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Monthly Digest February 2012

a summary of what is happening in the world JB-wise

IJR Mid Way Meeting in Cambridge, UK In this month the IJRs got together for their second MWM at James’ place. They have some words for you! Click here to see their video.

Challenge Accepted! JB Ecuador accepted JB Switzerland's challenge! Click here to watch the original challenge from JB Switzerland and Follow this link to see how JB Ecuador did. Thank you again for challenging, JB Switzerland! See you soon and get ready for the next challenge!

Inside Out Project by Lucie Lépine on behalf of the IOP team Hello JB world, I guess that a lot of you already heard about the Inside Out Project on which the Junior Branch would like to participate. Did you check out the new information on the JB pedia page? Have a look it would help you to understand better the purpose of this really cool project! If you have any questions send us an email at Please don’t forget to let us know on our Facebook page if you are going to participate!


TEA in Osaka, Japan They had a really nice TEA time on February 10th-13th and it was much different from other kind of tea! TEA stands for Teamwork of East Asia, held in Guangzhou, China for the first ever neighborhood workshop last year. This time they had 18 Japanese and 13 Chinese and one Indonesian flavors mixed together! One of the main purposes of this neighborhood workshop was to feel less stressed by the English language for Japanese people, as it always becomes the problem of their participations of international programs, and also motivate them to join the international programmes as IJB. As it was the first CISV experience for most of Chinese participants, most of the sessions were based on cultural and CISV content areas and promotion. In China, they actually don’t have any JB activities, therefore, this TEA became a promotion of CISV, and also a great opportunity to know ‘How to promote CISV’ through the sessions. After all the sessions were done, all the staff is sure that this TEA time was successful and are willing to continue next year. Cheers! 乾杯!

Coming Soon JASPARC 2012 at Manila, Philippines

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EJBM 2012 at Belgium April 3 to 8 Contact and registration: or contact your NJR!

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Monthly Digest - February 2012  

Brought to you by the Monthly Digest team

Monthly Digest - February 2012  

Brought to you by the Monthly Digest team