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MOTHER’S DAY: seven pages of IDEAS GALORE, GIFTS AND MORE April 30-may 6, 2009

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John Schumann

on scouts, leaves and dappled things BUDGET 09

KATY says she’s been listening




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Mother’s Day

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briefly Budget boost for Civic

Katy says she’s been listening

et from a number of points of view and see how we can respond. You will see that this is a government that has learnt lessons from previous Budgets. Running along the side of that is the longerterm question of how long we can run deficits for without causing too much pain to the community. We have a seven-year plan to bring the Budget back into surplus. “We could have returned to surplus over the next four years by doing things like increasing taxes, cutting services or removing wages – we could have done a number of things that would have made the Budget more politically palatable, but we haven’t done that and that’s a response to all the advice we have taken. “We can’t meet everyone’s needs – and I think people understand that. I hope it will be seen as a responsible Budget for the times that we are in.”

Calling all utes

Katy Gallagher and her green Budget pack… “You will see that this is a government that has learnt lessons from previous Budgets.”  Photo by Silas.

When curators go looking for lurve

April 30-May 6, 2009

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Front cover: French winemakers Anne-Laure Sicard, Vivien Roussignol and Marie Toussaint. Story Page 6.  Photo by Silas.

LAUREN Nelson has been elected Red Cross chair in Canberra and Di Jay (pictured), the charity’s national manager parliamentary and government relations, has been appointed executive director.

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fairs of the heart into their wartime lives. The exhibition, which opens on December 3, will tell the stories of couples who met directly through wartime circumstances and those whose relationships, and particularly their weddings, were influenced by the war.


Photo courtesy AWM Collection.

or are still – deployed in Afghanistan, Iraq and East Timor. They want to know about their experiences in keeping a relationship going, or perhaps who fell in love during recent service. The AWM is preparing a special exhibition that will look at the impact of war on relationships and the ways in which Australians incorporated af-

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A farewell kiss at an RAAF embarkation in 1941.

NOTHING like a war to meet new people, heighten feelings between lovers and create a sense of urgency. No surprises then that many a love match has been made in times of war. Curators at the Australian War Memorial are looking for love; that is, contemporary love stories from servicemen and women who have been –

CHILDREN’S cancer charity Camp Quality is the beneficiary of Hall Ute Competition and Family Day being held at the Hall Polocrosse Ground on May 9. Last year’s event attracted 70 utes. This year there are more categories. An organiser, Mary Vagg, says while it’s based around a static ute competition, a main focus of the day is the family with lots of activities planned, “These include a natural horsemanship demonstration, music from a local band, trials bikes, wool spinning demonstrations, historic engines and various children’s activities”. Entry forms and details are available from the website


By Jorian Gardner

FRESH from the hairdressers, Katy Gallagher will present her, albeit already much-leaked, first Budget as ACT Treasurer on May 5 – and her timing couldn’t have been worse. “In November, when I agreed to take on the job, the full impact of what’s happening globally had not begun to reach to the ACT,” Ms Gallagher told “CityNews”. “So, certainly, I thought the job before me was going to be a lot easier that it has turned out to be.” Curiously, the colour for this year’s Budget package is green. Was she trying to tell us something? “We are aware of the concerns of business; we have our own political agenda that we were elected on; and we have our commitment to the Greens,” she said. “We have had to look at this Budg-

CIVIC will be get a $12million Civic refurbishment package to be funded from the yet-to-be announced 2009-10 Budget, says Chief Minister Jon Stanhope. The money will go towards priority upgrades in the city centre over four-years, focusing on East and West Rows in what he hopes will “revitalise the commercial and cultural vitality of the city centre and create commercial opportunities.” Work will be undertaken jointly by the ACT Government and Canberra CBD Limited, which is funded by levies on city commercial property owners.

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Glory be for dappled things, sort of JOHN SCHUMANN bemoans the demise of Bob-a-Job Week as he manfully faces the annual chore of raking leaves.

IT’S autumn and notwithstanding the drought and the confusion that it visits upon our flora, native and otherwise, our streets and yards are being inundated with leaves once again. For my part, I live in unutterably leafy suburb and by mid May our neighbourhood is up to its collective clacker in plane tree leaves. I am assured by people, who profess to know these things, that homes in streets lined with plane trees are much sought-after. I can only think this is the case for people who have not lived in close proximity to the wretched things. I am looking out my window at an overwhelming tsunami of plane tree leaves, the size and bio-degradability of which are rivalled only by white, plastic picnic plates. Musing, I am re-

minded of two things: Gerald Manley Hopkins’s poem “Pied Beauty”, in which he argues that glory ought be to God “for dappled things”(like leaves on the ground, presumably) and the unhappy demise of Bob-a-Job Week. Like the grump I am rapidly becoming, I rue the fact that relatively few students emerge from school or university having even heard of Gerald Manley Hopkins. But more so, I rue the passing of Bob-a-Job Week. Nothing would please me more than be able to pay some young devotee of Lord Robert Baden-Powell to undertake the Sisyphean task of raking and disposing of the plane tree leaves now threatening to engulf my house. From 1961 until about 1969 I was an active member of the 1st Torrens Park Scout Group in the southern suburbs

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  CityNews April 30-May 6

Photo by Silas.

of my hometown of Adelaide. At the beginning of May we were each issued with a Bob-a-Job card and sent out to knock on doors and offer our services to our neighbours. The younger Cubs and Scouts did weeding, sweeping, raking and general tidying up. The older ones cleaned out sheds, dismantled old fences and outbuildings and took out small trees and bushes.

Mostly we were paid very fairly for our work, but on the odd occasion a parent or scoutmaster would have to visit a householder to suggest that one shilling (or a “bob”) was not, in fact, a fair day’s pay for a whole day’s work. If, at the end of May, we brought back a full card and at least $2 we would be presented with a Beaver Badge (don’t go there) which we could wear above the

left-hand pocket of our uniform shirt until April of the next year. Alas, Bob-a-Job has gone the way of so many fine institutions of the ‘50s and ‘60s. It seems to me that, among other things, the sort of experience that Boba-Job gave you – getting out there and asking for work – would be very valuable in the context of the GFC. But these days you couldn’t possibly let your kid knock on a neighbour’s door and ask for work. For a start, who’s to say the neighbour’s not a pedophile? And then, on the other side of the equation, there’s insurance. If a kid scratched a hand or skinned a knee in your garden, there’d be lawyers and insurance companies at 10 paces in a nanosecond. In 2009 it’s a brave parent who lets the kids out of eyesight without a SWAT team and a QC’s business card in their pocket. People still talk of progress and how far we’ve come. Note I said “people”. Not me. I’m off to rake the leaves, thanking God for my MP3 player.

Corbell takes no liberties on bikies IT is not easy to stand up to the big guys: Sometimes it is hard to do the right thing, especially when plenty of those around you are urging you in the opposite direction. This was the situation facing ACT Attorney General Simon Corbell when he went to the aptly named SCAG’s meeting. The Standing Committee of AttorneysGeneral was keen to undermine our civil liberties yet again. However, it was Corbell, with the Victorian Attorney General Rob Hulls, who resisted the pressure to draw up specific anti-bikie laws and chose to protect our civil liberties instead. It is a bit of a quandary that Simon was facing, but his leadership achieved a positive result. On the one hand, his NSW Labor colleague Attorney General John Hatzistergos was hot to trot to show he could do something about bikie gangs. Robert McLelland, the Federal Attorney General, was also looking for a consistent position across Australia. At home, Liberal Opposition spokesman Jeremy Hanson was winding up the pressure. Corbell understands that a good lawand-order approach always makes good political sense and almost all of his SCAG colleagues were busting to get on the band-


By Michael Moore wagon. It is reminiscent of the anti-terror laws that were rushed through a few years ago. At that time, our protections under the law were considerably weakened as investigatory powers, powers of coercion and powers of interrogation were considerably strengthened. The proposed NSW laws will apply only to criminals and criminal gangs. No they will not! Experience shows that once the police have this sort of power, it will be extended to others. Corbell has not given up on bikie gangs nor has his Victorian counterpart. The communiqué of SCAG reveals that Attorneys-General agreed that organised crime is a national issue requiring a nationally co-ordinated response by all jurisdictions”. They did agree on pursuing a series of measures regarding organised crime that could easily erode civil liberties if they are not handled properly. The suggestions include coercive questioning,

greater use of electronic interception and laws that restrict “consorting” with other people from known criminal organisations. They have also agreed that people from known criminal organisations, including bikie gangs, will not be able to hold executive positions and will not be able to be company directors. The most important thing for the enactment of all these laws is that police should not be able to employ their use without the approval of the courts. It is the courts that provide the prime protection. When Jeremy Hanson “gave a big F in my book” to Corbell for his actions on bikies and called for a truly national approach, the Opposition simply got it wrong. Actually, the SCAG has come up with a national approach and so Hanson and his colleagues will have the opportunity to review that approach when the laws come before the ACT Assembly. A co-ordinated approach of the kind agreed is more likely to pay dividends in dealing with organised crime than reducing citizens’ rights yet again. Michael Moore is a former independent member of the ACT Legislative Assembly and minister for health.

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K IN G F U R N I T U R E.COM CityNews April 30-May 6  

cover story

Vive le vin local, says Vivien By Megan Haggan

“KEEP trying new wines and local wines you haven’t tried before” – that’s the advice of Vivien Roussignol, a French winemaker who’s working as the assistant winemaker at Lerida Estate during the 2009 vintage season. Also in the area are compatriots Anne-Laure Sicard, who is also working at the Lake George winery, and Marie Toussaint, at Clonakilla; all three studied at the same university. Vivien says he is enjoying his work in Australia for a couple of reasons. “I studied in Montpellier, at the



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Ph: 1800 658 910


French National Superior School of Agronomy, and specialised in vinegrowing and wine-making,” Vivien said. “My parents have a vineyard in the Languedoc region [in Southern France], where they grow Shiraz, Grenache and local Languedoc grape varieties which you can only find in Languedoc and part of Spain – they don’t make wine, just grow the grapes. “I came here partly to improve my English skills, but I think it’s also good to be here because there are a lot of grape varieties we don’t find in France.

“Also in France, the different varieties are found only in different regions – for example for Pinot Noir, you have to work in the Burgundy region. “You can find all the varieties in the same place here in Australia, which has been a good thing for us to experience.” Anne Caine, co-founder of Lerida Estate, says that each year, between late February and May, the winery brings a winemaker from Vivien’s university to Australia to assist with the many tasks involved with each year’s vintage. “It’s a very rigorous course, and so the graduates are very technically com-

petent and hard-working,” Anne says. Vivien says he’s enjoying trying Australian wines, as they’re generally not available in France apart from a few well-known brands, such as Penfolds. “There’s a lot for us to taste in Australia. Locally, you have really good wines, I think – there are some very good cellar doors in the Canberra area. There is some very good Shiraz here, and the Pinot Noir in the region is also very good.” He encouraged Canberrans to discover local wines, including wines from lesser known and boutique wineries, as he has done.

French winemaker Vivien Roussignol… “Locally, you have really good wines, I think.” Photo by Silas.

Struggling Somalia’s pirates of peasants INTERNATIONAL debate continues about how to combat the growing piracy problem off the coast of Somalia. Australians struggle to fully comprehend the predicament that most Somalis are faced with. Somalia is one of the poorest, most violent, least stable countries on earth. What happens on the streets of Mogadishu is so far removed from the streets of Canberra that it may as well be on another planet. There hasn’t been a functioning government in Somalia since the early ‘90s. So there’s virtually no police force. No schools. Scant electricity. There is no running water. Decades of drought have decimated the agricultural sector,

By Mark Parton which was largely subsistence. Decades of civil war have destroyed most of the infrastructure. Unemployment is rife. The people of this failed state have learnt to live in circumstances under which many would have just given up. Statistics are hard to come by, but according to the BBC online the average yearly income is around $A800. That translates to: “If you have a gun you eat… if you don’t you die”.

A generation has grown up believing that to survive, you have to brandish a big gun and take things from other people. To them, it’s as natural as pushing a trolley around Woolies Belconnen is to us. For years they’ve stood on the shore and watched luxury yachts and cargo vessels sailing by out in the gulf. It actually makes practical good sense that eventually they’d jump in their own boats and try to hijack them. I’m not saying that what they’re doing is right or that the western world shouldn’t be applying force to stop the piracy. I’m just saying that you can so easily understand why they’re doing it when there is no coast guard or police

force, when they are surrounded by abject poverty, hunger and disease and when life holds virtually no value, why wouldn’t they be bold and have a go? America and other western nations are talking about getting tough on the pirates. But there’s not much point threatening a native Somali with death. He’s faced death every day for years and it doesn’t scare him as much as it scares us. Survival in Somalia is about creativity. While the country continues to lurch along in anarchic poverty, piracy will continue. Mark Parton is the morning announcer for Talking Canberra 1206 2CC.

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At the Property Council’s Future Directions, Uni Pub, Civic

At Manuka Smiles refurbishment party, Manuka

Lisa Jozing, Ben Noriss and Meredith Griffith

Katie Duffy, Claire Decure, Alicia Sencer and Courtney Simpson

Nina and Spiro Pazios

Sarah Walsh and Jodie Volgyesi

Tony Brazell, Richard McGrath, Daniel Hodges and Steve Fenotti

Robbie Caggiano, Steve Kaetsonas and George Konstantinou

Terry Ring and Helen King

Natalie Pasalic and Chanel Martin

Gilbert Labour with Sian and Nick Jowitt

Charmaine Lymn, Pegan Noorizadeh, Niran Pathmaperuma with Stefan and Maria Anderson

Sally Boundy and Jodie Kerr

At the Rotary Club of Canberra’s evening with the Austrian Choir, Forrest

Catherine Carter, Peter Verwer, Lauren Waugh and Antoinette Perera

Dr Gunter Brandstetter and Dr Andrea Porias

Debbie and Richard Rolfe

Austrian Ambassador Hannes Porias, Shirley Meldrum and Colin Holmes

Domenic and Mare-Anne Alvaro with Geoff and Sylvia Grimshaw

Bruce and Cheryl Mackay

At the ‘Fox Imports’ gala opening, Fyshwick

Tom Ponsonby, Steve Bates and Andrew Ponsonby


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Barry Faux, Therezia Mihajlovic, Leo Schofield, Jane Madden and Charlie Alliott

Cam Sullings and Jo Davenport

Veronica Mihajlovic, Veronica Wootten and Tasso Rovolis

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The Smurfs 6.30PM – BOOMERANG (204) Follow the adventures of Papa Smurf and 99 other little blue creatures living in Smurf village. Pandamonium 7.30PM – ANIMAL PLANET (306) As a phenomenal year at Wolong draws to a close, the program revisits some of its favourite pandas and charts the cub’s progress from blind, deaf and helpless pink newborns, to adolescence.

Gerry and Ken Eltis

The Invasion 8.30PM – MOVIE ONE (411) In this remake of a classic science fiction thriller, a psychiatrist must find a cure for a mysterious epidemic with an extraterrestrial origin before the entire world is lost. Starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig.

with tiny arms grew massive heads. Tiny heads topped giant crests. The time of bizarre dinosaurs had arrived.


Maverick 8.30PM – MOVIE GREATS (415) Based on the original TV show, Maverick must come up with another $3000 to enter a poker competition – and he will do just about anything to get it. Starring Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster.

Bizarre Dinos 6.30PM – NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC (301) Over millions of years, earth’s continents broke apart and its creatures grew apart. Bodies

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The boob? It’s up there! By Helen Musa IT’S official – the boob is just as entertaining as the penis or the vagina! A few years ago, you wouldn’t have read this in a clean family weekly, but with the popularity of shows such as “The Vagina Monologues” and “The Puppetry of the Penis”, an element of public competitiveness has grown into the histrionic and potential of the private parts. Actor, musician, and playwright Jonathan Gavin has been considering this theatrical phenomenon of late. He is one of the team of writers engaged by producer Anne Looby to script the new musical “Breast Wishes,” which opens at the Playhouse on May 27. Gavin, a former Ginninderra College student, ANU medallist and star of the Canberra stage, left the ACT in 1996 to study at the WA Academy of Performing Arts. He’s since been in demand whenever piano-playing actors are required and is even more in demand as a playwright. His prize-winning short play “Sleepless Nights” was taken by the Short and Sweet Festival to Singapore last year and has won prizes at the Edinburgh and Brighton festivals. He’s busy working with the Darlinghurst Theatre in Sydney, but has also been teaching at the Shopfront Theatre in Kogarah and writing a screenplay. Gavin is astonished at my suspicion that “Breast Wishes” might be a heavy play about an unpleasant subject. On the contrary, he assures me, it’s “a laugh a minute”.

“Breast Wishes” cast, from left, Valerie Bader, Anne Looby, Chelsea Plumley and Gretel Scarlett. Based on an original concept by actordirector Anne Looby and previewed at last year in a fundraising concert for Breast Cancer, the full production premiered at Sydney’s Seymour Centre on April 16, headed up by director Jason Langley with musical direction by Michael Tyack. The music and lyrics by Bruce Brown, drew rapturous praise in Sydney. While Gavin is adamant that it is not a grim piece about breast cancer, but rather “light and uplifting,” featuring lots of funny bits about the beauty industry. He scripted an encounter between a hus-

band and a wife on the brink of having a double mastectomy. The laughs come in the wife’s attempts to make it all right with her husband. “I was trying to write a piece which would achieve high recognition,” he explains and with baby-boomer audiences, he’s pretty sure he pulled it off. “Breast Wishes”, the Playhouse from May 27-June 6. A free, pre-show forum will be held on May 27 at 7pm. WIN one of 10 double tickets to the opening night of “Breast Wishes”, details at

Short stories get a happy ending “A ROUNDABOUT Town” is a new book of short stories recently launched at The Front Gallery and Café in Lyneham. It features eight, talented, young Canberra writers who lobbied Youth InterACT, got a grant and self published the book with the guidance of colourful, veteran Canberra writer Kate McNamara. It’s a great collection of stories. VERDI’S most popular opera, La Traviata, is being presented by Melbourne Opera – whose performances of “La Boheme” and “The Marriage of Figaro” were sell-outs in 2008 – at Canberra Theatre on May 30.

Choir return to Canberra’s Llewellyn Hall on Wednesday May 27. The choir last performed in Australia in 2004. This national ARTS IN THE CITY tour celebrates 125 years of music-making By Jorian Gardner history and friend of the choir, the legendary entertainer Tom Jones says: “There is nothing like the sound of a Welsh male With a company of 90 performers, starring choir and the Treorchy is the finest”. Tickets a top, international cast including Kerry Gill from as Voiletta and Roy Best as her lover AlSTILL on dance, a reminder that local fredo, this elegant new production features award-winning choreographer Cadi Mcthe acclaimed Canberra Opera Chorus and Carthy’s new work “Restless” is at the the Melbourne Opera Orchestra. Courtyard Studio at the Canberra Theatre THE mighty voices of The Treorchy Male Centre until May 10.

TASTES OF TWO REGIONS IN CANBERRA WINE TASTING & REGIONAL PRODUCE 10am – 6pm, Sun 24 May - Rydges Lakeside, Canberra. More than 120 premium wines on tasting. Sample great produce from artisan producers including cheese, preserves, tapenades & olives.

Showcasing wines and produce from RUTHERGLEN and the KING VALLEY

‘Classics & Alternatives’ Wine Theatre – informative & entertaining sessions during the day – free to event visitors. Tickets: $25 – pre-purchase highly recommended. Bookings: 1800 801 065 or online at

RUTHERGLEN WINEMAKERS’ DINNER 7pm Sat 23 May - Ottoman Cuisine Fabulous degustation menu. $120 per person. Bookings essential.

Phone 1300 787 929.

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Kidstuff, but not for children “Let The Right One In” (MA) JUVENILE vampire movies are not thick on the ground in any language.  A Swedish one is positively astonishing. I suspect that Ingmar Bergman might have admired how Tomas Alfredson’s film of John Ajvide Lindqvist’s novel, finding love in lives where difficulties outweigh satisfactions, presents its semiotic inputs and, very likely also, its view of the human condition.  All vampires began as humans and there’s no reason why the even thirstiest of them might not have retained some compassion. Together, 12-year-old Oskar (Kare Hedebrant) and Eli (Lina Leandersson), who has been 12 for a long time, experience frissons of comfort which their family situations don’t provide.  His parents are separated; her father figure has but one task – to collect fresh vampire food (in sequences holding back nothing of what’s about to happen).  And Oskar, a loner, is a target for a gang of schoolyard thugs. Making powerful and beautiful use of a winter environment reflecting the emotional chill permeating the story, Alfredson tells it with admirable economy of people, words and action.  The two young actors are impressive. He treats the classic vampire genre elements with nice understatement except in the moments when the plot needs it all to hang out, when it is the equal of the most-chilling vampire movie in your experience. Indeed, the film delivers one vampire control measure that you may


By Dougal Macdonald see coming, but you almost certainly have never seen elsewhere. Think small domestic carnivores.  Enjoy. At Dendy

“The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas” (MA)   

understands what’s going on around him. The film’s layers encompass friendship, innocence, intolerance and a gently-expressed revulsion, all the more effective because of its focus through the officer’s family. I’m not giving you a plot summary. You’ll understand why when you see the film (which I unreservedly recommend).    At Dendy

“Fired Up” (M)   

TWO testosterone-charged high school students opt out of a football vacation training SIX decades after its collapse, film makers camp to attend a three-week cheerleaders’ are currently re-examining Hitler’s Third school among 300 girls. Reich after a hiatus while they played with Directed by William Gluck, whose career wars in Vietnam and the Middle East. hitherto concentrated on network TV Cinema should treat World War II series, “Fired Up”, written by debut writer intelligently. When it was fresh in memory, Freedom Jones, is a totally un-meritorious movies about it tended to be vigorous campus movie, with meager plot, juvenile treatments of how our side won (we didn’t and banal dialogue and trivial issues. It offers no invitation for us to engage with – they lost).  We must never forget World War II’s origins in the bowels of Hitler’s either characters or situations. It fails to fulfill its initial (and improbable) intention political hubris. Film makers are now revisiting that imperative – for example, the of Shawn (Nicholas D’Agosto) and Nick (Eric excellent “Downfall”, the unfortunate “OpOlsen) scoring big time among those 300 eration Valkyrie” and now Mark Hermann’s young women. Its conflicts are one-dimenunflinching look at what the Nazis called sional, its tensions flabby. the final solution. The physical attractiveness and gymnastic Its main protagonists are two eightathleticism of its young cast are undeniable. year-old boys separated by a barbed-wire Does guy get girl at the end ? I had other fence. Asa Butterfield plays the son of an SS commitments. Not knowing distresses me officer (David Thewlis) newly promoted to not one bit. command a concentration camp. Jack Scan   At Hoyts lan plays the boy of the title.  Neither child



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Mum’s party in the park CANBERRA’S Mother’s Day event returns to Glebe Park on Sunday, May 10: Party in the Park is one of the ACT Government’s “round town� free events. This year’s Mother’s Day party includes live music such as the FABBA tribute band, plus Duck and Cover playing pop, R&B and disco hits. The day will include market stalls, special giveaways for mum and even the opportunity to treat her to a massage. Families can also enjoy dance shows, pony rides, minigolf, reptiles on display, temporary tattoos, food stalls, fantastic rides, competitions and prizes, and more. For more information visit or call Canberra Connect on 13 2281.

Fun for the family at Canberra’s Mother’s Day party at Glebe Park.

Court mum at Cooleman

About feeling special

COOLEMAN Court in Weston is offering a gift with purchase for Mother’s Day, which means that customers who spend $40 or more at any speciality retailer (or $100 at Woolworths or Aldi) receive a scratch lottery pack including a $10 ticket and four $1.10 tickets. “They also receive a 200g box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates,� says Chris Chilvers, marketing admin manager at Cooleman Court. “There’s a lot of retailers here who have a lot to offer for Mother’s Day – from our beauty centre, which offers facials and waxing, to

Mother’s Day is all about making mum feel special – and an individually chosen gift can do just that, says Annette Selwood, of the Black and White Gift Shop in Mawson. “Chocolates, flowers and hampers are great, but there’s nothing better than a personal gift which has been specially chosen for mum,� she says. “The Black and White Gift Shop has a great selection of fine and fashion jewellery presented in delightful black and white boxes. “We have beautiful fine leather handcrafted bags and a selection of natural fibre scarves – unique and elegant gifts that will remind her every day how much she is loved.� There are also quirky gifts with a difference, from vases and teapots to mosaic platters and clocks. For more information call 6286 9075.

Chloe Hair Design and the Glasshouse, which offers flowers and giftware.� For more information, visit or call 6288 8800.


(02) 6286 9075 Annette Selwood - 0412 101 543 Southlands Centre, 22 Mawson Place, Mawson ACT 2607 E | W |

Win! Win! Win! “CityNews� has 10 double passes to the opening night of ‘Breast Wishes’,Canberra Theatre, Wednesday, May 27.

Entries to

Competition closes midday Monday, May 18. Winners announced in “CityNews� in the edition of May 21.

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CityNews April 30-May 6â&#x20AC;&#x192; 

Motherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day, May 10

The market of choiceâ&#x20AC;Ś THERE are 60 speciality stores at Gungahlin Marketplace â&#x20AC;&#x201C; and a wide range of gift options for mum, plus shoppers can win more than $18,000 in prizes for shopping at the centre by 4pm, Sunday, May 10. Stores include cafes, ladiesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; fashion, shoe and bag shops, and gift shops.

Pandoraâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s popularity

7). 7).ANEW,3AMSUNGREFRIGERATOR 0,53 IN&RESH&OODFOR-UM VALUEDATOVER   VALUEDATOVER Visit The Marketplace Gungahlin and collect a Scan and Win card when you spend $10 or more at any participating store for your chance to win. Entries close 4pm, Sunday 10 May 2009. *For terms and conditions see the competition display or Centre Management. Authorised under ACT TP 09/01316.

At Diamond Design, manager Lauren Smith says Pandora jewellery is all the rage, and perfect for Motherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day. Pandora charms and beads are ideal as they allow mum to build up a piece of jewellery thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s unique to her â&#x20AC;&#x201C; loved ones can buy her a single piece at a time, or a full bracelet or necklace.

B Makowsky â&#x20AC;&#x153;Vachettaâ&#x20AC;? Multi BM7130, $467.50

Gifts for all ages

Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s in the bag

At nearby gift store Wrapped Wonders, co-owner Helen Zelko says thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s gifts for mums of any age, from collectible figurines by Sheraton Simpson, Franz and Forever in Blue Jeans, to funky Murano glass jewellery. Wrapped Wonders offer aromatherapy, perfume bottles and jewellery boxes, and home wares that allow mum to put her personal touch on her home.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;A good bag is a nice gift for mums, perhaps with a matching wallet,â&#x20AC;? suggests Andrew Keogh, from Bags to Go. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Mums often wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t spend the money on themselves â&#x20AC;&#x201C; they put themselves last most of the time. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Motherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day is a chance to reward mum for looking after us all year!â&#x20AC;? Andrew says that purple is one of the hottest colours this season, and can add a great colour accent to mumâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s winter clothes. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Big bags are also the flavour of the month.â&#x20AC;? For more information call 6228 1084.

Win mum a car

Meanwhile, Noni B has a competition to win a Toyota Yaris 1.3L. Shoppers need to spend $100 at the store, and the contest closes on Motherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day. For more information visit www.themarketplacegungahlin. or call 6123 4900.

Serenade Mauve RRP $159.95 NOW $127.95

Guess â&#x20AC;&#x153;Lorellaâ&#x20AC;? Handbag Black RRP $199.00 NOW $149.25

50% OFF

assorted Jag, Fiorelli & Diana Ferrari bags

The Sak â&#x20AC;&#x153;Ashbury Shopperâ&#x20AC;? RRP $199.00 NOW $159.20

MOTHERS DAY Gift Vouchers Available Django & Juliette â&#x20AC;&#x153;Ombreâ&#x20AC;? Black/ Taupe RRP $199.00 NOW $149.25

Gianni Cont Evening Bag RRP $99.95 NOW $74.95

50% OFF

assorted Jag, Fiorelli & Diana Ferrari wallets

Le Bonne â&#x20AC;&#x153;Fairâ&#x20AC;? Black RRP $69.95 NOW $54.95




12â&#x20AC;&#x192; CityNews April 30-May 6


Monday - Thursday 9am-5.30pm | Friday 9am-7pm Saturday & Sunday 9am-5pm | Public Holidays 9am-4pm

76 Gladstone Street Fyshwick 6228 1084

advertising feature

Spoil Mum, Spoil You This Mother’s Day

Lunch in luxury surroundings “NESTLED in luxury surroundings, Rydges Capital Hill is the perfect venue to spoil your mum this Mother’s Day,” says Estelle Brown, conference sales manager at the hotel. “Our beautiful Fig Tree Café will provide the perfect setting for a relaxing, stress-free breakfast or lunch.”

Estelle says families can enjoy a full buffet breakfast from $24 per person, “or treat your mum to a delicious seafood and roast buffet lunch from $69 per person – both include a glass of bubbly on arrival for mum, and a special gift for lunch bookings.” For more information call 6232 0318.

With a

Breakfast buffet 6.30 - 10.30am. $24 per person. $12 for children under 12 years or Seafood & Roast lunch buffet. 12.30 - 4pm. $69 per person. $29 for children under 12 years with Champagne on arrival for mum for both breakfast & lunch

Bag a special gift

Free treat for mum THE China Plate restaurant, in the Melbourne Building, Civic, is offering specials on banquets and a la carte meals, to celebrate Mother’s Day. Conditions apply, but if a family of four chooses a banquet meal at the restaurant on the day, mum’s meal is complimentary. “Mum cooks every day already – we want her to come and try our meals, and have a break!” says restaurant spokesperson Amy Lo. “This is our first Mother’s Day, so it will be memorable for us, and we want it to be memorable for mums, too.” For more information call 6162 3838.

LA Cobbler, in Civic, is offering a wide range of scarves and wraps and gloves in various colours, as well as handbags, shoes and boots – and gift vouchers as well. According to owner Shaen Flakelar, the hottest bags and shoes this autumn and winter are in textured, rich fabrics. “For example, the Etiquette range of bags has been doing very well – the bags feature a mixture of leathers and fabrics such as velvet, and they’re just beautiful.” For more information call 6247 4855.

A gift for mum with lunch Cnr Canberra Ave & National Circuit Forrest ACT

Etiquette by Mindy Mason bag in ivy/ chestnut, $259 from La Cobbler.

Reservations required: 6232 0318 or


BANQUET MENU SET FOR 4 $58.80p/p (mum eats for free, save $58.80) the set menu is: Steamed half-shell scallop with XO sauce Seafood bean curd soup Lamb cutlet in special sauce Ling Jie mushrooms Short ribs in honey pepper sauce Golden king prawns Boiled rice Fried rice Fried Ice-cream 41-43 Northbourne Ave, Melbourne Building, City ACT 02 6162 3838

Shop 8, Centrepoint, Canberra City MD0207

General bookings on Mothers Day receive 10%off

(Diagonally opposite the merry-go-round)

6247 4855

oeg co

CityNews April 30-May 6  13

Mother’s Day, May 10

Experience the softness of possum and merino wool blend this winter.

It’s a wrap BUYING warm winter clothes is a thoughtful gift which will help keep mum warm over winter, says Andrew Cox at Cassidy’s, Jamison Plaza. He says Cassidy’s is offering warm coats made from possum and NZ merino fibres – “one of the softest fibres around” – as well as gloves and hats. “A gift like this is something that’s personal to mum, so get her out of the kitchen and looking good!” For more information call 6295 7280 (Kingston) or 6251 1911 (Jamison).


Cassidys 23 Kennedy Street, Kingston Jamison Plaza, Macquarie

BUSY mums often don’t have the time to pamper themselves, so the gift of hair care products or a styling session can be greatly appreciated, says Benjamin Ramstrom, salon manager at Numero Uno Hair Studio at Karabar. “If she wants a blender, she’ll get it herself!” Benjamin says. “Mums need to be pampered: they’re so often neglected during the year, and I think every day should be Mother’s Day in that we need to look after our mums every day. “Mums are juggling work, kids, the house – everyone’s different, but busy, yummy mummies often need low-

maintenance hairstyles that can be styled easily and quickly, with minimal fuss, and still look great.” Numero Uno is offering hair care gift packs as well as its usual range of hair-pampering services for Mother’s Day. For more information call 6299 5777.

BLUEBELLS Florist at Jamison Plaza is offering special blooms for Mother’s Day, plus a new range of boxes and fashion ribbons to make mum’s day, says floral artist Gloria Jones. Flowers are a wonderful choice for Mother’s Day not just because they’re traditional, but also because mum so rarely gets this sort of token of affection, Gloria says. “I think every mum deserves flowers!” says Gloria. “They’re a very special way to say ‘I love you’.” The award-winning Bluebells specialises in tailoring bouquets to individual clients. For more information call 6251 7799.

Win! Win! Win! “CityNews” has 10 double passes to the opening night of ‘Breast Wishes’,Canberra Theatre, Wednesday, May 27.

Entries to

Competition closes midday Monday, May 18. Winners announced in “CityNews” in the edition of May 21.

Treat Mum Like Numero Uno!

Bring Mum into Numero Uno Hair Salon and with any full colour, receive 6 FREE foils from our Autumn range colours. *conditions apply. Please see in store.

Open 7 days


Numero Uno Hair Studio - [02] 6299 5777 | Shop 4/34 Queenbar Rd | Karabar Mall | Karabar |

all about Bluebells


The gift of flowers for your mum.

14  CityNews April 30-May 6

Pamper time for a busy mum

Beautiful blooms

Telephone: 6295 7280 Telephone: 6251 1911

Florist at Jamison Plaza, Macquarie 02 6251 7799

advertising feature

Spoil mum this


Mothers Day


all natural stuff

6162 4985 Lusicious Liquids assorted skin therapy $30.00. Hemp organics natural organic lip tints $13.99.

Icebreaker fine merino cami + undies $59.95 + $34.95.

6248 5658 6249 7364

Janine’s has all flower needs covered for mum this mother’s day.

Teds Mothers Day gift pack from $200 to $500.

Exotic threads come to Canberra

Ian Phillips and Sally Adair… “At a time when retail is dominated by large chains in homogenous shopping malls, our little place is a breath of fresh air,” says Ian.

“WE’RE an unusual scenario in modern retail,” says Ian Phillips, who with partner Sally Adair, has just opened “LOOM – Exotic Threads” in Bailey’s Corner Arcade. Ten-year veterans of markets and festivals, their shop offers the same type of garments and goods Ian and Sally have, for some time, been sourcing from small, often family or villagebased businesses in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Burma. “Our business is based on the fascination we have for the traditions, lifestyles and handiwork still existing there,” says Ian, who wants to offer Canberrans an alternative to the usual mass-produced garments on the fashion market. “What these people do is almost a reection of a bygone era – but they’re still doing it.

“The fabrics and textiles are natural and earthy, traditionally manufactured on a small scale.” LOOM uses fair trade principles and will send ve per cent of its prots back to the villages from which its products and textiles are sourced, including to assist minority groups in Burma and Thailand. Ian and Sally offer garments they have designed in handloomed cotton and silk, silk scarves which Sally dyes herself, a range of textiles and hand-beaten silver tribal jewellery. “At a time when retail is dominated by large chains in homogenous shopping malls, our little place is a breath of fresh air,” Ian says. For more information call 0404 636 999.


6249 7891 DK Collection Dress $69.95


6248 7032

6162 1638

Emu Australia $69.90

Handmade gemstone/pearl necklace $129.00. Handbag $29.00. Mother of shell ring $35.00

Original Ugg Australia $89.90

- 143 London Circuit, Civic. Cnr London Circuit and East Row (bus interchange)-

Mother’s Day, May 10


The best of Bailey’s

Stylist - Contemporary

BAILEY’S Corner has a host of options available for Mother’s Day gifts: from jewellery at April Collections, and AJ Watchmaker to clothes at dk Collection, Mooble and newly opened LOOM – Exotic Threads. There’s also the chance to create and frame precious memories at Ted’s Cameras, and the opportunity to spoil mum with a beauty treatment at the Avida Aesthetic and Wellness Centre – or take her to lunch at Tosolini’s.


Tosolini’s… Spaghetti Alla Marinara.


0262950221 0262953025 botanics@interora www.botanics


OPEN FOR BUSINESS From Tuesday 28th April 2009

We stock all your colour and hairdressing supplies including a full range of Eco Friendly Professional basin and retail products: UÊÊLK - Low Ammonia permanent tint, 100% grey coverage, 107 shades of vibrant fashion colours UÊDOUS - Demi colour UÊABBA - True Shape Acid Wave UÊMASTEY, ABBA, PLAY, TOPCARE, SCULTURE UÊÊFull range of Sulphate, Paraben and Oil Free shampoos, treatments, and styling products and an Australian owned and made haircare range PLAY PLUS a comprehensive range of competitively priced DEVELOPERS, BLEACH, PERMS, BASIN PRODUCTS, BRUSHES, ACCESSORIES, and much more ...


Shop 1, 80-82 Newcastle St, Fyshwick, NSW 2609

P: 02 6162 1645 F: 02 6162 1658 Trading Hours: Mon - Fri 9am to 5pm

Mother of shell ring, $35, from April Collections.

Spoil mum with a beauty treatment at the Avida Aesthetic and Wellness Centre.

Turn mum’s head “Mother’s Day is a reminder for all of us just how important our mum is,” says Skye Macfarlane, technical consultant at the new Ruby Hair Depot in Fyshwick. “She deserves to feel special on Mother’s Day, so pamper your mum with a beautiful hair-care pack.” Ruby Hair Depot is offering savings of up to 30 per cent on some of its products – for example, buy a 300ml Play shampoo and

conditioner and receive a free Play styling product. Ruby offers low-ammonia and no-ammonia hair colour, and haircare products free from many chemicals, including the Mastey, ABBA, Topcare and Sculture, and Play Hair Care. “Globally there is a move towards products that are not only environmentally friendly, but user friendly,” says Skye. For more information call 6162 1645.

Great excuse to spend time together TAKING mum out to lunch or dinner is a wonderful way to show we care, says Reddy Manne, owner of Blu Ginger Indian restaurant, Canberra City. “Mother’s Day is a great excuse to take mum out and spend some time with her,” he says. “Mother’s Day should be about enjoyment and happiness, about being together. A good meal and making the time to spend as a family is something that you remember for a long time – it makes a memorable occasion.” For more information call 6247 2228.

16  CityNews April 30-May 6

7 OP

E L Di un N nn ch er 11 5- -3 la te SK0346


ATO 2 | 5 Genge Street | Canberra City

6247 2228


After 10 years of success in Sydney, Blu Ginger is now opened in Canberra. With a chef of 35 years experience, the dishes use only fresh local produce & authentic Indian spices to combine tradition with a modern twist.


We make simple dinners into a great experience

advertising feature Perfect pearls

FLOWERS always bring a smile to the recipient’s face, says Juliana Genner, owner of Botanics on Jardine in Kingston. “A beautiful bouquet brings a touch of brightness to the home, as well as a touch of nature,” she says. Juliana says the studio offers mums and their loved ones a range of blooms from the traditional to what she calls “edgy”, for modern mums. There’s also potted plants and arrangements to order. For more information call 6295 0721.

´ Day Mothers Party in the Park K E < M <  =I<< JLE;8P('D8P ((8DÆ*GD >c\Y\GXib#:`kp š:\c\YiXk\n`k_^i\Xk c`m\dlj`ZXe[\ek\ikX`ed\ek š8998ki`Ylk\j_fn š:fdg\k`k`fejXe[^`m\XnXpj]fidld š<oZ`k`e^i`[\j#XZk`m`k`\jXe[gfe`\j šDXib\kjkXccj#gXdg\i`e^dXjjX^\Xe[dfi\



The gift of flowers

“PEARLS make a great gift for mums of all ages: necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings are special gifts that allow children to show special, loving thoughts for their mothers,” says Jane Brown, of Jane Brown Pearls in Yarralumla. Jane Brown Pearls is offering 25 per cent off prices as a Mother’s Day special. “A gift for your mum allows you to acknowledge all those times she has put you first – jewellery is ideal because it reflects the personal relationship. “A toaster might be useful, but it will never convey the warmth of feeling in the way a carefully chosen piece of jewellery does.” Contemporary pearl designs are versatile, she says: “They team well with casual day outfits, corporate clothing or more formal evening dresses. We also have beautiful Cambodian silk scarves and wraps in a stunning range of colours.” For more information call 0417 287563.


Let mum relax TREATING mum to a meal at BG Skyline Restaurant is a wonderful way to celebrate Mother’s Day, says Brad Coelho, food and beverage manager at the Rydges Lakeside Hotel. “We shouldn’t expect mum to cook at home on Mother’s Day – instead, take her out for a traditional-style buffet,” Brad suggests. BG’s is putting on a special menu that includes pure Australian Angus roast beef, chillied king prawns and South Coast oysters, a trio of home-made salads and decadent desserts plus hand-made chocolates. Dining is child-friendly, Brad says, and the hotel will be providing kits to keep kids busy while mum enjoys her lunch. For more information call 6247 6244.

mother’s day sale 25% off all jewellery

Starts Saturday 2 May 2009 every day through to Saturday 9 May 2009 | 10am – 4pm (Other times by appointment)

Unit 4, 23 Bentham St Yarralumla (up the stairs next to the IGA Supermarket)

Phone 0417 287 563 |

CityNews April 30-May 6  17


Daren’s decade at the helm

Chairman’s Dinner Banquet $39.50 per person

(minimum of 4 people to maximum of 30)


NEXT month Daren Tetley celebrates 10 years as the chef at a restaurant that sits in peaceful, pretty Grevillea Park with breathtaking views of Lake Burley Griffin. He admits he never tires of the scenery at the Boat House by the Lake – during the day when the black swans visit or at night, when the lights of the buildings on the opposite shores flicker on the water. Daren, who has also worked at the Hyatt, Parliament House and in Hong Kong, is in charge of a kitchen with no less than 14 staff and he’s honoured that, in an industry notorious for staff shuffling, he has had his executive chef, Robert Smith, for eight years and his executive sous chef, Adam Tait, for seven years. The cuisine is modern Australian. Entrees are $27, mains $38, desserts $20 and the cheese plate $25. It took ages to order, not only because we were relaxing over a wonderful Mount Majura Pinot Gris, one of the many local wines The Boat House offers (by bottle and glass), but because we could not decide which interesting dish to order. We savoured the complimentary cauliflower and truffle soup with crispy ham and the freshly baked rosemary bread with hazelnut, coriander, cumin and sesame seed dukka, mixed with superb Preston Valley (WA) olive oil – a tremendous start.


Seasonal fish of the day Chairman’s curry lamb Pork chop’s with red dates, ginseng & honey Sesame crusted chicken with star anise infused soy Side of seasonal vegetables Coffee or tea *conditions apply

The Chairman & Yip Trading hours Lunch: Tuesdays to Fridays 12.00pm to 2.30pm Dinner: Monday to Saturday 6pm to 10.30pm Fully liscensed and BYO bottled wines only ($8 per bottle) 108 Bunda St | Civic, Canberra ACT 2601 | p (02) 6248 7109

Win! Win! Win! “CityNews” has 10 double passes to the opening night of ‘Breast Wishes’,Canberra Theatre, Wednesday, May 27.

Entries to

Competition closes midday Monday, May 18. Winners announced in “CityNews” in the edition of May 21.

up to

Food with a view… Rare roasted kangaroo loin (left) and Kobe Wagyu beef tartare. Photo by Silas. Just like the views, the entrees took our breath away. The Kobe Wagyu beef tartare with thin and crispy vinegar pomme frites and warm eschalot jam was exciting. The Hervey Bay scallops wrapped in a blanket of butter puff pastry and served with Veuve Clicquot Champagne cream was rich, but a winner. We agreed our mains weren’t as exciting. I loved the idea of seared tuna on green bean, olive, minted new potato salad, with anchovy and quail egg mayonnaise – an artistic take on salad Nicoise. But my tuna was overcooked and dry. The Victorian organic La Ionica chicken and pancetta roulade looked lovely, but it too was a bit dry and the Manuka honey roasted figs were overpowering.

unique off-site experiences

The beautifully-appointed centre provides a dining capacity for 700 guests, award-winning catering, a range of unique off-site experiences, state-of-theart technology, multi-room configurations, more than 30 years industry experience and free, undercover parking.

Anna extends a special invitation to all new and current clients to join her at her new location in Yarralumla Anna is dressed by Soho

Whether you are planning a conference, wedding or major event, the new Southern Cross Events Centre boasts the perfect ingredients for a successful and memorable experience.


15 Bentham St Yarralumla 6282 0718

Now Offering ProWave Hair Removal

To make your next event a successful one, contact our functions sales team now:

SAFE, FAST & COMFORTABLE Effective for all skin types. Large areas such as women’s legs and mens backs are treated quickly and safely. Complementary consultations and attractive packages available for March and April. Fully trained medical and nursing staff perform all treatments.

6283 7200

southern cross events centre

18  CityNews April 30-May 6

Open Monday-Friday for lunch and Monday-Saturday for dinner, Grevillea Park call 6273 5500.

Urban Hair is proud to welcome the very talented Anna to the team

seating capacity

successful event

It was inevitable we were going to indulge by sharing a dessert. The Valhrona dark chocolate and blueberry fondant with raspberry coulis and mint cream was out of this world and as rich as a multi-millionaire. The Boat House’s degustation menu is $85 without wines or $125 with (more than 200 wines are in the cellar). And the menu, which Daren designs by brainstorming with staff, is soon changing for autumn. The restaurant is a divine place to hold a function, including for groups as large as 400. No wonder Daren needs such a huge kitchen brigade.


Citrus honey prawns Sesame spiced mushrooms with wasabi oil Confit of pork belly with cabernet vinaigrette

By Wendy Johnson

Canberra Cosmetic Medicine Centre

Pearl™ skin perfect )(),8^inCZlh69#^cYY*

6288 1933

Dr Peter Gibson MBBS, Cosmetic Physician, 20 years experience in Cosmetic Medicine *$($%.'/%)/*&EB





PHONE 6247 2644

First time in Canberra

Napoleon pamper-me day Join in on our fun lessons, guided by a Napoleon academy trainer.

3hr lesson $220 - 5hr lesson $500

Chateau Baby shorts and camisole, $85.

Enchanted Garden playsuit, $70.

Enchanted Garden bra and underwear, $80.

“When it comes to nightwear, I want to offer something that’s a bit different, and these pieces are meant to be seen,” says Canberra designer Emma Knieriem at the fashion parade for her “Chateau Baby” collection. Emma, who graduated from CIT two years ago, says she’s passionate about lingerie and nightwear, and is on a mission to get Australian girls out of our “daggy pyjamas”. “Mine are the sort of sleepwear you won’t be embarrassed to be seen in. A lot of

what’s on the market is very obviously sleepwear, and not designed to look good. “As for lingerie, if you’re wearing a low-cut, the top part of your bra could be visible – so it should be a good one!” Emma says she’s chosen to focus on lingerie and sleepwear/playwear because she enjoys designing and making small, beautiful things. “Lingerie pieces are small, but you can do a lot with them – it’s like working in miniature.” Emma manufactures many

of the pieces herself by hand, while half the work is outsourced overseas. The parade, at Meche Nightclub, featured pieces from “Chateau Baby” as well as Emma’s previous collection, “The Enchanted Garden”.

MS1049-V8 ML0070

All cost is redeemable in Napoleon product. Phone Narelle 6251 2681.

Bentley’s of Canberra Jamison Plaza 6251 2681 and Garran Shops 6281 4339 | Beauty Bar Jamison Plaza 6253 4488

Emma K underwear and bras, as well as the “Chateau Baby” collection, are available from Benedict House at Queanbeyan, and the “Chateau Baby” collection from Emma’s website,

Not meant to be wheezy smoke, so it was totally unexpected,” Claire said. Asthma is generally not formally diagnosed until two years of age. Connor had his first written plan created for him at that age. World Asthma Day, on Tuesday, May 5, will feature a theme of “You can control your asthma”, and the Asthma Foundation recommends all sufferers and parents of sufferers talk to their doctor about their illness. While 94 per cent of parents see asthma as a serious childhood illness, only 33 per cent of parents of children with asthma have a written asthma action plan, according to a survey by Dyson and “This is a good time to talk to our doctors about getting a written asthma action plan, given that we’re coming into one of the peak seasons for asthma attacks, which is the flu season,” Robin Ould, CEO of the Asthma Foundation, told “CityNews”. Allergens such as pollen and grasses are a trigger for many asthma sufferers, including Connor Malouf. More triggers include cold air, exertion, smoke and dust mites.

Whether you want to combat the signs of aging with facial cosmetic surgery, enhance your breasts, refine your shape with body contouring, remove an unsightly mole or rejuvenate your look with nonsurgical procedures, trust the experience and results of Canberra Cosmetic Surgery.

Led by Dr. Robert Drielsma, with over 20 years experience, Canberra Cosmetic surgery is setting the standard in personalised service and natural results.

Its your body, be selective. 6282 6588


By Megan Haggan HAVING a written asthma action plan for her 2½-year-old son, Connor Malouf, goes a long way towards giving busy Macquarie mum Claire Howell peace of mind, especially when her son is being cared for by others. “It provides a bit of certainty for us in terms of what to do when he has an attack,” Claire told “CityNews”. “Connor is often babysat by his grandparents, so if anything happens while we’re away, they’re immediately able to see what to do.” Connor’s child-care provider also has a copy of the plan. “I think for a lot of child-care workers there’s an element of anxiousness about what to do in the event of a child having an attack, so a plan gives them a bit of an anchor in terms of how they should proceed,” Claire said. Connor has been in hospital several times for his asthma attacks, including the initial attack at nine months of age. “We didn’t know what it was – neither my husband nor I suffer from asthma, and we don’t

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Pro-Fit Health Club t - 02 6230 7893 e -


GETTING fit isn’t without its hurdles. Going to the gym for the first time – or the first time in years – can be daunting, and not only for those who are overweight or obese. “It takes a lot of guts to come to a gym, especially if someone hasn’t been near one before,” says Lela Giampaolo, co-owner of Elite Physique in Phillip. “For example, a lot of people have the idea that you have to look a certain way before you can go to the gym. That’s an intimidating thought that puts a lot of people off, because they feel that they don’t look the part.” Lela says that instead of just utilising the machines or classes we’re most familiar Lela Giampaolo and her brother-in-law Joe (Billy) Giampaolo… “It takes a lot of guts with, it’s important to be assessed by a to come to a gym,” she says. personal trainer to get the most out of a gym membership, as there may be gaps in gym, it takes a few adjustments to get a ple not to get sedentary in winter and just go our knowledge of our own fitness. fitness program working well. from the heated office to in front of the TV!” Even if we are returning to the gym from Concentrating only on weight lifting, for Those who can’t bear the thought of dosome time away, our fitness needs may example, neglects cardiovascular health. ing anything but relaxing after a hard day have changed, particularly if the hiatus was “Cardio is an important part of anyone’s at the office could benefit from a morning a long one. exercise program. It assists in toning and in session, Lela says. “When we as a family were discussing our late 30s and early 40s it’s very useful in “They say working out first thing in the opening a gym, I brought up my experipreventing osteoporosis; it’s important for morning is the best time, because not only ence as a female – so many of us will walk the health of the heart and lungs.” is it out of the way for the day, but it’s in and do a class, and perhaps jump on the Women are also often concerned that they when your body’s most receptive to burntreadmill,” Lela says. will become visibly very muscular, which Lela ing fuel and boosting its metabolism.” “But that’s all a lot of us do, because we says is not the case unless it’s a specific aim. It’s also good for boosting mental clarity just don’t feel comfortable doing anything Lela warns us not to let the time-off year and alertness at the office, she says. else. We don’t feel that we know how to turn us off getting fit – even though it’s “You’ll never regret going to the gym, use the machines properly.” very easy not to want to go anywhere after even when you’re busy or don’t feel like This is one reason why one-on-one time work when it’s dark and cold outside. going – when your workout is over, you with a trainer is also essential. “In fact, winter’s a good time to go, leave feeling good about yourself. Lela says that in many cases, including because you’ll step into spring looking and “We’re all busy people. Going to the gym her own when she first started going to a feeling fantastic. We want to encourage peo- is an investment in your health.”

Active kids are healthy kids


Offer applies Jun, Jul, Aug *conditions apply

Friday 15 May 2009

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Cnr Botany & Townshend St | PHILLIP ACT 2606 P | 02 6281 6999



By Megan Haggan MYTHS abound about influenza – and one of the biggest is that it’s possible to contract the illness from the vaccine, according to Dr Ian Barr, deputy director of the World Health Organization Collaborative Centre on Influenza, in Melbourne. “Because it’s a dead vaccine – it’s chemically inactive,” Dr Barr told “CityNews”. A few people may develop mild symptoms (as a reaction to one of the vaccine’s components) which may appear somewhat similar to cold symptoms, he said, but these aren’t actually a dose of the flu. “There might be a bit of fever and nausea, but without the cough, blinding headaches and muscle pain,” Dr Barr said. “If you look at the clinical trials, the most prominent symptom from the vaccine is a sore arm, which usually disappears after 24 to 48 hours.” The influenza vaccine is updated every year, because different “strains” or types of flu are prevalent from year to year. Some people will contract a different strain to that contained in the vaccine. “I think a lot of people focus on whether there’s an absolute match or not; but the point is that you still get a level of protection,” Dr Barr said. “This means that even if you catch the flu, you’ll get much milder clinical symptoms than you otherwise would have had.”

ficiency is a little lower in the very elderly. The National Health and Medical Research Council recommends that several groups of people be vaccinated against flu, including all people aged 65 and over; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 15 and over, health workers and people with chronic diseases and those in long-term care facilities. Children may also benefit – the WA Government is offering free vaccination to children aged six months to five years, while in NSW a trial of vaccinating children in child care is taking place. “Early indications from WA are very posiDr Ian Barr… “It’s impossible to get an tive in terms of protecting kids and keeping influenza infection from the vaccine.” them out of hospital, which is really good Given the flu’s symptoms are generally news,” Dr Barr said. much more severe than those of the common Children are very good at spreading colds cold, this is beneficial, he said. and flu, he said. This is another myth about the flu: it’s often “Certainly, one of the things shown to be wrongly confused with the usually much effective in some situations, to wind back an milder common cold. epidemic, is to close schools!” A cold has a slower onset (the flu usually Dr Barr said that cold temperatures do, appears suddenly) and is less likely to cause in fact, have some role to play in the spread complications such as pneumonia. of the flu virus: “People spend more time Colds generally cause sore throats, coughs together indoors in winter, the relative and a blocked or runny nose, while the flu’s humidity level is friendly to the virus and the symptoms include fever, muscle and joint virus survives better in cold temperatures, aches and pains and fatigue. so hopefully that doesn’t mean Canberra has The vaccine is 80 to 90 per cent effective a longer flu season than everywhere else in in healthy adults, Dr Barr said, though its efAustralia.”

Leichhardt St, Kingston 61621990


Fighting the myths of flu

Life Personal Fitness is a small studio which combines a great training environment with friendly, experienced staff. We provide Personal Training, Pilates Training and Remedial Massage. It’s a place to get fit and stay fit.

Health & Fitness is a new fortnightly guide to getting fit and staying healthy Advertising enquiries to Melissa Delfino on 6262 9100 or

Boomers keep fitter than Gen-Y women in their 20s were the worst culprits: on average, they spent just over 15 minutes a day exercising. Health authorities recommend a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity on most days to maintain a healthy weight. Most retirees managed this amount of exercise. Having more leisure time later in life in which to exercise may be a factor, Associate Professor Allman-Farinelli said. “Many have come across a chronic illness at this stage in their lives and look to taking positive steps against them, whereas the young are ‘invincible’ and time-poor, especially when they are at the age with young children. “Clearly Generation Y needs to lift its game.” Nearly 38 per cent of Australians aged 18 to 24 were overweight or obese, she said.

Associate professor Margaret Allman-Farinelli… “Generation Y needs to lift its game.”


GENERATION Y are not only exercising less than the baby boomers were at their age – they’re getting less exercise than the boomers are now. A cross-generational study which compared the time and energy spent on physical activity across age groups found that men and women in their 20s are also becoming overweight earlier in their lives. “Younger Australians are living increasingly more sedentary lifestyles than their predecessors, with less time spent in physical exercise than people of retirement age,” said associate professor in clinical nutrition and dietetics, Margaret Allman-Farinelli, from the School of Molecular and Microbial Biosciences at the University of Sydney. Gen-Y men and women were both spending less leisure time on physical activity, but

CityNews April 30-May 6  21

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Standard Form of Agreement, 24-month contract and one-off connection fee of $15.95 per SIM apply. Early cancellation fees apply. All prices are GST inclusive. Free handsets are subject to change and available to new and non-contracted customers with selected Cap plans. Minimum total cost over 24 months for Cap19: $471.95, Cap29: $711.95 and Cap39: $951.95. *Minimum monthly fee applies even if full credit value is not used. †All unused credit is forfeited and cannot be rolled over. Once monthly credit is used normal call rates apply. ‡Free flight offer entitles eligible customers to a single economy class return flight by redemption from selected departure airports only. Flights are subject to promotional availability. The offer can only be redeemed by the account holder and is limited to Australian residents aged 18 and over. The flight redemption process is managed by TLC Marketing and in order to successfully redeem the free flight the redemption process must be strictly adhered to. For full terms and conditions visit TransACT Capital Communications Pty Ltd ABN 23 093 966 888.

TAURUS (Apr 21 – May 20) Taureans are fabulous flirters and this week, with the full moon stimulating your relationship zone, it’s time to give those charisma muscles a workout as you radiate your sensual charms far and wide. Want more love and success in your life? Flutter those eyelashes [or flex those biceps] and you shall receive!

GEMINI (May 21 – June 21) You’re never short of lightning flashes of inspiration but you can fall short in the execution department. This week, as Mercury starts moving backwards through your sign, it’s time to finally finish long-standing projects and tie up loose ends. No excuses Gemini - what are you waiting for?

CANCER (June 22 – July 22) Pace yourself Cancer. If you can, avoid making important decisions as you’re liable to make choices based purely on your emotions, which are fluctuating wildly under this week’s full moonbeams. You’ll need to be super organised, otherwise there could be problems balancing your work and relationship responsibilities.

LEO (July 23 – Aug 22) This weekend is not the best time to host a jolly family reunion or bring up sensitive old family issues. The full moon falls in your home zone, so be on domestic drama alert. Confiscate all sharp implements and choose your words carefully, as loved ones are liable to make mountains out of molehills.

1 Which Circle is near the North Pole? 8 To be tepid is to be what? 9 To which animal family do oxen belong? 10 What are instructions as to policy given to the legislature by elections at polls? 11 Which pointed instrument is essential to a dressmaker? 13 What relates to that part of the road, closer to the footpath? 16 Name a crystallised purplish quartz, used in jewellery. 19 What is a person from whom a place, etc, takes its name? 22 What are schizomycetes? 24 Which medicines invigorate and strengthen us? 25 To be motionless is to be what? 26 What is something quite uncommon?

DOWN 2 Which river flows from the Swiss Alps to the Mediterranean? 2


LIBRA (Sept 23 – Oct 23) Have you been shopping up a storm when you should have been saving or paying off debt? If the answer is ‘yes’, then there could be some drama this week involving money and marriage [or money and family members]. For Librans who are more financially responsible, expect a burgeoning business endeavor to blossom and move ahead.

SCORPIO (Oct 24 – Nov 21)

A full moon doesn’t usually throw you Sagittarius! You love the rush of energy it brings so use it to shine a spotlight on your hidden strengths and secret dreams for the future. You could hear some startling news this week that will make your ears burn, but think twice before you pass it on.

PISCES (Feb 19 – Mar 20) With the full moon in your adventure zone, it’s time to channel the intrepid explorer within and plan a weekend escape or overseas getaway – somewhere you’ve never been before. Your motto for this week is from fellow Piscean, Dr Seuss “You’re off to great places, today is your day. Your mountain is waiting – so get on your way!” Copyright Joanne Madeline Moore 2009


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Sudoku hard No. 005

Solution next week

3 1 7 6 9 3 8


7 1 4 4 5 3

9 1





5 7


Solution Crossword © Auspac MediaNo.208 P A C L E T T U C A O L C A L I P H A L R R I D I M I T Y I B A N S H E L U O I N T E R I N E S D E S S E R




Solar Panels



This week you’ll be given the opportunity to turn a cow’s ear into a silk purse – one of your specialties. And so your motto for the next seven days is courtesy of birthday great Harry Truman [born May 8] “A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities and an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties.”

Your unpredictable ways will be very predictable this week Aquarius [especially at work] as the full moon boosts your temperamental tendencies. Rebellious? Eccentric? Contrary? Pushing everyone’s buttons for your own personal amusement? A big yes to all the above!



CAPRICORN (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

AQUARIUS (Jan 20 – Feb 18)



Things will be pretty full-on at casa Scorpio this week as your annual full moon increases your magnetism – and your tendency to brooding, obsessive behavior. So you’ll need to find appropriate ways to let off steam, and challenging projects to channel all your intense energy into.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

Solution next week


VIRGO (Aug 23 – Sept 22) Villa Virgo is usually a place where efficiency reigns, routine is revered, and surprises are unwelcome. This week [courtesy of the full moon and Mercury going retro] you’ll find that life’s complicated, relationships are unpredictable, and the rules are constantly changing. Time to move out of your comfort zone and don’t always play it safe!

3 Name a Chinese secret organisation, often involved in criminal activities. 4 What is mercy, especially as shown towards an enemy? 5 What is another word for a pelt? 6 When one perspires, one does what? 7 One who is on good terms with another is called a what? 12 Name the southernmost of the five Great Lakes. 14 What is an echidna? 15 Which metallic element has the Symbol Fe? 17 What are poisonous germs infecting the atmosphere? 18 What is an outdoor military pageant? 20 One who possesses something is called its what? 21 Which sailing vessel is used for private cruising, etc? 23 Name a means of transportation.



No. 209


Solution Sudoku med No. 005 3 2 4 5 6 1 7 9 8

1 6 9 4 7 8 3 2 5

7 8 5 9 3 2 4 1 6

8 4 6 2 9 7 1 5 3

2 5 3 8 1 6 9 7 4

9 7 1 3 4 5 8 6 2

4 1 8 6 2 9 5 3 7

5 9 2 7 8 3 6 4 1

6 3 7 1 5 4 2 8 9

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ARIES Mar 21 – Apr 20 Saturday’s full moon takes your fiery intensity up a notch [or two] but try not to get into super intense [or aggressive] mode. Turn off your motor and cool your heels, otherwise you risk Aries burn-out [not a pretty sight!] It’s time to lay down arms and build bridges with loved ones.

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Affordable houses at Forde PBS Homes has released six house-andland packages at Forde Estate, ranging in price from $499,000 to $599,000. Each home also includes ducted heating and landscaping to the front garden. Positioned in quiet, family friendly streets, the home packages offer privacy and safety. Blocks range in size from 465sqm-583sqm, all within walking distance of the village heart with planned specialty shops and restaurants and 40 hectares of parks, ponds, cycle trails and open space. The four-bedroom homes maximise space and light with an open-plan kitchen and generous living areas that are designed for entertaining and the modern designs combine style and practicality. Each house-and-land package includes: • Four bedrooms • Two separate living zones • Ducted heating • Landscaping to front yards • Double garage and internal access • Fencing • Concrete driveway • 5000 litre rainwater tank • Downlights to all living areas

Address: Forde Estate. Price: $499,000-$599,000. Agent: Sasha Trpkovski, of PBS Property Group, on 0418 555594 or 6101 9888.

A garden in the sky

Commercial Property Asset Management Diploma – 3 Day course When: 26 May, 2 June and 9 June Time: 8am to 5pm Venue: Minter Ellison Lawyers, Level 3, 25 National Circuit, Forrest Proudly sponsored by: Minter Ellison Lawyers

Division Lunch Speakers: Jon Stanhope MLA, ACT Chief Minister, Katy Gallagher MLA, ACT Deputy Chief Minister When: Thursday 11 June Time: 12pm to 2pm Venue: Hotel Realm, Barton

Property Council of Australia (ACT) Awards Night and Gala Ball

For more information on upcoming events, membership or sponsorship opportunities, please contact Antoinette Perera on 02 6248 6902 or email


Theme: A Bollywood Affair When: Friday 7 August Time: 7:00pm Venue: National Convention Centre Proudly sponsored by St Hilliers

THE ApARTments project at Acton in Canberra will feature a $2million-plus, 1700sqm “park in the sky” for residents when the development is complete in 2010. Canberra’s “park in the sky” is perched four stories high and will have commanding views over the city. Developer, Nectar Efkarpidis, managing director of Molonglo Group, said: “I was in New York and I saw a disused railway threestoreys up that they had converted into a sculpture park (High Line in New York) – this really inspired the idea. “People living in urban environments don’t just want to look out their window and see a concrete slab,” he said. “It provides residents with a very lush green space, with barbeque areas, quirky seating, and breakout spaces. “We thought it was much more appealing for people living in Canberra to have a ‘park in the sky’ instead of a pool which are underused and have high body corporate fees. We wanted to give buyers a level of offering which goes beyond the ordinary.” Designed by Roger Jasprizza and Bob Earle, from Oculus – the garden podium will

An artist’s impression of the planned “park in the sky”… inspired by a New York moment. feature up to 40 species of exotic and native plants from hydrangea to Mexican orange blossom. “We wanted to create a very warm material pallet, stretching from the furniture to the plant material and paving. It’s a large project, but it’s also intimate,” said Mr Jasprizza.

for more information on DELUXE•HOMES visit our website at or phone 0418 632216 24  CityNews April 30-May 6


By Catherine Carter

With a little help FEDERAL Labor Senator Nick Sherry believes property is a big part of the current “immense economic and environmental challenges facing Australia” and could provide significant economic stimulus with a little help. In a speech to the Property Council in Tasmania, the Minister for Superannuation and Corporate Law said he believed the twin challenges facing Australia – climate change and the global economic crisis – contain the seeds of great opportunity. “We have never had a better opportunity, nor a higher need, to address the shortcomings of the past, and develop an economy and society that prepares us for the future and, importantly, that remains sustainable and stable into the future,” he said. “And at the heart of both solutions will lay our business and corporate sectors.” The $42 billion Nation Building Plan is part of the Rudd Government’s strategy for strengthening the Australian economy and buffering it from the full impact of the economic crisis. It joins other initiatives, which include the $15.2 billion COAG National Reform Package and the $4.7 billion infrastructure package for investment in road, rail, and education infrastructure, as well as tax breaks for Australian businesses. According to Senator Sherry, Treasury estimates that the Nation Building Plan will support up to 90,000 jobs in 2008-09 and 2009-10, creating economic growth of around 0.5 per cent of GDP in 2008-09, and around 0.75 per cent to one per cent of GDP in 2009-10. The plan, he said blends long-and short-term goals. “In fact, for every $1 spent providing immediate stimulus to the economy, the Government has invested more than $2 on longterm investments that will generate future economic growth,” he said. These initiatives are certainly welcome, and necessary as Australia faces another year of worldwide economic uncertainty. “Without action,” he said, “Treasury predicts that a combination of weak demand and tight credit conditions could see up to 50,000 people lose their jobs, with further flow-on effects to other parts of the economy.” Catherine Carter is the executive director of the Property Council of Australia (ACT).

CityNews April 30-May 6â&#x20AC;&#x192; 25

You should be saving money on your variable mortgage repayments each month because of lowering interest rates.

But, if you have your mortgage with Macquarie Bank, RAMS (RHG), Virgin Money, GE, Yes Home Loans or Maxis, then interest rate cuts may not have been passed on to you. Clarity Home Loans is Canberra’s home finance expert and will take the time to carefully examine your circumstances and work with you in finding the most suitable mortgage. With just a quick 5 minute obligation-free phone call to our office, you could be saving thousands of dollars.

We’ll look after your best interests. Call 6209 1990 now.


Mortgage Provider of the Year

26  CityNews April 30-May 6


NEW Murrumbateman Land Subdivision offering SOLD


Quality Lot remaining






The smart, affordable lifestyle choice • • •

Follow Agency directional signage from Barton Highway at Murrumbateman Village


0pm 3 . SOLD 3 30-




Building Blocks range from 6045 square metres to 8683 square metres House & Land packages available from leading NSW builder Masterton Homes Land prices start from $199,000

House & Land Packages available



sold sold

sold sold




sold sold


Anne Williams 0418 207291 * Glyn Williams 0418 975343

You will be impressed with this attractive rural location, its convenience, its easy commute and with Historic Yass town on your doorstep. Ready to build on, fully fenced building blocks range from 6 acres to 21 acres (2.6 ha to 8.8 ha), underground power, dam or bore to each building block, Telstra Smart Community, Council domestic & recycle collection, efcient mail delivery. If you are looking to live on country acreage without sacricing the conveniences, this is the place to be. Manton Park building block prices start from $205,000. Follow Agency directional signage from Barton Hwy @ Yass roundabout, right into Yass Valley Way

PRICE: from $205,000

Appointments available all weekend.

HOME SALES CityNews April 30-May 6  27 Cheryl O’Brien 0423 201184



f O’Connor | O’Connor’s Finest


5 bed | 2 bath | 2 car

6 LILEY STREET - Architecturally designed to combine state-of-the-art aesthetics with luxury family efficiency, this impressive new residence presents a relaxed lifestyle of enduring substance that is perfect for the discerning family that demands quality living. Created as a unique family sanctuary, the sprawling living spaces, lined with marble and timber flooring together with the cathedral ceiling that frames the expansive family room offer a strong sense of style combined with sun-lit alfresco areas ideal for entertaining. This magnificent home features 5 large bedrooms, master bedroom segregated with a spa ensuite, separate formal lounge and dining rooms, state of the art kitchen, family and meals rooms, rumpus/games room, customised home theatre or second rumpus room and a designer bathroom and powder room. This beautiful residence, with a central sought after locale, combine effortlessly to create a harmonious balance of timeless luxury and relaxed lifestyle experience with perfect comfort and privacy. EER 5. Open: Contact Maria for viewing times Tender: Closes 5pm, Thursday 21st May

f Maria Selleck 0417 258 803

Aranda| Location, Location - With Views!

Nicholls | Outstanding Home

By Negotiation

5 bed | 2 bath | 2 car

86 McCLELLAND AVENUE - This elegant and sophisticated one-level residence peacefully positioned in a prestigious, sought-after street offers the ultimate low maintenance lifestyle in a private and tranquil setting. Brilliantly proportioned, this immaculately-presented home features spacious formal and informal areas including lounge and dining rooms, large kitchen overlooking family and established garden, 4 bedrooms, master segregated with ensuite and walk-in-robe, spacious bathroom and a beautiful outdoor entertaining area with private gardens. An impressive home in a sought-after location, ideal for either a professional couple or a large family alike. EER 1.5. Open:

Contact Maria for viewing times

f Maria Selleck 0417 258 803



Canberra’s preferred agent Maria Selleck has become one of Canberra’s most successful real estate agents based on her personal philosophy of going the extra mile for each and every one of her clients.

“We were very impressed with the quality of your advice, as well as with your professionalism, integrity and sheer hard work on our behalf.” - Andrew and Olga Walker.

4 bed | 2 bath | 2 car

2 GALBU PLACE, ARANDA - Perched high in one of the very best locations Aranda has to offer with beautiful views of the Brindabella Mountains is an oasis of privacy and comfort nestled within an elevated, quiet cul-de-sac position. Updated and spacious, this stunning executive residence, footsteps away from Aranda Bushland Nature Reserve, offers a flexible flowing floorplan with a unique indoor/outdoor layout effortlessly lending itself to both casual and formal yearround entertaining with stunning mountain views and leafy outlook from most rooms. Accommodation includes 4 large bedrooms, segregated master bedroom with ensuite, formal lounge and dining rooms with floor-to-ceiling glass doors leading to both large balcony at front and an entertainers’ deck at back, expertly-planned kitchen overlooking family and meals room, double garage, under-house storage room and beautifully established and mature gardens. EER 4.5. Open: Contact Maria for viewing times Tender: Closes 5pm, Wednesday 13th May

f Maria Selleck 0417 258 803

call us 6162 1234 28  CityNews April 30-May 6

f Sandy Funston 014 629 996

“Such was Maria’s outstanding, professional, friendly, proactive and determined approach and intimate knowledge of the market that she sold our home for an excellent price in an already depressed market. Maria and Gordon provided an exceptionally excellent service, a service that I describe as unique. I unhesitatingly recommend them and I look forward to working with them again.” - Dora Maddigan. If you are planning a move and are looking for a fresh approach, FRQWDFW0DULDWRGD\WRÀQGRXWKRZ\RXFDQPDNHWKHVPDUWPRYH

6162 1234 0417 258 803


“You know what it means to a client to entrust you as their Real Estate Agent. You truly act as a client’s agent and work tirelessly for the best result for them. In our experience that is unique.” - Tony and Ros Peacock.

Elmslea Home + Land Packages

Chelsea 24

19 squares living

• Land size: over 1,200m2 • 4 bedrooms + ensuite • Floor coverings included • Driveways & Fencing incl.

Sirocco 7

22.5 Squares Living

• Land size: over 1,200m2 • 4 beds + ensuite • Reverse cycle air cond. • Large ‘great’ room


• Reverse cycle air cond. • Choose your own colours • Dbl garage + int access • Optional alfresco area


• Dbl garage + int access • Floor coverings incl. • Driveway & Fencing incl. • Rumpus room


12.5 Squares Living

• Land size: 1,260m2 • 3 bedrooms + 2 way bath • Dirveway & Fencing incl. • Floor coverings included


21 Squares Living

• 4 bedrooms + ensuite • Bonus ‘common’ room • Dbl garage + int access • Rumpus & family room


• Choose your own colours • Single lock-up gar + int access • Reverse cycle air cond. • Large open plan living area


• Reverse cycle air cond. • Modern Knebel kitchen • Quality floor coverings • Driveway & Fencing incl.

Attention: 1st Homebuyers are eligible for $24,000 government grant + another $6,000 developers discount.

Royalla Home + Land Packages

Chelsea 24

19 squares living

• Land size: 6.5 acres • 4 bedrooms + ensuite • Open plan living • Floor coverings included


• Reverse cycle air cond. • Dbl garage + int access • Optional alfresco area • Choose your own colours

Sirocco 7

22.5 Squares Living

• Land size: over 6 acres • 4 beds + ensuite • Reverse cycle air cond. • Large ‘great’ room


• Dbl garage + int access • Floor coverings incl. • Rumpus room • A great family home

Heritage Estate 24.6 Squares Living $724,700

Chisolm Lodge 30 Squares Living $761,300

• Land size: 6.4 acres • 4 bedrooms + ensuite • Huge master bedroom • Dbl garage + int access

• Land size: 6.5 acres • 4 bedrooms + ensuite • Huge master bedroom • Dbl garage + workshop

• Rumpus & family room • Reverse cycle air cond. • Quality floor coverings • Attractive rural home

• Rumpus & conservatory • Reverse cycle air cond. • Modern Knebel kitchen • Quality floor coverings

All Royalla packages include a $20,000 allowance for water tank & septic system.

All packages are subject to site costs. • Freehold Land — NO time limit to build and NO Government housing • 15mins to Queanbeyan, 20minutes to Fyshwick, 30minutes to the City centre • Close to shops, child care centre, schools, local cafes, restaurants, wineries & antique stores • Either choose from our great range of 3, 4 or 5 bedroom Home + Land packages or choose your own builder

All packages are subject to site costs. 50% • FREEHOLD LAND — No time limit to build and NO community title already • Final Stage Now Selling! — Only 38 blocks ranging from 5 to 30 acres sold • Only 10 minutes to Calwell, 15 minutes to the Tuggeranong Town Centre, 30 minutes to the City • Either choose from our great range of 3,4 or 5 bedroom Home + Land packages or choose your own builder • Fully sealed roads, fully fenced, underground electricity, bus services, water bore or dam & ADSL2 Broadband

Visit Elmslea Estate Sat & Sun 12pm — 4pm Cnr McCusker & McMahon Dr, Bungendore

Call today to arrange your personal on-site inspection or email

PH: 6297 7911




Angela Penhallow

p: 0418 555 594 e:



• Designer 4 bedroom + rumpus home • 499m2 block in family friendly street • Stunning street appeal • Separate living • Covered Al-fresco dining area • Double garage + internal access • Fencing & concrete driveway • 5,000 ltr rain water tank • Downlights to all living areas • Build time guarantee

Forde House + Land package • Designer 4 bedroom + ensuite design • 465m2 block in peaceful & quiet street location • Contemporary street appeal • Double garage + internal access • Separate living area • Fencing & concrete driveway • 5, 000 ltr rain water tank • Downlights to all living areas • Build time guarantee


PH:6238 0111

Block 8 Section 17 $530,000

Forde House + Land package


Sasha Trpkovski

• Architect 4 bedroom + ensuite design • 472m2 block in quiet street location • Stunning street appeal • Separate living area • Double garage + internal access • Fencing & concrete driveway • 5,000ltr rain water tank • Downlights to all living areas • Build time guarantee

Block 2 Section 63 $499,000


p: 0412 004 802 e: angela.penhallow@pbspropertygroup.

Only 8 bloc remainks ing

Block 6 Section 48 $499,000


• Architect style 4 bedroom + ensuite home • 486m2 block in quiet street location • Superb street appeal • Separate living & large family/ meals room • Double garage + internal access • Fencing & concrete driveway • 5,000 ltr rain water tank • Downlights to all living areas • Build time guarantee

Block 16 Section 50 $555,000

Forde House + Land package

Forde House + Land package

*prices based on separate contacts for the land +house


Unti 14/5 Tennant Street, Fyshwick

Block 5 Section 55 $515,000 Forde House + Land package

• Architect 4 bedroom + ensuite design • 499m2 block in quiet street location • Beautiful street appeal • Double garage + internal access • Separate living area • Fencing & concrete driveway • 5,000 ltr rain water tank • Downlights to all living areas • Build time guarantee


• Architect designed Tri-level 4 bedroom family home • 583m2 block in quiet street location with views • Separate living & rumpus rooms • Separate Main bedroom with designer ensuite • Double garage + internal access • Fencing & concrete driveway • 5,000 ltr rain water tank • Downlights to all living areas • Build time guarantee

Block 3 Section 27 $599,000 Forde House + Land package

CityNews April 30-May 6  29

Better Building Services Display Home “MAXUS” now open for inspection

“A new approach to property investing, quality advice and management...”

47 Birdwood Street, Hughes

Saturday and Sunday 12 – 4pm

• CPA’s and Registered Tax Agents • Authorised Financial Advisors (Count Financial Ltd) • Licensed Real Estate Agents (ACT & NSW) • Independent Mortgage Broker specialising in Investment loans

or call to make an appointment

• Dedicated to providing property investing advice, not sales • Ability to look after all your property investing needs • Money back guarantee


6299 9411 or by email

T 1300 139 218 | F 1800 988 000

Visit our web site anytime

Achieve Property Solutions ACHIEVE, CORP. 82 Wentworth Avenue KINGSTON ACT 2604 PO Box 4833 KINGSTON ACT 2604 W | E |

Discover the secret of a Better Building Experience From $160 per month - no security deposit.

Month to month exibility.

Prestigious address for your business cards & letterheads.

Professional receptionist to answer your calls.

Access to over 300 boardrooms and meeting rooms, locally and internationally. Book online in real time.

THE REALM Level 1, 18 National Circuit, Barton (02) 6198 3200 ST GEORGE CENTRE Levels 6 & 11, Canberra City (02) 6243 3600


Receive your first month at half price



2008 HIA Display Home of the Year

In just 5 minutes your business can become big business ›

Tired of pushy sales people?

Have the sales process explained at your own pace! We sell Canberra wide. ‘Let’s Chat’

Aniko Carey 0429 487 939 Peter Carey 0428 487 939 BELCONNEN 6253 2323

DICKSON 6230 0005

MANUKA 6260 8999


WESTON CREEK 6287 1600

WODEN 6281 6900

CityNews April 30-May 6â&#x20AC;&#x192; 31

TO VIEW ALL PR OPER TIES www .lan yonr ealesta te PROPER OPERTIES www.lan .lany onrealesta ealestate



$365 000 - $395 000

Modern Spacious Home – Ideal for First Home Buyers



$325 000 - $365 000

What a Cutie – Dream Starter

Well presented contemporary north facing three bedroom home, two spacious sun-filled living areas, built in robes in all bedrooms, modern open plan design with high ceilings in some areas creating light and space. This home is the jewel in the crown with features galore-wooden venetians-dishwasher-gas heating-RC/AC unit- insulation- covered pergola double garage plus double carport and much more. Nestled at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac and close to all amenities this home has it all, with nothing to do! EER 1.5

Fantastic three bedroom dual occupancy home with street frontage, neat as a pin located on the high side of the street offering great views, two living areas, tiled high traffic areas, light airy kitchen with dishwasher, gas cooking and heating, built in robes in all bedrooms, single garage under roofline plus extra parking at rear. Front and rear enclosed courtyards with storage shed and covered pergola for outdoor entertaining, with no body corporate this would suit first home buyers, downsizers or investors. EER 3.5



Wayne Kennedy 0414 622 926

$555 000 - $595 000

Wayne Kennedy 0414 622 926

Location, Space, Flowing Floor Plan & a Pool!!

Located in walking distance to shops, schools, buses- & even the doctor, this stunning 4 bedrooms, ensuite home features a huge parents retreat or work from home office, separate dining room currently used as a clinic, separate lounge & family rooms, huge rumpus/sunroom with a servery from the kitchen. Sliding doors out from the sunroom to a beautifully landscaped rear yard with a sale covered, solar heated inground pool. Beside the brick double garage you will also find double gates leading to a secure area great for extra parking for caravan, trailer & cars. EER 3

Style, Space & Location!! Move in & enjoy this free-standing, 3 bdrm, ensuite townhouse in a small complex! Single level, spacious open-plan design with internal access to the double garage is a rare find. A well designed kitchen features a gas cook-top & dishwasher. Built-in robes provide enough storage in all the bedrooms with the main room looking out over the valley. Close to public transport, schools, childcare and Lanyon Market Place. Gas hot water and ducted gas heating make this a very energy efficient home. Generous secure yard is complimented with a deck and views of the valley. EER 4

Betty Wark 0408 166 833 BANKS

$459 000

Huge Garage with Internal Access!!

If you bring your Hubby to this home, you may not get him to leave!! The brick garage is way bigger than a double, with work benches & storage + a rear roller door, internal access & glass sliding doors out to the massive pergola. Immaculate 4 bedroom, ensuite family home attached!! EER 4

$449 000

Fabulous Home with A Great Deckl!!

If you are looking to make a move up to a 4 bedroom ensuite home without breaking the bank, then this one should be on your viewing list. Built in robes in all bedrooms, gas heating & cooking. 2 x RCAC. Sep lounge, dining & family rooms plus a large covered rear deck & double carport. EER 4

Betty Wark 0408 166 833

32  CityNews April 30-May 6

Kate Williams 0408 186 532


$380 000 - $420 000

A Great Place to Invest Your First Home Owner’s Grant.

With time possibly running out for first time buyers and the number of suitable homes reducing as more time passes, this 3 bedroom home could be just what the doctor ordered. In a quiet, kid-friendly crescent, within easy access of primary (state and church) and high schools, the Hyperdome, Plaza and associated government offices, this home offers ducted gas heating, garage, carport and a back yard made for entertaining with magnificent shade trees. So, if you want your weekends back, rather than looking at more houses, see this one now. EER 1.5

Andrew York 0418 624 411

Betty Wark 0408 166 833 BANKS

$390 000 - $440 000


$640 000

MAJESTIC in every way – 5 beds, office, etc. From the exquisite formal areas to the huge kitchen, large family room and amazing rear garden with huge pergola covered deck, this is a grand property. Includes ducted heating & cooling, ensuite, massive garage and more. EER 1

Paula Guy 0418 285 737



$659 000

Stunning, Spacious Family Home!!

Segregated main bedroom, plus walk in robe & ensuite with corner spa, separate formal lounge & dining rooms, very spacious family room & meals area, large rumpus room, all double sized bedrooms, powder room, 2 x double garages on a large, level , secure block. Just Beautiful!!EER 4

Betty Wark 0408 166 833 $499 000

Invest, Live, Group Share!!

This is the perfect property if you would like easy access to Tuggeranong CBD, plenty of space & separate areas. 185sqm (20 square)of living plus a dble gge. 4 bedrooms, ensuite, 3 toilets, 2 courtyards. Great size, location & floor plan = a great investment. Bonus: No Body Corp Fees!! EER 4

Betty Wark 0408 166 833


$380 000 - $420 000

Rare River Frontage Land

Freehold elevated land with Murrumbidgee River frontage, 18ha (44 acres) not far from from Lanyon. Approved building envelope with several house sites all with river views in unspoiled native forest, all this and the privacy of country life just a short drive from the ACT. Build your dream home!!

Wayne Kennedy 0414 622 926

Canberra CityNews April 30-May 6, 2009  
Canberra CityNews April 30-May 6, 2009  

Treasurer Katy Gallagher gives her debut Budget on Tuesday. Not that there seems to be much left to announce, it's had more leaks than a Ger...