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WE’RE OUT THERE! Five fabulous pages of who’s who social photos September 3-9, 2009

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MARK PARTON Why spring sucks!

Mystery of the missing drinking fountains MICHAEL MOORE

Let’s ban everything!

Meet the landlord’s


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Who cares about boys?


Smitten, ahem, by Queen Victoria

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In the words of William Shakespeare, “If music be the food of love, play on”...”



7pm @ Flint Dining Room & Bar NewActon presents Taste the Music, a fitting fusion between music and food, with the ANU’s School of Music supplying the musicians, while NewActon’s expert chefs create dishes that match the musical genre being served. This month, Flint presents vocalist, Joshua McHugh performing a self-composed opera with accompanying singers. Joshua is a pianist, composer, singer and music teacher. He is currently undertaking his third year majoring as a classical voice student at the ANU’s School of Music. Among Joshua’s compositions are: A book for beginner to Intermediate level pianists, two books of piano etudes, various chamber works, the score for a film titled “No Junk Mail” and a song cycle; the latter having premiered mid last year at Wesley Music Centre. Recently Joshua recorded a selection of his compositions at ArtSound FM; among the selection were two arias - from his own opera - performed by Karen Fitz-Gibbon and Rebecca MacCallion. Further information & bookings: call Flint on 6162 3350 or email $55.00pp (3 course meal + glass of wine)

Cnr Marcus Clarke St & Edinburgh Ave, Canberra ACT 2601   CityNews September 3-9


CD Launch Tue 22nd & Wed 23rd of September 7pm @ Flint Dining Room & Bar


Five Centuries Of Spanish Music Soloist: Marcela Fiorillo Be part of this exclusive CD launch and witness a wonderful combination of passion, poetry and colour in a Piano Recital which covers Five Centuries of Spanish Music, from Sephardim to XX Century Music. Argentinean pianist Marcela Fiorillo captivates the attention of critics and audiences due to the passion and magical gift of touch of her piano performance. Bringing the gracefulness of Father Gallés as well Sephardim Music, the colour of Granados and Turina, the poetry of Isaac Albeniz and the passion of Manuel de Falla; this recital promises to be a wonderful musical experience. Further information & bookings: or call 6162 3350 $75.00pp (3 course meal + glass of wine + live music) $85.00pp (3 course meal + glass of wine + live music – A Reserve Seating) | CityNews September 3-9  



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Hunting bubblers JORIAN GARDNER went divining for the promised new water fountains in Civic that were supposed to be in and bubbling by now… but they’re not. This is what they look like, if you happen to spot one.

Defiant Blake Budak with those racks.  Photo by Silas.

While most retailers have bowed to Government pressure, a couple of small traders in Garema Place are defying the bans on retail racks outside their shops. JORIAN GARDNER reports.

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Septmeber 3-9, 2009

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COVER PHOTO: Tamara Baxter, owner and director of LIVEin Property Management, story Page 10.  Photo by Silas.

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their introduction, redirects customers into their premises. “CityNews” understands that as the boxes are different from the “gumball machines”, another warning notice about the boxes would have to be applied and the store would have another 10 days to remove them – and presumably replace them with something else and start the whole process again!




– ever. If the Government wanted us to lease the space then we would happily talk to them about it, but that’s not what has happened.” Mary, a customer, was browsing the racks of Mr Budak’s store as he spoke to “CityNews” and she agreed that retailers should be allowed to display their stock to the passing public. Meanwhile, Impact Comics has erected a stack of boxes out the front of their shop where vending machines once stood. The boxes, which feature information about the relevant Act that has forced

In a “CityNews” Facebook poll, 65 per cent of respondents disagreed with the Government’s action to ban retailers’ racks in public places.

Bubbler 4: Bunda Street – construction still to begin, but it’s part of the Bunda Street refurbishment, which isn’t due to start until “late 2009”. Bubbler 5: The Minister promised the replacement of the long-broken bubbler (it’s been broken for many years) near the carousel in City Walk outside Subway. At the time of publication, this area had only just started to be marked up for construction. Public drinking fountains are a right. They reduce the public dependence on environmentally unfriendly bottled water (the plastic bottles not the water) and they are an important source of re-hydration for young and old people on hot days. There are arguably too few in Canberra already and that the Government appears tardy in its own promises to make them both more accessible and greater in number is a pity. Perhaps the next time the Chief Minister grabs himself a glass of water from the taxpayer-funded, natural spring water unit located within his office, he might spare a thought for the bubbler hunters outside.


DEFIANT retailers in Garema Place have vowed to not back down from removing product displays from the front of their stores after a crackdown by ACT rangers from the Department of Territory and Municipal Services. Blake Budak, owner of Landspeed Records in Garema Place, who was issued with a notice to remove his CD and DVD racks from the front of his premises says they aren’t going anywhere. “They have been here for about 10 years,” he said. “We have never received a complaint about them

Leave them alone, say majority

IN January, when Canberra was sweltering towards 40C+ days, “CityNews” exposed the sorry state of public drinking fountains, or “bubblers” in our city centre. We found non-operational units and filthy bubblers that were more like ashtrays, which promoted a quick response from Chief Minister Jon Stanhope. He announced that the drinking fountains would be fixed and that new water fountains would be installed at the bottom of the grassed area of City Walk where it intersects with Akuna Street; at the bus interchange; on London Circuit at the end of Ainslie Avenue and on Bunda Street by mid-year. It’s September, so we went looking to see if he had kept his promise or whether we’d taken a drink from the government fountain of spin. Proposed bubbler 1: City Walk where it intersects with Akuna Street – not installed. We can’t find markings for an installation. Bubbler 2: The bus interchange – not installed. Extensive surveying of the bus interchange cannot find a drinking fountain or markings for an installation. Bubbler 3: On London Circuit at the end of Ainslie Avenue. Nowhere to be seen. It doesn’t exist.


Racked with guilt? Not likely!

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Why buy 2 pairs of spectacles when you can usually buy 1 pair for less than half the price of 2 pairs elsewhere JGD

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that’s New chief raring to go Crackers, the argument By Jorian Gardner

HAVING acted in the role for five months, recently appointed Koomarri CEO, Miranda Garnett, says she’s itching to get her teeth into her new role. “It’s a different job,” says Miranda. “It’s a big challenge, too, but at the end of every day, I really know that what I am doing is making a positive difference in peoples’ lives.” Established in 1952, Koomarri provides community support, housing and employment services for hundreds of people with moderate to severe disabilities and their families in the ACT and surrounding districts. Miranda stepped up to the plate as the new CEO after joining the organisation last year as chief financial officer. “It means I already know Koomarri backwards,” she laughs. “That knowledge allows me to carry on the good work of people like Margaret [Spalding, the much-loved CEO who died recently] who I worked with, learnt from and for whom I have a great deal of respect. “It’s my job to add to and keep the excellent work that everyone does moving forward and strive to ensure our core vision of ensuring people with disabilities lead full and abundant lives is met, and improved on.” Miranda has 11 years experience as a chartered accountant working for government, both local and federal, and the private sector. Before joining Koomarri she worked as a manager in the governance and assur-

ance division of accountants WalterTurnbull. She holds a bachelor in commerce from the University of Canberra, and an advanced diploma in accounting from CIT. She’s the head of a new team at Koomarri after the recent addition of Michael Byrne as manager, business enterprises. Michael is well known around Canberra in the public relations and marketing fields, his most recent job for one of Canberra’s leading ad agencies as director of ZOO PR & Events and marketing manager of ZOO Communications. His was a left-field appointment to Koomarri, but he’s happy to have taken the plunge to a new sector. “There comes a point in your life when you spend some time reassessing what’s important to you, where you want to be and what you want to do,” he says. “That happened to me and what I realised was that I wanted to be doing something in my life that was making a real difference to the community – and in turn to me.” Michael will be running Koomarri’s all-important employment and business initiatives that provide supported employment Michael Byrne and Miranda Garnett… for people with disabilities. Heading a new team at Koomarri. “They are operated as commercial businesses and the income derived from busi- which was responsible for the management ness activities goes back into supporting of all non-horticultural aspects of Floriade our services. It’s the bread and butter of our for eight years). continuing activities.” “I couldn’t be happier,” he smiles. “It’s It’s a far cry from the fast lane of advertis- one of the best decisions I have ever made.” ing pitches and big-time events (Michael was To find more about Koomarri’s community also director of Canberra’s leading events programs and business services visit www. company BDW Special Events Management,


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One of Australia’s leading family law academics and published author, Dr Juliet Behrens, has joined Dobinson Davey Clifford Simpson as a consultant.

Guest Speaker: Paul Gilding Independent advisor on sustainability & climate change, former CEO Greenpeace International & Ecos Corporation.

With more than 18 years researching and teaching family law, Dr Behrens has focused much of her work on how the legal system responds to complex children’s matters.

National Convention Centre 12.00pm, Friday 11 September 2009

An Associate Professor at ANU’s College of Law, Dr Behrens co-authored Australian Family Law: The Contemporary Context and is currently working on a project examining parents’ experiences after family law court decisions about relocation.

18 Kendall Lane, New Acton, Canberra City GPO Box 545, Canberra 2601 Fax: 6212 7699, DX 5729

  CityNews September 3-9

6212 7600


A member of the Australian Journal of Family Law’s editorial board, Dr Behrens has chaired the ACT’s Domestic Violence Prevention Council and served on the Violence Sub-Committee of the Family Law Council. For an appointment with Juliet Behrens, phone 02 6212 7600.


Hyatt Hotel, 12.30pm, Tuesday 22 September 2009


CBC’s 30 Year Anniversary Dinner celebrating the successes of the previous year and acknowledging those who have contributed to the strength of the ACT and Capital region economy. Hotel Realm, 7.00pm, Thursday 29 October 2009

Register at or phone 02 6247 4199 GJ3211

Leading family law expert joins Canberra law practice

Fun policeman John Hargreaves has banned fireworks, but why stop there, asks MICHAEL MOORE, who sees a logical progression for the Government to ban cats, bicycles, swimming pools and rugby players! FIRECRACKERS have gone! What should the Legislative Assembly ban next? If Labor and the Greens are to be consistent, why not apply the same criteria to determine what else John Hargreaves might have in his sights? Cats will have to be the first to go!  Crackers frighten animals. What do cats do to little marsupials, birds and other small animals?  Crackers create a public nuisance. Ever had a stray cat digging in the kiddies’ sandpit and leaving their mess?  People are injured by crackers. Cats are notorious for toxoplasmosis and babies exposed to the parasite before birth can have damage to their brain, ears, eyes and liver. Not to mention scratching and biting. And people like them!  Yep – by Minister John Hargreaves’ criteria, cats will have to be first to go. Then there’s Summernats if they want to be consistent. A public nuisance?  Of course – just watch the complaints flow in! People in the crowds get injured – fighting to get a better view of the cars or the wet T-shirts. The environmental impact is obvious as the cars roar, the rubber peels off and the smoke pours from the wheels.  Bicycles will be next. People are regularly frightened by riders sneaking up at speed and even blasting their bells in shrill interruption to a quiet walk. Downhill bikes have been responsible for so much damage to the Mount Stromlo environment. Bikerelated injuries are not uncommon and even deaths occur –at a What’s next for Fun Police much higher rate than MInister John Hargreaves? firecrackers.  Bikes constantly get in the way of the day-to-day business of motorists. The criteria certainly apply. No doubt about it, bikes have to be banned. Then there’s motorbikes; they certainly scare people, especially when there is a large male on a big Harley. There are injuries, noise and speed to frighten dogs and cats. Ooops, ignore the cats; they have already been banned!  Swimming pools will be next. Ever had one next door? The squeals of delight, the loud splashing, crowds coming to visit, everyone gathering in one place just to have fun! How dare they?  The criteria are mounting against them; people get injured and drown. And look at the impact on the environment; all that water for recreation!  What’s more, people flock to pools because they like the social interaction and just having fun. And scare animals – how close does a cat go to a swimming pool? Oh, who cares? Cats have already gone. Rugby has to be outlawed – league and union. People regularly get injured and the amount of methane expelled by rugby players can hardly be good for the environment – not to mention the fright of the accompanying blast. It might be a bit down the list, but rugby has to go.  But what of the Assembly itself; how does it match up on the banning criteria? Well, environmentally there is certainly one hell of a lot of gas that emanates – but mostly it is just hot air. The impact on the health of the population is psychological. Animals are not frightened. Not many people gather around them to have fun. Nope, they do not fit the criteria!  Looks like everything but the Assembly gets the chop. Michael Moore is a former independent member of the ACT Legislative Assembly and minister for health.   

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New ways with old clothes environment By Tanya Davies

WHEN we met at As Nature Intended on Marcus Clarke Street, Lee Wallace wore a hand-dyed silk dress, and a felt tabard made from recycled wool. Her creative partner Paula Hilyard wore her own designs in a range of olivey greens you’d be hard pushed to find on the high street or elsewhere. The clothes were without doubt as mouth-watering as the organic menu. And luckily for those who love colour, texture and gorgeous things, Lee and Paula – an image consultant and clothing and textile designer respectively – are now putting their creative energies into the sustainable use of textiles. The pair is currently finding ideas growing from their long-time friendship. As well as founding a community “sewing” group where they collage, twist, remake and reinvent fabrics into new clothes, rag rugs From left, Lee Wallace, Kristy Graham and Paula Hilyard… putting their creative energies into the and jewellery, they are also showcasing their skills at sustainable use of textiles.  Photo by Silas. September’s Switch to Green Conference. The conference, at the National Convention Cen- and more into rugs, belts and jewellery. Last each Lee and Paula recently saved 120 kilograms tre, will see Lee and Paula located in the front foyer day will be two hours of clothes swapping with do- of waste textiles from landfill and have already running three workshops on both Friday, Septem- nations going to Oxfam. sorted, designed and pinned out a collage with the ber 11 and Saturday, September 12. To participate in the workshops, bring along materials. Their next plan, as well as welcoming At the “Remake” workshop they will help those scissors, a needle and thread and some accessories, lots of new members, is to establish contacts within less gifted of us to use old clothes in new ways. Lee buttons or ribbons. the building industry in the hope of collaborating says: “Bring along an item from your wardrobe that The Oxfam Exchange for Change party runs on the use of recycled textiles as both installation no longer fits or is out of date and we’ll help you see throughout September and can be held by groups of and insulation. it in a new light.” The ladies will proceed to assist women right across Australia. Bring up to six clean, Warm, passionate and inspiring, Lee and Paula in changing a dress into a top, a skirt from pants, pressed items of clothing (excluding underwear and welcome newcomers. change buttons or hemlines. swimwear) exchange your items for buttons, and Contact Lee Wallace on 0411 295018 or leeimageFrom midday until 2pm, they’ll showcase ripping use your buttons to “buy” new items. Lastly, make a Contact Tanya Davies at and weaving materials; turning old towels, sheets donation to Oxfam via their website.



Troubled holiday changes date THE future of Canberra’s controversial Family and Community Day public holiday has been settled after six weeks of public consultation. It has moved from November to the spring school holidays. The Government had weathered continual criticism from Canberra business organisations since declaring the holiday to coincide with the November Melbourne Cup day. It will now be held on the first Monday of the September/October school holidays. However, where the first Monday of the school holidays falls on Labour Day, such as will occur in 2011 and 2012, the Family and Community Day will be moved to the second Monday of the term break. “This year it will still be held on Tuesday, November 3, as calendars have already been printed and individuals and organisations have already planned for that day,” said Industrial Relations Minister John Hargreaves. “Over 1000 submissions were received concerning the future of this public holiday. “This option has wide-scale support, including from Unions ACT and has been welcomed by the ACT Chamber of Commerce and Industry.” For the next four years the Family and Community Day public holiday will fall on: Tuesday, November 3, 2009; Monday, September 27, 2010; Monday, October 10, 2011; Monday, October 8, 2012.

Everything you need to know: You can no longer buy, sell, supply or store consumer fireworks. Consumer fireworks are any fireworks bought by a member of the public. There will be a hand in period where leftover consumer fireworks may be handed in by the public. You can hand in any fireworks you may have, between 10.00am and 3.00pm on: Sunday 5 & 6 September 2009 Saturday, Sunday 12 & 13 September 2009, at: the carpark behind Callam Offices, Easty Street, Phillip. You do not have to provide your name or details when handing in the fireworks. You cannot transport consumer fireworks for surrender on public transport. The hand in does not involve payment for surrendered fireworks. If you are caught with fireworks following the hand in period, you may be liable for prosecution under the Dangerous Substances Act 2004. Professional public displays of fireworks, such as Skyfire, will continue. Persons or organisations wanting to display fireworks must apply for a permit.

For further information contact Canberra Connect on 13 22 81   CityNews September 3-9



Driving cop on a call ATTENTION SMALL Fred Wolf, Evatt

I didn’t squib the vote MICHAEL Moore (CN, August 20) criticises my failure in 1997 to support his voluntary euthanasia Bill, accusing me of a change of heart 12 years later. Granted, at 71 I'm closer to the issue than at 59, but my call is not for Michael's heavily qualified exit from a terminal illness but an agreement, like organ donations, to be allowed to die with dignity when old and sick. His suggestion [that] I squibbed on the vote all those years ago doesn't match the facts: Michael withdrew his legislation on April 9 before any vote was taken, no doubt due to Kevin Andrews' actions in Federal Parliament. Further, as he well knows, as Speaker I only participated in debates concerning the Assembly itself.  

Greg Cornwell, Yarralumla

Convener says thanks AS convener of the recent Australian National Eisteddfod Choirs Division, I wanted to thank “CityNews� for the generous coverage it was able to give leading up to the event. The Choirs Eisteddfod is becoming one of the premier choral competitions in Australia and the support of the media in helping to promote it was very encouraging. Musicians, just like sport-

Letters are invited from “CityNews� readers. Let loose to au or write to the editor at GPO Box 2448, Canberra 2601. Letters of 200 words or less stand a better chance of publication.

ing enthusiasts, like to read results and your inclusion of the Choir Eisteddfod results in last week's edition was much appreciated.

Dianne Anderson, Red Hill

Sizzling for the kids AFTER reading your story “Cuddling up for kidsâ€? (CN, August 27), I thought it may be of some interest that there are four store managers from Woolworths who stand outside the main entrance of the Canberra Hospital and put on a sausage sizzle and morning tea every Thursday from 9am-2pm in aid of raising money for the pediatric ward. There is also a guy there that sings all morning for the entertainment of the staff and patients. Â

Craig Downs, one of the store managers

Yes, but I AM pleased to see the Commonwealth Government will finally apologise for the treatment of children taken into care over the last century. It perplexed me why last year why a comparatively small number of Aborigines were given an apology when the vast number (500,000) of orphans, state wards, those in care, were ignored. Mind you, there are still the internees from the world wars, the Kanakas, the children of those young women forced to give up their children as well. I assume that [Prime Minister Kevin] Rudd’s motives are not pure either, which will only leave a sour taste. Â

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“There will be live music, entertainment and a late night movie. We’ll also have some great guest speakers from Barnardos and other organisations, who can tell us how we can do more to help them help others.� Everyone taking part in the sleepout will be asking their friends and family to sponsor them. Mr Dickenson-Jones says dozens of young public servants have already signed up, and he's hoping hundreds more will follow their lead. Gimme Shelter, 7pm, Friday, September 11 until 9am, September 12, Albert Hall, contact Giles Dickenson-Jones on 0439 472603 or Erin Miller on 0403 532339.

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Sleeping rough at Albert Hall ON September 11 about 150 young professionals are going to be “sleeping rough� in Albert Hall in aid of Barnardos, the charity that provides shelter and financial support to homeless young people and disadvantaged families in Canberra. “It won't be that tough a night when you compare it to what homeless people face every day. But it will give us a rough idea of what it's like, and help us raise awareness of homelessness in Canberra,� says event organiser Giles Dickenson-Jones, who works for Treasury and who is President of Spring, a volunteer organisation for young professionals.

it would be wise to consult Gail Freeman & Co prior to purchase.


ON Friday, August 28, at 1:20pm, I was waiting at the intersection of Luxton and Southern Cross Drive, when a police car drove through the intersection with two officers on board (male and female). The male officer, who was driving, was talking on his mobile phone. I have also noticed that police cars outside the Belconnen Police Station are parked in the loading zone most days, while the three spots marked police only are empty. As Pauline Hanson would say, please explain.

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Alison Polkinghorne

Belconnen CityNews September 3-9  

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Tamara, the landlord’s new best friend TROUBLE between landlords and tenants might make good TV, but it’s anything but good business. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way, says Tamara Baxter, owner and director of LIVEin Property Management, based in Dickson. Tamara, who has just been nominated for REI ACT Property Manager of the Year, says there’s far more to property management than collecting rent – and that to get the most out of an investment property, managers need experience and professionalism. “We’re very different to other property managers,” she says of the company she owns. “We offer a lower fee, but higher quality in terms of marketing, advertising and then managing a property.” LIVEin’s property management fee is seven per cent – but this isn’t the only reason the company boasts a 99.3 per cent client retention rate, says Tamara. “First, we offer professional photography and high-definition video tours of rental properties, which we don’t see other agencies doing.” Poor – or worse, no – photography on an online listing can turn

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away potential tenants, Tamara says. “Marketing has to be of an exceptional standard to attract the best tenants and get the best returns. Then, hopefully, the relationship is easier to maintain because they’re a better quality tenant.” Many landlords have been conditioned not to expect high quality service from property managers, Tamara says. “But the service shouldn’t be of a poor standard simply because it’s a rental property. “Property management as an industry often attracts staff who are inexperienced in negotiating, dealing with tradespeople and resolving disputes, which leads to poor service for landlords. “Property managers need to put themselves in the shoes of the landlords when organising maintenance for properties and understand the costs and values of tradies – to keep expenses to a minimum for their clients. “So many people are unhappy with their property managers, who don’t address problems and don’t return calls. “However in my case, I own the business, I own investment properties and so I know what’s important to a landlord, and I have

a real desire to do things properly. “With us, you know you’re not going to be dealing with a different property manager every few months.” Tamara founded LIVEin in 2007, after coming to Australia from the UK. Tamara learned her trade at Foxtons, a leading real estate agency in the UK, where she was the top managing agent for southwest England. She says that as well as providing high-quality service to landlords, the company strives to maintain good relationships with tenants. “It’s just as important. This way, the property is looked after, the tenants know it will be maintained and they feel somebody actually cares about them – so they stay longer, which keeps costs down for the landlord.” Tamara says LIVEin offers landlords Canberra’s best-value management fee and for new clients the first month is free. The company will also refund all management fees to any dissatisfied landlord within the first three months. For more information visit www. or call 6262 5232.

Tamara Baxter… “Service shouldn’t be of a poor standard simply because it’s a rental property.”


Boys, who cares? THE thing I never realised until I had a boy and got to know other little boys was just how little our public education system really accepts and understands them. This really came home to me earlier this year when my six-year-old son was having trouble at school. I watched my enthusiastic, energetic, school-loving son progressively disengage. He stopped talking about his days at school, wouldn’t do his homework, and then started saying that he hated school and didn’t want to go. Over a few months his whole personality changed. Suddenly he seemed totally lost, sad, rapidly losing confidence, and saying that he was “just dumb”. Writing was more difficult for him because he is left-handed and he was pretty quickly categorised as probably having ADD. He certainly wasn’t himself. In lengthy IQ tests I watched him fidget madly and act like the Road Runner on speed as he got just about everything wrong (even stuff I knew he knew). Although the school made efforts with remedial reading classes and his kind and caring teachers did all in their ability, it was pointed out that the school’s ability to help him was limited and we were startled to quickly hear the suggestion that he should change schools, which of course meant leaving all his friends behind. It was said to us that with a bit of luck he might be good at sport or find some other talent that would enable him to succeed in life and we felt that at the ripe old age

Jade’s up and about

Mum in the city By Sonya Fladun

of six he was being written off. It eventually turned out he had an undiagnosed hearing problem that was affecting his ability to learn to read and follow instructions in class. He fidgeted because he was really, really, stressed. It was a horrible time. But interestingly when I talked to other mums I quickly learnt we were not alone. Many mums with boys were having a host of problems from educational to behavioural, as their little men in kindy and grade one were struggling to fit in to our school system where children across a wide range of developmental stages and with diverse personalities traits and abilities are evaluated against each other, with a strong bias in favour of what is easily measurable and quantifiable. After much angst we did change his school to another with considerably smaller class sizes and a much better student-staff ratio. We also found an environment where learning is more play based rather than the traditional approach. As a consequence, our son has learned to love school again. And in a few short months we’ve got our little man back with him rapidly improving with his reading and writing. No one thinks he’s got ADD. And all this has left me wondering where the problem really was?

Two-year-old Jade Murrell… expected to make a full recovery.

By Megan Haggan MACARTHUR toddler Jade Murrell is up and about again after a successful operation in Sydney to remove a tumour the size of two cricket balls from her liver. Meanwhile, her father, Peter, says he’s overwhelmed by Canberra’s generosity. Locals have raised a net $37,000 at the “Aid for Jade” trivia night and auction, organised by family friends and the Royals Rugby Team, for Ronald McDonald House at Westmead, western Sydney, where two-year-old Jade has been staying during her treatment. Following a story in “CityNews”, (July 30) the trivia night was “totally sold out, and it was fantastic – I had to get up and make a bit of a talk on the night and I was just speechless,” Peter said. “I was just too blown away by people’s generosity – a lot of people who came along don’t even know Jade. “I just want to say a massive thanks from me, my family and Jade.” Jade still has more chemotherapy to go, but is expected to make a full recovery. Hosted by ABC radio broadcaster Ross Solly, the trivia contest was won by a team captained by the Canberra Liberals’ Vicki Dunne, with the Royals Rugby Fifth Grade Team a close second. Donations can still be made to support the appeal: For more information, email

A future built on opportunities.


Friday 11 September 2009 Senior School & Boarding House 2pm to 4pm Day and Boarding Year 7 to Year 12 Melbourne Ave, Deakin ACT

ELC & Junior School 12pm to 2pm

Co-educational ELC to Year 2 Girls only Year 3 to Year 6 Grey St, Deakin ACT For more information please contact our Director of Admissions, t: 6202 6420 or e: CityNews September 3-9  11

where spring has sprung

and where spring sucks!

More than just blooming posies

It’s the wind, the rain; it’s horrible

SOMETIMES Floriade’s flowers become the backdrop for a whole series of free events that engage the ACT community. Where else could you find soul diva and nice-girl judge of “Australian Idol” Marcia Hines shaking her disco-booty alongside contortionists, acrobats, comedians, dancers and some of Australia’s finest young theatre performers? Welcome to Floriade 2009 – it’s a whole lot more than just a bunch of posies (or is that posers?). Hines will headline this year’s program, bringing her talents to a one-off concert performance at Stage 88 on September 19. But while Hines may be the drawcard, throughout the festival the ANU School of Music musicians will feed the soul with a series of lunchtime concerts with music to strike everyone’s chord – jazz, classical, solos, ensembles, piano, percussion, guitars, harps, strings and wind. If country music’s more your thing, mark down October 4 when The McClymonts hit Stage 88 with Tamworth award winner Peter McWhirter. A public favourite from last year, Melbourne theatre troupe Born in a Taxi will pop up

AH, spring – the season that promises so much and delivers so little! I love the weather in Canberra, but I find spring to be the most disappointing season. Yes, winter can be cold and summer can be bloody hot, but spring never seems to measure up to expectations. As a season, it leaves you wanting so much more. Come mid-August in our town, the wattle appears and makes you think that things are about to dramatically improve. The temperature may well go up, but so many of the days are decidedly ordinary. The wind is the killer. It starts to rip in off the western ranges and beyond from mid-August and it rarely stops for the next couple of months. So many Canberra golfers make a mess of their handicap in spring because of the wind. The 10th hole at Gold Creek looks so inviting while you’re standing on the tee, but when the westerly blows your ball way over on to the 18th fairway it’s no fun. With the spring wind comes that annoying spring rain. Annoying because the clouds are blowing so quickly across the region that they don’t drop enough to do anything more than inconvenience us.

There’s a whole lot more to Floriade 2009 than just a bunch of posies, says JORIAN GARDNER.

12  CityNews September 3-9

throughout Floriade to present quirky, funny and often absurd original performances, which combine physical comedy with improvisation. The group’s awardwinning street theatre shows transform everyday environments into places of unexpected wonder, playfulness and delight. Combined with them are groups of street performers including the Funky Love Squad and some oversized bouncers, who can be seen at Floriade NightFest along with comedians of the calibre of The Great Gondo’s and Danillo. There are a plethora of activities for the little ones: The ever-popular Patting Paddock where kids can feed and pat springtime animals including kittens, pigs, hatching chicks, baby ducks and little lambs is back again; SpongeBob SquarePants is celebrating his 10th birthday with a bubble-blowing garden and sponge-throwing games and there’s a ”Riveting Reptiles” exhibition with snakes, lizards, frogs and other creepy crawlies. And the flowers? Well, there will be more than a million bulbs and annuals blooming.

Welcome to the season MARK PARTON least likes…

Floriade 2009, in and around Commonwealth Park, September 12 to October 11.

I coached junior AFL for 10 years in Canberra. In the dead of winter, my boys would usually play in perfect conditions. The midday games were contested under cloudless skies. There was, on most occasions, not even the hint of breeze and with the sun shining it was pretty easy to get warm. Once the finals started, our game would go to the pack. Over the years we played so many of our finals on dirty, windy and wet days. And then, just as you’re contemplating how ordinary the weather is, you’re likely to be swooped by a marauding magpie trying to protect its territory. When you find some shelter from the conditions and the wildlife, you may well find yourself descending into an exaggerated sneezing fit as all of those pollens and spring grass seeds infiltrate your nasal passages. Spring is also not typically a season suited to watching the Canberra Raiders in the NRL. Come the first week of September and they’re long gone on their end-of-season trip. Maybe next year, hey? Give me winter, summer or autumn any day because spring in Canberra sucks !


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At the Belconnen Arts Centre opening

Sue Norton and Lindy Beely

Gary Byles, Robyn Hardy and Vanessa Little

Roxanne Lambie, Virginia Taylor and Helen Ennis

Debbie Vidaic and Vanessa Febo

At the DLA Phillips Fox new office opening, Kingston

Sarah Simpson, Nick Paxman and Kellie Schluter

Stefan Kovic, Stewart and Beth Mitchell with Brendan Comensoli

Paul Hetherington and David Whitney

Caroline Atkins, Gail Kinsella, Vivienne Thom and Roxanne Missingham

Carol Cartwright, Karen Stewart-Moore and Sam Tyler

Kim Robbins and Patricia O'Farrell

Anthony Willis and Tony Crawford

Richard Garnett, Jane Ferry, Emma White and Lex Holcombe

Leah Hovenden, Margaret Harkness and Emma Molloy

Lisa Capezio, Natalia Prpic and George Katheklakis

Suriyaa Rome and Bruce Brown

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At the ACT Young Lawyers Winter Ball, Hotel Realm, Barton

Tiana Colbran, Tiina Gill and Rhys Kyburz

Amanda Evans, Matt Thompson and Sally McGuinness

Simon Henderson, Anna Hartl, Ben Hermann and Ricardo Juanes

Mike Smith, Angie Gough, Tim Butler, Beth Lee, Alex Dalgleish, Andrea Smith and Nicola Jackson

Live music at the Lotus Lounge Outdoor film screenings Stylish glow bar

Terence Saw and Samantha Cosby

Steve Whybrow, Theresa Miskle and Fred Lester

Katherine Urbanski, Jo Wright and Kate Price

Breathtaking night lighting Comedy acts Bustling markets

Numira Kuruppu, Trevor Moses, Vanessa Higgins and Siobhan Mackay

Kimberly Moore, Monica Dawes and Jon Colbran

Michael Jurd and Stephanie Scroope

Dedicated kids’ area


WEDNESDAY 23 – SUND 14  CityNews September 3-9


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At the Ross Divett Charity Ball and Auction, Hotel Realm, Barton

Jim Rice, Christine Nixon and John Becquet

Nicole Haakma and Rebecca de Boer

Bronwyn and Ronnie Guha

Catherine Box, Brian Acworth, Toni Burgess and Ginny Acworth

Jess Hardy and Maddi D'Accione

Eddy and Kerri Hoek

Linda Cullen, Kate Hillman, Peter McBride and Pete Bear

Sandra and Brian Tuck with Robin and Kevin Hilder

At the Rydges Capital Hill 21st birthday celebrations, Forrest

Sharon Jasprizza, Laye Lyras and Sandra Mackenzie

Adam Sharp, Karin Cook, Megan Coelho and Cathryn Hendrixson

6.30–10.30pm Commonwealth Park, Canberra 1300 554 114

Tony Ahnor, Phoebe Moore and Russell Evans

Tickets from Ticketek 13 28 49 Ross Gallagher, Janelle Field and Nerine Gallagher

MLA Joy Birch and Victoria Stewart

Jill Robertson, Susan Nestcombe, Virginia Walsh, Wendy Coonan and Clare Attridge

$20 adult $10 child/concession $50 Family (2 adult/2child)


Z00 39764


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At the opening of ISIS Fertility, Barton

Isis principal Dr Nicci Sides and Senator Kate Lundy

Miriam and Ben Witteveen with Jeanette Dyer

Qfstpobm!tuzmjoh g ps ! s f b m ! q f pq m f

Sandie Jones, Melissa Parker, Gay Mouat and Sally Davis

Tanya Graham and Caroline Froelich



Dr Susie Close, Michael Tuite and Elizabeth Tucker

Erin Collett, Kal Starkis and Garry Morgan

James Dyer, Andrew Brightman, Aimee Shackley and Asmeret Kidane

Anna and Mal Barac with Nikki George

in the morning

fundraising event

Friday 9th October 2009 For further information contact Bella on 6126 1300 or Cnr Marcus Clarke St & Edinburgh Ave, Canberra ACT 2601 |

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More photos at

At the Make-a-Wish ball, The Hellenic Club

Noel and Rosanne Lawrence with Greg Frewin and Krystle Lawrence

Russell Ott and Dana Assenheim

Learn How to SmiLe again.

Kataya Golobokova, Tobiko Huho, Courtney Hutt, Luke Bush, Victoria Wight and Michael Gloger

Antonia Ringrose, Nick Reed with Lucas and Renee Zwikielberg

Rebecca, Tabitha and Sonia Ellem


A Personal Styling Consultation and half day personal shopping date with Jenny Kozlow – Personal Stylist valued at $360.00*. Conditions apply

Melissa McMahon and Margie Woods

Zivota Simic, Vicki and Peter Rogic and Dusanka Simic

To enter log onto

Lepa Petrovic and Nicholas Stratton

In conjunction with Canberra Glassworks and The Italian Embassy, NewActon presents the ultimate Venetian style Carnevale. Don your mask and step into a world of glamour and style as you are transported to old Venice for the beauty and splendour of Carnevale.

When: Friday 9th October from 6pm Where: NewActon Artists: Giles Bettison, Joanne Bone, Nick Mount, Tom Rowney & Benjamin Sewell Entertainment: Live Music, Theatre & Opera presented by ANU & Playing Around Music Dress: Venetian Mask Tickets: On Sale Now Visit

Embassy of Italy in Canberra

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Mamma mia, Björn Again turns 20! “PEOPLE tell us that we are a lot like a group called ABBA,” says Agnetha, of Björn Again – a band kind of like the Swedish supergroup, but not really, they say. Björn Again is coming to the Canberra Theatre Centre for a show on October 3. “Apparently, we look like them and sing the same songs as them. I mean, I hear that they are a very good group as we have, both of us, been around a very long time. “You get a lot of fun and dancing with our show. You will denitely not be sitting in your seats – and you must like to sing with us, too!” “It is quite hard sometimes being such an international superstar. We do a great deal of 18  CityNews September 3-9

travelling and stay in a lot of hotels. But we don’t mind it so much because of those very beautiful people out there.” The Melbourne-based Björn Again are celebrating 20 years as a group – much longer than that other group ABBA – and are renowned for delivering a high-quality and fun-lled entertaining show the world over. As well as presenting the ABBA look and sound to perfection, with all the authentic costumes and make-up, hi-tech production, staging and lighting effects, there is a cheeky dose of parody, satire and on-stage theatrics that all combines to create excitement for any audience – and an often hysterical response – no doubt helped by the fact

that their audience knows all the words! “People in Canberra should be attered we are coming and that they will be very lucky that they will see us! There will be a lot of Saturn and glitter,” said Agnetha, in what seemed like a Swedish accent. “People in Canberra have loved us before and they will again I have no doubt of this fact! So the sooner they get their tickets the better and I believe they can get them through the worldwide internet thing. “Let me tell all the beautiful people in Canberra that there will be a lot of love in the room – oh yes!” she laughs. The global success of Björn Again is fascinating;

it is the only ABBA show endorsed by all members of ABBA, who have publicly praised and supported the band over many years. Very recently Björn Ulvaues stated that he loves the name and thinks the group is a lot of fun. He also credits Björn Again with initiating the ABBA revival of the early ‘90s. The popularity of “Mamma Mia! The Musical”, and more recently the massive global success of “Mamma Mia! The Movie”, starring Meryl Streep, has also helped give the group a huge boost. Björn Again plays at the Canberra Theatre Centre, October 3, tickets from Canberra Ticketing on 6275 2700.


In bed with nasty, naughty Nikki

Mozart with a touch of rock

By Dougal Macdonald

By Helen Musa PETER Shaffer’s Mozart in his play "Amadeus" is “just like a modern-day rock star, but with brilliant, brilliant music,” says actor Andrew McFarlane. McFarlane plays the uninspired court composer Antonio Salieri who fairly seethes with envy as he sees the snivelling Mozart effortlessly cast off compositions of such sublimity that he can only rage silently with hatred, regret and a touch of infatuation. The play, the actor tells me, “is really Salieri’s war on God for not giving him talent.” Salieri may have been mediocre, but there’s no mediocrity in the cast assembled under Sydney director Tama Matheson. The giggling Mozart is played by rising star Dash Kruck, and Kerith Atkinson plays his wife Constanze. McFarlane, well-known from “The Sullivans”, "The Flying Doctors” and

Mozart (played by Dash Kruck) and his wife Constanze (Kerith Atkinson). even "Play School", is joined by another former “Sullivans” star and fellow NIDA student, Stephen Tandy, who plays Baron van Swieten. McFarlane says he and Tandy have never actually shared any work since “The Sullivans,” so this is “an added bonus for me, and for him, I hope”.

By happy coincidence, on September 12 the Australian Chamber Orchestra will perform Mozart. Salieri had good reason to be jealous – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart just never goes away.  "Amadeus", The Playhouse, September 8-9.

New blood for cultural board PAMILLE Berg and journalist Crispin Hull have been appointed to the Cultural Facilities Corporation board, which manages the Canberra Theatre Centre and the museum and gallery. Glenys Roper has been reappointed to the board. Berg has worked in the field of cultural and public art planning, community consultation and arts advocacy and Hull is a former editor of “The Canberra Times”.

BROTHER Don Gallagher has been painting all his life and is currently preparing for what he calls his “final exhibition” at St Edmunds College from September 25. The show will feature still life studies and flower paintings

ARTS IN THE CITY By Jorian Gardner

with all proceeds going to the Edmund Rice Foundation. BEAVER Galleries, in Deakin, is presenting a quirky collection of paintings, prints and sculptures by Dean Bowen until September 22. His work pulsates with vibrant colour and environmental symbolism. The show runs alongside a new studio glass exhibition by the renowned glass artists Ruth Oliphant.

CCAS Manuka’s fantastic exhibition of Peta Jones’ new work entitled “Rock/Paper/Scissors” is on only until September 6. The space is on the outside of the multi-level story car park in Furneaux Street, Manuka. ENQUIRIES to exhibit in the Rotary Club Queanbeyan West and Queanbeyan Art Society Charity Outdoor Art and Photographic Competition/Exhibition are coming from as far away as the Gold Coast, Perth and Warrnambool. The outdoor exhibition will be opposite the National Portrait Gallery for a week over Floriade. Paintings will be judged on September 19 and the exhibition opens the following day.

to authentic of period. The real Victoria and Albert did sleep in at least one of “Spread” (R)    the great beds in which we see the TO conjure up a character with moral actors cavorting. Emily Blunt is sublime as values resembling those of Nikki, the buffed and polished anti-hero of David Victoria. Rupert Friend is a warm, wise Mackenzie’s anti-love-story, imagine and adoring Albert. As Lord Melbourne, Thackeray’s anti-heroine Becky Sharp Paul Bettany’s portrayal hints at wishing with a penis. for more from Victoria than he had Nikki is a homeless drifter, skilled any right to expect. Mark Strong is in attracting women not yet past strong as the covetous Conroy, private their prime but closer to it than they secretary to her domineering (until that might wish, who feel fulfilled when he wonderful morning of the accession) escorts them among beautiful people mother the Duchess of Kent (Miranda at fashionable venues and in bed when Richardson) and Jim Broadbent as King they get home. William IV is as always a joy to watch. Culturally unformed, serially As you by now have doubtless unfaithful, Nikki is a domestic parasite realised, this unreconstructed republican monarchist enjoyed “The exploiting women. Samantha (Anne Heche), sufficiently old, wise and Young Victoria” more than a little. You wealthy to know better, volunteers for can, too, without really having to try! vagina-tightening surgery to provide a At all Canberra cinemas. happier environment for his copulative “The Taking Of Pelham prowess. Nikki’s philandering has an 123” (M)     inevitable outcome. A relationship with Heather might go somewhere, until he BRIAN Helgeland’s screenplay for this remake of a great 1974 heist movie tries to put her on the game. Heather may not be as wealthy as Samantha, may hew closely to John Godey’s but she’s better at self-preservation. novel but Tony Scott’s direction does it Ashton Kucher was born to play insufficient honour. Flaky hand-held camera and highNikki, transcending all roles in which speed flouting of road safety principles we have previously seen him. But it’s unlikely to bring any award nominawaste time without advancing tions. either the substance of the drama or Why “Spread” is classified R is development of the tension in a movie in which tension is the paramount a minor mystery. MA would have adequately encompassed its nudity emotion.  and vocabulary. Denzel Washington plays Garber, sitAt Hoyts Belconnen. ting at a microphone monitoring New York’s suburban trains.  It’s Garber’s misfortune to catch a call from Ryder “The Young Victoria” (PG)  (John Travolta), a psychopath who   has hijacked the train that left Pelham JULIAN Fellowes’s screenplay neatly depot at 1.23 p.m. Ryder’s demand encapsulates public and domestic is simple – $10 million ransom paid Palace events from a year before within 60 minutes or he will begin Queen Victoria’s accession until just executing passengers. after the birth of her first child. Washington, Travolta, John Turturro Director Jean-Marc Vallee’s staging as the police hostage negotiator and James Gandolphini as the Mayor put is sumptuous. Interiors at Lancaster House play those at Buckingham Helgeland’s often pungent dialogue to Palace (Victoria was the first monarch good use in developing personalities to live there). There are stately homes, and conflict.  But while the material’s beautiful landscapes, replications of there for an effective thriller, the fasmajor occasions in Westminster Abbey, tenings connecting its structure rather military ceremonial and parliamentary let it down. Which is unfortunate. machinations. The costumes look close    At all Canberra cinemas.

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CANBERRA THEATRE CityNews September 3-9  19



A vibrant place in the heart of the city, Canberra Museum and Gallery explores the region’s social history and visual arts with dynamic exhibitions and unique community programs and events.

CANBERRA MUSEUM AND GALLERY MANDY MARTIN: Paintings 1981-2009 Your last week to view this exhibition of work by celebrated Australian artist Mandy Martin. Closes 6 September.

Cnr London Circuit & Civic Square Canberra City Tel. 6207 3968 Opening Hours Tuesday–Friday > 10.00am – 5.00pm Saturday–Sunday > 12.00 – 5.00pm

DAVID KILBY’S RECORD COVERS A fascinating collection of LP record covers from the extensive record collection belonging to Canberra personality and long time presenter on ABC Radio 666.

LIMBO MANIA: Mariana del Castillo An installation displaying combined elements of realism and absurdity with mystical qualities that arouse and reveal past and present memories and emotions.

NEW UNDER THE SUN: Contemporary Design in Jewish Ceremony III A travelling exhibition from the Jewish Museum of Australia showcasing original Jewish ritual objects created by 30 crafts people from all religions and in a variety of media.

Old Alice still rocks!

ALICE Cooper opened with “School’s Out” and backed it up with “Department of Youth”. He died three times and was murdered twice. He was guillotined, hung and pierced in a medieval-looking machine. During “Be My Lover” (a personal favorite that I hadn’t dared hope he’d play) there was a burlesque moment with an angle-grinder and a silhouetted erotic dance behind a screen. He strangled the dancer then segued into “Only Women Bleed”. Alice Cooper’s “Theatre of Death” show was self-effacing, brilliant showmanship. It was everything the audience of thousands of black-eyed fans wanted. Best of all, it was piping-hot Detroit rock with two guitars, bass, drums and nothing else. It was dirty, tight and beautiful.


Alice Cooper Royal Theatre, August 26. Reviewed by Simone Penkethman The audience, ranging from grey haired to waist high, watched the show as something timeless. The rhythm section pumped, guitars wailed and those players were having so much fun together that they looked like a bunch of court jesters. Somehow, at the age of 61, it’s okay for Alice to sing about being 18. He still has the dynamic vocal range to sing the songs that made him the granddaddy of epic gothic-rock. The show was a triumph of style, humour and rock ‘n’ roll spectacle.

‘West Side’ wonderful

“WEST Side Story” is a show that offers significant challenges to any amateur theatre company taking it on. The Canberra Philharmonic Society’s latest production of “West Side Story” is a gritty, muscular production that, for the most part, impressively captures the essence and much of the excitement of this classic 1957 musical. Utilising a large cast confidently directed by Jim McMullen, supported by an excellent orchestra conducted by Craig Johnson, the timeless story of gang warfare and star-crossed love is played out in a mobile, graffiti splashed, industrial steel set which allows for a seamless flow of action, and for some thrillingly staged fight sequences. Robyn Collins is a graceful and appealing


“West Side Story” Erindale Theatre, until September 12. Reviewed by Bill Stephens Maria, and although Tim Dal Cortivo could bring more passion and focus to his role as her lover, Tony, both have attractive stage presence and fine voices. Jordan Kelly is compelling as Maria’s fiery brother, Bernardo, and Janie Lawson gives perhaps her best performance to date as Bernardo’s showy girlfriend, Anita. Other strong performances come from Tim Stiles (Shrank), Michelle Will (Anybody’s), Phil Perman (Doc), Dave Smith (Action), Andy Burton (A-Rab) and Tyler Ayres (Baby John).


September 22 real food, real people


@ Urbanfood Store + Cafe

Cnr Marcus Clarke Street & Edinburgh Avenue, Canberra ACT 2601 | |

20  CityNews September 3-9


Home of ‘sexy’ chook By Wendy Johnson THERE’S a never-ending list of recipes designed to make chicken “sexy”. One is centuries old and made with interesting spices introduced to the New World by Portuguese explorers. Australia has embraced flame grilled, mouthwatering Portuguese chicken served with lemon and herb or piri piri sauce (as mild or fiery as you like it). One place Canberrans can get this tender, tasty meat is Calibre Café and Bar, Woden Plaza. The owners keep this dish on the menu knowing that many diners have flagged it as an “all-time favourite”. But Calibre Café is much more than just Portuguese chicken. Because of its location, it has designed its menu around the wide range of hungry folk who pop by for breakfast, lunch or dinner – shoppers, locals and those working in the surrounding business area. Therefore, the menu is extensive and includes standard fare such as good old fish and chips, burgers, foccacia, wraps, salads and, for those craving a high source of protein, tender, grain-fed sirloin steak. I went for the legendary Portuguese chicken, moist from being marinated. I am a fan of “hot” so ordered my piri piri that way, although I have enjoyed the dish with lemon and herb sauce as well. Options are a ¼ chicken with rice and salad for $13.90, a ½ for $17.90 or the breast for $21.50. My dining companion was in the mood for pasta and Calibre offered a Cajun chicken gnocchi on our visit. It was high on taste, but not overly spicy and created with zucchini, semi dried tomatoes, capsicum, shallots and Parmesan cheese. The gnocchi – perfect little

Tapas Plates. 

A taste of

Photo by Silas.

dumplings – was light and obviously made by a kitchen that respects this timeless Italian favorite. The presentation was just as “tasty”. When the café/bar was taken over (it used to be Lisboa café), the new owners refreshed the interior and created a lounge with comfy seating and tables at one end of the large outdoor area. Although not a “destination” venue from my perspective, Calibre is a super little spot to pop by for a drink and/or a bite before you hit the movies (the café/bar is beside the cinemas) or after work or shopping. It enjoys the sun, protection from the elements and heating for when the temperatures drop. Calibre Café and Bar, Woden Plaza near the cinema, open seven days from 8am-9pm (9.30 pm on Fridays), drinks till 10pm. Call 6282 5688.

6248 8338


Italian Restaurant

Traditional and Contemporary Italian Cuisine licensed and BYO bottled wine

Centre Cinema Building Garema Place, Canberra City


Meet Anthea Cahill AKA Chai Girl; founder of RealChai. According to Anthea, not all chai’s are created equal. It takes passion, love and the nest quality ingredients. Like many of life’s nest things, quality varies greatly depending on the maker’s expertise and dedication - Anthea has both in droves! “For me chai is a way of life. It represents connection, pleasure and wellbeing. Chai has brought so much joy to my life that I have made it my purpose to create and share the perfect RealChai experience”. Every ingredient in RealChai has been lovingly sourced and uniquely hand blended according to an irresistible recipe. Taste the difference at Urbanfood Store + Cafe where Anthea will be sharing her secrets for the perfect cup of Chai, selling take home blends and accessories and brewing up a delicious assortment of chai tea for you over a delicious breakfast. Let Anthea spoil your tastebuds and teach you the secrets so you can make it just right to enjoy everyday. Further information & bookings: call Robbie or Ryan at Urbanfood on 6162 3440 or email

CAM & LISA in the morning

CityNews September 3-9  21



Lark handknitted Toadstool mittens, $35, and beret, $30, from Little Sprout, Canberra Centre.


AS we head into spring, little ones still need to rug up – but children’s wear is still all about having fun with fashion. “For spring, think vintage inspired, lace and cotton leggings,” says Kate Dawson, owner of MissChief Maker in Pialligo. Girls’ wear has a strong retro theme, while boys’ wear is all about letting little ones’ own personalities shine through, says Kylie Petroni, owner of Cackleberry Kids in Fyshwick.

Biz mums’ big day out Purebaby Newborn Hospital Pack, $79.95.

Bonds Stretchie, $26.95.

Infancy Ruffles dress, $48 from Little Owl, Braddon.

MissChief Maker black cotton button-down top (from $11) with KnuffleKid Vintage Range hat (from $19), from MissChief Maker, Pialligo (modelled by Bridie).

Slicker shirt in red, $40, and GoGo Cargos in Ivory, $45, from Cackleberry Kids, Fyshwick.

A BUSINESS Mums Playgroup Open Day will be held on Friday, September 25 to give mums a chance to network while entertaining their children. Affiliated with the Daisy & Dandelion network and part of the ACT Government’s Business in Focus Month, the open day will be held from 11am to 2pm at Theiss Cottage, Reynell Place, Kambah. Children can make badges with Posie Patchwork, read stories or ride a pony provided by Poplar Corner, while new business mums will have the opportunity to network with mothers who have successfully established their own businesses. Entry is $10 a family, with all proceeds going to the Kambah Playgroups Association. For more information visit www. or call 6251 9482.

Cosmetic & General

Dentistry • Smile Makeovers • Teeth Whitening • Orthodontics • CEREC (Same day crowns) • Crowns & Bridges • Fast Denture repairs & re-lines • Teen Dental Plan • Porcelain veneers • Dental Implants • Children’s & Family dentistry We’re open Saturdays Suite 5, Lower Ground, 88-96 Bunda St, Civic 22  CityNews September 3-9

P. 6247 5100 BEFORE



Getting intensely brown SHADES of earth and chocolate are versatile and complement all colour palettes, says Chechel Joson, international Max Factor make-up artist currently starring in Foxtel’s “Project Runway”. “They can be used very simply for a fresh look and boast a lovely, natural beauty,” Chechel told “CityNews”. “However, they can also be very glamorous and sexy!

“It just depends on the intensity of the browns that you’ll be using. “Use light browns during the day or for the office, and intensify the brown if you’re going out at night for a glamorous look.” The most common mistake we make when using brown is not blending it properly, Chechel says – “if you don’t blend your make-up well, your

Sisley Long-lasting eye shadow in Ebony, $55.

face will look dirty and tired”. For fair skin: “Pink-toned beiges, honey shades and mocha browns work well for daytime looks, and deeper chocolate browns create drama for stronger evening looks,” says Chechel. For medium skin: “Medium skin can look washed out with browns and beiges that are too pale – soft mocha, coffee and caramel colours work best.”

L’Oreal Infallible Longwear Lip Duo Compact in Unlimited Brown, $33.95 (colour stick shown).

Chanel Rouge Allure in Clandestine, $50.

For dark skin: “Dark skin was made to wear brown, from the ultralight, glossy beiges to the deepest chocolate!” For redheads: “Redheads should stick with sheer raisin or peachy hues. For more dramatic colour, try rich browns with red undertones. Beiges and pink Coral Colours browns can clash Trio Eyeshadow with pale skin in Macadamia, and red hair.” $3.95.

Lancome Hypnose Custom-wear mascara in Brun Hypnotic, $52.


Guerlain Terracotta Moisturising Balm Sun Shimmer in Caramel Sun, $45.

Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in Soft Murano, $18.75.

B Collection by Bloom polish in Sydney, $14.95.

Bentley’s of Canberra Jamison Plaza 6251 2681 and Garran Shops 6281 4339 | Beauty Bar Jamison Plaza 6253 4488

GREG KING PLAY - AUSTRALIAN MADE HAIRCARE RANGE Exciting range of shampoos, treatments, and styling products to suit everyone

SULPHATE FREE HAIR CARE RANGE-MASTEY, ARGAN OIL SHAMPOO and MASQUE, and ABBA Looking after you, and looking after the environment

QF@M×.HK ®


Shop 1, 80-82 Newcastle St, Fyshwick, NSW 2609

P: 02 6162 1645 F: 02 6162 1658

Trading Hours: Mon 9am-6pm, Tues-Fri 8am-5pm, Sat 8am-Noon


• Eye Tests - Bulk billed • Discounts - For seniors & students • HICAPS - Direct claims to health funds • Experienced Staff • Most credit cards accepted • Contact lenses Centrepoint Arcade - City Walk Canberra City (opp.Transact)

6247 2057 E: W:

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health & fitness

Back to the exercise basics

Even the most basic exercises seem daunting if we’ve never been shown how to do them properly! We asked Tina Barac, of Ignite Nutrition and Fitness, to demonstrate some simple exercises we can do at home…

Swiss ball crunch

Dumbbell squat

2: Contract your abs, let your breath out and curl your spine up, starting from the neck. Flex your torso until the distance between the top of your pelvis and the bottom of your ribs stops shortening.

tones the abdominals

1: Letting your spine follow the ball’s curve, slowly roll on to the Swiss ball and place your head and neck comfortably on its back. Put your hands at the sides of your head, and your feet hip-distance apart on the floor.

tones the legs

1: Hold the dumbbells so your palms are facing inwards and your arms are relaxed.


tones the chest

2: Lower your chest to the ground slowly and then raise it to the starting position.

Long hours mean unhealthy lifestyle

CANBERRANS are among the most likely Australians to eat unhealthy takeaway foods too often – and it’s our long-hours lifestyle that’s to blame. So says Geoff Jowett, creator of the “Bodytrim” guides to dining on a diet, who told “CityNews” that although Australians are perceived as laid-back, we’re actually one of the hardest-working Western countries. “This means less time for purchasing fresh ingredients, less time for cooking and less time for cleaning – so quick, easy takeaway became the staple. “As Canberra has such a large proportion of middle-class professionals and is known 2: Gradually lower for long working hours, this trend should your body (as though become particularly apparent here.” you’re about to sit in a Most of us don’t associate white-collar chair), keeping your workers with a high intake of takeaway back straight and food, Geoff says. your lower legs These days, most of us are time-poor perpendicular to the regardless of our personal circumstances. floor. When your upper “Two-income families mean that we no thighs are parallel to the longer have one parent staying at home, floor, hold the position who can help cook and provide healthy for a moment then meals for the family. return to step one. “Also, two-income families generally have a higher disposable income, which enables them to have takeaway more often!” As for singles, “so much of single life takes place outside the home, and socialising tends to be higher on the agenda than healthy eating. “It can also be more expensive to cook single portions and therefore easier to eat out or order takeaway.” TAKE YOUR PLACE NOW Food prepared by others isn’t necessarily unhealthy, though – we just need to choose carefully. “Fast food has gotten a bad rap as a result of wrong choices and a few not-soTO GET BOUNCING CONTACT BODY BASICS healthy places,” says Geoff. Ph: 6282 8344 Mobile: 0437 775 627 “Some of the real traps Email: these days are the cheap filler food like chips, rice and noodles. “Try a Thai stir fry, souvlaki chicken with a Greek salad or an Indian curry – base your meal around a serving of protein with as many vegetables as you like.” As for eating on the fly, Geoff suggests we try prePrivate Studio marinated meat and poultry Mobile Fitness from our local butchers or supermarkets, served with Group Fitness steamed frozen vegetables Nutrition for a nutrient-rich meal in only a few minutes. Lifestyle Support “Home cooking does not need to take hours – a simple omelette takes only minutes to prepare and is personal training one of the healthiest meals you can have.”



1:On the ground, place your hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart, and keep your torso straight and rigid while your weight rests on your hands and feet.

Geoff Jowet… says we can eat well on the fly if we choose carefully.


NOW! SAVE $125



With Karen Elliot






0407 541 221 | |

24  CityNews September 3-9


advertising feature

Natuzzi Sound swivel chair in leather, from $4260, from Natuzzi, Fyshwick.


The green life in Braddon ORIGINALLY a light industrial area, Braddon is one of Canberra’s oldest suburbs, gazetted in 1928. Thgese days there are shops, restaurants and fashion of all sorts moving into the area, as well as a couple of businesses for whom the environment is important.

HAIRDRESSING Ph 6247 2005 2a | 40 Mort Street Braddon ACT 2612

Fabulous Fringe Jasper sofa in fabric, from $3890, from King Furniture, Fyshwick.

Sofa, so good COMFORT comes to the fore when choosing living room furniture, says Belinda Fowley, showroom manager at King Furniture, in Fyshwick. “This year, a quality sofa that can stand up to the rigours of family life while looking stylish is a better investment than ever.” Belinda says that when choosing a sofa, it’s important to consider our lifestyle needs. For example, people who do a lot of entertaining may prefer a modular sofa, as it can be moved into different configurations to suit different seating styles. On the other hand, parents of small children may need to consider durability issues: “Many fabrics come with a fabric soil

Urban modular chaise, from $999, from Fantastic Furniture, Fyshwick. resistant treatment on them, which would help with young children in the family. “Natural leathers are also a great choice, as high-quality, natural leathers are cool in summer, warm in winter, easy to care for and with regular maintenance they last for years.” Removable covers are also popular, Belinda says, as these can change the look and feel of a sofa to suit warmer or cooler weather.

FRINGE Hairdressing’s two top stylists are currently in London undergoing the latest in Vidal Sassoon Academy training to ensure the salon remains at the top of its game. Owners Wayne Robinson and Tarsha O’Brien are excited, as always, about learning about the latest techniques; and the salon’s remaining staff attend cutting and colouring updates at Sydney’s Toni & Guy Academy. This has already been a good year for Fringe, which has taken out a range of awards at the International Hairdressing Society’s mini-competitions and awards in Canberra, including awards for men’s and ladies’ haircutting and colour. Fringe uses the Aveda brand, which makes use of plant and flower-derived ingredients to offer clients a more environmentally sustainable hair-care alternative. For more information call 6247 2005.

Sustainable graphic design

SUSTAINABILITY is important in business today, says Claire Connelly, from graphic design studio Papercut: Ms Connelly recently shone at the ACT Chamber of Women in Business Awards. Ms Connelly took out the “Caring for the Environment” award, and was also highly commended for “Best New Business” and “Business Woman of the Year”. She says that every decision made at the studio – from the paper used to the printers they liaise with – is made with an active consideration of the company’s carbon footprint, but that this doesn’t translate into its prices being unaffordable. For more information call 6162 4045 or visit www.

INTERIOR PLANTSCAPING %&4*(/t*/45"--"5*0/t4&37*$&

6bW^jhcZZYfUgidYf]cf gY`YWh]cbcZd`Ubhg WcbhU]bYfg UbXUfhkcf_"@Y[YbXUfm gYfj]WYhc_YYdmcifd`Ubhg \YU`h\m`cc_]b[[fYUh

Public Tasting Imagine — design that not only speaks of beauty but is kind to our planet.


9 September, 5pm to 7pm Tickets $25

with complimentary glass Contact: RNCAS on (02) 6241 2478 or visit

We offer graphic design, web design, branding, typesetting, copywriting and marketing solutions at affordable prices.

NothiNG to paY uNtil 2011** call

Phone: (02) 6241 1451 | 6162 4045 |

13 61 21 Now

plaNtatioN shutters

roller shutters

AMB732 - Canb News 1-8 page.indd 1

“Get the wow factor”

11/6/09 4:31:07 PM

“protect Your familY”

40% off

* This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion, special offer or coupon. 40% off Half Price Shutters retail price list. ** Available to approved customers only. Terms, conditions, fees & charges apply. Interest and payments are payable after the interest free and payment deferred period. Finance provided by Once Credit Pty Limited ACN 112 319 632 t/a MyBuy.



Terrace Restaurant, EPIC

13 61 21 Now CityNews September 3-9  25

general knowledge crossword ACROSS 1 Which TV classification dictates that it is suitable for adults only (1,5)? 8 To be clearly expressed is to be what? 9 Name another term for a medical centre. 10 What is one to whom a negotiable document is signed? 11 Which common mineral is used to make plaster of Paris, fertiliser, etc? 13 What do we call a set of shelves for storing literary works? 16 To be decorated with solid deciduous 1 2 branched horns, is to be what? 19 Which Latin term means "in the same book, chapter, etc"? 9 22 What is a hearing given to a musician, actor, etc, to test quality? 24 What do we call those who play parts of characters in dramatic performances? 11 25 Name the piece of office equipment used to destroy unwanted documents. 26 To have told stories is to have done what?

DOWN 2 In which race does each contestant run part of the distance, being relieved by a teammate? 3 Which armed combat vehicles move on caterpillar tracks? 4 Name the tenth month of the early Roman year. 5 What is a colloquial term for a potato? 6 Which acid is found in limes and lemons?



7 Name the muscle which bends the forearm. 12 What is a formal agreement, as between nations? 14 To be commonplace is to be what? 15 Which compound neutralises alkalis and turns blue litmus paper red? 17 Which term implies destruction or complete failure? 18 To linger idly about a place is to what? 20 To bury, with ceremonies, is to what? 21 Which term means to be weird or uncanny? 23 Name the word element meaning "of, or in India". Solution next week 3

2 3



© Auspac Media

26  CityNews September 3-9



GEMINI (May 21 – June 21) There’s so much happening involving home, family and friends this week that it will be hard to keep on top of everything. Others are relying on you, so don’t let them down. Expect a few hiccups in your love life as Mercury moves backwards through your romance zone. Hang in there Gemini – true love will prevail.




CANCER (June 22 – July 22)

25 26

7 2




Loved ones have their own agendas at the moment, which may be completely different to your own. Keep them up-to-date with what you are thinking and doing, otherwise misunderstandings are likely. You’re full of bright ideas but don’t just barge ahead – some forethought and planning are required first.

TAURUS (Apr 21 – May 20)




ARIES (Mar 21 – Apr 20)

Don’t stay in the same safe paddock for too long Bulls. With Jupiter in your career zone (for the first time in 12 years) you need to extend yourself professionally. It’s time to kick up your heels, explore exciting new horizons and open the door to a wider world of work opportunities.






4 8 1 5 7




8 9 5 2 6 9 8

4 8

Sudoku hard No.14


your week in the stars

No. 227

Sudoku is an 81, square number grid with nine blocks each containing nine cells. To solve the puzzle, all the blank cells must be filled in using numbers from 1 to 9. Each number can only appear once in each row, column and in the nine 3x3 blocks. You can successfully solve the puzzle just by using logic and the process of elimination. Solution next week

Solution Crossword





Solution Sudoku medium No.14 5 9 1 6 7 8 2 3 4

3 6 7 2 1 4 8 5 9

2 4 8 5 3 9 7 6 1

9 7 2 3 6 5 1 4 8

1 8 3 9 4 7 5 2 6

6 5 4 8 2 1 3 9 7

8 1 6 4 5 2 9 7 3

7 3 5 1 9 6 4 8 2

4 2 9 7 8 3 6 1 5

Try not to pick up on the intensity of others this week Cancer. You tend to take on their moods, which can leave you feeling emotionally exhausted. Give yourself some space. And you need to be very clear when you’re communicating with family members. What they say and what you hear may be two different things.

LEO (July 23 – Aug 22) It’s time to take a close look at your personal values. Do you need to let go of certain people, possessions or attitudes that have passed their used-by date? And be careful that your main form of entertainment isn’t shopping. Your bank balance (and budget) won’t appreciate a “shop-‘til-you-drop” kind of week!

VIRGO (Aug 23 – Sept 22) Vigilant Virgos take note! This week, if you are persistent and prioritise, then you’ll be able to stay the distance while those around you are burning out. It’s also a fabulous time to tie up loose ends (especially involving finances) and let family, friends and work colleagues know that you are in for the long haul. Copyright Joanne Madeline Moore 2009.

With Joanne Madeline Moore September 7 - 13 LIBRA (Sept 23 – Oct 23) With Mercury moving backwards through your sign, you’ll have to be careful with how you give and receive information. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to double-check. On Friday, someone may try to persuade you to divulge information that you’d rather keep private. Resist the urge to spill the beans – with a smile!

SCORPIO (Oct 24 – Nov 21) Do you feel as if you’ve been treading water for the last five months? Thank goodness Pluto (your ruling planet) is finally moving forwards again. Expect stalled projects to get the green light and your motivation (and mojo!) to gradually return. For some lucky Scorps, love and work are linked in wonderful ways.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 – Dec 21) Don’t take shortcuts this week. Concentration and discipline will get you a lot further than a rushed and half-baked approach. Focus on the task at hand, and finish unfinished business before you launch into ambitious new projects. Spend some quality time with loved ones on Friday or Saturday.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 – Jan 19) With Mercury causing mischief in your career zone, expect annoying hitches and hiccups at work over the next couple of weeks. Try to maintain your (dry) sense of humor, and don’t take minor mix-ups too seriously. In the words of Roald Dahl (born on September 13): “A little nonsense now and then is cherished by the wisest men.”

AQUARIUS (Jan 20 – Feb 18) Are you going on a trip or holiday over the next three weeks? With Mercury moving backwards, you need to be very careful with all travel plans. Check (and double-check) your itinerary and make allowances for delays, cancellations and other last minute changes. A flexible (and fun) approach will see you through.

PISCES (Feb 19 – Mar 20) Pisceans are incredibly perceptive. You are very sensitive to mood and ambience, and can tune in to what others are thinking and feeling. However, this week, with Mercury disrupting your psychic radar, don’t let mixed messages and incorrect signals lead you down the primrose path to trouble!


Elevated, updated and extended LOCATED in a tightly held dress circle location in Torrens, this exceptional, updated and extended residence, sits on an elevated block of about 1014sqm. Set amidst private, low-maintenance gardens, the house features four bedrooms (master with ensuite

and walk-in-robe), a study, separate lounge and dining rooms. The kitchen overlooks the family room, which leads to a large entertaining deck, bathroom, double garage, workshop and extensive storage rooms under the house.

Address: 53 Hawker Street, Torrens. Inspection: By appointment.

Tender: Closes 5pm, Thursday, September 10.

Agent: Maria Selleck, of Maria Selleck Properties, on 0417 258803.

Peace and quiet among the gum trees “THE peace and quiet of this location is a wonderful bonus with this very extensive home amongst the gum trees,” says selling agent Greg Hedger. “Located very close to Canberra and Queanbeyan, The Ridgeway is arguably the original prestigious rural residential development in the Canberra region. With three hectares to enjoy, there is ample room to wander around the bush, play a game or two on the tennis court then

have a swim in the solar-heated pool, or stay inside and enjoy the billiard room– you will need to buy your own full size table, though.” The property has nine carpeted bedrooms and four bathrooms (one with spa bath). The kitchen has ample catering space and there is a dining room and large lounge area. There is an option to work at home or convert part of the property to a self-contained flat or both. With two slow-combustion wood

fires and two ducted gas heaters available to provide comfort during the cooler weather, there is accommodation for five cars.

Address: 154 Ridgeway Road, The Ridgeway. Inspection: By appointment. Auction: 3pm, September 19. Agent: Greg Hedger, of Richard Luton Properties, on 0427 214337.

Better Building Services Display Home “MAXUS” now open for inspection

47 Birdwood Street, Hughes


Saturday and Sunday 12 - 4pm

of Australia

The Green Building Blitz II When: Tuesday 8 September 2009 Time: 8:15 to 2:30pm Venue: Hotel Realm, Barton Proudly sponsored by Thinc Projects

or call to make an apppointment on

Property Council Golf Classic When: Thursday 22 October 2009 Venue: Federal Golf Club, Red Hill Proudly sponsored by NDH Property Services

6299 9411

Division Luncheon with the Hon. Lindsay Tanner MP

or by email

When: Wednesday 28 October 2009 Time: 12:00 to 2:00pm Venue: Hyatt Hotel Canberra Proudly sponsored by Commonwealth Bank


For more information on upcoming events, membership or sponsorship opportunities, please contact Antoinette Perera on 02 6248 6902 or email

Visit our website anytime Discover the secret of a Better Building Experience 2009 HIA AUSTRALIAN DISPLAY HOME OF THE YEAR CityNews September 3-9  27



Torrens | Backing Reserve, Views


• • • •

High prole shops available from 98sqm* Shopping Centre anchored by strongly performing Coles Supermarket Busy centre with excellent ow of pedestrian trafc Owner says “Bring us tenants and we’ll do deals!”

4 bed | 2 bath | 2 car


56 HAWKER STREET Backing Mt Taylor Nature Reserve and set on the high side of the street within a tightly held blue ribbon location, this spacious, family home enjoys views from one of the most elevated residential positions in Torrens. Sitting on an expansive land block of approximately 1382m2 amongst beautifully established gardens, this light-filled home features 4 bedrooms, master with ensuite and walk-in-robe, study overlooking courtyard with an outdoor spa and entertaining deck, separate lounge and dining rooms, family room leading to a second courtyard, and rumpus room. An opportunity for someone to purchase a superb home in one of Woden’s most highly sought after location, with flexible living accommodation with the lower level ideal for a home office, guest accommodation or teenage retreat. EER 1.5. Open: Tender:

Robert Westropp-Evans 0419 365 666 02 6232 2733

Robert Murray 0412 482 774 02 6274 9888

Contact Maria for viewing times Closes 5pm, Thursday 24th September 2009

f Maria Selleck 0417 258 803

call us 6162 1234


s n o i t a l u t a r g Con rporate Performer

o Top C

Hackett 2 TRYON STREET This graciously proportioned family home has a warm, welcoming feel and incredibly practical floor plan.

an m y a H t t e r B

Occupying a leafy block of 907.8m2, the beautifully decorated, five bedroom, two and half bathroom home features Tasmanian Oak floorboards, vaulted ceilings and recently replaced cedar windows throughout. Spacious and modern, there is a wonderful indoor/outdoor flow, light filled lounge which leads to a large family room and the recently renovated kitchen. A quality residence, with excellent space.


EER 2.5 Auction on site 1.30pm Saturday 19th September Open Saturday 11 - 11:45am & Wednesday 5:15 - 6pm Peter Blackshaw Manuka 6295 2433

u 624 4 1 4 0411 @peterblacks 4488

Louise Harget 0412 997 894




[OFFICE DETAILS] 28  CityNews September 3-9




ACT, Chisholm: Chisholm Village Shopping Centre


Red Hill



Much sought after & tightly held, apartments in The Phoenix are within walking distance of the City,

Perfectly located in an excellent street this delightful home features 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, free

the ANU & Mort & Lonsdale Street’s fashionable boutiques, trendy bars & cafes. The sunny, second

flowing lounge & dining & a large family room plus rumpus. There is a feeling of space, light & quality

floor apartment has views to Mt Ainslie from the open plan living spaces & balcony; there are two

throughout. A northerly aspect & lovely outlook can be enjoyed from both the dining room & the

generous bedrooms, main with ensuite bathroom, & a stylish kitchen with Bosch appliances & granite

country style kitchen & family room which open onto a generous rear deck. Internal stairs lead

bench tops. RC/AC, basement parking, storage & resident use of the gym & pool are included. EER 6

downstairs to a huge laundry, a rumpus with open fire, 5th bedroom, & bathroom. Double car


accommodation. EER 2 Auction on site 10am Saturday 19th September

Mary Debus 0414 623 876

Bronwyn McGrath 0412 631 763

Peter Blackshaw Manuka 6295 2433

Peter Blackshaw Manuka 6295 2433





Commanding an irreplaceable position with an uninterrupted panorama of the mountains beyond,

Expertly renovated this smart, brick home represents an excellent entry point into the Inner South

this breathtaking sanctuary set on 9 acres of native bushland offers privacy and exclusivity. The hub

market, and is ideally positioned on the high side of an ever evolving, quiet street. A sleek and

of the home is the expansive kitchen and adjoining family room, with European appliances, masses

sophisticated design offers stylish open and light filled living, gleaming designer kitchen, three large

of cupboards, gas cooking and timber floors. This award winning four bedroom country residence

bedrooms plus additional study, a brand new bathroom and a private covered entertaining deck and

presents a wonderful opportunity for those seeking a private and peaceful rural property within an

fully fenced secure rear garden. EER 2.5

easy commute to Canberra. Auction on site 3pm Saturday 26th September

Auction on site 10am Saturday 19th September

Michael Kumm 0402 943 191 or Josh Reid 0432 423 699

Michael Kumm 0402 943 191 or Josh Reid 0432 423 699

Peter Blackshaw Manuka 6295 2433

Peter Blackshaw Manuka 6295 2433

Belconnen 6251 9111

Gungahlin 6241 9444

Inner North 6262 5122

Manuka 6295 2433

Tuggeranong 6296 7077

Woden 6282 4488 CityNews September 3-9  29

The Name in Property.

YASS - ‘Meadowvale’ �� LACHLAN VALLEY WAY � Seldom does such a prestigious property as Meadowvale become available. The visual feast as you approach the early Colonial-design homestead, via the sweeping sealed driveway is stunning. Nestled in glorious established gardens on nearly 60 hectares this property offers all you may need. Featuring high ceilings, generous windows and French doors, the homestead comprises formal rooms, sun room, family room, meals area, country kitchen, four bedrooms, two bathrooms, office/fifth bedroom, attic and vine covered patio. The two storied double garage with large studio and a tennis court adjoin. Features excellent pasture, fertile soils with ample water from tanks, dam, town supply and Derringullen Creek. Lavender harvested, cattle fattened and life enjoyed. Commercial options are many on this superb holding. 2 bay shearing shed, silo and machinery sheds.


Open: Details:


THE RIDGEWAY - ‘Bundaleer’ ��� RIDGEWAY ROAD � The peace and quiet of its location is a bonus for this very extensive home amongst the gum trees. With three hectares to enjoy, there is ample room to wander, play tennis, have a swim in the heated pool or stay in and enjoy the billiard room with the Finnish fireplace. Nine bedrooms and four bathrooms ensure the comfort of all the family, or friends, who will be sure to visit. Naturally the kitchen has ample room to cater for everyone. There’s the option to work at home or convert part to a self contained flat, or both, the property offers several options. Two slow combustion wood fires and two ducted gas systems are there if required. Five car accommodation and ample off street parking are additional features. Open: Auction: Details:


30  CityNews September 3-9



Sunday 12-1pm Auction: On Site 12 noon, Sunday 27th September Greg Hedger 0427 214 337 Directions: Corner Hume Highway and Lachlan Valley Way, Boorowa turnoff.

Saturday 11-12pm and Wednesday 5-5.30pm On Site 3pm, Saturday 19th September Greg Hedger 0427 214 337

Virtual Tours available online

BELCONNEN 6253 2323


DICKSON 6230 0005

MANUKA 6260 8999




WESTON CREEK 6287 1600

WODEN 6281 6900

SURF BEACH 674 Beach Road




The WOW! Factor How’s this for the kitchen with the mostest! It can be yours, together with gorgeous open plan living and decking embracing those inspiring sea views. Enjoy three to five bedrooms, depending on how you utilise either of the self contained levels, relax in the sunny securely fenced rear garden, and make use of the spacious double garage. Walk the few minutes to the village shops but, best of all, simply step across the road and be on one of the Bay’s best beaches, which is patrolled in the Summer months. Your choice – to live here or to holiday. Either way you’ll love it!

Auction Saturday 10 October 12 noon On Site View 5.9.09 @2pm or by appointment Caryl Haslem 0418 564 599

Batemans Bay

Ray White works!


CityNews September 3-9  31

Kingston Cunningham Street




Holder 41 Blackwood Terrace






Step behind closed doors to appreciate these new two

By Negotiation

Is this your next project? Add your personal touch by

Sat 5th September at 10am (On Site)

storey 4 bed/ens residences which will appeal to the most discerning buyer. Reflecting excellence in

View By Appointment Sandy Funston 0414 629 996

updating and/or extending this four bedroom home as you and the family grow.

View Sat 5th September 9:30-10:00am Sandy Funston 0414 629 996

contemporary architecture, the use of natural light and space, the homes offer approx 240m2 of living. EER 6.0

6162 0381

Don´t miss the opportunity to secure a property that offers location, potential & great value. Located in a core area,

6162 0681

its close to schools, Woden & Cooleman Court. EER 0.5

Queanbeyan 3 Thomas Royal Gardens




Auction A great home for the first home buyer/retiree/investor. All

Sat 19th September at 10am (On Site)

you need to do is unpack the boxes and put up your feet! The vendors have bought elsewhere! Their much loved home is set amidst low care maintenance gardens and is situated on a single level block. Bright and airy, this 3

View By Appointment Sandy Funston 0414 629 996 6162 0681

bed/ens home has great street appeal.

Canberra CityNews September 3-9, 2009  

Summer’s on its way and Civic is still missing four promised drinking fountains. JORIAN GARDNER went divining for them.

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