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Contents 目錄 Series 關心青少年系列 Caring for Youth Series


認識東亞及東南亞系列 Understanding East and South East Asia Series


認識亞洲系列 Understanding Asia Series


外語會話系列 Trilingual Phrase Guide Series


中國文化中心講座系列 Lecture Series of Chinese Civilisation Centre


New and Forthcoming China’s Hong Kong Transformed: Retrospect and Prospects Beyond the First Decade


Macroeconomic Linkages between Hong Kong and Mainland China


Development Trends in Building Services Engineering


Research in Scientific Feng Shui and the Built Environment


Anti-tax Avoidance in Hong Kong—Law and Practices












Language, Evolution and the Brain


A Practical Guide to a Task-based Curriculum— Planning, Grammar Teaching and Assessment






International Journal of Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning 國際持續教育及終身學習期刊




Business and Law


Education and Social Work




Science and Social Sciences




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The mission of the City University of Hong Kong Press is to seek out and extend the intellectual resources of the University and other academic communities by publishing and distributing works of scholarship. Since mid-1997 when we brought out the first book, we have published over a hundred volumes in English, Chinese as well as bilingual formats. The titles cover a wide range of fields in the humanities, business, law, social sciences, science and technology.

香港城市大學出版社致力為大學及各地學術 團體推動學術出版,普及學問與知識。本社 自1997年中出版第一本書以來,迄今已陸續 出版英文、中文及中英雙語對照之出版物百 餘種,範圍涵蓋文、理、工、社科、商及法 政等方面。

To acquire our publications, local individual customers and institutions may fill out the order form at the back of this catalogue and mail it to us direct, or you may purchase via major local bookstores. For overseas customers and institutions, please place orders to us direct.

本地讀者及機構如欲訂購本社出版物,可填 妥背頁之訂購單,或到各大書店選購;海外 讀者及機構則可直接向本社洽購。

E-mail : Website : Telephone : (852) 3442 6818 Fax : (852) 2779 3071 Address : City University of Hong Kong Press City University of Hong Kong Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong

電郵 : 網址 : 電話 : (852) 3442 6818 傳真 : (852) 2779 3071 郵寄地址 : 香港九龍達之路 香港城市大學出版社

This cover photo, originally taken for our book Macroeconomic Linkages between Hong Kong and Mainland China published in 2008, shows the Hong Kong–Shenzhen Western Corridor opened in July 2007 to boost inland transportation between Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Photo courtesy of Highways Department, HKSAR, with kind assistance of the Transport and Housing Bureau, HKSAR.

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關心青少年系列 Caring for Youth Series

Series Editor: LO Tit Wing Professor, Department of Applied Social Studies, City University of Hong Kong Youth is a time of life for the search of self-identity and personal values, and for the development of potential and social responsibility and commitment. In Hong Kong, while young people have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits and increased prosperity of society, many of them are weaker than their previous generations in handling emotion and solving problems. Youth cannot be considered in isolation. Their lives are in constant interaction with various institutional systems that make up their world. Family, school, peers, employment and technological advancement all shape the development of young people. In particular, the technology, media and telecommunications systems have made a great impact on modern life. This “Caring for Youth Series” has incorporated various research interests within a holistic and systems perspective, with the assumption that issues confronting youth are interactional in nature. Based on this perspective, this series will include several core areas of research that can facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration, including: Child and Adolescent Development; Family and Peer Groups; Learning and Career; Social Interaction and Identity; Virtual Communication; E-consumers’ Behaviour; Popular and Youth Culture; Deviance and Delinquency; Political Participation and Youth Leadership; Youth Justice System; Youth Policy and Services, etc.

Editorial Advisory Committee Professor Malcolm PAYNE De Montfort University, United Kingdom Professor Michael UNGAR Dalhousie University, Canada Professor Patrick LEUNG University of Houston, USA Professor Howard CHENG Hong Kong Polytechnic University Dr. Francis LEE The University of Hong Kong Dr. Dennis WONG City University of Hong Kong Professor John ERNI Lingnan University


Dr. Gabrielle MAXWELL Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand Dr. Wing Hong CHUI University of Queensland, Australia Dr. Alfred CHOI Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Professor Ngai Ngan PUN The Chinese University of Hong Kong Dr. Elaine AU City University of Hong Kong Dr. Christopher CHENG City University of Hong Kong

Youth Empowerment and Volunteerism— Principles, Policies and Practices

Edited by: Elaine S. C. LIU Associate Professor, Department of Applied Social Studies, City University of Hong Kong Michael J. HOLOSKO Professor, School of Social Work, University of Georgia Tit Wing LO Professor, Department of Applied Social Studies, City University of Hong Kong ISBN: 978-962-937-137-1∣344 pages; 152 x 229 mm∣paperback: HK$180∣January 2009

Written by a team of experts on issues about youth, the book presents the various theories, models, paradigms and concepts related to youth empowerment and volunteerism. Showcasing selected examples in countries around the world, the book also shows how different cultures infuse their own history, language, laws, policies, demographics, and socio-political infrastructures in facilitating youth empowerment and volunteerism. Readers will appreciate through this book the synergistic, energising, and dynamic relationship between those who hold social resources for youth, those who initiate and coordinate youth programmes, and the youth themselves who participated in such projects.


Youth and Consumption Culture Kara CHAN Professor, Department of Communication Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University ISBN: 978-962-937-152-4∣300 pages; 152 x 229 mm∣paperback: HK$180∣July 2009

Materialism among the younger generation has become a hot topic among parents, educators, marketers and policy makers. This book explores how the young people in Hong Kong interact with various consumer socializing agents, including parents, peers, media celebrities, media contents and advertisements in the market place. Readers will get an idea of how young people associate possessions of branded goods with happiness, friendship and personality traits.


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SERIES 最新 出版

做個A+青少年 —積極心理學必修的 8 堂課 Be an All-round Youth—Positive Psychology in Eight Lessons (in Chinese) 岳曉東 香港城市大學應用社會科學系副教授 ISBN: 978-962-937-149-4∣320 頁,152 x 229 毫米∣平裝:HK$120∣2008年7月

國際心理學界近年興起了一個新思潮—積極心理學(Positive Psychology),目的就是研究人類積極的心理 品質及發掘人的潛在力量,強調心理學不應僅在心理治療層面上發揮作用,更應培養人積極面對人生的能力, 尋找快樂泉源。本書是一本兼顧理論與實踐的參考書,作者嘗試以輕鬆的筆觸,深入淺出為青少年的生命注入 活力,書中特別提出一個「快樂公式」,值得讀者細閱。

盜與罪 —青少年犯罪預防理論與對策

最新 出版

Theft and Delinquency—Juvenile Crime Prevention Theories and Practices (in Chinese) 李紫媚 香港城市大學應用社會科學系講師 ISBN: 978-962-937-150-0∣248 頁,152 x 229 毫米∣平裝:HK$120∣2008年6月

偷竊容或始於一時的貪念,但徒有貪念動機,不足以令個人走上犯罪之路。偷竊行動本身是一項經過考慮的 「理性」行為,期間可經驗高達15個「抉擇點」,青少年並非不能自主。本書作者透過與30位青少年偷竊者進 行訪談,並以問卷方式向200位同類對象成功收集資料,深入剖析青少年面對犯罪誘惑時,在何種情況之下會 繼續或放棄偷竊行動,從而制定相應的預防對策。 最新 出版

違規路段 —高危青少年服務理論與實踐

Theories and Practical Ideas of Integrated Services for At-risk Youth (in Chinese) 香港遊樂場協會 ISBN: 978-962-937-151-7∣240 頁,152 x 229 毫米∣平裝:HK$120∣2008年7月

本書結集二十多位香港遊樂場協會資深社工多年來的前線工作經驗,分別探討暴力、離家出走、愛情、吸毒、 輟學、黑社會活動等青少年面對的問題,目的是整理與青少年違規、犯罪行為相關的理論與經驗,期望深入了 解高危青少年的需要。

追星與粉絲 —青少年偶像崇拜探析

My Favorite Idols • Your Die-hard Fans—The Study of Adolescent Idol Worship (in Chinese) 岳曉東 香港城市大學應用社會科學系副教授 ISBN: 978-962-937-134-0∣288 頁,152 x 229 毫米∣平裝:HK$120∣2007年7月

作者從心理學及多個層面探討少年偶像崇拜的心理,分析偶像的特質。過分甚至盲目的崇拜偶像行徑會對青少 年造成不少負面影響,但作為一種特殊的心理行為,「成年人」與其從道德規範的角度來看待,倒不如通過偶 像認知榜樣化,引導青少年理智、客觀、實事求是地看待偶像,從中發掘自己潛藏的質素。

解構青少年犯罪及對策 —香港、新加坡和上海的經驗 Explaining and Fighting Youth Crime—The Experiences in Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai (in Chinese)

盧鐵榮 香港城市大學應用社會科學系教授 蔡紹基 新加坡南洋理工大學傳播與信息學院 蘇頌興 世紀出版集團上海人民出版社副總編輯 ISBN: 978-962-937-121-0∣ISBN-10: 962-937-121-9∣296 頁,152 x 229 毫米∣平裝:HK$120∣2005年11月

本書是香港首本探討香港、新加坡及上海三地撲滅青少年罪行的書籍,強調三地打擊青少年罪行的措施和策 略。作者希望從三地青少年犯罪的情況和解決此問題的經驗,增加讀者了解華人社會中青少年問題的成因和處 理策略。書中也簡介了一些主要的犯罪學理論,並分別從三地抽取一些較具代表性的個案,讓讀者深入明白三 地青少年犯罪的原因及背景。 3

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Understanding East and Southeast Asia Series (in Chinese)


鄭宇碩 香港城市大學政治科學講座教授

叢書顧問 陸建人 中國社會科學院亞洲太平洋研究所教授

一般香港市民對國際金融行情、各地的匯率走勢、股票市場波動相當熟悉,大概可稱世界之冠。但另一方面,香港人對外國政治、社會、 文化發展的認識卻相當皮毛。香港人工作忙碌,也會經常往外地旅遊,但似乎旅遊的目的首重消閒減壓,對多了解外國的歷史、地理,以 至風土人情等卻不願多費神。相比之下,西方人旅遊時,相當高比例的遊客會買一本書,認識一下旅遊地各方面的情況。

泰國—獨特的君主立憲制國家 Understanding Thailand (in Chinese)

馬來西亞—跨入工業化的穆斯林國家 Understanding Malaysia (in Chinese)

朱振明 雲南省社會科學院東南亞研究所副所長、 研究員

周小兵 中國社會科學院亞洲太平洋研究所副教授

ISBN: 978-962-937-104-3 ISBN-10: 962-937-104-9 248頁,142 x 215 毫米 平裝:HK$80 2006年6月

印尼—赤道上的翡翠 Understanding Indonesia (in Chinese) 湯平山 前中國社會科學院亞太所副研究員 許利平 中國社會科學院亞太所助理研究員 ISBN: 978-962-937-103-6 ISBN-10: 962-937-103-0 232頁,142 x 215 毫米 平裝:HK$80 2005年10月

緬甸—佛光普照的稻米之國 Understanding Myanmar (in Chinese)

ISBN: 978-962-937-099-2 ISBN-10: 962-937-099-9 228頁,142 x 215 毫米 平裝:HK$80 2006年5月

老撾—東南亞唯一的內陸國 Understanding Laos (in Chinese) 張良民 北京外國語大學亞非系老撾語教授 ISBN: 978-962-937-102-9 ISBN-10: 962-937-102-2 240頁,142 x 215 毫米 平裝:HK$80 2005年7月

越南—革新進程中日漸崛起 Understanding Vietnam (in Chinese)

王介南 南京國際關係學院緬甸語教授 王全珍 南京國際關係學院緬甸語教授

于向東 鄭州大學越南研究所教授、副所長 譚志詞 鄭州大學越南研究所副教授

ISBN: 978-962-937-101-2 ISBN-10: 962-937-101-4 248頁,142 x 215 毫米 平裝:HK$80 2005年7月

ISBN: 978-962-937-100-5 ISBN-10: 962-937-100-6 200頁,142 x 215 毫米 平裝:HK$80 2005年7月

菲律賓—奇麗的島國 Understanding The Philippines (in Chinese)

汶萊—和平之邦 Understanding Brunei (in Chinese)

趙江林 中國社會科學院亞太研究所副研究員 孟東梅 北方工業大學經濟學院講師

劉新生 前中國駐汶萊大使 潘正秀 前中國駐汶萊大使館參贊

ISBN: 978-962-937-098-5 ISBN-10: 962-937-098-0 216頁,142 x 215 毫米 平裝:HK$80 2005年7月

ISBN: 978-962-937-097-8 ISBN-10: 962-937-097-2 208頁,142 x 215 毫米 平裝:HK$80 2004年6月

新加坡—創造經濟奇蹟 Understanding Singapore (in Chinese)

柬埔寨—飽經滄桑 Understanding Cambodia (in Chinese)

張青 前中國駐新加坡、越南大使

佘春樹 前中國駐柬埔寨使館政務參贊、 中國駐菲律賓宿霧總領事

ISBN: 978-962-937-096-1 ISBN-10: 962-937-096-4 224頁,142 x 215 毫米 平裝:HK$80 2004年6月

ISBN: 978-962-937-095-4 ISBN-10: 962-937-095-6 296頁,142 x 215 毫米 平裝:HK$80 2004年6月

日本—東方太陽島的神話 Understanding Japan (in Chinese) 李谷城 珠海書院亞洲研究中心研究員 ISBN: 978-962-937-080-0 ISBN-10: 962-937-080-8 238頁,142 x 215 毫米 平裝:HK$80 2004年6月


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Understanding Asia Series (in Chinese)


鄭宇碩 香港城市大學政治科學講座教授

叢書顧問 陸建人 中國社會科學院亞洲太平洋研究所教授

鑒於「認識東亞及東南亞系列」的反應熱烈,本系列將擴展為「認識亞洲系列」,計劃出版多本有關不同地區的書籍,包括:南亞的印 度、巴基斯坦、孟加拉;西亞的伊拉克、伊朗,以及南、北韓等,希望以淺白的文字,帶領讀者感受每一個國家的文化、經濟、歷史、政 治、社會等。 最新 出版 巴基斯坦—純潔的國度

Understanding Pakistan (in Chinese) 葉海林 中國社會科學院南亞研究中心秘書長 ISBN: 978-962-937-155-5 240頁,165 x 229 毫米 平裝:HK$95 2008年7月

即將 出版 南韓—創造奇跡

Understanding Korea (in Chinese)

最新 出版 北韓—神祕的東方晨曦之國

Understanding North Korea (in Chinese) 張慧智 吉林大學東北亞研究院教授 李敦球 中國社會科學院世界歷史研究所亞非拉室主任 ISBN: 978-962-937-153-1 160頁,165 x 229 毫米 平裝:HK$95 2008年7月

即將 出版 印度—崛起中的亞洲巨象

Understanding India (in Chinese)

董向榮 中國社會科學院亞洲太平洋研究所副研究員

亢升 華南理工大學政治與公共管理學院

ISBN: 978-962-937-154-8 288頁,165 x 229 毫米 平裝:HK$95 2009年6月

ISBN: 978-962-937-158-6 248頁,165 x 229 毫米 平裝:HK$95 2009年6月

即將 出版 伊朗—東西方文明的匯合點

Understanding Iran (in Chinese)

即將 出版 伊拉克—伊甸園的故鄉

Understanding Iraq (in Chinese)

陸謹 中國社會科學院西亞非洲所研究員

劉月琴 中國社會科學院西亞非洲研究所研究員

ISBN: 978-962-937-157-9 248頁,165 x 229 毫米 平裝:HK$95 2009年12月

ISBN: 978-962-937-156-2 248頁,165 x 229 毫米 平裝:HK$95 2009年12月

即將 出版 孟加拉

Understanding Bangladesh (in Chinese)

劉建 中國社會科學院亞洲太平洋研究所研究員 ISBN: 978-962-937-159-3 248頁,162 x 229 毫米 平裝:HK$95 2009年12月


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Trilingual Phrase Guide Series

總策劃:David SANTANDREU CALONGE(桑戴維) 香港城市大學語文學部法語及西班牙語課程統籌主任 本系列以實用為本,所收外語詞彙均為日常生活中常用的詞語,設計場境以實用為主,如進出機場酒店、交通醫療與觀光、購物與使 用各種服務等等,並同時附有廣東話及普通話作對照,讀者可利用隨附的MP3聲音檔案光碟,輕鬆掌握實際工作或生活中常用的外國 語詞彙,並一併學習三語發音。書中另設文化詞彙對照表及其他最新的參考資料,讓讀者掌握最新的潮流用語。 本系列已出版《韓國會話—韓語•廣東話•普通話》、《西班牙會話—西班牙語•廣東話•普通話》及《法國會話—法語•廣 東話•普通話》。其他出版計劃包括意大利語、德語、日語等。

最新 出版

韓語會話 —韓語•廣東話•普通話 Conversation Guide—Korean • Cantonese • Mandarin 桑戴維  香港城市大學語文學部法語及西班牙語課程統籌主任 金元慶 香港城市大學中文、翻譯及語言學系導師 ISBN: 978-962-937-138-8∣160 頁,148 x 210 毫米∣ 平裝:HK$95∣附MP3光碟∣2008年6月

即將 出版


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

日常用語 機場 酒店 餐館 交通 店舖及各種服務 醫療服務 醫院同緊急事故 教堂與祈禱聖地

10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18.

郵局 搶劫 聯絡大使館或領事館 觀光 指示 去街 / 上街 運動 番學 / 上學 參考資料

意大利語會話 —

法國會話 —



Conversation Guide—

Guide Pratique de Conversation—

Italian • Cantonese • Mandarin


David SANTANDREU CALONGE (桑戴維)  香港城市大學語文學部法語及 西班牙語課程統籌主任 Fabrizio MENNELLA 2001–2002年任香港城市大學中文、 翻譯及語言學系導師 ISBN: 978-962-937-169-2 160 頁,148 x 210 毫米 平裝:HK$95 附MP3光碟 2009年7月

David SANTANDREU CALONGE (桑戴維)  香港城市大學語文學部法語及 西班牙語課程統籌主任 ISBN: 978-962-937-108-1 ISBN-10: 962-937-108-1 208 頁,148 x 210 毫米 平裝:HK$95 附MP3光碟 2005年1月

西班牙會話 —西班牙語•廣東話•普通話 Guía de Conversación—Español • Cantonés • Mandarín David SANTANDREU CALONGE (桑戴維)  香港城市大學語文學部法語及 西班牙語課程統籌主任 Ángel GARRALDA ORTEGA  香港城市大學英文與傳播系導師 ISBN: 978-962-937-129-6 ISBN-10: 962-937-129-4 176 頁,148 x 210 毫米 平裝:HK$95 附MP3光碟 2006年6月


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Lecture Series of Chinese Civilisation Centre (in Chinese)

總策劃:鄭培凱 中國文化中心主任 香港城市大學中國文化中心自1998年成立以來,不時邀請海內外的碩學名儒主講學術講座,與大學生探討各個學術領域的新知。這些 從不同學術領域探討中國文化的講辭,凝聚了講者幾十年研究的心得,用淺易明白的方式表達出來,不但是大學生踏上學術道路之門 徑,也是一般人了解中國文化的方便法門。「中國文化中心講座系列」至今已先後推出13本新書,其他中國文化中心講座內容亦會陸 續整理出版,敬請留意。 最新 西域—中外文明交流的中轉站 出版 Along the Silk Road:

East-West Cultural Exchange (in Chinese)

即將 華燭帳前月—從文物看古人的生活與戰爭 出版 Domestic Life of Ancient Chinese

Revealed (in Chinese)

香港城市大學中國文化中心 編

楊泓 中央美術學院人文學院特聘教授

ISBN: 978-962-937-166-1 208頁,143 x 210 毫米∣平裝:HK$68 2009年2月

ISBN: 978-962-937-167-8 216頁,143 x 210 毫米∣平裝:HK$68 2009年5月

千山夕陽—明清社會與文化十題 Ten Topics on the Ming–Qing Social and Cultural History (in Chinese)

宗教信仰與想像 Religious Beliefs and Imagination (in Chinese)

王振忠 復旦大學歷史地理研究中心專職教授

ISBN: 978-962-937-133-3 296頁,143 x 210 毫米∣平裝:HK$68 2007年7月

ISBN: 978-962-937-132-6 408頁,143 x 210 毫米∣平裝:HK$68 2007年7月

美術的故事 The Story of Chinese Art (in Chinese) 任道斌 中國美術學院國畫系史論系博士生導師

香港城市大學中國文化中心 編

明代政治與文化變遷 The Ming Dynasty: Political and Cultural Changes (in Chinese)

ISBN: 978-962-937-131-9 264頁,143 x 210 毫米∣平裝:HK$68 2007年1月

香港城市大學中國文化中心 編

西南天地間—中國西南的考古、民族與文化 Archaeological Discoveries and Ethnic Studies in Southwest China (in Chinese)

唐詩風神及其他 Artistic Appeal of Tang Poetry and Other Essays (in Chinese)

霍巍 四川大學考古學系教授

袁行霈 北京大學中文系教授

ISBN: 978-962-937-118-0∣ISBN-10: 962-937-118-9 304頁,143 x 210 毫米∣平裝:HK$68 2006年1月

ISBN: 978-962-937-106-7∣ISBN-10: 962-937-106-5 256頁,143 x 210 毫米∣平裝:HK$68 2005年7月


術數、天文與醫學—中國科技史的新視野 New Perspectives on the History of Science in China:

Poetic Reminiscience:

Professor Yeh Chia-Ying on Chinese Poetry (in Chinese)

ISBN: 978-962-937-124-1∣ISBN-10: 962-937-124-3 296頁,143 x 210 毫米∣平裝:HK$68 2006年3月

Divination, Astronomy and Medical Science (in Chinese)

葉嘉瑩 不列顛哥倫比亞大學終身教授

香港城市大學中國文化中心 編

ISBN: 978-962-937-105-0∣ISBN-10: 962-937-105-7 312頁,143 x 210 毫米∣平裝:HK$68∣2004年9月

ISBN: 978-962-937-084-8∣ISBN-10: 962-937-084-0 244頁,143 x 210 毫米∣平裝:HK$68∣2003年7月

中外文明的交匯 China and the World: Cultural Interaction (in Chinese)

嶺南歷史與社會 Lingnan: History and Society (in Chinese)

何芳川 北京大學歷史系教授

ISBN: 978-962-937-086-2 ∣ISBN-10: 962-937-086-7 208頁,143 x 210 毫米∣平裝:HK$68 2003年7月

ISBN: 978-962-937-085-5∣ISBN-10: 962-937-085-9 248頁,143 x 210 毫米∣平裝:HK$68 2003年7月

歷史地理 Historical Geography (in Chinese) 香港城市大學中國文化中心 編 ISBN: 978-962-937-078-7∣ISBN-10: 962-937-078-6 216頁,143 x 210 毫米∣平裝:HK$68 2002年12月

香港城市大學中國文化中心 編

東西文化比較研究—利瑪竇入華及其他 A Comparative Study on Eastern and Western Culture:

Matteo Ricci in China and Other Essays (in Chinese)

張錯 美國南加州大學東亞語文學系系主任及 比較文學系正教授 ISBN: 978-962-937-077-0∣ISBN-10: 962-937-077-8 216頁,143 x 210 毫米∣平裝:HK$68∣2002年12月 7

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China’s Hong Kong Transformed:

Retrospect and Prospects Beyond the First Decade Edited by: Ming K. CHAN Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University ISBN: 978-962-937-168-5∣362 pages; 152 x 229 mm∣paperback: HK$228∣October 2008

Throughout Hong Kong’s transitional period–from the signing of the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration until its reversion to China’s sovereignty on July 1, 1997–the dominant discourse on its future had been whether and to what extent Hong Kong might change, or in most critics’ mind, regress after the handover. The impressive array of penetrating analysis and provocative interpretations afforded by this volume’s 14 chapters sharpen appreciation of the ongoing transformations of China’s Hong Kong since 1997 and the possibilities embedded in its journey toward an integrative merger-convergence with the Mainland by 2047. Besides personal reflections and illuminating observations that capture the accents of the changes sweeping Hong Kong, authors also share their cherished visions, passionate critiques and committed missions for a better HKSAR. Indeed, their insightful contributions endow this volume with direct relevance to Hong Kong’s exciting post-colonial metamorphosis. This volume is a refreshingly enlightening reference for a more informed approach ahead.

Contents Preface by Anthony B. L. CHEUNG 1. Transforming China’s Hong Kong: Toward 2047 Merger-Convergence? Ming K. CHAN Part I. The Political Matrix 2. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region: Ten Years Later Sin-por SHIU 3. Democratization of the Hong Kong SAR: A Pro-democracy View Margaret NG 4. What You Are Not Supposed to Know About Hong Kong Ronnie C. CHAN 5. Two Systems Becoming One: The 2047 Timetable Suzanne PEPPER Part II. The Legal-Constitutional Dimensions 6. A Decade of Hong Kong Basic Law Actualization Zhenmin WANG 7. The Rule of Law and Economic Development in the Hong Kong SAR Douglas W. ARNER & Berry F. C. HSU Part III. The Economic and Social Dynamics 8. The HK Economy Since Reversion Yun-wing SUNG 9. New Generation, Greening Politics and Growing Civil Society Yan-yan YIP & Christine LOH 10. Social Conflict in Hong Kong after 1997: The Emergence of a Post-modern Mode of Social Movements? Alvin Y. SO 11. Post-1997 Hong Kong Media: A Decade of Change, Competition and Contradiction Tuen-yu LAU & Raymond CHENG Part IV. External and Comparative Perspectives 12. Can Taipei Influence Beijing’s Policy Toward HK? Sonny Shiu-hing LO 13. A Comparative Perspective on HK Democratization: Prospects Toward 2017/2020 Larry DIAMOND 14. The Hong Kong SAR at Ten Years and Prospects for the Future James B. CUNNINGHAM


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Macroeconomic Linkages between Hong Kong and Mainland China Edited by: Hans GENBERG Executive Director, Research Department, Hong Kong Monetary Authority Dong HE Head (Economic Research), Research Department, Hong Kong Monetary Authority ISBN: 978-962-937-161-6∣344 pages; 152 x 229 mm∣paperback: HK$238∣July 2008

Economic integration between Hong Kong and Mainland China is a topic of great interest among both policy circles and the academia. This book is a collection of relevant research papers of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority in the past two years, which study the economic integration process between Hong Kong and the Mainland from different perspectives, including linkages through both the trade and financial market channels. The book sheds light on the important policy issues facing both Hong Kong and the Mainland, including how resilient the Hong Kong economy is against external shocks, how large portfolio capital outflows from China will be once its capital account is liberalized, and in what ways fund flows between Hong Kong and the Mainland affect Hong Kong’s monetary and financial conditions. The rigorous analysis in the volume is in line with the professional standards set by researchers in the major central banks, yet the style is not overly technical, and should be accessible to readers with a general background in economics, social and political sciences This important collection of papers uses modern economic analysis—written in technical yet accessible language—to shine a spotlight on key linkages between Hong Kong and the Mainland. At a time when the real and financial relationships between the two economies are developing rapidly, it is critical for policy makers, investors and businessmen alike to have a clear understanding of the key underlying drivers. The papers in this book pinpoint those forces with unusual clarity. John GREENWOOD Chief Economist, Invesco Policy making needs to be based on careful documentation of the facts and on thorough analysis of their implications. This timely volume provides both of these elements on the subject of economic integration between Hong Kong and the Mainland, an issue that has become critical to the next phase of Hong Kong’s development. I expect it to become an important input into the reflections of the authorities concerned, as well as the debate in the community at large, both in Hong Kong and in the Mainland. K. C. KWOK Government Economist, Hong Kong SAR Government This volume combines a wealth of factual information and sophisticated quantitative analysis of the economic links between Hong Kong and the Mainland. It should be read by both specialists and students interested in the development of Hong Kong’s economy. Lawrence J. LAU President, Vice-chancellor, and Landau Professor of Economics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Contents Foreword by Joseph YAM 1. Introduction Dong HE 2. The Macroeconomic Impact on Hong Kong of Hypothetical Mainland Shocks Dong HE, Chang SHU, Raymond YIP and Wendy CHENG 3. Hong Kong’s Economic Integration and Business Cycle Synchronisation with Mainland China and the US Hans GENBERG, Li-gang LIU and Xiangrong JIN 4. Hong Kong’s Trade Patterns and Trade Elasticities Li-gang LIU, Kelvin FAN and Jimmy SHEK 5. Service Exports: The Next Engine of Growth for Hong Kong? Frank LEUNG, Kevin CHOW, Jessica SZETO and Dickson TAM 6. How Much of Hong Kong’s Import from Mainland China Is Retained for Domestic Use? Frank LEUNG and Kevin CHOW 7. Cross-Border Fund Flows and Hong Kong Banks’ External Transactions vis-à-vis Mainland China Joanna SHI and Andrew TSANG 8. How Do Macroeconomic Developments in Mainland China Affect Hong Kong’s Short-term Interest Rates? Dong HE, Frank LEUNG and Philip NG 9. Outward Portfolio Investment from Mainland China: How Much Do We Expect and How Large a Share Can Hong Kong Expect to Capture? Lillian CHEUNG, Kevin CHOW, Jian CHANG and Unias LI 10. Share Price Disparity in Chinese Stock Markets Tom FONG, Alfred WONG and Ivy YONG 11. Price Convergence between Dual-li and H Shares Wensheng PENG, Hui MIAO and Nathan CHOW


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Development Trends in Building Services Engineering


Edited by: Tin Tai CHOW Principal Lecturer, Division of Building Science and Technology, City University of Hong Kong ISBN: 978-962-937-162-3∣344 pages; 190 x 235 mm∣paperback: HK$180∣January 2009

The social, economic and technological developments have inspired the advancement in architectural design, construction technology and building services installations in modern cities. Hong Kong, as a modern city famous of its tall buildings in Asia Pacific, has gone through remarkable changes in its building design and construction since 1970s. Building owners and occupants are now keen on achieving better environmental health, human comfort, life safety and more effective use of space. This book assesses the contemporary changes in design concepts and development trends of the major disciplines in building services engineering. Among the analyses featured are trends on heating, ventilating and air-conditioning, electrical and fire services, plumbing and drainage, and building automation systems. Powerful examples of well-known building projects in Hong Kong and Mainland China will be put forward and discussed. Written by a team of experts in the building services engineering discipline, this volume will be an excellent source of reference for college and university students, architects, engineers and construction professionals at work.


1. The Challenges on the Built Environment of Hong Kong

7. Reliable, Efficient and Safe Electricity Supply for Intelligent Building

2. Computer Simulation—The Indispensable Tool in Modern Design

8. Practical Design Considerations for Grade A Office Building

3. IAQ, Thermal Comfort and Room Air Distribution

9. Development of Building Services Installations in Public Housing of Hong Kong

4. Energy Conservation and Central Plant Development

10. Advanced Building Services Systems for AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong

5. Fire Services Engineering and Performance-based Design

11. Application of Building Physics Technology on Sustainable Building Design of Hong Kong and Mainland China

6. Skyscrapers—The Challenges to Building Electrical Installations

Research in Scientific Feng Shui and the Built Environment


Edited by: Michael Y MAK Lecturer, School of Architecture and Built Environment, The University of Newcastle Albert T SO Adjunct Professor, Department of Building & Construction, City University of Hong Kong ISBN: 978-962-937-172-2∣255 pages; 190 x 235 mm∣paperback: HK$180∣February 2009

Feng Shui is a body of ancient Chinese knowledge that aims at creating a harmony between environment, buildings and people. It has influenced most traditional building design in China for thousands of years. Nowadays, as many advance countries seek to establish a deeper understandings of these relationships between the human and natural environments, architects begin to recognize Feng Shui as a broad ecologically and architecturally connected paradigm. In thirteen high-quality papers which are categorized into four sections, this book reviews contemporary studies of Feng Shui by both Chinese and westerners, and in particular investigates the past, present and future development of scientific research in Feng Shui. Readers will appreciate the comprehensive knowledge offered in this monograph about Feng Shui and the built environment.


Tracing Rational Aspects of Feng Shui (Geomancy) Hong-key YOON


The Core Principles of Feng Shui Howard CHOY

The Role of the Twenty-eight Xiu in Feng Shui Derek WALTERS Observations Linking Megalithic Monuments to the Chinese Luopan Derek WALTERS An Assessment into the Basics of Eight Mansions Feng Shui Theory Fook Tsan WONG SECTION B RESEARCH IN FORM SCHOOL Feng Shui and the Energy of the Land Michael PATON

A Conceptual Framework of Feng Shui Knowledge structure Michael MAK SECTION C RESEARCH IN FENG SHUI AND THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT Tracing Feng Shui in Ancient Japanese Capitals—Case Study: Nagaokakyo, Japan’s Forgotten Capital Ellen Van GOETHEM Feng Shui Design and Planning of Ming and Ching City of Beijing Michael CHIANG

A Study on Feng Shui Village Landscape Structure in the Ryukyu Islands Bixia CHEN, Yuei NAKAMA and Genji KURIMA SECTION D FUTURE OF RESEARCH IN FENG SHUI AND THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT Feng Shui in Relation to Contextualism in Western Architecture Gyda ANDERS The Comparison and Contrast Between Green Design and Feng Shui Dong WEI and Rachel ZUEHL Sustainable Feng Shui Eco-house LOO Kok Hoo EPILOGUE: PROBLEMS AND FUTURE OF RESEARCH IN FENG SHUI Michael MAK and Albert SO


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Anti-tax Avoidance in Hong Kong—


Law and Practices HO Chi Ming Barrister

ISBN: 978-962-937-148-7∣250 pages; 152 x 229 mm∣paperback: HK$180∣Dec 2009

Taxpayers always attempt to reduce tax burdens. The attempts may be legal (tax planning) or illegal (tax evasion) but their distinction is often difficult to differentiate. In recent years the Inland Revenue is expanding its field audits and now targeting tax avoidances, in particular, international tax avoidance activities. The book is about the law and practices adopted by the Inland Revenue, the Board of Review and the courts to combat tax avoidance in Hong Kong. Divided into 13 chapters, this volume on the law of tax avoidance is a timely literature of considerable value to professionals like lawyers and professional accountants who wish to update in this important area. Written from a practising lawyer’s perspective who deals frequently with the legal framework of antiavoidance, the author covers a huge range of difficult law with great clarity by analyzing tax cases, drawing principles and pointing out those controversial areas. Apart from explaining the law, the author also shares with readers his extensive working experience including the Inland Revenue’s practices. With anti-avoidance practices in the U.K. and Australia discussed, local tax practitioners and overseas practitioners will find this book a complete and essential guide in avoiding tax-planning pitfalls.

Contents 1. Introduction

8. Service Companies

2. Common Law Approach to Anti-tax Avoidance

9. Other Specific Anti-avoidance Sections

3. General Anti-Avoidance sections in the Inland Revenue Ordinance—s.61

10. Tax Avoidance in Stamp Duty

4. General Anti-Avoidance sections in the Inland Revenue Ordinance—s.61A

11. Cross Border Transactions and Anti-avoidance

5. Ramsay and the Purposive Interpretation of Tax Statutes

12. Transfer Pricing

6. S.16 & s.17 Deduction of Expenses

13. Tax avoidance or tax evasion?

7. Specific Anti-avoidance Sections—Leasing s.39E

即將 出版

香港人權法新論 羅敏威 香港中文大學會計系導師 ISBN: 978-962-937-119-7∣400 頁,152 x 229 毫米∣平裝:HK$180∣2009年7月

自80年代中英雙方就香港前途進行談判以來,人權與民主自此就成為本地備受關注的議題。按 照《基本法》的有關安排,1997年後香港仍可沿用過去行之有效的普通法制,而普通法中的不 少內容都是關乎人權保障的。90年代《香港人權法案條例》及《基本法》的通過與生效,亦大 大豐富了人權保障在本地法制中的層面。 本書乃一本詳細介紹香港人權保障機制的法學作品,全書共分為三部分:背景篇、公民權利與政 治權利篇,以及刑事程序權利篇。至於平等權、社會福利權及工作權等社會權利亦會在本書中有 所探討。 本書內容涉及的法律層面雖然十分廣闊,包括憲法、行政法、刑事法、刑事程序法、刑事證據 法、傳播法以及家事法等的重要內容,但當中的法學論據均以深入淺出的方式進行分析,適合普 羅大眾閱讀。作者希望本書能讓讀者對本港法制有一定的理解,從而明白人權的珍貴。

目錄 第一章 第二章 第三章 第四章 第五章

香港的高度自治權 香港的法律制度 香港的人權保障機制 香港的民主政制發展 公共事務參與權

第六章 第七章 第八章 第九章 第十章

言論自由 新聞自由 資訊自由 集會自由 結社自由

第十一章 第十二章 第十三章 第十四章 第十五章

宗教自由 國籍及居留權 人身自由 無罪假定權 公平審訊權


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培訓 —由零開始

Training—Starting from Zero (in Chinese) 高彥鳴 香港科技大學學術副校長(首席副校長)資深顧問、化學工程學系兼任教授 梁永基 投資銀行人力資源部從業員 ISBN: 978-962-937-163-0∣144 頁,190 x 235 毫米∣平裝:HK$148∣2008年7月

在全球一體化的知識型經濟的影響下,機構為保持競爭力,愈來愈需要有能力面對,甚至能夠領 導改變的員工;儘管商界及學界對人才培訓的需求很大,但培訓員的專業水平及培訓活動的質素 卻頗為參差。 近年來,培訓(Training)已逐漸由單純是訓練的方法,發展為具前瞻性的人才培養,培訓的重 點落在學員的學習和成長上,而不單是知識和技能的傳授,這點和傳統的教育(Education)觀 念大同小異。 本書為有興趣進入培訓這行業、或剛入行不久的培訓人員,以及負責培訓的管理人員,提供一個理論與實踐並重的參考。作者嘗試結合學 界與商界角度,從最新的教與學理念為出發點,探討培訓活動設計和推行上所應注意的問題,並重點指出如何善用以「學習成果為本」 (Outcome-based Approaches) 的原則來設計課程,為一般的培訓活動訂下了清晰的期望和標準。培訓員可根據書中建議來提升培訓動的 質素,讓學員能更有效和更主動地學習,以達到預期的學習成果。

本書用簡單易明的文字,替培訓這個複雜的課題作了一個廣泛的介紹……對 剛入行的培訓人員和負責培訓的管理人員來說,本書的可讀性和實用性,將 會使它成為一個不可或缺的工具。

雖然從事教育工作已三十多年,但從未考慮過一個「培訓」工作者的技巧竟 然能在教學上起了如斯重要的作用。它提供老師在傳统教學環境下另一套新 的教學思維,從而提高學生學習的成果。

吳克儉 太平紳士 香港人力資源管理學會前會長

關利平教授 香港城市大學學務長

目錄 1 前言 2 人是如何學習的? 學習理論 學習動機 學習方式 學習成果 學習成果與學習活動的配合 學習的評估

設計培訓過程的教學方法 評估培訓計劃 應用資訊科技 4 成為一個成功培訓人員的基本元素 培訓人員的質素要求及發展 入門指南 事業途徑

5 總結 附錄 附錄一 應用 MBTI® 的培訓活動

附錄二 撰寫培訓建議書 附錄三 培訓活動準備清單 附錄四 撰寫培訓報告 附錄五 提升學習的教學方法


3 培訓過程 分析培訓需要 撰寫學習成果


即將 出版

甘炳光 香港城市大學應用社會科學系副教授 ISBN: 978-962-937-164-7∣200 頁,190 x 235 毫米∣平裝:HK$148∣2009年7月

社工經常都要安排不同的小組活動,然而參與不同工作坊或小組活動的組員大多互不認識,因 此,社工往往需要透過不同的遊戲,讓組員間增進溝通,以達到協助目標群的目的。 本書是作者與修讀社會工作學系同學的集體創作,共輯錄八十多個遊戲,分為互相認識、破冰遊 戲及加強小組信任三大類。本書的遊戲均以能運用最簡單和容易找到的道具為主,目的是讓學生 及在職社工透過遊戲學習帶領遊戲的技巧,既適合社工實習之用,也可在社工帶領小組或團體活 動時採用。 透過本書,作者希望總結學習心得,作為其他社工學生、老師、在職社工,以至有興趣人士分享 之用。


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中國改革開放三十年 —變與常

Changed and Unchanged: Thirty Years of Reform in China (in Chinese) 主編 羅金義 香港教育學院社會科學部副教授 鄭宇碩 香港城市大學中國研究計劃會學講 政治科學講座教授 ISBN: 978-962-937-170-8∣384 頁,185 x 260 毫米∣平裝:HK$140∣2009年3月

1978年是中國近代發展史上重要的一年,三十年前中國開始對外開放,推行現代化建設,各方面亦 取得重大進展。對於三十年來中國改革開放的評價,各界自有不同意見,本書特別就此專題,邀請 了不同專家提供了一次總回顧,全書共22章,檢視了中國的方方面面,探究的命題務求超越主流, 希望重點透視改革開放之後鮮為人詳析的領域和變化;在三十年翻天覆地的變革中,找出少為所動 的常態。 本書所選輯的文章涵蓋面廣,題材豐富,包括從宏觀角度看政改、外交、政教及中梵關係;分析經 濟結構改變如貿易、產業發展與收入不均;以及探討社會問題如普及文化、環保、教育及婦女地位 等,綜合性與總結性兼備。作者陣容鼎盛,來自中港台澳學府,都是該研究範圍的專家學者,意見無分左中右。 本書深入淺出,知趣兼備,不單是學術研究仝仁提供最新的研究成果,亦為一本階段總結性、歷史感甚強的中文論文集。本書亦合「中國 事務」的通識科目,適合大學授課式碩士課程、本科和副學士課程、及高中學生。

目錄 第十三章

教育 李榮安 香港教育學院首席副校長 何志恆 香港教育學院中文學系助理教授

對外貿易 余淼杰 北京大學中國經濟研究中心助理教授


環境保護 盧永鴻 香港理工大學管理及市場學系教授 李煜紹 香港大學地理系副教授


科技產業 蘇偉業 台灣國立政治大學公共行政學系副教授


傳媒 張裕亮 台灣南華大學傳播學系系主任


收入不均 李耀輝 香港科技大學社會科學部助理教授


普及文化 馬傑偉 香港中文大學新聞與傳播學院教授


民主化 張泊滙 香港嶺南大學政治學系副教授


政治改革 王耀宗 香港嶺南大學政治學系副教授


青年流行文化與價值觀 風笑天 南京大學社會學系教授 袁瀟 南京郵電大學傳媒教學院講師


公務員制度 李綏州  中共廣東省委黨校副教授


勞動關係 宋玥 北京首都經濟貿易大學勞動經濟學院講師


行政區域 鍾謙 香港浸會大學地理系助理教授


婦女地位 趙振洲 香港教育學院公民教育中心博士後研究員


外交 丁偉 香港浸會大學政治及國際關係學系教授


政教關係 邢福增 香港中文大學崇基學院神學院副教授


僑務政策 范世平 台灣師範大學政治學研究所副教授


中國與梵蒂岡關係 梁潔芬 香港大學公民社會及管治研究中心榮譽教授


兩岸關係 張五岳 台灣淡江大學大陸研究所副教授


領導人形象 羅金義 香港教育學院社會科學部副教授


總論 鄭宇碩 香港城市大學政治學講座教授


歷史回顧 魏楚雄 澳門大學歷史系系主任



即將 出版

Gambling Industry in Macau—Hitting the Jackpot or Living in a Fool’s Paradise? (in Chinese) 梁潔芬 盧兆興 鄧安琪

香港大學政治與公共行政學系榮譽教授 加拿大滑鐵盧大學政治科學系副教授 澳門大學澳門研究中心行政主任

ISBN: 978-962-937-171-5∣200 頁,190 x 235 毫米∣平裝:HK$140∣2009年12月

回歸近九年來,澳門政府和人民共同努力,希望將這個古老小城,塑造成為東方拉斯維加斯,並 以此向世界宣示澳門的世界性定位。然而,民眾在不斷的享受藉博彩業而改善生活的當兒,在其 他方面卻付出了不少代價。 作為澳門「龍頭產業」的博彩業, 對經濟繁榮及社會穩定和諧有着舉足輕重的影響。本書針對 澳門因博彩業的興起,全面分析澳門在博彩業的快速發展及變化下,澳門政治、社會、經濟、交 通、人口、教育、道德、國際關係各領域的影響。本書是坊間少有就博彩業對澳門不同領域作深 入研究的專著,適合政府各部門的決策者、社會科學學者及研究港澳問題的學者參考。 13

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Language, Evolution and the Brain Edited by: James W. MINETT Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Electronic Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong William S-Y. WANG Research Professor, Department of Electronic Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong ISBN: 978-962-937-165-4∣550 pages; 152 x 229 mm∣paperback: HK$195∣March 2009

A number of research groups around the World have begun to study how the brain acquires and processes language, but we still know comparatively little about it. Many such groups work on very specific, often narrow, problems. This approach is certainly necessary, but a broad perspective can be helpful, if not essential, too. This volume consists of an important collection of papers presented at a workshop at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Kyoto, Japan called Seminar on Language Evolution and the Brain (SLEB), bringing together distinguished researchers with backgrounds in cognitive science, anthropology, linguistics, robotics, physics, etc. The eleven chapters are organized into two parts: Part I on Language and Evolution; and Part II on Language and the Brain. Major topics discussed here include: 1. Creoles and pidgins, and their implications regarding language evolution. 2. Quantitative analysis and modeling of various aspects of language evolution, including the evolution of lexical items, the emergence of linguistic categories, and the dynamics of language competition. 3. The evolution of the human brain, and how that relates to language evolution. 4. The evolution and role of mirror neurons in both humans and non-humans. 5. Evidence from brain imaging studies that the influence of language on color perception (an example of the Whorf Effect) is stronger for the right visual field than the left.


Part 1—Language and Evolution

7. Modeling Language Competition Across Communities James W. MINETT

1. The Evolution of Language: Hints from Creoles and Pidgins Salikoko S. MUFWENE 2. Sounds Like Teen Spirit: Computational Insights into the Grounding of Everyday Musical Terms Jean-Julien AUCOUTURIER

Part 2—Language and the Brain

3. Grammaticalization and Cognitive Constraints on Grammar Masayoshi SHIBATANI

9. Mirror Neurons: Extraordinary or Ordinary? Erhan OZTOP

8. Brain Evolution Relevant to Language P. Thomas SCHOENEMANN

4. Evolution of the Global Organization of the Lexicon Mieko OGURA

10. Characterizing Cognitive dynamics behind Sentence Structures: A Case of Japanese Causal Connectives Ryoko UNO, Takashi IKEGAMI

5. Evolution of Basic Colour Terms Mike DOWMAN 6. Complex Systems Approach to the Emergence of Language Andrea BARONCHELLI, Ciro CATTUTO, Vittorio LORETO, Andrea PUGLISI

11. Lateralized Whorf: Language Influences Perceptual Decisions in the Right Visual Field Paul KAY, Terry REGIER, Aubrey L. GILBERT, Richard B. IVRY

A Practical Guide to a Task-based Curriculum—


Planning, Grammar Teaching and Assessment Edited by: Anne MA

Contributors: Alice CHOW Associate Professor, Department of English, HKIED Icy LEE Assistant Professor, Facalty of Education, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Benjamin LI Associate Professor, Department of English, HKIED Anne MA Senior Lecturer, Department of English, HKIED May PANG Assistant Professor, Department of English, HKIED Elizabeth WALKER Associate Professor, Department of English, HKIED ISBN: 978-962-937-135-7∣196 pages; 185 x 260 mm∣paperback: HK$195∣May 2008

This book originated from a genuine need of the secondary teachers of English in Hong Kong to understand what it means by implementing a task-based curriculum in the English classroom. The book is presented in the form of a self-learning package. It aims to support and empower frontline teachers in implementing a task-based approach in the English classroom systematically and at the same time, not losing sight of the importance of grammar teaching within the framework of tasks. The five chapters are organized to help teachers understand how existing practices, in particular grammar teaching, can be integrated meaningfully in the task-based curriculum.


Introduction 1. “Tasks” in Language Teaching and Learning 2. Teaching and Planning for Task-based Learning 3. Grammar Teaching and Task-based Learning

Icy LEE Anne MA May PANG

4. Planning and Teaching Task-related Grammar 5. Task-based Assessment

Elizabeth WALKER Alice CHOW and Benjamin LI


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Towards Literary Translation (in Chinese) 金隄 翻譯家、美國俄勒岡大學(University of Oregon)客座教授 ISBN: 978-962-937-139-5∣250 頁,152 x 229 毫米∣平裝:HK$140∣2009年12月

本書是一本緊密結合實際研究與翻譯理論的著作,作者首先以現代科學觀點闡釋翻譯這活動的基本性 質,然後在此基礎上提供一個從事翻譯工作的具體方針。這套方針是通過大量實踐而擬定的,大體上適 用於一切翻譯工作,但是其中涉及創造性翻譯的地方需要强調藝術眼光和藝術手法,主要適用於文學翻 譯。 全書12章,為讀者展示了學習翻譯的道路,從一般翻譯,到最後能征服創造性翻譯—文學翻譯的方 法,由淺入深,循循善誘,是作者從事文學翻譯工作數十年的體驗及精髓。書中的論述及例證大部分根 據作者的英文著作改寫,但是也有一些新添的材料,在許多問題上的分析和判斷也反映了作者近年來更 進一步的體會。 本書適合修讀翻譯、語言等專業的大學生、研究生、教員、導師,不同行業的翻譯人員;亦適合任何級 別的翻譯課程,及對文學翻譯有興趣的人士參考。

目錄 第一講:引言——大有可為的事業 第二講:追求什麼 第三講:等效概念 第四講:翻譯的方針和步驟 第五講:詞語的來龍去脈 第六講:三岔路口的抉擇

第七講: 轉換的基礎 第八講:文學翻譯的靈魂 第九講:創造性翻譯的靈感源泉 第十講:文體的意義 第十一講:洋腔洋調與異國情調 第十二講:得心應手的境界


最新 出版

A Study of Idiomatic Expressions in Hong Kong Cantonese (in Chinese) 曾子凡 香港城市大學語文學部兼職講師 ISBN: 978-962-937-147-0∣448 頁,152 x 229 毫米∣平裝:HK$140∣2008年7月

在學術界,對於漢語慣用語的界定以及它與相近熟語形式的區分,歷來存在不少爭論。本書分析了各 家對慣用語界定的優劣利弊,論述了慣用語的構造和使用特點;並比較了與慣用語相近的成語、俗 語、諺語、俚語、歇後語等熟語形式的異同。 作者從積累的 8,000 多條香港粵語熟語中,根據比較合情合理的新界定方法,篩選出近 3,000 條慣用 語,進而分析研究其來源、構造、特點、功能、語用,並比較與廣州粵語或共同語、慣用語的異同, 最後指出了使用時要注意的問題。 本書是粵語慣用語比較研究的其中一本重要著作,可作為大學及中學語文老師或普通話老師的教學參 考書,亦可作學習廣州話-香港話-普通話慣用語的讀物。

目錄 第一章 導論

第八章 香港粵語慣用語的來源

第二章 漢語慣用語

第九章 香港粵語慣用語與廣州粵語慣用語的異同

第三章 廣州話慣用語與香港粵語慣用語之界定

第十章 香港粵語慣用語的語用特點

第四章 香港粵語慣用語之詞法學構語構義

第十一章 香港粵語慣用語與普通話慣用語構語比較

第五章 香港粵語慣用語之句法學構語構義

第十二章 使用香港粵語慣用語要注意的問題

第六章 香港粵語慣用語之修辭學構語構義

第十三章 結語

第七章 香港粵語慣用語之語音學構語構義


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International Journal of Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning Edited by: Enoch C. M. YOUNG Weiyan ZHANG ISSN: 1999-7034 (English Version)∣175 x 248 mm∣paperback: HK$400/issue∣2 issues/year

The International Journal of Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning (IJCELL) is published twice a year, in November and May, in both English and Traditional Chinese versions by the School of Professional and Continuing Education, The University of Hong Kong. It is a peer-reviewed journal that provides a platform for reporting innovative work and research in continuing education and lifelong learning, especially research that includes the interaction of theory, practice, and technology. Contributions are welcomed from anyone involved in the rapidly evolving field of continuing education and lifelong learning: policy makers, academics, teachers, administrators, postgraduates, and software designers, among others. In addition to major articles, IJCELL includes book reviews and research notes. It is hoped that the IJCELL can bridge between and strengthen China and the western countries in all aspects of academic exchange and research in continuing education and lifelong learning.

最新 出版

國際持續教育及終身學習期刊 主編 楊健明  張偉遠  國際標準刊號(ISSN):1999-7213(中文版)∣175 x 248 毫米∣平裝:HK$200/期∣一年兩期

《國際持續教育及終身學習期刊》由香港大學專業進修學院出版,是一本由專家匿名評審的國際期刊, 着重發表在持續教育和終身學習領域中具有獨創性的學術研究成果,尤以持續教育和終身學習的理論、 政策、實踐以及技術應用等方面的學術研究為主。歡迎在持續教育與終身學習領域的學術人員、政策制 定者、教師、管理人員、軟件開發人員及研究生踴躍投稿。本期刊以發表學術論文為主,但亦包括書評 及研究摘錄。 本期刊旨在加強中國與世界各國各地在持續教育和終身學習方面的學術交流和研究合作,搭建一座中西 學術溝通的橋樑。


Hong Kong Journal of Social Sciences (in Chinese with English abstracts)

最新 出版

香港社會科學學報編輯委員會 編 國際標準刊號(ISSN):1021-3619∣140 x 216 毫米∣平裝:HK$100/期∣一年三期

《香港社會科學學報》是一本國際性的學術期刊,創刊於1993年,編輯委員會成員是香港、中國大 陸、台灣、美國、澳洲、日本的著名學者。學報採取不記名外審制度評審來稿,作者約四成在香港工 作,三分之一在北美、西歐、澳洲等國家,其餘在中國大陸、台灣、日本等。此外,每期刊登書評若干 篇。 本學報刊登的論文和書評,就內容而言,大致上平均分佈在四個範圍:1)政治、法律、外交;2)經濟 及地區發展;3)社會學、社會政策、文化研究;4)哲學、理論、方法論、歷史學。學報並設有不定期 的特輯,每輯論文三至五篇。 16

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A New Introduction to Chinese Law (in Chinese) 主編 朱國斌 香港城市大學法律學院副教授 林來梵 浙江大學法學院教授 徐孟洲 中國人民大學法學院教授 ISBN: 978-962-937-092-3∣656頁,185 x 260 毫米∣平裝:HK$238∣2007年7月

改革開放以來,隨着中國官方及民間與國際間的交流與日俱增,法制進一步得到發展,「依法治國」亦 成為中國官方的治國理念。本書詳細闡釋了中國法制近年來在各個範疇的發展,全書分為六個篇章,包 括憲法行政法篇、刑事法律篇、民商事法律篇、經濟法律篇、程序法律篇及國際法律篇,加深各界人士 對中國法律的了解。 本書由一批學術造詣精深,並能代表相關專業最高水準的內地及香港學者撰寫,是一部能夠反映當今中 國法律全貌之權威性著作。

本書的問世,不僅可以使港、澳、台地區以及其他華人 地區想要系統學習和研究中國法的學生和學者獲益,而 且也可以使想要從多種角度更全面更客觀地了解中國法 的內地相關專業的學生和學者受益。 萬鄂湘 中華人民共和國最高人民法院副院長、大法官 武漢大學法學院教授

由一群熟識香港情況的內地法律學者,寫作有關內地的法 律,更能讓我們明白兩地法律制度的異同。使香港市民、 法律從業員和法律學生能對內地法律有個普遍的認識,加 強兩地在各方面更緊密關係的合作。 梁愛詩 全國人民代表大會常務委員會香港特別行政區 基本法委員會副主任 香港特別行政區政府律政司前司長

《新編中國法》內容全面翔實,材料新穎豐富,是學習 中國法的好教材。 凌兵

本書以其豐富、翔實、準確、新穎之內容足以成為港澳 台及其他華人地區各界學習了解中國大陸法律制度的基 本讀本;相信它也必將為增強“兩岸三地”及其他海外 華人地區之間的理解、互信和交流,以及法律合作作出 貢獻。在此,我向讀者隆重推介《新編中國法》。 王利明 中國人民大學法學院教授、院長 全國人大代表大會法律委員會委員

儘管香港特區法律制度與內地有別,但隨着兩地互動頻 仍,又作為中華人民共和國一員,香港的學生、企業人 員、專業人士、以至一般市民,均有必要多了解內地法 律與法制。《新編中國法》一書,涵蓋憲法、行政法、 刑事、民事、商事、經濟法等不同範疇,實乃不可多得 的參考專書,有助廣大讀者掌握多年來中國法制的建設 與發展。 張炳良

本書很全面和系統地介紹不斷迅速發展的我國法律制度的最新 面貌,內容由淺入深,特別適合一般讀者。本書的編者和作者 都是有關法律部門的專家學者,故本書是有意認識中國法律的 朋友的一部可靠的讀本。 陳弘毅 全國人民代表大會常務委員會基本法委員會委員、 香港大學法律學院教授

群賢匯集,議論精深。用此語形容朱國斌博士編著的此部中 國法論著甚為恰當。它不僅全面地介紹了中國法制現狀和最 新的發展,而且對其現有的問題也有深入的分析。讀者不僅 可以從中準確地把握中國法律體系的全貌和進程,而且可以 了解正逐步形成自身特色的中國法治。因此它堪稱研究中國 法的一部難得佳作。 王晨光 清華大學法學院教授、院長

香港特別行政區行政會議成員、 香港城市大學公共及社會行政學系教授


Hong Kong Auditing Economic Theory and Practice (Second Edition) Ferdinand A. GUL Chair Professor, Accounting and Director of Accounting and Corporate Law Centre, Hong Kong Polytechnic University ISBN: 978-962-937-141-8∣840 pages; 185 x 260 mm∣paperback: HK$288∣July 2007

Over the years auditing has developed into a specialized function with complex ethical, legal and economic implications. However, a series of corporate scandals that emerged in 2001–2002 in the U.S. such as Enron and WorldCom underscore the importance of high quality auditing in ensuring corporate transparency and honest financial reporting. This second edition is thoroughly revised to take into account the new Hong Kong Standards on Quality Control, Auditing, Assurance and Related Services, and the numerous developments of a full range of auditing topics since the previous edition. This book boldly draws on economic theories to explain aspects of auditing. Certain general concepts which may be applicable in all aspects of an audit are discussed. The book also discusses the nature and role of internal auditing and the standards governing internal auditors. The question of whether external auditors should extend their activities to include operational audits is also addressed. This book will serve as a useful companion for accounting and legal practitioners. This is also a textbook for students preparing for university and accounting professional examinations. At the end of each chapter there are dozens of exercises, cases, discussion questions for the benefit of teachers, students and “life-long” learners. 17

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叫好叫座 —如何締造完美的服務體驗? Professional Service Marketing (in Chinese) 游漢明 香港城市大學市場營銷學系講座教授 梁偉強 香港城市大學市場營銷學系副教授 ISBN: 978-962-937-120-3∣ISBN-10: 962-937-120-0∣208頁,142 x 215 毫米∣平裝:HK$95∣2006年7月

本書是《21世紀服務營銷智慧》的延伸(見本頁)。作者以輕鬆的筆調,將近年推動香港經濟發展的餐 飲、運輸、物流、零售、資訊科技及金融等支柱服務行業之服務經驗抽絲剝繭,藉以介紹「關係式市場 學」的最新發展,並找出完美服務體驗的共通之處,展示何謂「服務至高心法」。 書中亦附以不同類型服務的真實案例分析,讓服務提供者可以借鑑他人的經驗,尋找改善空間。

廣告公關新思維 —與香港業界對談

New Vision in Advertising & PR—Dialogues with Communication Professionals in Hong Kong (in Chinese) 編著 陳家華 香港浸會大學傳理學院傳播系教授 陳霓 香港浸會大學傳理學院傳播系副教授 ISBN: 978-962-937-114-2∣ISBN-10: 962-937-114-6∣280頁,152 x 229 毫米∣平裝:HK$120∣2006年5月

香港的廣告公關行業人才輩出,經驗豐富,在國際上有優良聲譽。本書訪問了14位曾從事及現職廣告公 關的專業人士,是首本主要透過對談形式,介紹廣告發展的最新概念,創作策略和進程的專書。受訪人 士在廣告策劃、創作、媒介分析、調查研究、公關寫作、媒介關係、危機處理等方面,都提出了精闢獨 到的看法。 讀者可從本書的對談中,了解到廣告公關行業的發展狀況及未來新趨勢。本書不但適合用作「廣告理論 及實務」以及「公關寫作」學科的教科書,亦可作為一本廣告公關入門的讀物,希望對有志從事及正從 事業界的人士提供新創見。

21世紀服務營銷智慧 Service Marketing in the 21st Century (in Chinese) 游漢明 香港城市大學市場營銷學系講座教授 梁偉強 香港城市大學市場營銷學系副教授 ISBN: 978-962-937-076-3∣ISBN-10: 962-937-076-X∣228頁,142 x 215 毫米∣平裝:HK$80∣2002年7月

香港要成為國際服務中心、金融中心、旅遊中心或物流中心、就必須在服務與營銷上加把勁,但怎樣才 稱得上是「今時今日應有的服務態度」? 作者以輕鬆的筆法,向讀者介紹了最新的服務及營銷概念,討論範圍包括:(1)服務業應有的態度及 文化、關鍵事件處理及修補辦法;(2)關係營銷及顧客關係管理;(3)資訊科技之最新發展與服務營 銷之關係;以及(4)於內地營銷活動之求勝策略。書中有大量真實案例說明問題,並輔以例後分析。 本書適合從事各種商業活動的人士參考,特別是企業部門主管、人事管理或培訓經理;從事服務與營銷 行業之人士,以及企管課程學生,更應選讀本書,掌握最新的服務營銷智慧。


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堅守信念 —給社工學生的30封信

Hold On to Your Faith—30 Letters to Social Work Students (in Chinese) 編著 甘炳光 香港城市大學應用社會科學系副教授 陳偉道 香港城市大學專上學院社會科學學部高級講師暨專上學院學務長 文錦燕 香港城市大學專上學院社會科學學部高級講師 ISBN: 978-962-937-130-2∣ISBN-10: 962-937-130-8∣296頁,143 x 210 毫米∣平裝:HK$68∣2006年7月

社工以往被冠以「北斗星」的稱譽,而近年,則愛用「螢火蟲」代替。兩者都是去突顯社工的任務:發放點 點微光以引導受助者前行。要做到引路的角色,社工本身就必須要有清晰的價值取向。這個價值取向,也就 是他們必要堅守的信念。 堅守信念,面對挑戰,是社工必備的質素。在踏足社工專業的路途上,一群社工老師透過30封書信分享個 人對社工信念的體會,解答同學對社工專業的疑慮。不論你是學生,還是在職社工,面對前路的挑戰或困惑 時,有這30封信如「螢火蟲」般引路及鼓勵,心裏想必可更為踏實。

活動程序 —計劃、執行和評鑑

Activity Programmes: Planning, Implementation and Evaluation (in Chinese) 張兆球 香港城市大學高級專業學院社會科學學部首席講師 蘇國安 前香港城市大學高級專業學院社會科學學部講師 陳錦漢 前香港城市大學高級專業學院社會科學學部講師 ISBN: 978-962-937-043-5∣ISBN-10: 962-937-043-3∣312 頁,152 x 229 毫米∣平裝:HK$120∣1999年10月

社會工作是一門協助服務對象解決問題的專業。為了有效地協助服務對象解決問題,社會工作人員必須學會怎樣 有系統地計劃行動、有效地介入事件、和事後怎樣客觀地作出評價。 這樣一個關於活動程序的循環,在社會工作專業中佔有一個十分重要的位置,因此,所有社會工作人員都要掌握 整個程序的環節:問題界定、評估需要、理論分析、訂立目標、制定方案、執行監督、評鑑成效,而本書對上述 每一個環節都有介紹。 本書的讀者對象除了社會工作者和學生以外,還包括在各社區、社團、 政黨的活動組織人員和培訓人員。


Essential Talks to Youngsters on Whole-person Education (in Chinese) 高彥鳴 1998至2005年任香港城市大學副校長 ISBN: 978-962-937-112-8∣ISBN-10: 962-937-112-X∣160 頁,143 x 210 毫米∣平裝:HK$68∣2005年7月

「全人教育」近年在香港教育界非常流行,但不同人對「全人教育」所代表的教育理念卻持不同見解。 本書並不是從學術角度去討論「全人教育」或為它下定義。作者希望透過本書,與教育工作者分享對「全人 教育」的體驗,激發讀者深入而理智的思考和討論本問題,為培育下一代的教育工作做到最好。


Mentoring Mentors (in Chinese) 高彥鳴 1998至2005年任香港城市大學副校長 ISBN: 978-962-937-122-7∣ISBN-10: 962-937-122-7∣168 頁,143 x 210 毫米∣平裝:HK$68∣2005年10月

「啟導」(Mentoring)是幫助正在中學、大學,或剛投身社會工作的青年人成長的一個有效方法。作者憑藉豐富 的啟導門生經驗,全方位地把啟導人師的理念、實踐技巧、感受及心得,一一在本書娓娓道來。 本書的對象除了教育工作者和學生外,還包括各社區及社團的活動組織人員和培訓人員。


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Contexts for Teacher Professional Discussions Belinda HO Associate Professor, Department of English and Communication, City University of Hong Kong Gertrude TINKER SACHS MSIT College of Education, Georgia State University ISBN: 978-962-937-142-5∣208 pages; 185 x 260 mm∣paperback: HK$195∣July 2007

ESL/EFL Cases: Contexts for Teacher Professional Discussions is designed to provoke conversations on language teaching from multiple perspectives. The format of the presentation of cases allows the reader to gain insights on teaching from the vantage point of the students’ proficiency, the teacher’s perspective, the writers’ questions and suggested answers and finally the critical commentary. The questions and critical commentary encourage deeper and more critical processing rather than a superficial interpretation of the teaching act. The cases, derived from authentic teaching contexts, encourage readers to appreciate the rich tapestry of teaching with all its complexities. Designed to promote professional discussions and deeper reflective and more effective practice, this book is a must for the teacher education classroom as well as an important resource for serving teachers who wish to draw on their theoretical and practical knowledge to discuss their teaching. Through this book, theory and practice are inextricably intertwined and professionalism in language teaching is fostered all with the hope of improving the climate, culture and practice of English language teaching professionals.

Contents Introduction by Jack RICHARDS 1 Critical Thinking Case 1 Critical Thinking: Facts and Opinions, Writer’s Purpose 2 Writing Case 2 Writing an Argumentative Essay Case 3 Supporting Writing 3 Extensive Reading and Using Class Readers Case 4 Literature Circles Case 5 Developing a Slogan in an ERS Lesson Case 6 Using Class Readers 4 Listening Case 7 Answer Checking in a Listening Lesson

5 Grammar Case 8 Explanations in Teaching Case 9 Making a Request 6 Reading Comprehension Case 10 Questions and Answers in Comprehension Case 11 Group Work in Reading Comprehension 7 Vocabulary Case 12 Elicitation in Vocabulary Teaching Case 13 Building Vocabulary 8 Classroom Management Case 14 Classroom Management 9 Possible Answers Concluding Remarks


Language, Phonetics, and Speech Technology (in Chinese)

王士元 香港中文大學研究教授,台灣中央研究院院士及京都國際高等研究所研究員 彭剛 華盛頓大學語言工程研究工作 ISBN: 978-962-937-126-5∣304頁,152 x 229 毫米∣平裝:HK$140∣2007年7月

本書既從語言學的角度闡述了語言與語音的基本現象與規律,又從言語工程的角度介紹了與言語相關的 主要技術。 全書分為兩大部分。第一部分是從第一章到第六章,介紹語言與語音的基本現象及理論。第二部分是從 第七章到第十二章,介紹了多項在自然語言處理領域應用得十分廣泛的統計技術。 本書適合語言語音研究人員、言語工作的技術人員,也可以作為大學本科生與研究生語音科學及言語工 程方面的參考教材。

目錄 甲部 語言與語音篇 第 1 章 語言學和語音學 第 2 章 語音的產生 第 3 章 語音的感知 第 4 章 語音的分析 第 5 章 語音與語言的變化 第 6 章 幾個論題

乙部 技術篇 第 7 章 隱馬爾科夫模型 第 8 章 支持向量機 第 9 章 結構方程模型 第 10 章 語音合成 第 11 章 語音識別 第 12 章 PRAAT 簡介

附錄 I:罕見對比音例 術語表


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普通話水平測試應試手冊 (2008年修訂版) Examination Guide to the National Putonghua Proficiency Test [Putonghua Shuiping Ceshi (PSC)] (in Chinese) 全玉莉 香港城市大學專上學院語文學部講師 王仙瀛 香港城市大學專上學院語文學部講師 ISBN: 978-962-937-128-9∣ISBN-10: 962-937-128-6∣312頁,185 x 260 毫米∣平裝:HK$150∣2008年9月

香港學普通話的人愈來愈多,但他們的普通話能力卻未必達到標準。由國家語言文字工作委員會制定 的「普通話水平測試」(三級六等) 便是目前最有公信力和認受性的認證測試。 本書是一本針對「普通話水平測試」而編寫的輔助用書。兩位作者都是國家級普通話水平測試員,獲 國家語委證書。她們依據測試的最新考試範圍和要求,清楚介紹各測試項目的考察要點,重點分析粵 語人士學普通話的難處,並安排練習來提升應試能力。作者更為60篇短文撰寫了朗讀建議,協助讀 者分析文章結構。 本書備有語音辨析及60篇短文朗讀示範MP3聲音檔案光碟,方便讀者隨時隨地學習普通話。本書亦 適合任何團體、學校或機構用作提升學習普通話及中文水平的教材。

法律翻譯 —理論與實踐

Legal Translation—Theory and Practice (in Chinese) 王道庚 香港大學專業進修學院兼任講師 ISBN: 978-962-937-127-2∣ISBN-10: 962-937-127-8∣320頁,190 x 235 毫米∣平裝:HK$148∣2006年7月

自九七回歸,頻繁的商業活動,令中文法律文件需求甚殷,中外商貿機構對法律翻譯的需求亦大大增 加。 全書分上下兩篇,上篇5章談理論,下篇5章談實踐。作者在大型國際律師行任職總翻譯主任,同時為 香港大學專業進修學院講授法律翻譯課程,對法律翻譯的理論、實踐,以及教授都均有心得。 本書嚴格地從普通法和大陸法(尤其是中華人民共和國法律)來詮釋法律翻譯,讓讀者對法律翻譯的 內容及術語都有一個正確的認識;書中亦羅列了大量真實的翻譯例句和練習,不僅可以學到法律翻 譯,亦可以學到如何起草法律文件。 對修讀法律、語言、翻譯,經貿等專業的學生,以及從事翻譯或法政工作之專業人員,本書是必不可 少的參考讀物。


Translation for Media (in Chinese) 鄭寶璇 香港城市大學中文、翻譯及語言學系副教授 ISBN: 978-962-937-089-3∣ISBN-10: 962-937-089-1∣252 頁,190 x 235 毫米∣平裝:HK$80∣2004年1月

21 世紀是資訊爆炸的年代。傳媒的影響,可以說是無孔不入。 資訊的接收、整理、篩選、傳達,往往掌握在媒體手中,而傳媒的素質,卻又時常在其所用的語言與 所取的翻譯手法中反映出來。 作者長期從事傳媒工作,對翻譯甘苦,極有體會,所提出的種種翻譯策略,對其他類型的翻譯,亦具 有極高的參考價值。


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China: Five Thousand Years of History & Civilization Edited by: The Editorial Committee of Chinese Civilization: A Source Book, City University of Hong Kong ISBN: 978-962-937-140-1∣832 pages; 152 x 229 mm∣paperback: HK$180∣April 2007

Written with precision and flair by a host of leading academics, this single volume is a welcome addition to the study of world civilizations, a broad yet detailed chronological sweep through time. Every aspect of Chinese civilization is explained, interpreted, contextualized and brought to life with well-balanced commentary and photographic documentation. The result is a fascinating distillation of the past, an indispensable guide that renders the ancient past relevant to China today and to the rest of the world. Students of Chinese civilization will appreciate the detail of the research while lay readers, from business travelers to those interested in the general development of China, will return again and again to learn more about one of the world’s great stories, CHINA: Five Thousand Years of History and Civilization.

From Movable Type Printing to the World Wide Web–Essays on Civilizations, Cultures and Education H K CHANG President and Professor, City University of Hong Kong ISBN: 978-962-937-143-2∣252 pages; 152 x 229 mm∣paperback: HK$128∣April 2007

A renowned biomedical engineering expert, H K Chang is also a champion of cross-cultural exchanges that enhance understanding and build links among nations and countries. Having studied the social and cultural developments of China and other countries for the past forty years, he narrates in twenty-one articles his thoughts about world civilizations, culture and life, society, education as well as science and technology, and invites readers to join him on his intellectual and sentimental journey.

中國文化導讀 〔第二版〕

Chinese Civilisation: A Source Book [Second Edition] (in Chinese) 香港城市大學《中國文化導讀》編輯委員會 編 ISBN: 978-962-937-074-9∣ISBN-10: 962-937-074-3∣上冊(376頁),下冊(416頁)∣190 x 235 毫米∣ 平裝:HK$172(一套兩冊)∣2001年11月

中國文化源遠流長,博大精深。然而,正因其繽紛多釆,千頭萬緒,讀者難以在短時間內掌握其底蘊及脈 絡。《中國文化導讀》 第一版於 1999 年出版,2001年由主編葉朗教授將全書作詳細校訂,現在推出的第 二版分上、下兩冊,內容更豐富,同時增加了大量插圖與補充資料,分別就 34 個專題論述中國文化的各個 側面,編排上打破了過去按朝代或年代堆砌資料的框架,對浩如煙海的文化材料做了選擇,有取有捨,有 詳有略,是讀者了解中國文化的基本讀物。


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On Translation (An Expanded Edition) JIN Di (金隄)  Translator and Visiting Professor at the Universtiy of Oregon Eugene A. NIDA Translator and Consultant for The American Bible Society ISBN: 978-962-937-116-6∣ISBN-10: 962-937-116-2∣352 pages; 140 x 210 mm∣paperback: HK$148∣March 2006

Co-authored by Eugene Nida and Jin Di, On Translation was first published in 1984 by the Foreign Translation Publishing House in Beijing. This book is widely recognized as a classic in Literary Translation Theory. In this book, Nida enables the translator to capture the meaning and spirit of the original language without being bound to its linguistic structure by advocating the “Functional Equivalence Approach”. And Jin further introduces his “Dynamic Equivalence Translation” to the Chinese translation community with reference to English and Chinese. He concludes that this translation theory, based on the comparison of reader response to the source text and the target text, best suits Chinese-English translation. The expanded edition will be divided into 2 sections. Section I comprises the original 9 chapters written in the mid-80s, while Section II with 4–5 supplementary chapters that involve developments on some important issues in translation.

Shamrock and Chopsticks James Joyce in China: A Tale of Two Encounters JIN Di (金隄)  Translator and Visiting Professor at the Universtiy of Oregon ISBN: 978-962-937-070-1∣ISBN-10: 962-937-070-0∣336 pages; 142 x 215 mm∣paperback: HK$148∣July 2001

This book contains three parts: Part I provides an informative context for the Chinese Ulysses and the fascinating story of the origins of Jin’s project. Part II offers the principles of translation, reflecting from the detailed account of the problems on bridging linguistic and cultural barriers during the translation process. The last part recounts the encounter between James Joyce and Chinese culture.

西方翻譯理論精選 Western Theories of Translation (in Chinese) 陳德鴻 香港嶺南大學翻譯系副教授 張南峰 香港嶺南大學翻譯系副教授 ISBN: 978-962-937-035-0∣ISBN-10: 962-937-035-2∣300 頁,140 x 210 毫米∣平裝:HK$85∣2000年5月

本書收入20位譯論家的論文20篇,都是西方譯論流派的代表作。論文的譯者均為香港及海外任教的翻譯 學系資深學者,或具多年翻譯及傳譯實務的工作者。 本書的一大特色,是在每篇譯文前有一篇導言,由嶺南大學翻譯系的陳德鴻博士及張南峰博士兩位編者 撰寫,幫助讀者在錯綜複雜的論述中,找出清晰的脈絡,加深對翻譯理論的理解。


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Communication in Chinese (in Chinese) 基礎篇 香港城市大學語文學部 編 ISBN: 978-962-937-067-1∣ISBN-10: 962-937-067-0∣344頁,190 x 235 毫米∣平裝:HK$80∣2001年7月 寫作篇 香港城市大學語文學部 編 ISBN: 978-962-937-068-8∣ISBN-10: 962-937-068-9∣392頁,190 x 235 毫米∣平裝:HK$80∣2001年7月

語言和文字是人與人之間最重要的溝通工具,由它們衍生出來的「口頭傳意」和「書面傳意」,成為了我 們生活和工作的主要活動。本書所要探討的,正是怎樣利用中文在口頭傳意和書面傳意兩方面,能有效地 發揮溝通的作用。 本書共分為上、下兩冊:上冊是《基礎篇》,下冊是《寫作篇》。書面傳意的「基本功」,在首十章有詳 細的介紹;接下去就是口頭傳意方面的章節。至於實際寫作的傳意原則,怎樣寫得好、講得漂亮,如何製 作格式合宜的應用文(件)等等,這些都在下冊用大量的例子加以說明。 此書是每一間辦公室「必備」的工具書,也適合大學、中學、專科學生和老師作為課本使用。此外,社會 上工商、金融、法政、服務等界別的在職人士,亦可用來培訓員工,或提升自己的中文水平。

21世紀商用中文書信寫作手冊 Writing Chinese Letters for Business in the 21st Century (in Chinese) 白雲開 香港教育學院中文系講師 ISBN: 978-962-937-060-2∣ISBN-10: 962-937-060-3∣280 頁,190 x 235 毫米∣平裝:HK$80∣2001年7月

近年來,商業社會不斷朝高效率方向走,商用書信也不例外,無論書信格式、結構、表達方式等都如 此。可是,香港的中文商用書信卻因為長期受英語和傳統尺牘的影響,加上一直沒有較理想的寫作標 準,以致在撰寫書信時出現無從入手的情況。 本手冊以例子說明問題,務求為苦無參考的讀者提供可借鑒的、以現代漢語書寫的例子。本手冊集中示 範「格式」,信件結構嚴謹,篇幅短小精悍,表達簡潔,以求達到高效率的目標。 本手冊適合從事商業活動,需要用中文書信交流資訊的人士。本書的例子取材不同行業,包括服務業 (如銀行、電訊、基金投資、貨櫃運輸等)和製造業(如紡織、地產發展、成衣、軟件製造等)兩大 類。


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Language Acquisition, Change and Emergence–Essays in Evolutionary Linguistics Edited by: James W. MINETT Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Electronic Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong William S-Y. WANG Research Professor, Department of Electronic Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong ISBN: 978-962-937-111-1∣ISBN-10: 962-937-111-1∣552 pages; 152 x 229 mm∣paperback: HK$195∣July 2005

This volume explores language evolution from an inter-disciplinary perspective to illuminate the interactions among the different features and mechanism of language evolution. This collection is organized into 4 sections: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Section 1 looks at the emergence of language from the perspective of genetics, anthropology and cognitive science. Section 2 examines models for language acquisition. Section 3 deals with language change. Section 4 explores the complexity of language.

Contributors King CHOW, P. Thomas SCHOENEMANN, Christophe COUPE, Jean-Marie HOMBERT, Brian MACWHINNEY, Morten CHRISTIANSEN, Christopher M. CONWAY, Suzanne CURTIN, Chunyu KIT, Charles YANG, George van DRIEM, Merritt RUHLEN, Murray GELL-MANN, John H. HOLLAND, Randy LAPOLLA, Charles LIN, Kathleen AHRENS, Bernard COMRIE

Language Matters–Communication, Culture, and Identity Edited by: Sik Hung NG Professor (Chair) of Social Psychology, Department of Applied Social Studies, City University of Hong Kong Christopher N. CANDLIN Senior Research Professor, Department of Linguistics, Macquarie University Chi Yue CHIU Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Illinois ISBN: 978-962-937-107-4∣ISBN-10: 962-937-107-3∣525 pages; 152 x 229 mm∣paperback: HK$180∣April 2004

This volume focuses on the social purpose of language use. It comprises 20 chapters which are an extension of the interflow of ideas at the 8th International Conference on Language and Social Psychology held in Hong Kong, 2003. Key issues are explored in four areas: I) Communication, II) Cultural Processes, III) Social Identity, and IV) Communicating Culture and Identity in Natural Social Settings.

Research and Practice in Professional Discourse Edited by: Christopher N. CANDLIN Senior Research Professor, Department of Linguistics, Macquarie University ISBN: 978-962-937-071-8∣ISBN-10: 962-937-071-9∣736 pages; 152 x 229 mm∣paperback: HK$180∣December 2002

In view of the growing interest in investigating professional discourse as a multidisciplinary activity, this volume explores key issues in three areas: I) Research Prospects, II) Models and Practices, and III) Contexts and Actions. Special areas of focus are: medicine and healthcare, legal practice, business communication, mass media, academic writing and research.


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The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in Its First Decade Edited by: Joseph Y. S. CHENG Professor (Chair) of Political Science and Coordinator of Contemporary China Research Project ISBN: 978-962-937-145-6∣928 pages; 152 x 229 mm∣paperback: HK$238∣September 2007

This volume intends to survey the HKSAR’s developments in various important areas in its first decade. It aims to critically review past developments, identify the significant issues, and assess the performance of the government and that of the community as a whole. It also attempts to consider future development trends and offers policy suggestions. The book will appeal to local and international readers interested in Hong Kong. The latter include the international financial and business community, researchers in Asian Studies, journalists and educated tourists. The local general public should find the book interesting, and university students as well as high school teachers will acquire copies for their studies. Contributors Grace CHENG, Joseph CHENG, Marcus CHU, Michael E. DEGOLYER, John D. HO, Kin-chung HO, Lok-sang HO, Ching-tin HUNG, Kin-yuen IP, Olivia IP, Alex Yui-huen KWAN, Rebecca Ching-wa KWOK, Adrienne R. LA GRANGE, Alice Y. L. LEE, Michael H. LEE, Beatrice LEUNG, Mark Kin-yin LI, Sonny LO, Ngok MA, Mee-kam NG, Sek-hong NG, Raymond NGAN, Baozhi QU, Yue REN, Ming SING, Clement Y. K. SO, Camoes TAM, Wai TING, Shirley Po-san WAN, Timothy Ka-ying WONG, Siu-lun WONG, Victor W. T. ZHENG

The July 1 Protest Rally—Interpreting a Historic Event Edited by: Joseph Y. S. CHENG

Professor (Chair) of Political Science and Director of Contemporary China Research Centre

ISBN: 978-962-937-113-5∣ISBN-10: 962-937-113-8∣620 pages; 152 x 229 mm∣paperback: HK$220∣November 2005

Written by a team of academics from the eight higher institutions in Hong Kong, this volume addresses the political, social and economic implications of the mass protest on 1 July 2003 that is believed to have farreaching impact on the future development of the Hong Kong society. This volume will be of interest to university students and academics in public administration and political science. Media professionals interested in the current affairs of Hong Kong and China will also find it a handy source of reference. Contributors Anthony B. L. CHENG, Chor-yung CHEUNG, Kok-wah CHEUNG, Michael E. DEGOLYER, John HO, Lok-sang HO, Ching-tin HUNG, Wing-tat HUNG, Gary Chak-yuen KAN, C. W. LAM, Wing-on LEE, Beatrice LEUNG, Mark LI, Harry Wai-chung LO, Sonny LO, Tai-lok LUI, Grace MAK, Mee-kam NG, Sek-hong NG, Raymond NGAN, Clement SO, Stephen SZE, Shirley Po-san WAN, Annie O. O. WONG, Timothy Ka-ying WONG, Peter P. YUEN, Wing-yat YU

Challenges and Policy Programmes of China’s New Leadership Edited by: Joseph Y. S. CHENG Professor (Chair) of Political Science and Coordinator of Contemporary China Research Project ISBN: 978-962-937-136-4∣672 pages; 152 x 229 mm∣paperback: HK$238∣April 2007

The new leadership team under Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao began to consolidate power and make its mark on China’s policy programmes since the autumn of 2002. This book with 21 essays tries to analyze the new leadership’s perceptions of the challenges facing it, how it defines its priorities, builds up political support for its policy programmes and overcomes the resistance of vested interests. Attempts will also be made to evaluate its achievements so far. A team of distinguished China experts will provide readers with a unique overview of their respective areas of expertise. Contributors Jean-Philippe BÉJA, David CHAN, Gerald CHAN, Lai-Ha CHAN, Sylvia CHAN, Joseph Y. S. CHENG, Mobo GAO, Yingjie GUO, Guoping JIANG, Charles C. L. KWONG, Willy Wo-Lap LAM, Pak K. LEE, Beatrice K. F. LEUNG, Guoli LIU, Tit Wing LO, Colin MACKERRAS, Raymond NGAN, Alvin Y. SO, Guiguo WANG, Marcus J. J. WANG, Linda WONG, Ray YEP, Ji YOU, Graham YOUNG


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Decision Making and Operations Research Techniques for Construction Management C. M. TAM Professor, Department of Building and Construction, City University of Hong Kong Thomas K. L. TONG Part-time Research Fellow, Department of Building and Construction, City University of Hong Kong H. ZHANG Research Fellow, Department of Building and Construction, City University of Hong Kong; Associate Professor, College of Civil Engineering, Shenzhen University ISBN: 978-962-937-115-9∣328 pages; 185 x 260 mm∣paperback: HK$238∣June 2007

This book challenges the traditional empirical approach to problem solving and provides construction practitioners with a seasoned account to resolving day-to-day complicated issues in construction project management. It also provides scientific tools for practitioners to resolve some practical problems which are administered empirically at present and may lead to inconsistent results and human errors. The modern decision-making tools introduced in this book include Multi-criteria Decision-making Models, Artificial Neural Network, Genetic Algorithms, Construction Simulation, Rough Set Theory and Advanced Statistical Techniques for construction. This book will serve as a useful companion for those managing construction projects that are becoming more and more quantitative in nature, and the undergraduate and advanced postgraduate students.


1. Multi-criteria Decision-making Models for Construction 2. Artificial Neural Networks for Construction 3. Genetic Algorithms for Construction 4. Construction Simulation 5. Rough Set Theory for Construction 6. Advanced Statistical Techniques for Construction

Trust in Co-operative Contracting in Construction Sai On CHEUNG Associate Professor, Department of Building and Construction, City University of Hong Kong ISBN: 978-962-937-117-3∣248 pages; 190 x 235 mm∣paperback: HK$150∣June 2007

Procurement paradigm of the construction industry has changed significantly in the last decade. More and more projects are requiring the contracting parties to adopt a co-operative attitude for financing, design, project management and operation integration. This changing face of procurement requires a total new mode of contracting behavior—co-operative contracting for maximizing the synergistic effect. This volume identifies the most critical driver for co-operative behavior—“Trust”. Its legal and behavioral implications will be carefully examined. Furthermore, a case study on the Mass Transit Railway Tseung Kwan O extension will help illustrate both theory and practice in perspective. This book provides a comprehensive discussion on trust in co-operative contracting. Directed from both management and legal perspectives with findings supported by empirical researches, it is hoped that professionals, researchers and students will find the book interesting.


1. Paradigm Shift in Contracting Culture 2. Co-operative Contracting: In Search of Theoretical Anchors 3. Operationalizing Co-operation in Contracts 4. Partnering: An Exemplar of Co-operative Contracting in Construction 5. Trust: Foundation of Co-operative Contracting 6. Trust Factors in Co-operative Contracting: Views of Parties of a Partnering Dance 7. Trust Initiator: A Prisoner’s Dilemma Perspective 8. Co-operation: Good Faith and Beyond


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Building Dilapidation and Rejuvenation in Hong Kong Edited by: Andrew LEUNG Professor (Chair) and Head of Department of Building and Construction, City University of Hong Kong C. Y. YIU Assistant Professor of Department of Building on Real Estate, Hong Kong Polytechnic University jointly published with the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors ISBN: 978-962-937-090-9∣ISBN-10: 962-937-090-5∣180 pages; 190 x 235 mm∣paperback: HK$120∣April 2004

This book provides an understanding of the life-cycle of buildings, how they age, and what can be done when they become old. New dimensions are given in evaluating urban renewal and addressing how, through rejuvenation, the value of ageing buildings may be increased.

Contributors Kenneth J. K. CHAN, K. W. CHAU, W. Y. CHENG, Barnabas H. K. CHUNG, C. K. HO, Daniel C. W. HO, P. K. KAM, Lawrence W. C. LAI, Andrew Y. T. LEUNG, S. M. LO, S. H. NG, R. PONG, C. M. TAM, W. S. WONG, S. K. WONG, C. Y. YIU, Richard K. K. YUEN

Building Design and Development in Hong Kong Edited by: Division of Building Science and Technology, City University of Hong Kong ISBN: 978-962-937-079-4∣ISBN-10: 962-937-079-4∣298 pages; 190 x 235 mm∣paperback: HK$180∣January 2003

This book covers a wide range of topics on the building design and property development practice in Hong Kong. The process of property development from inception to completion is complicated, including territorial planning, building design, submission procedures, tendering and construction.

Contributors Apple Lok Shun CHAN, Lonnie CHEUNG, Tin Tai CHOW, Jackson KONG, Anthony LAI, Ellen LEE, Arthur LEUNG, Bill B. P. LIM, Kevin MANUEL, Anna SHUM, Hong-xing WEN, Joseph WONG, Raymond WONG, Charlie XUE, Derek YUEN

Information Systems in Developing Countries Theory and Practice Edited by: Robert M. DAVISON, Roger W. HARRIS, Sajda QURESHI, Douglas R. VOGEL, Gert-Jan de VREEDE ISBN: 978-962-937-110-4∣ISBN-10: 962-937-110-3∣320 pages; 185 x 260 mm∣paperback: HK$120∣June 2005

The digital divide and the inequalities of the availability and deployment of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) between developed and developing countries have long been a source of concern. This volume goes beyond the theoretical, the polemical and the philosophical to consider practical issues as they are encountered by stakeholders in the developing country context. 15 author teams explore key issues organized into four sections: (1) Theoretical Background and Culture; (2) Telecentres; (3) Applications; and (4) Key Concepts with Country Specific Studies. Examples of these applications are also described in chapters about Azerbaijan, Brazil, China, Fiji, India and Thailand.


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Business & Law

Law and Practice of Banking Services in Hong Kong Sai Hong KO

Accounting Cases in Hong Kong: the First HKSA Case Competition Edited by: HKSA Case Monograph Working Group jointly published with the Hong Kong Society of Accountants ISBN: 978-962-937-088-6 ISBN-10: 962-937-088-3 256 pages; 185 x 260 mm paperback: HK$120 January 2004

This collection of award-winning case studies is the result of the first Hong Kong Society of Accountants Case Competition (2001). A wide range of topics is covered, from financial reporting, management accounting to environmental strategies. Each case combines theoretical knowledge with detailed critical analysis based on real-life scenarios, followed by a complete set of teaching notes, assignment questions and answer key. Contributors Henric CHENG, Teresa HO, Marinilka B. KIMBRO, Nelson LAM, James LEE, David YIP, Guochang ZHANG

ISBN: 978-962-937-036-7 ISBN-10: 962-937-036-0 310 pages; 152 x 229 mm paperback: HK$195 December 1998

China Studies 中國公共政策分析2005年卷 香港城市大學亞洲管治中心、 中國社會科學院公共政策 研究中心 合編 ISBN: 978-962-937-109-8 ISBN-10: 962-937-109-X 464 頁,152 x 229 毫米 平裝:HK$85 2005年4月

中國公共政策分析2004年卷 香港城市大學亞洲管治中心、 中國社會科學院公共政策 研究中心 合編

How Are We Judged?

ISBN: 978-962-937-091-6 ISBN-10: 962-937-091-3 432 頁,152 x 229 毫米 平裝:HK$85 2004年3月

Benjamin T. M. LIU


ISBN: 978-962-937-053-4 ISBN-10: 962-937-053-0 256 pages; 142 x 215 mm paperback: HK$220 May 2000

香港城市大學亞洲管治中心、 中國社會科學院公共政策 研究中心 合編

How do judges judge the lawyers? How well do barristers and solicitors perform in court? Before, during, and after court sessions, what can lawyers do in order to serve their clients really well? This book is written by a former Hong Kong Court of Appeal judge who has served on both sides, on and off the Bench for over 40 years. It contains a wealth of stories that reflect the mindsets and modes of operation of lawyers, judges and court personnel.

ISBN: 978-962-937-082-4 ISBN-10: 962-937-082-4 440 頁,152 x 229 毫米 平裝:HK$85 2003年4月

中國公共政策分析2002年卷 香港城市大學亞洲管治中心、 中國社會科學院公共政策 研究中心 合編 ISBN: 978-962-937-075-6 ISBN-10: 962-937-075-1 368 頁,152 x 229 毫米 平裝:HK$85 2002年1月

中國的改革與工商經營 China’s Reform, Industrial Markets and Business Management (in Chinese) 李少民、何小鋒、游漢明 ISBN: 978-962-937-038-1 ISBN-10: 962-937-038-7 488 頁,152 x 229 毫米 平裝:HK$180 1998年10月

The Guangdong Development Model and Its Challenges Edited by: Joseph Y. S. CHENG ISBN: 978-962-937-033-6 ISBN-10: 962-937-033-6 462 pages; 152 x 229 mm paperback: HK$220 February 1999

Guangdong in the Twenty-first Century: Stagnation or Second Take-off? Edited by: Joseph Y. S. CHENG ISBN: 978-962-937-066-4 ISBN-10: 962-937-066-2 488 pages; 152 x 229 mm paperback: HK$220 November 2000

China's Challenges in the Twenty-first Century Edited by: Joseph Y. S. CHENG ISBN: 978-962-937-081-7 ISBN-10: 962-937-081-6 880 pages; 152 x 229 mm paperback: HK$238 April 2003



Cryptographic Techniques & E -Commerce

香港城市大學亞洲管治中心、 中國社會科學院公共政策 研究中心 合編

Edited by: Manuel BLUM C. H. LEE

ISBN: 978-962-937-037-4 ISBN-10: 962-937-037-9 398 頁,152 x 229 毫米 平裝:HK$85 2000年12月

ISBN: 978-962-937-049-7 ISBN-10: 962-937-049-2 300 pages; 210 x 273 mm paperback: HK$495 July 1999


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Heterogeneous and Internet Databases

依舊悠然見南山— 香港城市大學20周年史論集

Edited by: Joseph FONG

Views from Mount South—A Collection of Essays in Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of City of Hong Kong (in Chinese)

ISBN: 978-962-937-046-6 ISBN-10: 962-937-046-8 448 pages; 185 x 260 mm paperback: HK$495 July 1999

鄭培凱 編 ISBN: 978-962-937-094-7 ISBN-10: 962-937-094-8 328 頁,152 x 229 毫米 平裝:HK$90 2005年1月

中國語言學的新拓展 Recent Advances in Chinese Linguistics (in Chinese) 石鋒、潘悟云 編 ISBN: 978-962-937-034-3 ISBN-10: 962-937-034-4 420 頁,152 x 229 毫米 平裝:HK$140 1999年4月

中國文化多媒體光碟 Chinese Civilisation Digitised [CD-ROM] Text: in traditional Chinese characters

Current Practice in Multimedia Education Edited by: Robin BRADBEER ISBN: 978-962-937-045-9 ISBN-10: 962-937-045-X 160 pages; 185 x 260 mm paperback: HK$120 October 1999

作者 張信剛、王士元、鄭錦全、陳淵泉、鄒嘉彥、吳宏一、 李澤厚、張隆溪、鄭培凱、劉再復、龍應台、陳志誠、 李金銓、鄭宇碩

漢語與華人社會 Chinese Language and Society (in Chinese)

香港城市大學〈中國文化多 媒體光碟〉編輯委員會 編 ISBN: 978-962-937-062-6 ISBN-10: 962-937-062-X 一套2片光碟,繁體字 旁述:粵語、普通話 HK$180 2000年7月

鄒嘉彥、 游汝杰


ISBN: 978-962-937-069-5 ISBN-10: 962-937-069-7 320 頁,152 x 229 毫米 平裝:HK$85 2003年10月

Hong Kong Mangroves Nora F. Y. TAM Y. S. WONG ISBN: 978-962-937-055-8 ISBN-10: 962-937-055-7 158 pages; 140 x 210 mm paperback: HK$75 January 2000

Field Guide to Hong Kong Mangroves

利馬竇中文著譯集 Matteo Ricci: Writings and Translations in Chinese 朱維錚 編 ISBN: 978-962-937-072-5 ISBN-10: 962-937-072-7 974 頁,150 x 215 毫米 精裝:HK$418 另加本地郵費:HK$40 2001年10月

Nora F. Y. TAM Y. S. WONG ISBN: 978-962-937-056-5 ISBN-10: 962-937-056-5 96 pages; 140 x 210 mm paperback: HK$35 January 2000

中國古代印刷史圖冊 An Illustrated History of Printing in Ancient China (in Chinese) 北京中國印刷博物館編 羅樹寶主編 陳善偉譯 Compiled by The Printing Museum of China, edited by Shubao LUO, translated by Sin-wai CHAN ISBN: 978-962-937-032-9 ISBN-10: 962-937-032-8 bilingual text and captions 134 pages; 210 x 286 mm paperback: HK$150 August 1998

Social Sciences Political Participation in Hong Kong: Theoretical Issues and Historical Legacy Edited by: Joseph Y. S. CHENG ISBN: 978-962-937-044-2 ISBN-10: 962-937-044-1 342 pages; 152 x 229 mm paperback: HK$220 October 1999

選舉制度的政治效果— 港式比例代表制的經驗 Political Consequences of Electoral Systems—The Hong Kong Proportional Representation System (in Chinese) 馬嶽、蔡子強 ISBN: 978-962-937-087-9  ISBN-10: 962-937-087-5 272 頁,152 x 229 毫米 平裝:HK$80 2003年11月


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Hong Kong Economic Policy Studies Series Competition in Energy Pun-Lee LAM, Associate Professor, Department of Business Studies, Hong Kong Polytechnic University ISBN: 978-962-937-005-3∣ISBN-10: 962-937-005-0∣ 153 pp. Paperback∣HK$118∣May 1997 Competition Policy and the Regulation of Business Leonard K CHENG, Professor, Department of Economics, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Changqi WU, Adjunct Associate Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, The HK University of Science and Technology ISBN: 978-962-937-027-5∣ISBN-10: 962-937-027-1∣ 287 pp. Paperback∣HK$118∣August 1998 Health Care Delivery and Financing: A Model for Reform Lok Sang HO, Professor of Economics and Director of the Centre for Public Policy Studies, Lingnan University ISBN: 978-962-937-011-4∣ISBN-10: 962-937-011-5∣160 pp. Paperback∣HK$118∣December 1997 Hong Kong and South China: The Economic Synergy Yun-Wing SUNG, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Economics and Co-Director of the Hong Kong and Asia-Pacific Economies Research Programme, The Chinese University of Hong Kong ISBN: 978-962-937-015-2∣ISBN-10: 962-937-015-8∣ 210 pp. Paperback∣HK$118∣November 1998 Hong Kong as an International Financial Centre: Evolution, Prospects and Policies Y C JAO, Honorary Professor, School of Economics and Finance, The University of Hong Kong ISBN: 978-962-937-001-5∣ISBN-10: 962-937-001-8∣ 191 pp. Paperback∣HK$118∣April 1997 Immigration and the Economy of Hong Kong Kit Chun LAM, Associate Professor of Economics, Hong Kong Baptist University Pak Wai LIU, Professor of Economics and Pro-ViceChancellor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong ISBN: 978-962-937-019-0∣ISBN10: 962-937-019-0∣ 196 pp. Paperback∣HK$118∣September 1998 Income Inequality and Economic Development Hon-Kwong LUI, Associate Professor, Department of Marketing and International Business, Lingnan University ISBN: 978-962-937-006-0∣ISBN-10: 962-937-006-9∣ 137 pp. Paperback∣HK$118∣May 1997 Institutional Development of the Insurance Industry Ben T YU, Professor of Economics, California State University at Northbridge, USA ISBN: 978-962-937-007-7∣ISBN-10: 962-937-007-7∣ 177 pp. Paperback∣HK$118∣May 1997 Labour Market in a Dynamic Economy Wing SUEN, Professor, School of Economics and Finance, The University of Hong Kong William CHAN, Lecturer, School of Economics and Finance, The University of Hong Kong ISBN: 978-962-937-012-1∣ISBN-10: 962-937-012-3∣ 172 pp. Paperback∣HK$118∣November 1997

On Privatizing Public Housing Yue-Chim Richard WONG, Professor in the School of Economics and Director of the School of Business, The University of Hong Kong ISBN: 978-962-937-014-5∣ISBN-10: 962-937-014-X∣ 169 pp. Paperback∣HK$118∣August 1998 Port Facilities and Container Handling Services Leonard K CHENG, Professor, Department of Economics, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Yue-Chim Richard WONG, Professor in the School of Economics and Director of the School of Business, The University of Hong Kong ISBN: 978-962-937-003-9∣ISBN-10: 962-937-003-4∣ 173 pp. Paperback∣HK$118∣April 1997 Privatizing Water and Sewage Services Pun-Lee LAM, Associate Professor, Department of Business Studies, Hong Kong Polytechnic University Yue-Cheong CHAN, Associate Professor, Department of Business Studies, Hong Kong Polytechnic University ISBN: 978-962-937-010-7∣ISBN-10: 962-937-010-7∣ 161 pp. Paperback∣HK$118∣November 1997 Retirement Protection: A Plan for Hong Kong F r a n c i s T L U I , P ro f e s s o r a t t h e D e p a r t m e n t o f Economics and Director of the Center for Economic Development, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology ISBN: 978-962-937-030-5∣ISBN-10: 962-937-030-1∣ 138 pp. Paperback∣HK$118∣December 1998 Technology and Industry Kai-Sun KWONG, Associate Professor of Economics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong ISBN: 978-962-937-002-2∣ISBN-10: 962-937-002-6∣ 124 pp. Paperback∣HK$118∣April 1997 Telecom Policy and Digital Convergence Milton MUELLER, Associate Professor and Director of the Telecommunications Program at the School of Information Studies, Syracuse University, USA ISBN: 978-962-937-008-4∣ISBN-10: 962-937-008-5∣ 189 pp. Paperback∣HK$118∣November 1997 Tourism and the Hong Kong Economy Kai-Sun KWONG, Associate Professor of Economics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong ISBN: 978-962-937-009-1∣ISBN-10: 962-937-009-3∣ 165 pp. Paperback∣HK$118∣November 1997 Town Planning in Hong Kong: A Critical Review Lawrence LAI, Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor), Department of Real Estate and Construction, The University of Hong Kong ISBN: 978-962-937-013-8∣ISBN-10: 962-937-013-1∣ 165 pp. Paperback∣HK$118∣December 1997 Trade and Investment: Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan Kwok-Chiu FUNG, Associate Professor of Economics at the University of California at Santa Cruz, and Associate Director of the Hong Kong Centre for Economic Research ISBN: 978-962-937-004-6∣ISBN-10: 962-937-004-2∣ 165 pp. Paperback∣HK$118∣April 1997


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