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Just for Kids

Just for Kids O

Renaud Spirit Center Preschool • Ages 3 – 5 Join us for fun and learning at the Renaud Spirit Center Preschool! Our qualified instructors will help your child develop skills in language arts, math, science and more. The preschool will be open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:45 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. Three sessions are offered per year, with a choice of M/W/F sessions or M/W sessions. When registering, you must pay for the entire session. Ask the front desk for more details about payment methods. If space is available, students may enroll after sessions begin. For more information, please contact the front desk at 636-474-2732.

2017 Preschool Schedule

Kooking with Kids • Ages 6 – 9

Session III September 11 – December 15

Be just like Emeril the chef and cook with us in this fun threeweek class. You’ll learn cooking terms, safety in the kitchen, and how to make your own food and snacks with little or no adult supervision. We will make all the recipes in class and we’ll have enough to share at home, too. We’ll also make a cookbook of our favorite recipes to take home. Min/Max: 4/8

Residents M/W/F $196/month M/W $140/month

140902-D Th 240902-A Th 240902-B Th

Non-residents M/W/F M/W

ur Just for Kids program offers a great way for parents and grandparents to spend quality time with young children or take a little time for themselves while their children participate in a class. Children also benefit by socializing with others in enjoyable classes that can include singing, dancing, creating art and learning new skills. Look for new classes and family favorites every quarter! Young children attending without a parent must be completely potty-trained and able to use the restroom independently. If your child is not potty-trained but would like to participate in one of our programs, please call 636-474-8111 for information on making arrangements.

$216/month $156/month

6:00P-7:00P Sep 14 6:00P-7:00P Oct 12 6:00P-7:00P Nov 9


$21/$25 $21/$25 $21/$25

Come Learn with Me • Ages 3 – 5 Kool Kiddos • Ages 3 – 5 This six-week class encourages young children to learn, explore, ask questions and socialize as they play games, sing, make crafts, snacks and much more. Each class has a different theme. Parents are asked to remain outside the classroom to allow children to focus. Min./Max: 4/8 140901-C Th 240901-A Th

9:15A-10:45A 9:15A-10:45A

Sep 14 Nov 2


This enjoyable six-week class is great for helping kids get ready for preschool. Students will have a great time learning the alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes through singing songs, working puzzles and art exploration. You’ll be amazed at your child’s progress! Min/Max: 4/8 140903-C Tu 240903-A Tu

9:15A-10:45A 9:15A-10:45A

Sep 12 Oct 31


$36/$41 $36/$41

$36/$41 $36/$41 Autumn 2017


O'Fallon Parks and Rec Guide - Autumn 2017  
O'Fallon Parks and Rec Guide - Autumn 2017  

A 44-page brochure detailing the classes and programs offered by the O'Fallon (MO) Parks and Recreation Department.