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THIS 2014 HAPPY NEW YEAR JBers!! So, a new year in IJB just started, alongside with a new Monthly Digest Team (that we will present in a bit) and also a new theme: Diversity! The new team decided to make some pretty cool changes: from now on, each issue will be released on the 1st of each month, so make sure to pay attention. We also have a new layout, what do you think about it? As the new year is passing by really fast, a lot of new projects, workshops and meetings are happening, and we will tell you everything about it on our next issue, on the 1st of March. Junior Asia Pacific Regional Conference (JASPARC) alongside the Asia Pacific Regional Workshop. Every year, JBers come together to discuss important tactics in recruitment, IJB affairs, and anything else that a JBer may want to bring up about their own country within the Asia Pacific Region. It’s a place for us to celebrate the Asia Pacific Junior Branch (APJB).

BRANCH OUT 2014 is the year of Diversity for CISV! Keeping the idea of working the theme during all the year through some cool activities, we invite you to take part in the global movement of IJB joining the Branch Out Project! branchout2014

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MEET US Rachel Buff United States

Agustín Cuadra Costa Rica

Daniela Moura Brazil

Flor Lança de Morais Portugal

Flora Simon Brazil

Veerah Locson Philippines

Paula Sperandino Brazil

Click on our pictures to find out more about us! We’ve got lot’s to tell you.

WHAT’S GOING ON International Junior Branch Conference CISV Austria and the International Junior Representatives are very excited to everyone for the International Junior Branch Conference 2014. Join us from August 2nd - 7th in Bad Gleichenberg, Austria. For four days we as International Junior Branch will come together to share our experiecnes and ideas. See the Info Pack here:

IJRs Mid Way Meeting Our dear IJRs (International Junior Representatives), Cande and Anjo met in December, for their Mid Way Meeting, in Frankfurt! Check out what they were working and focused on, their ideas and projects:

If you want to tell us about an idea, a project, whatever you think is totally worth publishing and IJB should know about, or if you just want to chat, email us at:

Monthly Digest - January 2014  

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