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Now make the green choice from 14c extra a day*

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cover story

The masters come alive in Canberra Here it is, they say, the greatest blockbuster exhibition the National Gallery of Australia has ever had – and, despite the Budget deficit, ACT taxpayers are helping out, too. JORIAN GARDNER was at the announcement and is counting the sleeps (and the cost) til December. “THIS truly is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for art lovers and first-timers, students and families to see these renowned works that many have grown up with in art history books,” waxed Federal Arts Minister Peter Garrett at the announcement of the “Masterpieces from Paris: Van Gogh, Gauguin, Cézanne and Beyond”. Presented in association with the Musée d’Orsay in Paris, Canberra will be the world premiere for this exhibition between December 4 and April 5, which will then travel to Tokyo and San Francisco.

“Van Gogh's Bedroom at Arles” (detail) by Vincent van Gogh (1889).


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August 13-19, 2009

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COVER : Vincent van Gogh’s 1887 “Portrait of the Artist”, one the NGA’s headline paintings in its forthcoming “Masterpieces from Paris” exhibition. Story this page.

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“Starry Night” (detail) by Vincent van Gogh (1888). Mr Stanhope said. "Tourism is vital to the ACT's economy contributing over $1.2 billion and accounting for almost 13,000 jobs. We knew we had to seize the chance to support this outstanding exhibition.” “Masterpieces from Paris” illustrates the arrival of modern art in Europe. The exhibition showcases seven van Goghs, nine Gauguins, eight Cézannes and eleven Seurats. In addition, there are many paintings by Bernard (five), Bonnard (nine), Denis (10), Monet (five) and Vuillard (eight), among others. Visitors will see van Gogh’s 1889 painting “Bedroom at Arles”, Gauguin’s famous 1891 work “Tahitian Women” and Cézanne’s beloved “Mount Saint-Victoire” (1890).

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“Clownesse Cha-U-Kao” (detail) Henri Toulouse-Lautrec (1895).

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Among the 114 paintings included in the exhibition are some of the best-known works of modern art including masterpieces by Vincent van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, Paul Cézanne, Georges Seurat, Pierre Bonnard, Claude Monet, Maurice Denis and Edouard Vuillard. “This is the most important exhibition to come to the National Gallery of Australia,” said director Ron Radford. “Never before have so many famous masterpieces been brought together for one exhibition in this country. These works almost never leave the Musée d’Orsay even singly and never before in these numbers.” The paintings are on tour during renovations at the Musée d’Orsay. The ACT Government is assisting with costs associated with the exhibition by pumping $500,000 from the yet-to-be announced “autumn event” budget, with Tourism Minster Andrew Barr saying that the NGA show will form the centrepiece of the autumn event to be announced later this year. “You can gauge from this that it might have some sort of French feel,” Mr Barr told “CityNews”. “There will be night openings of the NGA exhibition, food and wine events and other activities. All will be revealed before Christmas.” Chief Minster Jon Stanhope emphasised the importance of the NGA’s announcement to Canberra’s economy. "In the current economic climate… this exhibition will provide a boost to the ACT economy,”

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Family Law Matters

Financial Agreements Are you in a de facto relationship, engaged or married? Are there assets you’ve brought into the relationship you wish to protect? If so, you should consider entering into a Financial Agreement with your partner or spouse. What is a Financial Agreement? Known colloquially as a ’Cohabitation Agreement’ or ‘Pre-Nup’, a Financial Agreement is a contract entered into under the Family Law Act between spouses or those in a de facto relationship. It provides for the division of assets in the event of the breakdown of the relationship. Why is a Financial Agreement useful? In the event of a separation, a Financial Agreement can assist in streamlining the settlement process as it can record ownership of assets and how they should be divided. They are especially useful in cases where, for example, one party holds significant assets, or in the case of second or subsequent relationships. When can I enter into one? Under the Family Law Act, couples can enter into a Financial Agreement at any time—before they begin living together, before they get married or after either event. They can also enter into an agreement after separating. Can my partner and I write our own agreement? Yes, but such an agreement (even in writing) will not be binding in law. For a Financial Agreement to be binding, certain steps must be followed and specific requirements must be met. Each party must get advice from their own lawyer.

FREE SEMINAR Attend a free general information seminar about family law at Dobinson Davey Clifford Simpson (18 Kendall Lane, New Acton), Tuesday 18 August 2009, 5:30–6:30pm. Bookings essential: 6212 7690.

18 Kendall Lane, New Acton Canberra City Ph: 6212 7600   CityNews August 13-19

From here… to there!

Danielle down and dirty

By Megan Haggan

WHEN Danielle Neale was in training for her trek along the Kokoda Track, she was a little concerned about how she would handle the insects and the monotony. But the 5½-day hike in the most difficult terrain imaginable has given her a new respect for the Australian servicemen who completed the gruelling journey during World War II, for the companions and Papua New Guinean porters who trekked with her, and for living in the moment. “I’m fairly fit, and our group did a lot of strategic training which we ramped up beforehand – so I didn’t contemplate an injury happening to me,” she says. Danielle, who featured on a “CityNews” cover in April, suffered an ilio-tibial band injury, which meant a great deal of physical pain on top of the physical demands of the trek itself. “Basically, the big muscles down the sides of my thigh locked up,” she told “CityNews”. “Getting uphill was painful, but downhill was worse – at times, I literally shook with pain.

“And we would often be going downhill for four or five hours at a time; the ups and downs are vertical, and what’s flat is swamps and river crossings that are as slippery as ice. “There’s no looking around at scenery, no eating on the way: There’s not one step that’s not deliberately placed, because it’s just too dangerous.” Despite her injury, Danielle found the strength to push on and complete the trek, which her group had organised to undertake to raise awareness for Gift of Life. Originally worried that the monotony of just walking each day would faze her, she found in the end that it wasn’t just comforting, but a matter of safety. “I miss it and I’m still adjusting to being back! It was implicit in the isolation – we’d get to the campsite, eat dinner, tell stories, and then bang, it was the next day and we’d start again. Monotony was reassuring because you didn’t know what sort of terrain you’d see the next day.” Danielle says meeting many of the people of Papua New Guinea – including

the oldest living Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel, who is 104 years old – was a highlight of the walk. “We also drew strength from thinking about what the World War II soldiers went through. “They weren’t trained, they weren’t equipped, they were malnourished and lugging cannons with them, and they had thousands of Japanese trying to kill them! And they still did it, and saved PNG and Australia.” Danielle and her companions went to Kokoda to raise awareness about organ donation, and with a new appreciation of life, Danielle urges Canberrans to talk to their loved ones about donating their organs in the event of their death. “Think about it, talk about it with your family – you could save a number of lives. Only three of us in the group were registered organ donors when we left, but we all (of 10 group members) are now.” And would she do it again? “Definitely,” she says. “It was a magnificent experience, it really was.”

Why there’s no place for prayers RECENTLY, former WA Premier and Federal MP, Carmen Lawrence in an op-ed piece in “The Sydney Morning Herald” strongly criticised the practice of beginning each day’s proceedings in Federal Parliament with two prayers. The first asks “Almighty God” to bless the Parliament and “direct and prosper” its deliberations for the advancement of “His glory” and – almost as an afterthought – “for the true welfare of the people of Australia”. The second is the Christian “Lord’s Prayer”. Carmen says some members – mostly on the Labor side – wait outside the chamber in a lobby till it’s done rather than take part in an exercise that blurs the lines between religion and politics. I applaud their strength of principle and would do the same. Politics is the art of the possible; religion admits no other possibility but that of the believer. It has no place in the Parliament of a secular, inclusive nation such as Australia. But what Ms Lawrence did not know is that the practice didn’t originate with either the Constitution or ancient Parliamentary practice as we all might imagine. In fact, it was introduced by one William

tactics that branded “The Prop” as it was known, as the epitome of the “capitalist oppressors” of the day. By Robert Macklin Elected to the Victorian Legislative Knox. And he was a real piece of work. Council in 1898, three years later while a By chance, I had come across Mr Knox director of BHP, he won a seat in Federal quite recently. Indeed, one of the joys of Parliament. It was he who wrote the writing books is that each one opens the prayer and moved a motion in the House door to a new world of utterly unexof Representatives for its recitation (with pected information. And next month my the “Lord’s Prayer”) each sitting day just magnum opus on the remarkable history before Question Time. of BHP Billiton hits the books stores, all I suspect that if the present-day Labor 530 pages of it, encompassing more than members knew the real story of the a century of our country’s industrial and prayers, even more would wait in the lobpolitical development. bies until the ritual ended, despite their Written with my frequent co-author present leader’s well-known religious Peter Thompson, it traces the amazing propensities. story of the Big Australian from its Incidentally, Knox’s Seat was Kooyong, humble beginnings in the Outback around which would later be occupied by a much Broken Hill to its pre-eminence on the more famous member, the great Robert international bourses as the biggest Menzies. But there, too, hangs a company miner in the world. tale that I have no room to relate here. But prominent within the early years However, as readers of our tome will of its journey is none other than William come to appreciate, it was for very good Knox. A former accountant, Knox became reason that in the 1950s a favourite chant secretary of the company in 1885 and in student campuses across the land rose to the board by masterminding, was, “There’ll always be a Menzies/while BHP’s vicious battles against the miners’ there’s a BHP”. union. Indeed, it was Knox’s aggressive


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The disastrous whiff of corruption EVEN a whiff of corruption spells political disaster. This is one of the reasons that Malcolm Turnbull got a rush of blood and blindly leapt into the “Utegate” affair without thought and without due diligence. A political party that accepts bribes is tainted with inappropriate cash or does favours after receiving donations gets short shrift from voters. And rightly so! Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has just witnessed former Labor Minister Gordon Nuttal being jailed after receiving a seven-year sentence for corruptly receiving $360,000 in secret commissions. Now the Premier is wrestling with the pressure of inappropriate political donations. She is trying to clean up the taint of corruption associated with purchasing access to ministers. Memories of the corruption and cronyism of the Jo Bjelke-Petersen days are exacerbated by Labor “mateship”, special favours and the culture of “you owe me, mate”. Queenslanders are particularly sensitive. It is only two decades since the Fitzgerald Royal Commission revealed widespread political, bureaucratic and police corruption. After nearly 20 years of silence, Tony Fitzgerald recently launched a scathing attack on the ethics and accountability of the Queensland Government. Political parties across the nation will be watching how Ms Bligh provides leadership in handling this serious crisis. In the ACT, the Labor Party has moved to get rid of its dependence on gambling money and, with all other jurisdictions, should also pay attention to the issues being raised in Queensland.

Anna Bligh... trying to clean up the taint of corruption.


By Michael Moore Former ALP National Secretary and campaign director, Tim Gartrell, summarised the problem on ABCTV’s “Lateline” when he warned of the danger of going down the path of the American dependency on large political donations. He argued: “The core thing that drives campaign directors to go out and raise lots of money is this arms race. You know, the other side's out there doing it, you've got to match them”. He is absolutely right in suggesting that the key reform to ensure that our democracy is not handed over to big money is limiting the amount of spending. Big money has big influence. It is not just big donations from business and foreign influence, but also the level of donations from unions. In modern politics, party donations simply buy influence. Otherwise donations would be made to the one party that most closely aligned with the goals and aspirations of the donor. A quick scan of electoral declarations illustrates that the most-common form of large donation is one that goes to both parties. The overwhelmingly dominant reason for donors taking this approach is to purchase access and influence. And it works. Campaign dinners where business people spend multi-thousands of dollars to have dinner with a minister or other MP are currently the prime focus for Premier Bligh. Even though the money is not personal and goes to party coffers, purchasing access and influence in this way certainly has the smell of corruption. However, it is also good politics for the Queensland Premier to focus on this issue rather than more fundamental issues such as limits on spending. Getting rid of the fundraising business dinners suits Labor and, in the long term, will give it an advantage. Labor has a strong base of donations that come from the unions. The Liberals and Nationals rely much more heavily on business donations, making them more vulnerable to this approach. Attempts to address such concerns at a national level have bogged down in the Senate. Michael Moore is a former independent member of the ACT Legislative Assembly and minister for health.

Does this man know something about the next Federal election that the rest of us (except for Kevin Rudd) don’t?

Hot-to-trot, Gary hits the hustings By Jorian Gardner

IS that the faint whiff of a Federal election? It certainly seems so if you go by the recent media statements and latest comments of the recently re-preselected ACT Liberal Senator Gary Humphries. A former Liberal Chief Minister, Humphries has previously said that as a federal representative he would, in general, stay off his former stamping ground of ACT politics – until it suits him, that is. But the senator knows that local politics impact on Federal elections and putting the boot into a perceived deflated local Labor outfit is an election-winning strategy. He has recently taken on Chief Minister Jon Stanhope over paid parking in the parliamentary triangle and criticised him about Co² emissions targets. Now he’s focusing on Labor’s in-fighting and the state of the Labor-Greens agreement. “It’s a government that appears to have fallen out of touch with the community, and no longer has their eye on the ball – or commitment to delivering for the ACT community,” Senator Humphries told “CityNews”.

“I sense no strategy or focus – the best evidence of which is the ballooning out of the ACT Budget deficit… they basically have lost the appetite for hard decisions.” Senator Humphries isn’t impressed with the local Greens, either, and given their stunning gains at the recent ACT election, he’d be worried that that might translate into the Federal poll. “The Greens are contributing to the malaise the Government has fallen into, by challenging all the tough decisions and posing before the cameras whenever a spending announcement is being made,” Senator Humphries said. “If the Greens had wanted to demonstrate an ability to buttress good government in this territory, they would have taken seats at the cabinet table. Instead, they focus continually on a range of small issues where their ‘solution’ is invariably the same: spend money the Territory taxpayer doesn’t have!” And in the event that Jon Stanhope doesn’t live to fight another day, who should take over from him as Chief Minister? “There’s only one viable replacement for Stanhope: Zed Seselja,” Senator Humphries said.

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Why those suits are sinking swimming Swimming’s governing body FINA has done its best to destroy the history and credibility of the sport, adding to dinner-table debates about the role of technology in elite swimming, says sports columnist TIM GAVEL. IT has taken a public outcry over the polyurethane swim suits to force FINA into action. If it wasn’t for the negative reaction to 43 world records at the world titles, the impression gained might be that FINA would have been quite happy to promote the “open slather” approach to the governance of swim suits. The bells should have been ringing loud and clear when FINA gave the go ahead for the shark-skin suits in 1996. Instead, we’ve witnessed a gradual progression of swimmers break records wearing suits that not only create buoyancy but correct stroke technique mid race. If this is not performance enhancing, what is? If world records were not so important to swimming then possibly it wouldn’t be a factor if, and only if, all swimmers at the elite level had access to the suits. The thing is that world records give swimming credibility. It is the same with many other sports. FINA, though, has a history of accommodating technological changes. Much of the success in swimming in the past was put down to improved training techniques with coaches such as Gennadi Touretsky studying the way fish move through the water and applying it to swimmers such as Alexandre Popov. But it appears FINA is not satisfied with getting the best out of an athlete by improving stroke techniques and training. There are new starting blocks at the AIS pool which allow swimmers to get greater projection off the blocks, new pools being built with special lane ropes and overflow guttering that disperses turbulent water.

You have to ask yourself; when is enough, enough? In track and field, the sport’s governing body modified the javelin because of complaints that it wasn’t spearing into the turf. So in 1986 the men’s javelin was modified, changing the centre of gravity. This resulted in the javelin head sticking into the ground, but also led to a decrease in distance. In response, manufacturers added holes and dimples to increase the distance before this was outlawed in 1991. All records set using such modifications were removed from the record books. Track and field though, still doesn’t know how to deal with the 400 metres world record set by the East German runner, Marita Koch, amidst allegations of systematic performance-enhancing drug use by Eastern Bloc athletes at the time. I have written about this many times and each time I get more upset about the fact that this record is still allowed to stand. It was set at Bruce Stadium in 1985. Since then, no runner has gone close to breaking it. Koch has not admitted to using drugs but the innuendo exists to this very day. Cricket is another sport which prides itself on records but it is hard to compare different eras when Don Bradman played on uncovered wickets. Now records are being set on wickets that are covered and are more batsman-friendly. Thankfully, cricket moved quickly to ensure aluminium bats were outlawed after the Dennis Lillee fiasco in 1979. Judging by the outcry over the super swim suits, sporting administrators need to be mindful of the heritage of their sports before they consider any change.


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Wine and pamper

THE Brassey Hotel in Barton is helping Karinya House, a local charity that supports pregnant and parenting women in crisis, with a “Winter Wine and Unwind” fundraiser in its ballroom on Sunday, August 16, 2pm-5pm. It promises an afternoon of fine wine and food, relaxation and rejuvenation, with lots of pampering activities such as massage and manicure complementing the wine and food tasting. Cost is $20 and tickets from 62418427 or via email to Jackie.gallagher@

Indonesian festival

The Indonesian Embassy will celebrate Independence Day with a free “Festival Indonesia”, featuring Indonesian food, music and dancing at 8 Darwin Avenue, Yarralumla, 10am-4pm, on Saturday, August 15.

Community grants

Chief Minister Jon Stanhope presented $180,000 in grants to 100 community organisations at the Canberra Southern Cross Club’s Annual Community Support Grants luncheon. The grants were presented to community organisations that provided a range of services including health, education, palliative care and cultural activities.

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Property Council Golf Classic

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Saturday 29 August 2:00 – 4:00 pm

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Meeting Room, Level 2 Theo Notaras Multicultural Centre 180 London Circuit, Canberra ACT 2601


When: Wednesday 28 October 2009 Time: 12:00 to 2:00pm Venue: Hyatt Hotel Canberra Proudly sponsored by Commonwealth Bank

Room 7, Level 1 The Griffin Centre Genge Street, Canberra

Contact for more information: Riitta 0405 029 044

When: Tuesday 8 September 2009 Time: 8:15 to 2:30pm Venue: Hotel Realm, Barton Proudly sponsored by Thinc Projects

Division Luncheon with Lindsay Tanner

Friday 28 August 12:00 – 2:00 pm

Representing women from cultural and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds living in the ACT and its regions.

CITING delayed trials, overdue reserved judgements and the pressure of work on the ACT Supreme Court, the Law Society is calling for another judge to the five-person bench. “Most members of the Bench have accumulated reserved judgments well over the acceptable three-month limit. The impact on litigants, particularly those involved in commercial matters, is becoming severe,” says Law Society president Rod Barnett.

When: Thursday 22 October 2009 Venue: Federal Golf Club, Red Hill Proudly sponsored by NDH Property Services

Multicultural Women Advocacy Inc.

A light lunch will be provided

Justice delayed

The Green Building Blitz II

Personal development is a rapidly growing industry. Setup your own biz, set your own hours & work from anywhere. No selling, not MLM. Simple 3 step system. Make your annual income your monthly income.

Representing women from cultural and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds living in the ACT and its regions.


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Belconnen Fresh Food Markets

advertising feature

Maria’s site puts fun into fresh food KIDS need the opportunity to learn more about healthy eating and exercise – and it needs to be fun to engage them, says Maria Efkarpidis, director of the Belconnen Fresh Food Markets and creator of the new website activekids. Maria, mother to Soa, six and Argyri, eight, began plans for the website after hearing predictions that today’s generation of children would have a very high prevalence of Type II diabetes – which is frequently linked with poor lifestyle choices – in adulthood. Worried for her girls’ peers, she thought up the characters Broc, Alana, Tommy, Caz and more – and hopes they’ll become enduring local characters that will educate children about healthy eating for years to come. “When today’s kids grow up and if the markets are still around, they’ll be able to tell their own kids that they met Broc and shook his hand when he rst came out,” she says. The site, designed by wysdesign, has recipe ideas for kids as well as promoting existing Belconnen Fresh Food Markets’ projects such as the Crunch Club. “The more fun it is, the more kids will want to look at the site and explore different aspects of good food,” says Maria

Maria Efkarpidis, director of the Belconnen Fresh Food Markets and creator of “They can go online, learn a few fun facts and jokes about fruit and vegetables – because kids always remember fun facts and enjoy passing them on – play games, and take part in giveaways and competitions.” Maria says it’s all part of a trend towards helping children and their parents make healthy lifestyle choices. “At the moment, schools are doing the same sort of thing: Making children more aware of health and tness issues,” she says.

“My children have to ll in an ACT Government booklet to show how active they are; it’s all compiled and then the school receives a grant for sports equipment.” A key message for healthy eating is that fast food isn’t as fast as it sounds, says Maria. “One time my children and I were leaving school – I was dropping the little one to ballet class, and the older said she wanted to get some fast food. “I said, ‘look at the line to buy it!’ It’s much easier and quicker to go home and get a healthy snack there, which is what we do. “Eating healthily isn’t hard, and it doesn’t have to take longer – we live in such a fast society now that healthy, quick options are there, too. “In the shops at the Belconnen Fresh Food Markets, there’s food packaged to be cooked or eaten quickly – things like ready-made stir fries and soups that the retailers put together – and it’s a lot better for you!” The site will be formally launched at the markets on Saturday, August 15, between 10am and 1pm. Kids can meet Broc and play on the website on the active terminals available on the day. For more information, visit activekids.… “The more fun it is, the more kids will want to look at the site and explore different aspects of good food,” says Maria.



  CityNews August 13-19



Hospital planning clash COME September, ACT Health is to commence a billion dollar redevelopment program, mainly at the Woden hospital site. Step one, demolish the three-storey car park and build a nine-storey, 134 metres wide car park tower on a larger footprint on the same site. Trouble is, this car park tower will clash with National Health Facilities Guidelines. ACT Health planners must have known this long ago. The new car park will span the northern boundary of the planned new acute care mental hospital site – which is being designed as a single-storey building surrounded by landscaped gardens. Under the guidelines, acute mental health care requires “quiet spaces”. This car park tower will attract 10,000 vehicle movements per day, as the main traffic hub for the hospital.  The guidelines also note:  “Location of the unit needs to ensure that the general public and patients in other parts of the facility cannot see into the building or outdoor areas. This may be an issue with adjoining multi-storey buildings creating sensations of being overlooked thus compromising privacy, and also creating sensations of being ‘hemmed in’.” How can such a major planning error occur in Canberra? 

Philip Bell, Mental Health Carers Network

‘Median’ it is!

ENJOYED your article about speed cameras in the current edition of “CityNews” (CN, August 6). You may wish to check with local traffic agencies or other sources, but you may find that the strip in the middle of a duplicated road is called a “median” strip, rather than a “medium” strip. The origin of the term most likely comes for the meaning of the word “median” which refers to half being on one side and half being on the other side of that median point (this is also a term used in statistics, meaning the mid-point of a series of data with half of the values greater than, and half of the values less than the median value)

Bryan Harper, via email

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Extreme strip?

JORIAN Gardner’s report on speed-trap vans (CN, August 6) mentioned a woman “dropping her gear” for the camera. I suppose that would be an extreme strip, compared to the “medium strips on highways”.

Calling all Kiwis

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Pam Lai, Holder

I AM a history PhD student at the University of Canterbury, supervised by Prof Philippa Mein Smith and Dr Lyndon Fraser. My thesis aims to investigate the experiences of NZ migrants and return migrants who moved to and from Australia during the late 1960s to the early 1990s through their own life stories. I want to highlight the experiences of real people rather than just focusing on statistics. To do this I need volunteers who are willing to tell me their stories, either in written or oral form. Please email me if there is any way that you could help.

Rosemary Baird,

Health reform, really?

THE coverage given over to Federal Labor’s alleged health reforms has correctly identified the large additional cost (presumably higher taxes), but ignored the fact that it is a financial takeover, not a service takeover. There is no need for a referendum at all; the answer is just add money, which can be done now such as for dentistry. If Rudd considers it is only necessary to consult with health providers, it would seem that patients matter very little. Why does this sound familiar? Perhaps this whole health debate is more “Rudd spin” which, like climate change, is more about political posturing than results, words not actions, etc, etc.

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By Catherine Carter such as ANU’s Professor Will Steffen; Achmin Steiner, the executive director of the UN Environment Program and Professor Hubert Gijzen, who directs the UNESCO Regional Science Bureau for Asia and the Pacific. Local and international environmental groups are represented, too. Paul Gilding, former CEO of Greenpeace International, for example, will be speaking. Geoscientists and energy engineers will speak of renewable power options for homes and offices as well as vehicular transport, and the final day of the conference will be looking towards the future. This event, presented by organisations that include the Property Council, the UN Association of Australia (ACT), the ACT Government, the ANU Climate Change Institute, the Conservation Council and See Change, is the perfect opportunity to address the progress Canberra has made in the past 12 months and to introduce the new initiatives needed for successful steps forward towards a cleaner, green future. Catherine Carter is the executive director of the Property Council of Australia (ACT). Winners among the Bollywood bash – Page 26

Good Selection of Colours

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THE Property Council has been campaigning for several years for the ACT’s movement into a greener future, and the second annual “Switch to Green” expo and conference, to be held at the National Convention Centre, September 1012, with its practical sessions and demonstrations, as well as expert advice and information, seems a positive step towards such a future. “Switch to Green” not only provides an opportunity to monitor and consider Canberra’s movement towards a green and sustainable future, it also brings together a range of community representatives and stakeholders from government, community, business, and academia to work on the challenges that movement will create. The expo will showcase the best in green products and services. The conference program will provide participants with a greater understanding of the environmental impact of our average lifestyle as well as practical information on how to reduce that impact. The conference has four key themes: increasing the use of solar energy, making office buildings more energy efficient, retrofitting homes for greener performance, and improving and increasing the use of public transport. The last item is particularly well timed in view of recent ACT Government initiatives to produce an integrated transport plan for Canberra. Conference speakers include local experts,

Save over 50%


Aussino Washable Wool HOT PRiCE Underlay SB $49 KSSB $54 DB $59

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Canberra Brand Depot PH: 02 6247 1433

(Outlet Store) Shop TN 26, 18-26 Spitfire Ave (off Majura Rd)

Canberra Centre PH: 02 6247 4398

Shop AGO3, Canberra Centre (near Target) CityNews August 13-19  


More photos at

At ‘Elling’ opening night, The Playhouse, Civic

Greg Lissaman, Ken Teoh, Pip Buining and Ben Sticpewich

Emma Sekuless, Yael Stone, Tim Sekuless and Jo Dyer

Deshi Rahim, Adrian French and Fiona Song

Bill Stephens and Frank Whitten

Lynette Wilson and Chris Savage

▪ ▪ ▪

Maria Wilson, Dr Fariborz Moradi and dealer principal Gary Roberts

Kamy and Carly Saeedi with Stephen Parrott

Malcolm Carlin, Jenny Bell, Lesley Carlin and Ron Bell

Geraldine Papandrea with Max and Sonia Cook

George Stronmayer and Lori Bautista

Oddbjørn Lunde and Svetlana Dorogova

Greg Oakes and Don Harris

Alana Austin, Albert Bain and Michael Hyde

At the National Eisteddfod choirs launch, Forrest

The Smarter Office Solution ▪

At the new E-Class launch, Capital Star, Fyshwick

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(Back) Tanya Kavanagh, Jasmin Fielder, Jennifer Lloyd and Jennifer Jones (front) Jennifer Bergersen, Heather Jordan, Glenda Lloyd, Roz Beste and Julia Mandziy

Greg and Margaret Cornwell

Arrange a personal tour today! T | 02 6243 5151 W |

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Servcorp Serviced and Virtual Offices Level 1 The Realm 18 National Circuit Barton Canberra Levels 6 and 11

2009.04.09 Canberra City News_B.indd 1

Nicole Tucker, Ellnor Grassby and Wanda Fauti

Brian White and Ann Thurley

At the Heart Foundation movie night, Manuka

St. George Centre 60 Marcus Clarke Street Canberra City



10  CityNews August 13-19

MLA Jeremy Hanson and Dianne Anderson

4/9/2009 4:22:06 PM

Yvette McKay, Steph Zappia, Cassie Mowbray, Amanda Tweddle and Rebecca Reimers

Jancine Szukalski and Simone Heaton


Invite us at

At ‘Sidney Nolan, the Gallipoli Series’ opening, AWM

Michael Veitch, AWM director Steve Gower with wife Heather and Helen Withnell

Simmone Shepherd, Katherine McMahon and Ashley Ekins

Peter Edgar with Choni and Jared Wilkins

Laura Webster and Lola Wilkins

Kristina Stankovski, David Keany and Alana Treasure

Mark Huck, Marilyn Fenner and Catherine Bandle

Bill and Sue Osborne, Virjinia Gordon and Will Davies

At ACT Property Council awards night and gala ball

Ruth Winchester, Susan Proctor and Larraine White

Linda Thompson, Craig Jones and Senator Kate Lundy

Catherine Carter, Annabelle Pegrum and Nicky Cooper

Lucy and Lisa Capezio

Pip Doogan, Dan Devlin, Nicole Pratt and Leighan Scurr

Penny and David Apps

Colin and Tara Bailey

Gina Chan and Chantell Abbott

John Miller, Leigh Anderson, Adam Kercher, Natalia Symes and Wayne Fleming

Canberra Theatre Centre presents English National Ballet’s

Angelina’s Star Performance The little star with big dreams stages her first live ballet


Angelina Ballerina © 2009 Helen Craig Ltd. & Katharine Holabird. © 2009 HIT Entertainment Ltd

3 - 5 DECEMBER, 2009

Canberra Theatre Centre Canberra Theatre Thursday 3 December 5pm Friday 4 December 11am & 5pm Saturday 5 December 11am & 2pm

Adults at children’s price. All single tickets $35. Family package $120 (2 adults + 2 children or 1 adult + 3 children)

BOOKINGS NOW OPEN AT 02 6275 2700 Transaction fees may apply

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When Fred went flirting abroad By Helen Musa WHAT an example Frederick McCubbin is to all of us when it came to his brief flirtation with “overseas.” Born in Melbourne in 1855, McCubbin was essentially a stay-at-home. Living either in suburban Melbourne or at Mount Macedon, the father of seven never gave up his day job teaching drawing after the National Gallery of Victoria’s Art School. He simply took six months leave of absence in May 1907 to go to Europe. His students presented “the Prof” with an inscribed bag and 100 sovereigns. “They loved him,” says exhibition curator and head of Australian Art at the National Gallery of Australia, Anna Gray. Her new exhibition at the NGA,

“McCubbin: Last Impressions 1907–17” is built on the premise that the works McCubbin produced after he got back from o/s in November 1907, were his finest. NGA director Ron Radford, is embarrassed at sounding “harsh and even unpatriotic,” but nonetheless derides McCubbin’s early Australian bush paintings as “sentimental as subjects and uninspired in execution”. That’s a bit harsh, Gray says. His earlier efforts “captured the essence of the bush”. But it is quite extraordinary that nobody thought of doing this exhibition of late works before. As his old classmate Tom Roberts wrote to him, “you’ve left the best wine till last”, but alas, McCubbin’s melancholy bush paintings ensured that his reputation was locked back in

Frederick McCubbin “Collins Street” c 1915.

12  CityNews August 13-19

the 1890s. Until now. Unlike his contemporaries Arthur Streeton and Roberts, McCubbin was an unrepentant expat, openly dismissive of the snobbery in the London Academy, though impressed by the works of his idols JMW Turner and Constable. Once in Paris, he was influenced by Monet, though his previous knowledge of Camille Pissarro ensured that he “walked down the Boulevarde Montmartre with Pissarro’s eyes”. After about six months, he went home with no sense of “I’m just a colonial”. Back in Melbourne, he worked like a man inspired, splashing, pouring and flecking with his brush and palette knife – “a bit like Jackson Pollack,” Gray says. By 1909, McCubbin was writing to Roberts, “in our past work we have been too timid”. Newly aware that “we have more colour in our landscape escape than they have in England and more light”, he abandoned his early grey-greens and adopted a full palette with purples and golds. There was no timidity either in paint handling or in subject matter. His early paintings had been about people of the past,” Gray says, “but now in his paintings he encompassed the modern world – cities, factories, industry, trams”. He even bought himself a motorcar in 1915. Bush pixies from an earlier time were painted out and replaced with real children, his own. He painted optimistic subjects with spectacular sunsets and people actually doing things. Gray says McCubbin was never bowed by the traditions of Europe. On the contrary, she concludes, his time overseas “gave him a shot in the arm”. “McCubbin: Last Impressions 190717”, until November 1.

Rhonda Burchmore… “I’ll be showing a lot of cheek, that’s for sure!”

Red, hot and Rhonda By Jorian Gardner “You’ve got to use what you got while you’ve still got it!” laughs Australian entertainment legend Rhonda Burchmore as she talks with “CityNews” during a break from rehearsals for her new show “Red, Hot and Saucy”. “This will be Rhonda as you have never seen her before!” she says, promising her Canberra shows later this month at the cabaret venue Teatro Vivaldi will be an evening of “cheekiness”, combined with what Burchmore is renowned across the nation for – singing up a storm! Rhonda Burchmore is one of the most universally loved Australian performers. She’s been treading the boards since the age of two and throughout her career has made a distinctive impression on audiences with her dazzling dance steps, su-

perb comic timing, and effervescent personality – not to mention her easy-on-the-eye good looks. “Now the show is called ‘Red, Hot and Saucy’ – that’s ‘red’ for my hair, ‘hot’ for the red-hot songs we’ll be doing and ‘saucy’ – well, it ain’t the bottles on the tables – I’ll let you work that one out,” she says. “For this show, I’ll be showing a lot of cheek, that’s for sure! “There’ll be songs from the likes of Sophie Tucker, Bessie Smith, and Mae West as well as tongue-in-cheek humour à la Bette Midler. I am basically paying tribute to the naughty ladies of cabaret and theatre – all those ‘great women in control’ sprinkled with other favourites. I even do a version of ‘Help Me, Rhonda’.” “Red, Hot and Saucy”, Teatro Vivaldi’s at the ANU, August 21 and 22.

‘Kate’ tests comfort zones “Beautiful Kate” (MA)  RACHEL Ward’s first screenplay adapts an American novel into a powerful drama that she has directed into a cracking good film, which no single generic label adequately describes. “Beautiful Kate” is an art-house film deserving wide public acceptance like “Shine” and “The Piano” had. Telling it like it is, from a dying man’s intimate dysfunctions to those of a damaged family, it evokes Tennessee Williams at his most provocative. It challenges our comfort zones. It ventures confidently into erotic fields, one not far removed from that which in a different context recently drew opprobrium from narrow minds including the Prime Minister’s, another touching on an age-old taboo. Ward’s husband Bryan Brown (who co-produced) plays widower Bruce carrying the grief of daughter Kate’s death in a road accident and the suicide of his eldest son 20 years ago. Kate’s twin Ned (Ben Mendelsohn) returns to the run-down family farm in SA to see Bruce before he dies. There’s been ill feeling between the two since before Ned left. Brown and Mendelsohn deliver knockout performances.  Rachel Griffiths brings compassion to younger daughter Sally, who has sublimated her own chance of a fulfilling life to caring for Bruce. Sophie Lowe is marvellous as the tragic, vulnerable Kate. I consider contests to choose a creative endeavour as “best” in its category, to be hubristic delusions based on subjective evaluations manipulated to satisfy self-interest. But creative achievements occasionally come along that genuinely deserve all the praise and adulation they get.  “Beautiful Kate” merits selection in most major categories at the next AFI awards. At Dendy

By Dougal Macdonald

“Coraline” (PG) 

“The Ugly Truth” (MA)   ABBY (Katherine Heigl) produces a morning TV talk show.  Mike (Gerard Butler) has a late-night TV opinion show. Abby anonymously phones Mike to dispute his attitudes about men, women and sexuality. Next morning, Abby arrives at the studio to learn that Mike has just been signed up for a gig on her show.

When the wider world called THIS extraordinarily successful play, based on a popular novel, film and earlier play, is neither a hilarious farce nor a sentimental comedy. Rather, the story of two institutionalised characters let loose takes a pretty serious look at the “odd couple” situation. Though originating in Norway, the situation where people are released from an asylum into the wider world and asked to cope is very familiar to Australians. Quietly directed by Pamela Rabe, the quirkiness of the characters Elling, played by Darren Gilshenan and Kjell-Bjarne, played by Lachy Hulme, takes a while to unfold. Only at the end when furniture and books are being thrown around the stage does Gilshenan get to play any of the breakneck farce for which he is famous. But mostly he and Hulme play it for real – and they still get their laughs. This is a well-balanced cast, with Glenn Hazeldine as Frank, the “voice of reason” social worker, Yael Stone petite and weird as all the


Adaptation of insensitivity THEATRE

“Sense and Sensibility” Adapted by Jodi McAlister from Jane Austen’s novel, directed by Liz Bradley for Free Rain Theatre, Courtyard Studio, until August 22. Reviewed by Helen Musa


IN this mildly-scary animation of a children’s story by Neil Gaiman, 10-year-old Coraline rebels against the lifestyle change when her parents move to an old country house where they can write books. A secret door in an upper-floor room leads Coraline to a wonderful new world where new replicate parents are only too happy to pander to her every wish. But having a wish granted can lead to undesired consequences. Giant spiders and other creepy-crawlies make her life a challenge needing all her courage to meet. Director Henry Selick and his animators do a fine job illustrating the story. If the excited six-year-old boy sitting in front of me is any guide, the scary bits are not so frightening as to render the film unsuitable for single-digit ages. Only once did the plot appear to confuse him and when it got sorted out, his enthusiasm continued unabated. He’s going to recommend it to his friends.  Who am I to decry such worthy ambition? At all Canberra cinemas


Sophie Lowe… “Marvellous as the tragic, vulnerable Kate in ‘Beautiful Kate’.” “The Ugly Truth” is a romantic comedy that tries to analyse the difference between sex with and without love. Within five minutes, we know how the romance will end. As comedy, the screenplay by Karen Lutz wastes many opportunities to be clever. It invites Abby to choose between her somewhat conventional neighbour Dr. Colin (Eric Winter) and Mike’s non-conformism. Its only really comic passage comes when, at a company function, Abby, wearing knickers containing a built-in vibrator, accidentally drops the remote control, which another guest finds and tries to use. But Abby’s orgasms don’t compare with Sally’s in “When Harry Met Sally”. At all Canberra cinemas

IN her adaptation of Jane Austen’s ironic novel about a bereaved family making its way in society, Canberra writer and performer Jodi McAlister uses broad brushstrokes rather than subtle interaction. This gave a coarse flavour to the production that director Liz Bradley could not ward off, though she elicited restrained and convincing performances from Alex de Toth as Elinor, James Scott as Col. Brandon and Martin Searles as Edward Ferrars. They left their emotions where they belonged – on the inside. By contrast, Ylaria Rogers as the poetic sister Marianne let it all hang out; throwing herself around the stage in an un-Austen excess of behaviour that gave no hint of a refined sensibility. Ben Westcott as Mr Willoughby was too young and green to play a subtle character who is half-bounder, half genuine lover. Hilarious as it was, Anna Voronoff’s portrayal of the wicked stepsister Fanny was straight out of Victorian melodrama. Dahlia Kruyer as the ingratiating Miss Lucy Steel was heavy-handed in her hypocrisy. Backed by a set of slide projections that overshadowed the action and crammed on to a tiny stage, the cast had little scope for the elegant physical movements that would have indicated both sense and sensibility.


“Elling” Adapted by Simon Bent, directed by Pamela Rabe for Sydney Theatre Company at the Playhouse. Season closed. Reviewed by Helen Musa women and Frank Whitten mysterious as the elderly poet Alphonse, who enriches the play’s “real world.”

Unpretentious and engaging Beckett EMOTIONAL isolation was captured in a profound way by actress Micki Beckett; the moments of remembering and speaking blurred present and past in a fixed state of capture. There was no clicking clock; only bells announcing some beginning and end of moments which repeat with varying intensity. Micki Beckett’s delivery of Winnie’s words was also filled with a sigh of resignation. The absurdity of her character’s situation was evident. Yet there was nothing she could do; nor does she desire to do anything about it. What does this say about life? Graham Robertson highlighted this dilemma in a controlled performance that elevated the sculpture of the work into visual poetry. In his


“Happy Days” By Samuel Beckett, directed by Geoffrey Borny, Tuggeranong Arts Centre, season closed. Reviewed by Joe Woodward final moments as a crawling figure in a dinner suit, he managed to convey the sense of otherness and impossibility. Borny’s direction was clear and precise in the spirit of Beckett’s writing. It is hoped the work will be revived for additional seasons. Beckett’s work opens so many doors for theatrical and artistic expression. It bridges the gap between theatre and installation. This production achieved this connection in an unpretentious and engaging way.


Traces is a co-production with the National Arts Center, Ottawa. With the support of Conseil des Arts et Lettres du Québec ; Conseil des Arts du Canada ; TOHU

CityNews August 13-19  13


100% HALAL

Indian and Bangladesi Restaurant

Only BANGLADESI Restaurant in ACT • Lowest prices and best Indian in Manuka • No corkage charge • BYO LUNCH BUFFET $15.00 | LUNCH BOX $8.00 The Terrace Manuka Flinders Way, next to Subway ACT 2603 Ph/Fax: (02) 6295 2886

DINNER ONLY Charnwood Shopping Centre Charnwood Place, Charnwood ACT 2005 Ph/Fax: (02) 6259 5036

w w w . a l a d d i n i n d i a n . c o m . a u

Nuts about Pistachio Dining DINING

By Wendy Johnson MORE Canberra suburbs are offering great little places to eat, including the Torrens shops, which has a new restaurant where Pinocchio operated for 23 years. Pistachio Dining at Torrens is chef David Keeley’s first restaurant. He’s hit a nice level and describes the experience as “beautiful dining”. While at night Pistachio has white table cloths, lovely music and attentive service, the price is right so you can afford to visit regularly. When you first walk in you notice the feature wall painted in the pale yellowgreen colour of the pistachio and, when seated, small white dishes filled with this distinctive flavoured nut. David has worked with top-notch players in the industry. He learned traditional technique while working with Belgian chef Jean Luc Obers at the former Chez Moustache and then multiple award-winning James Mussillon at Aubergine and Courgette. David then became executive chef at Mussillon’s third restaurant, Sabayon: “I always wanted to own a place where people can dine without having to travel far.” Pistachio’s menu isn’t huge, but it holds strong interest. Entrées are $16 and mains $25. The ravioli braised rabbit with Jerusalem artichokes and braising juices was wonderful – the meat tender and flavours rich and sweet. Rabbit farming is a fastgrowing industry here and if you’ve never tried the meat, you should. My entrée was just as delightful… crumbed lamb brains with crisp spec, baby spinach and split jus. I was curious about how pista-

Seared scallops with herb gnocchi, butternut pumpkin and crisp sage leaves. chios would play out on the menu and We thoroughly enjoyed the 2008 Ministry so ordered the stuffed chicken breasts Senator Chardonnay from Murrumbateman for my main. The dish was created ($28 or $8 by the glass). Although tempting, with pistachios, mushroom duxelle and there was no room for dessert this time. But pot-roasted vegetables. It’s a winner. My I’ll be back and promise to indulge then. friend, a duck lover through and through, pronounced the confit duck leg with Peking p.s. Here’s a tip for opening pesky duck pastie, savoy cabbage purée and pistachio nuts (the ones with the shell only sherry vinaigrette another winner – it was open a tiny bit). Don’t use your finger nails the evening’s second rich dish, but worth or teeth. Grab another nut, push its small, every bite. pointy end into the nut you’re trying to Pistachio’s wine list only offers open and give it a good twist. Voila – you regional wines, all fantastic quality. David have your nut! has cultivated relationships with local wine makers and decided to entirely support the Pistachio is open Wednesday to Friday region. “Why go somewhere else, when lunch (12pm to 3pm) and Tuesday to it’s all here in our own backyard?” he asks. Saturday dinner (6pm to 10pm).

Library hosts Mexican great THE Embassy of Mexico in Australia together with the Civic Library has launched an exhibition of photographs taken in the 1920s by one of Mexico's finest photographers, Tina Modotti. The revolutionary Italian avant-garde photographer began her career as an actress and model, posing for photographers, including Edward Weston. In 1923 Modotti moved with Weston to Mexico City, where she ran his photographic studio in exchange for lessons in photography. Her early work explored elements of nature and architectural detail. Later influenced by the great political and cultural fervour during the Mexican revolution, she used the camera as an instrument of inquiry and political communication. She photographed artists and people in daily life, as well as exploring the genre of still life. The exhibition runs until August 31.

Shogun Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant Shogun Japanese Restaurant is offering a quick and affordable BBQ lunch for

$10.90 pp (min 4 people)

OPEN FATHER’S DAY LUNCH Bookings essential - 6248 8888

Not in conjunction with any other discount card offers. Not available Fathers’ Day luncheon. Valid until November 15th

1st floor Garema Centre Bunda St | 14  CityNews August 13-19

20% OFF WHEN YOU SPEND $20 OR MORE * *minimum spend $20, maxium discount $20 Dickson - open 7 days | T:6249 6662 | F/T: 6249 6476 4/6 Cape Street

ARTS IN THE CITY THE master of shock rock Alice Cooper plays the Royal Theatre on August 26. Renowned for his highly theatrical and entertaining shows, who knows what he will get up to on this tour! Tickets from ticketek. local boy Bruce Davie, of Torrens, has been nominated for best short film at the 42nd annual AWGIE Awards, which celebrate the best of Australian scriptwriting. Prizes will be presented by The Australian Writers' Guild in Sydney on August 28. CANBERRA’S latest acronym is ACTMEN, the ACT Music Educators Network, which despite the abbreviation has plenty of women, though the masterminds appear to be Michael Sollis, from Music Viva, and Matthew Irving, of Radford

By Jorian Gardner

Alice Cooper… the master of shock rock. College. Visit www.actmen. LOCAL rapper and slam poet Omar Musa will appear in a first-draft play about life in Sydney at the NIDA theatre on August 18. Staged by British choreographer–director Jonzi D, the play has been in workshop for the past month. After returning to London to script the work, he will be back to stage the full version in early 2010.


Friday, August 14, 9.30am-3pm Primary Choirs Saturday, August 15, 10am-5pm Open Choirs incl. Open Popular 6pm-11pm All Championship Sections Tickets available from Ticketek or at the door Enquiries 0414 628 007


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Here comes (everything for)

the bride

Spring means the beginning of bridal season and time to get planning, whether it’s a long engagement or short! There’s such a big to-do list: cake, flowers, photography, make-up and hair, celebrant, stationery, cars… not to mention finding the perfect venue not just for the reception, but hen’s and buck’s nights, rehearsal dinners and more.

Whichever way we look at it, the wedding day is a big investment of time and money. So to help Canberran couples get ready for their big day, “CityNews” got some advice from some of the ACT’s top wedding suppliers…

Look and feel your best

Expo this month

WOMEN want to look and feel their best on their wedding day, inside and out, says Lina Prego, of Avida Wellness Clinic in Bailey’s Corner, Civic. “The bride is the centre of attention, and the number-one objective of the cameras!” she says. “It’s fundamental that her face, body and skin are firm, luminous and looking their best. “It’s not just about getting their hair and make-up done. It’s a whole body image, making non-invasive cosmetic procedures very high in demand – and why not, when you can look your very best on your wedding day, and every other day, naturally without surgery or injectables?” The most popular treatments are non-surgical liposuction for the belly, bottom, arms and legs, she says; as well as cellulite removal, oxygen facials, skin lifting, permanent hair reduction, teeth whitening and body wraps.

PRESTIGE is much more than just a magazine and internet publisher of some of the most popular wedding guides in the country, the Queensland company also operates major wedding fairs, including the Canberra Bridal Expo. The expo, to be held on August 23 at Exhibition Park in Mitchell, has been held biannually for many years, and is regarded as the biggest and best in Canberra. The event is run in conjunction with Prestige’s popular site, which is a source of great ideas, useful information, stunning bridal images and a complete wedding planner to help couples plan their wedding. “Our guides spring to life at the Wedding Expo”, says publisher Jeff Vink. “There are tonnes of great exhibitors with everyone you’ll need to plan your wedding, as well as great demonstrations and magnificent fashion parades – a must for every bride-to-be.”

For more information visit www.avidaclinic. or call 6249 1848.

For more information go to or call (07) 3891 1299.

Wedding photos should celebrate the couple’s personalities, says Robeccer McLean.

Capturing something creative ONE of the biggest trends in wedding photography is towards creativity and fun, rather than staid shots, says Robeccer McLean, of Adori Studios in Wanniassa. Robeccer, who recently won three Australian Institute of Professional Photography Awards, says: “Many couples want something creative that’s unique to them, and to make sure their personalities re-

ally come out in their wedding photos – that their quirkiness is captured. “They want a true representation of what it is they’re about.” This can mean ensuring that small but important details which can mean a lot to people – “for example, if the bride’s father has passed away and she has attached his wedding ring to her dress – things like that which a lot of photographers

don’t see” – are represented in the photos. “It’s really important to connect with your photographer; if you connect with them, you’ll be happy with the end product, which will be all about you. “Wedding photos are something which will last for many years to come!” For more information visit or call 0412 084415.

Low-fuss, high-style precinct THE NewActon precinct, a unique mix of heritage and ultra-modern elements, is the perfect place for contemporary weddings, say its tenants – as it’s virtually a one-stop-shop. “There’s everything here from a spa to a hotel; so many options are all here together,” says Bria Sydney, owner of the Parlour Wine Bar at NewActon. “We have the ability to cater for so much: there’s a day spa here, a boutique hotel where the couple and their guests can stay; and Du Jour make beautiful cakes.”

Konstanze Werhahn, marketing manager of the Diamant Hotel, agrees. “You don’t have to go anywhere else! We have everything on the ground at NewActon, which is great – and interstate family and friends can stay in a wonderful heritage room and no need to worry about finding a taxi. “We’re so close to the lake and have landscaped gardens all around which are a beautiful view from the window, and of course are so close for wedding photographs.”

CityNews August 13-19  15

city weddings

Get yourself looking perfect for your wedding day without the pain. This is the alternative to surgery and injectables

Start with a FREE consultation. Opening hours

Mon-Sat by appointment only



aesthetic & wellness clinic Bailey’s Corner City

medically proven advanced cosmetic procedures

All the fun of the wedding fair MAY next year will see a host of local bridal providers exhibit at the Canberra Wedding Fair, showcasing everything from celebrants and make-up artists to photographers, venues, stationers and gowns. More than 90 local businesses will be featured, says event organiser Andy Obst. Two fashion parades will feature bridal wear for all members of the bridal party. “You’re in for a real treat, with local vendors lending their designer gowns, men’s suits, elegant jewellery and gorgeous floral bouquets to inspire the bride and groom for their big day,” Andy says.

A highlight will be the wedding fair competition, with prizes donated by participating vendors. Visitors need to enter the draw before attending, by visiting a participating vendor’s business. The Canberra Wedding Fair will be held on Sunday, May 16, at the Australian Institute of Sport, from 10am to 4pm. Entry is $8, with the competition draws taking place at 3.30pm and the fashion parades at 11.30am and 2.30pm. For more information visit or call 1300 654 086.

Well-kept secret IT’S a unique heritage setting for weddings – yet it remains one of Canberra’s best-kept secrets for functions, says University House’s Walter Sauer. “The number of people who say they didn’t know it was here, or that it could be used by the public, is amazing,” Walter says of the boutique hotel and venue. As well as offering a heritage setting with original artwork – the 1950s building, which was built as accommodation for academics, has been carefully preserved – there are tranquil gardens which can accommodate functions for 1000 guests. “When the bride and groom have retired, friends and family can stay back at the same venue and retire to the small bar and then go back to their room – so it’s a one-stop-shop on the night.” For more information visit www.anu. or call 6125 5211. University House… heritage setting.

WEDDINGS AT UNIVERSITY HOUSE Style & Elegance of the 50s coupled with the tranquil gardens & water features of this unique heritage listed property will ensure your special day is simply perfect.

1800 814 864

1 Balmain Cres Acton ACT For more information CALL NOW

6125 5270

• Cathedral - Style Great Hall • Rooms Opening onto Gardens & Ponds • Large Variety of Wedding Packages • Up to 220 Guests Sit Down • Garden Ceremonies • Free Bridal Suite • email:

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advertising feature A matter of trust WHEN it comes to capturing once-in-a-lifetime events such as weddings, there’s nothing more important than being able to trust your photographer, says award-winning photographer Kelly Tunney. “Everyone knows someone who’s had a bad wedding photography experience – which is why it’s so important to choose a professional, full-time photographer with a lot of experience in shooting weddings,” she says. “Weddings are unpredictable, and alive with their own atmosphere all day long, so you need a reliable photographer to capture that.” A good photographer can be trusted to always have a Plan B up his or her sleeve if there are any problems, such as rain when an outdoor shoot had been planned. There are a couple of good ways to start our search, says Kelly – first, getting recommendations from family and friends, and second, seeking help from a professional organisation such as the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (see Kelly suggests we always make the time to develop a relationship with a photographer we’re considering, and ensuring that he or she understands what we want from our photographs, and the theme of the big day. “Because photography’s such a visual medium, people really need to like what they’re looking at.

Photography by Kelly Tunney… all about capturing the spirit of an individual marriage. “That’s why I always ask lots of questions about what a couple’s looking for, to make sure we’re the right fit. “I’ve done everything from very formal, traditional ceremonies to very relaxed weddings; and shot in really unusual spots like shopping centres, Bunda Street in Civic and even underground car parks.” For more information visit www.kellytunney. or call 6251 8555.

Event planner at your service THE expanded and refurbished Rex Hotel is currently putting together its new wedding packages, and boasts a dedicated event planner. The Rex has several meeting rooms available

including its Grand Ballroom, which can seat up to 300 guests depending on seating configuration. For more information call 6248 5311 or visit

As a wedding reception venue, The Canberra Rex Hotel offers a range of beautiful rooms perfectly suited to hosting one of the most important and joyous days of you life. Offering tailor-made, yet affordable packages with great flexibility – catering for smaller intimate wedding banquets to large wedding receptions. You can relax in the knowledge that our professional, capable and caring team has a wealth of experience and will work in partnership with you from the early planning stages to ensure you have a captivating and unforgettable day. At the Canberra Rex Hotel, nothing is impossible! If you are planning an event to remember, please organise a personalised tour of the current facilities by contacting our Events Department on 6248 5311 or

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I’ve always wanted my wedding day to be fun and relaxed…while of course I wanted everything to be perfect, I also wanted it to be low-stress! when we started planning ess! SSo ow our big day, place was NewActon... o ur b ig d ay, tthe he firrst st pl p lace I tthought hought ooff w

Where better to host my reception than my favourite wine bar? Parlour put on the perfect cocktail evening, with delicious tapas.

ekkss before in the wee e up! a rr be n Ca tn & to illaates g am at Pi elped me de-stress A prooggr h y a d g the bi

For the 21st -c agreement isn’t entury bride a pre-nupt ia Dobinson Davey unromantic – it’s just sensib l Clifford Simps le on were so help ! ful and understand ing.

I can’t honeymo wait to come my new on suite at t back to this he D gorg husband – keep iamant Hotel weous t h a t cham ith on ice! pagne

e, te cak chocolat look so n a h t i y de ter ef ma ve bet tart m g I lo d pastry ch place to s .. n i h t o n a ct te There’s Jour’s talen s the perfe ters’ High Te & Du ful! & it wa he Mad Hat beauti hen’s, at t

T : 6162 4588

First I treated my bridesmaids to a pampering session at Soma Day Spa plus we had our hair and makeup done for the wedding at La Bimbi. The girls there really brought out my best!

T : 6162 3656

T : 6175 2222

Further information & bookings: call 6126 1300 or email

T : 6281 7788

T : 6239 6153

T : 6162 3636

T: 6212 7600

Cnr Marcus Clarke Street & Edinburgh Avenue, Canberra ACT 2601 | |

* Dress and shoes supplied by Anita J Bridal Couture – or 62971558

city weddings

Anita J Bridal Couture Incorporating Neet Designs

Individually designed gowns

Tel: 02 6297 1558 The Ridgeway, Queanbeyan By Appointment

Valerie Sellers Celebrant

Every ceremony is special, it maybe a formal wedding or something less conventional, as long as all the legal requirements are met it is your day. I am happy to customise your vows or you may choose your own words. All the paperwork is taken care of and it is my job to make your ceremony as stress free as possible. I will work with you to fulfill your requirements. Remember It doesnt have to be your first wedding and you are never too old to marry or re marry. Commitment ceremonies including same sex ceremonies are very special. Child and baby naming are almost becoming the norm, almost any occasion you can celebrate, even funerals are being conducted by civil celebrants. I will be happy to discuss any ceremony with you.

Tel/Fax: 02 62889632 / M: 0402 003590 Email:

Nomad Photography

Award Winning Photographer

Story by Photos Personalized services Free consultation

Call Thierry NOW: 0402 185 397 20  CityNews August 13-19

Capture the moment A BIG trend in wedding photography is photojournalism, says Thierry Nguyen, of Nomad Photography. “A lot of photographers will call themselves photojournalism wedding photographers and just snap everything on the ‘set’ – but a professional wedding photographer is a story-teller, not a happy snapper,” says the awardwinning photographer. “A good photojournalism wedding photographer is one who knows what to look for, where and when to look for it, and be ready to capture it. “The emotion of the mother of the bride, grandma or father of the bride is not something you can ask to pose! You only have one chance to capture it, and you have to do it right.” Thierry suggests couples book their wedding photographer a year ahead, to ensure they get the accredited photographer they want. “It gives the couple the peace of mind that a professional will help to preserve their most important day.” For more information visit or call 0402 185397. Book ahead for peace of mind, says Thierry Nguyen.

A different wedding experience MEN of the Hour Productions are a Canberrabased multimedia company that produce high-quality professional videos of your special day. “We like to think that we give a uniquely different wedding video experience,” says Daniel Sanguineti, from Men of the Hour. “Being feature film and short-film makers, we shoot and edit your wedding like a personalised documentary, styled and suited by you months before the event.” From conception to final product, Men of the Hour look to produce wedding videos that

couples will treasure forever with the most competitive pricing in the national capital. “On the big day, we strictly follow our planned schedule,” enthuses Daniel. “We strategically place ourselves so we are able to catch every intimate moment from different aspects.” With some of Canberra’s leading video professionals and creative’s, Men of the Hour Productions can guarantee a distinct and memorable record of your wedding day. To book a consultation call 0409 072549 or email

advertising feature It’s all about gowns that flatter THE average first-time bride is 28 years old, according to latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics – by which time she’s likely developed her own personal style. It’s one reason why many local brides choose Anita J Bridal, says owner and designer Anita Sommer, who told “CityNews” that she tends to design gowns which flatter and suit individual brides, rather than being dictated to by the whims of fashion. Many of her styles are inspired by vintage and Hollywood glamour, says Anita. “Lots of ruching doesn’t always cover up bellies and so on – instead, a very simple, beautifully-fitting gown will do much more for a bride. “Extra layers can make someone look bigger than she


says it’s simpler for her to tailor her styles to suit each bride. She also creates garments for flower girls, mothers of the bride or groom, and bridesmaids. Anita says it’s important that brides feel comfortable with the dress they’ve chosen, as it’s a focal point of their big day. “Don’t be too easily swayed by other people’s opinions,” she advises. “A lot of people bring an entourage when they’re dress shopping, which can be a bit off-putting for the bride, and she can end up with something that other people like. Bridal gowns need to flatter “My dresses are about an individual bride, says flattering the bride, rather than designer Anita Sommer. letting her be overwhelmed by really is. I’m all about flattering her dress.” the figure.” For more information visit Because she’s a designer or call 6297 herself, not just a stockist, Anita 1558.

Valerie likes to tailor the ceremony USING a celebrant gives couples the room to move many of them want in order to tailor their ceremony to their own needs and wishes, says Chapman celebrant Valerie Sellers. “It seems to be quite a big trend these days,” she told “CityNews”. “People can personalise their wedding – have it at the beach, the park or the back garden. It takes away a lot of the restrictions.” Many 21st-century couples write their own vows, she says. “And particularly with second marriages,

it’s nice to be able to involve children and extended family to make the day even more special.” Once a couple has ascertained that a celebrant is authorised, they should make their choice based on how well they connect personally with the celebrant, Valerie says. “Then all the legal paperwork is completed and lodged, and it goes from there.” For more information visit or call 6288 9632.

Touch of luxury

An enchanted evening at the Rydges Capital Hill.

RYDGES Capital Hill offers a tranquil setting in luxury surroundings, with function rooms able to cater for up to 150 guests. With options suitable for intimate gatherings or more extravagant occasions, there’s an indoor garden atrium with a private room which opens on to it; and fully private upstairs rooms with a large outdoor terrace. The indoor atrium also offers a wet weather solution, with natural surroundings – and the hotel also has honeymoon suites with nextday champagne breakfast. For more information visit www. or call 6295 3144.

Beautiful wedding flowers designed for your special day. Providing personal, professional service since 1993. phone Lisa on 6255 8355 or 0403 176 762 email:

Stunning Indoor Garden Atrium Three venues catering up to 150 guests Ideal for both ceremonies and receptions

Personalised Wedding packages Complimentary Bridal Suite

GUESTS up to 150 | ROOMS 7 | CUISINE Modern Australian Cnr Canberra Avenue & National Circuit, Forrest ACT 2603 Contact Wedding Co-Ordinator Tele 02 6295 3144 Email Web



� Two Elegant Venues • Variety of Wedding Packages � � Garden Ceremonies • Up to 140 Guests � Belmore Gardens and Macquarie Street, Barton ACT 2600 Toll Free Telephone: Email: Web: http: //

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city weddings Fast and fabulous

Heritage hotel with a secret

A lot of Canberra couples are looking past the traditional limousine to something different for bridal transport – and a performance car is a fun (and often noisy!) way to arrive at the ceremony, says Rob van Heuzen, manager and founder of Performance Wedding Cars. “We offer something a bit different – people want a bit of excitement at their weddings!” he told “CityNews”. With a line-up of cars including classic Mustangs and CBrock Commodores, and modern performance cars such as HSV Clubsports, a Chrysler 300C, Holden Monaros and Ford XR6 Turbos, there’s a wide range to

BUILT in 1927 to house those who came to Canberra for the opening of Old Parliament House, the Brassey Hotel in Barton has always been a place of accommodation, says the hotel’s Mark Huck. With a heritage backdrop that’s ideal for wedding photographs, the four-star, AAA-rated hotel boasts a private courtyard that offers privacy for the photographic session, Mark says – and its grand entrance faces the Belmore Gardens.

choose from, he says. “Every one of these cars is owned by an enthusiast, and the classic ones have been immaculately restored. “People are moving away from subtle colours like white, too, and we often find that black cars provide a great contrast to the wedding dress. “The cars can also fit in with colour themes – for example if someone’s doing a red and black theme we can supply black cars with a stand-out red one. “It’s a really different bridal experience – fun and noisy!” For more information visit or call 6262 3899. This 1965 Ford Mustang Coupe makes for a different bridal experience.


Contact our Wedding Coordinator for your personalised appointment

“It’s one of our little secrets. We’ve had corporate guests who didn’t even know it was there, and it can’t be seen from the street. “There’s a ballroom which can take up to 140 with a dance floor (all weddings want one!) and smaller rooms for weddings with 60 guests. “We’re not a member of a chain, or just an old hotel, but a unique heritage building.” For more information visit www. or call 6273 3766.

Love and flowers

Finding a place to relax

BRIDAL bouquets and flower arrangements are all about flexibility, says Lisa Walsch, of Flowers With Love – whether it’s as simple as a bouquet or as complex as a huge wedding with all the trimmings. “Many couples are quite conservative and want traditional bouquets; others want to come and design something really different or over the top – I do it all!” she says “Most of my appointments are after hours as well, which suits a lot of people.” Lisa says that about 80 to 90 per cent of her work is with fresh flowers, but being able to offer artificial blooms as well gives her brides a lot more options. “This year, I’ve done a fair few artificial flowers, though – I think people realise they can keep them that way; or sometimes they really want a flower that’s out of season. “I have one bride whose fiancé is Dutch, so they really want tulips; but they’re getting married in December so they’ll use artificial flowers. “The quality these days is so wonderful that you can’t tell the difference.” For more information call 6255 8355.

IT’S important that the bridal couple get a chance to relax during their big day, says Brad Coelho, of the Rydges Lakeside. “That’s why we have complimentary canapes – when they’ve finished taking the wedding pictures, we have in our packages some time for them to go up to the bridal suite and relax with canapes and champagne before heading into the next actionpacked few hours,” he says. The Rydges also offers the honeymoon suite as a complimentary part of its wedding packages. “We can organise as much or as little as people like,” he says. “We have a lot of brides who come in quite frazzled at the prospect of how much there is to do, and our conference staff are very good at

taking them through the process and helping them decide what they want.” The Rydges Lakeside offers personalised wedding menu tastings to the bridal couple when the reception’s in the planning stages, and can help them work through their decision, including which wines to present. “We do a lot of very different weddings – from very small ones to big ethnic weddings, including one recently where we had live musicians brought up from Melbourne; we also do shared platters for those whose culture prefer them – we’re very flexible.” For more information visit or call 6247 6244.

1 London Circuit, Canberra, ACT 2601 p: (02) 6267 1249 e:



p 6262 3899

m 0434 210 373

22  CityNews August 13-19

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advertising feature Framed in green

Glamour down the aisle

Hilary Wardhaugh – who has won the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers ACT Photographer of the Year five times in the last nine years – is changing her business to become more environmentally sustainable, she told “CityNews”. “This means I’m conscious of how I run the business, in terms of everything from how management to transport,” she says. Hilary has just begun a service whereby she puts together hand-bound wedding albums in the ACT, rather than sending them away to be processed. “I’ve sourced some fine art paper which is completely archival and which can be printed and put into an album locally. “Many albums use a lot of petroleum-based products and I think a lot more couples want something more sustainable.” Hilary says that when it comes to the photography itself, she’s a fan of capturing the spirit of the day – “there’s a limited number of posed shots – I take a softer approach to wedding photography, which is aimed at letting people feel comfortable.” For more information visit or call 6286 9631.

Bridal make-up is seeing a return to glamour, says make-up artist Melissa Rusconi, of Rogue Models. “It’s a very glamorous, smoky-eyed look, with nude lips and dewy skin,” she says. “The focus tends very much to be on eyes, and we’ve had a number of requests for false lashes. “I love these, as I have a stage make-up background, and I think this look is becoming more popular because brides know it comes up so well in photographs. “It’s also the most lasting look and won’t date quickly.” For more information, visit www.

Beautiful bridesmaids The bride isn’t the only one who wants to look great on the wedding day – it’s also important to consider the feelings of bridesmaids, says Melissa Rusconi, of Bovolino, in the Canberra Centre. “Wedding parties these days don’t necessarily go for one specific style to try and suit every girl in the party,” says Melissa. “These days brides are opting to go for a theme, for example a colour scheme so that each bridesmaid can have a style that suits them.” This way there’s still a cohesive “look” to the party, yet every member is able to look their best, she says. Bovolino is new to City Walk in the Canberra Centre and is also suitable for guests looking for something glamorous. “We have a lot of fashion that previously was only available in Sydney and Melbourne: Lots of overseas labels, very red-carpet gowns as well as cocktail dresses.” For more information call 6257 1111

Make-up with experience When choosing a make-up artist for the wedding day, it’s important to look for a supplier with experience, says professional make-up artist Melissa Delfino, who has worked for more than 10 years in Sydney, Melbourne, Italy and now Canberra. Melissa, who has worked on celebrities such as Jackie O, Geoff Jansz and Ita Buttrose, as well as doing fashion parades and corporate work, now specialises in Canberra weddings and uses the MAC brand. “The most common question I’m asked is what brand I use – and it’s important to use a professional brand like MAC because it’s made for professional artists. It’s not drying like colourfast make-up, but it does have staying power. “It’s also very important to keep up to date with new techniques, which is why I constantly go to Sydney to attend MAC masterclasses and training sessions. “A good make-up artist will always do their best to

Hilary Wardhaugh specialises in sustainable photography.

Melissa Delfino aims to bring out the best in each of her brides. bring out your inner and outer beauty for your wedding day and provide the most beautiful vision of you.” For more information visit

passion. experience. excellence.


ARTIST & the STYLIST When only best will do!

to look the best, you need the best.

Special school formal prices when booked in August!

» weddings » fashion » special occasions

0405 380 015

actual formal makeup by Melissa Rusconi at rogue models. Model is Stacey from Girls Grammar High School.

Specialising in eyelash extensions








0415 137 660

62571111 CityNews August 13-19  23

Your local wedding guide

bridal expo Talk to our wedding experts, see our designer fashion parades and have a chance to win some great prizes. For more details visit our website




Your Local Wedding Guide Magazine free for every bride-to-be* PFLICF:8C

*conditions apply

24  CityNews August 13-19

G uide

4 3 % ' )' 4(%" ,%80/ "2)$!."%22! ).#!

What to do to say ‘ i do ’ 9/52,/#!,7%$$).''5)$%




home Red’s on the bed this season with the return of colour to homewares and decorating, says Kara Norris, national merchandising manager at Forty Winks – and it’s a great colour to use in the rest of the house as well. “Red is a seductive colour that can transform your bedroom – a warm colour that can help rooms feel cosier,” says Kara. “It’s also believed that bright colours like red help you to feel more positive.” Those of us who aren’t ready to make it the main colour in a room can work with red accents to create a harmonious colour scheme, she says, suggesting that it can be used with rusty orange, mustardy ochre and sunflower yellow to create a naturally balanced scheme.

Sunbeam Safe and Sound Heated Throw in cherry, $109.


“To unify the scheme, try to find a picture, patterned fabric or wallpaper that includes several of the component colours – different textures will give a harmonious scheme added depth.” Contrasting schemes, such as red and green, can be more daring and eye-catching, and often appear in vintage or retro styles, such as 1960s wallpapers. “For a more calming effect use red in a tonal Smeg K9995 90cm wallmount or monochromatic colour scheme that uses rangehood in red, $4390. several shades of the same colour. “For a fresh look, keep the ceiling white and the flooring neutral, which also maximises the sense of space. “Tonal schemes can work anywhere in the house and, because they are simple, can avoid a room feeling over the top if you have lots of artefacts and decorations that you want to be the main focus.”

Kendall two-seater sofa, $499 from Fantastic Furniture.

Leon photo frames, from $14.95 at Freedom Furniture.


Throw back the doona, help is at hand! I’M totally embracing the whole home and hearth hibernation phenomenon this winter. However, I do worry that it’s probably not good for me to so heartily succumb to my inner-winter sloth. Imagine my relief when it turns out my lack of motivation, creaky joints and general lethargy may not be my own fault. Winter always brings out my worst isolationist tendencies. Long-suffering friends don’t hear from me for months and social engagements became as rare as gym visits. The problem is that, from about four o’clock on, all I’m thinking about is a glass of red, my electric blanket and an early night. And if I had my way I’d never get out of bed because there are few things as torturous as pulling back the doona first

Mum in the city By Sonya Fladun

thing in the morning. Anyway, I eventually decided to take myself to my GP just to see if the five cups of coffee before breaky to jump start the engines might be a bit excessive, if a can of WD40 might do the trick for the old joints or whether it was time to start saving for that knee replacement. It was worth the effort because, to my surprise, it turned out I had a Vitamin D deficiency. Now, despite our sunny climate, this is apparently not uncommon in Australia. Moreover, I suspect Vitamin

NothiNG to paY uNtil 2011** call

13 61 21 Now


D deficiency may be quite prevalent in Canberra where we have long, cold winters and people spend way too many hours indoors, at home or at work, away from any direct sunlight. Vitamin D deficiency is not to be sneezed at. It can unnecessarily slow you down and has a host of potential nasty, long-term repercussions. In adults it can lead to fragile bones and muscle weakness, and has also been linked to chronic diseases including high blood pressure, some types of cancer, cognitive impairment including memory loss and “foggy brain” and season affective disorder, otherwise known as the “winter blues”. But Vitamin D deficiency is easy to fix. So if any of this sounds a bit familiar, throw back the doona and go see your doctor.

plaNtatioN shutters

6bW^jhcZZYfUgidYf]cf gY`YWh]cbcZd`Ubhg WcbhU]bYfg UbXUfhkcf_"@Y[YbXUfm gYfj]WYhc_YYdmcifd`Ubhg \YU`h\m`cc_]b[[fYUh

Phone: (02) 6241 1451

roller shutters

AMB732 - Canb News 1-8 page.indd 1

“Get the wow factor”

11/6/09 4:31:07 PM

“protect Your familY”

40% off

* This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion, special offer or coupon. 40% off Half Price Shutters retail price list. ** Available to approved customers only. Terms, conditions, fees & charges apply. Interest and payments are payable after the interest free and payment deferred period. Finance provided by Once Credit Pty Limited ACN 112 319 632 t/a MyBuy.



Red throw and sequined cushions, from $39.95, Adairs.


Lacey quilt cover set (Queen $119.95), Ardor Sheet Set in Pearl Pink (Queen $109.95). Ardor velvet cushions, $19.95 and chunky knit throw, $59.95, on Jericho by Stoke Furniture bed (Queen with drawers from $1549) from Forty Winks Fyshwick.

13 61 21 Now CityNews August 13-19  25

Property Council of Australia (ACT Division)

Winners shine in Bollywood bash Bollywood came to the National Convention Centre for the themed annual gala ball, hosted by the Property Council of Australia’s ACT Division. It was also the occasion for three outstanding property professionals, a local business and a major development to gain public recognition for their achievements over the year. “These awards represent the opportunity to acknowledge real excellence and a sincere commitment to improving the property industry in the ACT,” said Property Council executive director Catherine Carter. “The ACT Property Business of the Year Award is new this year. During deliberations for the 2008 Property Council individual awards, it was agreed that there are a number of exceptional businesses in Canberra – the sum of key individuals’ efforts – that deserve public recognition. Thanks to awards sponsors GHD, we are now able to formally acknowledge and award one of those businesses this year.”

NewActon wins top development award Property Development Award (sponsored by Rider Levett Bucknall) winner: NewAction East and Pavilion Buildings THE Molonglo Group’s NewActon East and Pavilion Buildings have been awarded the Property Development Award at the 2009 Property Council of Australia (ACT) Awards. Goodwin Aged Care Services took out a merit award for its residential aged care facility Goodwin House.

NewActon East project, which has already won a number of other awards, covers a diverse series of uses, including hotel, residential, art gallery, and retail and office spaces. It brings together the restored and refurbished Hotel Acton complex and the new eightstorey NewActon East building with a focus on art and design. Mark Chappe, local director of the award sponsor, said the NewActon East precinct “sets a new benchmark in excellence with its theatrical details, dramatic lighting and decadent amenities.”

Andrew Cox (left) and Johnathan Efkarpidis of the Molongolo Group.

Local company makes a big Point ACT Property Business of the Year Award (sponsored by GHD) winner: Point Project Management The first winner of the new award, which acknowledges effective and responsible teamwork, with client and staff appreciation figuring highly in the judging criteria, was Point Project Management. The company was founded in Canberra in 2006 and since then has undertaken more than 200 projects spanning every State and Territory in the country and now has offices in Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth.

Brendan Bilston, Michael Snare and John Forster The two managing directors, Michael Snare and Brendan Bilston continue to lead the company from its Canberra headquarters with the help of the rest of the board of five directors

and 35 staff across Australia. Point’s objective is to double staff numbers within two years and it is considering further expansion into Newcastle, Townsville, Darwin and Adelaide. “This is a wonderful example of the success which can be achieved by a dedicated team of experienced property professionals,” said Ms Carter. “Both managing directors have managed to fit service to the Property Council into their busy schedules with Michael serving on our sustainable development committee and Brendan, 2008’s Young Achiever of the Year, serving on our economic development committee.”


Rider Levett Bucknall congratulate the winners of the 2009 Property Council of Australia ACT Awards. We are the major sponsor of the 2009 Property Development of the Year Award. We are proud to recognise projects that exemplify creative thinking and challenge and improve our industry. The ACT Building and Construction Industry Training Fund Authority may pay an amount towards the training fee of these and many more courses (criteria apply).

We share with the 2009 award recipient, NewActon East and the Molongo Group, a focus on quality in everything we do and a push towards a vibrant and community driven Canberra CBD. p: +61 2 6281 5446

26  CityNews August 13-19

Tireless Peter takes a prize

A reward for generous George

The 2009 Allan Wylucki Property Professional of the Year Award (sponsored by Hays Property) winner: Peter Sarris

Executive Director’s Award winner: George Katheklakis

Winner Peter Sarris, director and development manager with NDH Property Services, has a career of more than 20 years that’s characterised by excellence, innovation and astute decision-making. A director of NDH Property Services and many associated companies, Peter is responsible for the overall management of this versatile private group, handling development, construction, management and investment. His vision, shared by the group, is one of developing sustainable buildings, so NDH ensures that all of its building gain a five-star NABERS rating, and is involved in a series of rolling refurbish-

ments to reduce emissions in existing buildings. Peter started his career as an accountant in Queensland, but soon moved to the family development and construction business in Canberra. His most recent achievements include the successful development and leasing of Centraplaza in the Woden Town Centre, the development at 16 Marcus Clarke Street, Civic; 55 Wentworth Avenue, Kingston and the Equinox Business Park in Deakin, currently under construction. Catherine Carter, said: “Peter in particular, but working together with others in the business, has been instrumental in turning a significant family enterprise into a formidable property investor and presence in the Canberra property market with a large portfolio of quality assets.

Peter Sarris is awarded by Jodie Volgyesi “Peter also served on the Property Council’s ACT Division Council, from 2003-2004, and is currently a director of Canberra CBD. He is a tireless and dedicated professional and richly deserves this acknowledgement.�

George Katheklakis, director and principal with NDH Property Group was awarded the Executive Director’s Award for his contribution to the Property Council. “George has distinguished himself within NDH and with the Property Council because of his commitment to good design, sustainable and user-friendly property while also showing the practical ability to respect budgets, timetables and project

advertising feature

constraints,� said Ms Carter. An architect with project development qualifications, he is also an accredited GreenStar professional. “In his 12 years of experience in architecture, project management and property development, George has either managed or worked in a senior capacity on around $450 million worth of projects in Canberra,� Ms Carter said. George was elected to the Property Council’s ACT Division Council in 2007, and is currently serving his second term. He is an active member of the coun-

Catherine Carter presents her prize to George Katheklakis. cil’s economic and sustainable development committees.

Five drivers of mighty Mark

“TALENTED and dedicated young professionals such as Mark, development manager, Goodwin Aged Care Services, are the key to the property industry’s future prosperity,� said Catherine Carter. “Since Mark started work as development manager five years ago, he has been responsible for the design, development and construc-

tion of three major projects, growing Goodwin’s property holdings from $48 million to more than $150 million. “Goodwin now has more than $200 million in property development works either under construction or planned for construction over the next four to five years.� Mark graduated from the University of Canberra in 2000 with a Bachelor of Construction Management and Economics, winning the Australian Institute of Building F.O. Watts prize upon completion of his degree. Mark describes himself as a devoted husband and father to his two sons and says he


Mark Glew (left) receives his award from James Service adheres to five major principles in his career: “Always take up a challenge; challenge the reasons why and how something is done; learn from others and their experience; maintain networks with successful people and organisations and always strive to be a leader, not a follower�.

Media Partner

All about Canberra


The 2009 Future Directions Young Achiever of the Year Award (sponsored by the ACT Building & Construction Industry Training Fund Authority) winner: Mark Glew


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general knowledge crossword ACROSS 3 What is emergency treatment, given to accident victims and the like (5,3)? 7 In cricket, what is one of the three lines marked near each wicket? 8 What is a more appropriate term for navvies? 9 Name a species of Asian or African wild dog. 10 What do we call a racehorse, etc, not included among the favourites? 11 Which narrow projecting parts afford horizontal shelf-like surfaces? 1 14 Name the transparent bodies that reflect 7 light beams. 17 What is a pit which retains the sediment of a drain? 18 What are nations associated with one 9 another by treaty, etc? 19 Name the type of income received from investments and such. 20 Which term is descriptive of dialects? 21 To hold back from action is to what? 11

DOWN 1 What must one do to remain alive? 2 What is an accumulation of work, awaiting attention? 3 Name responsible and privileged members of a university. 4 Who pays for the commercials? 5 What are lists of things to be done at meetings, etc?

your week in the stars

No. 224 6 Name the areas in which few forms of life can exist because of lack of water. 11 What is a protective coating consisting of a resin? 12 Which felt pads are used for cleaning blackboards? 13 Name the title given to a supreme ruler. 14 What is a knightly or heroic champion called? 15 Which term means charmingly simple or poetic? 16 Which buildings house objects of scientific, artistic and historical interest? Solution next week 2












17 18

Show me the money! You’ve been talking about paying off debt or saving for something special (like a car, holiday or home deposit) for a long time. This week (with the New Moon activating your cash zone) you need to put your money where your mouth is and take action. It’s time to walk your talk.

20 21

3 5

4 2 8

9 6 4

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1 6 3 7 8

Have your relationships become a tad boring and ho-hum? Thursday’s New Moon urges you to find fresh ways to communicate with those around you whether at home, at work or in your local neighborhood. You have the Gemini gift of the gab so don’t waste it!

CANCER (June 22 – July 22)


1 6

TAURUS (Apr 21 – May 20)

GEMINI (May 21 – June 21)

7 7 2

You’re in your element this week Aries – the fire element. Thursday’s New Moon falls in fellow fire sign Leo, so you’ll feel super energetic and enthusiastic. It’s the ideal time to start that mammoth project, pull on your running shoes, hit the gym or turn up the music (loud!) and dance.

The New Moon is a magical time of exciting beginnings and the promise of things to come. This week, family and home life are where you need to make some changes and adjustments – the sooner the better! It’s also the perfect time to add value to your residence via repairs, renovations or a quick paint job.

Sudoku medium No.13


ARIES (Mar 21 – Apr 20)

9 1 2 8

Sudoku is an 81, square number Solution Crossword No.223 C O B R A S A M F grid with nine A E T E R T I A R Y blocks each D A N C E R M S I U I O S S I F I E D containing nine C H A P E L I N cells. To solve E E L A T I T U D E the puzzle, all U E R A S C E N A R I O H R the blank cells O I T R O W E L must be filled in E G G P L A N T S G N P N E I T H E R using numbers T A V E R N E R E E from 1 to 9. C R E S A L A R Y Each number can only appear once in each Solution Sudoku row, column hard No.12 and in the nine 7 9 1 5 4 3 8 6 2 3x3 blocks. You 8 5 3 7 2 6 9 1 4 can success2 4 6 1 9 8 3 7 5 fully solve the 5 8 4 6 3 2 1 9 7 puzzle just by 6 3 7 9 1 5 4 2 8 using logic and 1 2 9 4 8 7 5 3 6 the process of 4 6 8 3 7 9 2 5 1 elimination. 3 1 5 2 6 4 7 8 9 Solution next week

9 7 2 8 5 1 6 4 3

LEO (July 23 – Aug 22) With the New Moon in your sign on Thursday, you’ll be the centre of attention (which is just the way you like it). Come the weekend though, friends and loved ones may start demanding their moment in the sun. Question – can a limelight-loving Leo ever share the spotlight? Answer – not easily.

VIRGO (Aug 23 – Sept 22) You won’t feel wildly social this week Virgo. Put aside some ‘me time’ to unwind as you concentrate on the three R’s – rest, relaxation and renewal. You’ll be amazed what you can pick up if you step back and observe others from the sidelines. Solitude is soul food for you at the moment. Copyright Joanne Madeline Moore 2009.

With Joanne Madeline Moore August 17 - 23 LIBRA (Sept 23 – Oct 23) Librans are the fashionistas of the zodiac. As Venus (planet of fashion and beauty) moves through your public/reputation zone, it’s worth remembering that the secret to your style is eternal elegance. In the words of Coco Chanel (born August 19) “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.”

SCORPIO (Oct 24 – Nov 21) Are you reaching your full potential at work Scorpio? With the New Moon stimulating your Brilliant Career zone, you need to create new professional opportunities and explore all your career options – sooner rather than later. If you are looking for a job, the early bird catches the worm!

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 – Dec 21) From Thursday through to Saturday, your practical jokes and blunt comments could upset more sensitive types (especially at work) so tread carefully. The New Moon activates your travel/adventure zone so you’ll feel restless, fired up and ready to go. Try to arrange a challenging project (or weekend trip) to channel all that energy into.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 – Jan 19) You’ll be in real worry-wort mode early in the week but try not to make mountains out of molehills. Remember you are not your job – you are you. Your quote for the week is from birthday great Coco Chanel: “How many cares one loses when one decides not to be something but to be someone.”

AQUARIUS (Jan 20 – Feb 18) Are your close relationships going nowhere fast? Do you feel like you’re reacting to others as if you are on auto-pilot? Thursday’s New Moon provides a golden opportunity to patch things up and start afresh. It’s the ideal time to resuscitate a tired old romance – or navigate an exciting new one!

PISCES (Feb 19 – Mar 20) Do you feel dismally disorganized? Is your work or home routine letting you down? Perhaps it’s time to tune into the energy of the New Moon and try a different approach. You need to focus your mind and pay attention to small details. This week, you’ll find the devil is definitely in the detail.


House with a hub

THE five-year-old, fully renovated kitchen is the hub of this 200sqm, four-bedroom ensuite home in the sought-after elevated pocket of North Lyneham. The segregated master bedroom has two separate built in wardrobes, as well as ensuite bathroom and separate vanity. The three other double-sized bedrooms each have built-in wardrobes and are separated from the entertaining areas of the house. Centrepiece of the garden is a gum tree with a fourtiered pond.

Address: 23 Fred Williams Crescent, North Lyneham. Price: $679,000. Inspection: By appointment. Agent: Christine Shaw, Richard Luton Properties, 0405 135009.


Local firms hit national top 10

Are your looking for an affordable first home that you can add your own touch? Then look no further

“Mortgage Business Magazine” has ranked Canberra-based, mortgage-broking firms Tiffen & Co and The Mortgage Detective, who merged earlier this year, in the top 10 of mortgage brokerage firms in Australia. “Tiffen & Co/The Mortgage Detective punched well above their weight as a result of the outstanding productivity of their business writers/

spacious kitchen, good size master bedroom & BIRs, both bath & shower, separate toilet, gas heat,

brokers,” the citation says. “The seven-member team achieved one of the highest average loan volumes of any of the groups, highlighting the strong performance of this boutique brokerage and helping secure a top-10 ranking.” Located in Kingston, the combined company provides home loan and commercial finance solutions.

than this peaceful cul de sac location. Set on a spacious 779m2 block walking distance to the local primary school, its clean, vacant & ready for immediate occupation. L-shaped lounge & dining, garden shed & double lock up garage, great backyard for the kids to play, must be sold & a must to view. EER 1 Auction on site 11am Saturday 29th August Charles Blackney 0409 136 867 Peter Blackshaw Belconnen 6251 9111 Licensed Agent Waltoovey Pty Ltd


Narrabundah 117 WALKER CRESCENT


A naturally light, warm and welcoming five bedroom home positioned on a 803m2 block, close to all

This immaculately presented town residence offers a seamless blend of classic elegance with contemporary

the lifestyle benefits of the Inner South! Neatly presented, and having been well maintained, the

finishes in the Manhattan style. Spread over three levels are three bedrooms, the main with a full bathroom

property offers huge living areas with polished timber flooring, ducted heating/cooling throughout the

and three living areas each opening onto northerly balconies, each balcony canopied under majestic Pin

house, five bedrooms - master bedroom with ensuite, lounge and a family room opening onto one of

Oaks. The open plan living areas are bathed in natural light and the modern kitchen features granite

three outdoor entertaining spaces. The home has an established yet low maintenance garden with

bench tops, a gas cook top and an adjacent family/meals area. Gas heating and a double garage with

automatic watering system. EER 1.5 Auction on site 1pm Saturday 29th August

internal access compliment the property. EER 2 Auction on site 10am Saturday 15th August

Open Saturday 15th August 12 - 12:45pm

Michael Kumm 0402 943 191 or Josh Reid 0432 423 699

Peter Blackshaw Manuka 6295 2433

Louise Harget 0412 997 894

Peter Blackshaw Manuka 6295 2433


[AGENT DETAILS] CityNews August 13-19  29

Better Building Services Display Home “MAXUS” now open for inspection

47 Birdwood Street, Hughes Saturday and Sunday 12 - 4pm or call to make an apppointment on

6299 9411 or by email

Visit our website anytime Discover the secret of a Better Building Experience 2009 HIA AUSTRALIAN DISPLAY HOME OF THE YEAR

Enchanting Seaside Offering This inspirational cedar residence was designed by respected architect, Bert Reed, as a three-family holiday retreat. A series of four interlinked bedroom/ sitting/ ensuite pavilions around a central living pavilion, it offers tranquil bush serenity, filtered water views and easy access to three beaches. If you love the Australian bush and the distant murmur of the surf and a walk to the beach, then stop now! This craftsman built dwelling on 1,733sqm with expertly oriented decks to capture the north and east aspect is undoubtedly one of the Nature Coast’s treasures, unparalleled in both style and substance. Utilise the existing holiday rent roll too. Call me today!



off street parking


Sale by negotiation View by appointment Caryl Haslem 0418 564 599


ROSEDALE 48 Tranquil Bay Place

Batemans Bay

Ray White works! 30  CityNews August 13-19

Located back from the street & set in a very private position. 3 Beds with BIR, two way bath & central Kitchen that flows onto the living areas give this house a lovely feel, gas heating & cooking complete the picture. There is room to move with a nice sized yard. EER: 3.5 Sale $359,950 View By Appointment Betty Wark 0408 166 833 Brenden Blewitt 0419 289 574 Tuggeranong 6294 9393

Conder 1/6 Gilks Place

Set in a quiet culdesac close to shops, schools & public transport, this lovely dual occupancy property features open plan living areas making it very easy to furnish. RCAC & gas wall furnace heating will be very effective to Canberra extreme temperatures at bay. The small rear yard is private & flows on to secure car accom. EER 3.0 Sale $340,000 - $360,000 View By Appointment Betty Wark 0408 166 833 Tuggeranong 6294 9393

Braddon 29/108 Northbourne Avenue

Brilliant investment. Fully serviced apartment just minutes walk from Civic with constant occupancy from the business and tourist sectors. The original ´Set and Forget´ investment. National and international marketing ensures high occupancy. Superb superannuation supplement. EER 5.0 Sale $136,500 View By Appointment Andrew York 0418 624 411 Tuggeranong 6294 9393

Gordon 4/13 Sherwood Circuit

3 bedroom home in a great location, small complex close to local schools, shops and transport. Rear yard with direct access to playing fields, single garage under roofline with internal access. EER 3.0 Sale $330,000 - $360,000 View By Appointment Wayne Kennedy 0414 622 926 Tuggeranong 6294 9393

Braddon 40/108 Northbourne Avenue

Nett return over $8000 per year. Also a fully serviced apartment in the same hotel with award winning restaurant, gym, spa, and sauna, and with the same stress-free administration. Both are fully equiped and have kitchen area and ensuite bathroom. EER 6.0 Sale $149,500 View By Appointment Andrew York 0418 624 411 Tuggeranong 6294 9393

Freehold elevated land with Murrumbidgee River frontage, 18ha (44 acres) not far from Lanyon. Approved building envelope with several house sites all with river views in unspoiled native forest with abundant wildlife, all this and the privacy of country life just a short drive from the ACT. Build your dream home in paradise!!!! Sale $380,000 - $420,000 View By Appointment Wayne Kennedy 0414 622 926 Tuggeranong 6294 9393

Gowrie 65 Coningham Street

Lyons 4B/30 Glenorchy Street

I require a little TLC. A battle-axe block with room to extend. 3 bedroom home, 2 with robes, original kitchen with meals area and a good size lounge/dining room. Large windows provide ample natural light and there are lovely trees on the block. Loads of potential in this sought after suburb. Ample off street parking. EER 1.0 Sale $350,000 View By Appointment Ewa Skoczek 0414 665 626 Tuggeranong 6294 9393

Government grant of $21,000 for 1st home buyers*


the AIS, CIT, Calvary Hospital and Belconnen Mall, The Hub at Bruce offers a vibrant lifestyle in a green environment at an affordable price. The choice is yours…studio, 1 or 2 bedroom apartments in close proximity to numerous shopping, community and lifestyle conveniences and just 7 km to the City!

Display Unit Open For details please call

Phone Brett on

0404 891 148

Sales Office Thynne Street, near Kinloch Circuit, follow signs from Ginninderra Drive. Open 2.00 - 4.30 Sat, 10.30 - 4.30 Sun, midweek inspections by appointment. *Conditions apply. $20 stamp duty for studios and one bedroom apartments.


So Close, You´re Already There......almost- which is exactly what a good investment property should offer. Minutes walk (maybe 10) to the Plaza and about 2 to the Lyons shops. Recently repainted 1st floor 2 bed unit with R/C A/C, 2 balconies and its OWN laundry - no shared facility here! Potential rent is over $300 p/w. EER 2.5 Sale $285,000 View By Appointment Andrew York 0418 624 411 Tuggeranong 6294 9393

Great value … great lifestyle

IN THE HEART OF THE ACTION Bruce: Apartments from $259,900

Clear Range 120 Kullaroo Road

Homes from $249,900 - $379,900


Government grant of $21,000 for 1st home buyers *

PICTURESQUE, PEACEFUL LOCATION, QUALITY 1, 2 and 3 bedroom homes. Enjoy a lifestyle surrounded by parks, playgrounds, and Ginninderra Ponds with the rolling Brindabellas as your backyard. Parkside in Dunlop…where dreams and affordablity meet.

NEW RELEASE On Sale Sat 15th August

Phone Sales on

6242 5999

Sales office Kerrigan Street, Dunlop, follow the signs from Ginninderra Drive Open 9.30-4.30 Sat & Sun *Conditions apply. $20 stamp duty for one bedroom homes.

VBC_HUB PARK_City News_260x145_10.08.09

Banks 2/21 Forsythe Street

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Based on our most recent statistics we believe 90% of ACt home buyers find their property . on

save money, ask your agent to‌

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Not often we get a van Gough on the cover (!) and what better excuse than the announcement that some of the best-known Impressionist paintin...