraternalism, which are both important. We also have a project called the Holocaust survivor program, where we care for those individuals for little to no cost. My brother, who is a cardiologist, would come to our events and would say there is no other fraternity like this. We’ve become one big huge family throughout the world. CJN: Why did you become involved?

Marsh: I’m a legacy AO member. My father, Sam Marsh, was a dentist for 50 years in Cleveland and he was also the local president of the Cleveland AO chapter. (Alpha Omega) was a huge part of his life. They’d have monthly meetings, share ideas and thoughts on how they take care of patients. He loved these friendships that he made and he could go anywhere in the world and see people he knew. It’s a great way to bring family and friends together. It was one more place in this world where we felt a sense of community. In terms of me becoming president, we’ve had a number of leadership group seminars over the years. I’ve met the most outstanding people here. It’s meant a lot to me and one of the things my parents have always talked about was giving back to the community. It was one more place that I could give back, and I love the Jewish theme throughout. Part of it too was to show our kids that we’re living in a greater community. It combines the things I love most in my life – family, Judaism and dentistry. This is a way for me to continue my dad’s legacy. I want to guarantee this

group is around for many years to come. CJN: What do you hope to do with your presidency? Marsh: Like every nonprofit, finances are always something that is a big piece. Can we keep doing the things we want to do? We also want to continue to support our dental schools, The Hebrew University founded by Alpha Omega, and Hadassah School of Dental Medicine. They almost closed five years ago due to lack of funds and we created a letter writing campaign to save them. CJN: How do you think the presidency will change your life? Marsh: In terms of my personal life, I will certainly travel quite a bit. We expect to visit chapters abroad like Paris, London, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. I’ve already traveled to Atlanta, Los Angeles, Columbus and Chicago.

To read the complete interview, visit bit.ly/2xq0lRw

Unable to work in Israel, Brazilian health professionals demand work permits JTA JERUSALEM – A group of Brazilian immigrants that have been unable to work in their professions in the health field in Israel demanded work permits during a Knesset session. Representatives of the Israeli ministries of health, absorption and education, as well as the Jewish Agency for Israel, recently heard claims from dentists, psychologists, physiotherapists, phonologists and other professionals who have been waiting for more than a year in some cases without an answer about validating their diplomas obtained in Brazil. “The ministries must give clearer messages to olim so that they can get more appropriately prepared to make aliyah,” said Israeli lawmaker Avraham Neguise of the Likud party. “Brazilian aliyah is very important, and we want to do our utmost to make it easier for Brazilians to enter the job market in their professions.” Neguise, who was born in Ethiopia and immigrated to Israel in 1985, is chairman of the Knesset’s Committee for Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs. “The idea is to take concrete steps, make them really assess the current situation, case by case, and

start to have victories by achieving successful cases in diploma validation,” said Michel Abadi, president of the Beit Brasil organization. Brazilian universities offer a four-year curriculum for dentists, whereas Israeli programs are five years. The difference of up to 800 hours of studies is seen to be the biggest challenge. “Most Brazilian dentists have a post-graduation degree, which adds another 800 hours to their resume. Plus, they commonly work as interns in extremely poor communities, which gives them a unique practice that also can be added to their experience,” said Brazilian-born attorney Osheria Stauber Franjovits. “We want to help the Ministry of Health establish a detailed comparison, a mathematical equivalence, each and every subject and material matters.” According to the Jewish Agency, immigration to Israel from Brazil has grown in recent years. In 2016, nearly 700 Brazilians immigrated to Israel, a 350 percent increase over the annual average since the State of Israel was founded in 1948. In 2015, the number was 500. In 2014, 280 immigrants from Brazil arrived in Israel. “Difficulties in integration, whether social or professional, are generally country-specific, and Brazilians are no exception,” said Yigal Palmor,

director of public affairs and communications for the Jewish Agency. “I would say that Brazilians generally enjoy a very positive collective image among Israelis, with practically no negative stereotypes, and this should make their absorption a bit easier than some other groups of olim.” In early 2016, a new Israeli law exempted all foreignborn dentists who can prove five years of practice. Several Brazilians who have applied under the law were told they would be evaluated by a professional commission, but after seven months they have not received any feedback. “The issue has become a phenomenon. It’s not an individual problem, no one has received any answer at all,” said Frajnovits, whose legal work specializes in revalidating diplomas for Brazilian immigrants. “We believe it is a maneuver to put off the topic to avoid saying yes. Senior professionals with a 15-year career have been treated the same way as those with six years or less. Today, no one can work.” Some 13,000 Brazilians live in Israel, according to the Brazilian Embassy in Tel Aviv. Brazil is home to some 120,000 Jews, according to the Latin American Jewish Congress.


AUGUST 25, 2017


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Parents should be diligent when teaching children oral hygiene BECKY RASPE | SPECIAL SECTIONS STAFF REPORTER @BeckyRaspeCJN braspe@cjn.org |


ccording to experts, parents should stress the importance of oral health and dental hygiene to their children at an early age. Dr. Dina Fixler Brainard Medical Building • 29001 Cedar Road ● Suite 320 of University Lyndhurst ● 440-461-7115 • ralphmondoradds.com Heights Dental in South Euclid; Karen Winkler, dental hygienist at Whole Life Dentistry in Lyndhurst; and Fixler Dr. Brad Hylan of PHILIP D. BOMELI, DDS, MS 6370 SOM CENTER RD., In addition to traditional metal braces, Hylan Dental Care of SUITE 101 in SOLON Aurora in Aurora, all we have clear ceramic PHILIP D. BOMELI, DDS, MS In addition to traditional metal braces, said it’s crucial for braces and Invisalign® treatment available. 6370 SOM CENTER RD., we have clear ceramic braces and parents to practice SUITE 101 in SOLON CallMS 440.349.5885 today to see how we can help ® good oral health with Invisalign PHILIP D. BOMELI, DDS, In addition to traditional metal braces, PHILIP D. BOMELI,Examination DDS, MS In addition to traditional metal braces, their children when create the beautiful smile you deserve 6370 SOM RD.,and 6370 SOM CENTER RD., CENTERwe and ceramic braces and webraces have clear SUITE 101 in SOLONhave clear ceramic Consultation SUITE 101 in SOLON they are young. ® treatmentInvisalign available.® treatment available. Invisalignwww.solonorthodontics.com “What we Call 440.349.5885 today recommend is wiping out a baby’s to see how we can help Hylan mouth with a clean create the beautiful smile washcloth and you deserve! parents can start www.solonorthodontics.com wiping the tongue and gums as well,” Winkler said. “This encourages and gets the child used to having someone’s hand in their mouth. Winkler Then, parents should begin brushing when the first tooth erupts.” Winkler said when parents make this into a routine, the child would more likely pick up on the importance of keeping their mouth clean. “Children follow the example of their parents and if the parents have good oral health habits, the children will want to do the same thing,” she said. “If it’s made fun, kids are pretty easy. They’ll be into it.” Fixler said even though a child could be taught to brush, toothpaste shouldn’t be used until a child knows how to spit and rinse. Parents can work to make the

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AUGUST 25, 2017

experience fun by giving their child a toothbrush with a character they like on it or even giving them a toothpaste flavor that tastes good, Fixler said. “Involve them in it so they feel like it’s an important practice,” she said. “Explain to them that our teeth are so important because without them, you can’t chew or smile. Our overall health ties into oral health too.” The three professionals said parents should give children less juice, milk and sugary drinks. “Parents don’t realize that milk and juices are loaded with sugars,” Fixler said. “It’s also the amount of time that they are given it. It’s much worse when they are sipping the drink all day long instead of drinking it in one fell swoop. When sipping these drinks, children tend to have dental problems later in life as opposed to those who drank the drink in one go. “I also think that young kids need to stop drinking from a bottle and transition to a cup as soon as possible. Prolonged contact with milk to the teeth can cause decay. Never put a baby to bed with a bottle of milk.” In terms of food, Hylan said, “Fruit is better than fruit snacks. The more processed a food is, the worse it is for the teeth. I think the most critical thing is their diet. When kids are eating all kinds of junk, it doesn’t matter what they do to take care of their teeth. They need to start learning maintenance right away.” There are many oral health strategies parents can teach children and Fixler said they are all important. “Flossing is very important as well as brushing because a lot of the cavities that kids get are between the teeth,” she said. “Parents should help them floss until the child gets the dexterity to floss on their own. An overnight fluoride rinse would help prevent cavities as well.”



AUGUST 25, 2017

Technology Makes the Difference! before


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AUGUST 25, 2017

Adult braces can prevent jaw problems later in life BECKY RASPE | SPECIAL SECTIONS STAFF REPORTER @BeckyRaspeCJN braspe@cjn.org |


hen someone thinks of braces, they often picture a child or a preteen with a mouth full of metal. Many parents decide to get children braces for different reasons – whether it’s aesthetic, or to correct alignment before problems can occur or worsen. According to Dr. Paul Mikhli of Beachwood Dental in Beachwood, and Dr. Eric Lawrence of Eric Lawrence DDS in Lyndhurst, adults shouldn’t disregard braces. By ignoring any social stigma they may have about adult braces, both dentists said many people could benefit from the corrective work braces do – no matter the age. “With adults, aesthetics is important, but what is also very important is function,” Lawrence said. “It’s more so a struggle with gum disease and with teeth that aren’t straight, you have a lot of nooks and crannies that things can get into. You want to make sure (adults) can keep their teeth for the rest of their

life, and when they are straight, they can keep some of the things that attack the gums (away).” Lawrence said another reason why adults should consider braces is it could help with chewing. When teeth are lined up, the access of chewing is distributed evenly through the jaw. But when they are crooked, those crooked teeth are jiggled and, in turn, can loosen the bone. “That’s the main reason adults loose teeth,” he said. “When a bite is good, it puts minimal force on the jaw joints. But when it’s off, it puts almost 600 pounds onto the jaw joints. With adults, we basically try and treat for improved function. When you get teeth where they are supposed to go, it helps everything. There are no reasons why adults shouldn’t (get braces).” Mikhli said the health benefits of adult braces are many, but he focused more so on the aesthetic benefits. “It’s important to have a nice smile for work, and we take a lot of

selfies,” he said. “It’s the first thing we focus on because it’s static. We make assumptions of people and if they don’t have a nice smile, a lot of people begin to wonder what else could be ‘wrong’ with them.” Lawrence and Mikhli said individuals would benefit from braces when they are younger because the jaw can be shaped easier, but adults shouldn’t avoid them because they think they are too old. “It’s always easier when you’re younger because the face is growing and you’re able to move the teeth and develop the jaw easier,” Lawrence said. “In adults, there is more of a chance for teeth to want to spring back and pull back into their original directions. Sometimes, you have to compromise and take out a tooth if need be.” Both dentists said adults have options with braces, including traditional wire braces, which many avoid because of so-called social stigmas. “There are not just brackets and liners, there are also clear retainers available like Invisalign,” Mikhli said.



“It’s a great way to straighten teeth without the wire. Also, with the clear retainer, (people) notice they don’t nosh as much if they have something they have to take out and then brush afterward. When you have brackets, you’re eating whenever, but you have to be more conscious of what you’re eating.” Mikhli said, “People think it’s weird to get braces when they are adults, but now it’s more common. It’s a year to have straight teeth for the rest of your life. It’s a worthwhile investment.”

Dr. Steven Marsh • www.ClevelandSmiles.com A leader in Cosmetic, Restorative, and General Dentistry

Golden Opportunities host Laurie Steiner with Dr. Steven Marsh

For over 35 years, the practice of Dr. Steven Marsh has improved the smiles of people in the greater Cleveland area. From cosmetic imaging to porcelain veneers and crowns, Dr. Marsh has built a reputation for comprehensive care and stellar results, some of which are featured on NBC/WKYC’s “Golden Opportunities,” Sundays at 11:30a.m.

Dr. Marsh, a 2nd generation member of Alpha Omega International Dental Fraternity, will be installed in December 2017 as International President at their Annual Meeting in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. He is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and is a fellow of the International Academy for Dental Facial Esthetics. Dr. Marsh also belongs to the Greater Cleveland, Ohio, and American Dental Associations. He is repeatedly cited as one of “Americas Top Dentists,” “The Best Dentists in America,” as well as Cleveland Magazine’s “Top Dentists.” While mentoring aspiring dentists and dental students, he also contributed to “Barron’s Guide to the DAT” (Dental Aptitude Test) which focuses on the future of dentistry. Most importantly, he and his team have won the Angie’s List Super Service Award in Dentistry in each of the last six years.

2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

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Keeping mouth healthy also keeps body healthy BECKY RASPE | SPECIAL SECTIONS STAFF REPORTER @BeckyRaspeCJN braspe@cjn.org |


hen brushing teeth, one might overlook the benefits it can have for the entire body. Two area dentists said the health of a person’s mouth is directly related to overall health and if they don’t take care of their teeth, other health issues may arise. Dr. Rick Rzepka Heimke of Rick Rzpeka and Associates with offices in Lyndhurst and Cleveland, and Dr. John Heimke, president and owner of The Facial Aesthetic Designers with offices in Rocky River and Sandusky, said when people Rzepka don’t take proper care of their mouth, they can see by first glance. “Dental health, believe it or not, is connected to everything in the body,” Heimke said. “The mouth is the entry point (to the body). If you have poor dental health, that can affect all of the organ systems. There have been studies where poor dental health makes Alzheimer’s disease worse, (causes) heart disease or even problems with the liver and kidneys. And if you have gum disease and don’t notice it right away, it can take a toll on your body later.” Rzepka said people should think about the effects oral health has on the heart. “Dental hygiene, not only is it how you look or smell, has a direct correlation to your heart,” he said. “There are findings that the bacteria of the mouth, when a person has any kind of heart disease, that bacteria has come from the mouth. It’s also a standard routine for a surgeon to tell their patient to have their mouth examined before an operation like open-heart surgery or knee surgery. If there are any infections, they need to get that infection eradicated before they go into surgery so they don’t cause complications.” Heimke and Rzepka said as people


AUGUST 25, 2017

get older and require more medication, dry mouth becomes a concern. “The salvia is very important, as it keeps your mouth lubricated, but it also has antibodies that can fight the bugs that can come into your body,” Heimke said. “As people get older, their medications can lead to dry mouth and that can cause root cavities. It’s hard to eat food in a dry environment, and imagine if that was all the time. Then, the bacterium that is in the mouth would attack the teeth very rapidly, which would, in turn, cause decay.” Rzepka suggested those suffering from dry mouth could chew sugar-free gum after eating to stimulate saliva. He also said plaque is a huge factor in oral and bodily health because it can build up even when one doesn’t eat. “It’s a build-up of bacteria,” he said. “When it comes to cavities, it’s an ‘us vs. them’ situation, them being the bacteria. We need to keep bacteria under control as much as possible – the bottom line is that you have to brush every day, twice a day.” Heimke said, “Plaque causes chronic inflammation, not just inflammation in the gums and teeth. It can cause cavities and it also tears up the gums – it definitely correlates to heart disease as well. Any chronic diseases of getting older, definitely if you have poor health, the plaque plays a significant role.” Rzepka said when it comes to keeping up with oral maintenance, toothpaste that has lots of active ingredients could do more harm than good. “Stay away from toothpaste that is loaded with chemicals, the ones that say they can do everything,” he said. “Some people even have a reaction to their toothpaste, where the tissue almost begins to slough off and that can happen when the toothpaste is too aggressive.” Heimke and Rzpeka said if people keep up with regular maintenance like brushing and flossing paired with regular dental visits, their oral health should be fine and in turn, their body shouldn’t suffer.

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AUGUST 25, 2017

Dental lab co-owner fills nationwide cavity after leaving corporate job BECKY RASPE | SPECIAL SECTIONS STAFF REPORTER @BeckyRaspeCJN braspe@cjn.org |


van Jaffe said that when his father, Dr. Sam Jaffe, approached him in 2010 with the idea to open a dental laboratory, he was working as a manager at the insurance company New York Life, and had no experience in the dental industry. Now, seven years later, the company, Mabel Dental Lab, serves offices Jaffe nationwide. “(My father) was having trouble finding a lab that gave him consistent quality and


competitive pricing for the 15 offices that he managed,” Jaffe said. “He came to me and asked if I wanted to start a dental lab with him and I said sure. I left my corporate job and went to a lab in New York and they trained me in all things dental. I came back, and then we started here.” Mabel Dental Lab, which is located in Akron, is a full-service dental laboratory that creates everything from dentures to partials, as well as items like retainers. “Everything that a dentist needs for their patients that they do themselves, they send to us to complete,” Jaffe said. He said what makes Mabel Dental Lab unique is many labs are run by

businessmen, but Mabel is run by his father, who is a dentist, and himself. Their collaboration gives them a unique perspective on how to run the laboratory, he said. “It’s a perfect blend as it’s someone who has been in the dental world and a professional,” he said. Jaffe also said he heard about Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity and wanted to become involved because of his Jewish heritage. It has a program where they provide dental work for Holocaust survivors and Mabel Dental Lab now supplies crowns for the program. “For us, a lot of people including myself

didn’t really know what a dental lab did and how important it is,” he said. “It’s really interesting to find out that a dental lab actually does a lot of different things. Technology has made things easier as well and that has allowed an office in Arizona to send us work almost overnight. “We’re behind the scene and we don’t really get to see the patients, but we take the philosophy that everything we do in the lab, it’s for our own family. We take pride in hearing the success stories. They make our job so much more rewarding.”

CJN.ORG @CleveJN @CleveJN @CleveJN @CleveJN

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AUGUST 25, 2017

Sleep disordered breathing – is it affecting you? MARGARET RICHARDS FRANKEL


o you commonly feel tired during the day? Do you snore? Do you have symptoms such as: • Headaches • Acid reflux disease, also known as GERD • TMJ (jaw joint) pain • Depression and anxiety If so, you may want to consider being screened for sleep-disordered breathing. Sleep-disordered breathing is a condition in which breathing is restricted during sleep, thus lowering oxygen levels in the body and placing stress on the cardiovascular system. Obstructive sleep apnea is a disease that falls within the larger category of sleep disordered breathing. Estimates are 20 percent of U.S. adults suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, yet 90 percent of those people remain undiagnosed. Treatments for obstructive sleep apnea are available, and working closely with a physician and specially trained dentist to find the best option for patients is imperative. Sleep dentistry is a growing field and comprehensive dentists now understand how to treat symptoms and repair the damage to the oral cavity caused by sleep apnea. Along with the diseases listed above, sleep-disordered breathing is associated with nighttime grinding of one’s teeth. Dentists term this grinding and clenching as sleep bruxism, which can cause permanent damage to tooth structure and weaken teeth. In adults, snoring is associated with sleep apnea. In children, snoring, along with sleep bruxism and tooth wear, is

a clinical marker for pediatric sleep disordered breathing. Children who snore at night, are restless sleepers, or exhibit signs of attention deficit disorder and should be Richards Frankel evaluated by a welltrained dentist and pediatrician, and a sleep study should be considered. In both children and adults, breathing through one’s nose during the day and night is critical to one’s health. When a person is unable, he or she compensates by breathing through the mouth. Mouth breathing places strain on the body, including the oral cavity. Dentists can see signs of mouth breathing in both children and adults, and intervention to correct it is important in restoring a patient’s health. Worn, chipped, yellowed and sensitive teeth may indicate an underlying issue. Sleep-disordered breathing, such as sleep apnea, may be contributing. A comprehensive and thorough dental evaluation can help determine what is causing teeth to break down.

Dr. Margaret Richards Frankel’s family dental practice, Richards Frankel Dentistry, is in Lyndhurst. Content provided by our advertising partner

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ALPHA OMEGA “The Voice of Jewish Dentistry for over 100 years” Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity and its members have supported the Cleveland Jewish community through it’s dental services and philanthropic efforts. AO members strive to provide the highest quality dental care and continue to support the ideals of global oral health, dental education and Judaism in Cleveland and around the world. The spirit of Tikkun Olam is alive and well in Alpha Omega and its members. Dr. Gerald B. Adelstein Dr. Rick Adelstein Dr. Scott L. Alperin Dr. Richard S. Arnstine Dr. Murray J. Berkowitz Dr. Jeffrey Berlin Dr. Lawrence E. Brown Dr. Sharon G. Citron Dr. Bradley Cohn Dr. Dina Fixler Dr. Lawrence S. Frankel Dr. Margaret Frankel Dr. Eric Fried Dr. Stan Friedman Dr. Stephanie Gans Dr. Felix Gen Dr. Jerold S. Goldberg Dr. Bruce R. Golovan Dr. Gary M. Golovan Dr. Norman Golovan Dr. Mark Gorman Dr. Michael Hauser Dr. Roger Hess Dr. Bradley W. Hylan Dr. Howard Y. Karfeld Dr. Natasha Katsman

Dr. Steven Katz Dr. Howard E. Kossoff Dr. Sylvia Malcmacher Kramer Dr. Larry P. Kravitz Dr. Mark Kriwinsky Dr. Gerald Lander Dr. Eric S. Lawrence Dr. Kenneth H. Lawrence Dr. Barry Lazar Dr. Tamara Lempel Dr. Ira G. Levinsky Dr. Fredrick A. Lurie Dr. Steven P. Marsh Dr. Stanley T. Meckler Dr. Philip L. Michaelson Dr. Paul Mikhli Dr. Shreya Modi Dr. Gary D. Myers Dr. Jeffrey J. Orchen Dr. Stephan H. Parker Dr. Konstantin Pavolotsky Dr. Jay C. Resnick Dr. Gary E. Resnik Dr. Alan M. Robbins Dr. William M. Rose

Dr. Fredrick Rosenberg Dr. Jeffrey S. Rosenthal Dr. Sasha Ross Dr. Lawrence Rossoff Dr. Egon Safar Dr. Daniel Schwartz Dr. Michael R. Stein Dr. Gary A. Steinberger Dr. Cheryl R. Stern Dr. Michael D. Stern Dr. Jason Streem Dr. Mindy Streem Dr. Richard T. Streem Dr. Rebecca Swertloff Dr. Evan D. Tetelman Dr. Shira Tor Dr. Gary Truxton Dr. Jason Warn Dr. Gerald M. Waxman Dr. David Weidenthal Dr. Lee R. Weisberg Dr. Ira H. Weiss Dr. David M. Willen Dr. Howard S. Willen Dr. Jeffrey A Young


AUGUST 25, 2017


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echnology is everywhere and has enhanced our lives in many ways. The dental office is no different. The modern dental office of today is a far cry from the place you knew growing up. Technology has helped make the dentist more comfortable, more precise, healthier and less time consuming. Mikhli Most offices already have adopted computer systems for scheduling and billing. This can include automated call or text reminders so you don’t miss your visit. At the office, many doctors are utilizing digital X-rays, which use minimal amounts of radiation and can be enlarged and enhanced on the computer screen for a better image that the patient and doctor both can see. Some offices use lasers to detect cavities and lasers can even be used to gently and painlessly cut gums and teeth. The most recent advances in technology, though, have come in

computer-assisted design and computerassisted manufacturing and 3D imaging. Today it is possible to take a 3D X-ray (cone beam CT) in conjunction with an optical intra oral scan (yes, no more goopy impressions) and virtually plan a crown and implant with exact precision never before achievable. Bone volume can be assessed. The nerve, sinus and blood vessels can all be mapped out and avoided. And all this is done on a computer before you show up for implant placement. Once the implant size and position are chosen, a surgical guide can be milled or printed. This surgical guide can make what was once a one- to two-hour implant surgery and cut down the time to 15 to 30 minutes. A crown, now instead of being sent to a lab and take two weeks to make is now made within an hour. The future of dentistry is here. Gone are the days that the dentist wasn’t something to look forward to. Now a quick, easy and comfortable visit is only a call or click away.

Dr. Paul Mikhli is owner of Beachwood Dental in Beachwood. Content provided by our advertising partner

Blue Card receives JFNA grant of $120,000 to help Holocaust survivors JTA


group that provides assistance to Holocaust survivors in the United States has received a $120,000 grant from the Jewish Federations of North America. The Blue Card announced it was selected to receive the grant for its PCTI Training for Healthcare Professionals, which educates dental and medical providers on identifying and treating the unique needs of Holocaust survivors. Through face-to-face workshops, webinars and follow-up teleconferencing sessions, The Blue Card will work with dentists who are part of the Alpha Omega International dental fraternity and physicians and nurses in New York City who serve large numbers of Holocaust survivors, the group said in its announcement. “For many Holocaust survivors, the prospect of being institutionalized or

facing an extended hospital stay means that even a routine visit to a dentist or doctor can cause the trauma they experienced in childhood to be relived,” said Masha Pearl, executive director of The Blue Card. “We hope this effort helps to educate health care providers to recognize the specialized needs of survivors, so they can help this dwindling population live their remaining years in dignity.” Overall, Jewish federations through its Center for Advancing Holocaust Survivor Care will distribute $2.8 million in grants to 34 organizations in 18 states, which when combined with matching funds required by the grant will provide over $4.6 million in funding for new programming for Holocaust survivors. Founded in Germany in 1934, and re-established in the United States in 1939, The Blue Card has distributed nearly $30 million to Holocaust survivors.



AUGUST 25, 2017

Kentucky dentist says he was fired for criticizing Medicaid plan ADAM BEAM | ASSOCIATED PRESS FRANKFORT, Ky. – A former public health dentist at the University of Kentucky claimed in a lawsuit he was fired for publicly criticizing Republican Gov. Matt Bevin’s plan to overhaul the state’s Medicaid program. Raynor Mullins was a faculty member at the university’s college of dentistry. He lost his job June 30 after more than 40 years with the university. In a federal lawsuit filed recently, Mullins claimed two top university officials and an unknown member of Bevin’s administration conspired to punish him for publicly criticizing the governor’s Medicaid plan. He wants financial compensation for losing his job and to punish the university and Bevin’s office for harming his reputation. “What I experienced has no place in our state or our land-grant university,” Mullins said. “The need now is to inject transparency and the rays of bright sunlight on what occurred.” A spokeswoman for the University of Kentucky declined to comment. Bevin spokeswoman Amanda Stamper said neither the governor nor anyone else in his office knows Mullins. However, she said, “We doubt it’s a coincidence” that Mullins and his attorney Joe Childers

have donated to the campaigns of Bevin’s political rivals: former Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear and his son, Democratic Attorney General Andy Beshear. Childers declined to respond to Stamper’s comments. Kentucky is one of 31 states that chose to expand its Medicaid program under the federal Affordable Care Act. The expansion allowed more than 440,000 people to get health coverage, dramatically reducing the state’s uninsured population. But the number of people added to the rolls far exceeded initial projections, with the state’s costs expected to rise by about $300 million beginning in January. Last year, Bevin asked federal permission to change the state’s Medicaid program. The proposal would eliminate routine dental and vision benefits for the expanded Medicaid population. But it would let people earn those benefits back through a rewards program by doing things like volunteering, undergoing a health assessment and getting a job. Mullins and four other “senior dental scientists” filed written comments criticizing Bevin’s proposal as adding “additional jeopardy to the already poor oral health and general health metrics of the Kentucky population.” The comments also were signed by two other University of Kentucky employees. Childers said both

told him it was a bad strategy to anger the governor and cautioned him that, as a state employee, “we all work for the governor” while “threateningly” telling Mullins that Bevin was his boss. Mullins got a letter in January telling him his appointment would not be renewed, with his last day being June 30. The letter said college officials were unhappy with his lack of effort in securing grants and other funding for his position. Mullins said he has a long track record of securing funding for the college.

of them were tenured, making it difficult for the university to punish them. One has since left the university, Childers said. The lawsuit names Mark Birdwhistell, the vice president for administrative and external affairs at UK HealthCare, and Stephanos Kyrkanides, dean of the college of dentistry. Bevin appointed Birdwhistell as a senior adviser to help write the Medicaid proposal. Mullins said Birdwhistell was acting on behalf of the Bevin administration when he directed Kyrkanides to “chill and silence” Mullins. Mullins said Kyrkanides

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Argentinian-Israeli doctor honored for treating Syrian war victims JTA BUENOS AIRES – An ArgentineanIsraeli doctor was honored at the Buenos Aires city parliament as an “outstanding personality in the human rights field” for assisting victims of the Syrian civil war. Dr. Alejandro Roisentul, who has lived in Israel for the last 28 years, received the kudos recently for his part in bringing Syrian patients to Ziv Medical Center in Safed, Israel. “Syrian injured people, even children, who came to the border of Israel by foot, in very bad condition. The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) brought them to our hospital and we the Israeli doctors, helped them, cured them. They looked at us as the enemy but after being taken care of in Israel they changed their views. I hope that these small steps also can help toward peace,” Roisentul told Argentinean media. Roisentul was born in Buenos Aires in 1964 and graduated as a dentist from the University of Buenos Aires in 1986. Three years later he moved to Israel and joined the IDF. Currently, he is head of the maxillofacial surgery unit of Ziv Medical Center, a hospital in Safed, in northern

Israel, about 40 miles from the Syrian border. The ceremony was attended by parliamentarians, the country’s human rights secretary and the Israeli ambassador. The official website of the Buenos Aires parliament describes Roisentul as “an Israeli that heals and saves lives of Syrians who do not know their neighbors or have a distorted view (of them).” Roisentul told local media that seven Syrians were treated at Ziv in 2013 and “more than 1,500 Syrian have been treated for free since then just in our hospital. I have received people with serious injuries to their head and mouth, most of them can’t talk or eat correctly, and they return to Syria with a smile on their face. We also help them with clothes and sometimes they live for months in the hospital … people without place to go.” Roisentul also gave a lecture to the Maxillofacial Argentinean Society, held private meetings with Argentinean professors of medicine and meetings in Jewish institutions. In October, he will be recognized by the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.

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AUGUST 25, 2017


Jewish teen targets oral disease, provides soap in Third World ABIGAIL PICKUS | JTA


ydney Kamen always has been concerned with helping others. In 2004, when genocide was raging in the Darfur region of Sudan, Kamen’s mother announced that instead of Chanukah gifts that year, Kamen and her sister should research and select a charity to support. At Jewish religious school on Sundays, Kamen went on service trips to soup kitchens and spent time at a women’s shelter in downtown Washington, D.C. Her first experience with aid work in a developing country was when she was 15 and fought to participate in a 10-week relief mission to Haiti for dentists and oral surgeons. She was hardly deterred by the fact that she wasn’t a dentist – or a grownup. In Haiti, Kamen traveled around the country in blistering heat helping set up clinics offering oral care. Adults with severe abscesses came, bringing children whose teeth were damaged from eating flour mixed with soil because they could not afford to buy

food. “That kind of exposure was eye opening to me,” Kamen said. Nevertheless, Kamen was surprised to learn on a service trip to Thailand how something as basic as soap and water is a luxury for many – one they can ill afford to forego. “Over 1.8 million children die every year from diarrhea, but this is something that can be prevented with hand-washing,” Kamen said. “Handwashing with soap can cut Ebola in half.” Then Kamen had an idea: What if luxury hotels donated their unused soap? By the time she returned to Thailand and Myanmar the following summer, Kamen had come up with a fully developed idea for a project that would not just deliver soap to those who needed it, but also help local women spread the message about the importance of soap in maintaining health – and pay them in the process. Kamen spent time in Asia laying the groundwork. She arranged for the

soap’s delivery, trained women and girls to recycle and remake the soap, taught them about sanitation and health, and paid them to share their knowledge in their home communities. Armed with soap they could sell, the program also offered an opportunity to earn a living. Four years on, the project, which Kamen dubbed SOAP – So Others Are Protected – now has 13 hotel suppliers and 14 community partners in countries such as India, Myanmar and Kenya, and has produced and distributed over 50,000 bars of recycled soap. SOAP became its own nonprofit in 2014, when Kamen was a high school junior. This summer, Kamen was named one of 15 recipients of the Diller Teen Tikkun Olam Awards, a prize from the Helen Diller Family Foundation that awards $36,000 each to up to 15 Jewish teens across the country for their work repairing the world. Now 20 and a junior at Dartmouth College in Hanover, N.H., Kamen speaks with the experience of a seasoned agent of social change. “We view soap as a cost-effective

and urgently needed public health intervention in our partner communities, and not as a novelty for international distribution and consumption,” Kamen said. “The biggest thing for me is sustainability and self-empowerment.” Kamen is also a U.S. Army ROTC cadet. She has received widespread recognition for her work, including the President’s Volunteer Service Award. “It’s a lot to try to juggle running this organization full-time while being in school,” she said. “It’s very easy to get frustrated and struggle with the balance. I’m still a 20-year-old girl who wants to go for a hike. This kind of validation is encouraging and reminds me what a wonderful thing it is to be recognized and supported.” Ultimately, Kamen said SOAP offers a straightforward solution to a problem that, though simple, has devastating consequences. “It’s not a special vaccine or surgeons to do cleft palate repairs,” she said. “It’s something as simple as a small glob of antibacterial glycerin.”

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