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CityNews July 30-August 6  


Pick up Heaps of Ideas! Looking for something to do next week? Visit the annual Canberra Craft & Quilt Fair, on at EPIC from August 6-9. With handmade now highly sought after, making it yourself makes sense. In today’s tough economic climate, we are seeing the return of the ‘domestic goddess’ with a revival in dressmaking, knitting and other traditional crafts. These creative skills can save money, and craft is not difficult – you just need a little know-how. Fair organiser Judy Newman says “Craft is more popular than ever but it is not just about saving money – people of all ages are rediscovering ng simple pleasures. It’s fabulous!” “Whether it is a piece of jewellery or a knitted scarf, craft is fun – and you make something that is unique. We’ve also seen a return to sewing clothes –this can be as simple as renovating an existing piece in your wardrobe to revamp it, or running up a simple skirt.” So whether you want to string up a charm bracelet of glass beads, upcycle your clothing with some simple sewing skills, or join the worldwide craze for knitting, head to the fair. It is the perfect creative combination: get inspiration from the gorgeous displays, learn how to get started in more than 60 workshops each day then buy all your supplies es from more than 80 specialist retailers! Right: Posh Pendants glass bead charm bracelet.

Make It Yourself! With more than 60 workshops and craft classes running each day at the Canberra Craft & Quilt Fair, there’s something for all skill levels to make and take home. Learn basic beading and take home your own wn gorgeous beaded necklace, try your handd at the latest patchwork techniques or get et creative and make your own gift packaging with designer papers and card stock.

M ake this for $15 at the fa ir! For the full program of workshops, visit

Get Some Crafty Tips

Join Your Local Craft Club

Looking for inspiration for your next craft project? Not sure how to get started? Visit the Canberra Craft & Quilt Fair, see the displays and learn from experts.

One of the joys of attending the fair is to see the quilt show - whether you are a quilter or not, anyone who appreciates handmade works will enjoy this display.

A new exhibition titled Exotica, includes felting, dyeing, printing, embroidery and other creative methods by textile artists from The Australian Textile Arts & Surface Design Association. Some of the artists will be on hand at the fair to discuss how the work is created. Dedicated followers of fashion must see the student fashion display, Texstyle. This exhibition shows 20 impressive and innovative designs from 2008 Year 12 high school students. Local Jennifer Forest will conduct a seminar at the fair on Saturday, August 8, discussing her book Jane Austen’s Sewing Box inspired by women’s arts and crafts in the Regency period. Sandra Chandler Lawhon from Texas, USA, and award-winning Sydney quilter Deborah Louie will both be at the fair to show some innovative and clever quilting techniques.

More than 200 quilts will be shown this year in the Canberra Quilters Inc Members’ Exhibition. Members from Canberra Quilters Inc will be on hand at the fair to demonstrate how a quilt is created and are happy to be quizzed on all things quilting. If quilting isn’t the challenge that you’re looking for, speak to one of the many craft clubs or guilds that will be at the fair. Not only are craft guilds and clubs a great way to learn a new skill, they are a fantastic social network and so much fun. Whether you’re into decorative art, want to learn earn the ancient art of embroidery, or fancy trying Includes your hand at calligraphy so you can make entr y to the your own cards and invitations, come to the Canberra ual Craft & Quilt Fair and join a club today! Quilters Ann ’ rs be em M Exhibition Make friends and learn a new craft!

Get ideas to sew your own in the Texstyle display.

It’s our biggest fair ever in the ACT! • Get NEW IDEAS to make your own unique fashion and homewares. • Join FREE workshops and LEARN beading, scrapbooking, knitting, sewing and more!

• SHOP & SAVE on specialty craft supplies!   CityNews July 30-August 6

August 6 - 9, 2009 • Thursday to Sunday Exhibition Park In Canberra OPEN 10am – 4.30pm daily Fair info: 02 9452 7575 • Admission charges apply


Friends seek aid for little Jade By Megan Haggan

SHE’S an outgoing little girl who loves the colour pink, Dora the Explorer and playing outdoors – but little Jade Murrell, of Macarthur, has already been through much more than the average two-year-old. In May, she was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma, an aggressive form of cancer on her liver, and flown to Westmead Children’s Hospital in Sydney, where she’s now being treated. “Jade’s had four rounds of chemotherapy, and now she’s down for an operation,” says her dad, Peter Murrell. “After that, there’ll be another two or three rounds of chemotherapy. “She’s a very, very resilient little girl through all this – she has her up days and her down days, as anyone would, but she’s doing really well and the prognosis at this stage is very good.” After waking up short of breath from a nap at child care, Jade was treated at Canberra Hospital for suspected pneumonia before being sent to Westmead, where a tumour the size of two cricket balls was found on her liver. She’s currently staying at Ronald McDonald House, where Peter says she has made a lot of friends among the other children.


For more information or to book trivia night tickets, call 0421 408140.

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July 30-August 5, 2009

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“I’m here half a week with her, and then Jade’s mum is with her the other half,” says Peter. “She has a lot of interaction with the other kids and she’s picking up new words every day.” Royals Rugby Club in Canberra has teamed up with Jade’s friends and family to hold a charity trivia night to raise funds for Ronald McDonald House at Westmead Children’s Hospital. The House needs funds to continue to support the hundreds of families who stay there each year while their sick children undergo treatment. “Jade’s a very outgoing little girl, and she’s made a lot of friends among the people around us who thought it would be a good idea to do something to help,” says Peter. The “Aid for Jade” trivia night, on Friday, August 14 at the Southern Cross Club in Phillip, will also feature a silent auction where guests can win a range of prizes including sporting memorabilia. The Royals Rugby home game at Phillip Oval on Saturday, August 8, will also see the Royals players don yellow socks in Jade’s honour – proceeds from ticket sales will also go towards “Aid for Jade”.

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COVER: Three generations of coffee love… Cosimo, Attilio and Jess Sciannimanica. Story Page 9. Photo by Silas.

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Two-year-old liver cancer patient Jade Murrell with father Peter… friends and family are raising funds for Ronald McDonald House.

By Jorian Gardner “I THINK that Mr Hargreaves just needs to move on,” said Greens MLA Amanda Bresnan dismissing the Labor minister’s bagging of her in last week’s “CityNews” for not living in her electorate. “Mr Hargreaves has said before that I don’t know much about politics, but what I have learnt is to not pay too much attention to his tirades,” Bresnan shot back in an interview with “CityNews”. Hargreaves had said that not living in her own electorate, she would be tossed out by the people of Brindabella at the next election and the seat would “rightfully” return to Labor. “I live 1.7 kilometres from the electorate,” said Bresnan. “I have always lived on the south side, I’ve been very open about where I live before and during the election and when people asked me, I told them, so there’s nothing new about it. “I must be doing something right if Mr Hargreaves is singling me out for particular attention. Maybe he’s a bit worried because I got elected before he did.” Treasury is ‘wrong’ – Page 8

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Join the ACT Chief Minister, Jon Stanhope MLA, and ACT Region business leaders at a lunch to recognise and celebrate the achievements of our top exporters. The Chief Minister will deliver the keynote address and present the 2009 ACT Exporter of the Year Award.

Six-month audit to March 31, 2009

Responsibility for election comment is taken by Ian Meikle, of Suite 1, Level 1, 143 London Circuit, Canberra.

The Team You Can Trust!

Move on, worried John

Date: Tuesday 22 September 2009 Time: 12.15pm for a prompt 12.30pm start, concluding at 2.00pm Venue: Federation Ballroom, Hyatt Hotel Canberra, Commonwealth Avenue, Yarralumla Dress: Business attire Cost: $85 per person or $800 for a table of 10. A special early bird rate of $700 is available for tables of 10 purchased prior to 21 August 2009. For more information about the Presentation Lunch, contact The Communication Link on 02 6226 8880 or email

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Registration for the lunch closes on 18 September 2009. The 2009 ACT Chief Minister’s Export Awards are proudly sponsored and supported by:

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CityNews July 30-August 6  

politics Different sides, but does the same outcome loom when factional tension begins to grip two political parties?

Has Barr’s run begun?

It’s curtains for Turnbull

FACTIONAL tension within political parties is the bread and butter of politics. “CityNews” reporter Jorian Gardner neatly tapped into the tensions in the Labor Party when he interviewed Corrections Minister John Hargreaves for the article that was published last week. Hargreaves’ words were chosen to avoid having him hoisted on his own petard. However, it was not difficult for Gardner or his readers to read between the lines and were provided with a unique insight into the tensions within the Government. Deputy Liberal Leader, Brendan Smyth, was quick to exploit the divisions flicking out a media release – with appropriate political embellishment – describing the comments as “yet another example of internal disunity in the Labor caucus which has boiled over into the public arena”. Grist to the political mill! Labor has been doing exactly the same in the Federal sphere where Environment Minister Penny Wong and others are exploiting the divisions in the Liberal Party over the issue of climate change.

MALCOLM Turnbull’s political career is over – he just doesn’t know it yet. The problem for the Liberal leader is not the continuing Ozcar affair, though we are being reminded of it again and again as the various inquiries present their reports. The real problem is that when it stripped away the Turnbull façade, the man’s character and motivations were laid bare. It reminded me of the man-like robot in the “Terminator” movie whose face is blown off but whose mental processes and moving parts continue as though nothing happened. The Turnbull revealed to the world by Ozcar was a man whose only motivation was his own advancement. There was simply no larger paradigm operating within, be it a desire to improve the lot of his fellow Australians, a compulsion to make a contribution to public life, an impulse to repay his own good fortune by creating opportunities for others, or even service to the Liberal cause. Nothing. Just raw, grasping personal ambition. Australians recognised it and responded by slamming him at the polls. And once revealed it can never be successfully papered over. Whatever he does in the future will be seen in the light of the Ozcar revelation. Many of his senior colleagues – though not, you’ll notice, Joe Hockey – rallied to provide an orchestrated show of public support. That fooled no one. The hard heads know that he’s meat on the table. They can’t admit it because they have no alternative. But both Hockey and Tony Abbott are positioning themselves to take over. Turbull’s proclivities became manifest during the republican movement. Here was a cause worth fighting for and as a strong supporter I was quite pleased at the beginning to have Turnbull as

This was not an accidental gaffe from an inexperienced politician.

If Federal Labor leadership is right about the vulnerability of Malcolm Turnbull because of the divisions within his own party – then Jon Stanhope is also vulnerable. It is difficult to understand what was in John Hargreaves’ mind when he called for a “breath of fresh air” in the Government leadership and stated: “We need fresh blood”. Even more pronounced was his lack of subtlety when he stated: “What I will say is that I give Jon Stanhope as much loyalty as he gives me”. Granted, as Gardner reported, Hargreaves had pre-empted

By Michael Moore the statement with “I will be loyal to the leader of the Labor Party” and “the leader of the Labor Party has my full support”. It was a thinly veiled depiction at best. This was not an accidental gaffe from an inexperienced politician. John Hargreaves has been a long-term Minister and member of the Assembly. Clearly, some of Jon Stanhope’s colleagues are thinking that the current Chief Minister is unlikely to be able to improve Labor’s position at another election. He was responsible at the last election for a 10 per cent reduction in votes and a reduction in Labor seats. His leadership resulted in a shift from a majority to minority government answering to the Greens. The manoeuvring has now begun for the first right-faction government to take power in the ACT. Unlike other parliaments, the Chief Minister of the ACT is not just the leader of the majority party but is elected by vote on the floor of the Assembly. However, the structure of the parties and the voting system still put a right-faction Labor member as favourite in any vote for Chief Minister. However, it may be assumed that Hargreaves understands the election process used in the Assembly for choosing a Chief Minister. He can be pretty confident that the Greens will not vote for the Liberals. Therefore, any right-faction candidate put up by Labor will be elected. And the right faction does have the numbers within Labor’s parliamentary caucus. Katy Gallagher and Simon Corbell are from the left and Jon Stanhope non-aligned. The other four are from the right faction – Mary Porter, Andrew Barr, John Hargreaves and Joy Burch. The time is right for them to ask what chance they have at the next election of improving

IN: Andrew Barr?

OUT: Malcom Turnbull? their position with Jon Stanhope at the helm. Hargreaves has taken on the role of political head-kicker. In the meantime, quietly waiting in the wings is the very competent Andrew Barr who fits the descriptions – “fresh blood” and a “breath of fresh air”. The question is: Will he make the Costello mistake and let the opportunity pass – or will he seize the opportunity? As Lady Macbeth put it: “If it were done when 'tis done, then 'twere well It were done quickly”. Michael Moore is a former independent member of the ACT Legislative Assembly and minister for health.


By Robert Macklin spokesman and activist. But once John Howard played his “divide and rule” cards, Turnbull put his own ego before the cause and Howard triumphed. In Parliament, we had another preview during Brendan Nelson’s leadership. His and Turnbull’s policy preferences were indivisible. A decent man, he needed time to grow into the role. But Nelson stood where Turnbull wanted to be. So he pushed and shoved until Nelson’s nerve cracked.

Behind the bonhomie is a bullyboy determined to get his way.

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  CityNews July 30-August 6

Across on the Government benches, Kevin Rudd is quite as ruthless as Turnbull in the pursuit and retention of power. The difference is that he comes to his task within an old-fashioned Christian Democrat creed. He doesn’t run himself into the ground only to remain Prime Minister – though he does that, too – but to make a difference to the lives of his compatriots. And with every passing day this becomes ever more apparent to the public spectator. This is one of the enormous benefits of the television age – the camera seems able to penetrate the bluff and bluster, the sophistry and the theatrics, to the essential reality within. And behind the Turnbull bonhomie is a bullyboy determined to get his way, whatever the cost. Truth is, his time is up. No one has yet had the courage to tell him. That happens with bullies.

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CityNews July 30-August 6



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Blunt business of sport THERE are times when sport should be in the business pages of magazines and newspapers. Canberra struggles to get major events because sporting administrators looking for a financial return head to the bigger centres where there is a chance to make more money from corporate sponsors. The Australian Rugby Union said as much when they couldn’t guarantee a test in Canberra each year because the financial return on a 25,000-seat stadium didn’t warrant matches against the stronger nations. They did offer possible future games involving Australia against teams such as Fiji and Italy. Football Federation Australia is poised to make a decision on an expanded A League in 2010/2011 with Canberra vying to be one of the two new teams. It will be based as much on the financial viability of the bid as much as anything else. The announcement by Newcastle coach Brian Smith that his decision to walk out on the Knights with one year remaining on his contract was a business decision simply re-enforces this theory. Smith wanted a long-term deal and found a home at the Roosters who offered him a fouryear contract, virtually a lifetime in the world of coaching these days. Brad Fittler was seen as surplus to requirements, not only because the team was losing but also that the team’s farfrom-perfect image off the field was turning sponsors away.

Columnist TIM GAVEL says that what’s happening off the field is as important as the final whistle when it comes to the business of modern sport. I don’t blame sporting organisations for making tough decisions because that is the way sport has evolved with success gauged as much on the bottom line as it is on their performance on the field. In Australia’s major sporting codes it is no co-incidence that the change took place at the same time as television money and sponsorship started playing a major role. We are seeing the impact money is having on sport at the World Swimming Championships in Rome in the wake of the decision by the sport’s governing body FINA to allow more than 200 swimsuit designs to be used in competition. You don’t need to look too far to realise that one of the reasons behind the decision was the immense pressure applied by the swimsuit manufacturers. This year in the NRL we have seen players traded mid season while others have been told that they are not in the plans for 2010. The Raiders appear to have no place for winger Phil Graham and Scott Logan next year with the salary cap squeezing them out as younger players come through. We saw it earlier this year with the Brumbies discarding halfbacks James Stannard and Josh Holmes. This was a tough decision for coach Andy Friend. In many ways

it was a business decision because on-field success for the Brumbies improves the bottom line. Success brings increased crowds and increased sponsorship. Demonstration of the merging of business and sport is best found in English Premier League Football and Formula One Grand Prix racing. The EPL has no salary cap resulting in the emergence of two competitions within the Premier League with the wealthy teams, such as Manchester United and Chelsea, getting stronger and the bottomtier clubs fighting for relevance. The Formula One teams have been at logger heads with the motor sports governing body over plans to introduce a cap on spending. The richer teams have successfully protested. Like it or not, sport has become big business and any semblance of sentiment seems to be long gone. The one hope I have is that sporting organisations don’t leave supporters in the cold when they are making decisions based on business. It’s a tightrope most sports are walking at the moment; let’s hope they don’t fall off. ABC sports broadcaster Tim Gavel writes a fortnightly column for “CityNews”.

Calendar looks at life in our towns

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  CityNews July 30-August 6


of Australia

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THE competition has opened for 12 photos that depict life in the towns of the capital region for ActewAGL and TransACT’s 2010 calendar. More than 15,000 copies of the calendar will be distributed free to schools, community groups and businesses. The 12 winners will have their photos featured and will each receive $500 prize money. The “Postcards From Your Town” competition closes on Friday, September 18. Marketing director Paul Walshe said: “Last year’s competition was extremely successful with hundreds of fantastic entries. “Five local Canberra residents won places on this year’s calendar with their stunning photographs of our amazing surroundings. “Photos can be of anything – people, monuments, teams or landmarks and the 12 winning photographers each receive $500 cash.” The winners will be announced on Sunday, October 25. More information, including competition terms and conditions, at www.

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CityNews July 30-August 6  


Family Law Matters

Changing a child’s surname Parents often attach great emotional significance to the surname their offspring use after separation. It is not uncommon for a parent to want to change their child’s surname or to prevent the other parent from using a different surname for their child.

Treasury ‘wrong’ on mental health

By Jorian Gardner

THE ACT Greens have released a mental health discussion paper entitled “My Life, My Community” which provides 25 recommendations on how assistance to people recovering from a severe episode of mental illness can be provided to improve their lives through housing, employment, general healthcare and case management. While the document has a focus on acute mental health patients, it also aims to promote wider discussion of all mental health services. Mental health is a big-ticket item in the contentious Labor-Greens post-election parliamentary agreement, in which it aspires to achieve 12 per cent of health funding directed to mental health at a cost ACT Treasury, as of October last year, equates to the loss of “320 nurses

or approximately 4000 low-cost, elective surgery procedures” with $36.65million directed away from other essential health services. Are the Treasury figures right? “They are rubbish, really, and done before talking with any policy makers and also assuming it would all be done at once,” said Bresnan. “We want an increase in every Budget until we can try and attain that goal. When we have new funding, let’s put some into mental health. We need to try and move every year towards that target gradually.” She says this is not a luxury but something that the ACT community and government must do. “When the mental illness institutions were closed down, people suffering from a severe mental illness were put out into the community with very little help,”

Frogs hop to it AROUND 1000 endangered Northern Corroboree Frogs’ eggs are beginning to hatch into tadpoles at Tidbinbilla, says Dr Murray Evans, senior wildlife ecologist. With less than 200 left in the wild, the ultimate aim of the park’s captive breeding program is to start releasing the frogs back into the wild in Namadgi National Park within the next two years.

If both parents are recorded on the child’s birth certificate, the child’s surname can only be changed with the agreement of both parents or by Court Order. Parents can still refer to their child by a different surname but the other parent can apply for an order restraining this action. The Court has the power to make an order it considers appropriate in determining the best interests of a child. This can include ordering parents to apply to change the child’s birth certificate or permitting a parent to use a different surname for the child. How does the Court determine the matter? The Court has to balance a number of factors for and against the change of name, including the short and long term effects, the effect any change will have on the relationship between the child and both parents, any confusion of identity which may arise for the child and the degree of identification the child has with both parents.

The discussion paper “My Life, My Community” is available by visiting www.act.


How do I change my child’s surname?

What if we can’t agree?

says Greens mental health spokesperson Amanda Bresnan. “As a result, we now see them going in and out of hospital on a regular basis, and going from crisis to crisis. We need to provide assistance to a person when they are recovering from a severe episode of mental illness and we need to do it where they live and where they work. “When you have a broken leg your journey is pretty clear – people can see that you have a broken leg, but with mental illness people just can’t see. But there is treatment, and with it people can lead very fulfilling lives. It’s about the stigma of mental illness, too; when people have a mental illness they are reluctant sometimes to talk about it, so it’s about recognising that.”

Business cycle

THE Department of Environment, Climate Change, Energy and Water has a new fleet of five push bikes to be used by staff to get around town. "This is a great way for staff at the department to reduce the carbon emissions generated through their workrelated travel," said Environment Minister Simon Corbell.

Poor, popular Max

MEET Max the homeless cross breed that snapper Silas Brown had trouble getting to pose for this shot at the Domestic Animal Services Shelter, Symonston. Despite his plight, Max has something to celebrate: He’s got Canberra’s favourite dog name and most popular breed, says Scott Horan, Registrar of Domestic Animal Services, after reviewing the latest list of registered canines. “It appears our dog owners have a sense of humour with names such as Nugget (92 dogs), Gypsy (192), Dog (53) and Tigger (73) making it high up on the list and even names like Muppet, Snoop Doggy Dog and Cat having one entry each.”

Tremendous textiles

Top ACT dog names: 1. Max 2. Jack 3. Molly 4. Jessie 5. Bella 6. Sam 7. Charlie 8. Lucy 9. Toby 10. Chloe.

CANBERRANS will be able to check out the work of Australia’s best quilters at the 2009 Craft and Quilt Fair, to be held from Thursday, August 6, to Sunday, August 9 at Exhibition Park.

Top dog breeds: 1. Cross breed 2. Kelpie 3. Jack Russell Terrier 4. Staffordshire Bull Terrier 5. Maltese 6. Blue Cattle Dog/Heeler 7. German Shepherd 8. Labrador 9. Shih-Tzu 10. Golden Retriever.

HYATT Hotel Canberra has, for the second consecutive year, won the best deluxe accommodation award at the Australian Hotels Association National Awards held on the Gold Coast.

Hyatt wins award Correction

Mr Horan reminded dog owners of the importance of registering their pet as it allows for their quick return in the event of them being lost.

IN last week’s arts pages, the review of the show “Chess” at the Q Theatre was labelled with an unrelated show title. This was a production error and the graphic designer has been soundly flogged.  

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Bean counters with taste for coffee small, independent business called The Canberra Coffee Centre, which was Canberra’s first coffee roasterie with a “lovely little five-kilo roaster”. They bought the business and Attilio began roasting professionally in 1985. A couple of years later after Cosimo had retired, he backed Attilio’s venture and they joined together to form CosmoreX Coffee. Attilio and Anne have three children, all of whom have worked in CosmoreX Coffee. Daughter Jess now works full time with her parents. She says that savvy Canberrans demand good coffee, and they’re increasingly likely to want to know more about their beans. “People are a lot more accepting of spending money on themselves, and are buying coffee machines so that they can make a good cup of coffee at home,” she says. “More of them also want to know where their money’s going, and want to support people in poorer countries who grow beans, so there’s more interest in Fair Trade movement coffee. More people ask for organic coffee, as well.” The new premises enables coffee tasting as well as offering a dedicated barista training room. In addition to providing training for café workers and hospitality students, the room gives ordinary Canberrans a chance to learn how to become baristas with their machines at home. “In fact, 90 per cent of people who come here for training aren’t professional cafe workers – they just want to buy a good blend and make a really good cup of coffee for themselves,” says Attilio.

Three generations of a family and one unshakeable passion for coffee… Canberra’s CosmoreX Coffee, that is. Armed with a shiny, new, state-of-the-art roasting plant, the company is facing the future with confidence.

Attilio and Anne Sciannimanica and their new bean roaster…”This machine is what the top roasters use,” says Attilio. roast in the same way day in and day out, placing us in the enviable position of being able to deliver best-possible consistent product to all our clients”. This means more, rather than less, scope for Attilio’s creativity and enthusiasm in roasting. “People think that because something’s automatic there’s no science in it – but you can’t just pull something like this out of a box and press a couple of buttons if you don’t know what you’re doing. “I was awake at 4.30 this morning, not because I couldn’t sleep, but because I was thinking about new things I can try with the machine and what new blends I can come up with,” he says.

“There’s nothing more exciting than doing something you really love.” Attilio’s the second of three generations bringing top coffee to Canberra: His north-eastern Italian-born father, Cosimo, began selling coffee in the region during the ‘50s, bringing a taste of home to the migrant workers of the Snowy Mountains Scheme. Cosimo, who’s still a big part of the CosmoreX business, moved the family to Canberra in 1962. Attilio grew up in the family business, but spent time away after completing his studies. He and wife Anne returned to Canberra in 1984 and shortly afterwards they were offered a

For more information visit: or call 6280 7511.

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MANY Canberrans need a cup of coffee or two to get up and running in the morning… but roastmaster Attilio Sciannimanica’s been known to wake up early to plan his day perfecting the roasting of coffee beans in his new state-of-the art roasting plant. “Coffee is an absolute pleasure – I have a really intense relationship with what we do here,” says Attilio, a partner in CosmoreX Coffee, Fyshwick. The company has just moved to new premises following the purchase of its new top-shelf, Italian roaster, which he says allows the familyowned company to offer 21st-century techniques and professional roasting to match or better well-known roasters from Sydney and Melbourne – all with a smaller carbon footprint than most roasters. As well as supplying beans to local cafes, restaurants and individual coffee-lovers, CosmoreX can contract roast for private-label entrepreneurs who have their own brands. “This machine is what the top roasters use,” Attilio says proudly. “State-of-the-art roasting equipment like this doesn’t suffer from bad hair days or take sickies and, once expertly set up by the roast master, will

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At the ACT Telstra Business Awards, Hotel Realm

Louise and Matthew Curtis with Marnie McKew

At Quantum Ideas 30th birthday, The Street Theatre

Chief Minister Jon Stanhope with wife Robyn

Murray and Diane Northrop with Ann and Franco Calabria

Winners are grinners‌ Michael Snare and Brendan Bilston, of Point Project Management, named 2009 ACT Telstra Small Business of the Year

Frank Arnold with Vanessa Carlin

Anton and Elisabeth Voveris with Julie and Wally McPhail

Trent Wigley, Jackie Bilston, Mark Blake, Merryn Orchard and John Forster

Kylie Warren and Natalie Sargeant

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Cathie Ireland, Tim Cotter, Amanda and Stuart McLeod

Domenic Mico and Jessica Bottger

Dace and Peter De Deckker

Christine and Rick Baker


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At Servcorp July networking At the Egyptian National Day reception, Yarralumla evening, Barton

Mandy Stanford and Paul Stapleton

Minister for Multicultural Affairs John Hargreaves with Ambassador of Egypt Omar Metwally

Valentine Roussety and Nura Al-Shibli

Samira Pratt, Mustafa Ansari and Amira Dashti Afsana and Azhar Huq

Paul and Isobel Elsey with Andrew Newham

Lisa Bambic, Kai-kai Toh, Tiffany Blyton, Mark O'Brien and Josie Webb

Eric Noitakis, Mauritian High Commissioner Marie France Roussety and French Ambassador Michel Filhol

Zara Marjan, Yasmine Metwally and Shaden Karishan

Ester Armanious and Mina Samaan

Nahla Suliman, Ahlam Al-Shibli, Isis Saeed, Frida Al Ghunaim and Lubna Kraishan-Jordan

Raheel Ali Khan, Hasan Nikro and Faisal Sheikh

Huda Al-Tamimi, Ghada Elhindawy, Samina Ma el-Ainine and Marawan Metwally

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Investor Property and Finance

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New local focus for finance brokers CANBERRA property market stakeholders have their own unique needs – which is why Investor Property and Finance has rebranded, to better serve the local area. Previously called Investor Finance Canberra, the niche nance broker has become a single entity in order to concentrate on the local market, says director/owner Ben Heaton. “This will give us greater focus,” says Ben. “There’s a broad range of things we can do, from the basics like organising the initial home loan, all the way through to professional investment – we’ve established a fantastic network among local business.” The Canberra property market still offers good buying opportunities despite the economic downturn, says Ben. “Research from ANZ/the Mayne Group suggests

that it has been a hard year in property, but due to undersupply, which is chronic across Australia, things are likely to improve,” he says. “Some people are holding off selling to see what happens, but the research shows that property is in for a fairly good run and a period of quite reasonable growth.” Canberra is one of the better-performing markets compared to other Australian capitals, he says. “Because we’re a bit of a unique market, it’s all the more reason to change our focus to become more local.” The Investor Property and Finance team are all current or previous serious property investors themselves, which Ben says makes them well equipped to handle their clients’ needs. These nance strategists can prepare tailored property portfolio plans, search banks and other credit providers for the nance best suited to a client’s unique situation, and act as a point of contact between the real estate agent, bank, solicitor and investor. The company is about to hold a seminar for investors and potential investors, aimed at showing Canberrans how they can manage several aspects of property investment. “We’re displaying all we have to offer, from fundamentals like why property is a good vehicle for wealth creation, to things like our dedicated property accountant, Catherine Smith, who at Wholistic Financial Solutions is afliated with us,” says Ben. “There’ll be nancial planners there, and we’ll talk about how to nd the right insurance – insurance is something that can get overlooked very

Investor Property and Finance Seminar THE Seminar will be held at the Waldorf Hotel, Civic, at 6.30pm, Thursday, August 6. Bookings are essential. Attendees will receive: • a free property portfolio plan worth $750; • a free half-hour strategy consultation; • a free property investing report; • 15 per cent off rental property and individual tax returns; • free invitations to a Success Seminar, worth $895; and • a free property valuation report valued at $65. To book (tickets are $49 single and $60 a double) call 6162 4546 or email admin@

Investor Property and Finance owner Ben Heaton… “With every loan we sell, we’re able to help Australia’s homeless.” easily in a portfolio, but when something does go wrong it’s important to have the right insurance in place.” Local real estate agents will also be available at the seminar. Ben says he’s particularly proud of Investor

Property and Finance’s work with the Salvation Army: Without increasing fees or interest rates, it donates funds to the Salvos’ program for homeless people. “With every loan we sell, we’re able to help Australia’s homeless – there’s nothing else like that in Canberra and it’s for the term of the loan. “It’s a win-win situation: We nd the right nance for our clients, and at no premium to them, they can know that there will be a contribution to help the homeless situation in Canberra and beyond.” For more information visit




Book you seat now by calling 6162-4546 or email:

Thursday 6th August 2009

WHERE Waldorf Hotel – 2 Akuna St. Civic TIME

6.30pm for a 7pm start. (canapés on arrival) & a complimentary drink

$49 per person or *Seminar Cost $60 per couple


• Free Property Portfolio Plan –value $750.00 • Free ½ hour strategy consultation • Free Property Investing Report • 15% off rental property and individual tax returns • Free invitations to Success Seminar – Value $895 • Free property valuation report – valued at $65

Call (02) 6162 4546 to find out how we can help you build … The Right Strategy. The Right Finance. The Right Tax Advice. The Right Property. The Right Management. The Right Coaching. The Right Insurance. Investor Property & Finance is proud to be involved in the Home Loan Shelter Appeal. Our focus in addition to providing an excellent quality lending service to our customers, is to support those in greatest need.

yshare a n io at lv a .s w ww

02 6162 4546

The Home Loan Shelter Appeal raises funds through the sale of home loans for those urgently in need of shelter and support.

Waldorf Arcade, 2 Akuna St, Canberra City

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INSTANT TAX REFUNDS Strategic Taxation Advice Financial Coaching & Planning CPA Accountants Self Managed Superannuation Experts Home and Business Lending Property Investment Advice Suite 1, 1st floor, Dickson Chambers, Dickson, ACT 2602 Suite 1, Waldorf Arcade, Canberra City PO Box 192, Dickson, ACT 2602 ph: 6162 4546 | Fax: 6162 4547 | Mobile: 0402 089 220

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Top brass heads to Canberra By Helen Musa IN 1969 Paul McCartney produced a brass version of “Yellow Submarine” with the most recorded band in the world, the Black Dyke Band. More than 150 years old, and has won the British Open 29 times and the National Championships 22 times, the band is returning to Australia after 21 years and performs at Llewellyn Hall on August 12 under the baton of Nicholas J Childs and with Australia’s James Morrison as guest star. “Wow,” says top euphonium player

Complex trap

David Thornton when I speak to him by phone to England recently. “This is easily the biggest tour ever for the band, with 11 concerts in 12 days… but I’m sure the adrenalin will take over, and it will be fine.” It should be. Packed with leading baritone, tenor horn, cornet, euphonium, trombone, bass players and percussionists, including Brett Baker, Richard Marshall, Alex Kerwin, Paul Lovatt-Cooper and Sandy Smith, the band’s Australian tour repertoire will include Bach’s “Toccata in D Minor”, “Luck be a Lady” from “Guys and Dolls”, the Finale from Rossini’s

“William Tell” and Duke Ellington’s “Caravan.” Thornton lives near the Manchester United Stadium. Arguing to me that Great Britain is the world centre of brass bands, he prefers to live “bang in the middle.” He moved to Manchester at age 13, where he became the first euphonium player to gain a place at Chetham’s specialist School of Music. His teachers tried to push him away from the gentle euphonium, prominent in brass bands but not in classical orchestras, towards the trombone or the tuba.

Featherlight without those elephants


IS the habit of playwriting a disease or merely an obsession? It’s a perfectly reasonable question if you can follow the complicated plot of Ira Levin’s “Death Trap”, but as one audience member behind me wailed: “I don’t get it”. Indeed, with the idea of a play about playwriting that turns in on itself several times and an ending that can only be a spoof, there are times when most people must wonder what’s going on. Director Corille Fraser has assembled a strong cast of actors headed up ably by Ian Croker and James O’Connell as the playwrights Sidney and Clifford. Helen Vaughan Roberts Creates a magnificently weird cameo as the clairvoyant Helga ten Dorp.

“Death Trap” Canberra Repertory, at Theatre 3, until August 15. Reviewed by Helen Musa The director has decided to give a measure of conviction to give to the relationship between the protagonist and his wife of 11 years, Myra (Kerrie Roberts). They seem well matched, yet in this play, seeming is not being. Fraser takes it at a slow pace until a spectacular strangulation that has the audience gasping. I was not persuaded by the decision to abandon the American accents of the original and relocate the action to the Hawkesbury River. Gone was the wisecracking abrasiveness of the original in favour of something gentle and dry.

Milijana Nikolic (Amneris) and Dongwon Shin (Radames) in “Aida”.

Art to the memory of a grandmother “102 REASONS”, dedicated to the memory of Annie Franklin’s maternal grandmother, whose “simple life spanned 102 years across a complex century”, constitutes an exquisite paean in praise of family, food and the land that nourishes both. Her work is highly decorative and this exhibition of 112 paintings, with its riotous palette, is full of magical flourishes and hidden details. In a number of the “102 Reasons” the naïve image of a small girl, visible only on closer examination, scatters seed or water. The feelings engendered are of abundance and love. Food is a recurrent motif: a cornucopia of fruit and vegetables spills from earth and bowls and chases up and


“102 Reasons” by Annie Franklin; “Tasmania 2 – for Wielangta” by Bob Brown Helen Maxwell Gallery, Braddon, until August 8. Reviewed by Anni Doyle Wawrzynczak down the borders of paintings. Miniatures depict children at play on sunlit beaches or tumbling through bucolic landscapes. BOB Brown has been taking pictures all his life. The 50 photographs, (limited edition of 12, signed by the artist), include “Sydney Opera House under construction 1971” (25x38cms). The catalogue notes that, at

“But I stuck to my guns…and it’s worked out,” he tells me. Thornton concedes that there are good brass bands in places such as Norway and Belgium, but he says it as a quintessentially British art form. As for the impact of the popular Thatcher era film “Brassed Off”, which familiarised many Australians with big brass bands, he says it was about amateur brass, but that it gave bands long-overdue exposure, “so we were delighted that the film was made”. The Black Dyke Band, Llewellyn Hall, 8pm on August 12.

the time, Brown was ship’s doctor on SS Northern Star. The photographs document Brown’s enduring love affair with nature, and in particular with Tasmania, the reason why such a private man gave up a private life for such a public fight. There are many standouts, but the works that mesh people and landscape are strong. Photographs such as “Old Jack”, a portrait of the artist’s father at home in central north Tasmania; “Shepherd Paul Thomas”, with flock and shepherd in a mist-drenched, wintered lane; and the dramatic, colour saturated “Alone in a boat”, evince a powerful sense of belonging in a compelling environment.

FORGET the elephants and the long lines of Nubian slaves! In Graeme Murphy’s new production of “Aida”, at the Sydney Opera House, all the action takes place in a twodimensional cardboard cut-out toy theatre setting, with a little pool across the front where, at one point, topless lovers cavort, and where the characters, dressed in Roger Kirk’s gold and white chocolate-wrapper costumes, glide across the stage on travelators. The all-important triumphal march is cleverly staged, and conductor Sir Richard Armstrong ensures the huge chorus and orchestra is every bit as thrilling as they are meant to be. At the performance I attended, Korean tenor Dongwon Shin, playing Radames, succumbed to a winter throat infection and was replaced by his understudy midway through the performance, and Tamara Wilson, as Aida,


“Aida” Opera Australia, Sydney Opera House, until September 19. Reviewed by Bill Stephens far-from-ideal casting as an Ethiopian slave, took some time to settle down. However, as the opera progressed, her singing took on a luminous, captivating quality. Milijana Nikolic was suitably regal as the princess of Egypt, and both Graeme Macfarlane, as the Messenger, and Judd Arthur, as the High Priest, provided strong, confident performances. Michael Lewis, with his fine baritone voice, contributed some welcome passion as Aida’s father and “Operatunity” winner, David Parkin, made an impressive appearance as the King of Egypt. However, the overall impression left by this production is that it is too featherweight for Verdi’s glorious music and heroic themes.

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By Jorian Gardner


CHOIRS DIVISION Llewellyn Hall, ANU Friday, August 14, 9.30am-3pm Primary Choirs Saturday, August 15, 9.30am-5pm Open Choirs incl. Open Popular 6pm-11pm All Championship Sections Tickets available from Ticketek or at the door Enquiries 0414 628 007


2 Course Lunch for only $10.00 Tuesday - Friday BISTRO Lunch: Tuesday - Saturday, 12pm - 2pm Dinner: Tuesday - Saturday, 6pm - 9pm RESTAURANT Open for Dinner: Wednesday - Saturday, 6pm - 9pm SUNDAY BUFFET: all you can eat for $20 6pm - 9pm

• 49 Jerrabomberra Ave, Narrabundah ACT • 02 6295 9853 •

Clockwise from left, seafood laksa, Hainan chicken, Pad Thai and combination crispy noodles.  Photo by Silas.

House of fast food

THE incredibly popular television show “Master Chef” rams home the need for contestants to be consistent with food quality and presentation. Smart restaurant and café owners know how true this is – customers will return time and again for their favourite dish, but only if it’s spot on every time. It’s been a couple of years since I ate at the Asian Noodle House in Dickson and I was pleased, when I visited recently for lunch, that the food is as delicious as ever. No wonder it is constantly choc-a-block and that the wise customer always books ahead. Run by hosts Saya and Seng Rangi and Nina Rangi, the Asian Noodle House specialises in south-east Asian cuisine from Laos, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Its proven formula is typical of many Asian eateries – unpretentious quality food, at decent prices, served with “no fuss” and often at the speed of sound (more on this later). The signature dish is the laksa, served in almost any way imaginable (duck, pork, beef, seafood, vegies, or a combo) and also in half sizes for dine-in only ($8.50 to $11). The restaurant is just as famous for its extensive range of noodles – Cha Kway Teow, Singapore, Kwangtong, Hokkien, Pad Siew, Pad Kee Mao and more. We opted for the prawn Pad Thai ($14.50), rice noodles that become silky smooth when stir-fried. It was sensational. Nicely sweet and a wonderful combination of textures – crunchy peanuts and bean sprouts, vegeta-

BEST wishes to CMAG director Peter Haynes, who took a tumble recently in the midst of his 60th birthday celebrations and wound up in Canberra Hospital for reconstructive surgery. It reminded “CityNews” arts writer Helen Musa that she got concussion after falling over during the tango at her 30th. HAVING stunned audiences across the world, Canberra now has the opportunity to experience Montreal’s “7 Fingers” and their thrilling new work “Traces” that combines traditional circus forms with theatre, contemporary dance and urban sports. Canberra Theatre, August 12-15, bookings through Canberra Ticketing.


By Wendy Johnson bles, bean curd, and plump prawns (lots of). The Asian Noodle House is generous on the size of their dishes so we ordered only one other, the Yum Neua salad. The beef was thinly sliced, quickly grilled and tossed in spicy herbs – not too hot, but certainly commanding attention. You have to be prepared for the noise levels when the Asian Noodle House is full – which is always – but that’s part of the experience. You also have to be prepared to order quickly, or else. We hadn’t quite settled in when we were asked for our order. A minute or so later, we were asked again. We should have just decided because it then became difficult to grab someone’s attention. And once we had finished our dishes, it dawned on us the staff were concentrating on setting up for dinner, not worrying whether we’d like Chinese tea or the black wild rice dessert, cooked in coconut milk, which they could easily have convinced us to order. Having eventually got the bill (no credit cards accepted) we slipped out of the door totally unnoticed. The Dickson Asian Noodle House, 4/ 29 Woolley Street, Dickson, open seven days from 11am to 10pm. Bookings recommended, call 6247 6380. BYO only. Corkage $3 bottle.

“Traces”… combining traditional circus forms with theatre, contemporary dance and urban sports. TO IMPROVE the management and sharing of information and ideas between various bodies in the arts and the arts community, ArtsACT produces “ArtsACT Newswire” – a frequent news service for and about the various programs, projects and initiatives that ArtsACT delivers on behalf of the Government. To view the latest issue visit THE three-day Canberra Country Music Festival, set on five stages across the heritage-listed Tuggeranong Homestead, will be held October 9-11. It was officially launched with performances by 1992 Star Maker Warren Derwent, Peter Galvin and Sean Hale, accompanied by Canberra line dancers. Festival director Kelvin Fahey said: “This music has something for everyone and ranges from Australiana ballads to cutting-edge country rock.”

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More than movement, noise and death... “Red Cliff” (MA)    CUT down to 2½-hours, John Woo’s blockbuster about the battle at Red Cliff on the Yangtze River in AD 208 is more than merely an actioner full of movement, noise and death.    To unify China’s Three Kingdoms, Prime Minister Cao Cao’s huge army and large fleet marched against smaller forces led by Zhou Yu and Leu Bei, who were advised by master tactician Yongming drawing on precepts devised in Sun Tzu’s military treatise “Art of War”.     Watching that campaign unfold on screen is stimulating and exciting as well as thoughtprovoking. Woo’s delivery of Sun Tzu’s ideas is a little frightening. In our time, China might apply them little differently from what took the field in AD 208, accepting the loss of so many men knowing there are several times as many available to replace them.    Zhou Lu and Leu Bei did not have that comfort as their small force watched the arrival of Cao Cao’s hordes. But they did have patience, intelligence and espionage, weapons science and innovation and tactical training, against Cao Cao’s hubris, a trait that has led to the downfall of many tyrants.     Woo’s film is a dazzling explanation of how good campaign management and a touch of luck defeated Cao Cao. The acting is strong, the staging of the action spectacular and the dreadful human face of war deftly controlled.   At Dendy

“Cheri” (M)  DURING La Belle Epoque, the top tier of Parisian sex workers, shunned by polite society yet seen in fashionable places, were courtesans with wit, beauty and ability to persuade rich men to lavish treasure on them in return for social cachet and bedroom cavortings more exciting than they got at home.   Stephen Frears’ film adapts two novellas by


By Dougal Macdonald Collette to examine what Lea (Michelle Pfeiffer), an ageing courtesan, can look forward to when she’s past her prime. Madame Peloux (Kathy Bates) asks Lea to educate her teenaged son Cheri (Rupert Friend), a spoiled playboy living on mama’s considerable fortune.    They find each other sufficiently entertaining to sustain a partnership for six years until Madame Peloux arranges for him to marry the daughter of another courtesan. They discover that life without each other is not comfortable.    The film looks lovely at every turn.  Pfeiffer and Friend carry the story well although Bates overplays her role somewhat.  The plot goes nowhere significant.  It never really tells how Lea will handle being too old to attract rich clients. Instead, we go out wondering about that, yet grateful that she has charmed and amused us well enough.  At Dendy



Vietnamese Restaurant

RD0002 - CityNews House Account - RD CityNews House Account CNC

20% OFF WHEN YOU SPEND $20 OR MORE * *minimum spend $20, maxium discount $20

Dickson - open 7 days T:6249 6662 F/T: 6249 6476 4/6 Cape Street

Canberra City - Closed Sundays F/T:6262 9565 19 East Row, Sydney Building (In the bus interchange)

HUNGRY ERcafeS. AD RE your rtise adve * McNair Ingenuity Research 2006

6262 9100

“Drag Me to Hell” (MA)  WRITTEN by brothers Sam and Ivan Raimi and directed by Sam, this dreadful mess of a horror movie set me a’dozing several times before submitting its heroine to the promise of its title. Alison Lohman plays Christine, a bank-loans officer confronted with a hard choice about foreclosing on the home of Mrs Ganush (Lorna Raver). The Raimi boys’ writing of Christine manifests shortcomings artificially heightening the film’s scare values – putting her in dangerous situations, but insisting that she not defend herself or make an escape bid, denying her the ability to make rational decisions. Consequently, the film, while well-supplied with disgusting imageries, is about as scary as being thrashed with a feather. At Hoyts

John Woo’s dazzling blockbuster… The battle in “Red Cliff”.

…discover North Quarter at

Bunda Street, Canberra City. Ph: 6247 5611

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Tweet, tweet, who’s there? Nobody! I’VE been torn about the whole Twitter phenomena. Lots of my friends have embraced Twitter and in recent months have been enthusiastically tweeting at all hours of the day. I’ve felt a bit anti-social not taking up this latest communication craze. Just in case you haven’t heard, Twitter has followed in the footsteps of Facebook to provide instant social networking and “micro-blogging”. It allows you, in real time, to tweet up to 140 characters to friends and indeed anyone, either on line or via text messaging, telling them what you are doing as you are doing it. For me this immediately begs the question: Why would anyone really be interested?

Mum in the city By Sonya Fladun

Despite my scepticism, there is something compelling about Twitter. Certainly, it’s hard to ignore as demonstrated by millions of users worldwide including just about every celebrity and luminaries including Barack Obama and our own Kevin Rudd. For me though, it’s really a question of time and energy: I’m all too aware of how busy life is

and how I’m prone to commit to things I’m never able to follow through with. Arguably, Twitter is great way of keeping up to date and connected with friends and family. It doesn’t have to be riveting stuff. In my case it would be the pretty boring detail of family life with occasional, hopefully amusing, asides about child wrangling, toilet training and intellectual and ethical challenges such as explaining to a cow-loving, six-year-old where mince meat comes from. Anyway, I figured damn it I’ll take the plunge and tweet away, but guess what? All my friends are now stopping twittering. It seems that

Twitter’s exponential growth is accompanied by a phenomenal drop-off rate. Some friends said it’s just no longer very cool. One said it got embarrassing trying to find something worthwhile to say. Another said it just wasn’t worth the effort. “I just don’t have the time,” she said. Perhaps we are all just too busy chasing our tails even for this minimalist form of social interaction. Maybe it’s just best to stay focussed on a few really important relationships, take the time to meet over lunch or coffee, and not pretend that we have the time and energy to talk to the world.

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By Megan Haggan SHEER, gloss, matte or frosted… there are still some rules for choosing lip colour, says Tony Baumann, head of colour at Mecca Cosmetica. When choosing the right shade: • Don’t try more than three colours in one session, Tony advises, as the lips get darker after each colour is removed. • “Women with lightercoloured lips need to go for deeper, richer shades to add character and definition, while women with naturally darker lips need to use warmer shades to brighten and soften the lips.” • “If you carry pinky tones or redness, try to stay away from pink or blue-based lipsticks, as this can make the complexion look ruddy. With deeper and olive skin tones, go for brighter or clearer colours for an instant lift – always look at your skin tone and try to contrast the lipstick, as this will have the most impact.” • Lighter, glossy shades add volume to thinner, finer lips, while those with naturally full lips can play around with a variety of textures and finishes – “but stay away from too much shimmer,” Tony suggests. • “Exfoliate your lips at least once a week – this removes unwanted dry skin and keeps it looking smooth. Dry skin on lips will grab pigment or shimmer particles and will age you instantly.”

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general knowledge crossword

your week in the stars

No. 222

With Joanne Madeline Moore August 3 - 9

ACROSS 4 Name the Pacific Island in W Kiribati which is the largest coral island in the world. 7 What is an illicit lover? 8 To be on a ship is to be what? 9 Which smaller dogs resemble greyhounds? 11 What are the ways in which things may be viewed? 13 What is a clear transparent glass resembling ice? 15 Which medicine is made by the person who recommends it? 17 Name an archaic term for clothing. 1 20 What is one who undertakes murder from 7 fanaticism or for a reward? 23 Name the place where rabbits breed. 24 What is something that offers nourishment? 25 To be emitting a strong odour is to be what? 9

16 What is a colloquial term for Tasmania? 18 Which self-acting contrivance is used to warn of danger, etc? 19 What do we call a person employed to look after one's children? 21 What are confirmed drunkards? 22 Which small hotels provide lodging for travellers? Solution next week 2




10 11

1 What is the longer morse code component? 2 What do we call the grounds of a university? 3 Name the cry of warning to persons on a golf course. 4 Which alloy consists essentially of copper and zinc? 5 What are loops with running knots? 6 What is a soft, round, peakless cap? 9 Which slender pliant twig is used in making baskets? 10 What are natural aptitudes? 12 Name another term for a sailor. 14 To be neither ethical nor non-ethical is to be what?


14 18



19 20





1 2



3 9

1 2 5 3 9 4 6 7 2 8 1 2 1 4 3 7 6

Lunar Eclipse energy sees you being busy all over the place. Communication and travel are highlighted for gung-ho Geminis so pack your bags, grab your mobile phone, jump in the car (or on a plane) and take off somewhere special soon. Superficial chit-chat is out as relationships become more intense – and more complicated.

CANCER (June 22 – July 22) 24

Sudoku medium No.12

4 5

Tenacious Taureans take note. If you are persistent this week, then you’ll be able to stay the distance when those around you are burning out. The Lunar Eclipse lights up your Brilliant Career zone, so you’ll be keen to roll up your sleeves and get to work. It’s time to show the world what you really can do!

GEMINI (May 21 – June 21)



It’s time to celebrate your individuality! Are your friends holding you back and encouraging you to play it too safe? Thursday’s Lunar Eclipse favors socializing with bohemian groups and eccentric acquaintances, as you tune into the rebellious Ram within and explore new ideas and fields of endeavor.

Sudoku is an 81, square number Solution Crossword No.221 S H O W E R A B C grid with nine E A E M B A R G O S blocks each C L E R I C B A B L T E V E R Y D A Y containing nine B O N S A I E L cells. To solve A V A L I D I T Y the puzzle, all Y E O D O B S C U R E D E the blank cells A R E R A S E R must be filled in A L M A N A C S D X L F C T O M A T O using numbers B A C T E R I A A R from 1 to 9. D S E R U N W A Y Each number can only appear once in each Solution Sudoku row, column hard No.11 and in the nine 5 1 6 9 7 4 8 3 2 3x3 blocks. You 9 7 2 6 8 3 5 1 4 can success8 3 4 1 5 2 6 9 7 fully solve the 2 9 5 3 1 7 4 6 8 puzzle just by 6 8 7 2 4 9 3 5 1 using logic and 3 4 1 8 6 5 7 2 9 the process of 4 6 3 7 2 1 9 8 5 elimination. 7 2 9 5 3 8 1 4 6 Solution next week

The Universe is urging you to be more adventurous in the way you relate to others. Move beyond your comfort zone and try something you’ve never done before. Your creativity is set to take off under Thursday’s full moonbeams as you tune into the artist, writer or musician within.

TAURUS (Apr 21 – May 20)




LIBRA (Sept 23 – Oct 23)

ARIES (Mar 21 – Apr 20)

1 5 8 4 9 6 2 7 3

Expect a feisty financial week as the Lunar Eclipse stirs up your joint resources zone. If your money’s tied up with someone else’s, things could come to a confusing climax so make sure you do your sums (properly) and know exactly who owns what. Single Crabs a platonic friendship could suddenly turn passionate!

LEO (July 23 – Aug 22) Are you overdue for some relationship rescue? Try as you might you won’t be able to avoid partnership problems over the coming week, as Thursday’s eclipse shines the spotlight on the hitches and glitches in your love life. It’s the perfect time to reboot a stale old relationship – or navigate a hot new romance.

VIRGO (Aug 23 – Sept 22) Life at planet Virgo can resemble being in the army, as your day-to-day routine becomes over-regulated and regimented. Thursday’s Lunar Eclipse is asking you to bring some spontaneity (and fun) back into your daily life. This week, jump in and do something challenging, exciting – and different.

SCORPIO (Oct 24 – Nov 21) Are you ready for some Full Moon madness? Try to steer clear of arguments on Thursday, as the full moonbeams encourage family members to overreact in overemotional ways. Plus you need to ask yourself – “Is it time I let go of certain people, possessions or attitudes that have now passed their used-by date?”

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 – Dec 21) Thursday’s Lunar Eclipse finds you in all-ornothing mode as you overdo just about everything. Study, short trips and communication are especially highlighted but don’t talk things up too much or you’ll find it hard to deliver on your extravagant promises. Take a chill pill and slow down, or there could be tears before bedtime!

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 – Jan 19) With so many planets (and the Lunar Eclipse) in your cash zone, money matters are definitely on your mind. Capricorns are cautious spenders (and astute investors) so you’ll survive the GFC in better shape than more risk-taking signs. At the moment, slow and steady wins the financial race.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20 – Feb 18) The Lunar Eclipse in your sign sees your temperamental tendencies boosted as you behave like fellow Aquarian Lord Byron (who was described as being “Mad, bad and dangerous to know”). Rebellious? Eccentric? Pushing everyone’s buttons for your own personal amusement? A big yes to all the above!

PISCES (Feb 19 – Mar 20) Pisceans are super spiritual souls – especially this week, as the eclipse ignites your intuition and galvanises your gut-reactions. Listen to your inner voice and the messages your body is sending you. “Intuition is a spiritual faculty and does not explain, but simply points the way.” (Florence Scovel Shinn)  Copyright Joanne Madeline Moore 2009.

© Auspac Media

CityNews July 30-August 6  17

18  CityNews July 30-August 6


A generous place in Barton DEFINED by its generous proportions, this Barton residence is crafted to the highest standard by an award-winning builder and features multiple formal and informal areas embraced by an extensive use of glass, including separate lounge and dining rooms. The open-plan, gourmet kitchen overlooks the family/meals rooms leading out to a wide, north-facing terrace, segregated large master

bedroom suite complete with spa ensuite and walk-in-robe, three additional bedrooms, including guest bedroom with ensuite, deluxe bathroom and rumpus room. The property is set on a 1208.3sqm block with professionally landscaped gardens. It is within easy walking distance to Parliament House, Barton offices, Manuka, Kingston and Lake Burley Griffin.

Address: 6 Macquarie Street, Barton. Tender closes: 5pm, Wednesday, August 12. Inspection: By appointment. Agent: Maria Selleck, Maria Selleck Properties, 0417 258803.

Electricity use sparks ideas By Catherine Carter CANBERRA’S electricity use, mainly in the commercial sector, has grown significantly, according to the recently released “ACT Greenhouse Gas Inventory”. The report makes fairly gloomy reading, but there is some positive news: electricity consumption per residential customer has decreased, due to actions such as switching to natural gas. The inventory of the ACT’s 2005-06 greenhouse gas emissions, undertaken for the ACT Government by energy services company Pitt&Sherry, provides information about the aggregate amount of emissions and the “greenhouse intensity” for the ACT. It seems probable that the upswing in electricity consumption in the commercial sector is likely to be a result of the construction of a large number of new office buildings in recent years, mainly to accommodate Commonwealth Government tenants. Almost all new buildings that have been built in the last five years are significantly more energy efficient than those that were built previously. And there has been a significant move by many commercial property owners to modify and retrofit existing buildings to make them more energy efficient. At a Commonwealth level, the Property Council has proposed that accelerated “green” depreciation would fast-track efforts to rebuild existing stock to high environmental standards. In the current economic climate, an accelerated depreciation scheme for green building retrofits would help stimulate the economy and delivery sustainability dividends. Catherine Carter is the executive director of the Property Council of Australia (ACT).

Better Building Services Display Home “MAXUS” now open for inspection

47 Birdwood Street, Hughes


Hall | Secluded Location, Breathtaking Views Tender

or call to make an apppointment on

6299 9411 or by email

Visit our website anytime

3 bed | 1 bath | 2 car

33 CAPTAINS HILL ROAD - Occupying a commanding elevated position in one of the region’s most sought-after locations, this magnificent property captures stunning panoramic views of the Murrumbidgee Valley to Canberra and Black Mountain Tower to the South, Hall Village to the East, and the Brindabella Ranges to the West. This once in a lifetime opportunity presents approximately 40 acres (16.19 hectares) of tranquil, beautiful land, surrounded by a haven of native fauna and a quiet rural lifestyle. This unique property offers total privacy, an immensity of potential and a lifestyle that can be virtually self-sufficient. The property currently has a lovely 3-bedroom home presenting unparalleled prospects and a rare blank canvas of living in this home while building your own dream home to exact style, size and design specifications in beautiful country settings minutes from city centre yet worlds away from the noise and bustle. Open: Tender:

Contact Maria for viewing times Closes 5pm, Thursday 13th August 2009

f Maria Selleck 0417 258 803


Saturday and Sunday 12 - 4pm

Discover the secret of a Better Building Experience 2009 HIA AUSTRALIAN DISPLAY HOME OF THE YEAR

call us 6162 1234 CityNews July 30-August 6  19

f Barton | One Of The Finest, Award Winning Builder, Premier Address


4 bed | 3 bath | 4 car 6 MACQUARIE STREET - The classic exterior of this beautiful residence is a clever façade for the sophisticated, contemporary and light-filled interior that offers a fresh, easycare, executive home boasting all the essentials for a lifestyle of incomparable luxury in a magnificent exclusive location. Defined by its generous proportions, this grand residence, features an easy interaction between indoors and outdoors whilst taking advantage of the coveted northerly aspect. Faultlessly presented, this outstanding residence, expertly crafted to the highest standard by an award-winning builder, is graced with multiple formal and informal areas embraced by an extensive use of glass, including separate lounge and dining rooms, an enormous open plan gourmet kitchen overlooking the huge family/meals rooms leading out to a wide north-facing terrace, segregated large master bedroom suite complete with spa ensuite and walk-in-robe, 3 additional bedrooms, including guest bedroom with ensuite, deluxe bathroom and rumpus room. This exquisite home is set on a large 1208.3m2 block amidst professionally landscaped gardens. A unique opportunity for those seeking a quality home jam-packed with features in a highly desirable address within easy walking distance to Parliament House, Barton offices, Manuka, Kingston and Lake Burley Griffin. EER 5. Open:

Contact Maria for viewing times

Deakin | Blue Ribbon Location


5 bed | 2 bath | 2 car | pool

f Maria Selleck 0417 258 803

Forrest | Capital Hill Residences

By Negotiation

1 bed | 1 bath | 1 car

89 EMPIRE CIRCUIT - Exclusively and prestigiously located at one of Canberra’s most select addresses, is this large residence overlooking a richly planted garden with rolling lawns, flowering shrubs, mature trees and outdoor entertaining areas with a large inground pool. Sited on a large 1640m2 block (approx), with a sun-drenched north-easterly aspect to rear, accommodation includes 5 spacious bedrooms, formal lounge and dining rooms, generous-sized kitchen with a meals area and an adjacent family room with elevated garden views and double car accommodation. Superbly positioned and conveniently located close to Grammar schools, Parliament House and Manuka, this traditional residence offers comfortable living as is or the scope to further update and capitalize on its blue ribbon location. An opportunity not to be missed. EER 0.5.

8/17 STATE CIRCLE - Prestigiously located opposite Parliament House and minutes to the vibrant shopping and restaurant precincts of Manuka and Kingston and the shores of Lake Burley Griffin, this superbly appointed one bedroom ground floor apartment in Forrest’s prestigious Alex Popov designed Capital Hill Residences boasts high quality inclusions and finishes, generous space, open plan living and meticulous craftsmanship. Features include Ceasar Stone bench tops, glass splash backs, Miele stainless steel appliances and polished Spotted Gum timber flooring in the Kitchen, spacious living, dining and bedroom with generous modern bathroom and laundry. Other features include high ceilings, ducted reverse cycle heating/cooling and a delightful private back garden terrace plus a second terrace at entry. EER 5.

Open: Tender:


Contact Maria for viewing times Closes 5pm, Thursday 27th August 2009

call us 6162 1234 20  CityNews July 30-August 6

f Maria Selleck 0417 258 803

Contact Maria for viewing times

f Maria Selleck 0417 258 803


Tender: Closes 5pm, Wednesday 12th August 2009

The Smarter Office Solution ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

A cost effective Serviced Office solution for the 1-10 person business Best address, best receptionist, best IT and support Flexible lease terms starting at just one month For less than the cost of a secretary

Arrange a personal tour today! T | 02 6243 5151 W |

Flexible Virtual Office Solutions ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

The most professional business image from $160 per month Full business support without the physical office space Best address, dedicated receptionist, network of meeting rooms and exclusive IT solutions No deposit, no long term commitment

Sign up online today! W | T | 02 6243 3600

Servcorp Serviced and Virtual Offices Level 1 The Realm 18 National Circuit Barton Canberra Levels 6 and 11 St. George Centre 60 Marcus Clarke Street Canberra City

5 SUPPLY PLACE Sweeping views, a superb aspect & an outstanding architectural renovation combine to place this delightful, solid brick 4 bed residence in a class of its own. From the gracious entrance through the elegant formal living room to the state of the art kitchen & family room, quality, light & style abound. Large feature windows


frame the views & glass doors open from the master bed & family room to the wrap around timber deck. Superbly landscaped 1367m2 block. DLUG & storage. EER 2 Auction on site 11am Sat 15th August


Red Hill

Peter Blackshaw Manuka 6295 2433 Bronwyn McGrath 0412 631 763 Licensed Agent Blackshaw Real Estate Pty Ltd

4/9/2009 4:22:06 PM


Weetalabah Estate



A superbly renovated & presented 4 bedroom residence nestled

The formal entrance to “Weetalabah” greets the fortunate few who reside in this most prestigious

in a quiet location with stunning views to the Brindabella’s.

estate only a short 20 minute (approx) drive to Civic. Stunning 4 bedroom plus granny flat home

Offering formal living & informal living areas, separate dining

offering a spacious 360m2 or 39 squares (approx) of single level living at its very best. Expansive

room, extra long garage & handy workshop area under. EER 1.5 Auction on site 2:30pm Saturday 15th August

grounds (4.4 acres/1.79 ha approx) provide privacy and space for the kids to play. Auction on site 10am Saturday 15th August

Manuka 6295 2433

Manuka 6295 2433

Paul Sutton 0407 099 175 or Robyn Sutton 0409 442 484


Paul Sutton 0407 099 175 or Robyn Sutton 0409 442 484

[AGENT DETAILS] CityNews July 30-August 6  21

By Negotiation


���/�� BURKITT STREET - Retirement villa for over 60’s - and you can bring your pet! Your good fortune that the owner has decided to live in Sydney. Nestled amongst landscape gardens, this two year old large two bedroom sunny villa at Ridgecrest Village with northfacing courtyard will ensure you enjoy your retirement. Well appointed kitchen, quality fittings, halogen lights, 3 storage cupboards, second toilet, reverse cycle air conditioning, dishwasher, dryer and 24/7 Vitacall make this a must-see. Open: Details:

BELCONNEN 6253 2323


Saturday 1-1.45pm Christine Shaw 0405 135 009

DICKSON 6230 0005

MANUKA 6260 8999


WESTON CREEK 6287 1600

A touch of Chicago



WODEN 6281 6900

A SERIES of 12 specially designed houses at Crace will be built inspired by the “Chicago Group”. As well as the great Frank Lloyd Wright, the design influences of Canberra’s architectural visionary, Walter Burley Griffin, will also be incorporated into the homes that will be sited in the heart of the suburb. Crace project director Ian Dawkins says the style of homes, designed by Melbourne-based architects DKO, are “unique” for Canberra and

IN THE HEART OF THE ACTION Bruce: Apartments from $259,900


more likely to be seen on the streets of innercity Melbourne or Sydney. “While The Chicago Group practised in the 1900s, its style of architecture is internationally renowned for its vision and is highly sought after in the US, Australia and even China because of its clean, contemporary lines that make it super modern but also timeless.” Mr Dawkins says the 12 three bedroom and study, or four bedroom houses are free standing and double storey.

Gungahlin’s best value homes st nd Augu 2 y a und ON SALE S

2 & 3 bedroom homes from $324,900 – $384,900

Government grant of $21,000 for 1st home buyers

Government grant of $21,000 for 1st home buyers*




the AIS, CIT, Calvary Hospital and Belconnen Mall, The Hub at Bruce offers a vibrant lifestyle in a green environment at an affordable price. The choice is yours…studio, 1 or 2 bedroom apartments in close proximity to numerous shopping, community and lifestyle conveniences and just 7 km to the City!


Phone Brett on

0448 891 148

Sales Office Thynne Street, near Kinloch Circuit, follow signs from Ginninderra Drive. Open 10.30 - 4.30 Sat, 2.00 - 4.30 Sun, midweek inspections by appointment. 22  CityNews July 30-August 6

at a price you can afford. Enjoy a lifestyle surrounded by parklands, bike paths and prestigious new homes in the central suburb of Franklin. Brought to you by national award-winning company, The Village Building Co. You won’t find better value than in Stonebridge at Franklin.


Phone Sales on

6242 5999 Sales Office Oodgeroo Ave, off Gungahlin Drive, Franklin. Open 10.30 - 4.30 Saturday & Sunday.

* Conditions apply.


VBC_HUBSTONE_City News_260x145_30.07.09



Calwell 9 Crooke Close

Gordon 4/13 Sherwood Circuit







Fantastic First Home.

"Anderson" Townhouse

Great 3 bedroom home in a good suburb, 2 living areas, Tasmanian oak kitchen with dishwasher, R/C air con unit, back to base alarm. Good sized rear yard with covered pergola, single carport and lock up storage. EER 1.5

3 Bedroom townhouse in Gordon in a small complex of 17, with 2 living areas, gas heating and cooking, ensuite style 2 way bathroom, single lock up garage with internal access. Rear enclosed courtyard with covered pergola, direct access to the Gordon playing fields for all sports lovers. EER 3.0

Sale $350,000 - $390,000 View By Appointment Wayne Kennedy 0414 622 926 Tuggeranong 6294 9393

Sale $330,000 - $360,000 View By Appointment Wayne Kennedy 0414 622 926 Tuggeranong 6294 9393

Royalla 33 Arena Place 4



If a large stunning home set in the country is what you desire than this is the home for you. 4 generous sized bedrooms with large ensuite, spacious open plan family, kitchen, meals area that looks over stunning views of the Royalla Valley. The enormous rumpus room adds to the charm of this family home. Never have a problem with space again with the huge 5 car garage & an additional single garage ideal for storage or stock feed.

Banks 2 Fern Place

Braddon 29/108 Northbourne Avenue

Sale $810,000 - $860,000 View By Appointment Betty Wark 0408 166 833 Brenden Blewitt 0419 289 574 Tuggeranong 6294 9393

This 4 bdrm ensuite home has all the features needed including gas heating, 2 x RCAC & separate living areas wrapped around a functional, central kitchen. All bedrooms have BIR & new vanities in both bathrooms. Large covered pergola, private rear yard. Dble car accom & more. EER 4.0 Sale Offers Above $435,000 View By Appointment Betty Wark 0408 166 833 Tuggeranong 6294 9393

Braddon 40/108 Northbourne Avenue

Conder 62 Dixson Circuit

Conder 1/6 Gilks Place

Fadden 33 Partridge Street

Fadden 9 Welsby Place

Gowrie 65 Coningham Street

Lyons 4B/30 Glenorchy Street

Wanniassa 72 Sternberg Crescent

In - $1084pm. Out - $476pm. Return - $608pm. Also a fully serviced apartment in the same hotel, with award winning Italian restaurant, gym, spa and sauna, and with the same stress-free administration. Both have an ensuite bathroom and kitchen. Figures are current year. EER 6.0 Sale $149,500 View By Appointment Andrew York 0418 624 411 Tuggeranong 6294 9393

This property ticks all the boxes with 3 bedrooms, ensuite, ducted gas heating, family room, garage, instant hot water service, security system, cul de sac location & close to primary schools. Buy this property as an investment, tenanted at $385 per week or buy as an occupier, & still fit with FHOG conditions. EER 2.5 Sale $490,000 - $535,000 View By Appointment Andrew York 0418 624 411 Tuggeranong 6294 9393

Cosy 3 bdrm home, nothing to do, in the best location ever, only seconds to the local club, schools, shops, & transport. Timber blinds, modern colours, plenty of natural light north facing, covered pergola mountain views, double garage, secure rear yard with colourbond gates, great street appeal, it won´t last! EER 1.5 Sale $340,000 - $380,000 View By Appointment Wayne Kennedy 0414 622 926 Tuggeranong 6294 9393

I require a little TLC. A battle-axe block with room to extend. 3 bedroom home, 2 with robes, original kitchen with meals area and a good size lounge/dining room. Large windows provide ample natural light and there are lovely trees on the block. Loads of potential in this sought after suburb. Ample off street parking. EER 1.0 Sale $350,000 View By Appointment Ewa Skoczek 0414 665 626 Tuggeranong 6294 9393

Set in a quiet culdesac close to shops, schools & public transport, this lovely dual occupancy property features open plan living areas making it very easy to furnish. RCAC & gas wall furnace heating will be very effective to Canberra extreme temperatures at bay. The small rear yard is private & flows on to secure car accom. EER 3.0 Sale $340,000 - $360,000 View By Appointment Betty Wark 0408 166 833 Tuggeranong 6294 9393

So Close, You´re Already There......almost- which is exactly what a good investment property should offer. Minutes walk (maybe 10) to the Plaza and about 2 to the Lyons shops. Recently repainted 1st floor 2 bed unit with R/C A/C, 2 balconies and its OWN laundry - no shared facility here! Potential rent is over $300 p/w. EER 2.5 Sale $285,000 View By Appointment Andrew York 0418 624 411 Tuggeranong 6294 9393

Brilliant investment. Fully serviced apartment just minutes walk from Civic with constant occupancy from the business and tourist sectors. The original ´Set and Forget´ investment. National and international marketing ensures high occupancy. Magic superannuation on supplement. EER 5.0 Sale $136,500 View By Appointment Andrew York 0418 624 411 Tuggeranong 6294 9393

Much loved and spacious family home close to everything that contributes to a comfortable lifestyle. 4 bedrooms (isolated master suite), sunken lounge with open fire, timber kitchen, north facing family room, huge pergola covered outdoor area and private 800+m2 block. Don´t just move - move up. EER 2.5 Sale $495,000 - $535,000 View By Appointment Andrew York 0418 624 411 Tuggeranong 6294 9393

3 bedroom family home has been lovingly nurtured. Featuring an updated kitchen, bathroom with spa, and laundry. Back verandah is ideal for alfresco entertaining. The backyard is private with mature trees attracting local bird life. Evaporative cooling, large garage, close to schools are some of the features. EER 1.0 Sale $415,000+ View By Appointment Ewa Skoczek 0414 665 626 Tuggeranong 6294 9393















Canberra CityNews July 30-August 5, 2009  

Has Education Minister Andrew Barr’s right-wing campaign to become chief minister begun? Political columnist MICHAEL MOORE explains why he t...

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