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current goals 1. Continued support of Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) Advisory Board regarding the use of ž cent (2000) and ½ cent (2017) sales tax funds for: a. Joint Tennis Center with Edmond Public Schools b. Relocation of Fire Station #2 c. Animal Services facility remodel and expansion d. Hafer Park baseball field updates 2. Continue to revise Edmond Plan by: a. Developing a more effective Plan Amendment Request review process b. Working with stakeholders to update land use projections to include additional commercial and multi-family inventory 3. Continue action on capital improvement projects as part of the 2014 Downtown Master Plan implementation

LESS THAN 2 YE ARS 4. Identify plans for redevelopment/repurposing of the former Police Department building and other downtown City of Edmond buildings while including additional parking solutions 5. Monitor and improve traffic through: a. Continued implementation of the Phase II Intelligent Traffic System b. Prioritization of efforts to improve traffic flow 6. Improved/enhanced coordination of brand identification, place marking, and wayfinding 7. Work with the Urban Forestry Commission to identify and implement tree canopy program goals 8. Promote the comprehensive economic development policy that identifies proper tools and when to use them to encourage development 9. Develop policies and plans to take advantage of the growing market for Electric Vehicles

general council policies

future goals G R E AT E R T H A N 2 Y E A R S

1. Continue development efforts to become a preferred destination to experience art, entertain ment, amateur sporting events and outdoor recreation, including possible partnership with UCO in a performing arts center 2. Continued planning for economic development of I-35 corridor 3. Promote Edmond as a livable community with access to recreation and transportation via: a . Participation in Association of Central Governments’ Regional Transit Planning b. Expansion of bike and multi-use trails c. Invest in new and existing recreational sports facilities 4. Actively pursue expansion of library services 5. Acquire at least one future community park site 6. Continued prioritization of Covell Parkway development

performance benchmarks 1. Operate City of Edmond General Fund Budget with a 10% minimum general fund balance 2. Pursue engineering on long-range transportation improvements to maximize our efforts to secure grant funds 3. Continue water conservation efforts and development of additional water supply resources 4. Encourage citizen participation in boards and commissions through outreach, including utilization of short-term task forces 5.

Conduct citizen survey (and subsequent follow-up) every two years to insure compatibility between the City Council Strategic Plan and the Staff Internal Strategic Plan


Implement and continue policies and programs that strive to increase tree canopy levels to the optimal 40% range, while preventing levels from falling into an unacceptable range of 37% or below. Reassess tree canopy coverage every 2-3 years in order to gauge progress


Extend, maintain and communicate City Council Strategic Plan for Edmond through semiannual reviews in May/June and updates and modifications in October/November for the next calendar year

2. Encourage and support cultural and historical activities in the community that are diverse and easily accessible for all citizens 3. Utilize input from boards and commissions and communicate their activities; initiate and encourage citizen and organizational development 4. Maintain an efficient development process and encourage utilization of technology in existing and future infrastructure to implement smart growth 5.

Work with Edmond Economic Development Authority to engage in aggressive economic development through research of demographic information to create more local jobs and expand innovative public/private initiatives and strategic partnerships


Continue to develop and strengthen partnerships with the University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond Public Schools, Francis Tuttle Technology Center, and Oklahoma Christian University to encourage equitable and informative partnerships in relationship to growth and future infrastructure needs


Maintain and promote the City of Edmond’s green infrastructure through preservation of natural areas and watersheds, beautification of parkways, medians and public spaces

8. Pursue national, regional and local legislative goals and partnerships to achieve the highest level of service for constituents 9. Provide the highest level of public safety 10. Provide communication and education regarding emergency planning and proactive safety 11. Promote affordable housing in Edmond 12.

Continue Edmond’s internal Sustainability Plan and support efforts to preserve and protect the environment for future generations by being good stewards of our resources

13. Promote healthy and diverse lifestyles, neighbor hoods and recreational resources 14. Continue proactive growth in Edmond Electric load factor to improve return on investment 15. Engage the local community using traditional and digital media tools 16. Carefully and thoughtfully manage future capital project needs

Charles Lamb Mayor May 2017–19

Victoria Caldwell Council Member Ward 1 May 2015–19

mayor & city council OUR VISION Edmond strives to be a diverse and innovative hometown committed to excellence through leadership, balanced growth and cooperation. These high standards will only be accomplished in full partnership with the community.


Elizabeth Waner Council Member Ward 2 May 2015–19

The Edmond City Council leads by setting policy for City direction, by balancing growth and by serving as stewards of assets for today’s, as well as tomorrow’s, community and citizens.

OUR CORE VALUES Truth | We seek the truth and allow for fair and thorough deliberation. Integrity | We operate on the foundation of trust by honoring honest and open discussion with each other and our citizens.

Darrell Davis Council Member Ward 3 May 2017–21

Proactive | We believe in visionary leadership by creating opportunities for the citizens of Edmond to grow and define their community. Communication | We provide opportunities for diverse expression of thought and dialogue. Service | We believe in nurturing and advancing a united partnership between the Council, the City Staff and our Citizens.

Nick Massey Council Member Ward 4 May 2017–21

Accountability | We have high standards with regard to our monetary responsibilities, actions and performance and we hold ourselves accountable to these high standards.

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2018 Strategic Plan  

City of Edmond 2018 Strategic Plan

2018 Strategic Plan  

City of Edmond 2018 Strategic Plan