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YOU ARE UNIQUE. YOUR KNEE REPLACEMENT SURGERY SHOULD BE TOO. Unlike traditional total knee replacement surgery, the board-certified surgeons at Hamilton Medical Center use a Mako robot and a virtual 3D model to personalize your knee replacement. Patients who received Mako assisted total knee replacement surgery feel the results. In fact, they reported lower pain scores than those who received a conventional knee replacement.1 Journal of Knee Surgery 2017 Nov;30(9):849-853


Hamilton Medical Center is a Top 100 Hospital in the U.S. for Patient Safety in Orthopedic Care and certified by the Joint Commission in knee, hip & shoulder replacement surgery.

706.272.6000 HamiltonHealth.com/ortho




Getting tested before traveling can help reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. For your convenience, all AFC locations are now offering Travel Rapid Molecular COVID-19 Testing for in-network insured and non-insured patients. For the test and visit to be completely covered, patients must see a provider during their visit. Make sure you know which COVID test is required for your trip before you visit the clinic. No appointment is needed and walk-ins are welcome. Come get tested today!

CLEVELAND: 170 Mouse Creek Road (37312) ph: 423.458.1426 | Open M-F 8-8, S-S 8-5 OOLTEWAH: 9058 Old Lee Highway (37363) ph: 423.531.9110 | Open M-F 8-8, S-S 8-5 HIXSON: 5546 Highway 153, Suite 120 (37343) ph: 423.486.1911 | Open M-F 8-8, S-S 8-5 CHATTANOOGA: 1521 Gunbarrel Rd., Suite 103 (37421) ph: 423.531.0911 | Open M-F 8-8, S-S 8-5 CHATTANOOGA: 3520 Cummings Highway (37419) ph: 423.822.5942 | Open M-F 8-8, S-S 8-5 FORT OGLETHORPE, GA: 26 Parkway Drive (30742) ph: 706.956.2846 | Open Every Day 8-6 ATHENS: 2037 Congress Pkwy. S (37303) ph: 423.381.0152 | Open M-F 8-8, S-S 8-5


Publisher’s Letter

“Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is.” — JESSICA HARRELSON

Spring is a season full of promise, and this year is no exception. It’s also a season of growth, which is not limited to blossoming trees and blooming flowerbeds. As the world grows greener and the days grow longer, it’s a better time than ever to tend to your health and well-being. If you’re looking to be more intentional about your health this season, this spring issue of HealthScope® magazine seeks to leave you informed and empowered to strive for a healthy life. First up, our feature “Back Pain: What’s the Cause?” highlights common causes of an achy back, with expert input on what to do about it. In “Leukemia: Your Questions, Answered,” we respond to common questions about this cancer and its many forms. Additionally, in our feature, “Alzheimer’s Disease: What You Should Know,” we discuss this prevalent cause of memory loss in older adults and how best to care for loved ones who might have it. Don’t miss inspiring stories and words of wisdom from local women in our sections “Her Story” and “Inspired: Women Celebrating Women,” as well as a special feature on AHA Survivor Channing Muller, who survived not one, but two heart attacks, the first of which came while she was just 26. As usual, be sure to also check out our annual Tech for Your Health section, which covers the

latest advancements in medical technology that will ensure the best possible care for your health and wellness. Inside are many more topics for you to explore, including a guided at-home workout George Mullinix by Carrie Tate PUBLISHER and two delicious chickpea recipes for you to try out in the kitchen. Celebrate spring with stunning florals from local boutiques, and browse our Mother’s Day Gift Guide for inspiration on ways to show mom how much you appreciate her. Last but not least, enjoy our interview with cover model Emily Niespodziany, who shares how she’s embracing her 30s and making her health a priority this year and for many years to come. Her dedication to her family, her health, and her career is truly inspiring. We hope that you find this issue of HealthScope® magazine to be informative and uplifting and that it will inspire you during this season of growth and new life. Blessings always,

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Be Well 30 Borderline Personality Disorder


Embrace adversity and any challenges that come your way; they have a way of preparing you for who you are meant to be.”

Back Pain What’s the Cause?


5 Important Facts, Explained

Leukemia Your Questions, Answered

48 Alzheimer’s Disease

What You Should Know


Stay Well Annual Tech for Your Health Section 56

VENOVO Venous Stent System


Zirconia Dental Implants


da Vinci SP Robot


Bedside Technology


CEREC Same-Day Crowns


Mazor X System


Phonak Audéo Paradise


ClearStep Numberless Scale


3Shape Trios Intraoral Scanner




StimGuide Navigated TMS System

Mom’s Hands Have Always Been There for You Guiding your first steps. Washing and folding loads of laundry. A lifetime of meals and cheers. And always ready with a comforting touch. Our mothers’ hands have worked and supported like no other. Now you can give something back. Help Mom find relief from unsightly vein issues in her hands. If your Mom is embarrassed or uncomfortable because of the veins in her hand, we can help! Dr. Gardner will develop a treatment plan best suited to his patients’ needs using the most up-to-date methods. Make Mom feel beautiful in her own skin again!


Suite 321, 1405 Cowart Street Chattanooga, TN 37408

423-551-8346 YourVeinInstitute.com


120 Cornerstone Way #3 Calhoun, GA 30701

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Meet Our Model Emily Niespodziany

Floral Favorites for Spring Stylish Selections From Local Boutiques

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Tried-and-True Eyeliners

Sensational Shades Finding the Right Lip Color to Complement Your Traits

Nailed It! What Your Fingernails Say About Your Health

Her Story Motivating Stories From Local Women 90

Angie Wynn


Nasera Souidi-Johnson


Theresa Nix


Deanna Duncan

Inspired Women Celebrating Women

106 8




Cara Hicks & Kym Ott


Shaun Mosley &

Azurae Johnson Redmond


Becky Cope English

& Kelly Carter


Allison Driver &

Shawn Kurrelmeier-Lee


The counseling program at Southern Adventist University is focused on Christ, the Wonderful Counselor. Designed for Your Success Southern’s CACREP-accredited programs in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and School Counseling prepare students for state licensure and provide practical knowledge and clinical experience. Grounded in Christian Principles The training you receive at Southern will be grounded in Christian principles but designed to prepare you for work in a variety of settings. Call or visit online to find out how you can get started. Master of Science in Counseling • Clinical Mental Health Counseling • School Counseling

1.800.SOUTHERN • southern.edu/graduatestudies


HealthScopeMag.com Spring 2021 • Vol. 32 Issue 4

104 Feel Well

Departments Health in a Minute

103 Spellbinding Spring Dates

Local Ladies Share Their Date-Night Ideas

104 Coping With an Empty Nest

Strategies for Survival When Your Child Leaves Home

Live Well Chickpea Recipes From Locals

Spice Staples for Home Cooks

112 Carrie Tate’s Unloaded Workout


For Moms


For Her


For the Whole Family


For the Home

27 Staff Spotlight 28 Ask the Doctor

110 Spice It Up

For Him

26 Health & Wellness Calendar

106 Small but Mighty


A Guided, At-Home Workout

52 Silver Side 87 Must-Have Mother’s Day Gift Guide


George Mullinix

Sales & New Business Development

Cailey Mullinix Easterly

Sales & Business Development

Katie Faulkner

Art, Creative, & Design

Emily Pérez Long


Lauren Robinson


Kathy Bradshaw Christina Cannon Anna Hill Mary Beth Wallace

SEO/Digital Marketing

Micah Underwood

Marketing Assistant

Alysse Parris

Photographers Rich Smith

Emily Pérez Long Lanewood Studio

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Now that she’s in her 30s, health and wellness look a little different in this season of Emily Niespodziany’s life. Being there for her family is a top priority and one that keeps her focused on her well-being!




See page 76 for Cover Model Emily Niespodziany’s story!










Photo by Lanewood Studio

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Walk-in care now open seven days a week You and your family now have more options for quality health care with the opening of Tennova Walk-in Clinic on Paul Huff Parkway. With extended hours, online check-in, telehealth options, and treatment for a variety of conditions, getting care is more convenient than ever. Whether you are sick and need care quickly, or need primary care including routine check-ups, count on us. Covid-19 rapid testing is also available.

Walk in or check in online at MyTennovaWalkInClinic.com. Telehealth visits are also available.

Tennova Walk-In Clinic 700 Paul Huff Pkwy NW, Suite #200, Cleveland

423-225-8553 Because our staff must treat patients based on the severity of illness or injury, your time is not guaranteed. We will see you as close to your designated time as possible. If your symptoms worsen or you believe you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Department as soon as possible.

Open Monday–Friday: 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Saturday–Sunday: 9 a.m.-6 p.m.



24/7 H O L I DAYS & W E E K E N D S

365 DAYS P E R Y E A R

Providing 40 years of not-for-profit hospice care, right here. Alleo Health System services 42 counties in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and North Carolina, operating 24/7/365. Staffed with local hometown heroes, taking care of you in your time of need is what we do best. What matters to you, matters to us... always!


(888) 340-3816 | AlleoHealth.org


5 Ways to Be Healthy in a Hurry Feel like you don’t have enough time to be healthy? Here are some easy, quick (undera-minute) activities that can boost your health without burdening your schedule. It’s time for a little spring cleaning for your body!

Rise and Shine

Move It! Do some squats, run up steps, stand up and sit down in a chair several times, or go for a 60-second jog (which has been proven to help bone strength).

For many people, carbs = guilt. But eating healthy doesn’t have to mean living carb-free. Put olive oil or vinegar on carbohydrates such as bread and pasta before you eat them to lessen your body’s absorption of sugar from the carbs, which is what can lead to weight gain.

Your Moment in the Sun

Take a Deep Breath

Use sunscreen daily, and don’t forget those often-overlooked spots such as your neck, ears, and backs of your hands.

Although it may seem small, taking two to three deep breaths a day while thinking positive thoughts can do wonders for your mood – and your blood pressure.

Not a morning person? You can still start your day off right by drinking water shortly after getting up and eating a quick protein-rich breakfast.

Good Enough to Eat

Achoo! When to See a Doctor for Your Allergies Your body is like a superhero, protecting you against evil attackers such as bacteria and viruses. But your immune system can be so overprotective of you that it might even try to ward off relatively friendly invaders, such as pollen, dust, animal dander, and certain foods. When this happens, your body goes into overdrive preparing itself for battle and begins releasing chemicals and other substances that may cause you to cough, sneeze, itch, or have difficulty breathing. This is an allergic reaction. If you feel like you’re suffering from allergies, it might be time to have it checked out by a doctor. You could see an allergist, who specializes in allergies, but your primary care doctor should also be able to give you some answers. Consider medical help for your allergies if: • Your nose runs or is stuffed up, your eyes water, or you are coughing or having trouble breathing for three months or more at a time. • Store-bought, over-the-counter medications aren’t working. • Your symptoms are so severe that it’s impacting your quality of life. • Your sleep is being affected. • You have underlying health conditions such as heart disease or diabetes.





There’s More Than One Way to Find Your Wild! Choose the series that fits you and your adventures best, then customize it even more with over 200 Ford accessories to truly make it your own.


Tough Break H OW TO H E LP W H E N YOUR CH ILD H A S A BROKE N BO NE You’ll have so many wonderful moments as a parent, but your child’s mishaps and accidents are not among them. When kids hurt themselves, it’s traumatic for both the child and the parent. Here are a few ways to help your little one deal with a broken bone, heal quickly, and get back to normal life.

What Your 12-Week Ultrasound Tells You About Your Baby Congrats! You’re expecting. And while it might be too soon to start decorating the nursery or baking pink (or blue) cupcakes for your big gender reveal, there are still things you can do while you wait for your little one’s arrival. You’ll soon be going in for your 12-week ultrasound, which is one of the biggest milestones in your pregnancy, since it’s the first time that you’ll finally get to “see” your baby. But what exactly does this ultrasound tell you? Your due date. You can’t wait for your little bundle of joy to get here. This will tell you how much longer you have to endure the anticipation, giving you a fairly accurate countdown to your baby’s grand entrance. Basic anatomy info. Is the baby developing as it should? Does it have arms, legs, eyes, and other healthy body parts? Whether your baby is likely to develop Down syndrome or other such conditions. A procedure called a nuchal translucency test is performed as a screener, which will tell you if your baby is at risk.



WHEN ACCIDENTS HAPPEN Ice the area for the first day or two, making sure that the cast remains dry, and keep the body part elevated. Give your child ibuprofen or acetaminophen for the pain. CAST DOUBT Casts are uncomfortable, and the skin underneath can get itchy. Doctors recommend tapping lightly on the outside of the cast over the itchy spot or blowing cool air from a hairdryer into the cast to help soothe the itching. Benadryl can also help. Once the discomfort lessens, your child will likely want to get back to all the fun activities they like to do. Explain that the bone must heal fully first and that doing things too soon will only prolong the injury.

THE BIG REVEAL When the cast comes off, your child could experience temporary discomfort because the affected area hasn’t been used for weeks. It just needs a little stretching and moving to get it back up and running again.




rgonomics, sometimes referred to as “human engineering,” is the relationship of people to their workplaces, with the goal of optimizing equipment design, arrangement, and comfort, to avoid long-term adverse effects on the body and maximize productivity. If you sit for long periods of time at a desk, whether at home or in an office, follow these tips to make your space ergonomically ideal. • Your chair should support your back, with your feet flat on the floor and your knees even with your hips. If chair height makes this impossible, and your desk allows for it, use a footrest or put a stool under your feet instead. • Keep important items close to avoid having to reach for them. • When typing, your wrists should remain straight and level with your elbows, with your arms close to your body. Use armrests and padding for under your wrists. • Avoid overusing your mouse. • Try not to hold your phone between your head and shoulder; this will crank your neck. Instead, use headphones or speaker phone. • Allow enough space for your legs to fit comfortably beneath your desk, but not with the desk so high that you’re seated way below it. • Your monitor should be kept at eye level, behind your keyboard, and approximately arm’s distance from you.

Eating Well While Eating Out

Dining out should mean enjoying a meal with loved ones, but restaurant menus, often filled with caloric dishes and temptations, can be tricky to navigate when you’re trying to make healthy choices. Here are some tips to have fun, eat well, and feel good about your order. Plan Ahead Eat light leading up to a big meal out. Check restaurants’ menus and nutritional information online in advance. Have a healthy snack before eating out to stave off hunger that could lead to overindulgence. Everything in Moderation Eat what you love when dining out, just don’t go crazy. Watch portion sizes, split a dish, or take home leftovers. Don’t overdo it on the bottomless baskets of chips or bread. Watch Your Drinks Choose your drinks carefully, as many calories can swim within. If consuming alcohol, remember that the more you drink, the less restraint you’ll have with your food choices. Limit the Good Stuff Try to avoid foods with excess butter, oil, sugar, or salt. You can request a certain preparation, and order dressings and sauces on the side. Just This Once If you feel like throwing caution to the wind for one meal, it’s okay. Just get back on track with your next meal.



Celebrating 84 Years of Selling the Finest Designer Jewelry 213 Chickamauga Avenue Rossville, Georgia 706.866.3033

B rody J ewelers

TONYA JOHNSON-WALLER Licensed Aesthetician & Board-Certified Permanent Makeup Artist


Limelight Laser Facial Erbium Laser Resurfacing Skin Tightening Hair Removal Sclerotherapy


Red Carpet Hydrafacial MicroNeedling DermaPlaning PRP Chemical Peels Plasma Pen


Microblading | Eyeliner | Lips Brows | Lash Extensions Lash Tint & Lift




Itching to Know What’s the Difference Between Poison Ivy, Oak, and Sumac? It’s not easy being green, especially if that green induces bothersome and itchy rashes. If you spend any time outdoors, you’ll likely share space with some unfortunate neighbors: poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac. The trick is to learn to pick the culprits out of a weed-filled crowd, avoid contact, and keep your distance from these pervasive plants.

POISON IVY thrives in multiple terrains, from forests to fields, and has three uneven-edged, pointed leaves per stalk.

POISON OAK looks similar to its itchy cousin, also with three jagged leaves per stem, but has the unfortunate tendency of blending in with surrounding plants, even changing color to match.

POISON SUMAC looks like a fern, with seven to 13 oval leaves growing on both sides of its stems.

Once a rash develops – usually 24 to 48 hours after exposure – try cold compresses, lukewarm baths, antihistamine pills, or calamine or hydrocortisone lotions or creams to lessen itching.




The sun gives us vitamin D, which helps promote bone health, calcium absorption, and better sleep. That big yellow ball in the sky can also increase happiness by providing us heat and light. However, far less happiness comes from sun-induced brown spots on the skin, premature aging and wrinkles, or skin cancer – the risks of which can be significantly lowered by using sunscreen. But even if you religiously apply sunscreen, there’s another thing to consider as you slather up: Is your sunscreen past its expiration date? Like most pharmaceutical products we use, sunscreen has an expiration date and loses its potency past that date. Then, it’s no longer as effective and won’t protect you as well against sun exposure. If the expiration date isn’t on the bottle, dermatologists suggest jotting down the date that you bought it, because the FDA mandates that sunscreen must remain good for three years. The experts say that you should also look out for any sudden variations in your sunscreen – if its appearance, smell, or consistency seems to have changed or become a little off, that’s a good indication that it’s gone bad. Stop using it and replace it.

When a loved one’s return to independence depends on you,

DEPEND ON US. Love is a powerful healer. We witness its benefits day after day as we partner with devoted caregivers to help restore independence If you or someone you love has lost independence, depend on us for rehabilitation. We start by providing information you need to feel comfortable with our approach to advanced therapy and care. Then we create custom routines of recovery to address unique needs. Depend on us. Learn more at encompasshealth.com/chattanoogarehab

2412 McCallie Avenue • Chattanooga, TN 37404 423.698.0221 • Fax 423.697.9117

The Joint Commission DiseaseSpecific Care Certification in Amputee Rehabilitation, Hip Fracture Rehabilitation and Stroke Rehabilitation ©2020:Encompass Health Corporation:1665948-05

chattanoogaallergyclinic.com | 423-899-0431



TESTING & TREATMENT Marc Cromie, MD; Todd Levin, MD; Lee Perry, MD; Jennifer Patel, MD; Jessica Van Mason, MD; Hyman Kaplan, MD

Chattanooga • Lee Hwy • Hixson • Cleveland • Ft. Oglethorpe • Dalton • Dayton • Jasper • Ooltewah




G O N E WI T H T H E W I ND How to Storm-Proof Your House

Spring is prime season for tornadoes in Tennessee, but even when those Wizard of Oz-level winds aren’t blowing, thunderstorms and rain tend to pick up the slack. This means that now is the time of year when your home can be extremely vulnerable to storm damage. Here are a few suggestions on how to protect your house – no matter which way the wind blows. • Clean up yards, patios, and other outdoor areas surrounding the house. Remove furniture, bikes, hanging plants, and other items that could be damaged or become missiles in strong winds. Also, trim old tree branches that might break off. • Cover windows with plywood or storm shutters. • Lightning rods, grounded outlets, and surge protectors can help protect your electronics against a power surge if lightning strikes. • Make sure everything structural is secure or tied down, including roof tiles, shutters, banisters, and downspouts. • Moisture-proof your home by filling cracks in wood, masonry, or stucco with a sealant or caulk. Check for leaks around windows and doors, on ceilings, and in the attic. • A back-up generator can help make life more pleasant (and keep food from spoiling in the fridge) during an extended power outage.



Velvety Avocado Pesto Dip SERVES 16 This flavorful, heart-healthy dip makes the perfect afterschool snack. Pairing with celery sticks, cucumber spears, carrots, radishes, or bell peppers will help kids and adults alike meet their daily veggie quota. Ingredients:

• 2 medium, ripe avocados, peeled, pitted, and cut into pieces • 1 cup fresh basil leaves • 1/4 cup unsalted pine nuts • 3 Tbsp. olive oil (extra virgin preferred) • 1 Tbsp. fresh lemon juice • 3 medium garlic cloves • 1/4 tsp. salt • 1/4 tsp. cracked black pepper Directions:

1. In a food processor or blender, process all the ingredients for about 3 minutes, or until the mixture is fluffy and creamy. 2. Serve immediately with your favorite vegetables. Cover and refrigerate any leftover dip for up to 5 days.

“At Hullco we are pushing the boundaries of bathing by providing a more elevated and luxurious experience through our exclusive new line of Jacuzzi® tubs and showers.” - Matt Hullander

Nutritional Information

Calories 74 | Total Fat 7.0g | Sodium 38mg | Total Carbohydrate 3g | Dietary Fiber 2g | Sugars 0g | Protein 1g Source: American Heart Association

Bath Remodel

callhullco.com HealthScopeMag.com


CELEBRATING 25 YEARS! WHO WE ARE Established by Dr. John Chung in 1996 in Dalton, Georgia, Skin Cancer & Cosmetic Dermatology Center was founded on the principal of always putting the patient’s needs first. The incredible, experienced team consists of board-certified dermatologists, fellowship-trained Mohs surgeons, physicians, a board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, a dermatopathologist, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, medical aestheticians, nurse injectors, and more. A wide variety of services is offered spanning medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatologic care across Southeast Tennessee and Northwest Georgia.



With 13 offices in the area, Skin Cancer & Cosmetic Dermatology Center offers convenient, expert care regardless of where you are located.

Many factors have allowed for our success and prolonged service to the community. Our first and foremost priority is the care of our patients and ensuring the best outcomes. Whether a patient is in need of general dermatological care or cosmetic surgery, Skin Cancer & Cosmetic Dermatology Center offers a one-stop option for all skin needs. Led by Dr. Chung, our team provides outstanding surgical results and an unprecedented dermatological cure rate.



DR. JOHN CHUNG Medical Director, President & CEO


Loma Linda University School of Medicine


Florida Hospital


University of Florida


Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation


American Academy of Dermatology American College of Mohs Surgery

WHAT SETS YOUR PRACTICE APART? Our practice has the expertise and ability to perform Mohs surgery, which is a skin cancer treatment performed with the highest standards of quality and competency in the removal of skin cancers and the reconstruction of the patient’s skin. This technique results in less down time for a patient and has a cure rate of 99.99%!

WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT YOUR PROFESSION? I love being able to help people. Every day at our practice, we are able to save 30 to 40 lives with our frontline treatments. It’s such a reward knowing we can help people return to living happy, healthy lives with their loved ones.

WHAT IS YOUR PHILOSOPHY WHEN IT COMES TO THE CARE OF YOUR PATIENTS? To listen. First and foremost, I listen to what the patient says and address their concerns. I work to explain the treatment plan thoroughly, to address any questions they may have, and to ensure the patient is fully comfortable.

WHAT IS YOUR BEST ADVICE FOR PATIENTS? Get regular skin checks. Our staff at Skin Cancer & Cosmetic Dermatology Center makes it so easy and painless to schedule and come in for a yearly skin check. The appointment time is quick and our physicians, NPs, and PAs are highly skilled in their fields. With our 13 locations, we make it convenient no matter where someone lives!

WHAT WOULD YOU CONSIDER TO BE YOUR MAIN STRENGTHS? I have always believed in putting patients first and doing what is best for them. That’s how I have always practiced and how our practice operates daily.



Join the Chattanooga Area Food Bank for a first-time, all-virtual HullaBOWLoo online auction, beginning April 16. With bidding open for 10 days, you’ll find can’t-miss items, including a trip to Watercolor Beach, golf and spa packages, and original art and pottery, all while helping the Food Bank meet the needs of people in our community who seek nourishment – and hope. CHATTFOODBANK.ORG

20 Hullco Heritage Golf Tournament

Organized by the Hullander Family Foundation, the 9th Annual Hullco Heritage Golf Tournament, with presenting sponsor First Horizon, will be held April 20 at McLemore. To date, this annual event has raised over $500,000 for local charities, and this year’s beneficiaries will include Children’s Hospital at Erlanger, Rachel Gamble Memorial Fund, Isaiah 117 House, and The Jason Foundation, Inc. For details and sponsorship information, visit the website. HULLCOHERITAGE.COM

24 JDRF Promise Gala at home

Save the date! The JDRF One Night Chattanooga event will be participating in the first-ever statewide JDRF Promise Gala. Four separate events that previously took place across Tennessee will now become one evening of inspiration benefiting the type 1 diabetes community. Join virtually from the comfort of your home, where you control the guest list, the menu, and the dress code. JDRF.ORG/PROMISEGALA

26 ChattaDerby

Join the Chattanooga Room In The Inn for an online silent auction, beginning April 26th. With bidding open through May 1st, you’ll find items ranging



from local summer camps to beach vacations and more, all while helping the Chattanooga Room In The Inn in their “race” to end homelessness. CHATTANOOGAROOMINTHEINN.COM

May 1 RMHC Run4Kids

Hosted by Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) of Greater Chattanooga, the Run4kids 5K Run & Walk is raising funds for local RMHC families in need of a “home away from home” to stay near their sick children. There will be prizes for the teams with the best outfits, and everyone is welcome to join in on the Celebration Village that will follow the 5K. The event takes place at Camp Jordan and will kick off at 2 p.m. Go online to learn more. RMHCHATTANOOGA.COM/RUN4KIDS

5 Annual RISE Luncheon

The Partnership for Families, Children and Adults’ RISE 2021 Luncheon will feature Jimmy Wayne, a former foster kid turned award-winning country recording artist, bestselling author, and advocate for atrisk foster youth. This in-person luncheon is taking place at The Chattanoogan Hotel at 11:30 a.m. The luncheon will showcase Partnership’s River City Youth Collective program. To learn more or purchase tickets, visit the website or call 423.509.7177. PARTNERSHIPFCA.COM

11 Morning Pointe Foundation Golf Tournament Sponsored by First Horizon and Propel Insurance, Morning Pointe Foundation’s Mastering Memory Care golf tournament will see teams from throughout the Tennessee Valley assemble at the Lookout Mountain Club for the sixth year. All proceeds from this contest benefit the Morning Pointe Foundation’s work of providing nursing scholarships to area students. Registration is available online or by phone. 877.776.4683. BIRDEASE. COM/11486

14 Chattanooga Go Red for Women Digital Experience

The Go Red for Women Digital Experience is the cornerstone of the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women movement, chaired locally by Garry and Rhonda Thurman. Taking place in mid-May, this virtual event, whose theme this year is “Heroes of the Heart,” will empower guests to take control of their health as they hear from others who have been affected first-hand. CHATTANOOGAGORED.HEART.ORG

21 PINK! Gala

With the theme “A Night in the Emerald City, There’s No Place Like Home,” the 2021 Pink! Gala is set to take place on May 21 as a virtual event including a concert by Party on the Moon and an auction. Amy Arrowsmith, Julie Brandao, and Alisa Stipanov will co-chair the signature event. Sponsorship opportunities are available. All proceeds benefit the MaryEllen Locher Breast Center at CHI Memorial. For ticket information, visit the website. MEMORIAL.ORG/PINK

22 Breaking Boundaries on Broadway

This special event hosted by Siskin Children’s Institute features 2019 Tony Award-winning actress Ali Stroker, who made history as the first actress in a wheelchair to appear on Broadway. Hear her share her story and enjoy a special performance for Siskin. This event is free to the public, and all proceeds will benefit Siskin Children’s Institute and the families they serve. For more information, visit the website. SISKIN.ORG/BROADWAY




Brian Daily, MD

Laura Kirk, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, CCRN

Dr. Brian Daily has joined CHI Memorial Primary Care Associates – Atrium. Dr. Daily is a graduate of Ross University Medical Center in the Commonwealth of Dominica, West Indies, and he is certified by the American Board of Family Medicine.

Laura Kirk has joined the team at Vascular Institute of Chattanooga. A graduate of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Kirk is a certified registered nurse and family nurse practitioner with over 10 years of critical care and emergency medicine experience.



Leslie Casteel, MSN, FNP-C

Robert Magill, MD

Family nurse practitioner Leslie Casteel will bring her expertise in wound care and general vascular care to the Vascular Institute of Chattanooga. She is a graduate of Liberty University and received her master’s degree in nursing from Southern Adventist University.

Dr. Robert Magill has been named associate chief medical officer of Parkridge Health System. With a seven-year tenure at Parkridge Health, Dr. Magill has been chief of staff and Envision Physician Services regional medical director of hospitalist services since 2017.



Timothy M. Grant, MD, MBA

Neelima Katragunta, MD, FACS

Parkridge Health System has named Dr. Timothy Grant as chief executive officer of Parkridge North, Parkridge West, and Parkridge Valley Child & Adolescent campuses. He will additionally continue his role as market chief medical officer for Parkridge Health.

Dr. Neelima Katragunta has joined University Surgical Associates as a fellowshiptrained vascular surgeon. She specializes in vascular and endovascular surgery for patients with carotid disease, aortic aneurysms, peripheral artery disease, complex venous disease, and more.



Megan Coylewright, MD, MPH, FSCAI, FACC

Julie Gersch, PhD, HSP

Dr. Megan Coylewright has been named vice chief of cardiology faculty development and director of the Structural Heart Program at the Erlanger Heart and Lung Institute. A structural interventionalist, Dr. Coylewright is board-certified in the areas of cardiology and interventional cardiology.

Dr. Julie Gersch has joined the team at Austin Hatcher as the foundation’s licensed psychologist. Dr. Gersch is moving to the nonprofit healthcare arena to provide counseling, cognitive and behavioral health therapy, sibling support, and neuropsychological testing.




Q. Lately, I get heartburn no matter what I eat, and antacids aren’t helping. What should I do to combat this?

A. If you’re having persistent heartburn despite medication, there are a few things that you can do to help minimize your symptoms. First, avoid certain foods that precipitate reflux, such as citrus/acidic, fatty, or spicy foods. Caffeine also relaxes the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), making it more likely for acid reflux to occur, and nicotine and alcohol cause the LES to relax for hours, making you more prone to acid reflux. Avoid late-night snacking – you want to leave about three hours between eating and going to bed. Also, it’s important that you make sure that you’re taking your medication optimally. Proton pump inhibitors such as omeprazole work best when you take them after waking up in the morning, on an empty stomach, 30-60 minutes prior to a preferably high-protein breakfast. Histamine receptor blockers such as famotidine are best taken on an asneeded basis. If you are adhering to a heartburn-friendly diet and taking your reflux medications optimally, yet still experiencing problems, further investigation may be needed to examine your gastrointestinal tract with an endoscopy. Camille Sommer, MD Gastroenterologist Galen Digestive Health galenmedical.com

Q. I want to preserve my hearing, but it’s hard to determine what could damage it and what is okay. How loud is too loud? A. Preservation of one’s hearing is always of utmost importance. A one-time exposure to an extreme loud sound or listening to excessive sounds (85 decibels or over) for extended periods of time can cause noise-induced hearing loss. When one’s hair and nerve cells are damaged due to noise exposure, the electric impulses that travel from the cells to the brain no longer occur properly, resulting in a loss of hearing. Many individuals are exposed to loud or excessive sounds while performing their jobs or in the hobbies they choose. Everyday sounds are not usually harmful to one’s hearing, but lots of extraneous sounds are. Examples of normal sounds that we may be exposed to are conversation, 50 dB; vacuum cleaner, 70 dB; motorcycle, 100 dB; rock concerts, 110 dB; or gunfire, 140 dB. When subjected to loud sounds, either move away from them or wear hearing-protective devices. Cheryl Ward, BC-HIS Hearing Instrument Specialist Audiology Services of Chattanooga hearchattanooga.com



A. Spider veins on the face have two

Q. The spider veins on my face are starting to make me look like I have rosacea. What’s causing this?

main causes. Sun damage causes a reduction in collagen that makes the skin thinner, allowing blood vessels that were once hidden to become visible on the cheeks, nose, around the face, or even in the neck. Though this can usually be prevented with sunscreen, once the veins are visible, it’s too late for sunscreen to reverse the damage. Inflammation is another possible cause, making red bumps and blood vessels visible on the face. Rosacea is an inflammatory disease of the face, usually the cheeks and nose. It

produces skin redness, red bumps, and causes surfacing of these little blood vessels, called telangiectasias. Even good rosacea medicines likely won’t reduce these blood vessels. Regardless of the cause, there is treatment available. Laser treatments are typically effective to eradicate these unsightly veins. For more severe cases, scleropathy and laser treatment may be combined if needed. Vince Gardner, MD Vascular Surgeon The Vein Institute yourveininstitute.com

Q. I’ve just been diagnosed with hepatitis C. Can you outline what my treatment plan might look like?

A. Since 2020, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force now recommends HCV screening for all American adults ages 19 to 79. If you screen positive for HCV (antibody test), you will be referred to a specialist, generally infectious diseases or gastroenterology. Labs in your initial visit will determine: 1. if there is virus in your blood (approximately 15-20% of individuals will clear the virus without therapy), 2. what type of hepatitis C you have, 3. whether you have other types of viral hepatitis (A, B), and 4. how much damage the virus has done to your liver. Your provider will work with you to create a treatment plan, typically 56 to 84 days of a once-daily medication. Labs are needed after four weeks on the medicine and again 12 weeks after completing the medicine to monitor for successful clearance. If appropriately taken, greater than 95% of individuals will be cured of their hepatitis C. Jay Sizemore, MD, MPH Chief Medical Officer Cempa Community Care cempa.org

Q. My daughter is about to enter high school. At what age should she start going in for annual exams with an OB/GYN? A. Growing up is inevitable and often happens unexpectedly. Female reproductive changes can be overwhelming, and teenagers need to be able to feel comfortable with their bodies by establishing regular care with a gynecologist. Ideally, this care should begin at least two to three years after the menstrual cycle has started. With puberty comes not only periods, but also physical and emotional changes related to hormone production. It is important that they understand these changes early in order to understand that these changes are normal. There may be questions a gynecologist can answer for your child that you, as a parent, would not be comfortable discussing with them. Teenagers also value their privacy and may feel more comfortable speaking with a health professional about decisions and outcomes that are ultimately vital to their health and wellness. Shevonda Sherrow, MD, FACOG OB/GYN Innovative Women’s Health Specialists innovativewomen.net



Important Facts About Borderline Personality Disorder, Explained BY ANNA HILL


ften misunderstood, borderline personality disorder (BPD) can be a difficult diagnosis to contend with on your own. Marked by a pattern of mood swings and unstable self-image, BPD often results in impulsive behavior and difficulties with relationships. However, awareness and understanding of BPD is growing, and there is help for those who may be struggling with it. Keep reading for five important things you should know about this disorder and how it affects those who have it.




1. Borderline personality disorder (BPD) can occur simultaneously with other personality or mood disorders. Borderline personality disorder shares many symptoms with other disorders and can occur in people at the same time as other disorders as well. “BPD can co-occur with depression, bipolar disorder, and PTSD, although it is important for a clinician to have information regarding the frequency, severity, and duration of symptoms for a proper diagnosis,” says Kristin Smith, a licensed professional counselor with Parkridge Valley Hospital. BPD can also coincide with personality disorders within its own family of disorders, which include narcissistic, histrionic, antisocial, and schizotypal personality disorders. Though many of these disorders share symptoms, there are things that set them apart as well. The defining symptoms of BPD include impulsivity and reckless behavior; feelings of emptiness or a fear of abandonment; rapid, moment-to-moment mood swings; difficulty sustaining relationships; and difficulties with self-image that cause erratic decision-making. According to Dr. Marie Beasley, a psychiatrist at Riverview Psychiatry, BPD is commonly misdiagnosed as bipolar disorder, though in some cases, both disorders might be present. “Bipolar disorder is a chemical imbalance that causes both episodes of depression and manic or hypomanic episodes,” she says. “These are high moods that last persistently for several days in a row and also occur with other classic symptoms.” If someone’s mood shifts between extremes within the span of a day or, for some, even in the span of hours, it’s indicative of BPD, not bipolar disorder.



2. BPD is usually diagnosed in late adolescence or early adulthood. Though symptoms frequently begin to manifest in someone’s adolescent years, a diagnosis often isn’t made until someone reaches adulthood. Changing moods and impulsivity aren’t uncommon behaviors in teenagers, as adolescence is an intense and constantly changing stage in life; however, when these behaviors become extreme and/or persist into adulthood, it can be a sign of a disorder. “Symptoms can start in adolescence as traits of borderline personality disorder, and they frequently improve into adulthood. However, in some cases, symptoms can worsen or remain into adulthood as borderline personality disorder,” explains Dr. Michael Sigsworth, a psychiatrist with Erlanger Behavioral Health. A diagnosis of BPD also tends to be much more likely to occur in certain demographics. “It’s much more prevalent in women, as high as 4:1 versus men in most studies. Prevalence also tends to decrease after age 40,” Beasley tells us.





Finding the right surgeon can be a daunting task. Even if your doctor recommends a surgeon, you’ll still have questions. Will I really need to have surgery? Does he have experience treating my child’s condition? How long will recovery take? TURN TO USA FOR ANSWERS We are University Surgical Associates, USA for short. We are highly trained and experienced general surgeons and we’ve been taking care of Chattanoogans for 45 years. Whether it’s breast biopsy, carotid artery surgery, pediatric hernia repair, or other general surgery needs, our surgeons & team are here to expertly evaluate and compassionately treat you and your family. Call us for a consultation 423-267-0466



3. Childhood trauma or neglect can heighten someone’s risk of developing BPD. Like many conditions, BPD has a genetic risk factor. If a family member has the disorder, that elevates a person’s predisposition toward developing it as well. Difficulties or instability in childhood may also increase someone’s likelihood of having BPD later in life. “People with poor attachment to caregivers at an early age or those who were abandoned or had numerous home placements at a young age are at an elevated risk,” explains Smith. Trauma early in life is also viewed as a risk for developing the disorder; in fact, BPD is commonly associated with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). “While trauma is not always present in the history of someone with BPD, it is very commonly associated with physical, verbal, or sexual abuse; neglect; early exposure to substance abuse in a caregiver; or poor family boundaries,” says Beasley. Trauma can interfere with a person’s formative years in that it prevents them from establishing their own identity and building relationships on trust, which can manifest into key symptoms of BPD.

4. BPD can greatly influence the quality of someone’s relationships and day-to-day life. Borderline personality disorder can be an incredibly difficult disorder to cope with, especially on your own. Unfortunately, due to some perceptions of the disorder, there can be a lot of shame surrounding a diagnosis of it. “When you have BPD, every day can feel like you are in crisis. Intense emotions and subsequent reactions to these can affect you negatively at work and at home,” explains Smith. It can also do a lot of damage to your self-image and relationships of every kind, as well as impact your ability to succeed in your career and in life. According to Sigsworth, people with BPD can struggle to adapt to changing environments and situations. “Individuals with severe personality disorders may have one or two gears that they are trying to navigate life in, instead of a full range that a neurotypical person might have, and that can be very challenging,” he says. “It can be difficult to sustain long-term relationships and can lead to worsening anxiety and depressive symptoms.” Of course, all personality disorders exist on a spectrum, and some people with the disorder may experience these symptoms more severely than others.



5. Treatment usually involves an individualized approach. There are several different approaches to treating BPD, though what is most effective will be very dependent on the needs of the individual. One of the foremost treatments for BPD is dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), which is a subset of the more widely known cognitive behavioral therapy. “This kind of therapy helps the patient find the middle ground and helps build connections between the emotional mind and the logical mind to make wise and informed decisions,” explains Sigsworth. This can help the patient avoid returning to destructive patterns of decision-making when it comes to their daily life and their relationships. Some medications might also be prescribed, such as mood stabilizers, antidepressants, and anti-anxiety medications, in order to alleviate some symptoms. Furthermore, addressing some underlying conditions, such as insomnia or substance abuse, might also be a part of the treatment plan. Ultimately, this plan relies heavily on what the individual needs to manage their symptoms.


orderline personality disorder has been stigmatized and misunderstood in the past, but fortunately, understanding of it is growing. If you or someone you know thinks that they might be struggling with BPD, don’t hesitate to seek help. If you feel like you have nowhere to turn, call the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) National Helpline at 1-800-662HELP (4357) for confidential, 24/7 help. HS

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BACK PAIN What’s the Cause?



Back pain, especially chronic back pain, can be a pervasive and even debilitating health problem in someone’s life. Here, we’re exploring some of the most common causes of back pain, as well as how they can be treated. BY ANNA H I L L

The common saying “You don’t appreciate what you’ve got until it’s gone” is a painfully evident truth when it comes to a healthy back. When your back feels fine, you rarely think about it; however, when it’s in pain, it’s impossible to ignore. Back pain, depending on its severity, can greatly hinder your daily life: It makes it uncomfortable to walk, to sit, to stand, even to lie down. Thankfully, there are a myriad of options when it comes to treating back pain, but first, it’s important to determine what’s causing it. The following are some of the most prevalent causes of back pain, along with advice from medical experts on what to do about them.

Pulled Muscles and Spasms

As back pain can be caused by a number of things, it’s often difficult to determine exactly what the culprit is. However, a pulled muscle is a common cause, especially for pain or spasms that have come on suddenly and weren’t an issue at any point beforehand. “A pulled muscle can occur due to excessive stress, such as overworking the muscle, or if it’s overstretched, which can occur suddenly and will lead to a sharp pain,” says Dr. John DeVaul, a physical therapist with CHI Memorial. Other symptoms include bruising, tenderness, painful movements, or a loss of comfort in certain commonly used positions. “Frequently, if a pulled muscle is the problem, patients will complain of a muscle spasm-type sensation, which is similar to a charley horse, but in your lower back,” explains Dr. Benjamin Geddes, an orthopedic spine surgeon with the Center for Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics. “The good news is that a pulled muscle in your back is very treatable,” he says. Often, your physician will treat pulled muscles or spasms with non-steroidal antiinflammatory (NSAID) medication or with muscle relaxers. Some physical therapy might be prescribed to assist your back in healing as well, and, fortunately, symptoms are usually resolved within four to six weeks.









Arthritis is another common source of back pain; however, it is more likely to occur in older adults than younger. If it is arthritis that’s causing your back to hurt, it’s likely that it’s causing pain in other joints as well. Back pain due to arthritis usually presents itself as stiffness or a dull ache in your neck or lower back – the latter of which is due to stress in the spine’s facet joints, which are the connections between the bones of the spine. “Treatment for this type of arthritis is initially with conservative therapy, including physical therapy, medications, and other treatments such as chiropractor visits or home exercise plans,” says Dr. Joshua Hare, a physician specializing in pain management with Hamilton Health Care System. However, if these treatments prove to be ineffective, there are interventional procedures that can be done, such as injections or even surgery, if necessary. For a medical diagnosis of this issue, imaging such as x-rays is often the most reliable.

Posture and Weight

Often, back pain can be a result of certain aspects of one’s lifestyle. Poor posture can put a strain on your musculoskeletal system over time, and things like constant slouching or hunching over a work desk can shift your body weight from being supported by your skeleton, as it ought to be, to being supported by muscles and ligaments, which causes strain and discomfort. “Over time, the body adapts in a negative way, and this promotes issues such as arthritis, back strain, and disc herniation, as well as many other orthopedic issues,” advises DeVaul. Maintaining good posture helps to keep weight and pressure distributed properly throughout your body and can reduce the risk of discomfort in your neck and back. Weight can also be a common cause of back pain, particularly in the lower back. Excess weight creates a higherthan-usual burden on the spine, and the resulting strain on it might cause frequent aches in your lower back. According to Dr. James Osborn, an orthopedic surgeon with the Comprehensive Spine Institute, “Maintaining an appropriate body weight can be difficult, but it can help reduce the load on your spine. Gentle routine exercise programs like walking or water aerobics can be very helpful in reducing back or neck pain, managing weight, and, as a side benefit, helping manage other medical conditions.”



Picture Perfect

Chattanooga State Community College’s Radiologic Technology Class of 2020 earned a 100% first-time national pass rate on their licensure exams. Our graduates rank in the 96th percentile nationally and six students ranked in the 100th percentile garnering the highest scores out of 10,849 candidates nationally.



11-70-404002-151-2/21/jp - AD - Chattanooga State does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, ethnicity or national origin, sex, disability, age, status as a protected veteran, or any other protected class. See our full EEO statement at chattanoogastate.edu/eeo-statement.


Herniated Discs

A herniated disc – sometimes called a ruptured disc – occurs when the inner portion of a vertebral disc pushes through a crack in the outer portion. This often leads to a pinched nerve in that location of the spine, which will cause symptoms that are referred to as sciatica. “This can be pain that radiates into the buttocks or down the legs, sometimes reaching the feet,” Geddes explains. “It can also include numbness, weakness, and, in extreme cases, it can affect urination.” Pain might also be exacerbated with certain motions, such as bending forward or slumping. A diagnosis for a herniated disc is typically determined via a physical exam. “This diagnosis is usually followed by a trial of treatments such as physical therapy, medications, home exercise programs, or chiropractic treatments. Once this is complete, if the pain persists, then we would obtain an MRI scan to get definitive pictures of your spine to confirm the diagnosis,” says Hare. If symptoms don’t resolve, then injections or surgery might be necessary.

Preventing Back Pain

Unfortunately, back pain from time to time is simply part of life. However, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of a healthy back. As mentioned previously, maintaining a healthy weight can go a long way in preventing an achy lower back, and Geddes emphasizes this point. “Sometimes, surgery can be avoided altogether if the patient loses weight, because the symptoms either go away entirely or become manageable,” he says. It’s also important to keep good posture, not only in daily activities, but in manual labor such as lifting heavy objects as well. When it comes to being active, take care that you do your exercises correctly, and always do warm-up and warm-down stretches before and after working out. “Family history and previous spine injuries can also put you at risk for chronic back pain,” says Osborn, so it’s important to discuss these with your physician at your regular visits. The human spine is complex, and back pain can be fairly common. Understanding what’s causing it is the first step toward feeling better, and it’s never too late to take preventative steps toward a healthy back. HS




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Leukemia is a diagnosis that nearly everyone has heard of before. However, it’s not necessarily a widely understood diagnosis. There are many different types, and in some cases, it doesn’t manifest itself in obvious ways, making it more difficult to detect. Here, we aim to shed some light on leukemia by answering some of the most common questions about the disease.



Leukemia is cancer of the blood and bloodforming tissues, which include bone marrow and the lymphatic system. Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions about leukemia is that there’s only one universal type of it. “There are four kinds of leukemia, all with unique features, and therefore unique management techniques,” Hannah Tunks, a physician assistant with Erlanger Oncology and Hematology, explains. It can be broken down into two different types – acute and chronic – and each of those types can be further broken down into lymphocytic or myeloid. With acute leukemia, the abnormal blood cells are immature blood cells that cannot function nor-

mally and multiply rapidly, which can cause symptoms to appear more quickly. With chronic leukemia, which involves more mature cells, the cells fail to produce or replicate normally, but are much slower, and function normally for a longer period of time, which can lead to relatively symptomless cases that can go undiagnosed for quite some time – even years. While acute versus chronic indicates how the leukemia progresses, the other classifications indicate where. Lymphocytic leukemia affects the lymphoid cells, which form lymphatic tissue and make up your immune system. Myeloid leukemia affects the myeloid cells, which make up red and white blood cells as well as platelet-producing cells.






















Who is at risk for leukemia?

Unlike some other cancers, such as lung cancer, leukemia doesn’t have many clear-cut risk factors. “One of the biggest risk factors for leukemia is that it can be caused by chemotherapy or radiation treatments for other cancers,” Dr. Will Donnellan, an oncologist and hematologist with Tennessee Oncology, explains. For some types, such as chronic myeloid leukemia (CML), there aren’t any identifiable risk factors. For others, being in a certain age group might present an elevated risk: Acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) is most often diagnosed in children, and people over the age of 65 are at an increased risk for acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). Some data suggests that exposure to certain chemicals or radiation might elevate risk of leukemia, and having several first-degree relatives who have had it might increase the risk as well.

What kind of symptoms can it cause?

As alluded to earlier, cases of chronic leukemia might not present any symptoms at all for a number of years. In fact, chronic leukemia is often only discovered during routine medical visits or a visit for a different medical issue, and it’s discovered in abnormal bloodwork results. Acute leukemia develops more rapidly, and some symptoms might occur. “Fatigue, weakness, easy bruising or bleeding, fevers and chills, and enlarged lymph nodes or abdominal pain might persist as a result of acute leukemia types,” says Tunks. These usually prompt someone to consult with their healthcare provider, which leads to the diagnosis.

Is there any way to prevent leukemia?

According to Dr. Eric Turner, an oncologist with the Peeples Cancer Institute at Hamilton Medical Center, “Other than avoidance of potential environmental risk factors, there are not really any definitive or proven ways of preventing leukemia.” However, early detection can be beneficial. “It’s important to have a primary care provider that checks bloodwork periodically, and to have regular routine exams,” says Donnellan. “Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will be beneficial if you do end up being treated.” As leukemia can develop as a result of treatment for other cancers, simply caring for your health in general, such as avoiding smoking or secondhand smoke, can help.




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How is it diagnosed and treated? Abnormal bloodwork results are usually the first indication that something is amiss. “This may prompt a physician to pursue further laboratory testing,” Tunks explains. “If white blood cells, hemoglobin, or platelets appear at abnormal levels, the patient will be referred to a hematologist.” Following this, a bone marrow biopsy is the standard test for a formal diagnosis. If the results of the biopsy show that the bone marrow cells are made up of more than a certain percentage of blast cells (immature myeloid or lymphoid cells), a diagnosis of leukemia is confirmed. Thankfully, all subtypes of leukemia are treatable, but treatment can vary widely, depending on which diagnosis someone receives. For chronic subtypes of leukemia, if blast cells stay below a certain count and are carefully monitored, no aggressive treatment may be necessary. However, if it advances, some oral medications are available as treatment, as well as chemotherapy or immunotherapy if needed. According to Donnellan, “acute leukemia requires more immediate and aggressive treatment: strong chemotherapy, which will often put a patient in the hospital for considerable amounts of time.” 46


What are the side effects or complications from treatment?

For acute subtypes, the common side effects of chemotherapy apply here, and they can include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, hair loss or skin and nail changes, weight loss, and mouth sores, though there are medications that can be prescribed to treat these side effects. According to Turner, “Some of the long-term effects of treatment can include organ damage, bone loss due to steroid treatments, and abnormalities with joints.” Following chemotherapy, one of the biggest decisions if the cancer persists is whether or not the patient will undergo a stem cell transplant, which is a major procedure that comes with a host of its own complications. A stem cell transplant will take place at a transplant center and often involves a hospitalization of at least a month, with patients returning to normal activities after about one year.

What does life look like after treatment?

After treatment, patients will go in for follow-up visits with their oncologist or hematologist for months and even years in order to monitor any lingering side effects from treatment as well as cell counts in case of relapse. “Patients will typically be followed very closely in-clinic with frequent blood work and repeat bone marrow biopsy testing designed to detect residual or recurrent leukemia,” explains Turner. Luckily, when it comes to chronic leukemia, patients will still undergo monitoring and check-ins, but most go on to lead long, full lives.

Leukemia can be a frightening word to hear. However, as there are many kinds of leukemia, there are also many ways to treat it, and early detection is important. Be sure to stick with your routine exams and doctor visits, as regular bloodwork can be a lifesaver. HS

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Alzheimer’s Disease What You Should Know


As people age, it’s normal to become a little forgetful of things – where you put that book you’ve been reading or what day of the week it is. However, Alzheimer’s disease is more than that. A progressive neurological disorder that results in brain atrophy, Alzheimer’s is the most common cause of dementia and, unfortunately, is irreversible. However, some treatments can slow the advancement, and there are many different care options for those with the disease. Read on to learn more.

Alzheimer’s disease is characterized by a continuous decline in thinking, social, and behavioral skills that ultimately affects one’s ability to function independently. Over 5 million adults in the United States over the age of 65 live with Alzheimer’s, and 80% of those are over the age of 75. Fortunately, medication can sometimes slow the effects of the disease, so here are some symptoms to look out for if you or someone you know is in an at-risk group for Alzheimer’s. SYM P TOMS

Impaired memory or memory loss is the most prevalent symptom of Alzheimer’s disease. “As we age, it is common to have slight forgetfulness. That isn’t a reason to start worrying just yet,” explains Alisha Landes, the executive director at The Lantern at Morning Pointe Alzheimer’s Center of Excellence. However, Alzheimer’s is more than just forgetfulness. At first, lapses in memory may only appear mild, such as forgetting about an event or mixing up names. However, these lapses will grow more frequent and significant, leading to things such as: • Repeating things over and over • Getting lost in familiar places • Regularly misplacing possessions • Forgetting entire conversations or events • Struggling to remember the names of family members or everyday objects




Alhough it’s the most common, memory loss isn’t the only symptom of the disease. “Dementia proceeds from simple word and detail loss to more confusion – things like getting lost driving and forgetting how to do common things,” explains Dr. Greg Phelps, the chief medical ofDR. GREG ficer at Alleo Health PHELPS System. The abilCHIEF MEDICAL ity to concentrate, OFFICER, multitask, and use ALLEO HEALTH reasoning also goes SYSTEM through a decline, which means that someone with Alzheimer’s may no longer be able to make good judgments in everyday situations. Planning and completing ordinary tasks also become difficult, which can



impact abilities such as grocery shopping and cooking or getting dressed properly each morning. The changes someone’s brain goes through as a result of the disease can also affect their personality and their moods, and a person with Alzheimer’s might seem depressed or more irritable than usual, sometimes even suffering from delusions. If symptoms like these arise and persist, it’s best to consult with a doctor. CAUSES AND RISK FACTORS

The medical community currently has no definitive answer as to what causes Alzheimer’s, though at this time, the consensus is that it’s likely due to a combination of genetics, lifestyle, and environmental factors that affect the brain over time. While the exact cause of Alzheimer’s is unknown, there are multiple risk

factors that can contribute to someone’s likelihood of developing the disease. For example: Age. The older you progress past 65, the more at-risk you are for the disease. Genetics. If a close relative has a history of Alzheimer’s, you might be at elevated risk for it as well. Head trauma. Those who have suffered severe head trauma at some point in life have shown an increased risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Lifestyle. Those with a history of alcoholism, obesity, smoking, or high blood pressure might be at higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s. While some of these factors can’t be modified, others can, and taking care of your mind and body throughout life might lower your risk of Alzheimer’s.



Though there is no cure or treatment that will reverse symptoms of Alzheimer’s, there are still some options. “There are medications that the doctor may prescribe that may help slow the progression of the disease,” explains Landes. “The disease can also be managed with different medications.” A category of drugs called cholinesterase inhibitors, which preserve the chemical messengers that send communications in the brain that Alzheimer’s will deplete, are often the first type of medication prescribed and can mildly alleviate symptoms. A drug called memantine is also used to slow the progression of symptoms and can be used in combination with cholines-

terase inhibitors. Furthermore, some medications might be used to treat individual symptoms, such as antidepressants for low mood. Often, treatment for Alzheimer’s is non-medical and more about the amelioration of the person’s situation. “Probably the biggest misconception is depersonalization of the dementia patients,” says Phelps. “Too many times, the patient becomes less than a ‘person’ and we talk about them instead of to them. They can still retain some memories, songs, and activities that bring them joy.” Placing an emphasis on daily routines can be helpful in preserving some quality of life, and adapting their surroundings to their needs is a must. This might include establishing a designated place for important items to ensure that they don’t get lost; setting up their bills to be paid by automatic deposit; and placing photos of loved ones in prominent places around the house.

Unfortunately, Alzheimer’s can often progress into a stage where someone can no longer remain in their own home, and they might be transitioned into a care facility. That way, they can be guaranteed proper care and medical attention from those who are specialized to work with patients who have the disease and can no longer look after themselves. Though it can be daunting to finally make that move, know that they will be in good and capable hands.

Though Alzheimer’s disease can be an intimidating diagnosis, there are steps you can take to prolong good quality of life and plenty of resources available that are here to help. Don’t be afraid to reach out for support. HS HealthScopeMag.com



Spring Clean

into Good Health


By Piper Kyle

pringtime is here! It’s

Goodbye Germs

the time of year where

Getting rid of germs is

Purge the Medicine Cabinet

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Life Care Centers of America

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Annual Tech for Your Health Section BY ANNA HILL

Medical technology is changing and evolving all the time. From the latest in robotic surgery to high-tech treatment options for mental health and wellness, read on to learn more about the most up-to-date technological advancements in healthcare.




VENOVO Venous Stent System When treating vascular disease, this new stent provides surgeons with greater precision and accuracy than previous models, as well as better patient outcomes. Those who have issues with blood flow to the legs often struggle with chronic pain, reduced mobility, ulcers, and swelling, which can all contribute to an impeded quality of life. Thankfully, there are treatment options for this, one of which is stents, which are devices that provide structural support for veins and aren’t as hard on the body as a bypass operation. Among the most advanced treatments is the VENOVO Venous Stent system. Its accurate deployment and optimal stent placement successfully increases blood flow, thus improving patient outcomes.

What It Is

The VENOVO venous stent system is a medical device designed to treat a narrowed vein in the area between the pelvis and the groin – this is referred to as the iliofemoral vein. The device is made up of two components: a stent made of nickel-titanium alloy tubing and a stent-delivery catheter system that goes over the wire of the stent. The stent is designed to hold open the constricted iliofemoral vein and increase blood flow to the leg.

How It Works

During the procedure, the physician will insert the thin flexible tube that makes up the device’s delivery system into the narrowed section of the vein. The physician will rotate a thumb wheel on the delivery system to expose the stent, which is pre-loaded into the delivery tube. The stent then self-expands automatically and holds the vein wall open, which will allow blood to flow through unobstructed. The stent will remain implanted in the vein permanently to provide continued support to the newly opened section of the blood vessel.

Who It’s For

The VENOVO system is intended for those who are suffering from narrowed sections of their iliofemoral vein or veins due to small blood clots than can form in the vein’s lining as a result of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or the compression of the vein between a bone and another artery. These conditions can lead to limited blood flow in the leg, which can cause swelling and limited mobility, as previously mentioned. The VENOVO stent as a system is a great option, due to its improved placement accuracy over some other options, and patients were observed to have significant improvements in quality of life during a 12-month postop observation period. However, this system isn’t for everyone – patients who are sensitive to the metals used in the stent, cannot receive blood thinners, or have lesions that prevent optimal stent placement aren’t ideal candidates for VENOVO. HS



An Expert Weighs In “Venous disease is extremely common and patients often suffer for years prior to seeking help. It is NEVER normal to have daily leg pain, pelvic pain, pressure, heaviness, enlarged veins, swelling of the leg, or difficulty walking. As a vascular specialist, I would recommend having an evaluation early, before damage occurs. A simple conversation and a few diagnostic ultrasound exams will clarify the situation and often find treatable causes for your problems. The evolution of stent technology in the venous space has been a leap forward for vascular surgeons treating complex venous disease in their patients.” Dr. Chris LeSar Vascular/Endovascular Surgeon Vascular Institute of Chattanooga


REGIONAL EXPERTS ON VENOUS VASCULAR TECHNOLOGIES! Our Comprehensive Venous Disease Program evaluates and treats patients with minimally invasive and innovative therapies. Trust the experts of the VIC Vascular Team!

Peripheral Artery Disease Amputation Prevention Extremity Wound Care Varicose Vein Treatments Comprehensive Venous Disease Dialysis Access Care Diagnostic Ultrasound Testing Smoking Cessation Program



VIC VASCULAR TEAM: Dr. Chris LeSar Dr. William Harris Dr. Elizabeth Hartmann Dr. Dan Krcelic


Chattanooga | Cleveland | North Georgia

Accepting New Patients No Referral Needed Appointments Within One Week



da Vinci SP Robot This single-port robotic technology allows for smaller incisions during surgery, as well as reduced recovery time afterward. Surgery can be an intimidating procedure, no matter what someone is going in for. However, advancements in medical technology are being made all the time, and the da Vinci SP robot is one of them. The robotic arm utilizes a single incision to operate, avoiding the complications that can accompany an open procedure. It can be used for a number of different types of surgeries, and thanks to its minimal invasiveness, it can lead to shorter hospital stays and recovery periods.

How It Works

Robotic surgery is a type of minimally invasive surgery during which the doctors operating use very small surgical instruments that enter the body through half-inch incisions. What’s unique about the da Vinci robot is that the instruments in question are wristed, which means that they can bend and rotate in ways that a human hand and wrist cannot, allowing the surgeons more freedom to precisely and safely manipulate the guided tools. These instruments are mounted onto a robotic arm, which is connected to a control console that includes a magnified, high-definition vision system. During the operation, the surgeon will insert the robotic arm through the single small incision as they sit a few feet away at the console. They will use the hand controls to guide the instruments inside the body while monitoring the console screen, which displays the feed from the scope that is attached to the robotic arm, allowing the surgeon to visualize the surgical site and zoom in for closer detail if necessary.

The Benefits

This advanced robotic arm technology has a wide variety of benefits that point to improved patient outcomes, including but not limited to: • Reduced incision size • Shorter hospital stays • Decreased pain • Minimal invasiveness and scarring • Shorter recovery period • Improved accessibility and precision for the surgeon

Who It’s For

The da Vinci SP robot is an excellent tool for various kinds of surgeries, including kidney, prostate, and other urology procedures. The technology holds potential for a great number of possibilities when it comes to treating patients, including cancer patients. HS



An Expert Weighs In “This technology drastically improves a patient’s recovery time. While robotic surgeries are ideal for some patients, they can still leave the patient in a lot of abdominal pain, which is increased by the number of incisions we have to make. By eliminating incisions for surgical ports, we can help reduce the recovery time and discomfort for our patients.” Dr. Amar Singh Fellowship-Trained Urologist Specializing in Robotic Surgery Erlanger Urology

MASTERS OF THE FINE ART OF ROBOTIC SURGERY. With smaller incisions and greater precision, robotic surgery is one of medicine’s greatest breakthroughs. But mastering this science is an art—one that Erlanger is advancing, every day. From minimally invasive cardiac bypass to kidney-saving cancer surgery, Erlanger’s elite team does more with robotics than anyone else in the area. The result? Faster recovery times and better outcomes for more patients.

Pictured from left to right: Dr. Kristopher Case Sanders, Orthopaedics • Dr. Stephen DePasquale, Gyn Oncology • Dr. Christopher Sanborn, Bariatric Surgery • Dr. Ben Dart, General Surgery • Dr. Amar Singh, Urology Surgery • Dr. Heath Giles, General Surgery • Dr. Larry Shears, Cardiothoracic Surgery


CEREC Same-Day Crowns For those looking to restore their smile, this same-day procedure can be an effective and convenient option.

Why You Might Need a Dental Crown While some people are interested in dental crowns solely for cosmetic purposes, such as covering discolored or misshapen teeth, it’s more common for those who need them in order to restore function to their teeth. Crowns can protect weakened teeth from breaking, restore teeth that are already broken, or hold bridges in place. Crowns are also used to support teeth that have undergone root canals or to cover dental implants. Without a crown, a tooth that is damaged or decayed might cause toothaches, tooth sensitivity, or discomfort while eating. CEREC, which is an acronym for Chair-side Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic, is a sameday crown that can restore your smile with the help of computer-aided design and manufacturing.

What Are the Benefits of CEREC? CEREC is an option that allows your dentist to position durable, high-quality ceramic crowns in just one visit. There are multiple benefits to CEREC, including: IMMEDIATE RESTORATION OF FUNCTION. If you have to use temporary crowns while waiting for your permanent ones to be finished in a dental lab, you’ll have to be cautious when eating or talking. With same-day crowns, this won’t be an issue. REDUCED RISK OF INJURY. When wearing temporary crowns, there is a chance that they can come loose, which can cause injury. Same-day crowns also require less drilling and can save more of your remaining tooth. SAVING TIME. Whereas traditional crowns take two appointments to fit and install, CEREC crowns can be done in one visit. INCREASED COMFORT. Temporary crowns are often made of resin and aren’t fitted perfectly in your mouth. This can cause discomfort and anxiety about accidentally dislodging an ill-fitting crown. For those who are in need of replacement teeth but are short on time or don’t want to deal with the fuss of temporary crowns and multiple dentist visits, same-day crowns are a safe and convenient option for anyone looking to restore their smile, either for functional or cosmetic purposes. HS



An Expert Weighs In “CEREC crowns have allowed dentists to take more direct control over the entire crown-making process. Instead of having to send the crown to a third-party lab and rely on their design, we can handle all aspects inhouse. This allows us to closely monitor every aspect of quality control. Plus, the fact that this quality dentistry fits into our patients’ busy schedules with just one visit is truly a game-changer.” Dr. Mandy Shearer Dentist Soddy Daisy Smiles




OUR HEALTHY SMILES PLAN is a yearly membership plan that offers affordable in-house dental coverage for those who don’t have dental insurance. No yearly maximum, no deductibles, no pre-existing condition limitations, and no waiting periods means most patients find the plan pays for itself during the first visit. Call today for more information!

with any new patient exam, cleaning, and a full set of digital x-rays at regular fees. Not valid with any other offer. With coupon only. Some conditions may apply.

A smile can brighten anyone’s day, but what if you’re afraid to flash those pearly….not-so-whites? Drs. Mandy and Robert Shearer have what you need to get your grin gleaming! Before you make a trip to your local drugstore for over-the-counter whiteners, consider making an appointment at Soddy Daisy Smiles. Using Opalescence, a professional teeth whitener that offers breathtaking results, they’ll monitor your progress and have you smiling confidently with the pearly whites you’ve been dreaming of!



9 7 5 9 DAY TO N P I K E




Phonak Audéo Paradise High-tech and easy to personalize, this device takes hearing aid performance to the next level.

An Expert Weighs In “This new technology in hearing devices connects to smartphones, TVs, and tablets. They can be seamlessly paired to mobile devices and tablets simultaneously, where one can easily alternate between the two devices. There is excellent sound quality while streaming speech via a mobile phone call or listening to one’s music. A new tap control allows easy access to Bluetooth functions. These state-of-the-art features are an added benefit to hearing aids, but the revolutionary sound quality for better hearing is the best overall feature.” Cheryl Ward, BC-HIS Hearing Instrument Specialist Audiology Services of Chattanooga

Who Might Need It? Coping with hearing loss can be a difficult and isolating experience, and unfortunately, it’s a commonly occurring health issue in older adults. By age 65, 1 in 3 Americans suffers from hearing loss, and by age 75, 1 in 2 Americans is affected. Generally, hearing loss develops gradually and can even go unnoticed at first, but the effects of hearing loss can be devastating. Fortunately, hearing aids and other hearing devices are constantly advancing when it comes to comfort, clarity, and technology, and the Phonak Audéo Paradise hearing aid is at the cutting edge of all three.

Benefits of the Phonak Audéo Paradise EXCELLENT SOUND. Sound is an important part of how we experience the world, and this hearing aid is designed to deliver crisp, natural sound that reflects the world in the way that it ought to be heard. It also addresses the challenge of hearing in difficult environments, such as when someone is speaking softly or is standing at a distance from you. This device has a feature called a “speech enhancer” that boosts soft-level speech, making it more audible to the wearer. PERSONALIZATION. This hearing aid comes in seven different colors, allowing the wearer to go with classic colors or one that matches more closely to their skin tone for a



more discreet look. It also includes various controls that will allow you to adjust your noise levels as needed. For example, if the restaurant you’re in is too loud for your comfort level, you can simply increase the strength of the noise cancellation. ACCESSIBLE TECHNOLOGY. This hearing aid is connected to an app for your convenience when it comes to getting the best use out of your device. For example, the remote control feature on the app allows you to adjust noise levels in real time, and the hearing diary feature can help you track your user experience, which can assist in getting accustomed to and optimizing your hearing aid use. The app can also provide you with real-time access to a hearing aid professional who can assist you with your device if you’re unable to attend an in-office appointment. The hearing aid also provides connectivity to any Bluetooth-enabled device for greater convenience when streaming audio. A good hearing aid can vastly improve the quality of life of someone with hearing loss. It can help you feel more connected to your loved ones and your community by improving your understanding of speech, which in turn can keep you engaged with the world around you. Devices like the Phonak Audéo Paradise provide a step toward improving the well-being of someone who’s had difficulty with their hearing. HS

Don’t Let Hearing Loss Slow You Down Rely On Chattanooga’s Leading Hearing Experts Personalized Prescriptive Hearing Aid Fittings & Programming | State-of-the-Art Technology for Optimal Hearing Exceptional Follow-Up Care | One-Stop Shop for All Hearing Healthcare Needs | 2 Convenient Locations

“Expert, professional, and caring! Being a first-time patient, I was apprehensive as to what to expect. I was overly impressed with the entire process – exceeded my expectations! Highly recommend!” Ken Parker, Au.D. Doctor of Audiology

– Ron C.

Cheryl Ward, BC-HIS Hearing Instrument Specialist


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StimGuide Navigated TMS System The StimGuide Navigated TMS system utilizes the latest in technological advancements to treat patients with persistent symptoms of depression.

An Expert Weighs In “By utilizing Stim-Guide technology for rTMS therapies, we are better able to map and treat where depression and anxiety exists in the brain. As a result, we are seeing more rapid and longer lasting remission of depressive symptoms compared to the other traditional TMS therapies.” Charles Miller Nurse Anesthetist Scenic City Neurotherapy, Ketamine, & TMS

What Is It, And How Does It Work?

The StimGuide Navigated TMS system is an advanced technology used in tandem with the rTMS MagStim machine to deliver a non-invasive, drug-free therapy treatment known as repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS). rTMS therapy is delivered via the MagStim in a series of short, repetitive magnetic pulses that stimulate certain neurons in the brain. These pulses will induce electrical currents throughout the brain, which stimulate nerve cells. This causes increased oxygen circulation in the brain, which restores its activity back to normal levels, thus alleviating the imbalanced state of the brain that is causing the patient’s symptoms of depression. What sets the MagStim device apart is its StimGuide navigation system, which allows for a streamlined method of 3D positioning – no MRI required. The technology uses four different parameters to ensure accurate positioning for treatment delivery: contact, XY location, tilt, and rotation. These parameters optimize the MagStim machine’s coil placement, which enhances each patient’s treatment session, allowing more accurate targeting of the areas of the brain causing a patient’s symptoms of depression. The treatment that the StimGuide enables the MagStim machine to deliver – rTMS therapy – requires no downtime and allows patients to return to their daily activities immediately afterward. The therapy is usually administered in several sessions over a span of days or weeks, depending on your course of treatment. 64


What Are the Benefits? The StimGuide’s advanced positioning methods allow healthcare professionals administering the treatment to more accurately and efficiently target the exact areas of the brain that are causing problems. Furthermore, many forms of antidepressant medications have the potential to cause unwanted side effects, such as insomnia, digestive problems, changes in weight, headaches and brain fog, and sexual dysfunction. The therapy administered eliminates the possibility of such side effects and can help patients achieve long-term relief from their symptoms in a short amount of time. In fact, this type of therapy has brought symptom relief or remission to nearly 70% of patients who have undergone treatment sessions.

Who Is It For? Depression is something that affects millions of Americans each year, and for some, it can be a lifelong battle. While there are several different treatment options, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and various types of medication, depression can be stubborn, and these treatments might not always alleviate a person’s symptoms. rTMS therapy, guided by the StimGuide and delivered via the MagStim, bypasses some of the complications that accompany medication and can be a good option for those struggling with depression. It was also recently approved by the FDA for treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and there is currently ongoing research about how it might be a good treatment option for other conditions and disorders. HS

New Innovative Treatments Offering

HOPE & RELIEF The Most Successful Treatments Available for MOOD DISORDERS




Bipolar 1 & 2



Back Pain





Suicidal Ideation

And More

At Scenic City Neurotherapy, Ketamine, & TMS, we work closely with our patients and other healthcare providers to offer the most comprehensive, patient-driven care possible. Our goal is always to achieve an optimum level of health, to get patients to their best quality of life possible. We offer Non-Narcotic, Non-Opioid treatment options including Ketamine Infusion Therapy and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS),

which have proven to be the most successful treatments available and offer relief from mood disorders, chronic pain, and other ailments. At each appointment you will meet with your provider to discuss your progress and how you are responding to treatment. Every treatment is tailored to what works best for each individual patient. We continue to support patients after treatment with referrals and a specialized app that helps patients stay on their path to better health.

Visit Us Online to Learn More sceniccityneurotherapy.com

@ketamineChattanooga • 423.228.0579


Zirconia Dental Implants Known for their attractive and natural look, zirconia dental implants are a great option for those with metal allergies or sensitivities.

An Expert Weighs In “Titanium implants are an excellent option to replace missing teeth. However, there is a metal-free option available: zirconia implants, made from medical-grade ceramic. Both of these materials have their own set of unique advantages, but it is great that our practice can offer multiple tooth replacement options for patients who want to pursue all available approaches.” Dr. Jason M. Strever Periodontist North River Periodontics

Losing teeth is a common dental problem – especially as people age. However, people can also lose teeth due to things like trauma or periodontal disease that’s left untreated. Once a tooth has been lost, the surrounding gums and jawbone begin to recede and weaken, which can cause trouble with eating, speaking, and overall oral health. Thankfully, there are many options for replacing teeth, and dental implants are one of the most permanent solutions when it comes to restoring your smile and periodontal health. For patients who have concerns about metal sensitivities, zirconia implants are an excellent option.

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that creates a permanent base for a replacement tooth. Over time, the implanted fixture fuses with the existing bone in your jaw, creating a sturdy, permanent support for your new tooth. Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth or more than one, depending on the patient’s needs and wants. As dental implants fuse with your existing bone over time, they provide the greatest amount of stability, in comparison with other tooth replacement options. They not only preserve bone, but can also stimulate its growth as the bone cells work to fuse with the implant. This can halt further jawbone deterioration in its tracks, providing you with a restored smile and a healthier mouth and jaw.



The Benefits of Zirconia

Dental implants are commonly made of titanium; however, this may not be a good option for someone who needs metal-free implants due to an allergy or sensitivity. Zirconia implants are made of ceramic and, due to their composition, are not considered a metal, thus bypassing any issues that someone might have with the more-traditional titanium implants. Zirconia has also been proven to integrate seamlessly with existing tissue and bone. Aesthetically, zirconia implants can be a wonderful option for patients in search of the most natural look possible. Their natural tooth-like color is a plus, as this color extends into the base and eliminates the possibility of discoloration or a darker color showing through the gums that sometimes results from titanium implants. Some studies even indicate that zirconia reduces the likelihood of plaque build-up around the implants. For those looking for a safe, natural, metalfree option for permanent tooth replacement, zirconia is a great one to consider. HS

Keep Your Mouth Metal-Free

Zirconia Implants

While traditional titanium implants have an excellent track record, zirconia (ceramic) implants are available to patients that are interested in a metal-free option. With decades of experience replacing teeth with dental implants, Dr. Jason Strever and Dr. Charles McBrayer can help you select the best option for your particular situation.


Bedside Technology Enhancing the Patient Experience

An Expert Weighs In “Siskin Hospital practices patientcentered care, in which quality, safety, and service are essential priorities. Technologies, such as smart beds integrated with call systems, allow patient care staff to respond faster to changing patient conditions. The ability to respond faster helps us improve our patients’ experience, along with the quality of their care, safety, and outcomes.” Tracy Reed, DNP, MBA, RN, CRRN Vice President Patient Care Services, Chief Nursing Officer Siskin Hospital for Physical Rehabilitation

Safety and comfort during a hospital stay are critical to the patient experience. Advanced technologies in patient rooms help make care both efficient and effective, and in doing so, ensure that patients’ needs are best met.

What It Is

One example of such technology is the Centrella Smart+ Bed which, through the use of advanced sensor systems, alerts caregivers when a patient is trying to get out of bed or might be in danger of falling out of bed. These high-tech beds also monitor a patient’s heart and respiratory rates, making it easier to detect when a patient’s status is changing. They also have incontinence detection systems, which allow caregivers to immediately respond to a patient’s needs. The Centrella Smart+ Bed can be fully integrated with call systems like the Rauland Responder 5, which provides instant communication of the information detected by the bed to caregivers so they can quickly respond. Additionally, the PDi MedTab, a touch screen interactive device, can be mounted beside the bed on a moveable arm. This allows the patient to access its many features without the as-



sistance of a caregiver – permitting patients to watch TV, play games, browse social media, and search the internet. These devices can also be used for video conferencing with family which can help ease isolation, and they can be customized to provide patients with education on their health condition. The monitors are also equipped with relaxation applications like the sound of waves or a stream, which can help patients get better sleep in the hospital environment. All of this helps increase the patient’s comfort and engage them in meaningful activity during their hospital stay.

The Benefits

Technologies such as these greatly benefit patients. Smart beds and call systems allow proactive safety monitoring and reduce the time from identification to resolution of patient care needs. These capabilities create an extra layer of care for the patient. Touch screen technologies like the MedTab give patients an increased sense of control by allowing them independent access to information, activities, and loved ones. All of this contributes to patient centered care, and ultimately a positive patient experience. HS


Mazor X System This surgical assistance platform increases the precision of spinal fusion procedures.

An Expert Weighs In “The Mazor X System is important because it allows surgeons to be more precise with our procedures. This system improves safety as well as decreases the size of the incision needed for surgery, which can shorten patient recovery times. One of the best things about it is that it’s in a relatively new field, so it’s always developing and evolving toward even higher standards and capabilities. For example, now with neuro-decompression procedures, surgeons can remove only exactly what needs to be removed without taking too much, which works toward reducing surgical trauma.” Dr. J. Alex Sielatycki Adult and Pediatric Spine Surgeon Center for Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics

What Is the Mazor X System?

A comprehensive surgical planning system, the Mazor X was developed to assist surgeons in optimizing spinal surgery outcomes. It is made up of advanced imaging technology and three-dimensional planning tools, as well as a surgical arm for positioning instruments and placing implants.

When Is It Used?

When suffering from issues with the vertebrae, some patients will need a spinal fusion procedure to correct the problem, and the Mazor X improves efficiency during these procedures. Spinal fusion is a process that “welds” two or more vertebrae together with screws, allowing them to heal and fuse into one solid piece of bone. The goal of this procedure is to restore stability to the spine and reduce pain that accompanies certain motions. This procedure can be a solution for those suffering from health issues such as herniated discs, scoliosis, or degenerative disc disease.

How Does It Work?

The Mazor X system is made up of three processes: PRE-OP ANALYTICS. During this planning phase, the surgeon will take a CT scan of your spine and load the resulting images into cutting-edge anatomyrecognition software. At this point, a 3D visualization of your spine is created, which helps your surgeon identify strategic placement for the fusion screws. This can be done before or at the beginning of a surgery.



INTRA-OP GUIDANCE. Once a plan is developed, your surgeon will mount a platform to your spine and take another 3D scan of the surgical field. Then, multiple photos are taken of your anatomy to ensure they match the preop analytics. INTRA-OP VERIFICATION. Equipped with an integrated 3D camera with spatial tracking, the Mazor X software guides the surgical arm into place and helps to verify its accurate positioning. Once this is complete, the surgeon can use the arm to insert tools and screws to complete the spinal fusion with precision.

What Are the Benefits?

In the past, spinal fusions were often done by using x-rays and freehand screw placement. Advancements in technology now allow the surgery to be completed robotically and with higher precision. The Mazor X System is an excellent example of progression in the field of computerized robotic surgical navigation, which results in easier, less invasive surgical processes and better patient outcomes. HS


ClearStep Numberless Scale Built to help people recovering from eating disorders, this scale’s innovative design works in tandem with an app that allows treatment teams to check in in a way that bypasses the anxiety that can come with numbers. For those who are trying to recover from eating disorders, seeing numbers on a scale can be incredibly triggering. If a person has struggled with a disorder that includes body dysmorphia, seeing the number can cause heightened anxiety. For this reason, the gold standard in eating disorder treatment includes “blind weights.” To combat this issue during the pandemic, the ClearStep Numberless Scale was developed for patients who were receiving virtual treatment from home. This new technology takes the worry surrounding numbers out of the equation for the patient.

How It Works

Unlike a traditional scale, the ClearStep has no dial or digital display to show measurements. The scale is instead linked to the ClearStep app, and when the patient steps on the scale, the measurements are sent via the app to their recovery team, who can use the information to monitor the patient’s progress. Numbers or weight feedback are never shown to or made accessible to the patient, and they instead receive only positive, numberless feedback from their recovery team via the ClearStep portal. The information that the recovery team receives via this portal can be used to evaluate and adjust a patient’s recovery plan as needed.

Who It’s For

The ClearStep scale is designed for people recovering from eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating, among others. It’s an excellent option for those in search of telehealth treatment, as the app it uses to coordinate with a patient’s remote recovery team is completely private and HIPAA-compliant. The platform allows for regular and consistent monitoring, which provides the support that patients need on their path to recovery. It’s also ideal for patients who might have busy lives and don’t have time to come into the office as often as they need to: With the ClearStep scale, all they have to do is open the app, step on the scale, and confirm that their measurements have been taken and sent to their recovery team – that’s it. Scheduling and weigh-in reminders can also be managed from the app, which streamlines the process, making recovery even more accessible to those who are in need. HS



An Expert Weighs In “When COVID-19 hit last year, we faced a serious dilemma in serving our patients suffering from eating disorders. Gathering accurate vital signs virtually had never been done. I presented this problem to Nati Lavi, the CEO and cofounder of Shapa, and together with his team, we were able to put together the ClearStep Scale. Our goal was to create a seamless solution for clinicians to continue to provide accurate and compassionate care. We believe we have solved a major issue disrupting the delivery of virtual care to those with eating disorders during the COVID-19 crisis.” Dr. Chris Harris Director of Eating Disorder Programs Focus Treatment Centers








3Shape Trios Intraoral Scanner This wireless and portable oral scanner allows for quicker, more convenient dental care.

Dental impressions are a key step in preparing patients for a number of dental needs, such as mouth guards, retainers, crowns, veneers, and dentures, among others. Dental impressions of someone’s mouth create a replica of their teeth and/or gums so that accurate, contoured restorations or prosthetic apparatuses such as crowns or implants can be created for each patient. However, the traditional analog method of taking dental impressions is done via a tray full of gelling liquid, which can be tedious and uncomfortable for the patient. A convenient alternative, the 3Shape Trios Intraoral Scanner is wireless and handheld, allowing impressions to be taken digitally, which speeds up the process and reduces patient discomfort.

How It Works

An intraoral scanner is a medical device that is used to directly capture digital impressions of the teeth or other areas inside the mouth. This scanner projects a light source on the target area of the mouth, which then uses imaging sensors to capture this area. This is then processed via imaging software, which in turn will create a 3D model of the teeth or mouth. It often only takes a minute or two to digitally scan the patient’s mouth, and as this is happening, the imaging will appear in real-time on a monitor for the clinician to inspect and manipulate to show enlarged detail if necessary. The 3Shape Trios Intraoral Scanner uses the latest in AI technology for these digital scans, which improves the overall quality of the dental impressions.

The Benefits

There are a number of key benefits for using a digital intraoral scanner instead of the traditional method of taking impressions, including: LESS PATIENT DISCOMFORT. The traditional method of taking impressions can be uncomfortable and tiring for the patient’s mouth and jaw and can even trigger their gag reflex. MORE TIME-EFFICIENT. Analog methods of taking an impression involve pouring casts and creating plaster models. With digital scanners, the virtual model can be sent immediately to a 3D printer. 74


An Expert Weighs In “In our practice, we have found that our 3Shape intraoral scanner has given our patients a more comfortable treatment experience while providing us as clinicians with a more accurate, more reliable dental restoration than traditional methods. Our patients are spending less time in temporary crowns and bridges while waiting on their permanent restorations to arrive. Lab turnaround time has been cut in more than half, which is a win for both the patient and the doctor. This technology revolutionizes how we practice and what we can provide for our patients.” Drs. Jancy ParkersonMcGovern & Daniel McGovern Dentists Chattanooga Dental Arts

SIMPLIFIED PROCEDURE. If any error is made while making an analog impression or model, starting over can be a hassle. With digital scanners, the virtual model can simply be deleted and quickly done over again. Furthermore, the accuracy of the 3Shape Trios scanner line has been proven to be higher than analog impressions, ensuring that the restorations or prosthetics for the patient have a precise fit. These digital scanners not only simplify the process of impressions, but make it more convenient and more comfortable as well. HS

Come see why Chattanooga is home to the most beautiful smiles in the US! We offer high-quality, affordable dental care delivered in a warm, relaxing atmosphere. In addition to general dentistry, we offer IV conscious sedation, dental implants, surgical extractions/wisdom teeth removal, botox/fillers and much more. Come and feel the difference.

Drs. Jancy ParkersonMcGovern & Daniel McGovern

PROUDLY SERVING CHATTANOOGA & SURROUNDING AREAS We offer patients: • A variety of general & cosmetic dental offerings • Flexible financing options for every budget • Complete smile makeovers • Competitive and affordable pricing • Conservative & minimally-invasive dentistry

4141 Ringgold Rd, East Ridge | (423) 402-8427 | chattanoogadentalarts.com


Emily Niespodziany Y

ou could say that the past few years have thrown Emily Niespodziany some curveballs. But if you ask her, she would tell you that she wouldn’t trade all of the adversity she’s encountered for the world. Newly married with two beautiful children (and two adorable pups), Niespodziany is currently taking her 30s in stride. As executive director of the greater Chattanooga area’s American Heart Association, she helps save lives by raising awareness about heart disease and heart-healthy habits. It’s a mission she believes in wholeheartedly. Here, Niespodziany shares what she’s learned about life and health in the sometimes challenging, always rewarding decade known as your 30s.

HS What do health and wellness mean to you in this decade? EN I would say my health has quickly shifted to being my top priority. With two young children, I just feel this overwhelming sense of urgency to be as healthy as I can for them. While juggling a career, family, and other responsibilities, I’ve learned pretty quickly how important it is to invest in yourself. I try to do this by engaging in physical activity every day, using food as fuel, and leaning into my faith – looking forward to quiet moments spent in prayer and mindfulness has been a game-changer. HS How has your profession affected your outlook on health? EN Our mission at the AHA has afforded me a better understanding of the health disparities that exist, even in our own backyard. We’ve been partnering with a number of organizations to move that needle, but there’s still so much left to do. It really makes me appreciate my own health, and it puts a fire in me to do my part in making health equitable for everyone. HS If you could give advice to someone about to enter their 30s, what would it be? EN First, never stop learning. Being a lifelong student is invaluable. Second, embrace adversity and any challenges that come your way; they have a way of preparing you for who you are meant to be. And third, it’s okay to put yourself first. A mentor of mine once told me that no matter what season of life you’re in, you can’t pour from an empty cup. HS What are your goals for your next decade? EN My career has been such a gift to me, and I still have several career goals in mind, especially as we continue to build on the foundation we have laid at the AHA. Personally, I want to create as many experiences as possible with my new family unit. My children are getting older, and we have so much to look forward to. My goal is to be present through it all. HS Photo by Lanewood Studio




Feminine Florals Local Boutiques Share Floral Favorites for Spring


pring trends come and go, but one trend reemerges year after year: colorful, feminine florals. Flowered patterns are an eye-catching addition to any outfit, providing stylish flair while conveying a softer, romantic aesthetic. Offering everything from subtle accessories to the main event, the following boutiques have the right floral piece for your wardrobe.


Terri Holley, Embellish

Anita Headrick, Alice Blue

Katherine Roberts Burger, K :: A Boutique by Katherine Roberts

Photo by Sarah Unger

“This stunning floral chiffon high-low gown by Shoshanna is the perfect wedding guest dress and one that will absolutely be remembered.” - Anita Headrick Model: Annea Robinson, Riverview




“This outfit, which features a beautiful orange poets blouse and palm frond trouser with a tuxedo-stripe detail, is a spring dream.” - Katherine Roberts Burger

“The silk fabric of this drop-waist dress by Saloni beautifully captures the golden hues of yellow, green, orange, and pink and provides a casual, elegant look for any occasion.” - Terri Holley

Model: Becky Montgomery, Signal Mountain

Model: Sarah Reilly, Chattanooga HS




Top of the Line —

When it comes to your makeup routine, few products can make the impact that eyeliner can. Embrace your lashes with a simple and natural line, or use a winged line and a pop of color to let your personality shine!


If You’re Looking for Waterproof

If You Prefer Gel

If You Like Bold, Thick Lines

When it comes to long-lasting waterproof eyeliner, Stila’s all-day liquid option is hard to beat. With a quickdrying formula, smudging and smearing won’t be a problem. This eyeliner comes in 14 colors, making it a great option for a clean and classy look or something more fun. The tip has the perfect amount of lubrication, allowing it to effortlessly glide – not pull – along the skin as you apply it.

While it might take a little more skill to apply, if you’re a fan of gel liners, Bobbi Brown’s long-wear eyeliner is a great choice. Available in five colors, this gel-based formula is resistant to sweat and humidity and boasts an ultra-rich pigment. This product is also waterproof for up to eight hours and won’t fade or smudge.

If you’re a fan of a bold look that only a thick eyeliner can provide, Eyeko’s fat liquid eyeliner deserves a place in your cosmetic case. While it does only come in one color – carbon black – this chubby pen delivers lines that last up to 10 hours. Moisturizing algae extract means it glides along the skin and has a smooth finish, and for an added bonus, it’s vegan! HS






Join Us Online for a Silent Auction! *

Monday, April 26th - Saturday, May 1st

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Save the date for May 7, 2022 for ChattaDerby in person at Chattanooga Whiskey Event Hall!




Sensational Shades Finding the Right Lip Color to Complement Your Traits By Christina Cannon

When it comes to your makeup, the right shade of lipstick – or gloss, balm, or stain, for that matter – can make or break your look. But how do you know what colors to embrace and which ones to avoid? We’re here to help! In general, lip colors are broken down into three major types – sweets, nudes, and bolds – and the most compatible shade and intensity within those categories can be influenced by everything from your skin color and its undertones to your hair and eye color. To find a color that will help you look and feel your best, cross-reference your traits below.

Based on Skin Tone For those who are fair or light-skinned, colors such as light pink, coral, peach, nude, and dusty red are a great choice, while rose, berry, cherry red, and mauve-inspired hues look great on medium complexions. Tan skin tones can rock just about any color that’s not brown or purple, and they look especially fabulous when sporting a deep pink or bright red. Deep-skinned individuals will love plum, caramel, and wine colors and also look phenomenal in blue-based red options. Undertones matter too, and it’s easy to find the right fit! If you have cool undertones, go for lipsticks that also have cool tones and are blue- or purple-shaded. Warm-undertoned individuals should similarly go for warmer shades that lean more orange, red, or golden.


Based on Eye Color

Based on Hair Color

Matching lip shades with eye color is not as hard as you think. Ladies with brown eyes will look great in bright reds, browns, and light pinks, while blue eyes will pop when paired with different shades of cherry or scarlet colors. Those with green eyes can sport terracottas and pinks, while nude and plum colors work especially well with those who have gray eyes.

If you have blonde locks, there are a variety of shades that will suit you well. If your skin is lighter in tone, try a dusty or purplebased pink or scarlet, but if your skin is darker in color, you might prefer caramel and warm or salmon pinks. Those with both dark hair and skin might gravitate toward golden, terracotta, and bronze hues, while lighter-skinned brunettes can easily sport bright pink, scarlet, cherry, and plum. Those with red hair look great in salmon, coral, terracotta, and burnt sienna. HS


it pays...

to to listen listen

Win $100 every hour s y a d e k w e 8-5


Nailed It! What Your Fingernails Say About Your Health BY KATHY BRADS HAW


ur fingernails say so much about us and what’s going on in our lives. We pretty them up for special occasions, bite them when we’re nervous, and tap them when we’re bored. When times are tough, we say we’re barely hanging on by them, and when something is especially irritating, it’s like someone is running them down a blackboard. But if you look a little deeper, our fingernails can also tell us a lot about our overall health. Normal, healthy nails tend to be smooth and clear of discoloration. If your fingernails have changed in color or texture, it might be worth keeping an eye on. Certain alterations are perfectly natural and may mean nothing more than the fact that you slammed your nail in the door or spilled red wine on your fingertips. However, if your nails appear odd for no apparent reason, and especially if this is accompanied by other symptoms, it could be the result of something more serious.

Fingernails by the Color PALE OR WHITE If your nails are abnormally pale or white, this might be an indica-

tion of a number of ailments, such as anemia, liver disease (including hepatitis), malnutrition, or even congestive heart failure. If the nail is just white in spots, this could suggest that you are not getting enough zinc, or it might be an allergic reaction, a fungus, or caused by a nail injury. YELLOW Yellowed fingernails are a very common occurrence and often the result of a fungal infection or a reaction to a certain product you’ve used. However, it might also signal something more concerning, such as diabetes, psoriasis, thyroid disease, or lung disease and, in severe cases, could cause the nails to thicken and fall off. BLUE Nails that have gone a little blue may indicate that the body is oxygendeficient, which, in turn, could be caused by emphysema or other lung problems, as well as heart problems. BLACK LINES The most common reason for dark lines – ranging from dark red to

black – on or under your fingernails is due to a simple blunt force injury, such as pinching it in a door or dropping a heavy object on it. Unfortunately, it could also be a sign of melanoma, a serious type of skin cancer.




The Texture of Things RIDGED NAILS It’s normal for vertical ridges to appear on our fingernails as we age, but it’s still worth getting it checked out to make sure that it’s not evidence of insufficient iron. On the other hand, horizontal ridges, known as Beau’s lines, might mean real danger – this could also be an effect of kidney disease. FRAGILE NAILS If your nails bend, crack, peel, or break easily, there are several potential problems.

Nails that are especially rough or brittle, a condition known as onychoschizia, can be the result of getting your hands wet too many times. It could also be caused by hypothyroidism or an iron deficiency. Weak, bendy nails are usually due to excessive contact with a liquid or chemical, such as detergents and cleaning supplies. But this can also be caused by not having enough iron, vitamin B, calcium, or fatty acids in the blood. Nails peeling? You may have just injured the nail, or it could be from excessive exposure to soapy water – but it might also be a lack of iron. HS




Whether you’re aiming to send a helpful hint to your husband, buying for your own mother, or just recognizing a special mother in your life, here is our collection of unique gifts from local stores that are sure to make any mother feel cherished and celebrated.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Diamond & Pearl Broach Brody Jewelers – Pricing available upon request

“This stunning broach is a showstopping statement piece comprised of the most timeless and beloved gems – diamonds and pearls. Set in an elegant, subtly nature-inspired gold setting, this piece is sure to leave Mom speechless – and her friends full of compliments!”

Precious Metal Print Necklace Plum Nelly Shop – Gold $100, Sterling Silver $70

“While a photograph might bend or lose clarity over time, a Precious Metal Print maintains its unique impression for years to come. Crafted individually in Knoxville, Tennessee, and hand-finished in sterling silver or gold, these prints require only a single impression to immortalize a loved one, friend, or favorite pet. It’s a personalized gift that Mom will treasure.”

Share your Mother’s Day celebration pictures with us by tagging @HealthScopeMagazine on Instagram!

About Brody Jewelers: Brody Jewelers is a familyowned and -operated fourth-generation jeweler established in 1937. Celebrating 84 years of service to our community, they offer personalized attention to every client.

Louis Brody 706.866.3033 brodyjewelry.com @brodyjewelers

About Plum Nelly Shop: A Chattanooga tradition since 1972, Plum Nelly carries a unique array of locally and regionally made pottery, glass, jewelry, art, and giftware as well as stationery, invitations, and so much more.

Catharine Daniels 423.266.0585 plumnellyshop.com @plumnellyshop



M U S T - H AV E M O T H E R ’ S D AY G I F T G U I D E

Sabel Collection Stacking Rings Fink’s Jewelers Prices starting at $475

“Layer the love this Mother’s Day with our Sabel Collection stacking rings exclusively at Fink’s Jewelers. These diamond rings add a little sparkle to your everyday wear or pack a big punch when layered for a bolder look.” 

About Fink’s Jewelers: Family-owned and -operated since 1930, Fink’s takes pride in offering the same quality, service, and selection as the day they opened the first store. With over 90 years of experience, Fink’s offers a vast selection of fine jewelry, Swiss timepieces, and an expansive collection of fine diamonds.

Antony Sprason 423.894.1188 finks.com @finksjewelers

Mr. Bird Rustic Wren Bird House

About Boxcar

Boxcar General Store - $38

celebrating Chattanooga’s

General Store: Fun and memorable, rich railroad history as

“It’s spring! Time to brighten up the yard and around the house with charming garden enhancements. These bird houses are made using premium seed, irresistible to the area’s aviators and sure to put a smile on Mom’s face as she enjoys watching their visits!”

Tourmaline and Sapphire Earrings Epperson’s Custom Jewelers – Pricing available upon request

“These aren’t your mother’s earrings, but perhaps they should be. These exquisite, one-of-a-kind earrings were created to showcase the incredible color-play of the gemstones. Set in 14k yellow gold, they will be the perfect complement to any color in Mom’s closet. Whether worn every day or for special occasions, these earrings will remind her of how special she is!”



well as nostalgic Southern traditions, toys, and treats, Boxcar General Store is a fun stop for all ages.

Danielle Landrum 423.497.5088 boxcargeneralstore.com @boxcargeneralstore

About Epperson’s Custom Jewelers: At Epperson’s Custom Jewelers, they believe that every person has a story and that every story can be expressed through a unique piece of jewelry. Together, they work alongside clients to take a story from pen to piece and to capture a memory in a lasting heirloom.

Ellen E. Wiberley 423.479.2847 eppersonsjewelers.com @eppersonsjewelers

M U S T - H AV E M O T H E R ’ S D AY G I F T G U I D E

Black & White Floral Art

About Blluum: Blluum is a floral design studio and gift boutique, harnessing the art of intentionality through luxury floral design services and a curated selection of unique one-of-a-kind gifts

Blluum - $65

“Collaborating with and created exclusively for Blluum, local artist C. Berger’s black and white art pieces harness the nostalgia of flowers picked from the shop owner’s great-grandmother’s gardens. These 12” by 12” pieces are lovely individually or make a beautiful gallery wall!”

Christine Waldrop 423.541.6767 blluum.com @blluum

Lapis and Diamond Necklace and Earrings Set Arney Guess Goldsmith – Pricing available upon request

“Mom always told me that it’s the girl that makes the outfit. The woman wearing the jewelry is always the most important element. She is the focal point of elegance, grace, and style that brings all the various elements together into a cohesive ensemble. This gorgeous set made of Fine Lapis and Diamonds will reflect and accentuate her own beauty and taste.”

Mother’s Day Local Gift Box Locals Only Gifts & Goods $59.99

“With a splendid selection of some of Chattanooga’s best-loved local treats, this gift box is sure to shower Mom with her favorite things! This box includes Domingo Bath Co. Soap, Tennessee Toffee, and a pearlescent Paddywax candle.”

About Arney Guess Goldsmith: Arney Guess Goldsmith is a full-service custom jewelry and repair shop in Hixson. Locally owned and operated for over 30 years, they have seven jewelers on-site with over 100 years combined experience.

Isaac White 423.875.2390 aggoldsmith.com @aggoldsmith

About Locals Only Gifts & Goods: Born from a love of Chattanooga and a desire to support the talented local small businesses, Locals Only curates custom gift boxes, baskets, bags, and more from an impressive collection of local products!

Danielle Landrum 423.541.4438 localsonlygiftsandgoods.com @localsonlychattanooga



HER STORY Every woman has a story to tell, and no two stories are alike. Meet the women who have persevered through challenges and tribulations and come out the other side stronger than ever. These unique individuals have seen their fair share of adversity but continue to inspire those around them with the lessons they have learned and their love of life. Read on for four truly motivating stories by the women who experienced them firsthand. Photography by Rich Smith / Photos taken on location at Hotel Indigo

I am a woman who has survived many issues: rejection, abandonment, divorce, and emotional, physical, and mental abuse. Like many women who have faced these challenges, the circumstances were overwhelming and devastating. At one point in my life, there was very little hope to recover. I thought I would never make it through. As I continued to spiral down in depression and despair, suddenly Christian counseling became available at my church. The journey to my wholeness and healing began. I was able to speak to someone who could help me to make sense of my life. I began

to believe and understand that God never wastes our sorrows, but uses them to move us toward Him and a greater purpose - to help others. As my healing progressed, I was inspired by my counselor to pay it forward. I went back to college and obtained my master’s degree as a licensed pastoral counselor. Today, my greatest desire, hope, and mission is to help others heal from the pain of their past. Amazingly, the pain of my past has indeed become a catalyst to help others. Whether through my radio broadcast “Hope for Healing,” which is for the community at large, or a face-to-face encounter with a

client who is broken, I believe miracles can happen in our hearts and souls and give us beauty from ashes. Whether it be about marriage and family or healing and deliverance, I love to speak with women, couples, and especially millennials in a group setting. I love to tell them what I wish I knew and how my life changed because of the wisdom I have gained. My tribe is growing in numbers and knowledge, and those who are hurting are being set free. My heart is so happy. My soul is satisfied.





My parents moved from Algeria (North Africa) to France in the early 60s, and I was born in Thionville, France. I am the youngest in a family of eight, and when I was five, we moved to MontSaint-Martin, where we finally had the luxury of a bathroom inside the house and four bedrooms. There was a school right behind our home, and I longed to go there every day, but I couldn’t because my parents missed registration. They were both illiterate, and growing up in the countryside in Algeria during French colonization did not provide an opportunity for them to become educated, so school was not a priority. I dreamed of going to school, learning to read and write, getting a job, and traveling the world. Education was the key to my freedom and independence. Despite our traditional environment, my mother was secretly supportive of me. After completing degrees in math, physics, and computer science, I interned with an international cargo shipping company, which led to my first job in information technology, and I was blessed with teachers and colleagues who believed in my potential. I moved to Luxembourg in 1995, which started my international travels, and I have since visited Austria, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Lebanon, and Tunisia, among many other countries. I embraced meeting people from all over the world, including my husband. In 2002, we moved to the United States and currently live in Signal Mountain raising our three boys while celebrating diversity. Moving to the United States was scary and challenging, but with a positive mindset, I established relationships to make it my home away from home, thanks to my family, friends, colleagues, and my running tribe. I now lead the IT Service Management team at a large insurance company and pay it forward by volunteering with international and educationfocused organizations such as the International Business Council, TN Achieve, Junior Achievement, and by founding the French American Chamber of Commerce. Overcoming challenges, now living my American dream, I encourage everyone to always show an attitude to gratitude, follow their passion, and live life to the fullest.

Nasera Souidi-Johnson SIGNAL MOUNTAIN



Your Exclusive Retailer for

A Top-Selling Designer Line for Women

Specializing in Custom Design Repair • Bridal 423.875.2390


7 Jewelers on-site with over 100 years combined experience



“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by.” Robert Frost’s words from high school English class repeat in my head along with multiple verses memorized throughout my life – “All things work together for good … I can do all things through Christ … He will make your paths straight.” Until about eight years ago, my life was on a relatively consistent and comfortable path. Being a teacher and a coach was all I knew for years, but then God met me at a fork in the road and changed the entire trajectory of my life. When I had my son, I heard “I’m sorry” from friends, family, doctors, and nurses – almost more than the usual “congratulations.” I am sure I have done the same thing without understanding the hurt that brings an already-worried parent. I just wanted to enjoy my newborn without the fear of what the future might hold. Everett has Down syndrome, and at the time, my fear was only magnified by my lack of knowledge and experience with what having something extra really meant. Now, it is familiar, it is known, it is loved, and it is cherished. I am thankful for the way my son has changed me in ways I didn’t know I needed. It’s like when Dorothy wakes up in the colorful land of Oz. Not that it is all happiness and rainbows, but I have a deeper understanding of the entire world around me. It opened a door to friends, families, knowledge, heartache, encouragement, and love that I would have never known. This less-traveled road helped me create a family for families who have children with disabilities through the nonprofit Downside Up. It has been a winding and wild journey of faith for sure, but just as Dorothy’s eyes were opened to a beautiful world beyond her own, I would not turn back to the black and white world of before. This road, this life, this child has made all the difference.

Theresa Nix HIXSON




At 43, I almost had it all. I was the CEO of my own hospice company with supportive friends and colleagues, a husband, and two sons who were 6 and 9 years old. I looked forward to the day I could hire more doctors and cut my long hours down. “You are not aging well, maybe hire a train­er,” my then-husband commented as I struggled to get dressed. My back had been hurting for months, and now I was limping. Routine exams followed. “Dr. Duncan, you have a tiny spot on your mammogram, but it’s so small there’s a 98% cure rate if it’s cancer,” the radiologist said. The bone pain that kept moving around in my back suddenly made sense. Scans revealed cancer eating my bones from my skull to a broken hip. My spine crumbled so much that I stood at 5’10” instead of my usual 6 feet. “Do. Not. Tell. Anyone,” I said to my husband and every doctor I saw. “I am the face of an over-leveraged new business. We could lose everything if I stop getting referrals!” I feared my family would have nothing when I died in a few years. I came home that night to a large gathering. Referrals dropped as the community learned that I had Stage IV breast cancer. Money flew out the door while I went for daily radiation and planned little boys’ birthday parties. Friends stepped in – too many angels to name here. They brought dinner almost every night, babysat the boys, paid our bills, and my doctor friends covered for me and helped me sell my company. My brother-in-law even took me to chemo every three weeks for six years. Throughout my struggle, I learned to let go of toxic relationships and expectations of how life should look. Through the newly formed Dr. Deanna Duncan Foundation, I want to share my hope and knowledge of cancer support options with every new cancer diagnosis in the Chattanooga area. I was told I would be on chemo for life, but after seven years of no signs of active disease, I know that miracles do happen. At 50, I really can say now that I have it all, but my definition has changed. I am healthy, joyful, full of gratitude, and living in peace and harmony with my beautiful teenage boys. HS




Survivor Story W

hen it comes to heart disease, there is no discrimination.

Regardless of lifestyle, race, or age, heart disease can manifest in anyone. Channing Muller knows this all too well, as she had a heart attack at age 26 while training for a half-marathon. What follows is her personal story and a firsthand account of why you should always take signs and symptoms seriously.

Channing Muller I am not the traditional face of heart disease, yet here I am. In 2011, I woke up after a night of revelry feeling a little worse for wear, but nothing a good sweat session couldn’t fix. I took one step away from my bed, and everything changed in an instant. My heart started racing uncontrollably, and I felt like I needed to vomit. I broke out into a sweat, lost all color in my face, and all the while, my heart kept racing like I had just finished a marathon, yet I’d only taken 10 steps to the bathroom. After a few failed attempts to release my stomach contents and find a way to get physically comfortable, I started to get scared. As my heart raced, my breathing became irregular, and I knew something was truly wrong. I crawled to the nightstand and called my roommate on the second floor, as shouting from the basement would have been impossible. She helped me up the stairs, and we headed to a hospital just five blocks away. After 45 minutes of a racing heart, multiple EKGs, and two rounds of blood work, the doctors had a diagnosis: I had experienced a heart attack … at age 26. After that, I was airlifted to a cardiac care unit at another hospital where I remained for three days of extensive testing before being transferred to a regular hospital room for another three days. The resulting tests showed a 70% blockage in my heart, despite low cholesterol, an active lifestyle, and no indicators as to the origin of the blockage. Due to my age, the doctors chose to take a medicinal route of treatment, and I was sent home to recover with regular cardiologist appointments in my future. One month later on January 17, 2012 – the day I had planned to start cardiac rehab – I got that racing heart feeling again. Thankfully, my medication kept my heart rate from getting as out of control as it did the first time, so while I did indeed experience a second heart attack, it wasn’t as painful as the first. Nonetheless, I remained in the hospital for another four days. The result: The blockage had worsened to nearly 90%, and a stent had to be placed to keep the artery open and prevent further complications. I did finally go to cardiac rehab, where I became known as “the girl who runs,” aptly encapsulating my singular goal when I arrived: to run again. One year later, my cardiologist confirmed that all the damage to my heart from the two incidents had repaired itself, and other than the placement of my stent, no physical evidence remains. Today, nearly 10 years later, I proudly identify as a heart attack survivor and half-marathoner. The American Heart Association is dedicated to building healthy lives, free of cardiovascular disease and stroke, through education, caregiver support, research, and development of health care professionals. Go Red for Women is a social initiative designed to empower women to take charge of their heart health by equipping them with the knowledge necessary to lead healthy lives with healthy hearts.



ANDREW & ASHLEY LADEBAUCHE 2022 Heart Ball Chairs Reliance Partners


2021 Heart Challenge Chair Unum

GARRY & RHONDA THURMAN 2021 Go Red for Women Chairs Guardian Investment Advisors

We are fierce. A relentless force for a world of longer, healthier lives. In these uncharted times, we have discovered wonders within ourselves, our community, and the science. When we live fierce together, we are resilient, relentless, unstoppable. Everyone, everywhere deserves a long, healthy life. Together we will make this the year when we shine again. This is our awakening. No backing down, no matter the obstacle. We stand for our loved ones, ourselves and our communities. Together, we will live without limitations. Together with you, we can all live fierce—channeling heartfelt intensity into advocating, motivating and educating people so they are empowered to live longer, healthier lives.

JOIN US & GET INVOLVED www.Heart.org/Chattanooga

Women Celebrating Women The word inspire is defined as the act of filling someone with the urge or ability to do something, and here in Chattanooga, we have no shortage of incredible women who motivate those around them day in and day out. Whether they intentionally set out to be a role model or random acts of kindness are simply in their DNA, these women are making the world a better place. Read on to learn more about the individuals who encourage others to be the best version of themselves, told by those they inspired most. P HOTOG RAPH Y BY EMI LY PÉREZ LO NG



inspired: Cara Hicks inspiration: Kym Ott

In my calling, I am blessed to be surrounded by so many incredible women who support other women, but the one I know the most is the one who has known me the longest: my amazing mama. As a single mom of three kids for most of my life, my mom didn’t have it easy; at times, she worked multiple jobs, but she made sure that she did everything she could to be there for her kids, family, and friends. She is the most encouraging person I know – she sees the potential in every person she meets and doesn’t hold back when it comes to lifting others up. Even many of my friends have shared how grateful they are for my mom’s thoughtful words.  In addition to her encouragement, she modeled what it was like to make the most of what you have and to never overlook the richness and resources right in front of you – especially relationships. She always reminds me that the most important relationship is with my Heavenly Father. She’s handled hard things fearlessly with grace and faith. I’ve watched her lean on the Lord when things looked impossible and make bold moves in faith. I didn’t realize what a gift this was for most of my life, but I’m truly inspired by her in so many ways. 

“She is the most encouraging person I know – she sees the potential in every person she meets and doesn’t hold back when it comes to lifting others up. ” KYM



inspired: Shaun Mosley inspiration: Azurae Johnson Redmond


Being a mom is a full-time job. Being a mompreneur is even more challenging. Add being a mom of toddlers to the equation, and what you get is two women with much in common. That was the case when I got to know Azurae Johnson Redmond online through a social network of Chattanooga Moms. Azurae is a connector – it is what her natural, God-given talent here on Earth is all about. She is resourceful, personable, and selfless. She has never met a stranger and is always willing to be the first in a room to say hello. As a leader in the Chattanooga Moms community, she is constantly looking for ways other moms can enhance their children’s lives by researching and creating activities that get our little ones moving and engaged. She is a social servant by nature, and at a time when she could have easily isolated herself from the world during her own personal loss, she created a nonprofit – Young, Black & Widowed Inc. – to uplift the lives of others who are searching for hope again. Azurae’s tenacious personality is inspiring because during a season when it is easy to feel alone, she is always right there with a bright smile and a resource to get you on your way!

“Azurae is a connector – it is what her natural, God-given talent here on Earth is all about.”



inspired: Becky Cope English inspiration: Kelly Carter BECKY KELLY I am inspired daily by many women who have either been a constant, like my mother and my sisters, or women that God has brought into my life for a season. Kelly Carter is one of those women whom I’ve been blessed to meet through my career, and from the first time I spoke with her, her warmth and kindness were evident. Many people know Kelly and her inspiring husband, Craig, because together, they exhibit so many characteristics that lift others. Craig was diagnosed with ALS a few years ago, and instead of letting it defeat them, they chose the path of courage and thankfulness. They turned their battle into outreach to help those who didn’t have the network of support that they have. What I admire most about Kelly is that she doesn’t hide her struggles or her weaknesses, which many people do, and, quite frankly, we need people who show us how to face fear, struggles, and sadness with honesty, courage, and perseverance. No matter what is going on inside this beautiful, petite Christian soldier, she radiates kindness and strength. She genuinely cares about others. She so reminds me of my mother-in-law, who had so many of these same characteristics.

“No matter what is going on inside this beautiful, petite Christian soldier, she radiates kindness and strength.”




inspired: Allison Driver inspiration: Shawn Kurrelmeier-Lee When I moved to Chattanooga from Nashville in July 2017 with my daughter, Brooke, and son, Brandon, it was a step out of my comfort zone, to say the least. However, I knew I had the ideal opportunity in front of me: To lead a wonderful school community and promote the individualized and personalized Montessori instruction that I so strongly believe in. Over the last few years, I’ve had the opportunity to lead and grow professionally under the mentorship of Shawn Kurrelmeier-Lee. Shawn is the Chief Reading Officer for Read 20 and serves on the board at The Montessori School. Also a mother of two, who,

“Shawn inspires me to remain true to my leadership style and is always there for me, to mentor, listen, and provide sound advice.”


Photo by Rich Smith

during her early career, balanced raising her children and a career in education, Shawn and I share many commonalities that have connected us over time. Shawn inspires me to remain true to my leadership style and is always there for me, to mentor, listen, and provide sound advice. Shawn and I share a passion for education, and we both make professional and pedagogical decisions based on what is best for each child. We plan to collectively continue working to make a positive difference in education, leaving each child to be free to soar and reach new heights in their journey of life. HS



Spellbinding Spring Dates Spring Into Date Night With These Ideas From Local Ladies ‘Tis the season to pull out the picnic blanket, strap on your sandals, and head outside with your significant other. After a long winter, you’re likely itching to get out of the house and create new memories with the one you love most. The following local ladies have a few suggestions for making your spring date night memorable. Keep reading for their advice on turning up the romance.


“Spring is the perfect time to enjoy the warmer weather with a safe and socially distanced date night. Last March, my husband and I started ordering takeout from our favorite restaurants so we could enjoy special meals while supporting local businesses. To spice things up, we would change the ambience by having dinner anywhere from our formal dining room to the outside patio or fire pit. We also love a Scenic City view! Hikes and picnics are great ways to experience all the beautiful trails and parks Chattanooga has to offer, while getting fresh air and exercise. For years, we have taken sunset cruises on our boat. We take charcuterie for dinner, watch the sunset, and feel like we are a world away on the water.”

“My husband Guru and I chose to live in North Chattanooga because we love the energy of our city on the bridges and along the river. Our dates typically involve a nice walk or run on the bridges and through Coolidge or Renaissance Park. Afterward, we like to stop by our favorite local bar, LeRoy’s. We love the locals who come through there and the amazing service from the folks at the bar. We typically cap off the night with a meal (and maybe another beer) from Pizza Bros, which is just a stone’s throw away from our house. We both grew up in Chattanooga and love watching the town embrace its strengths as a city with both a burgeoning food and beverage scene, as well as one of the most scenic downtowns in the country!” DR. NEHA SHAH, NORTH CHATTANOOGA


“Our community is immersed with a plethora of nonprofits working around the clock to make a difference. This spring, consider planning a ‘give back’ date. My husband Chad and I always find a way to make a difference as an anniversary tradition, but you can make an impact on our community any day of the week – whether it’s taking a dog for a walk from your favorite local shelter, volunteering together at a 5k race, or attending a socially safe fundraising event like TASTE for the Kidney Foundation. This year, TASTE offers curbside pickup, and many other events and organizations have virtual options to get involved. Many in our community depend on nonprofits; use your time together to make an impact!” HS




Coping With an Empty Nest

Strategies for Survival When Your Child Leaves Home BY MARY BE TH WALLACE

In a few short weeks, students across the country will be preparing for a major milestone: their high school graduation. While the thought of moving away from home, whether to attend college, join the military, or find a job, likely fills these students with joy and eager anticipation, their parents may have conflicting emotions about their children “leaving the nest” for the first time. If, as a parent, you’ve already found yourself dreading the day you say goodbye, Gena Ellis with First Things First has some words of wisdom for you.

What is empty nest syndrome? Empty nest syndrome is the wash of emotions – ranging from sadness to extreme grief, anxiety, and loneliness – that can affect parents when their children grow up and leave home. “Each parent may react differently to this time of transition,” Ellis explains. “Some may share in their children’s excitement as they prepare to live independently. Other parents may feel as if their lives have been turned upside down and that they have no purpose going forward.” Considering how much time, energy, and attention parents give to their children, it’s no surprise that many struggle with their own identities when those children move away.




What are some strategies for combatting empty nest syndrome? Plan ahead. “Think about what you want your life to be like when your nest is empty. Then prepare to make that happen while your children are still at home,” Ellis advises. Reaching out to family and friends who have already experienced the empty nest can be a great way to seek support and help you learn what to expect. Reconnect with your spouse. Think of your child leaving home as the perfect opportunity to rekindle the romance between you and your spouse. Speaking from experience, Ellis shares, “My son going off to college was a wake-up call for my marriage. My husband and I became more intentional about making time for us; we started going on dates and short getaways. We recognized that when our child left home, we still had each other.” Find ways to occupy your time. When your days are no longer crammed with carpools, sporting activities, and hours of homework help, it can seem like a gaping hole has formed in your life. Ellis suggests that new hobbies, such as yoga or photography, or social activities like book club can serve as fun and meaningful time-fillers. You might even consider taking some college courses yourself or pursuing a new career!


Stay connected with your child. Even though your child no longer lives in your home, you can still maintain a great relationship with him or her. “There are so many ways to connect, such as calling, text, FaceTime, or Zoom,” says Ellis. Just be sure to have realistic expectations – the truth is, your child probably won’t want to talk every single night. “I would set healthy limits, like talking once per week, and if you text, expect a reply of some kind within 24 hours. You want to give your child space to settle in and create their new routine,” Ellis adds.

Is empty nest syndrome preventable? Although it’s perfectly normal for parents to experience a variety of emotions as their children move through transitions in life, there’s no need to let empty nest syndrome take a severe toll on your mental health. Fortunately, it can be mitigated with a proactive approach. “It’s important for parents to have a life of their own apart from their children and to remember that their goal is for their children to grow up and successfully leave home,” Ellis explains. “Even though it seems like many of the parenting years are spent surviving one crisis to the next, if you can take even a small amount of time to invest in yourself, it will help prepare you for the future. It’s not helpful for a parent’s happiness and fulfillment to come from their children, and when children launch into adulthood, they need to know their parent is okay and can support them in this exciting season of life.” HS



Cooking With Chickpeas

Chances are, you’ve been introduced to chickpeas in some form – whether blended into creamy hummus, mashed into your favorite veggie burger, or even turned into flour to create the increasingly popular chickpea pasta. It seems that chickpeas, also commonly known as garbanzo beans, are the chameleons of the culinary world, and, as such, you can easily incorporate them into any number of dishes. And why wouldn’t you? An excellent source of plant-based protein, chickpeas can also work wonders on your digestion, blood sugar, cholesterol levels, and bone health. The next time you’re craving chickpeas, check out these healthy recipes from Chattanooga locals. Photography by Rich Smith



Did you know?

The thick liquid found in a can of chickpeas, called aquafaba, can be used as an egg substitute. Try it in cookies or brownies, or whip it up with a little powdered sugar and vanilla extract to make meringue.

Hi-Fi Clyde’s Falafel Wrap BY JOSÉ MORAN, KITCHEN MANAGER | SERVES 1 Ingredients

For the falafel: • 1/2 cup dried chickpeas • 1 cup yellow onion, diced • 1/3 cup caramelized onions • 1/4 cup fresh parsley, chopped • 1/4 cup fresh cilantro, chopped • 1/4 Tbsp. crushed red pepper • 1 1/2 tsp. kosher salt • 3 whole garlic cloves • 1/3 cup ground cumin • 1 1/2 tsp. baking powder

• 3/4 cup gluten-free flour • 1/3 cup rice flour

For the wrap: • Flour tortilla • Red pepper mayonnaise • Spinach • Tomato • Pickled red onions • Tzatziki cucumbers • Avocado, sliced • Kalamata olives • Feta (optional)


1. Soak dried chickpeas overnight or for at least 12 hours. Drain and purée in a large food processor. 2. Add both types of onions, parsley, cilantro, red pepper, salt, garlic, and cumin. Blend until mostly smooth. 3. Transfer to a large bowl and mix in the baking powder and flours by hand. Refrigerate overnight. 4. When ready to cook, form falafel mixture into 2-oz. balls, and deep-fry them in hot oil until browned. 5. To assemble the wrap, spread mayonnaise on a flour tortilla. Fill tortilla with falafel and additional wrap ingredients. Fold and roll up tightly, encasing the filling. Grill and serve warm.




Jacki Mullinix’s Loaded Salsa SERVES 4-6 Ingredients

• 1 can diced tomatoes and green chiles (Rotel) • 1 can black beans, drained • 1 can chickpeas, drained • 1/2 cup black olives, sliced • 1 cup frozen corn, thawed • 1/2 cup shelled edamame • 4 green onions, sliced • 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil • 2 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar • 1 Tbsp. cumin • 1 Tbsp. chili powder



• • • •

1 tsp. garlic powder 1 tsp. onion powder 1 tsp. dried oregano 1/4 tsp. crushed red pepper flakes • 1/2 Tbsp. kosher salt • 1/2 tsp. black pepper Directions

1. Combine all ingredients and add additional salt and pepper to taste. 2. Refrigerate until ready to serve or serve immediately with Fritos or Tostitos Scoops. Enjoy!

“In the summer of 2020, I was pregnant with our daughter and constantly hungry. This recipe was a staple in our fridge; it’s so convenient, healthy, and filling! It’s now a hit at all of our backyard parties, family dinners, and football gatherings.” – Jacki Mullinix, North Chattanooga


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Spice It Up

8 SPI CE STA P L E S F O R H O ME C O O K S Whether you’re a seasoned home chef or new to the culinary scene, this refresher in essential spices can help you take your cooking to the next level. Look beyond the saltshaker and fill your pantry with these common spices and herbs that are healthy to boot!


Garlic Powder Made from finely ground, dehydrated garlic, this tried-and-true spice adds oomph to meats, veggies, pastas, and more. Although it’s no replacement for fresh garlic cloves, garlic powder is a real time-saver and works well in sauces, salad dressings, and dishes with short cooking times. Garlic powder also retains many of garlic’s nutrients, including iron and vitamin B6. Note: You might hear this spice referred to as “granulated garlic,” which is essentially the same thing – only it’s ground more coarsely.

Dried Rosemary Fabulously fragrant, fresh rosemary is easily recognized by its needle-like leaves. When the herb is dried, you’ll often find it in French and Mediterranean cooking, although its woodsy, peppery flavor can pack a punch in a variety of dishes – particularly baked goods. Since this herb can easily overwhelm a dish, it’s recommended to season with small quantities and work your way up to taste. You’ll benefit from rosemary’s compounds that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties!




Ground Ginger


Ginger serves double duty in both sweet and savory dishes. Its warm, spicy flavor shines in everything from spice rubs, marinades, and curries to holiday cookies. Similar to garlic, fresh ginger has a stronger taste than ground, but ground ginger can hold up in your kitchen a little longer. What’s more, ginger has been touted as a remedy for upset stomachs, and it’s been linked to preventing certain diseases like cancer.

This subtly sweet spice can be added to almost anything, from your morning bowl of oats to drinks like coffee and tea. While commonly used in breakfast batters (think waffles, pancakes, muffins), cinnamon also introduces a warm note to your favorite soups, braises, and tagines. Plus, research indicates that cinnamon has some pretty powerful properties: It can reduce inflammation, help fight bacteria, and improve heart health.

Dried Oregano


Oregano is ever-present in Italian and Greek cuisines, and it plays well with other spices and herbs, such as garlic, basil, and thyme. It’s frequently used to flavor fish, veggies, pasta sauce, and salad (especially Greek salad). The most common form of the herb, Mediterranean oregano, has a milder taste but a bold aroma, and it’s easy to add to your diet. Oregano contains small amounts of key nutrients, including vitamins E and K.

Popular all over the world, cumin is revered for its distinctive earthy flavor and aroma. Whether experimenting with Mexican, Indian, or Middle Eastern cuisines, you’ll find that cumin is a seasoning staple, and it’s also an ingredient in blends like curry powder. Cumin is available as whole seeds and a ground powder, although the powder tends to be more versatile. Naturally high in iron, cumin is believed to help with diabetes, weight loss, and cholesterol levels.

Red Pepper Flakes

Black Peppercorns

Want to amp up the heat without changing the flavor of your dish? Red pepper flakes do just that. Use them early in the cooking process (stewed in marinara sauce, sautéed with veggies), or sprinkle them on your finished meal for a final touch; these flakes make a great garnish for pizza, pastas, and salads. And don’t forget – like many spices, when it comes to red pepper flakes, freshness matters. Allow your flakes to grow stale, and they’ll lose their recognizable kick.

A culinary classic for a reason, pungent peppercorns create extra dimension in your go-to dishes. For optimal flavor, skip the pre-ground pepper in favor of whole peppercorns you grind in a mill. Freshly ground pepper can be added to salads, soups, eggs, curries, sauces – you name it! Not only is pepper antibacterial in nature, helping to alleviate congestion, but it’s also credited with easing digestion. HS



Carrie Tate’s Unloaded Workout A Guided, At-Home Workout P H OTOGRAPHY BY RICH SMITH

“This workout is great for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time or equipment. It can be performed at home or while you are traveling, and it works most of the major muscle groups to burn more calories. On top of that, the rep scheme is sure to keep your heart pumping!” - Carrie Tate, Co-Owner, CrossFit Signal Mountain For a full workout, complete each exercise for 21 reps, followed by a set of 15 reps, and lastly, a set of 9 reps.

Push-Ups Start on all fours with your arms extended. Your hands should be approximately shoulder-width apart, and your legs should be together with only the balls of your feet on the ground. Your body should remain rigid throughout the movement.



Lower your chest to the ground while keeping your elbows close to your body – aim to bend the elbow at a 45-degree angle to your body. Return to the starting position and repeat until you’ve completed the set.

Sit-Ups Lie on your back on the ground with the soles of your feet together or legs straight. Pull your torso into a seated position with as little momentum as possible. The sit-up is complete when you touch your toes or the floor beside your feet. Slowly lower your body back to the ground.

Air Squats Stand and look straight ahead. While maintaining the natural arch of your back, slowly squat toward the floor until your hips are positioned below your knees. During the squat, your weight should be in your heels and your midsection kept tight. Hold your hands out in front to help maintain balance. To complete the move, straighten your legs as you return to the starting position.




Burpees Begin standing with your arms at your sides. Squat down before placing your hands approximately shoulder-width apart on the ground. Jump back to a push-up position, then lower your chest and thighs to the ground. Push back up, then jump your feet to be positioned just outside your hands. Swiftly jump into the air, completing a full hip and knee extension, and extend your arms overhead during the jump. Return to the starting position and repeat.

Box Step-Ups Position yourself in a hip-width stance in front of an elevated surface (like a box, but a step or stool can be used as well). Step up, keeping your knees in line with your toes as you place your full foot on the box. Step up with your opposite leg. This move is complete when both of your feet are on the box and you’ve reached a full hip and knee extension. Step down off the box and use the opposite leg to begin the next repetition. HS 114


If you have been struggling to lose weight on your own,

a weight loss treatment program might be right for you.

Bariatric Surgery is not only the most effective tool to lose weight, it also helps to prevent or improve Type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, and high blood pressure while improving your quality of life and life span. Jaime Ponce MD, FACS, FASMBS, a physician specializing in bariatric medicine with CHI Memorial Metabolic and Bariatric Care, has been performing bariatric surgery for 22 years and has extensive experience with gastric sleeve, gastric band, gastric bypass and endoscopic procedures. With a dedicated dietitian, licensed clinical social worker, exercise support, nurse practitioners and the addition of Rishabh Shah, MD, a fellowship trained bariatric surgeon, our team delivers the highest quality bariatric care available. We also offer an obesity medicine program for non-surgical weight loss. CHI Memorial Metabolic and Bariatric Care is committed to providing you with the best chance for weight loss success.

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