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“We support social justice and equality of opportunity for all.”

-- from CISV’s educational principles, T-02 “Big Ed”, pg. 13.

Right On aims to have the Global Movement of CISV International's Junior Branch collectively work on the Content Area for 2013, Human Rights. During 2013, we will have six steps, one for every two months. They will build upon each other and have a different focus. Part of these steps will be ready-to-run activities for JBs all over the world to be released every two months. The results of these activities will be documentable. Everyone can send in their results to our page, creating a collage of activities of juniors around the world. What cultural differences exist between our understandings of Human Rights? How can we benefit from this diversity? 12 months, 6 activities, 194 JBs. By doing this, all of us will emphasize the Global Movement of Junior Branch. Right On is working together very closely with CISV International’s Educational Officer and Con Lupa, a project for Human Rights Education by CISV Colombia and CISV Norway. Expect further cooperation with other organizations in 2013! Interested? Excited? What next? Stay tuned for the first step on the 1st of January 2013. Shoot us an email, like our facebook page, follow us on twitter!

- the Right On team.

Right On in close cooperation with:

con lupa

CISV International’s Educational Officer

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