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Salisbury SPRING 2012

Your guide to what’s happening in Salisbury, with information about the City of Salisbury’s services and programs, and changes that affect your area.

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Biodiversity Month in Salisbury Biodiversity Month is held in September each year and aims to promote the importance of protecting, conserving and improving biodiversity both within Australia and across the world. The City of Salisbury has a range of biodiversity projects and environmental initiatives underway to regenerate areas within the city and to rejuvenate flora and fauna.

Many of the projects were headed up by Brian Pledger, Environmental Management Officer. Tragically, Brian was killed whilst walking his dogs in June. His legacy however, is continuing and he will always be remembered for his passion, dedication and advocacy of environmental issues. This issue of Salisbury Snapshot is dedicated to Brian and the work he has been involved in at the City of Salisbury.

Salisbury Swimming Pool THE Salisbury Swimming Pool, located at Salisbury Recreation Precinct, Happy Home Reserve, will open its doors next month on 15 October for the spring/summer season. With three heated outdoor swimming pools, eight immaculate tennis courts, outdoor fitness equipment and a 1km loop trail, there is something for everyone to enjoy, whether it’s during the day, evening or at weekends. Programs on offer include: • Swim School (teaching children from one year’s old to adults how to swim • Lap and casual swimming • Inflatable fun run course • Out of school hours program in January • Tennis MLC Hot Shots skills coaching • Red, green and orange ball challenges • Premier League Social Tennis program

• • •

Multicultural swimming and tennis programs Fitness programs on the fitness loop Hire of the facilities for events, practice and carnivals

Events at the Recreation Precinct include: • Growing for Gold Sports Expo (October 2012) • Aquathlon (28 October) • Bike SA Cycle Salisbury Launch (28 October) • PE Week (November 2012) • AMT (January 2013) • Summer of Fun at SRP (January 2013) • Inclusive Swimming Carnival (March 2013) • Para River Classic (March 2013) To find out more about the swimming pool or Salisbury Recreation Precinct, call 8258 1713.

If you want to find out more about your city, visit or call 8406 8222



Your guide to what’s happening in Salisbury, with information about the City of Salisbury’s services and programs, and changes that affect your area.

A message from Salisbury’s Mayor The City of Salisbury lost a dedicated and enthusiastic environmentalist when Brian Pledger, the City’s Environmental Management Officer, was tragically killed earlier this year. However, his legacy continues and the City of Salisbury will honour his memory through the continuation of his environmental initiatives. September marks Biodiversity Month and Council is working on a number of environmental initiatives which aim to enhance the region for the benefit of its community and visitors to the area.

Inside this edition, you can learn more about some of our projects, which include the continuing maintenance and development of our wetlands, revegetation and planting events and opportunities to get involved. Elsewhere in the magazine, learn how you can nominate someone for an Australia Day Award and find out what else your Council is working on, for the benefit of its community. I hope you enjoy reading this spring edition of Salisbury Snapshot and I look forward to hearing your views on the publication.

Gillian Aldridge JP

Salisbury – A Changing Community As more and more people flock to live in the City of Salisbury because of its affordable housing, good transport connections and future development opportunities, the latest Census figures show that the City has experienced the highest increase in population in South Australia. The City of Salisbury is an ever changing community which continues to develop and grow each year. With a population of more than 132,000, located across 161kms, Council is continuing to plan for future growth to ensure the community has the necessary infrastructure and facilities at their fingertips. With more than 56 different cultural groups represented, Salisbury has been the destination for significant numbers of refugees and migrants from countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia and Burma. Over two per cent of Salisbury’s population is identified as being of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent. “The changes shown in the 2011 Census reflect the growing multiculturalism of our community and the benefits that are brought to our community in terms of opportunities for learning new ideas and ways of doing things,” said Gillian Aldridge, Mayor of Salisbury.

Given the changing profile of the Salisbury community Council is working hard to ensure services are available locally to meet the needs of such a diverse community. The development of areas such as Mawson Lakes has seen a significant number and diverse range of housing constructed. Affordable housing, quality shopping, entertainment and educational facilities in and around Salisbury are helping to attract more people to join the Salisbury community. Several factors have contributed to Salisbury Council having the highest rate of growth between 2006 and 2011, including: • Development of Mawson Lakes into a significant area, with the release of a substantial number of new dwellings and apartments • Affordability and availability of a diverse range of housing types throughout the Council area • The Council area is well located in terms of proximity to major employment areas such as Edinburgh Parks, Port Adelaide and the CBD and is well serviced by public transport and community services • Increase in new arrivals settling in Salisbury Council area • Redevelopment of areas such as the Salisbury North suburb

To find out more about your city call 8406 8222 or visit

Nominate Someone for an Australia Day Award Do you know someone who enhances the lives of fellow residents of Salisbury? Is there someone you think should act as a voice for all that is great about our City? If so, nominate them for a 2013 Australia Day Award. Australia Day Citizen Awards, Young Citizen Awards and Community Event of the Year Awards are presented annually to local citizens/groups who have made outstanding contributions to the community. The Awards are provided by the Australia Day Council of South Australia and will be presented by the Mayor of Salisbury on Australia Day at a special event. In 2012, the Salisbury Australian Citizen of the Year was awarded to Kelvin Trimper. A former 2007 Salisbury Living Legend, Kelvin has made significant contributions to the integration of education, community services and facilities at Mawson Lakes. As Project Director, he was instrumental in ensuring that the learning and community needs of Mawson Lakes’ residents and those in surrounding areas were addressed. Recently retired from full time work, Kelvin now consults on a part time basis to the development industry. He continues to play a pivotal role in bringing key private and public sector organisations together to discuss issues and develop solutions to enhance employment opportunities, encourage development and build community capacity through his roles as Chair of the Northern Economic Leaders Group, and Deputy Chair of Northern Futures.

Her talent has assisted charities such as Minda; Adelaide Children’s Hospital; The Royal Society for the Blind; QEH Research Foundation and various church organisations. The Penfield Model Engineers Society was awarded the Salisbury Community Group award. The club was formed in 1969 by a group of enthusiastic live steam model makers and since then it has had a long and eventful history. Today, it is still run entirely by volunteers, with current club President, Ray Hall, celebrating over 41 years with the society. The City of Salisbury is looking for similar entries for the 2013 awards. The search is on for people from the local community who have achieved great things during the year. The selection criteria for Citizen of the Year and Young Citizen of the Year are: • Significant contribution to the community • An inspirational role model for the Australian community • The scope of impact the individual’s contribution has on the Local Government area In 2013 the Community Group Award will be replaced with an Award for the Community Event of the Year. (The important work of Community Groups will continue to be recognised through our other civic awards program.)

Grace Bawden received the Salisbury Australian Young Citizen award. A finalist on Channel 7’s Australia’s Got Talent, Grace uses her amazing singing abilities to help others and was awarded ‘Good Samaritan’ for her charitable work after raising funds for a wheelchair at Parafield Gardens High School.

The selection criteria for Community Event of the Year are: • The quality of the event • The scope of impact the event has on the Local Government area • The event’s contribution to the community

It is her continued support of local charities that sees her recognised as the 2012 City of Salisbury Australia Day Young Citizen of the Year.

Nominees must be Australian citizens. To be eligible for the Young Citizen of the Year, the person must be an Australian citizen under 30 years of age on 26 January 2013.

A supporter of countless charities across South Australia, Grace often performs for free and is an avid supporter and promoter of other young, local and international artists.

Nominations open on 1 October 2012 and close on 3 November 2012. Nomination forms can be found at

Salisbury Snapshot

• SEPT 2012




Your guide to what’s happening in Salisbury, with information about the City of Salisbury’s services and programs, and changes that affect your area.

Every day in Salisbury residents and visitors enjoy the benefits of Council’s biodiversity program without even realizing it.

Our 56 wetlands are attracting hundreds of different bird species to the City, and our parks and streets are being planted with indigenous species to encourage the return of native fauna.

Biodiversity in the City of Salisbury In early 2010 the Salisbury Council endorsed the Biodiversity Corridors Plan. This plan aims to connect the escarpment with the coast by providing local wildlife, particularly birds, a vegetation corridor to move through.

The Edinburgh – Bolivar Biodiversity Corridor is being revegetated and restored with help from the Urban Biodiversity Unit at the City of Salisbury under the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources.

The Biodiversity Corridors Plan will be implemented over a 20 year period with the first stage being Kings to Burton Road, along the Little Para River.

A partnership has also been established with GM Holden through sponsorship of the corridor facilitated by Landcare Australia grants. Since 2010, the City of Salisbury and Urban Biodiversity Unit have held annual planting events with GM Holden’s staff in a section of the corridor we now acknowledge as the ‘Holden’s Precinct’. A planting event was held with staff earlier this year in honour of World Environment Day where 30 of GM Holden’s staff attended and planted 1,350 plants.

Land corridors will be restored to their pre-European vegetation association of grasslands, which in time it is hoped will see the return of local wildlife such as birds, insects and micro-bats which are all indicators of a healthy ecosystem. At St Kilda, several parcels of land have been replanted over a six year period in a project known as ‘Mangroves to Mallee’. Recently, more than 1,810 seedlings were planted across five hectares to assist with shrub land rehabilitation. At Edinburgh, a woodland is being re-established to improve habitat in a region where a high proportion of vegetation has been cleared to make way for development. Prior to revegetation the site was almost entirely cleared of native vegetation with the exception of small areas of regenerated native grasses and several mature River Red Gums. Revegetation has focused on establishing a wide range of tree, shrub and groundcover species to improve structure and diversity throughout the site. The project is being implemented in stages and is now in its ninth year of revegetation.

Biodiversity 2012 Planting Season Update: •

3,200 plants at the Edinburgh Biodiversity Corridor, with the remaining 4,645 to go in the ground in the next month

Friends of Dry Creek Trail have planted 1,250 plants along Dry Creek, Valley View on two separate planting events

The Walkley Height Bush Care Group has planted 600 along Dry Creek at Walkley Heights

Mawson Lakes Environment Watch has planted 1,760 plants along Railway Wetlands

2,600 plants have been planted along the Little Para River between Burton to Kings Roads, with direct seeding of native grasses

The Philippine Guardians of Australia planted 560 plants at Upper Little Para (Salisbury Heights).

To find out more about your city call 8406 8222 or visit

Sustainable Gardening

Sustainable gardening techniques can result in long lasting, durable landscapes that require less watering and help to keep the air and waterways clean. Gardens and outdoor water requirements account for approximately 40 per cent of Adelaide’s household water use. When planning a sustainable garden, take note of the local environmental conditions, such as sunlight, wind, rainfall, soil and design your garden to response to these. Where possible, use locally sourced materials and avoid those taken from natural ecosystems such as moss rocks, river pebbles and logs. Also consider other landscaping elements to attract native wildlife, such as rocks, logs, birdbaths and nesting boxes. When it comes to plant selection choose plants that are native to the local area as they are well suited to the local soil, water and climatic conditions. For more information about sustainable gardening visit

FREE Heart Foundation Community Walk

A free community walk will take place on Sunday 14 October leaving from the Salisbury Recreation Precinct, Happy Home Reserve, Salisbury North (off Waterloo Corner Rd) along the picturesque Little Para Trail. The trail features native flora and fauna and provides walkers with an opportunity to take in the natural surroundings whilst keeping fit and healthy. Organised by the Heart Foundation and the City of Salisbury, walkers are asked to turn up at 9.15am to register for a 9.30am start. Choose between a volunteer led 30, 60 or 90 minute walk along the Little Para Trail. For more information call the Healthy Communities team at the City of Salisbury on 8406 8251 or register with Heartline on 1300 36 27 87. Alternatively, visit walking and click on the ‘Events & Park Walks’ button.

Community Group Action Program

Many volunteer community groups working in the region’s environment sector (e.g. Our Patch and Catchment Care groups) are part of the Natural Resource Management Board’s Community Group Action program. This program enables the community to adopt and care for a patch of the environment – on a creek, plain or hillside – and to demonstrate to others what a healthy local environment can look like. Within the Salisbury region there are five active NRM Community Groups. Apart from having the enjoyment of working on their sites, many groups also use their volunteer time to educate and excite other community members about their local environment. Other activities groups participate in, include rubbish removal, educational walking trails and signage, creating and maintaining habitats such as wetlands, reintroduction and/ or monitoring of native fauna, creek bank stabilisation and photographic monitoring. If you would like to be involved contact a local Salisbury NRM group to participate with: •

Mawson Lakes Environment Watch – Railway Wetlands Colin Taylor, 8359 4880

Walkley Heights Bushcare Group Paul Sharp, 0410 465 155

Friends of Dry Creek- Cry Creek Trail Brenton Isted, 8264 3580

Friends of Cobbler Creek – Cobbler Creek Rec Park David Mitchell, 8251 1088

Philippine Guardians of Aust – Upper Little Para Reserve Ludyvine Esmedina, 8971 1355

Salisbury Snapshot

• SEPT 2012



Salisbury Making News...

Your guide to what’s happening in Salisbury, with information about the City of Salisbury’s services and programs, and changes that affect your area.

Recycling TVs and Computers

One Card Network for Libraries

Council is investigating options available under the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme which would cover the cost of recycling the screens however, it is unknown when this may be resolved and separate charges for screens and monitors have been introduced in the meantime.

Coming Up at the Libraries

The City of Salisbury offers a hard waste service for residents and Salisbury non-profit organisations. Television and computer screens are currently accepted at no charge when brought in as part of a free hard waste voucher load. However, when part of general waste received at Council’s Research Road Waste Transfer Station, there is a fee of approximately $20 to recycle TV’s or computer screens.

It is recognised that residents have different needs, so there are two options available to residents within the Salisbury Council region. Residents may choose between: • •

The voucher system - providing residents with access to the Council Waste Transfer Station free of charge, for one 2.1m x 1.5m x 2.0m trailer load per year or; A suburb by suburb booking system, whereby residents can book up to one month in advance for their hard waste to be collected from their home, at a fee of $10. (There are two periods per year when residents can access the home collection service, albeit that only one service collection per year is available).

Enquiries regarding the voucher service can be made by calling NAWMA on 1800 111 004. Council’s waste transfer station can be contacted on 8162 5348 for enquiries regarding general hard waste. Further information regarding the hard waste service and current waste disposal fees can be found on Council’s website (search for Transfer Station).

Salisbury’s library service has joined the ‘One Card Network’, enabling people to borrow and return items wherever they are in South Australia, to participating library branches, using their current library card. Eventually, 130 libraries across SA will join the ‘One Card Network’, giving library users the opportunity to access millions of items. For more information, visit The City of Salisbury’s libraries host a variety of events throught the year. Coming up next are: • Gerald Feltus Author Talk at Salisbury West Library on 14 September. The Unknown Man (a suspicious death at Somerton Beach). Bookings essential, call 8406 8285 • Stephen Orr Author Talk at Len Beadell Library on 27 September. Author of ‘Dissonance’ and ‘Times Long Ruin’, Stephen will be at the library for an in-depth discussion. Bookings essential, call 8406 8285 • Forensic Crime Scene at Salisbury West Library on 12 October. Learn more about the role of a CSI, fingerprinting and DNA from Sgt Trevor Schwanz. Bookings essential, call 8406 8285 • Antiques and Collectables Fair at Ingle Farm Library. The antique expert, Paul Bartlett, is visiting the library to provide valuable information about antiques, collectables and also about your personal treasures. Bring along your family items or antiques and learn how valuable they are. Call 8406 8285 for further details.

New Shopping Centre for Mawson Lakes Work is underway on a new $40 million shopping centre at Mawson Lakes, with the first shops to open by early 2013. Stage two of the town centre will include a new Woolworths, 12 shops, two cafes and 40 apartments.

To find out more about your city call 8406 8222 or visit

Think Feet First. Step, Cycle, Scoot to School

The City of Salisbury’s OPAL team is encouraging more children and their families to be active by walking, cycling or scooting to school or other places within the community. OPAL Salisbury will be promoting Think Feet First at a number of events in spring. They include: • The Think Feet First Show being delivered to children in Salisbury, Salisbury Downs and Parafield Gardens • Opal are also proud to support: • Para River Classic that was held on Father’s Day (2 September) • The Heart Foundation Park Walk on Sunday 14 October • The City of Salisbury Aquathlon on 28 October • The Mini Sport Expo at the Parafield Gardens Recreation Centre during the School Holidays on Monday 24 September. For further information about the Think Feet First Campaign, visit

Cycle Salisbury

National Broadband Network Roll-Out

Installation of a National Broadband Network in Salisbury will commence at the end of 2012, marking the start of a three year roll-out plan for the areas of Mawson Lakes, Pooraka, Para Hills, Salisbury North, Burton and Edinburgh. For information about the NBN, including roll-out maps and links to internet service providers who will be on-selling the NBN, go to the NBN Co website at

Free Workshops for NBN

The Digital Enterprise Program is an Australian Government funded program that is being rolled out locally in conjunction with the NBN. The City of Salisbury’s Economic Development team has been granted funds to deliver the Salisbury and Modbury Digital Enterprise Program services. Businesses located within the City of Salisbury or the City of Tea Tree Gully may be eligible to attend FREE workshops to learn how businesses or not-for-profit organisations can best make use of the internet and the NBN which will soon be rolled out.

Would you like to learn how to ride a bike safely? Did you ride a bike when you were younger and fancy riding again? Do you have a bike in the shed with a flat tyre – but aren’t sure how to fix it? The City of Salisbury and Bicycle SA are working together to develop a range of cycling programs designed to get people riding again, or even for the first time!

In addition to the free group training workshops, businesses and not-for-profit organisations will also be able to participate in four hours of free one-on-one mentoring. This opportunity will start to become available in October 2012 which is when the Digital Enterprise Program group training workshops will commence.

Sessions will include increasing cycling confidence, how to ride safely, bike maintenance, group rides and much more. Workshops start in spring 2012 and will be held in various locations in Salisbury. To register your interest in ‘Cycle Salisbury’s’ upcoming workshops, please visit or call the Healthy Communities team on 8406 8251.

For more information please call 8260 8205.

Mental Health Week

In association with the Comorbidity Action in the North project team, the City of Salisbury is planning a multicultural event to be held in the John Harvey Gallery, Salisbury, during Mental Health Week from 9 to 14 October. The event will focus on ‘celebrating diversity’ and new arrival community groups are invited to participate and perform. More information about the event will be available at

St Jays Recreation Centre - 50 Year Celebration

The City of Salisbury in conjunction with the Salisbury District Gymnastic Club are celebrating the 50th year that this versatile facility has been recreating, entertaining and bringing the local Salisbury community together. Saturday 20 October 2012 at St Jays Recreation Centre. The facility has seen various management changes over its lifetime and today is managed by the City of Salisbury. Organisers of the event are looking to gather as many of the current, past users, staff and associates of the facility to celebrate its 50th year, share old stories, testimonials and show how the Centre has played a part in developing and shaping the Salisbury community. If you would like to attend or be involved please contact Michael Gower, Manager St Jays Recreation Centre by email;

Salisbury Snapshot

• SEPT 2012




Your guide to what’s happening in Salisbury, with information about the City of Salisbury’s services and programs, and changes that affect your area.

Upcoming events Coming soon...

September 13 - Business Workshop. How to use ecommerce and internet strategies to increase your turnover. For details visit or call 8260 8205. September 14 - Gerald Feltus Author Talk. Call 8406 8283. September 19 - Sundowner Networking Club For details visit or call 8260 8205. September 20 - Business Workshop Create products and tools to sell and promote your business online. For details visit or call 8260 8205. September 21 - Blue Light Disco St Jays Recreation Centre, 7pm – 10pm, $5 entry, LOCK IN EVENT. September 22 – October 7 - Growing for Gold A free come and try sports program in Salisbury for 3 – 16 year olds. Registrations essential. Call 8406 8366. September 24 – October 7 - School Holiday Program A range of activities and events for kids 2 – 18 at Community and Recreation Centres. September 26 - Business Fundamentals For details visit or call 8260 8205. September 27 - Author Talk with Stephen Orr. Call 8406 8283. October 1 – 31 - Aged to Perfection Featuring over 600 events to celebrate Senior’s Month. or call 8258 7286.

Aged to Perfection

October 11 – Aged to Perfection Expo at the John Harvey Gallery from 9.30am to 2.00pm. The Expo plans to showcase the services that are available to seniors in the City of Salisbury as well as other services. There will be stalls and information talks on various subjects.

Matsuri on Mobara

Showcasing Japanese culture, traditions and cuisine, Matsuri on Mobara, on Sunday 28 October promises to be a fantastic event for the entire family. Kicking off at 11.00am in Mobara Park, Mawson Lakes, the Festival will feature a program of non-stop entertainment. For more information on Matsuri on Mobara, please visit

October 4 - Business Workshop Websites and content management for your business. For details visit or call 8260 8205. October 12 - Forensic Crime Scene with Sgt Trevor Schwanz Call 8406 8283. October 13 - Model Yacht Regatta October 15 - Business Workshop Planning to take your business online? For details visit or call 8260 8205. October 17 - Sundowner Networking Club For details visit or call 8260 8205. October 22 - Business Women’s Network For details visit or call 8260 8205. October 26 - Halloween Roller Skate Disco Ingle Farm Recreation Centre. Call 8263 0411 to book. October 26 - Blue Light Disco St Jays Recreation Centre, 7pm – 10pm, $5 entry, LOCK IN EVENT. October 27 - Antiques & Collectables Fair. Call 8406 8283. October 28 - Matsuri on Mobara, Mobara Park, Mawson Lakes. October 28 - Aquathlon, Salisbury Recreation Precinct. A competition for all ages and standards. Join in with family and friends! Visit to register to take part. October 31 - Business Fundamentals For details visit or call 8260 8205.

St Kilda Playground’s 30th Birthday Celebration Picnic

Come along to St Kilda on Sunday 11 November to help celebrate this iconic playground turning 30! Bring your picnic rug and basket of goodies and get the whole family together to join in the fun from 11.00am onwards. There will be sausage sizzles, games, face painters and entertainment – including the Amazing Drumming Monkeys! And what would a birthday party be without a cake? Mark 11 November in your diaries and we’ll see you there for a full day of seaside fun! For more information on this family friendly event, please visit

If you want to find out more about your city, visit or call 8406 8222

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