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Santa Barbara mussels with local herbs and pernod cream broth from Jane. Photo by Bernd Zeugswetter.


Mussel Mania! Lo c als c an’t get en o u gh o f t hi s bri ll i ant b i valv e






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Qui Si Bella L u x u r y E c o - W e l l n e s s S pa

3311 State Street IN LORETO PLAZA 805-682-0003 gift certificates are available online


417 Rose Avenue Santa Barbara, CA 93101 805-965-7772 Since 1919

Since 1961 Fleetwood has been manufacturing modern style windows and doors for luxury homes. Their dedication to architecture and high standards has established them as the leader in the market. Innovation and often imitated.

Let the Hayward design experts help you make the right choices.


Chances are you’ve got a portable media player, but if you’re still listening to music with the cheap

Home Theater

earbuds that came with it you’re really missing out. You’ve got a library of great music at your finger-

Flat Screen + Projection

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m ission AUDIO / V IDEO


Showroom open Tuesday thru Saturday

1910 De La Vina at Pedregosa, Santa Barbara


Locally owned since 1980

2981 Cliff Drive Santa Barbara 805-898-2628

101 E. Cabrillo Blvd. Santa Barbara 805-966-2112

230 Stearns Wharf Santa Barbara 805-966-6676

Santa Barbara’s elite family of award-winning oceanfront seafood restaurants!

Commercial Title & Escrow ……at it’s best

Susan Northridge-Lowe! Commercial & Residential!! 805.879.9401

Local Knowledge, National strength

Trisha Kenney!

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Mussel Mania! Locals can’t get enough of this brilliant bivalve. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40

Raising The Bar: A salute to those that pour so well. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .57

D E PA R T M E N T S Firsts: Mesa Verde charts new culinary ground . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Downtown Dining . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . In Season: Fresh fall bounty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . New offerings at the Wine Cask . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Life with the olive . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Escape to Paso Robles past and present by rail . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Top Cellars . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Home Cooking . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Home Style . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Design: The Modern Remodel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Upgrades: Staying Home . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Shopping . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Spaces: Kitchens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . In the Garden . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Health: Qsymia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dining Out Dining Guide . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Venues & Private Dining . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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S I N C E 198 2

Publisher & President

Philip Kirkwood

“We found Downey’s, hands down, to be the best bet in town. This small, serene restaurant offers meticulous and artful cooking... ”



Raymond Bloom Teri L. Breier Kim Carmel Lisa Cullen Christina Enoch


Fresh Local Crab Salad with Papaya, Limes & Ginger

Santa Barbara Black Cod

with Meyer Lemon-Basil Sauce & Leafy Greens

Shelton Farms Duck

Bryan Henson Roger James Lynette La Mere Julia McHugh Jaime Relth Louis Villard Leslie Westbrook

with Cabernet Sauce, Baby Turnips & Leeks

Watkins Ranch Filet Mignon

with Balsamic Sauce & Roasted Golden Beets 2013 28 POINTS FOOD 27 POINTS SERVICE


Photography O R V I S I T: w ww. down ey ssb. c om


Jim Bartsch Michael Baum Bill Boyd Michael Brown Eliot Crowley Mehosh Dziadzio Barb Fabian Jennifer Lourie Ashley Renée Kim Reierson Kevin Steele Shelly Vinson

Contact Information P.O. Box 20025, Santa Barbara, CA 93120 (805) 455-4756–



SANTA BARBARA Corporate Meetings & Events | Celebrations of all sizes 805 965 4770 luncheon - cocktail reception - dinner CIELITORESTAURANT.COM/PRIVATE-DINING 12

food & home

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Montecito Kitchens is an accomplished design and construction firm that provides fine kitchen, bathroom, office, closet and other custom designs with high quality materials. Our company delivers skilled and proven craftsmanship from the start of your design all the way through the masterful finish of every last detail of construction. Our workmanship is100% guaranteed and references are gladly furnished.

Don Gragg 805.453.0518 License #951784


Where are we? Do you know where this photo was taken? Try to identify the location then send us your guess. Even if you have absolutely no idea where the picture was taken, you can still enter the drawing (but your odds of winning are better if you know the spot). We will draw 3 (three) names total: 2 (two) from all correct answers and 1 (one) from the entire group of entries (all correct guesses and incorrect guesses combined). Those chosen will receive a $25 gift certificate at a leading restaurant. Send us a note with your guess via e-mail: contest@food–; or via mail: P.O. Box 20025, Santa Barbara, CA 93120. Winners will be notified prior to the following issue’s publication.




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Diana MacFarlane

Senior Vice President of Mortgage Lending

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(805) 364-6000 NMLS ID:338207, LO #: CA - CA-DOC338207 - 413 0699

809 De La Vina Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101

NMLS (Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System) ID 2611 • CA - Licensed by the Department of Business Oversight, Division of Corporations under the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act Lic #413-0699


food & home

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Presents Hidden Valley Mountain Retreat A spacious historic lodge built around the 1920’s is ready for someone’s TLC or for a new main residence. Charmingly renovated two bedroom and two bath guest house offers large living room, kitchen and exquisite warm honey colored wooden flooring and cabinetry throughout, perfect for your immediate enjoyment. Let me introduce you to the spectacular “Hidden Valley,” a gated mountain retreat. It is “A Shangri-La of Santa Barbara” on approximately 63 acres. This enchanted sanctuary with Pacific Ocean and Channel Island views is conveniently located just off Hwy 154 and was once the old stagecoach stop on the way to Santa Ynez Valley.

The Hidden Valley mountain retreat is filled with magnificent oak trees, seasonal running stream, lush vegetation and cascading seasonal waterfalls. Miles and miles of hiking trails and numerous stone paths and terraces are graced by masonry stone walls and moss covered boulders.

Sotheby’s International Realty and the Sotheby’s International Realty logo are registered (or unregistered) service marks used with permission. Operated by Sotheby’s International Realty, Inc.

Scenic landscapes will inspire nature lovers to explore the beauty of this land, which consists of two contiguous parcels for possible upside potential. To learn more and for additional photos please visit the property website at

TERRY RYKEN (805) 896.6977 CalBRE# 01107300

Fresh Produce from Local Farms & Seafood from SB Fish Market

American Riviera Cuisine | Extensive Wine List | European Courtyard 813 Anacapa Street 805.966.9463

Wine Country Cuisine | SB-Exclusive Wine List | Intimate Patio Dining 9 West Victoria Street 805.730.1160


Plant-Centric… Mesa Verde charts new culinary ground

Shelly Vinson


hef Greg Arnold and architect Jason Akraa, had a very important common vision when they set about opening their own restaurant: They wanted to create every last detail…from the menu, to the kitchen design, to the building itself, from scratch…”Custom made through and through,” they say. After more than a year of construction, vendor tastings and interviews for the ultimate staff, Mesa Verde, featuring farm to table vegetarian food with a modern flair, was born. “Opening a restaurant with the original architect is simply amazing,” says Arnold. “We solved design problems way ahead of time and got a space that is open, functional and pleasing to the eye. I’ve cooked in cramped, dark spaces before and the food probably suffered. This is a great space for creating great flavors.” And flavor is what you get at Mesa Verde. Arnold says his menu completely changes the common stereotypes of bland tasting vegetarian grazing and promises to “blow people’s minds” with

his long list of locally sourced, flavor packed ingredients that gives his style a very modern version of vegetarian, plant based food. “I wanted to get the most out of the natural flavors using simple, but effective techniques that I’ve been lucky to learn from working with the best chefs in the world. I use whole foods cooked with love and I never try to mask the natural flavors.” The flavors are a unique blending of entire Mediterranean region. “It’s from Morocco, Egypt, South of France, Sicily… the whole Middle East and then bringing those flavors all together, which is what’s unique. It’s not Spanish foods and it’s not Middle Eastern. It’s a mix of everything.” Early crowd favorites include: Fig, hummus and caramelized onion flatbread pizza that simply bursts with flavor! Arnold uses a gluten-free flour to make the crust much like the recipe called for hundreds of years ago as it was passed from generation to generation. “The sauces I make come from basic techniques that have been passed down from (continued)

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

food & home


Arlington Tavern


Photo courtesy of Olio Crudo Bar and Gary Moss /


Olio Crudo

Downtown Dining...


agat dining guide consistently describes Louie’s at the Upham as “cozy, romantic, intimate and all things Californian.” Year after year locals and visitors are seen enjoying the famous veranda, sipping on a glass of local wine and savoring one of the many farm to table offerings from Chef Tony Manzanars. The charm about Louie’s is the location inside the Upham Hotel, a true Santa Barbara historical legacy built in 1871. It’s softer spoken appeal is a treasure to diners who want to escape the hustle and noise of the State Street dining experience, but who also want to be walking distance from the major movie and theater venues for the after dinner show. The menu and the service are first class as most of the kitchen and wait staff have been there for years. Filet of Sole with Angel Hair Pasta, asparagus and caper ratatouille, paired with a glass of Santa Barbara County Foxen Chardonnay is one of many sure bet entrees. Diver scallops, house made meatloaf, New Zealand rack of lamb and array of fresh salads are some of the highlights that make for a can’t miss supper downtown. Just a few blocks away at the Arlington Tavern, Chef Ron True offers (continued)

one grandmother to another for decades,” he says. The spring empanadas with lemon creme fraiche and grilled asparagus is also a huge winner as are the mushroom tacos featuring herbaceous flavors of the deep woods. The sides include fresh brewed coffee from French Press Coffee and raw, organic pressed juice and smoothies that are produced from scratch with the latest in onsite juicing equipment. As for the building, Akraa says it was imperative for the materials used to be in their natural state. “We used reclaimed wood for the walls and re-claimed concrete in the 20

food & home

a bouillabaisse special not to be missed! Made with saffron, fennel, potato, onion & tomato broth, hope ranch black mussels, clams, shrimp, crab, scallops and sea bass, finished with baguette croutons and sauce rouille. AT’s bouillabaisse took top honors at the 2012 Bouillabaisse Festival held at Brander Winery. Call or check the website to see if the dish is being offered, and if so, make a reservation. True recommends a crisp rose or Brander’s Sauvignon Blanc as a perfect pair to this delightful downtown dish. Next door to Arlington Tavern is Olio Crudo. Sashimi with an Italian accent is what you’ll here, the newest addition to the Olio e Limone family of downtown eateries. The menu is highly ingredient driven, showcasing the freshest seasonal products. Sicily and Sardegna are particularly known for their style of crudo, which relies on the traditional Italian method of preparation: dressing the thinly-sliced fish with a little sea salt, and a splash of Olio e Limone. The seating is first come first served and opens daily at 5pm. Olio Crudo features a full bar, fine wines and Italian beer. 11 west Victoria St. Suite 17.

countertops,” says Akraa, who did a lot of the construction with is own hands. The tables use plumbing pipes for legs and the lighting, fixtures, roof, paint, solar and electronics are all cutting edge in sustainable construction and design. No plastic is used. “I looked a long time for just the right location to build the type of design I truly believe in.” And the Mesa locals, thus far, are very happy he did!—By Raymond Bloom. Photos by Shelly Vinson. The Mesa Verde restaurant is at 1919 Cliff Dr. (where the old Cliff ’s and Co. was located.) w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

photos: Kevin Steele /


lunch | dinner | take-out

pizza bar | wine bar | full bar

Santa Barbara’s original artisanal pizzeria - salumeria


| 11 West Victoria Street, Santa Barbara | 805.899.2699 |


In Season:

Fresh fall bounty


all in Santa Barbara is when the bounty of our local farms comes to market. Summer squash is still available in quantities; now along side the cooler varieties like pumpkin, which are great for making soups and baked curry dishes. It’s the best time of year for heirloom tomatoes, green beans and fresh fennel. The corn is now at its sweetest, perfect for caramelizing on the BBQ, or simply shaved off the ear and used to make a great vegetarian chowder. Apples and figs will also be in abundance along with sweet peppers of every shape and color. As we get closer to winter, Swiss chard and kale will be at its best for a quick sauté in local 22

food & home

olive oil and garlic. Look for the first tangerines and dates in early November. On the seafood side, local Hope Ranch mussels will be in prime form. These Black Mussels are locally farmed in off the Hope Ranch coast and are perfect for steaming in white wine or served over pasta and fresh herbs. Many of the local eateries will feature them, as will the markets. Ridgeback shrimp and spiny lobster will be in season, too. The shrimp aren’t very good for freezing, so you’ll want to use them the night you bring them home. Swordfish and rock crab will be hit and miss depending on the market. Steamed local rock crab claws as an appetizer are absolutely to die for! w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Brandied Fig Wontons with Chocolate Sauce

1 (8-oz.) pkg. dried California Figs, stems and bottoms trimmed 1 cup brandy 1⁄2 cup granulated sugar 1 cinnamon stick Pinch ground cloves 1⁄2 (12-oz.) pkg. fresh wonton skins (wrappers) 2 eggs, lightly beaten 2 cups Enova Oil 1⁄2 cup sifted powdered sugar Chocolate Sauce (recipe follows)

Jambalaya and...

Place figs, brandy, granulated sugar, cinnamon, and cloves in a medium non-reactive saucepan over low heat. Bring to a simmer; cook 2 minutes and remove from heat. Using a slotted spoon, transfer figs to a glass bowl and cover. Meanwhile, place individual wonton skins on clean work surface, covered with a slightly damp towel. Place beaten eggs in small bowl, and line a sheet pan with parchment paper. Drain figs on paper towels. Place one fig in the center of one wonton skin; wet edges with beaten egg and fold in half to form triangle. Take the two pointed edges of the triangle, overlap them, and seal it with more egg. Place on the sheet pan; repeat and continue until all figs are used. Preheat oil in large heavy pan to 350°F. Fry wontons in batches until golden. Remove with a slotted spoon. Drain on paper towels or a rack. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve with Chocolate Sauce.

“One of America’s Best Restaurants!” —Zagat Guide “Best on the West Coast” —L.A. Magazine

Chocolate Sauce In top of a double boiler, over hot water, melt 1 pound high-quality semi-sweet chocolate. Whisk in 12 tablespoons butter, one at a time. Serve warm in a small crock. —Courtesy

Voted “BEST SERVICE” in Santa Barbara Every Year Since 1988

“It’s Always Packed and Always Good” —Paul Wallach’s Guide

OPEN 7 DAYS for LUNCH from 11:30–3:00 & EVENINGS from 5:30pm

8 E. Cota Street • Limited reservations 963-5000 • w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

food & home


Shelly Vinson


New offerings at the Wine Cask


ine Cask has a new top chef in the kitchen. The locally renowned, Santa Barbara landmark restaurant is proud to welcome Executive Chef David Rosner to Wine Cask and Intermezzo. Chef Rosner brings an extensive culinary background from across the globe, including work from Europe, New York City, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara. “We are thrilled to welcome Chef Rosner to the Wine Cask team,” said Mitchell Sjerven, Co-Owner of Wine Cask. “His culinary expertise and passion for sustainable, organic produce allows him to employ a unique, modern approach with classic techniques to each dish – which we believe is the perfect blend for the Santa Barbara palette.” Rosner’s culinary path started in classic fashion, directly after high school with an apprenticeship under the world-renowned Chef Daniel Boulud. “Growing up in Long Island I had a vision of the career path I wanted for myself and knew I had to be in Manhattan,” says Chef Rosner. “I clearly remember buying the Wine Spectator issue featuring the ‘Top 20 Restaurants in NYC’ as a teenager and thinking this is it, my starting point– at Boulud’s 4-star Restaurant Daniel!” Rosner also believed in the value of classic culinary schooling, so he enrolled in the world-famous Culinary Institute of America – Hyde Park, graduating with a degree in Culinary Arts. After graduating, Rosner was

invited back to Restaurant Daniel to work full time on the line. It was there he learned about food integrity, developed an eye for detail, and learned organization both inside and out of a kitchen. “Everyone called me the Kid, but I was very fortunate to land in such a professional environment. Opportunities like this—working for an incredible chef in an amazing kitchen— can greatly contribute to a young person’s development. For me the confidence that I gained is what led me to believe I, too, could one day become a great Chef.” Rosner’s passion for sustainable, organic produce allows him to employ a unique, modern approach with classic techniques to each plate. Today, his time spent in the south of France melds beautifully with the Santa Barbara palette, allowing for a style that is bright and vibrant and speaks of the ingredients provided by the land and sea around him. “My time spent in the south of France prepared me beautifully for bounty of Santa Barbara”, notes Rosner. Among the favorite menu items Rosner features are the seared sea scallops with baby fennel, heirloom beets, thyme Yukon Gold potato and orange gastrique. And also the slow baked white sea bass ratatouille, saffron potates and sauce bouillabaisse. For more information visit or call 805-966-9463.

Holiday treats…



food & home

Eliot Crowley

he real holiday season starts with Halloween and runs right though Super Bowl. Dinner parties, cocktail parties, office parties…let’s face it, today’s season is basically a non-stop party that features lots of food and drink, and usually a request from at least one host that you bring something. And that request for most of us is usually dessert. Thank God for take out because you have a great option with Our Daily Bread Bakery. They feature freshly baked, beautifully appointed cakes, tarts and pies that can be pre-ordered for easy pickup on party day. They have gluten free options as well, along with wide assortment of scones, Danish, muffins, croissants and, of course, great breads. Large orders are welcome, but usually need a few days notice. For a complete listing of party desserts and other scrumptious treats go to or call 805-966-3894. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m


Louie’s is a hidden gem


offering creative and up-to-date Californian cuisine with spot-on

service. Its bistro-like space is located inside the 130-year-old Hotel Upham, and reflects the charm and tradition of its Victorian location, with a jazzy, comfortable feel all its own. The romantic atmosphere can be experienced dining cozily inside or outside on an old-fashioned heated verandah. Choice selections from the well-stocked wine bar are served with extraordinary fresh seafood, pastas, filet mignon and a changing menu of specialties.

Private Parties Lunch: Mon-Fri 11:30am - 2pm


26 Decor 21 Service 25 Cost $47 Food

Local Wines by the Glass

Dinner: Sun-Thur 6 – 9 pm, Fri & Sat 6 - 10 pm

1404 De La Vina Street (at the Upham Hotel)


Wine & Beer

Casual Dress

(805) 963-7003

Visa, MC, Amex Accepted


Life with the olive


ooking with olive oil has been around for thousands of years. Not only is it versatile, in that it can be used for sautéing, stir-frying, browning, marinades and as a main player in a host of condiments, pure olive oil is one of the key elements to a healthy Mediterranean-style diet. Enjoy as a bread dipper with a scratch of fresh garlic or simply drizzle it over some fresh vegetables and toss them on the grill. The following are some great local choices when shopping for the best.

Viva Oliva Paseo Nuevo shop Viva Oliva opened four years ago under the skillful hand of Andi Newville. A woodworker by trade, she handcrafted all the luxurious cabinetry in the store. After a series of health challenges, Newville discovered the benefits of polyphenol, which is abundant in extra virgin olive oil, and thus became a fanatic. She explains, “EVOO cleanses arteries and flushes out the system. It’s an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever.” Oh, and it tastes delicious too! Over her first few years, Newville has developed a devoted, local following. Favorite flavors of customers include: mushroom and sage; Herbs de Provence; and Persian lime cayenne. She also offers over 20 unique flavors of balsamic vinegars, which can be sampled in store. Viva Oliva sources oil year round, so it’s incredibly fresh. The Northern Hemisphere harvests between OctoberDecember and the Southern Hemisphere runs April-June. Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil arrives less than two months later into her shop. Newville tests chemistry levels to ensure quality on all her oils. Viva Oliva recently expanded to include additional accouterments, such as salts, seasonings, decanters and dishware. Il Fustino “Olive oil is a high touch business,” says Jim Kirkley, co-owner, along with his wife Laura, of Il Fustino stores in San Roque and the new Santa Barbara Public Market. “People have to taste it to buy it, so we take our time to educate our customers.” 26

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People love to wander the store and sample, however Kirkley does warn of palette fatigue, which leaves newbies feeling overwhelmed with choice. After seeing a similar idea on a vacation, the foodie couple brought the concept back to Santa Barbara and built their first store in 2008. The Kirkley’s game plan for Il Fustino was to create a regional, small-production, high-quality olive oil company and to purchase their entire stock exclusively from prize-winning, California-based olive growers to ensure consistency. The boutique operation offers corporate gift baskets with local, artisan products, including a selection of extra virgin olive oils, candies and jellies. For more info visit Global Gardens Theo Stephan has long known about the treasures of olive oil. Back in 1997, she was the first to plant olive trees in Santa Barbara County. Imported from Crete, these trees have now flourished into a grove of 2000 in Los Alamos. Foodies flock to Caliterranean Cafe, her restaurant, which offers cooking classes and a range of delectable eats. A leader in the organic, cold-pressed olive oil movement, Stephan wrote the definitive book on vinegars and extra-virgin olive oils and has plenty of suggestions about how to put them to work in your kitchen. First up, Stephan notices a trend with desserts using olive oil. She says, “People are cutting down on sugar and have metabolism concerns. Olive oil offers a healthy fat replacement.” She also promises the best chocolate cookie you have ever tasted—and yes, it’s made with extra virgin olive oil, which adds exquisite dimension to the flavor. Ever adventurous in her kitchen Stephan also mentions other favorite items made with extra virgin olive oil: baklava, tortillas, salmon, leg of lamb, and pasta with raw vegetables. Stephan adds, “Once people taste real, local, extra virgin olive oil, they are shocked. For more info, visit: —By Jenn Kennedy w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m


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All Aboard!

Escape to Paso Robles past and present by rail By Jamie Relth


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Viva Oliva

Olive Oils ~ Balsamic Vinegars ~ Gourmet Food


ine harvest season is always a good time to plan a weekend escape to Santa Barbara’s sister wine country, Paso Robles. Downhome autumn festivals and winery crush events (see sidebar) and the still-warm Indian summer nights that characterize this time of year pair brilliantly with the undeniably first-class selection of food and wine. But this fall, a Paso-paced escape is especially compelling considering the city is celebrating its 125th birthday. It seems only proper to honor Paso’s quasquicentennial year by traveling there by train, that hurtling force of steel and steam whose steady southward advancement hastened the city’s creation in 1889 and paved the way for it to become the modern gourmet getaway it is today. So, leave your car, bring your appetite (and your walking shoes) and embark on a harvest wine country escape steeped in yesteryear charm. DAY ONE With a slow chug and deep whistling howl, the Southern Pacific’s first passenger train connecting Santa Barbara and Paso Robles via the Coast Route began running in 1901. Today, the same tracks (now part of the Union Pacific Railroad) transport passengers north aboard the Coast Starlight, Amtrak’s LA-to-Seattle rail-vacationer’s line and the only train that offers daily through-service from Santa Barbara to Paso Robles. The Coast Starlight’s slightly slower pace, sweeter hospitality and panoramic views, inaccessible by other modes of travel, evoke the ideal state of mind to start a wine country getaway with historical perspective. (continued)

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Viva Oliva offers the freshest, highest grade olive oils, Balsamic vinegars and gourmet food from California and around the world. ER ORD INE! FREE TASTINGS L ON

Viva Oliva

651 Paseo Nuevo Mall, Santa Barbara

805-705-1692 ~

Winery - Tasting Room - Wine Bar

The Barrel Room

The Warehouse

414 Salsipuedes St. 805.965.7985

3563 Numancia St. 805.688.5757

Downtown Santa Barbara

Old Town Santa Ynez

Come in and experience the art of winemaking.

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firsts By hopping on the daily 12:40-train departing from Santa Barbara, passengers that might otherwise be sitting in Friday afternoon traffic can sit back and watch as the en-route entertainment begins streaming past the windows with all the vintage intrigue of a silent film. The city soon gives way to coastal bluffs and stretching vistas of raw shoreline that seem so close you feel you are floating over them rather than hugging the cliff-side rails. Hollister Ranch, Point Conception, Pt. Sal: Miles of open, unadulterated ocean-scape offer eyes a glimpse of the still-preserved sense of adventure and opportunity that these views must have conjured to early pioneers. In a train-induced trance, you travel from the white-capped carpets of blue Pacific to the sudden sea of green vines in San Luis Obispo’s Edna Valley to the 11 miles of switchbacks that climb over that 1,000ft. behemoth, the Cuesta Grade, and into SLO’s North County. As you near it, the train’s-eye-view offers a rare vantage point of the quiet rural beauty that defines Paso—the lone longhorns grazing on open ranchland, the gnarled oaks crouched over golden hillsides and the green tendrils of the grapevine that have grabbed hold of this, the largest, fastest-growing wine country in the state. Before you know it, the train slows to a crawl and sidles up to the heart of Paso Robles’ downtown where good, old-fashioned hospitality starts right at the train station. Just next door, the historic 1887 train depot now houses Anglim Winery, your first stop on the walkable urban wine tasting “route” of downtown Paso. One of the region’s early Rhône specialists, Anglim will appease parched palates while lending a unique view into Paso Robles’ past with its original wood floors, windows and rustic charm. And just a few doors down, the Emmy-winning musicians behind Dirty Dancing and other hits now pour their genius into harmonized wines at D’Anbino Winery, also a best-kept secret spot to hear some of the hottest (continued) music in the area.



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in the heart Patio ~ Fireplace Over 60 single malt of downtown Scotch and Whiskey Quality Fare Craft Beers Patio ~ Fireplace

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Eclectic California Cuisine Award-Winning Wine list

“This bistro shines with gourmet food at everyday prices and remains an absolute must in SB for creative fare, illuminating wines; charming decor, a satisfyingly buzzy ambiance and exceptional service which keeps it a favorite with the locals.”

----Zagat Survey

Full Bar * Martini Menu

1325 State Street Next to the Arlington Theatre Open Daily 966-9676

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113 Harbor Way By The Boats and Under The Sails Reservations (805) 564-1200 • Free Valet Parking

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FIRSTS For an appetizer to the culinary delights that await, head to Vivant Fine Cheese across the street where owner Danika Reed scours the planet to offer an expertly curated menu of the best selection of cheddars, Goudas, Pecorinos and Bries, paired with local and international wines. Temporarily sated and slaked, you can now muster the two-block walk from the train station to the boutique Hotel Cheval. With stone tile paths and ivycovered walls, warm fireside patio seating, wroughtiron flourishes and a not-too-overwrought horse theme, the upscale inn combines French countryside charm with Western ranch lifestyle and promises a luxurious home base for your history-meets-wine country adventure. After checking in, stroll through the park to Artisan, the recently relocated premier Paso Robles restaurant where fresh, seasonal, wild-caught or sustainably farmed ingredients find their highest purpose in dishes like Boar Tenderloin and Cedar Planked Shrimp. But don’t forget to save room for dessert: The unsuspected sensation that is Cayucos’ Brown Butter Cookie Co. lies just a few doors down at its new Paso Robles location on the park-front. Here, a small, freshly baked, sweet-salty shortbread-like round falls straight from heaven onto the center of your palm before crumbling and melting in your mouth for the perfect end to a simple yet indulgent day.

Cutler’s Artisan Spirits is Santa Barbara’s first legal distillery and is focused on crafting top quality whiskeys, vodka, gin and other creative spirits. Drop by for a sample Thursday-Sunday 1-6pm at 137 Anacapa Suite D (in the Funk Zone). Visit us on the web at or call 805-845-4040.

Not Your Average Grocery Store… 5 East Figueroa Street Downtown Santa Barbara (805) 585-5257


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DAY TWO After your hot buffet breakfast at the hotel, head out for one of several featured 125th Anniversary historical walking routes recommended by the city ( The “Walking Food Tour,” for instance, led by Central Coast Food Tours continues your urban wine tasting trail, making stops for food and wine pairings by local chefs, olive oil tastings, and more, all the while dishing out the historical lore about Paso Robles Inn’s once-famed healing hot springs and the local hideouts of infamous characters like Jesse James. For the afternoon, set a date with “Captain Katie” at Uncorked Wine Tours who can navigate any custom wine route or take you on the “Wet your Whistle” anniversary tour, which covers various locally-made libations: Hope Family Wines, which has produced two signature wine blends for the anniversary; Firestone Walker Brewery, where you can go behind the scenes of the award-winning craft beer brand’s Brewhouse; Villicana Winery’s new Re:Find Distillery; and the picturesque Peachy Canyon Winery. For dinner, head back downtown to Thomas Hill Organics Bistro for a seasonal, local dish like the Grilled All-Natural Filet Mignon or the Emerald Curry Roasted Morro Bay Black Cod made by Frenchborn Chef Julie Simon. Perhaps grab some more Brown Butter cookies before you walk back to your room at Cheval and drift off to a well-deserved food coma. Just don’t miss the train that will effortlessly return you from your gourmet reverie back to present-day and to Santa Barbara’s slightly bigger-city bustle. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m


top cellars 2013 Carr Pinot Gris, Turner Vineyard, Sta. Rita Hills This Pinot Gris has a full, floral nose and a delicate mouth-feel. Flavors of freshly picked apples and pears highlighted by light honey notes. Planted in 2000 by Ryan Carr, Turner Vineyard is a 21-acre vineyard located in the northern part of the Santa Rita Hills appellation. Available for purchase at Winehound or Vino Divino or enjoy by the glass at Olio Pizzeria or Opal Restaurant. $22 bottle retail.

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Largest selection of Central Coast and sparkling wines in Santa Barbara * Free gift wrap on all bottles *

The Winehound

– Cheers, Bob Wesley & the Winehound Crew

3849 State St. Santa Barbara • (805) 845-5247

Santa Barbara’s Favorite Italian Restaurant since 1937 §

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in La Cumbre Plaza!


Cutler’s Vodka is a multiple award winning, gluten-free, Santa Barbara crafted spirit. Distilled 7 times, from GMO-Free corn, Cutler’s Vodka, is then polished using charred coconut husks, creating an exceptionally clean and smooth spirit, with a subtle hint of natural sweetness. For more info, go to or visit their tasting room at 137 Anacapa St. in the Funk Zone.

Visit the Winehound

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Stone Crab Sunday Suppers By Raymond Bloom Photos by Shelly Vinson


f you were fortunate enough to receive a Sunday supper invitation from Santa Barbara locals, Bill and Cookie Hurney, there’s a good chance the menu will include local stone (rock) crab… straight from the commercial fishing docks in the Santa Barbara harbor. “We used to have them shipped in from the east coast for special occasions until we discovered the local fisherman’s market”, says Bill. It’s one of our favorites when entertaining because the prep is so easy and the flavors are fantastic…straight out of the ocean, really sweet and fresh. If anything is left over, we usually chop it up and make crab cakes for the next day.” The Hurney’s have established a tradition among friends for their Sunday suppers, which are most times spur of the moment pot-luck affairs, but occasionally evolve into major events; big enough to inspire the Hurney’s to hire contactor and friend Jim Stilwell for a major kitchen remodel a few years back. The usual routine starts in the early afternoon with an assortment of fresh citrus cocktails on the patio. “Nothing like a fresh Salty Dog on a mellow afternoon with friends,” says Bill. On this day the menu included Salty Dogs, Santa Maria Tri-Tip Steak from Shalhoob Meats, Jack Hurney’s (Bill’s brother) famous four-pepper salsa, Farmer’s Market sweet corn, roasted mustardy beet salad, garden salad, local wines, French bread and stone crab. For the crab, Cookie featured two of Southampton by Wood-Mode. her favorite aioli for dipping. The first is a tradition mayonnaise based sauce and the second is a spicy version featuring jalapeño peppers. “One of my favorite pastimes is to shop at the Saturday Farmer’s market, load up on everything fresh and invite a bunch of our friends over to enjoy it,” says Cookie. “We’re always trying something new and it’s always a great way to relax at the end of the week.”


Showroom locations: 1717 State Street 1717 State Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101 3630 805.682.4003 Santa Y For your home. For your life. Santa Barbara, CA 93101 For our environment. 805.682.4003 805.68 Showroom locations: 3630 Sagunto Street 1717 State Street (continued)

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Southampton by Wood-Mode.

©2008 Wood-Mode, Inc.

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Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Santa Ynez, CA 93460



Cookie’s Crab Aioli 1-Cup Mayonnaise 3 Tablespoons of Coleman’s Dry Mustard 2 teaspoons Worcestershire Sauce 1 teaspoon A-1 Steak Sauce 1/8 cup of half and half Salt to taste Whip Mayonnaise and Dry Mustard for two minutes. Add Worcestershire and A-1 sauce, mix thoroughly then add half and half and salt. Continue to mix until well blended. Chill overnight for best results. Spicy VERSION Prepare Crab Aioli as above, adding ½ of a medium sized finely chopped jalapeno with the salt and cream. Garden Salad Dressing This is an easy one. Prepare one package of Good Seasons Italian Dressing Mix adding two tablespoons of Dijon or spicy mustard. Use olive oil instead of vegetable oil. Steaming the Crabs Rinse crabs under cool running water. Using a very large pot with steamer, bring about 2 to 3 inches of water to boil. Slowly place crabs in pot and let steam for 15-20 minutes. 36

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3:19 PM










whole foods market santa b arb ar a State Street & Hitchcock Way • 805.837.6959 • 8am – 10pm daily Connect with us!

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“Nothing like a fresh Salty Dog on a mellow afternoon with friends,”

enjoy our family recipes and friendly service

Rinse and allow cooling on ice. Before serving, the crabs must be cracked. This is best accomplished by placing a kitchen towel over the crab and pounding them on a large wooden cutting board. Your wife will appreciate this being done outside! Mustardy Beet Salad Serves 2-4 4 beets, cooked (see above) Dressing: 1 stalk celery, small dice and reserve leaves for garnish 1 green onion, trimmed and sliced into thin coins ½ small garlic clove, minced 2 teaspoons Dijon mustard 2 teaspoons golden or white balsamic vinegar 3 tablespoons olive oil 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt and twist of pepper to taste Mix dressing in small bowl. Slice beets into ½” thick circles, place on plates or platter and then drizzle dressing over the top. Garnish with a sprinkle of celery leaves. Serve warm or at room temperature. To Roast: Preheat your oven to 350. In a pie plate place the cleaned beets, a few cloves of garlic and a sprig of thyme. Drizzle with olive oil or a splash of water and then roast covered with foil for one hour. —Recipe borrowed from food blogger, Valerie Rice Jack’s Famous Four-Pepper Salsa 1 Jalapeno pepper 1 Lipstick (red) Bell Pepper 1 Anaheim Chile Pepper 1 Habanero Pepper 1 medium Red Onion, chopped 4 medium Heirloom Tomatoes, chopped ½ cup fresh cilantro, chopped 2 tablespoons white vinegar 1-tablespoon olive oil Salt and pepper to taste Prep: In a large bowl, mix all ingredients together with a spoon. Transfer mixture to a blender/food processer and pulse until mixture is smooth. Spoon over medium rare cooked steak or pork loin. Great for adding texture to guacamole, too. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

1311 State Street 805.962.1311

Open Mon–Sat 11:30 - 2:30 Lunch & 5:30–10:00 Dinner (closed Sunday)

simple and delicious food made daily from scratch

1295 Coast Village Road 805.969.3392

Open 7 days a week 11:30–2:30 Lunch & 5:30–10:00 Dinner (closed Sunday)

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Ashley Gove

Petit Valentien


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Mussel Madness Dine rs o n t h e C entral C oast ar e i n love wi th thi s br i lli ant bivalv e



“A cold beer and pound of fresh mussels is the perfect light lunch on a hot day.” –Chef James Sly

f you were strolling the streets of Paris at lunchtime, there would be no mistaking the aroma of all things seafood, and a good part of that are “moules” or mussels. Prepared the classic French way, the dish is simple enough…made with black mussels steamed in white wine, butter and shallots. The cooking liquid that come from this process is what gives the dish its name…moules mariniere, a wonderful appetizer or light lunch that goes elegantly with a crisp Sauvignon Blanc and a crust of warm bread. Living in a coastal city, we have the tremendous fortune of access to fresh, flavorful seafood. Historically, China and Spain lead the global mussel catch. Aquaculture of mussels in North America began in the 1970’s with the majority coming from Canada’s Prince Edward Island. Recently, however,

Ashley Gove

Santa Barbara has come onto the scene with locally harvested shells affectionately named Hope Ranch mussels.

By Jenn Kennedy • Photos by Ashley Gove, Michael Brown & Shelly Vinson

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

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Michael Brown



The culinary frenzy for all things mussel is getting ever stronger on the Central Coast and Santa Barbara eateries are getting known in dining circles everywhere as a destination to enjoy this brilliant bivalve. Restaurant owner and Chef James Sly has been a leader in this area, featuring a variety of mussel dishes at his Carpinteria eatery, Sly’s, since they day he opened. “We use small black mussels from the cold waters of Canada cleaned and simply 42

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prepared. Our Mussels “Marinière” - in the sailor’s style - are simply steamed in Chardonnay with shallots, and garnished with chopped parsley. We also serve mussels a number of other ways - at lunch, the moles Marinere are served as “Moules/Frîtes - the classic French bistro combination of steamed mussels and our homemade French fried potatoes - best served with our homemade mayonnaise.” says Sly. “We serve about a pound which is a great

starter or a light lunch.” The main supplier of the local mussels is fisherman Bernard Friedman of sbmariculture. com. He acknowledges a long and complicated permitting process was necessary before he could start his operation, as the fishing industry is overseen by numerous regional and federal agencies. There are a variety of techniques for growing mussels and after much trial and error, w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Paradise Cafe

Hungry Cat

Arch Rock

Photos by Ashley Gove

Ca’ Dario

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

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Friedman chose the rope culture method, whereby mussel seeds are attached to ropes, which are then hung from a rope back-bone supported by large plastic floats. The mussels settle on this rope as naturally as they would on the seabed. It took Friedman three years of trouble-shooting to find the right location and methodology. “Giving mussels a comfortable home in which to grow makes all the difference,” he adds. “Spacing design is crucial to growing fat, grit-free mussels.” It may sound simple but mussel farmers like Friedman have spent years researching and developing the perfect rope to give each and every mussel space to grow to reach full potential. After much research, he elected to utilize machinery and a technique, which is popular in New Zealand, and has adapted it to 44

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suit our local climate and ocean conditions. A typical cycle for Friedman is winter seeding, followed by a fall harvest when mussels reach a marketable size (40mm). To harvest, a platform is lowered under the mussel lines, which are then cut from the system and brought to the surface and dumped into containers on a nearby vessel. After harvest, mussels are typically placed in seawater tanks for depuration before marketing. Marine mussels are closely related to oysters and scallops and can be smoked, boiled, steamed, roasted, barbecued or fried in butter or vegetable oil. In contrast to the sometimes briny, sandy mussels from the east coast or the large and not delicately flavored mussels from New Zealand, the local shellfish are sweet, juicy and clean tasting. Because they are grown

in deep water, there is no problem with sand. “Regional mussels all have a distinct taste,” say Friedman. He describes Hope Ranch mussels as fairly salty and flavorful. Various types of mussels are available, depending on the season. Variations include Mediterranean mussels which have wide shells and very plump meat. They are in season during the summer and fall. Blue mussels are in season winter and spring…smaller then Mediterranean mussels, they are prized for their intense flavor. Green-lip mussels which have a green tinge to the edge of their shells. They tend to be very large and are cultivated extensively in New Zealand. And of course there are the Hope Ranch mussels of which Friedman harvests about 80 thousand pounds a year. He offers that most single servings are w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Shelly Vinson


w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Bernd Zeugswetter

about one pound, so his lot feeds quite a few people throughout the season. Friedman sells exclusively wholesale. Numerous local restaurants carry his mussels, which you will see on menus listed as Hope Ranch Mussels. The following are some great local offerings: The Harbor Restaurant Fresh Hope Ranch mussels, simmered in white wine with garlic, basil, extra virgin olive oil, tomatoes, slivers of fresh fennel and leeks. Pairs great with a crust of sourdough bread and draught beer or local Sauvignon Blanc. Sly’s “Mussels Marinière” - in the sailor’s style - are simply steamed in Chardonnay with shallots, and garnished with chopped parsley.


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Chuck’s Waterfront Grill & The Endless Summer bar~cafe

The Harbor Restaurant


food & home

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

O N T H E COV E R Chuck’s Waterfront Grill & The Endless Summer bar-café Locally farmed black mussels steamed in butter, white wine, garlic, scallions, tomatoes and served with grilled sourdough. Aldo’s Local mussels, garlic and herbs steamed in a tomato based broth. Hungry Cat Braised mussels with garlic, butter, coconut, rice, charred bok choy, mint and cilantro. Boathouse ”Spicy steamed mussels” Black mussels and crisp pancetta, sautéed in house made spicy cioppino broth. Ca’Dario Cozze alla Marinara—Fresh local mussels with garlic in a spicy tomato broth and crusts of bread from Our Daily Bread Bakery. Scarlett Begonia A whimiscal take on surf and turf; smoked local mussels with ‘nduja aioli, a soft, spicy hot spreadable salami with preserved lemon, housemade grilled ciabatta. Jane Bowl of fresh local Santa Barbara mussels, sourced daily, with tomato, fresh tarragon, homemade garlic croutons and pernod cream.

Photos by Ashley Gove

Petit Valentien Medalions of pork tenderloin, steamed New Zealand Green Lip mussels, shrimp and scallops, white wine and garlic herb broth. Arch Rock Mussels, light beer, garlic, shallots, grain mustard, cream fraiche, served with grilled bread.

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Scarlett Begonia

food & home



Arts & Letters Café

The Boathouse


food & home

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m


Le Café Stella

Arts and Letters Café Pacific Mussels: Tomatoes and capers in citrus beurre blanc with brown butter croutons. Fishouse Fresh local black mussels steamed in white wine, garlic and fresh herbs; topped with a light sprinkle of parmesan.

Photos by Ashley Gove. Cafe Stella by Michael Brown

Downey’s Local Mussels with Watercress, Sweet Corn & Chili Vinaigrette. Paradise Café Fresh local mussels steamed in wine, butter, garlic and pernod. Also comes grilled over oak with basil vinaigrette. Lucky’s Steakhouse A full pound of Prince Edward Island Black Mussels are steamed in white wine and garlic, and finished with a sauce made from the wine, the cooking juices, Italian San Marzano Tomatoes and fresh basil. Served with grilled sourdough. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Aldo’s Ristorante food & home




hilippe Rousseau, managing partner to Stella Mare and Café Stella Bistro in Santa Barbara, grew up on a farm in the heart of the French wine country. He says fresh, organic food was always a big part of his upbringing, but since he wasn’t close to the ocean, mussels were never a big part of the menu at home…until he visited the French coastal city of Concale, when his view of the tasty seafood staple changed forever. “Best mussels ever!,” he says. They were sautéed in a cream sauce and local herbs and served with a crust of bread to soak up all the good stuff, and a bottle of Stella Artois beer. 50

food & home

Stella Mare’s

We sat overlooking the harbor at low tide as the fishermen are harvesting the mussels and bringing them to the dock by the trailer load. At low tide, all the boats are lying on their sides, and there is quite a frenzy (a fresh, distinctive, smelly frenzy!) going on. Both versions of mussels served at the restaurants feature wine and cream sauces with garden fresh herbs, sweet butter and about a pound of fresh black mussels. Philippe says the dish is best paired with beer, French fries and a crust of bread to get every last, delicious drop! w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Michael Brown

Mussel memories


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Feel like cooking your own?


o prepare mussels for cooking you must pull off the “beard” or tuft of fibers that protrudes out from the shells by grabbing it and giving a quick tug. Discard any open mussels that do not close. Scrub the outside of the shell clean with cold water. Only “de-beard” and prepare mussels when you are ready to cook them because they will not live long after they have been “de-bearded”.

Mussels Steamed in Wine

2 pounds mussels - cleaned and de-bearded
 1/4 cup dry white wine
 1 tablespoon chopped shallots
 1 tablespoon chopped parsley
 black pepper to taste
 Combine all the ingredients in a saucepan with a lid and bring to a boil. Steam the mussels until they open, about five minutes. Serve with the liquid and bread.

Mussels Steamed with Tomatoes, Garlic, and Wine
 1-tablespoon olive oil
 1 tablespoon chopped garlic
 1 tablespoon chopped shallots
 1/2 pound peeled, seeded, tomatoes
 2 pounds mussels - cleaned and de-bearded
 1-tablespoon fresh herbs or Italian seasoning
 1/4 cup dry white wine
 black pepper

Sauté the garlic, shallots and tomatoes in oil. Add the mussels, herbs, wine, and pepper. Steam the mussels until they open, about five minutes. Serve as a soup with bread or serve over pasta.

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Bring mussels to a boil in a covered saucepan with water. Simmer 2 -3 minutes until the mussels open. Remove mussels from shells. Combine mussels, scallions, seeds, and fennel in a bowl. Mix together remaining ingredients and pour over the mussels. Mix well and allow the mussels to marinate for at MARKET STREET least 30 minutes. Serve with bread. EASTMAN AVE

Spencers Ventura Mattress 1806 Goodyear Ave Ca 93003 U Ventura, 805-658-2866

3 pounds mussels - cleaned and de-bearded
 1/2 cup water
 2 scallions chopped
 1 teaspoon fennel seeds
 1 fennel bulb thinly sliced
 2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
 1/3 cup olive oil
 1/4 cup lemon juice
 salt and pepper to taste

1806 Goodyear Ave Ca 93003 U Ventura, 805-658-2866

Marinated Mussels and Fennel


The OrganicPedic® Terra is a four-sided, 12” sculpted-surface pillow-top mattress with a 3” core of firm, supportive 100%-natural rubber latex. The core is joined with two inches of softer latex on the top and bottom, and covered with our signature OrganicPedic® quilting. A removable, two-sided pillow top (3” deep) — also made of 100%-natural rubber latex — is then placed on the mattress. The pillow top is made with two surface options: our exclusive sculpted surface on one side and a flat surface on the other. This provides sleepers with maximum comfort and flexibility. The pillow top is fully covered with our signature OrganicPedic® quilting and attached to the mattress Spencers Ventura Mattress with our exclusive “button-down” process.

Recipes courtesy of Bernard Friedman of Santa Barbara Mariculture and Santa Barbara Fish Market 52

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w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Celebrating 25 Years Coldwell Banker of partnership with LOCAL




First Capital loan officers value integrity and have a deep understanding of the complexities of the current home finance market. We close smooth transactions that get results for our clients, on time, guaranteed*. Our focus is 100% on financing the American Dream and our clients’ experience of getting there.




First Capital

A Mortgage Company


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It’s On Again!!

Great chowders, beer, wine and food!

Ticket info: or (805) 963-6754



Mussel pairings: Wine for the beloved bivalve…




2012 Domaine Pelle Salon Morogues $22


From the Loire valley, this Sauvignon Blanc has a pure nose with aromas of white flowers and citrus followed by vibrant peach, apple, and subtle melon. This is a Light and lively wine with a clean, brisk, persistent finish, and excels when paired with a cleaner mussel dish such as golden mussels steamed in white wine and aromatics, served with poached leeks and apple vinaigrette.


Local Chefs compete for BEST CHOWDER in S.B.

at the Bacara resort November 2, 2014


Taste from Local Wineries and Breweries Live Music & Dancing, Silent Auction and more! Sunday, November 2, 2014 from 1pm – 4pm at the Bacara Resort, 8301 Hollister Ave.

FOR TICKETS go to: A charity fundraiser beneFItting Legal Aid Since 1959, Legal Aid has provided access to the civil justice system for low-income people & seniors— ensuring safe shelter, adequate income, and protection from domestic violence and elder abuse.


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2011 Terlano Pinot Bianco Vorberg $34

From Alto Adige, Italy. The interplay of fruity aromatic and salty components awaken the palate. Then soft and creamy elements gain greater strength in a wine with a lingering, firmly minerally and spicy character on the aftertaste. This wine is a perfect pairing with a dish such as mussels in a mild garlic cream sauce topped with a dusting of horseradish and slivered pine nuts. Both wines available for purchase at Renegade Wines 417 Santa Barbara Street Suite A-6 805-5681961 w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

R E S TA U R A N T & T E Q U I L A B A R

One of Santa Barbara’s Best New Restaurants for 2013 - Cervins Central Coast

Seasonal Mexican Cuisine by Executive Chef Ricardo Garcia

Lunch • Dinner • Happy Hour 5764 Calle Real, Goleta, CA 93117 • (805) 681-0766 • w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

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Crocodile Restaurant and Bar at the Lemon Tree Inn for Breakfast, Lunch AND Dinner!

Crocodile Restaurant & Bar 2819 State Street Reservations: 805 687-6444


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Mike McHugh

Raising The Bar A salute to those that pour so well


Photos by Eliot Crowley

was a bartender, once. It lasted three days, including the two days where I was in training and simply watched the real bartenders pump out the endless flow of beer, wine and cocktails. My first solo attempt took me a full 15 minutes to produce a house blended margarita with no salt to the only guy sitting at the bar. He sent it back saying it tasted like sour Gator-Aid, ordered a draught beer instead and rolled his eyes when the keg blew. My career was done. A good bartender is hard to find. It’s more than the ability to craft a cocktail…you have to have some style, too… bit of wisdom, a bit of grace and lots of patience. A good bartender really is your friend and really

does know your name. When your friend is behind the bar, you couldn’t be a better spouse…a better father, mother, golfer, business partner, human being. A good bartender says you’re smart and thinks your ideas are great, and if it wasn’t for this lousy economy, your stock picks and fantasy football roster would be right on the money, too. Where else in life can you get this much professional attention for the price of a well made cocktail? Never have so many people who enjoy cocktails owed so much to so few who can make them well; ever mindful that when life makes it a tad chilly at home or a shade too hot at the office, there’s always that special someone you can sit in front of and bare your soul. The following is a tip of the hat to some of Santa Barbara’s finest: (continued)

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

food & home


AFTER DARK The Bartender:

Mike McHugh The Bar: Harry’s How did you make it to SB: I was born and raised in San Diego. In 2001, I moved to Santa Barbara to attend UCSB Favorite drink to make: Margaritas and Sazeracs Best cab service in town: Lucky Cab What do you pour for a broken heart: Another round. What do you say when you pour it: This will do wonders. What do the liberals drink: The liberals ask for Greyhounds. How about the conservatives: The conservatives ask for vodka and grapefruit juice. Favorite sports team at his bar: Baseball with emphasis on the Dodgers. What do they drink: Strawberry daiquiris and Zimas. Go Padres! Best business plan/idea over heard at the bar: I’ve heard hundreds over the years, most of them lacking one key element…money. What were they dinking: Always on the rocks…Chopin on the rocks with a back of cranberry, Grey Goose on the rocks with one olive, and Tito’s on the rocks with a lemon twist. Best bar argument defused: A married couple was arguing about their first date. The husband believed they came to Harry’s on their first date while the wife was adamant it was the second. It became quite heated so I leaned in and asked how long they’ve been married. They replied, “50 Years.” I politely told them we’ve only been open for 46. What were they drinking: They left before ordering. What do you do when the shift is done: Typically, I have dinner with my wife followed by taking the dog for a walk. However, on Fridays, we head over to the Tee-Off and visit Tony for “Ferdyn’s Famous OldFashioned Fridays.” His old-fashioned is the best!

The Bartender:

Ezra Atwill

Ezra Atwill 58

food & home

The Bar: Lucky’s Steakhouse How did you make it to SB: We moved here in 1984 to be near my Grandmother who already lived here in Montecito. I graduated from SBHS, SBCC, and Sonoma State University with a degree in Environmental Studies/Energy Management and design. When I returned after college, I worked for a solar electric company for a couple years, but I always had a bartending job, too. I soon decided I was making more bartending and I enjoyed it much more then sitting in an office all day long. Favorite drink to make: The Lucky’s Lemon Drop, everybody loves them! Best cab service in town: Both Beachside Cab, (especially in Montecito) and Lucky Cab are really good. What do you pour for a broken heart: A stiff single malt Scotch. What do you say when you pour it: Would you like to meet Michelle at the other end of the bar? What do the liberals drink: White wine most often. How about the conservatives: Belvedere Vodka Martinis straight up with Olives. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Willie Gilbert

Favorite sports team at his bar: Well, it used to be the LA Lakers, but they haven’t been good for years. It could be the Dodgers, but we don’t have a TV contract in Santa Barbara. (What’s up TY?!!) We’re not a big sports bar, though. What do they drink: Beer…usually very slowly. Best business plan/idea over heard at the bar: There’s too many to pick, but a Montecito Piano bar or Montecito Dive bar were both interesting, and that can’t lose sport’s betting formula was also intriguing! What were they dinking: Probably some Pinot Noir Best bar argument defused: Been plenty over the years, the best one was probably when I had to throw a famous retired bounty hunter out of the bar who was really angry with another regular for no apparent reason that I saw. He may of had a couple too many. He always thanked me though every time he returned... Same Bounty Hunter offered to train me and get me a license to carry a concealed firearm if I was interested. I never took him up on it, though. What were they drinking: A bit too much. What do you do when the shift is done: Head w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

down town for last call or lock myself in dark room depending on the night. The Bartender:

Willie Gilbert The Bar: Pickle Room How did you make it to SB: On a threemonth, 7,000 mile motorcycle road trip from Ohio. Favorite drink to make: Bottled beer Best cab service in town: Richard from Lucky, Alex in the purple cab, and Dave Clark. (Sorry-can’t remember the companies). What do you pour for a broken heart: A shot of whiskey in a dirty glass. What do you say when you pour it: O bla di. What do the liberals drink: Chinese Cowboys (shot of Bourbon w/ a Tsing Tao back). How about the conservatives: Scotch and Coke. Favorite sports team at his bar: I guess the Dodgers, although they don’t seem to be receiving much airtime these days. What do they drink: Whatever they want.

Best business plan/idea over heard at the bar: To market a game that we invented in the bar that involved making wine corks stand straight up after dropping them. What were they dinking: Vodka rocks. Best bar argument defused: Arguments are not tolerated. Points of view are to be considered. What were they drinking: Never gets that far. What do you do when the shift is done: Head to home, sweet home!

The Bartender:

Leslie Fagan The Bar: The Boathouse How did you make it to SB: Like most people, I came to Santa Barbara for college, and like most people, I stayed! Favorite drink to make: The Boathouse has a great specialty drink called a Lemon Dropkick. It’s similar to a traditional lemon drop, but with the addition of watermelon and jalapeno. It’s a little sweet, a little sour, a little spicy – the perfect balance! Best cab service in town: Absolute. The food & home



Leslie Fagan

owners, Tom and Josh, are great! What do you pour for a broken heart: Something strong…most likely a tall shot of tequila or whiskey. What do you say when you pour it: I tell them to look over at the ocean and think of all the fish out there! What do the liberals drink: When I’m behind the bar, I try to keep the political talk to a minimum. Nothing good ever comes of it! How about the conservatives: Same Favorite sports team at his bar: Probably the Dodgers or the Lakers What do they drink: They all drink beer! Best business plan/idea over heard at the bar: The beach isn’t the place for “back of the envelope” business plans. If anything, people are celebrating a job well done when their 60

food & home

plan succeeds. What were they dinking: They usually toast themselves with Champagne. Best bar argument defused: A palm reader once told a woman that she should leave her fiancé. Of course, she told her future husband of this advice, and understandably he took the news poorly. The two had words, which quickly escalated until their faces were inches apart! Luckily, the fiancé was a regular customer and was persuaded to walk away and cool off. What were they drinking: Didn’t even order. What do you do when the shift is done: The end of my shift starts the best part of my day. After I get off work, I can’t wait to go home – where the most adorable four-year old in the world is waiting for me!

The Bartender:

Tim Cooney The Bar: Holdren’s How did you make it to SB: I was born and raised in SB and I started bartending at The Harbor Restaurant when I was 21. Favorite drink to make: My favorite drink to make right now is the blood orange margarita. Using fresh squeezed sewer and sour…a twist on classic margarita, a great SB cocktail! Best cab service in town: The best cab company in town is Lucky cab hands down. Honest and reliable I’ve accidentally left my tips from the night in their cab before, only to have them call me at 4 am to return the $$$ to my house!! What do you pour for a broken heart: For guys I pour something dirty…for the ladies, w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Tim Cooney

something stiff. What do you say when you pour it: Cheers! What do the liberals drink: Politics: I try not to get involved when I’m at the bar, but liberals seem to like a craft cocktail and a fine glass of wine with dinner. How about the conservatives: They will start with classic martini and then finish with a fine glass of wine at dinner. Favorite sports team at his bar: The biggest sports following at my bar would have to be the Lakers. Football most people will root for their fantasy team, or team they bet on, basketball we have majority of Laker fans, might take a couple of years, but they’ll be back to greatness soon!! What do they drink: Lots of beer. Best business plan/idea over heard at the bar: A start up company called Simply w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Cocktails. It is an off-site bar catering service that specializes in weddings & private parties! They’re AWESOME! Genius! What were they dinking: Blood orange margarita. Best bar argument defused: I remind everyone that the parking lot is the best place to be heard when you shout. What were they drinking: They’re not. What do you do when the shift is done: After my shift I like to go have a drink or two, and visit fellow bartenders at different bars around town. The Bartender:

Michael Fitzgerald The Bar: Arnoldi’s How did you make it to SB: I migrated

from New York in 96. Favorite drink to make: Long Island. Iced Tea. Best cab service in town: 966-5600. What do you pour for a broken heart: Water. What do you say when you pour it: Get out there and go for a bike ride. What do the liberals drink: Who? How about the conservatives: What? Favorite sports team at his bar: Bocce ball and the Three Pickles guys. What do they drink: What ever they want. Best business plan/idea over heard at the bar: I wasn’t listening. What were they dinking: I don’t recall. Best bar argument defused: That’s not fun and there is no best. food & home



What were they drinking: Always too much. What do you do when the shift is done: Shoot a game of pool with my best friend and love of my life, Rachel, then we go home to our pets.

The Bartender:

Chris Reeder

Michael Fitzgerald


food & home

The Bar: opal restaurant and bar How did you make it to SB: By way of Malibu and the love of SB’s great outdoors! Favorite drink to make: Opal’s Blood Orange Greyhound made with Tito’s American Vodka, Blood Orange Puree & Fresh Grapefruit Juice Best cab service in town: There are many great cab services in town, but we like to recommend Absolute. What do you pour for a broken heart: Our Flirtini – with Ketel One Vodka, Pineapple Juice, Peach Schnapps and a Splash of Champagne, or our Cardamom Peach Bellini with fresh California White Peach Puree, Cardamom Simple Syrup, Lemon Juice, Peach Schnapps and Nino Franco Prosecco. And then sometimes… it’s just Bourbon. What do you say when you pour it: Here’s to new Beginnings! What do the liberals drink: Opal’s Moscow Mule -with Beluga Russian Vodka, Fever Tree Ginger Beer, and Fresh Lime Juice How about the conservatives: The opal Old Fashioned – with Maker’s Mark, Caramelized Orange, Luxardo Maraschino Cherry, and Fee Brother’s Orange Bitters Favorite sports team at his bar: Despite their recent ups and downs, probably the Lakers. What do they drink: Craft beers are very popular right now, and Tequila. With many Tequila based drinks on the menu there is a lot to choose from at opal. Best business plan/idea over heard at the bar: Everything is Internet w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m


Largest Selection of Rugs on the West Coast

design center




finest floor coverings since 1883



Santa Barbara’s premiere source for home furnishings and decor 410 Olive Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 • (805) 962-8555 •

AFTER DARK –based these days and there are a lot of sharp technical people in Santa Barbara. One night I heard about a great cloud-based business plan in development. They swore me to secrecy but if it makes it big I will be free to say: I heard it first at opal. What were they dinking: Actually one had a Moscow Mule and one had an opal Old Fashioned so it might be the best of both worlds. Best bar argument defused: Which was best, the young Elvis or the old Elvis, and… is he still alive? What were they drinking: Can’t remember. What do you do when the shift is done: We often talk about how the evening went, which drinks were most popular and if there are any ideas for new cocktails.

The Bartender:

Tony Ferdyn

Chris Reeder

Tony Ferdyn 64

food & home

The Bar: The Tee-Off How did you make it to SB: In 1987 I chased a beautiful girl all the way from Massachusetts to UCSB. Favorite drink to make: The Tee Off has an amazing whiskey collection. So I enjoy pouring something that people haven’t had before. Best cab service in town: Absolute Cab, by far! What do you pour for a broken heart: A Jack Daniels with a few pieces of ice. It’s what Sinatra drank while pondering lost love and singing One For My Baby. What do you say when you pour it: I quote Jerry Garcia, “Broken heart don’t feel so bad, ain’t got half of what you thought you had.” What do the liberals drink: My liberal friends tend to experiment more. They are always eager to try different wines or a new whiskey. Local beers are also popular. How about the conservatives: My conservative friends stick with their favorites. Budweiser and old classics like Jim Beam. And I never tire of reminding them that foreign corporations own both brands. Favorite sports team at his bar: Being a golf themed bar we usually have golf on the TV…unless the Red Sox are on. What do they drink: Golfers like a strong cocktail and baseball fans drink more beer. Best business plan/idea over heard at the bar: I can’t remember ever hearing a really good idea, but I’ve heard plenty of bad ones. What were they dinking: Too much! Best bar argument defused: I told a couple who were arguing about their divorce that they were giving me a headache and they instantly calmed down and managed to be civil to each other for the rest of the night. What were they drinking: Beer that they never touched. What do you do when the shift is done: Go home and sit in my rose garden and sip a soothing whiskey. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

You drive a hybrid. You’re green as can be. YOUR WINDOW CAVERINGS ARE BEAUTIFUL, NATURALLY.

Custom wood shades from Budget Blinds®- available in natural materials, including bamboo.

FREE In-home Consultation* Professional Measuring and Installation

(805) 962-4082 Budget Blinds serving; Santa Barbara * At participating franchises only. ©2009 Budget Blinds, INC. All Rights Reserved. Each franchise is independently owned and operated. Budget Blinds is a registered trademark of Budget Blinds, INC. and a Home Franchise Concepts Brand.

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

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Take a seat, please


OHO is a beautiful sofa which can be designed in any shape or form, including different widths, multiple leather and stitching choices…very comfortable with the possibility to lengthen the seat according to the type of use needed. The Soho Collection features top grain leather, with massive tufted back cushioning and deep seats for uncompromised seating pleasure. Available for test seating at Reed Interiors. 3821 Santa Claus Lane Carpinteria, (805) 684-7583.

New beginings


or 30 years Indigo Interiors has built a reputation for more than just sofas and chairs. Their collection crosses traditions and continents for a home style that’s immediately sophisticated yet personal. Fine objects includes antiques, original fine art and art crafts, unusual lamps, and specialized home accessories. They also are spreading their wings with a new and larger showroom at 1321 State Street. 805-9626909.


food & home

Handcrafted modern


stunning modern coffee table design featuring solid African Padauk top with contrasting white oak legs. Handcrafted by the designer in Camarillo. Caption: Sleek, modern and bold! The FSC certified bamboo top makes a strong design statement and contrasts well with the dark espresso legs. Handcrafted by the designer in Camarillo. Available exclusively at Michael Kate Interiors, 132 Santa Barbara St, 805-9631411. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

“Fill Your Garden with Joy”

Montecito Landscape Landscape Design & Installation for over 40 years

For a FREE consultation and water-use assessment Call 805 969-3984 Lisa & Chris Cullen

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

California Contractor’s License 263156 Since 1970

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Success by design…


successful architecture career is the result of many factors, including education, design proficiency and simple luck. Success by Design: Revealing Profiles of California Architects offers stories of many diverse paths to success for those interested in starting or managing an architecture practice. Twenty-nine innovators tell about their beginnings, mentors, mistakes and lessons learned. They open up about highlights and low points of the journey as share how they survive - and even thrive during market downturns, natural growing pains and business challenges. Subjects profiled in the book, along with their gorgeous work, include: Steven Ehrlich, Ray Kappe, Art Gensler, Lauren Rottet, Dan Meis, Barton Myers, Stephen Kanner, Allison Williams and Beverly Prior. Cost: $29.95 at Food & Home readers receive a 25% discount with code: FH.

Autumn Chores

Getting your garden ready for fall


Cooking transformed


Eliot Crowley

o you have finally decided to do the big kitchen renovation – no holds barred. A pro-style range with classic looks and modern features, the Aga Legacy promises to transform your cooking experience. Gleaming spiral handles set off the curvaceous doors to satisfy the design conscious, while flexible electric ovens indulge the culinary power user. Made to order, AGA cookers are forged in cast-iron and coated in gleaming vitreous enamel. Available colors range from ivory and black to stainless steel or cranberry and sizes start at 36” (base price of $5599) and go on up to 60” and larger. Additional customization includes: the number of doors on the oven; the width of the system; and an optional dual fuel system. The AGA series offers a selection of fuel sources: electricity, natural or propane gas and oil. View the Aga line locally at The Kitchen Company, located at 1717 State Street or 68

food & home

fter the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, fall may seem a long way off, but September will soon be here and when the kids start heading back to school there are some garden tasks you should put on your “to-do” list. This should help get you started: After a long growing season Roses can get stretched out and ragged. Cut them back by about one-third and give them a good feeding in order to encourage another round of bloom (which will come about 60 days after you cut them). Use this time of year to replant areas of your garden that are in need of rejuvenation. The cooler temperatures of fall make it the ideal time for re-landscaping. The soil is still warm and there is plenty of time to get things in the ground before the winter rains. Time to plant cool-season herbs, annual flowers, winter-blooming bulbs and veggies. Pansy, Sweet Peas, Chard, Kale and other seasonal color and vegetables will start appearing in your local nursery at the end of summer. Make it a custom of visiting your local garden retailer weekly at the beginning and end of each season. They are selling what you should be planting so make nursery shopping a routine. Usually, your larger trees and shrubs need a deep watering this time of year to give them a boost of moisture that will last until the rain.

Maintenance items include the deadheading and cutting back of perennials, replacing summerblooming annuals and re-mulching the earth to conserve moisture.

Native and Mediterranean plants go dormant in the summer making fall the perfect time to plant them so they will have time to establish themselves before the winter rains.—Lisa Cullen All products can be purchased at Terra Sole Garden Center 5320 Overpass Rd. 964-7811 Lisa Cullen, landscape designer and organic gardener owns Montecito Landscape with her husband, Chris. She can be reached at 805.969.3984 or Follow her blog at and listen to Garden Gossip radio show on AM1290, Fridays at 11am and 9pm and Saturdays at 11am. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Harbor View Inn

Santa Barbara

Tis the season for friends and families to visit, and with locals only holiday rates, you can afford to put them up in style at the Harbor View Inn. Rates starting at $179 Sunday through Thursday (excluding Thanksgiving Day) and specially priced weekend rates through January 31, 2015. Not to be combined with any other discounts/promotions. Subject to availability. Reservations must be booked direct through the hotel sales department 805.963.0780


The Modern Remodel Blending traditional with contemporary styles By Bryan Henson


food & home

Photos by Crio


anta Barbara is known for its Spanish Colonial architecture with white stucco walls and red tile roofs, however the south coast also has a wide variety of other traditional architectural styles including Bungalows, Cottages, Victorians, Craftsman’s, and Ranch style homes. When remodeling, adding space or restoring a home, the current architectural style of the home will typically define the style of any future changes. Though this is perfect for those who love the traditional style of their home, many people wanting to make changes may also want to change the style of their home in some way. More and more we are seeing people embracing “Transitional” style, which is the blending of traditional and contemporary styles in the same space. Several projects we recently completed illustrate how and why transitional style is becoming so widely adopted. One project was a remodel of a Spanish style home that was originally built in the 1930’s but had undergone several additions, the most recent of which was in the early 1990’s. The resulting style was a blend of Spanish, Moorish and a 90’s attempt at contemporary style. It was dark, disjointed and was in need of an upgrade. Though its roots were Spanish colonial, the owners had grown fond of a contemporary aesthetic over the years and wanted the remodel to reflect that change in style. The exterior work was minimal yet dramatic. The small front door was widened and replaced with a very modern steel and glass door. Exterior light fixtures were changed adding a modern flair, but the red tile and white stucco was left in place. The most dramatic changes were on the inside. The space was opened up to increase natural lighting and the finishes were brought up to date to reflect contemporary architecture. Minimalist in nature, clean, simple and functional, yet all within the walls of a traditional home.

The kitchen is the heart of most homes and it is where we see Transitional style most widely adopted. On a recent historic restoration of a Spanish hacienda style home the owners stayed as true to the original vernacular as possible, even to the extent of rehabilitating all of the original windows instead of buying new ones. However, in the kitchen they branched out and expressed a more contemporary style. Stainless steel slab front cabinets with minimalist hardware, a mix of materials including wood, steel, and stone all come together to create an open, bright and modern space within a traditional home. These examples show how two seemingly contrasting styles can come together to create beautifully modern spaces within traditional architecture. Bryan Henson is President of Allen Associates Builders. www. 805-884-8777. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m


COME SEE US IN OUR NEW SHOWROOM! Celebrating our 30th Year as Santa Barbara's Premiere Design Showroom 1321 State Street Santa Barbara California 93101 805 962-6909

Save WaTer DUring DroUghT We have no Water To Waste Lake Cachuma is at 33% of capacity

• Automatic sprinkler systems are the #1 use of water in our city, adjust & check your system every month. • If you hand water, feel for dry soil near the roots before applying water.

We are all in this together!

Call 564-5460 for a free Water Check Up. The City is here to help. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

food & home



Staying at home


his just in… Americans are staying put. Coupled with a weak economy and poor housing market, homeowners moved to a new home at the lowest rate last year since World War II. As a result, consumers are looking to tailor their existing homes fit their lifestyles. One reasonably priced way to update the appearance and appreciate cost savings is to replace old windows and doors – both will lead to more than just energy savings. This Montecito remodel by Hofmann Architecture had the original intention of replacing just the doors and windows. “The home had a solid plan and an excellent structure,” says Matthew Hofmann, “however, it felt disjointed and awkward.” The existing structure was maintained while select interventions and additions created a new sense of place. The dwelling was transformed from an ordinary ‘70s ranch-style home into a classic Santa Barbara Tuscan estate. Stone and wood accents were added, along with copper flashing, gutters, and downspouts. A six-panel folding door system warmly invites a magnificent backyard through a versatile veranda and into the dining area. Economical upgrades, implemented with efficient design, are ushering in a new era of renovations that preserve the charm and character of the past while blending the benefits of new technology and taste.

Over 30 years baking bread for locals BREAKFAST





Architects: Hofmann Architecture, Dylan Chappell, Builder: Ridgetop Development Windows/ Doors: Portofino / Lowen, 805-966-4263 Stonework: Felipe Villegas Masonry 2700 De la Vina 805-966-3894 72

food & home

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

For more information on beautiful Coastal Douglas Fir, Mahogany and FSC certified windows and doors contact:

Portofino fine Doors and Windows 322 East Cota Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 P. 805.966.4263 E.

Visions From Within


Margarita Ring by Philip Zahm Designs at Churchill Jewelers; 18k white gold ring with 3.54 ct. Burmese pink spinel cushion

center and marquise and round ruby, spessartite, tsavorite, fancy sapphire, tanzanite, and diamond accents. Winner of the 2014 Jewelers’ Choice Awards. Available at Churchill Jewelers, 1015 State St. 805-962-5815.

The Toscana Bee collection features fruit on

Photo by Michael Brown

a golden honey background, alive with bees. This line is also available in a complete line of serving pieces and table accessories. The line is so finely decorated that one must see it in person to fully appreciate the incredible workmanship. Available at Italian Pottery Outlet, 929 State St. 805-564-7655.

Rocky Patel Humidor

For those who enjoy the pleasure of a good cigar, this humidor features and elegant cedar wood case that holds up to 70 cigars, plus an external hydro meter and internal humidifier that keeps your inventory fresh at a constant 70 percent humidity. Humidor can be found at Cigar Empire. 3621 State St. 805-563-0200.


food & home

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Personalized service.

Building custom homes and quality remodels in Santa Barbara for 32 years.

established 1983

Stilwell Construction

425 Sea Ranch Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93109



WindoW WindoW FAshions FAshions

sAle sAle event event

BeAutiFy BeAutiFy your your home home For For spring. spring. BEAUTIFY YOUR HOME FOR FALL.

receive receive

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$ $ every every 500 500 you you spend* spend*

Add Add style style toto your your surroundings. surroundings. Budget Budget Blinds Blinds mAkes mAkes it eAsy! it eAsy! 1












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Projects can help you transform your ideas and dreams into reality. We believe making SMALL CHANGES can create BIG IMPACTS in the way people live. We look forward to assisting you in exploring ways to construct your perfect living environment!

224 s. milpas st. suite h, santa barbara, ca 93103 | tel: 805.682.2226 | | license #884424


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Kitchen design and construction available from the Santa Barbara Kitchen Company, 1717 State Street. 805-682-4003. www.

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Kitchen design and construction available from Montecito Kitchens, 730 Anacapa Street. 805-453-0518. www.


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Kitchen construction (top & below) available from Jed Hirsch Construction, 3424 State Street, Suite F 805-687-0786.

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Photo by Jim Bartsch

Kitchen construction available from Projects by Giffin & Crane, 224 South Milpas Street. 805-682-2226.

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JAEGER PARTNERS Commercial Real Estate & Investments

JAEGER PARTNERS Commercial Real Estate & Investments

Over 320,000 commercial sf. under management & growing. Over 320,000 commercial sf. under management & growing. Jaeger Partners commercial real estate & investments Builds clients’ wealth through strategic commercial ProPerty management, syndication, leasing and sales of office, retail and real industrial in santa BarBara. Jaeger Partners commercial estateProPerties & investments Builds clients’ wealth through strategic commercial ProPerty management, syndication, leasing and sales of office, retail and industrial ProPerties in santa BarBara. Jason Jaeger, PrinciPal | | 805.845.9300 |

Jason Jaeger, PrinciPal | | 805.845.9300 |


Paradise Found Water wise elements of a beautiful garden Story & photos by Lisa Cullen


garden is a place where one finds beauty and pleasure every day. But, as in all things, beauty and pleasure are a matter of viewpoint. It is only when your garden becomes an extension of you that it becomes your very own paradise found. Your personal sanctuary normally starts coming together after the main elements are in place; when adding those “little extras” like fountains, birdbaths, benches, bistro tables and the like. It’s one thing to walk through a beautiful garden, but when the garden invites you to stay a while, that’s when the magic begins. Our own garden was transformed with the addition of a birdbath that was a “reject” of a client. This orphan from another’s space became the favorite feature of ours, attracting birds of every kind to our home thus creating a continual source of entertainment and wonder. Sometimes the unexpected can be metamorphic. 82

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A hammock, lounger, daybed and other such delights invite one to nestle in and wrap oneself in the beauty of a place. Like a person, a garden takes a while to get to know, to appreciate all its little idiosyncrasies. So the “extras”, the accoutrements, normally develop over time; allowing you and your garden to become better acquainted. We have many times designed a garden to highlight a specific piece of sculpture or work of art or natural feature. Not long ago there was a landscape we created that was filled with a combination of modern works and ancient stone carvings. The effect was marvelous and one-of-a-kind. And, while we are on the subject of one-of-a-kind, here’s one for the record books. A while back, we had completed a landscape project that was, for us at the time, a pinnacle in aesthetic achievement. Talk about a sanctuary! Soft paths meandering through groups of trees that created dappled sunlight and cozy corners of cool sheltering one from the w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Color Your Garden

Succulents Edibles Organics Pottery Fountains Statuary and More

5320 Overpass Road Open 8-5:30 Daily 805-964-7811 Your source for drought tolerant alternatives

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summer sun. Continuing on this sinuous passage, the piece de resistance was revealed in the form of a waterfall and small pond. Lush plantings of green, fragrant and flowering perennials lined the way adding to the serene mood. Now THIS, without a doubt, was paradise! The client, of course, was ecstatic about her new sanctuary. When we came by a few days later to check on this newly created landscape, boy, did we get a surprise! When the gates opened, what greeted us were hundreds of statuettes and figurines of every size and description! Garden gnomes and diminutive cherubs peeked out from beneath flowering shrubs, angels and birds were suspended from tree branches, little boys and girls sat beside the pond with fishing poles, squirrels, puppies, bunnies, raccoons, a doe and fawn. It was quite a shock! For once in my life, I was speechless! Recovering from the surprise, I realized this was the client’s way of making this garden her own. We are always telling people to “Fill Your Garden With Joy” and this was her way of doing exactly that. It was just a bit more joy than I was expecting. Experience the beauty and pleasure your garden has to offer. The fun begins when you start making it your own. Splurge on it! Lisa Cullen, landscape designer and organic gardener owns Montecito Landscape with her husband, Chris. She can be reached at 805.969.3984 or Resources: Terra Sole Garden Center, 5320 Overpass Road, Santa Barbara. Eye of the Day Garden Design Center,, 4620 Carpinteria Ave, Carpinteria. 84

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HANDCRAFTED QUALITY IN SOLID HARDWOOD This stunning example is crafted in Vermont using beautiful solid hardwoods.

Santa BarBara: 132 SANTA BARBARA STReeT / (805) 963-1411 / OPEn 6 DaYS CLOSeD WeD. / WWW.miChAeLkATe.COm Santa BarBara: 132 SANTA BARBARA STReeT / (805) 963-1411 / OPEn 6 DaYS CLOSeD WeD. / WWW.miChAeLkATe.COm


Mineral Make-up Magical Pixie Dust!

By Cynthia Grancourt


ou know how fairies and celebrities have that other-worldly glow about them? As if Tinkerbell herself has showered them from the heavens with a star cluster of her magical pixie dust? Well, that’s exactly what mineral makeup is like, fairy dust! It may not make you fly, but your skin will have an ethereal luminescence like the goddess moon herself! The J-Lo glow is largely due to the tiny bits of gleaming minerals that glisten under the starlight and gleam in the sunlight. The secret is in the micronized, light reflective minerals that shine with a radiance all their own. Mineral makeup is nothing new, but its quality has become better and better over the years. What has consistently attracted people to mineral makeup is that the formulas contain no harsh chemicals, no dyes, no talc, no alcohol, no mineral oil and no fragrance. This pure mineral formula is rich with zinc, titanium, peptides, antioxidants and sun protection. The benefits of this type of formula is that it doesn’t clog pores, cause breakouts or allergic reactions nor exacerbate existing skin concerns. As a plus, many brands are totally earth conscious! They’re vegan, paraben-free and cruelty free (no animal testing). You might think you would have to sacrifice something, like style, for all these amazing benefits, but thankfully that’s not the case. Mineral makeup comes in colorful palettes in all the latest shades and colors, so it’s not function over form. The form is luxurious, healthy and stylish! All of the makeup tools are represented from slick primers and gorgeous


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foundations to shimmery eye shadows and shiny happy lip colors. Jill Valestrino, the Lead Esthetician at The G Spa here in Santa Barbara loves the Colorescience line she uses with her clients and remarks, “We are so excited to now be carrying the Colorescience line. It has proven to not only be a leading mineral makeup but a skin care line as well, gentle enough to use post procedure. Our clients love the convenience of the dual brush/sunscreen as

a go-to product, easy to keep in your purse and re-apply throughout the day.” So make your entrance like the glitterati! Scintillate and illuminate the vast expanse with your secret potion, the pixie dust from the woodland sprites themselves! Cynthia Grancourt is a Freelance Beauty Writer and Marketing Director of The G Spa, Santa Barbara. w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Together, we’ll create a blueprint to guide your financial life. Create your financial plan with Northwestern Mutual. From fee-based financial planning to investment strategies and long term care planning, together we’ll design a personalized plan to help you achieve financial security. Who’s helping you build your financial future?

Robert G Dibley CLU®, ChFC®, CASL® Wealth Management Advisor CA# 0B88887 (805) 898-4400

05-3059 © 2014 Northwestern Mutual is the marketing name for The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, Milwaukee, WI (NM) (life and disability insurance, annuities) and its subsidiaries. Northwestern Mutual Investment Services, LLC (NMIS) (securities), a subsidiary of NM, broker-dealer, registered investment adviser, and member of FINRA and SIPC. Robert G Dibley, Insurance Agent(s) of NM. Robert G Dibley, Registered Representative(s) of NMIS. Robert G Dibley, Representative(s) of Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company®, (NMWMC) Milwaukee, WI, (investment management, trust services, and fee-based planning) subsidiary of NM, limited purpose federal savings bank. Representative(s) may also be an Investment Advisor Representative(s) of NMIS.

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Crocodile’s Dick’s Charburger with steak fries and salad, served with mayonnaise, tomato, lettuce and pickles, with the special order add-on of Portobello mushrooms and crumbled blue cheese. Available at Crocodile Restaurant at Lemon Tree Inn 2819 State St, 805-687-6444.


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Classic Downtown Dining

Garden Market. Offering very tasty sandwiches, salads, smoothies and casual fare. Open Monday– Sunday 10am-3pm. [L] $ (BW) 3811 Santa Claus Lane (805) 745-5505 Sly’s. James Sly, formerly of Lucky’s in Montecito, is back to cooking the finest steaks anywhere. Sly’s is open daily for dinner from 5 pm, features a full bar and extended wine list. (LD) $$ (FB). Reservations are suggested. 686 Linden Ave. 805-684-6666.

Montecito CAVA. Experience the bold flavors of Spain, Mexico and Latin America in a romantic garden setting in the village of Montecito. Happy Hour 4-6, Weekend Brunch from 8am. [BLD] $$, (FB) 1212 Coast Village Road, 969-8500. Lucky’s. Montecito’s only premium steakhouse. Great wine list and martini selections. Great weekend brunch served 9am-3pm. [BrD] $$$, (FB) 1279 Coast Village Road, 565-7540. The Montecito Café. Eclectic menu with great service. Desserts to die for! Open Daily from 11:30 (LD) $$ (FB) 1295 Coast Village Rd. 805-969-3392. Stella Mare’s. Overlooking the Bird Refuge in Santa Barbara…a glass greenhouse, sofas by the fire, casual French décor and traditional French Country Cuisine. Full bar and extensive American & French wine list, great private rooms for your event needs and Live Jazz on Wednesdays. Closed on Mondays $$ [LDBr] (FB) 50 Los Patos Way. 969-6705. (Cafe Stella is located at 3302 McCaw Ave, on upper State Street in Santa Barbara. The Stonehouse. Located in a 19th-century citrus packing house, The Stonehouse features a relaxing lounge with full bar service and a separate dining room with crackling fireplace and creekside views. Open for dinner from 6-10 p.m. daily.[D] $$$ (FB) 900 San Ysidro Lane (805) 565-1700. Tre Lune. One of the more popular eateries on Coast Village Rd in Montecito. Fine Italian cuisine, amazing wine list, house made pastas, seafood, patio seating and full bar. Open breakfast, lunch and dinner. 1151 Coast Village Road. 805-969-2646. $$ (BLD)

PA S TA S • M E AT S • P I Z Z A • F I S H • S A L A D S • C I O P P I N O

1031 State • (805) 963-6687 LUNCH & DINNER DAILY Reservations Accepted • All Major Credit Cards • Courtyard

Santa Barbara Aldo’s Italian Ristorante. Since 1986. Experience lunch in the sun or dine by candle light in their enchanting courtyard. Friendly servers deliver fresh Italian specialties and creative dishes with a California flair. [LD] $,B&W. 1031 State St.,


guide B=breakfast Br=brunch L=lunch D=dinner

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$=entrees under $15 $$=$15-$25 $$$=over $25 FB=Full Bar B&W=Beer & Wine food & home



Pesto Taquitos…available at Paloma Restaurant and Tequila Bar
 5764 Calle Real, Goleta 805-681-0766.

Arlington Tavern offers the best of both worlds, an elevated dining experience and a relaxed bar atmosphere. Chef, Ron True creates his own version of contemporary American cuisine using only the best local ingredients he can get his hands on. Local Black Cod, Fried Chicken, House Smoked and Grilled New York Strip Steak are just some of the items you can find on the dinner menu and the locally grown and grass fed ground beef from Rancho San Julian Ranch makes the Tavern Burger something to keep coming back for. Each item on the menu has been carefully thought through to compliment and pair with a selection of either beer or wine chosen by Partner, Diego Barbieri. Open daily for dinner 5pm – late night, happy hour 4pm-7pm. Private dining available. 21 W. Victoria Street. 805.770.2626 Blue Agave. Elegantly decorated two-story restaurant with a famous bar noted for its excel90

food & home

lent martinis, mojitos, inventive cocktails and a wide range of tequilas and mescals served by a joyous staff. Blue Agave was voted by locals repeatedly the Most Romantic Restaurant in Santa Barbara. [BrD] $$ (FB)20 E. Cota St., 805-899-4694 Boathouse. The Boathouse at Hendry’s Beach is the newest venture of the owners of the Santa Barbara Shellfish Company, which began on Stearn’s Wharf in 1980, and the Santa Barbara Fishouse. Enjoy stunning views and great seafood from a family run business that knows their fish! [BLD] $ (FB). 2981 Cliff Drive 805-898-2628, boathouse Bouchon. Restaurateur Mitchell Sjerven hosts the city’s first Wine Country Cuisine restaurant with more than 50 Santa Barbara and Central Coast wines offered by the glass to compliment bouchon’s “ingredient driven” and seasonal fresh menu. Wine Spectator Award of Excellence wine list features exclusively

Californian selections, paired with cuisine that is “creative without being over the top...”” (Wine Spectator, July 1999). Fresh Channel Island seafood, Santa Ynez and Ojai Valley game, and local farmer’s market produce predominate. Outdoor dining is available yearround on the heated, covered garden patio. Ask about private dining in the intimate Cork Room where up to 20 guests can be seated at the Grand Table. Open for dinner nightly from 5:30pm, reservations recommended. [D] $$$, (B&W) 9 W. Victoria, 730-1160. Bucatini. The finest in Italian cuisine. Woodfires pizzas, steaks, chops, seafood and artisanal gelato. Enjoy lunch or dinner on the heated patio. 436 State St. 805-957-4177. $$ (LD). Ca’ Dario. Fine Italian dining with extensive Italian wine list. Excellent seafood and authentic cuisine. [LD] $$, (B&W) 37 E. Victoria, 884-9419. Cajun Kitchen. Serving some of the best Cajun w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m


specialty breakfasts in town for over 20 years. [BL] $, (BW) 1924 De La Vina, Santa Barbara 6878062; 6831 A. Hollister Ave, Goleta 571-1517; 901 Chapala St., 965-1004; 865 Linden, Carpinteria 684-6010. Chuck’s of Hawaii. A local favorite celebrating 47 years of excellence serving award-winning steaks, wines and seafood to Santa Barbarans and their guests. Chuck’s has been voted Best Steak in Santa Barbara and is the recipient of the Award of Excellence from The Wine Spectator annually since 1989. They also feature a nightly selection of fresh fish, from old favorites like Alaskan halibut and grilled salmon to ahi tuna (grilled medium rare). Dinner is served weekdays from 5:30 to 11pm, and until 11:30pm weekends. Full cocktail bar, featuring FirestoneWalker Double Barrel Ale on draft. Reservations welcome. [D] $$, (FB) 3888 State, 687-4417. Chuck’s Waterfront Grill. Chuck’s of Hawaii has expanded to a second location at Chuck’s Waterfront Grill; by the boats at the Santa Barbara Harbor. Same great food and service you already a setting that makes going out to dinner feel like a little vacation. Featuring Prime Grade Top Sirloin Steaks. “Chuck’s Style” Fresh Alaskan Halibut, Garlic Grilled Day Boat-Caught King Prawns , Grilled Sea Scallops, King Crab Legs, and Australian Lobster Tail. [LD] $$, (FB) 113 Harbor Way, Santa Barbara, 564-1200 Cielito. Beautifully appointed interiors, expansive heated patio, private dining areas and a full bar accent a thoroughly authentic Mexican culinary experience. Located in the heart La Arcada, downtown. 1114 State St. 805-225-4488 Cold Spring Tavern. 100 years of tradition with true American cuisine only 15 minutes from Santa Barbara. Featuring the cuisine of chef Moises Bernal with selections of game and hearty entrées. Full bar & weekend breakfast. [LD] $$, (FB) 5995 Stagecoach Road, 967-0066. Crocodile Restaurant at Lemon Tree Inn. One of the best neighborhood destination eateries in SB featuring great steaks, salads and cocktails, full breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. 2819 State St, Santa Barbara, (805) 687-6444. BLD $$ Downey’s. Chef John Downey has been serving Santa Barbara’s finest cuisine since the restaurant opened in 1982. Clearly defined tastes using the finest foods available and artful yet simple presentation have earned Downey’s top honors in the Zagat Survey for the past sixteen consecutive years. The dining room is in the capable hands of Liz Downey who will be happy to guide you through the mostly California wine list with a proud bias towards the extensive Santa Barbara County selections. Dinner served Tuesday through Sunday from 5:30pm. [D] $$$, (B&W) Reservations: 966-5006, 1305 State St.,


21 W. Victoria St. Santa Barbara, Ca 93101 T 805.770.2626 F 805.845.2623

guide B=breakfast Br=brunch L=lunch D=dinner

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

$=entrees under $15 $$=$15-$25 $$$=over $25 FB=Full Bar B&W=Beer & Wine food & home





, it out of the office If you can’t make(*10 sandwich minimum) we’ll come to you!

Just look at our menu at then call in your order to 965-1015

Great Deli! 126 E. Canon Perdido St. (805) 965-1015 420 S. Fairview Ave, Goleta 964-4585 Open Mon–Fri, 11 to 3

Chase Restaurant & Lounge 1012 State Street • 805 965-4351

“Where locals are celebrities.” Italian & Mediterranean Cuisine Steaks • Seafood • Chops Late Lunch - Light Dinner until 4:30 Daily Chalkboard Specials Open Air Bar Near theatres and shops Plenty of parking in back 92

food & home

Endless Summer Bar-Cafe. Just upstairs from Chuck’s Waterfront Grill, this surf-inspired bar-cafe offers great harbor views. Featuring tasty burgers, fish tacos, fresh salads, popcorn shrimp, and “Pau Hana” (“Work is Done”) Happy Hour, with food and drink specials like the Endless Summer Blonde Ale. Feel like a steak? Chuck’s Waterfront menu is also available after 5 p.m. Large groups are welcome, and should call ahead for reservations at 5644666. [LD]. $, (FB) 113 Harbor Way, Second Floor, 564-1200. Enterprise Fish Co. A variety of shellfish hors d’oeuvres is served at the oyster bar, and the dining room offers a selection of fresh seafood grilled over mesquite. Full bar. [LD] $$, (FB) 225 State, 962.3313, Fishouse. On the water on Cabrillo at the gate to the Funk Zone downtown. Sensational seafood, daily full cocktail and bar food happy hour, and patio seating. 101 East Cabrillo Blvd. 805-966-2112. $$ (LD) The Harbor Restaurant. The Harbor is one of Santa Barbara’s finest restaurants, where fresh fish and steaks are specially prepared and served in an elegant maritime interior with stunning views of the harbor. [BrLD]. $$, (FB) 210 Stearns Wharf, 963-3311. Harry’s. Santa Barbara’s traditional locals restaurant. Steak, seafood, sandwiches and salads served in a family atmosphere. Excellent wine list and full bar. Banquet facilites available. Open daily for lunch and dinner. [LD] $, (FB) 3313-B State Street, 687-2800. Holdren’s Steaks & Seafood. Holdren’s Steaks & Seafood is elegant and timeless, featuring U.S.D.A. prime Midwestern corn fed beef, charbroiled over their mesquite grill. Try the “Cowboy Cut”–Holdren’s signature steak—a 20 oz. Prime bone-in rib chop served over spicy onion rings. Their fresh seafood selections include Bacon Wrapped BBQ Tiger Prawns, seared Hawaiian Ahi, and a shrimp Scampi like no other. Holdren’s offers an extensive wine and martini list and outdoor seating.. Open daily for lunch from 11:30 a.m., and for dinner from 5:00 p.m., Saturday and Sunday for dinner from 4:00 p.m. Now offering Sunday Brunch 9am-2pm. [BrLD] $$ (FB). 512 State Street, 805-965-3363. In Goleta6920 Marketplace Dr. 805-685-8900 Hollister Brewing Company. Featuring handcrafted beers made on premise and an innovative, fresh menu. Open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. [LD] $ (FB), 6980 Marketplace Dr., Goleta,968-2810, Julienne. A progressive American restaurant serving fresh seasonal food. Serving Dinner Wednesday–Sunday 5pm to 10pm. Reservations Accepted. [D] $$ (BW) 138 E. Canon Perdido Street 805-845-6488 Longboard’s Grill. Upstairs from the Harbor Restaurant is an active, noisy bar & grill with a big TV, a surfer’s attitude and 360-degree views of the city & water. [LD] $$, (FB) 210 Stearns Wharf, 963-3311. Louie’s. Celebrate the taste of a Santa Barbara tradition in the historic Upham Hotel. Delicious California bistro fare in a wonderful downtown

setting. [LD] $$, (B&W) 1404 De La Vina at Sola. 963-7003. Meun Fan Thai Cafe. Traditional Thai cuisine home cooked to perfection. Great take out and dine in on the Mesa next to Lazy acres. (LD) Open daily from 11:30. 1819 Cliff Dr. 805-882-9244. The Natural Café. The Natural Cafe is known for their homemade soups, hearty salads, delicious sandwiches, vegetarian entrees, pasta, chicken and seafood dishes, as well as a complete juice bar, microbrewed beers and local wines. [LD] $ (B&W), [LD] $, (B&W). Three locations in Santa Barbara: 508 State, 962-9494; 361 Hitchcock, 563-1163; 5892 Hollister, 692-2363. For other locations out of town see their website for details. Olio e Limone Ristorante and Olio Pizzeria. (“Oil and Lemon” in Italian) Husband-wife team Alberto and Elaine Morello rely on the integrity of their ingredients and the quality of preparation to offer Santa Barbara creative, authentic Zagat-rated Italian cuisine served in an inviting atmosphere with European hospitality. Visible in the ristorante through a glass wall is the dining room’s focal point, the wine cellar, which represents their 250-plus selection award-winning wine list. Private Dining in the Cucina Room is available for up to 40 guests. Pizza bar-salumi bar-wine bar-full bar next door at Olio Pizzeria, with private dining for up to 22 guests in the Terrazza Room and up to 32 guests in the Taverna Room. Olio pizzeria is open daily from 11:30am – close, including Sunday Lunch. For a look at the current menus go to [LD] $$, (FB) 17 West Victoria Street, 805-899-2699. Opal. A local’s favorite, Opal fuses creative influences from around the world with American Regional touches: from Chile-crusted Filet Mignon, to Fresh Pan-Seared Fish & Seafood, Homemade Pastas, Gourmet Pizzas from their wood burning pizza oven, fresh baked Breads, deliciously imaginative Salads, & Homemade Desserts. Sophisticated yet comfortable, Opal radiates a warm, friendly atmosphere. Full bar, award winning wine list, private room for parties up to 60. 1325 State St., 966-9676. [LD] $$ (FB) Open Daily for Lunch and Dinner. The Palace Grill. The Palace is a contemporary American grill, with a lively, high-energy atmosphere, and fun, spontaneous events. Featuring fine grilled steaks and fresh seafood, delicious pastas, and select American Regional specialties, like Blackened Crawfish-stuffed Filet Mignon, and Louisiana Bread Pudding Soufflé. Cajun Martinis, unique beers, and a well selected wine list. Their unique “team Service” voted

guide B=breakfast Br=brunch L=lunch D=dinner

$=entrees under $15 $$=$15-$25 $$$=over $25 FB=Full Bar B&W=Beer & Wine w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m


on site

Our professional sushi chef comes to your home or business for all your special events... starting at just $15 per person!

• • • •

Corporate Events Weddings Graduation Parties

For all the details:

(805) 708-7127

Breakfast and Lunch Tuesday–Sunday 9–2 Dinner served Tuesday–Saturday from 5:30 Full Bar | Reservations recommended 11 West Victoria in Victoria Court 805-770-2143 w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

food & home


Casual or Professional... You’ll always look your best with Dry Cleaning Specials by Martinizing!

Because We Care… Santa Barbara’s Premier

100% Non-Perc and Odorless, Environmentally Safe, Dry Cleaning Process Official Dry Cleaner of Music Theatre Santa Barbara One-hour Dry Cleaning • Same-day Shirt Service • Store Hours: 7 am - 7 pm Mon-Sat

Goleta 155 S. Turnpike

Santa Barbara 3351 State Street

Montecito 1024 B Coast Village Rd.




(Near Von’s)

(San Roque Plaza)

Any 5 ITEMS of clothing cleaned for

(Near Von’s)




With coupon • LIMIT ONE COUPON per customer per month • This coupon is Not Valid for dresses of any kind, Leather items, Alterations or Coats. Not valid with other offers. Coupon valid from 10/15/2014 to 11/15/2014 • Present coupon when dropping off garments

(Additional items cleaned at $8.00 each, pleats 15¢ extra per pleat)

Any 5 ITEMS of clothing cleaned for




With coupon • LIMIT ONE COUPON per customer per month • This coupon is Not Valid for dresses of any kind, Leather items, Alterations or Coats. Not valid with other offers. Coupon valid from 11/16/2014 to 1/15/2015 • Present coupon when dropping off garments

(Additional items cleaned at $8.00 each, pleats 15¢ extra per pleat)





Off Any Dress or Coat

LIMIT 5 ITEMS per coupon • LIMIT ONE COUPON per customer per month. Not valid with other offers Expires 1/15/2015 • Present coupon when dropping off garments



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D I N I N G OU T the Best in Town the last 16 years in a row. Rave reviews in Gourmet Magazine, Gault-Millau Travel Guide, Zagat, and Sunset Magazine. “Best on the West Coast” according to Los Angeles Magazine. Open 7 days: lunch 11:30am to 3pm; evenings from 5:30. [LD] $$, B&W. 8 E Cota 963-5000. Paradise Cafe. Santa Barbara’s favorite dining patio. Fresh fish, steaks, chops, chicken and their famous oak-grilled burger. Start with a drink at the street level bar, and work your way up. Open seven days a week. [BLD] $ FB. 702 Anacapa Street, 9624416. Pierre Lafond Bistro. A local favorite since 1993, Pierre Lafond Bistro serves California fresh cuisine using local seasonal organic foods from family farms and food artisans, and homemade desserts. [BLD] $$ (B&W), 516 State Street 805-962-1455, Renaud’s Patisserie & Bistro. Specializing in a wide selection of authentic French pastries. [BL] $ (B&W), 3315 State St Santa Barbara, 805-569-2400, and in Arlington Plaza. Roy. Voted best late night dining spot in town. Bistro style Americana cuisine featuring steaks, seafood, chicken, salads, full bar and a great wine list. Menu changes with the seasons and features Farmers Market produce. Dinner from 6pm till midnight daily. [D] $$, (FB) 7 West Carrillo, 966-5636. Saigon In and Out. Serves the finest Vietnamese specialties at reasonable prices. [LD] $, 1230 State St. Unit A, 805-966-0909 or in 5-Points Shopping Center. Sambo’s. The original on the beach! Serving up the classic dining experience. [BLD] $, (B&W) 216 W. Cabrillo Blvd. 965-3269 Santa Barbara Fishouse. Great locally caught fresh fish prepared in a casual fun atmosphere. Terrific happy hour. Right across from East Beach. [LD], $$, FB. 101 East Cabrillo Blvd. 966-2112. SB Shellfish Co. The freshest seafood, lobster, crab and shellfish found anywhere. Enjoy a local wine or beer with the view of the Pacific at the end of Stearns Warf. 805-966-6676 $$(LD). Scarlett Begonia. “Scarlett Begonia will always strive to have interesting, thoughtful food. Menus change weekly with an innovative fresh look at breakfast and lunch and dinner. Dinner and cocktail hour is offered Tuesday thru Saturday nights from 4:00pm to 9:00pm, with breakfast and lunch running 9am2pm Tuesday thru Sunday. It is our goal to provide Santa Barbara with a restaurant that showcases progressive modern food, using sustainable, organic, high quality ingredients coupled with innovative cooking to be one of the most foodcentric restaurants around.” 11 W. Victoria St. #10 $$, 805-7702143 all major credit cards accepted. Seagrass Restaurant. Seagrass Restaurant is Santa Barbara first modern fine dining seafood restaurant. Fresh Pacific Fish is their focus, along with Local Spiny Lobster, giant sea scallops, clams and prawns. They also offer a fantastic steak, a roasted half-chicken and a braised dish, such as lamb shanks. The wine list features whites from around the world that pair well with coastal cuisine as well as a large selection of Santa Barbara pinot noir. [D] $$$ (B&W), 30 E. Ortega St. (805) 963–1012, w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

D I N I N G OU T Sojourner Cafe. Since 1978 serving up a variety of creative, internationally influenced vegetarian, chicken and seafood specials. [LD] $, (B&W) 134 E Canon Perdido, 965.7922. The Tee-Off. One of the town’s premier steak houses featuring succulent prime rib, fresh seafood, generous cocktails and, of course, quality steaks. [LD] $$, (FB) 3627 State, 687-1616. Toma Restaurant and Bar.
324 W. Cabrillo Blvd, 805-962-0777. Just a stone’s throw from the harbor, perfect for date night or groups. Extensive local wine list, full bar and sesonal farmer’s market menu. Serving California- Italian cuisine nightly from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. $$. Tupelo Junction. At Tupelo Junction they make everything from scratch. They choose delicious recipes using only the freshest ingredients and the menu changes frequently depending on the season and product availability. [BLD] $$, (FB) 1212 State Street, (805) 899-3100. Via Maestra 42. Traditional Italian flavors come together in this deli/shop/café on upper State Street. Serving panini, insalate, antipasti, formaggi, salumi, dolci, caffè and delectable gelatos. [BLD] $$, 3343 State Street, 569-6522. Wine Cask. Located in the historic El Paseo in heart of downtown makes for a beautiful fine dining experience. Wine tasting with wide array of local wines, full bar and private dining available. www. 805-966-9463. 814 Anacapa St. $$ (LD). Zen Yai. Experience a new era of Thai cuisine, blending traditional dishes with a California nouveau flair. [LD] $$, (B&W) 425 State Street, 957-1193.

Voted Best Steakhouse in SB six times!

Dinner from 4pm Daily

Lunch from 11:30am to 3:00pm

Prime Beef • Perfect Client Lunch • Private Room Full Bar • World Class Wine List

512 State Street Santa Barbara 805-965-3363 1714-A Newbury Park Rd. Thousand Oaks 805-498-1314

Santa Ynez Valley Hitching Post. Outstanding steaks, ribs and chicken, smoked duck breast, ostrich and pastries; along with what the L.A. Times has called the “best” French Fries. Open daily except holidays. [D] $$ (FB). 406 E. Highway 246, Buelton 805-6880676 Restaurant Marcella. At Fess Parker’s Wine Country Inn, Chef Ron Stewart’s dedication to using the finest and freshest ingredients and extensive wine list translates into the food and wine pairing options being nearly endless. 2860 Grand Ave., Los Olivos, (805) 688-7788 Willows at the Chumash Casino. Featuring a distinctive menu of prime steaks and seafood served in an elegantly appointed setting. [D] $$$ (FB). 3400 E. Highway 246, Santa Ynez, 805-686-0855.

guide B=breakfast Br=brunch L=lunch D=dinner

w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

Dinner menu served 5:30–10:30 Bar menu served 5:00–11:30 Cocktails served 4:30–2am

$=entrees under $15 $$=$15-$25 $$$=over $25 FB=Full Bar B&W=Beer & Wine

20 East Cota Street, Santa Barbara (805) 899-4694 food & home


bouchon santa barbara

Private Dining in the

Cork Room

for up to 20 people

9 west victoria street • 805.730.1160 9santa west victoria barbara,street ca 93101 805.730.1160


Venues & Private Dining Chuck’s Waterfront Grill and The Endless Summer bar~cafe You could be the hero for having your party in a world-class setting, right by the boats while sipping a cool Mai-Tai and nibbling on calamari. Chuck’s Waterfront Grill and The Endless Summer bar-café are located on the Santa Barbara Harbor overlooking the boats docked right outside. Just off the 101 freeway and close to all the major hotels, with 2 covered patios (Lanais) upstairs at The Endless Summer bar-cafe, each with a capacity up to 50 guests. The entire Endless Summer can be rented for a capacity up to 185. Chuck’s Waterfront Grill is available for smaller groups up to 24 people. Reservations must be made in advance. Call (805) 564-1200. 113 Harbor Way, Santa Barbara. chuckswaterfrontgrillc Cork Room at Bouchon The Cork room is a private dining room for groups of up to 20 guests. Corporate and private parties are welcome. You will find an excellent array of wine country cuisine paired with local Santa Barbara wines for truly wonderful and unique dining experience. 9 West Victoria St., 805703-1160,

Cucina Room at Olio e Limone The Cucina Room is the ideal venue for your group of up to 40 people. Perfect for business dinners and life events when you desire the exclusivity and privacy of your very own Olio e Limone dining experience. Enter and you will find an attentive service staff, beautifully set table and complimentary printed menus. We have created five dinner menus named after some of our favorite Italian wine regions to help in the decision-making process. A luncheon menu is also available for lunchtime events. Private dining is also available at the Terrazza Room at Olio Pizzeria for up to 22 guests. 11 & 17 West Victoria Street, 805-899-2699, Events by Stella Mare’s Events by Stella Mare’s, a full service private restaurant, is centrally located in uptown Santa Barbara near historic State Street, with beautiful views of the Santa Ynez Mountains. The décor is French Provencial meets Santa Barbara style, typifying the term “casual elegance”. Events by Stella Mare’s is the perfect setting for rehearsal dinners, wedding ceremonies and receptions, anniversaries, birthdays, as well as corporate seminars, holiday celebrations, luncheon and dinner events from 40-300 guests. With three versatile rooms, a full service bar, an outdoor terrace, and majestic views, Events by Stella Mare’s can be used for intimate social gatherings or meetings or large-scale events. 3302 McCaw Avenue, Santa Barbara, (805) 969-3415, Louie’s at the Upham Hotel Louie’s features two elegant rooms, one for large groups of up to 50 people and the other for smaller parties of six to 15. Custom menus are available with the emphasis being on California cuisine using the freshest available produce and local wines. The setting is inside the historic Upham Hotel which offers state of the art audio visual equipment for all levels of social and corporate presentations. For more information call 805963-7003 or visit Opal Restaurant and Bar Opal Restaurant and Bar can accommodate in-house parties from 10-120, and we have extensive experience in serving corporate functions, birthdays, wedding rehearsal dinners or wedding celebrations, weekly luncheons, and private parties of all sorts. Whether it is an on-site banquet or off-site catering, our highly effective system of service enables us to handle all events from the most casual birthday bash to the most exacting and formal affair, with a smooth and flawless style that anticipates every situation and creates a great experience for you and your guests. 1325 State Street, Santa Barbara, (805) 966-9676,

Now Open! Organic Espresso Bar in the new Santa Barbara Public Market

38 West Victoria Street 805-845-5564


food & home

Cu r r i e s Seafood Salads Ta ke o u t

1819 Cliff Drive Santa Barbara (805) 882-9244

Roosterfish Room at Seagrass The Roosterfish Room is designed to provide a memorable private restaurant experience. Comfortably accommodating up to 22 guests this room offers it’s own private heating, air conditioning and music controls, providing guests with the ultimate in comfort. A streamlined version of the Seagrass dinner menu is exceptional, and gives a restaurant-quality experience in a private environment. 30 East Ortega St., 805-963-1012,

Catering Pure Joy Catering, Inc. Pure Joy offers full service catering for the Santa Barbara TriCounty Areas. Flawless event planning, friendly service and unbelievably delicious handmade fare— Pure Joy will bring your vision to life. 111 East Haley Street, Santa Barbara, (805) 963-5766, w w w. f o o d – h o m e . c o m

the power of price positioning

obtaining the highest price in the least amount of time Article by John nisbet

Understanding important marketing concepts will make a big difference in the success of selling your home. the first is that real estate is a commodity, not a product. With a product, the seller or manufacturer establishes the price and the public either buys the product or not after becoming aware of it through advertising. For example, a television is a product priced according to the manufacturer with a price that does not fluctuate regularly. however, with a commodity, buyers decide the value based on what is happening in the market and their perceptions of the value of that commodity. commodities, like stocks, sell every day with prices fluctuating and are strongly influenced by economic factors like supply and demand. When selling a home, proper price positioning will determine the activity level and perception of value. A buyer’s perception of value based on their knowledge of the local real estate market determines whether a property sells or not. the showing activity, days on market, and the number of offers received for a property will indicate how well the property has been positioned in a given market for the buyer pool.




no traffic : no offers

some traffic : possible offers

heavy traffic : multiple offers

reD: if a property is overpriced, the buyer pool and agents will notice the property when it hits the market, but there will not be a perception of value. there will be little or no buyer traffic for the property and probably no offers.

yelloW: if the property is priced close to the market’s perception of current value, there may be some traffic, and perhaps an offer below the asking price. Without competition and the sense of urgency, there is no need for a single buyer to offer the asking price and a low offer is usually the result.

Green: if the property is priced at or a little below buyers’ perception of value, it becomes a hot property. buyers now perceive high value. the property receives significant traffic and possibly multiple offers that could start a bidding war for the property. by setting the price at or a little below the buyers’ perceived value, the seller has stimulated the conditions necessary to sell the property quicker and possibly for more than asking price.

The International Company With a Local Focus

Santa Barbara



Santa Barbara 3938 State Street Santa Barbara, CA 93105 805.682.2477



c du

Montecito 1290 Coast Village Road Montecito, CA 93108 805.969.4755 Upper Village 1 4 9 8 E a s t Va l l e y R o a d Montecito, CA 93108 805.969.0900

.c ns





d re c o


th w.



o pr

h oc

Las Cascadas

Properties of Distinction 34 Years of Proven Success

Representing Distinctive Montecito & Santa Barbara Properties

Barbara Koutnik

Susan S. Conger

Estates Director –California 100 – Society of Excellence

Estates Director –California 100 – Society of Excellence 805.565.8811 805.565.8838

CalBRE 00809916

CalBRE 00545024

Montecito Hacienda Estate

Premier Location ~ Expansive Ocean Views ~ 3 acres Offered at $14,500,000


925 Lilac Drive

MonTeCITo oCean VIeW eSTaTe

Stunning ocean & island views. Set close in among other world class Montecito estates near the exclusive “upper village” of shops & restaurants, this elegant yet causal living, a 7,000+ sq.ft. 5 BR, 6.5 Ba home offers privacy and tranquility on over 2.2 acres with 2 separate gated entries. There is a sparkling pool , tennis court, fully appointed detached guest house and garage space for 4 cars. The exquisite home is in absolute pristine condition and features soaring beam ceilings, light and bright sun filled rooms all accessorized with the finest quality materials by artistic craftsmen.

Newly Offered at $14,980,000

1035 Alston Road

MonTeCITo oCean aRChITeCTuRaL MaSTeRpIeCe

amazing ocean views. Classical one level Montecito contemporary home, sleek and sophisticated with warm and intimate living spaces. Designed by a noted international architect for the present owner. 5 BD + maids, 5.5 Ba, 6,000+ sq. ft. The floor plan features a 2 BD guest wing, living room with soaring ceilings, ocean view kitchen and family room plus a separate master bedroom wing with 2 master baths. enjoy ocean breezes on over 2.8 low care acres of privacy. estate like winding driveway entry well off the main street. This location is convenient to Montecito’s expansive beaches.

Newly Offered at $6,980,000 •

805.886.3428 •

exceptional Representation of Santa Barbara’s Finest estates

KIRK G. hoDSon ReaLToR®

805.886.6527 CalBRe 01908650

“our experience with Kirk hodson was superior. While we have bought and sold a number of houses, we have never encountered such a level of excellence.”

Kathy & Paul Berghoff, 2014

1294 BeL aIR DRIVe - SoLD $1,675,000

"Thank you again for making our dream come true...for guiding us through the process and also giving us some room to grow in making the right decision purchasing a beautiful home. We learned a lot and we are very grateful for your diligence, patience and hard work."

Ashleigh & Vivianna Day, 2014

Based on information from the SBAOR from September 2014 and /or other sources. Display of MLS data is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed accurate by the MLS. The Broker/Agent providing the information contained herein may or may not have been the Listing and/or Selling Agent.

3761 GReGGoRy Way 2 - oFFeReD aT $899,000

William C. Turner III

ReaL eSTaTe aCRoSS SanTa BaRBaRa CounTy










Taking the time to bring unequivocal service Giving your listing an unparalleled advantage over the competition achieving definite results by specializing in marketing your distinct property! Luxury property Management/Vacation Rental Services provided FRee market evaluations! 805.708.3236

1290 Coast Village Road Montecito, Ca 93108

Joanne Tacconelli 805.570.2314 CalBRE# 01158566

Are you ready to make a move?

View from land listing sold by Joanne Photo by Kristin Renee

Buying or selling a home is a big deal! Whether you are a Seller or a Buyer, there are many things to consider and to do to make the process a rewarding experience for you and to meet your goals.

So, you are a Seller. . .

The family is growing and you need more room; you’ve been transferred to a different city; the kids have left home and your place is just too big; you need a single level floor plan; you want to simplify life and do more traveling. These are just a few of the reasons people are motivated to sell. But, where do you begin? Go see your accountant or financial advisor to discuss your plans. Make sure you understand how selling your home will impact your finances and other aspects of your life, like your retirement nest egg and your estate plan. Enlist the services of an experienced Realtor who you can trust to counsel and guide you through the entire sales process--someone who will communicate with you from start to finish and beyond! Start with an evaluation of the market value of your home. I know this sounds a bit clinical when you are talking about “your home”, but it is critical to understand that in spite of what you feel is the value of your home, the market will ultimately determine its value. Together, you and your Realtor should review what has happened in your market and then together arrive at a market value for your home that properly positions it in the market to sell as quickly as possible at the best price possible. Make your property shine. Do you remember what made you buy your home? It is likely that someone else will also be drawn to your property for the same reason. Does this feature still “shine”? Was it the view that the trees now have

swallowed up? Was it the shiny shutters that are now dull or sporting patches of peeling paint? Walk your property with your Realtor and assess what needs to be done to increase its market appeal and then do it before you put your property on the market. It may be necessary to put some things in storage or to stage a room to show it off. When you are done, put your prized asset on display and the buyers will come. I know it.

So, you are a Buyer . . .

That is exciting! Do some “homework” first. Figure out how much you can comfortably put down for the purchase and get a pre-approval letter from your lender so you know how much you can borrow. This is important for two reasons: (1) You will be able to focus on properties you know you will be able to buy; and (2) It will give you a competitive advantage over another offer that cannot demonstrate the same financial readiness. You should also write down your “must haves” verses the other things that you would like to have but are not critical to the purchase. This will help you stay focused and will be invaluable information for your Realtor. It’s fine to start your search on the internet. Note the styles of homes and the areas that appeal to you, but when you are ready to buy, find an experienced Realtor to work with you to find the right home and to guide you through the buying process. Buying a home, whether it is a primary residence or a vacation home, is a big deal. Work with a Realtor who listens to your needs, knows the market, communicates well, and makes the process as seamless as possible. Then enjoy your new home!

always Striving For new heights!

“Stan has been our Santa Barbara realtor for over 25 years. He has listed and sold three of our houses and found three for us to buy. Our long relationship with Stan has allowed us to get to know him pretty well and we find him genuine, honest and professional. We will continue to work with Stan in the future and highly recommend him to anyone who wants someone who really listens and works hard to get you what you want and also follows it up with the experience and knowledge to see the transaction through to a happy end.” Contact Stan for a confidential consultation. Let Stan lead you to YOUR goals! Stan Tabler Broker Consultant

B. & J. Thomas

(805) 563-7261 Serving Santa Barbara County’s South Coast Since 1980

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Linda Sells The Hope Ranch & Santa Barbara Lifestyle Linda Lorenzen-Hughes, Broker/ Consultant at Coldwell Banker Santa Barbara, has been a Hope Ranch resident since 1972 and has been representing buyers and sellers in Hope Ranch and Santa Barbara real estate since 1977. Linda brings a tremendous degree of knowledge, experience, and professionalism to the real estate world. She has proven to be a valuable resource for clients because of her experience with properties of all types and price levels. Linda has sold over 230 Hope Ranch properties in her career— more than any other realtor in the Santa Barbara Multiple Listing Service.

About Hope Ranch

This unique coastal community has a long history, beginning with the local Chumash and evolving into what is now “Hope Ranch”, named after Thomas W. Hope, who purchased the land in 1861. The first estates with mansions and formal gardens, built in the 1920s, rivaled the finest Montecito had to offer and they

course, the club includes tennis facility, aquatics area with alfresco Hope Ranch, however, has dining, a complete fitness center something that Montecito does and club house with formal dining. not — a privately accessed beach with picnic areas and playground, Hope Ranch and Santa Barbara miles of equestrian trails, private offer an unique and idyllic lifestyle. security service and fun community Let Linda assist you in making your gatherings. Located conveniently Santa Barbara real estate dreams close to Santa Barbara and Goleta, come true. Hope Ranch offers easy access to the freeway, Santa Barbara Airport, fine dining and shopping, Linda Lorenzen-Hughes, a 35 year Broker entertainment and more. Many Consultant with Coldwell Banker Santa Hope Ranch homeowners join Barbara, (ranked in the top 3% of agents the La Cumbre Golf and Country internationally) can be reached at: OR TEXT (805) 886-1842 Club, which is nestled in the heart CALL EMAIL of the Ranch and is a social hub WEB for members and their guests. In addition to its wonderful golf still do today.







Check out my website for customer reviews and call when you’re ready! 805.698.1971 CalBRe 01751940

stop searching for your home online, find your home with me today “thank you very much for helping us find our very own little piece of paradise.” linda & Martin, client

“sofie, you always get things right. thank you for all the extra time and help you gave us in escrows, sales, and purchases, to keep us on the right track.” bambi b., client

because in real estate, who you work with matters sofie langhorne 805.689.5759 calbre# 01851983


-THE ULTIMATE LIFESTYLE DESTINATIONAlthough we are in the business of selling property, our real product is lifestyle- we sell the greatest place to call home in the world. All the big city you could ever want is right down the road a bit, and the rest of the world is only an airport away. Yet, we enjoy an unparalleled geographical isolation dictated by mountains and sea, that affords us both Meditteranean climate and culture; a clean, safe, aesthetically intoxicating special piece of the planet. When you compare real estate values with other “exclusive” locales, you’ll find that you can’t afford not to own a home here...

Ryan Strehlow

25 Years of Experience as Broker Associate 805.705.8877

Certified Relocation Specialist • Certified Negotiation Specialist • Certified Estates Specialist • Certified Architectual Specialist




A. Clockwise: A. Mediterranean Style - Listed and Sold; B. Five Bedroom, Four Bath, Nearly an Acre - For Sale; C. Ranch Style - Listed and Sold within 3 Days; D. Mountain View School Area with Pool - Listed and Sold.

Three Things Your Realtor Won’t Tell You

1. You must be priced right 2. Staged homes sell faster 3. Selling your home is not to obtain an offer

Many agents believe that if they suggest to you a high price then you will list with them...and they can talk you into a price reduction later. We believe in being honest up front and telling you the truth about the current market value of your home. It is a risk that you might list with someone else, but it is in your best interests and what you need to know from the beginning.

and for higher prices than non-staged homes.

Many agents do not want to alienate you by telling you to paint and carpet or even to remove and store your furniture and personal possessions. But when it can bring you $20,000 or more right away, then it becomes a “no brainer”! It is worth the investment to make your home look like a showplace—and it is part of our job to be honest with you about it.


It’s really hard for most agents to tell the truth and risk offending you— such as “your home smells!” Pet or cigarette odors really put buyers off…but we won’t hesitate to tell you! If your home has an issue that you need to know about, we will tell you. We are not afraid to tell you the truth…if it is in your best interests, count on us! We promise to tell you the truth. Always.

Call us today to discuss how our last listing sold in 3 days for $100,000 over asking price! Stephanie young Realtor® 805.453.8528 CalBRE 01712844

Marie Sue parsons Realtor® 805.895.4866 CalBRE 00629053

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Live on the Riviera




U PPER R I V I E R A - $ 3 , 2 9 5, 0 00 - SO LD

LO W ER RIVIERA - $2,37 0,0 00 - S OLD

LO WER R I V I E RA - $ 1 , 7 9 5, 000 - SO LD

U PPER RIVIERA - $1 ,5 5 0,0 00 - S OLD


c hris@ sbr iviera h

S a nt a Ba r bar aR i v i e r aH o m e s .co m


hope Ranch Country estate on 3 view acres

a.B. harmer 1920’s hacienda with Music Studio

hope Ranch equestrian Delight near the Beach

Montecito Meditteranean estate with Syrah Vineyard



Linda Lorenzen-Hughes



CalBRE# 00583737

©2014 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. Each Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage office is owned by a subsidiary of NRT LLC. Coldwell Banker® and the Coldwell Banker Logo, Coldwell Banker Previews International® and the Coldwell Banker Previews International Logo, are registered service marks owned by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Broker does not guarantee the accuracy of square footage, lot size or other information concerning the condition or features of property provided by seller or obtained from public records or other sources, and the buyer is advised to independently verify the accuracy of that information through personal inspection and with appropriate professionals.

1419 e. mountaIn Dr. montecIto SolD off market $4,925,000 Situated just off Mountain Drive, this Moroccan/Spanish inspired ocean view estate rests peacefully on a gated and manicured acre a stones throw to the San Ysidro Ranch. With 4 gracious bedrooms and 4 baths the home offers an entertaining friendly single level floor plan with a private guest suite and bath at pool level. Call for more details...

Just Sold - Montecito

ProPerty In Santa BarBara . com

New Construction - price : tbd

crySta metzger


For Lease - Montecito

Just Listed - Montecito

Just Listed - Montecito

Crysta specializes in all aspects of the business. She strives to deliver service with friendliness, expertise and sense of pride in the area she calls home. Visit PropertyInSantaBarbara.Com to search the MLS and area pocket lisitngs or MontecitoRental. Com to search available estate homes for lease & Landlord/Tenant Services.

Final Stages of Renovation - price: tbd

4BD Estate In MUS - $16,500/mo

Coldwell Banker President’s Elite Representing the Top 2% Internationally License #01340521

Spectacular contemporary beach home, sophisticated interior, fabulous views. $3,174,500

Victor Plana 805.895.0591

AccESS to PrivAtE BEAcH SOLD Enjoy Resort Style Living in a Private Park Like Setting in Hope Ranch. $3,128,000

Francoise Morel 805.252.4752

MoNtEcito PrivAtE GEM


Susan Conger & Barbara Koutnik 805.565.8838

Don Haws & Bill Coker 805.689.7415

Inviting, comfortable interior boasts a flexible floorplan, 3BD/3BA + office, indoor/outdoor living w/.43 acres of high ceilings and dramatic ocean views $2,195,000 privacy and view deck. $1,999,000

riviErA viEWS NEAr doWNtoWN

GrAciouS uPPEr EASt duPLEx

MoNtEcito LiFEStyLE

Gated, private 1-acre estate with 5BD, pool, cabana, near Montecito Union School. $2,795,000

Victor Plana 805.895.0591

cHArMiNG & iNvitiNG

SOLD Open and Light, features a guest suite and beautiful professional landscaping. $1,452,500

Michael Woodard 805.564.5078


Beautiful ocean and city views. Open floor plan updated kitchen, terraced lawn garden $1,375,000

Ideal location! Walk to downtown Santa Barbara. Each 2BD/2BA - 1,498 sq ft. $1,299,000

Impeccably built, freestanding Tuscan styled condo 2/2, private enclave . $1,175,000

Jeff & Marco Farrell 805.455.5362

Rochelle Schneider 805.448.6227

Betsy Jones Zwick 805.452.5501

3938 State Street Santa Barbara, CA 93105

1290 Coast Village Road Montecito, CA 93108

1498 East Valley Road Montecito, CA 93108

©2014 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. Each Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage office is owned by a subsidiary of NRT LLC. Coldwell Banker® and the Coldwell Banker Logo, Coldwell Banker Previews International® and the Coldwell Banker Previews International Logo, are registered service marks owned by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Broker does not guarantee the accuracy of square footage, lot size or other information concerning the condition or features of property provided by seller or obtained from public records or other sources, and the buyer is advised to independently verify the accuracy of that information through personal inspection and with appropriate professionals.

PriME doWNtoWN LocAtioN



Unique home located in the coveted Upper Eastside Neighborhood. $1,110,000

Sweeping views of the ocean/islands & city. Unique home & rare opportunity. $1,100,000

Huge development potential on 1/3 +/- acre lot, with R-3 zoning. $999,000

Ruth Ann Bowe 805.698.1971

Kim Byrnes 805.637.3075

Sally Dewan 805.895.7177



Rochelle Schneider 805.448.6227

Bonnie Jo & Grant Danely 805.689.1818

Exceptional investment opportunity, townhome -style. Spacious with mountain views, newer renovations, Each side 3BD/1.5BA - 1,376 sq ft. $998,500 Montecito condo, include spa tub. $995,000

Luxury coNdoMiNiuMS

LANd LiStiNG - PANorAMic viEWS

No WAtEr MorAtoriuM HErE

Here’s your chance to build your dream home on a private acre parcel. $745,900

Joanne Stoltz 805.895.7322

EL EScoriAL 1 BEdrooM

Beautiful resort-style setting! Live at the beach in Santa Barbara. 1,2,3 Bedrooms. $500,000 - $1,000,000

3 acre parcel in stone gated private community. Views of the ocean, mountains and hillside. $559,000

Resort living by the beach. Call for more details. Santa Barbara...It’s a Lifestyle $2,500/mo

Bob Oliver & Karin Holloway 805.895.6967

Joanne Tacconelli 805.570.2314

Joan Wagner 805.895.4555

3938 State Street Santa Barbara, CA 93105

1290 Coast Village Road Montecito, CA 93108

1498 East Valley Road Montecito, CA 93108

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