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Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016


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Ria Greiff......................................... Co-Publisher and

Another edition chock full of Cbus creatives. The moments and the memories created are indelible to all of those involved. And the result—fabulous fashion and music content. The FMMF Magazine team traveled all they way up and down the coast just to capture the bands that will be playing at Fashion Meets Music Festival to see the artists in person for exclusive only to us interviews and shoot some exclusive only to us photographs. We called it, the “meet and snap”. Unforgettable times such as doing shots of tequila with Børns before his performance is what this publication is full of, because that is what festivals are about. FMMF in particular is all about the experience. You will find at FMMF lounge areas, opportunities to do interactive stuff, not to mention, this festival is unique in that you can actually witness some incredibly talented designers send down the runway a hundred models in some ridiculously beautiful garments. This year, our local superstar DJs will be accompanying the cat walking with their tunes; Columbus has a vibrant EDM scene and you get to taste it right here at FMMF and meet them in the magazine as well. Four stages and the fashion tents so there is always something happening and meeting the talent is also going to be a part of it, like most national caliber festivals. This is the one you don’t want to miss. I practice what I preach btw. I am headed to Burning Man in Nevada this year and will leave the Playa on Friday to be here in time to catch FMMF!

Ruvane ................................................. 6

Editor in Chief and Art Director

Kathy Gill........................................ Co-Publisher Scott Greiff................................... Web Designer and Web Editor and Photographer

Zak Perry........................................ Layout Design

Senior Manager

Jaclyn Miller............................... Chief Journalist Tiera Suggs................................. Chief Photographer Emily Kapp................................... Journalist Kelsey Shawgo....................... Journalist Elizabeth Giannone........... Journalist Dorian Bell.................................... Photographer Robert Scarpanito.............. Layout Design Lead

Erin Pipik........................................ Social Media

Priestess/ Layout Design

Maddie Goodwin................. Graphic Design Valerie Klette-Cusher...... Layout Design Paige Brown.............................. Assistant Editing Lauren Verhage...................... L ayout Design Editing

Fashion Stylists..................... Niki Geraci

Grace Fleisher Ria Greiff

Glam Team Leads Hair........................................................ Michael Puccetti Lyndsey Loman

Makup................................................ Sara King

Yodit Tecle Kristie Rhodes

Aerial Gabriella....................... hair and makeup for Fashion Centerfold

Contributors Vol. 3 Allen Foster................................. AXS Magazine Will Shively................................... Lead Photographer (pre-1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s, Designers)

Nick Fancher............................. P  hotographer

(2000s & Beyond)

Rainer Ziehm............................. Photographer (1950s)

Andy Spessard....................... Photographer (1990s)

Goodnight Tonight..................... 7 Clubhouse.......................................... 8 The Zou................................................. 9 Børns.................................................... 12 DJs......................................................... 18 Adventure Club.......................... 21 Matt and Kim................................ 24 Spencer Sutherland Savannah Outen........................ 25 Chris Jameson Tyler Thomas................................ 30 Young Natives Little Hurricane........................... 31 Bebe Rexha................................... 32 Fashion Designers.................. 33 FMMF Info....................................... 37 Betty Who........................................ 42 Boy Meets World...................... 43 Plaid Brixx....................................... 44 Mary Lambert.............................. 45 Will Deely......................................... 46

For complete interviews, audio clips of phone interviews, behind the scenes photos of our centerfolds, discovering more about our contributors and much much more, go to Also, be on the lookout for our Fashionista Bloggers at FMMF for a chance to be featured on our website.

On the Cover DJ Khaled has one of the most prolific Snapchat Stories and his millions of followers religiously follow his adventures. Interestingly, Khaled struck the same pose as our former mayor did last year for the cover of FMMF Magazine. We also loved our centerfolds so much from last year that we gave them an encore performance. You see the Rhythm and Blues, Electronica, Pop and Indie genres as last year’s magazine was structured according to genre as opposed to this year’s decades. We hope you enjoy consuming this magazine as much as we enjoyed producing it! Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016



1950 s 4

Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016

In the beginning, music came at the pre-1950s like a speeding train. There were many unknowns in music and fashion, just like the uncertainty of knowing whether the man was the villain or the savior to the damsel. Regardless, music came barreling down the station ushering in the modern era.

Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016


RUVANE In the Loop with Ruvane

Words: Paige Brown

This sharp and musically talented trio is comprised of Ruvane, Clyde, and Joey. They've been playing together for over three years and have preformed together in Ohio. Unfortunately, Joey, the bands drummer, will be unable to attend FMMF this year due to travels. Fret not though; Barry Kats will be filling in as the bands drummer for the event. Ruvane, who often preforms on tours solo, looks forward to playing at the festival with his band mates. When asked how he felt about preforming solo or in a group he replied, “there’s more energy to feed from and an expanded instrument collection.”

Image: Scott Greiff

sic as chill acoustic rock with live looping. For those of you who may not know what looping is, it is using technology through a paddleboard and lets the band record a certain sound, which can be played back while the band is still performing on other instruments. For the festival they will play mostly original music.

cool if you really want it to be cool.” Ruvane then added, “Dress for the job you want not the job you have.” Joey jumps in; “I also would like to dress for the job I want but Ruvane said that he takes you cant dress up in Batman what has inspired him to in- costume so...” The three spire others listening to his guys all laugh. music. Since the majority When asked if they wanted of the bands tours are solo, to add anything else upon Ruvane likes to pick certain concluding their interview, Ruvane has played full songs depending on what Joey paused and replied, he feels the audi- “Bacon is delicious.” ence enjoys. “What pushes me to

perform in certain ways is what I have been inspired by at other shows I’ve been to.”

time for six years, completed eight albums, and has been playing shows for alRuvane describes their mu- most 20 years. Ruvane ad-


dressed what has influenced some of his performances: “What pushes me to perform in certain ways is what I have been inspired by at other shows I’ve been to.”

Since this is the Fashion Meets Musical Festival, we asked the guys what their type of fashion is. The guys were stumped for a minute, but Clyde replied, “I think you can make anything

Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016

For the complete interview, go to:

Goodnight Tonight From the Classroom to the Stage

Words: Elizabeth Giannone

On April 9th, I had the opportunity to interview the band Goodnight Tonight at The Outpost in Kent, Ohio. The Outpost is a venue frequented by the band; it’s like home base to them according to Emily Gambone, who is on lead vocals and guitar. Although you probably wouldn’t guess it upon hearing about the bands successes, the members are fairly young. Drew Sprietzer plays the guitar and is a senior in high school. Holly Camp, the bassist, and Emily Gambone are both high school graduates of one year. Brad Sims, the drummer, attends Walsh University.

Image: Dorian Bell

out other instruments along with their current ones. Emily boasts an impressive repertoire of instruments that includes piano, cello, and the French horn. Drew has played the guitar since he was eight, with Brad starting on trumpet in the fifth grade and continuing on to the drums when he was twelve. Quipping not to mock it, Holly states that she started with the saxophone, which she quit once Emily taught her how to play the bass.

Get ready to hear some new material from the band since they’ll be heading into the studio soon, just in time for the FMMF happening in September. Brad says the All four members are life long best-case scenario is having musicians, dabbling in trying new music out by August.

Their groupies are friends and family, an important home base for any band. Emily has a friend who she stresses is actually a big fan of their music. Whenever Emily gets into her friends car, Goodnight Tonight music will be blasting once it turns on.

training to become a yoga instructor. Continuing with the theme of having an affinity for food, Brad simply loves to eat, golf, and doing homework, Emily quips. Sticking to the necessities, Holly eats, sleeps, and plays Call of Duty Ghosts.

And ending on a musical Outside of music, each note, Drew wants Goodmember has his or her own night Tonight’s fans to “keep hobbies. Drew is a self-pro- on rocking! claimed “techie”—he loves computers and tinkering For full stories, interviews, and other around with and building exclusive content about Goodnight things, like cars, and he en- Tonight and the rest of the bands featured, visit joys electrical work and will be continuing on with that by studying electrical engineering in Akron. Whenever something needs fixing, he’s the go-to guy. Emily, ever the calm and collected leader, is

Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016


CLUBHOUSE After-school Clubhouse

Words: Elizabeth Giannone

On April 8th, I had the opportunity to talk with three of the five members of the band Clubhouse. When asked how they stay grounded and humble through a process that can make some musicians become smug with success, there was an all around vibe from Max, Ben, and Mike that writing and performing their own music is a privilege not to be forgotten. Ben credits the fact that they’re all still in school, studying hard, in addition to having other obligations to fulfill as a reason it’s difficult to let their successes inflate their egos. More than anything else, enjoyment is what drives their desire to perform, more so


Image: Andy Spessard

than the need to be insanely successful, according to Max. Michael wanted to add that, “everything else is just a bonus” which goes along with everything else these laid-back band members have to say.

wants their songs to be honest and to the point. Ben points out that, “we’re all kids in our twenties in school having fun, we’re not trying to hit them too deep, and we just want to be honest and write lyrics that reflect the One thing the band takes period of time we’re at in our pride in is how much of a life” which sums it up well. collaborative effort all of their If you ever happen to meet songs are. Max points out Max, Ben, or Michael after a it’s especially important not show in the future and want “to be in this box” of just to get to know them, enticone genre or style of music. ing them with their favorite He’ll listen to a rap or Whit- midnight snacks might be ney Houston song and think a good idea. Luckily, I was that something he heard able to acquire that powwas cool, so that influences erful knowledge. Simple what Clubhouse incorpo- guys, Max is content with rates into their own music. a Big Mac and a large fry The point of their lyrics isn’t and Coke, Michael’s go to to be some far away deep is Cluck A Doodle Doo, and analogy that no one can Ben the most simple of all decode, instead the band would like some ice cream,

Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016

because “ice cream’s just the sh*t.” Clubhouse has some great songs already out, you can check them out on iTunes or Spotify, and luckily they are planning on debuting some new songs at the Fashion Meets Music Magazine Festival in September which is something loyal fans will be more than happy to hear. For the full story, go to

Who's Zooming Zou? Words: Emily Kapp Image: Mary Draime

As soon as I met three members of the Zou at Suzie’s Dogs & Drafts in Youngstown, Ohio, I was excitedly welcomed with hugs all around. Delving right into conversation about their concert the night before, it soon became apparent to me just how much the Zou genuinely loved being together, as band members and as friends. From their light-hearted living room jam sessions to their intricate and moving songwriting processes, their passion for creating every aspect of their music is refreshing and in-

spiring. Zou combines good friends and good music to create the perfect storm. When it comes to the Zou’s identity considering sound, writing process, and image, all of the band members bring their own individual style to the table for one big unique sound. And that’s the way they like it. “We just all have a different taste in music…and it just comes together,” Lim said. And not only do they write their own music, but they do everything else themselves, too. Producing their music, filming music videos, creating

album art—all of this is done their perfect balancing act of by the Zou, and it’s some- friends, creativity and career. thing they pride themselves in and enjoy—which they should. After an afternoon of puns, dogs, discussion of meeting DJ Khaled, or their “gymspiration,” and a joint passion for all things music, the Zou proved once again

“Unfortunately, as the magazine team was wrapping up the finishing details for the Idlehands interview, we got a disappointing email. The band is unable to attend the FMMF this year to the members parting ways. They will be missed at this year’s festival. We want to wish all of the talented band members success for all their future endeavors.” - Paige

er, but we’re not rap, we’re bel and never in high school not electronic dance music would I have thought I would or country.” be in a band and someday What did it feel like to be signed to have their logo on the back of records, so it’s awesome Equal Vision records? “We were stoked. I remem- to me. “

cardboard cutout alien, the guys make a pleased remark Words: Grace Fleisher Image: Dorian Bell about these and we begin I’ve come to this Rockstar our conversation. Arena venue in Dayton, OH You guys have mentioned you to catch up with the boys aim to create music outside of the from San Diego, ‘Idlehands’, genre-construct, although for someone who’s never heard your music, on their second large North what would you refer to it as? American tour. We take a seat in the “touring bands “Alternative rock is the safonly” room alongside a est way to put it. There’s so blown up alien and large many sub-genres nowadays that you could go on forev-

Blowing Up

ber growing up and looking on the back of a Portugal. The Man or Circa Survive album and seeing the little Equal Vision logo and now it’s on the back of our CD’s, which is really kind of surreal, said Michael. I grew up listening to a lot of hardcore music from bands that had already been done and were before my time, said Johnny. Youth of Today was an old straightedge band in the ’80s and their front man Ray Kappo, started Equal Vision back when it was a punk hardcore label. I’ve always known about that la-

Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016

Unfortunately, as the magazine team was wrapping up the finishing details for the Idlehands interview, we got a disappointing email. The band is unable to attend the FMMF this year to the members parting ways. They will be missed at this year’s festival. We want to wish all of the talented band member’s success for all their future endeavors.



Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016

The 50's jukebox is now playing the people's tunes. Doo wopping in poodle skirts in the soda shop lent to this boom time in music and fashion sensibilities. Diners were filled with dancing and happy days. Swinging from Motown, rocking and rolling to downtown.

Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016


BØRNS Born Ready


Words: Jaclyn Miller

ver the last few years, 24-year-old, psychedelic-pop songbird, Garrett Borns, has effortlessly exploded onto the mainstream music scene armed with a hauntingly angelic voice and a simply captivating guise. Incorporating classic 60’s and 70’s rock undertones into his distinctive sound, the self-proclaimed lover-boy has a reputation for seducing crowds with romantic jams and a perfectly seasoned falsetto. Raised in Grand Haven, Michigan, the multi-talented boy wonder maintained a rather atypical adolescence, experimenting with both magic and film making before ultimately allowing his keen musical instincts to take the reins. Complete with the instantly recognizable hits, “Electric Love” and


Images: Tiera Suggs

“10,000 Emerald Pools,” his yet in the temperature-condebut studio album, “Dopa- trolled vault. mine,” was released in Au- Which contained what exactly? gust of 2015. BØRNS: I’m not sure if I had the pleasure of sharing I’m allowed to say—I had both conversation and un- to sign some pretty expected tequila shots with heavy paperwork. the intriguing starlet before his sold-out show in Cleve- Wow, perks of being a rock star. land back in June. Sport- BØRNS: Yeah. I mean, I ing a remarkable vintage, may or may not be bordenim Gucci jacket embel- rowing an outfit from The lished with floral patchwork BeeGees tonight. and fur trim, BØRNS took a You’ve been musically inclined seat across from me inside a from a very young age, can you small, roped-off viewing box pinpoint the exact age you knew on the House of Blues’ bal- you wanted to pursue music as cony to chat. a career? How are you enjoying the beautiful city of Cleveland so far?

BØRNS: So far, it’s been wonderful. We had an exclusive tour of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame yesterday and got to see some things that weren’t even on display

I was actually focusing on film making, and I was pretty set on going to film school. I would always make films with my friends and had a girlfriend, at the time, that was really into film making and moved to NY to pursue that… and then music just somehow took over. On the way here, Tiera (photographer) and I were like, “um, can we just take a little shot of tequila before we go in to take the edge off?

BØRNS: Uh, YEAH. We actually have some on our rider... This tour it’s been straight tequila, for me. Cazadores on the rocks with a little lime. We can get you tequila. You want a shot of tequila?

BØRNS: It wasn’t until a bit later that I actually thought of music as a career. That happened when I was about 17 or 18 when I was trying to figure out what’s goin’ on af- I won’t say no...What was the first ter high school. At that point album you ever owned? and throughout high school, BØRNS: There’s a lot com-

Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016

ing to mind right now. There was an oldies station that I listed to a lot. Lots of Motown, The Righteous Brothers, The Turtles, Three Dog Night, The Beegees, Fleetwood Mac…I just remember listening to a lot of that growing up. If you could collaborate with any artist—dead or alive, who would you choose?

BØRNS: Salvador Dali for one. I think that man is a genius. He has a pretty fascinating autobiography too. Also, I’ve always said Quincy Jones would be amazing to…have a shot with.

in trouble with your parents for growing up?

BØRNS: Whoa, that’s a curve ball. I haven’t thought about my mischievous adolescence in a while. Let’s see. I peed in my mom’s cucumber garden once.

BØRNS: Great. My turn. BØRNS: He’s the new Cre- Flipping recorder toward me, ative Director of Gucci. He Until the tequila comes… made this jacket actually. The impeccably fashionAh, it’s all coming full-circle now. able, melodically-gifted and You just recently performed at refreshingly down-to-earth Bonnaroo. How was that? Garrett Borns is guaranteed BØRNS: Bonnaroo was a to deliver an unforgettable really fun show. We played performance at this year’s at like 10:45, so we had a Fashion Meets Music Feslot of people at our show. tival. Keep an eye out over It wasn’t really a headliner Labor Day weekend to see that night, so we had the what kind of tricks this enperks of getting everyone chanting songbird has up his to our tent, which was cool. Gucci sleeve. Hm, help me out there.

In Norway, the “Ø” changes the pronunciation of “Borns” to And my homies in Vulfpeck some of them are “Burns,” and it playedfrom Michigan- and I ran into who drums, sings and actually means Theo plays guitar, and he was like, you want to sing this children’s music. “Do song with us tonight?” And

Is there a hidden meaning behind the Scandinavian letter “Ø” in Borns or was that more of an artistic decision?

BØRNS: There’s a lot of meanings that surfaced after I did that. I don’t really think too much about it. I wanted to separate “Borns” enough from myself but still have it as my last name. Also, I kind of like that it’s more memorable and searchable that way. Later, I found out, after my first concert in Norway, the “Ø” changes the pronunciation of “Borns” to “Burns,” and it actually means “children’s music.” Huh! Fun fact.

BØRNS: It probably looks pretty interesting on a festival lineup: “Children’s Music.” But, I kind of like that though- the sentiment of your inner child performing. It makes sense. What’s the worst thing you got

I was like, “Heck yeah!” So I jumped up onstage and did BØRNS: Well, it was her lit- a little feature. ‘Twas fun. tle vegetable garden that I I definitely exceeded my time decided to, um, water. This limit. Thanks for answering all my was at a point where I re- questions, this has been great. alized, “oh, it’s pretty cool bein’ a boy, ‘cause you can just pee everywhere…” Oh no! Not her cucumber garden!

…You have your own hose.

BØRNS: Exactly. Well, thank you, that’s a compliment. Pause. So, that was last year, but I still feel really bad about it. Your style is always so on point, and I feel so lame for saying that out loud. Do you have any notable fashion influences?

BØRNS: That’s really nice. I always kind of go for the “Fashionable Rock ‘n’ Roll Grandma” look. You know? Floral patterns, anything that looks like they would be your grandmother’s curtains, large sunglasses, high waisted jeans, and anything with Alessandro Michele touches.


atione n l o w A es e for th

m nd a ho a e nt type c e n r e ie f if d u d a ea an d w I had n, so it gave m n further…an e n k I … e “ eve e.” writt push it me tim t I had o a t a s h , t y e ll s h a t g son y at rtistic onsibilit ence, a p d s fi e n r o g c of errifyin also a t

tone S n e l l A …a


“But wh d r a ZZ Wotivates me is thlee

really m e seen peop v fans…I’ before of my oos get tatt ir body which y n the lyrics o and the energ g in w, is amaz ing to the sho y br sy.” that the t makes it ea tha

y a d n u S rmed k c a B g nection we had fo was Takian con and it s a real ain. ad lost w eh t ag “There s that w ble to connec y a d ly r a a eunion. r in the e at thing to be y il m a eaf gre and a lot lik really a lt e f r years o It f . y y il it in.” ip m Serend aven’t seen fa k together aga ac uh Like yo then you get b nd years a 14

“ music] ’t is h n o [ that isn h c r u h c and kind of in rules p u t h g m, cau s, sexis n io t la u , reg ophobia t m o h d an bou that’s a ving e n o t u b elf, lo g ones ion enjoyin express d n a , ly free usic…” m h g u o thr


ped has sha s u b m life in “Colu ed my ld o m d my an . I met s y a w y so man re, I joined my wife he , it’s where ere band h o raise my t I chose he band hen t family. W town, I feel s in perform ation to give an oblig ch as the mu back as given me.” city has

r work really hard tol Ohio e n n u ra Kidr s]: “We m cent n fro eting fa e come that position W . [on me n e p hat hap s and to be in .” make t worth it inning it g e s b e k le a It m humb redible. c in y ll a is re

Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016





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Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016

There was a tug of war between what was known in the 60's as the mods and the hippies. Going from structured uber cool mad men and women to the carefree native-feeling flow of the flower child. The music broke the tie and everyone was a winner. Psychedelic aquarians meets Brit subculture.

Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016


DJs Say Hello to Your DJ’s

Interview: Ria Greiff

Do you remember the first time you laid ears on this musical style called techno, house, jungle, dub step, Edm, etc? And what would be the word you would use for this electronic sound?

Alina D: I was about 12-13 years old when I heard jungle for the first time and it was Burial by Leviticus. The sound that stood out for me was the rhythmic drum patterns and the raspy voice of the guy singing with a heavy Jamaican accent. I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Images: Scott Greiff

some friends of mine. He had a pair of old Numark belt drive turntables in his basement and several crates of speed garage, house and 80’s vinyl. We would come over, party and watch him do his DJ thing. And then one day he actually offered to show me the ropes. I started by jotting down functions for each button on the turntables and the mixer. After a while, I worked up the courage to step up to the tables and try beat matching. And that’s how it all began.

The Fallen: No. We’ve been surrounded by it for The Fallen: Both of us saw Claude Young DJ and dea lifetime. cided that we really wanted Tell us about the time you made the to do it. Seeing Claude, his decision to be a DJ? energy, and how he played Alina D: One day I met this records made us both want older gentleman through to do it.


spheric house and gradually on currently? build energy by adding dark Alina D: My current focus ambient techno. is on painting. Recently, I The Fallen: Our goal is to received feedback asking make people dance to muto post new mixes so I’ll sic they’ve never heard bebe working on those in the fore. If people get the enernear future. gy, passion and dedication The Fallen: We are going on to craft through what comes a tour of the west coast in through the speakers, that is September , performing in an added bonus. We enjoy the UK soon, and we are do- filling a room with our sound ing an album project that is because it’s unique and nosomewhat secret. Constant- body else does it quite the ly working to raise the profile same way as we do. WE ARE THE FALLEN. of The Fallen. What projects are you working

What is your vision for what you want people to receive from you musically at FMMF?

Alina D: hope to create an entranced, chill atmosphere for my listeners. I will start off with laid back, deep, atmo-

Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016

Mister Shifter

Ginsu Von Mixwell

Carlos Fisher

Alina D

Kevin Kennedy

James Johnson

Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016


S U B S T R E A M M AGA Z I N E . C O M 20

Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016

Chopping It Up With Adventure Club

Words: Jaclyn Miller

Image: Tiera Suggs

On a rainy Thursday night in downtown Cleveland, I pulled my hood over my head as I stood in line waiting to enter Liquid, the vivacious night club occupying the corner of Sixth St. Battling my way through a sea of amateur fiber-optic light-twirlers and youths flailing their bodies with impressive rhythm, I eventually forced my way to a room above the main stage where I found the Adventure Club team having a pre-show huddle. With cinder blocks for seats, we made ourselves as comfortable as possible and started talking Adventure Club.

school’s rival newspaper for a partner to start a hardcore punk-rock band with, and Christian rose to the call. “He was quite the poacher,” Christian teases, “and he caught a good one let me tell you! Woo!” After giving the “emo-screamo” scene a brief whirl, the boys gradually shifted course as they began to dabble with electronic production technology. Things finally started to click when they posted an electronic remix of Brand New’s hit song “Daisy,” on a music blog and experienced more success than they had ever seen as a punk rock band. The boys Adventure Club’s roots trace attribute part of their uniqueback to 2011 when Leigh- ness to their production ton put up an ad in his high technology called “Cake-


walk Sonar,” a program not commonly used among other EDM artists. “When I was growing up, around age 12, I started recording my guitar and writing songs on this thing called ‘Cakewalk Home Studio, and I kind of kept going with that program ever since I was a kid,” Christian explains. “So when it came time to do the EDM stuff, I didn’t bother changing my work station.”

“We also draw a lot of influence from outside of EDM”

However, to my surprise and relief, both Christian and Leighton have managed to remain remarkably grounded. Several times during our discussion, I found myself slightly taken aback by their kindness, charm, happy-golucky attitudes, and genuine passion for life.From teenage punk-rockers to world-renown EDM prodigies, Christian and Leighton’s past five years have been nothing short of an adventure.

Considering AC's massive popularity and undeniably attractive image, one might assume the fame would have gone to their heads by now.

Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016



Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016

The 70s gave birth to bell-bottoms and the jettisoning of the disco sound. Elite flocking to the dance floor with their fever for polyester and the dizzying spins of the mirror-tiled ball. Some taking off in their platforms, and some drafted off of theirs.

Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016


Matt And Kim Rockstar Duo Doin’ It

Words: Dawn Pearce

If you have not had the privilege of seeing Matt and Kim perform at one of their many Columbus shows, you are in for a treat at this years FMMF—where Matt and Kim will be headlining the Sunday music line up.

Image: Chris Bethel

would ever do it for a living. I always loved music, but it was a hobby. I went to film school and did assorted film jobs, mostly editing and camera assistance.

Now” (a video of Kim free song “Hoodie” as a testastyle dancing in front of the ment to people who change who they are with success. Brooklyn Bridge). Matt and Kim recently an- Kim still wears that hoodie nounced the release of a she bought for 3.99 all the brand new 4-song EP enti- time. But at the same time, tled “We Were the Weirdos” we are huge fans of fashon stage at Coachella week- ion and statements that can end 2. I had a sneak peak be made there- especially if of the EP, which is available that’s a further expression now on all streaming only of yourself.”

Matt still has a love for visual creation and he is a big part The duo—a couple both of the band’s entertaining on and off stage, never fail music videos. The videos to deliver a spontaneous are daring yet beautiful in and engaging performance. their simplicity in that they services, and you can expect Drummer Kim is known for remind us to not over think to hear it at FMMF. The EP references a time when Matt her killer biceps, her and Kim first came into mucaricature like expressions, crowd-walk- “Matt and Kim prefer festival sic and themselves in their ing, ear-to-ear grin, settings, and FMMF couldn’t youth. Matt’s high school yearbook photo serves as and dancing whilst be more up their alley” the cover art, helping to rebeating the heck out of her drum set. the little things and enjoy to- lay the theme. The Brooklyn-based Indie- day and one another. I love “We, and especially Kim, pop duo originated in 2004 them all, but I recommend are huge fans of fashion and and released their self -ti- checking out: “It’s Alright” (a love going to Fashion Week tled debut album in 2006. video of the adorable couple New York” “I’ve always loved They have since released 4 being playful in their under the fact that we are named more albums, most recently, ware), “Lesson’s Learned” after our first names. We’re “New Glow” in 2015. “We (the couple walks through Matt and Kim. What you get started the band the sum- Times Square, gradually is Matt and Kim. Being who mer I graduated college with shedding their clothes in the you are is what you need no expectations that we dead of winter) and “Hey to embrace. We wrote the


Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016

“Being who you are is what you need to embrace”

It’s no wonder Columbus loves Matt and Kim, and vice versa. The city of much creative talent welcomes back the duo that inspires on so many levels. For the complete interview, go to:

Hard Earned. Home Grown. Hand Made From the small Columbus suburb of Pickerington, Ohio, Spencer Sutherland’s come a long way. Already at age 23, he’s gotten to tour across the country with big names like Ariana Grande, Big Time Rush, Austin Mahone, and more. Taking time out from enjoying his family vacation, Spencer spoke passionately about his music career, his hobbies, and what the future holds for him. Growing up in a small Ohio-town, Sutherland’s aspiration to go after a career in music was an unpopular one. When everyone was going to college and starting jobs, Sutherland strayed from the pack. “I didn’t want to do either of those,” he said. With a lot of time and hard work put in, however, Sutherland got the results he was looking for: after playing in restaurants around Columbus, posting cover songs to YouTube and touring, Sutherland released his debut single,

“Heartstrings,” which received positive response from fans and critics alike. Admitting his love of pop music and R&B, Sutherland said that he tries to infuse a large variety of genres into his covers and original songs. Take for example his original single “Bad Influence,” where Sutherland incorporates a sexy pop infusion, along with hints of smooth vibes that give it a classic sound. Sutherland has also been modeling on the side of his music career, being signed with Ford Models since 2014. “It’s been fun. They’ve [Ford] been really supportive of my music,” Sutherland said. And when it comes to the fashion world and trends, Sutherland prefers to do his own thing-despite what’s ‘in.’ Crediting a European style and “a little bit of street style,” Sutherland said, “I definitely wear what I like.”

Spencer Sutherland Despite his quick ascent into the music world full of stars and fame, Sutherland proudly admits that his hometown is one of his favorite places to perform. “I get so much love in Columbus. I can’t even express how much I love it…it’s the best. I can’t think of a better thing.”

Words: Emily Kapp

A New Platform For Expression Pays Off Giggling about her “obsession” with The Bachelorette and speaking about her varied love for burnt bacon and all black clothing, Savannah Outen made my interview with her seem like I was just chatting and goofing around with a good friend. With more than 600,000 subscribers and millions of views on YouTube, 23-year-old Outen already has a world of experience behind her, and now a world of opportunities ahead. Outen started her singing career on YouTube and quickly thereafter was signed to her first management deal when she was only about 14 years old. Hesitant about posting videos at first, Outen warmed up to sharing her singing videos with the Internet and became a hit. “I’m really thankful for YouTube because it’s been such a great platform for me to reach

people,” Outen said. “I always tell people [starting in YouTube] ‘just go for it and do it,’ because you never know what could come of it.” With the management deal came work with Radio Disney for a number of years, as well as continuing to post to her YouTube channel and touring. Outen, still a teenager, ended up having to be home-schooled to leave time for her music career. A strong, unique and beautiful voice that has blossomed even further with years. Outen’s known for doing a large variety of cover songs. However, Outen also regularly writes songs of her own, with her music video to her single “Boys” released last year. But don’t worry about Outen not makFashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016

Savannah Outen ing time for music, because she’s already got more than a few surprises up her sleeve for her music in 2016. “I’ve been in the studio the last year and a half…I have so many songs that I want to release,” Outen said. “That’s my main focus right now.”



Open Daily for Lunch & Dinner!


Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016



Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016

Rising out of the depths of funky town, emerges the 80's “look at me” generation, with the big hair, big shoulder pads and structured suits for men and women. The decade ushered in a new wave of sound and the eruption of gaming and rapping.

Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016


The Man With the Voice is Back Almost two years after the hit television show, The Voice, Chris Jamison is back to his old stomping grounds in Columbus to perform at the Fashion Meets Music Festival. But Chris doesn’t seem to act like he was on America’s top-watched reality show. Humble, family-oriented, and recently engaged (sorry, ladies!), Jamison spoke with me about his sudden rise to stardom in the music world, his family, and his continuous search to find his voice. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with a love for music, the singer began his music career from humble beginnings. Jamison said he was involved in musical theatre and singing groups growing up, but didn’t begin to think of being a solo artist until later. “I didn’t really start doing my own thing until I got to college,” Jamison said.


While a student at Capital

University in Bexley, Ohio, Jamison got the once-in-alifetime chance to audition for the hit NBC reality television singing competition. Wowing all four couches(?) and placing third on the show, Jamison said that before The Voice, he hadn’t initially planned on pursuing a music career after college. “I just saw myself doing the weekend bar and restaurant type of scene,” Jamison said. “I think the show pointed me in the direction I needed to head towards.” The singer, who has been compared to Justin Timberlake regarding his smooth voice and music style, said he’s still trying to connect a style of fashion to his style of music. Jamison said he’s leaning toward the sleeker, classy look. On his future appearance at FMMF, he said, “I don’t know about a suit, but I’ll make it nice and classy for you guys!”

After his break from music, Jamison said he’s excited to get back to Columbus and perform with his original band. “Yes! My whole band is from Columbus…my first experience as a solo artist was in the Columbus. So it’s got a special place regarding my music.” For now, Jamison’s getting back to the real world after reality television and continuing to find his sound and niche as a musician. And he’s ready to show his growth so far. “I’m just very excited about the music we’ve come up with, and I’m getting ready to share it with everybody.”

Words: Emily Kapp

Passport to Cbus Columbus restaurants: prepare yourselves. Upon his arrival in the city, Tyler Thomas will be on the hunt for some barbecue chicken pizza. “I will go anywhere and order barbecue chicken pizza. Anywhere.” Funny, laid-back, lover of pizza and movies, Thomas continues to take the rap scene by storm. The 23-year-old L.A based rapper with a New York flavor of music is going to meet us halfway in Columbus for the Fashion Meets Music Festival this September. While we laughed about the trucker and bucket hats he claims to love, Tyler told me a little about his quick ascent to the rap scene, and what music means to him and the large role it plays in his life. Thomas, who first made his big mark on the scene with his “Whiskey On the Rocks” collaboration with Jake Broido in


2012, has recently come back with an all-solo album, entitled “Birds I View.” The EP is real and genuine with a trendy and breezy flow of beats, transporting a listener to the streets of L.A., wherever they happen to be listening. Thomas’s rise to music was a quick one and “out of the blue,” as he’s only been rapping for about five years now. Messing around with his friends one day, he started rapping while a friend filmed it and then put it on YouTube. “After that, I just started to fall into it,” Thomas said.

fact, in Thomas’s music video “Passport,” which was filmed in Japan, he spit the lyrics on the spot for the first time as the beat played. He recorded the song in a studio thereafter. Though Columbus gets the pleasure to host him this September (with his trucker hat in tow), Tyler Thomas continues to look to the future as well. Thomas said he hopes to do an independent tour and start his own label one day. But for now, Tyler Thomas has a bird’s eye view attitude: “I change and grow, and learn a little bit more about what I’m doing.”

The very talented rapper, whose time recording a song can range from “a long time” to only fifteen minutes, tends to begin with the lyrics and no beat. Thomas said, “I’ll just kind of have a tempo in my head. And then I’ll go and rap it.” In

Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016


Home Is Where the World Is Speaking over the phone with the Young Natives band one weekday afternoon, even over 800 miles away, I could still sense the funny, boyish charm between the guys. The fourman alternative band featuring Cory Hiamovi, Chris Keranen, George Doneghey and Ben Stalter, all of beautiful Pensacola Beach, Florida, took a break from recording new songs in the studio to speak with me. Laughing about their usual fashion style, which we decided on naming “beach noire,” referring to their mostly black beach everyday wardrobe, the band got to telling me about how they got together, the beautiful place they call home, and their inspiration and process in the studio and on the stage. Hiamovi and Keranen met a decade ago, writing and playing with numerous bands until recently forming Young Natives together in 2015. Donaghey

and Stalter were eventually added into the mix to make it “more of a full sound.” With a cool, beachy flow, Young Natives has been compared to vibe-filled groups such as Bastille and Imagine Dragons. The strong beats and mesmerizing mixture of cool sound is actually the starting point for the Young Natives songwriting process. “A lot of the time, Cory our vocalist will come up with a melody…and most of the songs we’ve written recently came out of the melody,” Doneghey, bass guitarist, said. Though the band members are all from different places, the guys said they now consider Pensacola Beach their hometown. The band’s recently released single and music video, “The Wind/The Boat,” in fact, is all about their hometown. And the band said the music video’s down-to-earth, authentic style comes in part by the help of their friends and fans.

“We really liked the idea of our friends and fans getting involved,” songwriter, guitarist, and pianist Chris Keranen said. Whenever friends and fans would come to their shows, they would video tape the band. Young Natives ended up using this home-made footage for their actual music video.

form for the Fashion Meets Music Festival. The guys said that for performances, they thrive on movement and crowd reaction. “We all just want to have fun, be around friends and have a good time. Have positive vibes.

It will be the Young Natives first time playing in Columbus, and the guys are excited to leave their beautiful home –at least for a little while- to come per-

Words: Emily Kapp

Netted by the Net

You could say that CC Spina and Tone Catalano, the twosome to comprise their band Little Hurricane, met in one of the most modern ways a band could. Both searching for musically inclined people to start a band, the two found each other through Craigslist whilst living in different cities—and they’re still rocking strong. Spina, a cook from Chicago, and Catalano, a sound engineer living in California, both shared the same jazz band history and simply needed another person to create music together. “It [cooking in restaurants] was not my home. My home is behind a drum set,” Spina said. As Spina first posted to Craiglist seeking a musical partner, destiny took over. Catalano wanted to make the transition to a more creative atmosphere after working behind the scenes with musical acts like Gwen Stefani. “That

was a fun part of my life… but it wasn’t as creative as putting out [my] own music,” Catalano said. With a classic rock and blues sound, the duo works magically together as Spina is the beating heart and soul on the drums and Catalano excelling in his delivery of a cool but passionate combination of guitar and vocals. Their smooth, almost hypnotizing sound has caught the attention of many, as much of their music has been featured in shows like Mistresses and Revenge. “It sounds pretty cool to be used in a different context,” Spina said. “It’s cool how someone else interprets the scene.” When it comes to their style and stage presence, Little Hurricane likes their wardrobe and set to have a purpose. “Like boots to stomp with…it has to be functional on stage. It kinda

has to go with our aesthetic, too,” Catalano said. Little Hurricane said that they display rugs, lamps, nightstands and more on stage to create “an old vintage living room vibe” during their performances. Accustomed to the touring life, Spina and Catalano have traveled across the country and internationally to play their music—in fact, they’re planning on traveling to France next month to perform—and are always on the hunt to get feedback with

their music, wherever they may be performing. “This fall will be the testing ground to try out some new songs, experiment with new music, and see how people react,” Spina said.

It’s About Enjoying the Moment Words: Allen Foster

Image: Olivia Malone


ebe Rexha is the phenomenally talented writer/artist who has moved from penning hits for A-listers including Eminem, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, and Pitbull to climbing the charts as a featured vocalist on tracks by artists such as Cash Cash, David Guetta, and G-Eazy to conquering the world by performing her own music (“No Broken Hearts”). Bebe’s voice sizzles with a ferocious beauty that is unmistakably hers and hers alone. She is a young woman who will only allow herself to be defined by one thing: the moment. Her passion for expressing herself in the now, both through music and through clothing, is what makes Bebe Rexha such an ideal artist for performing at Columbus, Ohio’s third annual Fashion Meets Music Festival.

Bebe Rexha your art changes, and we use art and fashion as a way to express ourselves. I’ve always wanted to dye my hair blonde. Eventually, you just get to that point where you need to take a leap and you say, ‘I’m going to do it!” “Ilove pushing boundaries,” she continued. “Creatively, I feel like I can go anywhere. It’s always about what’s next and how do I push myself music-wise and fashion-wise. It’s so exciting. ‘What can I wear that’s better? What can I do that’s better? How can I push the limits further than I have before?’ To me, that’s what art is all about.”

Regarding coming to Columbus in September for her first Fashion Meets Music Festival, Bebe expressed, “I was in Ohio recently and I “Fashion is all about had an amazing time! how I feel,” Bebe told I remember walking FMMF. “Sometimes I around and telling my want to be sexy and band members, ‘If I sometimes I want to could live anywhere, dress more like a boy. I’d probably live in I was thinking about Ohio.’ I love the peothis before talking to ple and I love the vibe you…When I started there, so I am really out, I was wearing excited to go back for baggy pants, a dithe festival. It’s going amond choker, and to be a blast. I’m goa cute top, kind of ing to have an amazlike Aaliyah or TLC. ing time and I am goBut that’s just what I ing to hear some amazing music and see some amazing started off from. Now, I’ve become so clear on what I want, fashion. I’m going to enjoy the moment!” who I am, and what I like, instead of sticking to one exact look, I’m just having fun with it all.” When asked about changing her hair color, Bebe replied, “It all reflects me and what I’m going through. As you change,


Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016





Meet Lydia Hopman

Interview: Ria Greiff

Lydia Hopman is a native Columbus artist whose flair for simple, distinctive, and thoughtful design has captivated a wide audience. It’s the mantra of substance over fast-fashion, beauty inside and out, and inspiration that keeps her going— sometimes up through the night. She’s been under the radar on the independent design circuit here since graduating from Kent State University in 2012 and is celebrating her third show with Fashion Meets Music Festival this year. What moment was it you decided to be a designer?

Lydia Hopman: It was the culmination of a lot of factors. I’ve always thought of myself as an artist before

Images: Will Shively

anything else. Fashion just happens to be one of the many forms my art takes. I think the final push, way back when I was starting to look at schools, was seeing the 2007 haute couture show from Christian Dior. It opened up the endless possibilities of art in fashion and I have clung to that vision ever since. If you could have any garment or accessory, what would it be, your dream item. Even if it doesn’t exist yet?

LH: So, it wouldn’t be for me to wear, but if I could get my hands on a Madame Grès goddess gown from the 50s, 60s, or 70s, I just might die from the excitement! Each gown is such an inspirational piece. Hundreds

of hours were put into the hand-sewn construction of these dresses, yet their designs are effortless. They exude an unmatched simplicity that somehow springs forth from the insane attention to detail and a delicate fluidity that I aspire to. What direction is your line taking for FMMF?

LH: This year’s collection is going to be a continuation of the story. Fluidity and structure are going to be working together this season and I am very excited to be breaking into jackets and more layers. You might even be treated to a few pops of color here and there, but mum’s the word! Tell me about some future projects that you are going to partic-

Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016

ipating in.

LH: I am really looking forward to collaborating with a photographer whose work I’ve been a fan of for quite some time and there are some exciting developments within my network of fellow independent designers here that I can’t discuss, but am tingling with anticipation for.

Shown here are the four designers who each contributed a look to the fashion designers centerfold on the following page.


Fashion The stylings of designers are as unique as snowflakes; no two are the same. Fashion Designers have the power to transform one person from goddess to boho chica to uptown madame to eastern princess. Paired with the right attitude, you can be styled into many versions of yourself.


Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016


Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016


Photo: Judy Won Photography

Created by a team of music and fashion insiders from Columbus, OH, the Fashion Meets Music Festival is the only festival in the country dedicated to the fusion of fashion and music. Going into its third year, the festival joins two loves into one celebration, elevating music and fashion to a shared experience featuring live performances, runway shows, unique activations, and more. Stay tuned for announcements of ticket redemption parties. This year FMMF will be shifting grounds, but will still live on the McFerson Commons Park like years previous. Instead of being down Nationwide Blvd we are switching sides to W Spring Street and W Long Street. Due to this new change, our box office and entrance will be located at Neil Avenue and W Spring Street. The box office will be opening at 11:00am. FMMF will still be hosting four stages in total including three music stages and the fashion tent that will feature runway shows and live music performances. The stages will live in McFerson Commons Park and the North Bank Park.


Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016

Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016


7up is a Proud Sponsor of FMMF Magazine and Fashion Meets Music Festival.


Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016


Out of the merry go round of excess and freneticism, came the dark angst of the 90's. Guitars ruled and the clubs went underground, putting the rave kids in the warehouse safely away from the flannel and the Chucks. Becoming friends and googly with technology.


Knock Knock, Betty Who’s There

Words: Jaclyn Miller

The spirited 25-year-old singer and songwriter, also known as Jessica Newham, was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, where she lived until she was 16 then relocated to the states. Newham, impressively selftrained in both the piano and cello, attended The Berklee School of Music in Boston, where she met and teamed up with producer Peter Thomas, who suggested pairing his dreamy, heartening production style with Newham’s songwriting to yield Betty Who’s whimsically retro-pop sound. As a highly-anticipated headliner of Columbus’ Fashion Meets Music Festival, I asked Jess to discuss the music and fashion influences that have shaped her own unique sound and image. “I think musically I’m kind of all over the shop,” she explained. “Growing up, my dad was obsessed with Sting, and my mom loved Carole King… and I had my musical education from them.” She went on to explain that her brother—being nine years older—had an even larger influence on her musical palate as his love for 90’s R&Bpop rubbed off on her and remains to be her favorite type of music.

ing an 80’s lettermen’s jacket and Chuck Taylors, let alone one that can sing angelically. Her quirky and mysterious stage name, “Betty Who,” only enhances her persona. The term was originally the title of the first song she wrote when she was 18. A year later, when she found herself brainstorming potential stage names, it happened to be the first one to come to mind. Betty admitted that she is being extremely precious with the preparation of her upcoming record. “Turns

Fashion-wise, I love artists that bring fashion into what they do ... When people talk about Madonna in the 80’s and her ‘Like a Virgin’ era; that’s what every artist wishes they could do, is combine (fashion and music) in that way.”

out I’m a perfectionist- who knew?” she joked. To tide her hungry fans over, she recently released a brilliant electro-pop cover of Donna Lewis’ classic 90’s anthem, “I Love You Always Forever” at the beginning of June. As for her new record, she said she wants to reflect her transformation as an artist as Betty Who has unquestion- well as her emotional range. ably created her own very When she isn’t busy in the distinctive combination of studio working on her new sound and style. Her ap- record or commanding the pearance alone is enough to stage in whatever city she’s turn heads in the best way. touring, Betty Who is just like It’s not very often you come any fun-loving 25-year-old. across a six-foot Aussie Tin- When asked about any hidkerbell doppelgänger sport- den talents, she replied after


betty who little hesitation, “My break- so wonderful,” she said. “I fast game is SO strong.” love coming back to ColumBetty and I briefly discuss bus; I’m really reeeally lookour mutual anticipation for ing forward to it.” her upcoming debut at Fashion Meets Music Festival in September. She tells me she always enjoys performing in Columbus not only because of her amazing fans there, but it is also her manager’s hometown. “The people are

Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016


Words: Matt Swann

The punk/pop rock band of five, BoyMeetsWorld, is on the rise and gaining popularity across the nation. From Cincinnati, these down-toearth guys were part of the Vans Warped tour last summer, and are only going uphill. Their lead singer Craig, is twins with the drummer, Ryan, as they’ve both had dreams since a young age of becoming rockstars. The two lead guitarists are both named Drew, but one of them claims the name “Peanut”. Andy, their new bass player, rounds out the five.

Image: Tevon John

“Where’s Topanga?”

Ryan: (interjecting) I like to (all laughing). Drew: Yeah, if you ever wan- drink! I like to drink beer. If you weren’t playing music, what na make a bad first impres- (laughter from all) I’m being would you be doing? sion on any of us, just ask honest…but not before [the Drew: (chuckling) Struggling which one of us is Topanga. show]. to find out what I want to do Craig: (laughs) That was lit- What do you look for in a woman with my life. erally every single interview— besides looks? Craig: I’d be graduating coljust all the time (laughing)… Ryan: I like bubbly personal- lege now, so probably lookjust like shut up!…we get it! ities, I like rocker chicks. ing for my first job. What do you guys like doing before and after your shows?

Ryan: (chuckles) (Drew’s) is to sleep. Drew: Yeah,I do like to sleep.

Andy: I like tats, girls with Andy: I’d be a cop. I actually sleeves have a degree in criminal jusDrew: Love it when they tice. (the rest look surprised). understand sarcasm. When Drew: (jokingly) So can I you make sarcastic jokes start doing illegal stuff in and they take it seriously or front of you and then give it goes right over their head it you the look? (laughs) just really bums me out.

Craig: (laughing) Well we like to wander. Just walkWhen you say you’re in a band ing around new cities we’ve Craig: I like a girl who’s up called BoyMeetsWorld, most people never been before. for anything, likes to go on probably mistake it for the TV show. Drew: We like to go to PJ’s adventures, open-minded. Must get pretty annoying, right? [local giant sandwich shop] Peanut: Yeah that sarCraig: Yeah, especially at and destroy our bodies. casm thing was good…I the beginning of our career, Craig: Afterwards, we like to like nerdy girls, chicks who everyone was always like, wind down, hang out… are into Star Wars and stuff

Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016


PLAID BRIXX Laying a Foundation of Plaid Brixx

Words: Kelsey Shawgo

I sat down with Chris Duggan (vocals/guitar), Mark LeRose (drums), and Jared Sawaya (bass) for some gyros and funnel cake to chat about their upcoming projects and their plans for FMMF this year, and was not disappointed. Being from Columbus, how has that inspired your music? Do you think there is a "Columbus sound"?

Image: Sydney Ashbaugh

me growing up because I couldn’t go outside and I just stayed in my basement and wrote songs. How soon do you think we'll see Plaid Brixx out on tour?

fine a tour as, I don’t know like he was saying, but we’ll be out on the road a lot, hitting a lot of different states and stuff.

a cool painted backdrop that Mark made, well we all made it, it’s out of wood, but then he painted it because he’s an artist, a visual artist, What are your ultimate goals for in addition to a percussive Plaid Brixx? Do you want to be a artist. I would like to play off radio band or cult favorite? When of the fashion aspect of it do you think you'll be able to say and maybe pretend like we you've "made it"? have a catwalk or something Chris: I would like both of at one point. Yeah, like do a those things actually. I’ll be weird high fashion thing for able to say I’ve made it when one song. I can support myself. Mark: I like that. Wear some Mark: I want to be able to Zoolander inspired outfits.

Chris: We’re doing a tour this summer, we’re traveling a lot to play a bunch of festivals and stuff. I don’t know that we’ll ever do a crazy, 30 dates in 30 days type tour, because that’s extremely rough on your mind and your body and your soul. I’d like to stay friends with them play shows that draw a large after any tours we do, so I crowd that are there to see For the full story, go to think maybe in the next like our band. year or two some kind of What can we expect to see at bigger tour. FMMF this year?

Chris: There’s a growing pop sound actually. Bands like Kid Runner, us, Captain Kidd, and then Truslow, and then of course, dare I say 21 Pilots. There’s a cutting edge pop scene here now which is really cool. So that Mark: We’ll be on the road Chris: We have tons of new feels really good. Columquite a bit, whatever you de- songs to showcase, we have bus’s weather influenced


Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016

Mary Lambert Mary Had a Little Lambert

By Jaclyn Miller

“I can’t change, even if I tried, even if I wanted to; my love, my love, my love, she keeps me warm.” These movingly familiar lyrics not only compose the hook of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ largely popular LGBTQ rights single, “Same Love,” but they are also written, sung and gracefully preached by the 27-year-old, Seattle-based, singer, songwriter and spoken-word artist, Mary Lambert. After a lengthy chat with the eloquent and extremely accomplished superwoman back in June, I can attest that she is just as teeming with sunshine and youthful energy as the nursery rhyme her name suggests. How did you get connected with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and get involved in the writing of “Same Love?”

in like two months, so I was like, “Oh, they scrapped it,” but they were like, “No, we’re releasing it as a single! We have a whole campaign with it—we’re doing music for marriage equality!” And I was like, “Oh, okay! This is happening rapidly!”

Mary Lambert: I had never met them before- I just went right into the studio and was like, “I wrote this thing- I don’t know- I wrote it in two hours- I had a shot of Incredible. I’ll bet that was a fun day tequila…let me know what in the studio. What are Macklemore you think.” And they loved and Ryan Lewis like in person? it, so I recorded it that night. Mary Lambert: They’re But I didn’t hear from them wonderful; we’re super tight.

so excited about what I’ve been working on. I have a Bachelor’s in Music Composition for doing Classical work, and I’ve been able to have enough time to comYour music certainly resonates with pose classically, so, [on the a lot of people who struggle with bealbum] there’s spoken word ing gay, bisexual or even just differon top of these classical ent. Have you shared a particularly pieces I’ve written and then moving interaction with a fan that pop songs! It’s all over the sticks out in your mind? place, but I’m trying to see Mary Lambert: I mean, ev- how it all fuses together. It’s ery meet & greet ends up called, Shame is an Ocean I being a giant cry- fest. I don’t Swim Across. want to sound like, “Look at all the lives I’ve changed,” because that’s not appealing to me…

I’m going to see them both in New York in two days. Ben and Ryan are like my brothers. Good people. Good humans doing good things.

Because you’re so humble! Do you have a release date for your new album yet?

Mary Lambert: I’m looking at November/December- that is my goal. It is my proudest moment. I am just

Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016



W I L L The Deal with Will Deely

Words: Emily Kapp

On a sunny and pleasantly breezy Tuesday night at Park Street Cantina, southwest of Ohio State’s campus, Will Deely took a variety of song requests during his three-hour gig at the popular outdoor-indoor bar. Someone shouted from the back of the bar, “John Mayer!” as Deely smiled and excitedly began playing. Aside from a few joking exchanges with his audience that night, Deely communicated mostly through his music, switching from covers of Johnny Cash to Justin Bieber to his own original songs with ease. After the show, Deely got chatty about his endeavors in music, his number one pre-performance snack, and his favorite performers.


Image: Dorian Bell

Joining fellow Pickerington native Spencer Sutherland at the Fashion Meets Music Festival this year, Deely was taught guitar by his step-brother before touring across the country with Sutherland and City Lights. For a year now, Deely’s been on his own, solo, and it couldn’t be more different. “It’s like starting from scratch,” he said. “It’s no one else’s project, just mine… There’s a lot more freedom, but a lot more responsibility.” Deely’s taken to this responsibility well, as he’s dedicated to playing gigs and constantly recording new music, as well as posting cover songs. Always with a guitar in hand, he mixes his smooth tone with his meaningful and

thought-provoking lyrics to his original songs like “Souvenir” and “Summer Day.” With this combo, you’d think Deely was a natural lyricist. “It’s a challenge! You’re always thinking, ‘what am I saying?’” He laughs. “It’saa discovery every time.”

“Bigger events like Fashion Meets Music Festival has embraced the local music scene a lot more … They’re giving local music a bigger stage to play on.” Living and performing in Columbus, Deely is grateful for the ever-growing music scene that Columbus has to offer, and continues to score more and more gigs in his hometown.

Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016

When it comes to his music career and his future, Deely describes his goals as steps. And one important step is his no-funny-business, preperformance meal: oatmeal with honey and peanut butter. “It kinda just gets me in the zone,” Deely said smiling. “Every time.” And when it comes to his music, he’s taking it one step at a time with “small goals.” “The next step is to get the whole band to start playing shows, get the whole band to start touring, put out a whole album… maybe take over the whole world?” Deely jokes. We’ll see, Will. But with talent like that, we sure wouldn’t be surprised.

Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016


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Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016

In looking towards the 2000's and what lies ahead, a grain of salt is in order. Everything goes and everyone knows, and if you don’t know — just wait a decade. History reinvents itself.

Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016


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Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016


The classics never go out of style.



Fashion Meets Music Festival — September 3rd & 4th, 2016

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